Saturday, 25 March 2017

On Fuses Getting Shorter And Shorter

1) from ‘Bam! Spicer Burns CNN And It’s Great’ - Keely Sharp - March 24 
(“Hey CNN, do you need some aloe for that burn? HA

“Spicer fired a shot today and nailed the liberal media outlet when he said that it would be easier to prove CNN helped Killary Clinton during the election, than that Russia and Trump were working together…”)


Even once the left knows the truth, they will refuse to acknowledge it. It does not fit in with their agenda, therefore it does not matter.


  • They are BLIND as BATS!

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    • kibitzer3 Alicia Cervera a few seconds ago (March 24)

    • No, Alicia; they know precisely what they are doing. And it is not in this nation's best interests. It is in the interests of a collectivist - and totalitarian - New World Order. And they need to be booted out of power. Totally.

2) from ‘Carlson - NSA Spying On Trump, SCOTUS, Congress, WH -Whistle Blower Binney’ - Rick Wells - March 24/25

Stan // March 25, 2017 at 2:55 pm // Reply (act. still  - barely - March 24 PDT)
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I am NOT HAPPY with my country being turned into East Germany under Stasi control. Where the HELL is Congress on their supposed oversight of this crap.

Stop. It. Now.

3) from ‘Dobbs, Judicial Watch - Leftist Media Ignore Trump Vindication - Big Revelations Ahead’ - Rick Wells - March 24/25
(Hard-hitting commentary from Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, matched by Lou Dobbs’s disgust.)

Stan // March 25, 2017 at 3:22 pm // Reply
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“This is more than a campaign (against Pres. Trump). It’s a war.”


Friday, 24 March 2017

The Rule Of Law Revisited

After making somewhat mischievous reference in these pages a couple of days ago (regarding toothpicks) to a lack of sturdy moral fiber amongst the current crop of my fellow Americans, I awoke today with a renewed sense of affront over what is going on in and with this country - my country; how some scalawags are bent on taking it over, and, unfortunately, are doing a good job of it.  Too good a job of it, to my taste.

Forget, for the moment, the subtle invasion of this country, having been orchestrated by said scalawags, with that invasion force hidden amongst the illegal aliens and refugees that have been flooded into this country, like wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I want to concentrate herein on the ‘top of the mark’: how the American people bought all too easily the scam of an illegal candidate - the placeman of and for the New World Order crowd - for the crucial office of the presidency.  Listen closely, my fellow Americans, to this summary of that matter; I may not repeat it.  With things coming to a head as they are, and time growing short for civil discussion of such things.

On this matter of the constitutionally intended definition of the term, a ‘natural born’ citizen:

There is no legitimate difference of opinion on this issue.  That is left-wing malarkey.  The historical record is crystal clear on the matter: a ‘natural born’ citizen is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof.*  The only way that there could be any argument on the matter is if you believe that the Constitution can mean whatever you want it to mean - which is precisely what is behind the shyster-lawyer trick, legalistic legerdemain, mumbo jumbo attempts to make of the Constitution a ‘living document’.

Something that Humpty Dumpty would approve of (as long as he was the one making words mean what he says they mean).  But no even halfway discerning citizen of a country founded on the rule of law would ever think of doing such a thing.

So, how come so many of you, my fellow citizens, fell for this malevolent piece of crap, that you were orchestrated into swallowing, by said scalawags???

Because you went asleep.  On your watch.  Whether you were induced into sleepiness, or fell sleep all on your own, the result has been the same:


And so, fellow citizens like me have to pick up the pieces of the consequences of your actions.

It was, perhaps, bound to happen. For the lessons to be learnt thereby.

I hope you learn them well.  As we set about dealing with said consequences.

And using them to advantage.  In the establishment of an even better model of governance than the one that you were so lax in defending.    

But make no mistake.  You made a mistake, in your lack of standing guard sufficiently.  

Just because the result will be so positive.      


The End.

* That’s what makes it ‘natural,’ for heaven’s sakes.  Full allegiance to the country of said birth.  No foreign loyalty, allegiance, or influence: Sole allegiance to the country of origin.   Naturally.


P.S. I see by my emails that the Democrat Party is crowing to its followers that it was responsible for the 'defeat' of ObamaCare Lite.  How silly.  It was the House Freedom Caucus wot dun it.  Because the proposal still has serious shortcomings.
     And speaking of having serious shortcomings, in the same breath as speaking of the Democrat Party:
     Any political party that was puyting forward a serial criminal and habitual, if not outright compulsive, if not downright pathological, liar to be their candidate for the office of the presidency of the nation is not fit for purpose.  What an insult to the nation.  
     Apparently some, if not many, people have been frightened off from doing the right thing regarding this criminal couple because of all the dead bodies that have followed in the wake of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics on their way to fame and fortune; but in any event, those days are over.  As all the crime and corruption is now wrung out of the system, as incompatible with, and incapable of existing in, the new frequency level coming into being as we speak.
     And as people like me come into our own, as a consequence thereof.  And take over the righting of the ship of state.  Of this nation.  And all the other nation-states of the planet; now to sail on this new sea, in
     the New World.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Weighing On My Mind

First,  a comment online today:

from ’Trump Is 100% Vindicated On Wiretapping, and 7 Other Things You Should Know’ - John Nolte - March 23
(A response to an article by Ben Shapiro on the same day, where Ben took Trump to task for not being perfectly ’truthful’ about the circumstances, having to do with the literal or 'living' definition of ’wiretapping’.)


Good article, John. The essence of the matter: Trump was, and his transition team was, surveilled, to try to dig up dirt. Period.

Semantics. Geez. Come ON. This is serious stuff, not to get bogged down in obfuscations - like the Left constantly employs. We're going to lose this war if we don't wake up, to all of the tactics that TPTB (on both the far Left AND the far Right; meeting at the top of the pyramid in the same nest of vipers behind both sides) engage in. They thought they were well on their way to their totalitarian New World Order, and Trump came along and rained on their parade - of COURSE they are going to use every tactic in the book, to try to make up for that loss. and make of the Trump admin a 'delegitimized presidency'. Middle America needs to wake up to the full extent of the war going on. Or we're going to be toast.


This brought to mind something that has been niggling at the back of my mind for a while, now.  That is the reported somewhat unhappiness of Trump over his AG Sessions having recused himself from anything to do with matters relating to the Russians.  Trump should have been stronger in his denunciation of that conciliatory act, given the enemy that we are up against these days.

AG Sessions should never have recused himself from having anything to do with DoJ investigations into Russian so-called 'influence' of U.S. elections, or of whatever.  It was a well-meaning gesture; but the Left takes that sort of thing like the smell of blood in the water to a shark, and will use it as a lever to press for more and more advantage over their mortal enemy.  For, that is what is going on in America today: the Democrat Party is no longer one party of a two-party system.  It has been taken over by collectivist ideologues - building on the advantage they gained under the Marxist Usurper, old whatever-his-real-name is - who mean to brook no opposition to their takeover of the U.S., and its takedown, into being merely part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order.

They - this clique of like-minded (and including like-blooded) persons - lost out after their takeover of Russia in the October Revolution of 1917; they don't mean to miss out this time around.  Not just to make up for that lost advantage (in 'the calculation of the relation of forces' in Marxist-speak).  But because this one is for the whole enchilada.

And that's why they have bitten off more than they will be able to chew.  For, that brings in a whole new, larger dynamic into the equation.  

Not to get bogged down into an arcane dissertation here.  Just to say, in sum:

No.  You.  Won't.


Yes.  We.  Will.


And as sort of follow-up to all this; still today:

from ‘FBI Director Comey’s Criminal Affiliations with the Clintons Explains Why He Is Lying to Congress’ - Dave Hodges - March  22/23
(Besides detailing FBI Director Comey’s many links w/Hillary and the Clintons, Dave’s interview here with Paul Preston leaves a question unanswered: Why Trump has not fired Comey.  Hodges appears to think that it has to do with upcoming charges involving Comey and the Clintons, and he doesn’t want to upset that apple cart.  Methinks there is more to this than that…)

Stan March 23, 2017 at 10:54 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Dave, has it occurred to you, in your ‘speculation,’ that the ‘unmentionable’ factor could be that Trump is implicated in a trip or trips on Epstein’s Lolita Express to his fantasy island lair?? And that therefore, any continued investigation into Pedogate and allied illegal activity could ultimately bring Trump under investigation as well???

And wouldn’t the Left love that.

In any event: The swamp does need to be drained. Totally. Before we can move on, into a new and better Era, with all this low consciousness stuff left behind. As a bad dream.

On Plays, And When 
    They Are Over

Once people like me,
Born curious, come along
          and figure out
What’s going on
          The Game
          can no longer
          play out
          the way
          it was,
          no longer
          the same.
       we can’t deny
       our integrity.
          The ratchet
      of evolution
      doesn’t work 
That way.  It’s like
Blowing the whistle
On Santa Claus, and his
 Flying reindeer.
                  The Game
                   is up.
                  The Play

      is over.

I'm Not Just A Troglodyte

The friend that I took to task for an attitude about the Constitution that I just can't stand - that it's 'a living document' - has not fallen totally out of my good graces.   A separate forward was about David Korten, and a new book of his out.  To which I responded:

'Thks for this. I'm familiar with David Korten's writing, originally from his book exposing corporate control over the Western world.  (Can't remember the name right now; I think it was 'When Corporations Rule The World'.)  And then a subsequent book of his on The New Economy.  Which led me to the Yes! magazine site.  I agree: All good stuff. [Although they, like their primarily liberal readership, are anti-Trump.  But you can't have everything...]  I'll try to check out this latest of his.  I was wondering where his thinking had gone, after the 'New Economy' stage of his thinking.  Again: thks.

'Once we 'get' that there is a better way to organize our economic life - particularly by eliminating the dual training wheels of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking; which are keeping us at a child's stage of operations - we will be able to shift into higher gear, on a new, improved vehicle.  On our way to Abundance.  But, first things first: realizing that this model won't work anymore.  For a number of reasons.  Including the pervasive corruption that it 'inspires'.'


We are on the very verge of a New Age.

(pause for laughter, about crystals, etc.)

Let's get to it.  And the best way we can 'get to it' is to really relate to it.  See it.  Taste it.  Feel it.  Meditate on it.  Identify with it.

For, it's where we came from.  And we will just be remembering.

Re-membering it. Into our being.

As spiritual beings having a human experience.

And now about to realize a new stags of it. 

More closely approximating the levels from which many of us came down - literally; down the frequency staircase - to help bring it about. Manifest it.  On this plane of existence.

About to change, fundamentally.

Into one that won't brook low consciousness stuff, anymore.  

Been there.  Done that.

Time to resonate more closely with our true potential.

Our true, highest potential, that is.  

See it.  Taste it.  Feel it.  Mediate on it.  identify with it.  See you

there.  Meaning


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

They Don't Make Toothpicks As Strong As They Used To, Either

A friend has emailed me, under the subject heading ‘The Constitution’,  to the effect that “The Constitution has to be a living document….I can’t imagine that the founders thought it was etched in stone and just become [sic] dogma.  I often think of the 2nd amendment….they could not have known of AK-47s when they wrote it….if they had, I’m sure they would have put a clause in there about it…  that that is not a right to own them.”  My right-off-the-top response:

'You have been hornswoggled by TPTB, who have been trying to eliminate 'the rule of law' in this country - that is to say, its Constitution - for years and years, and make of it "just a damn piece of paper," in the colorful words of Bush Jr. (colorfully known as The Shrub); whose administration was a main player in starting us off in this mess that we are in today, by creating a/the 'War on Terror' that allowed said PTB to get the odious - and unconstitutional - so-called Patriot Act passed through a compliant Congress, which began the Stasi-like surveillance state in this country in spades.

'The Constitution is "a living document" - but not in the way that said PTB have tried to make it out to be.  It is a contract, between the several States and the federal government, and it has built into it an amending process - and one not to be entered into lightly, for good reasons; this business of creating a nation being a very serious one, not to be subject to whims of the day, but to serious reflection, involving both Congress and said several States.  Shyster-lawyer types have tried to make the Constitution out to be 'a living document' in the way that you have obviously been led to believe in, in order to make that 'amending' process easier to manipulate into being, by simply leaving it up to the personal socio-political proclivities of the judges at any given time - using that personal base as their guiding principle for 'interpretation' of the Constitution, rather than the correct/properly legal use of their powers of 'interpretation' as being according to the original intent of the contract [aka 'strict constructionists'] - and then manipulating their people into those judgeship positions.  It is a scammy, sophistic notion, by unscrupulous people - more akin to termites - with malevolent intentions, and it needs to be tossed into the bin, along with such judges, and Law School professors who have taught them to think that way.

'And I need to go out and take care of some business right now, or I might really get my dander up.  But just to let you know, in this brief response to your missive, that I take major objection to your off-the-top comment.  This nation deserves better of its citizenry than such blithe, and all-too-easily-programmed, thinking. 

'Take some of the free online lecture series on the Constitution in particular and American History in general by Hillsdale College.  They will set you right.  And send warning signals, and a deep sense of concern, through your American being.'


...and my follow-on response just now (hours later):

'I have returned.  And have calmed down.  A bit.  But the memory lingers on…

'You see, I am opinionated.  (As if you didn't know; but let me continue.)  I am of the opinion that those men who lost their lives on the sitting-duck ships in Pearl Harbor, and those men who answered the call of their country and later slogged their way across the Pacific, and the others who slogged their way across Europe, losing their lives and limbs along the way, did not do so as a way to while the time away; and they are NOT going to have sacrificed in vain.  Not if I can have anything to do with it.

'Now.  Was WWII orchestrated into being?  Yes.  The same with the Korean War, and Vietnam, and so forth.  (And don’t get me started on 9/11, and those subsequent, and continuing, wars.)  Why?  For the Orchestrators to gain power, and money.  But power above all else.  In order to take over the world, and submerge it into their totalitarian New World Order, of Total Control, over The Others. ‘The Others’ being all those cattle who are not of them, and especially those of their bloodlines; all rendering obeisance to Dark forces, and said mentality. 

'And who are about to meet their Waterloo.

'But not by giving in to their various maneuvers, to gain said power over us mere mortals.  

'As for the Second Amendment.  That is to protect the nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic; and by it, lend an element of Prevention to the proceedings.  We the People have a right to howitzers, if need be, to deter aggression against the nation, fend off all potential aggressors.  

'Why do you think our homegrown ‘potential aggressors’ have set about to label patriots, Constitutionalists, conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, ‘preppers,’ even Christians as ‘potential domestic terrorists’ - and even now, dropping the ‘potential’ part and just outright describing said patriot types as ‘domestic terrorists’???  [The tactic exemplified by such stalwart leftist outfits as the SPLC.]  Because the people who are trying to, and meaning to, take over this country know that there is a war going on: that they are at war with us American ‘unre-educationables’, and need to start neutralizing us, before they pull the plug.  Along with their embedded real terrorists, who have been slipping into this country among the illegal aliens, and more recently via the scammy ‘refugee’ scenario.  All planned; all accounted for, in their long-anticipated takeover scheme.

'And that’s why I told you, that this nation-building and -maintaining stuff is serious business.' 

(And then, as an echo from our mutual past:)

'Was I a Planetary Citizen; for that sort of idea???


'Of the right kind:

'Nations honoring The Individual - as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’  - and in concert with each other, in high consciousness, making of the world a better place.

'I still think that.  And yes, there will be some changes in the world’s configurations, and techniques.  But along the lines of the Light side.

'Not of the Dark.

'Any longer.'

(P.S. My friend had gone on in the email to end it by saying:

     “I don’t think they would have approved of wireless wiretapping, or waterboarding either.”


P.S.  And then, as if 'the universe' underlining my case; this, this evening:

article on ’New York State High School Uses Trump, Mussolini, Hitler to Teach Fascism Lesson’ - Andrew West - March 22

“In the case of President Donald Trump, it seems that his opponents are relying only on their unhealthy obsession with history’s greatest villains to defame the leader of the free world.

“As with any other enemy of the left, Trump is apparently Hitler.  This is the same ridiculous and tired argument that liberals and democrats make every single time they disagree with a republican politician.  If the accusations weren’t so completely predictable, they could possibly carry some weight, but the fact that calling someone “Hitler” in the leftists’ nuclear option, you’d think they’d save it for more important battles.

“But, no.  The left is completely happy attempting, over and over again, to tag Trump as a fascist, with no other argument other than their pathetic name-calling.

“Now, one teacher in New York State has taken the unacceptable name-calling of our President to the next level, and is indoctrinating her 10th grade students with an absurdly biased curriculum.

“‘A tenth grade teacher at Saratoga Springs High School led a discussion on the rise of fascism during World War Two by referencing President Trump.

‘“It’s total indoctrination,’ said Melissa, the parent who contacted me. She asked that I not use her last name. ‘It’s not their place to indoctrinate our children. It’s their job to teach the facts. Healthy debate is one thing but this definitely crossed the line.’

“‘The entire lesson plan was posted on the school district’s website. But once I started poking around and asking questions, the lesson was hidden behind a password protected wall.

“’Trump has absolutely no relation to World War Two. There’s no reason why he should be included with Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler,’ the mom said. They are trying to link him to the leaders of that time. That crosses a line.’

“‘Another graphics listed ‘early warning signs of fascism’:

“·    Nationalism
·      Obession [sic] with national security
·      Religion and government intertwined
·      Rampant sexism
·      Fraudulent elections
·      Obsession with crime and punishment”

“Of course, the absurdity of these claims determines that they will be easily dismissed by level-headed adults.  The true issue here, as one parent put it, is the indoctrination of our youth into these haphazard patterns of thought.  These malleable teens should be coaxed into forming their own opinions about the world around them and the nation that they live in.  They should never be forced into one pattern of thought just because that pattern syncs up with the delusions of their teachers.”


Clever, these collectivists.  In this case, obviously of the far Left variety, i.e., communist.  This teacher has framed her ‘case’ specifically to the far Left’s bullet-item ’arguments’ with Trump, and the Republicans; deliberately tailored to fit him, and them.

It’s the ‘50s all over again, with the communists having risen from the grave.

But then, that was what the planting and rise of the Usurper was all about…...

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

For Whom The Bell Is Tolling

from ‘GOP Senator Grills Gorsuch On Impeaching Trump’ - Bob Unruh - March 21
(A RINO senator brought up the question, in the Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearings regarding Judge Neil Gorsuch's appointment to the SCOTUS, if he would be for impeachment of Trump over the matter of waterboarding.  His correct response: "No man is above the law."  Not something that the Democrats amongst these esteemed individuals would like to hear, or care to discuss...)  


(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.)

"Left-leaning interests oppose Gorsuch because of his reputation as an originalist who tries to determine the original intent of the framers of the Constitution.

Many Democrats, instead, describe the Constitution as a “living document,” insisting the interpretation of it must change as society 'evolves'.”

Says it all. Hey, you idiots: The Constitution is a contract. Make it over into a wet noodle, and you have mayhem. Not 'the rule of law'. But the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

These people are dangerous. They should not be let anywhere near levers of power. They are like a 6-year-old kid thinking that he can drive Daddy's car. And at the first crash, thinks that that is just par for the course, and he will get the hang of it, sooner or later. Actually, not destined to grow up, at that rate.


...And yet, these apparent children in the art of governing are just playing their parts, in The Drama of this (illusory) realm of separation/duality consciousness...

I just wish that they weren't doing it so well that some - a lot? - of them may well not be able to disassociate from their roles and wake up in time to realize that it has all been a Play, and go down with their ship.

Which would be a shame.  Any man's death diminishing the rest of us, to that extent.

But that's free will for you.

To say:

Living by the rule of Law.


...and elsewhere, on this day in time:

from ‘Congress: Russia Did Not HelpTrump Win Election’ - March 21
(Nwo Report reported the headline part of the story, but they quoted Yahoo News for the rest of the article, which evidenced leftist bias.)

March 22, 2017 at 12:11 AM (act. March 21 PDT)

This seems a rather biased report by Yahoo News. For example, if they were going to bring up the subject of Jeff Sessions’ recusal, they should have given his side of the story, too, instead of leaving in the air the idea that he was guilty of some terrible deeds. (He had perfectly valid reasons for what he did or did not do.) And the claim of the so-called Russian hacks of the DNC has been demolished by both WikiLeaks, the recipient of what were in fact inside leaks (with fatal consequences to the apparent person involved; another story), and a former U.S. ambassador, with a good reason to know things about the subject – where was that report??? Not reliable reporting, Yahoo News. Sounded rather like a CNN fake news smear job.

from ’Echelon Ignorance: Fox News Drops Judge Napolitano Over Known Facts’- Shane  Cory - March 21
(It’s not “ignorance” so much as a desire on the Part of TPTB to keep the truth secret.
ECHELON is a spying agreement between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States…”)


I've known about ECHELON since the '90s, when l lived in Australia. The swamp needs to be drained globally. This police-state stuff is disgusting. Give me 'probable cause' and the U.S. Constitution any day.


..and once we prove that we can live within 'the rule of Law':


'Taint Funny, Karen

from ’Soros Funded Billboard Defames President in Phoenix’ - Dave Hodges - March 20
(An ‘artist’ out of California, one Karen Fiorito, has concocted a large billboard of a glaring Trump with two large swastika-like dollar-sign figures on each side of him, and as well flanked by mushroom clouds.  Precisely the sort of ‘art’ that a communist would come up with.  Or a New World Order collectivist of whatever specific political stripe.)

Stan March 21, 2017 at 12:05 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

“What has Trump done to deserve this?”

He has rained on the parade of the New World Ordure collectivist crowd well on their way, with their highly anticipated coronation of Crooked Hillary, to sealing the takeover of the U.S. and breaking it down into being a mere part of a region of their totalitarian super police state. And for that, they will do all they can to ‘delegitimize’ his presidency.

I would wish that they would take a step too far, and end up in those FEMA camps that they planned for us real Americans. Not the traitors attempting to rule over us. Who need a Re-education of their own, as to the benefit of the U.S. to the world.

Have we made some mistakes? Indeed. But not sufficient to warrant the sort of fate that these, er, not-nice people had planned for us. And still do. And that’s why they need to be put away. Until the Light dawns for us all.


P.S. An excellent column by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts yesterday, now, titled 'The Conspiracy Against President Trump'.  You can catch it on my Recommended Reading List.  Or directly at Dr. Jim Fetzer's blog.

Things are, indeed, heating up...

...and not before time.


A late entry:

from ‘Trump Fight Or Surrender Time - Limbaugh Says Hearings An Impeachment Threat To Back Off’ - Rick Wells - March 21
(Rush Limbaugh feels that the Deep State is sending Trump a message: Back off, or we will set our paid-off Establishment Repubs against you, in a ‘bipartisan’ call for your impeachment, over the (phony) ‘Russia did it’ meme.
Rick Wells calls for Trump to “unload with some haymakers. They’ll never stop until and unless you do. They won’t allow you to just be president and govern.” )
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Well put, Rick. It’s time to take the gloves off. Not to fall into their hands, and give them an excuse to riot. But to send them the message:

this crap Will. Not. Stand. It’s the end of the line for the pervasive corruption in The Swamp. Face the inevitable. The People are taking over. Sorry that we let it slip into the gutter the way that it did. But take over we will.

We. Will.


And on that note…

Oh - just one closing thought:

My spiritual sites continue to talk about the likes of “love, peace, and bliss”.

How far I have yet to go……

...with my country on the line, as it is.  From assault of these, er, not-nice people.........