Friday, 21 November 2014

Further On Gauntlets Having Been Thrown Down...

…And Rubicons Crossed

from naturalnewscom: 'Obama the tyrant king unleashes dictatorial order that will now involve "open rebellion" - Senate aide' - Mike Adams - Nov.  21
("The liberal media won't report this, but Obama has just crossed the line in the minds of tens of millions of Americans and their representatives in Congress. This President has gone from merely being "deceptive" to being thought of as an outright criminal who must be restrained to save America from tyranny…") 


Good words, Mike. And those of Patrick Buchanan as well. Well chosen, both of you.
As for those who are supporting Obama: I can only wonder what you were taught in school, about the difference between a republic and an empire; and how history has taught us to be exceedingly wary of the difference, and move to the latter stage, of decline and fall.

Taught some of us, that is.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

On Gauntlets

1) from 'Obama To Shield Nearly 5 Million Illegal Immigrants From Deportation, Taunts Congress Along The Way' - CK Howard IV - Nov 20

The die is cast. It's time to take the battle directly to the Usurper.
Either we are a nation of laws. Or we are a fiefdom of an Overseer. Take your pick.


2) Blast faxes via GrassTopsUSA: 'Emperor Obama Just Had His Say On Amnesty… Now Have Your Say' - Nov. 20

("UPDATE: Barack Hussein Obama Just Declared Himself Dictator Of The United States By Issuing An Unconstitutional, Lawless And Imperial Amnesty Proclamation... A Proclamation That He Has No Authority Or Power To Issue... Are You Going To Let Him Get Away With It?…")

My response:

TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives:

RE: If You Fund Obama's Dictatorial Amnesty Decree, Then You Are COMPLICIT... PERIOD... END OF SENTENCE!

The Architect of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, obviously isn't the only elite in Washington who is under the idiotic impression that the American people are stupid.

Can you please explain how some elected officials can castigate Mr. Obama for threatening to issue an unconstitutional "Executive Amnesty Decree" on the one hand and then quietly push to give him taxpayer money to fund it on the other?

To use the words of Senator Jeff Sessions: "Why would any member of Congress who opposes executive amnesty provide President Obama the funds to carry it out?"

Make no mistake, if you do not stop funding for Mr. Obama's unconstitutional and lawless amnesty decree, as far as the American people are concerned, it will not be a failure on your part; rather, the American people will consider you to be complicit.

Stopping Mr. Obama is simple. The American people are not simple. Moreover, the American people are sick and tired of your phony promises, your duplicitous actions and your weasel words. You were given your positions of power to stop the radical Obama agenda. Stop it now


Duane Stanfield
P.S. When Obama the candidate said in 2008 that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America," We the People had some excuse not to understand that he meant "…into a dictatorship".  We no longer have the benefit of that excuse, in guiding our actions from here on in, in ridding the nation of this despot - and outright Usurper, as it has turned out as well.

Do your damn job.  Or get out of the way.  The People are coming. 


3) from 'Rush: Obama actually IS an Emperor' - orig. Nov. 19; posted here Nov. 20

Michael Leinbach · Top Commenter · Bel Air, Maryland (Nov 20)

But the truth is..... REAGAN DID NOT DO IT! Reagan absolutely did not give blanket Amnesty to anyone!

Reagans Law was the Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986 and it GAVE NO ONE Amnesty!

In fact, The law made it illegal for a Company to knowingly hire an Illegal Immigrant. 


The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pub.L. 99–603, 100 Stat. 3445, enacted November 6, 1986, also known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, signed into law by Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986, is an Act of Congress which reformed United States immigration law. The Act[1]
required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status;.
made it illegal to hire or recruit illegal immigrants knowingly;.
legalized certain seasonal agricultural illegal immigrants, and;.
legalized illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt; candidates were required to prove that they were not guilty of crimes, that they were in the country before January 1, 1982, and that they possessed minimal knowledge about U.S. history, government, and the English language.

At the time, the Immigration and Naturalization Service estimated that about four million illegal immigrants would apply for legal status through the act and that roughly half of them would be eligible.[2].

(So, have those pre-'82ers ended up applying for, and receiving, citizenship???…)


4) What do I think of Obama's latest move?

I can only guess
That he is tired
of the job
And has figured out
A way to get out
               of it
With at least
some people
Giving him credit
For his time in it.
And now,
he can ditch
And get back
To his true
And drugs.
Oh; and

That job
Must have been
Really hard
On him;
Great Pretender
he is.


…and a final thought for this day, in the countdown time period to Breakthrough, from the Illusion that we have been living in; for long enough, now (and a final gauntlet to throw down, right now):

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'AP Impact: 'Vaccine Court' keeps Claimants Waiting' - Nov. 20  (orig. posted at Health and Nutrition - Nov 17)

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

I am not happy with this report from the AP. Although it does give both sides of the issue, it does not do the ‘anti-vaccine’ case proper justice.

I have studied this matter for many, many years; and the bottom line is that ‘the system’ is totally and arrogantly corrupt. Yes, some plaintiffs’ lawyers game the system. But the system just makes them play the same game, for being so unfair. And as for The Great Justification for these dangerous shots: There are all manner of natural substances that can do the job, of protecting children from the childhood diseases, that don’t have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have. And the vaxes weren’t the major reason for the lowering of the ch. diseases over the years anyway. The stats show that those mortality rates were going down BEFORE the advent of the vaccines for them; through better sanitation, nutrition, etc. (Including illness/disease conditions that don’t have a vax ‘attached’ to them; like typhus.) This whole thing has been fueled by matters of cupidity, and power. (The latter aspect including the fact that vaxes are now being used as clandestine infertility agents; and worse. Another story.)

This vaccine ‘business’ – and I use the word deliberately – will be exposed as a particularly sad, even disgusting chapter in the history of humanity, when The Truth outs. As it will.

As – it – will.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

On Appearances

"Who was my Daddy, Mommy?"

"Why, honey chile, that's an interesting question.  Well, I don't rightly know the answer to that.  See, I was very popular in my day, an' I had a lot of boy friends, and one thing jus' led to another… an' I had you, sweetie pie.  Isn't that nice?"

No, it isn't.  But to continue:

"Why did you have me, Mommy?"

"Well, akshully, to tell you the truth, honey lamb, it was becuz the gummint paid me to have a - to have yew.  Now, isn't that nice?"

Actually, no it isn't.  Actually, it's appalling.

Foolish people in charge of this crap: How did you ever think to be doing good by paying single females (and acknowledging that White and Hispanic females got caught up in this scam as well) to have babies on the taxpayer's dime?  And more than one, for heaven's sakes??  (Anybody can make a mistake.  But we learn from our mistakes.  Or are supposed to.  That's what life is all about, honey chile.)  

Oh, I know what was really behind it.  This was not just bleeding-heart-liberal stuff.  This was outright Marxist intentional stuff: in order to so burden, with a deliberately-created welfare class, the free-market, free-enterprise, private-property capitalist system that it would collapse, and give these Marxists amongst us the Opportunity they wanted and were creating to substitute their desired socialist system on the ashes of the Old Order.1  But a lot of legitimate people bought into the subterfuge; and I am here to tell those of you - and those leftist ideologues amongst us as well who have ears to hear - that the bottom line is that   

a child has a right, a) to know its father - to be helped to be raised by its father;2 and b) not to have been the product merely of cupidity; but to have been wanted, in and for him- or herself.  (Plus, keeping aware of our origins is not just a racial or national but a spiritual exercise.)  I wonder how many of these feral youth roaming our streets are hurting existentially - and strike out inchoately at their surroundings - because they know that their mothers had them basically just 'for the money'... 

Some more strong talking:

You - whoever you are; and you know who you are  - have no call on other people's money.  Not in this system, which honors the principle of private property.  

What the hell is the matter with you? What kind of consciousness is it that gives you the wherewithal to think that taking money from others - robbing Peter to pay Paul - is okay???  

Oh, I get it.  You Blacks that we are talking about3 have bought into the racial/racist argument: the blacks have been kept down by the whites, so this is only fair.  'We're just getting our own back on Whitey.'  Is that it?  Whitey owes us…. 

To which I say:


Wake up, people.  You have been played like a violin.  Or more accurately - that is, metaphorically speaking - like a fiddle. Like the 'fiddle' - scam - that it is.  

Yes, blacks have been hard done by, by the majority white culture in & of America.  Yes, we are still moving out from under the shadow of the era of slavery in history.  But playing the victim 'fiddle' is not the way to go into the future.

Two wrongs don't make a right.  Pick yourself up, like other racial and national groups have, and make the most of life in a free country. 

Which, I assure you, this country is going to remain. 

Marxist ideologues to the contrary notwithstanding.               


And speaking of 'coloration,' and made-up dialogue to make a point:

I realize now, at this point in time, that I foresaw, back in the late '50s-early '60s, the changing demographics of America when I wrote the screenplay that I referred to the other day, and have outlined in previous blogs; about a youngish, sort of drop-out American male (say, a young Clint Eastwood) who is 'discovered' in a small fishing village in Mexico by a young American dark-haired beauty (say, the young Elizabeth Taylor) - standing for Innocent, vibrant, vital America, before it gets corrupted by 'the world' - on her way at the time to Europe - standing for 'the old,' the jaded, the effete, the 'finished.'  She has come to the village, before she heads off for the fleshpots of Europe as a college graduation present, just to say a quick hello (and, as it will turn out in 'reality' as well as momentarily, goodbye) to her father, who is there with a couple of business 'partners' on some mysterious business, disguised as simply a fishing holiday.  They are in actuality up to some corporate skullduggery (fixing prices??  That kind of sense).  The Three Wise Guys, then, in this convoluted, metaphorical tale, wherein what you see on the surface is not in fact what you actually 'get'.  Or not…

Anyway, the plot thickens, after only a couple of days of her visit; and our erstwhile heroine, having discovered the presence in the village of a fellow American - our hero; here on a leg of his Hero's Journey, 'disguised' at this time as a helper at an artist's colony (a legitimate enterprise, but itself being used as a cover, it will turn out, for some young Hispanic revolutionaries, who are out to help overthrow the Norte Americano Gringos, momentary occupants of their rightful ancestral 'turf,' as they have been led to think) - and an attractive guy at that (name of Ray.  Her name is Joyce.  Geddit??  As though they were natural partners, just momentarily separated is all, but time - and the plot - would unfold their coming together; right???  Wrong, as it will turn out.  But first things first) - arranges to borrow some disguising clothes from one of the young maids at the villa her father & Friends have rented, and slips into the village, under the cover as well of darkness, to do some for-a-lark 'slumming' in general, but as well, specifically to check out this somewhat mysterious fellow countryman of hers, who initially got her attention when he ignored her in her previous attempts simply to be civil.  It is, to her, as though he - rudely; again, to her - doesn't want to have anything to do with 'her'.  (We understand that a little, telegraphed from back at the beginning of the film, in a Prologue, when we saw some American soldiers returning from war - some war; some where - and anonymously 'buried' among them, we are led to understand, is our film's Hero.  And so a sort of Bill Ayers/Weathermen figure: reactionary to the corrupt, crony-capitalist concept that War Is A Racket.  But to continue.)                     

In her local plumage, then - complete with shawl covering her head and masking her features - our erstwhile Heroine slips into the life of the village, and, having sussed out that our Hero is in the taverna, quietly having a drink on his own, goes to his small adobe casa (that she and we have known by now is strictly off-limits to anybody; and with an old hotel 'No Moleste' sign on the door to emphasize the point) and, trying the door and finding it unlocked, furtively slips inside.  After some finagling with a lantern, she discovers the interior of this mysterious man's lair.  Which takes her breath away.  Not the utter simplicity of it - like a hermit's cell (but with some painter's gear in one corner).  But the walls. 

Whitewashed - like giant artist's canvases -  one is a desert scene, with horned skull in the foreground, a single cactus - with two prickly 'arms' - in the middle ground, a range of barren hills in the background, and a single buzzard in a searing sky, the sun like something out of Van Gogh's imagination, complete with pulsing waves; another is a seascape, with a giant wave, which a single dolphin is riding (to what 'shore'?; what 'purpose'??); another is a jungle scene, like a nearly impenetrable wall of foliage, with the eyes of a feline creature of some kind looking steadily at us from within its domain.  (You can almost hear the low, menacing purr.)  And the fourth wall is - 

still bare.  In the middle of which is the door; in the open doorway of which - as if having come out of its incipient state, its message of unfinished business, into 'real' - or at least, our - life - is standing Ray; just looking quietly at her.  (Though you can almost hear the low, menacing growl that we have just been led to feel.)  

"Oh!" she gasps, hand to heart, and almost dropping the lantern; burbling on: "You startled me!  Well, I guess of course that's obvious, isn't it.  I mean - Hello," she says with a show of some bravado.  "I'm…."  She ends on a plaintive note, as if begging his pardon.

'You're in my space.," he replies levelly, with a touch of menace.  (I told you he is somewhat like a young Clint Eastwood; as I see him.) 

"Yes, I…see…that.  Yes!  You're…I mean I'm…  Hey, I'm sorry.  I was just - curious… Hey, you're good.  You know that?  Well of course you do.  I mean - these walls, are - something else.   You should - you know - exhibit, or whatever it's called.  You know?"


"You know what I mean?" she tries again, trying to think of what to say, how to act.

Silence.  Stare.

"Hey, look, really, I'm so sorry, I really am.  I just -  "



She sits obediently, perched on the chair as if alertly waiting on her master's next command.  He sits across from her, at the small table in the middle of the room, in the only other chair in the room.  In his space.  The table positioned as if, when sitting at that position, he can survey his private kingdom - his private world - equally.  Now, he surveys her, and her costume.  Still nervous, but gaining control of herself, she says:

"Hi.  My name is Joyce."

"I know."   


"You do?"

He continues to look, more at her costume than at her directly.  She wonders about his remark, and what to say regarding it.  

"And you are…" she tries on for size.    

"…I'd like…to paint you," he says, simply.

"You what? - You would?  Paint.  Oh.  Oh, really?  Well - well, that would be - Okay.  Fine.  By me.  I mean - really.  That would be an honor," she finishes, with a look around the room at the amazing walls; then has a sudden thought: "I wouldn't have to…"       

Coming out of his thoughts, he 'hears' her comment, and shakes his head; replying: "Just as you are."

"Oh.  Well.  That's okay, then.  That's - good.  I mean - really.  It would be, as I say: an honor.  And all…" she concludes, on a note of unsureness of precisely what all she is getting herself into…

What she gets herself into, on the surface, is a series of sittings, wherein Ray experiments with different styles - as if 'mirroring' the image of Innocent America going 'out' from Her roots and trying on different 'styles' of her own (including religious), as she explores the World that she has been 'born' into.4  And eventually settles on her as she is; which includes her skin tone darkening under the influence of the equatorial sun…The last version of her that we get a glimpse of, before the plot moves on, is of her looking more natural and comfortable - and more mature - in the young peasant woman's outfit - shawl and blouse - that she wore at the beginning of the process; as if adjusting to it, 'matching it' better…in the combining of the two energies, of her new makeup.  Not at all like a played-out, jaded, decadent, Old-World European... 

Anyway.  You get the drift, of this essay, On Appearances.  

And on whoring after false gods.

Both of which make us think that we are separate from one another.

When actually, we are all




1 including deliberately breaking down the nuclear family unit; in order - for control purposes - that The State would become the Go-To Parent.  Including for the feminist class that was developed - intentionally - to give more juice to the Revolution.  And the lesbian 'class' too, for that matter.  Another sordid story.
   There is, I am sure, a special place in heaven for those who deliberately create poverty, and turmoil.  They may have their justifications.  But they also have the consequences of their actions, to sort out. 

2 for the child's sake (including the right to know its roots; and getting conditioned thereby to the idea that knowing our origins - including our ultimate one - matters), and the sake of the father.  (The most civilizing experience that a man can have in life; including in learning to take responsibility for his actions.)  

3 And here let me acknowledge the role that the Republicans played in all this scammy stuff as well, in being so shortsighted in their desire to make money off the deal that they failed to look down the road to today, and the crisis emerging from their cupidity as well. 
   And also to acknowledge - as I said; but to reiterate,.for total clarity's sake - that White and Hispanic women got caught up in this scam as well.  But the Blacks were singled out years ago to be the main cannon fodder for The Revolution.  

4 A child made to not know its father, anyone???…        

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I AM With You…Always

I realized, from my last blog, that you, dear Reader, may not know quite what to think of me.  Have I gone 'round the bend?  Not - at least - from everyday life, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience'.   

Just acknowledging 
How I feel.
                     I AM
A big proponent
Of the free speech principle
For example.  As for
The leadership thing,   
I hadn't meant to
Go that far 
When I started 
           the blog 
But I found myself wanting 
To lay my claim, and take
Responsibility -
Responsibility -
For it.
So, there
IT iS.

As for a possible question in your mind: Can you trust me?  My answer (just off the top of my head):

I recommend that you read my blog postings over the years.  They will - that will - give you a good indication of where I come from, and who I am.  I am one of you.  In, but not of, the world.  And realizing that.

I've had to hold these feelings - and 'that' feeling (the Leadership thing) in particular - all these years; awaiting 'the call'.  Not knowing what that might be, might entail.  But I certainly know now:

It's about opposing total despotism on the planet - but in a way that doesn't just create more reaction, thus being a false Synthesis stage of the process; just another step on the ladder, of the raising of consciousness; out of the relative darkness, and into the full light of a New Day for humanity.  The vaunted New Age that some have talked about.  Thus, its not being just another new 'thesis,' which - by the 'law' governing such things - would merely generate another antithesis, for the process to continue unfolding. But the Full Monty, as it were, now.

Consider.  The dark Cabal is about to fasten a Total Information Blanket over the whole of humanity, whereby all that we will know is what our erstwhile Masters want us to know.  If ever a total historical response was called for - a concluding of The Process - this is that time.     

As for this specific business, of (erstwhile) Masters over us:

With Lincoln, As I would be a slave to no man, I would have no man be a slave to me.  

And thus, why I am such a big proponent of the 'free speech' principle.*  

And as for my being in this right along with you; and clarifying any possible misconception on the issue:

            I AM
A Christian.
I don't believe
In that story.
I'm just operating
On what I know
And feel.
          I can still,
Good example, 
         get angry
              a sale
That I was counting on
To come through
My supermarket's
Cash register
It up.  
A bummer of
A trip
That is.

And the time when
I worked at
An aircraft assembly
In a summer
Going back
To university
And my work site
Wasn't up
To snuff
In not giving me
To do
And so 
         I went
And got in trouble
For it.
Did I get angry
The injustice
Of it??
             No, I
Did not.
       (And fook
My punishment
           for it
Under the wing
Of a female
Time, who took
A liking
To me.
            But that's
To tell
Is serious
And now
For now.)

If I had known then
What I know now
I might have said
(Or been tempted
To say): 
'Give me something
To do, Man.  
          I'm wasting
My time
Here, Man.  
      Let's get on
With lt, Man.'
                But I
Did not.
ly.  Or I 
Might not
Have made it
To today;
The Right
To say
I have
And Now
In our
    as we leave
The Darkness
Behind us
As the grist
For the mill
That it was. 
And note
That tense
For, All


So.  My message to the leaders of today:

Stop treating adults like children; and they will stop acting like children. 

And I will show you how.


* That doesn't mean that there should be no limits whatsoever to 'free speech'.  Clear incitement to violence against persons or lawful authority is a fair limitation, for example.  But such control should not be allowed to be fudged.  As masters of the art have already engaged in.
     For example: I  became active in a 'free speech' organization in Australia, where I lived for some years, which I began to realize was being taken over, or at  least neutralized, by proponents of anything but.  First, they - the steering committee, on which I ended up sitting - chose to denigrate a woman who rose to some prominence at the time by being a spokesperson for 'the rednecks,' they would be called in the U.S. - your basic average Joe & Jill Citizen, invested in the fundamental values of their Western upbringing.  (The specific issue around her was regarding her outspokenness over the state treating the Aborigines like a privileged class, in a bending-over-backwards, preferential-treatment show of liberal white guilt.  Much like what is happening today in the U.S. with the black community there: being used by Marxists like a battering ram, to install their desired socialist 'equality' system in the U.S.)  It's okay to oppose someone's point of view - and in point of fact, that's what life in a dualistic/polarity environment is all about - but to attempt to stifle them?  And by a Free Speech Committee, of all intentioned groups of people??  It wasn't on.  
   And then came a really big one: A professor wrote to us for support against the Australian authorities who were trying to nail him on 'he equivalent of 'incitement to violence' charges because he was questioning the given story about gas chambers in the (so called) Holocaust, of Jews by Hitler/the Nazis in the Second World War.  (The issue of the phantom 'six million' is another such issue out of those circumstances.)  He even went to Europe to check out the concentration camps named in 'history' - i.e., the record given to us by our erstwhile Masters for simply and dutifully swallowing - for such atrocities, and produced a video showing the results of his in-situ research.  (That there was no evidence for such charges 'on the ground'.)  He was being hounded by the authorities, not for 'the truth' of anything, but simply for going against the zeitgeist (i.e. in this case, outlawing speech that merely 'offends' somebody).   Would we help him? he asked us.  Answer: None.  
   I left the country just at that time, and so didn't have a chance to follow up on the issue, with the membership of the FSC at large, either through our (sometimes) newsletter or at the AGM.  But it was 'a sign of the times': Even a body calling itself a Free Speech Committee was being sidelined, on the planet.  By people who don't really believe in free speech.  But in The People being subordinated to the power - and whim - of The State.    
   Hear it, O Moloch the Magnificent: I for one will not be so cowed.  Go find yourself a sacrifice to your power lust somewhere else.
   That's not the way to change people.  Fool.
   Education.  Not indoctrination.
   Draw out from within.  Not impose from without.  The latter Way lasts only as long as you can maintain the imposition.
   We are not robots, simply subject to programming.

On Benevolent Despotism…Sort Of

In my last blog1 I talked about the U.S. being the base for humanity's Next Steps, which includes moving out into the cosmic space around us.  An example of what I meant: the Internet, vis-a-vis the American Constitution; and its importance, not only to us Americans.  But to the world.

Today I finally got around to opening one of the many letters I get from many 'worthy causes'.  This one was from Senator Bob Smith, writing for an organization called Frontiers of Freedom, on the subject of (the Usurper) Obama's intending to turn over control of the Internet to the UN/"stakeholders";2 and it contained such informational and doomsday comments as:

"Though the Internet connects the entire world, it is an American national treasure.

"The United States invented the Internet…

"And it's only because the United States oversees it that the Internet is a place where freedom of speech, freedom of commerce, and freedom from oppressive Internet taxation flourish every day.

"Oppressed people and dissidents of tyrannical regimes across the world look to the Internet.  It's their hope and connection to freedom.

" They also know that the Internet undermines the vicious and brutal dictatorships they live under…

"From the creation of the Internet, the [U.S.] federal government has always had final say on the DNS [the 'phone book' of web sites, aka the Domain Name System] and has always stood up for freedom…"

And what happens if the U.S. federal government joins other tyrannical regimes - in a totalitarian New World Order, planned for the planet by an elite crowd of muggers known as the Cabal - and decides to block websites that it doesn't tike???  Then we have trouble in River City, my friend.

I jest.  But barely.  It is, indeed, a worry.  And a warning.

Among other things: that the Obama administration - regime. really -  is now well into going too far.

And needs  to be deposed.  Just as soon as possible. 

For a 'regime' of freedom - 'essential liberty,' as our (enlightened; and overlit) Founding Fathers called it -  to take over the running of the good ship America. 

For the world.  In the construction of a New World Order, alright.  But of the right kind…3

While reading this letterer - which contains a DON'T SURRENDER THE INTERNET petition to Congress; which I encourage all Americans to followup on, with your congressional representatives - I was reminded of the end of a screenplay I wrote many years ago.  I have talked about this before in these pages, so I won't go into the details of the story here; just to say, that at the end of all of the 'drama,'  the conclusion reached was a meeting between a representative of us Humans and a contingent of representatives of humanoid species from 'outer space,' having just landed and embarked from a UFO, at the site of a city being built by humans, under the auspices of the story's protagonist.  An American named Ray.  A nickname.  Short for…

well.  That detail doesn't really matter, in this telling of that story.  My essential point, in and for this blog:    

Before we Humans are going to be allowed to venture into space,4 we need to get our act together.  And that means that we need to 'go in peace'.  Having demonstrated, in our organizational structure, that we mean it.  

Under my command of Spaceship Earth,  we Gaians will fly the heavens from a base of cooperation and goodwill.  Not a base of aggression, and intention of Power Over.  We fly a flag that says, in effect:

'We come in peace.'


'I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.'  - Voltaire.  Under me, change that to read: I guarantee it.  

For, we are, in our essence, souls.  Not slaves. 



1 which I wrote last night, but which I see was posted right at midnight, so that it is posted as of today's date.

2 echoing a short article in the May 2014 issue of The Phyllis Schlafly Report, which I just received and read recently; to give her due credit for being on top of this extremely important issue as well

3 "…(F)or the first time [under "Obama's plan to surrender the Internet," it] will not have the protection of the United States and our strong First Amendment protections for speech and free commerce…
   "Surrendering [control of] the Internet would immediately lead to a massive worldwide crackdown on free speech…"

4 further than we already have.  Another blog, perhaps.  But Hint: We have already ventured 'out there'.  Putting a toe in the waters.  And needing to be very careful as to how we proceed, into uncharted territory.
     By us, at least.

On The Elections, & The Elected

I realize that I have not said much in these pages in respect to the recent elections.  Let me address that oversight here and now, by saying:

Congratulations to the American people for reacting to the myriad of provocations by this rogue Executive and his rogue administration in a way that did not give him the opening that he has been desiring, and trying to instigate into being; that being to declare Martial Law, and thus eliminate the Constitution in one fell swoop, rather than by 'the death of a thousand cuts' that he has been administering to it. for long enough, now.  A hearty Well Done, then, to the American people, in exercising your right to vote miscreants out of office, and thereby administer change peaceably.  

Now let's finish the job, by simply - in pre-emptive mode (which is appearing more and more necessary) - removing the Usurper from his position of high power as obtained unlawfully, and thus our not needing to do it either by the electoral process or by impeachment, which is for legally sitting presidents.  He is illegally ensconced in that office, which gives We the People the ability simply to arrest him, and hold him for trial, on a considerable number of charges; among them, the felony in its own right of having authorized the posting of a document on the official White House website that he knew to be fraudulent, no. 1, and no. 2, which has well proven, under the detailed scrutiny of several such document experts, to be a forgery.  

The case that it made, for his birth in Hawaii - let me make it clear - not being necessary to his removal from that office in any event: no. 1, its fraudulent nature being in and of itself sufficient grounds for his immediate removal from the office which, no. 2, he illegally obtained in the first place, by not being constitutionally eligible for it.*  

And into the (cleaned-up by then) court system will go as well all those who engaged with him in the conspiracy to defraud the American people - and thereby attempt to move the nation out from under the rule of law - in putting up for the office a candidate who was not constitutionally eligible for that particular office in the first place.  More on said conspiracy to come out, as we go along the path of setting things to rights in this country.  

And let the chips fall where they may in that pursuit and process, of cleansing the country of wrongdoing.  For, corruption will not be allowed, much less tolerated, in the New Order of Things that the American experiment in self-governance was intended to help bring about on the planet.  Not the pale-imitation, corrupted version, which temporal powers have tried to substitute for The Real Thing.  

Which will be the base from which Humanity as a whole will now reach for the heavens; physically, and in spiritual Ascension as well.

More on all of which to follow, from the days that we are now in:

the countdown days, to our rightful inheritance; for all the work that we have put into helping bring it about.

'It': Our release from the 3-D prison that we entered a long time ago - willingly; for the experience, of seemingly being totally on our own, rather than part of a larger whole, and process.  And now, having experienced it, and in spades, as they say, can leave it behind - having earned our wings, as it were - and enter the wider space of our being, and potential, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  And go exploring in the universe at large.

And beyond.

Spatially.  And dimensionally.

For being, in our true, fundamental natures, far greater than we have heretofore given ourselves credit for being.

As a gift from The All That Is that sparked us into being.


* That case, in a nutshell:
   When the constitutional Framers came to the time to look at the qualifications that they wished to assign for the new office of the presidency of the nation that they were forming, Alexander Hamilton proposed that the candidate must be, besides a certain age, simply a "citizen".  John Jay, one of the statesmen of the day, who, however, was not part of the Constitutional Convenntion proceedings (but who was to become the first Chief Justice of the new nation; such was the esteem in which he was held by his peers), sent a private letter to G. Washington, Chair of the Convention, expressing his concern that the person in that position, who would as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, be not required to be just a "citizen," but a special kind of citizen: a "natural born" citizen.  The point - which was accepted by the Convention, over A. Hamilton's proposal - was to make sure that the candidate did not have DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a naturalized citizen.  And obviously like a dual citizen. 
   The constitutional Framers were of the generation that had just fought a war for their independence, from Britain.  They were particularly sensitive to such issues as the Brits trying to sneak back into power in the fledgling Republic.  We can, of course, amend the Constitution to our own interests and sensitivities along these sorts of lines.  And in point of fact, both current political parties tried a total of eight times between 2003 and '08 to get such an amendment going through Congress, to withdraw this particular eligibility requirement for that particular office.  And they failed even to get it out of committee each time; such was the sensibility 'in the air' against eliminating this particular requirement.
   So it is still the law of the land.  
   Which doesn't mean that it can't be changed - survive the amending process, of the constitutional contract (a process not to be entered into lightly; for longevity purposes)  - in the future.   
   But in the meantime, its 'changing' has been an act of tyranny.
   And all those involved in this execrable act of despotism must be held to account for their scurrilous actions.
   Including - of course - the Usurper himself.    
    A former 'constitutional law lecturer'. 
   Oh, really?  Interesting, how they teach such subjects these days… 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

On Transparency

'Yo, bro'.'

'Hello, Mr. President.  Mr. President, there's no time to beat around the bush: I am here to tell you right out that if you continue to push this Amnesty thing, you're going to push the Right into outright insurrection.  And - '

'Well, that's the whole point, - '


' - of course.'

'What do you mean?  Sir.'

'What do you mean, 'What do I mean'.  Where you been, boy?  It's the big leagues, now.  No more of this bush league stuff.  And you can capitalize that name, too.  Joke.  And he was.  One of the gang.  But not fully up to the job.  Hence…moi.'

'…I don't understand.  I thought, when you talked about '"fundamentally transforming the United States of America" in your initial candidacy, you meant from the secretive, arrogant, racist, war-mongering, good ol' boy kind of leadership in the country, as exemplified so well by Bush and Cheney, to a more transparent and inclusive one.'

'I did.  And I do.  Well, not 'transparent' immediately.  That would have to come with time; once I had solidified my base, and everything came out anyway.  But 'inclusive'?  Right.  Just like my ObamaCare package.  Everybody in; nobody out.  Ultimately.  Hee hee.'   

'…I don't like the sound of this, Mr. President.'

'Well now, isn't that just too bad.  

'Listen up, choir boy.  What do you think this has all been all about?  There are going to be the winners and the losers.  And i chose to go along with the script that I was handed, to be one of the winners.'

'Sir; with all - '  
'Do you know anything at all about me?  About my deep background??  About why I told a girl in high school, who I was just chatting up - you know, to bum a cigaret off of, really -  that I was going to be the president of the 'Yew-nited States' someday???  Almost let the cat out of the bag with that one.'

'…You're saying….'      

'I'm "saying" that this has all been worked out, for years.  It has to do with the true powers that run this here world.  And my real old man.  Who was - '   

'God runs this world, Mr. President.'

'Well now; it depends on whose god you're talking about.  Now doesn't it.  Hee hee.'  

(Yes, it does.  Indeed.

Just sayin'.

But to continue, with this sermon, from the Book of Life; how Pride can't help but lead to a fall:)

'Don't you get it even yet?  Do I really need to spell it out for you?  Lord, spare me from imbeciles.  But not quite just yet.  They provide such great cover.'

'Mr. President, - '     

'Don't give me that horseshit.  God, I'm getting so tired of this charade.  Let it be over and done with!'

'I don't - '

'Stop and think, man.  Why do you think I wanted my own army?  A "civilian national security force, just as powerful, just as strong, just as" - '

'For environmental emergencies, like - '

'Jesus H. Christ!  You want it straight, let me give ft to you straight: We're taking you fools over!   I'm not your president!  I'm your Master

'Get it?  The Constitution - which, for all intents and purposes, under the Shrub was made into "just a damn piece of paper," as he called it - I have made into a dead letter, period.  There simply is no, and cannot be, a Constitution in this New World, that we are creating - by our own hands. That's why - '

'Thank you, bro.  Just wanted to get it all on the record.  Be happy to see your face in court, when they play this tape.

"Bye 'bye.'    

And 'this tape' is, of course, ultimately, the Akashic record.  Where everything we ever did, or do - or thought, or think; or felt, or feel - is recorded, and played back to us, when facing our mentor whose job it is to help us look at our lives, and gain greater and greater awareness from the experience.  

Before we make our next choice.  To go back, under the Law of Karma - this being a just creation - into a 3-dimensional, dualistic experience of polarity, of seeming separation; but a degree of separation, in Whom we live and move and have our being.  (The Drama not to continue on Gaia, now.  She is ascending; with those souls who are ready to ascend along with Her, to more purified realms.)  Or 'get' that we have had enough, of the training-wheels stuff.  And move on with the process.

The Process, of returning fully to Unity - of unfolding our potential, as very gods in the making ourselves, and of ourselves;

able to create our own universes;

to be responsible for.  With all that we have learned along The Way

guiding our Path.

The Path of The Initiate.  

Of a greater Secret Order than those currently holding sway on Planet Earth.  And making their best-laid plans. 

Fools that they are.  And will be.  Until they 




Right along with the rest of us pilgrims; now on the homeward leg of our journey, into our full maturity. 

"When the power of love overpowers the love of power, the world will know peace."  - Somebody quoting 'Jimi'.  Whoever he is.  

And speaking of such:

Stands between
My Creator
And me
But me.

And speaking of people themselves standing in the way of their Light: 

So the Left/took over/the educational/field:/Well,/whose fault/was, and is, that?/They are just/doing their thing./That's what/they do./The Right appears/to have decided/just to do/what they do/best./Which is/to make money./Short-sighted/a bit/there,/that/strategy.

And speaking of such things:

'We've got to get
              the guns
Out of the hands
            of patriots
Or we will never
               be able
To take over
This country
On our way
To taking over
The world
As the way
To do
            And where
Would that failure
Leave us?
On the shelf
Along with the other
Sweet fruits
Our use-by 
So, come on!
        Let's get
With the false flag
Our success
On it.'

And thus endeth the lesson for today.


Closing word, for the day; lest we forget:

from 'Obama Should Have Been Vetted at First Mention' - Dave Daubenmire - Nov. 16
("Those who study the Bible are aware of a principle called The Law of First Mention. We could have saved America some serious headaches had we simply followed this law…")


I would like to know how he got away with not being vetted in the first place. Had he been, we wouldn't be having these discussions and American would be in much better shape than it is today. The corrupt Democratic Party and the mainstream media are both, equally, to blame for this fraud who is sitting in the White House.

Reply · Unlike · 6 · Follow Post · 3 hours ago

  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 16)
  • Roberta, you really need to add the Republican Party honchos to your list of guilty parties to this atrocity. They HAD to have entered into a conspiracy w/their Democrat Party counterparts, to fudge on this issue. Obviously on a quid pro quo basis: 'We won't say anything about your candidate if you won't say anything on this issue about any of our candidates in the future.' 
  • The record gives this sort of evidence away: Both sides tried a total of 8 times between 2003 and '08 to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on the subject of the presidential qualifying requirements, to eliminate the more stringent, 'natural born' citizen requirement for that office - i.e., one born on the soil of 2 U.S. citizen parents - to just requiring the candidate to be a 'citizen'; and they failed each time even to get it out of committee. So THEY BOTH KNEW. 
  • The People are up against tyrants in both parties. They both need to be taken to court, on RICO Statute (i.e., conspiracy) proceedings. If The People can find an honest judge, even…What a horrible mess we have gotten ourselves into. All because - as Coach Dave says - we didn't follow the secular equivalent of The Law of First Mention. And just took the word of our leaders for it, on this extremely important, constitutional issue. Big mistake. 
  • And big lesson: Never, ever surrender your responsibility to be a self-governing sovereign in your own right, in this special country. Rapidly becoming just another Banana Republic, under the control of plantation Masters.