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On Things Corrupt In America

1) from ''"Calibration error" changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county' - Oct. 22 (orig. posted at

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Oct. 22)

It is absolute nonsense for Republicans to be complaining about this sort of thing. It has been obvious for a long time that the voting system in this country is rigged, and the Repubs have chosen not to get behind the True The Vote campaign en masse to clean it up. They must be counting on the hope that their own scams will carry the day. No chance. It is all an outrageous matter, putting America to shame, that should have been dealt with/cleaned up long ago - including agitating for states to go back to a paper-trail ballot system. As it is: You've helped make your bed as a corrupt republic, now lie in it as a corrupt empire - out of your hands almost completely, now. Disgusting.


2) from Veterans Today - Oct. 22.   Read it and weep, for Poor Fella, Our Country


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Preston James, Ph.D
Puppetgate, the Continuing Saga
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Puppetgate, the Continuing Saga

… by Preston James and *Lon Gibby

The Silence is Deafening!

Wanta-11-481x640In an earlier Veterans Today article, Puppetgate, a major X-ray or Snapshot into how the US Government truly functions was revealed.
We are very much at war. At the center of the conflict, oddly enough, is an online publication, Veterans Today, an odd mix of retired spies and generals, activists on both the left and right, perhaps the last of the real investigative journalists, the ones who don’t look the other way, folks who now have the following of millions.
This was never expected, that people would find themselves aligned with an idea, somewhere between a Hunter Thompson nightmare and that scene out of the film Network, you know the one:
“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”
VT, as we call “Veterans Today,” is aligned behind a series of causes, one of them involves a confidant and adviser to President Ronald Reagan. This advisers’s name is Lee Wanta, whose story was once only told by a handful of bloggers. His story is now known around the world and being validated more everyday in numerous ways.
Besides the great number of previously secret documents that are now emerging which fully support Ambassador Wanta’s claims, the recent shocking Phone Message inadvertently left on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy voice mail.
Ambassador Wanta is now supported by the team at VT, protected by private security contractors with VT “affiliates” along with “rank and file,” the last of the best of our Military, our diplomatic corps and the remains of what Government America has left. Ambassador Wanta, the legal custodian on behalf of President Reagan of the very real and now proven wealth, enough to rebuild America for the generations to come, Wanta stands assailed.
Veterans Today, not so helpless as some stupidly assume, is assailed to, along with its affiliates, among them Press TV and Russia Today, the last vestiges of press freedom in a world gone mad.
Today we discuss Ambassador Wanta, an unimaginable fortune held hostage by the Federal Reserve, over 33 trillion US Dollars.
The money is Wanta’s technically, his dream and the dream of President Reagan who will not be there to see it, is a strong and free America, an America of plenty of good jobs and much hope for the future, an America free of debt and foreign control, of censored news and educational institutions steeped in misery, mediocrity and falsehood.
The wolves are loose, names like the Bushes and Cheney, the Clintons, and moreover, Congress itself.
They claim they are personally owed 17 trillion US Dollars from Wanta, which would make each minor crooked politician nearly as wealthy as Bill gates, their payment for authorizing the court ordered payout President Reagan intended to benefit the American people. Typically these crooked beltway politicians characterize the massive payoffs they routinely receive for various deals and special interest legislative votes as “set-aside allocations.”
We are hearing it everyday, the endless demands from representatives of Cheney and Bushes, the Clintons, of organized crime, politicians not only with their hands out but voicing death threats as well if their shakedown demands are not met.
So many want America fixed. Savings and pension plans gutted, families frowning in debt, homes worthless, over-mortgaged, foreclosed, jobs gone exported abroad, young graduates and veterans facing a lifetime of poverty and homelessness.
Worse still, an America enslaved, propagandized into unimaginable ignorance, self-hating, each new generation less aware than the last. Tell me you don’t see it.
Yes, this monumental and historic “smoking gun” Audio was inadvertently left on Ambassador Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine.
In this Audio, two major Beltway Political Fixers, Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad continued talking after they attempted to reach Ambassador Wanta for a conference call.
About six minutes and twenty seconds of the last part of their conversation was recorded on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy answering machine.
When Ambassador Wanta listened to his messages the following morning after Labor Day 2014, he was stunned at what he heard.
Ambassador Wanta and Lon Gibby, his Publicist who is currently producing a major movie about Lee Wanta entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”, had talked to Gov. Sundquist and Senator Songstad previously.
These two men called Ambassador Wanta wanting to discuss what they could do for him as far as helping him get his money. In this prior conversation, Senator Songstad called himself a Puppetmaster.
Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist
Since that time Veterans Today was given the original recording which has been voice-grammed and a match was made validating the identity of the callers to be the two mentioned individuals above —  Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad.
This “smoking gun” recording is monumentally important for a number of reasons.
First, it provides instant credibility in regards to Ambassador Wanta’s claim that he earned an incredibly large amount of money taking down the Soviet Union.
And second, Ambassador Wanta’s access to his own money, an incredibly large amount that he earned honestly, has been blocked, just as he has claimed all along.
Yes, this audio recording immediately neutralizes all the numerous lies and false claims of all those skeptics who have been discounting Ambassador’s Wanta’s claims for many years.
Here you have a respected former Governor and a State Representative expecting and demanding a massive personal payoff in Billions of US Dollars.
And this recording is also monumentally important because it provides an X-ray or Snapshot into the inner workings and influence peddling of bribery that characterizes the True situation inside the beltway, Congress and among various “Political Fixers”, Bagmen, and what many refer to as “Puppetmasters”.
Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad
The Congressional and Major Media silence regarding this matter inside the Beltway from this Voice Recording left on Ambassador Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine is Deafening!
Remember, this recording was made and released way back in early September, 2014.
More than a few current and former Intel Officers thought this recordings public release would set off an instant Political Firestorm like Watergate.
Obviously the implications of this recording are just as serious as Watergate, if not more, as some believe.
Watergate and the missing recording brought down the Nixon Administration and drove President Nixon from Office.
With Puppetgate, it appears that most of the major leaders in Congress are involved in a major RICO scandal involving billions of US Dollars paid for influence peddling, bribery, and special interest legislation, as well as maintaining major coverups about inside-job False-Flag attacks, such as the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01.
In fact, at least one top Intel insider has claimed that what has been actually disclosed in this historic audio is even more important than Watergate which was quickly followed by arrests, indictments and prosecutions.
This has not happened with Puppetgate, but Attorney Eric Holder did resign immediately after the US Department of Justice was provided the Audio recording and associated evidence.
Watergate was apparently all about a Presidential cancer on the land and attempt to cover up his personal interference in Politics and covert actions against Political opponents.
According to insider reports, the Watergate burglary was an apparent use of key former or current CIA Op40 Agents and Operatives to burglarize the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Building to obtain Bo Miner’s sex trick/pedophile book (she was John Dean’s girlfriend).
What President Nixon was impeached for resulting in his resignation before the Impeachment could be completed against him was his attempt to cover up this botched burglary, and his use of Intel to cover it up from the American People, as he hoped to prevent a firestorm of dissent and opposition for his actions to keep Watergate covered up. The coverup  was worse than the original crime and it involved many high level officials. You would have thought they would have learned from this back in the 70’s.
This Political Scandal far surpasses the importance of President Nixon’s Watergate.
The recording left on Ambassador Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine is probably far more serious than the Watergate Scandal because it has involved some serious threats against Ambassador Wanta. It also illustrates in simple terms which most everyone can understand, that corruption in Congress and Beltway Politics is near complete and also involves the Judiciary and the US Department of Justice.
When President Reagan’s own Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine personally takes down the Soviet Union, the Evil Empire, through the deployment of a genius plan and makes 27.5 Trillion US Dollars in the process, this is a very big story. The problem is, at the time, all of Wanta’s work was highly classified, and the related USG and Intel documents were deeply buried. Only through many years of digging by some very patriotic Military Brass and high ranking USG Officials were many of these important documents found, which proves everything Lee Wanta has claimed all these years is actually 100% true as he stated.
When Ambassador Wanta gains access to HIS funds, as have already been awarded to him by a Federal Court, he will immediate activate his well-developed, specific plan to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America.
I have examined many of these documents, as have others at Veterans Today. They are real docs and support Lee Wanta’s story as he has told it 100%. The implications of Ambassador Wanta’s story are monumental because it means that certain high USG Officials working in concert with Officers of the Federal Reserve have blocked Ambassador Wanta’s access to his own money. Ambassador Wanta had pledged to President Reagan to use these funds to completely revitalize and re-industrialize the United States of America and provide 2 million immediate good job opportunities by building an Ultra High-tech Maglev High Speed Inter-coastal Railroad.
Another reason this “smoking gun” audio of Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad is so vitally important is that it shows how a self-proclaimed “Puppetmaster” makes things happen inside the Beltway, through a well-organized system of bribery and manipulation of special interests and what he “arranges” if one doesn’t cooperate. Puppetgate has no boundaries or party line separation. Not even democrats have been willing to use this recording as a campaign issue because it would expose a system of Political payoffs that both parties, Democrat and Republican alike use.
It is obvious to anyone who carefully listens to this audio recording that Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad is bragging that Wanta better come forth with the billions of dollars they claim he owes them or “else”. At least one Former Law Enforcement who has listened to this tape has stated that this appears to provide “probable cause” for an arrest for influence peddling, bribery and conspiracy to murder.
These two Political Fixers who are alleged to be associated with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the Republican Party Chiefs, according to Ambassador Wanta, tried to shake him down for Thirty (30) Billion USA Dollars, but stated on the recording they would settle for 5 Billion but no less, and that he had better take it or else. Then they went on to discuss how Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad could arrange to have his folks find Wanta. And they also discussed whether or not Ambassador Wanta had Federal Protection.  Normally this kind of voice-grammed and identified recording would result in a felony indictment and a major RICO investigation of bribery, payoffs and influence peddling inside Congress and the Beltway.
These two spoke as if they already arranged for Wanta’s money to be released two years ago, and all he has to do is agree to pay them the Billions of US Dollars they were demanding. Wanta’s position has always been that he will never pay any bribes and only will pay reasonable consulting fees, along with the legally required 1099 forms. Obviously a major RICO investigation needs to be conducted by the Department of Justice using the FBI to get to the bottom of this and to find out how many individuals State Senator Songstad has sent thugs to coerce or even murder in the past.
When the Intel Files on this matter are opened, and someday soon they probably will be, this information will eventually be leaked out, and then the survivors of anyone he has had murdered will gain this knowledge. Some may want revenge and justice, especially male survivors.
It is known that Ambassador Wanta provided a copy of this recording to the Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Cauldwell of the US Department of Justice.
But so far this has not happened and the silence is deafening. At least one inside source has claimed that this recording, when given to the Department of Justice, was the main reason Attorney General Holder has resigned.
Why has no indictment been handed down?
That is the monumental question that every American is entitled to know the answer to.. Especially when we have such a monumentally important recording available as good evidence.
Since that time, additional Intel of other actual “smoking gun” documents has been recovered from various Intel dumps into the public domain from various Intel Agencies around the world. Their motives — apparent retaliation for various sanctions and games played with them by the US Administration and Congress in attempts to interfere with their economies and sovereignty. Currently, retired and active Intel Agents all over the world are sick and tired of all the phony war or the staged terror that has been deployed to feed the war machine and keep the war profits rolling in.
A very strange recent occurrence has just occurred, in regard to this matter we at Veterans Today refer to as Puppetgate.
I have been informed that Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff received a very strange e-mail from an apparently non-existent person in regard to this Wanta Puppetgate Matter. This e-mail appears to be an attempt to pull Gordon Duff into the Puppetgate matter.
In this e-mail, it was claimed that a former employee of Ambassador Wanta, a Michael Cottrell, who was fired by Wanta for various unacceptable corporate practices for which he had no authority, was claiming that Bush1 was the one that stole 27 Trillion Dollars but that Cottrell was claiming the money really belonged to him, a former Wanta-employed bookkeeper and corporate officer. It has been claimed that Cottrell has been previously associated with General Michael Hayden, Dick Cheney and Bush2.
What this email appears to suggest is that a lot of folks are coming out of the woodwork to perhaps get a share of Ambassador Wanta’s money, which seemingly then appears to be quite close to being released to him. This suggests that some force for good is applying a great deal of political or legal pressure to allow Lee Wanta access to his money, which he has pledged to use to revitalize and re-industrialize the United States of America, our Republic.
If one criminal conspiracy is proved even in part, this means that all other related criminal conspiracies are very likely true since they can then be linked to the same Puppetmasters, Political operatives who run such criminal operations and then also run sophisticated misinformation operations to cover them up. 
If one string is successfully pulled the whole matrix of related conspiracies will unravel. This is why a certain criminal element deep inside the the USG has continued to run expensive coverup operations and spends millions each year to keep the JFK Assassination covered up.
Once that string is successfully pulled and carried in the Major Mass Media, the whole matrix of secret criminal conspiracies that elements of the USG have carried out will unravel for all to know.
Once the public comes to understand that even one major crises event is a staged false-flag, criminal conspiracy by a criminal element using the USG as cover, many will and should conclude that all recent crises matters inside America are also criminal conspiracies staged by the corrupt organized Crime Cabal that has infiltrated and hijacked the USG.
Despite over 50 years of millions of dollars spent each year covering up the JFK Assassination, approximately 80% of the public now believes that the Warren Commission was a coverup and JFK was not murdered by a lone-nut assassin (Lee Harvey Oswald). Many Americans now believe JFK was murdered by a high level criminal conspiracy involving the CIA and organized crime.
The reason the USG has kept paying millions each year to cover their part in the JFK Assassination is that they know if this is ever publicly declared as an established fact in the Major Mass media, their whole matrix of lies will collapse. They know that their matrix of interwoven lies about their political assassinations, false-flag incidents like the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, Fast and Furious, the Boston Bombing, and Sandy Hook will also quickly unravel.
If the public ever comes to an understanding how criminal elements in the USG helped a foreign power nuke America on 9/11/01 and American politicians have received massive payoffs on an ongoing basis to keep it covered up, you can imagine how We The People would rise up and drive corruption out of the American Government, no matter what.
If the American Public ever really comes to know and understand the Good News that there were NO DEAD KIDS at Sandy Hook School, basically it is over for the crime cabal that infiltrated our Congress and the USG and We The People will rise up and take our great Republic back one way or another. Want to know the truth about Sandy Hook which is very good news indeed, read every article published by VT’s own Prof. Jim Fetzer and his team of research associates.
In the last two years there have been numerous massive Intel leaks and a great deal of foreign gathered intel on America’s inner working leaked into the public domain.
In the last two years, we have seen huge Intel leaks into the Public domain with more coming all the time. Soon there will be no more secrecy, as most NSA raw data all the way back to Vietnam has been compromised by Israeli partners who hijacked the NSA, but were themselves deeply infiltrated by ex-Soviet agents who became private contractors, and at least one other very powerful Intel entity few know about. Some members of Veterans Today have seen a number of these leaked Intel reports, which themselves have staggering implications, such as Sandia Lab’s secret investigation of the 9/11/01 attack on America, in which hard data shows conclusively to have been a nuclear attack using “decommissioned” W-54 Davy Crockett-type nuclear Pits, illegally taken out the back door at Pantex.
The radiation fingerprints taken from the blast sites by AEC scientists show conclusively that the mini-nukes used were constructed with nuclear material refined at the Hanford nuclear site. At present, over 70,000 first responders and locals are now fighting strange cancers related to the nuclear blast contamination.
Famed pop singer Donna Summer, as she was dying of cancer, told family and friends she thought it was caused by the 9/11/01 pollution. A very well defined coverup was put in place and we now know that a large number of Members of Congress have been receiving huge payoffs for keeping the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 completely covered up.
More related information is on the way.
In the weeks ahead, expect some major earth-shattering Intel leaks to enter the Public Domain. When they become a part of the public domain, you can expect to see them first at Veterans Today or mentioned on Veterans Today News, hosted by Veterans Today Columnist and well known Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb.
The Silence at the US Department of Justice regarding the Puppetgate audio recording is deafening, and this must be driven into the Mainstream Mass Media. Yes, the Major Mass media should be covering this important story Puppetgate with some aggressive reporting. IT is that important to all Americans.
If you are tired of this monumental story being suppressed and a US Department of Justice that is stuck and so far won’t move ahead and issue an indictment and begin a major RICO investigation of Bribery, and influence peddling in Congress, as well as obstruction of Justice in blocking Lee Wanta’s funds he legally earned, call the US Department of Justice and politely ask them to please move ahead with indictments of Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon Songstad and initiate a major RICO investigation of influence peddling and bribery in Congress. You may want to ask to speak to Assistant US Attorney General Cauldwell or his Secretary and leave a message.
And if you can find the time, you may want to call your local US Attorney and politely ask the same. And certainly it might help to call the Newsdesks at the major networks and ask them if they have heard this voice recording or not. If not, then e-mail it to them and ask them to please cover this story — it is as big as Watergate or bigger.
If this story is suppressed by the US Department of Justice and all the major news organizations, this can mean only one thing — that a very large number of Members of Congress and the USG are likely involved in a massive payoff scheme which is putting millions of US Dollars in their pockets for covering up major USG crimes.
This is called major RICO crime inside the USG and must be completely exposed and completely prosecuted. We the People must rise up and demand justice in this Puppetgate Matter. It is perhaps the greatest matter relating to real, true National Security since the Assassination of JFK or the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01.
Let me leave you with a couple of thoughts. What would happen if you or I ever made such a phone call. We would be facing major multiple felonies and would be immediately arrested and prosecuted in short order. The fact that these men have not been arrested, indicted or prosecuted for what they did suggests rampant RICO crime in the USG, a major cancer of corruption and a fixed system of elections and legislation for special interests who kickback millions, all designed to make our Members of Congress Multimillionaires or Billionaires at the public’s expense.
Does the sound of silence by Congress, the Judicial Branch, and our mainstream media mean they are willing to accept this type of dishonest and criminal conduct? Let’s hope not. The American people deserve better and deserve honesty and justice at every level of society and government.

*Lon Gibby, CEO of Gibby Media Group, Inc., contributor to this article.

How Many Times...

from '"Calibration error" changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county' - Oct. 22 (orig. posted at

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Oct. 22)

It is absolute nonsense for Republicans to be complaining about this sort of thing. It has been obvious for a long time that the voting system in this country is rigged, and the Repubs have chosen not to get behind the True The Vote campaign en masse to clean it up. They must be counting on the hope that their own scams will carry the day. No chance. It is all an outrageous matter, putting America to shame, that should have been dealt with/cleaned up long ago - including agitating for states to go back to a paper-trail ballot system. As it is: You've helped make your bed as a corrupt republic, now lie in it as a corrupt empire - out of your hands almost completely, now. Disgusting.

The Law

      The Law

What in the name
                 of hell
Is the matter
With you people?
By nominating
            an illegal
The exceptionally
The presidency,
The Democrats
Have overthrown
The Constitution -
  the connivance 
The Republicans
No less.
Are you all mad?
        There is no
'Rule of law'
In the nation
Any longer.
You are driving by
                  the eeat
Of your pants -
Making the law up
                    as you
Go along.
                Well, no
             The Supreme
                 is here
          in the form 
                 of one
Of his acolytes - 
Also had a role
In the formation
Of this nation,
                 not so
Incidentally -
           and I will
          take over
            to set
Things right
So that we
Can move on
          That is
          to say:
According to
The Law.

On War And Peace

On War And Peace  
         At Last  


There is nothing wrong
With the desire
To eliminate
To put Man under
               and key
               in order
To do so
Is the wrong way
To go.

There is a better 
Way than that:
               the way
Of Love.
          Which fits
The intention
Of the Creator
 the velvet glove
     the iron fist.

Throw away
Your weapons
Of destruction
          and sing
The New
Into being


And his most
Trusted men
Missed out
On their victory
In their day;
I'm trusting that
       will have
       their day
This one.
        The one
Of peace
On Earth
At last.
It is to be in
Our hearts,
  our heads -
         to say
A clash
Of wills.

Which makes all
The difference.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

On Moving Beyond The Profit Motive

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'The Problem Of "Corporate Rulership" - Operating Within s Living and Breathing Field of Space Time' - Bradley Loves - Oct. 21
(How corporations are created solely to make a profit for their shareholders, and run roughshod over the environment in the process, by their very natures)

YouMa says:

OMG, wow! How utterly succinct, clear, brilliant and coherent, at least for me, this article is. Profound thanks to you, Bradley Loves!
Your carefully chosen words, sentences and structure around this topic of corporations are obvious and apparent in their essence. Now, what will it take to do what is suggested? How does our world, which is composed of all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions and vested interests, go about dismantling the whole enchilada? Bravo to those who feel inspired to pursue just such a plan, to actually utilize the current system(s) of admiralty law which in fact created the corporate charter and passed laws upholding the mandate to make a PROFIT the bottom line. Who will step up to this plate and creatively and lovingly bring sanity and regeneration to our lives, to the life of the planet and all it is composed of?
Perhaps such refurbishing cannot take place until the current legal structures are dismantled due to their own corrupted and convoluted origins.
Lots to contemplate for sure. Bravo again to you, Bradley Loves, and to you, Jean, for bringing this subject to the forefront and to your readers. May it travel far and wide and inspire many to action. Thank You.

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

A comment first to the specific and then to the general.
1) It’s not as hard a matter as Bradley has made it out to be, to deal with corporations. If they advocate and carry out policies that run counter to environmental laws, e.g., they can be wound up. It’s ‘simply’ up to the people, through their elected representatives, to pass such laws. (Which is a major danger in the push these days for international trade agreements, which would tend to dilute such laws, for the very reason being given as to the given purpose of a corporation: they cut down on profits. All the more reason to cut down the New World Order instead, before it gets any more traction than it already has.)
2) This is precisely why it’s now time for a fundamental, systemic change in the world’s monetary/trading system. A system operating on the profit motive will ultimately/inevitably come up against precisely this sort of dilemma. It’s called, by Marxist ideologues, the ‘internal contradictions’ inherent in the system. It’s time, then – along with the whole spiritual-maturity unfolding of humanity going on in our time – to change the basic system itself. To say: Eliminate interest-bearing money itself, and its (long-time) cohort in crime, the fractional-reserve banking system; and replace this worn-out model with something approximating the ultimate: people sharing goods and services with one another (and giving of their best in the process; unlike in simply materialistically-oriented communist countries, where people do just enough to get by, for not having – being given – any real reason for being) out of a higher motive that that of making a profit. Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.
And there you have your principle, to see us through, to the ultimate state that I mentioned. Which is when we leave our meat bodies behind, and graduate (through a stage in our crystalline bodies) into our Light bodies, wherein we won’t need gross food for our energy needs. Until then, we can ‘ring in the change’ by starting with the development of replicators; which is part of the advancement in technology that can be expected to occur when we concurrently start moving into free energy devices for our individual and collective energy needs, and thus leave behind the whole Era of Oil. Including, as I say, interest-bearing money. Which was an interesting experience. But ultimately, an unfulfilling one. As we have found out. (Which was, of course, the purpose for the experience.)
There’s more. But you get the picture. Of where we are at, in our temporal, and, increasingly, our spiritual, developments.


P.S.: "…for not...being given any real reason for being":
     Other than life being simply in and for itself only.  Which is such a juvenile understanding of life - what this whole thing is all about; including other dimensions, and such - that I'm surprised that we are even continuing to hold it, by and large.
     It really is time for a change.
     Major, structural, fundamental change.
     In all areas of life; while we're at it.

P.P.S.: And speaking of "where we are at;" try/this on/for size:

The Trip
The soul
That incarnated
As Jesus -
   history -
Is here,
        to go
        to work
        and take
I should say
         a facet
Of that soul;
        a piece
Of that continent,
        a part
Of that main
As it were.
Such are
With their
As well.
At all,
     as your
And religious
     would make 
      it out
To be.

And it gets
Even further
Than that 
The higher
It goes

So, don't
Be afraid
Of getting
It all.
That is
To say:

The reason
You don't like
Tea Party
And are going
        to stand
        in the way
Of your attempting
          to turn

And I
In their

Is Not
The Way
To the future.
The Way
The Past.

Been there.

It's time
In keeping

Which is

This is
To be.

(And already
Has been

2) …and to close out this night: Deja Vu:

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'BIX WEIR: Iceberg Dead Ahead but…YOU ARE BECOMMING (SIC) STRONGER!' - Oct. 21
("The action last week was a planned precursor to the real thing that will likely begin next week and continue throughout the rest of the year so be ready for it. Basically, we are being prepped to react emotionally with knowledge of the causes of the turmoil so that there will be no confusion or skepticism when the very real chaos hits.
Why Now? Because the people are waking up from their 100 year slumber to find reality much different than what they had been conditioned to think it was!…
Listen to this interview again and put it in the context of a volatile stock market where people want to cash out all at once…
The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast
kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

One would have thought that we would have learned our lesson when the goldsmiths in the Middle Ages were caught having ‘oversold’ the certificates for the gold in their vaults to more people than they had actual gold to cover for. Now, the amount of oversold stocks and bonds is so huge that the system will never be able to recover from the unveiling of this scam.
And good riddance.

Monday, 20 October 2014


from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of  Our TIme? by Paul Craig Roberts' - Oct. 20 (orig. posted at
(A report on the statements of a couple of scientists who say that the Ebola virus originated in a US Biowarfare Lab)

kibitzer3 says:
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It would appear that the NWO crims are making their definitive move; perhaps to pre-empt the Nov. elections, and set up the Crisis=Opportunity conditions for Obama to declare Martial Law, and thereby trash the Constitution in one fell swoop, and complete a totalitarian takeover of the U.S. government. Whatever; these s.o.b.’s need to be taken down, and fast.
I don’t mean to be fear mongering; but it would pay for people to know how to protect themselves from these psychopaths trying to take over the world, and for whom the end justifies the means – any and all means. No. 1: DON’T TAKE THE EBOLA VACCINE. As the article indicates, it will have been as geo-engineered as the virus itself. No. 2: Good anti-virals: colloidal/nano silver; echinacea; black elderberry; ginger; vit. D3 (excellent, that one); zinc; selenium; vit. C (also excellent, in large doses; orally or intravenously); grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, & I believe also grapefruit seed extract. Immune system enhancers: hydrogen peroxide gargle; quercetin; vit. D3 (8000 iu/day) w/vit. K2; resveratrol; green tea; salt gargle; oil of oregano; garlic, onions; fermented foods; ginger tea; omega 3 oil; astragalus – you get the idea: there are things that you can do for yourself that don’t buy into the problem (the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex being part of it).
We can only hope that the White Hats are moving into position to take these sons of bitches DOWN. Things have gone quite far enough. But in the meantime, KNOW that there are things that you can do for yourself. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM.
I know that the people regularly on this site know that. Just sayin’.


2) from '4 Pieces Of  Good News About Ebola That Have Gotten Lost In The Hysteria' - Tara Culp-Ressler - Oct. 20 
(also posted at - Oct. 21 - under the Paul Craig Roberts article)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Oct. 21)

There are all sorts of antl-virals that people can take to boost their immune systems to [combat] viruses. We are being chicken littled into taking their vaccine, which is just as geo-engineered as the virus itself. Don't buy into this fear mongering. It's a ploy; just as the bird flu and swine flu scares were. The truth will out. In the meantime, do some research into all this s**t. The New World Order crowd is facing defeat, and may panic, and try anything. The sooner they are exposed for what they are - psychopathic megalomaniacs - the better.

The Test

It is so frustrating
To have to just
             sit here
   and watch this
Son of a bitch
Of a despot -
         all oner
The Constitution -
           take over
This country,
By incremental
What are you
             to do
About it,
       You'd better
Make up your mind
And fast, or
         will be
        too late;
                all over
You know it,
And you will find
Yourself fully
     and the rest
   of the planet
         with you
    because you
The test.


                As for 
Calling Obama
                a son
Of a bitch
        I meant it
        and do not
       from it,.
And I'm likewise
With the lot
             of you
Letting this despotic
             carry on
             this way,
             and to
          And I

             I feel
             that I
          can be
     I prepared
     for you
     a great
To build on;
     and you
  are blowing
(As I own
      as well
Why I feel
So strongly
This country.)

In any event
       let's see
Your best shot,
Your worst;
              and we
            move on
         from there

   …and I know
   at the end of
           the Play
      are all
     Excuse me
     for getting
     so caught up
     in the Drama
     I forgot
     I am
     only human
     you know
     and as
     it were…

                  too - 
              if you
    And just so
We all.
             Except for
       the hard core
          who refuse
             the grace
Of the Creator
Of the whole thing
The beginning
The End.