Sunday, 8 December 2019

On The Track Of Truth

I spent my Sunday just past with an extended part of my family, namely, members of the family of the man who married, later in life - after a divorce and considerable family-raising for both of them - one of my nieces, daughter of my brother.  He died many years ago, and, after helping out his widow and young family for awhile in the wake of the tragic accident (including that he had no life insurance, and in fact had left them destitute after spending many years, and a lot of borrowed money, attempting to raise the money to make a film about the Book of Mormon; about which, more below), and ending up living overseas for the most of my adult life, I have ended up living with said niece and a number of her brood, which includes not only a couple of children from her previous marriage, and one son (briefly) of her now-husband’s, but plus (now-teenaged) twin girls as lovely fruit of their own relationship.  One of this man’s sisters’ sons was speaking at a Church event in a nearby town - they are ‘Mormons,’ as are my side of the family (excepting me; read on) - about his time on a (stateside) Mission for the Church, and the sister was holding an Open House for extended members of the family at her house afterwards.  This category now includes me, and, though the brief trip to their place of residence was going to include going to the Church service beforehand, I went along to the day’s whole event.  When in Rome, etc.

The service - which was what the ‘Mormons’ call a Sacrament Meeting, at which the Christian memorial sacrament, in the ‘Mormon’ case of bread and water, is/was served - brought back memories for me.  I was born into the ‘Mormon’ faith,(1) and though my mother, who divorced the father of my (older) brother and me when I was still in diapers, and with whom we then went to live (after an intervening period; another story) after she remarried, dropped her membership in the Church (for whatever reason never fully explained to me, although hinted at years later),(2) she still sent us kids to its Sunday school.(3)  The ‘Mormons’ have a policy - belief, rather - of having the young male members of the families bless and serve the Sacrament, as part of their priesthood duties, and though I never engaged in that activity (for whatever reason that I can’t recall at this time; somehow I missed ‘the call’ at that time), and even though I have not been a member of said Church for many years now, and am in my dotage (I am 85, and counting), I found myself able to mentally recite the blessings by heart, along with the young priesthood members doing their duty at that official Church job.(4)

After the service we traveled the few miles to said home, for a buffet, where the mother of the man who is now married to my niece, and with whose family I am now living (trying, as I am, to help you keep up, dear Reader), cornered me for an in-depth discussion regarding religious things, with particular regard to the ‘Mormon’ religion, and my lack of membership therein.  I had met her before, a couple of times, at the house where I am now living with my niece and her eldest son (got it by now??), and in the course of our brief conversations she had learned that although I had been born into the Church, I was no longer involved in it.  And not just by inactivity.  Which totally rejected ’category’ obviously piqued her mission-like attention.(5)  Long story short: She challenged me to read The Book of Mormon.  With much patience - I give such true believers a lot of credit, for their sincerity - I explained that I had read a fair bit in that tome, and “as a consequence of my research” - 

“Don’t go by ‘research,’” she admonished me, a bit sharply.  “Go by whether it has truths in it or not.”  And she proceeded to ‘enlighten’ me as to how Satan works to lead people off the proverbial path,’and how she is part of a group who are working with various critiques of the Church, and how to answer those, in effect, Satanically-inspired critiques.  Feeling myself getting a touch ‘short’ regarding her ‘true-believer’ position and imposition, I asked her how one is supposed to know whether The Book of Mormon is, quote, “true” or not.(6)  

Put it to the test of how it makes you feel inside, was her response, and she then told me an anecdote about a woman, not at the time a believer in the Church, who still felt/said that she did indeed believe the Book of Mormon to be, quote, “true.”  So I was being set a challenge by this earnest believer: to put it to the ‘heart’ test.  But with our time of departure pressing on the conversation, I felt the need to explain to her my position, that brought up a fundamental inability for me to believe in the ‘truth’ of the BoM, or in Christianity itself - but with one caveat.

First, the inability for me to believe in the truth of Christianity in general, let alone in the ‘Mormon’ Church in particular:

the subject of reincarnation.  I mentioned how there was considerable evidence in by now, from various sources, of the truth of reincarnation.(7)  And therefore, there had to be something wrong with the Church’s idea that couples can be ‘sealed’ “for time and all eternity,” with their current offspring, as family units.  (The ‘Mormons’ believe in a pre-existence, but think of it only in terms of that pre-existent soul choosing to enter into a particular family unit, without understanding the larger idea behind such a pre-existence: that we all have incarnated before, time after time, in various ‘family’ groups and otherwise, learning lessons along the way.  Along the Way of becoming as God.)(8)  But I ended my contribution to the discussion with the “one caveat” that I had no explanation for.

That involves - as I explained to her briefly and quickly, before we went to the front door to put our shoes back on and leave - a discovery in around 1941 by a team of archeologists from the National Geographic magazine around 1941, when doing some work in southern Mexico or northern Central America, I forget which, of a large carved stone in situ, like a marker of some sort, that they reported on at the time in a publication, and which information lay dormant for many years, until an enterprising researcher in such matters came across it, and somehow recognized it as likely to be of some interest to the ‘Mormons’.  Why?  In particular because it depicted an old bearded man sitting against a tree.  The operative factor here is the beard.  In Central America?  He somehow knew that the ‘Mormons’ believed that some people of Middle Eastern descent had come to live in the area many years before the Christian era; and one thing led to another in that relatively current-time interaction.  Including the fact that many details in the carving precisely matched a report of a dream or vision that an elder, patriarchal such Middle Eastern man in that Central American setting had as described in the BoM.(9)  Our discussion ended at that point, with me giving her something to think about.                    

Her parting thought to me, as she quickly processed my points, was to wonder if Jesus Christ could still be the elder Son of God.  My off-the-cuff response to her was to acknowledge that something like that could still possibly be the case.  But what my response also included was a reference to all the reading that I have done over the years, and especially since returning to my home town in Southern California upon my retirement from my adult lifetime spent in a spiritual community in Scotland, that there were many such god-men talked about in those long-ago days, who preceded the figure of Jesus in our recorded history.

So.  My conclusion, at this point:

Time will tell.

And soon.

Very soon.

As Truth outs.

In many areas of our life.  As we face

a whole new Era.  

Including a new monetary system.  As we get rid of the Babylonian system that has kept us captive of our erstwhile masters for long enough.  Thus - and in conjunction with a level of technology just waiting to be ilmplemented - to allow us to experience Abundance on this beleaguered planet.

Facing, now, its release from the Dark forces that have run things - 

as I say -

for long enough.


(1) i am putting the (widely-used) word ‘Mormon’ in quote marks for a reason, which I will get to in due course.  

(2) Very possibly as terms of the divorce.  Just trying to keep facts straight.  As part of the very spirit of this blog.   

(3) Okay, not to leave it hanging, as a footnote to the purposes of this blog: She told me once, when I was in my late teens or just above, and during a period in my life when I was not going to that (or any) Church, for whatever all reasons at that time, that the Church’s Temple ‘ordinances’ were copied after Freemasonic such rituals, and she believed (or possibly more accurately had been made to believe) that Joseph Smith, the Founder of the ‘Mormon’ Church, had simply copied them from Freemasonry origins.  Which undoubtedly was part of why she went to all the trouble to get a Temple divorce from our birth father, in believing by that time in her life that there was something not of truth about the Church.
   My personal journey in and out of the Church over the years was not in any way affected by her journey in life.  I had my own reasons to have my own doubts about the truth of it.  But to continue, for now.

(4) I had ‘attained’ the rank of the junior priesthood in the Church, called the Aaronic priesthood, before I dropped out of regular churchgoing.  The higher rank being called the Melchizedek priesthood.  It was to prove to be not for me, as I ‘moved on’ in my life at that stage, and don’t swear to any particular ‘benefits’ or powers by said junior priesthood ‘attainment’.  Just my own powers of discernment.

(5) At this latter-stage time in her life, she is very active in Temple work ‘for the dead’ - that is, conferring ‘ordinances’ including baptism for one’s ancestors in particular (although in her words we are all the children of God, with the same Heavenly Father, and Only Begotten Son, the Lord, Jesus Christ), so that they can join other members of their family in the highest categories of heaven.  Too long a story to go into here, that reference.  Here, just to clarify that she believes that said ancestors have ‘free moral agency’ - the Church’s wording for the belief-category of free will - to accept what has been done for them by proxy.
   I have concerns about that belief, since free will is a feature of this 3D life, of Choice, of Duality, of the presence of the Dark (for personal growth purposes).  But our conversation had more important things to ‘quibble’ about, so I let that particular issue go.     

(6) At this point, let me clarify why I have been putting the word ‘Mormon’ in quote marks.  It turns out, from my interlocutor, that the current Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has ‘announced’ that the Membership should no longer call themselves ‘Mormons’.  Why?  It apparently has to do with these, er, Latter Days, and is involved with the idea of emphasizing for the world not the idea of an ancient prophet in Central America known as Mormon but rather the true focus of the religion, that of acceptance of and belief in ‘Christianity’ - and more clearly than perhaps before, of the role of The Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ  And apparently even calling themselves ‘LDS’ is now, er, verboten.  
   Fair enough.  Because I think these are, indeed, ‘latter days’.  But perhaps not quite like any Christians are thinking of them to be. 

(7) I didn’t mention them.  But they include the likes of in-depth studies of examples of such reports, NDEs, and books & videos of the stories of people - often children - who have had verifiable memories of having lived past lives.
   (In the interests of the subject of ‘truth,’ I will include here that I did briefly tell her, as an example, of a book about a very young American boy who told his parents that he had a memory of having been a fighter pilot in WWII and was shot down by the Japanese and died in his plane crash, where he remembered his name and that of his ship, as an example of the genre.
   She made no comment.  We pressed on.)    

(8) The ‘Mormons’ have a belief that goes: ‘As Man is, God once was; and as God is, Man may become.’  Well; yes.  Since we incarnate souls are all facets of our Creator Source, we contain that potential, as ‘chips off the old block’.  And so are creators; and need to recognize that aspect of ourselves, and get on with The Process of unfolding that/our potential.  But it is a process.  As I told her briefly, as we prepared to leave the discussion behind: We can’t possibly do that job in one go at this 3D classroom, with its tests and exercises - its growth potential.  Saying that Karma is not about Judgment, rather is about achieving Balance, from experiencing the consequences of our actions.  That we need well more than one life in this free-will classroom in order to graduate from this school; and thew in a few more words along that line.  And so - my point - the ‘Mormons’ are - and Christianity itself is - in error, in believing that one has just this one experience of this realm of Choice, of Duality - the play of the Light and the Dark - to grow in, and by, and instead need to be ‘saved’ by a Savior god figure.  Of which there were numerous referred to at the time of the birth of Christianity.
   (See in particular the works of D.M. Murdoch.)   

(9) I quickly explained to her that quite a few years ago, in my research into ‘truth’ about the Church, I had gone to the trouble of spending some time in the stacks at Brigham Young University in Utah, investigating research reports regarding the early days of the Church, and at the same time visited the Archeology/Anthropology Dept. at the University to take a look at a facsimile of said stone, the story about which I had come across previously and which had by then become known as the Lehi stone, after the patriarch depicted on it.  It was, indeed, a perfect replica of the passage in the BoM.

   I have no answer to that conundrum to this day.

Friday, 6 December 2019

What's The Crime?

Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz is, by all accounts, a liberal.  All the more reason that he should be listened to regarding this impeachment nothing-burger fraud going on.  He has laid out cogently why the whole thing is unconstitutional, for the lack of any proven or even implied impeachable offense.(1)  But, as those three liberal law professors at the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing demonstrated the other day, that doesn’t stop other liberals from attempting their silly spin games, whereby ‘words mean what they say they mean’.  And like Humpty Dumpty, they are headed for a great fall.

It’s the same sort of attitude regarding the likes of illegal-alien sanctuary cities (and even such states, like my home state of California; which I have now released from having to have me as a citizen of that corrosive state, and from such an arrogantly declared city therein) on the one hand, and self-defense sanctuary counties on the other.  What’s that?  As well described in an article, originally posted at (by JD Heyes) and reposted at Dave Hodges’s on Dec. 6 (titled ‘Democrat-run Virginia legislature to criminalize all CURRENT owners of AR-15s… door-to-door gunpoint confiscation coming soon’):

Since our nation’s founding, Virginia has always prided itself in the promotion of constitutionalism, individual liberty and freedom. But all of that changed earlier this month when Democrats won control of both chambers of the legislature while retaining control of the governor’s mansion.

“And within a few weeks of taking power, Democrats have already moved to infringe on a constitutional right our Virginia-born founders explicitly forbade: The Second Amendment.

“What’s more, the effort was led by a Democrat who wants to be our next president, Michael Bloomberg.

“Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for Virginia legislators have wasted no time introducing legislation that would make the Old Dominion’s gun laws worse than those of the billionaire’s home state of New York.

“Specifically, Democrats are looking to pass Senate Bill 16, introduced by state Sen. Richard Saslaw, which would completely ban the ownership of some of the most common semi-automatic rifles including the AR-15.

“What’s worse, the legislation would even ban common firearms parts, and — here’s the worst part — ‘the restrictions included in the proposed legislation does not grandfather current owners,’ Ammoland reported, meaning the bill ‘is clearly designed to be firearms confiscation, as current owners would be forced to dispossess themselves of their property or face felony conviction.’…”

Um; hello??  Pretending that a semi-automatic rifle like the AR-15 is an ‘assault weapon’ is one bad thing in itself.  But an ex post facto law?  When the nation’s Constitution expressly forbids such laws (and specifically to the States: Art. I, Sect. 10)??  And Virginia, of all states???…(2) 

In any event, staying with the theme of this particular blog: I am struck by how hypocritical the far Left Democrats are.  On the one hand, they set up sanctuary cities when it serves them to.  (Allowing illegal aliens to feel safe to stay in this country.  And vote.  With photo IDs blocked and deplored as ‘voter suppression’ devices.)(3)  And on the other hand, when conservatives/constitutionalists play the same game, in regards to sanctuary counties for their citizen residents to be enabled to have sufficient weaponry to deter any attempt by the government, state or federal, to take over the federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.,(4) they cry ‘foul’.

As for ‘foul’: What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

Let’s be clear about all this.  No more games.  The likes of the (far Left) Southern Poverty Law Center try to smear the likes of conservatives/constitutionalists (and Ron Paul Supporters, and Second Amendment supporters, and Christians, and other patriots) as ‘potential domestic terrorists’ because the far Left - which has taken over the reins of the formerly legitimate Democrat Party - is attempting to take down the U.S. and turn it into another Communist China-like totalitarian state (complete with a Social Credit score, and repulsive surveillance-state controls), and the only thing that is keeping that state of affairs from happening is the U.S. Constitution, and this country’s rule of law under said Constitution.  And hence, the Left’s treating of said Constitution (for a long time, actually) like a wet noodle, attempting to make it mean simply whatever they want it to mean.  (‘Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary,’ in the words and immoral sentiment of Hillary’s mentor, Saul Alinsky and his ‘Rules for Radicals’.(5)  And hence, an impeachment attempt against the populist, Make-America-Great-Again president, Donald Trump, based on nothing but that the far Left sees him as an obstacle to their takeover plans, and will spin, and spin, and spin whatever and however they can to attempt to bring about that outcome.  Regardless of what their shenanigans do to the country.

Because, in their minds, ‘the country’ needs to come down anyway.  Because why?  Because people should not be free from the power of the all-powerful state.  People need to be controlled.  Like subjects.  Of those who wish to exercise Power Over Others.  Or - as I have said before in these pages: POO for short. 

And I am getting tired of pointing out the obvious.  To anyone who will listen.

So, let’s have an end to all this crap.  And get on with 'the real thing’ at hand:

Ascension.  Out of the 3D prison-like classroom.  For those who are ready, in consciousness, to move on.  On the Path that we facets of our Creator Source are all on.

Some having just lost their Way, is all.  And having done so, have made of it for us all a Drama.  

That we can all learn lessons from.  In making our choices.  Which determine how soon we move up and out of the classroom of 3D life.                   

Or if we even do so.

As I have also said many times in these pages; and feel that I have said it enough times, now, so listen carefully.  I may not say it again; as time and Time draws nigh:

Your.  Choice.

Release your role in the Dark side of The Play.

Or be left behind.

To whatever the outcome that that Event holds for you Radicals.

P.S. Speaking of Dave Hodges on his TCSS, and his articles posted on Dec. 6: They included one that referred to reports that there are 250,000 UN troops in Cuba.  Now, what could they possibly be there for??  
     Can you say, Putting down chaos in the U.S. under the Kigali Principles???
     Not to mention the Gurkhas in Colorado, as anti-guerilla warfare forces, being readied to counter all the (loyal) Special Ops forces in that area.  The activity of the Gurkhas having been ‘predictively programmed’ on a - very - recent episode of the TV show Jeopardy, I am told by said Hodges.
     But not to worry.  The MSM will let us know about all that is going on, in and around our country.

     Oh.  Right.  


(1) ‘Impeaching Trump Would Be an Abuse of Power by Congress’ - Alan Dershowitz - - December 5, posted Dec. 6

(2) I am leaving off for now the very real, and complicating, question regarding the proper applicability of the Bill of Rights.  Which is in its essence a prohibition against actions of the federal government.  Not the states.  Wherein and whereby The People need to secure their basic rights, outwith the explicit, “few and defined” terms of the federal Constitution (quoting the Father of the Constitution, James Madison), via their state constitutions.  And except as specifically referred to in the 14th Amendment.  But this particular blog is to make some particular points, for now.  

(3) What other country plays this cynical, corrupt game?
   Only In America.

(4) Will we learn from history, the many times that genocide has been practiced whenever such a power-minded gang takes over control in a country?  The first thing they do is take away weapons of self-defense from their targeted group.  
     Self-defense is a fundamental right of people.  Against individuals.  Or the state.  Period.  And if to deter ‘the state’ from its sinister intentions they need stronger firepower than just to protect their property and family from individual criminals, then that’s what it takes.    

(5) The attitude is that there are no absolutes, everything is relative.  What is right is whatever serves your agenda, and what is wrong is whatever impedes that outcome.  Lie, cheat, steal.  Kill.  It’s all grist for the mill.
     Grinding out a pervasively, and perversely, dark New World Order.
     The reverse image of The Real Thing.  
     Hint.  Hint.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

In Sacred Regard

From ‘LA County introduces electronic voting system to silently rig all future elections in favor of Democrats’ - JD Heyes, - December 5:

An all-electronic system of voting that shuns paper ballots and even public counting of ballots is being set up in Los Angeles County.  As the article asks: What could go wrong???…

Having just moved out of LA County - and out of the Marxist-controlled state of California altogether -  I have possibly just been saved from blowing a circuit in my electronic system.  As it is, I am incandescent enough at this latest wrinkle in the voter fraud issue in the U.S.

It was bad enough in that county before, where I was told by the LA County Voter Registrars Office some years ago, upon inquiring as to why CA did not require voter ID, that, quote, “People commit perjury if they register and are not eligible to vote”.  Oh.  I see.  And??

Funny.  I have never heard of anybody’s name on the voter reg rolls - at least in California - ever being checked to see if they were eligible to vote or not.(1)  So that the prospect of being found out as having committed perjury is vanishingly small, if not nil altogether.  As those bent on scamming the system, both as voters and as voter-gatherers, are well aware.  

As for those voter-gatherers.  I recall seeing a video, quite a few years ago now, of a congressional House subcommittee hearing on potential voter fraud where they were interviewing an electronic voter machine expert, in Florida, who showed them evidence as to how to program said voting machines to come up with a desired result.  The man testified to said committee that he showed his evidence to the appropriate authority at the time - in this case, a Republican - who thanked him for his services, and that was that.  Someone on the committee - who were mostly Democrats, as I recall (this was back in the very early 2000s, as I further recall; as legacy from the Clinton era) - asked him what ‘they ever did about his information.  His reply: Nothing, as far as he knew.


What happened in that silence, it would appear, was the manuring of the notion, Not to get mad, but to get even.  For, in the wake of such shenanigans, we have seen, in this country - from many a sign of chicanery and deceit before - a veritable tsunami of such fraud, in such reports as massive numbers of dead voters rising from their graves to do their civic duty, and duplicate/multiple voters (the ‘system’ enhanced by Absentee voting and Early voting), and people being bused around from precinct to precinct - and even traveling from out-of-state - to vote, in those states which don’t require voter ID, and Soros-controlled electronic voting machines, and on, and on, and on.  Because it has all become a Game.  A sinister, nation-destroying Game.

As the above-referenced article said in closing: “There is nothing more sacred to Americans than the right to vote.  When Democrats aren’t trying to expand those rights to non-citizens, they are working to cheat the system so they can win.”  It would appear that it is not just the Democrats who cheat in this “sacred” matter.  But - with the flooding into this country of illegal aliens, and even legitimate immigrants, in enormous numbers - it is all too obvious what is going on in this country.

Massive voter fraud.  Particularly on the part of the (far Left) Democrats.  As a piece of their revolutionary war against the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A., in order to turn it - in whole or in parts; Whatever It Takes - into merely a part of a region of their highly anticipated totalitarian New World Order.  To be characterized by such Social Credit features as are currently being employed in their template country, of Communist China.  In order to put ‘the subjects’ totally - totally - under the heel of The State, forever and ever.  Amen.

The reverse image of The Real Thing…

The article noted, “An essay entitled, ‘Democracy’s Gold Standard’ by Brad Friedman in 2009 notes that in democracies around the world (yes, America is a republic but we have democratic principles interwoven through out [sic] our system) paper balloting and open, transparent counting are techniques that instill the most trust in elections.

“He noted further that Germany’s highest court found that secret, computerized vote counting was unconstitutional’ — under the constitution America forced  defeated Germany to adopt following World War II.  Apparently, such a system is good for Europe’s richest and most powerful country but not ours…”

It really is time that we cleaned up this mendacious mess in this country.(2)  If there are to be any more elections in this country, they need to be cleaned up with a fine toothed comb - armies of CPAs cleaning up all the Voter Reg Rolls (using the quantum computers that we now have available for such detailed purposes), all states requiring bona fide photo ID, no more Absentee voting (except for bona fide categories, such as invalids and citizens away on military duty, etc.) or Early voting (just open more precincts on The Day.  Duh), even iris scanning if need be, to STOP THE ROT.

Some countries have resorted to having a voter dip their finger in purple dye to signify that they have voted.  If this country needs to resort to such banana-republic measures, if that what it takes, then that’s what it takes.  And may we be properly embarrassed at what it did take.  To clean up our act in this regard.  

This sacred regard. 

Oh. And as for that comment, “If there are to be any more elections in this country”.  I say that,b because a Change is coming through.  And I am not sure of the, er, total extent of its reach.

And who all will be reached by it.

And who all will be left behind.  For a little more seasoning in 3D ‘life’.  Until they get it.

‘It’.  That life as we know it is part of a larger Whole.  In which there is a Process at work.  To qualify us individually to graduate.

Or not.  And be left behind, at this particular Harvest time.

I encourage you to make the grade.

It’s a bummer to have to keep doing the grade over and over.  Until you do

get it. 

Or not.

Your choice.


(1) Except now, that Judicial Watch has forced through the courts a need for LA County to show some regard towards cleaning their voter reg rolls of those names of voters who don’t return a mailing, to confirm that they are a) real, and b) still living at the address given.  But that is a pitifully small clean of the system.  (How about checking if they are a citizen in the first place??  And not registered elsewhere??? etc.)

(2) Including eliminating electronic voting machines altogether.  It has been amply demonstrated that they can be hacked in a number of ways, from programming within the machines to intercepting their electronic signal to a central tabulating system and massaging the figures and then sending them on their merry way.  Sweet.  And deadly, to a democracy.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The New 'Religion'

A clarifying word on my ‘take’ on God, as referenced in my last blog, in a bit of prosody on the subject.

Religions have had a role in ‘life’ for time immemorial; including practices designed to placate ‘the gods’ when famines struck, or volcanoes blew, or whatever the environmental event of the occasion.  And I put ‘life’ in quote marks, to denote that we need to think beyond that box - the box of matter - to understand the full reality of Things.  And in our day, there is sufficient evidence in by now for us ‘humans’ to grok the truth of the, er, matter.  To say: that Life is a school. And thus, is not the totality of the experience.

I refer to such evidences of ’something more than Man’ as the understanding by modern physicists - true scientists; not bound by doctrine - that there are dimensions beyond the three that we ‘humans’ inhabit; all of the reports, from such as Out of Body Experiences, that what we call Mind is separate from the body; and - to keep this litany short - all of the reports, from such as studies into the, er, matter, and books and videos on said matter, that reincarnation is a fact.  Too many people, from very young children (who would have had no chance to research the specific details of their reported earlier incarnation to be faking the reports) to adults, have reported on evidences for the truth of that phenomenon to doubt it any longer.  And thus, any ’salvation religion’(1) goes by the board, as it were.  For, who is being ’saved,’ if the truth of the matter is that we take on various meat suits in our passage through the classroom of life??

Consider.  We 3D mammals, even as a species of higher primates, don’t create the souls - the vital essence - of our offspring.  The most that can be said of us is that we ‘create’ the 3D vessels for souls to inhabit, to incarnate in and by into this 3D realm, or as I describe it: this classroom.  (For a Purpose.  But to continue here, for now.)  A child in this incarnation may well be or have been the parent soul of its current parent in another.  And I say “may well be” because of a Law called Karma; as we work out our karmic obligations, under the Law governing that process.(2)

The Process that takes us through elementary school to graduate school, and ultimately beyond.  As apprentice gods.  Aspiring gods.  Gods in the making.  Being fractals of our Creator Source.  Chips off the old block, as it were.

And thus the weakness, and even damage, of the Christian religion, for one example.  In having caused us to think of ourselves as being ‘worthless sinners’ on our own (and thus, needing divine ‘saving’).  Yes, the Christian religion has done a lot of good, in its day.  But it has also done a lot of damage.  In the way of this point - of causing us to think so little of ourselves; of our essential selves.  But as well in other ways, as in the Inquisition.  

But not to single out the Christian religion for criticism.  All of our current religions have their weaknesses.  And ultimately, for being less than the Truth of the matter.

That ‘matter’ is but part of the equation.  ‘Working us out,’ ultimately, to


Or rather, back to Unity.  Bearing gifts from this Far Country.

As I said.  And say.  And especially,

for our day.

Our New Day.  In our New World.

Of our New World Order a cut higher than that dreamt of in the philosophy of the materialists.

Who, at least, have helped get us here, in the lesson-learning interactions along The Way.  Some such incarnate souls just playing parts in The Drama.

And some, truly having succumbed to the Dark side.

For whom there is an appropriate outcome.  

As for the rest of us:

Bon Voyage 

for the rest of the journey

Home, again. 

Happy Coming of Age, Everybody.

Everybody who qualifies, that is.

P.S. And that certainly does not include those who are attempting to censor what information the public can and cannot have access to.  
     Treating them like, er, ‘worthless sinners’ in the eyes of the almighty State.
     Aka ‘Deplorables,’ I see.


(1) Of which there have been many, predating the Johnny-come-lately of Christianity.  And on which it was built, truth be told.
   But to continue, here.

(2) Which has more to do with Balance than Judgment.  But to continue.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

'Tis The Season...

   ’Tis The Season

’Tis the season
Specifically to honor
Our Creator Source
From which we - that is
                    to say
             our souls
     in incarnation -
                  have sprung
And to which they
                 shall return
Like Wise Men, bearing
Gifts from this 
             Far Country.
Or not, and be
Like chaff in the wind,
            blown away
In the Harvesting process.

Keep the faith; and render
          to God
What is God’s.
                        Which is

Monday, 2 December 2019

On Sailing Close To The Wind

BHO has been going around the planet in the wake of Pres. Trump, apparently telling national leaders to ignore what Trump says about things, because he will not be in that seat of power much longer, and things in relation to the U.S. will be as the Democrats (read, more truly: The NWO crowd) want them to be.  Or whatever he is telling those leaders.  In defiance of the Logan Act.  But then, we aren't operating by the rule of law any longer, are we.  And speaking of:

from ‘Calls For Obama’s Immediate Arrest Grow Louder After He Was Discovered Breaking Federal Law Overseas’ - Emmanuel - December 1; posted by on December 2
(“Obama has been traipsing around the world demeaning Trump, which happens to be a federal crime….”  My response at the site:)

CyanWrench - December 2

For the record: BHO was not eligible for the presidential office in the first place.  Forget the 'birther' issue, except as he officially claimed by posting 'that' birth certificate that BHO Sr. was his birth father.  He was toast right there.  The definition of a 'natural born' citizen extant at the time that it was codified in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency - and that federal office ONLY, testifying to its special nature in the eyes of the constitutional Framers - is a person "born in the country, OF PARENTS WHO ARE CITIZENS" thereof (my emphasis).  The definition is from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations'.  And that eligibility requirement for that particular federal office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  It is obvious why the Republican Party leadership never challenged his candidacy and election: They have chosen to put up their OWN ineligible candidates for that office subsequent to that of BHO.  I refer to the likes of Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, neither of whom is a NBC, on this same basis.  It's time to get back to the rule of law in this country: its Constitution.  Otherwise, we will be governed by the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.  The first step in that correction would be to arrest the Usurper on charges of fraud, perjury, and treason - and we go from there, in taking back our country.


From the vipers attempting to bring it down, and make it over into a part of their global totalitarian slave state.  Over which they will preside.

Or so they think.

Sow the wind.  Reap the whirlwind.


P.S. I can hardly believe how easily the American people have been hoodwinked by their erstwhile masters in government and the MSM in marveling at the emperor’s new clothes, in regards to the definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen.  Not native born - which just refers to the location of one’s birth.  But natural born.  Which refers to both the location of one’s birth - i.e., having been born ‘of the soil’ - and one’s parents.  I.e., having been born ‘of the blood’.  


‘Natural born’ being an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency of the U.S.  Why?  So that the occupant of that office - who would as well, then, become the Commander-in-Chief of the nation’s military forces; which factor the historical record shows was one of the main reasons for the constitutional Framers imposing that eligibility requirement for that particular federal office and no other  - would have NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Would have SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. (in this case).

Thus, BHO was a Usurper in the office.  And Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - and some others of the Republican Party’s candidates in the 2016 elections - were not eligible for that office (though they were for the office of senator).  And in the current batch of Democrat Parry candidates for that office, Kamala Harris was not eligible,, either.  And though she has now dropped out of the race, the issue itself MUST be faced, and dealt with.

Properly.  For the nation to get back under the rule of law.  In this case:

Its Constitution.  

Or it will - as I say -

reap the whirlwind.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Truth Or Consequences

I am aware, from all the reading that I do into various subject areas, that Western intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, deliberately enticed the former Soviet Union into going into Afghanistan with military force to support their allies at the time in charge in that narco state.  Why?  In order to weaken said military, and hence its sponsor state, by exposing those troops to the addictive drugs so easily available there, from the extensive poppy fields planted and harvested there, and much of it additionally synthesized there into opium and heroin.  And the same technique of overthrow is being applied now to the U.S.  Why?  Well, yes: Because it - demonstrably - works.  But there is a deeper reason for it.  Which goes to the heart of what life is all about.  To say: Because of Laws; and in this case, because of the Law of Karma.

People, people: Wakey wakey.  There are laws at work in life, beyond just those governing its physical structure.  One is the ‘concept’ of us ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ needing to learn from said experience - in the classroom of life - by experiencing the consequences of our actions.  It can also be phrased as: ‘You will be done to as you do unto others.’  The lesson to be learnt?  Ultimately, that 

We Are All One.

And just so is the U.S. currently under ‘judgement’ in this particular sort of matter, with the Red Chinese - who have termite-like eyes on the U.S. - being behind most of the narcotics action (mostly in the form of fentanyl) flooding into this country, via its frontline use of various Hispanic gangs.  Laced with the likes of former ISIS fighters; and all trained in camps in Central America not just for gang warfare.  But as a paramilitary force, being trained for a Tet-like offensive against the U.S.

Against my country.  Which angers me no end.  

But them’s the rules.

With ‘things’ now, in this line of action, coming to a head.  By the likes of the far Left wing of the Democrat Party having taken over that formerly legitimate political party, in the U.S.’s primarily two-party political system, and - in concert with elements of the far Right wing of the Republican Party, the corporate-government nexus (because the structure of the Dark side’s takeover attempt, in order to install their New World Order, is more like a pyramid than a two-dimensional surface; with the same nest of vipers at the top) - working for the likes of ‘open borders’.  The point being - and in ‘alignment’ with the Dark side’s attempts to disarm the American patriots* - to make the world safe for their intended totalitarian superstate; the former U.S., under its rule of law, its Constitution, to be joined with the Chinese Communists, and with oligarchical elements of Russia, in running the world along the atheistic lines of their belief system, wherein and whereby ‘people’ are mere subjects of the state - to be done to and with as that state desires, and commands - and are even subject to being phased out altogether.  In the move going on at this time to create soulless entities, in the technological moves towards what is called Transhumanism - a ‘wedding’ of man and machine.  And in the one step further, I see now, down that sinister road: artificial wombs.

Artificial wombs for artificial ‘people’.  Well, it makes a sort of sense.

Although not in alignment with the real thing.

That being, the school that 3D ‘life’ is.  For apprentice gods.  

Sparks of their Creator Source.

Learning the ropes.  As it were.

One of which is that 

Everything is governed by laws.

Which factor requires The Process to go through this stage.  

Of development.

Until those who are ready for The Harvest

get it.

And move on.

Up what has fairly been called 

the spiral stairway to the heavens.


Until we individually move through them all, in the consciousness-raising Process that we are in.  

And return to


As for the others amongst us…

Ah well.  Better luck next time.

You - you - didn’t really think that there was no Plan in and Purpose to life beyond just in and for itself only, did you??  If so:


Here, at an end of

a stage.

For actors.

Learning lessons, along

The Way.

The Royal Highway.

* and to bring it down economically, via the use of various ‘balloons’ (home loans - again!  Will we never learn??, and student loans, and car loans).
   Before we move beyond the current monetary system altogether.  The source of much of our aches and evils.
   But to continue, here.  For now.


P.S. from ‘RIGGED! Major voter fraud scheme discovered in swing state’ - Frank Holmes - December 1 

“”The Democratic governor of one of the most hotly-contested states in the 2020 presidential election has vetoed a bill to kick foreign voters off the voting rolls.

“Gov. Roy Cooper [of North Carolina] took the red pen to Senate Bill 250, a bill to ‘Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls’…

“The same left-wing governor, Cooper, vetoed anther bill to require valid voter ID in order to vote…”

Why?  Because - as is the case all throughout all the other states - foreign citizens are a major bloc of votes for the Democrats.  If it were the other way around, the Democrats would be up in arms about such a disgusting situation.  

The hypocrisy is overwhelming.   Not to mention the terrible crime against such a fundamental aspect of life in a country, as the voting of its citizens.

All such corruption soon to be wrung out of life on Planet Earth.  Because it, and all of its ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ who qualify are about to go Up a notch.  It being



And not soon enough, to my taste.

But it’s al according to Law.  And so I accept the situation.

But sometimes…sometimes……it gets really difficult to live in such darkness, as has descended on this country, and the world, at this time

within Time.


P.P.S. And then there's the latest wrinkle in the censorship angle of the Social Media oligarchs, in using the nomenclature of Made For Children or Not Made for Children to block 'alt material' that the oligarchs don't want the public to have access to.  And.  And.  And.........
     It's all a technological advance over the old Bolshevik techniques in the former Soviet Union.  And in accordance with the current techniques being applied in Red China.  And about to roll out further in the United States.  About to be the former United States.
     Or not.
     As Time unfolds the answer to that.