Friday, 24 April 2015

On Becoming Part Of The Solution - 2

How do you know which side your are on ultimately - the side of the Dark or the side of the Light - if there is Truth on both sides of the spiritual evolutionary 'equation,' now moving into a state and stage of Synthesis?

My response:

There needs be a nation-state on the planet that extols the individual - the primacy of the individual as a sovereign entity in his or her own right, not the subject of an all-powerful state.  That country has been America.  And She needs to remain in that role, as a beacon of such Light to and for the world, as long as needs be.  Which will be until all nation-states honor the individual, and fundamental individual rights, as a vital part of the collective.  Not merely subservient to the collective.

We are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Not mere animals, to be herded and culled at the will of the state.

All you collectivists who have been trying to take over this country, in service to your statist belief: wake up, to the larger reality.  You are 'jumping the gun'.  The individual's fundamental rights need to be honored - acknowledged, and understood, for what the whole process has been all about - first; and then we talk about the future.

Not before.

A future, that the American ship of state will lead us into.  Before relinquishing its historical role.  And they all merge into a new fleet sailing a new sea; into the New World.

Nova Earth.  Gaia.

In, and for, its Golden Age.  Of long repute.


On our watch.

Be proud of your role in that accomplishment.

Once we actually accomplish it.

Which will require a lot of releasing of 'comfort zones' for many souls.

But what's a heaven for.

On Becoming Part Of The Solution

1) from ‘Homeland Security Working Overtime to Naturalize 9,000,000 ‘New Americans’ by 2016 Election’ - April 24 (orig. posted at - J. Christian Adams - April 23)


the "vote of 2016" is controlled by the "NWO" and is already rigged to give the soros, buffett, Bloomberg, gates cabal of globalist billionaires who they want elected, which gives them control of our nation again, or rather still! the only hope now is a revolution like 1776!

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  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (April 24)
  • It can be a peaceful revolution, Bob. All it will take is the Oathkeepers of this country, current and retired - with patriots having their backs - to a) honor their oath by arresting the Usurper and holding him for trial in a legitimate and law-abiding court of law, b) dissolve the sitting Congress for not doing their constitutional duty as regards a rogue Executive, and c) hold the space while an Officer of The People schedules new elections within a time certain, and in the meantime, cleans out the executive-branch departments of the vipers that have been doing the nation in under the Usurper. 
  • Both major political parties will have to go, of course, under RICO statutes for having colluded in the illegal nomination of the Usurper for the office of POTUS. And we start with a clean slate - and dedicated to Truth to take its place. No more corruption. 
  • A tall order? Well, let's see if this generation of Americans is up to the job. After all, it's what we're here for. 
  • Didn't know that you had signed up to that contract? Take it inside, and check it out. And no longer be part of the problem.

2) from ‘American Thinker to GOP Candidates: Respect Birthers; Don’t Jump On Birther-Bashing Bandwagon’ - April 24 

kibitzer3 60p · 1 minute ago (April 24)

Thank you for your 'bottom line: 

Two wrongs don't make a right. 

There is still hope for this nation, as long as enough of its citizenry understand that basic fact. 

And act on it.


3) from patriotsforamerica: ‘Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?’ - JB Williams -  (posted by Harry Riley - April 24)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (April 24)

Well put, JB.  The only thing that I would add is that it is not just "Obama and his Marxist minions" trying to ignite a civil disobedience response from the American citizenry that will give them their excuse to have their Dear Leader declare Martial Law and thus destroy the Constitution in one fell swoop.  It is TPTB behind them.  We're talking about a socialist-fascist nexus - the gang behind the (so-called) New World Order - that involves the (far) Right as well: the Rothschild/Rockefeller & Co. gang, who mean to take over the world and make it safe for plutocracy.  And they know that they need the masses behind them to make it work.  Hence, the Left's Dear Leader, put in place for just that job.        

We are up against principalities and powers in high places.  Not just in one place. 


One positive way to look at all that is going on at this time - and speaking of "corruption" - is that it is a major sorting of the sheep from the goats.  The wheat from the chaff.  

The Harvest.

Of those who are ready to move on, and Up.

And those who aren't.

By their own choice.

So, let's see how this process unfolds.   

And who ends up in which lot.

For, some of the 'Dark side' individuals are just playing a part, in The Drama, of life in the 3D Matrix/virtual reality.  And when all of that becomes clear, they will choose the Light.

And some others amongst them have become so caught up in identifying with their roles that they won't be able to release them.

Their choice.

As always.

For, this is a Loving universe.

Besides being a Just one.


Lesson For Our Day:

"There are no moral absolutes."

Absolutely not true.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lesson 2...

...Of Truth-Telling

Our children have been seduced into believing that The People should not be free.  That freedom is not 'nice'.  That people should be forced by the state to be 'good,' according to the lights of the statists.  Which is satanic.  The satanic principle.

True righteousness comes from people being free to choose.  That is how spiritual growth takes place.      Has taken place, in this classroom for growing people called life.  Without freedom, we would be permanently stunted in our growth.

Wake up.  And learn the difference between smelling a rose.  And drinking the Kool-Aid of your terrestrial masters.

Your erstwhile Masters, that is.  For, they have had their day.

It's now time for the Light of Truth to take over.

In order to build The New World.

Which is just waiting to be invoked amongst us.

Once we return to Truth in all things.  As our guiding principle.

In our new life.

On a higher turn of the spiral

of life.

Out Of The Old, Into...

...The New

What would The New look like?

A New World.  Aka New Earth.  Aka Nova Earth.

The first thing that needs to happen to start moving into The New is for conservatives to stop talking about a presidential ticket that has on it either Cruz, Rubio or Jindal, in order to highlight the ineligibility for the top office in the land of any but a 'natural born' citizen; which then highlights the next thing that needs to happen for us to move into The New, which is for the Usurper, Obama, either to resign from his illlegally-obtained office or be removed from it -

in order for Truth to take over in his place,

in order to crown Truth in this land.  Not falsehood.

And that move opens the door for all the rest of the kingdom of The New to take over.  In the New World; ridding itself thereby of the likes of interest-bearing money - i.e., money as debt - and moving us, from there, further into

The New.

As for concerns about violence in this Changeover, I would say to anybody so inclined:

You do know that We Are All One, don't you.  (Actually, you do; deep inside, as a spark, a facet, a fractal, an aspect, of the One Holy Being of which we are all a part.)  And if you do violence to me, you do violence to a part of yourself; and if I do violence to you, I do violence to a part of myself.   So why would we continue to play this Game, if we really know that, and take it to heart?  Where it belongs; to be released from.  Gotten rid of, from there.  And thus, to usher further in

The New.

More to come.  From this New Day on.

Which also means:

It is no more 'business as usual'.

In America.

And on planet Earth.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

As Justice Goes...

…So Goes Truth-Telling

I see by the understanding of a number of bloggers and channelers that an Event is scheduled to happen in the new future.  As far as I’m concerned, that would be when

The Play is over,

the veil of the illusory 3D matrix that we have been incarnating in, over and over, for such a very long time, is lifted,

we see this realm as the classroom that it has been,1

Disclosure - about our galactic (and multi-dimensional) neighbors - can happen, and

the Ascension that we have been involved in for a while now can begin in earnest;

those ready to move on, doing so - with our host, Gaia;

and those not ready to do so, having to work out their Karma in another timeline, and another place; since, as I say, Gaia - as we have known Her - is moving up in the Ascension process with us. 

With - as I say - those of us who are ready to do so.

Having passed the test.

Of a compatible - resonant - degree of consciousness, with and for the new frequencies that we will continue to advance in.

Until we each get back to


With the Creator Godhead.

Which is our Highest Self.

But to continue here, for now:

To reach the requisite level of consciousness to proceed in the process, we need to have a major Truth-telling session on the planet.  And that will include a lot of current Untouchable subjects.  Take, for example, the so-called Holocaust.  Which has conveniently displaced in our awareness many a real holocaust, of equal if not greater proportions than the one we have been sold as particularly heinous.2

I will leave it to honest Jews to clarify this matter, before proceeding further, in a preliminary hearing; heading towards Reconciliation.  This matter, of the Nazi Germany concentration camps, and the so-called ‘six million Jews’ gassed, shoveled live into ovens, or otherwise exterminated by the Nazis.  As bad as the Nazis were, this is not truth-telling about those camps.  This is propaganda; particularly on the part of those (political; not spiritual) Zionist Jews who wanted an excuse to be given a) ‘their’ old homeland in the Middle East, and b) the money to pay for The Return, by heaping reparations on the German people.  Quite a nifty money-spinner, that.  And all, based on a false scenario.3

Not ’all’.  The Nazis did start a shooting war in Europe.  And they have to pay for it.  

But not for what they did not do.

And speaking of ‘the clever Jew’ (sometimes too clever for his, and our, own good):

There is the Israeli government’s role in 9/11.  Complete with its ‘Israeli art students’ swarming over America, ferreting out classified info, and setting up the towers for The Kill.  

Not alone.  The Bush-Cheney NeoCon faction was involved in that operation in a deep way.  But all of that will come out, in a major - independent - investigation into 9/11.  

And the likes of the $2.3 trillion - that’s TRILLION - ‘gone missing’ - stolen (redirected; into such as passenger-jet override technology capability) - from the Pentagon.  Under the aegis of a dual Israeli-American citizen (and rabbi to boot).  Which report was covered up by the 9/11 act of treason.  

And the list of such shenanigans goes on.  All, to be uncovered.

Before we can move on.  The higher realms not permitting untruth to advance into them.

Untruth not being of the necessary resonance, to ‘take’.

Where most of us are going.

P.S. I am aware that many people will look at this report and think: Anti-Christ.  

They would be looking in the wrong direction.

My advice:

Practice discernment.

And deal with it.

Wherever the chips may fall.

In your expertly-conditioned belief system.

Which has been developed by such experts in such mind-control matters as the CIA.

A relevant quote; from the new head of the CIA at the time, to his staff:

“We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Those days are over.

It’s truth-telling time.

Because it is the end of

The Play

and the beginning of

the real thing.

And that, my friends, to my mind, is an Event if there ever was one.


1 the purpose of which has been to graduate - not stay stuck in the lower grades

2 Try telling it to the descendants of the Armenian Christians, slaughtered ‘religiously’ - figuratively and literally - by the Turkish Muslims at the turn of the last century.  
   Centuries, of such mayhem, perpetrated on the perceived ‘Other’.
   When We Are All essentially One.
   Major irony, there.  
   And eye- and mind-opener.

3 including what is known as the Holy Land being their homeland.  When DNA evidence has shown that most European Jews are descended from the Khazar Jews, who were converts to Judaism.  Not blood relatives.  
   As I say:
   It’s truth-telling time.  
   And in general.
   At this Ring-Pass-Not time.


And as for truth-telling going nowhere, but more deeply entrenched; these:

1) To: Sen. Marco Rubio

     April 22

"Dear Marco,

"You make a good senator.  As you are not eligible for the office of the presidency - for not being a "natural born" citizen* - that is where you should stay, to serve well your country.



*  see; CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret.)'s blog; et al


2) from ‘Did Rand Paul Chicken Out When He Was Asked To Challenge Establishment GOP?’ - April 22


I would not object to your dream ticket. Perry has this fake indictment that will probably cause him trouble.

As far as Ted Cruz, I think he makes an excellent Senator and I hope he does not give that up - he provides leadership and a voice of conservatism similar to Ronald Reagan.

Re: his birth qualifications, the Constitutional mandate for being 'natural born' has been rendered moot as a result of two terms for President Obama. Obama does not meet the requirements for being natural born, but Cruz does. Cruz's father was not a citizen at his birth, but his mother was and she had met the requirement for years as a citizen before his birth.

Among all of the chatter about Obama, some true, some untrue and most of it inconsequential - the fact remains that he has been President for two terms and his mother was a citizen, his father was not AND his mother did not meet the years as a citizen requirement.

The requirement is for 'natural born', which most people understand as meaning the child of two citizen parents, not 'native born' - presumably someone born on US territory. It does not matter where you were born or whether you have dual citizenship. The only important thing is the parents' citizenship status and neither of them lose citizenship as a result of location (outside the US territorial jurisdiction). The requirement for 'natural born' was changed years ago to allow that a single parent of a child needed to be a 'citizen', not necessarily 'natural born' in order for that child to be considered 'natural born'.

As I said, the entire statement in the Constitution regarding the President's qualification as 'natural born' has now been effectively rendered moot by the acceptance of President Obama twice as a qualified candidate; duly elected and sworn in even though he is clearly violating that requirement of the Constitution for that office. And it was done by both parties - that is, by the elites who run our country outside the Constitution in almost everything they do.

Cruz is not 'bending' the Constitution - the Constitution has been broken by the elites. Learn what the Constitution says and the meanings of the requirements before you needlessly besmirch one of our best candidates.

  • kibitzer3 JDubya a few seconds ago  (April 23)

  • JDubya: "The requirement for 'natural born' was changed years ago to allow that a single parent of a child needed to be a 'citizen', not necessarily 'natural born' in order for that child to be considered 'natural born'." I don't know what planet you or whoever has played around with the definition of a "natural born" citizen are from, but the constitutional definition, from its original intent, which has never been changed by constitutional amendment, is a person born on the soil (or its equivalent) of two (U.S.) citizen parents. That's PLURAL. As in BOTH. And thus Obama is an illegal president, aka a Usurper; and needs - STILL - to be dealt with as such. And Cruz is NOT eligible to run for the office of the POTUS, because TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.

  • And the sooner we get that truism through our thick heads, the better, for the final outcome to this mess.

I am afraid that you are the one who is 'off' the planet because the US Constitution does not define 'natural born', but subsequent court rulings and laws made by Congress effectively changed it. There are many sources that describe the effects of at least two laws, and several court cases also affected its meaning. One Act had to do with allowing a child with an unknown father to be a citizen and also 'natural born' automatically if the mother was more than 5 years a citizen (or something like that - I forget the exact details). That Act was where Obama's mother failed to proffer 'natural born' status to her son, Barry. However, Cruz was in the same situation except his mother meets the time limit and, as a result by current law and rulings, he is a 'natural born' citizen.
Besides, oh, most holy one, my point was that the precedent has now been set - it has nothing to do with wrongs and rights, it has to do with realistic expectation. If anyone went to court over Ted Cruz's 'natural born' status, they would immediately be facing the insurmountable task of overcoming the situation where a clearly not 'natural born' man has been President for two terms and was never questioned by any of those in power and with the right to do so. And they would lose. I don't like it either, but that is the real situation.
And if you had read what I said, you would know that the definition I gave is exactly what you said, but it does not say that in the Constitution, although that was the meaning at the time. Subsequent rulings and acts of Congress have effectively changed that meaning, right or wrong, and the net effect is that 'natural born' is a moot point for all practical purposes from now on. It is you who has to get these facts through a thick head - the change has already been made.
The Constitution was effectively changed without an amendment. The method used was very similar to that used for Habeus Corpus, abortion rights and countless other unconstitutional things that the Congress has allowed the judiciary and the President to usurp from them. It is not as it should be, but it is.
So get off your high horse and think - we are in basic agreement. You just appear to be unable to read.


"(A) moot point"?
I think not.
And therein lies our difference.
You have succumbed to relativism, and falsity.
I have not.
To do so would be to go into chaos - the rule of men - and tyranny.
I choose Truth.


Oh, how big of you! I think that you need to dust off your dictionary and find out what relativism means.
We are not on opposite sides of this discussion - you chose to put us there. I merely pointed out that the Constitution has been usurped from us by these relativists and falsifiers - the facts are as I stated them.
Yes, we are headed for chaos and tyranny - right now in a head-first dive!
I choose truth too, but our situation is dire.
We know that the Constitution is a great document and should be followed, but right now it is not being followed, mostly by the Liar in Chief. We have to stop that - the way to do so is by joining together with people looking for the truth and fight these retards who want us infighting rather than fighting them. Part of fighting them is to realize what they have done and what we have failed to do. The other part is to get control of a viable party. The only one available to us is the Republican Party and that is what the Tea Party folks are doing - I support their efforts wholeheartedly.
Why do you think the liberal press is maligning them and the IRS is singling them out for persecution? The secular humanists are full steam ahead to take over the entire world in one-world government and we are increasingly unable to counteract them.
The people we have sent to Congress have been under constant attack (Cruz, Lee, Paul, Rubio, etc. - some have fallen or severely damaged themselves by buying into the RINO line. But we have to stick together and stop them. But it might be too late already - the bureaucracy is full of communists and secular humanists. They have the power of the government already as you can see with the IRS, EPA and HLS and others. They don't even try to meet the demands of their Congressional overseers! They laugh at them - at us! They hold orgies and do unspeakable things because they can - all the while spending thousands upon thousands of dollars - our dollars. That is chaos. We are already there.


 (April 23)

Fair enough response. My main point was that we should NOT accept the status quo. I 'get' that you did not mean that. You just seemed too fatalistic for me. And: I think we should not work through the Republican Party. An expedient person might think so. But it is almost as guilty in Obama's usurpation of the office of POTUS as the Dem Party is, for acquiescing in the maneuver (for its own purposes). And in a just world, it should go down right along with the Dem Party, under RICO-Statute proceedings. And I believe in a just world. We 'just' need to make it happen. :-)

On Justice Being Served...

...And Being Seen To Be

On Monday I reported that The New American bi-weekly newsmagazine had printed my (lengthy) email letter to them on the subject of the ineligibility of Cruz AND OBAMA for the presidential office, regarding the 'natural born' issue.  I mentioned that it had contained most of the main elements of the case;* and I am grateful to them for giving me my day in the court of public opinion (at least amongst its readership).

One of those main points involves the constitutional Framers' familiarity with E. de Vattel's "definitive tome" 'The Law of Nations' on the subject, and the happy historical coincidence that Benjamin Franklin -"their elder and respected mentor" - of whom it is decidedly known was very familiar with the de Vattel definition of an NBC  - was sitting right there amongst them as a delegate to the proceedings.  I would like to make here an enlargement on, and as to, the point about the B. Franklin reference:    

So, without a shred of doubt on the matter: they knew what they were voting on, and for.  Just as both the Democrat and Republican parties knew what they were fudging on, off the evidence that elected representatives of both parties tried a total of eight times between 2003 and 2008 to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue, in order to try to water down the ‘natural born’ requirement for the presidential office - and they failed each time even to get the matter out of committee, such was the sensitivity surrounding the issue.  So, what did they do, in the end?  They colluded.  They have tried to sneak an end-around play on the Constitution, and the American people, on the matter.

Big mistake.

It will cost the party officials directly involved in the scam time in prison before Justice is finished with them.  And both parties dissolved, under RICO-Statute proceedings, for Corrupt-Organization collusionary practices.

And if you are inclined to scoff and sneer and say that the Supreme Court would never allow the matter to go that far, I can do no better in response than to quote Thomas Jefferson on such a subject and in such an event:

“To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy…The Constitution on this hypothesis [alone] is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”

That ain’t going to happen.

I will conclude my case by simply pointing out that original intent trumps judicial interpretation.  And leave the matter at that.

As we move on, from here, and - after having set things right - 

create a better world.


* there is still the matter of the paper by David Ramsay, Founder and historian, titled 'A Dissertation on the Manners of Acquiring the Character and Privileges of a Citizen,' published in 1789, to be entered into evidence; if the need still arises.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

On The Law

A word about The Law, as touched on at the end of my last blog.

The Law - like God - will not long continue to be mocked.  I speak here specifically of the U.S. Constitution.  Our erstwhile Controllers have long recognized that the Constitution is a - if not the - major block to their best-laid plans, for global takeover.  It prevents the U.S. federal government from becoming a centralized, purely national government; and with that ‘separation of powers’ - along with the basic ‘separation of powers’ of our tripartite form of government - people inclined to Power Over others cannot so easily take over the nation, as they could if it were susceptible to being taken over in one motion.  So they have had to resort to a slow, incremental breakdown of said constitutional government, piece by piece; leading ultimately now to their planned ‘state of national emergency’ and rationale thereby for the Usurper’s declaration of Martial Law, when the Constitution is to be done away with in one fell swoop, and they can get on with their plans in earnest. 

It ain’t going to happen, quite the way they have planned for.  Which has been the reverse image - the dark aspect - of the real thing (in fact, eliciting the latter; another story).  But first things first.  To a further statement on The Law.

The American constitutional law does not allow for the military to be involved in domestic matters.  The blockage is called Posse Comitatus.  So that is a major block to TPTB’s best-laid plans.  So to get around that block, they have schemed to sell surplus military equipment to local police forces - to handle the likes of escalated drug activity; which they have orchestrated in the first place (why do you think that U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan?? and where the money comes from for the CIA’s many black ops???) - and thus a) have ‘bought’ the local police forces, and b) are thereby getting the populace used to helicopters flying overhead and military equipment in our streets, and SWAT teams breaking into private premises, and such - being acculturated, that is to say, to takeover by our erstwhile Controllers, the New World Order legions and their, and our, Masters.  

The Law in the U.S. is also stealthily being undercut by inroads into it of Shariah Law, under the pretext of the U.S. having become a ‘multicultural’ state, and we need to recognize that in our law system, donche know.   After all, ‘It’s only fair;’ and so forth, goes the excuse.


I can’t totally blame our erstwhile Masters for this state of affairs.  The citizenry of this particular nation - this exceptional nation; contrary to the mind-control attempts of Obama and his leftist minions, especially in the (increasingly nationalized) education system, to eradicate the idea from our thinking, the better to ‘rebrand’ us with, my dears, into a mere part of a region of the (long-planned-for) New World Order - should have been awake to what has been going on.  After all, you were bequeathed a nation that runs by self-governance.  That means that you needed to keep eternal vigilance over your government, and the essential liberty that this form of government provided you.  I do have to say, by way of intended chastisement, that I am offended by the lackadaisical attitude towards the law - and ultimately the Constitution itself; the very law of the land - that has crept into this country.  Yes, sometimes ‘the law’ can be an ass.  But that’s the fault of those who put it into place.  The law itself is all that stands in the way between civil order and chaos, and ultimate tyranny.

As we are deep into experiencing as we speak of the matter.  

My feeling is that I had a hand in the creation of this nation; and I’m not going merely to sit by and watch it being trashed so.  Especially not by this lot of Power Over demonically-controlled creatures, that would think to run this planetary ship.

As I said in my last blog:

Not on my watch.

So bug off, you cockroaches; you creatures of the dark.

You’ve had your day in the sun.  It’s time for 

the real thing.


P.S. And having said this heavy-duty stuff, let me end on a more positive note:

We are essentially beings of bio-luminosity, looking to get turned on to our higher wattage.

And may it be so.

And damn quick.

(Oops.  Sorry about that.  Still living in a very real world.  And only so to speak.)