Friday, 27 March 2020

On Proving A Point

…And Being Here NOW

In my last blog I talked about the dangers of “the stultifying, distorting, ‘heavy hand’ of Big Government in people’s lives”.  Case in point.

I see that the far Left is taking advantage of the current pandemic by taking quarantine measures to extremes.  It is one thing to observe a Social-Distancing policy of no gatherings by more than 10 people, and keeping a good distance from one another whilst out and about.  It is another thing entirely for the far Left critters, in cities or other areas controlled by them, to issue stay-at-home orders, on penalty of large fines and jail sentences - and even, in some cases, home invasions and the confiscation of (still-private) property.  Thus, no biking, jogging, etc. etc. ad nauseam.  ‘You will do as We say or you will suffer the consequences, at our hands.’  The arrogant attitude of tyrants down through the ages.  And the closing of ‘non-essential businesses’ - like gun shops; but the Open For Business sign still out for abortion mills…

It depends on whose ox is being gored, eh, lefties?  In places like L.A. County, and a county in Texas, and in Chicago…the list goes on.  Of places where the Bolsheviks are taking over.  As I say: taking advantage of the martial law-like circumstances in the country, from the cv scare.  Confining The People to our homes.  But letting prisoners out…

This is all a political ruse.  Not ‘hoax’ - people are indeed getting sick and dying from a virus gone pandemic.  But a ruse it is.  For the NWO crowd to attempt to take down and then over this country.*  As the main stumbling block to the imposition of their global gulag…

As Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show has concluded, in one of his blogs today:

“The Democrats are purposely wrecking America.”

Indeed, Dave.  But I would say, rather:

are attempting to.

And if Pres. Trump is right, and the White Hats are about to spring their counterattack:

They won’t succeed in their attempt.  Because there are too many Americans still left in the country, who believe in the essentials of this country, to let them get away with their best-laid plans.

And I hope you are on the right side of this Completion stage of The Process.  And that, if you are currently just playing  a dark-side part in this incarnation, at this Completion time, you awaken in time to that fact.

And come over to the Right side.  That is to say, the side of

the Light.

For, your success, as a facet of our Creator Source, and therefore a god in the making, depends on it.

At least, in this go-‘round.  For, if you fail this graduation test, it will be a long time ‘round for the next 

Mass Harvesting time.

* Including a potential Red Dawn-like invasion, by ChiComs, now gently gently massing in the hills in northern Mexico.  Who are as well taking over in (the likes of) Africa.  And interestingly, the Dems have included in the Stimulus Package billions - billions - of dollars for Africa.  
   Wouldn’t have anything to do with the ChiComs taking over there, would it, boys and girls???  With their Surface-to-Air missiles, and running the ports, and in charge of the likes of food supplies…

   …and California’s governor looking to borrow money from a Chinese bank to stave off a looming bankruptcy.  Thus setting that state up for a takeover as well…….

A Servant Or A Master

There is an interesting collection of articles in the current issue of The New American magazine.  Taken together, they tall a tale that emphasizes an issue that I have dealt with just recently in these pages, that is, of the threats to human ‘essential liberty’ - as spiritual beings having a human experience - from both the far Left and the far Right of politics - to say, from both overuse of government and underuse of it.  

To take the latter ‘course’ first.  It is from an article in the issue titled ‘The Case for Moral Libertarianism,’ which is essentially a review of a new book out, titled ‘Against The Left: A Rothbardian Libertarianism’ which deals with a number of the subjects ‘up’ in today’s world.  On the one hand, the book extols the principle of private property rights, but almost to a fault; whereby, if left strictly to themselves, ‘capitalists’ could well descend into unfettered/rampant capitalism - capitalism, like Nature, red in tooth and claw.  Nothing and nobody matters but me, and my bottom line.  The ‘moral’ aspect that the article refers to is the restraining nature of some such capitalists/libertarians having a religion; but their fundamental position and belief - ‘code’ that they live by - is a “resolute commitment to property rights”.  But there is, indeed, a larger picture involved in this matter of what we are a part of in life; one that would aid us in seeing, and acting upon, the idea - the principle - of living our lives in cooperation with Nature; not warring against it, with a sense of dominating it.  (Which many Christians believe that they are entitled to, by verses in the Bible’s book of Genesis.  So, so much for the religion of some of them.)(1)  

But on the other hand, the book makes an extremely valid point regarding the stultifying, distorting, ’heavy hand’ of Big Government in people’s lives.  An example that the author - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. - gives is regarding ‘the Family’.  The author of the article (Laurence M. Vance.  An “associated scholar of the Mises Institute,” a leading libertarian think tank) says that “(Rockwell) believes that ‘the fundamental threat to liberty comes from leftist programs to promote absolute equality’.”  What he is talking about - in my words - is that the far Left wants to get women out of the home and into the workforce in order to break down the family unit - a la Marxist theoretics - so that the State can take over the raising of the children.  It is not really about ‘equality’ per se.  It’s about “chiseling away at the foundation of society” - as referred to in one of the articles on the ERA in this same issue of that magazine.  

And another interesting article in the issue, involved in this same ‘discussion,’ has to do with the matter of ’religion’ itself  being part of the problem.  That article is on the recent murder of a whistleblower from the Department of Homeland Security, named Philip Haney, “who exposed the Obama administration’s interference with tracking and arresting jihadists” and who “was found dead just before a new book [of his] was due out”.(2)  Whose death, not so incidentally, was at first described as due to “a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound,” but under pressure by very skeptical members of his family and the public and alt media journalists - many of whom knew him personally and knew that he had no reason to do such a thing, and that there was every reason, given his plans to very shortly have his new book published and go on a speaking tour about it - a correcting press release came out from the County Sheriff’s office (in central California) after the weekend of the event, stating hat the FBI would be asked to assist in the “investigation”.(3)

Now, what am I saying here, exactly.  I am saying that both radical Islamists - the built-in danger of some religions, with their fanatical true believers - and the Obama administration authorities who blocked Haney’s investigation into jihadist activity in this country, need to be investigated, and dug out of their dark holes, to face justice.

And thus, that government does, indeed, have a role to play in our lives.  As long as it is kept - as George Washington observed, presciently - a servant. 

And not a master.  


(1) The (missing) sense of ‘having dominion over’ Nature could at least bring in a modicum of responsibility into the matter, that is missing from today’s - obvious - comprehension and interpretation of that idea.  ‘The bottom line’ being almost the only thing that matters in our, largely capitalist, society.  Hence ‘planned obsolescence,’ and ‘the throwaway society,’ and so forth.

(2) His first book, published in 2016, was titled ‘See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad’.

(3) And given the role of the FBI in the phony charges against Pres. Trump, which led to his very partisan ‘impeachment’ by the House Democrats, that is not a very helpful sign to anyone who would like to see all these allied things going on these days uncovered to their full truth of the matter.  
   A terrible, terrible shame.  On us all.  By not insisting better.  To be governed by

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Evil Unmasked

It is looking more and more as though I was very fortunate to ‘be taken out’ of California late last year.  It was for personal financial reasons; but one never knows what all is behind such things in our lives.

Example.  L.A. County - where I was living - has stopped testing for the coronavirus currently making the rounds on the planet, and deeper into this country.(1)  Which halts isolation attempts, in the ‘containment’ stage of the handling of a/the virus/an epidemic, and reflects the choice/decision to go just to treatment of infected patients.(2)  And speaking of the latter stage of such operations:

Sacramento County in the same state has stopped with quarantine attempts altogether, and is freeing high-risk people, in effect, to spread the virus.  

Plus in California, the Kaiser-Permanente health group has banned the private use of N95 masks - a better kind of mask - by its medical staff/employees while treating cv-infected patients (calling it “insubordination”).  One can reasonably ask: What the hell is going on?  Are some health care authorities deliberately trying to spread the epidemic in the U.S.??

And then there is the fact that at least two states have outlawed the use of - dirt cheap - hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of the infection.  A treatment - with a drug long used (very efficaciously) against malaria - which has received a number of positive reports - from frontline doctors - about its efficacy against this virus.  Which fact Pres. Trump has commented on, and is encouraging further investigation into its use in this regard.  Which some in the MSM are laboring to undercut, on the grounds that it is not tested for this use, and so should not be used in that capacity.  But doctors have the right to use and prescribe a drug for reasons other than its stated use, if they have reasonable grounds for that decision - and generally, and especially in an emergency, the right to investigate anything for such use. 

And perhaps it is this position taken by Pres. Trump which has caused the NPR in Seattle (a hotbed of, er, liberals) to stop broadcasting his cv-updating press conferences; citing the excuse that he is giving out “misinformation” on them. 

“Misinformation”?  As in citing a potentially excellent treatment for the virus??  Which will bring the epidemic in the U.S. to a screeching halt???  And thus, undercut some people’s agenda.  In using it to collapse the country’s economy, and thereby help them a) weaken Pres. Trump, and b) pick up the pieces, occasioned by the ‘principle’ of Crisis creating Opportunity…

I smell something beyond rotten, rather, very evil going on here.  With the far Left - and more precisely, the NWO crowd (which includes some players on the far Right; with a pyramid of power actually involved here, with the same nest of vipers at its top and behind the scenes) - operating with the philosophy that Anything Goes.  Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  To accomplish their mission.  Of total control over the planet.  

And thus, that they are being used as pawns by the (Dark) entities even behind them. 

With humanity about to wake up to all of this.  This scurrilous activity on the planet.

Which has been going on

long enough.

P.S. And I have just discovered that the founder of a generic drug company, which had come up with a copy of the drug in question here, has been killed.
     Shades of Seth Rich.
     And so many medical people involved with questioning the safety of vaccines, and their role in such as the autism epidemic.
     And the deaths associated with what has been called being Arkansided.
     And.  And.  And……
     As I say:



(1) With considerable evidence in that it was man-made.  Lending further to my premise in this blog.

(2) Yes, The people can still practice 'social distancing'.  But not to test for something is a cynical way to keep the potential info from being known.  No testing - no numbers.  And especially with this virus, which has a very long incubation period, for symptoms to be detected.  So that the longer that it circulates undetected, the worse the infection numbers will be.  
   And deaths.

On Returning To Normal

I see that Pres. Trump is making a big deal of ‘shooting’ for the scare of the coronavirus pandemic to be over by Easter - ‘a very important day, for a lot of people’ -  and the country being back to work by then, for a sort of double celebration.

Okay.  But beyond the Resurrection of life in the spring, and the annual celebration of that seeming miracle around the world for many peoples for millennia, let’s look at other such seeming miracles.

For example.  There have been at least a half dozen saviors/god men in Earth’s history with their birthdays ‘reckoned as’ - purported as being on - December 25th.  Why?  Because of what is called ‘astrotheology’: People attempting to make some sense of life by relating to their surroundings, including ‘the heavens’.  In this  case, the Sun appears, in the northern hemisphere, to be 'buried in the tomb of the Earth’ - i.e., disappears below the horizon - for three days at the winter solstice, and somewhat miraculously appears to be ‘born again’ on that date of our Western calendar.  And peoples all over the world for a very long time would celebrate that (seemingly miraculous) rebirth; and it would be personified in various ‘sons/suns of god,’ to give people something more tangible to relate to.  Hence the following list of such ‘world saviors’/god men who were purportedly born on December 25th:  

Attis of Phrygia
Buddha in the MiddleEast
Dionysus of Greece
Horus of Egypt  
Krishna of India
Mithra of Persia 

And other aspects of the ’Jesus’ story are as well included in - to say, more accurately, borrowed from - their ‘histories’.  Including such specific features as:

* being born of a virgin, in a cave or manger, and sometimes his earthly father even being a carpenter;
* his birth being announced by a star in the east, and being attended by three wise men;
* his life being threatened by a king, and being of royal descent;
* teaching in the temple at the age of 12 (and having 12 disciples);
* being baptized in water;
* a traveling teacher who performed miracles and wonders, including walking on water; 
* being crucified (usually on a tree; and sometimes even between two thieves), buried for 3 days in a tomb, and resurrected in the spring;
* being transfigured on a mount, and in front of his disciples.

And even specifically being slain ‘for the salvation of mankind’.

What to make of all this.

At the minimum:

that it is all fable.

Presumably, meeting some sort of deep need in the human psyche.  

A sense of making something more of life than just its surface appearance.

To reflect the ‘fact’ - 

the intrinsic sense - that 

the point of life is not to make money.

That ‘We do not live in order to eat and sleep.  We eat and sleep in order to live’.

And may we all awaken to that fact.  As we


to normal.


For an excellent 'report' on this astrotheology business, see:
'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold' by 'Acharya S'.  (The pen name for a woman named D.M. Murdock.)

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

A Family Matter

A member of the Mormon family that I am currently living with, in Utah, has come back to the nest from losing her jobs in Southern California/the greater L.A. area.  She is, if not quite the black sheep of the family politically, at least in that camp: an anti-Trumper, but in the nature of an anti-capitalist, and more explicitly, being anti-Big Business, but figuring that Big Business is a natural outgrowth of capitalism.  Thus, she is for ‘socialized medicine,’ and ‘hence’ (and on her low-income life category) for ObamaCare.  The female half of the head of this household - her biological mother - called me in to talk with her about this issue, advertising me as someone who is ‘very knowledgeable’ about all of these things.  Not the best of invitations, considering the heat of the space in these times, but there you go.  Life’s little interactions with Itself.

I opened by sharing my knowledge of socialized medicine in the UK, and how it was approaching its collapse, due to various outgrowths of that approach to healthcare, especially as how it engages in ‘triage,’ in the sense that old people are cut off from care as soon as they start to appear to be too big of a burden on/to The System, rather than with a private system of health insurance, whereby people pay for their care fairly regardless of their age.  The ensuing conversation ranged over quite a range of social interactions, with this twenty-something young woman bringing in not just issues of ‘sustainability’ - how big corporations don’t care for the environment in their mindless pursuit of profit (a point with which I agreed) - but ‘immigration’ as well: how poor people are exploited by the capitalist system, and kept poor on purpose, for the sake of their ‘bottom line’ costs.  The upshot of my responses was along the lines of a) how capitalism wants people to have money in order to be able to buy its products; b) how ‘exploitation’ comes as well from ‘little’ people gaming the systems, and thus further corrupting the people involved; and c) how both sides of the ‘debate’ have valid points, but d) how the real bottom line in the matter was that "We need to be as concerned about Big Brother as we are about Big Business;" and I shared, in closing my engagement with that little process, with the ideas that, as remarked on by the French priest and anthropologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,"‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience" - that "we need to get back to basics," that the point of life is not to make money, that, as Gandhi said, 'We do not live in order to eat and sleep, we eat and sleep in order to live" - and how I liked the Korean national flag, with its Yin-Yang symbol, and how both the 'black’ and the ‘white’ sides have a little of the other side embedded in them: that we are up against - especially with the fact that the coronavirus making the rounds now was a bioweapon, man-made by some very evil people who want to rule the world - a fundamental battle between good and evil; but that ultimately, the Light will prevail.  The head of the household present for this interaction between her uncle and her daughter seemingly concluded the conversation at this point by pointing out how, in effect, it was ever thus; but because I knew where she was coming from - in her strong faith in her religion - before I left the room, concluding my part in the conversation, I appended the idea that, just as both sides of the political process have some truth in them, ‘some people’ in general would have to wake up to the fact that they didn’t have a monopoly on the truth.  However she took this little last-minute sally of mine I don’t know; and I left the room murmuring something about this all being part of a much larger subject.*

A little more on that note.

Dear Leftists: 

1) As to your PC approach to issues and principles like freedom of speech: I am ’offended’ every time the MSM pulls a Pinocchio - what about my pain? 

2) Did you really think that you could get away with loading the federal government’s National Emergency stimulus-package response to the wrecking of the country’s economic system occasioned by the quarantining effects of the current coronavirus pandemic with all manner of extraneous items from your political wish list?  Like securing Voting by Mail, and Same-Day Registration, and Early Voting, and even the elimination of the various State requirements for photo ID - all, measures by the Left to attempt to further corrupt the voting process?  Anything to attempt to defeat Trump in November??  ‘By Any Means Necessary’??? 
     Shameless, tin-ear, partisan stuff, especially when people are suffering so terribly, both in person and in spirit.  You people deserve to be voted out of power for a hundred years, for all your disgusting measures, designed to give you Power Over Others for totalitarian purposes.

And if we were going to continue along that line, of Education on this planet, that is precisely what I would hope for you.  But as it is:

See the honorable amongst you on the Right -

to say the Light -


As we move on from this Big Opportunity point, into

the total


* As to the matter of size: We both agreed that such matters as healthcare were best dealt with on the smaller/local level.  But on that note, she didn’t actually concede my point about ObamaCare during the conversation: that it was actually unconstitutional, in the American system of government, whereby we were a “federal constitutional republic” and such matters as healthcare were not part of the federal government’s domain/area of responsibility, and how I felt that the younger generations were not properly educated as to that issue.  
   That may have been a bridge too far for her to take on at that point.


P.S. As to those who would worry that the Trump administration would do what the NWO crowd would do in this state of National Emergency, in using the pandemic as cover to fasten totalitarian controls on the country: I appreciate their concerns, in taking, for example, the recent E.O. signed by Pres. Trump to criminalize the ‘hoarding’ of medical equipment.  The NWO crowd would use that device to obtain control over such essential material, as a form of blackmail, to dangle over the heads of their, er, people, as a means to keep them in line.  As with taking control over the food supplies.  But I would believe the Trump administration in this particular matter, as spoken by AG Barr, and referenced at Breitbart News: “Barr said that people hoarding medical goods and materials on an industrial scale for the purpose of manipulating the markets would be affected, not businesses obtaining supplies for operation.”
     Granted, that could simply be smokescreen stuff, as I say, in the wrong hands.  (And the likes of my niece’s daughter, in her anti-Trump -and anti-Big Business - obsession, could well think that it was so in this instance.)  But there is plenty of evidence that Pres. Trump is furthering the cause of the White Hats.  And so I for one would trust him to do the Right thing.
     And if the NWO crowd has, in fact, gotten to him, and this is part of their POO agenda: He will be called on his capitulation to those powers.  Because nothing can stop the Light from coming through now, and winning The Day for The Light.


P.P.S. Further to my comment above - my warning - about the dangers of Big Brother compared to those of Big Business:
     New Zealand is now an “authoritarian monster” (in the words of one of its residents).  
     1) A mass shooting (at a mosque; with some dubious features to the event, a la various false flag ops in the U.S. of similar design, and perhaps - or undoubtedly - intent) led to gun control.  
     2) There was little (apparently ab. a 5% compliance rate) of voluntary turn-ins; thus the citizenry is now under both warnings of very long prison sentences for dissenters and outright gun confiscation, the latter being taken under the cover of martial law declared because of the (man-made) coronavirus pandemic.
     I rest my case, vis-a-vis sincere left-wingers/anti-capitalists, who don't, apparently, understand the gravity of the situation, as to the actual intent behind the move to the Left going on, all over the world.
     N.B. The word out of New Zealand also refers to the country being “overrun” by Chinese.  Which is a feature going on in other parts of the world.
     And about which less sincere left-wingers than my niece’s daughter will be quick to use the demonizing smear-word of ‘racist’.  Because that is all part of the revolutionaries’s attempts to stifle the anticipated Reaction to their takeover plotting.  All very Marxist in ideological orientation.
     Who have part of the picture.  But not all.
     And so my niece, and her fellow believers, are not the only ones who will have to experience some cognitive dissonance.
     In the very near future.

     And speaking of ‘compliance rates’: Businesses in Nevada are being ‘visited’ by police ’compliance teams,’ the state’s quarantine measures including the suspension of the licenses for stores and businesses that have not voluntarily closed.  With the same sort of thing going on in El Salvador as well, including the closing of its borders..  Whose (conservative) president also went so far as to tell his people that “World War III has begun”.  Amidst his deployment of banks and artillery.
     What do tanks and artillery have to do do with fighting the coronavirus??  Or is there another “invisible enemy,” like the one that Pres. Trump has referred to??? 
     …along the lines of a Red Dawn invasion, long planned by the NWO crowd.  (With over a thousand Chinese nationals having been apprehended recently on California’s southern border with Mexico, attempting to sneak into this country.)  To attempt to seal their (totalitarian) control over the world.
     Which has no secrets.  In true reality.
     (The unreal world being this world of form, on the formative edges of (a sea of) energy; in order for us facets of our Creator Source to experience separation and individuality, for educative purposes; thence to put Service to Others before Service to Self, and one's illusory ego.
     As it has been said: "To awaken is to become aware of (our) Oneness, to know that All are One".  And thus to re-cognize - on a higher turn of the spiral, leading us inexorably Home again - that that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - literally.  Because -
     altogether now:
     We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  And it is time now to
     put first things first.)

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

When Does A Bird Sing

Answer No. 1: In the spring.

Answer No. 2: After a storm.

The second answer is credited to Rose Kennedy, mother of JFK.  I don’t know the specifics of that bit of information.  All I know is that it fits with other pieces of the current puzzle (and stage of The Play) that we are living in, and through.  About to get to its End Times. 

With, fortunately, a happy ending.  With the likes of:

* Mass arrests of the Dark side players (and their unmasking, as to who is really what)

* A new and international  currency, simultaneous with

* a Global Currency Reset.

All of this, to help us move out of The Play 

and into

The Real Thing. 


By experiencing

our Oneness.

And with it, John F Kennedy Jr. can now come out of his self-quarantine.

And take a well-earned bow.

Along with all the rest of the Good Guys.

As we begin to sail on other seas.  And take our places 

in an expanded universe.

Beyond the one where animals - and higher primates - fight for territory.

With our pineal glands leading

The Way.

For those who are ready

in, and for, this Harvesting.

The Art Of Teaching

In these pages recently I have taken both the ‘Mormons’ in particular and Christianity in general to task.  Why so.

Because it’s time.  And Time.

Consider.  There is considerable evidence in by now of, as I have also said (and put it) in these pages, ‘the natural fact of reincarnation and its attendant Law of Karma’.  And so, the idea that we have only one crack at ‘life’ - at this classroom for aspiring gods; this realm of Duality, where we have the opportunity not only to learn lessons (as befitting a classroom) but to experience ’evil,’ and thus, by having ‘opposition’,(1) make choices, to grow by.  Or not - is a misnomer.  And so, we are ’saved’ by ourselves.  By our own hand, as it were.  Yes, we can experience the value in our lives of the examples of other souls engaged in the same process who are perhaps further along The Path than we are.  But still, our growth - towards Mastery - is up to us.  And so, the religion of Christianity is in the way of our owning our own potential.

Having said that: What is my attitude towards ‘religion’?

I concur with former president Ronald Reagan in that regard.  As U.S. Senator Mike Lee from Utah has said, in his recent mailing i(which I received in yesterday’s snail mail) in support of ‘the Bill of Rights Institute’:

“You no doubt remember or have heard how, as President, (Reagan) would frequently say:

“‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’…

“In his farewell address, which Presidents usually reserve for their gravest concerns, President Reagan described the risk to freedom in no uncertain terms.  Although he discussed it for several minutes, let me share with you just his conclusion:

“‘Younger parents aren’t sure that an unambivalent appreciation of America is the right thing to teach modern children.  And as for those who create the popular culture, well-grounded patriotism is no longer the style.  Our spirit is back, but we haven’t reinstitutionalized it. We’ve got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise.  And freedom is special and rare.  It’s fragile; it needs protection.’  

“President Reagan foresaw us racing toward a cliff and he tried to warn us.   

“Today, polls indicate that we are on the very brink of that cliff.  Survey data now shows that 41% of Americans under age 35 think the First Amendment is dangerous.


“These young people are turning against the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights because someone might be able to use freedom of speech to say something that hurts someone else’s feelings.

“As if to put an exclamation mark on these troubling survey results, FOX News aired a video of college students at Yale University being asked to sign a petition to repeal the First Amendment in its entirety.

“The report concluded that 50 students very willingly signed in less than an hour.  They signed up even when told that ‘Just as a reminder, the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press - and oh yeah, freedom of petition.’   (Emphases in original.) 

“President Reagan’s worst fears are coming true…”

Ah.  And the larger subject of ‘our constitutional rights’ - as far as the Constitution goes.

I have dealt with this subject in these pages before as well.  But it (obviously) bears repeating:

You can infer that the Bill of Rights applies to the states and their governments as well as to the federal government.  But that perspective is not explicit in the Constitution - and according to such valuable source materials as The Federalist Papers, is clearly and unambiguously a precise misreading of that document.(2)  People still need to be protected from excessive government regulation and regimentation - i.e., the sense of rule over them (3) - by their individual state constitutions.     

Not to get into a discussion here about either the misreading of the Constitution or the actual legality of any of its Amendments, or even the relative values of a federal as opposed to a centralized government; for the purposes of this particular blog, let me cut to 

The bottom line: 

If you are strong enough - have enough power ceded to you - to keep people from saying things that (even just) might ‘offend’ somebody, you are strong enough to keep them from saying things that (even just) might offend your State.  And if things come to that point in your society, there is nothing to keep your Masters from deciding just to cut their offending subjects’ tongues out.  And then, while they’re at it, to cut their other organs out, for transplants.  And then kill the transgressors of their decrees.  As the equivalent of ‘useless eaters’.  That’ll teach them.


There are better ways to teach, and learn, lessons than this Way, of the use of brute Force, and its corollary attitude of Power Over Others.  Of what can be called the Satanic Way.

Which Way we now need to get off of.  And onto the Real Way.

Of, in a word:


I am reminded here of something that the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu said, a very long time ago.  Quote (in translation): “The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers.”  Just so.

How much better to let the Law of Karma take (primary) care of these sorts of things.  Since there is such a Law.

Our being spiritual beings having a human experience, and all. 


(1) One of the teachings of the Mormon religion has been the idea of ‘There must needs be opposition in all things’.  Which perceptive thought is part of why I have been attracted to the religion that I was born into.  Even though other parts of it have caused me to reject it. 
   The idea of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater comes to mind, here, for me.  And possibly for you, also.
   Our ultimately being One, and all.

(2) The argument is that the whole of the Bill of Rights was turned on its head and made to apply from the federal government to the States - i.e., the modern idea of the (widespread) expression ’our Constitutional rights’ - by the terms of the 14th Amendment.  Under a made-up ‘principle’ of what is called ‘incorporation’.  Which is simply legalese.  That is to say: jargon.  The 14th Amendment does not say, in effect ‘The rights and powers formerly reserved to the States respectively or to the people shall now reside in the federal government.’  But that is, by and large, what it has been made to say.  And held to, by ‘Precedent’ (in legalese: stare decisis).  By members of the judicial branch of government, over the intervening years, who simply have wanted it to say that.  And whose ‘tribe’ has managed to convince the rest of the public to go along with the idea. Through the power of both the educational and mainstream media institutions in particular.  And the tendency of The People to let their governors get on with what they have been elected to do, and thus to let them just get on with their own, personal lives.  Which isn’t sufficient enough of an attitude, in this country’s form of government.
   And thus, President Reagan’s perceptive warning.   

(3) As per Red China.  And the former Soviet Union.  And so forth, as in the extremes of ‘collectivism’ in various socialist and communist, and fascist, systems.
   Red China’s example - complete with its Social Credit system - obviously being the template that our EMs have had in mind to make the U.S. over into.  And thus, The Process, that we are in.  Nicely analyzed by the philosopher F. Hegel.  Who got it mostly right.  But not quite.  As to its final Outcome.  
   Coming up.
   And Up.