Sunday, 5 July 2015

When Day Is Done

(a message I just sent to the ‘National Security’ office of the American Legion National Hq.  As near as I recall what I wrote to them:)


* It has been reported that Obama has purged the military of over 200 of its high-ranking officers;

‘ It has also been reported that the military is demoralized, largely because of the Usurper’s downsizing of its personnel and material, and for other reasons (including the VA scandal);

* the Usurper has allowed the nation to be flooded with Muslim ‘refugees,’ who have not been properly vetted;

* the Usurper has also allowed the nation to be flooded with illegal aliens, among whom are gang members, other criminals, and terrorists;

* Jade Helm 15 is obviously an exercise to prepare for ‘extracting’ patriot ‘dissidents’;

* It has been reported that Russian military personnel are quietly present in Alaska and other states of the Union, just waiting for their orders.

What is the American Legion doing about it, all.

What is the American Legion GOING to do about it, all.  

A lot of good men died and were maimed in the PTO and the ETO of WWII; and also to mention the Founders of this Nation, whom we have just honored for THEIR sacrifices to and for the Nation.

I repeat:



an American Patriot

aka Duane ’Stan’ Stanfield

What say YOU, Citizen???


As for my reference to the Usurper; this latest posting:

from ‘Sheriff Joe Launches Into Obama’s Birth Certificate - Again’ - July 5


I concluded it was fake the day the white house released it. I'm not an image software expert, but I'm advanced enough to know it's fake. There were 3 different layers that my software found because the creator neglected to flatten the image before releasing it. I've seen other arguments that the text and the way the paper wraps vs the text also give it away. So not only is it a forgery, but it's a bad forgery.

The question is why? BHO's mother was an American citizen and modern interpretation is generally that of one parent is a citizen, so are the children. And I think that everybody who voted for him, which was a plurality, would agree and not care. So what difference does it make?

It seems that somebody did a lot of work to cover up his real birthplace for very little gain.


  • kibitzer3 Anthony Cavalea IV 3 minutes ago (July 5)

  • Just for the record, and for truth's sake, Anthony: Please, you and others understand, that it is not a question of whether he was/is a "citizen" or not. That particular office - & that particular office ONLY - requires the person to be a certain KIND of citizen; a more EXCLUSIVE kind of citizen. The point on the part of the constitutional Framers being to make sure that the person in that office - who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces; a key factor here - had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would CERTAINLY be subject to.

  • A "natural born" citizen is one born on the soil (jus soli) of TWO (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents (jus sanguinis). Which rules out Obama. And Cruz. And Rubio. And any other less-than 'natural born' citizen. And we need to get back to the rule of law in this country, and fast. Or we will be permanently under the rule of men. A/k/a arbitrary law. A/k/a tyranny. As Obama is showing us, and in spades.

  • And about to get worse. If we don't correct our error. And tell the Usurper to remove himself. Or be removed. Before he, and his New World Order mates, arrange for a manufactured crisis big enough for the Usurper to declare Martial Law, and eliminate the Constitution in one fell swoop that way; rather than by the death of a thousand cuts that he has been employing. And is. As we speak.

...and here, at the end of my day (night owl that I am), a final thought:

What Comes Next

A three-pronged ‘walk’ on Washington (symbolizing the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Spirit; taking over the Ground Zero of the Republic raised by Source for this End Times purpose), asserting the end of the Illusion - of the matrix; of the 3D realm of lies and distortions; of greed and deceit; of Power Over, rather than Power With.

And I will take over now.  And help lead us into the realm, the state, of Unconditional Love.

Which we can only enter by having accomplished it.  Resonated with it, each within ourselves. 

P.S. The Usurper can make a Farewell speech, before he submits himself into the hands of Federal Marshals, and is held for a fair trial.  Don’t call it his Farewell Address; that sort of thing is reserved only for legally sitting presidents.

     As for the Dark forces that have been behind this whole sorry scenario, of pretend kingship, for centuries...

     I will have more to say, later.

     For now, a good night.

Meanwhile, Back At The Coalface...

from ‘Will Liberals Condemn Gay Celebrity’s Racist Attack on Justice Clarence Thomas?’ - Onan Coca - July 4
(The discussion quickly started concentrating on the celebrity’s gayness rather than his attack per se)

When are we going to call homosexuals as what they really are, the word 'gay" is so, so misleading.

Reply          Reply

It has been pretty well determined to be a birth defect, from brain studies in Cal. and Sweden, among many other country's. The Swedes are absolute with their research on cadavers.. .This is some thing Homosexuals vigorously reject! They can't accept being flawed. All other animals exhibit the same defect. But indoctrinating children as if this is an desirable trait is insufferable .



God gave us free will and that's all it is....they choose it, stop making excuses that its medical !


  • actor44
    Eileen Jones 5 hours ago 

  • My God are you an presumptuous .ignoramus . . This is science Now if you have some new info. you explain to the Pathologists,.Contact for starters the Neuro- Sciences,and Pathology dept. at U.C.L.A,and University. of Stockholm.I'm sure they would take your bar room level insight to the lab with their excuses. This will also make other birth defects a choice,as M.S. ect. ect. . Think of all the medical costs will be saved,and all is needed is to dump Medical science,and listen to you. But I will say again forcing open acceptance of their behavior is less than desirable; even less than your nonsense.

To clarify the "birth defect" issue for you and Eileen, & others: My reading of the research tells me that the "defect" is based on abnormal levels of hormones in the uterine bath at a particular, early stage of pregnancy (I think it's the 8-10-wk. period), when the fetal brain is being sexed. This effect goes on independent of the genetic sex of the fetus, and is why there is a spectrum of abnormality - when male-patterned brains are being wired into female bodies and vice versa and every 'stop' on the abnormal spectrum in between.

These abnormal levels can be from a variety of causes. Abnormal adrenal glands of the mother or the developing fetus or both. Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, from plastics & pesticides. Stress, of all kinds. (It is known that more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars than the 'normal' background levels, e.g.) But perhaps most alarming is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus.

We really need to clean up our act in this regard. No, the LGBTQ+ spectrum is not normal, or "desirable". But it's also not their fault, either. What is of course, is what they choose to do with their tendencies. In any event: It's a canary in the coalmine. We are doing a terrible job of paying attention to it.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

And The Band Played On

I was recently reading about the sinking of the Titanic, and was struck - you should excuse the use of words - by the part of the story as to how the captain of the ship, who knew that he could only save about half the passengers and crew, if that, instructed the ship's orchestra to keep playing dance music, to keep the passengers from panicking.  And dutifully, they did, as the ship slowly sank, taking them as well to the watery grave awaiting so many that terrible night to remember.

I recalled that story today as I was on my daily constitutional, and came across small family groups with their bbq's ablaze, and heard the occasional fireworks going off.  As the Good Ship America slowly sinks beneath us.  Carrying us with it.

We are at war, ladies and gentlemen; let there be no question about it.  Or, more accurately, TPTB are - have long been - at war with us, your average Joe and Jill America.  As exemplified, not only by all of The Usurper's actions contrary to the rule of law, and Congress's sold-out performance regarding it; but by the likes of the recent trade agreements, and Congress giving Obama free rein to take America's sovereignty further steps along the sold-out way.

If you weren't precisely aware - because Congress has obfuscated the matter; in deference to their true masters - those trade agreements are all about the 'free movement' of capital - and labor, across national boundaries, in a region, a/k/a a 'trading zone'.  The burial place for nation-states.  Thus the 'open borders' policy of Obama, the sold-out Democrats (who are trying to save their skins from their outraged union honchos by authorizing monies for the 'retraining' of the American labor force.  Into obedient serfs; on the land that their forefathers carved out for them, as a sacred inheritance), and the Wall Street Republicans; which leads to a flood of 'labor' into the fatally damaged country; millions of people on an inside track to citizenship with no respect for America, her laws, or her customs.  A sinking ship if there ever was one.  

And you did it to yourselves, America.  By being asleep at the switch, of your vibrant nation, into a febrile banana republic; existing at the mercy of the moneychangers.

That's what I saw in making my constitutional rounds today.

What did you see, Citizen???

On The American Spirit

On this special day for Americans - most Americans, that is.  Those who know what it is truly all about.  A number which appears to be dwindling each new school year that comes and goes - I am reminded of two factoids.  One is a story that was told many years ago, about Obama.  And the other is a report that I came across just yesterday, about Russian military personnel quietly present in America.  First, a brief report on the earlier factoid:

An American businessman, name of Tom Fife, reported in 2008 about a conversation he had had in Moscow in 1992 with the wife of a potential business partner.  The USSR had just dissolved the previous year; but the true believers were still 'in business'.  This one, her tongue loosened by an evening of social drinking,  'goaded' Tom about the fact that a black man - actually, half black and half white - would become president of the United States, and was one of theirs.  She even named his strange first name - Barack - and mentioned that he had been born in Hawaii, had gone to Ivy League schools, and was presently living in Chicago.  Tom didn't add two and two until Obama came 'out of nowhere' for the Democrat Party nomination that year.

Why hasn't this story gained more legs?  Perhaps because of what William Casey said when he became Director of the CIA?:

"We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything that the American public believes is false."

That was in 1981.

The taking of America has been a long, patient process, on the part of TPTB.  But to continue.

The second factoid has come up in relation to the Jade Helm 15 exercise, scheduled to begin the middle of this month, and scheduled to last for two months; which involves, among other of its aspects, 'extraction' training - plainclothes military practicing kidnapping their 'dissident' prey, and hauling them off to incarceration, or worse.  (Don't ask.  Let me get on with this particular blog.)  It has captured the attention of a number of Internet commenters; who, between them, have uncovered such unsettling facts as that -

* a number of WalMart stores in the designated states have been closed down and subjected to major overhauls involving what appears to be a remake into detention/holding centers;

* suspicious military vehicle movements around the country, by road and by rail (some with UN insignia on them);

* the exercise apparently not under normal military command, but controlled by 'contractors' with modern I.T. technology;

* reports of, and photos of, malls being built (in our moribund economy??) complete with guard towers, and next to train lines.  And to tie it all together:

* reports of Russian military personnel in various states (not just those earmarked for JH15), blending in with the locals to some extent, but also keeping quietly - and sometimes arrogantly - to themselves.

Two points here.  One is that Putin seems to speak with forked tongue.  On the one hand, he says all the 'right' things, about supporting Christianity, and against the warmongering of the Western PTB (aka the NeoCons; aka the Israeli Mafia, kingpins of the New World Order crowd), and so forth.  And on the other hand, he has been reported in the past to have said that H. Kissinger is a "mentor' of his.1

The other point is that there is a context here, reported on in a couple of books by one Anatoliy Golitsyn, a KGB defector who warned the West that the demise of the USSR was simply part of a longterm strategy to take over the world.2

There is also the curious private comment of Obama to former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev captured unknowingly, at the end of an interview, by mike and video, for Medvedev to relay to Putin, that he, Obama, would have more leeway in his second term.  To do...what, precisely?  It sounded like he was referring to nuclear disarmament.  But...who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men??

And women???

And who knows where, precisely, Obama was during the time that he was supposed to be going to school in Columbia - that hotbed of communists???3  We know that at one point he traveled to Pakistan, with a 'buddy' from his Occidental U days; but we don't know what he did while he was there - or elsewhere.  There is a report on the Internet that he actually went from there clandestinely to Moscow, and spent some time in the Patrice Lumumba University. for communist revolutionaries.  But as to that, I have no further comment.  Except to say that it would figure, after his time at the knee of his major political mentor in his growing-up years in Hawaii, one Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying communist.  Who some believe was his real birth father.  But as to that, I definitely couldn't possibly comment.  Since there are other (very intriguing) candidates for that position as well...

All in all: an unnerving story, about this Mystery Man at the helm of The Good Ship America.  Which puts a real kink in any plans that a U.S. patriot may have had to celebrate this Independence Day.

From whoever that was, way back then.  Which obviously has no bearing on where we are today, and what we do with our lives.  In this terribly threatened federal constitutional Republic, based on individual liberty and the rule of law.  Both in extremely short supply, these dark days.

And getting darker by the day.



1 Heinrich Kissinger?  The quintessential PTB of the NWO crowd??  Who thinks that most of us are "useless eaters"???

2 'New Lies For Old,' and 'The Perestroika Deception'
   You have heard of the former Soviet Union?  Which was bankrolled into being by Western Jewish bankers??  Which (mostly) Jews ran with an iron fist???
   No.  You probably haven't.
   And I probably won't be able to mention it much longer, either.  In public.  And who knows much further the technology extends these days; of people control...
   Right, you likes of Dov Zakheim and Philip Zelikow? and the Dancing Israeli would-be Masters, on your Mossad-cover business van, with cigarette lighter flicking gleefully into the camera against the backdrop of the burning WTC towers??  and the people leaping to their deaths, from the intense heat inside of some type of DEW weapon/technology??? a heat so intense that it ended up melting steel????......................

3 My brush with that factoid: In late 1955, when I had left university on the initial leg of my search for Truth and headed for New York City to read all that that 'largest public library in the Western world' (as I figured it to be, hence my journey all the way across the continent to it, from my home in Southern California) had on the subject, I stayed with a high school fraternity mate for a night or so before I found a cheap hotel near my destination.  He was attending Columbia, and had a room in the apartment of s Jewish couple who lent it out for that purpose.  When I left the apartment the next day, to go looking for my own, I noticed that their bookshelf was full of books specifically, and generally, about communism.
   I was beginning to find answers to my quest for Truth that I never thought I was looking for.  At the time.
   And just to be perfectly clear: It's not just the socialist communists who are trying to take over the world.  There is big-capitalist money behind this NWO scenario.  See, in particular, 'Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports', publ. in 1961.
   Good articles on all this at
   P.S. And, of course, there is Gyargy Schwartz; better known as George Soros...Who is more of a 'nothing matters but me' sociopath than anything else, any sort of political ideologue.  Pure corruption for corruption's sake.

Friday, 3 July 2015

On Corrections

A couple of days ago I listed here some of the specific features of the New Era, concentrating on America.  One point was so obvious that I overlooked placing it in the list.  Hence this 'correction':

Obama - out.
     Since he was a constitutional scholar, and lecturer, he has to know, and have known, what the clear intent of that"natural born" citizen eligibility requirement for that particular office was and is all about.  He gets no get-out-of-jail card for his con job.  He knew.  He knows.  End of story.*

And speaking of schooling:

I was appalled to watch last evening a YouTube of a guy interviewing some beachgoers in San Diego in anticipation of tomorrow's holiday festivities, asking them basic historical questions about it; like, "Who was it Independence from?"  "What was the date of the Declaration of Independence?"  "Name at least one person who signed the Declaration of Independence;" etc.  Now, granted, we don't know how many people in total that he interviewed to come up with this lot of dunces on the subject (they were not all U.S. citizens; a Frenchman knew the answer to his question); but that's not the point.  The salient paint is: Why was there any U.S. citizen who didn't know the basics about his or her history, relating specifically to the Fourth of July???

Granted, they have to take some individual responsibility on the matter.  But we're talking about a deliberate attempt by socialist educators to 'wipe the slate clean' of any loyalty to this nation.  It's Marxism 101...

There is a special place in hell reserved for educators who have set out deliberately to dumb down the American citizenry; depriving them of proper free choice - to say, information - in such matters.

And pedophiles are a close second in that realm, in their depriving of children of their right to a growing-up time of pure, unadulterated innocence.

Granted, we have all lived before.  But we have our minds wiped of such memories for a purpose.  A purpose involving our education - our progress - on our soul's journey.  And, especially now that there is a Grand Finale to The Play looming, there will be a day of reckoning.

For, this is not just a 'universe' - a creation - of Love.

But of Justice.

And you won't have to wait until you die a physical death in order to experience your day of reckoning.

That day has all but come.

Fortunately, I for one hate only the sin.........

...but boy, I do that.


* And the same for both the Democrat and Republican Party authorities.
     They knew.  They know.
     Both parties this to be dissolved, for the criminal enterprises that they have proven to be.
     In many ways, actually.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

This Moment In Time

1) from activist ‘Government Trolls Are Using *Psychology-Based Influence Techniques” in Social Media’ - Michael Snyder - July 2

Needless to say, the U.S. government is also engaged in this kind of activity as well.  For instance, the U.S. government has actually been caught manipulating discourse on Reddit and editing Wikipedia.  When it comes to spying, there is nobody that is off limits for our spooks.  It just came out recently that we even spied on three French presidents, and they are supposed to be our “friends”.

“And just like the UK, the U.S. government has a very broad definition of “extremists”.  This has especially been true since Barack Obama has been in the White House.  If you doubt this, please see my previous article entitled "72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ In Official Government Documents".

“All of this is very disturbing to me.  Why can’t they just leave us alone and let us talk to one another?  Why do they have to spy on everything that we do and purposely try to manipulate public discourse?  Why do they have to be such control freaks?…”


Michael, you really need to understand: We are not faced with just partisan politics of the two-party kind. The statists (a combination of socialists and fascists; the socialists at the base of their pyramid of power and the fascists further up) are 'out for blood' - mean to take over totally, and turn the world into one big gulag. This has been their plan for years and years; and it is now coming to fruition.

Expect things to get worse from here on out, as more and more people wake up to what is going on, and TPTB, having anticipated that, ratchet up their takeover plans. And of course, this is all just 'conspiracy theory'...

2) An excellent article, from Rick Wells, “a conservative writer” and host of a radio show (“who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats”).  From ‘Pro-lIllegal Invasion Pirate Corporations Are The Bad Guys - Trump Just Said What Need [sic] To Be Said’ - (says posted July 3; actually July 2):

“The old adage is that you are known by the company you keep and the converse can be equally true, one can be defined to a degree by their enemies as well. Americans should remember the nature of those organizations and individuals who are vilifying Donald Trump for what are true statements he made regarding the illegal aliens flooding into our country and the relocation of American industry and jobs to Mexico and other countries. We should not forget who they are, their past and present positions and their political affiliations.

“Every nation in the world except for the United States is permitted, according to the leftists and whiners in the media and politics, to protect their sovereignty, to deport illegal trespassers, and to enforce their own immigration laws. Somehow when the United States does those things on behalf of its citizens (remarkably, we used to enforce immigration law) we are decried as being racist and inhumane.

“The reason that is the case is because the CFR corporate media are in league with the same entities which control our government and the same ones who are working to degrade our nation in the interest of trans-national global fascism.

Univision is a pro-illegal invasion activist organization and mouthpiece of the Mexican government. They are directly involved in influencing public opinion to allow the illegal invasion to take place under the guise of a humanitarian issue. They are an agent of a foreign government that is actively engaged in what should be considered acts of war, an invasion by their population, the trafficking of humans and drugs into our nation with the cooperation of their government, and the transport of illegals from other nations into our country. Mexico is not, as this author has said many times, predating the current Trump comments, our friend. They are our most dangerous and actively threatening enemy.

NBC is the former home of “news” anchor Brian Williams, the parent company of Obama mouthpiece MSNBC and its operatives, including the repulsive Al Sharpton. They are a member of the CFR controlled media and are extremely liberal in their reporting bias and anti-conservative assertions. They are actively helping to facilitate the illegal invasion as well as the Marxist – Fascist takeover of America.

Macy’s is a multi-national corporation which, as Trump pointed out, just settled a $600 million lawsuit for discrimination. Whether or not they caved to political pressure is not an excuse. They are siding with the pro-illegal alien agenda which is invading our nation and in doing so should rightfully be boycotted by every freedom-loving American. It’s past time for a corporation to be held accountable and made an example of for their anti-American profiteering. If Macy’s wants to pick a fight with a candidate who speaks out against the illegal invasion, what better target is there for the American people’s anger; to deliver our message?

New York City’s Mayor “Red” Bill de Blasio is a lifelong communist and an anti-police, anti-American black-preference racist. He has declared New York as a sanctuary city where immigration laws are not enforced and established an alternate system of identification as a means for illegal invaders to circumvent federal law.  He’s been front and center in the vilification of America’s law enforcement as part of the process for federalizing local agencies into a future core Gestapo, if they can pull it off.

“Regardless of which candidate might be the preference of any US citizen, the fact that these anti-American entities are attacking Donald Trump is at least enough reason to defend his position. What Trump has done is what no other major candidate has been willing to do and for precisely the reasons that are presently on display. He’s alone on an island, being attacked from all sides by those of lesser courage and conviction for speaking the truth, simply because it is not politically correct and does not support the moneyed interests or their global agenda.

“Political correctness is killing this country. We cannot stand any more of it and it is refreshing that at least one candidate has short-circuited the grand proclamations and “enlightened” approach with some straight and vitally important direct talk on the issue.

“America must be respected once again, by other nations and by their citizens who feel entitled to waltz right in, hold out their hand and assume their “rightful” place in our society whether we like it or not. We don’t like it and it’s damn time someone stood up and said so.

“Donald Trump is being hung out dry and he’s got few supporting his honesty and his guts. We desperately need both in a leader and it’s been a long time since either quality was apparent in a White House occupant.

“As for Macys [sic], there are plenty of stores that aren’t pro-illegal invasion to shop in and their parade is a real snoozer too. How many times can you watch a Snoopy balloon without the excitement wearing thin? Let them cater to liberals and illegals. They’ll be out of business by Thanksgiving.”

(carried on; where I commented:)

Stan - July 2

Well said, Rick.

Things are definitely heating up...


3) And then there's still Jade Helm15 in play...which, it turns out, is an I.T. 'game'......

    We have seen the enemy.  And the enemy is us.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

THE New World Order

If Obama is eligible for that particular office just because you, if only by default, say he is - and he agrees - then the Constitution is, indeed, as Obama’s predecessor in the office - paving his way - characterized it, quote, “just a damn piece of paper,” which doesn’t mean a damn thing.  Just to be used when it suits you to, and simply ignored when it doesn’t.  

What is the matter with you people?  How long do you think, did you think, that that charade can, could, continue??  The next step on that path is for a would-be dictator - like Obama - simply to declare the Constitution dead, and take over totally, without any pretense of its being anything other than what it is: the rule of men.  A/k/a arbitrary law.  A law unto himself.  A/k/a tyranny.  Despotism. 

Anything short of the kingdom of Heaven, that is.  And rule thus aligned with the will of God.

Now, that you should bend a knee to.  But nothing less.  Anything less is error.

Is tragedy, personified.

And so - if you will bear the load with me - I and the Reset Team will take over, now.  For me, specifically: The guidance of my country, as the flagship of the fleet of nation-states sailing this new sea, towards the true 

New World


What would that look like, in practice?

In practice, it would not look like much that has grown up under the aegis of Power Over.  So:

* interest-bearing money (& its companion, fractional-reserve banking) - out.  
     All debt zeroed out; and a fresh start begun, with precious metals-backed currency.  Until we move fully into a moneyless society, because everything flows freely between us fractals of The Most High, giving our best to The System, from the commensurate higher consciousness required to make such a ‘kingdom’ come into being and work. Individuals earning credits for service to it, e.g.; etc.  The other side of the coin of the dystopian potential, that was on the books to take place, before God moved in His mysterious ways, as it were.  (Actually, it has all been controlled by laws.  But that is another subject.)

* mandatory vaccines - out.
     These have been put in place for two main reasons: 1) the medical-pharmaceutical complex making money; and 2) for the people-control measures embedded in them.  Including both anti-fertility agents and death agents (nano-particles; GM viruses/bacteriophages as bioweapons), ‘prescribed’ by our erstwhile NWO masters.  Disease rather to be controlled more by preventive techniques and holistic treatments, than ‘health maintenance,’ profit-spinning and diabolical measures.  
     With profit-making no longer part of the picture, a lot of dark practices will disappear, in the light of the New Day.  As will the Dark forces; creeping back into the shadows of our minds, and staying out of sight.  At least for now.  And for the foreseeable future.  No untruths, no deceit, no sleaze allowed.
     Those sorts of qualities couldn't withstand the light of the New Day anyway.    

* Illegal aliens - out.
     They have been allowed into the country cynically for political purposes.  Even if the monetary system is to be changed, and the ‘employment’ picture will be altered accordingly, there is still the factor of immoral conduct - individuals thinking to gain ‘benefits’ off of other people’s money, in the form of taxes spent on various welfare ‘benefits’.  All to be discontinued to illegal aliens.
     And as for their offspring: Granted, they have been given U.S. citizenship, although illegally.  (There is no such thing as ‘anchor babies,’ except in the devious minds of political vipers.)  And that is not their fault, but rather the fault of immoral agents of the Dark.  But they chose to incarnate into their situations; and should by rights have to return to their real home countries along with their illegal-alien parents.  But I foresee that a lot of this heartache and hardship will be swept away, in the New Order of Things, financially as well as socially.

* the executive- branch departments: a clean sweep, of all those NWO minions who have been attempting to hijack the federal government, for their nefarious end.  (Some socialists apparently not even understanding that their true masters are fascists.  Another story.)

* the Congress - dissolved, for failing to rein in the rogue executive.  Clearly a breach of their constitutional duty.
     As for new elections:

* the U.S. Supreme Court - dissolved; especially for failing to support states wanting to clean up their elections, and thus make them meaningful, rather than a charade, by requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote. 

In general: Individuals being treated with the respect that they deserve, as fellow fractals of The Most High; the Source of us all.  Gods in the making that we are.  
     And to have gained as much as we can from our experiences in 3D.  This realm of Illusion; this matrix, of seeming separation and polarity that we have been ensconced in.  For seasoning.  And for long enough, now.
     Time to Ascend.  A notch or two.  On our way back.

     To total Unity.