Monday, 19 November 2018

A Message For Our Time

(A friend back at the spiritual community in the north of Scotland that I was a member of for many years is going to get involved in the educational curriculum for the co-workers.*  My response:)

Be sure to pass on to them the full legacy of Peter’s [Peter Caddy) philosophy, which is a crowning feature of that particular community (besides Eileen’s [Eileen Caddy, wife of Peter] ‘deep inner listening’ & ‘learning to love unconditionally,’ and Dorothy’s [Dorothy Maclean, their spiritual partner] contribution, of ‘cooperation with Nature’):

1) Of course, the classic ‘Work is Love In Action;’ but also, specifically

2) ‘Perfection In All Things’: Give of your best in all that you do; for if you do not, you let yourself down, you let the realm of Spirit down (since we are essentially, in the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “spiritual beings having a human experience”), and you let down all those fellow ’Pilgrims on The Path’ who could have been inspired to give of their best by your example.  

This is all the ’message’ of the FF [Findhorn Foundation] for the world.  Or at least, it started out to be.  (As part of the theme of Personal And Planetary Transformation.) 

There’s an awful - and I mean that literally as well - lot of darkness around at this time, as things (in The Process) come to a head.  People on the side of the Light need to be as ‘attractive’ as possible, to help as many souls as possible choose the Light side, before ‘time is up’ this Time around; which means to help them become awake and aware, enough to join in the graduation celebration.  The more that the FF, and you, especially in your new role, can do to help in that process, the better.  

I just wanted to put this little observation in ‘the pot,’ for what it may be worth.  Not to be forgotten, in the passage of ttime.

Have a good rest of your year, leading up to your new job, [friend]. And please give my Best Wishes to whomsoever is still there who would remember their old, and caring,

Elder Brother


* A 'co-worker' is a person who is involved in the wider community - now known as an eco-village - that has grown up around the original community and who has not come through the 'front door' of that body, and thus been exposed to its educational/orientation processes.


These are dark days, indeed, and on many 'fronts'.  But it is the dark before the dawn.

And a special 'dawn' it is to be.  Including the 'dawning' to us of our true, spiritual roots.  In order to be the inheritors of, and activators of,

a - the - Golden Age.

The antithesis of the totalitarian New World Order that our erstwhile masters, in all their arrogant, satanic glory, have planned for us.

In their best-laid plans.

Still Smarting About Smart Asses

I am still smarting over some New York Times Executive Editor having called the principle of 'original intent' regarding interpretation of the Constitution - to say, the constitutional contract between the States and the federal government - a "crackpot, rightwing legal theory" (for which I labeled him Humpty Dumpty).  So, what was his crack all about?

The Left needs to pretend that we don''t need to go by the 'original intent' of the Constitution because - for one good reason - otherwise we would, sooner or later, realize that Barack Hussein Obama was not eligible for the office of POTUS.  They can get away with their perfidy , regarding that and other matters, only be pretending thats the Constitution is 'a living document,'l subject to interpretation by the courts, and ultimately the SCOTUS, not as against its 'original intent,' but as they 'interpret' it by 'modern attitudes'.

Come on.  We are all apprentice gods here, chips off the old block; you can do better than this, reflect your true essence better than this.

If you would not change the age eligibility requirement, why would you think to try to get away with arbitrarily changing the birth circumstances requirement?  The purpose of which was obvious: the person needing to have been "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof;* so that the occupant of that particular federal office (and that particular federal office only, attesting to its special nature in the eyes of the constitutional Framers) - who would as well, then, become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States (in this case).  And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

I am sick and tired of so many people in this day and age selling out their birthright so cheaply.  Brothers and sisters, in this business of learning to fulfill your potential - your highest potential: You are not going to have much time left to get on the right side of things.  The clock is ticking; the circumstances, of this grade of your education, are winding down, to their conclusion, at this time, and Time.         

Please: Join the side of the Light.  Reject the Dark side; the testing side.

It's graduation time.

Don't be left behind.

End of transmission.


* the definition from  E. de Vattell's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.  The definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters; for which there is ample historical evidence.  I could cite such eminent statesmen of the time as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay (the latter of whom became the first Chief Justice of the new UJ.S. Supreme Court, not so incidentally) in support of my contention; but you get the idea.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Schools For Thought

As I see it, there are four basic schools of thought regarding Life.

One.  The atheistic model.  Life has no purpose beyond just in and for itself only.  The Law of the Jungle rules: It’s Dog Eat Dog.
     A subdivision of this take on matters is the Communist one, where some people think that they have perceived some Rules or Laws regarding Life, like ‘dialectical materialism,’ which give them a reason for governmental activity.  I’m not sure who or what they think is behind such Rules/Laws, unless they think that it is all simply a matter of Nature’s ‘evolutionary process’.  Whatever all that may entail.  One such possibility according to their take on things, is that ‘the state will wither away,’ when Man has become so nice (or controlled)(1) that He somehow grows out of his links with Nature’s ‘red in tooth and claw’ ‘rules’.  But anyway: that’s one school of thought regarding What It Is All About.

Two.  The Satanic model.  This model accepts the notion that there is ‘something more than Man,’ but that it is, well, satanic - ‘dark’ in nature.  that we humans were born to ‘Do What Thou Wilt,’ in the words of satanist Aleister Crowley.  Lie, cheat, steal.  Kill.  Whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.  And child sacrifice seems to be a particular feature of this school of thought; and the drinking of the blood of a victim, child or otherwise, who has been tortured, to have said tipple filled with lubricious hormones that give one a high.  For, after all, the point of Life is to Do What Thou Wilt.  In this school of thought.   
     Where this Satan figure came from, and what its basic nature, is not necessarily covered in this particular school of thought; Satan, to some of His adherents, simply Is.(2)  But to move on to that area:

Three. The ‘Mistake’ model.  This is aka the Biblical model; or at least, the Old Testament model:
     Lucifer, a great Angel, argued in Heaven for the right for God’s angels to have free will, and his passion for the idea somehow succeeded in turning ‘a third of the hosts of heaven’ to his call; whereupon they - and us all, apparently - were sent into a, The, Fall.  To learn lessons therefrom; or whatever the purpose.  If there was a Purpose, beyond just Vengeance, for having disobeyed a vengeful God.(3)
     And this model requires, then, a Savior, a Redeemer.  To redeem souls from their error of judgment.  And so, there is a constant battle between the forces of the Dark - of Separation, Polarity, Duality - and the forces of the Light; as personified by an Anointed One.  Whom one must believe in, and take into one’s heart, to be ‘saved,’ from the Error of judgment committed back at the beginning of the exercise.  In order to be ‘won back to God’.  
     One might also say, ‘to be One back to God’.  But not to get ahead of myself, in this breakdown, of all possible, or at least likely, schools of thought, about what Life is all about.   And that brings up:

Four.  The ’School’ model.  That Life - on this free willed level - is not a ‘mistake,’ but intended from the outset.  Life, in this model, being a school, the purpose of which is to graduate.  As apprentice gods.  Gods in the making.  Incarnate souls being of the essence of their Creator Source.  Chips off the old block, as it were.  Learning lessons, in the art of being a Creator.  As we, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ (as one thinker on the subject characterized the matter), wind our way back out of (seeming) Separation/Duality to Unity.
     I see that the thinking of some people on this particular take on things is that there are eleven dimensions (aka densities), or 12, or 13 - each with subdivisions - that we work our way (back) through, to get to that goal, of perfect Unity.(4)  I personally don’t know.  At this point.  What makes sense to me, in considering this particular take on the matter, is twofold:
     1) The major learning point of the exercise would seem to be that the universe is run by Laws, and one of the main ones of those is how actions have consequences.  That As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - and literally.  Via the working of the Law of Karma.(5)  Because - precisely because - We Are All One.  And
     2) In this model, there is no need of a Savior.  Of a Redeemer.  Oh, there can be advanced souls who come through and help the rest of the flock at any given point in time and place.  But we are each responsible for ourselves.  Must be our essential Self - as close as we can come to it - on our own.  Because   
     that’s the point of the whole exercise.

And I would say, that at this point, on this poorly treated but lovely planet, we are at

Graduation time.      

And some of ‘Us’ will make it, this Time around.

And some wilt not.  

In the manner of a separation of the wheat from the chaff.

In that process:

Happy landing.(6)


(1) That would be the subdivision ‘school’ of the likes of Red China/the Technocrat model: Control people to within an inch of their lives, so that they will be forced to obey their Overlords completely.
   Who would be the Overlords?  Those individuals who most subscribe to the Party line, whatever all it is in its details.  It might be, or simply be patterned after, the Communist Party, i.e. a top-down structure.  It might be what is called the Khazarian Mafia.  It might be Islamic jihadists.  Whatever the group that manages to enthrone itself, out of Power Over Others.  POO for short.  (But I editorialize.)
   A Great Ape tribe, then, in effect.

(2) And a subdivision of this school of thought is that Satan is the planet Saturn, which supposedly affected life on this planet so harshly in the past at some point that it became personified as a terrible and awesome Power.  But to continue, on the main level of this exercise.

(3) As the God of the Old Testament is portrayed as being.  Which smacks more of a member of the Anunnaki family who came to this planet from one they called Niburu and was involved, as a tribal god, in a lot of mayhem on this planet, as chronicled masterfully by Zecharia Sitchin in his well-researched series of books on the subject.  But to continue.  

(4) The understanding in this school of thought is that We are already One, by our very Nature. As facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, expressions of The All That Is.  Via our universe’s Creator Source; with the possibility of there being a Prime Creator over all universes; whose Will our universe’s Creator is in perfect alignment and attunement with.  
   But not to get too lost in conjecture.  This is simply a brief rendition of and on the subject.

(5) As indicated to exist via the highly-proven phenomenon of reincarnation.  (Via studies, videos, books, etc.)  All highly logical.  In a universe with Purpose.  

(6) And in this take on things, some souls who have taken on roles on the Dark side, to help the lesson-learning along - The Drama - will make it through, too, to the next level Up.  And they will know who they are.  And so will we all.  Because
   it’s all a matter of resonance.  Aka heart energy.  
   As I say:
   In this ’school of thought’: Things operate by Laws.  There is no vengeful Creator in charge, no element of whim.  Either we match the Will of our Creator Source, in our various ‘grades’ in our return to Unity.  Or we do not.
   Your choice.  As not a bystander in The Process.
   But a crucial part of it.

The Best-Laid Plans...

Having Had Quite Enough

A friend from overseas, at the spiritual community where I spent the better part of my adult life, has emailed me 'out of the blue,' as it were (read on for the full 'take' on that expression in this context), asking how I am doing, and wondering if I have been affected at all by the fires raging in CA.  I forgot to answer that part of my friend's email when I first responded, and added a P.S. in these wee hours of the morning.  My P.S.:

P.S.  I forgot that you asked about the fires in CA: No, I am out on the coast, 30 miles southwest of L.A.  They are quite far from here.
     It's a very maddening subject.  There is evidence that not just these fires, but those in northern CA for the last couple of years, have been set on purpose, and combined with what are called DEW weaponry - Directed Energy Weapons (lasers from drones or satellites; Chemtrails that have set the countryside up to go up in violent flames; etc.).  The purpose is to drive people off the land and into the cities, under a UN project called Agenda 21 and subsequently 2030; the ostensible purpose being to 'rewild' the land, for 'Nature' to take back over, but the real purpose being to bring people under the more direct control of the state, a la Red China.  It's a long story; and is part of why I came back to my home country: to keep an eye on what is going on.  
     The Dark side are going for their totalitarian New World Order, under brutal dictatorship.  Little do they know that this is all part of a larger Plan, whereby the Light wins out in the end, and we enter a New World, alright; just not the one that they think they are establishing.  It's all too much to go into in just an email like this. But I wanted to comment on the fires, and give my take on the matter, as to what all is behind that scene.  Sorry to have to pass on such dismal information.  But it's part of 'the story'.



'The story'.  I had mentioned in my original response that my take on matters is that we are involved in a Synthesis, "in the Hegelian sense," whereby a New World Order will, indeed, come about, just not the one envisioned by our Dark-side erstwhile masters.  It is my understanding that we are approaching a 'lift-off' time, whereby we will join the galaxy as full-fledged peaceful members, who just have to get through these 'birth pangs' that we are experiencing at this time.  But that is proving to be quite a chore.  For me.  And others.  And here I think in particular of those who have perished in this latest round of fires, both in their homes and in their cars, attempting to flee the terrible ferocity of these fires, veritable infernos; all orchestrated, like a demonic symphony.  And those who may be killed in provocations coming up, whereby the Dark side is attempting now in earnest to take down this country.

I, personally, have had quite enough of The Drama.

I want The Real Thing to start.


Which is the reverse of the Dark side's New World Order.

Which is what has 'conjured' it up, invoked it, out of latency.

To Each Action there being an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Seeing as how the universe operates under


With, ultimately, Love as its base rock; what it is essentially made of.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Lunacy? Not So.

The voting fraud activity STILL going on around the country is just simply and appallingly outrageous.  Which includes some Democrat lawyers down in Florida, in the attempt to keep the elections there still open (for finding more ballots.  In the trunks of cars, and such), objecting to non-citizens’ ballots being thrown out…*

The lunatic left at work?

Not so.  A lunatic often doesn’t understand fully what he or she is doing.  The Left - aka the New World Order acolytes - know precisely what they are doing.

They are engaged in a major move to bring down the Existing Order.  Which means: the United States of America as it exists.  

This operation extends as well to the legal ‘front’.  I got a mailing today (yesterday, now) from an (excellent) outfit called the American Civil Rights Union (definitely not to be confused with the ACLU) - which fights court battles to clean up the Electoral corruption and attempt to get states to beef up their anti-corruption electoral systems - that commented on how one of their Board members, Ed Meese, former AG for Pres. Reagan, and staunch advocate of what has been dubbed ‘originalism,’ was at Pres.Trump’s press conference announcing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the SCOTUS, and “was immediately condemned by the Left and cited as one of many reasons why Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court.  Why?  Because as former New York Times Executive Editor bemoaned, he is ‘the godfather of “original intent,” the crackpot, rightwing legal theory that will, if Kavanaugh is confirmed, be enshrined for decades to come.’” (Emphases in original)

The crackpot, rightwing legal theory…

Got it.  That former NYT Executive Editor’s name is, of course, Humpty ‘Words mean what I say they mean’ Dumpty.  

So, the words of the Constitution - the constitutional contract, between the several States and the federal government; with a built-in amending process for changes - don’t really mean what they say.  They mean whatever you say they mean.  

That’s logical.  For a relativist.  A Marxist.  A Satanist.  

For whom there is no right nor wrong but thinking makes it so.  What is right is whatever advances my agenda, and what is wrong is whatever impedes it.  

Overthrow the existing order By All Means Necessary.  Whatever It Takes, to accomplish your end.  Lie.  Cheat.  Steal.  


Ladies and gentlemen, you are slipping under the control, not just of NWO Marxists.  But of Satanists.  Complete with their pedophilia agenda.  And child sacrifice, and the drinking of their blood, for the high that it gives them…and the selling of their organs.........

Yes, it’s your choice.  But this is a Just universe.  Meaning, that it operates under Law.  And one ‘law,’ or principle, is that actions have consequences.  

You will be held to account for your actions.

Take heed.

* Presumably on the basis that as a state election, with state issues on the ballot, all simply residents should have the right to vote.  Including non-citizens.  And - oh yes: that other category, of people who have been flooded into this country for this very sort of purpose: illegal aliens. 
   Never mind about the little sticky business about there also having been federal offices involved in the election as well.  And that nobody has made it legal for non-citizens to vote on any issues in this country.  Yet.
   But, and as in my home state of California, that ‘state of affairs’ is creeping in.  As we speak. 
   And to continue.

Monday, 12 November 2018

A Matter Of Practice

In my senior year in high school - at Poly High, here in Long Beach, California - I was a star player on our ‘C’ class basketball team.  (The category was determined by a combination of points from one’s age, height, and weight.  We C’s were the little guys.)  At the end of the first round of games - there were four other teams in our league - we were at the top, having won all of our first four games.  And, as it turned out, rather to my surprise, I was the top scorer in the league at that point.  And then something happened.  In our first game of the second and concluding round, I believe it was, I attempted a quick jump shot after retrieving a long rebound when someone from our bench yelled out “Duane - you’’re hungry!,” meaning that, in his estimation - and perhaps others on the bench? including our coach?? -  I was shooting too much.  Feeling chastened, I ‘toned it down,’ and for the rest of the season.(1)  Perhaps in the event (i.e., not just ‘in any event’), we lost a couple of our last round of games, and it all came down to our last game of the season.  With just about a minute to go in it, we were barely ahead (I think it was by just one point), when I was fouled in the act of shooting, and thus was getting two free throws for it.(2)  At that point, our coach called time out.  Obviously to help me have some time to settle my nerves before going for the shots.  But I recall being perfectly cool about it, perfectly in control of my emotions; on top of the moment.  Singleminded.  Determined.  Back on court for the shots, I sank them both; and then, on the other team’s attempt to get the ball back in play and rush down the court for most probably its last chance, one of their team fouled one of ours, and we got the ball out of bounds still down towards their basket.  Somehow, I forget why (I don’t recall being the one on our team who had been fouled that time), I was given the ball to throw in bounds, with just seconds on the clock.  I recall also being very cool about that moment too, calculating to keep my inbound throw as far away from their interception and quick run down the court to our basket as I could.  Whistle blow for action.  Fortunately, one of our guys broke free from his one-on-one defender in the direction that I was hoping to be able to throw the ball into play, i.e. away from our end of the court, and I got it in to him successfully.  Whereupon I saw an opening for the basket, and - not knowing exactly how long we had left, how long we might be able to stall - I broke for it, as he quickly threw the ball back to me, seeing what I was doing.  I went in for a layup, mede it - thus sealing the win - and seconds later the horn went off.  A win!  And after chanting our appreciation for the other team (’Two four six eight, Who do we appreciate’), and as we were walking off the court, one of the guys on our bench excitedly let us know that word had just come in that the team that was challenging us for winning the league had just lost their last game; and that was it - we were league champions!(3)                      

Where am I going with all this?  Well, since you asked:  

Earlier in the game, one of our players, a (Mormon Church) personal friend of mine, was at the free-throw line.  (Whether it was for one or two I don’t recall.)  His shot(s?) didn’t even make it to the leading rim of the basket.  Years later - approximately four, to be more precise - when, after dropping out of my university (Stanford) at the end of my Junior year there, having had a ‘spiritual experience,’ I was living in New York City, reading all I could get my hands on in their Main Public Library (which I had figured must be ‘the biggest public library in the Western world') on subjects roughly spiritual (all of the religions; theosophy; philosophy; history; ESP), I met up with this guy; who, upon graduating from Brigham Young University. was off on a ship bound for the UK and a two-year mission for his Church there.(4)  He had obviously obtained my address from my mom, and we arranged to meet on his liner at berth.  (I forget which of the major ships of the time it was.  This was the summer of 1956.)  For some reason, though he had gone on to become president of his class at BYU (or of the whole student body I forget which.  It could well have been the latter), he brought up that incident, in a sort of self-deprecatory way.  I hope that I had the presence of mind, meaning to be helpful, to say something like ‘Hey, it’s all a matter of practice.’

I had had plenty of that, leading up to my time ultimately as a star player on the basketball court as a senior at Poly High.  At one point in either my late junior high or early high school days my mother had bought me a membership in the YMCA in downtown Long Beach.  I wasn’t sure at first what to do with it, but I soon found a treasure in it.  The Y had two basketball courts in it, and I started taking advantage of the opportunity to practice my shot-making ability down there (we lived in northern LB).  Even if no one was there for a pickup game, I would go in to one of the courts and enter my routine: I would start at one side of the court in an arc about twenty feet away from the hoop and shoot until I made it, and then move on, ultimately all the way around the court to the other side, and then back; practicing layups or short jump shots in between when I missed a shot.  Over and over and over.  Two things at this point:

One was that during a pickup game down there one Saturday afternooon one of the guys on the opposing side said to me, after I had hit yet another set shot, ’Man, you must be the best shot in the County.’  Well; at least I was on those courts.  Which leads me to the other point: I found that not all basketball courts are the same size.  During my high school ‘career’ I found that the courts at other schools were/could be somewhat different.  Sometimes it took a bit to find my range there.  But when I clicked in, I could be deadly.  In set shots around twenty feet away. 

It’s all a matter of practice…

And now, in our time, I see that ’truism’ being played out in places like Broward County, Florida, where the Democrat Electoral team are so practiced at their voter-fraud ‘art’ that they are currently brazenly attempting to overthrow the Republican-led outcome of the last elections for their governor and senator by coming up with additional votes for their Democrat-party candidates from what is being sold to the public as ‘the Absentee ballots’. 

Funny how they always end up being so heavily for the Democrat candidates.  (Or Provisional ballots.)

And in the light of such info as an affidavit by a whistleblower Broward County Electoral employee from the 2016 elections who has reported that there is a backroom in the Electoral offices there where the members of the Democrat Electoral team were busily at work filling out ballots.  As part of their job.  Under the woman who, even after she has been found to have engaged in some such ‘irregular’ activity, is still there, in charge of the scam.

How come?? you may ask.  Good question.  And it very possibly involves the fact that both sides of the political aisle engage in fraudulent activity in Florida (at least).  

I am at this point reminded of a video out a number of years ago, I think it was in the wake of the curious 2000 elections, when a Congressional subcommittee was holding hearings down there, and an electronics expert was telling them how he had found out that the voting machines in use could be rigged, and he had taken that info to the Republican guy in charge of such operations at the time (Secretary of State???), who thanked him very much for his services, and that was that.  No follow-up.  At least as the expert knew about.

One can imagine, now, that the Democrat members of that subcommittee decided, not to get mad (and to help clean things up in our elections; thus honoring the sacred 'democratic' process).  But to get even.  

‘Two can play at that game.’

And our elections have become, as a consequence of such decisions, a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce; a delusion, an illusion.(5)  With this sort of corrupt thing going on right now, not just in Broward County (and another one) in Florida, but regarding the governor’s race in Georgia, and the senatorial race in Arizona.

All, because things have become simply

a matter of practice.   

By people who don’t believe in ‘morals’  Morals are, to them, for suckers.

And definitely not for the atheistic (or satanic) New World Order crowd.  Who want Power Over Others (POO for short), in order to control them to within in inch of their lives.  In a global gulag.  Run, of course, by them… 

‘There is no right nor wrong but thinking makes it so.’  What is right is what advances my agenda, and what is wrong is what impedes it...  

The Saul Alinsky ‘Rules for Radicals’ mottos:  ‘By Any Means Necessary.’  ’Whatever It Takes.’  Whatever it takes to accomplish your end.  Lie, cheat, steal.  Kill, even.  (Think the bodies strewn in the wake of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, Bill and Hill.)  Because everything is relative.  There is no ultimate point to life, beyond just in and for itself only… 

Well.  We’ll see about that.

And soon.

Very.  Very.


P.S. In the first round of that season’s league, at that same school’s court where we ended up winning the league championship, at one point one of my teammates was taking a free throw.  I lined up alongside the key up near him.  (Not being one of our tallest players, I wasn’t going to be all that helpful down near the basket for the possible rebound.)  His shot hit the back of the basket rim and the ball came careening high straight back towards him/us.  I found myself automatically leaping high in its interception, took it in full stretch at the crest of my wave (as it were) in my right/shooting hand, and flipped it directly back towards the basket, where it went smoothly in, off the backboard.  That wasn’t due to a matter of practice.  That was simply being perfectly in the Tao.  
     May we all get there, ultimately, in
     the end.      


(1) I never checked to see how that all came out in the end.  I was determined not to be considered a show-off, wanted to be considered a good team player.  Though sometimes, you have to assert yourself in life.
   But to continue.

(2) Having missed the shot.  If I had made it, I would only have been awarded one free throw in addition.  Look up the rules, if you don’t understand the game.  

(3) And went on to take third in the All-Southern California CIF Finals Tournament.  Where I was named on the All-Star team for those Finals.  A fitting end to the season.  
     I was sad that we didn’t win the whole shebang.  But you can’t win’em all.  As they say.

(4) At that point it was no longer ‘my’ church too.  I had an open mind about all of that sort of thing; wanted Truth.  Not human interpretations, and interventions, on one’s Path, one’s Journey through the maze of Life.  There were too many questions, too many ‘anomalies,’ for an easy answer to it all.

(5) And this being the reason why the Democrats fight like mad to keep such intelligent, common-sense practices as photo ID cards out of the picture during elections.  And don’t clean the voter reg rolls, as they are supposed to, via federal law.  And push for Early Voting, which allows for Multiple Voting.  And Absentee Ballots poorly supervised; which allows for the type of scam going on in Broward County, at this very time.  And on.  And on.  And on…

Saturday, 10 November 2018

On Signaling The Experts

A friend has sent me a link to an article at Collective Evolution (who have a lot of good articles) about a new book out titled 'How To End The Autism Epidemic' by J.B. Handley.  My response:

Much thanks for bringing this CE article to my attention.  (I take their e-newsletter, but I don't always get around to checking its contents, having so many emails to get through every day.)  

I have had to live with the knowledge of this outrageous matter, of the side effects of vaccines in general and autism in particular, ever since the mid-'90s, when I left the community to live Down Under in 'Oz' in retirement mode (in a relationship), and came across there, in a chiro's waiting room (my partner was having a session), a book entitled 'Vaccines, Social Violence And Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain,' by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D., a medical 'historian' in the U.S..  It was a stunning eye-opener on the subject (which I subsequently bought).  The short of it: Autism first began to surface in the late '30s-early '40s amongst the likes of farmers and people working with pesticides, that contained mercury; and then, with the advent of vaccines, it began to appear 'curiously' amongst the children of rich people and healthcare people, like nurses, who just so happened to be the first ones to utilize the new wondrous medical modality.   (A note at this point: An 'expert' at the time coined the term 'refrigerator moms,' in blaming the incidences of autism amongst the children of the wealthy as due to such mothers not paying enough attention to their offspring, and thus they reflected a lack of contact, disregard for the feelings of others, 'social estrangement,' etc..)*  This early clue, that any decent scientifically-minded person could have joined the dots regarding, disappeared when vaccines became a widespread medical modality amongst the populace at large, via mass-vaccination programs.  And even though 'they' have taken mercury out of most vaxes (it is still in the flu vaxes, to guard against possible toxicity creeping in from multiple-use vials.  Never mind us, but look out for those vials), they still contain the (dis)likes of aluminum.  Which is an adjuvant, to give the shots a 'boost'.  And give us the likes of ADD and ADHD and LD [Learning Disability] and ASD (autism spectrum disorder), and Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), and on it goes.  'It': Brain damage.  More specifically, subclinical (if not full-blown) encephalitis.  It's a scandal of major proportions.  I seethe whenever I think of it.

Another good book on the subject: 'Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines -- The Truth Behind A Tragedy' by Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield, which I came across when I was back in the community in 2010.  Andy was a gastroenterologist in the UK who saw the link between the MMR shot and kids who came to him with gi problems, and one thing led to his being cashiered from his profession by the Medical Board for his efforts to bring all this out to the attention of authorities and the public.  He was particularly smeared by the London Times, whose chief at that time, one of the Murdoch sons, just so happened to be on the Board of one of the drug companies involved with the MMR in the UK.  It is all a sordid, criminal mess.  Comes the revolution...  (The real revolution, that is.  Not the one that the NWO people have planned for us.)


  • That is reminiscent of the approach to addictions in our day.  I've been reading in a monthly mag called Whistleblower about this (the June edition; long story), as to how the ‘experts' of our day are blaming the likes of alcoholism on our genes, for giving us a propensity to addictions.  Well; maybe.  To some extent.  But hey Docs - why is it that you aren't aware that alcoholism is PRIMARILY a matter of low blood sugar, aka hypoglycemia?  People with weakened adrenal glands (via poor nutrition or whatever), whose hormones control the levels of insulin in the bloodstream; too much of which takes out too much glycogen from the bloodstream, have their brains signaling them for 'sugar,' and those who have become regular wine drinkers at dinner etc. get the message as having another, and then another...the brain signaling them for what it needs.  Without which it can cause the poor misadvised person to become an alcoholic.  
  •     One weeps for humankind a lot, these poorly-serviced days, by our 'experts'.

P.S. We have been poorly attended to in this matter, of the terrible downsides to vaccines (autism being just one of them), by our elected representatives, who at least responded to the vaccine critics of the day in 1986 by passing a law allowing for compensation for such damage - BUT with two 'little' caveats:

1) It was not the drug companies responsible who would pay for the damage, but us taxpayers (thus getting Big Pharma a) off the hook, and b) having no incentive to do the research for possible safer vaccines); and

2) These 'public servants' - read, more truthfully, servants of the corporations who pay for their opportunity to live high on the hog whilst 'serving' the public - made it so that the Vaccine Court was incredibly difficult to get a case of vaccine damage through; many people having to give up, for the costs.  Even at that, a few such cases have made it through.  One under the purposely-obtuse name of damage 'Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis' (ADEM).  

'But don't use the 'a' word.  We will never admit to that; or at least, most grudgingly.'  

Why?  Because once the word gets out, and the facts of the matter are conceded, our doctors are going to be sued hugely by justly outraged parents.  And they can't admit to the facts, not only because of that.  But because of hubris: To do so, would be to admit to all the damage that they have been responsible for, and they can't get off riding that tiger.  Or it will eat them alive   Their sense of self-worth.  And their practices.

It also puts a kink in the plans of the New World Order crowd, who have been using vaccines as a vector for a lot of people-control stuff.  And not only in the form of administering anti-fertility agents surreptitiously that way, to nubile young females (via the 'cover' of tetanus shots).  But human chipping agents as well.  

And human killing agents.  With tracking possibility.  Of their herd.

Hey, you 'Excperts':



P.P.S. It's not as if we don't have treatments for, or preventions of, the childhood diseases etc. that don't have the damnable downsides to them that the vaccines have.  Besides good nutrition in general, there's vitamin A for measles, e.g.; large doses of vitamin C even for polio; colloidal silver for the DPT triad; the list goes on.  Vitamin C especially can do wonders regarding a whole host of illness conditions. 
     And heading off the likes of SUID/SIDS (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  Which is primarily due to the huge load on the baby's immature immune system caused by the assault on it of the infant vaccination shots/schedule, and a lack of vitamin C to be able to keep the infant from going into scurvy, which entails a sudden stopping of the heart beat.
     Not that the infant vaccines are the only cause of this condition.  There is evidence of the role of toxic gases outgassing from baby mattresses, especially those used by earlier children in the family, where the toxic ingredients in the mattresses have been broken down by the urine of the child(ren).  (Baby mattresses can be covered by 'insulating' material to help stop this danger.)  But vaccines are the most likely culprit.  And parents have been jailed by 'the system' on suspicion of what is also called 'shaken baby syndrome'.
     The experts' at work again, on us...