Tuesday, 28 March 2017

State Of The Nation

As I take my fifth in a 10-part series's of online lectures sponsored by Hillsdale College - this one entitled ‘American Heritage’1 - I am aware of some recent mailings that I have received on the stated situation.

1) From J. Christian Adams, General Counsel, Public Interest Legal Foundation:

“Dear American Voter,

“The Radical Left has launched an unprecedented attack on laws that prevent ILLEGAL ALIENS from voting…

“…and I need your support for our litigation stopping the Radical Left’s attack on the rule of law.

“We can’t let the votes of illegal aliens or non-citizens determine the results of any election…

“…it’s crucial to building the public pressure we must have to stop illegal aliens from CANCELLING OUT YOUR VOTE!      

Former President Obama and his cronies gutted the Justice Department’s Voting Rights division and now we’re forced to do the job that it won’t do…

“My name is J. Christian Adams and I experienced firsthand the corruption of Obama’s Justice Department…

“…because following 4 years working in the Bush Justice Department, I stayed on and worked in the same position under Obama for 15 months before resigning in protest… [over a particular situation that he goes on to describe]

“I’ve been in the belly of the beast and believe me when I say that Obama hollowed out efforts to provide the equal protection of the law to all citizens.

“For Obama and his lackeys, voting rights laws were only to be enforced when they benefited minorities and Radical Leftists.

“Obama and his lawyer drones in the Justice Department worked to dismantle citizen verification laws that protect against illegal aliens voting.

“It fit perfectly with their agenda of making illegal voting even easier than it already is.

Scarily, before he left office, Obama stocked the Justice Department with leftist ideologues who are still following his radical marching orders… and not President Donald Trump!

“As a result, voter fraud is reaching crisis proportions…

“Just recently, the highly respected Pew Center released some shocking numbers about the voter rolls.  According to Pew:

  ** Approximately 24 million — one of every eight — voter registrations in the United 
      States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.

   ** More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.

   ** Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state…”

And so it went on.  (Emphases in original.)  But let me get to what really burns me.  

2) This, from the desk of Michael Reagan, RR’s son at the Reagan Ranch Center:

“Dear Fellow American,

“Did you know that radical Islam is being taught at taxpayer expense in your children and grandchildren’s schools?… [There followed some examples.]

“While leftists have thrown the Holy Bible out of our schools and banned the Pledge of Allegiance, public school teachers are indoctrinating your children and grandchildren with islamic teachings

“My father, President Ronald Reagan, famously warned, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’

“And right now, our government is ignoring an Islamic propaganda campaign on your chidren and grandchildren that’s taking place right in our own backyards!

“Your children and grandchildren’s textbooks are designed to whitewash radical Islam’s anti-American agenda.

“One prominent textbook titled Contemporary International Relations: Frameworks for Understanding describes Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and other Boston Tea Party participants as ‘terrorists destroying property and endangering life.’” 

- WHAT??!!  

He went on:

“…These aren’t mistakes, my friend.

“This is all part of the Left's deliberate effort to rewrite history…”

And he goes on with some more examples.  (Emphases in original.)

Let me be clear.  

1) It’s all par for the historical course.  Nations rise, nations fall.  And usually basically from within, with an orchestrated push from without.2  And so, it has been up to We Americans to have kept a better eye on what the ideological Left has been up to, for years and years, in its agenda - as part of the Gramscian ”long march through the institutions” - to take over this nation, and make of it merely a part of a totalitarian superstate, running the world, with the name having been given to it by its own proponents, of a - the - New World Order; some of the Cabal behind it all being from the higher degrees of various secret societies, and operating with the idea, as in Freemasonry, of Ordo Ab Chao - Order Out Of Chaos.  So, they have a ‘right’ to do what they are doing.  That’s free will for you, and the free exercise thereof, in The Drama that has been going on.3 

But when the, er, miscreants pretend to make one of my illustrious ancestors - Sam Adams - out as a “terrorist” - i.e., as the Brits would have looked on him; rather than, in our country’s own textbooks, as a ‘freedom fighter’ - them’s particular fighting words, boyos.    

2) I’m not arguing for one religion to be placed over another.  I’m arguing for 

a) our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage to be properly acknowledged in our nation’s textbooks; and for 

b) the replacement, not of one religion over another, but for moving beyond all religions, and getting to the crux of the matter: that we are all the offspring - the divine sparks - of 

our One Creator Source. 

And it is obviously time - and well into it - that we acknowledge that.  And stop with this internecine play-acting crap going on.

Before you carry it too far.

And you really get my dander up.


1 The others I have taken: ‘The Constitution 101’; ‘The U.S. Supreme Court’; ‘The Federalist Papers’; ‘The Presidency And The Constitution’.  All highly recommended.

2 Which is a primary reason why our universities, under the control of the Left for years and years, have downplayed the teaching of Western Civilization.  Not primarily because - as they say, as excuse - ‘We get students from all over the world, and they don’t need to be subjected to our past required-course position’.  But because exposure to said history would draw unwelcome attention to a) the fact that Western Civ was founded on the principle of the primacy of the individual, and b) what these, er, miscreants are busily doing to this nation, and the weaknesses associated with said falls.

3 That we have been caught up in.  As in a web.  That we wove ourselves into.  To have to return to, life after life, in karmic debt.  Until we ‘think’ ourselves free from it.  Pay the piper.  Who, in this case, is The Law of Balance.


And A Note From The Coal Face:

from rickwells.us: ‘Los Angeles Mayor Gambles With Fed Funding - Vows To Continue As Sanctuary City’ - Rick Wells - March 29
(“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is wasting no time in challenging both federal authority and jurisdiction over immigration as well as “federal” control over the dispensation of “federal” grants. On Monday the open borders globalist promised to fight back in the face of a warning from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that sanctuary cities will be denied grant funding, beginning immediately…”)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

He’s lucky he’s not being tossed in jail for aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime.

That’s where this needs to go, actually. For the lesson therein to others as well.

On Seeking Truth And Justice

from thecommonsenseshow.com: ’Trump Supports 9/11 Victims in Seeking Truth and Justice’ - Dave Hodges - March 26/27
(Hodges listed a number of questions regarding 9/11, and asked his readership for any unanswered questions that they have, to “Leave them in the comments section”.  My contribution:) 

Stan March 28, 2017 at 2:38 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

* What about the ‘five dancing israelis’ on the top of their Mossad business-front van celebrating the burning towers, one of them flicking a cigaret lighter into the camera with the WTC Towers behind him/them across the river in the picture? And the reports that ‘Israeli art students’ were in the WTC buildings ahead of that time, planting explosives and fuses?? And the reports, on Israeli TV, from the ‘dancing Israelis’ – who, after being caught in a van filled with explosives on one of the bridges, were released rather suspiciously, on the orders of the Director of the DHS, Michael Chertoff – that they were there “to film the event”. Excuse me? How did they know there was going to be an ‘event’ to be ready to film it???

* What about the reports that in a short period of time before 9/11 a number of dark-windowed cars were seen late at night, after the WTC cleaning crews had gone home for the night, with the occupants doing something clandestinely in the buildings??

* What about Silverstein buying the properties, even though it was known that they needed major remodeling work done on them regarding the asbestos in the buildings, and then increasing the insurance to cover ‘terrorist attacks’??

* Why weren’t any of the fingered ‘Arab hijackers with box cutters’ names on the manifests of the planes that were supposedly involved? And what about all the questions regarding those planes, and where they actually went?? And as for the one that supposedly crashed in a field in Pennsylvania:

* Why were there no major pieces of the/a plane in the hole?? Which early observers at the scene reported looked to be empty, no sign of an airliner???

The questions go on. But the major, concluding one:

Cui bono? Who benefits???


Ultimately, we all do.

In discovering


And meting out


On Laying It On The Line

As we head further into countdown time, let me be perfectly clear on one matter in particular, and that is my respect for the United States of America and its rule of law, its Constitution.  The future on this lovely planet of ours will hold changes; but we need to honor the things of value that we have, before we release them to, and for, the greater good.

To that end, I’d like to share here a couple of emails that I sent recently to a friend who rattled my cage by - well, I’ll let this person say it in their own words:      

“The Constitution has to be a living document.....I can't imagine that the founders thought it was etched in stone and [had[ just become dogma.
I often think of the 2nd amendment......they could not have known of AK-47s when they wrote it....if they had, I'm sure they would have put a clause in there about it..   that that is not a right to own them…”

My immediate and heated response upon reading it:

“You have been hornswoggled by TPTB, who have been trying to eliminate 'the rule of  law' in this country - that is to say, its Constitution - for years and years, and make of it "just a damn piece of paper," in the colorful words of Bush Jr. (colorfully known as The Shrub); whose administration was a main player in starting us off in this mess that we are in today, by creating a/the 'War on Terror' that allowed said PTB to get the odious - and unconstitutional - so-called Patriot Act passed through a compliant Congress, which began the Stasi-like surveillance state in this country in spades.

“The Constitution is "a living document" - but not in the way that said PTB have tried to make it out to be.  It is a contract, between the several States and the federal government, and it has built into it an amending process - and one not to be entered into lightly, for good reasons; this business of creating a nation being a very serious one, not to be subject to whims of the day, but to serious reflection, involving both Congress and said several States.  Shyster-lawyer types have tried to make the Constitution out to be 'a living document' in the way that you have obviously been led to believe in, in order to make that 'amending' process easier to manipulate into being, by simply leaving it up to the personal socio-political proclivities of the judges at any given time - using that personal base as their guiding principle for 'interpretation' of the Constitution, rather than the correct/properly legal use of their powers of 'interpretation' as being according to the original intent of the contract - and then manipulating their people into those judgeship positions.  It is a scammy, sophistic notion, by unscrupulous people - more akin to termites - with malevolent intentions, and it needs to be tossed into the bin, along with such judges, and Law School professors who have taught them to think that way.

“And I need to go out and take care of some business right now, or I might really get my dander up.  But just to let you know, in this brief response to your missive, that I take major objection to your off-the-top comment.  This nation deserves better of its citizenry than such blithe, and all-too-easiy-programmed, thinking. 

“Take some of the free online lecture series on the Constitution in particular and American History in general by Hillsdale College.  They will set you right.  And send warning signals, and a deep sense of concern, through your American being.”

[And upon my return, a few hours later; a further comment back:]

 “I have returned.  And have calmed down.  A bit.  But the memory lingers on…

“You see, I am opinionated.  (As if you didn’t know; but let me continue.)  I am of the opinion that those men who lost their lives on the sitting-duck ships in Pearl Harbor, and those men who answered the call of their country and later slogged their way across the Pacific, and the others who slogged their way across Europe, losing their lives and limbs along the way, did not do so as a way to while the time away; and they are NOT going to have sacrificed in vain.  Not if I can have anything to do with it.

“Now.  Was WWII orchestrated into being?  Yes.  The same with the Korean War, and Vietnam, and so forth.  (And don’t get me started on 9/11, and those subsequent, and continuing, wars.)  Why?  For the Orchestrators to gain power, and money.  But power above all else.  In order to take over the world, and submerge it into their totalitarian New World Order, of Total Control, over The Others. ‘The Others’ being all those cattle who are not of them, and especially those of their bloodlines; all rendering obeisance to Dark forces, and said mentality. 

“And who are about to meet their Waterloo.

“But not by giving in to their various maneuvers, to gain said power over us mere mortals.  

“As for the Second Amendment.  That is to protect the nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic; and by it, lend an element of Prevention to the proceedings.  We the People have a right to howitzers, if need be, to deter aggression against the nation, fend off all potential aggressors.  

“Why do you think our homegrown ‘potential aggressors’ have set about to label patriots, Constitutionalists, conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, ‘preppers,’ even Christians as ‘potential domestic terrorists’  - and even now, dropping the ‘potential’ part and just outright describing said patriot types as ‘domestic terrorists’???  Because the people who are trying to, and meaning to, take over this country know that there is a war going on: that they are at war with us American ‘unre-educationables’, and need to start neutralizing us, before they pull the plug.  Along with their embedded real terrorists, who have been slipping into this country among the illegal aliens, and more recently via the scammy ‘refugee’ scenario.  All planned; all accounted for, in their long-anticipated takeover scheme.

“And that’s why I told you, that this nation-building and -maintaining stuff is serious business.” 

[And, in closing, and specifically because this person knew of my connection with the ‘Planetary Citizens’ NGO many years ago:] 

“Was I a Planetary Citizen; for that sort of idea???


“Of the right kind:

“Nations honoring The Individual - as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’  - and in concert with each other, in high consciousness, making of the world a better place.

“I still think that.  And yes, there will be some changes in the world’s configurations, and techniques.  But along the lines of the Light side.

“Not of the Dark.

“Any longer.”

[My email pen pal had also appended the following comment:]

“I don't think they would have approved of wireless wiretapping, or waterboarding either.”

[To which I say, and would have done so if I had been a little calmer at the time:


P.S. My friend responded:]

“Well, Stan, you and I have very different viewpoints on what is going on....so that's ok.....don't get your dander up!   Can't afford it at your ageGetFileAttachment.png

“And I just heard a bit on the radio right now that the GOP does not seem to have the votes to pass the health care bill.....Hope that is true.”

[My response:]

“Thanks for keeping the door open to our communicating process.  I didn't mean to come off as being too harsh on you; it's just that this is a particularly sore subject point for me.  I feel as strongly about protecting the integrity of the Constitution as though I had personally been involved in its production.  And who knows - maybe I was, as these things go...

“Anyway: continuing to communicate...


“P.S. As for the replacement health care bill...no, I'll let that 'discussion' go for now.  As you say, about dander...  GetFileAttachment.png

 So, in sum.

Yes, things change.  But they should change for the better.

Not the worse.

Let’s clean up things as they lay.

And then we move on.


P.S. Along this line:

YouTube: ‘J. Gilliland & Michael Salla - ET, Nazis & Navy Build Space Fleet, NESARA, New Republic & Liberation’ - BoldVA5D - March 27
(Published on Mar 27, 2017
Research links: Global Currency Reset (400+ years of planning & taking the stage now). US reverts to the true USA Republic & this time without the Dark Annunaki / Nephilim present or in charge.)
(Some interesting comments:)


Who in America is holding this up?  Shouldn't they be charged with treason at this point, working AGAINST the wellbeing of the American people?  Also, wouldn't this prove that Creator isn't omnipotent/omniscient?  That is really going to hit some people rather hard.

Reply 1

Hi Ruby, first let me point you to Davi Wilcock's Ascension Mysteries video as he covers the purpose of 3D incarnations pretty well. Also the Hindu's cover the properties and purposes of each dimension very well too. Also the Law of One materials... Bottom line we pull apart from god to take an Oddessy (see Homer). We more or less begin this journey in the 3D material plane in or to develop "the first muscle, or divine code).  We are to feel singular & separate - locked behind the veil, with the entire task being to figure out how to love all other life as ourselves & to Source that from the higher realms / chakras.  This process of trying to figure out how to care for others stimulates the reawakening to galactic life & god.  Then in the 4th & 5th dimensions, we unify much closer, no distinct 3D individuality anymore (until we finally are one with all and god again.. 

So it all has purpose in use beng here.  We are to experience being alone and this includes Prime Directive, noninterference laws - we won't learn the unity task if aided from the galactics.  But this also runs on a aprox 26,000 year cycle when God shifts the gears so to speak and the planets move.., thus providing galactic help to come and "interfere".  Which is happening now.  The gears shifted around 2012.    The Dark Annunaki of course don't follow the rules, and this is allowed to a certain extent as well, since polarity, or yin & Yang are needed for people to learn from.  The dark is like resistance weight for the muscles.  However everyone else out in the Galaxy knows that Earth has been completely infested and brutalized and are working truple duty to deal with the Annunaki, their human cartels and those taking the bribes from the US Corporation/old European Banking families.  Gorge Soros and all these Bilderberg guy's take all the money they steal through fiat banking and spend it on killing off and silencing anyone that tries to harm their Federal Reserve etc...  Every member of Congress etc knows of NESARA law and that are currently running a treasonous state.  Thank goodness the US Corporation can not be floated by the world any longer and everyone is cutting them off - the fiat dollar is already dead really, Hillary was blocked, the pedophiles being addressed, and the underground bases being tackled (HUGE JOB).  It also needs to go a bit slowly so that everyone's minds don't blow up.

Please see the James Rink and Sheldan Nidle links,  both those deeply go into the very issues your pondering!  Tons of people cover these issues including defectors from old mainstream media that left that hatchet job on the people.
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Reply 2

I am aware of all that material.  I don't necessarily subscribe to all of it.  I've also heard how Earth was a prison colony for those who have enslaved us, which means Deity permitted slavery.  As a parent, it is abhorrent that a parent permit one child (or creation) to bully and control another child (or creation).   So, I don't really care how it's dressed up, I have no interest in any being who thinks slavery is a good idea.

Reply 3

I think none of us have ANY personal interest in going through any of this.  Yet, at the end of the day those Forces are still there requiring the journey.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Time For Choosing

‘How was it for you.’

‘Fair to middlin’.’

‘We noticed that you didn’t give yourself much fun.’

‘Well, I was there on business.’

‘Yes, but as your lot would say, ‘All work and no play’.’

’Business before pleasure.  It was a busy time.’

‘Yes, but then, some pleasure is, you know, allowed.  It’s part of the deal, after all.  The joy thing, and all that.’

‘Unfortunately, this one was a very serious business one.  They were way deep asleep.  It took some rousing, to get them to notice what was going on.  No time for pleasure.’

‘Why do you think that was, do you reckon.’

‘I have figured that it must have been because the Dark-side players were just too caught up in their roles, were really into them.  And they almost made it work for them.  It was a close-run thing.’ 

‘But you know as well as I…’

‘Yes yes: The Light always wins out, in the end.  That it’s its nature to.  But something sparked the Dark side into deeper contact with that ‘disposition’ this time.  I have made an assumption about that.’

‘Which is…’

‘That the souls who have been playing on the Dark side for a number of times get too caught up in their roles, and start losing contact with their essence.’

‘Even to the point of losing it altogether?’

‘Some of them, it appears; yes.  Very dark stuff.  Very, very dark stuff.  Terrible stuff.  I think there needs to be a limit put on the number of times that a soul can choose to play on that side.’

‘Whoa.  I’m sure that you don’t really mean that.’

‘’Free will’.  Yes.  I get that.  But, you just…You would have had to have been there, to see it.  And feel it.  Terrible, terrible stuff going on.  The depths of depravity.’

‘Like what, precisely, for you.’

‘I don’t even want to mention it.  It all comes back.  I am very glad to have that assignment over with.’

‘And now you can take a rest.’

‘Yes.  I sure need this one.  If we didn’t have that ‘down time’ between missions, it would really be a challenge.  One can only take so much in that field, Down There.’

‘Well.  Congratulations anyway, on another graduation.’

‘Thanks.  But I think, this one was it, for me.  I need to move on.  That crap gets to feel sticky.  Icky sticky.  I know what I signed up for.  But I think I’ll take another path up the mountain.’

‘You know what I think?’


‘That, with that feeling, of having had enough of the 3D assignments, you have just signaled to and for yourself that it is, indeed, time for you to move on.  To say: Up.’

‘You reckon that that’s what’s behind this?’

‘Yes.  And so, I will say it again, and in this different context:


‘…I must say, I think I’ve earned it.  This one around.  

‘Terrible.  Terrible.  Stuff……What people will get up to, when they think that no one is looking…’

‘Yes.  Silly, isn’t it.’

‘Indeed.  That they could actually believe that the whole thing has no meaning.  That is really having gone off the deep end, into amnesia.’

‘Well.  As ‘they’ say.’


(together:)  ‘Their choice.’

An Already Short Fuse Burning

I am disgusted with the information conveyed in the contents of a letter from the Young America’s Foundation, which lists some of the appalling things that have been going on on our campuses regarding the attempts of conservative students to have conservative speakers come onto their campuses for presentation talks.*  Unfortunately, I have my own beef with the YAF.  As I have just written back to them, on the back of their contribution request:

“I have already let you people know that I will no longer support you, for an arrogant donation request that listed as one of its options something like:

“’No, Ron [Robinson, YAF President], I won’t support the YAF because I want the Left to rule on our campuses’ or something equally obnoxious, as a high-pressure ‘professional’ fundraising technique, presumably.  Hey - some of us are making contributions to your kind of worthy cause on limited budgets - did you ever think of that?

“Think of it while you take me off your mailing list, this tlme.”


But don’t think that you have won a victory here, you effing liberals, you debate squashers, you totalitarian-minded assholes.  You don’t know what else I am doing, to bell you cats, for your arrogant attitudes.  Especially for your outright deceitful nature.  For which, we’re getting your number, gang.  As, for example:

To those people who would presume to be our Masters - and they know who they are; and we should know, by now - it doesn’t matter what the literal truth of something is; all that matters is what can convey, and advance, their chosen ‘narrative’.  Hence, mare than one New York Times reporter having been caught out making up characters and conversations to tell their desired story.  And hence, the literal meaning of the eligibility requirement in the Constitution for the occupant of the office of the presidency needing to be a ’natural born’ citizen, rather than just a born citizen, being no big deal.  Heck, just a matter of one word.  Hardly worth bothering about.  After all, look at all the fudging that goes on in life.  So: no big deal.  Right?   


‘It’s done now.  Let’s move on.’

Not until that ’little’ matter is dealt with.

Not before.

And others of a similar nature.

Which would not hold up under the Light of the frequency level that we ere entering into, anyway.  

Which brooks no darkness.

That day’s Time being


And not a minute loo soon.  For my taste.

And fuse.

P.S. What would a world wrung out of all its crime and corruption look like?
     I'll let you consider that 'little' matter.  I'm not in the mood right now.  To do it justice.
     But Justice is part of the deal.
     The 'universe' having Justice built into its very structure, and all.
     On all of which, another time.
     Coming up shortly.
     And not just my conversing on it. 

* We have heard some of these stories, even in our likewise ideologically slanted Mainstream Media.  But did you know, e.g., that at Marquette University, where YAF students had invited Ben Shapiro to speak, “…university staffers…encouraged faculty to register for seats (as pretend students) before the lecture, so real students wouldn’t have a chance to hear Mr. Shapiro!”  (Emphases in original.)
   As I say: Disgusting stuff.  Disgraceful.  Fit only for a totalitarian regime.  Not the free-speech champion of the world, the United States.

   This totalitarian crap is getting too close for comfort.  But to continue.

On Fuses Getting Shorter And Shorter

1) from patriotupdate.com: ‘Bam! Spicer Burns CNN And It’s Great’ - Keely Sharp - March 24 
(“Hey CNN, do you need some aloe for that burn? HA

“Spicer fired a shot today and nailed the liberal media outlet when he said that it would be easier to prove CNN helped Killary Clinton during the election, than that Russia and Trump were working together…”)


Even once the left knows the truth, they will refuse to acknowledge it. It does not fit in with their agenda, therefore it does not matter.


  • They are BLIND as BATS!

  • 1
  • Reply
    • kibitzer3 Alicia Cervera a few seconds ago (March 24)

    • No, Alicia; they know precisely what they are doing. And it is not in this nation's best interests. It is in the interests of a collectivist - and totalitarian - New World Order. And they need to be booted out of power. Totally.

2) from rickwells.us: ‘Carlson - NSA Spying On Trump, SCOTUS, Congress, WH -Whistle Blower Binney’ - Rick Wells - March 24/25

Stan // March 25, 2017 at 2:55 pm // Reply (act. still  - barely - March 24 PDT)
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I am NOT HAPPY with my country being turned into East Germany under Stasi control. Where the HELL is Congress on their supposed oversight of this crap.

Stop. It. Now.

3) from rickwells.us: ‘Dobbs, Judicial Watch - Leftist Media Ignore Trump Vindication - Big Revelations Ahead’ - Rick Wells - March 24/25
(Hard-hitting commentary from Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, matched by Lou Dobbs’s disgust.)

Stan // March 25, 2017 at 3:22 pm // Reply
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

“This is more than a campaign (against Pres. Trump). It’s a war.”



Facebook.  Google.  And now, YouTube is starting to censor  - who?  What?  Ah - the likes of

Paul Joseph Watson. 


You know.  That well-known 'extremist...racist...hateist... etc. etc.' who comes out on that 'extremist....racist...hateist...etc. etc.' site called - shield the children! -  Infowars.com.

As I said.  By implication:

This is war.

To them.

And therefore, it has to be to us.

Or it's 1984 all over again.

Friday, 24 March 2017

The Rule Of Law Revisited

After making somewhat mischievous reference in these pages a couple of days ago (regarding toothpicks) to a lack of sturdy moral fiber amongst the current crop of my fellow Americans, I awoke today with a renewed sense of affront over what is going on in and with this country - my country; how some scalawags are bent on taking it over, and, unfortunately, are doing a good job of it.  Too good a job of it, to my taste.

Forget, for the moment, the subtle invasion of this country, having been orchestrated by said scalawags, with that invasion force hidden amongst the illegal aliens and refugees that have been flooded into this country, like wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I want to concentrate herein on the ‘top of the mark’: how the American people bought all too easily the scam of an illegal candidate - the placeman of and for the New World Order crowd - for the crucial office of the presidency.  Listen closely, my fellow Americans, to this summary of that matter; I may not repeat it.  With things coming to a head as they are, and time growing short for civil discussion of such things.

On this matter of the constitutionally intended definition of the term, a ‘natural born’ citizen:

There is no legitimate difference of opinion on this issue.  That is left-wing malarkey.  The historical record is crystal clear on the matter: a ‘natural born’ citizen is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof.*  The only way that there could be any argument on the matter is if you believe that the Constitution can mean whatever you want it to mean - which is precisely what is behind the shyster-lawyer trick, legalistic legerdemain, mumbo jumbo attempts to make of the Constitution a ‘living document’.

Something that Humpty Dumpty would approve of (as long as he was the one making words mean what he says they mean).  But no even halfway discerning citizen of a country founded on the rule of law would ever think of doing such a thing.

So, how come so many of you, my fellow citizens, fell for this malevolent piece of crap, that you were orchestrated into swallowing, by said scalawags???

Because you went asleep.  On your watch.  Whether you were induced into sleepiness, or fell sleep all on your own, the result has been the same:


And so, fellow citizens like me have to pick up the pieces of the consequences of your actions.

It was, perhaps, bound to happen. For the lessons to be learnt thereby.

I hope you learn them well.  As we set about dealing with said consequences.

And using them to advantage.  In the establishment of an even better model of governance than the one that you were so lax in defending.    

But make no mistake.  You made a mistake, in your lack of standing guard sufficiently.  

Just because the result will be so positive.      


The End.

* That’s what makes it ‘natural,’ for heaven’s sakes.  Full allegiance to the country of said birth.  No foreign loyalty, allegiance, or influence: Sole allegiance to the country of origin.   Naturally.


P.S. I see by my emails that the Democrat Party is crowing to its followers that it was responsible for the 'defeat' of ObamaCare Lite.  How silly.  It was the House Freedom Caucus wot dun it.  Because the proposal still has serious shortcomings.
     And speaking of having serious shortcomings, in the same breath as speaking of the Democrat Party:
     Any political party that was puyting forward a serial criminal and habitual, if not outright compulsive, if not downright pathological, liar to be their candidate for the office of the presidency of the nation is not fit for purpose.  What an insult to the nation.  
     Apparently some, if not many, people have been frightened off from doing the right thing regarding this criminal couple because of all the dead bodies that have followed in the wake of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics on their way to fame and fortune; but in any event, those days are over.  As all the crime and corruption is now wrung out of the system, as incompatible with, and incapable of existing in, the new frequency level coming into being as we speak.
     And as people like me come into our own, as a consequence thereof.  And take over the righting of the ship of state.  Of this nation.  And all the other nation-states of the planet; now to sail on this new sea, in
     the New World.