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It's That Time, Again

from 'Obama Headed For A Smack Down By The Supreme Court' - Michael Becker - Jan. 28

DustyFae rank 4 hours ago
Some republicans have to go too.... But one thing for sure, we can not let the democrats make it a one party government , most of them are muslims and communists...
Thanks to the low info voters and the freebie loaders for putting a nut job in the WH…

  • midknite.storm DustyFae 4 hours ago

  • I think your under estimating the fraud and to many people not actually votings. role as well.

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    • Sam midknite.storm 4 hours ago

    • We should all offer to volunteer at our local elections office to watch and make sure that everyone shows an ID and doesn't vote more than once.

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    •          kibitzer3 Sam a few seconds ago  [Jan. 28]

      • That's the way it should be, with the citizenry out to True the Vote. Unfortunately, in many places the identity requirements and registration rolls are not in a state of integrity, as they should be, and even by law. The citizenry all over the country must do what they can to bring about Voter Integrity in their states or areas. This election is the turning point. 'Clean The Vote' or lose it permanently to a state of corruption while you had the chance to make a difference.
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2a) (Same article as above)

  • Joe 6 hours ago

  • If we the people, through congress, keep throwing lawsuits at Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obuma, or supreme court actions, or even impeachment, ANYTHING, maybe we can keep him off balance and too busy to do much other than defend himself until the November elections bring back another GOP loaded senate and then we can really go after him...lock, stock and barrel.
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  •          kibitzer3 Joe 27 minutes ago  [Jan. 28]

    • 1) Not Impeachment - that would tend to legitimize his 'presidency'. 

    • 2) He has already made his case for simple removal, by committing a crime when he engaged in posting a fraudulent document on the official W.H. web site. That should be sufficient enough cause to bar him from the office - or at the least, to read him his Miranda rights, as a Citizens Grand Jury takes him to court over the issue. That would definitely "keep him off balance".

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2b) from (same article as above; now Jan. 29)
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    Bennie stephens 8 hours ago
  • It is past time that the Supreme Court woke up and went to work to stop this guy they call the president. He is a Fraud and African Born and so was his Father and those on the supreme court that can't understand that the constitution state that both Parents and the child that is running for a Federal Government position both parents and the Child must be born in America and must be Citizens of the USA. Eric Holder doesn't understand the Constitution at all. He should be recalled along with ObAma and all that has had a hand in gun running and the Benghazi and the Ben Laden deal where the Seal team helicopter crashed and kill many of them also the 4 in Benghazi and the Border guard as well as many innocent Mexicans at this same time. these people are guilty of Criminal negligence and the deaths of many Americans. HillaryClinton was involved in this deal in Benghazi and also on the stand order that maybe if this order hadn't been given the Military Could have saved these people and she and Obama and Holder all tried to cover it up. This is nothing less then ABE Lincoln did to 29 American Native Indians and with out a trial he had them killed. This is the things they don't teach in the American History in ther Schools. Every president from the word go has been crooked.
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    • kibitzer3 Bennie stephens 5 minutes ago  [Jan. 29]

    • You're on the right track, Bennie; but for the record/clarity's sake: To be eligible to run for the presidency - and that particular federal office ONLY - a person must have been born 'on the soil' (or its equivalent; as, e.g., a U.S. military installation) of two U.S. citizen parents. So you're right as regards Obama's ineligibility for that office. It's called being a 'natural born' citizen. But the parents don't have to have been born in America; just need to have been U.S. citizens at the time of the person's birth. Other federal offices don't have the 'natural born' requirement; the person just has to be a U.S. citizen. 

    • The main point of this higher level of qualification for the presidential office is because the president is also the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and the constitutional Framers did not want a person in that position who might have conflicting loyalties or allegiances. Like a naturalized citizen. And even more like a dual citizen at birth. 

    • The Republicans are near-equally responsible for the current hijack of the American presidency, for not calling Obama and the Democrat Party on this constitutional illegality. Why would they enter into that scam? The most likely answer: Because they wanted around that stumbling block, too, for their own future candidates; and didn't want to have to go through the difficulty, and potential turndown, of a constitutional amendment to achieve their end. And so the country has had to suffer a potential socialist coup (an Obama declaration of Martial Law, which suspends the Constitution; in [fact] as well as in [deed]) since the Usurper has been in the office because of the Republicans' corrupt behavior as well. A sorry sight. The nation is not in good hands. The lot of them - both main political parties - need to go, and a new, cleaned-up era begun. But that's another matter.
  • 3) from 'Republicans ready to push 'legal status' for Illegals' - Jan. 28 (orig. posted at
  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  [Jan. 29]
  • 1) Put a lid on the honey jar that attracts illegals: No jobs for them (fine erstwhile employers severely, or even imprison them, for giving a job to an illegal), no 'free' education on the taxpayers for their children, no other welfare 'freebies', no chance of ever gaining citizenship, for them OR their children, for being here against the laws of the land. And speaking of the children:
  • 2) Reverse the erroneous awarding of citizenship to 'anchor babies'. That is a clear misreading of the 14th Amendment (the babies born on U.S. soil of illegal aliens are not "subject to the jurisdiction" of' the state that their parents are living illegally in, but follow their parents in being subject to the jurisdiction of their parents' home country), and MUST be challenged forthwith. In the meantime, no hospitals supported by taxpayers monies should be accepting illegal aliens to give birth in their hospitals;
  • 3) Halt unemployment benefit payments to Americans who turn down available jobs more than two times; 
  • 4) Clean up and activate the Temporary Work Visa program where there is a legitimate (seasonal) need;. 
  • 5) Speed up the waiting time for legal immigrants wishing to come here and become Americans;. and
  • 6) Send those who come into the country illegally and are deported back to their home countries to the back of the legal queue, unless they have been caught more than once, in which cases they are barred permanently from ever being allowed to come in to the country. Which is a privilege; not a right.
  • This should do for a start. Oh - and enough of this nonsense about making ballots and voting information available in other languages. The law is that they need to be able to speak English in order to become a citizen of this country. No others need apply. If they are here legally, but don't speak English, the logical assumption should be that they haven't passed the citizenship requirements yet, and thus are not allowed to vote. 
  • Any questions, take it up with 
  • A. Citizen

  • ---
  • ...And once all that has been taken care of, we can move on, into the New Age; where we, ultimately, leave all such laws and regulations behind.
  • But first things first: 

  • the requisite consciousness.  Of the likes of Truth.  Honor.  Integrity.

  • Sign me an embodiment of

  • Limitless Love; but equally, Limitless Truth.

  • A stern taskmaster, maybe.  But that's how you get from here to 'there':

  • your ultimate destiny.  As a responsible Child of your caring Creator.  Who cares enough for you that the caring will get you

  • Home, again.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Pot Is Percolating

1) from tea 'SHOCK POLL: 63% Don't Have Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions' - (Truth Revolt) - Jan. 27


How can there still be any people who can't see how he has lied and decieved the Country. When he was elected we were ok , not in great shape but ok. Now we are on the verge of national disaster and King Obama's martial law. He Must be Impeached!

Reply · 6 · Like · Follow Post · 2 hours ago
  • Stan Stanfield - Top Commentator - Stanford University

  • Phillip, your feelings are sound but your 'solution' is not. Impeachment would legitimize his 'presidency'. 
  • He must simply be removed, on various civil and criminal charges; including his ineligibility for the office in the first place, thus rendering the Constitution "just a damn piece of paper," in the words of another would-be dictator. But he sealed his fate when he signed off on a fraudulent document - that forgery he had posted at the official White House web site. He was toast right there. The Federal Marshalls, with the support of the U.S. Sheriffs, should take him into custody right now for that offence alone. And let's get this country back to the rule of law pronto. Or there will be hell to pay. 

  • · 2 seconds ago  [Jan. 27]

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  • 2) from tea" 'PAPER: Is Obama an imperial president?' - Jan. 27

    "Many of Obama’s most controversial power plays have come through means other than executive orders. Here are some examples:
    •Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This policy, announced by the Department of Homeland Security in 2012, came via a memorandum that directs authorities to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” in dealing with some young undocumented immigrants.
    "If they meet the criteria for eligibility, they are shielded temporarily from deportation and allowed to work. The DACA program enacted many of the goals of the failed DREAM Act legislation, though it does not create a path to citizenship.
    "Critics say that waiving deportation laws for more than a million people is not “prosecutorial discretion” – it’s policymaking by executive fiat, usurping the role of Congress. Simon Lazarus, senior counsel at the Constitutional Accountability Center, disagrees, calling DACA “perfectly compatible with the president’s discretion in the immigration area.”…

    "Others defend Obama, saying that the president’s critics are using the Constitution as a political weapon. Mr. Lazarus says the critics 'flout long-established Supreme Court precedent and they contradict the consistent practice of all modern presidencies, Republican and Democratic, to implement complex and consequential regulatory programs.'"... 



    Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

    Simon Lazarus, senior counsel at the Constitutional WHAT Center? Constitutional 'Accountability' Center? This is a joke, right?

    That, or Mr. Lazarus is a sophist, as oily as they come, and his Center believes in a Constitution with the consistency of a wet noodle. 

    Oh, but then I guess that's what the Left means when it calls the Constitution a 'living document'. And what others call a contract. 

    If Mr. Lazarus and his crowd get their way, the American federal constitutional republic is dead in the water. But then, that may well be the purpose of such shenanigans. 

    Constitutional Accountability Center indeed. The 'Imperial Presidency Rationale Center,' more like.

     · 5 seconds ago  [Jan. 27]


    Mr. Lazarus would apparently love to build on ill-gotten gains. To him I would say:

    Two wrongs don't make a right, Mr. Lazarus.  Go back to your relativist school.  And take your wet noodle with you.  It doesn't belong in a true constitutional republic (and a federal one at that); much as those with a lust for power would wish it to.  And try to make it to.


    I can't fault you totally, Mr. Lazarus.  You have a piece of the picture. (Thesis -  the Bush admin raising the ante to the surveillance state.  Antithesis - the Obama admin taking the impulse to totalitarianism further.  Synthesis…)  The future - and the very near future at that - will have different forms of governance.  

    But not operating under Force.  That's old-world stuff.

    We have a New World to build.  One that will last.  And last.  And last. 

    For, it already has.
  • ---

P.S. And before I went to bed, in signing off for the night, I did a last-minute check of my emails, and noticed an article on how the Republican Establishment - read, in this instance, the Chamber of Commerce - is pushing in the House for amnesty of illegals.  What?!  
     It's good for business, you see.
     But what about the rule of law in the country?? 
     'Oh.  That.  Well…Come on.  It's already so compromised…Be reasonable.  A little more fudging won't hurt.  And besides, think of all those Hispanic votes we will get for doing this.  Come on.  It's a realpolitic world.  Stop with your virtuous nonsense.'
     Right.  Like you signed off on an ineligible candidate for the office of the presidency, from the Democrat side of the aisle, because you wanted to have the same leeway for your own candidates.  Amendments being so unwieldy, and all that. 
      'The Constitution?  Oh, come on.  You don't really believe in that thing, do you?'  
     Um.  Actually.  Yes.  And I'm not alone in that 'belief'.  And you are just sealing the fate of the Republican Party.  
     Bye bye.  And that's not as in buy buy.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Between The Lines

I'm reading a book about the life of Patton.  There's a war going on in our time, too; and a big one, too. A major one.  And in fact, The Big One: Moving from the level of the 'problem' - the process; the long, arduous path, between the spiral stages of 'thesis' and 'antithesis' to, now, the ultimate Synthesis, aka the 'solution' -  to Perfection.

The End Game is upon us.  Just waiting to be recognized as such.  By those who are ready to move Up.  And inherit our higher expression.  Individually; and collectively.


from Tea Party C.C.: 'Sorry Obama! Harvard Study Finds One Thing Holding Kids Back, And It's NOT 'Income Inequality'' - posted by Linda Hahn, admin - Jan. 26 (orig. posted at
(the one common factor: single parent families, living in poverty.)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago  [Jan. 26)

The Cloward-Piven Strategy at work: Create a welfare class of dependency-minded people and then point to massive income inequalities as patently unfair, or 'racist,' or whatever works in the given situation; driving the system to collapse, financially and socially, in order to be replaced by the 'more fair system' of socialism - the enthronement (the attempted enthronement, that is) of Equality over Liberty.  
Watch this study be spun by the Left: 'Unfair…such kids are just as deserving of opportunity as other kids…mean-hearted…the Nasty Party...' etc.  When the preliminary answer is connected with the fact that We the People should never have been seduced in the first place into going along with the Left's tactic of, in effect, paying single females to have babies.  No female should be having children that she can't take care of properly, i.e., by bringing them into a poverty-dependency situation.  Falling on hard times is one thing, and thus Temporary Assistance programs.  But not assistance/the taxpayers' money to have more babies; and thus create the welfare class that the [far] Left is using as a battering ram to try to bring down the capitalist, free-enterprise edifice.
The overturning of that cynical tactic is, as I said, "the preliminary answer".  The full answer to the matter is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  Onto a higher level of being, where we live truer to our real selves, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' and run our human society on Love.  Not Force; the Force of the big-stick state, whipping people into shape as its chattel.  But that's another subject.  For now, the response should be to say to the statist Left what we need to say to the statist Right as well (remembering that the so-called Patriot Act came into being under Bush Jr., and thus we are being assaulted by both the socialists and the fascists; with the same cabal of Dark Powers at the top of the pyramid of power): No more playing your games of conquest.  We have a more important thing to be about.  And that, in its essence, is the establishment of the kingdom of Heaven; i.e., one based on Love.  
Coming to a theatre of operations near you.  In fact, VERY near you.  In point of very fact………                


P.S. As for the biography about Patton ('Patton: Blood, Guts, And Prayer' by Michael Keane): if not a consummate leader of men, at least a) close, and b) a very successful one.  
     That war…and its outcomes…...
     A lot of good men gave a lot, including their all, during WWII to save democracy and its concept from those who would be overlords of men.  This is not a time to let either the socialist or the fascist statists 'take the high ground,' win out in the process.  It is a time to take the process up a notch, to its fruition, in a higher dimension of consciousness than the one we all too casually inhabit now.  
     We have work to do.  To include the proper paying of homage to those who paved the way to this culminating moment in time - and actually, those on both sides of the Drama that occupied the center stage for its time; to prove a point: that people must learn to govern themselves.  Or they will be governed by those who would take away their free will. 
     The most important gift of all, in the 3D duality process to learn that very thing.
     We seem to be a little slow on the uptake on that lesson.  Take the current casualness about the specifics of the Constitution going on in the U.S., regarding the powers of the president, and who can be the president.  You will learn to live by the rule of law - that is to say, live with high consciousness; with honesty and integrity, not deceit - of you will not progress.  It is that simple.  Because progress - spiritual progress, that is - is based on living with, and by, honor, and Truth.  Which is pretty much the same thing.   
     Look closely at your calculus, and that of your chosen leaders.  Any person who believes that the end justifies the means ('By Any Means Necessary;' 'Whatever It Takes') cannot be considered to be able to govern without a rule of law to act as a check on him or her, and their potential arbitrary rule, with despotic behavior; however well-intended.  To paraphrase a couple of America's Founding Fathers: If men were angels, we wouldn't need to bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution.   
     We are about to leave the likes of the Constitution behind.  For those who can make the cut.  Because
     it's that time.


Friday, 24 January 2014

The New Paradigm - Part 2

from '2012: What's the 'real' truth?' - Jan. 24

10 Responses to PressTV: Can’t we move to a world beyond war?

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  • nan says:
    January 24, 2014 at 9:09 pm

  • money is the route [sic] of all evil!!!! ”we don’t need it we need each other” to thrive, and kick these cockroaches to the kerb. Love to all

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    • Jean says:
      January 24, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    • No, Nan, I do not think you understand money at all. It is not the root of all evil! It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. It is the fact that we fell asleep and did assume responsibility to keep it honest. Money is simply a symbol used as a medium of exchange. . . Please check this out icon_smile.gif Hugs, ~Jean


kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

A little further thinking here would not go amiss. You’re both right, and both wrong. If money were “simply a symbol used as a medium of exchange,” that would be one thing, and you would be right, Jean. But when the practice of usury entered the picture – and I mean by it, the ‘principle’ of adding interest to the medium of exchange (not just ‘excess’ interest, as many people have been led to believe the word means; the very principle itself) – then the concept of making a ‘profit’ entered into the picture, and out went the pure purpose of simply “a medium of exchange,” when money was simply a tool of creating community.
Ultimately, we will do away with ‘money’ entirely, because the new paradigm is characterized by 1) Love (doing things for each other for the sake of it, not for the profit to be made from it), and 2) Abundance, as we learn how to manifest all our needs from ‘the Field,’ the sea of energy that we live our 3D lives in.  In the meantime, yes, we will need a medium of exchange; but simply to keep a record of [debits] and credits (goods & services given to & received from each other). Like a local LETS system writ global. But that is money without interest; and without a fractional-reserve banking system attached to it, whereby ‘money’ is simply created out of thin air. (Which should have given us a clue as to a next step in our spiritual progress.) Those two features need to be left behind, as we Ascend to a new, higher level of consciousness - of 'coherence,' with ourselves, each other, and Gaia.  Just awaiting us, as we speak.
So, in answer to the question posed as the title of this piece – i.e., ‘Can’t we move to a world beyond war?’ the answer is Yes – because we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ – but not as long as we continue to think in the lower-energy way of attaching interest to our medium of exchange, i.e., looking for a profit on our exchanges, rather than engaging in them simply to create community between ourselves - 'coherence' - as incarnate souls, on our common, spiritual path.
This is not ‘communism’. Communism requires the stick of a Big State, because it treats people like slaves TO the state, as being no more than chattel. I’m talking about our inheriting our true identities.
Just awaiting us.  As we speak.


Two comments.

1) What does it 'profit' a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?

2) And thus do we emancipate ourselves from the control of the 'banksters' - and in one fell swoop.

Does one have a hard time in believing that 'it's that time'??  If so for you, I encourage you to sleep on it, and see what you get, when you pose the question to your Self:

Is it time to dissolve the financial system for the planet as it is, and move into a New Age, of higher consciousness??

To live our lives by Love: that's the price of admission to the New Age.  The Love of the Prime Creator for that Being's creation.

And vice versa.

The New Paradigm

I spoke the last time about 'the new paradigm,' and 'timelines'.  A word of clarification about both topics.

Everything is a matter of resonance.  'In the beginning was the Word' is not a bad description of life and the universe.1  As our scientists are beginning to discover/uncover, the universe - matter - is made up of an underlying geometrical form, which 'breathes' shapes, emanations from that underlying essence.  They are, then, an illusion; an illusory reality.  They are, then, fungible; malleable.  That is why sometimes the illusion seems to give way to chaos.  It is not chaos.  It is simply the way things are, in a projection: images on the screen of 'life' as we know it, have experienced it for eons of time; over and over again, working out our karma, and lessons.  For spiritual growth.  In our return to the One, our Source; the wiser for the experience of Choice, in the lower-resonance realm of Duality.  This blog is to clarify that that experience is not as fixed as it appears to be, and has appeared to be, in our passage through it, in repeated incarnations - reincarnations.


Time is an illusion; a feature/aspect of the projection, the 'shapes on the cave wall,' thrown by the Light.  Therefore, Time is malleable, too.  There is only the eternal Now in the true reality, existing far above - in frequency - the level, the matrix of the 3D Drama that we have created in this matrix.  But the episode this week of David Wilcock's weekly half-hour series on Gaiam TV, called 'Wisdom Teachings,' reminded me of something.

A little background.

Recently, one of the Ascension websites that I monitor has been dealing with a dilemma: the dilemma of two different stories of the past from two different sources of supposed discarnates coming through two different channelers that they have a long experience with, and trust.  One source, claiming to be a somewhat recent young man by the name of Matthew - who has claimed to have been a reincarnation of St. Matthew - has said recently that Jesus did not die on the cross; that he, as (St.) Matthew, was there, knew him, had conversations with him - in a manner that is different from the New Testament's story about their relationship, and goings-on at that time2 - and knows that Jesus and Mary Magdalene, his wife, ended up leaving the Palestinian area and going purportedly to India.  This story - although matching other reports, from researchers, that Jesus, surviving the crucifixion, ended up going to India (where he was known as Issa/Isha) - does not match the story from another of their favorite channelers, who claims to channel a number of sources, one of which is purportedly Jesus himself, and who, when coming through somewhat recently, said that he did die on the cross.3      

Cynics and doubters, I'm sure, who monitor these sorts of web sites, have been having a right good time of it, chuckling at the quandary in this discussion for 'true believers'.  For they can't both be right.  One of them has to be wrong.  Right?

Hold on.

That's an assumption.

That there is but one 'reality'.  In a realm of illusion…

My point:

It could be a matter of both-and.    

In a realm where there could be more than one timeline.

And our experience of this phantasmic 'life' being based on our primary resonance, aka consciousness.

Which doesn't rule out the possibility of other timelines.

That's why one could go back in 'time' and alter the past.  Because

 it's all an illusion anyway.

An illusory experience, that can result in different illusory outcomes, based on alternative choices.


What the whole exercise is all about.

To help us exercise our wings.

Before we fly into the higher realms, frequencies, vibrations.

And inherit more of our true selves.

As the facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of our loving Prime Creator.

Hallowed be

The Name.

And we are about to experience a closer relationship with that All That Is.  Because

it's that time.

Of the Awakening from

The Dream.  And the Return to

the true Reality.


P.S. Do I believe in this 'channelling' sort of thing?  I have an open mind.  There are more things in heaven and earth, etc.  But also: 'By their fruits, ye shall know them.'  Many a person has been led astray by false 'voices'/messages.  It's a matter of discrimination.  To learn such.  How?
     By 'practicing the presence'.  Cultivating a connection with your highest-most inner Self.  And living your life accordingly.  You will learn, from that exercise, how to discriminate between what comes to you from a lower level - so-called intuition, and 'guidance,' and such - and what is not of the highest.
     Practice the presence.
     It's precisely what we're here for, anyway.  To learn how.  And do.  



1 The Bible has much in it to be seriously questioned, on both the historical and content levels.  (As to the latter: a god of violence?  Doesn't compute.  Just an 'ancient astronaut' leader at work and play;  a la Zechariah Sitchin's books.)  But it also has some good thoughts in it.  I take from it what works for me, and leave the rest.
     Some of the biblical 'critics' who have published valuable background material, to my way of thinking, in my search for Truth:
     Tony Bushby; Ralph Ellis; Barbara G. Walker; D.M. Murdock/Acharya S.  Also Peter Joseph and his Zeitgeist Movement videos.  All, indicating an astrotheological aspect to this whole thing, of previous 'saviors' and such  Important stuff  If one is interested in Truth.  Not just belief.

2 We need to understand more clearly than we apparently do that 'the gospels' were all written years after the supposed fact, and have gone through numerous hands in their travels down to our times, with various anonymous sources doing their thing with them.  And also, that there were other 'gospels;' with the Roman Church, in liaison with the Roman secular authorities, doing the picking and choosing, with their material interests in mind as well.  Simply put:
     The Bible should NOT be taken as the literal word of God.  It has human fingerprints all over it.  

3 And then there's the take on the matter  of researcher Ralph Ellis, who claims to have uncovered the real Jesus, as a prince and then king of a nearby realm, who, in wanting to take over the then-vacant leadership of the Roman Empire for 'higher' purposes, led Jewish forces in the Revolt that led to the Roman crushing of it and the Temple in the 68-70 CE time period, was crucified for it, but survived the crucifixion, and ended up being exiled to Britain (Brith-ain, the land of the Covenant). and there becoming who history knows - thinks it knows - as King Arthur ('the Egyptian').  See esp. 'Jesus - King of Edessa'.  Fascinating stuff.
     And: Who knows.
     We will all know; at some point, in No-time.  When The Play is over, and we take stock.  Of the whole thing.  And of our roles in it.
     That's roles.  As in, plural.
     Having played many parts.
     In order to learn lessons from them all.
     For, it all has been for a Purpose.
     And that Purpose can be summarized simply.  As:
     Know Thyself.
     As a Child - fractal - of The One.
     Standing in Your own Power.
     Which is the Power of Love.
     The Essence behind the whole Exercise.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Another Day...

Another day, another 'dollar' to another worthy cause, trying to stand in the way of the socialist takeover of America, under the sinuously guiding hand of a man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, although no one knows who he is, really.  And not just because the birth certificate that he has tendered to the American people as his bona fides is fraudulent.  Just like himself.1

The man is more than just an impostor, and a usurper of the presidency of the United States.  He is the snare of the fowler.2  

So, we are now down to it: the final stage of the long, long trail awinding; the final scene of The Play, that humanity has been engaged in, arduously, in order "to catch the conscience of" us all.  We are now on the threshold of Change, alright.  Just not the kind that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama has dreamt of, and that his handlers - caught up in the same throes of giddy power that The Fowler (who or whatever that is precisely) has promised them all - have meticulously planned for.  Except for one thing: the Spoiler of all their best-laid plans.  Meaning, a - the - Power far beyond their hide-and-seek games and other interplays with each other on this basic, physical plane of existence - this stage that is not a permanent stage, but a phantasm; constructed for just this purpose, that we are engaged in now, and where we are about to experience its final Curtain -  

with the politics of the U.S. scene of the Drama to be interrupted by the monetary aspects of The Play; giving The People of this key country to this unfolding process time to rally, and prove their worth.  Which is it to be for you:  Up.  Or Down; back once again onto the wheel of rebirth, into such an illusory reality, to play out your karmic dues, and learn your fundamental lessons.  Wherever that may be.  For Gaia Herself is involved in the Ascension process that the rest of humanity is involved in taking Up, on the consciousness stairway to the heavens.  

But first: the denouement.  First of all - before we Gaians move to a purely moneyless system, as part of the first stage of establishing a 'kingdom of heaven,' i.e., a society based exclusively on the principle of Love - we Ascenders need to clean up the mess we've made, and abjure the low consciousness that led to the mess.  As, e.g., some incarnate souls thinking, this time around on the wheel of rebirth, to live on other people's tax monies as a way of life, on the one hand, and erstwhile Masters of the Universe thinking to use such monies extravagantly as a means of personal and corporate gain, and cynically having the taxpayers bail out banks 'too big to fail' when bets go south, on the other.  Out with these jejune ways of thinking; these immature levels of awareness.  Time to grow up.  And only then can we start moving into the new paradigm, of the recognition of our true natures, as souls with the consciousness of 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Rather than about to have the experience of being slaves of and to the state - of either the 'Left' or the 'Right' - which would make all of our essential decisions for us; thus denying us the exercise of our free will, which is the whole point of the bloody, exhilarating, heartbreaking exercise.  

Why do you think that the man called Obama is gearing up his Department of Homeland Security for civil war, and, as part of that preparation, painting conservatives, Christians, Tea Partiers, and other patriots - including those groups that use the word 'liberty' in their titles,3 and many, perhaps most, of the returning Vets4 - as, quote, "potential terrorists"??  The fingerprints are all over the crime scene: he and his minions are planning a takeover of the country, and the consequent merging of it into a massive, global statist New World Order 

And that's not going to happen.  With either a civil war or an election.  If I have anything to say about it.  And millions - millions - like me.  Who will defend our essential liberty; and the essential liberty of humanity as a whole.  In this concluding Act.  

There will be a Change, alright.  But it will be in paradigm.

Because The Play is over, on this timeline.  

It's time, now, for the real thing.

Meet you on that 'front'.

On the same side.

Or not.

Your choice.

As always.

In our Creator's creation.  

And vision, of how these things - i.e., the spiritual progress of the fractals, facets, aspects of our Source; the pieces of the Whole - best work.



1 A 'natural born' citizen, as the office of the presidency of the United States - and that federal office only - requires as a qualification, via the Constitution (to say, the nation's very rule of law), is a person born on the soil (jus soli) of two U.S. citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  As to the latter part of that definition, it could hardly be otherwise, inasmuch as the whole POINT of the exercise, from the constitutional Framers' point of view, was to make sure - as far as they could - that the person occupying that office, who was to be as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, did not have any DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like, oh, say: a dual citizen. 
     Which is what Barack Obama is.  Or at least, was fraudulently elected as being.       
     Now if you're bound and determined to demolish the Constitution, by way of setting up a false-flag op - or goading the public into an insurrectionary response to your takeover activities - and declaring Martial Law…...

2 Whether just playing the part, or inextricably caught up in it, and having taken on the identity.  We'll see.

3 As opposed to the statists' banner of 'equality' .  Which means a state-imposed way of being; rather than the essential way of being that Liberty affords humanity.

4 Who are, then, no longer under his control, via their officer corps.  
     And speaking of the latter: have you noticed how he is purging their ranks of those commanding officers whom he can't count on to support his imperial takeover moves??  Assuming, perhaps, that those left after his vetting procedure will be loyal to their Commander in Chief in an emergency; not to the Constitution; which is their first loyalty, and which they have specifically sworn to uphold??? 
     "Support and defend," in the words of their Officer's Oath.  Our erstwhile Dear Leader presuming, apparently, that he is counting on a declaration of Martial Law to change all that, as a technical suspension of the Constitution.  
     We may well see.    

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Keeping My Oar In

A couple of items having come my way today.

1) In my pile of mail from yesterday, just being gotten around to today, a letter from Senator Marco Rubio, asking for financial help to his 'Rubio Victory Committee' in particular to help "retake the Senate majority in 2014".  My reply:

"Dear Senator Rubio,

"When you admit that U.S. citizens like you and Ted Cruz and Barack Obama are not eligible for the office of the presidency - for not being 'natural born' citizens,  i.e. born on the soil of two U.S citizen parents - I will consider your request for financial support.  But the Truth of matters must come first."



2) In my pile of emails from today, just being gotten around to, a message from the Tea, highlighting some recent comments from the Usurper.  My response:

from 'Obama: "I'll act on my own" agenda' - Jan. 18

The Emperor speaks.  "We're not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we're providing Americans the kind of help they need.  I've got a pen and I've got a phone."
  (the erstwhile Emperor during this week's Cabinet meeting)  

Deb Bobka · Top Commenter · University of Virginia


Reply · 15 · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 6:56pm

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  • Stan Stanfield
    · Top Commenter · Stanford University
  • Your suggestion, Deb, has the double benefit of 1) publicizing that impeachment is not the way to go because that is for legitimately sitting presidents, which he is not (on the NBC issue; persons running for that office needing to have been born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents (fault the Repub Party for not standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law on that constitutionally fundamental issue)); and 2) negating all the legislation that he has signed into law, and rendering null and void all the appointments he has made, including to the Supreme Court. Impeachment would not accomplish that full sweep of his illegal presidency. Which is what is REALlY needed, to do the job properly. 
  • His having stayed in power this long is a disgrace to the nation - to the current generation thereof, who apparently have been too busy in their individual lives to keep a proper eye out for their country. Folks, this nation stands for individual liberty and personal responsibility - self-governance. Let's get cracking on the latter, so that we can have the former. 

  • Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago  [eve of Sun. Jan. 19]
Which is in jeopardy as we speak..

A word of clarification.  I understand that the erstwhile emperor could have meant that he was going to put his 'pen and phone' to work within the legal limits of his office.  And he has broad authority, in that office, to run a bully pulpit.  But he has demonstrated, from his past performances with those instruments, that he is not above going beyond the authority of the office, and 'straying' into the legislative branch's territory.  And you could say that that's their business; that they are the ones who need to call him on his arrogant behavior.  But if they don't??  

In this country, ladies and gentlemen: The buck stops with We, the People. 

And it is time to prove it.

And as for the 'natural born citizen' issue:  It is really very simple.  If anyone tries to tell you that it simply means a 'citizen,' set them straight, by saying such as:

"Come on.  It is common sense:  The constitutional Framers didn't want anyone in that office - who is also, not so incidentally, the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - who might have dual loyalties or allegiances.  That is precisely what a dual citizen would have, or at the very least, run the risk of having.  And especially one with dual citizenship with England, which considers such a person a subject of the Crown. And has been angling to get back into power in this country ever since.  By Any Means Necessary.

"This man Obama obviously had dual allegiances from his birth.  Where his loyalties lie, it's hard to say.  They certainly don't seem to lie with the American republic.  They seem to lie with a soviet socialist republic form of government; or a part socialist, part capitalist form, like the current Red China.

"In any event, he is not a 'natural born' citizen.  He should not be in that office.  He should be removed from that office, and forthwith; for that crime, and various crimes he has committed whilst in the office.

"And let the chips fall where they may.  For, nothing - nothing - is more important than the Truth.  And that means, in this instance, that it is up to us - this generation - to uphold the integrity of the American form of government."  

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Conflicts of Interests

Department of Development Services
City of Long Beach
333 W. Ocean Blvd., 5th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

Attn: Amy J. Bodek, AICP
         Director of Development Services
       Jeff Winklepleck
       Acting Planning Administrator

January 18, 2014

Ref.: Application No 1310--12
 Public Hearing Jan. 16, 2014

Dear Director Bodek and Mr. Winklepleck,

My name is Duane Stanfield, and I live at (Redacted); pretty much directly behind the subject building (Redacted.), on the next block north.  Consequently I was notified of the public hearing on this application for "a new AT&T wireless telecommunications facility on the rooftop of" said four-story apartment building.  I went to that hearing, on January 16 (this past Thursday), hoping to hear/get any information regarding health and safety factors of such antenna installations - knowing that such information seems to be updated at a rather rapid pace these days, at least regarding the likes of mobile phones themselves, and smart meters.

I was, in the event, not apprised of any such information; the hearing concentrated on a) the "architectural integrity" of this classic example of an Art Deco building from the '20s, and b) the possibility and ramifications of any "future co-locating carrier".1  Before the vote was taken, I was allowed to speak to the proposal.

In opening my comments, I mentioned how struck I was about the application and its discussion, that there was a lot of concern expressed about the aesthetics but not much to be said about the health and safety factors; and then addressed my specific two points of concern.  Which were: 1) The Conditional Use Permit Findings (Exhibit D of the Application) noted, under point 2 ('The Proposed Use Will Not Be Detrimental To The Surrounding Community Including Public Health, Safety, General Welfare, Environmental Quality Or Quality Of Life'), that "(t)he site will be required to comply with the regulations and development standards of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the United States standards for radio emissions set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)".  I queried how recent those standards had been set, in the light of health & safety issues of such wireless technology constantly being updated, and also in the light of 2) point 5 under 'Conditions Of Approval' noting that there was to be a "10-year review…for this subject wireless site…", commenting that that was really not good enough of a review process, considering the relatively rapid turnover of information from studies into this sort of technology.  The response to my enquires, first from the Chair of the Commission and then from one of the Staff, was that 1) they went by the FCC on this sort of thing; and 2) the 10-year review in question was only relating to the building.  The Application was then passed 4-1.

I went home thinking, So if I get cancer from this installation, the City of Long Beach washes its hands of any responsibility in the matter. because they, quote, "go by the FCC" in such questions.  So, the next day (yesterday), I did some checking on this regulatory agency, the FCC.  And what I have found is that it is now - as of early November of this just--past year - chaired by a man by the name of Thomas Wheeler, who has been, in his past, the President and CEO of a telecommunications lobbyist.2

Let's keep this straight: The FCC, which is (or at least, is supposed to be) the regulator of the telecommunications industry, is now being headed by a man who was President and CEO of a business that catered to the needs of the industry that he was a lobbyist for.   Like - oh, say, like: AT&T.  The Applicant for this Permit.          

I hope you can appreciate my various concerns.  And will discuss this particular state of affairs - this glaring conflict of interest - with your team.  And advise me of any response - from you and your Staff, representing the City of Long Beach - to my concerns.  As a citizen of your fair City.  Entrusting my environmentally-affected health to your good keeping. 

I opened my remarks to the Planning Commission by noting something that an earlier Presenter said, in her report to the Commission on an initiative that she and her City Department are responsible for, called 'Public Health by Design'.3  At one point she remarked, "Where you live will affect your health."

A wise observation.  And apparently, I am about to find out just how true that observation is.

Yours sincerely,

Duane Stanfield


1 "Staff believes that construction of a new rooftop screening enclosure by a second co-locating carrier would seriously compromise the architectural integrity of this particular building…However, staff's ultimate objective at this site is to prevent the adulteration of the Art Deco architecture of this historically-significant building…" page 3 of the Application      

2 Called the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, or CTIA.  Which used to be known as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.  Which name may have been too obvious as to what they actually did.

3 Susan Price, Manager, Bureau of Community Health, City of Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services 


I'll keep you posted on the outcome of this little matter.  Well; this little matter to you, possibly.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

There Goes The Neighborhood

The modern world is about to encroach upon my nice, quiet, dog-walker of a neighborhood.  Well, that actually had begun before I got here, with the likes of smart meters for the electrics; but they (I live in an apartment complex) are neatly tucked away in the back somewhere, out of sight, and thus out of mind.  Usually.  Until I read something on the Internet that makes me wonder just how safe these are that are here in my immediate living environs.  Never mind the people-control factor of them (letting TPTB know how many people are living in the unit, e.g.).  What about the EMF or ELF or whatever of them??  It turns out that there is a distinct worry there.  And now, there's to be a new such kid on the block.

The next block over, actually.  But in direct sight line of where I live, there is going to be installed, at the top of the abandoned elevator shaft of a four-story building, on its roof, a "wireless telecommunications facility consisting of one array with four sectors, each sector having two panel antennas and two remotes radio units (RRUs), for a total of eight panel antennas and eight RRUs, all located in a single 9'-4 by 8-6' screening enclosure…"  etc.    

I got this information at an announced (via mail, for the area residents) Public Hearing meeting of the Long Beach Planning Commission.  I waited patiently through some other agenda items for my chance to listen and, need be, ask some questions about 'my' business item.1  Came my agenda item's turn (the last on their list, it turned out).  The Planning Commissioners, their staff, and the applicant (AT&T) all talked about such things as the possibilities of other sites,  the possibility of becoming a co-location site, the Art Deco style of the building, and the "aesthetic effects" of the project on the building.   But not a word about the health and safety factor.  

Time came for my turn at the mike. 

After addressing the committee, and being reminded to state my name, I said: "I have a comment, and then a question.  My comment is, that the manager of Community Health made a very important observation back at the beginning of this meeting2 when she said, 'Where you live will affect your health.'  I live right in the next block behind that building…

"My question is twofold.  In your 'Conditional Use Permit Findings' you have a section titled 'The Proposed Use Will Not Be Detrimental ToThe Surrounding Community Including Public Health, Safety, General Welfare, Environmental Quality Or Quality Of Life,' and it states that you are relying on "standards for radio emissions set by the American National Standards Institute'".  But who checks those standards, for updating?  

"We all know that wireless technology has proven to be far more dangerous than we were told in the beginning.  And yet, under your Conditions Of Approval, you say that 'A 10-year review shall be completed for this subject wireless site not later than' etc.  Ladies and gentlemen: That really is not good enough for a review of this sort of thing."

It was then clarified to me that a) on the h&s issue, they go by whatever the FCC says; and b) the 'ten-year review' referred only to the physical site.  So, my 'presentation' didn't make much of a dent in the proceedings; or in their consciousnesses, as far as I could determine.  But I did notice the chief Staff person there nod his head when I pointed out that the "health and safety factors" didn't seem to be covered very well in these sorts of installations and their permits; that "I hear a lot of concern about aesthetics, but not much about the health and safety issue".3

So maybe, just maybe, my appearance there did some good.

We will, of course, see. 

As we will see what happens to my, and my neighbors', health.

Unless it's going to be very, very hard to determine causation of any condition.

And maybe that's what the corporate boyos count on, for their bottom-line achievements.


P.S. I would have gone up to the chief Staff guy afterwards and made my case a little clearer, but a) the man from AT&T already had his ear, about some result of the vote (it passed, 4-1.  The sticking point had to do with potential future co-locaters); and b) I had to get to the Men's, badly.  It was now after 7pm, from a meeting that started at 5pm. 
     Such is the lot especially of us old-timers.  Who are far more susceptible to such 'environmental' factors than others, at the best of times…

P.P.S.  The next day - yesterday - I just 'happened' to find out, serendipitously (from a friend who just 'happened' to send me a link to a web site that deals with the dangers of cell phones and smart meters), that Obama's head of the FCC (whom he just appointed to the position, last November) used to be the Pres. & CEO of - drum roll, please - a wireless industry lobby organization.  (The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association; originally known as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association; but that was apparently too obvious a name for what they did.)
     My, my…
     And the Republican Party is notorious for this sort of revolving-door activity, too - allowing/orchestrating people from the corporate world to parachute into high regulatory-department positions in the government where they enhance their home-base clout, and then, job done, rotate back into their cushy corporate positions…
     Isn't it about time that we stopped this sort of thing altogether??
     And not just 'about' time.
     It IS that time.
     The time of the end of The Play.  And the beginning of our Next Steps: Up the stairway to the heavens.
     At least, those who have learned their lessons on the first-step level.  The 'Ground" Floor.
     The make-believe realm of Duality.    



1) Another of their business items, interestingly, had to do with another such project , near me in the other direction; but it was to do with an upgrading 'modification' of an existing wireless cell site there, and, though there was one person from the public who had filed a letter in opposition to the project, and who was given proper opportunity to voice her position in person as well as in writing (which was the purpose of its inclusion in the meeting's agenda), it was decided that the project  was, in effect,"replacing like for like," and her grievance was rejected.  Fair enough; since she cited no new evidence,just her feelings.  
     Evidence.  We need evidence, they were, in effect, saying. 
     I awaited my turn at the mike; not sure what all I should, or could, say.   
     P.S. She also didn't, in my opinion, help her case any by, in her letter of objection to the project, saying that she was going to request, "under the Public Records Act…any and all documents showing payments made by, meetings had with, former relationships with, and any and all otter document related to the entity and/or persons working for the entity that proposes to place the cellular equipment and the  City of Long, its employees, elected officials, officers, or contractors the subject of which is the placement of cellular telephones within the City of Long Beach."  So there.
     So long, sister  This is an upgrade of existing equipment, is not adding anything new. You're a bit late with the off-putting stuff.  
     But I could appreciate her sense of outrage.  Things are happening to the public, and we don't seem to have any say about the matters.  They are just done; cooked.  Possibly in secret, for all we know, and suspect.  
     Suspicion breeds in the darkness of a lack of transparency.  How many years has it been now, that we have heard rumors about cell phones and their antenna towers being far more dangerous than we are being told about?  Etc. etc. and etc…. 

2)  Her agenda item was a report on 'zone initiatives' in different parts of true city for increasing the health of the public, having to do with community  gardens, healthy marketing and ads in food stores, etc.  Good that they're looking at these matters, which particularly, in her power point presentation, included high percentages of obesity amongst young people.  It's a good initiative - and I noted as well, in walking to the meeting at the City Hall, that there was a 'mural' just outside the entrance depicting a penny bike with the proud statement: 'Long Beach - the most bicycle-friendly city in America' - but I don't think they're going to get to the total root of the obesity matter, for specific example, by just encouraging the eating of more fruits and veggies.  They need to address as well such issues as the effects of bromine - particularly as brominated vegetable oil, or BVO - in so many soft drinks especially.  It has a terrible effect in the body, of keeping fat cells from being able to be burnt off normally.
     But I digress.
     In a way… that demur referring particularly to the issue of 'transparency' - of what we are being told by TPTB; and what we are not being told by them.
     A chronic condition.

3) Presumably, if someone tries to sue for damage to their health alleged to be caused by such wireless installations in their neighborhood, it won't be the City that has to answer for the matter, but the FCC, for their h&s advices.
     However, I've never heard of anyone winning such a suit against the FCC - or their even ever being such a suit.
     But then, with the degree of transparency that there is in this day and age, between The People and their governments, that should come as no surprise…