Sunday, 15 September 2019

On Being Mesmerized By Matter...

...And Snapping Out Of It

Seeing so many of our youth in the States talking about and turning to socialism is due to more than just Marxist propaganda in their schooling, I feel (although that is a key element to it, to say, to the Process going on behind the seen, as it were).  I think socialists are largely operating from a distant memory of how they have lived as One, and have forgotten the spiritual aspect to it, and allowed themselves to become mesmerized by matter, and the powers that have succumbed to the material realm.  They are under a spell, is all.  For a spell.  And will wake up out of it when the time is right.

And the time is right


Getting Down To Brass Tacks

  2 Questions For The 
      Democrat Party 
Presidential Candidates

This show really needs to get over with.  Two questions I would have the Democrat Party Presidential Candidates asked in their next debate:

1. Given the considerable historical evidence indicating that the definition of a 'natural born' citizen at the time of the constitutional Framers was of a person, quote, "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" unquote, and that that eligibility requirement for the office that you are running for STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary,

a) would you, Sen. Harris, be wiling to withdraw your name for nomination to this office as your being constitutionally ineligible for it, and

b) would all of you support, in the name of the rule of law, the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama, to be brought to trial for fraud, perjury, and treason,

and if not, why not; and

2. Given that by now there is considerable evidence that the investigation into what we know as '9/11'  was fatally flawed, and that the NeoCons in the George Bush Jr. administration - many of whom are dual Israeli-American citizens - were involved, along with elements of the U.S. intelligence agencies and military units, would you be willing to support a systematic and definitively thorough investigation into that atrocity, and if not, why not.  

We really need to get down to brass tacks around here.  And tack-le these matters, as it were.

Tempus fugit.

For us to progress from here.  The right Way.

Which is Up.

Not down, further into the darkness of separation - seeming separation - from our Source, any longer.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

The Big Change

On The Other Side

(Synopsis form.  Complete Session in Archives, Book One, Vol. XIX, Sect. 212.)



‘May we interrupt you for a short session, Sir?’

‘Sure.  That’s why I come out here to get some reading in in the sun.  Well; that, too.  But to make myself available to the younger generation, for a few questions at a time, on The Old Days.’

‘Thank you, Sir.  We appreciate it.’

‘No problem.  What would you lot like to talk about, this time?’

‘We were wondering what it was like right at - you know - The End, of The Old Way.’

‘Yes.  And quite a time that was, let me tell you.  Which I will.  Since you asked.’  

(Chuckles around)  

‘Well.  Where to begin.  

‘You know from your history books that there were two political parties at that time here, the Democrats and the Republicans…’     

(See Archives for the detailed record of this Session)

‘And that’s the way things were - and it was quite the standoff, let me tell you - when The Big Change came through.’

‘Which was…’

‘The change in the way that we shared goods and services with one another.  The end of the old system, of what was known, basically, as ‘fiat money,’ and ‘interest,’ and all that dry ‘economic’ stuff, and the beginning of The  Age of Abundance.  Which you are still living in.  

‘But on all that, another time, perhaps.  Now, you’ll have to excuse an old man.  I don’t have quite the ‘staying power’ that I used to.have, for these sorts of sessions.’

(Many responses) ’Thank you, Sir.’

‘You’re welcome.  Any time.’



‘One lsat question, for now: Why are you still here?  If you don’t mind…’

‘No, that’s fine.  Why am I still here?  Some would say that it is because I lost my way Out.’

(Chuckles around)

‘But I’ll tell you straight, son.  Some of us have chosen to be, like, shepherds.  To help see the last of you lot through the Ring Pass Not.  And then, we will join you

on the other side.’

Not The Only One

First, and mostly just for the record: My only response so far in ‘public’ to the Dem debates:

from YouTube: ‘#KAMALIAR” The DemCom Agenda of Lies #WEDONOTCONSENT’ - You Are Free TV - September 13
(She came out particularly hard on K Harris’s’ presentation and appearance at the Dem Candidate debate last night  As did quite a few of the respondents in the Comments thread.  Good to hear  Makes the job at hand easier.)
Stan Stanfield - September 13

Kamala Harris, like BHO, is not a 'natural born' citizen, which by definition at the time of the constitutional Framers is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof.  And that eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency (and that particular federal office ONLY, indicating its special nature in their eyes) STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  Thus, she is not eligible for the office of the presidency, and needs to be called on it, for the sake of this country returning to the RULE OF LAW - which is ITS CONSTITUTION.  And consequently, BHO needs to be arrested and tried on charges of fraud, perjury, and treason, for the same reason.  It's time to get back to it.  While we still can.

Second.  I feel a need to make an observation about a widespread attitude regarding ‘what is going on,’ and how to deal with it.  Many people have picked up on David Icke’s equation, Problem - Reaction - Solution, and think of that process in terms of ‘the Hegelian dialectic’.  But the latter is more dimensional than that two-dimensional, flat concept.  Think, rather, in terns of how Hegel thought of the unfolding of history: of a ‘thesis’ - a position, which generates a reaction to it, that he called an ‘antithesis,’ out of which interactive process comes a ‘synthesis,’ which involves elements of both sides of the dynamic; and, since the process is incomplete at the time, said synthesis becomes the ‘thesis’ of a yet further unfolding of the historical process.  Until we come to the end of said process.

Where we are at now.  With the global face-off between the atheistic Communist model, as personified by Red China, and the ‘religious’ Capitalist model, as personified by the U.S.

Rampant Collectivism vs. rampant Individualism.

For the best of both ideas to come out ‘in the wash’ of the historical process unfolding.     

And thus the resolution of this process that we are in requires us to keep in touch with our heart energy, not just our head energy.  Because both sides of the ‘equation’ have value.  It is not a zero-sum game.

For example.  We should no longer be held back regarding energy sources (and including hyperdimensional physics) because of the (invested) power of the Big Oil industry.  And likewise regarding health and wellness issues because of the (invested) power of the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.  And the biggie behind it all: the fiat and interest-bearing money system with its partner, the fractional-reserve banking system.  So much for the ‘West’.  But nor are we mere slaves to the state.*  So much for the ‘East’.  All, needing to be released, as we align with a higher way of living, in order that we can move further on our evolutionary path, in the light of a New Day.       

Just thought I would throw this idea in here, at this point.  To say - in effect - that a large portion of our youth today have the right idea (about trying to learn to ‘live as One’ on the planet).  Just the wrong approach as to how to go about it.


* Are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.  Due our human dignity.


P.S. What do I think of the Democrat Party candidates?
     I think the Democrat Party honchos made a terrible mistake in dropping Tulsi Gabbard from the debates.  She was the only candidate with any widespread merit.     
     But then, I don’t think that there is going to be an election in 2020, anyway. 
     I think The Process is going to be over by then.  With the change of the world’s monetary system, and all.
     But then, what do I know.  I’m just an old man - and a white male at that - who gets some reading in in the sun on a daily basis in his neighborhood park.  And holds the vision for a better world.

     And how to go about bringing it about.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Lies And Damned Lies

I realize that it all apparently has to happen - all the 'sick' needs to get out, so that the 'well' can have the room to take over, in the human psyche.  But sometimes it gets a bit much.

9/11 - the anniversary of which we just passed through - was bad enough, with all of its unanswered questions, even to this day.  My gosh: 18 years later, and STILL not Justice done regarding it.  That's some measure of control over our political and media scene in this country.   But consider as well, these dark days:

* The biggest search engine going is not only censoring conservative/Christian sites - because of their political bias -  but now as well a) 'anti-vaccine' and alt med sites, and b) drug side-effect info sites.  Why/  Good guess: Because their parent company has entered into a major, multi-million-dollar deal with a major member of Big Pharma.(1)
     So, suppression of free speech is one thing.  But also consider:  

* Outright lying, as in the NDAA of 2012 authorizing the government to lie to us.(2)  As an outcome of the so-called War on Terror.   Occasioned by the 9/11 atrocity.  Which was the work of our EMs; not a handful of Saudi patsies.  As all of the evidence would point to.  If we would but look at it.  Not 'over here' where the MSM wants us to look.  And where the Social Media giants control the info.

All of this, then, is bad enough.  But when Pres. Trump seems to be buying the narrative - drinking the Kool-Aid - on gun control/confiscation (including elements of the 'Minority Report' predictive- programming film), The People don't have a man in the White House that they can trust, after all.  A man who, even though he just got rid of a NeoCon in his circle, seems to be somewhat of a captive of his advisors.  And of his daughter.  And of her Zionist husband.

None of these are good signs.

Unless we can look at them - all - as signs that

it is darkest before dawn.     

The Dawn of

a New Day.

When none of these sorts of things will happen any longer.

Because they will be incompatible with the energy signature of 

The New Order of Things.

The New Order of The Ages.

Whatever you want to call it.

I call it


Our of The Old.  Into

The New.

Having learned our lessons along

The Way.

Those of us, at least, who make the grade.

See you there.




(1) The suppression of into regarding the downside of vaccines is also a concern for the New World Order crowd/our Erstwhile Masters directly, in that they plan on using vaccines as a vector for delivering stuff into the populace that they wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole if they knew about it.  And thus, the move, in states like California and New York, as an example to others, to make vaccines absolutely mandatory - no exemptions.  We must all be subject to their total control. 
   As in the story about The Snake: It's what they do. 

(2) And thus circumventing the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 forbidding the government to do such a thing.  Hey - easy peasy.  
   When you have effective control of the Congress.
   And via effective control of the MSM.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

A Sad Tale,,,

...Of 'A Once Shining City On A Hill'
  With Yet A Happy Ending In Sight

Students leaving American University will be graduating with a costly degree that isn’t worth the paper upon which it is printed.”

Warner Todd Huston: ‘Now it is “Racist” to Correct a College Student’s Grammar’ - Godfather Politics - September 11 

“American University has once again made itself a laughing stock, this time by hiring to teach its staff a professor who says that proper grammar is ‘racist.’

“The university recently hired Asao B. Inoue, a professor at the University of Washington in Tacoma in interdisciplinary arts and sciences. Inoue is also the director of Univ. of Washington’s writing center.

“Inoue is well known for pushing the idea that a student’s writing ability should not be considered as a criterion to grade him because it is ‘racist’ to assume everyone should be able to speak and write in proper English…”

And thus does the dumbing-down of eduction in the U.S. continue.  But it gets worse:

“Not only is it ‘racist,’ as far as this nut is concerned, he says proper grammar promotes ‘white language supremacy.’”

Got it.  The ‘white male supremacy’ card.

“Instead of considering proper grammar to assess a student, Inoue thinks teachers should only consider how much ‘effort’ the student revealed…”

Tell that to a prospective employer in the real world, Prof.

Although, I have come across, in my own experience, a very telling anecdote along that line.  Not too long ago I read a woman’s remark in a Comments thread on something or other wherein she reported that she found a discrepancy in her bank statement, where they had charged her $36 for a check that she had written out for $30.  She called the bank on the matter, had the supervisor that she was speaking to bring up her check on their screen, and pointed out to the man that it was written out clearly for ‘Thirty and no/100 dollars”.  The supervisor explained to her the problem: The employee of the bank responsible for entering such matters in people’s accounts couldn’t read writing.  Come again?  That’s right: The employee had not been taught to read writing, only printing.  So she misread the printed amount as $36, and that was as far as her education could take her. 

What in blazes has been going on in this country - they don’t teach cursive writing any longer???!!!  

And don’t get me started on the widespread inability in this country - judging by people’s contributions to Comments threads on the Internet - to spell correctly.  I used to keep a record of such terrible examples, until I gave up - it was taking up too much space in the back of my workbooks.  Horrible, horrible stuff.  

And I know darn well that it is all on purpose.  As part of our dumbing down.  To make the U.S. a Third World country - far, far from the idea of ‘American exceptionalism’ - and thus allow the rest of the world to ‘catch up’ with us.   To the extent of all of us being ‘a Third World country’.  Purportedly so that neither we nor they can use up the world’s resources to the extent that an affluent society does.  Because a) it’s too hard on the planet, doncha know, and, er, well, actually b) a dumbed-down populace is easier to control than an educated one.*

Our erstwhile masters are snickering at us.

Stop standing for this crap, America.  Take your country back from these, the true, vandals.  There are other ways to ‘clean up the environment’ than by letting totalitarians control The People to within an inch of their lives, in many ways, and ultimately by the brute force of the state, stomping with its hobnailed boot on the face of the Individual.  Who is, in actuality, ‘a spiritual being having a human experience’. 

And having a particularly difficult time of it right now.  But this, too, shall pass.  As we head out of this dark Valley, and ‘go for gold’ - in the sunlit highlands of our true destiny.   

Patience is a virtue.  Acquiescence to tyranny is not.   

* Particularly in the - former - U.S.A., where, with the quiet discontinuation of teaching the populace (former ‘citizenry’) how to read cursive writing, they will no longer be able to read the original documents of the nation’s founding, will have to rely on their, er, teachers to teach them about all that, with the assistance of likewise ideologically-driven textbooks.  Sweet.
   The Stasi couldn’t have organized it all any better.  

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Final Test

In my last blog, of earlier today, I referred to the candidacy of Sen. Kamala Harris for the office of the presidency as “another story for another time”.  No time like the present.


I have heard that some survey or other, held by some member of the MSM, has come up with the result that BHO is ‘the most admired of the presidents of our time’.  If actually true, that is an interesting fact.  But it in no way effects, or lessens, another, more important fact of the matter.  And that is that he was an ineligible candidate for, and occupant of, that office.  And if we are to live by the rule of law in this country - rather than arbitrary law, aka the rule of tyrants - we need to redress that grievance to the rule of law.  Which is the Constitution for the United States of America. 

For those who are new to this site, or to this subject, a brief explanation:

Among the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency is that the candidate needs to be a ’natural born citizen’.  What is the definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen?  According to the definitive tome of the day of the constitutional Framers, Emer de Vattel’s ’The Law of Nations,’  a ‘natural born’ citizen is a person, quote, “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” thereof.(1)  And that eligibility requirement for that particular federal office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.(2)    

A stiff test, perhaps.  But we must learn to live within, and by, the rule of law; before we, and in order for us to, move up to a higher law.  Call it

the Final Test.

And I am here to administer that Test.  Having committed myself fully to Truth.  And thus, acting as a sort of shepherd.  As the bulk of humanity moves up a notch, on the spiral stairway to the heavens.

As for the rest of Us:

Better luck next time.  And, there will be a next time.  Because, you see, Our God is a God 

of Love.  Any hate involved would be the hate to see any of Us miss the cut.  

Our being ‘a piece of the continent, a part of the main,’ and all.


(1) Which is altogether fitting and proper as an eligibility requirement for that particular office - and that particular federal office only; indicating its special nature in the eyes of the Framers.   Having particularly to do, the historical record shows, with the occupant of that office as well, then, becoming the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces. The whole point of the exercise being to make sure - at least as sure as the Framers could make it - that the occupant of that office had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States (in this case). 
   We have certainly seen, in our day, the wisdom - the farsightedness - of that concern, and eligibility requirement, for that particular office.  With a Usurper in that position, who set this nation up for takeover.  And almost succeeded, until Trump aced out Hillary, in an outcome unexpected by the NWO crowd, because they thought they had successfully rigged the election in her favor.  Tough luck, gang.
   But we all see that you haven’t stopped trying.   

(2) Perhaps if it had been made an eligibility requirement for the governors of the several States as well - with more elected officers required to meet that stiffer test of citizenship - we wouldn’t be in the mess that we’re in.  However, it is what it is.

   And I’m sure, for good testing reason.  And on to that point.