Sunday, 22 October 2017

On The Jooz

In my last blog I talked a bit about ‘the Jooz’.1  I wish to address that matter further.  

Right off, I’ll issue the standard ‘disclaimer’: Some of my best friends are/have been Jooz.2  That said, there is a serious issue to explore here: the matter of Jooz thinking of themselves as ‘the Chosen People’.  Which attitude his led them into some very deep waters.  Which has turned into a swamp.  Which needs - now - to be drained.  Of its reptilian creatures.  Like - oh, say: the Jooz.

What am I talking about, in a little more detail, please?  So, herewith:

Jooz - at least in the U.S. - have been, in the past, all out for the UN.  Why?  Because it has been a vehicle to supersede U.S. constitutional law.3  Which - the feeling would seem to go - allows its citizenry, as a majoritarian Christian culture, to ‘look down on’ them, as Jooz,  And the Jooz, especially with their inbred sense of being a/the Chosen People, but as well from their obvious mental acumen (think of all the Jooish composers and talented soloist musicians, e.g.),4 have resented that ‘second-class citizen’ status deeply.

Hence, why Jooz have attempted to take over seemingly every nation that they have ever settled in, in their people’s centuries-old Diaspora.  And keep getting kicked out of, for their pains.  And so, why they wanted a homeland of their own, after all this time of being ‘the Wandering Joo’; to the point of some leading members of its subculture going to the British government, during its travails with Germany in the early years of the Current Era (another irritant to them, undoubtedly: having to live under an ‘alien’ calendar all this time), and saying words to the effect: ‘If you will arrange for us to return to our homeland [in Palestine], we will bring the U.S. into the war on your side’.  And hey presto: dual Mission Accomplished.

And the subversion of the West5 went on, and on, from there.  Down to our day, and the Jooz - with their canny ability to manufacture artifice, as honed in Hollywood - coming up with such sleights of hand (with the help of what are called, and trained as, crisis actors.  Craigslist, anyone??) as the Sandy Hook FEMA ’Exercise’, and the Boston Marathon Bombing (even announced at the site) ‘Drill,’ and so forth and so on.  Down to the immediate ‘day’ as the extremely questionable Las Vegas Massacre.6  But not to forget, in the chronological record, such major capers as what has come to be known as 9/11.  And its Five Dancing Israelis, and (Mossad) explosives-positioning crew of ‘Israeli art students’, and so forth.

The whole Truth of which will out.               

And retribution taken.

But as peacefully as possible, in the Transition period afoot.  For, they played a vital role - as part of the evolutionary Challenges we have experienced - in The Play.  Now to be released from their roles, to return to the side of the Light.  

If they can; after all this time in, and getting attached and accustomed/conditioned to, their parts.  

But they are a clever lot.  They should be able to rise to the occasion.

After all:

they were Chosen for the part.          

So that they are, indeed, a Chosen People.  

Just not in the way that many if not moat of them think.


1 I choose to use ‘that word’ this way because I don’t want any algorithms blocking my sharing.  G$$gle being up to some nasty tricks these days.  A subject on its own; too lengthy to go into here.

2 I put it that way because I no longer have any circle of friends, living alone in my old age - or at least, my retirement years - as I am.  

3 And I won’t go here, for the sake of brevity, into how over the years, since the nation’s very beginnings, Jooz have attempted to 'broaden' constitutional law, in order to create a centralized form of government, rather than a - laborious - federal system, far more difficult to subvert.  
   Why would they want to subvert it?  A major factor in that process: To undercut the nation’s guarantees of ‘free speech’.  
   As in Australia, where I lived for some years, and experienced this process firsthand as a member of a Free Speech Committee that was infiltrated by Jewish influence: anything to get the hated Christians to keep from calling them either ‘Christ killers’ or ‘kikes’.  That is to say: their working - scheming - to outlaw speech that is merely ’hurtful’ to another.  Not just speech that is either outrightly or tantamount to calling for violence. 
   Although that is obviously the feeling that many of them have, to the (perceived) superior attitudes of the Christians in the countries that they either find themselves living in.  Or enter to live deliberately, in order to subvert them, and put them under their (financial and other) control.  Because they are the Chosen People, doncha know.   Far superior to the cattle.  Known, and thought about, to them as the ‘goyim’.  
   The stupid goyim.  Although that is a redundancy, to them/their way of thinking.

4 And doctors.  And lawyers.  Oops - better not get into the subject of shyster lawyers.  We would be here all night.

5 Not to forget their taking over Russia, in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  As a launching pad for their version of ‘international socialism’ - i.e., communism.  To be controlled by them, of course.  None of this ’equality’ jazz.  That is just cover verbiage for the goyim.  But their main prize has always been Western civilization; for its emphasis on the individual.  As opposed to the collective.
   A collective that they mean to control.
   And especially now, in the form of what they call a/the/their New World Order.
   Their totalitarian New World Order.  to be ruled from the top down.
   Not from the inner out.
   But to continue.

6 Um…but the cartridges.  
   The shell casings  The empty shell casings.  Which should have littered the sniper’s room. Judging by all the shots that were reportedly fired from there.  No shell casings.  Oh, a few scattered around. For the (scant) photos.  But not nearly enough.  If that had actually been a sniper’s lair.
   And the video trained on the Mandalay Hotel when shots were heard.
  ‘ …What about it?’
   No sign of fire.  From that room.  Or any other room.  In that hotel.
   ‘…What video was that?’
   One that was not wiped clean by the FBI.  Before they - all camera photos and laptops - were returned to their owners.  After inspection by the FBI.  Wiped clean.  Curious, no??…
   Tell you what.  Let’s have a comprehensive investigation into that ‘event’.  Okay?  Just to check out a few questions. Lingering.  About it.  
   Like so many other capers in our day.  Designed to get guns out of the hands of the public.
   The better to take you over with, my dears.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

And Here We Sit

With all the terrible stuff that is going on in the world, one could be excused to think that Life makes no sense - is senseless.  Except in a 'survival' sense.  Red in tooth and claw.  Survival of the fittest.  Life is hard and then you die, and that’s it.  Finis.  But I see something else going on, that involves a larger Picture.  And a Process at work.

Simply put: People - individually and collectively - need a challenge, to ‘rise to the occasion’.  To unlock their potential.  The challenge can come simply from their environment: how to unlock Nature to serve their needs, give them sustenance.  First would come eating animals; raw, and then with the help of Fire.   And then would come a more sophisticated stage of awareness: the sowing and growing of crops.1  And then, as time passed, would come - from the challenge - the more sophisticated growing and harvesting of crops via machinery; and so forth, up the ladder of ’civilization’ to today.

And another challenge can be: an oppressor.  Individuals ultimately banding together into nation-states for protection.  Initially into tribes, and ultimately into nations, to defend themselves.  Or to conquer others.2  

Hence: wars.  Endemic to and in the very creation of civilizations.  And thus, the seemingly mindless lust for creating more and better war machines than ‘the other’.  To keep from being reduced to slavery.  An aspect - almost instinct - of our very beginnings, dimly lit by now by the passage of time; but still in our psyche.  

Man can live indefinitely, in a timeless Eden, on a desert island, in a grass hut, and go out every day and shinny up a coconut tree for his daily bread .  For another ‘nut’ to crack for the day.  And on and on, and on.  Day after day after day.  The very same thing.  Year in and year out.  Until the day comes that he is given an even bigger nut to crack…

All by way of saying that we grow - we grow - from the challenges presented to us.  And that includes from war.  From oppressors.  From the challenge of the ’other’.  The ‘enemy’.  One group looking to subdue another, and put those individuals to work for them.  As slaves.  Until one day, the slaves ‘get organized,’ and throw off their oppressors.  And The Process starts all over again.  Until one fine day, many - and ultimately, a critical mass - begin to ‘get it’:

that there is, in reality (as opposed to being in The Play), no Other.  

That they are all the same.

The subjects of a Story.

And they wake further up.  And look around.  And start looking more within.  And realize, in the one step beyond 'getting' that there is in fact no Other,

that All is One.

Our Creator Source experiencing Itself; and growing from the experience.

And at that point, of awareness,

The Play is over.  For the individual.  And then for the collective.

And the real work begins.              

So, throw off those who are attempting to enslave you now.  

But in a way that does not just feed into

the same old, same old.3  For

a New Day is being born.

At long last.

And here we sit.

Just waiting.

To wake up to that fact.

That ‘it’ - the Wakeup - is up to us to do.

No one else.  For us.

Claim your potential.

Now.  And know.  Really know.

That it is more - far more - 

than just what your (artificially constructed and intentionally limited) DNA is 'telling' you.

As you turn - in effect - from base metal to burnished gold.


1 According to Zechariah Sitchin, and his years of intensive study and reading of the Sumerian records, that knowledge came to primitive Man from ‘Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came’: the Anunnaki.  Aka the Nefilim.  Who were astronauts from a planet they called Nibiru (and that we in our time have taken to call Planet X), which is on a 3600-year elliptical and cockeyed orbit around our Sun (and thus the counting system of the Sumerians being based on that figure), coming through this neighborhood that often, and on such a visit hundreds and thousands of years ago came down in their spaceships and ultimately created Man/Homo sapiens sapiens here by splicing their DNA (modified a bit, of course, to keep from giving away too much of their power) into that of the native hominid (where that came from is another story.  Another part of The Story); the point being to create a Worker Class for them, particularly for the dirty and hard work of mining gold from our earthen deeps (in particular in the 'Southern Abzu', the south of what we know as Africa; for which story there is some physical indication), which they needed apparently for repair of their atmosphere.  
   Hey - it’s as good a description of how early Man learned to grow wheat as any.
   And matches, to some degree, the story over in Central America of their civilization-giver, Quetzalcoatl.  Otherwise known as the Flying Serpent.  Who disappeared one day on a 'raft of fiery snakes'.  Which is as good a description of a spacecraft with its takeoff afterburner kicking in as one could well imagine.

2 Cue Sitchin’s take on the Sumerian clay tablets again; the story of the Sumerian’s progenitors being that the Anunnaki were a warring lot between themselves, and would gather some of the Humans, which they had created primarily to help them mine gold, into tribes following one or the other of them.  Thus spawning the historical concept of tribal gods.
   In this take on ‘Life’, then, Human nature is bound up in a low degree of consciousness: that of the native hominid, who had constantly to defend himself against ‘others’, spliced with the DNA of a race of human-like beings who were ‘advanced’ over us merely on the level of technological development.  An aspect of Matter.  Not of anything beyond the material realm.  
   Not a very promising beginning, for poor Human. But not to worry - the story is not over yet.

3 And yes, including even major players thereof: the 'desert Dracos' who think of themselves as 'born to rule' by virtue of being 'the Chosen People'.  Whether by bloodline or simple conversion.  The latter aka the 'Khazarian Mafia', or 'Rothschild Zionists'.  Operating under the motto of the Mossad: 'By Way of Deception We Shall Wage War'.
   Including them; because they have played a vital part, and role, in the larger scheme of things, beyond just the smaller piece among incarnates having become addicted to Matter/the material realm.
   But to continue, for this particular time and place.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Time To Engage

1) from; ’6 Examples Of Jeff Sessions’ Cowardice’ - Larry Klayman - October 20
(Klayman gives some bg as to why Sessions could well be reluctant to go after some of the issues that he should be going after: He is timid about some things in his own ‘case’, that the liberal MSM could well attempt to hang him for.  Mostly innuendo, but seemingly effective; with the MSM’s awesome ability to spin things the way they do.) 

kibitzer3 2 minutes ago (October 20)

Thanks for the background on very likely why Sessions is failing to act on these matters, Larry. The answer is for the DoJ to be stripped of its Clinton and Obama holdovers, and then he can appoint an Asst AG to go after the bad guys, and drain the swamp.

The American public should demand no less.

2) from freedom ‘Mandalay By & MGM Ban OnSite Investigator - Armed Guards & FBI Agent Throw Him Out Of His Room’ - Tim Brown - October 20
(“An independent onsite investigator by the name of Nick Falco decided to stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino and investigate things pertaining to the Las Vegas shooting.  He was subsequently banned from the hotel, as well as MGM for life and escorted out of his hotel room by armed guards and an FBI agent…”
He was sussing out all the elevators and locations of surveillance cameras and such, looking for info as to the layout, and what Paddock had to deal with…can’t have that, says the FBI…and also, he might find out something that blows the official narrative, and its intention to promote a political agenda.)


The bigger the cover up by the FBI, the bigger the crimes they're covering up. The truth IS coming - wait for it. It will slap us in the face like a rude awakening, but then...nothing, total silence. While we clamor for justice, none will come. And then the games will begin - the blame game, the twisted word game, the denials of having eaten the fish while its tail is hanging out of their mouths. Yes, we've been here before. ENTER: the fakestream media with their "final" narrative repeated often enough to make many weak-minded believe it. Then another issue of vast corruption and crimes against the people will fill the internet and we will move on to the next crisis. The NWO is Goliath and there are no Davids around. Why? People want to live. They want their families to be safe. Whistleblowers have short lives. Honest journalists have even shorter lives.


  • kibitzer3
    marlene a few seconds ago (October 20)

  • It really is time to drain the swamp - totally. The whole kit 'n caboodle of the New World Order gang - locked up, and the criminal trials begin. (Under U.S. Common Law courts; no longer the Admiralty Law court system that we have been living under long enough.)

  • They are at war with US - the U.S.; we citizens - patriot citizens, that is - need to respond in kind. Before the Bad Guys try to pull a Bolshevik Revolution move, on a day certain. Supposedly the Bad Guys have designated Nov. 4th as Der Tag (look the term up). Time for the White Hats to swing into action.

  • And what color hat are YOU wearing? Here, at the end of The Grand Play?? And the beginning of The Real Thing??? Under the 'rule' of 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. Who are mad as hell, and are not going to take it anymore.

Or so I would hope....

Thoughts For The Day


The politicians - of the U.S., and the world - have been given ample opportunity to repent of their transgressions.  The members of the Western medical profession - actually, the medical-pharmaceutical complex.  And more accurately, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - have been given ample opportunity to repent of their transgressions.  And the same for the denizens of what are called ‘special interests’.  The People can't be expected to wait indefinitely for their just reward.  Which is the ending of the human Drama.  And the beginning of

the Real Thing.

So let it begin.  And to each, his or her (this incarnate tlme around) just karmic return.  As in a ‘balancing of the books’ on this enterprise.  And a closing out of 

The Process.  

The Process, of honing incipient Creators.  

Being 'chips off the old block,’ as it were.

And as to specifics, this time around:


How to radicalize a generation?

In terms of the U.S. experience:

In the ’60s and ’70s, it was to stick the youth into a No-Win war, and bleed them slowly to death.  That tactic worked for then; getting the nation’s institutions - its educational and media institutions in particular - filled with the duly radicalized.  What next?  Got it: Get more and more of the youth, especially the lower-income-family youth and those of minority ‘classes’ (read: class warfare), into the institutions of indoctrination - excuse me; the institutions of ‘higher learning’ - on government loans, and at the same time, initiate policies - like NAFTA (thanks, Bill, for your services to the Deep State) - to cut down job opportunities (after the unexpected hiatus in the best-laid plans of our erstwhile masters of the Reagan years), and thereby both bankrupt the nation - via the likes of the Cloward-Piven Strategy - and radicalize a new generation of the youth in the bargain; complete with their having been trained to suck on the government teat for their sustenance, along with all the other unemployed in the deliberately-stressed economy.  And when the teat is taken away: ‘Waa!  Waa!  Waa!’  A predictable - and predicted - outcome, with the likes of all the little socialist Sanders acolytes having been created, whining for free education, and free healthcare, and free so forth and so on.  The socialist utopia.  And pipe dream.

All this, along with other people-control ‘policies,’ like Chemtrails having set our biochemical systems up for takedown (Morgellon’s disease, and nano particles), and the ability, as with clever features like Weather Warfare (HAARP having been superseded by the likes of Eicart 3D) and the Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) to keep us - the herd - in line.  ‘Or your homes will be destroyed by fire from the heavens.’ 

 Well, at least from the sky.

‘The heavens’ themselves are a different matter.

And about to enter the fray.   

On the side of The People.

Our erstwhile masters:

Be forewarned.

Your days, of control, are over.

Like it.

Or lump it.

Your choice.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

It's Elementary. And Alimentary.

I have been invited to become a member of an outfit called Human Rights Watch.  In reading its material just sent to me, by its Executive Director Ken Roth, I had to wonder how I had gotten on their mailing list.  But I quickly realized that a) it was of the same sort of bumf that I have been receiving recently from other leftist outfits, like the SPLC; and b) it must all have come from the fact that I subscribe to the Democrat Party’s DCCC emailings.  As my way of keeping tabs on what the thinking is on that side of the political aisle.  As I do, but with more personal philosophical conviction, on the conservative side.  And I am glad, in the way of the knowledge gained, that I have subscribed to the Left’s side of things.  But this one was a real doozie.

It opened in an anodyne-enough fashion: 

“Dear Mr. Duane Stanfield,

“Until every person is guaranteed their basic human dignity along with the universal rights that you and I enjoy, there will always be a need for principled defenders of human rights to step forward.”   And then Mr. Roth really got into the meat - raw it was - of his missive: 

“I believe you are just such a person—someone who is equal parts appalled by President Trump’s demonization of refugees and determined not to let his vile, xenophobic attitudes become official US policies.”

Wow.  And it went on at length in that vein:

“…politicians are fanning the flames of extreme nationalism to challenge the existence of global systems that define and protect human rights.  This all-out assault on our bedrock principles of freedom and justice…defending the rights and dignity of refugees…I am proud of our staff members’ tenacity…(in) providing an essential counterbalance to the hateful, divisive rhetoric spewing from the White House…”

As Jack Benny might have said:

‘Well!’  That’s some statement, Mr. Roth.  What’s behind all this extreme rhetoric??  What is really going on here???

Ah.  Got it.  As encapsulated neatly in one of the points of the work that HRW is involved in, as Mr. Roth then got into in his letter; viz.:

“ * Rallying more of our fellow global citizens to the defense of human rights…”

Global citizens.  Got it.  The rallying cry of international socialism.  I.e., communism.  At the least: global statism.  Virulently opposed to ‘xenophobic’ nationalism, for nations like the U.S. having their own laws, outwith the reach of the UN’s bureaucrats to determine.

His next point, on their work:

“ * Sending an unmistakable message to tyrants, radicals, and presidents alike that we will never relent in protecting everyone’s basic human dignity.’” (his emphasis)  

Right.  Including radical Islamic extremists/terrorists.  And MS-13 gang assassins.  And oh, a whole host of other criminals, including rapists and other lawbreakers, as protected by Obama’s policies of Release and of entry into this country of poorly vetted (and many males of military age) ’refugees’ from high-intensity terrorist states.  But not to worry: HRW is on the case!  No Criminal Left Outside!   Step up!  Step up!  Everybody welcome!  And we will protect you from the Big Bully (the what was it?  Trump’s “demonization of refugees,” with his “vile, xenophobic attitudes” and “hateful, divisive rhetoric”) in the White House!  

Mr. Roth comments:

“I believe you will be proud to display the enclosed membership decal.  Please confirm that I am right about you.”

Thanks, Ken.  But no thanks.  You see: I am on to you.


Mr. Duane Stanfield
A proud citizen of the U.S.A.      

And - as these things have a habit of going sometimes - I have also received a mailing, from the American Minutemen Project, encouraging me to sign and return their petition, as Citizen Co-Sponsor Authorization For H.R. 193.  It is a bill - well, let me let them tell it.  From their covering letter (from Cheryl Burns, Project Chairman):

“Dear Friend,

“The United Nations is currently executing a secret plan to become the seat of government for the New World Order.

“A plan that includes the global power to tax you, a U.N. standing army, a World Supreme Court, a land grab of indescribable proportions, the suppression of private gun ownership, a massive new building program to house thousands of additional bureaucrats, and so much more.

“Entrenched, international bureaucrats in our own U.S. State Department, aided by millions in hidden cash from left wing creepy billionaire George Soros, think we should bend to the will of the U.N. and allow our United States to disappear in favor of a One World Government.

“And they are well on their way to victory…”

Thus the AMP’s support for H.R. 193 -  the American Sovereignty Restoration Act.  Originally introduced by Rep. Ron Paul, who retired in 2013, his spirit is being kept alive by conservative Congressmen, in the war to save our national sovereignty from the NWO termites amongst us.  And thus the demonizing of a certain ’xenophobic’ president; and all of us who stand in the way of the accomplishment of that mission.  And thus the agenda of the likes of Ken Roth; attempting to undercut the independence of the U.S., via the best-laid plans of the NWO ‘global citizens’ crowd.1  

And thus the extremity of the far Left’s reaction to the upset victory of Donald Trump in the presidential race.  These termites must defeat the ‘nationalism’ of Trump; or too many of the American public will be awakened in time, to attempt to reverse ‘the tide of history’.  

They.  Think.

And to wrap up this blog with a very timely addition to all this; from a mailing that I received just today (yesterday, now): from Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, on the subject of the AFFH Rule.

What’s the AFFH Rule?  

Well that you ask.  For, it could very well affect you, and you private property; if the American people can’t get Dr. Ben Carson, in his role as HUD Secretary, to react favorably to the rule of law in the country regarding it.  From the coving letter to this mailing, and its enclosed petition to that effect:

“In 2016, the federal agency Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under Barack Obama announced the ‘Affirmatively Affirming Fair Housing Rule,’ (AFFH).

This is the socialist left’s most radical assault on American citizens and local governments… (author’s emphasis)

 “The AFFH Rule will destroy your property rights.

“The AFFH Rule will destroy your property values.

“THE AFFH Rule will destroy whole neighborhoods.

“And the AFFH Rule will virtually erase the very concept of local rule by your locally elected representatives. (author’s emphases)

“Here are the facts:

“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing requires EVERY community that applies for HUD grants to perform massive demographic analyses locally and regionally to determine if there are enough low income and minority people living in every neighborhood.

“HUD will search the records of every person in each neighborhood for income levels, race, color, religion, national origin and much more.

“If there aren’t enough of each category, HUD determines that there is an ‘imbalance’ and will force a massive shift to balance the breakdown of residents.

This is social engineering at its worst.” (author’s emphasis - and mine.)

It goes on, but I will spare you the further details of this over-the-top socialistic scheme.  Basically, there are two main points here:

1) Statists see people as pawns, to be moved around at their will.  Their arrogant will.

2) One can say: ‘Just don’t take their money.’  But

     a) that’s to forget the power of the media, and a beat-up of citizens in a gang (‘Democracy at work’), to demonize any locally-controlled body that won’t go along with such ’socially uplifting activity’; and

     b) the whole thing is unconstitutional anyway.

The bottom line: Bureaucrats can’t impose power that they didn’t have before the bait was lowered to the prospective catch.  I repeat: The offering or withholding of tax monies doesn’t confer more power to ‘you’ than you had without that gimmick.  But we, of course, are talking about people who have decided to relegate the Constitution - the rule of law in the country - to the trash bin.  Along with all the other stuff relating to the Founding Fathers.  Monuments, and so forth.  Of those old fuddy-duddies, in their wigs.

Who crafted a nation for the ages.

DeWeese, in his letter, goes on into a report on how the so-called Agenda 21 of the UN has been setting this sort of thing up for years; in this case, its Sustainable Development Smart Growth policy, “that controls development, energy use, water use, and enforces public transportation over your private use of your car…”2  But rather than go into that and its partner, the new Agenda 2030 (which allows UN forces to come in and enforce Smart Cities policies), let me end this observation with a summarizing comment:

This is a free country.  Let’s keep it that way.  And tell the socialist power grabbers:

Hands.  Off.

And word your echoing comment any way you wish to.  And feel drawn to.

Me.  I’ll keep mine clean.

For now.    

But don’t push me, NWO gang.  I’m on a short fuse, these wrapping-up days.


1 And here I have to admit to a certain degree of naivety on my part, when years ago I spent a year working for an NGO connected with the UN called Planetary Citizens.  Our aim was admirable: to help awaken the public, through educational materials and grassroots activity, to the need to think of ourselves as being good citizens of the planet as well, in terms of such matters as reducing our carbon footprint, and recycling things rather than being a wasteful and polluting lot, and saving the ozone layer, and on and on.  My naivety ‘allowed’ me to overlook the little matter that a VP from the David Rockefeller mob was on our Board of Directors.  
   Keeping an eye on things for The Boss.  Very much like the author of ‘The Strawberry Statement’ told about, when he said that David Rockefeller was trying to "buy himself a revolution" in their student uprisings of the late '60s.  My stint at PC was in1982.  Still at it, was our erstwhile Dear Leader.  And he kept on his merry globalist way, over the succeeding years, according to such political commentator sources as Benjamin Fulford.  
   Personally, I think that he fancied himself as a king David, mentioned in the Bible, who would come, and take over.  The world.
   That may well happen.  (To say: a David ‘type’: a slayer of a giant.  Like, oh, say: the Western monetary system.)  But it won’t be David Rockefeller, now past his use-buy date.
   Fortunately.  Judging by his writings, on such matters, as a global government, and imposition on the people of the planet from the top down, of big thinkers and planners like himself.  And Kissinger.
   In a word: Tyrants.  Of which we have surely had enough, through our long and sordid history of such individuals and clashes, on this sorely put-upon planet.
   Now ready for a New Look.
   The Real Thing look.

2 Interestingly, just now our local community is waking up to plans by the local authorities to force more people to ride bikes than use cars.  They have been leading up to fit or a long time by keeping controlled the number of parking spots in town.  People around my neck of the woods spend  considerable time hunting for a parking space when they come off work or in the evening.  And someone just yesterday (two days ago, now) commented on our local ’Nextdoor’ email network how a lot of people, including the elderly, can’t ride bikes.
   But don’t tell our erstwhile masters, aka apparatchiks.  They wouldn’t understand such niceties, in their demands for us to live the way they want us to live.  As in the old Soviet Union.
   The old.  Soviet Union.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

On Things That Need Changing

Got pet peeves?  Here's mine:

from cook: ’Vaccination Destroys Natural Herd Immunity and Weakens The Population’ - video of Dr. Andrew Wakefield - October 17 
(Excellent, brief explanation by Dr. Andy of how the vaccines undercut herd immunity.)


We simply MUST get off the back of the raging tiger that we are riding, stop the vaccine scam, and take our chances for awhile until our natural immunity can come back into play.  In that meantime, we need to beef up the immune systems especially, but not exclusively, of our children, and treat them with natural substances if they come down with the rite-of-passage diseases.  There is, e.g., vitamin A for measles; large doses of vitamin C for polio; colloidal silver for the DTaP triad; and so it goes.  And so the vaccines go, into the trash bin.  Where they belong, and have belonged, for a long, long time.  Considering as well (to their screwing up of herd immunity) all the side effects of them.  Arthritis/arthralgia; Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM); ADD/ADHD and ASD; convulsions/epilepsy; OCD; PDD-NOS; SUID/Sudden Unexplained Death itself; the list goes on.  Of iatrogenically-induced illnesses and diseases.

Our Western medical profession has forgotten one of the basic bits of advice of its Father, Hippocrates: 'First: Do No Harm.'

It is all part of the terrible corruption of the Big Pharma group of criminals.  Which includes the opioid drug cartel protection racket going on in Congress, between corrupted ‘representatives of the people’ and the drug companies, resulting in the standing-down of the DEA, and huge profits for Big Pharma and consequent big payments to those in Congress on the take.*  It is also the same sort of thing that appears to be behind the fires in northern California, with the Hispanics who run the dope business (and Big Pharma cheering them on) taking out the competition, in the form of relatively smaller operators growing marijuana, for illegal and now legal recreational and medicinal purposes.   

Folks, let’s be real: It really is time to wring out all the corruption going on in our time.

And that means getting rid of the sweetener: Profits to be made by such activity.  Stop a moment and consider:

We don’t need the profit motive to run an economy.  We need a return to the recognition of our basically spiritual nature to run an abundance operation.  On the highest motive that there could ever be: 

on gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  On, in a word:


Coming, to a theater of operations very near 


So, claim your higher Self now.

Or be on the losing side, of the war going on.

The final war.  Between the Light and the Dark.

And guess which side will win that one.

One guess.

It is that side which stands alone, and can stand alone naturally, without the need for another aspect to give it its momentary, illusory state of being.

The Dark being merely the shadow side of

the real thing.

* See, e.g.: ‘Washington Post: U.S. Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma’s opioid drug giants’ - Mike Adams/Natural News - October 16.
(Detailing how the DEA has become a ‘captive structure’ of the industry it is supposed to regulate.  The same with all the other regulatory agencies; particularly the FDA.)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Message To The Democrats

A Message Especially To
        The Democrats

To The Democrats:

When did you ever get the idea that this is a one-party state, and you were in effect born to rule it?  To be king of the hill; and of the Hill in Washington, D.C.??

But I think I know.  At least as far back as when Hillary Clinton landed in Bosnia and ran under sniper fire into the safety of the hands of a little girl holding a welcoming bouquet of flowers for her, the rot had set in; and was ‘crowned’ with the philosophical likes of the Saul Alinsky advice, in his manual for takeover, ‘Rules for Radicals,’ of, quote: ‘Whatever It Takes’.  Quote: ‘By Any Means Necessary’.  Lie, cheat, steal - kill.  Whatever it takes.  To overpower your enemy.  And gain control.  So that you can rule with an iron fist.  Like the Bolsheviks in the former - the former - Soviet Union.  And the Maoists in Red China.  Revolutionaries, for a New Order of Things.

Well, we will have a New Order of Things, alright.  Just not the totalitarian one - one governed by Force - that is - was - planned for us by the New World Order crowd.  Those who would rule the earth from the Dark side.

‘But’ - I hear some of you splutter, about all of the voter and electoral fraud that has gone on (and as ‘outed’ by the brave and extremely admirable likes of James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas team) - ‘the Republicans did it, too!’  Ah.  The old ‘justification’ routine.  My reply, to that excuse?:

Yes, the Republicans “did it, too”.  And?  

The Republicans are finished as well, as a force now spent.  But since when did two wrongs make a right??     

Ah yes: that old wily rebel, Saul Alinsky again.  Major examplar of the downfall of the Democrats, as any sort of legitimate force in the country.  Outing itself simply as a den of thieves.

Lie.  Cheat.  Steal.  


Whatever it takes…

Incapable - by its very nature - to take us where we need to go, now.  As the human race.  Ready, now, for its maturity, as a race.  Which it will need to demonstrate, in order to take its Next Steps. 

Out, into space.  And into its own, higher nature.

Calling it Home.

From its long wandering in the wilderness of its making.

And having discovered thereby, for itself, what happens when one tries to live without alignment with the higher Purpose behind the whole exercise - having discovered that there is such a higher Purpose.

Now, ready.  To atone for its sins.

To say: To become ‘at one’.

As we speak.