Saturday, 25 May 2019

I Get Mail...

1) The American Conservative Union wants me to help them with their Petition drive to the House of Reps to get behind H.R. 153, the ‘Mobilization Against Sanctuary Cities’ Act.  The point of the Act is for the House to withhold billions of dollars of tax monies to some 300 cities that are refusing to cooperate with ICE officials to deport illegal aliens having been convicted here of (other) crimes.  A worthy cause.  Especially because

2) of how, for example, the Democrats are preparing an all-out assault on Texas Rep Will Hurd.  Why?  Not just because he is a black Republican (supported in his campaign by the Black Republican Fund, which has just alerted me to this situation), and thus puts the lie to their narrative about black Americans being victims in this country of the ‘white male privilege’ majority (still; if barely, now). But because he, a former undercover CIA agent in the likes of Afghanistan, knows the mentality of potential terrorists in this country.   Which brings me to

3) a notice on an email site that I take that reported how some Muslims have appeared, as if from nowhere, in Laramie, Wyoming spreading around posters in the city urging the teaching of Arabic to their K-12 children.  Now, why would they be doing that??  Yes, more and more Muslims are coming to live in this country - as witnessed by the last elections for the House.  But please permit me to cut to the chase here, in the interests of time and space:

Knowledgeable Americans know that we have been systematically invaded by a force of Fifth Columnists, hiding amongst ‘their’ pawns in the Illegal Alien invasion of this country.*  They are here, not just to be terrorists (in most likely a Tet-like offensive, to open their campaign with).  But to be the guards of the FEMA camps, being set up by the Deep State to house the millions of American citizens who won’t go along with their agenda.  Of a world ruled by them.  With an iron fist.  Using foreign troops to guard us recalcitrants - among the ‘deplorables’ - because Americans can’t be trusted to do the job.  (Including the guillotining that is planned to go along with it.)  And the more of us who understand their language, the better, for their enterprise.

Such ‘Arabic’ persons are also appearing in other places; like Colorado.  But not to go into all that, here.

Just, here, to sound the note.

Of warning.

To him who has ears to hear.  

P.S. I purposely withheld the identity of the online site that I got this latter info from, because they are already the victims of the social media arm of the NWO offensive against America that is going on.  And has been going on. 
     For long enough.

* Actually, the pawns of their masters behind them.  The likes of George Soros.  And others of the New World Order crowd.  Out to bring down this country. Via a pincer movement, from within and from without.
   But to continue.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Economics 101

      Economics 101

In all my years, I have never
Had the same level
             of incredulity
  as contained in
            the following
Two-part question:
You let a private consortium -
        of bankers, no less - 
Have access to the plates
From which your currency
               is printed
       without requiring
       at the very least
An audit?  And expected
Anything other than
             the outcome
        of your money
Being worth, oh, say,
           three cents on 
The dollar??
              you got it

On Telling It Like It May Be

from Operation Disclosure:

“RV/Intelligence Alert  - May 24:

“We are on the final stretch of the transition.

‘Worldwide reset is imminent.”

Thursday, 23 May 2019

On Telling It Like It Is

1 a) If Western Civilization was built on the minds of a lot of people, a majority of whom were white males - as it was - and if so-called universities of our day are teaching - indoctrinating - their captive students to denigrate white males - as they are - then Houston is not the only body of people that needs to be told, and warned, that we have a problem.
     And speaking of bodies of people:
     b) People need to be dealt with on an individual basis, on their own merits.  Not on the basis of being part of a particular group, e.g., by their race or religion or national origin or political persuasion.  So, for example, it will come out that Mossad agents and sayanims were involved with the planning and execution of 9/11.  But not all Jews are involved with the New World Order crowd, attempting to take over the planet at this time. 
     As to that attempt:
     c) Anybody who engages in espionage or outright sabotage will be dealt with by measures appropriate to such a heinous offense.   

2. On The Culture Of Capitalism  
     The individual is independent of the state.  Has his/her human ‘property,’ and other property, independent of the state’s control, or at least, ownership.  The state can tax his/her property and earnings, but can’t control either him/her or it, except under certain conditions, when his or her actions affect others.  By which the state can do a fearful job of taking it all over, if it has a mind to.  And has.
     An example: The EPA under BHO tried to take major control - in effect, nationalization - over private property in the country under Waters of the United States (WOTUS) legislation designed to give the federal government responsibility and authority to regulate the country’s ‘navigable rivers and lakes,’ under the foot-in-the-door attitude that a puddle on your property ultimately drains into a creek that drains into…you get the idea.  The idea being to a) abolish and b) nationalize all private property in the country.
     Which leads ineluctably to the next subject:

3. On The Culture of Socialism/Statism
     The individual is, and property are, controlled to a large extent by the state, with communism being outright ownership of both the individual and property.

More Americans need to wake up to what is going on regarding their country.

With everybody waking up to the cosmic fact that

You will be dealt with by/on the basis of your own individual actions.

You might as well get used to it.

P.S. To clarify:
     Capitalism can be taken to extremes.  As it has.  And thus, needs to be held in check.
     By a working rule of law.  Meaning, in this country: its Constitution.
     Not this ‘Words mean what I say they mean’ Humpty Dumpty business that we have been subjected to (a good descriptive word for it) under the Lefts’s thumb, for a long, long time. 
     Needing now to be corrected.
     Along with the excesses of the corporate Establishment.  As we approach


Continuing in the same vein as the title of this blog:

from ‘The Problem Of Voter Fraud & Manipulation Must Be Resolved Before 2020 General Election’ - Tony Elliott - May 23
(A hard-hitting article on this terribly important subject.  Glad to see SOMEBODY coming out this hard on it.  My contribution:)

Gold Radio - May 24

Thank you for this article, Tony.  As a resident of L.A. County, I have refused to commit a crime by voting.  More specifically, to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  Voting here is the scam that you have identified so well.  I have been disenfranchised by the fraud, with my potential vote diluted to the point of disappearing, so I refuse to take part in it, and thus give it a veneer of respectability by engaging in it.  There needs to be a total cleaning of the system.  The federal government can at least insist on that for federal elections.  As for the state itself: We need Pres. Trump to declare Martial Law, by imposing the Insurrection Act - this state being in a state of insurrection from the Union.  Needing to be cleaned out, from top to bottom, of its political criminals, and its voter reg rolls needing to be certified, by independent CPA's, among other cleaning-out measures.  Sign me Disgusted in L.A. County.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Cloward-Piven Strategy At Work Internationally

Having lived Down Under for the better part of the ’90s (in a lovely, leafy suburb of Sydney, on the coast), I have some idea of the mentality there.  And yes, the laid-back culture is definitely present.  But sometimes, it is all too far laid back.  There is a convict streak in the Aussies still.  What do I mean.

They are so laid back that they have failed to rise to many an occasion of the loss of their rights.  It is as though they are telling their jailers, that as long as you allow me to throw another prawn on the barbie, you can do to me whatever you want to.  Item.  They allowed their jailers to take away their guns, after a very questionable mass shooting event in Tasmania.  (Much like as has just happened in New Zealand.)  Item.  They have widely accepted fluoridation.  (There is some resistance to that government control policy, but not enough to throw it off vary extensively.)  Item.  While I was there, a slowly-slowly maneuver started to lead to mandatory vaccination, which has just been fastened on them.

We here in the States have a far stronger history of defending our rights.  But we have been subjected to the same sort of propaganda barrage as they have.  And, not paying enough attention to what has been going on - in our own version of laid-backness, in the good life, albeit beginning to fray away, and thus drawing some attention to what is going on; in our version of playing inmates - we are close to going under (so to speak) ourselves.  Thus:  

from ’Watch Australia Because Their Government’s Tyranny Is Coming Here’ - Dave Hodges - May 21
(First, students in Brisbane were made to either join in on an LGBTQ event or pay a support group.  Then, the Opposition to the conservative party that (fortunately) just won the elections - against the ‘word’ of their MSM; precisely as happened here in 2016 - included smashing their cars, etc. etc. etc.  The modern-day Bolsheviks at work Down Under…
(Hodges said that “some think (Oz) is a beta test for what is coming to America.  Bad’day Mate!“ and asked for people’s comments.  Mine:)

Stan Stanfield - May 22

Violence may not be able to be avoided, Dave.  The NWO crowd think of themselves as the Bolshevik Revolution on steroids, thanks to academia, the MSM, and Hollywood sounding the note for culture change and political revolution - the big government that Pres. Reagan warned about, and put off, for his time  The would-be despots are on both sides of the political aisle.  What to do?  Trump needs to declare Martial Law, and use their best-laid tools - under both the Bushes and BHO, and as started under WJC - against them,  And may it start in my home state of CA, where it is a crime to vote, the system is so corrupt.  A clean sweep. And especially: All Illegal aliens: Out.  They are the nucleus of a Fifth Column in this country.  B'day indeed.  


And another post on Hodges’s site is titled ‘“We’ve Lost Control!” Say Federal Officials As America Is Being Occupied' - May 21*

He points out that immigration officials on site are reporting that 1000 illegals are coming through a 12-mile stretch near El Paso, Texas every day, and they are saying that they can’t handle it.  And the Democrats control the purse strings, for Trump to be able to hire more border patrol people…

It’s show time.

P.S. Just ask any Democrat: ‘If the people who are pouring over our border illegally were likely Republican voters, would you be acting the way that you are??’

As Hodges might say:

‘Let me know what you hear.’

P.P.S. And in his next post, Hodges says: “According to a Gallup Poll…40% of Americans identify as socialists!  Has the brainwashing worked?  Have we been conquered from within?” 
   We are about to find out…
   And remember: We are in a Process. With a Synthesis as its outcome.   Not a zero-sum game.

* “‘We’ve lost control of the border,’ say the federal officials who liken the immigration process to bailing out the Titanic with [a] teaspoon.  America is losing its country  The infrastructure is [in[ danger of collapsing.  Hospitals, schools and public services will soon be overwhelmed.  America has been conquered…..” 

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

On Doing One's Civic Duty...

…In A Manner Of Speaking

Recently I was served notice to appear for Jury Duty.  The last time that happened, a few years ago, now - a while after my return to my home country and old hometown - I went through the motions, and turned up at the courthouse on the designated Monday morning, where I told the check-in guy of my position on such judicial matters: that I would refuse to serve on a jury under what is called Admiralty Law, and would tell the judge so.  He didn’t seem to be too concerned about the matter; that, or he didn’t know what to do about it.  As it turned out, I wasn’t called up out of the waiting pool during the morning, and shortly after we returned from lunch, the rest of us were released, for the day and the rest of the week’s schedule.  So, I had no opportunity to ‘show my colors,’ as it were.

What am I talking about here/what is Admiralty Law?  First, to note that that form of law is signified by the gold fringe on the U.S. flag that one sees often in films and on TV, but most people fail to understand what that is all about.  In a nutshell: It is about a/the takeover of our country that occurred, apparently, in 1871.  I don’t know all the details;* I just know enough not to be a supporter of that act of subterfuge any longer.

I went online to see what I could do to register my complaint ahead of time this time.  They do have a section where you can Request To Be Excused.  I filled in my Reason thusly:

“I wilt not serve under Admiralty/Maritime Law, only under American Common Law/Natural Law - the law of the land, as opposed to the law of the sea.”  

I was originally scheduled for Duty in the second week of June, and was advised by the online system to check in ahead of time for further information.  I have waited a week, to give them time to take in my Reason for Excuse. and see what they would come up with in response.  What they have ended up doing is to kick the can down the road a bit further: they have changed my week of Duty to the end of November.

Anything can happen between now and then.

So, let’s see how it all goes.

How it all goes.   

PS. If you are interested in this subject, a good source of info on it is a researcher by the name of Anna von Reitz, of Alaska.  She has done yeoman’s work - so to speak - on the whole matter.  It is too convoluted for me to follow in detail; but that’s just me.  
     Her postings are posted online at Paul Stramer’s site, paulstramerdotnet   That’s how I keep up with the latest on this saga.
   Which is coming to a head.  And I don’t mean a ‘head’ as in seaman’s lingo.    

* I do know that we American citizens became ‘lost at sea’ by this subversive act.  And need to stand up now and say, loud and clear: ‘I am not lost at sea.  Here I am.  And here I stand.  For myself.  Not my false personage.’


And speaking of our courts:

from ‘Obama Appointed Activist Judge Orders Trump to Surrender His Business Records to the Democrats’ - Dave Hodges - May 21
(It's very clear from prior presidential record that he doesn't have to do that.  But anything on the part of the Deep State to attempt to block his administration, and set him up for impeachment proceedings.  The Hammer on them awaits.  
Another such blow that should come:)

Stan Stanfield - May 21

This is more reason why the Trump admin needs to bring BHO up on charges of ineligibility for the office of POTUS, for not being a 'natural born' citizen - the definition of which is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof - and when he is found guilty as charged - by a legitimate court - all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - INCLUDING TO THE SCOTUS, AND INFERIOR COURTS - go with him.  Into the trash bin.  For it to be as though he had never been there.  For, he was never there legally.

The definition is from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters, E. de Vattell's 'The Law of Nations'. 


If this is true - and it is - why didn't the Repubs make an issue of it?  To answer that, look at who they ran as candidates in the 2016 primaries.  At least four ineligible persons among them, on this issue: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal.  And the Repubs KNEW what they were doing.  Proof: Between 2003 and ’08 alone, both major political parties tried a total of 8 times between them to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue - proposals all of which had this issue as their common denominator - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this issue.  The conclusion is clear: They colluded in a crime.  It’s payback time.

On Finding The Pony

I like a story that became the theme for a short story that I came across many years ago.  I forget the details; but let’s say that it was about a young boy who was having troubles in life but was still optimistic, and when it came time for his birthday, in a particularly difficult time of his life, and he opened the door to his room and found it chock full of shit, he immediately exclaimed: ‘Yay!  In all this shit, there must be a pony!’ 

I’m not sure that things could get worse than they are now.  Well, yes; on reflection on various times in the past, they could.  But in the way of falling away from any sense of a larger Reality than this one,  it’s hard to imagine that it could be any more comprehensive.  There isn’t an area of life that isn’t permeated with a sense of, in a word, rebellion.  Rebellion, against all of ‘the old,’ and a belief in ‘a new’.  But ‘a new’ - right now; in The Process - of the likes of totalitarian Power Over Others.  Or POO for short.  

The negative side of the likes of the story above.

I’d like us to stop and think for a moment.  What If…

What If the world were suddenly hydrated with a huge amount of money for everybody on the planet.  What do you think would happen to our attitudes towards each other?  If we all had a lot of money, we would’’t need to look on each other as a competitor for scarce goods and services.  There would be enough for everybody, and available to everybody, in a ‘state’ - physically and mentally - of Abundance.  Now, you are undoubtedly thinking, ‘Right - the old utopian idea of the socialists’.  But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the feeling that lies behind ‘the old utopian idea of socialism’.  The feeling, of all of us, in this, together.

‘In this’: Life.

Physical life.

Why wouldn’t we treat each other kindly, and even with a sense of joy?? 

The joy

of the Reality.

Behind the Play that we are in. 

As in a classroom.  For learning lessons. 

But let’s say that it was time to graduate from this class.  And even, now, from elementary school itself.

Remember the feeling?  Graduating from elementary school - and ready for what was called Junior High School in my day and is called Middle School in this day??  Being one of the bigger kids, now??? 

That’s a fair description of where we are at, now.  As Humans.  In

the Play.

Just think about that feeling.  Of being ‘one of the bigger kids now’.  

And with the same innate joy of the young boy who could look on a roomful of shit, and see

the gift of

a pony.