Wednesday, 16 January 2019

On These Testing Times

In today’s mail I received a 2019 Membership Renewal Second Request from the National Association for Gun Rights, which i will be responding to with a note which I have written, as follows:

“Sorry - I no longer have discretionary income -

“Please take me off your mailing list, to save you the expense - but

“Keep up the good work against the termites who are eating away at the foundations of this country, in their satanic attempt to bring it down.”


And after dispensing with a few other, similar requests for donations to their worthy causes which I likewise can no longer honor, I turned to reading a little further in the latest issue of Judicial Watch’s monthly magazine ‘Verdict’.  And speaking of termites…

…here’s an article - the monthly ‘Message From The President,’ actually - headed ‘Why Is The State Department Refusing To Disclose Soros’ Involvement in Macedonia?’  Starting out with a reprint of an op-ed by said president, Tom Fitton, in The Hill back in April of 2017, it is about how both the State Department and the USAID starting under Obama have funded - out, of course, of U.S. taxpayers’s dollars - the antics of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and its affiliates in, in this case, Macedonia.  Quote: 

“The USAID website reports that between February 27, 2012 and August 31, 2016 it gave [nearly $5 million] in taxpayer money to Soros’ Open Society Foundation — Macedonia (FOSM) in partnership with four local ‘civil society’ organizations.  The USAID…says the project trained hundreds of young Macedonians ‘on topics such as freedom of association, youth policies, citizen initiatives, persuasive argumentation and use of new media.’ 

“In February [JW’s newsletter] reported:      

“‘The U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with left-wing billionaire philanthropist George Soros…Barack Obama’s U.S. ambassador to Macedonia…has worked behind the scenes with Soros’ Open Society Foundation to funnel large sums of American dollars for the cause, constituting an interference of the U.S. ambassador in domestic political affairs in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.’

“Heres how the clandestine operation functions…The [OSF] has established and funded dozens of left-wing, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Macedonia to overthrow the conservative government…The groups organize youth movements, create influential media outlets and organize violent protests to undermine the institutions and policies implemented by the government.  One of the Soros groups funded the translation and publication of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals into Macedonian.  The book is a tactical manual of subversion, provides direct advice for radical street protests and proclaims Lucifer to be the first radical…”  (my emphases)  

So the termites are not just at work in this country.  And indeed, in another article in this same issue of Verdict they point out how the precise sort of thing, by the precisely same MO, is going on in Romania and Albania as well.  The termites using our own money to do us in with.

How they must be chuckling.  As they munch away…

As I say: It’s all coming to a head.    

So how well is your head screwed on, in these times of Great Testing, in and for our Finals?  What are you doing about it all??

And whose side are you on???  In

The End.

P.S. For whatever reason, Obama’s ambassador to Macedonia, one Jess L. Bally, has not been replaced by Pres.Trump.
     Pres. Trump needs to be asked why not.
     That’s something very practical that you can do.  In - as I say - these testing times.
     This.  Testing.  Time.  At
     The End
     of one 'reality'.
     And the Beginning of another.
     Part of The Real Thing this time.

The Defining Moment

Now I get more fully why my (rather liberal) university dropped the study of Western Civ as a requirement for all incoming Freshmen many years ago.  I have wondered about that off and on over the succeeding years, and assumed that a) the presenting reason was because the school was attempting to attract more overseas students - for the money - and figured that it didn’t really make any sense that Chinese students, say, would have to take that course just to go to school here; and b) it was all a cover for the real reason: the taking-down of this nation in order to merge it into our erstwhile masters’s New World Order (which I had found out about after leaving my formal course of education in this country). 

It is becoming apparent now that the reason, more specifically, was to make it a part of a multifaceted plot to foment Ordo ab Chao - Order out of Chaos.  How so?  By making it part of a move to stir up a) black Americans (as one of their convenient minority groups) into ‘revolting’ against the status quo, and b) to make liberal white youth guilty about their race; including the smear campaign utilizing terms like ‘white nationalist’ and ‘white supremacist,’ interspersed meaningfully and strategically with the term ‘Western civilization’.  

To make Western civilization itself a dirty word.  In order to accomplish their nefarious plan and purpose. 

On what basis do I make this accusation?  Besides having come across this dissing of ‘Western civ’ in an article or two in various issues of Whistleblower magazine over the last little while (and assuming it was to paint the U.S. as an ogre for the likes of going into South Vietnam to help save it from violent takeover by the Left's heroes, the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese), I see it in stark mode in the current demonizing of a Republican member of the House of Representatives for saying sincerely, in an interview with - who else - the New York Times: “”White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization - how did that language become offensive?”  His legitimate question has cost him any position on any House committee, with the House Minority whip castigating him for his question, and with various Democrats, black and white and MSM, jumping all over him.  For what, precisely?

For attempting to break through ‘the narrative’.  Which is to demean Whitey, and make the white Americans/‘Western civilization’ responsible for the terrible conditions so many black Americans are in - or actually, responsible for slavery itself.(1)  Oh - and for being ‘racists’ also for wanting to build a wall along the southern border, to keep out - let’s be clear:

MS13 gang members, outright terrorists (think the likes of ISIS and Hamas), drug and gun runners, child and adult sex traffickers, and illegal aliens; the latter of whom (including criminals amongst them as well) are costing this nation a huge amount of money, for their having been made able to go onto various welfare programs, by the Democrats, who have figured to ‘cash in’ on the invasion.  Both by their votes (before or after citizenship; who cares).  And by the far Left’s Cloward-Piven Strategy, of taking down this country by bankrupting it.  

Racist.  Yeah, right…

And thus the demonizing of Pres. Trump along the same ‘party line’.  Because he is raining on the parade of the New World Order crowd into their dystopian future: their topdown control of the populace, with such features as Red China’s ’Social Credit’ program, whereby their citizenry can lose their schooling, their jobs, their housing, and even their lives (after their organs have been harvested), for running afoul of the alrnighty State, in whatever way said almighty State determines.  The individual in such a ‘state’ being simply a cipher.  A serf.  

A slave.   

It’s going to be the last throw of the die for these Cabalists; and, because everything is on the line at this time - if they fail, they know they are going to be taken in as traitors, with all the potential for blowback that that implies - they will shoot the works.

Riots.  Collapse - an attempted collapse - of the entire global economic and financial system.(2)  More weather warfare.(3)  Attempted nuclear explosions.(4)  An attempted electronics-frying EMP over the country.  An attempted epidemic, not only to kill as many of us as possible (with a man-made virus; think the CDC), but to ‘brand’ the survivors with a chip from their mandatory vaccines, which can render us cattle under the control of the Cabal, including a built-in potential instant-death sentence.  Signaling their deep armies to rise up and go to work; a part of which work is to be to attempt to collapse the CA government and break up the state (and possibly others, too).  All, to attempt to win the day - yet - and bring down the United States of America.

And they will fail.    

Because it is all a part of a larger scenario.  With karma working its way out.  To a

New Day

for humanity.

In a process culminating in Synthesis, of various socio-econo-political facets, into a larger planetary Whole.  Just not the satanic, prison-planet one planned for us by the New World Order crowd.   But rather a Light-filled whole. 

On our way to being more in sync with, in alignment with

the Whole

of which we humans are a part.

Experiencing, in a 3D ‘reality’ - actually, illusion - a degree of Separation.

For a purpose. A purpose 

of education.

And understanding.  Of why apprentice gods - with a degree of creativity as part of their innate makeup  -

are not to be trusted with it.

Like entrusting the keys of the family car to a six-year-old.

Until they are ready.

With wise parents, helping the process along.

The process.

Of maturing.

P.S. And the perps aren’t going to be able to get away with employing the ‘anti-Semitism’ smear anymore, either.  After the truth comes out about 9/11, that tool of our erstwhile masters will be dealt a swift blow, no longer to be able to be used to deflect legitimate criticism of that portion of the Jews/Israelis involved with what is called Zionism, and their attempts to rule the world, cynically using the cover of the idea of being The Chosen People to further their nefarious ends.  
     No one is above criticism.  Just as no one is above the law.  And especially not
     the Law.


(1) Which actually existed all over the world; not just in ‘the West’.  And still does.  But not to let some stray facts get in the way of a chosen narrative.

(2) The White Hats are just waiting to pick up the pieces.  To transition the system that we have been laboring under for so long - one that requires conflict to keep it going/war for wealth creation - into one reflecting Abundance.  And the activating of various technologies that will allow us to have peace and harmony on Planet Earth.  After so long in the wilds of our making.  Of, that is to say, primarily, the making of our erstwhile masters.
   But to continue.

(3) E.g., the globalists apparently still have some degree of power over that technology; hence, the appalling CA fires at the end of last year.  Designed to move more and more people off the land in order to be corralled into the cities, for easier control of the herd. 

(4) Ever hear of the nukes out of the U.S. arsenal that went missing?
   Not surprising.

Monday, 14 January 2019

A Matter Of Principle And Disgust

So the New York Times - ‘All The News That’s Print To Fit,’ I think is how their motto goes.  Something like that - is attempting to make something of a nothing burger, re the ’Russian Collusion Delusion’ caper that the fake news - excuse me; the Mainstream Media - has been pushing so relentlessly and assiduously, like a barrow uphill.  

Hey.  Let me tell you the kind of news that we should be hearing about.  The kind that a federal judge has called ’shocking,’ involving “doublespeak” and ‘word games,’ and who even used the word ”loathsome” in describing one part of the matter.  It is contained in an article in the current issue of ‘Verdict,’ the monthly newsletter of Judicial Watch, the pre-eminent watchdog of the federal government, calling out both sides of the political aisle for their chicanery and deceit.  The article is titled ‘Federal Judge ‘Shocked’ Clinton Aide Granted Immunity By [Obama] Justice Department, and subtitled ‘Court criticizes State Department for providing false statements on Clinton emails’ that JW was forced to file a lawsuit to obtain, by the State Department’s intransigence, and then, as the federal District Court judge in the matter came to realize and called them on, lied about.

How lied?  By - well; listen to this exchange.  From a hearing on this matter this past October, when an irate federal judge called the lawyer from the State Department on that department’s chicanery and deceit in the matter at hand in his court:

The Court: The State Department told me that it had produced all records when it moved for summary judgment [i.e., to dismiss JW’s lawsuit] and you filed that motion.  That was not true when that motion was filed.

Mr. Prince: At that time, we had produced all —

The Court: It was not true.

Mr. Prince: Yes, it was — well, Your Honor, it might be that our search could be found to be inadequate, but that declaration was absolutely true.

The Court: It was not true.  It was a lie.

Mr. Prince: It was not a lie, Your Honor.

The Court: What — that’s doublespeak.


Mr. Prince: There’s strong precedent saying that items not in the State’s possession do not need to be searched…

The Court: And that’s because the Secretary was doing this on a private server?  So it wasn’t in the State’s possession?…So you’re playing the same word game she played?”

He may be a Prince of a fellow.  But he is a shyster lawyer; especially considering the gravity of the case.  Especially considering that factor, this is more than a case of simply being ‘economical with the truth’.  This is a matter of outright national security.  And the State Department signed off on the coverup. 

And not just the Obama State Department.  This exchange took place this past October.  Thus, we are talking about Obama State Department carryovers.

Don’t just drain the swamp of outright saboteurs, Pres. Trump.  The high-level Deep State actors, in this farce that is going on, regarding the attempted taking-down of this country.

Clean out the simply miserable misfits, too.

Misfits, in a nation conceived as this one was.  In its founding principles.

Which we are just about to get back to.

Just about.

And not soon enough, in my opinion.  And my Verdict.

Fade To Light

I have just spent the largest part of my (Sunday) evening online listening to a telephone interview by Jimmy Church with David Wilcock, on the subject of the latter's 'Predictions for 2019'.  According to Wilcock, it's going to be a key, and transformative, year.  I agree.

A lot of things are coming to a head.  Mostly the corruption of 'the times'.  Something is definitely about to break through.  For the Old to give way to the New.

Not that that 'give-way' is necessarily going to be clean and easy, with a minimum of muss and fuss.  But that's free will for you.

For us.  To have had an arena in which we could make choices; and by our choices, either progress on our personal spiritual Path or fall back or just spend some more time in the illusion of matter, deepening that experience.  All, for a purpose.  The dual purpose, of developing ourselves, as apprentice gods.  And of bringing our experiences back to the One of which we are a Part.  And thereby, increasing the quotient of awareness.

With the One - the All That Is - 'winning' in the end.  Gaining, from the whole Drama.

And thus, so do we all.

May you make the cull.

Coming up.

As we speak.

As you allow more and more of the real You to come through; and permeate this platform, this stage, with your highest, most generous contributions.  Ultimately, to

The Cause.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

The Bottom Line

1. No one outside of ourselves is going to save us.  We have to save ourselves.

2.  You - whoever you 'are' in this moment in time - are worthy of respect and - yes - reverence.  For, you are part of the One

'Nuff said, for this time.

Have a good day.

Have a 'good' day.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

A Clean Slate

In yesterday’s blog (just gone) I talked about, and closed it with, the idea of getting to/accomplishing “a clean slate”.  Yesterday also Steve Beckow, host of his ‘Golden Age of Gaia’ website, nailed it with a blog in a nutshell about the difference between the Old and the New.  Let me get into this general subject with an anecdote from my own life.  

I have mentioned in theses pages before how I wrote an essay for a high school English class whereby something going on in the life of the world at the time had triggered me off to think lugubriously about the subject of War; and I concluded my observations on the despondently, and disgustedly, fatalistic note that “it” - i.e., War - “has become part of the nature of Man”.

Why I thought to word it that way - i.e., as though it had not been there to start with - I don’t recall.  I wasn’t particularly ‘religious’ at the time.  Oh, I was aware of the various religions  - even of ‘my own,’ having been born into, and even baptized into, the Mormon religion.  But, for whatever reason(s), I never took to it very seriously.(1)  What did something that some guy presumably said or did some two thousand years ago over in the eastern Mediterranean basin have to do with our day and age?  And as for the ‘saving of our souls’ thing, I figured that we either had one or we didn’t - that there was ‘something more than Man’ or there wasn’t - and what would this guy called Jesus have to do with that??  ‘The Son of God.’  But we, then, were/would be all the sons and daughters of ‘God’.  And if on the soul level of things there was no distinction between males and females - that sort of thing being a matter of the material realm, in our ‘advanced’ monkey suits (and I was beginning to have doubts about our ‘advanced’ status around that time in my life anyway) - what was with this business about the SON of God.  Wouldn’t it all be beyond gender, on that level???  And the same about the ‘God - He’ business.  Surely God didn’t have a monkey suit????  even if it would be in the form of a higher primate?????  A primate is still a primate.(2)  

And on that note - to continue.  For, if all we were were just a higher form of primate, then it would make sense that such as ‘war’ was, indeed, part of our basic nature; what with the primate business of territoriality, and all.(3)  But us ‘moderns’ have a lot more to work with in the matter, in the way of information, from such as NDEs ‘alerting’ us to more dimensionality than that indicated by/perceived by our five senses, and both personal stories and serious studies giving solid weight to the idea/principle of reincarnation, and so forth and so on; all helping us grasp that there is, indeed, ’something more than Man’ in our makeup, and therefore in our destiny.

And so, the likes of Steve Beckow, whilst a student in Canada, going for a career in academia, have had good reason to believe that the paradigm that (for example) his academic mentors were trying to get him to fit into, of ‘social Darwinism’ on the one hand and ‘empirical materialism’ on the other, was far too limiting for him to have to attempt to fit into, to make it in that world.  And so he dropped out of that Old World, and chose to enter the New World, of the likes of the est training with Werner Erhard, and study of ’Eastern’ religions, and channeled material, and so forth.  

Not that we should accept just anything that comes through channeled sources.  For, there are, indeed, ‘evil’ (read as well: stuck) entities ‘out there,’ attempting to influence us humans.  All, part of The Process.  To help us develop discernment.  Part of the process of raising our consciousness.

As - indeed - gods in the making.                     

Or so it would appear.  To those of us who have spent any helpful period of time doing our homework.  In figuring out

What It Is All About.

And realizing how much further we have to reach.

And in that process, may your reach exceed your grasp.  As we enter into a - 

the - 

New World.

And decidedly NOT the Brave New World planned for us by our erstwhile masters.  Which is the invocatory reverse image of
the real thing.

P.S. And what is the sort of thing that 'A clean slate' will include?
     An immediate stop to the malevolent rollout of 5G, for one specific.
     (E.g.: See 'State of the Nation 2012' and their article on Jan. 10 titled 'An Ongoing National Emergency' etc., and the link therein to a petition to sign.  Which is the minimum that We the People need to engage in, to start this aspect of a Clean Sweep for the creation of a Clean Slate, to start our spiritually- and truth-aligned New World with.)


(1) I even ‘took’ at one point to dutifully catching the bus to go down to the Church location at the time on one floor of a Masonic Lodge, but then continuing on down to the Pike, in Long Beach, CA, where I would go in and see a movie at the movie house down there, before going home in about the ‘normal’ time.  Whatever the movie was at the time.  I remember once seeing ‘Great Expectations’ down there, on a slow Sunday morning.  And the feature was always preceded by a serial.  I remember in particular the silly ‘futuristic’ serial of Flash Gordon. 
   War was also present therein, too, not so incidentally.  Hey - maybe that was where I got the idea that ‘war’ was just a part of our nature; and we would simply have to deal with it.  The hand that we had been dealt, and that’s it.  Take it or leave it.

 (2) At that point I hadn’t come across the belief of the Mormons that God had a physical body like ours (well, the Bible says that we were made in His image, so that wasn’t a belief just limited to the Mormons), and that ‘as Man is, God once was; and as God is, Man may become’.  The former made no sense to me at all; the latter made a little more sense to me.  After all, if we had souls, there had to be some sort of Purpose for it all; why not that we were gods in the making??  
   There was also stuff in my religion about some people who lived in the Central American area centuries ago - even before the time of Jesus - who had supposedly been brought out of the Old World into the New World for ‘a marvelous work and a wonder;’ but historians didn’t seem to believe in that part of the religion.  So - what the hell was it all about???  
   What it was for me at the time was something to be let go of at the time, and to come back to it later on.  Or not.  As further information would, hopefully, surface.  And dictate.

(3) And as ‘confirmed’ - sort of - later in my life when I came across the series of books by Zecharia Sitchin, dealing with the arrival on Earth of a bunch of ‘gods’ (from a sort of rogue planet in this solar system) in the form of the Anunnaki, aka the Nephilim of the Bible, who were, indeed, very warring in their nature, especially with this ‘monkey’ business of ‘territoriality;’ warring amongst themselves - with their creations, us Homo sapiens sapiens, tagging along - over such things as to which area a particular ‘god’ had been allotted, with another one coveting it.  (‘The First and Second Pyramid Wars.’)  
   With a beginning like that, we didn’t need a spiritual Fall to attempt to explain and understand our condition…
   ...created - our physical vessels, that is - as slaves, via gene splicing; and some of 'us' - and other critters - now attempting to get us back in that state of being, on a wholesale level.  Those of us whom they choose to live through a great culling.  Of 'useless eaters' to them.
   But to continue, here.

Friday, 11 January 2019

The Deal

‘So, how’re you dealing with things now, eh?  You said that they would freely choose the Light over the Dark.  And those who don’t, aren’t yours anymore.  So, you know what happens now; right?  We made a deal.  So I get all those souls that opted for the Dark.  And I get to rule this realm the way I want to, without any more of your interference.  You can just go your merry way with your lot.  And stay the you-should-excuse-the-expression hell out from now on.  I won!’

‘Yes.  We made a deal.  What’s fair is fair…Just one last thing.’

‘ - Come on.  I smell a rat.  What now.  Going against your Word?  Heh heh.’

‘No. Just clarifying something.

‘It has been a Play.  Right?  In an illusory realm, and all.  A hologram.  A ‘stage’.’  


‘And so, a Play needs - has - players.’

‘…Ye-e-e-s…What are you getting at.’

‘Just pointing out a factor here.  That some of those incarnates demonstrating that they are on the Dark side are just playing a part.  In the Drama.’


‘And so, perhaps - just perhaps - the numbers of souls that you won - fair and square - are not quite to the extent that you may well believe.  Given current appearances.’


‘And so, we will now have an Unveiling.  And all those seemingly on the Dark side will be unveiled, as to their true vibration, level of consciousness. ‘

‘… And the same for all those seemingly on the Light side - right?’


‘For, this will continue to be a creation - a ‘holding’ creation - with Plan and Purpose.  Not the purposelessness of your desires.’

‘Hey - I have purpose, too, you know.’

‘Ah.  The little purpose of ‘Do What Thou Wilt.’  Of Power Over Others.  POO for short.  Well; yes.  That is purpose, of a sort.  But not ultimately.  Even you will have to face the music sooner or later too, you know.’

’Ah, well.  At least until then, I will be having fun.’

‘Fun.  Right.  But no true Joy.

’The Joy, of residing in

‘the Light.  With the quality within it that you will never understand.’


’That, of course, being


‘’Hey.  I ‘love’.  I love - ‘

‘Ah, yes.  You ‘love’.  With quote marks around it.  Not knowing the real thing.   The true thing.’

‘Don’t be so superior.  You know as well as I do that I have been instrumental in the ‘Plan’ of you lot.  To give souls that choose to, the experience of free will, in a realm of Duality.  Come on, and admit it: You have needed me. to further your ‘Plan’.’

‘Feeling used, are you?’

‘Yes.  Well.  A little.  I still choose to be a rebel against your ‘Plan’.’

‘And therein lies your answer.’


‘Souls will still make the journey.  It will just take a little more doing, is all, without such a realm as this one, of Choice, to hone themselves against.’

‘Oh, you’re so smug.  Always have an answer, don’t you.’

‘It may appear so.  But it’s mostly because I have no questions.’

‘But you see, that’s the thing.  That’s the issue.  You never - question.  You’re just - just - …so…accepting.  Of the way it is.  The way things are.’

‘You forget.’

‘…Okay, okay.  That you’ve gone through ‘the Process,’ too.  Yeah.  I know.’


‘Yeah yeah.  Got it.  ‘Check’.’



And speaking of games:

from ‘Robert David Steele, How Our Military can help Defend Our Border’ - Robert David Steele - Jan. 10
(A detailed plan to use our military to secure our southern border, under conditions of a state of national emergency.  Which we are certainly in, in this regard.  Thus to bypass the NWO crowd’s arrogant blocking tactics.  And to start dealing with them as well.
   Game clearly On.)

Stan says:

Good one, RDS. Definitely what is needed: Strategic thinking.

To include severe fines and possible prison for any employer caught employing IAs; that word to go out widely, to show that we mean business, not business as usual. And as for being caught: to employ up-to-date technology in the matter.

We need to get the job done, of cleanup (in many ways and areas). And then we start fresh. On a clean slate.