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On The Tip Of The Turning Point

from YouTube: ‘Played Or Paid?’ - Roy Potter - March 23
(Potter on a well-deserved rant against Trump signing the Omnibus Bill, and thus caving in to TPTB, for he’s right. And when he says/said:
“You don’t win when you play a game with the Devil.  You play the Devil’s game, and you lose.”
Some say that Trump is outsmarting the opposition.  (Because what he signed was an Omnibus (Spending) Bill, not a Budget per se, and supposedly he can spend the monies however he wants, a la Obama; but it’s still money that we don’t have, and have no right to pretend that we do, are simply going deeper into debt to the moneychangers - and being seen as doing so; so that it appears to be Business As Usual.)  I don’t see that, any more than Potter does.  All we see from Trump is caving.  The NWO crowd is moving inexorably on their path (including info that Potter mentioned as links to regarding inside stuff on both the Austin bombing thing and the Las Vegas thing).  It’s time to call them on their agenda.  As Potter continued, in his worry over continued death and destruction:
“The truth needs to come out.  And it has to come out massively.”) 

1 second ago (March 23)

Thank you for your deep and passionate allegiance to this nation, and for your integrity in general, Roy.  Hang in there.  Stay the course.  We need you to do so.


Dear Pres. Trump:

You can’t spend your way out of debt.  I don’t care how you played your real estate game, with its built-in aspect of/dependence on debt:  This is a different ball game, with a country, that has people in its government who will not stop spending, because that’s how they stay in their cushy positions, with their special healthcare and retirement benefits and re-election support and such.  It is a creature with its own life, not subject to being controlled, like you could with your personal business affairs.  Not a good move, for the country, already massively in debt.  

One would think that you are assuming that the whole Game is about to end, anyway, so what the hell.  If that is, indeed, the case, I have one further comment:

So let’s see that End.

If you have the U.S. military on your side, and the White Hats are about to step in:

Play that card.

Enough is enough.


A Patriot


...and a couple of late entries, at the tail end of this evening, on this same them, of in effect things coming to a head (or tip, as it were):

from ‘The Middle and Upper Middle Classes Cannot Leave California fast Enough - Dave Hodges - March 23
(In the report, Hodges quoted a CalExit proponent saying on the Tucker Carlson show, to the suggestion that the Middle Class is leaving the state, “Good.  Most of them are white.”)

Stan S. March 24, 2018 at 12:30 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

As one of those ‘whites.’ a) I’m going nowhere. This is my longtime home state, and California is a state in and of the United States; and b) I can’t wait for the federal government to come into this state and clean house.

It has plenty of legal provocation. 1) Declared sanctuary state, and sanctuary cities. 2) Voting is a crime in this state. More clearly: Is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime. The voter registration rolls are inundated with the names (or aliases) of illegal aliens; because a) the rolls are never cleaned (in itself a federal crime), and b) The Motor Voter Lw in the state has allowed them to be registered automatically, and c) this state’s authorities have even signaled to them a further step in the scam, by making it legal for illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license in this state. The big sign is clear: ‘Get Out And Vote – We Won’t Check On You!’

Disgusting stuff. But for ‘whites’ to leave is not the answer. That just plays into the hands of the New World Order mob. Instead, the state authorities need to be arrested, and brought to trial, on a whole host of charges.

As i say: I can’t wait.

Could it all be more obvious?  In another article posted at the same time as the above, Dave Hodges points out that:

“With what is happening to social media and Hollywood in general, you [would] think the liberals, if they wanted to make any money, would get a clue and change their ways and stop the blatant censorship and extreme propaganda. But no, even the Justice League has gone rogue. That is right, the Justice League used to pledge allegiance to America and now the new movie curses America. The “terrorist” in the movie wears a MAGA shirt. I am not joking, the trapppings [sic] associated with President Trump are attacked in the new Justice League movie. And the trusted authority figures are all from the United Nations and not the United States.

“There is no difference in the extreme propaganda being put forth by the social media and Hollywood. They all serve the same Deep State…”

That situation also served by the fact that one of these social media platforms (I forget which) has announced that it will use the SPLC as a ’source’ of info to be used to go by to censor ‘extreme’’’hateful’/‘offensive’ material.  Come again?  Ah - the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Now what have I heard about them before??  Ah yes.  They consider that ‘potential domestic terrorists’ are the likes of patriots, constitutionalists, conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, Ron Paul supporters, Christians…you know: the usual……

Kind of gives the game away, doesn’t it?  I mean, now who would think such a thing??

People trying to take over, including overthrow if necessary, this country.

As the ‘Justice League’ implies, in their latest outing……

Good one, Hollywood.  Spell it out for us, why don’t you.

Notes On The Path

from ‘CALEXIT, MS-13, ISIS and the Deep State Have Reared Their Ugly Heads - GAME ON!’ - Dave Hedges - March  21/22
(A number of posts wanting simply to cut CA off...)

Fergus March 21, 2018 at 10:49 am 

If Crazyfornia wants to leave, let it. Just wall it off.

Stan S. March 23, 2018 at 12:43 am (Your comment is awaiting moderation.)
 I live in California. I’m a patriot. I don’t particularly care for the voice that says Let California go, just wall it off, etc. California is part of the Union. That’s the United States of America. The government of California, which has been slowly slowly put in place with the help of millions of non-citizen votes, needs to be reined in by the federal government, for a number of reasons. Which is a different ballgame from other Americans wishing us ill over here. Wake up and understand the whole picture, not just part of it.

from ’The Inner City Turns Away From Democrats Welfare State and Embraces Trump’s Economic Policies’ - Dave Hodges - March 21/22
(Hodges points out how Trump has created 3 million jobs since coming into office…)

Stan S. March 23, 2018 at 1:09 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Let’s tell it like it is. The NWO crowd don’t WANT a return of jobs in the U.S. The Marxist professors have managed to convince a sizable percentage of our youth, for a long time, that the U.S. needs to be reduced to Third World status, because its high standard of living is harmful to the environment. Thus, they will help to bankrupt the nation (under the Cloward-Piven Strategy) in welfare costs, in order to hasten that outcome; for their crowd then to pick up the pieces, for their totalitarian global state, which will FORCE the people to be good little automatons in, and to, the state.

Somehow a lot of our youth have drunk the Kool-Aid, and been convinced that it would be the best for humanity.  A remarkable accomplishment, given the lessons of history in this regard. But then, History doesn’t seem to have been a strong point in their education…

Personally, I think it’s because on a deep, almost unconscious level they understand that we are at a Turning Point. They just don’t understand that their way will end in the pit. So let’s tailor our reaction to them, and their idealism, accordingly. That we can join together, in bringing in The New.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Ode To The All That Is

     Ode To The All That Is

Either there is Plan in and Purpose to
                   ‘the universe’ -
                    that is to say
to The All That Is -
                   or there is not
         and eerything
         is meaningless

Which doesn’t make any sense.
                     Life, then,
Being full of sound and fury,

                   of any great

                    So: Given
That there is Purpose
To the universe
(Do you really doubt it??)
It would behoove us
          to find out
What that Purpose

And to find that out
We need to raise
Our consciousness
          to the level
         of the answer,

For the next step
In that evolution?


On Connecting The Dots

In my last blog (which was not meant to be about me, but about my mother, and so I left out a lot of that story that might muddy up that intention) I mentioned how, when the Third World countries could have their living situations “cleaned up,” that would cut the number of children they were having, to cover for those who would ’normally’ die in childhood.  I’d like to clarify what I meant, and what I did not mean, by that statement.

I did not mean having their situation “cleaned up” by the use of vaccines.  That is a massive scam.  I meant by the means of cleaner water, better hygiene practices (including sewage treatment), and better nutrition - the reasons for the precipitous drop in mortality rates for all the childhood diseases in the first place, before the advent of the vaccines for some of them.  (Some disease conditions' mortality rates dropping the same way which never had a vaccine for them.)  This brings up a whole host of questions.  I’ll keep this ‘report’ short, focusing on a just a couple of points.

One is the curious speech that Bill Gates gave at a TED Conference on the subject of CO2 rates in relation to TPTB’s meme about Global Warming-cum-Climate Change.  He pointed out that with the advent of Third World Country vaccine campaigns (which he was, and is, involved in), the CO2 levels on the planet would drop, thus helping this terrible terrible environmental situation for humanity.  I watched that speech, and couldn’t figure out what he was getting at; he didn’t say in so many words.  I presumed that he meant that - as with my aha moment when I realized why Third World Country people had so many children - with the mass vaccine campaigns, more of the children would survive the childhood diseases, and thus the people, responding to that feedback message, would choose to have fewer children.  Of their own accord.  But he could have meant something else.  (And trusted that his college-student audience would connect the dots for themselves; in their general academic brainwashing on the subject, of the - hyped - need for Gaia to be rid of a lot of/most of us.)  Something more in line with the arrogant thrust of so many of the best-laid plans of TPTB: that the vaccines could be (are) laced with infertility agents, causing the nubile females to abort and miscarriage, and become infertile.  Which is in fact the case.

The other point, along these same lines, is how vaccines can not only be used to cause sterility.  But also can be used to kill the children - and adults - by additives in them.  Outright.  Or slowly.  And be delivered by various vectors, including in our foods, and in aerosols.  Terrible, terrible stuff.  And so, Come over to Our side, all ye truly enlightened students, and survive the Great Culling.  Or be part of the problem.  To be dealt with.  With extreme prejudice. 

Such is the mentality of the sort of people that We, the (common) People of the planet are up against, at this Turning Point time.
I have a few words for them, but I’ll pass on the vitriol, in order to concentrate on The Bottom Line.

\Which is that we are, indeed, faced with a Turning Point time.  Just not the one envisaged for humanity by these, er, miscreants.  Rather, by

the Real Thing.  On our way to   
the Right Outcome.

The outcome marked by


Leaving all that is odious behind.  And drinking, not the Kool-Aid of the abominable.  But the nectar of

The New Age.

And to that end, there are a lot of excellent citizen journalists on the Internet, paving our way.  One of them is the gal who posts videos under the title of You Are Free TV.  A current example:

from YouTube: ‘#5G - ENDGAME TECHNOCRACY=GLOBALISM, SAY NO TO #IBOR AND ATT’ - You Are Free TV - March 21 
(YAFT points out how 5G is not a communications device in reality, but rather a weapons system.  Frying us and our brains.  The sort of thing that is causing so many people, particularly already disturbed youth (from various causes, including MK-Ultra shenanigans, psychotronic drugs, and vaccines), to go off the deep end, into mass shooting scenarios.  In order to stoke the fires for gun confiscation in this country.  In order for TPTB to take us over.  Not to ring in The real New.  But to subject us to their tyranny, on a global scale.  Via the same sort of tools that Red China is implementing on its people as we speak.  Something best called Technocracy.  Look it up.  Your life depends on it.)

1 second ago (March 21)

Good work, YAFT.  A point: The Bill of Rights in the Constitution is only a list of EXAMPLES of rights and powers that were not being delegated to the federal government.  It is NOT that the federal govt can do whatever it wants unless it is specifically barred from them by the Bill of Rights.  A major distinction.  The federal govt. is a govt. of LIMITED and DELEGATED powers - "few and defined," in the rather authoritative words of the man who became known as the Father of the Constitution, James Madison.  And as for "the cloud": Don't put your info/files regarding your Internet connection in 'the cloud' that is being pushed.  The more info they have on us, the easier it is for them to control us, with their quantum computer power now.  And the Internet B of R?  Yes: It’s a shell game, to distract us from the Constitution.  Keep up the excellent work.  You are covering the bases well.  As a Boston Red Sox fan should do...  :-)   [She wears a ‘B’ Sox baseball cap.]

Time’s up for all these people who have been scheming to take this country down, and merge it into their despotic New World Order.  It’s time to round these, er, reprobates up, and send them off, via military tribunals, to Gitmo.

Stat.  Before they wreak any more damage on We, the real People.

Which makes them the equivalent of, say, vipers.

Of which we have had just enough, thank you very much.

We have a New World to create.

Let’s be about it.  Without these, er, characters, getting in our way, and trying to deflect that energy to their dastardly ends.

In thinking to create the reverse image of

the Real Thing.

And thereby,

helping to invoke it, into material being.

So.  They have had a role to play, in The Process that has been going on.  So, let them see that all - that whole picture - for what it has been.  

And choose.  Which path they will follow, from here on in.

Either to the sunlit highlands of the Golden Age, in pure alignment with The Plan.

Or the fiery pit of dissolution, for rejecting their birthright.

Their choice.

As always.

From a merciful Creator Source, from whence we all came.  As sparks of 

The All That Is.  Experiencing what it takes to become gods in our own right.

Which we already are.  We just haven't awakened to that reality yet.

Which is what we are engaged in.  Call it

the Great Awakening.

Which is where we arrive.  When we have 

connected all the dots.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My Mother, The Heroine

A couple of days ago now, in my trawl through my daily catch of emails, like so many small fish demonstrating an apparent eagerness to be singled out - Me!  Me!  Read me!  Over here! - I came to a site that had an ‘ad’ (for wont of a better word for those human-interest eye-catching sites that are fetchingly made to lure us into ad-land) for the skinny on a few things that no one ever knew about Olivia de Havilland.  I forgot to go back and click on it, caught up with the catch that I had already made (or that had ‘made’ me); but I know something about Olivia de Havilland that even these people don’t know about.  And thereby hangs a blog.   

A moment to pay a personal homage, before the storyline that we are all in changes dramatically.  As storylines are wont to do.  And not just in Hollywood screenplays.


You’ve heard of the ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring,’ and ‘The Woman with the Alabaster Jar’?  Meet The Woman with the Mona Lisa Smile:

My mother.

I never knew my mother.  Well, she apparently didn’t know me, either.  A number of times while growing up, I would find her calling me by the name of my brother.  Who was three years older than I.  Hardly an easily mistaken match.  Especially for a parent to confuse the two.

And it extended, from my last days in high school/beginning of my university days, back to near the very beginning of our little family unit.  When she died - that’s over forty years ago, now.  (Of breast cancer.  Somewhat a propos, that; for an aspiring Hollywood starlet, who never made it) -  her third husband sent me a shoebox containing her last extremely personal items in life - items of jewelry; that sort of thing - among which was a small old newspaper cutting containing an extremely personal story for her: how one Rita Case had managed to trace down her children who had been kidnapped by their father and taken to a different state.  “The children, Duane, 6, and DeVon, 3, …” - what??!!   She couldn’t tell us apart even at that time???!  

What kind of a mother was this??  And woman???

The kind of a mother that she was can perhaps be fairly well considered by how she couldn’t even tell her children apart, even with a three-year age difference going for the challenge: rather distant, rather hands-offish.  (That would describe the specific situation very well.)1  The kind of woman she was can perhaps best be described in a word or two as ‘driven’.  Ambitious.  As the following story will unfold for you, dear reader, who is interested enough in this telling of a personal tale to have stayed with the telling this far, at least.  

(In for a penny, eh???…)

This story has to do, at least in part, with me, albeit before I have any recollection of the events.  The setting for this one: They were living in little-town Provo, Utah, the home of Brigham Young University, which our father was attending (to better himself, obviously, for him and his family), leaving our mother to work at and run a small cafe associated with a small gas station.  With another little kid in diapers (‘Oh no - that chore again!’) and a big resentment, this time in her life about having to work while our dad was having himself a good ol’ time at the U.  One fine day - as the story goes; which I got from my paternal grandmother, well into my adulthood, and asking some questions about those early days - a guy, or guys, that she was serving in the cafe got to talking with her, about how she looked “like that Hollywood star, what’s her name.  The one with the highfalutin’ name.  De Havilland - that’s it.  Olivia de Havilland.”  And that was it, enough for her: Off she took - leaving me still in diapers, my paternal grandmother said, a bit resentfully, even after all those years later - for Hollywood, to try her luck in ‘the movies’.  This was the mid-Thirties, when ‘the movies’ were just beginning to reach their stride as Talkies too, I understand, and were wildly popular.             

I never knew anything about that time of hers, down in Hollywood, or at least its environs.  Mom never talked about it, and I knew, by then, that it was off-limits as a subject.2 

In any event: No such door opened for her down in Hollywood, and back she came; but nothing ventured, nothing gained:  She divorced our father, all the way into a Temple divorce (they were both from Mormon stock, and had dutifully been ‘sealed’ ‘for time and all eternity,’ as I understand the Temple proceedings),3 traced us kids down (and never speaking to our paternal grandmother again from that time, for not telling her where our dad had parked us; the first time that we had been ‘kidnapped’ in this ’screenplay’), and took us with her as she went up to live in the capital of Idaho, Boise, to attend secretarial school, and pursue her dreams from that independent base in life.  We kids being insurance for her, for her old age, I became aware of, much later in life.4

And after a few years there, when my bother and I were parked with an old couple for taking care of us while our mother was going to secretarial school, off we went with her again, when she remarried, to a smaller town in Idaho, where the man was the co-owner of the local Ford dealership, and living a nice, comfortable life.  Until a woman of unnoticeable ambition entered his life, and used him as a vehicle for her to make her way back to shooting range of Hollywood.  To a ‘bedroom community’ thereof, in Long Beach; where somehow she knew, from her earlier foray into that neck of the Success woods (in still Great Depression-era America), that, with the advent of Pearl Harbor, there would be good money to be made in either the shipyards there or the aircraft factory.  

Ah: Douglas Aircraft.  Where I would spend a couple of my summers during my university days, earning some additional money, to carry me through my school year, in addition to the tuition-and-board scholarship that I was attending Stanford U on…

But this reminiscence isn’t about me, or supposed to be about me. This is meant to be something of a song about my mother.  Which, in summary, could well go something quite like this:

‘Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you
You’re so like the lady with the mystic smile
Is it only ‘cause you’re lonely they have blamed you
For that Mona Lisa strangeness in your smile?

Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa
Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?
Many dreams have been bought to your doorstep
They just lie there, and they die there
Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa
Or just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art.”   

The Woman with the Mona Lisa Smile......

P.S. And I happened to see today, intriguingly enough, that Olivia de Havilland - still living; still kicking, at the ripe and white-haired old age of 101, and well-kempt, t least at the time that the photo of her accompanying the article was taken - is back in the limelight (via an unbecoming legal fracas regarding her depiction in a docudrama). Five years older than my mother would have been, had she hung around, waiting - or actually, more likely doing all that she could, up to the very last minute - for her big chance in this lifetime.
     So, the life of an image is all about, to the very end - an image.5
     So it may not have amounted to much after all, Mom.  
     Rest in peace.
     Or enjoy your new life.
     Whatever.  And wherever.
     Your soul has taken you.  For your next part.  In the Grand Theatre of Life. 


1 I think what it came down to was a circumstantial indifference.  As I understand the matter - from the paternal side of my family (I never knew her side very well, although I met two of her brothers over the years) was that our father named us after friends of his.  So: Machts nichts to her.  Anything to get out of life on a dumb farm.
   Yes, she was a farm girl.  But it served her well in later life on one front of life/of life’s little challenges: She shared once that as a young girl she always hated, or at least resented, having to cook the meals for a big bunch of farmhands, but that it served her well in the sense that later on she was able to cook for large groups with relative ease.  So she acknowledged that ‘silver lining’ about her life as a farm girl.
    As for her patience with children, and ‘having’ them, i.e., being responsible for them: My brother told me the story once about a time when he was still in diapers (and these were days WELL before Pampers, ladies.  Some of you will understand what I mean).  A story about when he was still in diapers?  that he could remember things that early on in his life??  That’s an indication of how powerful this experience was for him.  The setting: They were living then next to a creek.  One fine day he dirtied his diapers again - as was his custom, as a child - when it was all finally too much for Mom, who had had enough of that part of the deal, and she took him down to the creek - a very cold creek, I was told; years and years, and years, later - and sat him in it, to be cleaned off with the help of Mother Nature, and told him never to do that again.  And as far as he could remember that part of the story, he never did.  
   Our mother was given in later life to talking like a momma bird: When it was time for the chicks to leave the nest: Out.  I’ve done my job, boys and girls.  It’s time for you to do yours: learn to fly.
   But to continue.

2 How did I know that?  From, for example: 
   Once when I was still in junior high (Middle School, these days.  For whatever the reason for the change), and it was just me and Mom at home (she having a) divorced the man who became her ticket back to southern California, and by then b) kicked out my brother some time before, to go upstate and live with our father, for having become too much for her to handle, in his rambunctious high school years, and into ‘girls’; all another part of the story), I came back from having been shipped off to two weeks at the ‘Y’ summer camp  (she had bought me a membership at the YMCA; for just this sort of reason, for all I know) to find a young woman friend of my mom’s at the house, to look after me until Mom got back from her vacation.  When she did, and I casually asked her where she had been - as one might well do - she said, simply, “Well, it’s none of your business.”  
   Such was our relationship made up of.  And  to note, that I didn’t think much of it, all.  I was quite happy to be pretty much on my own, in life.  And hadn’t even realized, some years later, when I was graduating from high school, and preparing for ‘all that,’ and she said to me one day, in a bit of a shocked tone (having found out some way or other that I never found out about; because, you will have realized by now, we didn’t talk to each other much about our lives): “You didn’t tell me that you were student body president!”.
   And where did you spend your summer vacations, Mom, while I was shipped off to ‘Y’ camp??  
   (I was to find out later, somehow, that she had cultivated a relationship with somebody somewhat attached to ‘Hollywood,’ and would spend time around swimming pools, hoping to be seen, as by the guy back at the cafe in Provo, and ’discovered,’ for the real woman that she was.  Not just a woman who could cook up a mean meal.  Or change kids’ diapers. She was - somebody.
   Somebody who also looked like the Mona Lisa.  A print of which was hanging in our front room.  Along with a small, well-mounted print of Mom; both with the same enigmatic smile, and the latter image with her braided signature hair wound on the top of her head.  Like a diadem.  Or crown, even.
   She had very long hair.  Which she lost years later.  To the chemotherapy for her breast cancer.  Which she wouldn’t listen to me regarding alternative treatments for, because I “never went to medical school”.  Having dropped out of university - and thus having forsaken going on into Med School; to which I had been admitted, to start the following year of school (of, to say, my former schooling) - to start out on my lifelong quest for answers, to the big questions of life; like What Is It All About? 
   Sometimes - I have discovered, here towards the end of my current journey -  it is all about acknowledging the sacrifices that your parents make for you, along the way.  Regardless of specific circumstances.
   But I still had to learn that.  Having looked out solely for myself, all those years.  And actually having liked doing so.
   But not to lose track of the chronological order of things, in this telling.  
   Of two lives.  
   One.  Of My Mother, The Heroine.
   And the other, of little old me.  Here, near the end of my saunter.  Through this same strange neck of the woods, of the All of Life.
   Where our little lives are just footnotes to
   the Real Thing.   

3 As for this Temple business, and the Mormon religion itself, in relation to my mother:
   a) Her trip down to Hollywood apparently opened her starstruck eyes to something more fundamental: that the Mormon Church’s temple rituals are based on Freemasonry rituals, she told me once later on in our life together: and
   b) Apparently part of the divorce terms was that she would raise us kids in The Church.  Which she dutifully sent off us to, on Sundays; though she never went or got involved herself.
   I never thought about it all much.  It was just the way things were.  At ‘home'.  
   And parenthetically, I had an on-again, off-again relationship with The Church through many years.  I stopped going when I was still in high school (not for any eureka reason; just got bored with it all), and, instead of getting off at the bus stop to walk over to Church (which for a long time was held in a Masonic Lodge building, interestingly enough, until we had built our own Ward building), I would stay on the bus and ride it down all the way to town, and walk on down from there to The Pike, on the beach, where there was a cinema open on Sunday mornings, and watch the week’s short - usually a Flash Gordon serial - and then whatever was showing.  (Watched ‘Great Expectations’ there once, I remember… )  But when I had my ‘spiritual experience’ at university (which I have already talked about in these pages), and began looking at all these sorts of questions in earnest, I ended up reading my way back in to The Church at some point, and then out of it, and then back in, and then back out, as the last stop on that bus.   (It all had to do mostly with Joseph Smith’s background on the one hand, and a large stone found by the Smithsonian Institution down in Central America in the 1940-’41 period of time with a depiction carved in it of a dream scene straight out of the Book of Mormon.  Absent a couple of Mormon missionaries sent to the area going to the trouble of carving it themselves, it was of major significance, both anthropologically and religiously speaking.  But there was too much other information by then that my poor mind took in, to close that door for me, once and for all.
   But still…………
   As my eldest nephew would say: ‘Yikes jikes!’)        

4 I never understood those sorts of things, as a child, and even into my twenties  Until my mother, in remonstrating with me for having dropped out of my schooling, and potential career in medicine, finally blurted out the awful truth.  “You son of a bitch,” she said, in her restrained, casual way.  And then, perhaps realizing what she had just said, literally, moved on, in telling me that I would have to move on; that I couldn’t live ‘there’ anymore, ‘there’ being home.   
   Not that I was going to, anyway.  I planned then on going to ‘the largest public library in the Western world,’ which I had figured must be in New York City, to engage in some serious study regarding the best that humanity had come up with regarding the big questions of and about life.  In the meantime, I stood, stunned, from the slow-acting venom of her tongue-lashing, realizing - finally really ‘getting’ - that we children are insurance for our parents, for their old age.  That, contrary to my simple assumption that my life was my own, to live as I would, I had a ‘duty’ to my mother.  Not just for her to be able to be proud of ‘my son, the doctor’.  But to observe the unspoken but apparently implied responsibility, to take care of her, if she couldn’t manage to take care of herself in her old age.  
   Which she managed to do.  Via her third husband in life (plus being the mistress to her longtime boss; but who died on her, and left her out of his will. To her implied disgust); who turned out to be a very nice guy (whom she met in a bar.  Well; a cocktail lounge, that she frequented, near our ‘home,’ such as it was).  But there I stood, with an Aha! of a different sort to contend with, in life.  Not about the big matters.  But the ‘little’ matters, of, like, self-sustenance.  
   …and so, that was why parents in Third World countries had a lot of babies, I realized instantly.  Not as fruit of their love for each other.  But as insurance for their old age; that enough of them would live long enough to take care of their familial responsibility towards their parents.  
   And so, once their living situations could be cleaned up, and they could count on more of their children dutifully surviving for them, they could, would have fewer children.  And just so, would the overpopulation genie be stuffed back into the bottle……
   This business of growing up was beginning to make a lot of things more clear, I was beginning to understand.  Not just about the eternal questions.

5 “To deny Miss de Havilland her right to a jury trial…would be a sea change in the law governing the rights of a celebrity to control commercial use of her name and identity and to protect against deliberate fabrications,” pleads her lawyer.
   Commercial use of her name and identity??  

Huevos Grande


An Inside Look As Los Alamitos Votes To Return To Constitution, Defy Calif Sanctuary Law
Posted on March 21, 2018 by Rick Wells

“The anti-America agenda in California suffered a setback on Tuesday as the patriots in Los Alamitos voted to return to the US Constitution, America first, to opt-out of sanctuary…

“One citizen addressing the meeting said, “California has gone rogue. The politicians here, the Democrats have gone rogue.” He employs one of the left’s tactics of reciting a chant, saying, “We have no hate. We have no fear, it’s legal immigration that’s welcome here, straight out.”
“He asks, “What would happen to  me if I were to harbor an illegal? I’d be put in jail, I’d be arrested. Why is it that Governor Brown, De Leon get away with all of this? They are in violation of harboring, subsection 1324 A1a, a federal offense. They need to be arrested and they should be in jail.”
“He continues, “Trump is building that wall for the love of America and to keep the drugs out and to keep illegals out. I was born in Mexico, I came here legally. My parents came here legally and that’s how it should be done. If we can’t vet you, we don’t want you. We don’t know who you are. We don’t know if you’re a criminal, we don’t know if you’re a rapist.”
“Trump is right in that way,” the citizen says, “because not everybody’s a good guy. And I know plenty of illegals that are good and I know plenty of illegals that are not really good, they’re drug addicts, they do robberies, they own guns. This has to change but it’s a bigger agenda here.”
“He goes on to spell out what the Democratic Party is really up to, saying, “The war is on the middle income families. In order for socialism and communism to exist in the United States and California, you need to get rid of the middle class families and that’s what the Democrats are doing. They have been taken over by the Communist Party for over thirty years.”
“He says, “That’s exactly what they’re doing in California, because our taxes are the highest. Our gas tax is killing me. I do a lot of driving and it’s killing me right now. The registrations just went up. We have the most homeless here. It’s brutal here. We need to get out and vote, people. The Democratic Party is killing California. Arrest Governor Brown and De Leon, they’re criminals.”

2 Comments on An Inside Look As Los Alamitos Votes To Return To Constitution, Defy Calif Sanctuary Law
  • ..
  • Stan // March 21 (act. still March 20 PDT)
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • That Mexican-born U.S. citizen had it exactly right. Good for him. We need more citizens like him, to tell it like it is, and for legal immigrants like him as well. And much appreciation to the Los Alamitos City Council as well in voting that way.

Now look for TPTB to start firing up their Plan, which involves what is called CalExit: a/the plan to take CA out of the federal Union, helped along by massive domestic (choreographed) unrest (stoked by MS-13 and ISIS operatives, with BLM and Antifa goons right behind), and in the ensuing chaos, to call in the UN to re-establish order (yeah, right); the plan being to a) make CA a state unto itself, under the auspices of the UN (with Gov. Jerry Brown presumably its el Presidente); and b) the UN coming into the country at large, under the Kigali Principles set up for the U.S. by the Usurper, Obama, to take it over en toto.  All to make it part of the despotic New World Order, long planned for us by the Cabal/Illuminati. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the Left, and the NWO gang of technocratic thieves:

Not my state you won’t;

not my country you won’t.

P.S. Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show is running a series on this vey subject currently.  Worth catching.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

As The World Turns...

I made some comments today at various places that left me a bit numb inside.  One was the posting to me of a site that shows the huge number of WWII+ airplanes - fighters and bombers - that are parked out in the desert of somewhere.  All that money, - millions and millions of dollars, tied up as junk - while children are starving in the world, and people are hurting everywhere…

…anyway, the following thread seems to me to pretty much summarize my day.

from Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event’ - Jim Fetzer - March 17
(Fetter has analyzed all the false flag ops that have come our way, ever since 9/11.  He calls’em as he sees’em.  The Left keeps trying to shoot him down for raining on their parade, by coming up with manufactured outrage at how dare he hurt the feelings of those who lost loved ones in these ops.  He has one critic in particular, who goes after him with all the demonizing and swear words in the book.  I’ll pass on including some of his rants; just give my response.)

Stan - March 19

Steve12: With all the anomalies to the ‘official’ versions of these events that Dr. Fetzer has reported on, and you have found  a couple of things to nitpick him on?  I’m impressed.  That takes real, er, skill.

Jim: With all your good work in putting the pieces of the Parkland affair together, don’t overlook the video of some cops at the scene loading something in a duffel bag into the back of a pickup truck and having it taken away.  

Disturbing a crime scene?  A crime.

And no reports of the shell casings at the scene, to determine/confirm a) the type of weapon used, and b) if there was more than one shooter, as some students attested to.  And, no photos of the crime scene?  bullet holes, shell casings, blood??  And no reports confirming the number of dead and wounded??  Except, of course, the shot of the kid with the prosthetic leg…

Shades of the Boston Marathon Bombing, er, drill……

P.S. I couldn’t access your iv w/Kerry Cassidy on Parkland, to see if you mentioned the Cops & the Duffel Bag business, because it wouldn’t load.  Curious, that.  Or not…… 

…and the outcome of the Parkland false flag op, whatever actually happened there:

from ‘It Begins: Florida Police Now Confiscating Guns From People With No Due Process’ - Matt Agorist - March 19
(“Broward, FL — In what’s being called the first gun confiscation of its kind in Florida, police have taken four guns and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man. The man was not tried, had not committed a crime, and the guns were solely removed because “experts” deemed him a threat.
“The guns and ammunition have been temporarily removed from the man under the state’s new “risk protection” law, which is also sometimes called “red flag” legislation…”)

GreenBus [me[ - March 19

Good call, Matt.

So now they're just going to rely on the word of "experts"??  What's the difference between this sort of crap and the former Soviet Union putting people in prison on claims of the state's psychologists that the person is 'unstable,' or 'mentally unfit' just because they don't believe in the ruling regime of the communists???  And as for our current batch of 'experts': I see that the social media thugs are relying on the word of the likes of the SPLC to judge someone's post or video 'offensive' and thus eligible to be taken down.  Guess who the SPLC deems 'potential domestic terrorists': Patriots, constitutionalists, conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, people with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars...

I urge the people of Florida to wake up as to how they are being taken over by the New World Order crowd.  Who need to be stopped, in their best-laid plans.  Now.  Before things get very, very ugly in this country. 

Things are bad enough as it is.  But if these Darkside characters push any more, it is not a stretch to believe that we ain't seen nothin' yet. 

…and as part of the corrupt climate that we live in, reaching down now even to our babies; this, from ‘Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America’ - Isabelle Z., Natural News - March 18/19
(“(Natural News) Psychiatric drug use is on the rise in the U.S., with one out of every six Americans now taking some type of medication in this category. This is highly concerning given the scary side effects and poor effectiveness of many of these drugs, but there is one particularly disturbing aspect of this trend that seems to get glossed over, and that is the extraordinary number of children who are taking such drugs.
“Mental health watchdog group Citizens Commission on Human Rights is drawing attention to the concerning fact that more than a million kids younger than six in our nation are currently taking psychiatric drugs.
“While around half of these children are four to five years old, an incredible 274,804 of them are younger than a year old. That’s right: babies are being given psychiatric drugs. The number rises for toddlers aged two to three, with 370,778 kids in this category taking psychiatric drugs overall.
Data from IMS Health shows that the situation only gets worse as kids get older, with 4,130,340 kids aged 6 to 12 taking some type of psychiatric drug…”)

Stan S. March 20, 2018 at 12:32 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

It is disheartening to see that even such a clued-in site as Natural News doesn’t even mention the main factor regarding mental conditions [other than from outright brain damage, as from, say, vaccines]: that of diet/nutrition.

This is absolutely malpractice for doctors to be giving such meds to babies/young children. It will be extremely difficult to wean them off them. Which seems to be the point: the medical-pharmaceutical complex at work. Scratch that: the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.

Hopefully Pres. Trump will get some advice on all this from some holistic health practitioners. But I doubt it. I just read elsewhere that he wants to go to ‘evidence-based’ treatments. Which means drug-based. A terrible, terrible pity. And error.

Let’s get this sad, mad Story over with.