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Urgent Message

1) from 'Congressman: Obama "Deserves Impeachment" - Jan. 25 (orig. posted at - Jan. 25) 

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Jan. 25)

Impeachment is only for legally sitting presidents. Barry Soetoro (which I believe is his legal name) is not a legally sitting president; he is a Usurper, for not being a "natural born" citizen, i.e., one born on the soil of 2 U.S. citizen parents. He needs simply to be removed, by Oathkeepers, current and retired - with patriots having their backs, in a March on Washington - and held for trial, on a number of felony charges, in a legitimate court of law - to say, not Maritime Law, but Common Law. And since Congress has failed to uphold its constitutional duty of reining in a rogue Executive, it needs to be dissolved, by We the People, Assembled, who will then appoint an Officer OF The People to call for (cleaned-up) elections 'within a time certain,' and in the meantime, to clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government of all the traitors to the cause of the American federal constitutional Republic. And decency and honor are returned to the land.


2) from 'Ted Cruz Throws Down the Gauntlet to GOP Establishment Presidential Hopefuls: 'Show Me Where You Fought' - Jan. 25 (orig. posted at - Jan. 24) 

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Jan. 25)

Sounds good. Now, think of the gift that he could give the nation - the federal constitutional Republic, that is - if he called a major press conference and announced that he had, upon careful research into the issue, come to realize that he wasn't eligible to be a candidate for the office of the presidency, because he wasn't a "natural born" citizen as required by the Constitution - and that neither was Obama, who should step down immediately, for the nation to return to THE RULE OF LAW. Or we will be at the mercy of tyrants. Who are not known for extending mercy to their victims. 

As we are about to find out, if we don't put a stop to the rot. And, like, NOW.





LET the Republican Party move left and become Democrat Lite, in order speciously to attract 'Latinos and other minorities'.  It is going down anyway, when the Truth outs about the 'natural born citizen' conspiracy caper.

As it will.

As - it - will.   


It was said well a long time ago:

'A Choice -- NOT An Echo.'


3) from TeaPartyC.C.: 'Audit shows state gave Medicaid to illegal aliens' - posted by Natl Dir Dee - Jan. 25 (orig. posted at -  Eric Retzlaff - Jan. 24)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (Jan. 25)

To the extent that the federal government has anything to do with any of this, it should no longer spend the taxpayers' money on anything for anybody who is not legally in this country - no food, EDUCATIONarrow-10x10.png, healthcare, housing, cell phones (!) - anything.  Period.  Clamp a lid on the honey pot that is attracting them here, and the attraction will stop.  Oh, and including jobs: Anyone employing an illegal alien to be subject to severe fines and/or jail time.  Same principle.
Who will do the jobs that the I.A.'s do at this time?  Hey - we have a huge number of unemployed American citizens.  'They won't do that work'?  What nonsense.  They will if they want to eat.  If you don't work - you don't eat.  It's really very simple.  (Plus the establishment of a well-administered Temporary Visa PROGRAMarrow-10x10.png for seasonal workers.)   
It can be said that the IA scammers are actually doing us a favor.  They are showing us how outrageously nonsensical our current policies are.  All our elected representatives have to do is grow a pair, and institute commonsense policies in this regard.  If they won't - we fire the lot.  And TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.  Before it's too late.
Not sure precisely how close we are to that mark……but it's never too late for patriots to give the nation-wreckers a good solid run for their money. 


I am so incensed by all this shit.  Post after post on the immediately-above Comments thread reported how Illegal Aliens in their areas were bulking up on food with food stamps and then selling it for drugs, liquor, etc.  And so forth.  A total outrageous scam.  People having been seduced into immorality by stupid policies.

Well, not stupid, really.  Rather, part of the Marxist strategy; to bankrupt the system, and give the socialists the chance thereby to move in and take over.  The Cloward-Piven Strategy, it is called.  As I have indicated in these pages many a time.   

I hope we don't give them the satisfaction of accomplishing their mission.  I hate to see immorality rule the day, wherever and however it raises its ugly head.  

Damn them.  They're playing their part just too damn good………

…and the Good Guys are failing to rise sufficiently to the occasion to counter them.

So far…

P.S. Is this just a 'right vs. left,' Democrat vs. Republican thing?  No.  There are plenty of citizens on the 'other' side of the political aisle who are just angry at the big moneybags boyos, the Wall Street 'Masters Of The Universe' crowd.  The so-called (with good reason) banksters.  The get-while-the-getting-is-good guys.  Not the Good Guys, who are on both sides of the political divide.

May 'we' make no mistake: Tea Party types are just as angry at the characters who engage in 'privatizing the profits and socializing the losses,' and leaving the little-guy taxpayer holding the bag, having to foot the bill.

A pox on the charlatans amongst us, wherever they are on the political spectrum..  

Fortunately, they will get theirs.  But only because this is a 'just universe' - because life has meaning, above and beyond just in and for itself only.

But then, I've talked about all this before… 

time - and literally - to give it a rest.  

But let me in there, and………...       

I Get Mail - 2

I get a lot of mail on a lot of subjects.  I'll deal with another one, other than the pressing issue of our time, soon.1  But first, a word on that subject.  And I'll approach it via another route, than I have approached it heretofore.

That has to do with the proposed candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson for the presidential run in 2016.  I have been getting a lot of mail on this specific subject, from people pushing to 'draft' him for the run.  Which makes me very suspicious.  Somebody is spending a lot of money on this 'agenda,' and that's usually a warning signal.  But let me make a comment simply on the presenting issue itself: the man, and his merits.

Dr. Carson seems a good man, with basically a good awareness of the issues confronting us, and with a refreshing willingness to 'speak his mind' to Power.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand that The People need to have the right to have access to the equivalent of 'more than sticks and stones' in order to protect themselves from a rogue government - and especially one that is self-avowedly out to "fundamentally transform" this nation. 

Some degree of vetting is legitimate.  Keeping guns out of the hands of convicted criminals as far as possible, e.g., is a common-sense policy.  That doesn't lessen the basic principle of the right in this nation of The People "to keep and bear arms".  A right, be it well noted, that they have only under the rule of law; which in the case of the U.S. A. is the Constitution.  Without that document - that contract - The People are at the mercy of wolves.  The wolves in sheep's clothing that are creeping ever closer to the herd of sheep, simply minding their own business, largely, as we speak.  

It's time for the herd to wake up, and instead of just looking out for their own individual interests, to start looking out for the needs of the whole - for the need of the nation for them to shrug off its current leadership, and institute better governance for their wellbeing, and the wellbeing of future generations.  Government rooted in Truth.  Not deceit, and chicanery, and lust for power, as is currently the case, by and large.

America - the federal constitutional Republic of its founding - is being destroyed.  From within.  Deliberately.  Well - I have to point out - what did you expect?  You let a person with, and of, foreign influences occupy the Oval Office.  With "DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES," as I have been describing the matter for some time now in comments to various and numerous blogs on the Internet on the subject.2  

You are reaping what you have sown.

Sow the wind - reap the whirlwind.

It has truly been observed: Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.  You people simply went to sleep on the job.  Were mesmerized into sleepiness, by your captive media.  Your mainstream media, at least.  Fortunately, an alternative media has grown up in this country, to give you/The People an independent slant on things.  Now obviously, TPTB know this, and have made moves to counter that independence of thought, by sowing disinfo on this source of info, and making fun of 'tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists' and such.  But enough info is there, for you - us - to be able to connect the dots - to see around behind the obscuring clouds of chaff that is blown into the public's eyes, to keep them off balance, and docile, and asleep.3 

And now, it's time for Gulliver to shrug off these puny strings that have been attached to him, by Lilliputians-in-comparison, trying to keep him under control.  And for We the People to "institute new Government," as Thomas Jefferson penned it in the Declaration of Independence.4  For a government for its time and place; and to help get Humanity to this time and place.

A time for totally new governance, on Earth.

As it is in Heaven.    

If you're not sure what, precisely, that means:

Watch this space.

So to speak.  Meaning: Watch this space that you, and we, are occupying at this time, in space.  For, it's time for Change, all right.

But a different kind from that which our erstwhile Masters have in mind for us.  In their gulag of a prison planet. 

That is chump change.  In comparison to 

the Real Thing. 

In the meantime:

The American people were offered a pig in a poke for their presidency, in the form of the 'mystery man' Barack Obama - and the majority of them bought it.  Fortunately, more and more of the initially bewitched are ruing the day that they ever did such a rash and stupid thing.  But we need to act fast, in our undoing of that gross error.  For the Dark Forces are about to make their major move, on planet Earth.  And they need to be undone before they do.

The work that we are here to do.

That we, in effect, signed up for.

Check your inner Being; your highest Self that you can contact.  And let's get to work.


1 having to do with health, and nutrition.  But don't get me started on that one.  Not right now.  I've got other fish to fry, right now.

2 You didn't really expect that the Mainstream Media was the place to find out the truth of things, did you?  After all this time, of its having proven itself to be a false front of info??

   What are you, the dummy  that your erstwhile Keepers make you out to be???

3 Plus, of course, all the mind-control measures that have been brought to bear, in order for TPTB to accomplish their malevolent purposes.  But that's another subject, in itself.

4 You do know what that is, don't you??  One wonders, these days, with the Marxist control of our children's education and all.
   Another example of how You the People went asleep at the switch, of governance over you.  How could you be so obtuse as not to recognize that takeover??????  It's been going on in earnest since the 1930s.  How long do you think it should take you to WAKE UP.

"The Law Is...

…What We Say It Is"

from 'Obama's Legacy? Constitutional Eligibility' - Bob Unruh - Jan. 24
("Supreme Court again faced with unresolved questions over current administration")


When are conservatives going to wake up to the fact that they are either being conned or misled even by people on their own side of the political divide on this issue? Obama's status as being ineligible for the office on the "natural born citizen" legal point has somewhat to do with the copy - forgery or not - of a birth certificate on the official White House web site. But it has everything to do with his parents.
Contrary to some obfuscators on this issue, this is not rocket science. The whole POINT of the 'exercise' on the part of the constitutional Framers in putting that particular eligibility requirement in their national contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY - was to make sure that a candidate, if elected - who would then as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would have no DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like a naturalized citizen. And like a DUAL citizen. Like - lo and behold - Obama.
The evidences of their thinking on the matter abound. There is a letter by John Jay - who subsequently became the first Chief Justice of the new U.S. Supreme Court, of all ironies - to G. Washington, in his role as Chair of the Constitutional Convention, on this issue. There is the fact that at the Convention, Alexander Hamilton proposed that the eligibility requirement for that office be only that the person need be a, quote, "citizen" - and his proposal was specifically TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent requirement. NO FOREIGN INFLUENCES in that office. End of story.
The Constitution can be amended on the issue. It has not been. Thus, Obama is a Usurper in the office - who unfortunately has also been allowed to occupy it because of the inaction of the 'opposition party' in our two-party system of government.  Why has the Republican Party gone along with this charade, this farce, this fraud on the Constitution and the rule of law?? Obviously, for their own purposes: to allow them as well to slip someone into that office who is not constitutionally eligible. Thus, the Republican Party officials need to be taken to (a legitimate) court as well, on RICO-Statute charges of colluding with their Democrat Party cohorts in this deceitful and meretricious matter.
Result: Obama is simply removed from the office (or resigns under his own speed), and charged with a shopping list of felonies; the two major political parties in America are dissolved, for being corrupt enterprises; the Congress itself is dissolved, by act of The People, Assembled, for failing to do its constitutional duty in reining in a rogue Executive. And America is saved from moving out of a Republic stage of development into either an Empire mode - in a replay of the Roman experience; lesson learners please take note - or is absorbed into being merely a part of a region (already called the North American Union; and thus the reason for the failure of TPTB and their minions in Congress to secure our southern border) of the 'New World Order' that is the intention of the Party bigwigs on both sides of the political aisle, and their masters at the top of the pyramid of power of individuals who currently run this world.
And whose rule is about to come to an abrupt end. As the likes of the American People rise to the occasion, and do their duty, to God and country.

Shotgun_Joe 2 hours ago (Jan. 24)

GWBush should be indicted for treason for allowing the 2008 presidential election to proceed.

Neither ZeroBama nor McShame were eligible for POTUS.

  • Robert Shotgun_Joe 2 hours ago 

  • GW Bush isn't my favorite guy, but how can you call for him to be charged for treason for an election cycle? It isn't the Presidents responsibility to vet them? Bush was dealing with not only the terror problem we had, but the housing bubble collapse and failing banks and losing jobs at an incredible rate. Economy was tanking fast and either you just hate Bush or your judgement is impaired. At least we didn't have another terror attack, or have a government full of comme muslimes demanding to be of privledge status. Give old George a little credit where it is he. He loved our country and our military. And the military had respect for him also. He wasn't perfect, but compared to Zero, hes got him beat hands down.

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         Robert Shotgun_Joe 2 hours ago
         McCain was. His parents were both US citizens when he was born. And he was born on a       US military base in Panama which IS US Property. 
  • 2

    • kibitzer3
      Robert a few seconds ago (Jan. 24)

    • Yes to the issue of his parents, a question regarding where he was born. There is some word out that he was born in the city hospital, not on the US military base proper. However, a case could be made that his parents were on official duty of the US government at the time. So it is a point, but a moot one at this point.

    • There is no question about Obama's ineligibility, as I have summarized elsewhere in this thread. Although actually, there is: He may well not have been the child of either of his nominated parents. But if he lied about all that, he is toast anyway.
Mr.X 24 minutes ago (Jan. 24)

"Should he who was elected to the presidency be determined to be ineligible," The Constitution itself specifies what happens: The VP-elect becomes President. -- 20Th Amendment, Section 3. There is NO impeachment nor trial. The INELIGIBLE President-elect is simply BYPASSED and left as a NULLITY. This is a federal operation not the responsibility of the States.

All that is required is that an investigation find Obama ineligible, and then he is simply arrested for election fraud (and usurptation), etc. Congress need not act, nor is their action required.

Joseph Biden was elected the 44th President in 2008 and reelected in 2012. Note that this makes him ineligible to run in 2016. Also, since he signed NO BILLS and there were no veto overrides by Congress, we have had no new federal laws since January 19, 2009. Everything since is unconstitutional.



  • kibitzer3
    Mr.X a few seconds ago (Jan. 24) 

  • And since the Democrat Party illegally signed off on Obama's eligibility to run for the office, it qualifies as a corrupt organization, under RICO Statutes, and is dissolved; and all actions that it took from that point are tainted with that illegality, and are rendered null and void. Thus, Biden is not a legal officeholder either, and needs to vacate his office as well. And since it will be easy to prove, in and to a legal court - think under Common Law - that the Republican Party officials were involved in colluding with their Democrat Party counterparts in this illegal operation, they go down as well. Which means that the '08 and '12 elections themselves are rendered null and void. And we start fresh, back under the rule of law in this country.

  • It is truly a constitutional crisis. But one we can weather. If we stick to Truth, as our guiding star.

Someone on this thread referred to something that Nancy Pelosi said, about the Constitution, some time ago; something to the effect that "What does the Constitution have to do with the laws we pass.  No one in Congress has considered the Constitution in years."  So: 'We don't go by the Constitution around here.  We haven't done that for some time.'  I don't know what her precise words were, in that moment.  But it would make sense, in the light of her, as Chair of the Democrat Nominating Convention in 2008, simply writing a letter unilaterally declaring Obama to be "constitutionally eligible" for the office, to the Hawaii officials, who wanted  to be covered in case the subject came up in the future.  That phrase was not included in the nominating letters from her to the other state Secretaries of State.  To Pelosi, obviously, the Constitution is simply that "damn piece of paper" that Dubya Bush referred to once, during his administration; which, in many ways including this one, set up the lawlessness of the two Obama administrations.      

So it isn't just Nancy Pelosi who needs to spend some time in jail for her illegal act; which has caused so much mayhem to ensue from it.

But spend some time in prison, she must.  For playing so fast and loose - not to mention arrogant - with the law of the land.

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Just Imagine...

…the Founding Fathers of the American Republic came back to check on how their country - at least, the country that they created, out of whole cloth - was doing.  And they saw how things had changed from their time; which they, of course, expected to have happened, to some extent.  But then they checked on how things had changed.  And they found the result of the unscrupulous mentality, that held that the Constitution was, and was being treated as, quote, 'a living document,' subject merely to interpretation of its contents - rather than adherence to the fundamental legal principle of intent - by a majority of the Supreme Court justices at any given time; appointed more for their adherence to particular political leanings than their fidelity to the Law, and the Constitution.  And they looked, stunned, at each other (a few shaking their heads as if to say, 'I told you so'), and then said:

"But you can't do that.  You can't just unilaterally change the fundamental terms of the Constitutional contract.  What on Earth is going on?"

What is 'going on' is the hijacking of the Constitution, and the federal constitutional Republic for which it used to stand.  Being replaced by and with a centralized form of government, which is close now - extremely close - to having been turned into - having turned itself into, for having no sufficient check on its power - a police state.

A totalitarian police state.  A Total Surveillance state.

In effect: a prison.  

And The People lived in extreme animosity amongst themselves forever after.

Or not.  As the case may yet be.

And actually, is to be.  Because The People woke up in time to what was going on in their midst.  And turned, neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.

And that is how they lived happily ever after; after all was said and done.

All, of the spirit of rebellion.  Freed, as they were then, from rebellion to Truth, in wanting to find their own way to It.  And having lost their way in the process, in the thicket of Matter.

And, having learned their lesson, coming back to The Way.  In

The End.

On Re-Cognizing

Some reflections on a letter in the mail today (Friday), and then a comment regarding my reflections.

The letter was from a conservative member of Congress newly elected in this recent trouncing of Obama's policies,1 who has a stirring story to tell.  He is the son of a Cuban mother who was jailed by Castro for being on the wrong side of the revolution that that Marxist dictator brought to that country (no constitutional "due process of law" observed by such a tyrannical leader and regime), and of an Irish-American father who fought in Vietnam against the communists there, and who is a staunch believer in "America's free-market principles".  He went on in his letter:2

"I know the Constitution means exactly what the Founding Fathers wrote: It is not a 'living' document with a meaning that 'changes' over time…"

Ah, I thought - was reminded.  An example being the fact that Obama was not an eligible candidate for that office in the first place - for not being a "natural born" citizen3  An important subject.  Was this guy going to be willing to take on the political Establishment in this country on that issue??? I wondered, hopefully.  But was struck in the moment even more by the realization - as this newly-minted Congressman was pointing out - that the 'natural-born' issue wasn't simply a matter of a difference of opinion about the legal meaning and definition of the term.  The Left (primarily) thinks of the Constitution as being a wet noodle; that it doesn't really matter to them what the meaning of the term was in its 'original intent'.  Thinks the meaning of the term, 'natural born,' has simply CHANGED - at least in their eyes/mindset - and thus is an irrelevance to Obama's election; that there is no big deal in his not meeting the 'original intent' of the term.4

Here I have been trying to get people on the Internet, and in my responses to various of the Republican Party characters who send me letters (asking for money), to look at "the whole point of the exercise" - that the constitutional Framers put that stricter eligibility requirement in there for that particular office in order to make sure that the person who moved into that position of such power, especially in his/her role as Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, did not have "DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a naturalized citizen.  And like a dual citizen.  Like Obama" - and the FACT of the matter doesn't matter to (many of) them.  On either side of the political aisle.  Because they don't believe in the 'original intent' position ANYWAY.  For their political purposes…

To such people I say:

 Ladies and gentlemen: You are trifling with Truth.  And I won't have it.

You can't just declare, like Humpty Dumpty, that "words mean what (you) say they mean".  And - hey presto - as in this case: a contract is changed.                

There is an amending process to the constitutional contract.  Use it.  Or get out of the way.  The People are going to start coming through.

For Truth.


And then something like the following comes along, and I have to take a breath, and make sure that I am coming from as 'right' a position as I can.  This was a comment I made earlier this evening (over my dinner; I multitask all the time) to an article on the subject of our Recognizing Our Enslavement to the world of The Powers That Be:

from 'Recognizing Enslavement' - Sue McIntosh, MD - Jan. 23
Stan - Jan. 23

Nice job. Dr. Sue.  Succinct and yet comprehensive.

I especially liked your insight regarding resistance. ("What we resist becomes our albatross.")  I think a lot of people don't understand the 'non-resistance to evil' advice.  Simply Do Good.  What you resist, persists in large part on your own energy.  Don't feed it.   Feed rather the energy - the true coin - of Love.  Love one another, as our Creator loves us, and we are free.         

And I realized - with theses two 'communications' to me so close together in time - that I all too easily slip into thinking, and feeling, for example,5 of Obama as a fake and a fraud, a liar and a cheat and a thief; and that I need to 'cut him some slack'.  After all, he is only demonstrating to us our own failings; our own oversight, in not following 'the script' - the Constitution.  So - where do I go from here.

I think where I need to go is:

Not to let him 'off the hook,' as it were, totally.  After all, he has done wrong.  But so have a lot of other people, in letting him get away with it (so far).  So, what say I?:

Let him decide to 'fess up, tell the truth, say whatever he wants to in mitigation/setting the record straight, and then leave, under his own steam, with thereby some shred of of self-respect left to him, at least.

And then we really start setting things right.  In this country.

And thereby, for the world at large.

Its being a small world, and all.



1 "I'm not on the ballot this fall…but make no mistake: my policies are on the ballot - every single one of them." - BHO

2 A letter of appreciation both for my support for his campaign (way over on the other side of the continent), and a donation request for his early gearing-up against his liberal rival, for having won his seat with less than 50% of the (4-way split) vote.  With a hugs amount of money having been poured into the race for his liberal opponent.
   And the Left keeps harping about the Koch brothers…...

3 Forgetting for the moment whether he is even a citizen of this country, for having had a foreign-national father and a mother who was not old enough at the time of his birth to confer her American citizenship automatically on him; and who most apparently (and according to a school record that has surfaced on the 'net) had become an Indonesian citizen under the aegis of his step-father.
   Who we do know about, from the record. But we don't really know who either his birth father OR mother was, since the birth certificate document that he authorized posting on the official White House website is a forgery, or at the least (at this point in time) highly suspected of being, for numerous good solid reasons.  He could be, e.g. - especially since Stanley Ann and Barack Obama never lived together; their 'marriage' having all the earmarks of being a 'marriage' of convenience, for both of them (a document for which has never surfaced) - rather the son of the man that Stanley Ann singled out to be his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis - a card-carrying communist.  OR he could be the son of another look-alike for a parent: Malcolm X.  In the latter of which case, there is reason to believe (see the investigative work of Martha Trowbridge) that his actual birth mother was in fact a 'groupie' (in New York City) of that communist revolutionary, and Stanley Ann could just have been a surrogate mother for the child, a 'fellow' communist whom he was placed with in order to give him far less inflammatory cover, as he grew up, 'destined' - groomed - for high political office in an America that wasn't ready at that time for such a child to make much progress in that sort of direction.  (And his true mother, being a Jewess, gave him as well the support of the Jewish communist community.  At least until his Muslim cultural experience caused some ripples in the otherwise well-laid plans for him…)
   Supporting the thesis of Stanley Ann not having been his birth mother is the fact, at least as having been divulged by a British CIA advisor, that 'they' have a photo of Stanley Ann taken in the late summer of 1961 in a bikini, which shows that she was not in fact pregnant at the designated time (the birth supposedly having taken place in early August).  His report divulging as well that 'their' analysis of his DNA (taken from a glass of water; thus containing both fingerprints and saliva)) indicates that neither Stanley Ann nor Barack Obama were his actual birth parents.
   But then, what does the CIA know, in this whole messy murky matter.  Which could have been avoided in its entirety, if the American people had not trusted the Republican Party to be a proper 'opposition party' in the American two-party system of government, and it had vetted Obama properly before his candidacy took off.  Getting back to the subject at hand…

4 Morality being 'relative' to them anyway, in their Marxist/atheistic belief system.  As in the belief system of the islamic believers, for whom anything goes if it advances allegiance to their god.  Just like the vengeful Jehovah of the Jews.
   What a mess we have made of this experiment in free will……
   But, we asked for it.

5 I could just as easily have used the example of vaccinations and their multitudinous and devastating side effects, as another example of my easily losing it, with these s.o.b.'s pretending to be scientists in charge of that program, and who won't/refuse to look at the downside of that, in many ways disastrous medical modality.  But here, I'm dealing just with The Usurper.
   But let me once get going on them
   I'm not a believer in the New Testament story, for many good and well-researched reasons.  But I can sure relate to the idea of thinking of those who cause the children to suffer, having a millstone placed around their necks, and tossing them in the deep end…
   We've known about all these neurological and other side effects for YEARS.  And the madical-pharmaceutical mafia still circle their wagons, and say 'We know best'.  Bah.
   Anyway.  To continue, on this particular thread.  But just saying.  That there is plenty of blame to go around, these dark days...And me, I guess I'm just still transmuting some old energies, of a reactive type, to let it all get to me so.
   But just let me in there, and I'll kick some major ass.  Even understanding that, 'at the end of the day,'  We Are All One.
   Hate the sin.  Love the sinner.
   Forgive the sinner.  In the end.  After all, they are providing us with material for soul growth.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

'Sandy Hook Commission Aims...

…In The Wrong Direction'

from 'Sandy Hook Commission Aims to Ban Guns 'That Can Fire More than 10 Rounds Without Reloading' - Jan. 22 (orig. posted at - Jan. 20)  

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Jan. 22)

I don't understand why there is still such an 'advisory commission'. Anybody who has done any kind of research whatsoever about that event knows that it was a hoax, designed to continue and increase the pressure to grab the public's guns. The school had been closed for years for biohazard reasons still undealt with, was used (besides for storage purposes) simply as a stage for this bit of theater, to accomplish that nefarious purpose, with the help of the equivalent of crisis actors (as were clearly used in the Boston Marathon Bombing bit of street theater); the Handicapped parking spots in the parking lot had not been upgraded according to long-standing law; there were no Medivac helicopters summoned, which is one of the first things you do in such a real event; details of its fraudulent nature go on and on and on... 

The citizens of Connecticut need to help put a stop to this false story, by at the least seeing that that advisory commission is publicly dismantled, on the grounds of false pretenses.


Shall we count the ways…

Better yet, just go to Veterans Today, and get all the details direct.

I am getting very sick of all this street-theater shit………

It really needs to have a stop put to it.  Because the Mossad gang & Co. behind it all are going to start amping up the pressure, to accomplish their purposes, which could lead to grave damage - death and destruction - by such as nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapons that Israeli agents stole from the U.S. arsenal.  Some of which were used at/on 9/11.  For more on which, see VT as well.

Semper fi.

O Say, Can You See

  On Contemplating
 Physical Symptoms
      Of A Disorder

'Okay, Class.  Settle down, and listen up.

'We come now to anther 'mysterious' condition that surfaced at that time, called 'mitochondrial disorder'.  It was a terrible disorder, also known as MD…Yes yes, titter now all you want.  But it wasn't funny at the time.

'MD was characterized by an appalling set and range of symptoms.  Not only did it leave its victim extremely weak - the mitochondria being the cellular energy engines, as you know-  but it had a gross effect on the g-i tract; occasioning severe constipation, to the point of requiring major surgery.  - '

'All because of vaccines.'


"Wow.  How could they have been so stupid??'

'Well, you would have had to have been there…and in point of fact - you were.  And are acting out your karma in the matter.  As we speak.'

As we speak of nearly unspeakable things. 

On Contemplating
       The Law

Your form of law
Accepts precedent
                    as what
   to go by,
     rather than
  That is
   the work
   of charlatans -
             of an

'The Constitution
     is whatever
         we make
             of it.'
   Well; yes.
By amendment.
       As like unto
   a contract.
               it is
            Do you
            get it
  the original.

If a position
The original
Of a contract
It is out
And simple.
Of story.


In the mail:

"Dear Mr. Stanfield,

"...Obama still has two more years in office and I'm scared of the damage he's going to do. He has already thrown away the Constitution and the rule of law…"

(Well; yes.  Because you let him.  By letting him in that office against the Constitution.  Thus signaling to him that he could treat it like "just (the) damn piece of paper" that his predecessor characterized it to be, setting up this atrocious situation that you for one are now complaining about.)

"Obama has been acting like a dictator who just chooses which laws he wants to enforce and which laws he ignores…"

(See?  See?  See what you get??, for not following the directions on the package???) 

"I'm scared he's going to do permanent damage to America" - and so you should be - "if we don't stop him right away."

And so we should, Jeff.  And so we damn well should.


P.S. In getting further into this guy's letter, I began to lose it.

Quote (as it was presented): "Obama is breaking the law.  [Obama's changing, waiving or stopping the enforcing of more than 22 sections "of his failed ObamaCare law in a desperate attempt to save it"]  is a blatant violation of our Constitution!"  Yes.  And???!

"Mr. Stanfield, unfortunately Congress does not have the power it needs to stop Obama…"


And it rattled on about a bill that a conservative Congressman had introduced, called the 'Enforce The Law Act' ['Oh please please, Mr. President; you're a nice guy, but'], that got blocked in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  My angry response on the back of their donation-request form (which side I angrily crossed off):

"Dear Jeff,

"The Congress not only has the power already to rein in a lawless Executive, and the right  to, it has the constitutional duty [underlined twice] to.

"Tell them to stop their ballless nonsense and just DO IT.

"Grrrrr………..    (signed)

P.S. Adding insult to injury, he is an effing Usurper in the office anyway [underlined 5 times]."

If I had been thinking, instead of spewing, I would and should have added the word: Damnation.  Underlined a handful of times; and perhaps the 'nation' part of it underlined an additional time, for that specific emphasis.  But at least I communicated my feelings along those incensed and incandescent lines when, above my return address label on the return envelope, I added:

The Towering Inferno.

I hope others are as enraged as I am about all this effing nonsense going on, about this Usurper, this Imposter, this Great Pretender, this…….

Words fail me.  Sometimes.