Monday, 26 September 2016

Hillary, Appearing Alive

The word is that Hillary - who has been called the Wicked Witch of the Left; but whom I call Her Royal Highness.  She must be of royal blood; she appears to be above the law.  And therefore must think of herself AS the law.  Much the same as the Usurper in the Royal - I mean, the Oval Office now - is appearing live tonight somewhere.  Presumably.

Catch her.  Before she falls over.

P.S. Thank you, ICE.  You may have just iced it for The Donald.

P.P.S. The woman is a serial criminal and inveterate, appearing even compulsive, liar.  (Speaking of appearances.)
     I wouldn't have anything to do with her, if I were you.
     And I AM you.  As the YOU of you are me.
     But that's another subject.  But
     Coming up.
     Hold your horses.
     But don't hold your breath.  There's a little housecleaning to be engaged in first.  Of all the corruption in America.  For America to lead the world into
     The New.
     And thus, fulfilling its potential.
     But certainly not with the likes of
     Her Royal Highness.
     the Usurper.
     Who needs to have a great fall.
     And I don't mean in terms of season.
     It's a different kind of season, now.
     But all in due course.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Let History Speak

Let History Speak

The historical record
                      is clear:
              is a
             And as such
             needs to be
          and simple.

So, all those who
Have been trying to get
             the people
To live in sin -
          and to say
The biggest sin:
Of living in a lie -
Can just pack it in.
              Your day
           is done.

    And that
        is all

    for them.


On Kabuki Theatre Acts

from ‘From the Theatre of the Absurd: Hillary Clinton Body Doubles AND Voice Doubles—-Rense & Fetzer [video]’ - BP - September 25

kibitzer3 says:
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Fetzer is a good man, has done a lot of good on a lot of subjects. But he leaves himself open to being laughed out of the scene and rubbished (a la Saul Alinsky ‘ridicule’ tactics, in his ‘Rules For Radicals’ workbook) when he doesn’t check out ALL of his charges, and one misstep can do him in. In this case, it is the ‘fact’ that the cell-phone camera shots from the audience in NC at Hillary’s rally there did not show her in them. But a poster on the Internet has pointed out that the Clinton camp apparently asks people not to have their phones set ‘forward’ (they show what is behind them, not in front of them) so as not to have flashes possibly ‘distract’ Hillary, also to say, so as not to have them possibly set off a seizure. Which of course exposes the fact that she is subject to seizures; but at least, let’s get all of the facts right, so as not to let the opposition scoff the WHOLE case out of the picture. (I don’t know if this ‘answer’ is a valid one or not, but it needs to be checked out.)

Also the claim (by both Fetzer and Rense) that the S.S. weren’t present when the double came out of Chelsea’s flat: that was obviously a photo op, to show ‘Hillary’ being strong and independent and unsupported for the cameras; the S.S. in fact being there just off of the original camera shot, as shown from another angle when she moved towards the van. So that’s not a big deal, to be made of. Stick to the obvious weaknesses, guys. Stay out of trouble with giving the MSM the opportunity to tear you apart on secondary issues. We need all the help we can get, to show this Kabuki-theatre absurd act for what it is, and scoff IT out of the picture. Not us truth seekers.

Why Bother

Why Bother

Why even have
Courts of law
If you are not going to have
The rule of law?
Why not just let Barry
And his regulatory
Agencies decree
Whatever they want
                  to decree
And be done with it?

And own your word:
             Piece of shit.

Hasn't it occurred
To you yet??:
      the judiciary
And the legislature
          and save
All that money???

And as for Hillary...

          Don't even
Get me started......

On Paying The Price - 2

further from ’Sheriff on Obama: “I Don’t Care Where He’s From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period!” - Tim Brown - September 24

Which is why we need to amend the Constitution. NOBODY running for an elected office should be able to seal their records. They should have to provide IRREFUTABLE, HARD COPY proof of eligibility, no scanned virtual documents. They need to provide prints that match their birth certificate, DNA, and if they don't adhere to these rules, their name doesn't go on the ballot. And we need to determine once and for all what constitutes a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

         kibitzer3 Patricia Beeftink 3 hours ago (September 24)
  • "And we need to determine once and for all what constitutes a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN." We already know the answer to that, Patricia. See my comment above, in response to FreedomFray.

  • You are right, of course. We need to acknowledge the truth of the matter, that we don't ever make this mistake again.

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                      usmadgirl kibitzer3 an hour ago (September 25)
    • kibitzer,
    • I agree with all your comment to FreedomFray except for the part about knowing what the framers meant by Natural Born Citizen. We do not know absolutely because it is not defined in the Constitution & since the Constitution is the law, we can't just "assume" what they meant because "The Law of Nations" (written by a Frenchman of all things - joking) recites the definition of Natural Born Citizen that was used at that time. Maybe they didn't deem it necessary or maybe they left it undefined intentionally.

    • I wish they HAD specifically defined it in the Constitution because I think the president should be the child of two natural born citizen parents (even if the child happens to be born on foreign soil for some reason), but they didn't & if it isn't IN the Constitution, it doesn't mean squat! BUT, as Patricia suggested to "amend the Constitution" to clarify all the issues, in this day & age, that could be opening a big hairy can of poison worms!
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  •               kibitzer3 usmadgirl a few seconds ago (September 25)

      • With all due respect, usmadgirl: They didn't have to define the term in the Constitution because a) the Constitution is not a dictionary, and b) they all KNEW what the term meant. And if any of them didn't know what the term meant - after all, it was taught in the universities of the day - Benjamin Franklin, sitting right there amongst them as a delegate to those self-same proceedings himself, who was known to have had 3 copies of the de Vattel tome, which he prized (and having donated one of them to the first Continental Congress, such was his admiration of the work for these nation-creators), and was their respected elder mentor, COULD HAVE TOLD THEM.

      • The issue is beyond clear: John Jay, another respected statesman of the day - and who, not so incidentally, became the first Chief Justice of the new U.S. Supreme Court, such was his opinions on such matters prized - wrote a letter (July 25, 1787) to G. Washington in his role as Chair of the Constitutional Convention proceedings in which he urged those men to require the occupant of the office of the president to be a "natural born citizen" ON THE VERY ISSUE of making sure that he did not have ANY DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.

      • And to drive the point home, this little bit of historical fact: Alexander Hamilton, in his role as a delegate to those self-same proceedings, made a proposal there that the president need only be, quote, "born a Citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent nbc requirement, i.e., that the person needed to be born in the country of parents who were citizens thereof.

      • A case can be made that the citizen can be born in the country OR ITS EQUIVALENT - like an overseas military base or diplomatic mission. But the essentials of the term are clear, clear, CLEAR. And anybody who tries to tell you differently is a sophist - with ulterior motives.

      • As we have seen, and in spades, in our day.

    • P.S. E. de Vattel - philosopher, diplomat, and legal expert - was not a Frenchman. He was a Swiss, who spoke and wrote in French.
      Swiss. Clockmakers. Detail artists, extraordinaire. Can be counted on - pun intended - to get things right and precise. :-)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

On Paying The Price

from ‘Sheriff on Obama: “I Don’T Care Where He’s From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period!”’ - Tim Brown - September 24

FreedomFray 15 hours ago (September 24)

Smarten Up, Conservatives, Smarten Up...

I too, am a believer in the 'Birther Movement". However, in the words of the Hildabeast; "At this point, what difference does it make?" This issue should be dropped until after the presidential election. Afterwards, fine, - let's get to the bottom of it. But, for now, this issue will promise to do nothing but hamper the success of a Trump run. Come on, Conservatives, smarten up.


         kibitzer3 FreedomFray a few seconds ago (September 24)
  • "Smarten up"?? Here is "smarten up" for you, FreedomFray, and others: As long as the Usurper is in that office, and having gotten away with his usurpation, he can get away with a declaration of martial law, after an orchestrated 'state of national emergency,' and eliminate a) the elections, and b) the Constitution in that one fell swoop. And check to the American people.

  • We need to apply the checkmate to that check, and soon: The truth. And the truth is, that a 'natural born citizen' is a person born in the country, of parents who are citizens thereof. (That's what makes it 'natural,' for heaven's sake.) There is all manner of historical evidence that that was the definition of that term when the constitutional Framers codified it in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY. Their concern was to make sure that the occupant of that office had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.. Which we, in hindsight, can certainly see the wisdom of their attempt to head off the very thing that has happened to this country ON OUR WATCH.

  • The definition comes from the definitive tome of the day on such matters of state, E. de Vattel's 'The Law Of Nations'. (Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up. It's readily available on the Internet, for he who has eyes to see.) And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

  • Why hasn't it been acted on, then, by the opposition party?? That answer has been present for all to see in the Republican Party's allowance of their own ineligible candidates, in the forms of Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal. I am saying that the two major political parties in this nation colluded, in a conspiracy to defraud the American people, and our rule of law - the Constitution. And need to be hauled before a - legitimate - court of law, on RICO-statute charges, and tried for that collusion. But, first things first:

  • No, FreedomFray: We cannot afford to let this matter slip by our awareness. Too much is at stake, on the need for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. Or there may well BE no country. And if we do, then, take the proper course of action - led by Oath Keepers - then all of the legislation that the Usurper has signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all of the appointments that he has made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin. Where he, and they, belong.

  • Or we have failed in our duty. To God and our country.

  • As for me: I know not what course others may take......

Yep.  If I have to give up my life for this country, then I have to.  That’s the deal.

 I just wish it felt like a better sacrifice then it does now…

…$19 trillion in debt and counting…

…$242 trillion in unfunded liabilities…

…$ 1.5 quadrillion in derivates debt.  Which each American taxpayer has a piece of, because their banks are covered by the F.D.I.C….…as if we hadn’t learned our lesson from the S&L debacle in the ‘80s…

...FEMA camps going up all over the country... 'shopping malls' being built complete with guard towers...

...reports of foreign, to say UN, troops training - themselves and our own troops -  for 'crowd control'/dissident extraction/information soliciting purposes...

...and crickets everywhere.  As America slumbers on...

One must be an idiot to care for this country.

He said.  Reluctantly……..

Country, yes.

People?  Not so sure about that, right about now.........


...but speaking about people paying the price - 

and speaking of patriots of the first order:

from ‘Dave Hodges’ Message To Glenn Beck’ - Dave Hodges - September 23/24 
(Dave laments the ‘downfall’ of Beck from his early days on first, CNN and then especially on FOX News.  After that, it all started to go south…)

Stan September 24, 2016 at 11:41 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I have thought that perhaps Glenn was given an offer that he couldn’t refuse. It all started going downhill, as near as I can recall, when he started after G. Soros.

These are evil people who are very serious about establishing their New World Order. It will take a very stalwart brand of American indeed to stand up against them.

Well done for having done so, Dave.

I, Everyman

I, Everyman

Needs to tell
The Powers That Be
Who apparently
Don't want to listen
                  to me
    (through their
That their day
Is over.  Through.
Done with. Finished.
          And therefore,
          for them
          to surrender
                       And face
    the consequences
    of their actions

I hope that my reputation
Has preceded me:
                       that I
    do not suffer fools

        am I

                   I AM

            and no one
            in particular.

                    So, you
         would have to
            take out
            all of us
            in order to
     your misguided
       if you dared.


      So, let's be
       on with it