Thursday, 3 September 2020

Sign Me 'Disgusted Almost Beyond Words'

I have received some mail recently from various conservative sources pointing out that there were 7 congressional district seats in California in the 2018 Midterm elections where Republicans had solid leads on election night only to lose their races weeks later after the absentee ballots were counted.  As one of these mailings has put the matter:(1)

“So how did the Democrats do it?

“Before the [2018] midterm elections, California Democrats passed a new law(2) that would permit a practice known as ‘ballot harvesting.’

Ballot harvesting involves two steps.  First, the State of California sent mail-in ballots to every registered voter, whether they asked for one or not.  [Shades of the current CoV-19 scare.]  

“Then, campaign operatives, union activists, and ‘community organizers’ [and where have we heard that term before] were permitted to go door-to-door to collect (or harvest’)(3) the mail-in ballots on behalf of voters.

“Under California’s ballot harvesting scheme, anybody can walk into an elections office and hand over truckloads of mail-in ballots, no questions asked.  They don’t even need to provide any documentation or proof that the votes they are turning in are legitimate. 

“The whole system stinks to high heaven.

“What is to stop a campaign official from collecting (or buying) blank ballots from voters and filling them out himself?

“What’s to stop a ‘community organizer’ from collecting thousands of ballots and then throwing out the votes for Republicans?

“And what’s to stop union activists from pressuring union members to hand in their ballots to prove they voted for the ‘right’ candidate?

By legalizing ballot harvesting, California Democrats issued an open invitation to commit voter fraud.

“Ballot harvesting is the only reason why Democrats won much large victories in the State of California.  Seats that had been held by Republicans for decades flipped to the Democrats all because of this new tactic…”  (Emphases in original.)

And the Democrats have planned to extend such measures to the federal level, with Speaker Pelosi’s bill H.R. 1 just waiting to be rammed through Congress when the Demons - I mean the Dems - have flipped enough seats with such tactics to take the Senate in the upcoming elections as well, along - they hope, and anticipate - with the presidency…

First: You might be asking, Why did the Republican Party let them get away with this ‘Ballot Harvesting’ scam, in California, and other states?  The ‘tactic’ is obviously ridden with fraud.  Best answer: Because they have been caught out engaging in such shenanigans themselves, just with different tactics, and are just experiencing tit for tat, and don’t want to draw any attention to their own ongoing attempts at voter and electoral fraud.  The whole thing having become a game.  

Second  ‘The whole thing’ should now become moot anyway.  Oh, we can say that Congress needs to:-

1) Outlaw the ‘Ballot Harvesting’ practice for all federal elections outright; and ideally go further, and 

2) Outlaw the practice for all elections, as impairing the right of U.S. citizens to free and fair elections, under the fundamental basis that to conduct such fraudulent practices is to deprive each U.S. citizen of their basic right to have their vote meaningful rather than meaningless, thus for them to have been rendered effectively disenfranchised by such nefarious practices.  But not to bother to get into the niceties of ‘the law’ here, and now.  My take on the matter:

Regardless of whether this, or this sort of thing, becomes the actual ‘law of the land,’ the people involved in this and this sort of thing are going to miss the cut, into the New World.  For, that sort of consciousness will not be in resonance with the energy field of The New Order of Things.  So, the actual ‘legality’ of such a move towards fair and transparent elections is moot.  Because The Play - in which and by which to ‘catch our consciences,’ as the ‘royal’ - to say, as gods in the making - is over.  For now.  For this period of the collective harvesting of souls for ‘membership’ in

the kingdom of heaven. 

Or rather, in ‘a’ such kingdom.  The first rung on that ladder.  (Towards full-fledged Unity.)

Coming, to a theater of operations very near



(1) from the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund  

(2) augmented by and utilizing the votes of untold numbers of illegal aliens and other non-citizens; as I have referred to and dealt with in these pages before, whereby I have considered it ‘a crime to vote in California;’ and more specifically, to aid and abet in the commission of a crime, for just such reasons as outlined in this letter than I am quoting from, but which I didn’t know the full extent of, or intricacies of, until now. 

(3) esp. in nursing homes, for richer such harvests

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

On Thinking Again

Anent my just-provided commentary in these pages:

This is all putting me to mind of an earlier time in my life, when I ran afoul of ‘the authorities’.  To recap:

At one point in my life I was the Assistant Manager of a small furniture factory, where we created a quality line of furniture for both home and business.  And I enjoyed the job.  Until the federal government stepped in, in the form of OSHA - the Occupational Safety and Health Act.  Which I felt didn’t apply to our business, was ‘a bridge too far’ into the ‘business’ rather of state laws regarding that sort of thing - of businesses operating within their jurisdiction - or union agreements.  And it happened to coincide with some other federal usurpations going on - as I perceived it - regarding ‘The Feds’ attempting to regulate the food supplement industry out of business, by attempting to pass legislation - or FDA regulations - limiting the strength of the vitamins and minerals that the public could purchase OTC.(1)  It was all too much corruption for my tender sensibilities along such lines; and I quit the job, got rid of all of my belongings, and went downtown - in Oakland, CA - and threw a brick through a window (actually a very small pane in a glass door; it was, after all, simply a symbolic act) of some federal office (the closest thing I could find of a federal nature).  All, in order to have my day in court, and make my point, take my stand.  Against usurpation of our rights.(2)          

Such is my animosity towards ‘capitalism’ - or at least, perverted expressions thereof.  Like the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.  Now.  Does that make me a ‘communist’?


What that makes me, is a truthseeker.  And the truth is, that there is something beyond either ‘capitalism’ or ‘communism’.  To wit: A state of being wherein we live up to our potential.  Our positive potential.  As ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.  With the United States of America to take the lead into a New World, for championing the Individual’s sovereignty; but in the context of a collective of souls, making progress on a Path.  But being challenged - in an educational way - by Dark forces, acting as a sort of shadow, to rein in extremes of such ‘individuality,’ such self-serving activity.  Thus, now, in our day - this Concluding Day to the Play that we are all in, and have taken many parts to play in over the centuries, to gain ‘tokens’ of Awareness thereby, in our opportunities for growth:

* The CHICOMS have been quietly massing troops on our borders - south, north, and by way of the seas (and underground);

* The CHICOMS have been developing bioweapons by which to decimate the American population, in order to do us in, but keep the land clear for their harvesting of our resources, to feed their own people, as they face Crisis along those lines;  

* The CHICOMS have been caught shipping into this country thousands of ballots for use in the November elections.  No telling to date of how many others there are which have slipped through the cracks, and are circulating in the country, to be used to steal the upcoming elections;

* The CHICOMS have been caught shipping into this country thousands of assault-weapons parts.  Nothing to date yet of how many others may have slipped through the cracks, and have been passed on to their ‘useful idiots’ in Antifa and (the Marxist-controlled) Black Lives Matter; although there are already reports of Antifa ‘Death Squads’ - well-trained teams lining individuals up for assassination, on the formerly peaceful streets of America.  Back before the activated days of its attempted takeover.  And before various far Leftists started talking about the likes (to them) of “unrest in the streets” and “Donald Trump is responsible for the riots in our cities” and “If you want the riots to stop, you’ve got to vote for the Democrats,” and “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances”.  Incendiary stuff like that.   And like many (mostly) Democrat governors having ‘passed the test’ of ‘Friendly’ to the CHICOMS.  The far Left assuming that the future on this planet lies in their hands. 

Think again, comrades. 

Actually, it lies in the hands of the people - the incarnate souls - on both sides of The Process that has led us to this crowning moment; this Graduation time from the elementary school that we have been in, and are ready, now, for the higher grades of the education that we are involved in.  As potential gods.  

Gods in the making.  As unto our Creator Source.  Of which we are a part.  And awakening, now, to our potential, in that direction.

Having had quite enough of our potential in the other direction.  The direction of

our Shadow side. 

So.  Did you think that one side or the other of the present confrontation would be the winner?

Think again. 

Fellow Pilgrim on 

The Path.

We have work to do.

Together.  As


One Planet.  One Humanity.  One Destiny.

As an NGO connected with the UN - called Planetary Citizens; which I worked for for a year, back in the early ‘80s - had as its motto.  Headed by a man called by many ‘God’s secret agent in the UN’.  Looking towards the day when we could, at last, achieve Unity, on this sorely put-upon planet.  This Planet 

of Choice.


(1) They wanted, e.g., to limit the strength of vitamin C pills OTC to 60 mg.  The rationale?  People shouldn’t be treating themselves with ’therapeutic’ doses of nutrients, should be forced to go to a doctor for anything like that.  Whose training in their medical schools doesn’t go into such information very far.  Their training along such lines having been curtailed many years ago, when John D. Rockefeller paid for the establishing of a number of medical schools, and the curriculum of others, for an emphasis on drug-based medicine; pharmaceuticals being petroleum-based products, and hence very, er, healthy for his profits, and those of Big Oil in general.  And hence the growth of Big Pharma in this country.  With the AMA being its union, keeping a close eye on the competition, and smashing said competition whenever it attempts to peek its head out from its quarantined status.  And thus the revolving door between Big Pharma and the FDA for many years, with individuals going from one to the other, and being paid handsomely for their services to that cause.  Neat.  And terribly corrupt.  Having kept successful treatments for the likes of cancer from the public for many years; etc. etc. etc.
   But to continue.  But you get the idea.  That I am no ideological fool when it comes to, er, ‘free enterprise’.

(2) In the event, they didn’t give me my day in court; just let me tell my ‘beef’ into a tape recorder, kept me overnight in jail, in San Francisco, and then shipped me back over to Oakland the next day, where, after cooling my heels and temper most of the day in a temporary holding cell, they simply let me go.  Into the next chapter of my life.  Another story.
   Or, rather, another subject.  Same story.  Or perhaps a better word for it would be ‘odyssey’.  With monsters to slay along
   The Way.  
   And not afraid to get into it.
   My only match being
   The One.

On Riots And Pat-riots, & Others

As summer ends, we seem to be entering into a fall.  Or at least a massively desired one.  As things heat up - ‘yugely’ - on the political level.  

“Donald Trump is responsible for the riots in our cities.”  So says presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Come again?

Because….?  Because he has caused the rioters and arsonists and looters to be upset??  Because he antagonizes the far Left for his motto and call to Make America Great Again, and that leads conservatives to support him in the call, and in part by wearing baseball caps with ‘MAGA’ printed on them, which seems to enrage far Leftists like a red flag to a bull???  

Because he encourages ‘hate speech,’ as he has also been accused of??  And if the latter excuse - I mean, reason, for rioting, I have to say that the only 'hate speech’ I have heard or seen printed emanates from the far Leftists, attempting to take over this county - after a rather extensive period of a softening-up exercise in our educational institutions - by riot and revolution.  

And speaking of a softening-up exercise: That seems to have been going on in lead-up to Biden’s declaration by other such statements emanating from Trump’s enemies lately.  One, from, er, Rep. Ayanna Pressley: “There will be unrest in the streets because of unrest in our lives.”  Which may appear to be a minor threat, even incitement to violence.  But in concert with this, from Speaker Pelosi: how Trump and his GOP supporters in Congress are, quote, “enemies of the state”??  And even more, with this, from Hillary: “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”

Under any circumstances….

Including winning the election, Hill?  Even against the major attempts at stealing it being engaged in by the Democrats, with their major push for Mail-In Voting?? after somehow failing to, er, 'win' it for you in 2016 by enough fraudulent votes to overcome the immense groundswell of support for Dirty Donald, so that there will be no mistaking the extent of their nefarious plans for purloining this one???                

And all this, leading up to Biden’s most recent utterance along these lines, and - seemingly - upping the ante, when he has been quoted as threatening - or at least, saying: 

“If you want the riots to stop, you’ve got to vote for the Democrats.”

Now, I will say, that I have been unable to verify the precise words that Joe uttered along this appalling and inflammatory line.  But the gist was clear:

He was ‘suggesting’ that the rioting will stop when America elects Democrats.

And thus the, er, ‘reason’ that “Donald Trump is responsible for the riots in our cities.”  That - as also has been accused - “Trump is fanning the flames of riotous behavior.”

Because he stands in the way of the revolution.


And all this - in this incendiary climate - in conjunction with the ‘message’ just sent by the Virginia Senate, which has just passed a law lowering the penalty for assaulting, not just a law-enforcement officer.  But a judge.  Or a “person directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates”.  Or a firefighter; “or any emergency medical services personnel”.  The message - regarding everyone associated with maintaining Law and Order in Virginia;; and now to go to a governor who has signaled by previous actions that he is in league with the far Left’s narrative - seems very clear:  

‘Get out there and riot, burn places of business down, or even homes; assault everybody standing in your way - and we will see that you will be treated, if caught and prosecuted, with kid gloves, even if you assault the judge and/or the prison personnel.  Because we want you to engage in all-out revolution.  Because this is war.’ 

Well.  Might as well call it what it is, then.

And engage accordingly.

But in a way that allows us to get to a positive outcome.

From this Drama that we are engaged in.

In which, and by which,

to ‘catch our consciences’.

Royalty that we are.

In our intrinsic essence.

Deriving - 

as it does; and we do -

from our Creator Source.

Hoping for the best for us.  As we go through

The Course.

Or Life with meaning.


The Curse.

Of life with no meaning beyond just in and of itself only.

As the atheists amongst us would have it.

And those souls who have chosen to rebel against

The Plan.  And try to have things

their way.  Instead of

The Way.


P.S. I used to live in L.A. County - in my old hometown of years before my going off exploring a rather large portion of the planet - until my landlord kept raising the rent and I had to move to a lower rent district somewhere.  One thing led to another, and I have ended up in Utah, living with a relative and her family.  Quite amicably, as it has turned out.  And, as it has also turned out, quite fortuitous in another sense.  Because L.A. County is being taken over by the revolutionaries, and I would undoubtedly be in jail there by now, if I hadn’t fortuitously moved.
     The first ‘charge’ would undoubtedly have been for not staying in my apartment - because of the draconian response there, as in other such areas, to what has proven not to be a pandemic but an excuse for despotic behavior on the part of our Wannabe Masters.  Living near the beach, and knowing myself (in part as in Know Thyself), I would have gone down there, with a book, and sans mask, and awaited arrest, n order to have my day in court, against the tyrannical behavior of the government of the day.  But now, things have gone a step too far in L.A. County; a situation that might have put me in further jeopardy - to my very life, in my reaction to ‘the authorities’.
     As reported on by Dave Hodges at his The Common Sense Show website: After a win in court against L.A. County for closing them down from having Christian Church services in their building - even including observing ’social distancing’ - the Grace Community Church has been evicted from their building, by the snarky L.A. County authorities.
     Because this is not really about the coronavirus.  ('It' - this two-pronged attack - isn't even about Black Lives Matter.)  This is about power, and control.  It is about  a) rebelling against the authority of the revolution-minded state.*   And b) the attempted destruction of Christianity. 
     The same as, er, ‘practiced’ by the Bolsheviks in the former Soviet Union.  And as currently practiced in Red China. With their Social Credit system, whereby dissidents can be, and are, evicted from their schooling, their jobs, their accommodation, and ultimately their incarnation - sans organs - for not obeying their Masters.  And with especial regard to those subjects of The Almighty State who practice a religion, and especially Christians.  
     A disclaimer here.  I am not a Christian.  But I will defend to the death their right to practice their religion.  And especially as in defiance of atheists.  And worse: 
     A war, indeed, we are in.

* L.A. County is infested with illegal aliens, who are coddled by the government authorities to the point where it has skewed the voting in the county not only to atrocious proportions, but towards that county, along with other major (Democrat-controlled) parts of the state, considering seceding from the Union, and the state operating as a stand-alone republic under UN auspices.
   Over my dead body.  A condition in which ‘they’ might well have accommodated me, in my refusal to go along with their not just revolutionary but satanic plans.  But to continue.


P.P.S. And I have just read, posted at The Common Sense Show site, about the ‘message’ sent by one Ariel Atkins, a BLM “activist and organizer,” who spoke recently at a rally outside of a Chicago police station where people were gathered to support those who had been arrested for trashing and looting the ‘Magnificent Mile’.  She is quoted as having said: “I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci’s or a Macy’s or a Nike because that means that that person eats.  That makes sure that that person has clothes.”

‘Dear Ariel: I have to believe that you are more intelligent, more aware than that comment gives you credit for.  My advice: Change your tune, and inner attitude.  Or be left behind, for not having sufficient enough of a level of consciousness to hack the change afoot for so many of the rest of your fellow Humans.  But your chance will come again.  Because that is
     The Way.’

     She is reported to have gone on to say: “That’s reparation.  Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.”
     Ariel seems to be digging her hole in matter deeper and deeper the more she opens her mouth.  As are a number of other people, these revolutionary days.  Like Vicky Osterweil, quoted in the same article that I found the quote from Ariel in.  (’These People Want to Convince Everyone That Looting Is A-Okay’ - - The Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther - August 30)
     Anybody can justify anything, if they are of a mind to.  In a world where everything is relative.
     Not that I for one - and One - know of any.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Know Your Enemy - Truly

When I was in South Korea, in the short wake of the war there - my time of military service being the period 1957-’58 - as a draftee (more specifically, as a ‘c.o.’ - conscientious objector; another story), I managed my way from being stationed in the Seventh Division’s Medical Battalion into its Special Services branch, where I shortly became the Director of its Entertainment Section.  In that capacity I helped to write and produce Soldier Shows - entertainment for that Division’s troops, and the troupe going on from there out on tour to other military units in South Korea and even over to Japan - and booked and made all the arrangements for other such soldier troupes to tour throughout our Division, along with doing the same for stateside show troupes, via the U.S.O. and other organizing entities.  It was a great way to spend my two-year hitch in the military, until I could get back to my main interest in my post-college life, which was to find out what Life itself was all about, and, in the meantime, what all was going on in it, especially regarding what this, er, business of wars was all about.  It seemed so - foreign, to me.  I mean, yes, there were different races and religions and nationalities and political ideologies; but we were all in this bigger business of Life together, were all the same in our essence: why weren’t we acting like it, and pulling together, in common cause???

I wasn’t the only guy in our Entertainment Section who felt the same way (as I took it at the time).  There was a Jewish guy - from New York City (a big hint as to where I am going with this report) - who felt similarly, and planned, upon his return to civilian life after his own time as a draftee, to go to wok for the UN - “to help create a better world”.  I wasn’t sure what precisely that would entail for him, but it sounded like a noble aspiration, and I supported him in his idea, of a life’s vocation.  Little did I know then what that precisely might entail, and what his intention in that endeavor precisely might be.

 For by then in my life’s pursuit of answers, both as to the Big One and the smaller ones - just a year out from my having dropped out of my pre-Med studies in university to go searching for answers in particular to the Big Question, about Life itself - I didn’t know of one of the hard specific facts: of how so many Jews - to become better known to me, in my research, as Khazarian Jews, and then as ‘the Khazarian mafia’* - were involved in their clandestine and very long-time plot to take over the world and impose on it their totalitarian ’New World Order’ - a vision, and regime, of controlling all the world’s peoples to within an inch of their lives, including, but not limited to, what they could say or do, or even think.  Which was hardly my vision for the world.  Was, to be more specifically, the exact opposite, in spirit, of my vision for the world, even by then in my search for answers about Life.

Theirs being characterized by brute Force.  (As exemplified in our day by the Bolsheviks who took over Russia - with the invaluable assistance of some American bankers - and the current regime controlling Red China, with their Social Credit system being an example of 'The New Normal' that our Wannabe Masters want to impose on the world.)  Mine being characterized by, in a word: Love.  In the spirit of our Creator Source.  Wishing us well, in our passage through the educational, bramble bush-filled experience of 3D Life, in a Dualistic world.  

And now, here we are.  At a cosmic Completion stage of The Journey.   On the verge of 

Two Roads Diverging In the woods.  And which one we take will make

all the difference.         

With the Khazarian mafia having served The Plan.  In their way.  So, may they be cut some slack, as they are tried for their treasonous actions along

The Way.  Which can well be described, as well, as

The Royal Highway.  As befitting

gods in the making.   

But needing to graduate from The Course actually to make it to that end.

P.S. And believe me, the pedophiles who are part of the revolution trying to take down the U.S.A. and install their totalitarian NWO on its ruins are not going to be considered in the same category of those revolutionaries who deserve to be cut some slack.  That’s not what I am talking about, when I refer to those who are just playing a part in this Drama that we are involved in, in which and by which to catch our consciences.  They know precisely what they are - have been - doing.  And it is
     Not.  On. 
     As for the rest: 
     By their auras they will be known.

* My understanding of that historical situation goes like this (with a nod including to, but not limited to, Arthur Koestler, and especially, in that larger category, to Flavio Barbiero,  in researching genetic lines): The Khazarians were a Turkic people, at an early point nomadic but then many settling in the area of Europe roughly occupied by Crimea and Ukraine today, who got a terrible reputation for their people robbing travelers through that area, to the point where the leaders of the countries to the east and west of their territory met with their king and insisted that he impose a religion on his people, in order to get them to start behaving in a civilized manner, and between Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism, he chose the former.  History doesn’t record if he did that because of the idea of being a Chosen People, which would fit his, and their, arrogant attitude towards their neighbors; in any event, that was the origin - more or less - of the Khazarians having the Jewish faith, who then began settling further afield, especially to the west, and became the nucleus of what has become known as the Ashkenazic Jews, as opposed to the Sephardic Jews of northern Africa and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern origin.  Many of the latter undoubtedly being of actual Jewish blood, with the bulk of the former being Jews by, er, virtue of conversion.  And to this day, there are major differences of socio-political opinion between the two ‘tribes’.

Saturday, 29 August 2020


To and for me, to engage in the voting process before it has been cleansed  - completely - of its fraudulence is tantamount to being complicit in the commission of a crime; or more specifically put, is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  And especially in my old home county of, er, Los Angeles; and I refused to vote there, upon my return to my old home town, and home country itself, after living the bulk of my adult life abroad, once I discovered the nature of that beast.(1)  I now live in a different state, one whose voter registration rolls could reasonably be considered as being far more clean in this regard, for this state having so many Christians living here per capita, in the denominational form of Mormons: this state being their ‘home’ state of Utah.  But even here, there is no proof that the VRRs are regularly cleaned, of the names of dead people, duplicates, people who have moved, etc.  And with only two-thirds of the states requiring ID to vote, what does that say to the state of voting in this country?  With all of the illegal aliens in the country, and other non-citizens??  It is the same old signal as sent out in California: Accept to be registered to vote under the federal Motor Voter Law, whether you are legal to do so or not.  Nobody will check on you after the fact.(2)

I find this ‘practice’ despicable.

I won’t have it.

Not in my country, you won’t.

Now.  Having said all that.

The voting systems in this country, with all of their opportunities to cheat (and including via the electric voting machines, which are notorious both for being capable of being hacked and for the act itself), and the proof already in of massive exercise of said Opportunity, are symptomatic of the general tenor of corruption going on in this country.  And in the world; where some countries have had to resort to the dipping of a voter’s finger in purple dye in order to keep duplicate voting from occurring.  But I would have expected better from this special country, where the Individual is the sovereign.  Not the state, or royal, or cleric.  The Great Experiment in self-government  - failing the test.  A terrible, terrible shame.

Anyway.  Time’s up.  It’s time to move on.  Ready.  Or not.

Into a New World, wherein we leave The Old behind, and embark on a New Stage of the Operation.  Operation

Gods in the Making.  After their Creator Source.  Precisely after.  As chips off the old block.  As it were.

And is.

Facing, now, a watershed moment in that Enterprise.  As collectively, those who are ready to move on - in an Ascension process - will do so; and experience the fruits of their labor, as they come into their inheritance on the technological level, in the form of such innovations as free energy devices, and antigravity devices, and what is known (to some) as ‘Med Beds,’ and the perfecting of such abilities as telepathy and teleportation, and on and on.  In a state, no longer of Economy.  But of Abundance.  And so, the Apprenticeship on the elementary-school level, over.  As I indicated: For some, of us ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.

For the others?  Ah.  Well.  Better luck next time.  Meaning, at your next bite at the Apple of Life in a 3D, Duality/Polarity realm.  Or to say, not really a realm.  More like a construct.  A matrix.  A  hologram.  A classroom.  

You don’t think the Dark is real, do you? 

The Dark is a shadow.  Of something that is Real in and of itself.  Is the temporary - relatively speaking - absence of Light.  Which simply


And Is, now, to shine more fully on this sorely put-upon Earth.  A live Being in its own right.  Now, to move on, on its own path to its own inheritance.

As are we.   

Each at our own speed.  And needing, now, to keep up with the Ascension of our Earth.  Or be left behind, for this Go ‘Round.  This cosmic time of collective Harvesting.

And be fully aware:

Corruption does not exist on the higher levels.  Everything that is on those levels needs to be able to withstand the intensity - the frequency - of the Light involved on each level of consciousness.  Or it simply can’t exist on that level.  To say:

We don’t need ID cards beyond this state of being.  All is revealed, in that Light.  We are here simply to learn lessons.  ‘Life’ not merely being a matter of existence in and for itself only.  

So,  Prepare to leave behind the level, the state of consciousness that says, tell you, that ‘The purpose of life is to make money’.  

Its Purpose - its true Purpose - is far, far more than that.

So, as we as a collective on this material level - this ledge of ‘being’ in a creation - start reaching for the stars:

May you reach far enough inside of yourself to join those who are moving on.  And Up.  Inside of themselves.   As their inner voice dictates.

The only ‘dictator’ that we should allow in our lives.  And especially now, at this very real

Turning Point. 

P.S. Oh.  And as far as this Turning Point goes - into the home stretch of the ‘exercise’ we have been engaging in, for a long time in Time -  be aware that an awful lot of error has occurred along that Way, one; and two, which we will need to iet go of, in order to enter the beginning of the higher frequencies of The Light.  And among those errors is the category of religions which Humanity has concocted along said Way.  
     You have been warned.  That this business of becoming a god in your own right is no picnic.    


(1) No voter ID required, much less with a photo; no requirement to prove one’s citizenship in order to get on the voter registration rolls; no cleansing of the VRR  - until Judicial Watch forced some degree of cleansing on the County recently; but even then such cleansing doesn’t get down to the basic level of proof of citizenship to get on the roll in the first place.
   A roll which has on it (in some County that I read abut) such ‘citizens’ as M. Mouse… 

(2) And what’s with this business of making the Voting materials, and including at the voting precincts themselves, available in other languages??  One still has to be able to read and write English in order to become a naturalized citizen.
   A requirement that is undoubtedly scheduled for deletion as we, er, speak.  As we move towards a ’system’ of voters only needing to be resident in the country.  And in however many places…

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

If I Didn't Know Better...

…I might well think that the Democrats actually believe in their own rhetoric, for all the ‘righteous indignation’ that they can feign.  But calling simple common-sense measures to clean up the notoriously fraudulent voting and electoral systems in this county ‘voter suppression’??  You’ve got to be kidding.  And then there is the incessant labeling of Pres. Trump as a ‘racist’ for his strong stand against ‘immigrants,’ when the matter obviously has to do with illegal immigrants - a border-crashing category that includes drug and gun runners, child and adult sex traffickers, MS-13 gang members, and outright terrorists; all of which categories of lawbreakers it is his executive-branch responsibility to interdict.  ‘Racist’?  The mind boggles at the audacity of the Left to attempt this kind of smearing.  Atrocious behavior.  

But let’s cut to the chase, of the attempt of what can fairly be called a coup on Trump and his revolution-stifling administration.  As lately, that attempt has taken a rather sinister turn.  For one thing, there was the statement of Rep. Ayanna Pressley - she with Marxist/Maoist ties -  that “there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives”.  Now, that could be considered - besides the comment of a revolutionary, describing someone or something in the way of their overthrow intention - an incitement to violence at the weakest of times.  But let’s consider it in terms of the current climate, of such a political, er, ‘campaign’.  Consider this statement yesterday from Nancy Pelosi, calling Pres. Trump and his GOP supporters in Congress, quote, “enemies of the state”.  (Yes, you heard that right.  That is precisely how far this propagandic verbosity has gotten.)  And that said at the same time as dear old Hillary tweeted the following ‘notice’: “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” 

Under any circumstances…do you hear a party line at work here??  And insurrection???

And then Speaker Pelosi capping all this revolutionary rhetoric off with the following icing on the cake:

“Trump is leaving that office whether he knows it or not.”

Please understand.  This is not just an old biddy slurring her words and thinking after an afternoon nip too many at the sherry bottle.  This is the clear statement of a woman who is involved in an insurrection move against a legally sitting president, about whom, if he wins in November, the Left are announcing - like the Bolsheviks of today that they are - they intend to take him down, in an overthrowing of the American duly elected government.  This is sedition if there ever were an example of that term.  And it needs to be dealt with accordingly.  

Along with all the other examples of sedition going on in the country these dark days.  Such as so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ and states.  And.  And.  And……..All, leading precisely towards


And Gitmo.

Monday, 24 August 2020

On Things Coming To A Head

Let me count the ways that our Wannabe Masters are beginning to close the trap, in order to establish their Luciferian New World Order.

1. To build on the ‘beta test’ going on now in New Zealand - under their oppressive female prime minister, who has decreed that all those in, er, ‘her’ country testing positive for the novel coronavirus must go into isolation camps (and so much, then, for the scientific and longstanding concept off herd immunity) -  the WMs in the U.S. plan (copies uncovered) to activate FEMA ‘medical martial law’ camps.  From which there is planned to be no return.  As the preparatory presence in this country of a huge number of discovered guillotines attests to.   Except, perhaps, for those worthy, er, souls selected to be chipped, via the vaccine to be rolled out ostensibly to counter the ncv, but in reality to prepare the ‘inductees’ to be slaves to the LNWO; while their insidious and longstanding plans to cull the ‘herd’ of all extraneous “useless eaters” goes into effect.  (And as telegraphed as well by the intentionally created mass famines which are creeping towards the mass of humanity, on sinisterly silent feet, as we speak.)

2. A ‘morality’ pill introduced into our water supply (similar to the induction into it of fluoride and lithium to keep us docile and sedated; which, of course, has already been going on.  Our WMs not missing a trick) - building on Jose Delgado’s Mind Control experiments starting in the ’60s - to keep us amenable to staying in at least varying states of Lockdown.  While they use the current pandemic-that-isn’t to trash our economies, and cause societal collapse; exercising the Opportunity of Crisis to further their odious plan.*

3. No ”contrary material” to be allowed to be either printed or broadcast.  Such a position - of censorship - being finessed as we speak by both the MSM and Social Media platforms.
   (A point of awareness: All of this sort of thing was pioneered in the former Soviet Union - where, e.g., all written material, and including the samizdat ‘subversive’ publications, was printed on paper that the Soviet administrative commissars could identify by their watermarks - and is personified in our day by Red China’s Social Credit system.  Which form of totalitarianism is championed by the U.S.’s LNWO crowd of our day, as an ideal ’New Normal’ prototype for this country.)

4. Mosquitoes are being released in this country as we speak that have been genetically modified to block fertility in female mosquitoes.   
   Mosquitoes carrying an anti-fertility agent…What could go wrong?  Especially in the hands of extreme statists??  Who already are involved with plans to marry Man with Machine, in a movement called Transhumanism???

There’s more.  But you get the idea:

The world currently is in the controlling hands of some ‘people’ - for the lack of a better word at the moment - who need to be replaced.  By people acknowledging that they are, essentially, spiritual beings having a human experience.  And who need, now - at this time of high urgency - to live up to their potential    

in that direction.

Understanding that we are living in a simulation, before we can be trusted with

the Real Thing.  Which reflects our higher state of consciousness  - of awareness - at that time.  And so, must be earned.

P.S. It turns out that the situation in New Zealand is even worse than indicated above: Those in the quarantine camps who were put in there because they refused to be tested and who continue to refuse to be tested will be forced to stay in the camps for another tract of time (14 days, to be precise), and another, until they give in to their Big Momma.  Seriously.  
   ‘Feminism’ having run amok.  And as in this country, with various Democrat-party female mayors and governors showing that they can be just as arrogant as - and sometimes more so than - their male counterparts.  Taking The People of their cities and states out from under the protections of the rule of law, and putting them in the hands of petty little dictators.
     It would almost be amusing if it weren't so serious.

* You did know that both the infection rates and fatality rates for the CoVid-19 epidemic have been inflated, didn’t you?  And if not, why not?  The info has been readily available on - oh.  That’s right.  It’s only readily available on the independent/alternate media.  And some - a lot - of you have chosen to get your info, of what all is going on in the world, from the MSM.  Thus playing right into the hands of our WMs.  
   It must be the fluoride, and/or lithium.  So that’s alright, then.