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Quo Vadis

from ‘California Atty. Gen. Eyes Crackdown on Conservatives’ - Michael Reagan - April 27
(AG Kamala Harris - who is running for the U.S. Senate - wants the confidential private list of donors to a conservative outfit, that only needs to be turned over to the IRS, which is forbidden to disclose the names.  But names on such private - and protected - lists get leaked all the time…)

kibitzer a minute ago (April 27)

Same old story.  The liberals are all for privacy issues when it comes to what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, but are on the other side of the issue when it comes to the privacy issue regarding public restrooms.  And the same about the issue of free speech.  'Free speech for me but not for thee.'



I’d like to say a couple of things about this whole business, of, in effect, partisan politics, in relation to my awakening process, which was more ‘bipartisan’ in nature.  

I got to thinking about all of this last night when and after watching a video of one of Donald Trump’s speeches at one of his primary campaign do’s in the five New England states’ sweep of his.  I was struck by  the honesty and sincerity of the man.  In an off-the-cuff rambling speech (which may or may not be a trademark of his; I haven’t watched all that many, or much, of his presentations in those kinds of settings), he got to commenting on the fact that he was not a ‘natural’ for the job, was not actually interested in ‘politics’,1 and mentioned that if a great leader came from the Republican Party or the Democrat Party, that was what really mattered: a leader who would help Make America Great Again.  

Bipartisan leadership…

I got to thinking about my journey in life, and how I have ‘been on’ - can see -  both sides of the political aisle as well, can understand both sides of the equation.  On the one hand, I am a ‘natural’ for human freedom - for the principle of free will.  That life is a school, and we are here in it to learn lessons, and, ultimately, graduate.  And those lessons can take many forms.  Some examples:

* When I was working for an NGO named Planetary Citizens,2 I happened to read a book on ‘environmental issues’ that told the story, e.g., of how the oil industry had secretly conspired to buy the electric-train public transit system in the LA. County area, and then quietly did away with it, so that more people would use more cars to go to work in, etc.  Which was the impetus behind the whole freeway system in the country: to get as many people burning as much oil - their product - as possible; and quietly undercut measures to promote public transit systems while doing so.  Sweet, these conniving capitalists…

* Gen. Smedley Butler’s book ‘War Is A Racket’: how this gentleman general was used by ‘the system’ - this relatively early version of the military-industrial complex - to be its ‘cop on the beat’ in keeping in particular Central American countries in line with ‘the agenda,’ of United Fruit & Co.3 

* Vaccines.  Horrendous in their side effects (and some actually nefariously calculated effects).  But a huge money spinner for Big Pharma.
   The same with a lot of its products.  But who’s to care: It’s all good for business.  Along with such deliberate measures as The War On Cancer.  Which is another war-way to put more money into the pockets of the Captains of Industry. 

* Fluoridation.  A toxic by-product of, initially, the atomic bomb industry, and then found to be as well and in particular of the aluminum and artificial fertilizer industries.  Solution: TPTB roped some scientists into claiming that it was good for teeth,4 and got one of their lawyers into the appropriate federal government agency to promote it for public water supplies and toothpaste/products, and a new industry was born.  Also because of its tranquilizing effect on people.  Perfect to keep the herd quiet, while they are manipulated.    

I could go on.  But you get the idea.  Of the matter of:




The common denominator to all this corruption?


More specifically:

Interest-bearing money.5  Which creates ‘wealth’.

When the wealth already exists.


And can be tapped into.

When a race of peoples - of incarnate souls - are ready to move to such a state of awareness.            

One Planet.  One Humanity.  One Destiny.6  / Make America Great Again.

It’s not the Either/Or proposition that the New World Order crowd would have it be.7 

It’s Both/And.

As I would have it. 


1 He got into an anecdotal mood, and started telling about how, on the campaign trail, he gets up at five, and goes out to a couple of states, and gets home at 1 a.m., and gets back up at five or six, to do it all over again, and his kids ask him, ’Dad, why are you doing this?’
   He is, basically, a businessman.  But he does it because he loves his country, and wants to help Make It Great Again, from the despoliation job that the New World Order crowd  has done on it, to make it submit to their will. 

2 For a year, in 1981-’82; working on a project of theirs (i.e., that they pioneered and were acting as the Secretariat for, which in reality involved many organizations) called ‘The Planetary Initiative - For a World We Choose’.  A project designed to help forward the concept of ‘Thinking Globally - Acting Locally’.  Helping set up local ‘cells’ around the county, and world, working for a better world, through such initiatives as local recycling projects, mounting campaigns to eliminate ozone layer-destroying spray cans, etc. etc. etc.    

3 And who was approached by a coterie of the Big Capitalist crowd to lead a fascist overthrow of the FDR administration, on the side of Hitler and Mussolini.
   Not to absolve FDR of any blame for political shenanigans.  He was directly involved in the deliberate enticing of Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, to give him the excuse that he needed to take the country into war with both Japan and their ally, Germany.  Whatever his personal motives.  
   Much as G.W. Bush & his administration of NeoCons engineered their ‘New Pearl Harbor’ of 9/11.  But not to get bogged down exclusively in the war theater here… 

4 when in fact it makes bone brittle, not hard; and anyway, as an additive is not in the form that it is in nature.  (And causes bone cancer to boot.  Another wonderful aspect of this marvelous product of human ingenuity.  Which also lowers IQ......had enough yet???) 

5 And its partner in crime, fractional-reserve banking.  

6 The motto of Planetary Citizens.

7 ‘Either it’s our New World Order way.  Or it’s the highway.’  So to speak.


...and to round this contribution off:

from ‘(SCANDALOUS VIDEO) Susie Sarandon Talks About WHY SHE ENDED HER AFFAIR With Hillary Clinton…’ - Sara Paige - April 28
(“Susan Sarandon appeared Wednesday night on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” the other night and explained why she had to DITCH Hillary Clinton…”)

Susan is for Bernie and totally against Trump, because she is for, in part, "minorities". Say what?? Trump a) wants to bring jobs back to America, and b) wants the illegal aliens to leave, which will free up a huge number of jobs for the huge number of American citizen  unemployed minorities.

Susan, you are a lovely woman. But something happened that you didn't get your head screwed on properly.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

And The Beat Goes On


from ’Trump: Sanders Should Run as Independent’ - Joe Crowe - April 26


I have been hoping that Sanders would run as an independent. That would give a shoe-in victory to whomever the GOP nominee is. I am not a fan of Trump, but I WILL vote for him if he is the nominee.

Can you trump voters say the same thing if Cruz gets the nomination in a second ballot??

I doubt it. You will all take your doll dishes and go home because YOUR candidate didn't get the nomination.

I think a Trump/Cruz ticket is the best way to go.


         kibitzer Krazeehors a few seconds ago (April 26)
  • Cruz is ineligible for the VP slot (12th Amendment); same as the top slot. Same as Rubio.

  • Same as Obama. Which unfinished business we need to get to just asap. That this sort of crap that we have been subjected to for the last 7+ years doesn't ever happen again,.
  • Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

HGB kibitzer 3 hours ago (April 26)

Cruz and Rubio are US citizens. Natural born. Same as my son and millions of others.

           kibitzer HGB a few seconds ago (April 27)
  • It's not enough just to be a "citizen" in order to be a "natural born" citizen. A 'natural born citizen' is defined as a person born in the country to parents who are citizens. That's what makes it 'natural'.

  • The proof: At the Constitutional Convention, Alexander Hamilton, as a delegate to the proceedings, made a proposal that the president need only be, quote, "born a citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent 'natural born' category. The whole point of the exercise was to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. And that remains one of the eligibility requirements for that office, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Will The REAL Jeff Bauman Please Stand Up?

Ladies and gentlemen, your erstwhile masters are showing their utter contempt for you.  They are rubbing your noses in it.  Are taking you for a fool.   It's time to throw off these arrogant s.o.b.'s.

Wait a minute.  But be careful in how you do it, make your moves.  That's just what they WANT you to do: go off half cocked.  To give their stooge in the Oval Office the excuse he needs/they need to declare martial law, and throw out the Constitution in one fell swoop that way, on their snarkily merry way to their totalitarian New World Order.

So: Be discerning in how you do it.

But DO IT.


Proof Boston Marathon Bombing was Faked in Three Easy Steps: #1, #2, #3

by Jim Fetzer

The heart-wrenching story of yesterday, the third anniversary running of the Boston marathon since the bombing of 15 April 2013--was the story of a victim who had lost a leg but was going to run in the marathon! Her name may have actually been Adrianne Haset, but her story was complete fiction: nobody died during the Boston marathon. It was an elaborate charade with amputee crisis actors, fake Hollywood blood and even a studio-grade smoke machine. If ever an event was done with "smoke and mirrors", it was the Boston marathon bombing.

We have a video where you can hear the police on bullhorns calling out, "This is a drill! This is a drill!" We have tweets from The Boston Globe reporting that a demonstration bomb will be set off during the marathon "for the benefit of bomb squad activities" and that one will be set off "in one minute in front of the library", and one minute later, one explodes opposite the Boston Public Library. But millions of Americans have been taken in by the deception, where many have sent donations and the US government extended an $8.4m grant to the survivors:

As a former Marine Corps artillery officer, I can attest that those explosions were puff pieces that were not powerful enough to kill anyone. We have smoke and bodies missing limbs, but we have no blood. That, as Lorraine Day, M.D., Chief of Trauma Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital for 25 years has explained, is a physiological impossibility. You cannot have limbs blown from bodies by explosives without having blood all over the place. But it only shows up later and it is not real blood but Hollywood blood, which came out of tubes: 

The Three "Jeff Bauman"s 

Jeff Bauman #1 can be seen in photos and videos taken during the Boston event, where a man in a gray hoodie attaches a false prosthesis with a bone extension under the cover of the smoke from the machine. Had his injuries been real, he would have been unconscious in one minute and dead in two from the bleed out. Instead, he keeps his head raised above the Boston pavement (where people spit) and awaits his rescue by the actor, Carlos Arredondo:

We have been able to identify Jeff Bauman #1 as former Army Lt. Nick Vogt, who lost his legs below the knees and his left pinky (little finger) in Afghanistan. An excellent study by Dr. Eowyn, "The Boston Bombing: The Case of the Missing Pinky", has confirmed it. Here is a photo of Lt. Vogt, where his missing left little-finger is apparent; and here is another of Jeff Bauman #1, where, remarkably, he has no left little-finger, either:

Notice the fake blood, which does not change color, while real blood deoxygenates and turns dark, as the scene from Cairo shows. Notice also keeping his head raised so it is not on the sidewalk, which displays a degree of delicacy not ordinarily expected of a man who has just had his legs blown off below the knees. But of course he actually lost them in the Middle East along with his left pinky, which gives Nick Vogt's game away. Consider the comparison:

As though that were not remarkable enough, Jeff Bauman #3 shows up at a baseball game, pushed in his wheelchair by none other than Carlos Arredondo, hero of the Boston bombing, who had helped place Jeff Bauman #1 in his wheelchair on the scene 15 April 2013. But now he is missing all of his legs: he doesn't even have any thighs! So we have Jeff #1with only nine fingers but with his legs blown off below the knees; Jeff #2with all ten fingers but with his legs blown off above the knees; and Jeff #3with ten fingers but no legs at all! And the media missed this?

Well, not quite all. The Daily Mail of the UK wanted to feature Jeff Bauman #3 at a Red Sox's game in Fenway Park, but they had a problem with showing him in Boston on the day of the bombing, because his legs were only missing below the knees. So they did what any inventive publication would do--they blurred them out so no one could see the difference!  You may think this is not standard journalistic practice; but while it might not have been in the past, it has become routine here in the United States, where other major publications are now catching up!

                                    If anyone has harbored any doubts about whether the mass media are keeping us free, rest assured that they are doing what they can to assist the administration in its efforts to propagate information to the public. In case someone has missed the significance of the three "Jeff Bauman"s, here is a summary of the Boston bombing, where I interviewed Gary King about his astute observation of the third "Jeff Bauman", who may well become the most famous of the three, if the government and the mass media have their way! Welcome to Boston!

The Danger Of Ideas

In my last blog I referred to the danger of living one’s life by, becoming a slave to, an ‘idea’.  Now, an ‘idea’ can be a good one.  Can be the good one: of what life is all about.1  But they can also be dangerous.  Example.

The more ‘idealistic’ of our youth, particularly subject to ‘ideology,’ have bought the con job hook, line and sinker that a) America is responsible for the trashing of the planet and the horrendous effect of Global Warming, er, Climate Change - whatever label to put on the rationale - because of its emphasis on Liberty, so we should not be allowed to be free to do such things, need a firm state ruling over us; b) we here in the U.S. should not be living - be allowed to live - so high off the hog when so many of the peoples on the planet are starving, so eliminating the/a middle class is a good thing; and esepecially, that c) we should be cut down to Third World size so that all are equal: equally subject to their masters.  Who were born to rule over the world.  

How do I know?  Because the Bible tells me so.

I am referring, of course, to the Jews.  But especially to the Khazarian Jews.  Who are not really - that we know of - bloodline Jews, but converted Jews, who very much liked the idea of ruling over others -   over ‘the Other’, in their enhanced self-estimation.

I always wondered why Hitler struck such a chord in the German people, in their reacting so harshly to ’the Jew’.  Now I know.  And why they have bee kicked out of country after country over the years, that they tried to take over.

But it isn’t just ‘the Jew’ who is our nemesis.  They are not alone in their machinations of thinking of others as ‘the Other,’ to be ruled over, rather than with.  Other groups want to rule over ‘the Other’ as well.

Take the Jesuits.  Please.  (As a very funny Jewish comedian said about his wife.)2  They seem to have a particular liking of the idea of ruling over others.  And ‘the Iranians,’ according to quite a researcher in these matters.3  And take the members of the Trilateral Commission.  Whose founders hit on the idea - there’s that word, and ‘idea,’ again - of carbon credits as currency; so that people - the Other, of course - could be considered as valuable targets for taking out, for polluting the atmosphere with their outbreath, laced, as it is, with that horrible, nefarious stuff - essential to life - carbon dioxide.  In a form of ‘dead peasant life insurance’.  Which ‘idea’ was used in the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11, when certain businesses set up their employees with insurance, then claimed on it from their demise in the destruction of the towers.  And of so many ‘other’ lives therein.

I could go on.  But you get

the idea.       


1 I won’t go here into all that.  You should know it by now.  You have had plenty of lives in which, and by which, to have cottoned on to it.

2 The Jews can be forgiven a lot for their good qualities as well.  Like their sense of humor.  

3 Leuren Moret.  A frequent guest of Alfred Lambremont Webre, on his (very valuable) show at
   Recommended: his recent book ’The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars’.  Also his ‘Exopolitics: Politics, Government & Law In the Universe’.  See also

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The View From The Down Under

“Along with the ‘entombment’ motif comes stories of gods, goddesses, godmen and heroes who thus descend into the underworld…”  - ‘Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection,’ D.M. Murdock, p. 385

‘Thank you for giving me some of your valuable time, Commissioner, as you seem to like to be called.’

‘It’s as good a title as any, until things settle down a little more, and we take our Next Steps.  And glad to give you a little time, Sharyl.  I’ve been a big fan of yours, you might as well know.'

‘Really?  I’m flattered, and honored.’

‘You have been a credit to the investigative journalism profession.  Which can’t be said for many, unfortunately.  But all in the greater scheme of things.  So: how would you like our time together to unfold.  I see that you are all ready to get into it.’

‘Yes.  I would love to hear first of all about your formative years, how you handled your upbringing, what you felt, deep inside.’

‘The early years; yes.  A good place to start.  ’The wakeup call',,.

‘I am reminded first off of the time in high school when I came across a comment that really resonated with me.  This was the years of the Korean War, and our school held a competition between the grades as to which class could bring in the most paperbacks for our troops ‘Over There’ to read between bouts of going out to kill other human beings.  Our class - I was in my Senior year at the time, as I recall - did very well in the campaign.  We ended up having a huge pile of books to donate to the cause, and I got to going through them at one point before they were sent off; and I came across a novel entitled ’Scaramouche,’ I well remember, and recall vividly its opening line; quote: “He was born with a sense that the world was mad.” It actually included being born “with a gift of laughter” too, but that one’s been harder for me to relate to.  But the former statement: ’Yes!’ I exclaimed, with sudden recognition.  ‘That’s it!  That is precisely how I feel.’  

‘All this warring business.  Over and over and over again.  No sooner had we finished one big one - World War Two - and we started in on another; the Korean ‘Police Action’.  It was as if we needed our fix.  Our fixation on ‘war;’ as a substitute, for - what.  Boredom?  To while away our time with??  I was getting royally put off by it, to be a bit euphemistic in the expression of my feeling.’

‘This was…1951?  ’52??’

‘That period of time.  And it wasn’t due to the fact that that ’fix’ was close to catching me up in it as well.  Those of us planning on going on into college were exempt from the draft.  And I didn’t even think of that at the time.  I was just disgusted with the whole thing. I remember writing an essay at the time, for my English class, which I concluded with the disgusted and resigned observation that, “War has become part of the nature of Man.”  Now, I - ‘

‘Were you religious at the time?  Have a particular religion?’

‘’No, that wasn’t part of it.  Yes, I had been brought up in a religion.  The Christian religion; had been born into the Mormon Church, and my mother sent me off to Sunday school ’religiously’.  As part of the divorce agreement with my father, I suspect; she had dropped out of the Church herself.  Another story.  But I had dropped out of going to Sunday School by then.  I wasn’t really getting anything out of it.  It just didn’t appeal to me.  So it wasn’t a ’religious’ thing.  It was more simply an existential thing.  See, I understand, and understood at the time, that we humans are based on a ’higher primate’ template, and part of our makeup does have the business about territoriality, and competition for mates, and such like.  But there was so much more to us.’

‘You felt that even then.’

‘Yes.  I didn’t know the precise details then about our brain structure, how there is a primitive level to them but there is also an overriding part to them, that brings into our awareness a whole new world.  Of opportunity.  Of, well, awareness.’

‘Of higher things.’

‘Of higher things  And so there I was, in my high school years, feeling that the world around me was mad.  And so, what was I going to do about it.’

‘And so - what did you think to do.  That you could do.  It must have been - frustrating.’  

‘It was.  And that is a good way to put it, Sharyl: What could I do, about it.  What could I do.

‘And what I came up with was to go on into college with a pre-med major.  That was the best way that I could think of to make a difference.  To be a help to people.’ 

‘Was anybody in your family in medicine?’

‘No.  Well, my father had become a chiropractor in his life.  But with my parents having divorced when I was just a baby, and my growing up with my mother, that was never really a factor in my decision.  No, it was simply a decision as to the best way I could be of help to people.’

‘And then…’

‘And then I went off to university.  Stanford University.  ‘The Harvard of the West,’ it was known as.  More prestigious than my mother and I between us could afford, but I got a substantial scholarship.

‘And studied hard for two years and a bit, in my pre-med major classes.  And even got preliminary acceptance into Stanford Medical School, starting the following school year.  - ‘

‘Your Senior year?’

‘Yes.  They allowed those who were keen to get on with their lives, and had fulfilled their required prelim courses, to go in on a speeded-up basis.

‘And then a funny thing happened to me on my way to medical school…Do you want to take a short break before we get into the next chapter of ‘My Life As a Change Agent’?’

'Rather more than just that, I would observe.'

'Just fulfilling my contract, in getting Americans to honor their constitutional contract, before it gets released, into the larger scheme of things, properly.  The Light way.  Not the Dark way.  The true Synthesis of the historical process, unfolding its way to Completion.'

‘A good note to take a break on. Let’s do get a cup of tea, or something.’

‘I have a bunch of different kinds of herb teas.  They’re really very good.  And, of course, good for you…’

‘So.  You were about to get into…the ‘funny thing that happened to you on your way to medical school’.’ 

‘Yes.  To back up a touch, to ‘get into’ it.

‘Once I had received word of my acceptance into Stanford Med School for the following school year - and had accomplished that milestone in my life - I relaxed a little in my pre-med course concentration, and took a short-story writing course.  I had been interested in writing since early on in my high school years, and fancied getting into a little self-expression, after all of my heavy-duty science classes.  It was during that time that my personal story picked up a beat.  

‘It began with my working on a story line as a particular exercise of some sort or other, that began to take on a life of its own, and was turning into a novella.  I went to my course instructor - a fine young woman who had a reputation as a short story author - and explained to her what was going on with me, and asked her to glance over what I was working on, and tell me if I should let it go and get back to the exercise itself.  She kindly took a look at it, and, somewhat to my surprise, encouraged me to stay on with my personal ’exercise’.

‘It was a story about a young doctor who has an encounter with a situation that changes his life.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into, at that time.  After all, it was just a story…’

‘From your inner being.’

‘From my inner being.  Anyway, long story short - that’s a pun - ‘

‘Got it.’

‘ - I was working away one night at this ‘story,’ when I began feeling restless; couldn’t concentrate - ‘

‘On the fictional story.’

‘Indeed.  And decided to go out for a walk.

‘It was winter time in northern California, and so it was seasonally cold, although not too much so, and I had my jacket on; and in just wandering to start with, to clear the cobwebs, decided to go sit in the school’s outdoor amphitheater for a bit.  This was a big natural amphitheater - could hold maybe ten thousand people - and although it would have no lights on, I knew it well enough to make my way into it, through the trees that surrounded it.  Once inside the screen of trees, I had to pause a bit for my eyes to adjust - it was pitch black in there.  And it was very much like I had entered into another reality: All the lights and motion and sounds from the campus were screened off, and it was just me, and this enormous sky, brimfull of stars.  No moon, no clouds.  Just us two.  Which feeling occasioned the first thing that happened to me, after having found a level in the dark to sit on.

‘The first was the thought, ‘How small and insignificant we are in the great scheme of things.’  I felt as though I were in the bottom of a very deep well, looking up and out at another reality.  And then the next thing that happened was - as if in reply to my unvoiced thought - the feeling of something very large coming into me - into my heart area - from that larger reality - whooosh! - and it knocked me onto my back, and coursed through me like an electric charge, and burst me into tears.  Over and over.  I don’t recall that I had ever heard of the ’kundalini rising’ experience before that time.  And I don’t know if that is, indeed, what I had.  All I know is that something happened to me, that I couldn’t fathom at the time.  Which went on for, I don’t know,  - ‘

‘I was about to ask.’

‘  - It could have been ten minutes, fifteen, five.  I’m not really sure, to this day. 

‘Anyway, it - I - finally calmed down.  And I sat up.  And my left brain, pre-med, scientific, rational mind kicked in, and I asked myself, calmly and soberly, ’Now, what was that all about.’  

‘And I found myself getting an answer.  It didn’t come to me in a voice.  It was just a feeling.  - ‘

‘A knowing.’

‘A knowing; yes.  A gentle - the feeling of a gentle, but very sure, Presence, that said - in my words:

‘“The universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.”

‘And that was it.’


‘And I got up, and walked back out to the everyday world of my university, and in heading back to my dorm, I remember thinking, very rationally, ‘Now, where is the largest public library in the western world.’  Because I knew that my life had changed.  That I had to go start seeking Truth with a capital t.’

‘And where did you go.’

‘I figured it must be the Main Public Library in New York City.  So I quit school, had a confrontation with my mother - who thought I had gone ‘round the bend, from too much studying - and - ‘

‘But you knew better.’

‘I was absolutely sure that I knew better.  Knew, that I didn’t know, really, what life was all about; and that it was time for me to find out.  That my time had come.’  

‘And so…’

‘And so I got a job, in a hospital in L.A., as an operating room orderly, to earn some money, and then headed for New York City, from my home in Southern California.  All the way across the continent.  In a few leaps, from delivering cars to a couple of different cities, and finishing off making it into Manhattan on the bus, from Pittsburg, I think it was.  It would have been perhaps too ironic to have ‘jumped’ there from Philadelphia.’

‘Why so.’

‘Because part of my awakening process was to the deeper side of the American experiment in self-governance.  Yes, I went into the ‘religious’ aspect - read about all of the religions, and spiritual philosophies, and UFOs, and ESP, and so forth and so on - but also got into the business of what was going on in the world politically, and had been going on, for a long, long time.’

‘The upshot of all this being…’

‘The upshot of all this being that, after a year of researching in the stacks of the Main Public Library in New York City, and serving my two years of draft duty in the Army - as a conscientious objector - in Korea, I have dedicated my life to Spirit.  And to Truth.  Which led to the occasion of my becoming in charge in America for the time being.  Fulfilling my Mission.’

'Your mission.  As in...commission-er.'

'Well spotted.'

‘I always was a clever lass.'

'And so you are.  And valuable, in your chosen profession.'

'As to that: You mentioned the ‘political’ angle.  Do you want to go into that a little more deeply?’                                                 

‘Not at this time.  It has become obvious who some very Dark-side people have been.  I was onto them a long time ago.  Well; from this period of my life that I have gone into here.  

‘I will say, that I was aware even earlier on of my disgust for communist regimes in the world.  Enslaving their peoples in ’freeing’ them from the clutches of the capitalists and their system.  Talk about pots and kettles.  

‘I remember being particularly incensed about the Berlin Wall.  ‘Try to escape from our worker’s paradise and we will shoot you.  You WILL be a good communist. Or we will eliminate you.  Make up your mind.’  And so, many did.  And dutifully got shot for their unwillingness to be slaves to the state.  To an ‘idea’.  Where everybody is equal; and some just happen to be more equal than others.

‘Hypocrisy.  I hate it.

‘But.  It’s all par for the course.  As I have said: Life is a school  The purpose - ‘

‘’is to graduate.’  Yes, I am aware of that saying of yours.  And now, here we are.’

‘Indeed.  Graduate school.’

‘Amusing line.  In a way…Is it never-ending?’

‘I would think so.  As we evolve - unfold - in consciousness, so is the Whole enriched.  And souls - pieces of the continent, parts of the main - are constantly coming online, it would appear.  So - voila: a perpetual motion machine.  On, and on, and on…We might as well get used to it.  Even when we come back to Unity.’

‘Mmm…Any parting words, thoughts???’

‘…Now that we are on our way to eliminating money itself - which I finally realized, in my search for answers, was, in its interest-bearing form, the bottom-line reason for all the warring that we have been involved in; pitting us against each other - with 'money' considered as an end, rather than simply as a means - rather than with each other.  So that ‘communism’ has, after all, part of the answer to our moving on, in championing the sense in us of commun-ity - with, as I say, our being on our way to eliminating money, with our Age of Abundance, to say our access to the technology of Manifestation, a word of caution, in not losing sight of essentials.  And that is:  What’s it to you if someone has more of something - as it used to be, money; but it could be anything; looks, smarts - than you?  They will have their lessons to learn with it.  Just as you will without it.

‘As I have said…’

‘…Thank you for your perspectives, Commission-er.’

‘No worries, mate.  Hey.  A blast from my past, there.  From my days living Down Under.  

‘Down Under, in the Down Under.

‘At the bottom of the well.

'Where things are now very, very well......'

'...I don't...'

'I was just reminiscing there, for a bit.  You see, what I left out of my story was the part where I went off to live in a spiritual community in Scotland for a large part of my life, before coming back onto the main scene of life, where one of the founders, a woman who channeled, was wont to say often, "All is very, very well."  And I didn't understand it fully at the time.   All was obviously not  "very very well".

'But it all depends on where you are looking at things from, doesn't it.  Take, for example, the man who got to calling himself Barack Hussein Obama.'

'I don't understand.'

'You will,  when you understand fully that I call myself the co-mission-er.

'And that's why I have held off pressing charges against him.'


'Not because of concerns about civil unrest.  But because

'he was just doing his job.

'From the larger perspective on things.

'Which we are all now beginning to inherit.  Having made our way...'

'Out of the well.'

'You got it...Just one last point.'

'Which is...'

'That - to take Obama for example: he needs to recognize it.  To free himself from his role.  To move himself out of

'the well of his own making.'

'...As do we all.'

'As do we all.  All, players on the stage of life.  Playing a game of self-realization.  Now a prince, now a pauper.  Now of one sex, now of another. Now of one race or religion or nationality, or role in a family unit, now of another.  Big important people at this turn of the dice, having to recognize that.'

'And so have we bit players.'

'And so have we.  Or to say, from the even larger perspective:

'And so have


'...The 'I's' have it.'

'Indeed, Sharyl; investigative journalist par excellence.  Indeed.'