Friday, 19 January 2018

On Our Way - And THE Way

from ‘’Worse Than Watergate’ ‘Shocking’ House Intel Memo Allegedly Reveals FISA Abuse By Senior DOJ and FBI Officials’ - Kristina Wong - January 18
(Quoting many Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee regarding a still-classified memo detailing corruption by senior officials in the DOJ and FBI.  On our way…)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (January 19)

So perhaps all this unblocking of the sewer is why it has taken so long for the American people en masse to stop relying on the MSM and the corrupt Repub Establishment for their info and start paying more attention to the Independent Media for the real deal. If they had been less asleep at the switch of their country from a federal constitutional republic to a kleptocracy, they would have realized long ago that a) Obama was ineligible for the top job, and b) only poisoned fruit can come from a poisoned tree.

This is not rocket science. Anybody who can read plain English with even a modicum of comprehension could have understood, for themselves (rather than its coming to them through a skewed filter), the definition of a 'natural born' citizen. Such a type of citizen is a person, quote: "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. (That's what makes it 'natural,' for heaven's sake. NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Having SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the country of origin.) The definition comes from the definitive tome of the day of the constitutional Framers on such nation-buildlng matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations'. (Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up for yourself. It's right there, on the Internet. No filter needed to see it for yourself.) And that eligibility requirement for that particular federal office - and that particular federal office ONLY; testifying to its special nature in the eyes of the Framers. And how we have come to see the importance of that requirement, in our day - STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

The unplugging of the sewer, then, needing a complete job of it. And thereby, the citizens of the U.S.A. avoid their country being subsumed into being a mere part of a region of our erstwhile masters' totalitarian New World Order. Thanks be to Donald J. Trump. And the Source who guided him into that position, of strong sword-bearer of, and for, the Light.


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P.S. Someone replied to my post at saying "Trump is World Order..."  My response:

"Ah.  But God moves in mysterious ways..."

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Our Broken Brains

A good series going on called Broken Brain; a doctor named Mark Hyman hosting a 7-part docu-series discussing “what is possibly one of the key pieces of the puzzle when treating brain disorders: the gut-brain connection"  I missed the first episode, but enjoyed the second one, and will continue to watch it.  With a caveat; as commented on below.  
(My comment won’t appear on the Comments thread to the series, because it is Facebook-generated.  So, herewith, to my loyal auditors, at least:)     

Good stuff.  However, as regards the likes of food allergies and inflammation, Dr. Hyman has skirted around the role that vaccines play in these conditions.  Vaccines contain substances like casein (dairy) and gluten (wheat) that are in our foods.  The body reacts in an immune-system way to the vaccine, not only to the attenuated bacteria or virus in it, but to all the associated chemicals in the 'hit'.  Results as above.  I'll keep watching the series, to see if this info gets out.  But if it doesn't, I need to call the good doctor on his oversight.  Either unknowingly or knowingly. 

An interesting tidbit from this episode:

Canola oil manufacturers fund the American Heart Association.

(Canola oil - i.e., rapeseed oil; and almost totally a GMO product nowadays - is a highly refined, partially hydrogenated oil, and has trans-fatty acids - created from its healthy omega-3 fatty acids - as a result of a deodorization process to mask any foul smell from potential rancidity.

Canola oil is unhealthy for us, particularly in causing inflammation and calcification of arteries, which are risk factors for coronary heart disease.

But it’s cheap to manufacture.

Go figure.)


P.S. Speaking of 'going to figure':

I see that California U.S. senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris have sent a letter of complaint to the head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, regarding ICE’s announced sweep of illegal aliens in northern California, stating that “(r)ather than focusing efforts on violent criminals, raids carried out in neighborhoods and workplaces could result in the deportation of individuals who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Come again??  - Actually - no.  Don’t bother.

Once was enough, to boggle the mind.

At least they admitted that “violent criminals” who are illegal aliens should at least be targeted for deportation.

Contrary to the state’s recent passage into law, by the signature of Gov. ‘Jesuit Jerry’ Brown, making it - formally - a sanctuary state.

A chink of sunlight, there. 

Some hope, then.

That California will return to the rule of law in this country.

Which is the United States Constitution.

Not the vote of a heavily Democrat-weighted State legislature.

Of a state that a) wants to treat illegal aliens as simply ’immigrants’ or ‘residents’, and b) is looking to secede from the Union, and go its own way, under the ‘protectorate’ auspices of the UN.

Into a structure known - by its own architects - as a, the, New World Order.

A totalitarian global state.

To which I say:


As a citizen of that state.

And as a citizen of the United States.

Who has a spiritual connection with the founding of said federal constitutional republic.

And who is not about to give that connection up.

Not now.

Not ever.

At least not until

kingdom come.

A Walk In The 'Hood

(Overheard at a Stop light crosswalk.)


'Oh!  Hi.  I recognize you, too.'

'How's it going.'


'So.  A female this time.'

'Yes.  Well.  Sort of.'

'As in...'

''As in I chose to incarnate into a 'gender-bendered' suit this time around.  To see how that goes.'


'Some pretty tough moments.  I certainly have more sympathy - empathy, for such incarnates, now.'

'Well.  The point.'

'indeed.  And you?'

'Straight male.  I still have something to get out of that one.  And give to.'

'Well.  Good luck.'

'And you.  Gotta turn here.  See you.'

'See you.'

(Bystander stops to light a cigaret, shakily.  Takes a deep drag.  And then looks at the glowing end, for a long time.)

Some Truths For Our Time

On musing further, overnight, into the events of our day…

Let me drill down into the current stage of The Process, which we were - are - to learn some lessons from.  As ever.  To wit:

We in the U.S. should never have let the situation be created wherein a person was better off financially not being employed than employed.  On top of which was allowed to be developed a similarly shortsighted and immoral situation where women were paid to have babies, on the taxpayers’ dime.  Which allowed the phenomenon of the creation of an army of young unemployed males, to be disaffected into a ‘real’ army; and a similar army of young unemployed females, to be seduced into bearing even more babies for the army of unemployed in the country, created for a purpose.  Which creation included the opportunity, then, to allow millions of illegal aliens into the country, to pick up the slack in the economy; and circumstances orchestrated into being to get them onto the voter registration rolls, in order for them to vote for the people who were behind this whole scam, to keep it rolling.  Into bankruptcy; both literally and morally.  The Cloward-Piven Strategy at work.  Crisis equaling Opportunity: the specific Opportunity to get this nation to fall like a piece of overripe fruit right into the hands of our erstwhile masters, in the creation thereby of the circumstances for the rise and imposition of their long-planned-for New World Order.  A totalitarian state, intended to be a boot forever stomping on the faces of the ‘little people’.  More specifically: of the goyim.  The cattle.  The subjects-to-be to their kingdom.

That vision being the motivating force behind their Process.

All of which has been the motor of the larger Process at work.

Which has been to teach us lessons.  Of the likes of the right use of Power.


Gods in the making.

Facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, projections, of 

The All That Is.

Thereby demonstrating to us:

‘See?  See what happens, when you let your Potential get skewed, perverted into doing the work of the Dark side of The Process??  Of hungering for Power Over Others - POO for short?

‘It results in misery for a huge number of people.  Your fellow souls, in this classroom, on The Path.  Towards Awakening.’ 

Which process includes the terrible, ignoble likes of someone clandestinely releasing a nuclear-tipped missile into the air.  Actually intended to wipe out a potential of millions of incarnate souls, in the ensuing false-flagged war.

But which got shot down.  In the nick of time.

By forces of The Light side.

Buying us a little more time.

To get our act together.

And move out of The Process.   And into

the Culmination stage.  Its Completion stage.

Of Synthesis.

Into something New.

Beyond the action-reaction dynamics of The Process itself.*

In the elimination of Dark-side energies.  (Which have been integrally part of the motivating power of The Process.)   And into the pure Light of

the Truth of the whole shebang.

On our way to a greater future than ‘we’ dreamed of.  While we were in - captured in - 

The Process. 

P.S. And ‘you’ actually bought the canard that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were fake.
   Boy, do I have a bridge to sell you in the Arizona desert…

P.P.S. And ‘our’ thanks to Michael Horowitz for proving to ‘us’ that, like, not all swans are white.
   And similarly, to the likes of the Jewish judge who presided over the - fair - trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.  For treason. 
   The Rosenbergs thinking that their actions were for a higher ‘right’.
   Well, as these things go
   that has been, to a certain extent, true.
   In this classroom of, and for, apprentice gods.
   Who are learning how to wield - and control - immense power.
   Or not.
   In which latter case:
   Better luck next time.
   As we continue with
   the Harvest.
   This Time around.

   And so, the dawning awareness that the Jews were/are a Chosen People.
   Just for a different purpose than they thought, were led to believe.  By their leadership.  And their lower selves.
   And I hope, and trust, that they will awaken, and release their roles, in The Great Drama.
   In time.  And Time.


* I mean, you can't get more critical-staged, breakthrough-staged, than that.
   Shall we now recognize where we are at???

It's A Mad World

from YouTube: ‘Missiles, Mad Scientists, And Mad Politicians’ - Roy Potter - January 17
(He talks about how, via the Q postings, we can tell that the Trump admin knew about the setting-up of the missile attack on Hawaii from some time ago.  But he fails to identify specifically the players behind it all; calling them simply “the bad guys’…  It’s time to name names.)

1 second ago (January 17)

Roy, why do you dance around the very real possibility that the rogue sub and nuke belonged to the Israelis?  That the Israelis are very possibly behind so much of what is going down in this whole scenario, of attempted world takeover??  As they were involved, via Mossad, in 9/11; setting the NeoCons up for taking over complete power in this country, via such as the cynically-named Patriot Act, and the establishment of the Dept. of Homeland Security; and additionally with it, to further their attempt at a Greater Israel (Eretz Israel) - the takeover of the whole area between the two rivers as portrayed on their national flag, the Nile and the Euphrates.  

It's the old question: Cui bono?  Who benefits??  The Jews have chafed under the Western world control of Christians since the very beginning.  Theirs is a different culture to that one; and they have been kicked out of European country after country over the centuries for continually trying to take them over, either from the inside or the outside.  They brought about the October Revolution in Russia that brought the Bolsheviks into power there; etc. etc.  They feel superior to The Other because a) their religion tells them that they are The Chosen People, and b) they think of all of us as goyim - cattle.  And what do you do to, and with, cattle...

The answer to all this is to deprive them of their control over us via the monetary system that the world has been inveigled into using, of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking, that they are past masters of running.  It is a scam.  When we come out from under its control, we will be One People on this planet.  Different races and religions and nationalities, yes.  But One People: the human race.  Heading, now, in our evolutionary development, for the stars.  Another story.  But part of what we are up against, now; or to say as well, where we are at:

the Great Awakening.

This story also involves how the Israeli scientists have come up with a bacteriophage to put into vaccines that can kill those who are too mesmerized into taking them that they don’t understand that they are, indeed, under the ‘care’ of “mad scientists”…

P.S. To all Americans:

I urge you to say with me to these people attempting tis take down this country and submerge it into their totalitarian NWO (and it is not just Khazarian Mafia/Rothschild Zionist-type Jews.  There are others infected with the consciousness virus that causes them to want to have and exercise great power and control over others):

Not my country, you won't.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Clock Is Ticking. The Next Sound You Hear...

from ‘’”FLUPOCALYPSE” mass hysteria is just another propaganda push for mindless vaccination compliance’ - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger - January 16

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (January 17)

Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News.

Excellent report, Mike; thanks.

Heads need to roll, once things are set to rights in this country, on this, as in other fronts, of the war going on against The People, by TPTB. Who need to become The Powers That Were just as soon as possible.

Mike talks about the ingredients in the flu vax continuing the likes of mercury, formaldehyde, and MSG, and recommending instead “the flu-busting properties of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and anti-influenza herbal remedies”.  (And points out how the flu shot promotes a weakened immunity, so that it sets you up for ‘needing’ another flu shot the nest year, and the next…  A great little money-spinner, that.)  

i am reminded of a particularly key factor regarding the dangers of vaccines that I came across a number of years ago.*  It turns out that a) all live-virus vaccines, as in the MMR, contain a substance called glutamic acid (it acts as a stabilizer), and b) this substance happens to have the property also of lowering levels of a substance called glutathione in the body.  Glutathione is critical for the carrying of heavy metals out of the body.  So, if the MMR shot is given at the same time as, say, the flu vax, with its load of mercury - or any other vax which contains aluminum, which a lot of vaxes do (it is an adjuvant, designed to hype up the antibody response to the vax) - it would act to cut down the ability of the body to excrete such heavy metals.    

Not only do the medical industry frontliners not know this, or rather not warn the public about this factor.  But they also prescribe Tylenol for side effects of vaccines, and Tylenol has the same effect on glutathione levels.  So, it is working against the body’s ability to excrete heavy metals as well.

We are being done in by idiots.

Or the equivalent of paid shills.

We really need a Reset, as a race.  The whole world to enter into a New Era.

And not a moment too soon.


* And another one at about the same time was how a researcher at the U of Utah had discovered the vaccine-strain measles virus from the MMR shot at the damaged gut lining of children diagnosed as autistic.  A 'leaky gut' thus allowing peptides/toxins to enter the bloodstream and some passing through the blood-brains barrier into the brain.  Autism being a result of brain damage.  And as confirmed by the Vaccine Court accepting a case of autism caused by the MMR vaccine - but diagnosed it as, rather than autism, 'Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis' (ADEM).  Anything to avoid acknowledging a link between vaccines and autism.

Monday, 15 January 2018

More On The Classroom Motif

I have just referred, in my last blog, to this classroom we are in, and described it in terms of being an Illusion.  Where we can learn our lessons, and move on from, graduate from, without doing any serious damage to the ‘world’ outside of its walls.  But when we jeopardize that ‘world’ - the larger reality which sustains this illusory realm of 3D - we have gone too far.

Which is where we are at as we speak.

And so, that is why it is time, and Time, to call the scene, and storyline itself,

a wrap.

A word about it, before we leave it, for ‘greener pastures’.  And I will keep this sharing personal, even if I couch it in terms of ’we’.  Thus:

Those of us who have come ‘down the densities’ - i.e, from the higher realms, to be here at this crucial time, and help see the New for it in, find it very difficult to live on this level.  To the point of losing our temper, or at least being miffed, when even little things don’t just go the way we want them to, automatically; and so, learning patience is a big one for us.  

Things don’t, can’t go ‘wrong’ on those higher levels because there is no ‘wrong’ there.  There is only Right.  As in Limitless Love and Light.  That’s what those higher realms - i.e., the non-illusory; the non-classroomy ones - are made of.

Thus, children have to learn the ways of this 'world' - this realm.

Things just were in the womb.

And before.

Where thoughts are things...

,,,and you just think them into being......

So.  Have patience with us.

As we learn patience with you.

After all,

we are all in this together.

‘This.’  The Creation of our Creator Source.

And its Purpose.

Which is:

Mutual evolution.

And that doesn’t always require a ‘dark’ side - an Opposite - to butt up against, and overcome.

Sometimes, learning how to design a flower is just that simple.