Friday, 15 December 2017

The New Order Of Things

First, a word on The Old.

1) 'This is taking too long.  We've got to get this country flooded with Third World people.'
     'In order to...'
     'To dilute the votes, and thus help us take over...I've got it.'
     'We not only create leaky borders.  We stir up wars.'
     ' Because not only do they make us a lot of money...'
     'Indeed.  Go on.'
     '...but they create refugees.  Which creates - '
     'Opportunity!  Got it.'
     And so it has come to pass.  While most people just accept 'the way things are,' some people make them 'the way they are'.  Make, that is to say, their Opportunities.

And speaking of votes:

2) No vote from any state that does not clean up its voter and electoral systems, and allow the processes to be independently certified, should be allowed to count at the least towards federal elections.

It really is time - and Time - to clean up our act.

In this country.

And in the world.

And have those dedicated to Service to Others - rather than Services to Self - take over.

It's going to happen anyway.

The only question is,

which camp are YOU going to be in???

...And speaking of You:

'Stick'em up, and hand over your money.'

'How can I hand over my money if I have my hands in the air?  You should have said, first, - '

'Don't try to be funny, wise guy.  This is serious.'

'Indeed.  And more serious than you currently think, Friend.'


'You do realize - no, you obviously don't; but to continue - that this is an experience of God meeting God; and we would do better, in honor of the occasion, to rise to the occasion, and not sink to the lowest depths of the occasion?'

'What the hell are you rabbiting on about??'

'I am 'rabbiting on' about our opportunity, here, now, to see through the Illusion of separation, and use this little interaction between parts of The Whole to experience Oneness.  And thus, leave this 'vale of tears' behind, for having come to the end of the line, as it were.   And leave the rest of these, our brother and sister fellow 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' to their own moments of Eureka!'

'...I don't know what your'e on, but it's some powerful shit.'

'Indeed.  It's the most powerful shit there is, and could ever be.'

'...What's that.'

'It's called Truth.'

',,,I may have a go at that.  Where do you score it?'

'From inside, Fellow Traveler on The Path.

'From inside your


,,,as we leave money behind -  at least, money as we have known it - and move into The New Order of Things, where we share things between us, not via interest-bearing money - that is, Money as Debt - and not by way of the motive of making a 'profit'.  But do our sharing out of a higher motive.  Out of the highest motive that there could ever be.

To share our goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of - in a word -


Which is

the End of

The Quest.

Which is what has been motivating us.  Understood or not.

From the very



The Exercise.



In becoming


Of Who - and What -

We really


The Great I AM

in the flesh.

At Your -

Our -


At a Time when Service to Self


Service to Others.

To say: When We Are All One.

And recognized as such.

Free & Fair Elections Or No Elections

This is deplorable stuff.  I understand that, as regards the election that just took place in Alabama,

a) It was reported as having been extremely close;

b) There are questions about both the count and the voting;

c) One of the contenders has legitimately asked for a recount;

d) The judge closest to the scene authorized that recount; but

e) The Supreme Court of the State of Alabama overruled the local judge, and authorized the destruction of the digital record of the count.  With an extremely, and suspiciously, swift ruling on the matter.  All of which smells like cover-up.  And must not stand.

I don't care who was involved as candidates in the election.  They both deserve to know the outcome of such a legitimate review of the matter.1

The 'matter' also including the fact that a video has surfaced on the Internet showing one of the celebrating backers at the Jones campaign headquarters saying into the mike of the TV interviewer that he was one of those of their 'team '(I forget the precise word that he used there) who had come from out of state to campaign and, quote, "to vote" for their man, and  he was overjoyed that their man had won. A 'damage control' person on the Comments thread under the copy of this video that I saw said that the guy "obviously" meant that he had come there "to get out the vote" for his man.  But "to vote for" and "to get out the vote for" are two different things.  Now, "gross negligence" and "extreme carelessness" could very easily be mistaken for each other.2  But "to vote for" and "to get out the vote for" - ???  Some legitimate question there.3

But that's not the main issue here.  The main issue here is that our elections need to be clean and fair, and be seen as clean and fair; and to destroy the evidence before a legitimate recount can take place is not doing that.  It is, in blunt point of fact, doing the exact opposite.  And that is why it must not stand.

What would I do, in this instance?

I would rally my fellow Alabamans to besiege the governor and demand that he hold up the whole business until more honorable heads can prevail;4 and in the meantime, make sure, by the use of his National Guard, that nothing happens either to the electronic/digital record of the vote or to the paper ballots themselves; and to issue the word immediately that if anyone tries to destroy or succeeds in destroying either the digital record or the paper ballots themselves, that they will be charged to the fullest extent of the law, fined and sent to prison for their proven offense.  But if the governor of the great state of Alabama refuses to step in to set this matter right - and quickly, before any further damage is done - he needs to witness the full force of the federal government, coming in to protect the rights of the U.S. citizens in his great state; to see that Justice is served, and served honorably.

Enough is enough. It's time to Clean House - fully - in this country.

And this 'little matter' is a good place to start.  

P.S. I should perhaps warn/point out that anybody who engages in the likes of voter or electoral fraud will automatically miss the cut (that you/we are facing imminently), and will just have to wait for their next go-'round.  A process that could conceivably take thousands of years, to reach this same point of liftoff.
     A word to the wise.  In making your choice.  Which involves far, far more than just this 'little matter' alone.  



1 And if a legitimate review of the matter in fact turns up fraud, enough to taint the outcome fundamentally, the election needs to be canceled, and run again; and this time, with certifiably cleaned voter registration rolls, and better procedures in general.  Including photo IDs, and other measures, for Election Integrity to have some teeth to it.  Not the namby-pamby procedures that have led to such corrupt practices, and outcomes, that we haves also seen elsewhere in the country.
   A country that is rapidly taking on the appearance of a particularly corrupt banana republic. Which may need some of the same sorts of counter-measures installed, such as dipping a voter's finger in purple ink for the day.  And thus, no  Early Voting allowed; and so forth.
   That is to say: For us to have to be treated like children.  Who, having proven to be very naughty, need to be sent to the Naughty Corner.
   The ultimate insult.

2 As has occurred with a virulently anti-Trump FBI person changing the wording of Dirctor Comey's statement regarding Hillary's emails, from the first wording, which is a crime, to the second, which is, unaccountably, not a crime.

3 And another possibility here is that the fellow was in fact a citizen of Alabama but had been out of state attending school elsewhere.  But which in its own right brings up the question, whether he had been registered to vote in both the state where he was going to school and in his home state; which as I understand it, is one of the scams that Democrats in particular are wont to engage in, corruptly get their youth to engage in.
   All of which is part of the terrible scene in this country, of how our elections have become a farce; the plaything of the kinds of people who have sunk to the level of consciousness of a tyrant like Stalin, as expressed when he said (words to the effect) that it doesn't matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes.
   And here we are.  Teetering on tyranny.  And now, one that would control the whole world.
   But to continue.

5 I.e, to hold a Recall on the judges involved.
   Judges need to be accountable to the people, just like our elected representatives.  That's why they are in their positions - of great responsibility - subject to "good behavior".  In relation to the rule of law, i.e., the Constitution.  Not to their personal socio-political proclivities.
   A major Change needed, and systemically in the country as a whole, as regards the corruption of that principle.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

All The World's A Stage

It began, in earnest, with 9/11.

Something was wrong with that picture.

For me, it was Baseball Cap Guy.  A seemingly random interview, by a TV reporter on the spot, with - reportedly - an eye witness to what had just happened in downtown Manhattan, with - reportedly - two airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers, one shortly after the other.  Reportedly, BC Guy saw it with his own eyes; or at least, one of the planes; and described the scene with all the panache of an extra on NYPD Blue.  Accounting from a script.  Telling us, even - as if, conveniently, extremely knowledgeable about the subject - how the impact could have accounted for the severity of the resulting fire.  Which, of course, we could all see.  With our own eyes…

Something wrong with this picture, I thought to myself, from my vantage point over in the north of Scotland, following the reporting of the event on TV.  

Including, in due course, the BBC anchor lady who reported on the collapse of Building 7 a half hour before it actually happened; with the building, inconveniently, showing in the camera shot behind her, still standing, as she reported on its collapse. 

Or perhaps, not 'inconveniently'. 

If some sort of Game was being played on us suckers, in TV viewing land…

And so, those two incidents led me to keep a closer eye on that event, as reporting of it unfolded.  Not  the ‘story’ about it as recounted by the MSM.  But by citizen reporters.  Having noted the same sort of things that I had - troubling little factoids1 - about that made-for-TV Special.  And digging deeper into its rubble.  Behind the ‘seen’.

Thank God - moving in mysterious ways - for the Internet.  

And so it proceeded.  The cover story.  

And the real story, behind the ‘seen’.          

Something was being said, to us.  That something was:

Pay attention.

And so, the ‘business at hand’ unfolded.  Before our very eyes.  And let’s jump now, a decade in, of this particular Game on the Board, to

a time of some new players on the ’seen’, called ‘crisis actors’ - and

the Sandy Hook Hoax.  With other citizen journalists, on the self-same Internet, reporting on its cast of troubling little factoids.


All involved - dead.  Twenty little children and six adults.  All, dead.  No injured.  

No one to talk about their ordeal.

No little kids your having to worry about flubbing their lines.


Among the perps behind the ‘seens’ of our artificial reality, being fed to us, to believe in.

By whom??

By those involved in an attempt to take over, for specific example, this country, and merge it into being just a part of a region of their long-planned-for New World Order.

Their totalitarian global kingdom.  

In total control -

once they have been able to get as many weapons of self-defense out of the hands of ‘The People’ as possible, before springing their trap (the confiscation of guns being behind these various escapades, played out for us to respond to like Pavlovian dogs) - 

of humanity.

To be used like cattle.

And then discarded.

At will.

The Will of these, our erstwhile masters.

Born - they think - to rule over us.

As vouchsafed to them by their god.

The Dark Prince behind the ‘seens’ of life.

Who still has to play by the rules of 

The Game.

Including, and especially, the rule of

free will.

Which leaves it up to us incarnate souls to have to exercise it.  That gift.  

To be given the opportunity to exercise it.  By the Dark side having to telegraph their punches.  (As in cartoons out of Hollywood.)2

So that the onus is on us.3

to extricate ourselves from - as I say - 

The Game.

Or not.


All the world’s a stage.

You deserve what you get.

You can succumb to the Dark side, yet again.

Or you can gain your


And move on.  From the Game board.

Your choice.

As always.



1 And like the second plane 'seen' slicing through the second Tower like a knife through butter; or perhaps a better analogy, to do with Hollywood special effects: like a Roadrunner cartoon.
   And the first plane, having been conveniently 'spotted' by a nearby cameraman, filming soothing totally extraneous, and swinging his camera precisely to the correct placement of the shot, and in perfect focus.
   And so the list, of such 'factoids,' goes.  On.  And on,  And on.

2 And speaking of Hollywood; and having just spoken of Baseball Cap Guy: There was also the cute little business, a little later on, in these later stages of The Game, at the Boston Marathon Bombing even-announced-at-the-site 'Drill', of Cowboy Hat Guy; subsequently outed as an extra in films.
   Didn't know about that 'little factoid'?
   You're not paying sufficient attention.
   Not 'here'.
   There.  At - on - the other hand.
   Your very life - and progress on your Path - depends on it.
   P.S. That 'This is a drill' announcement - and including a timely online posting of the Boston Globe newspaper - obviously so that no innocent bystanders at the site would rush in and, thinking to help the slaughter, mess up what was in fact a shoot.  Complete with color-coded badges for the participants, identifying their various role categories, and a prosthetic device for one of the players, a paraplegic; whose hastily-attached device almost fell off as he was being rolled away in a wheelchair, and his 'attendants' (this was where Cowboy Hat Guy made his main entrance) had to stop and repair that damage to the shot, before continuing on.  In the fraud.
   Directed, it has been rumored, by a Hollywood ''name' who was subsequently seen at the White House having an appointment with the Usurper, Obama; name of Steven Spielberg.
   But as to that specific matter regarding this caper, I couldn't possibly comment.  

3 If you let someone steal elections, they'll steal elections.  Who's the onus on there??...
   They're rubbing your noses in it, people.
   It's almost past time to
   Wake.  Up.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

On Judgement Day

from ‘Important Bundy Ranch Update From Col. Potter [Video’]’ - December 13
(Col. Potter was at the Bundy Ranch Standoff back in 2014, saw it all, and has been advised by a (DHS?) whistleblower that evidence is coming out that the BLM had a Kill List there, and was ready with an MRAP etc. to engage in another Waco if need be, to get the Bundys off that land, that TPTB (not just Nevada Sen. Harry Reid and his son) wanted for its minerals, including uranium, plus whatever all that the UN’s Agendas 21 and 2130 had to do with that particular land (the Bundys being the last holdouts in that area).

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Thanks for posting this, BP.

It all figures: The Cabal/Illuminati/PTB have been going for the kill, when Trump came along and rained on their parade into their totalitarian NWO. They now are trying to get him and his administration out of the way before he institutes any further damage to their best-laid plans. It is up to We, the People – and, bless them: Whistleblowers – to make sure that they don’t recover, and carry out their nefarious plot. This is the Bolshevik October Revolution writ larger. As they say: Don’t go away.

I am not, after considerable research into the New Testament ‘matter,’ a Christian.  There is plenty of evidence that the Flavian imperial family of Rome, and especially including their ‘adoptee,’ the Jewish general-cum-governor-cum historian Josephus, was behind that concoction.*  (In order to get the Jews from continuing to defy the might of Rome with their ardent belief in a militant Messiah, by pretending that the siege and sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple there by the new emperor Vespasian’s elder son Titus in 70 CE was the work of ‘the Son of Man’ as ‘prophesied’ not only in the Jewish Bible but by a pacific, ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’ Messianic figure placed strategically back at the beginning of that (very) generation, whose 'miracles' figure was made up of a number of the god men believed in, or at least talked about, by the gullible people at the time, and whose public ministry was concocted to prefigure, in precise sequence, the ‘later’ military campaign of Titus in Judea.  Part of the evidence for this take on things at that time being that the Flavian family were among the first of the new religion, of Christianity; also, that none of the books of what became known as the New Testament were written prior to this time period’s take on matters there.)

Having said that.  I am struck by various aspects of the New Testament seemingly coming to pass.  One of the main ones being the idea of a showdown in The Last Days, between, in effect, the Light and the Dark, and at a time when ‘all will be revealed’.  The machinations of the Dark side ‘players’, in this Drama coming to its Conclusion, are all coming out into the open, as we speak.  And the End of Times foreshadowed by the fact that there is enough gold for everyone on the planet to have a stake in The New Order of Things, wherein no one will have power over the people.  They will have the Power over themselves.  As long as they live by Truth.  And not the Falsehood of the Dark side of The Process - the Unfolding; the Unveiling; the Awakening - that Humanity has been involved in, for long enough, now.

It’s enough to make a believer out of even such a committed and keen-eyed truthseeker - and nothing but the truth allowed into my ‘philosophy’ - as I am.    

Time will tell.

And soon.

Very.  Very.  Soon.

Judging by all the signs present.

* Josephus, a practical man, saw- it would appear - the writing on the wall, indicating that the Jews were never going to be able to win out in their long and uneven battle with the might of Rome, and so decided to come over to the winning side, by telling the Roman general at the time, Vespasian, that he could help make him emperor, in a win over the incessant Jewish rebellion, in exchange for ‘a small favor’: that Vespasian let him, and ‘a few’ of his friends, become part of that household.  And so it was, that the Jewish priestly class survived to fight another day: because Josephus was of priestly lineage, and this way he was able to bring a considerable number of that lineage, and their families, with him into the safe-haven heart of Rome.  Who became many of the early bishops of the new (concocted) religion, and even emperors (and including the military arm dedicated to Mithras), and members of the royal households of Europe; who have made such a big thing of their bloodline ‘divine right of kings’.  And have attempted to rule the whole world, down even to this day.  
   Primary sources:
   1) ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’ by Joseph Atwill; and
   2) ’The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia’ by Flavio Barbiero. 
   General sources:
   ‘The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold’; ‘Who Was Jesus?: Fingerprints of The Christ’; and ‘Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection’ by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S.
   (Also ‘Man Made God’ by Barbara G. Walker.)
   And as for the very possible fact that Josephus was his alter ego Saul become Paul (as he himself had taken on a new identity when becoming part of the Flavian household), see the works of Ralph Elis on this general time period; also on the idea that the Jesus figure was in part, and especially in name, patterned after a king of northern Syria.  See in particular his 'King Jesus' and 'Jesus, King of Edessa'.)

On Relationships, And Golden Chances

I have just received word that an old friend from my days back in the Findhorn Foundation, the spiritual community where I lived, off and on, for many years, recently turned 98, with her husband of the same age having passed on to greener pastures about the same time.

Kay and Floyd.  That was how it always was: Kay and Floyd, with Floyd happy to play second fiddle to his wife because he loved her, and she was a real go-getter; a staunch feminist before it was the big thing that it became, and still is.  Americans, they came to the FF as they were entering their 60s, and Kay is responsible for one of the great anecdotes that I like to tell about the community. 

Having become quite a big wig in the political arena, serving on a federal board having to do with Economics, specifically with Union-Management relations, she came to the community ready to pitch in with her organizational skills, and met, for her, a wall.1  After explaining what her background was to the young woman who was interviewing her, said young woman responded politely (something like) “Well, that’s really interesting, Kay.  But what we really have a need for right now is someone to focalise the Cluny Housecare department.”2 

Picture it.  This eminently successful businesswoman, and staunch feminist to boot, having served in the highest echelons of the U.S. federal government, being asked to get involved in…house care???

‘Women’s work’???  You want me to do 'Women's work'?????????

“I may not have made myself clear enough,” responds Kay, or words to the effect, and goes through her CV again.  And again, the young woman, in a very friendly manner, says the same thing back…

I’m not sure how long the exchange went on for.  All I know is that at the end of it, Kay took on the focalising of what became known under her aegis as the Homecare Department of Cluny; to which job she brought her considerable organizational skills, and laid out the weekly template of work to be done in the big building that has lasted to this day, I would dare say.  Her skills also being ‘taken advantage of’ in the organizational operations of our other work departments, and in workshops offered to our guests on that general subject.3  A success story after all.

I had a personal interaction - ’relationship’ - with Kay when she ended up as co-focaliser - with ever-reliable, sunny-smiled and gentle-souled Floyd as her partner on their spiritual path - of Cluny while I was away back in the U.S., having spent a year working for an NGO connected to the UN called Planetary Citizens (on an international educational project of theirs called ‘The Planetary Initiative for The World We Choose’; helping to set up grassroots groups all over the planet working on such themes as recycling, environmental awareness in general, etc. etc.), and, feeling that my time there was up, and not sure what my next steps were best to be, I wrote to her, asking her what the needs were back at the community, that I was casting around for my next bite at Service to the planet.   She wrote back promptly, letting me know that she would very much like me to come back and give her and Floyd a hand at Cluny, “with all these youngsters around here”.  (As I say, they were into their 60s at the time, and I was approaching 50; at a time when the average age of the membership was probably in the high 20s.)   

All of this, I realize now, had an effect on why I wrote to her today the way I did.  After giving her a rundown of what I had been up to since our time in the community, which has included a spell in the ‘90s of living Down Under in Oz (where I gave up a personal relationship in order to get back to my work.  My larger work), I found myself writing that:

“I felt drawn back to the community, and returned to live there (at dear olde Cluny) in late 2001; where I stayed until I returned here to my old home town in early 2012 to retire in the sun and on the coast, to see out my remaining days in the peace and quiet of reflection on what it has all been about.  And I see that it has all been about relationships, and the lessons to be learnt therefrom.

“I have a fond regard for you two guys.  Thanks for having been in my life.

“Take good care of yourself, Kay.



 Relationships…which can take various forms.   As I think about it.

And if the leaders of this country were to to come to their senses and ask me to take over now - that we are either going to succumb to the Dark side of the Process, or make a shift up into the synthesizing Light of a New Day - I might say something like:

‘Got your knickers in a twist, did you?’  And when they ask me what I am talking about, I might continue with something like:

’So a hundred years ago now your ‘elders’ gave control of the money printing presses to a private consortium, with no checks built in to the operation, not even audits required; which, of course, rely simply on what someone tells you about their operations, is simply on paper; like the currency that you are using, with no backup to it, as in precious metals, nothing but being Redeemable simply in itself - and said private consortium also having been given the right, and responsibility, to set your interest rates; and thus to create boom and bust, boom and bust, knowing, of course ahead of time, how to place their bets - all of this designed to take your country down, by the Evil Ones who have had you in their sights for generations.  Even when your Constitution requires your Congress to be responsible for the money process in the country.  All of this, going on for a hundred years.  And now you are in deep, deep trouble, with your country having been sold out from under you, to your creditors.  And you expect to get out of having to take responsibility for your own actions?  How does that compute??’   

But don’t mind me.  I’m just an old man, living out his remaining days in the sun, and near the ocean; not gazing out to sea as if for a rescue ship on the horizon.

But just wondering, How could this happen to the country that I love.

And may have to release.

For its citizens having had their golden chances - of 'rising to the occasion,' in various ways.

And letting them pass them by…

’Tiz a puzzlement.


that’s life.


1 A parenthetical comment at this point: Peter Caddy, of Peter and Eileen fame - the prime founders of the FF - always talked about the community being “the graveyard of egos”.  He had lost his own - to some degree - through the same process, after having successfully managed a Three-star hotel and turning it into Four-star status under his tutelage (with Eileen in the background, giving him, from the spiritual realms, via her ‘guidance,’ advice on various decisions to make), only to lose his job (another story) and have to suffer the ignominy of being reduced to living on the dole in a nearby caravan park, with Eileen, their three small sons, and their spiritual partner, Dorothy Maclean, witness to his failure.  It was “the dark night of his soul” as he put it, from reading of such things in his spiritual training.  But it was to turn out to be all ’part of the plan’ for them, as the world was to experience, with the rise from the ashes of his ego of the world-renowned Findhorn Foundation; its ‘word’ reaching all the way to California, and to the unlikely likes of veteran establishment types, Kay and Floyd Tift.  But to continue. 

2 ‘Cluny’ being the former Cluny Hill Hotel, which Peter and Eileen had managed (with their partner Dorothy handling the books) nearly 20 years previously by then, and which came back to them, in perfect timing, to be reincarnated as Cluny Hill College, just in time to handle the growing number of guests coming to visit the community under the magical effect of the book ‘The Magic of Findhorn’.  With Peter having been given an interesting lesson in life in the process.
   But to continue.

3 A specific example: The Relationship between I - We - It: How to balance the often competing needs between the individual, the group, and the job at hand; what is the ideal formulation, and at any given time, in the life of the organism.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

On 'The Way It Is'

from ‘Vaccine Court confirms healthy 13 year-old boy was mede tetraplegic by the chicken pox vaccine’ - Mike Adams, - December 10/11
(A horrible, horrible story, about a vaccine shot that the child wasn’t even ‘required’ to take, at his ‘wellness’ visit.  But with everybody involved making a lot of money out of this scam - hey, the more the merrier…)

Stan S. December 12, 2017 at 12:04 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

A despicable, long chapter in human history, and particularly of the United States, where profit has ruled so enormously. Along with other aspects of the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.

How far we have come from the recommendations of the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates: ‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food,’ and ‘First: Do no harm.’

And another “despicable” chapter, this time in my home state of California:

also from ‘California Is the Unluckiest State In the US - Or, Is There Something Else At Work?’ - Dave Hodges - December 10/11
(A recap of various things that have been going on in this state, including the prolonged drought (which weather maps show is weather warfare at work), the dangerous condition of the Oroville Dam (which could wipe out a huge swathe of people and property if it bursts, which there are signs of being on the cards), and the very suspicious fires recently, both in northern CA (complete with blue laser beams from the sky) and in southern CA (moving people out of the land, and forcing them into the cities; where they can be kept an eye on more easily, and can’t have independent access to food and water…) 

Stan S. December 12, 2017 at 12:47 am
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I live in California. Grew up here, lived away – not just out of state but out of the country itself – for over 40 years, came back here to retire in the sun, in my old home town, in the southern part of the state. Went to vote in 2012, found that they didn’t ask for any ID, refused to vote under such shoddy circumstances.  Went to vote again in 2014, asked some questions this time, was told ‘that’s just the way it is here,’ refused again to vote, cursing ‘the way it is’ in this state, and wondering what the hell was going on. Went again in 2016, and this time I asked to submit a formal complaint about ”the way it is,’ and with the intent to ask some deeper questions. Was given the no. of the city Elections Office, was told cheerfully by the young gal on the phone that yes, they clean the reg rolls. How. Oh, by various means: check for a driver’s license being one. When I countered that this state now allows illegal aliens FORMALLY to apply for and receive driver’s licenses – on top of this state having a Motor Voter Law, whereby everyone is automatically registered to vote who receives one, unless they personally choose to decline, her tone changed abruptly, and she said that I would have to talk to the Country Registrar’s Office if I still had any questions.

I give her credit to the point that she gave me that number. Where I was told, by the young fellow who answered – with a supervisor listening in, so it was official – that they don’t clean the voter reg rolls, because – I kid you not; this was the reason given – “People sign up on penalty of perjury”. And so if no one ever checks to see if someone HAS signed up illegally, there is no check that way. When I pointed this out, he replied that if I wanted to change ‘the way it is,’ I would have to talk to my state Assemblyman or Senator. I don’t know how it is in other counties in this state, but in my county – which is L.A. County – there are millions of Illegal aliens living here, along with other ineligible voters. And an untold number of dead voters, and duplicate voters, and…and……

Is there “something else at work” in this state? You bet. But the answer is not to let it continue. The answer is to rein it in. Pres. Trump needs to send in the federal Marshals, to arrest all those responsible for this brazen theft of the state going on – including up to the Governor’s office – and bring in an army of CPA’s to go through the state’s voter reg rolls with a fine-toothed comb, and weed out all the Ineligibles. Before it’s too late.

Which it may be already. 

And Dave Hodges also had an article at the same time about ‘“SMART” Pills That Track the User’.  Pills being given to us - told to take - that are chipped.  (Starting with an anti-depressant.)  A technique having been okayed by the FDA.  The cover reason?  ‘To make sure that people are taking their pills as directed.’

Right.  As directed by Big Brother…*

And, with everything else that is going on - the Smart meters tracking our use of electricity, and thus figuring how many people are possibly hiding in our homes; also by cameras and listening devices in our TV sets and computers (and even in our smoke detectors, I read somewhere recently), etc. etc. - 

if the shit isn’t about to hit the fan - 

- it needs to be made to.

By us.


Who are just mad as hell enough that we aren’t going to take it any longer.

I surely hope.

P.S And at the end of the day…
     I have to keep reminding myself - embedded here in The Play as I am - that this is all part of a, the, Plan.  And as a plan, it has to work its way out to its conclusion.  Which is coming, in the form of the mirror/reverse image of the Dark side’s global dystopia.  That it’s a mathematical thing.  Like a crystal, forming.
     And with more - far more - dimensions that just these three that we move and live and have our being in.  At this time.  As we begin to move beyond Time. 
     Which is, after all,
     an illusion.
     Part of
     The Illusion.  Now beginning to give way to
     The Real Thing.  As we draw closer to the realm of
     And - of course - within that realm, of 
     our true Selves. 
     Which, ultimately, if we but knew it,
     would blow our circuits.
     So, stay with The Plan, folks.  And let it unfold.
     As you play your part.  With your intuition turned on. 
     And don’t mind me, as I occasionally lose the plot.  And get so involved in it, that I actually believe all that is going on. 
     And which pains me to the quick.
     Until I take a breather.
     Back up a bit.
     And trust
     The Process.

* “A drugged-down population is a docile and compliant population,” says Hodges.  Mood-altering going on.  A step further from fluoridation…
   This particular drug (soon to be released too for those with Alzheimer’s.  To track them if they get lost, of course.  Of course.  Can you hear ‘Achtung!  Take your medicine!’ already?…) is conta-indicated for people with addictive behavior of all kinds.  Which means that it makes such behavior worse.
   George Orwell, eat your heart out.  You had the right idea.  But you had no idea.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

On The Consequences Of Actions - Or Inactions

Some more sleuthing on the Internet regarding the various fires that have gone on in California recently has led me to some more information on it all, which brings up an even more disturbing 'picture' than before.

First.  There has been a qualitative difference between the current fires and the fires that devastated the northern California area back in October.  That one, besides the capturing on private cameras of blue laser beams from the sky - signaling an attack from satellite - was characterized by the equivalent of microwave damage: iron and refrigerators melting, etc. etc., and by specific areas having been taken out, that there have been plans for, by our erstwhile masters, aligning with UN Agendas 21 and 2030.  The recent fires here in southern California were not of the same specific quality, were episodes not just of suspected arson (whether by onsite activity or other means; one unconfirmed report was of the same sort of 'killer' satellite involved as in the earlier fires up north) but of wholesale cleaning-out of areas.  What's going on??

It turns out there there is a larger scenario at work.  Long story short:

Americans have been asleep at the switch of their country, from a federal constitutional republic, governed by both a federal and state constitutions - i.e., the rule of law - to a landmass having been taken over by the Red Chinese, under the principle of 'eminent domain,' in a trade of our country for our national debt.  The Red Chinese had been quietly buying up our debt (in the form of Treasury bonds), as our federal government, lulled to sleep by our Enemies Within - or bought off, via bribery or blackmail (some of the latter of which we are beginning to see come out into the light of day) - 'sold the farm,' while we were somnolent, in just living the good life.  While it lasted.  And in addition, said traitors allowed the Chinese to get away with any gold or silver that the nation might have tried to use in an attempt to reverse the damage being done to it.

We have been sold out, lock, stock, and barrel.  And the Chinese are now moving in, to take over the land that they own, via the principle of eminent domain.  With the aid of said Enemies Within.  Who hate the United States, and what it stands for - that is, in its essence: individual Liberty.   And in relation to what are called Christian values.  Which they hate with a passion.

Because they are evil.

That is to say: are workers against The Plan.  Which involves free will, on a Path with a Purpose.

That Purpose being to learn how to become gods in our own right.

With the Evil Ones amidst us wanting to gain the same End without having to go through the Steps.  Want to become gods on this level - this low level - of consciousness; of Being.

This 3D level.  Which is the first rung on the ladder of Ascension.

Foolish, misled souls that they are.

Penneywise and pound foolish.

But to continue.

It's the same with our education system.  The Enemies Within even telegraphed their plans years ago, when various Marxist theoreticians talked about the likes of 'the long march through the institutions,' i.e., slowly taking over the country from within by infiltrating the various institutions, such as education.  For years and years, our education system has been preparing our young to 'kill their parents,' in indoctrinating them about our country's squandering of the world's resources, polluting of the environment, allowing people to engage in 'hate speech,' etc. etc. etc.  Many years ago - this goes back, principally, to the late sixties-early seventies for me - I saw what was going on in this particular field of battle, but had a certain degree of assurance that the country was 'rising to the occasion' when there was a group of patriots in California who were keeping an eye on the textbooks that our children were being indoctrinated out of.  And then I left the country, for many years, on my own personal path through this training ground, this classroom, this lower grade of school that we call Life.  And in coming back a few years ago, have found that that important Watchman job had apparently fallen to ennui, to judge by the extent of the indoctrination that has gone on, continually, in this country.  Preparing the Youth to go along with the sellout of the country.

What was it that one of the Founding Fathers said?  'Freedom is not free'??  Something like that.  But I have the distinct feeling that very few of our Youth today could tell me what the actual quote is, or which Founding Father it came - emanated, prophetically - from.

And whose fault is that?  Theirs??  But if they were being misled in their education, why weren't they being put straight???

By their parents?  Who grew up under such a regime change.  By the Republican Party, as a counterweight to the far left wing of the Democrat Patty??   But What If the Republican Party itself was in on the scheme, for the takeover of the country, and its merge, altogether or piecemeal, into a totalitarian New World Order???  The country caught in a pincer movement.

With no Watchman on the walls...

And The City was, therefore, taken over.

Lock.  Stock.  And barrel.

And speaking of 'barrel'.  Not only are we over the barrel of a debt of some 21 trillion - that's TRILLION - dollars.  (Or rather, Federal Reserve Notes.  Which are not ''dollars' in the legal sense of the term.  And which is part of the problem.  But to continue.)  But did you know that that same figure of money has gone missing from the Treasury Department?  (Much of it in the DoD/Pentagon.)

Twenty-one trillion dollars in debt.  And twenty-one trillion dollars gone missing, in addition.

Well.  If you were going to sell out the country.

Your country.

You must have decided to do it big time.


P.S. 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.'  Quote often attributed to Thomas Jefferson - it is indeed the sort of thing that he might well have said.  But there is no historical evidence that he coined the term, although it dates to around his time.
   As for the phrase 'Freedom is not free,' that one has been used by many a patriot over the years; last used, as near as I can tell, by President Ronald Reagan.
   Again: It's the sort of thing that he would say.
   Patriots, both.  And all, who subscribe to the sentiment.
   And include me in that club.