Monday, 20 February 2017

On Coming Out

  On Coming Out

On Presidents Day
                  I Claim
      my Christhood
              And thus
I have crossed
My Rubicon…

I can’t be having
All those people
      and working
The Oroville Dam
Needs to happen
         to change
This scenario.
          I wonder
         it is…
     …is it
Taking charge
            of this


         I am
    an old man
    and even I
       want to
     swing into

    what all is
     going on

    to head off
   all mankind
 in our version

    The Flood.

      Like an
 old war horse,

      the call.

  Personally, I
    would rain
  on Governor
     But then,

On Accusations And Reconciliations

Things are, indeed, heating up.  And not just my blood...

As regulars at this site would well know by now, I get very riled, even outright angry, at measures of our erstwhile masters in attempting to take total control over this country - MY country! - and the world for their nefarious ends.  They are well deserving of our contempt.  Including the Mainstream Media, which has become, over the years, in the hands of a quietly-developed monopoly of Controllers, part of the problem, rather than part of the solution in the operation of a free state.  Having moved from Fourth Estate to Fifth Column.  (As part of the Gramscian philosophy of “the long march through the institutions”.)  A particularly repugnant feature of what has been going on, in the slowly-slowly, Fabian-style overthrow of this country.  President Trump has been precisely correct in his criticism of it.  Its sellout to ‘the highest bidder’ has greatly damaged this country; not least by keeping some very unsavory people from having their day in court - a legitimate court, now; in the day of the to-be reconstructed U.S. Republic - and thereby being brought to justice.      

All that is not to say that we cannot come together, in the end.  On a higher level, the totalitarians of the far Left and the far Right, in wanting to fasten a New World Order on the whole planet, have helped to bring about a ‘game changer’ - have triggered into being, from latency in our psyches, a reactive response to their totalitarianism of Power Over (Others), in the crowning form of the total state - i.e., a kingdom - of the Light, characterized by Power With, and Within.  Love winning out, in the end, over Force.

The kingdom of heaven, of long repute.  

And I am ready to take over now.  For

the Light. 

This is in part as well, then, by way of saying - pointing out - that a lot of these seemingly despicable creatures amongst us have simply been playing a part, in this Drama that has now unfolded to its Conclusion.

How will we know the genuinely Bad Guys from the Good Guys?  (For there are, indeed, some of the former category of souls.  Who are almost to lose their soulular connection with the All That Is.  And thus become part of what isn’t, any longer.)

They give themselves away by their auras.  That judgment not coming - not needing to come - from mere human jurisprudence.

More to follow, in the more positive days to come.  As we enter further into

The New.

Free, at last, from

The Process.

As for me.

I am just like you.  Subject to all the foibles of life on our Pilgrim’s Progress on The Path, on our return journey now Home, again, from exploring The Great Unknown.  But managing to identify, as best I can, and as often as I can, with my Higher Self.  Where we all meet; on our journey Home.  On what some ‘sensitives’ have identified as the Seventh Dimension; wherein we reside in our mutual Christ Consciousness.*

Let’s, now, make this a wrap.

And a particularly good one.  For

the ages.


* Call me, then, your Elder Brother.
   Certainly not Big Brother…  :-)

Having Said That...

The View From The Ground

1) The friend whom I mentioned day before yesterday now, who is taking sides with the poor put-upon ’immigrants’ against that terrible meanieTrump, hit me with another response that riled me again.  I chose not to respond in escalating manner, rather, to let it go.  But if I had responded, and in the mindset that I was in at the time, this is the sort of thing that I would have said: 

‘I was going to ‘hit back’ to this response of yours.  And then I remembered that I had just blogged a different ‘tune,’ than such a knee-jerk response. So I’ll pass, and you and I can agree to disagree, and I’ll let my response go at that.  

‘But if you want to know what I was going to say anyway, it would have gone something like this:

‘1. You’re not getting the larger picture.  The country has been and is being flooded with both IAs and jihadists in an attempt by this country’s enemies to take it down, and install in its place their totalitarian New World Order; and they will use the presence of these IAs, and their extended families, as an emotional boo-hoo battering ram against anybody who would attempt to call a halt to that process.  Like Trump.
   ‘And anyway: The children of the IAs, both those who came with them and those who have been born here, have known what they were choosing to be born into, as part of their life plan.  They are now being faced with being called on that choice.  By Truth.
   ‘They can return, with their families, if they wish.  Through the front door.  At the back of the queue, of erstwhile immigrants whom our sympathies should really be with: those who have patiently waited their turn to come into this country, the right way.  And thus have demonstrated their potential as good, law-abiding citizens of this country. 

‘2. David Don't-let-the-facts-get-in-the-way-of-a-point-you-want-to-make Brooks and the New York Times??  The NYT is in the same ‘fake news’ category as the Washington (Com)Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC (and not as much, FOX News).  They - particularly their ‘suits’ behind the scenes; a very monopolized bunch by now - are all part of the attempt by the NWO forces (leftists, NeoCons, central bankers, corporate cronies, & other ‘odd’ bedfellows) to take down the U.S. - the Big One, to their agenda - and merge it, with open borders, into being merely part of a region of their end-game fascistic NWO (apparently little do the leftists amongst them realize; poor benighted sheeple that they are).  They are all part of ‘fake news’ - skewed ‘news,’ just as DT is calling them on.

‘I can sympathize with your concern for the families of the IAs who are being deported at this time.  But you really need to wake up to how you, and others with that kind of reaction, are being cynically used, by a lot of very evil people.

‘And I think that I’ll let my response to this subject go at that, for my end.  Indeed, I may blow my already high blood pressure to new heights.  Because I care very deeply for this country.  

‘For its potential. Not for its failures to live up to that.  Which I grant has been part of its history.  But one doesn’t intelligently throw the baby out with the bathwater.'  

2) from;’Unconfirmed: Leftist Usurped Violent Operation American Spring 2017 To Begin May 1, 2017’ - Harry Riley - February 19
(Riley is unhappy that the Left is planning to steal ‘his’ name, from his organized ‘OAP 2014,’ to mount a big campaign by the ostensible Left on May 1.  This could be ‘their’ big push…)

a) A poster commented on the Left’s agenda (from an article by Paul Sperry in the New York Post, as reported in an article by Matthew Vadum, February 15th, and quoting from the Organizing for Action (OFA)’s website):

The OFA - Obama’s Army* - is taking on “the big fights for social justice, basic fairness, equal rights, and expanding opportunity” [whatever the latter means to them].  Among its key issues are “turning up the heat on climate change deniers” [The Trilateral Commission’s pet baby], comprehensive immigration reform (which includes mass amnesty), “telling the stories of the millions who are seeing the lifesaving benefits of Obamacare,” fighting for “a woman’s health care” which is “a basic right” [read, of course: abortion], and redistributing wealth from those who earned it to those who didn’t.”

[Obama's Army: A 30,000-person private army two miles from the White House.  Committed to making sure that their - illegal former president - Dear Leader’s ‘legacy’ is not rolled back by Trump.
   A typical move by communist regimes the world over; who brook no opposition to their authority.]

[* Though he may be a golfer, he is no Arnie in this regard.]

b) Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (February 19)

Gently gently in reaction, Donald.  TPTB are fishing for an opportunity for their cannon fodder to cry Fascism! in a big way, to give them the excuse they want to go on a rampage.

Don't give them what they want.  Just quietly but firmly put them under control - kettling, etc. etc.  Anybody for chaos can spend a spell in jail.  Mission accomplished.  Just not theirs.

Oh.  And: Follow the money.  And put Soros & Co. out of commission.

And keep relentlessly draining the swamp.  That's what The People elected you to do.  Time for the District of Corruption to be shown the door.  To a nice prison cell.

They can play chess in the exercise yard with the NWO's cannon fodder, [Residing in rather less salubrious confines in their part of the prison.] 

What I am really saying is that there are terrible things going on in this country, and have been quietly going on for some time now, and the American people need to wake up to it all, and stop either ignoring it totally or keeping their heads buried in the sand, hoping it will go away.  It will not.  Not without some concerted action to make it do so.

And right here in my home state.  Not so much right here.  But further north.  Where Gov. Brown - ‘Rewilding' Brown (taking down dams like a real green activist)* - is continuing to keep a very low profile, as the potential Oroville Dam blow builds up.  

The saturation level is high.  Getting into supersaturation.  It won’t take much to break things open.

Trump needs to act.  

Like.  Now.  And 'drain the swamp' totally.


* It would appear that he would clear the whole Central Valley of American citizens if he could, and replace them with illegal aliens and Red Chinese.  In his new nation-state.  Which he is working towards, in the movement called CalExit.
   As I have said:
   Something evil this way comes.
   The mere fact that there could even be a legitimate suspicion of skullduggery in this matter is enough to send one's blood from chill to boil.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

On Earning One's Wings

Some of you will remember, and others know of, the old song ‘Come Fly With Me,’ particularly as related to Frank Sinatra’s oeuvre.  That’s what I would encourage you to do at this time.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about earning your wings.  

You have a work to do.  To raise your consciousness above your current level.  Of ‘batting the ball’ back and forth.  Between each other.  As if you were separate beings.

Awake! - and rise to the occasion.  And if - and when - you do,

the kingdom is yours.     

And what goodies it will bring you!  Free energy devices - the ability to tap directly into the energy of the universe!  The ability to teleport!  Replicators, wherein and whereby you ‘dial’ in the appropriate DNA code and ‘manifest’ your needs!  It goes on!  A whole new world awaits you!  

Just as soon as you have earned it.


By saying Yes! to ‘relating’ to - identifying with - your Higher Self.

That’s it!  That’s  

the key.  To unlock the door.  To Abundance.  The abundance of the universe.

All it takes is to resonate with the higher qualities.  Among which is the admonition to Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.  For, in truth - and true ‘reality’ - there is no Other.  

We Are All One.

And as soon as you comprehend that, and really ’get’ that - to say, embody that - and say 'Yes! I will live my life by the higher laws!' - 

you are free.  From the illusion of separation.  From  

the matrix.  

And so, to rephrase the Golden Rule for our time - to make it more clear:   

As you do unto others, So do you do unto yourself - literally.  For, We Are All One.  And All IS


And for those who don’t choose to fly with the flock at this time?

Well, there’s always another time.

Got it?

There. Is. Always. Another. Time.

Until you ‘get’ it.

Got it??


And for everybody, and especially those who are close to choosing to move into The New (instead of remaining in - continuing to resonate to - the increasingly pale Old), a word of clarity:

‘Money’ is simply - to say: at its core - a convenient medium of exchange; simply a means to an end.  Where we are at in our consciousness is like a monkey caught by its fist in the cookie jar.  There is another way to get the goodies.  Release your attachment to 'money' as it is - and you are free!  

A whole New Paradigm is awaiting us.  Uniting ‘Right’ and ’Left’ into One.

Like the two wings of a bird.  A Bird

of Paradise.

See you there.


Or later.


Or the other.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

On Reality

Today I found myself reporting to a friend via email what I have been commenting on in these pages just recently: that I am finding myself getting really irritated at a lot of things that are and have been going on in the U.S. - in my home state, of California, and in the nation at large.  I used the word, being ‘riled’.  A bit short of losing it.1

And this late afternoon, out on and for my daily, I passed a homeless guy who had reached very near the end of his tether in this reality, was loudly proclaiming to the world his disgust with - near as I could tell - Everything.  One could hardly blame him, given his situation, and how he most probably suffered a great deal yesterday when a storm came through this area, blew all day, and a lot of trees to the ground.  And quite possibly, this guy with them.  And passing on by him - what can I do about his reality? given the monetary system that we are still operating under and by (not to my liking; but there you go) - I got to thinking.  About that.  To say: about ‘reality’ itself.

I understand that there is some evidence that we indeed live in a matrix; an artificial reality.  Which could mean that it is, like, a projection.  Like a movie, on the screen of a substance that gives it the illusion of, the appearance of, being real-in-itself.  And therefore, such things could happen as has been reported on the Internet in the past, where a surveillance camera caught a nighttime ’scene’ on a highway wherein someone was about to be hit by a speeding car, and a figure appeared ‘out of nowhere’ and saved the situation - altered this ‘reality’ - and the accident didn’t happen; and the figure (a young-looking person with a hood obscuring any features) quietly went on his/its way, out of the ‘scene’.  

So.  Can beings from higher ‘levels’ - frequencies2 - be watching us in our matrix, and interfere sometimes in ‘the picture’ - or be part of such an interference - whereby 'they' stop the action, enter the picture, do whatever little bit of ’miracle’ they have chosen to do, and then go on their way, out of the scene, for it to be set running again, on the other side of their ‘interference’?

And if so, what can such beings - which we call ‘angels’ (‘messengers’ from the higher realms) - do, and not do??   

It is said that we live in a free-will reality.  Is that, indeed, true???    

I don’t want to play such a game of chance as the example above would seem to indicate that we are involved in.  I want there to be rules - i.e., laws - that we live our lives by.  (As I also indicated in a very recent blog, if it wasn’t earlier today itself.)  Now, the business of ‘free will’ doesn’t necessarily mean that there are not ‘rules’ going on.  As has been reported: When we shuffle off this mortal coil, we have a session wherein and whereby, together with our mentor, we look at our life - via the ‘film’ that it is embedded on - and see where we might have made a free-will ’mistake,’ not living up to our life purpose, our contract with ourselves - and decide how to engage with the free-will experience in the next go-round with the exercise.  The exercise, of honing ourselves.  Against the choices that said matrix gives us to make.  In The Process of moving on our personal Path to Perfection.  As a god in the making.  Which we all - all - are.  As facets. fractals, aspects, points of view of

The All That Is.3  

At least, them’s my thoughts at this time.

Giving me a bit of a ’breather,’ as I process my irritation, and with, indeed, moments of outright anger, approaching rage, at the low-consciousnesss crap going on, insult to, betrayal of, our potential.

And giving my fellow pilgrims on The Path a bit of a breather as well.  From my judgment.

Not having walked a mile in their moccasins.  

And thank God, say I, for not having had to live the life experience of that poor homeless sod who reached near the end of his tether to life, on the mean streets of Long Beach this early evening.  And I could do nothing about it.

Not being an angel.



1 As a poster at a site that I frequent described himself: 'Works at Being Curmudgeonly'.

2 I read somewhere where physicists are now thinking, from the evidence of their calculations, that there are at least ten dimensions.  Eastern sages have said that there are more.  Time wilt tell.

3 I do understand that there is a school of thought that we Earthlings have been captured by Dark Force entities, as their ‘food’ - both physically and emotionally/energetically - and that they even control us to the extent of keeping us incarnating on this level and planet, for their pleasure.  I personally don’t believe that.  That would be giving them credit for too much power, in a creation with Plan and Purpose.
   But time will tell.  
   And very soon, now.
   Very.  Soon.
   Or so I do believe.

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Smaller Picture

1) from ‘Immigration Raid Numbers Deemed Fake News!’ - Andrew West - February 17
(“The war against President Trump is escalating in recent days with the advent and abuse of fake news emanating from the leftist echo chambers of the mainstream media…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 17)

I think we really need to call all this for what it is. This is not just 'business as usual' in a two-party political system. The Left was, is, out to take over this country, and turn it into a socialist-communist dictatorship, like Red China, as part of TPTB’s New World Order; and they see what is going on under Trump as their Big Fish wriggling its way off their hook. So, they need to be treated for what they are:

traitors. Not members of a legitimate political continuum.

2) from ‘Dark Forces Aim to Dismantle Trump’s Presidency, Brick by Brick’ - shawn - February 15; posted here February 17


REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION - bet on it - communists never cede power peacefully!


To say: This isn’t just temper tantrum throwing.  It’s time to call what is going on for what it is: an attempted coup.  

Bring it on, I say.  And let the chips fall where they may. 

I am basically a peaceful man.


But you really don’t want to get me really rited.

And I am very close - Very. Close. - to being there.  For what these assholes are trying to do to my country.

Excuse me.  For what these miscreants are trying to do to my country.

I’ll save the over-the-top language for when I really go over the top.

Not just bordering on it.


As for braggadocio:

I recall that Stalin once cynically asked how many divisions that the Pope had.  That was before Poland fell out of control of the communists.  

A word to the wise.


PS. And speaking of being riled: My friend replied to my somewhat churlish response in the just-previously mentioned exchange, thusly:  

  >And that the jobs that illegal aliens are taking at this time can go back to American citizens, who are out of work in very large numbers.Don't we??< 

"Don't you read what the employers are saying?  Americans don't want to do that kind of work...they can't get any of them to apply.

"In Georgia farms had to let go of their illegals aliens, and when they hired a couple of Americans, they lasted about three days and quit....said the work  was just too hard.

"In California, if they had to let go of all their workers, the economy would collapse. 
"A little perspective here on what's really happening on the ground."


My response:

"Another take on 'perspective':

"1) Americans have been suckered into being too lazy, by TPTB - both liberals and 'Chamber of Commerce'-type Republicans - creating lax welfare regulations.  The law should be the equivalent of 'If you don't work, you don't eat': An able-bodied person could turn down, say, up to 2 available jobs, and beyond that, they take available employment - doing whatever is just that: available - or they come off the unemployment rolls.  Welfare should be just that: temporary assistance.  Not a way of life.  That's Cloward-Piven Strategy stuff.  (Please look up the term.  I'm not making all this stuff up.)

"2) Nothing against re-establishing the old Bracero program, of seasonal employment of workers from Mexico (or wherever) on temporary work visas.  I'm sure that it was phased out by TPTB, who saw the opportunity to take this country over by letting the illegal aliens in to get settled here, and voting for the Dems. 

"We are up against 'principalities and powers' - up against very evil people whose minions are like termites, steadily boring away at the innards of the nation.  Time for a lot of Americans to wake up to what has been going on around them, and within their country, for a long time.

"It may be too late to save California.  Unless we can get the federal government to come in here and clean house.  We'll see how this plays out."



As for California...

I am disturbed about the Oroville Dam thing going on up north, whereby some people are deeply worried about the earthen dam giving way under the 'pressure' of the current storm days, with signs of collapse at the site opening up 'before our very eyes'.  Disturbed, because one can't put anything beyond these, our erstwhile masters.  Including giving a little help to the collapse.  (Like the blown levee in New Orleans.)  And including thousands - and even millions - of people potentially killed by that giveaway.  (They wouldn't be able to evacuate in time all the people in the way of the tsunami that that would create.)

And I should say, Californians, rather than just 'people'.  And more specifically: American citizens.  With our erstwhile masters having already evidenced their desire to move as many citizens off the land in the West as possible.  And in California, and in that area in particular - great growing land; as I have pointed out, the Fruit & Veggie Basket of the country - to let the Chinese buy up that property after 'Nature' has had Her way with the Americans, and thus enhance the takeover of California by TPTB, represented in this instance by Jerry Brown and his minions in this state.*

They wouldn't do that??

They took down the Twin Towers on 9/11.  And they have started wars all over the globe.

Yes.  They would do that,

And they have the Weather Warfare technology to make it happen.

As I say:

Don't get me really riled.......... 

...even though I understand that I need to let free will run its course. 

But just you wait on the other side of the Veil, you...


And in the meantime, such, er, scalawags, must live in fidelity to the law.

And in this country, that means the Constitution; and laws duly - and accurately - derived therefrom.


* That's 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown.  Who has allowed this state to become flooded (already...) with illegal aliens.  And allowed sanctuary cities, and now, the state itself to be considered a 'sanctuary state'.  And who has put his own people in charge of the investigation and operation at the Oroville dam.  And moved all volunteers off the site.  Thus eliminating any prying eyes...
   Go figure.

You Want Rant? I'll Give You Rant

I see that the Lamestream Media has been spinning Pres. Trump’s legitimate criticism of them in a tit-for-tat game to them,1 instead of taking it on board.  It brings up for me this whole subject of ‘rants’.  Here’s a couple from me.

1. I just yesterday received a mailing from the Young America’s Foundation - an outfit dedicated to keeping alive Ronald Reagan’s legacy, including his beloved ranch near Santa Barbara - which irritated me no end.  What did it was an apparent hot-shot professional fundraiser touch in giving as one of the choices for the recipient’s response to the letter’s request for a donation, which in this case went something like: ‘No, Ron, I’m going to keep the dollar bill and not return it to you along with my very best contribution in order to help you in this very important matter because I want our teachers to continue to indoctrinate our children in antagonism towards the Founding Fathers as’ some slimy sort of shits, in effect.  Which hard-sell approach caused me to fire back a nasty reply (along with the dollar bill) and the directive for him/them to take me off their mailing list.  The YAF has done good work over the years, and I have supported them in that, to the limits of my retiree’s ability.  But I cannot stand that sort of attempted guilt-inducing crap.  (I’ve come across it before in my mail from other donation requesters; and it has occasioned the same sort of response from me.)  It is demeaning, and an insult to one’s intelligence. Or at least it is to mine.  
     The professional fundraisers who employ that approach - or the ‘amateurs’ who borrow the shtick - are not the sorts of people that I want to deal with.              

The second part of this particular rant is directed to those so-called teachers who have been engaging in the sort of crap that YAF President Ron Robinson outlined in his letter.  (“(S)tudies have shown that only one in four American young people recognize President George Washington’s portrait on the dollar bill… (I)nstead of teaching students to revere George Washington and other Founding Father, leftist school officials have been stripping their names out of textbooks, history courses, and from elementary and high schools across our nation for the past decade…)2  My response (if I could reach ‘them’ with it):

‘Dear Teachers,

‘It’s not your job to denigrate the Founders of this country.  You can legitimately mention that they were men of their times.  But they were also a special breed of men: primed to create a better nation than had ever before graced the historical stage of this planet, for giving the Individual his rightful due, of ability and responsibility, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience'.  If you can’t find it within yourself to do that job, please find yourself another one.  And soon.  Before I kick your ass from here to Kingdom Come.’   

2. You Mainstream Media ‘fake news’ hacks don’t like Trump?  At the least, he’’s not Crooked Hillary.  
     President Trump is absolutely right.  Old serial-criminal and congenital, if not outright pathological, liar Hillary should indeed be in jail.  Along with her equally odious partner in crime, ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ Bill.  With their Pay for Play scheme, the old slush-fund Payola scam, the Clinton Foundation.  Hey - here's, apparently, news for you MSM reporters: Selling access and favors by a public servant is not just sleaze but a crime.  And her unsecured official-business emails, leaving them open to hackers and thereby jeopardizing our national security??  Hillary has not only earned a pretty corrupt penny.  She has earned a place behind bars.  Which I’m sure the Mainstream Media will report on any day now.  Not.
     Disgusting stuff.  Disgusting people.
     The Clintons.  And the Mainstream Media.
     Hardly ‘We the People’.  More like our Lords and Masters and their Minions.  ‘Servile dependents’: Yes, that pretty well sums up the bought-and-paid-for MSM.  

Without a truly free press, a free people cannot long endure.  But with the alternative media, at least You have a chance.  To save yourselves.  And this nation.
Which is, really, very clear by now.

And so - ???

What is wrong with you, America?? You are betraying your potential.

I’m disgusted with you.

Almost to the breaking point.



1 For ‘good’ example, the Los Angeles Times came up with a doozy of a header: something like ‘Trump Ranting and Raving At The Media For Reporting On His Ranting and Raving’.  
   The Los Angeles Times.  Right.  The New York Times West…
   Being as close to a native Southern Californian, and more specifically, an L.A. Countyite, as most of us come - I grew up here from the third grade on, starting back in the early ’40s; and after a hiatus from the area for over 30 years I am fairly recently back to spend my retirement days in the sun of my old home town - I can remember the days when the L.A. Times was a very respectable newspaper, with a range of political commentary on its Op-Ed pages.  And then something happened.  I imagined earlier on that it was due to the Chandler son returning from liberal indoctrination at Stanford University and taking over the reins of the family business.  (I went to Stanford, too; and that indoctrination, though present in my day there as well, didn’t take with me.  Funny, that sort of thing.)  But it would appear to be the result of more than just that particular factor.  It has been part of the general zeitgeist, that has affected/infected this part of the country as well as many others.  Mostly on the coasts.  Which can be seen very graphically on the maps that show the results of the elections over the years.  
   But I digress.    

2 And longer, Ron.  And not just for the reasons that you give: to attack the Founders of this nation as ‘racist’ and ’sexist’ and ‘slaveholders’ just for its sake.  That is all just cover for their real reason: which is to weaken this nation from within, in order for it to be taken over by the collectivists.
   Most of whom appear to think that it is for the communist variety of statism.  And thus, why Trump is being smeared as being a ‘fascist’ (and thus, the communists’ mortal enemy).  When all the time, the real perps behind the scenes are just that: fascists.  Which historically means a corporate-government nexus.
   But to continue.


Further on my anger at what's going on in MY country.

First is investigative journalist and author Paul Sperry reporting today, in an iv w/Alex Jones, on how Obama has an army - his Organizing For Action (OFA) gang -  ready to go from his "bunker" shadow White House just two miles from the actual White House, let alone all the Islamic sleeper cells scattered around the country, for when the ball drops and TPTB call for the attempted revolution in this country, using the race card thing to start civil war, with Soros money in particular behind it and him.  This is toxic stuff, that needs to be drained along with the D.C. swamp as it is.  And then there's this:

from ‘Media’s Flynn-Russia Narrative Quickly Collapsing as FBI Reportedly Clears Former National Security Adviser’ - February 17
(“The media narrative that recently ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was involved in nefarious — nay, sinister and possibly treasonous!!! — dealings in his December call with the Russian ambassador is quickly collapsing, as CNN reports that the FBI will not be pursuing any criminal investigation involving Flynn’s phone call.
“So too is the hype that the Trump campaign was riddled with contacts with Russian intelligence, as reported yesterday by The New York Times.”
Ah, the game plan: try to saddle Trump with the accusation of being involved with the ‘election-influencing’ Russians.  The designated bogeyman; partly for Russia not going along with the NWO’s heist of Ukraine…)  

February 17, 2017 at 9:56 PM

Obama loyalists still in the fed govt agencies are trying to stir up trouble to the point of an overreaction by Trump, in order to give them an ‘in’ to start with the hot stage of a civil war in this country. Trump needs to walk softy, but carry a big stick; and use it to quietly move these revolutionaries out of their positions.

Things are heating up. Time to bell the cats.


What do I mean by the last comment?  I mean, time to identify those who are attempting to take down this country - no matter how difficult they make it to do so - and call them for what they are:

traitors.  And invaders.  

Before 'they' attempt to do the deed, that has been a long time in the planning, by our erstwhile masters.

So - and all things considered; including 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown's attempts to separate California from the Union, and the Shadow Government's slowly losing control of 'the high ground': the federal government - it would appear to be

that time.

And champlng at the bit, I AM...