Monday, 7 March 2011

Where Angels Fear to Tread

One of the conservative e-newsletters that I take (in counterbalance to the various liberal sites I also peruse, to get a feel for the whole range of the political dialogue going on in my home country of the U.S.) has a particular Christian bent to it. A discussion was going on there recently into the appropriate role for a Christian to take as regards an "unrighteous" government - whether to 'render unto Caesar what is Caesar's' obediently, because the state is in the role of the sovereign; etc. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament were brought into the debate; and at times it was getting rather heated, and accusatory, along the lines of who was the better Christian. To my taste, it was beginning to appear like an argument regarding how many Angels can dance on the head of a pin; and I couldn't resist weighing into the forum. The particular blog was headed 'The Right to Petition the Government For a Redress of Grievances', by one Gary Demar; my contribution:

"This issue should be very clear in this country, from the Declaration of Independence through the Constitution. It is the right, nay the duty, of The People to throw off oppressive government, since the government is and was to be one 'of, by and for the people' - not a ruling monarch, be that secular or clerical. The first step in such a cleansing would, of course, be by the power of the vote - vox populi, in the setting of a republican form of government, ie, of elected representatives. But if an injustice has taken place, and the Congress fails to act on it, the people can, indeed, petition that body for a redress of grievances. And if that body will not yield to the express wish of the people, then it can be dissolved by the power of the people, from whom it derives its power, and a new such body of representatives of the people be installed ("in a time certain"). Now obviously, that dissolvement should best be by non-violent means, since violence begets violence [and thus simply leaves matters on the same level as the problem]. And that spirit, of non-violent means, is what is contained in the term 'civil disobedience', which is a legitimate form of political discourse, especially in such a specifically-delineated body politic as pertains in the crowning achievement of the experimentation in self-governance, America." And then I took it out of simply the realm of theory into specific hypothesis:

"Let's say that it turns out that serious question arises as to the eligibility of an elected president of the United States to hold that particular office, and he (or she) not only fails to authorize release of the documentation that would clear the matter up, but actively intercedes in keeping that documentation from the public. Let's say that members of the public then try to take the matter to the judicial branch of government, but are thwarted in their efforts for 'disclosure' on the judicially-determined technical grounds of not having 'standing' in the matter; and they find, subsequent to that attempt to achieve justice, that the party that has the legalistic 'standing' is Congress. Then let's say that members of the public try to get Congress to act on the matter; the matter of their legitimate grievance - very far from legitimately to be considered a 'frivolous' (although certainly 'vexatious' to the defendant) grievance; especially as the office in question is also that of the Commander in Chief of the country's military, who are oathbound to uphold the Constitution through their military chain of command (and therefore certainly should by rights have 'standing', and the right to 'disclosure' in a court of law; but that's another grievance).* And let's say that what they get for their efforts is an invitation to go fly a kite.

"Grounds for civil disobedience? You bet.

"What can The People do in such an event. They can take the advice, and lump it. Or they can march on Washington - preferably peaceably, for a redress of their grievance - and remain there until the person who has 'asked' the American people to buy a pig in a poke for their presidency either establishes - to their satisfaction - his eligibility, or vacates the office; and if the latter scenario unfolds, The People can remain until the sitting Congress dissolves itself, for not having upheld its duty in the matter. Perhaps helped along in its deliberations by statements from the several State legislatures, in the spirit of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. The whole process engaged in under the spirit of the 9th Amendment - the spirit of the whole American exercise in self-government.

"But whatever you do, don't let anybody tell you - and get away with it - that you have to abide by the dictates of an unrighteous government, in the exercise of your free moral agency. That has been a ploy that has been utilized by tyrants - both secular and clerical - for far too long, in the checkered history of mankind. And is well due for a change.

"Tell such would-be leaders: Checkmate. The People will take over now, thank you very much.

"As part of a general cleansing of the Augean stables of humanity. But that's for another discussion."

Now. A question arises; especially given the context of this matter, whereby it would appear that some very powerful people - powerful financially and politically - are engaged in a scenario of gaining total power over The People, in order to further their ends, which would appear, from the record, to include not only population control but culling; and so those people, that cabal, could reasonably be expected not to look favorably on anyone who might try to rock their boat. Am I, for one, in short, afraid for my life? especially given these stakes??

What do I have to say to that question.

Simply this:

No one can really get away with anything. The Creation is a Creation of inherent justice. It allows for progression; and in order to allow for progression, it has by necessity to allow for regression. But ultimately, all souls will return to a state of Unity. Because 'God is Love', as the expression has it. Meaning, there is the quality of Love behind the whole exercise. Allowing for the Prodigal Son to go exploring; and to return home, when he has finished all his explorations, and accepts, and understands, the ultimate reality behind the whole exercise. And knowing, that he is already forgiven for all he has done in his explorations. And just has to forgive himself, to complete the process.

In this regard, I like the words of the playwright Christopher Fry, in his 'A Sleep of Prisoners':

"Affairs are now soul size. The enterprise is exploration into God."

I also, in this regard, like the words of the poet T.S. Eliot:

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

And - to give Eliot his total dues - this final word on this subject, at this time:

"You are the music while the music lasts."

Let's see what kind of music YOU can make; to drown out the lesser music of others. And together with the greater music of others.


* In the case, say, of Army Flight Surgeon Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin, who is in prison for exercising his right, nay duty, to confirm the eligibility of his orders, via the eligibility-check attempt on his Commander in Chief to ascertain that person's right to hold that position of authority and responsibility, and thus to issue legal orders down the chain of command to him on the front line of duty.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Sign of the Times - Updated

Today's 'Natural News' e-newsletter contains an article, by its founder, Dr. Mike Adams ('the Health Ranger'), that brings attention to a stealthy move of major significance to today's world. It is a report on how the TSA and the DHS are planning a massive rollout of mobile surveillance vans ("with long-distance X-ray capability, eye-moving tracking, and more") on the American people. To protect them from terrorists. Conveniently excluding themselves from the category..

My comment:

"Good one, Mike. Thanks for this. I'm not sure how many Americans understand that the federal government's legal rationale for all this is the 'war on terror' that it declared - at least the executive did, and the legislative branch went along with it - thus, in its mind, pre-empting constitutional niceties, and putting the country under a state of 'national emergency', just short of declaring martial law and eliminating the Constitution totally. This turning of the country's form of law upside down - from a default presumption of innocence to one of guilt - needs to be tested in the courts; that, or Congress needs to be forced to own its responsibility in the matter, as the only legal entity capable OF declaring a state of war. And let's get this whole thing out in the open, that The People can clearly make the decision as to how they want to be governed. Not let it fall to the executive to be calling all these sorts of shots. The direction it is taking is pernicious, and needs to be stopped forthwith. (Note that it's the same push for mandatory vaccinations. Too bad about questions about their safety, or about the safety of everybody being X-rayed willy-nilly. The state is all-powerful, because it has declared itself to be...If ever there were a time for push-back, this is it - while the people still can, without too much fuss.)"

I have noted this article as having occurred in the same week that I came across information about 'somebody' stealing fresh water from Lake Mead in the southwest and the Great Lakes in the northeast of the U.S., and shipping it to China (to help them replace drinking water for their people lost to damming for electrical power creation), in return for fluoride (in toxic waste by-product of industry form; also a people controller/pacifier) for U.S. cities; a campaign that 'coincidentally' is being heated up. Not only in the U.S., but in Canada, the UK, and Australia, to my knowledge, and perhaps further afield.

Let's add up the dots. 'Things' would appear to be heating up. All manner of initiatives are being put in place to prepare for major public unrest. There may be a false flag op to kick it all off (shall we note the fact that the CIA bankrolled al-Qaeda? And has fingerprints all over the 9/11 atrocity in the U.S. and the 7/7 one in the UK?? And some intelligence service was involved with the 'underpants bomber' caper??? etc. ad nauseam), but the bare fact remains that The People are being set up, and conditioned, for a police state operation. When The People should be running the show.

As they are starting to do in the Middle East.

So they can't be given too much slack in the reins. Or they may start running with their newly-gained freedom. Out of control. And the Powers That Be can't have that. Because they might lose their power. And then where would they be.

Where they need to be.

Out of power.

Because they have abused their power.

And it's time for The People to take over now, anyway.


it's time.

So people subsets like the Democrats in the U.S. are going to have to realise that it's not good enough to want 'the government' to run many things - the public education scene, mandatory vaccinations, abortions, health care in general, 'equality' legislation, all 'environmental issues' - just because 'the government' will bring a liberal attitude to bear on it all. Not just because 'progressive' people simply have to stop trying to force by law others to behave the way they want them to, in a socialistic way; but because if they fall out of power, out of their statist mentality they will have set up 'the government' to run the way people subsets like many Republicans want it to run, ie, for them, in the way of 'middle-class welfare', and weakened regulatory oversight, so that bankers and businesspeople and pharmaceutical companies and the like - the 'corporate world' - can get away with murder, and sometimes literally. I'm saying that the old paradigm is over, of the limited-consciousness dance between 'the left' and 'the right'. It's over, because it's time to be. And for a new era to be entered into.

The era of The People inheriting their full responsibility to be self-governed, and not relying on 'the state' to give them power. And with that sense of self-responsibility - as free moral agents, with a maturity to attain to - humanity can then do away with money (especially the separation-creators of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other), and start operating in harmony with one another (with cheap energy from 'the universe', ie, the creation). Providing one another with goods and services, and individual ingenuity, out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

Not, you will note, humanity's lesser creators. Who have been running the historical scene from behind the scenes - through their human placemen - long enough. I mean the Most High.

With which we are all One.

Now facing our time of return.

Or continued strife, as illusory individual entities; each out for ourselves.

Which will it be for you, Citizen.

Choose wisely. For I've got news for some of you (apparently).

That is, that we are all phototropic beings. We grow towards the Light, however we are planted. Sooner or later, we fractals of the Light will blend again with the Light, in Unity. You can count on it. And you can work towards it. Or not. It will happen.

Join the movement. And then watch us grow.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Turning Off the Tap

'Before It's News' is a valuable e-newsletter of alternative stories which releases five such stories daily. One of its stories for the last day of February was titled 'Turning Off the Tap: Population Reduction Through Designed Economic Collapse', by a contributor calling himself John Galt (which is an ironic touch, since that was the name of the arch capitalist in Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged', and the spirit of this contributor seems better captured by the picture above his byline, which is of Eric Blair, aka George Orwell). It was a valuable summary of the evidence for the planning of the Powers That Be to do humanity in on the one hand and control the survivors on the other. His opening lines capture the flavour of the article well:

"In case you haven't noticed, the great culling of humanity is taking place right now.

"Unfortunately, preparation needs to begin for two gloomy scenarios: slow economic collapse, or catastrophic demolition..." and it goes on in that lugubrious but perceptive vein: "Wall Street is driving up prices for essentials like food and energy to the breaking point..."

I have come across articles on these two subject areas elsewhere recently, in corroboration of John's case. One such article pointed out how the likes of Goldman Sachs has set up the futures market for commodity prices to jump (and make a bundle on the deal; anything for a buck, eh boys); another article pointed out how the oil industry insiders are looking to drive up the oil price so it will be an economic bonanza for them to start drilling in a major way in the U.S. - and double cross the OPEC nations in the process; who served their purposes earlier on, during oil price spikes, by agreeing to buy U.S. debt in return for the western oil barons not competing with them with oil reserves in the 'Lower Forty' and in Alaska. This was a way for the New World Order crowd to begin the process of taking down the U.S., since it/its strong middle class and its constitutional form of government were the main obstacle standing in the way of their best-laid plans for world control. But to continue with Galt's opening salvo:

"The effect of such manipulation seems destined to lead toward a severe reduction in numbers of the human population, and a tightening of control over those who remain..."

The article goes on to make that case eloquently. At the end of it, he comments: "Please tell us your thoughts on surviving the economic collapse and ideas for rebuilding a better society when the control system falls." My contribution to the discussion:

"Okay, John, here's my two cents' worth:

"First, the people will have been prepared for local exchange of goods & services via local currency systems (LETS), and community gardens, because those are prudent things to do at a time of systems failure. And with such a systemic failure, and with the resilience of the people to support one another - to create community - they will see that they don't really need that failed system anyway, and further, with the technology now at our human control, that it, with its insatiable appetite & need for growth, had become a dinosaur. That all you need is a motive, not money per se; a motive to give of one's best, of goods & services & ingenuity. The highest motive is Love - is to do all this out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. And if we do, then all else will be added unto us.

"How do you accomplish that with unbelievers? Don't rely on belief. There is plenty of evidence in by now that there is a Plan in and Purpose to 'the universe'. Take just the evidence for reincarnation. What else is that but evidence of a Plan: that we come back for another bite at the apple of life until we clear our karma, and then move on. There is obviously a big Heart behind the phenomenal world. It's time to acknowledge that, and build our new human society on it. One Planet - One Humanity - One Destiny. It's time."

A couple of points. One: Just to point out that it is not just food and energy that the PTB are deep in cornering, to put humanity in subservience to them and their plans. Fresh water is a major factor in this scenario; and they are deep in controlling that aspect of 'people control' as well. As former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has profiled so well in one of his 'Conspiracy Theory' segments, wherein he and his team of investigators uncovered the evidence of multinationals draining the likes of Lake Mead in the southwest and the Great Lakes in the northeast - and in the latter instance, bottling it & shipping it to China, as part of a ploy to enlist the Chines government in their NWO plan and make the Chinese model of people control their template for the future of human civilization on the planet. Which includes as well China selling the U.S. 'public health' authorities the fluoride - which is both a toxin and a people-control chemical - to put in the U.S. water supply; with the possibility also of adulterating the U.S. water supply with the chemical-cosh likes of lithium, to keep the natives from getting restless as they are being eliminated.*

The other point I'd like to make at this point is to comment on 'human nature'; on the full extent of the human potential for depravity. Let's say that Satan is whispering to us; saying, 'Do you really think this lot is worth saving? That 'free will' is really the way to go?? Think of the value of just commanding people to be the way you want them to be - or eliminating them. Save all this 'freedom' kerfuffle. It's not worth it.'

Actually, life is not worth living without it.

Which is the whole point of this exercise.

Which is, indeed, coming to a head, in our time.

Which path is it to be for you, friend...You certainly have a clear choice coming up for you.

Choose wisely. The life you save will be your own.

And as the man said, in Ecclesiastes: "For man also does not know his time: Like fish taken in a cruel net, Like birds caught in a snare, So the sons of men are snared in an evil time, When it falls suddenly upon them."

Also to say: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

See you on the loving barricades.

* I can't speak to the case in the UK. I know that the move to privatising the water supplies in this country is fraught with danger along these same lines. The UK population would do well to keep an eye out for their own sake.