Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Of Balls And Eyes And Bullseyes

The New American bi-weekly magazine has just (issue of June 18) published a letter of mine to them, on the LGBTQ+ phenomenon.  Under the title ‘Disrupting Sex,’ and as slightly edited by them, it reads:

“In his preview of the book, When Harry Became Sally (TNA,  April 23), Laurence M. Vance says that ‘Chapter one looks at “recent developments in popular culture that have changed American opinion on gender identity.”’  One wishes that we would look at ‘developments’ in the womb that are causing all this societal mayhem.

“In reviews of studies on the matter, such as the book BrainSex by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel, it has been pointed out that the fetal brain can be affected, at a particular, early state of fetal development, by the maternal hormonal bath in which it is doing that developing, so that male-patterned brains can be ‘wired’ into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every stage along that abnormal spectrum in between, such as trannies.

“There are a number of potential causes of abnormal levels of the hormones in that bath: an abnormality in the adrenal glands of the developing fetus or the mother or both; endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in the environment, from the likes of plastics, pesticides, and ‘The Pill;’ and stress of all types: physical, mental, or emotional (e.g., there is evidence of a higher incidence of homosexually oriented babies born in the wake of wars than the normal background ‘noise’ could account for).  But perhaps most alarmingly is the effect of drugs such as barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard for their potential effect on the developing fetus.

“No, ’Sex is not “assigned” at birth.’  But gender identity is created in the womb.  And these children flooding into our society are canaries in the coal mine that we should have been paying closer attention to.  We have taken our eye off the ball, by concentrating on the societal effects of something, rather than the treatable cause, long overdue for acknowledgment and correction.”

Is there anything else going on that requires us to keep our eye on the ball?  Yes.  A number of such matters.  And including the big one.  And to address that one, and as a wrap-up in general - to life itself - I will go back to the novel ‘A Pillar of Iron,’ about the life and times of Marcus Tullius Cicero, lawyer and statesman.  To a time period near the end of that story, s Rome ‘progressed’ from Republic to Empire, and its consequent ultimate fall. 

Cicero, returning to Rome from a recuperative spell away from those ‘wars,’ has one last burst of indignation as to what is going on in his beloved country.  He is facing a dictator when he has had enough, and engages in insubordination.  Julius Caesar, yet himself to rise to the role, and having affection for his childhood friend and defender, comes, here near the end, to his defense:

“It was Julius Caesar who replied to him in a state of affectionate indulgence.

“‘For a man who has lately given his friends the impression of lassitude and listlessness and resignation, Marcus, and for a man who has been heard to say “For what purpose have we been born?” you are displaying an astonishing store of passion and frenetic energy and loud protest.  Is it possible you now believe there is a purpose in our existence - ‘

“’Yes!’ cried Marcus.  ‘I was a fool.  I have been wallowing in complacency and security, and these lead to death and disintegration.  I had been so absorbed in public duties and in private practice of law that I lost sight of what is transpiring in my country.  I plead guilty to the crime of indifference and am determined to make amends.’”

His defiance of usurped authority was, inevitably, to lead to his death, at the hand of an assassin.  But he had lived a most honorable life.  And in the end, yes,

there is, indeed, 'a purpose in our existence'.  And we will all come to it, in

The End.

That, of course, is a little further down the road.  But the Exercise part of The Journey is over, at least.  And it’s time for

the Real Thing.


P.S. On the child separation policy from their illegal alien parent (or whomever the adult they were accompanying actually is):
     Disgusting stuff.
     The way that the MSM is portraying the matter.  Disgusting stuff. 
     1) The policy is Congress's policy; and was practiced under Obama.
     2) The practice itself is so cynical: that is, the practice of IAs using children as pawns/human shields/tickets in order to attempt to wheedle their way into the country.  And the MSM makes it all out to be as though Trump is so "cruel".
     As I say.

     (Headline from the Left: 'Trump Executive Order Ends His Own Cruel Policy' - americandownfalldotcom - June 20
     (Headline from the Right: ' Farage Urges Trump to Hold Strong Against Globalist Immigration Pressure' - rickwellsdotcom - June 20/21)

Monday, 18 June 2018

Notes From A Pillar Of Iron

Before I move on too far from having read, and been deeply moved by, Taylor Caldwell’s ‘A Pillar Of Iron’ - the story of a noble man of his day - and sink too deeply into the murky waters of our day, with this ‘The Big Short’ kind of atrocious business, a word about that earlier story, of the Follies of Man.

* “The family did not live in Arpinum, itself, but with Arpinum they enjoyed the Roman franchise, and so were Roman citizens.”  They lived on a river island nearby.  “The area had none of the wild color of southern Italy and none of its gay exuberance.  The people were calmer and colder and spoke of Rome disdainfully as a welter of polyglots.  Here the spirit of Cincinnatus and the Republic still lived.  The inhabitants spoke of the Constitution, which the Roman Senators and the courts were continually violating without challenge from a supine urban populace.  The people of Arpinum remembered the old days when a Roman was truly fearless and free and revered her gods and practiced the virtues of piety, charity, courage, patriotism, and honor.”  

* Cicero’s father embraced him when he was still a small child, enjoying life on their island.  “My son, he thought.  Where will you be, and what will you be, when you are a man?  Will you flee the world as I have flown it or will you challenge it?  Above all, what will the world of men do to your spirit, which is now as a cup of clear water?  Will they make your spirit turbid and murky, filled with the offal of their evil imaginings, as the Tiber is filled with offal?  Will they taint it with their lies and their malices, as a well is tainted by the bodies of serpents and dead vermin?  Will they make you as one of them, the adulterers and thieves, the prideless and the ungodly, the brutal and the unjust, the false and the traitors?  Or will you be stronger than your father, and surmount them all, despising them not in silence as I have done, but with words like burning swords?  Will you say to them that there is a Force that lives not in weapons but in the hearts and souls of righteous men, and cannot be overthrown?  Will you tell them that power without law is chaos, and that Law does not come from man but from God?  What will you tell them, my son?…
     “Tullius lifted his eyes to the sky and prayed.  He prayed as the ‘old’ Romans prayed, not for wealth or lustre for his child, not for fame and glory and the snapping of banners, not imperial power or lustful ambition.  He prayed only that his son would be a man as the Romans once knew a man to be, just in all his ways, resolute in virtue, strong in patriotism, ardent in piety, courageous in all adversity, peaceful of temper but no secret server of the strong, protector of the weak, prudent in decisions, ever for justice, temperate and honorable.
     “Tullius offered his child to God, pleaded for mercy for him that he might be kept from dishonor and greed, cruelty and madness, that he avoid no battle but engage in it in the name of right, and that he fear no man ever, and fear nothing but that or him who can maim the soul.  He prayed as fathers had prayed before, and was comforted.”

* Marcus as a boy told his younger brother one day during their playing together that he wanted to be a lawyer.  “‘There is nothing nobler than law,’ said Marcus.  ‘It distinguishes men from beast, for beasts are ruled only by instinct and man is ruled by the law of his spirit and so is free.’”

* When a young lawyer, but because of his fervent belief in the Roman law he had already become dangerous to ambitious men, Marcus Tullius Cicero once told his young friend Julius Caesar, one of those Romans so inclined, but pretending not to be, in talking about a client: “‘I ask only justice,’ said the lawyer.  ‘If (the guilty party in the case) is exempt from the law, then it is because he has bribed someone of importance.  Are we to be ruled by favor, and not by impartial law?  By exigency and extortion, and not by honor?’”  
(Clearly a man to be feared by the corrupt…) 

* Cicero “grieved endlessly for Scaevola.”  (His lawyer mentor, who was assassinated.  A common occurrence in a Rome that was in the throes of falling from a Republic into an Empire.)  “But Scaevola seemed still to live, and was not dead in his thoughts…His sardonic spirit ws always at Marcus’ elbow, his voice always in his ears.  
   “’Sic transit Rome,’ he told Marcus in a dream.  ‘Do not be distressed.  Rome will perish, but your memory shall endure.’
   “I prefer not to be a memory, thought Marcus on awakening.  I prefer to be potent.  I prefer to be a Roman to the last day of my life, and I hope that life will be long in the service of my country.  I have no desire to encounter Cerberus and to cross the Styx.  So, I will be prudent.  One should, perhaps, hide virtue.”  
   (But, of course, he could not.  And, of course, the drama of his times played its way out to its foretell- able end.  In the meantime, there was this sort of climate, inducing his angst:)    

* “The winter insensibly began to flow into early spring.   Marcus sedulously practiced law.   At times he was filled with despair and a sense of the ludicrous.  He argued Constitutional law before magistrates while he well understood that the old Constitution had been abrogated and an iron one of mercilessness and militarism substituted.  He invoked the honor of judges, when he was aware that honor was dead.  Often he felt that he was a grotesque actor in a ridiculous comedy written by a madman.  The judges, hypocrites all, would nod seriously, for they liked to believe that they were still men in a world that had become chaotic and filled with beasts  Sometimes Marcus could hardly refrain from bursting into wild laughter.  Still, he thought, was it not better for a criminal and a liar to pretend to honor law and justice than to have him openly defy it and sneer at it?”   (Wow…)
* (In talking about Sulla “and his gray dictatorship”:)
   “There was, in man, a suicidal impulse that led inevitably to madness and death and fury when unrestrained by principle and rectitude…”  
   (Here, I was reminded of the observation of Will Durant: “Inhibition - the control of impulse - is the first principle of civilization.”  We higher primates - that is to say, we souls in such meat suits; spiritual beings having a human experience  - still have in us/our programmed brains the impulse to do in the other guy before he does us in, after having learned, by much experience, that this world is a world of such beasts.  Yet to be tamed.  Needing advanced souls to incarnate to help guide us through the rough waters of our passages about Earth.
   One such soul, to help Man find his way in the darkness:)

* “Aristotle compared God with a perfect crystal, glowing with light, the Giver of life to which all life must return…”   

* “(Marcus’s publisher’s) eyes filled with tears.  ‘You are a brave and resolute man, dear Marcus,’ he said.
   “‘Not so brave, not so resolute,’ said Marcus.  ‘I have, all my life, walked the prudent way, the way of lawyers.  So, in many respects, I have betrayed my country., for he who does not speak out when honor and anger command it is as guilty as any traitor.  Cowardice is often the companion of lawyers..
   “‘Atticus, I will do what I can.  But when governments are determined to defame, disgrace, and murder a hero they do so with impunity in these days.  For, we are now ruled by men and not by law.’”  (Indeed.)

* (Marcus, arguing a case before the dictator Sulla, and explaining why a mob had come to hear him propound; albeit having been rounded up to do so:)
   “It is said, lord, that Romans love justice before all things, and they have come to hear justice.  Law is like eternal granite.  It is not an airy butterfly, a creature of the idle breezes, or a wanton of the whimsies and passions and vindictiveness and envies of little men.  It is the soul of Rome.  The people cherish it more dearly than their lives.”
   (And yet, they sold their birthright for a mess of pottage…it was ever thus.   As the lessons come, and go.  And come again… 

* (As to this idea of the incessant return; and specifically in relation to the murders going on at this time in this day:)
   “Marcus, who had despised and feared Lepidus, who was of an unstable and violent character, was nevertheless greatly disturbed over the murder.  It was another example, to him, of lawlessness overcoming law in the name of expediency…”  

* (On the verge of giving up on Man, Marcus Cicero had an epiphany:)
   “Suddenly Marcus’ languor and pain diminished and he was filled with a brilliant courage and new fortitude, as if a divine Hand had touched him.
   “‘I had thought,’ Marcus mused, ‘that only Rome was important, that her death would be the death of all mankind.  But now, suddenly, I know that even if Rome passes away God will remain, and all His plan for humanity.  Nevertheless, that does not give me warrant to cease my personal fight on evil, for those who fight evil are the soldiers of God.’” 

* (But still, while vacationing in Egypt, trying to get his strength in the constant battle back, he cries out at one point, that:)
   “‘my heart hungers and thirsts for hope!’” 

As does mine, Marcus Tullius Cicero, hero of his times. 

And fortunately,  

I think that we are finally


It has been a long and winding road.

But it has had its purposes.  And its ultimate Purpose:

to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Unlucky Few, And...

    The Unlucky Few
The Top Of The Class

‘Money is dirty stuff, but it’s the way the world works.’

No.  More.


After watching a DVD of ‘’The Big Short,’ and now starting into the book on which the film was based, I realize that I really don’t need to get any further into all this sort of thing, observe it more deeply.   All of what??  This business of ‘making money,’ off of clever ‘financial instruments,’ and the like.  ‘Financial instruments’ that can sound such discordant notes - which can make some people a lot of money, but which in doing so can take down a whole country, and plunge millions, and even billions, into ‘Recession’.  Or outright Depression, as this country has also experienced, within the last one hundred years alone of its thus-checkered history.1  And billions, in the effects of such speculation, which can ripple out to affect the whole world.  In often terrible, terrible ways.

Well.  As I say

No.  More.


Because it’s that time.  Gais Herself is involved in a Progression.  And I have come down the octaves to see what you people - on this stage, for apprentice gods; acting out parts in The Play designed to ‘catch your consciences,’ give you necessary lessons on The Path - have been, er, ‘up’ to, in the exercise of your free will.  And I see that you have now turned the corner, in, to say, ‘going global’.  And so I will lake over now, in the drive down the Home stretch.  Because this is my ‘kingdom,’ so to say, that I am responsible for; and I will call the shots from here on in.  To

the full

Completion.  Back to


After your sojourn in the wilderness of your making.

For learning lessons.  And then

moving on from.

Not to get stuck in.

Except for

the unlucky few.2 

Who will just have to wait a while longer.  Until they




What it has all been all about.

All.  Of it.

The good

And the bad.

For, there is such a thing.  Such a contrast.

Contrary to what your erstwhile masters - lackeys of the Dark side - have attempted to propagandize you about, in saying, and even institutionally teaching, that everything is relative, there are no absolutes; that ’there is no good nor bad but thinking makes it so’.  There is definitely a ‘Good’ and a “Bad’.  

Because the universe has Purpose.  And that purpose is Good.  And there are rules - called Laws - to go by, to accomplish your mission.

Your Mission, of making it through the Maze.  Aka the Matrix.

So: Go for it.  Beyond the distractions designed to keep you locked up in the prison of your current senses.  On this lower level - this extremely dense level - of

The All That Is.

That distraction design, to give you something to figure out, along

The Way.

Which we are now about to enter a new Sector of.

With you.

Or without you.

Your choice.


1 And checkered in more ways than one.  But to continue.  

2 Call them ‘the five percent’.  In my high school days, as we sophomores entered those hallowed halls of even higher learning (we had junior high schools in those days, which consisted of the seventh, eighth and ninth grades; a leap in itself, from Elementary school), there was an Assembly for us in the school’s auditorium, giving us even more grown-ups now various bits of information, and at which the school’s Vice Principal - a no-nonsense kind of guy, in my case, and having been for quite some number of classes of kids coming to that school for this stage of their higher learning - made it very clear to us that we might visit him in his office if we got out of hand, explaining that in his experience, 95% of the kids coming to that school were good kids, and would never have to visit him in his office, but that there would be about ‘five percent’ of us who might need a little, er, talking to, during our time there.  That’s how life was, sometimes, on our journeys.
   My experience of said life, and further on into our adult years, is that some of those ‘five percenters’ at that stage in their lives could very well be among those at the head now of the Harvest, and that some of those ‘ninety-five percenters’ could well be among tho ‘unlucky few’ now.
   And that’s how life works out too, sometimes.  Given this gift, that we have been given.  Of free will. 
   Beyond the one - the very, very precious one - of life itself.

   Speaking of our souls.  Encased momentarily in matter.  For the aforesaid educational experience.

Compassion Vs. Common Sense

from’Mainstream Media Confirms Conspiracy Theory That Walmart Stores Are Being Turned into Detention Centers’ - Rachel Blevins - June 16
(“When citizens began to ask questions about why Walmart stores were suddenly closing in in southern states in 2015, the mainstream media insisted that the closures were due to plumbing problems and that any suggestion of government involvement was a crazy conspiracy theory. Three years later, the MSM is finally admitting that several of those Walmart stores were converted into detention centers, which now house immigrant children who have been separated from their parents…”)

label ms ‘Had Enough’; but at the site they have labeled me CyanApple - June 16

Rachel, it was very 'journalistic' of you to note how the Walmart sites are being used in a way that makes that whole thing conspiracy fact.  But then you blew your credit.  These are not, quote, "immigrant" children.  They are the children of people who attempted to enter this country illegally.  Got that?  If they were legitimately wanting to come here under terms of asylum, they could have waited their turn at the front door, like everyone else in that category, or those simply wishing to be immigrants here - lawfully.  But I object to your playing on your readers' heartstrings, in not noting that simple fact.  Illegal aliens are just that: illegal aliens.  Leave - and take your boo-hoo children with you.  And come back in the front door, if you are legitimate.  That would be to allow you more than you deserve, for trying to sneak in.  I agree with those on this site who point out that we have enough on our hands with our own people's needs, to have to cater to the desires of illegal aliens.

You see, Rachel, you need to understand (if you don’t already, and are actually a part of the takeover crowd) that we are at war.  Or more accurately, that there are some very evil people who are at war with ‘us’ - with the United States; who wish to bring her down any which way they can, including flooding her with illegal aliens to vote for the no-borders Democrats (and thus the far Left’s constant attempts to keep dirty voter reg rolls in place and no-ID laws to vote, etc. etc.) and go on our welfare roles in order to bankrupt the nation (it’s called the Cloward-Piven Strategy; look it up), and continue to break down our borders, and arbitrarily censor conservatives from the social media sites, and so forth and so on, in their manifold attempts to make the former U.S. just a part of a region of their vaunted New World Order, of Total Control over humanity.  In order to ‘govern’ them like cattle.  Lord it over them.  Treat them like slaves.  To their ‘rightful’ masters: these ‘beings’ of the Dark side.  And their masters, off-planet, and even inter-dimensional.  Justly called Satanic.    

And so, all this malarkey about ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ - especially as employed in attempts to keep the unassimilable Middle Eastern Muslims continuing to break down the established cultural orders of the countries of Western Europe, but also the flood of IAs and other Hispanics into the U.S. for the same purpose - is just that: malarkey.  But the interesting thing is, that the technology that our erstwhile masters have been busily developing to enslave us, can actually be used for the Good.  And ‘fits’.  Because the totalitarian, Dark-side New World Order is the reverse image of

the Real Thing.  The whole thing - the whole historical dynamic - having been a Process, coming ultimately to a point of Synthesis; of taking elements from both ‘sides’ of the Process (the 'thesis' and the 'antithesis'), and coming up with something out of that Synthesis that is beyond either of the ‘sides’ themselves.  Life - consciousness - evolving under


Which has as its primary ‘unit’


To help us reach our potential.

In the positive direction.

Well; some will use their free will to go the other way.  Further into 3D material realm mode.  But let’s hope for the best Harvest that can be accomplished out of this Go-Round.  

A Harvest of lightworkers for 

The Light.

Which requires work to reach.

Is not just handed to us.

Or there would be no point to

The Process

in the first place.

Our Creator Source wishing for us the best, out of The Process.  But it is, after all,

our choice.

And thus it all, really, makes

common sense.  With compassion - Love - at its core.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Yes, They WOULD Do That

(FWIW: I have just watched a video of ‘The Big Short’.
     And I understand that we are entering - actually, well into - the same sort of situation, in this day.  Not, apparently, having learned anything from that debacle.  Or, say, the Enron one.  Or, say, the S&L scandal of the '80s. Or, say, The Depression.
     You people are just playing games here.
     It needs to stop.)

When I was still a student, approaching my adulthood, I found myself saying, a number of times, ‘Oh, they wouldn’t do that’.  A friend told me one day that he had heard of a man who had developed a cure for cancer, and that he and it were being suppressed.  ‘Oh, they wouldn’t do that.’  And another time, when I had heard from somewhere that fluoride was actually a poison, and was also in all foodstuffs processed with water treated with fluoride.  ‘Oh, they wouldn’t do that.’  And vaccines.  Even vaccines, having far, far more in the way of ‘adverse side effects’ than TPTB were admitting to, in their incessant insistence that they were ‘safe and effective’.  ‘Oh, they wouldn’t - ‘

Yes.  They would.  And do.  And are continuing to ‘do’ to this day. 

Why?  Two reasons.

The first is venality.  There is a lot of money to be made in treating cancer (say).  And in its ‘maintenance’.  No money to be made in its cure, or prevention.  The same with the likes of diabetes, and heart disease, and Alzheimer’s…you get the picture.  

And the same with vaccines.  A huge business, that one.  Children from the day of birth on up, and even on into adulthood now, with the hugely profitable business of flu vaccines (and yearly!).

With their load of mercury.  Which poisons us.  But hey, we’ve got just the pill for you for that, too…

You can see my cynicism.  But it is as nothing compared to my reaction to the other reason why ‘they would do that’:

Because we are being deliberately ‘dumbed down,’ both intellectually and physically, by people who want to control us.  All, of humanity.  Want to be our superiors.  Our gods.

See, what I had yet to learn in life was that I wouldn’t do that.  But others would.  And did.  And do, all the damn time.

And the second reason is from both the ‘communist’ end of the political spectrum and the ‘fascist’ end.  Both actually meeting, in a curve, rather than a straight line, because they are both involving what is called collectivism, or statism.  As opposed to individualism.  Which is ‘championed’ by capitalism.

By the concept of ‘profit’.  Which needs to go, in the New World aborning.  Because it is a false god.  But first, a word about the collectivist camps.

The communists have the right idea, in principle.  Living with, and by, a sense of community.  That we are all in this together, and should be living in a state, not of competition with one another.  But of cooperation with one another.  Each giving our bit of service to the Whole, and receiving thereby in return, for we are part of the Whole.  But they have the wrong means.  The totalitarian state, running people’s lives to within an inch of their lives.  Controlling them, like slaves to the system.  And it is that means - that way of thinking; and that goes for the other extreme collectivist state as well, of fascism - which will keep them from ever accomplishing their goal.  Because we are not slaves.  Sheep to be sheared, cattle to be culled.  We are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.  Chips off the old block.  That block being our Creator Source.  Not ‘the State’.  Not being controlled by an arrogant Elite, who think of themselves as gods.

Well yes.  As are we all.

Gods in the making, that is.

Apprentice gods.  For being chips off the old block.  And thus, that innate sense being in us all.  As part of our very nature.  Beyond the incarnate business - the veil - of inhabiting a higher-primate body suit.

But that ideological way, of Power Over Others, is to stay stuck in The Process.  Thinking one can be a god without paying one’s dues: the development - the ‘landing’ - of higher consciousness, and higher, and higher.  Up the spiral stairway to the highest ‘heaven’: Home.  Unity.  Perennially denied to those sparks of divinity who have turned against their Creator Source, in their arrogance.  Like outright Satanists.  Those souls who have sold themselves to the High Power of Involution.  Who calls himself - thinks himself - a god.  Identifying with that part of his nature.  But forgetting the rest of The Deal.  And seducing likeminded souls to go his way.  Which is to stay stuck, over and over in incarnation, in matter.  The illusion  The matrix.  The classroom, for aspiring gods.

Mission accomplished, upon graduation.

And so we have, in this realm of corruption, those infatuated with venality on the one hand.  And atheistic ideology on the other.  Or theistic, in the sense of thinking of Satan as their god.  To whom they give homage - for all the material wealth and power that he offers them - in the form of such as the killing, and blood-drinking, and flesh-eating, of babies.  And the practice of pedophilia.  Because of their belief system, of

Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  Lie, cheat, steal.  Kill, even.  If it serves the purpose, of helping you achieve your end.  Which is, in a word: Power.

Power Over Others.  Rather than seeing them - us - all as brothers and sisters on The Path.

The end justifies the means.  That way.  Into perdition.  Down.  Down.  Down.  Instead of

Up.  And Up some more.  And Up some more.  Unto ultimately Unity.

Which goal, ultimate accomplishment, is not served by such training-wheel devices as the idea of ‘profit’.  Doing things out of a desire to ‘make a profit’.  Rather than out of a desire to help The Process.  

So, interest-bearing money, and its training-wheel partner,* fractional-reserve banking (and all the other gimmicks that these manufacturers of money out of thin air get up to, like ‘credit default swaps’ and ‘collateral debt obligations,’ and the bundling of subprime mortgages that caused the Recession of 2008, and allowed the outrageous bailout of the thus-tarnished Masters of the Universe; more of whom should have ended up in jail, along with individuals at the credit rating agencies and the SEC), need

to go.


there are no banks in heaven.

Or any subset thereof.

And we are about to enter just such a place.

With you.

Or without you.

Your choice.

For, this world - this 3D-level realm; this classroom - is going Up.

Down no longer.

And an inside tip:

You can bet on it.


* i.e., 'training' in what humans can accomplish, when they put their minds to it.  For good.  Or evil.
   And if not for good, for what they can learn from the experience.  In learning that actions have consequences.  And that there is perfect Justice in the universe.  Monitored by the Law of Karma.  So, you don't ever really 'get away with' anything.  Because Love runs this process.  And so you might as welt stop going around and around and around on the apparently highly perceived merry-go-round of incarnation after incarnation after incarnation, because you are never going to go anywhere that way.  Will just be consumed - i.e., your negative emotions (it's called loosh) - by your matrix masters, every time you come up for air in this fetid atmosphere.  And call it 'reality'.  Having sold your birthright for a mess of pottage.  To these creatures who are snickering at you, all the way to their bank. 

It's Completion Time

First, I want to congratulate the MSM (and the social media in this country and ‘Hollywood’ in general) for setting such a high bar for the American citizenry to have to clear in order to get beyond the propaganda those outlets dispense, and have to think for themselves, and come to their own unscripted conclusions, in looking for the truth of things. 

And speaking of:

Second.  The main thing I like about Christians is that they are deeply committed to what they believe is the Truth.   How they are looking beyond their daily lives to ultimate matters: What is life all about, and so forth, and adapting their daily lives accordingly.  All that good missionary work that they do, helping people in need all over the world (literally ‘going out of their way’ to be of help to people); etc.  Admirable stuff.  The problem with such an attitude of commitment is that such s person may/will find it difficult to adapt if it turns out that what they believed in so fervently, which gave them such an impetus for action in their lives, turns out to be not, in fact, true.  Is a fiction.

Does that negate the good work that they did, and do??  Only insofar as they may mislead others into an untruth.

Can they adjust to the new reality???

We’ll see.

And to conclude:              

from ’Nunes Calls On Trump To Order Tyrant Rosenstein To End Obstruction’- Rick Wells - June 14/15
(Rosenstein, like a good Bolshevik, kicked out the staff of Nunes from a meeting, after threatening them.  The hell with this guy.  Go for it, Nunes.  It’s time the show boxing was over.)

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Nunes and the Freedom Caucus need to get action quickly. The NWO elite are not going to let their goons in the DOJ have to give away the beans; their power is beginning to slip away from them. So, watch for a major false flag op, to distract the public, and give them their excuse to go for broke.

This is, of course, war to them. So, it needs to be taken to them Enough stalling for time on their part. They need to be called on their attempt to take down this country, and merge it into their totalitarian global superstate, with all its gadgets for people control. People like Nunes have a major role to play in this Play. They need to bring it to a head. It’s Completion time.

P.S. As part of this Completion process, I will note that it will be complete.  How the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America was highjacked, to some extent, early on in its life, and how all that will be, not only straightened out.

But improved upon.  

The same with the country’s, and the world’s, monetary and financial systems.  

And so forth.  As we move into a, the

New Age.

To live, on this planet, in allgnment with the Will of

our Creator Source.  In perfect alignment with  

The All That Is.


it’s Time.

The Play is over.  It's time - and Time - for

The Real Thing.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

What I Think

So, there is a lot of darkness in the world.  It certainly seems impossible, sometimes, to clean it up, and set things to rights....but you know what??  We on the Light side have some help in the matter.   It's called The Plan - reflecting that life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.  Contrary to what the atheists, and outright Satanists, would attempt to sell to humanity.

Human life on this planet has been under the control of the Powers of Involution for many thousands of years.   With 'things' having gone 'global,' they have now reached the zenith of their control over us.  Things now start moving towards the Light, under the control of the Powers of Evolution, and energy from the galaxy in support of this movement, which will start affecting people's consciousnesses in a positive, ascension-like way; taking off the blinders, in effect.  And the Dark-side Powers That Were can't do a thing about it.  It is out of their control - as god-like as they think of themselves as being.*  They 'ruled the roost' for awhile.  But their day

is done.

Until the next go-round.  When they will be released, for a time, and season.  To do their thing.

Their chosen thing:

Rebellion against their true Creator Source.  To say:

The Light.

Which, of course, makes them - the real, hard-core of the lot; not just the Players this time around (for the experience) - so angry.  Knowing, that they require the Light to give them their very essence.  That they can't exist without the Light.  Because everything is made up of Light.

The Shadow can't exist without the Light.  Whereas the Light just is, in itself.  

It must be frustrating, for those fractals of our Creator Source engaging in their futile Rebellion.  But it is, after all,

their choice.

At least, that's what I think, about it, all.

Time will tell.

And soon.





*  Guess what, you denizens of the Dark side: We Are All Gods.  Gods in the making.  Being sorted out.  For a Harvest.