Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Bottom Line

A friend recently sent me a channeling that I was touched by, especially with its timing.  But who knows where these things come from.  They are filtered through a number of layers, including the channeler's own subconscious.  Earlier this evening I sent this friend a current channeling, from someone whose material I am familiar with, who channels something called The Federation Of Light; the material also having a good 'sound' to it, but.  My comment to my friend:

"Unfortunately, this Source told Blossom in 2012 that, in preparation for/anticipation of The Event, she and her 'followers' could "Shine your shoes" it was so close to happening.  These sources don't seem to be very good at human time reckoning.  The lesson, I guess: Continue to practice discernment.  Go within for oneself.  Don't trust anything or anyone outside of your Self.  Listen.  But 'shining one's shoes' in anticipation isn't going to make something happen any earlier than it is going to.  Or not.

"I am reminded of the Cargo Cult aborigines in New Guinea I think it was, for a 'time' after WWII, who, after having experienced the Allies dropping into their little Eden from the skies in their cargo planes full of goodies and then disappearing from whence they came, would craft facsimile planes out of palm tree branches and such, and 'display' them on clearings on mountain sides, and post sentinels to wait patiently for a return of the gods.  Poor misled sods.  

"So: Discernment.

"A good lesson, for all that, anyway."

And while on the subject of discernment...

I discern that it is high time to ditch the paradigm that we are embedded in, and get real.  Today I came across a number of email articles that involved serious downsides to our present paradigm.  Among them:

* The terrible state of our food supplies, what with GMOs and pesticide contamination and all kinds of toxic additives and on and on.  That subject also covered specifically in an article on the terrible toxicity of farmed salmon, and that industry's danger to the wild salmon runs nearby.  

* Air contamination is still a terrible matter, with 95% of human habitation filled with dangerous levels of toxicity.  And interestingly, in relation to that figure, is the figure of ab. 95% of humanity that TPTB want to reduce out of existence.  Not because they are causing pollution.  But because they are uncontrollable, and are 'superfluous to needs'.  
   As to this latter aspect, of 'us versus them':

* Bill Gates is offering to put a billion dollars into a proposed project, called 'Earth One,' that is about putting 500 satellites into orbit.  Why?  To spy on us.  Why??  Oh, it's to "catch illegal fishing," and that sort of innocuous thing, don't you know.  Right.  Got it.
   And as to this latter attitude:

* Google is not letting up on censoring conservative thought.  That is to say, thought along the lines of our individual freedom, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' as opposed to our collective captivity.  We are to be controlled, like the Hunger Games movies recently, or the Rollerball film of quite a number of years ago, wherein the populace was controlled by a consortium of six corporations.

Hey - that sounds familiar.  Now where...

Oh.  Right.   That's the number of corporations that are currently controlling our Mainstream Media......

I could, of course, go on, in this vein.

But I'm sure I don't need to.

I'm sure that you get the picture.

Soi - time to do something about it, all.

I know that I will be a slave to no one.  As I would have no one be a slave to me.

The Bottom Line:

Spartacus, anyone???

And that's not a drink with either aspartame or high fructose corn syrup in it.

Monday, 23 April 2018

On Going Beyond The Pale

Truly atrociously disgusting stuff.

from constitution.com: ‘CBS WENT THERE: New Drama Decides The President Should DIE!’ - Andrew West - April 23
(Appalling, appalling stuff.  Outrageous.  Andrew West, in discussing “(t)he vulture-esque predators of the societal carcass “ that is the media, goes on:
Such is the case at CBS this week, where the mainstream media miscreants have alluded to the need to kill The President.
“A little more than a week after fantasizing about impeachingDonald Trump, CBS drama The Good Fight featured multiple scenes that saw a series regular discussing assassinating the president to usher in “regime change.”
“Sunday’s episode, ‘Day 457,’ follows Trump-hating attorney Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) defending her friend Tully Nelson (Tim Matheson), who was charged after a riot turned violent. In court, Tully tells Diane of the judge hearing his case, ‘I think I’m fucked. This guy’s a Trump appointee.’
“‘Alright, just follow my lead and don’t say anything radical,’ Diane pleads.
“‘Oh, like we need to assassinate the President?’ responds Tully, in a clip via MRC…”)

PurpleFlask (me) - April 23

To air such a thing, about the sitting president in this climate, is criminal; is shouting 'Fire!' in a crowded room.  Beyond the pale.  Incitement to violence.

The Left knows no bounds, in attempting to thwart the will of the people in the last election.  CBS needs to be fined, and fined bigly, for this stepping over of the bounds of decency.  This is not fiction.  This is war.  And they know it.  Using the public airwaves to conduct war - they need to be slapped down for it.  Hard.  For the lesson in it.  Before some hothead on the Left takes them up on the programmed suggestion.  'Gee  what a shame.'  Snicker snicker.  Satanically.


There was also another another article today amongst my emails, this one from Off the Wire, that got up my nose.  It had to do with recent comments about President Trump 'tendered' by Robert De Niro.  My response here (because the site doesn't post comments):  

Robert De Niro is - er, not a nice guy, euphemistically speaking.

No, let me 'refine' that response:

Robert De Niro is entitled to his, er, not-a-nice-guy opinion.

Sign me

Voltaire Two.


De Niro seems to be unhappy in this country.  I am thinking of starting a Go Fund Me page for him, to send him - where; Venezuela?  Cuba??   Red China???*  

The further away, the better.

And that is my opening statement.


Where he can be a Raging Bull in a China shop.


I suppose I shouldn't be too harsh on these people, should have some patience with those on the Left.  They are understandably angry, because they thought they had stolen the election, clean and clear.  After all, that's what all the illegal-alien and other non-citizen voters, and kids voting in their home state and also in the state where they were going to school, and all the dead voters, and repeat Early Voters, and repeat Absentee Voters, and bused-to-various-precinct voters, and ballot-box stuffing, and programmed electronic voting machines, and such, was all about; and of course, the Mainstream Media, a la Edward Bernays, told everybody that they had the election in the bag, so the conservatives could just stay home, and let the Left claim what was rightfully theirs, for having done their superior organizing for it.  I mean, that's what it's all about.  Innit?  Who can steal the elections the better??

Hey - that's what life's all about.  Innit???  

Corruption.  A Way of Life.  On a Planet Near You.

As I say:

Truly atrociously disgusting stuff.  By some very sorry examples of incarnate souls.

Time to end

The Play.

Too bad it had to end on such a bad note.

But it couldn't be allowed to go any further.

Because it was heading for very uncivil war.

And not in my country, you won't.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Speaking Of SEATO...

Speaking of SEATO, as I did in my last blog:

It is worthy to have such enterprises, to protect peoples from being overrun by those who would think to lord it over them, like the collectivists have managed to do, in our time, in many countries; taking away from The People therein their right to elect their representatives to govern over them - or to be ‘the servants of the people,’ as is the structure and attitude in this county; or at least, in this country’s founding - or to choose to be ruled by royalty, or some combination thereof.  But now, the tables seem to have been turned; and the collectivists (and that includes both communists from the ‘left’ of politics and the fascists from the ‘right;’ with the same nest of vipers controlling both sides of the pyramid of power that has been constructed on this planet) are the ones hoding the ‘high ground,’ from which they are threatening this country, both from without and from within, in their concerted attempt to fasten a totalitarian regime on the planet as a whole, region by region.  With the U.S.A. being the major roadblock to their ambition.

I have something to say to that attempt, and mentality.  In a Declaration:

Potentates of this world - hear my word:

I don’t feel deference to anybody but my soul’s Creator.  And that chain of command, as it were.  So, all foreign troops having succeeded in entering my country:


And to all those foreign ‘troops’ - of whatever kind; such as gangs, like MS-13 - who would think to enter this country, from south, north, east or west, to further the ambitions of your masters, I say:


You will regret it, for the last of your days, in this sun.  

And having said all that.

The future on this planet is to be one distinguished by cooperation.  Not competition.  Competition was a feature - and an important one - of The Process which has led to this moment in time, as part of the unfolding of human consciousness, and as reflected in humanity’s forms of societal structure.  But we have now come to a point in the development of civilization - and technology - on this planet, where we can ‘shift gears’ - rise up above The Process, and celebrate the developmental stage of Synthesis.

A New World Order, alright.

Just not the one planned for it by the Dark side players.

In The Grand Play, which has been going on on this planet for a long, long time.

Now having reached its pinnacle.

Thus, my ultimate message to Humanity (to the penultimate one as given above):

Come, join in the Completion stage of The Process.

Or be left behind.

In the darkness - relatively speaking - of the Old World. 

It is a time for celebration.

Not despair.

Because there has been a Plan behind the whole Process, from the beginning.

For its educative value.

To apprentice gods.

Gods in the making.

In a Creation characterized - after all is said and done -

by Love.

A New Day has begun.

Let’s get to work ringing it in.

Before we blow this opportunity.

Which don't come along very often.

Speaking rather mildly about such a subject.

The subject

of Ascension.


P.S. I see by my email selection of news sources - not a watcher of the fake-news MSM (what a crime, particularly in a country that requires the citizenry to be informed-not-indoctrinated to be able to exercise their role, as self-governing individuals) - that our homegrown Bolsheviks, who have been huffing and puffing to attempt to blow this house down, are losing their puff; its beginning to look more and more as though they aren't going to be able to accomplish their mission, rather are being caught in the act.
     Good for America.  Way to go, patriots.
     The home team at work.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

When Tears Well Up, From Deep Inside

I have, placed all over in my small studio apartment, here in my retirement days in the sun, quite a number of small American flags, mementos of donations to various war-focused causes, plus a copy of the iconic photo of the raising of the American flag on a hilltop at Iwo Jima, graphic symbol of Victory in the Pacific Theater of World War Two, for those of you too young, or brainwashed, to know about.  I live in honor of those brave, and sometimes deluded, young men and some women who have given their all for ‘this flag’ - to say, for what it represents, at its best.  And have been touched by various comments by ‘those who served’ over the years.  But nothing has struck me profoundly quite as much as the quote that I have just read in a letter from the President of the Board of Directors of The National Vietnam War Museum.  It is from an American soldier who was killed in Vietnam just a day after his 19th birthday, in a letter that he wrote to his parents back when he was 17 and they wouldn’t give their permission for him to enlist, to go fight in Vietnam, and he ran away from home over the matter.  His letter to them at that time, in explanation for his action, read in part:

“I still believe that individual freedom is the most important thing in the world.  And I am willing to die defending that idea.”    

Excuse me a moment.

The year of his death was 1966.  That war dragged on - was drug out - until 1975, when there was the infamous lineup of people, American personnel and South Vietnamese citizenry, seen on our TV screens escaping from a Saigon rooftop via helicopter, as North Vietnamese tanks began rolling through the streets of the outskirts of the city.  (I don’t have that picture.  Either of them.)

Some thoughts.

1. ‘Vietnam’ was, as these things go, an honorable enterprise.  A UN treaty that the U.S. - as a good member of the world’s community of nations - was a party to, called the SouthEast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO), provided for the signees to come to the aid of each other, in an attempt to counter Communist aggression in the world - and, hopefully, to deter it from happening in the first place, because of the presence of such treaty agreements (and like NATO over in Europe).     

2. Vietnam became a meat grinder.  As this Board of Directors president (who is a Vietnam Vet himself) said, in his letter, in explaining why the creation of such a Museum (“to honor them for their service and sacrifice.  They have every reason to be proud of their service”):  “After all, they did not lose the war.  The politicians did.” (Emphases in original)
   And more specifically: the Deep State.  Whom President Reagan failed to drain from the swamp in Washington, D.C. in the aftermath of that war.  And left it to a later generation to do the job.

3. The bottom line of that affair: It was an unfair outcome.
     a) I remember reading a book during that time authored by a pilot involved in that fiasco, who railed in it against their orders from higher up, to ‘pull their punches’ - not to go after really meaty targets.  He didn’t say as much in his book, but the accusation held: The fix was in.
     b) Antony Sutton, in one or other of his excellently researched books, told how the West, and particularly the U.S., bankrolled the USSR, giving it both financial and military aid; the latter of which the USSR then turned around and sent to the North Vietnamese. 
     c) ‘Baby killers.’   
         Yes, some.  A frustrated few, with ‘the enemy’ hiding amongst the villagers.  But it was unfair to splash all our Vietnam Vets with the same brush.  

They served a noble ideal.

They deserve some recompense from The People of this country.

As for those traitors amongst us………

I will reserve judgment.

Let me, rather, close out this memorandum on a positive note.  And say:

Thank you, PFC Denton ’Mogie’ Crocker, for your service to this nation, and to the cause for which it stands, in its highest moments.

I salute you, in honor, and memoriam.    

* Although he left us an excellent quote of his own, to guide by (which this letter quoted as well):
   “After all that has happened in that unhappy part of the world, who can doubt that the cause for which our men fought was just?”  
   The Marxists can.  Who were for the other side in that war.
   And who are amongst us to this day.
   And were tasting victory.  Until The Donald came along.

   But to continue.

Out Of My Life And Thought

Further on my comment in my last blog about having a little more humbleness in the face of The All That Is.

Everything has consciousness because everything is of consciousness.  And it is entirely possible that our individual consciousnesses - sparks of divinity - have ‘come through the ranks’ - from mineral to vegetable to aquatic life to animal to self-aware creature.  To -

but that’s enough for now.

For now. 

Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. As far as observing what’s still going on in our present day; one such observation:
     If you wanted to take a country over, what would you do.  Among such ‘missions,’ you would take away the guns from the populace.  By hook or by crook.
     And then - after many such takedowns - we come to the United States, where the right ‘to keep and bear arms’ is enshrined in the country’s very rule of law - its Constitution.  So, what to do, in that case.
     Well, obviously, that would make things a little more difficult for the erstwhile hijackers.  But not to worry.  There’’s always a way around things.  When you really set your mind to it.  
     And so, first, you ‘take the high ground’.  In this case, the mainstream media.  And then, you create Crisis, in order to provide you with the Opportunity that you want, and need.  
     Which takes the form of, oh, say, 
     mass shootings.
     And especially of children.  (That will do the trick.  Works every time.)
     And thus, the establishment of Gun Free Zones.  To set this sort of Opportunity up. 
     And nature takes its course.  Nature abhorring a vacuum, and all.
     And there you have it.
     Just one thing.
     Someone may rain on your parade, into your desired - totalitarian - New World Order.
     As, in this case:
     The People, aroused.
     In a way unexpected by you, and your intentions.
     And I stand with The People.  Against the enemies of essential liberty.  As the spiritual beings having a human experience that we all are.  And some having forgotten that little fact.
     And it will be all that I can handle, not to join the outcry, for an eye for an eye.
     To take these miserable creatures amongst us DOWN.
     And, rather, accept, that 
     it is all part of
     The Plan.
     And we will find out all those details later.
     Once we have taken care of what is right in front of us:
     To take away the current power of these creatures over us.  Who would rule over us with an iron fist.  Assuming - arrogantly - that they were our rightful Masters.  
     And so can do the likes of 
     kill our children with impunity.
     And rape the younger ones.  And subject them to terror.  And then kill them.  All, in order to drink their blood.  For the high that it will give them.
     Before we take them out.
     By whatever means necessary.  Within reason.
     Their day
     And a New Day on the horizon.
     At long last.
     But boy,
     it had better come.
     Or I am liable to forget - conveniently -
     what it is all about.
     And that ain't

     Hate the sin.  Love the sinner.
     Good advice.
     It will take you further along
     your path.
     Your journey, through

On Staking One's Claim

If I am staking my claim, first to this country - this flagship of the fleet of nation states, sailing these new seas - and then to the whole site; the new New World - what am I staking it to?  What is this planet, anyway, in the grand scheme of things??

It appears to be a marvelous work and a wonder, yes.  And, it is.  Think of all the intricate designs at work and in sight on it.  But…who’s to say that this is all of such beauty that there is, in the known universe?  And that’s even just considering the known universe - the one perceived by our five senses.  There is no good reason not to believe that there is more - and even potentially far more - beyond our limited sensory capabilities to ‘record’/decode them; a multitude of universes.  There could be as many universes as there are grains of sand on all the beaches of our planet put together.  And that’s just considering our visible spectrum on the material level; which is a fraction of the possible totality. just on this level.  And what about beyond the material level?? this dense, lower dimensional level???  Just one of a possible many, in frequencies. Everything that we know being a matter of frequencies, to say vibrations.  And even if this planet (and we don’t even know its actual shape yet, for heaven’s sake) were the only one inhabited by self-aware entities in the entirety of Creation, think of the multifarious beauty of snd on it alone.

And then there’s the little matter of the possibility of our being multidimensional beings, all at the same time.  And: Is ‘time’ actually real??   And is everything that we think we know about merely a hologram???...

I’ll cut to the chase:

We exist on an edge - a ledge - of a larger reality.  A larger totality.  It’s time for a little humbleness in considering this business of Life; and the majesty of The All That Is.

And thus endeth the lesson for today.

Oh - except just one additional comment; in getting back to planet Earth, and the part of it called the United States of America:

This is my home country.  My particular ship, of the planetary fleet of such ships, now sailing into the Unknown.  And I wish to say to all potential pirates; all potential unwelcome boarders, and those amongst us so inclined:

Hands.  Off.

I am a peaceful man, by nature.  But I can be aroused to anger.  And trust me: You don’t want to know the extent of that potential.

That is all.  Now let’s get to work, and wring all the corruption out of this baby, that it is ours, now, to deliver.

This New World.  On a new level of reality.  For humanity to go exploring on.  As part of its basic nature.

Now, of its higher basic nature.

So; be fierce.  But be so gently.

And focus on what we are becoming rather than on what we have been.  Taking a lesson from the lowly caterpillar.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Exercise Or Real Time

As for my “thinking on various subjects,” that I referred to at the end of my just-previous blog.  There is The Big One.

Some background.

My discovery of my personal self-identity began basically, I think, when I found myself not only feeling very angry about the terrible things that people were doing to each other and their ‘nature’ surroundings, but personally offended.1  And I discovered, for myself, that if I felt so strongly about it all, I should just let that feeling have its rein, and not hold back on it.  To the point that I could easily change from an attitude of, Why doesn’t somebody do something about all this, to deciding - accepting - that it was up to me to ‘do something about all this’ - literally.  As my job to do.  

I had a very ‘telling’ experience at university, shortly before I left it and set out on my ‘spiritual journey’ in life in earnest.  While I was still ‘sensitized’ from a spiritual experience (more on which, below), during my Junior year, I went to some sort of religious event one evening at the school’s ‘Mem (for Memorial) Church,’ with a young gal friend from my high school days, who had come to Stanford that year (a very nice gal who I ended up dating a couple of times).  While sitting in the audience, taking in whatever was going  on (I think it was a speaker, on whatever subject not germane to this telling), I had a distinct feeling come over me, and I told my gal friend about it afterwards.  What it was, was the sense of a figure like Jesus suddenly appearing before our ‘congregation,’ and while most if not all of the attendees were struck rather dumb and unmoving by the phenomenon (as I told my friend), I found myself getting up and going down there and standing with Him, “as if that was simply where I belonged”.              

And as my journey in life continued, it got to the point where I felt that I was beholden to nobody; that I could take my rightful place - and responsibility - as the captain of this ship.

A few assists along the way: 

* When I was in the 5th grade some of us in that grade were sent to an ‘advanced’ class, with some of the 6th graders.  The teacher had a nautical background in her family, and one day announced that we were going to have an election, for the class to elect the captain of their ‘ship’.  The vote was dutifully taken; and lo and behold, I was elected.  What??! I thought.  What is this all about??  I’m just a fifth grader…and, for whatever all possible reasons, I never assumed responsibility for our ship.  Which was fine by me.  
   I wasn’t ready.  At that time.   

* A few years later, when I was in the Boy Scouts, during my junior high school years, a home movie was taken of a few of us before we headed out for summer camp in the mountains one early summer, and when there was a showing of it to us afterwards at one of our evening meetings, I was stunned to see that my head was literally aglow, and it was not all due to my blond hair having bleached out in the summer sun (too early for that).  And speaking of my time in the Boy Scouts:

* Some time after that, there was a showing to our Troop one night of a film about Jesus.  I don’t recall who played the part, or much of it at all.  All I remember of it was that, in the middle when our Scoutmaster was changing the reel, one of the guys (who happened to live up the street from me as well; and therein lies another story in this genre, not necessary to go into in this telling) turned around, from close to the front, and gave me a long look, where I was sitting close to the back.  And then let it go.  (What was that all about? I wondered.)  And speaking of glows:

* At least twice in movie houses, with the lights out during the film, I have felt a glow around me, that filled the room; and both times - as if to make sure there was not any doubt as to its origin - people around me turned and looked my way.  (While I sat there, all unknowing; minding my own business.)    
  And speaking of this sort of thing, and to wrap up this presentation of some tidbits of info:

* Much later on in my life, and while I was living in the spiritual community where I spent the bulk of my adult life, an American doctor who had come across the ability to heal with his hands, and had brought a group of trainees to our community to have the experience of such a place (which group I co-focalized for its one-week Findhorn Experience), told me once, in passing, at the end of their time there, with a bit of a quizzical sidelong glance at me, that I had a purple aura; and that it was “the first one that I have ever seen”.

By then, and as these bits & pieces might foretell, I was beginning not to be surprised at such feedback…   

Actually, I had a second, follow-on curious experience whilst still at university to the one I mentioned.  After my key ’spiritual experience,’2  I began doing some reading in various religions, and one thing led to another, until I visited the minister of the local Episcopal Church, to attempt to get some advice as to what was going on for me.  He invited me back in the evening to his place for a talk on it all, and while I was there - and after he had offered me a drink of whiskey (which I sampled) - he said, quietly: “Is it you.  Is it really you.”

He also suddenly kissed me.  And that was it for me.  I left, never to go back to him.  For advice.  Or anything.  But beyond the whiskey, and the few words that we had, and the kiss, it was the comment that he made that lingered with me.  Long after.

And into my soul’s journey, in this vale of tears.  And distractions.   

That.  And the somewhat idle curiosity as to what had been part of his life’s journey, that had come up at that moment. 

What am I saying.  Not being a believer in the Jesus ‘thing,’3 I am saying what I took to calling myself at the spiritual community before I felt it was time to go back into the world and engage in its processes: to call me (and especially as I was older than any of the rest of them) their

Elder Brother.

Feeling that it is now time for me to come into my own.


For the work that we all have to do.

To set things right in this world.  

Before its Ascension.

So that it can ascend.  

Or, more precisely:

So that we can ascend with Gaia; this living Being which has assisted us so well, and patiently, in our own spiritual development.

As The Process that we have been engaged in for a long, long time moves from 3D to 4D and 5D.  On its way



And we all Claim Our Christhood.



1 To the point that, when later on in my life the woman who co-founded the spiritual community that I joined for some time urged us to ‘Claim Your Christhood NOW,’ I found it very easy to do.  On the one hand.  And a little difficult to do on the other, insofar as continuing to live my specific incarnate life amongst my fellow incarnate associates.  All of us on our individual paths, on our collective journey.   

2 The key experience that set this whole train of events off: my ‘spiritual experience’ one night in the outdoor amphitheater on campus, under a deep dark sky wall-to-wall with stars.  No moon, no clouds, no lights, no sound, no movement; nothing between me and It, in my temporary sensory-deprivation chamber.  But I have told about that experience in these pages before.  Suffice it to say here, that it was - as I say - the ‘key’ that set the whole train of subsequent events off.
   And for the rest of my life.

3 For reasons which I have given before in these pages.  I really don't think that I have enough new readers to make it worthwhile for my 'regulars' to go through all that again, here.
   Read 'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold' and 'Christ In Egypt' by Acharya S/D.M.Murdock, followed by 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus' by Joseph Atwill.  Watch the series on the Internet, 'Jesus Never Existed' by Kenneth Humphreys.  That will be good for a start.