Saturday, 24 June 2017

Under New Management

If I had my way, what would that look like.

Item.  Both major political parties in the U.S. colluded with one another to allow an ineligible candidate to run for the office of the presidency.1  And win.  And run again.  And win again.  And hold the office to the conclusion of his time allowed in it.2  All, not only because they both engaged in criminality over the matter.  But because the Mainstream Media in this country allowed them to get away with it.

Aided and abetted in that major crime against the country.

And so, at the least, those Mainstream Media players in this heist - this attempted heist - are fired, from abusing so terribly their privilege in using the public airwaves to peddle their criminal actions.

Item.  The judicial branch of the federal government, having largely come under the sway of those criminals who have been plotting to take over this country for a very long time, has - so far - decided to go by what the president said or didn't say on the campaign trail, in issuing an Executive Order involving the national security - his particular duty, and responsibility - instead of going by/deciding the case on what the Executive Order actually says.  A clear case of judicial overreach.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.

Item.  The nation is $20 trillion in debt.  That's trillion.  With a very large T.  Which we would never - never - be able to pay off.

How could the Congress have allowed that atrocious situation to develop?

One answer: Because the American Congress has been in the tank for those who have wanted to sell this country out to its creditors.

Out from under our very feet, in resources, and assets.  Lock, stock and barrel.  And thus, be made into just a part of a region of their vaunted - and totalitarian - New World Order.

A hymn to the Dark side...


You are fired.  Along with your cohorts in the other two branches of the federal government.  Lock.  Stock.  And barrel.

And I will hire back whomsoever I wish to run this country.  And who choose thusly to serve this country.

My country.

That's what I would do.

If I had

My Way.



1 Knowingly, because they both tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and 2008 alone, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress to change the 'natural born' citizen eligibility requirement for that office - proposals that had that particular feature as their common denominator - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue.  So, what did they decide to do?
   We know what they decided to do  And we've been living with it eve since:
   disregard for the law of the land.
   In other words:
   In other words:
   P.S. And for those American citizens who still don't know the extent of the  criminality that has been going on in their time, and understand what the definition of that term was, and still is, here it is:
   A natural born citizen is a person"born in the country, of parents who are citizens".
   It is from the definitive tome of the day on such matters - for which there is an abundance of historical evidence - E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations'.   And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.
   Case.  Closed.

2 By the Constitution.  Illogically.  For. since they had already breached that barrier against lawlessness, and tyranny, by allowing the Usurper to get away with his crime, the perps didn't really have to bother with that little detail.  But since that additional breach in the barrier against tyranny in this country would be just too obvious - a bridge into the land of arbitrary law, to say, tyranny, too far - they decided to let sleeping dogs lie.
   As they - and their masters; our erstwhile masters - thought of the American citizenry.
   And still do.
   And whose time in power in the land is up.
   But to continue.

To Vote Or Not To Vote:

That Is A Good Question

Best answer: It depends.

from’Trump Signs Bill to Help Our Veterans’ - Barnini Chakraborty, - June 23


Please remember all the politicians that are trying to attack him this next election. I still believe there are more good people in this country than bad. If all the good hard working people will get out and vote this next election, President Trump will have more help in getting this country back on track. If you stay at home and do not vote then do not complain.


Your thinking is sound, that is why Trump is the president. There were more of us than the others even with all their cheating stunts.


  • kibitzer3 SDofAZ a few seconds ago (June 23)

  • Better to organize a reaction to corrupt election procedures in each state that allow cheaters to prosper. Thus, blow the whistle on: the lack of certified cleansing of the voter reg rolls - of all illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters - and photo ID laws requirement; no Early Voting or Absentee Ballot voting until the reg rolls have thusly been cleansed; the need for mandatory exit polling, and for surveillance cameras in the precincts on the ballot boxes (no more ballot box stuffing); and no more electronic voting machines, which have been proven to be capable of being hacked in a number of ways - back to a clear paper trail. Enough of all of this disgraceful and embarrassing cheating. And dipping a voter's finger in [practically indelible] purple ink if we have to, like the Third World banana republic that we have largely become, to STOP THE NONSENSE.

..but it may well all be moot anyway.

No more bets.  The wheel is turning.

Friday, 23 June 2017

The Final Test

I woke up today (mid-day; I'm a night owl) feeling the need to say something in particular.  That has to do with Christianity.  Which I feel is going to be centrally involved with our final test, before we leave The Play, and enter the realm of The Real Thing - no more play-acting of parts (to learn lessons thereby; including the Big One, of our actions having consequences.  Aka karma), but living our lives truly, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' but now with greater awareness of the Truth of the whole matter.  I will keep this short, and unfortunately, not sweet.

For it involves a major exploding of a major religion - and religion in general.

The short of the matter is that Christianity is a construct; a creation of men.  It was concocted by a particular Roman imperial household, to further the cause of Vespasian, the father of the dynasty - as god the Father (as the Roman emperors were looked on as being: god in the flesh) - and his eldest son in particular, Titus,1 to whom it fell the role of being responsible for the siege and sacking of Jerusalem and the utter destruction of the Temple there.  Said household seeing that the major impetus for the Jews being such a rebellious lot to the yoke of Rome was their belief in a Messiah who would come and save them from their persecutors; and so, creating a fable to make Titus fulfill 'prophecy' by being that personage, just not in the way that the Jews figured it would turn out to be.  A Jewish general-cum-governor-cum historian, who was of the Jewish priestly line, who saw 'the writing on the wall' concerning how this situation was going to turn out, was an integral part of this fraud,2 whose subsequent history of the 'Wars of the Jews' was written as part of the plot, to go along with - be read in relation to, and interactive with - the story that has become known as the New Testament, to further what has become a gigantic fraud on humanity.3

Don't take my word for any of this.  Read, in particular: the books of D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S) entitled 'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold;' 'Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection;' and 'Who Was Jesus?: Fingerprints of The Christ'.  Also an excellent read in this regard is the book/collection of essays by Barbara G. Walker entitled 'Man Made God'.4  The bottom line: Humanity - a large part thereof; and especially in the West - has been snookered, by an old con job, that has outlasted its time, and taken on a life of its own over the centuries.  Until it is so embedded in our psyche that we are going to have a hard time releasing it.

But release it we must.  For, there is nothing more important - nothing higher; along with its companion, Love - than Truth.

And it would appear - especially with such notions that have developed (along with the idea of a Second Coming, that actually was 'fulfilled' by Titus) as 'the anti-Christ' - that many good-intentioned people have been set a very high hurdle to overcome, to move into The New, by that Power behind the whole Play.  So that, if we all can manage this last test - including the atheists amongst us, who have their own false belief - we have truly earned

life.  And life more abundant.  Than it has ever been before.

Except at the very beginning.

Let Truth - and its companion quality, and essence, Love - and nothing less, be your guide.

And you'll be right.  

P.S. And to note, and give credit where credit is due, the role of females in the scholarship (and collection and broadcasting thereof) that has led to this uncovering; D.M. Murdock being a female, to go along with the good work cited by Barbara Walker.
     Of course, we have all been both female and male in our long litany of experiences in this realm, of illusion; this classroom for budding gods.  Life being a school.  And the purpose being to graduate.
     But of all that, another time.  This has just been to set the scene, for our overcoming this particular hurdle, into
     The New.



1 There was also the younger son, Domitian, who came along in his turn to inherit the royal throne, but who doesn't figure into the story as much as his father and elder brother.

2 And became adopted into the Flavian royal household for his services; and thus the name that has come down to us through history, of Josephus Flavius.

3 With Josephus apparently writing himself into the NewTestament story as his alter ego, a character therein named Saul become Paul.  Another part of the fraud, too detailed to go into here.
   But just to note at this point: This background story to this matter is why the New Testament has been written in such a way as to promote the Roman imperial perspective and to demonize the Jews: because it was 'history' written by the victors.  Render unto Caesar...Turn the other cheek...this "wicked generation" (for opposing Rome)...the Temple will be destroyed 'in this generation'...etc. etc.

4 The gist of all of this: The fictional character Jesus of Nazareth was based on a whole slew of fables of god-men around at the time, and dating back to centuries before even that time; with various 'magical' powers, as grafted onto the Jesus character by the authors of the con, from the Flavian royal household, and with Josephus lending a particular hand to the whole matter.  (To join with the victors was his way of keeping alive the Jewish priestly line.  That part of this whole story being covered brilliantly in the book by Flavio Barbiero entitled 'The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia'.)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Who's Kidding Whom

‘If you don’t mind me asking: How’d you vote in the last election?’


‘Didn’t.  You didn’t vote?’


‘Why not?’

‘Because I didn’t want to engage in a criminal act.’


‘You see, to vote in my home state - that’s California [pause for snickering comments, from a couple of the nearby denizens overhearing this imaginary bar conversation, about the likes of ‘home of fruits and nuts’] - is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.’

‘What are you talking about??’

‘I’m talking about the fact - the facts - that in California, various ’liberal’ governments - and especially this last one - have managed to slip into the state millions of illegal aliens who owe their presence to the Democrat Party, and then arrange not to clean the voter registration rolls of all ineligible voters, thus allowing the illegals to get on the rolls,  - ‘

‘How do they get away with that?’  Not clean the reg rolls, I mean?’

‘Their excuse - and it may vary from county to county; but in my county - and that’s L.A. County; the hotbed of all the illegal activity going on - the excuse is that people sign up on the voter registration rolls, quote, “on penalty of perjury”.

‘And so - ?’

‘No ‘and so’ about it.  That’s it.’

‘What?  You mean - that’s it?’

‘That’s it.’

‘Why, that’s…’

‘Criminal.  Nonsense.  You’re right.  But they have gotten away with it, because they control the government of the state.’

’Something’s very wrong there.’

‘Indeed.  But it gets worse.  You see, at the same time as this non-cleansing of the voter reg rolls is going on, ‘they’ even go out of their way to encourage illegal aliens - and ‘dead’ voters; and duplicate voters - to sign up on the voter reg rolls, and go to the polls to vote, by passing a law that the state not only doesn’t require a photo ID to vote - or any kind of ID for that matter, like a utility bill or other letter to you at that address - but the precinct workers are specifically instructed not to ask for any ID.’

‘Why, that’s - ‘

‘Indeed.  And not only that: The state then made it even easier to get onto the voter reg rolls for illegal aliens, and others up to no good, by passing what is called a Motor Voter law, whereby everybody who is either renewing their driver’s license or applying for one is automatically enrolled to vote.  Unless they specifically opt out.’

‘And with no one checking the registration rolls…’

‘Indeed.  And it has gotten even worse.  Not only all these quiet steps to subversion and takeover, but  
to get even the most uneasy illegal alien to come out of the shadows and put his or her name on the rolls and go vote, they have recently passed a law in the state that specifically allows illegal aliens to get a driver’s license.’


‘So the way is greased for them to get out there and vote for the Democrats, who greased their way into the state, and then into the actual running of the state.  And are thus, with all these steps, even in effect being told by those greasy traitors, ‘You had better get out their and vote; because you owe us’.’

‘Why, it’s…’

‘Indeed.  And that’s why I say.’

(A nearby kibitzer to this conversation:) ‘And it’ll never change  Things will never change.  It’s the way things are.’

‘We’ll see.’

‘Do you know something we don’t??’ 

Could be, friend.  Could well be.

Now excuse me.  I've got to go see a friend about the reclamation of a planet.


P.S. And if you are about to say, all smugly: ‘Where’s your proof of your claim?’ I would say two things in response:
     1) Please don’t insult my intelligence; or I’ll think even less of you than I already do; and
     2) We’ve got a Catch-22 situation here, don’t we.  First, you quietly flood your state with thousands, indeed millions, of illegal aliens, and get them onto the voter reg rolls by not requiring any kind of ID to vote (and even instructing your precinct supervisors to instruct their workers specifically NOT to ask for any ID, thus signaling an easy-peasy open door to the IAs); then you make it even easier for them to get on the rolls, by passing such as the Motor Voter law, whereby they are automatically signed up onto the rolls (subject to their choice not to; which you have actively ‘instructed’ them not to bother to do, because you won't prosecute them, are on their side); and then even going so far as to allowing IAs knowingly and legally to receive a driver’s license, so that they don’t even have to be here legally to get signed up on the rolls; and they elect you into the position of power in the state; and then if and when someone questions your voting processes, they can’t get any traction for their questioning because you have the power.  Sweet.
     But no cigar.  Because you are not up against dummies.  You are up against ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ who are going to see you off the playing field, not only in defeat but in disgrace.
     As we enter a New Era for humanity.  A New Paradigm.  Call it what you will: it is the end of your line.
     Your line of corruption.  The sort of thing that will not exist in said New Paradigm.  Because it is not compatible with the prevailing frequency, vibration.  Call that what you will. In effect:
     the New World.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

To The Government...

I see that Senators Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein are up to some shenanigans regarding the public’s bank deposits.1  This brings up a fundamental question, and as well, as exacerbated by the 2008 Big Bank Robbery bailout fiasco:

To The Banks

Where did the notion come from that your depositors’ money is your money??  

Most probably from a form of a shell game; a play with semantics - from the fact that banks use their depositors’ money as ‘collateral’ when they gamble on the ForEx market, or whatever all they get up to after public business hours; and so the depositors have allowed their monies - in savings accounts and checking accounts both - to be used by the bank.  And that would seem to be a fair exchange, in exchange for the bank keeping their deposit monies safe for them, and doing the bookkeeping involved.  So, fair enough, to that extent: ‘payment’ for a service rendered.  But ‘at the end of the day,’ the deposit money was/is their money - not the property of the bank.  By which the depositors pay their bills, and to withdraw for whatever uses they wish to put it to - personally.  

This business, then, of the banks pretending - attempting to pretend - that depositors’ money belongs to the bank, is not only farcical but fraudulent; and since part of the government’s role is to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizenry,2 the government needs to crack down, and hard, on this arrogant attitude of the banks, that their depositors’ money belongs to them - the banks - to do with whatever they wish to, and at whatever the risk.  And if a bank goes bust from bad gambling choices, the government needs to a) make sure that the depositors’ money is the first in line for creditors’ repayment, and b) act as last resort, and pay back the depositors their monies, after extracting every last cent that they can from the bank management - homes, cars, yachts; the lot.3  Whom they should have ridden better herd on, to protect the depositors in the bank’s dangerous operations - the Masters of the Universe thinking that they had no worries in their gambles (and even had big bonuses to shoot for), since ‘the people’ would bail them out.  Their being too big to fail, and all…

No longer.

It’s time for the banks as they have been to disappear from the face of the earth, anyway.  For, this earth is now under New Management.  And every last bit of darkness will be wrung out of it.

Those days - of unfettered free will; and susceptibility to the Dark forces giving bite to the exercise - being over.   

As we head up the spiral of consciousness - "step out of this paradigm of limitation," as 'The Team' says via Peggy Black - and into our Golden Age.

After dealing with first things first:

the control of the world by the bankers.  Having bought their ‘tellers’ - their frontpieces; their front-of-the-house gofers - in government.  And thus, having subverted the likes of this country, to their ends.  To, that is to say, constant turmoil, and other such money-loaning and -generating activity.  Because it’s good for business.

The old way.


In the act, Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017. a citizen cannot possess cash or cryptocurrencies without reporting, in writing, to their local bank. Also included in the list of prohibited list is includes prepaid mobile phones,  electronic currencies and even retail gift vouchers. Failure to comply does not only result in a stiff fine and 10 years in prison, it also involves the confiscation of all of your personal assets under Civilian Asset Forfeiture.  In other words, if you store cash of engage in the business of cryptocurrencies, you are being labeled as a terrorist…”
  (from ‘Red Alert: Senators Grassley and Feinstein’s Plot to Take Everything You Own - This Is a Real Threat’ - Dave Hodges - June 19/20)

2 “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” in the words of the Declaration of independence of this country.  Signifying who is the sovereign, to be primarily respected, in this form of government.   And who is certainly not the mere chattel of the state.   

3 And of course, their ‘guarantee’ to the public under the FDIC terms is a farce, since it only covers a fraction of the depositors’ money; and even at that, comes after other creditors have been given their payments; the poor (literally) Joe and Jill Depositor being the last in line. to recoup their loss.  
   Their loss. Not the bank’s.

On Getting Down To Business

from ’Surprise!  2008 Election May Have Been Decided by Illegal Votes’ - Keely Sharp - June 20
(“A new study just came out showing that the selection [sic] of 2008, Obama’s “shining moment”, may have actually been decided by illegal votes…”)


This comes as no great surprise. Until the dummycRATS realize that we need TRUE VOTER VERIFICATION AND REGISTRATION LAWS that would VERIFY that the person voting is a LIVING (not one whose name has been swiped from a cemetery headstone) AND LEGAL CITIZEN (not an illegal alien who CANNOT legally vote in ANY ELECTION PROCESS) of the United States of America, these ILLEGAL VOTING SHENANIGANS will continue to persist, and give the LEFT WING dummycRATS an unfair advantage in the voting process!!!! ALL persons who are eligible (and of LEGAL AGE) to vote need to be VERIFIED as LIVING individuals and LEGAL CITIZENS of the United States of America~~~PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!



Will never happen on those terms. It shouldn't be left up to the criminals to make that decision. (Not to say that there aren't criminals on the Republican side of the political aisle as well.) There are federal laws on the books already that are supposed to help clean up our voter act in this country; but they are not being applied properly. The Republicans should use their majority positions in both Houses of Congress and in the WH to pass strict Voter Integrity laws: Regular certified cleansing of the voter reg rolls, of all illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate/multiple voters (we have the computerized capability to do all of this); no Absentee Ballot or Early Voting until said cleansing takes place; photo ID mandatory to vote; mandatory exit polling; no more electronic voting machines, which have proven to be capable of being hacked in a number of ways - paper ballots only, with a clear paper trail; and dip a voter's finger in purple ink if we have to, like a Third World country, to clean this mess up. And declare that there will be no more elections until they ARE thusly CLEANED UP. That'll get the Democrats on board the Voter Integrity train - and fast.

As to the objection that the courts are too slanted on the liberal side to allow this sort of thing to happen in this country - i.e., setting the nation to rights - that can be cleaned up to a large extent in itself by the nation finally recognizing that we had a Usurper at the helm of the country between 2008 and 2016 (evidence readily available, but not acted on, for political purposes on both sides of the aisle); and thus all of the legislation that (non-natural born citizen) Obama signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin. And we begin to REALLY take back our country; from those who have been scheming to take it down for a long, long time. All, another story. But connected to the main one of this article.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Now What Were You Saying?

Now let’s see if I've got this right..  Being for border security makes Trump racist; right?  Do I have that one right??  No wait - that would make him an anti-immigrationist.  I think.  So the ‘racist’ label must be for something else.  Wait - I think I’ve got it: Wanting to create more jobs for Americans would be the ‘racist’ one; right?  Because there are more black Americans on Welfare than other categories of citizens.  Right?  Is that how it goes??  So, creating more jobs would have a ‘selective impact’ on black Americans, and so that’s what would make that one ‘racist’.  Am I beginning to get the hang of this thing?  - But wait: How could putting more blacks into jobs than other categories of Americans reasonably be considered as racist??  Unless it was against white Americans…  

Oh dear.  It’s so difficult to follow these things, sometimes.  I think I’ll just let it all go, and say ‘Yes yes’ to the whole business of demonizing words.  There may not be any rationality to any of it anyway.  When you hate someone, you’re liable to just call them anything you can think of in the moment.  

Hey: How about ‘antihuman’.  There, that’s a good catch-all one.

‘Trump is anti-human.’

‘Yes yes.  Now, you were saying…???’

P.S. Hold on - I think I’ve got it now: Being for law and order is what would make him racist; because there are more black Americans who are rioting than  - 
     Oh wait.  No, that can’t be what they mean by it…Oh dear.  Back to the drawing board… 

P.P.S. And then there’s that great term the Left seems to love to throw around: of ‘right-wing extremist’.  Which would appear objectively to mean almost everybody to the right of them.  Be a reflection of how far Left the far Left has become.  From that perspective, a simple patriot would be a ‘right-wing extremist’.  Somebody who doesn’t get a label from the far Leftists would be someone who presents no problem to them, is happy just to have their beer and chips and seat before the boob tube. 
     I reckon.

P.P.S. And how could I forget this great new expression that the Left is throwing around these days regarding President Trump: the Emoluments Clause.
     The Emoluments Clause!  It is almost amusing how the Democrats now want to make a constitutional issue of Trump’s business background, and yet didn’t bat an eye about fudging on the constitutional issue regarding the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency when it came to their man, Obama.  You want a debate about the constitutional issues regarding the person who occupies the Oval Office?  BRING IT ON.  I can hardly wait.