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Testy, Am I...

...And Getting Testier

further from ‘DOJ Warns Efforts To Stop 2016 Voter Fraud Could ‘Violate’ Federal Law’ - Logan Churchwell - October 24


It didn't happen by accident. The Republican party knew about it the whole time. Freaking Iraq has more honest elections than we do . The Republican party plays the role of the innocent patsy while they were in on it for decades .


         kibitzer3 John Driscoll 2 days ago (October 24)
  • Indeed. Both parties have dirty hands in this scam. It's atrocious.  If I had my way;


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  •          smilee kibitzer3 a day ago (October 25)

    • Just keep Obama , is that what you mean?
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  •                  kibitzer3 smilee a few seconds ago (October 26)

      • Not at all. His election was illegal anyway to START with, because he is not a 'natural born' citizen, which is one born "in the country, of parents who are citizens" according to the definitive tome of the day on such matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' and which is what the constitutional Framers were clearing going by, its being taught in the universities of the day - and that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary. So, he needs to be arrested - by Oathkeepers of all kinds, current and retired, and held for trial (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason); the Congress dissolved, for failing in their constitutional duty to rein in a rogue executive; and an Officer of the People appointed, to call for new elections 'within a time certain,' and in the meantime, to take a huge broom to both the executive branch of the federal government and the electoral processes of all of the states of the Union - or they forfeit the right to have their votes count towards federal elections. And we mean business again in this country - this federal constitutional republic. Not a plaything of the New World Order crowd, who think to use it to serve their nefarious and totalitarian ends.

      • There's more, but that should be enough, for a start, to SET THINGS RIGHT.



The Battle Has...

The Battle Has
   A Foregone 
I get so angry
               a lot
          of what
Is going on 
In my country,
            and in
The world, for
    that matter.
Then I remember
The bottom line
Of the story;
             to wit:
    the Light
    wins out
    in the end.
      just is;
  the Dark
 the Light
       to be.
Which is part
             of its

       Who are
The Dark Forces?
Those legions
      are many;
    but primarily
    Jews. mostly
    actually; and thus
    converted), who
       are told
from the cradle
 that they are
            special -
Chosen People - 
          and thus
are born to rule
    over the rest
                of us:
     to them;
 also known as

    are wrong
    in their
       But then
        are we
  this illusion
           to be
    would ever
 have taken it
       with all
  the majesty
       to come
     but those
     of matter, 
   their roots
     in spirit.
The Jews are
          a vital 
      The Play.
      And thus  
     after all.
To give credit
  where credit
         is due.
And for what.

On Apportioning Blame...

...For Our American Tragedy

from constitution com: ‘Obama Caught in HUGE Lie about Hillary’s Email Scandal!’ - Onan Coca - October 25/26
(The Clinton State Dept. team a) were surprised to hear Obama deny his knowledge of her private email server - with emails exchanged w/her not going through - and b) knew - via leaked emails - that they needed to “clean” this situation up; thus showing they all knew of her private server.  About which Obama lied on the record twice.)


He's done nothing but decieve us from the start big fu#king surprise !


         kibitzer3 Jr1776 a few seconds ago (October 25)
  • Unfortunately,The People have to take some responsibility for that, for not knowing their Constitution better - and for not knowing the Republican Party authorities better also. According to the Constitution - i.e., the law of the land - Obama was not eligible to run for that office, for not being a 'natural born' citizen. What is a 'natural born' citizen? According to the definition of the day - as espoused in the definitive tome of the day on such subjects, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations' - it is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens". (That's what makes it 'natural,' for heaven's sake.) Thereby having NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Having SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.  Which was the whole POINT of the constitutional Framers in putting that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - 'particularly' because the occupant of said office becomes as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces. And that eligibility requirement has, for logical, potential purposes, been extended as well to the office of the VP, by the only legal way to do such things: by a constitutional amendment.

  • We have beeb snookered on this matter by both the Demonrats and the Republicruds. What has happened subsequent to that crime in 2008 could have been predicted. And here we are. In a terrible, terrible mess. Which it is going to be very hard to get ourselves out of. But we need to. The future of the American Republic hangs on our ability, now, to rise to the occasion - that we helped to create; make no mistake. There is a lot of guilt to go around, in this national tragedy.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Obama Is

 Obama Is

         Obama is
   a fake
   a fraud
   a charade,
    much like
The voting system
In this country.
               If he
          the dogs
          of war,
  he has gone
         too far.
      would be
       free will
    and it is
    his choice
         to do
         or not
         to do.
And for that, we
   should all


As For Hillary

As for Hillary…
        the best
    role model
For our children,
Wouldn’t you say?
Don’t you think

           The stink
           has risen
  to high heaven.
            And you 
            can’t go
      much farther
      than that.

   ‘Nuff said, I
    would think.

           But then,

   As for ‘the sky’
   and rethinking

Just Wondering

        Has anyone
      actually seen
    the curvature
  of the Earth?
  Just wondering.
             for what
             it’s worth.
    The reason
           I ask
     is because
          there is
So much fakery
      going on
        in life
      the sky
 may well not 
     the limit.

     As unto 
     And that
   of Hillary’s
     as well.

  A hard sell
 the American

    Not so’s
would notice


...And the beat goes on:

from ‘Report: Votes Switched From Trump To Hillary In Texas’ - Paul Joseph Watson - October 25
(“She voted straight Republican and the vote changed to Clinton.”  Well, duh!  Where have you BEEN, people???!!!)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago *October 25)

People, people - Don't you know that the electronic voting machines can ALSO be hacked between them and the central tabulation base that records the total results? It's been on the Internet - we should NEVER have allowed ANY electronic voting machines to be used. It is all a fake, a fraud, a farce, a scam, a sham, a charade, a delusion. Our erstwhile masters have had it all worked out for YEARS. The ONLY answer is to TOSS THEM ALL OUT. The machines. And the people in office, for allowing this scam to continue.

It is a crime of major proportions. Disgusting, disgusting stuff. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! You are being HAD!!!!!!!


...And yet, on my 'spiritual' sites, the reports continue to be all lovey dovey.

There is a disconnect here, somewhere.  Between the machines - us - and the central tabulating base...



When the end
      the means,
No holds barred,
             to take
  the opposition
As Soros
Well knows
And his like
(or better, ilk)
In the game
Of such corruption
When the call is:
      just get mad -
And the entire nation
A consequence.
      Sad.  And even


It Was Bad Enough

It was bad enough
     you engaged in
Voting fraud.
                But then
             you had to
                go and
           the error
     by electing
      a usurper -
               and even
            twice! -
               and even
         some more
          as well.

         What is
         with you
You're acting like
   not responsible
         for your
    anything you
          get up
    Well, I've got
         for you,
When all is said
       and done,
 you really need
  to understand
         to your
       the Dark
Has no role to play
   when The Play
         is over.
      And if you
      have any
     left in you,
      you will

   And that's
   a promise.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Still Venting About Voting

from; ‘DOJ Warns Efforts To Stop 2016 Voter Fraud Could ‘Violate’ Federal Law’ - Logan Churchwell - October 24
(A discussion on voter fraud, and its various facets.  People advocating dropping the fraudulent electronic voting machines (think G. Soros) and going back to paper ballots, etc.)


Machines that count paper ballots will be rigged.


    • kibitzer3 steals a few seconds ago (October 24)

    • At least with paper ballots they can be counted on a call for a recount. A good 'Election Integrity' factor - as long as Trump supporters are watching every move that the precinct people make, to make sure that they don't stuff the ballot boxes. And they could be set up to provide the voter a receipt. Also, mandatory exit polling would be a good initiative to demand.

    • What a massive mess. This is worse than a banana republic - at least in some of those, the voter has to have his/her finger dipped in purple ink, to deter duplicate voting. AMERICA; YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.
Patrick McConville John Driscoll 6 hours ago

In something like 16 states they're using his machines, that's 16 states they'll win regardless of how the people voted, given !!!


  •           John Driscoll Patrick McConville 5 hours ago 

    • It didn't happen by accident. The Republican party knew about it the whole time. Freaking Iraq has more honest elections than we do . The Republican party plays the role of the innocent patsy while they were in on it for decades .

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  •           kibitzer3 John Driscoll a few seconds ago 

    • Indeed. Both parties have dirty hands in this scam. It's atrocious.If I had my way;


from ‘Alex Jones Drops Video That Could Hand Election To Trump’ - Andrew West - October 24  
(An excellent video of/for Trump, indicating the major issue of our time: a sea change needed in this country (and the world), from the control of TPTB.)

brucefandrews 4 hours ago (October 24)

And not just VOTE FOR TRUMP if necessary stand by every poling place to STOP ALL ILLEGALS FROM VOTING! The people that are supposed to stop the illegal and criminal votes can't, or won't, do the job it's up to us to do it.


        pj4me brucefandrews an hour ago 
  • Problem is, voter fraud is difficult to spot. You can't just go up to every Mexican and accuse them of being illegal and voting fraudulently. That is why we have VOTER ID. But unfortunately, Democrats have fought that in -- what? 30 states? 26? not wure -- and the SCOTUS even threw some cases out, so the Democrats admitted they BUS non-citizens from polling place to polling place and of course they vote Democrat. Isn't it amazing how all the VOTER FRAUD FAVORS THE DEMOCRATS? Why don't the Republicans begin implementing the same procedures!? What's good for the goose is good for the gander! The democrats will win and will CONTINUE to win all the way down the ballot because Republicans stand by and allow them to use voter fraud and do nothing about it. I hope Trump wins, but if he does not, it'll be because of FRAUD, and I hope that FINALLY we will have ONE PERSON with the MOXIE to say I WILL NOT CONCEDE until it is proven there was NO voter fraud!

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    • kibitzer3
      pj4me a few seconds ago (just into October 25)

    • But there WILL be voter fraud, because it has been built into the system, and for years and years. Good ol' Joe and Jill America should have risen up long ago, in every state, and demanded:

    • CERTIFIABLY cleansed voter reg rolls, of all ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters; no Early Voting or Absentee ballots until that cleansing took place; mandatory photo ID (you need one for all MANNER of things in today's society; the Obama administration & the ACLU/DNC's objections are pure BS); no Same Day Voter Registration; and especially: no more electronic voting machines, which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways - back to paper ballots across the board for A CLEAR PAPER TRAIL All you need to do is open some more precincts, to cut down on the waiting time. But we need to MEAN BUSINESS in this terribly important matter to our republic - and we needed to mean that business long ago.

    • There's still time. But barely. If nothing else: Be out in force as poll watchers. Which is a fool's errand; but it is something, at least.

(Sorry to have to end the - my - day on a negative note.  But there it is:)

from ‘It’s All Tied Up!’ - Jay Guy - October 24
(The latest polls…)


I really find to be incomprehensible that hillary Benghazi clinton could really be tied much less ahead in the polls. I suspect a connection to the hillary corporate media for any poll which gives her a favorable rating. Tell a lie often enough and the sheeple will believe it. Well, I'm one sheeple who doesn't believe that hillary is even close to winning - at least insofar as the real voters is concerned. I smell a rat called "rigged" polling numbers.


         kibitzer3 Lorraine E a few seconds ago (October 25)
  • Unfortunately, that could translate into a rigged election as well. Trump supporters should have been putting intense pressure on their states to CLEAN UP THE ELECTORAL PROCESS, by:

  • CERTIFIABLY cleansed voter reg rolls, of all ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters; no Early Voting or Absentee ballots until that had happened; no Same Day Voter Registration; mandatory photo ID (the argument about 'voter suppression' that the Democrats put forward - including the Obama administration - is total BS); mandatory exit polling; and especially, getting rid of the electronic voting machines, which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways: back to paper ballots and a CLEAR PAPER TRAIL - including with receipts for one's vote.

  • The Republican Party hasn't done their job in this matter because they want the New World Order that Trump is such a threat to. So it had, and has, been up to The People, to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK. I'm not sure that they mounted sufficient enough of a front to make that happen. More's the pity. We will rue such a potentially disastrous day for generations to come.

P.S To Roe v. Wade v. The Law

In the spirit of providing a little more detail on this matter, of the arguments for Roe specifically and the ‘modern’ trend in American jurisprudence in general:

The ‘progressives’ have tried to argue the Bill of Rights as the basis for the Roe decision; that the BoR gives a “zone of privacy” to the American people, that the 'progressives' then used to shoehorn in the presumptive constitutional ’right’ of/to abortion.  But this argument is specious, and silly on its face.  First: The BoR is a set of spelled-out examples of limitation on actions of the federal government; we are secured our basic rights and powers by our several States’ constitutions.  Otherwise, there is no point in having State constitutions, if the American republic was simply a national form of government (capable of being taken over wholesale in and from the center).  The argument then shifts to the 14th Amendment.  Let’s look at that argument.

The argument hinges on two clauses of the 14th Amendment, the so-called ‘due process’ clause and the ‘equal protection’ clause.1  

1) Neither clause - as the ‘progressives’ have tried to claim - states in effect that “the powers formerly reserved to the States respectively or to the people” [10th Amendment clarity on that issue, of the difference between the enumerated powers granted to the federal government and those retained by the States] ‘shall now reside in the federal government’.     

2) The ’original intent’ of the ’due process’ clause, according to its authors and the understanding of the Congress which voted it into being, in concert with the other parties to the Constitutional contract, the States,2 was so that all U.S. citizens, including, then, by the 14th Amendment, the former black slaves, were to be secure in their persons and property, under the law - that the law applied to all the citizenry, including the new citizens, the former black slaves; that they had the same basic rights under law as the white citizens (and shall be subject to the same punishments, taxers, etc. under the law; whatever the relevant law is).3   

3) The ’original intent’ of the ‘equal protection’ clause, according to the same, rather authoritative sources, was that State laws must apply equally to whites AND blacks; there could be no ‘respecter of  persons’.  In effect, that the law must be color blind, in the way of holding property, entering into contracts, equal criminal penalties; etc.- i.e., no more so-called ’Black Codes;’ but “one measure of justice to be meted out” to all the U.S. citizenry, wherever and whatever that ‘justice’.4

And specious 'precedent' is specious precedent.  That is all.

That’s it.  All the rest is sophistry.

In summary.

The ‘progressives’ have attempted to drive a coach and horses - and in more modern times, a tank - through this breach in the wall of the rule of law in the country - the Constitution.  That sort of facile, sophistic argumentation must cease.  In any event: because I will take over now; and bring The Drama - the entire, global Drama - to its proper conclusion:

in the New World Order, of the right, not reverse image, kind.  

But, thanks due to the Dark side players, for helping humanity to get here, and make that outcome, and distinction.  Of the free-will choice of one based, not on Force.  But on Love.  On Life, and Life more abundantly.  Not on Death.  

And of the worst kind:

that of spiritually.   

P.P.S. A brief, closing word ‘On Atheism’:   
     The human being template is an ingenious creation.
     Both ‘ingenious’ and ’creation’ imply intelligence.
     Intelligence implies Intelligent Design.   
     So much for atheism.


1 “…No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws…”   

2 About which there is some - considerable - controversy.  But to continue, in this specific context.    

3 See, e.g., originallintentdotorg

4 See, e.g, wikipediadotorg/wiki/Equal_Protection_Clause.

Roe v. Wade v. The Law

I have just watched (a bit belatedly; it was posted on Friday morning) Lecture No. 4 of the Hillsdale College's online course on 'The U. S. Supreme Court,' this lecture entitled 'Roe v. Wade: Privacy And Liberty'.  It was a very good lecture. As have they all been (and to include their course on 'The U.S. Constitution,' of which I am up to Lecture No. 9,  of 10).  But I am frustrated, that a - the, as far as I am concerned - major point is being overlooked, broadly speaking.

The discussion on Roe is around the definitions of such as "penumbras" and "emanations" (on a constitutionally speaking nonexistent 'right to privacy') when the real matter is one of jurisdiction.

Read my lips:

The United States is a federal constitutional republic.  The federal government had no rightful business adjudicating on Roe v. Wade (or subsequent such cases; like 'Planned Parenthood v. Casey' that this lecture also expounded on).  That sort of subject had, and has, nothing to do with its enumerated powers, in the constitutional contract.  For it to rule on the issue of abortion, as a precedent, was to be in violation of both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution.

Ours is not a centralized form of government.

End of story.


This is about 'original intent' of the wording of a contract vs. those who have tried to make of the Constitution a wet noodle.  A dead letter, to be toyed with by shyster-lawyer types.  As I said in a recent thought on the subject (perhaps anticipating this lecture's subject):

To say that
The Constitution
        is subject
To the interpretations
        put on it
By the socio-econo-
   political proclivities
Of the judges
Is to make of it
      nothing but
A weathervane.
       That is not
        to describe
  the rule of law
         but of
  the rule of men.
Otherwise known as
     arbitrary law
Otherwise known as
       How silly
       and deadly
       is that??

Mend your ways,