Wednesday, 23 May 2018

On Reconciliation

     On Reconciliation

We can, and should, engage in
                                a round
Of reconciliation.  But regardless,
We will no longer live
By Untruth.  Everything
Is now on the line, up to
                and including
One’s immortal soul.
If someone wants their spark
                      of divinity
To be extinguished,
              rather than abide
By Law, that would be
Their choice.  But we will 
                no longer
       live by deceit
And corruption.   That day
Is done.

Who says?

I say.  Well, someone
Has to.  For it is
That Time.

Or do you have
           a better

           For now, we
Who live our lives by Truth.
Our marching orders.
At which point, the Earth
          will tremble 
      with that cause.
          For that is
          The Way
              It Is.
    In conjunction with
                the Great
          I AM

  and that crossroads


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Schools Of Thought

Speaking of Heading for Home, as I was earlier today; and in relation to the subject of different Schools of Thought…

There is a school of thought that says - tries to argue - that a corrupt society is the ‘best’ society, in that it gives the inhabitants more scope for their free will to ‘play’ in, have a chance to be expressed, and honed.  And thus - according to that way of thinking - the more corrupt the better.  Well; it is a thought.  And, I have always thought of that sort of take on the matter of life - that way of thinking (think of it as sophistry) - as akin to the argument/idea that it is good for a person constantly to have colds, because that way they keep cleaning out their system of gunk.  How about, as another way - a better way; a more comprehending way - to look at things, as the way of Prevention?  As an ounce of that being worth a pound of Cure.  So to speak.  

And so, if it were up lo me, this is what I would say, as to the matter of life:

This is my kingdom
And I will do with it as I will,
For my will is identical
To that of my Creator Source
Who sent me; as long as I
         to remain true to 
My highest identity - my
            I AM.
And I need all to know
That I do not look kindly
                on people
               who try
               to control
          And in doing so, 
To keep me from that course.

        So: Buzz off, you
Flying insects, and take your
     control mechanisms
             with you.
            Your day
          in the Light
             is done
          in the Light
            a - the - 
          New Day;
         the higher
        than mere
      But rather to 
     the highest Will
          on Earth
            as it is

     A big, big Day,
          to say.

'Round The Bend...

...And Heading For Home

 'Round The Bend
Heading For Home

I have slipped in amongst you
To be in amongst you
         as together, we
Ring in The New.

But don’t tell anyone.
Let’s keep it to us
        are ready

Out of the Third
Through the Fourth
       the Fifth
And beyond;
        in good

With one Truth among many
                to cherish:
That, without a vision,
The people perish..


Don't mind me.  I just write down what comes to me.

Some more idle thoughts:

Justice is the spirit of the Law.     


I will not countenance Untruth any longer.
          Truth will out.

 And further, as to Truth:

There are those afflicted with a troublesomeness in regards to those among them dedicated to and committed to Truth, for the latter are a constant reproach to those who prefer to live by Untruth; to say, by the ignoble ways of Man.
It was ever thus, it is argued.  But 
no more.  For, it is
that time.  And Time.


No one has to prove their innocence.  Thus, stop trying to try a person simply on the basis of, say, their religion.  The guilt is in the deed.  Or would you start outlawing thoughts, or even presumed thoughts???… 

We are at that stage, wherein Man can now go down the gurgler in a global, and total, despotism.  Or can now ‘rise to the occasion’ of his Deliverance.

Which will it be, for you???

A breaking of the Wheel, and launch into The New?  Or another dip into the baptismal waters of the Wheel of Rebirth, running you through another go ‘round of the Wheel, for some more seasoning??  Or multiple go ‘rounds; until you

get it???

Your choice.

But you will have to be quick about making it.  Time - and Time - is just about


Sunday, 20 May 2018

All Is Well. Relatively Speaking.

This evening I forwarded a site that deals with ‘spiritual’/& channeled messages to a friend, because of my friend’s interest in one of the channelers who was mentioned in one of the articles.  In doing so, I made the remark:

I take all of this sort of thing with a grain of salt.  But I find that, with all the negativity around, especially these dark days, this sort of thing [i.e., the email site that I forwarded to my friend] helps me to keep some sort of balance, in being reminded of, and being energized by, the larger picture.  Dwelling in negativity doesn't add to the equation, just loads one side of it further.”

The ‘negativity’ I was referring to was not just all the talk these days about how the Left /NWO crowd is continuing to try to bring Pres. Trump down, even with - or perhaps particularly because of - the collapse of the Mueller Special Counsel investigation into the Left’s so-desired attempts to find a ‘Russian collision’ by Trump and his associates in the 2016 election.  (And so they are resorting to such appalling tactics as trying to take his word about MS-13 gang members, as “animals,”  as if he was referring to immigrants.  They have no shame.)  But it is in addition regarding the abject censoring of conservative sites on our social media platforms; the 'business' of having babies by surrogacy sometimes for their organs; and especially, the information coming out about how, with the anticipated rollout of ‘5G,’ our erstwhile masters will have total control over us, all over the globe.  Unto our calculated death, if we don’t obey them.  Or even if we do, but are “useless eaters” to them.

I won’t go into those details here.*  I want to talk about that “larger picture” that I referred to, in the above quote.  Which brings up the allied subject of how far we have gone astray, from our true roots.  

The Law is one thing.  Justice is another.  Let there be recognition of (Universal) Law, and Justice.  And they, of course, interact; as in: It is a Just universe.  

A thing of Balance.  Of Harmony.  Of Beauty.

The Law holds us on the spiral stairway to Perfection.  And, on how to get off the Wheel of Karma, in the working-out of the Law of Cause and Effect.  As we gain the (state of) Self-Realization that we are not an Other.  But are part of The One.  An experience of Duality, in this 3D reality, having been to hone ourselves against that edge, in The Process of becoming gods in our own birthright.  The point not being to get caught up in the Maya, the Illusion, itself, for itself only.  

And so, we are currently living so far beneath our potential, as to make a grown soul weep.  

But I trust, that we will make it through our initiation rite.  With both Truth at work.

Tempered with Justice.  The Justice, of a Just universe.

And Mercy.

Not that some of the self-professed Others are worthy of it.  In my book.

But then, maybe that's because I am still part of

The Process.

* E.g., do a search engine search on the words ‘SES’ and ’Serco’.  Also, see for an article on the booming Artificial Baby business.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

And Now Here Comes The Kitchen Sink

So now the liberal talking heads, in both the MSM and the Democrat Party, who are getting desperate for the saving of their totalitarian and open-bordered New World Order from the one-man block to their best-laid plans, Pres. Donald J. Trump, have now resorted to the ludicrous and obscene charge that their nemesis called immigrants “animals,” when he was clearly referring to the likes of the MS-13 gang members who hacked four of their enemies to death after they were lured to a park by some of the gang members’s females; and such stories about them go on, and on.

Can the Left sink any lower than this???

They will undoubtedly try.  

Despicable stuff.  The violent actions of the MS-13 gangs.  And the corruption of the truth of the matter by the leftwing media attempting to smear Pres. Trump as characterizing 'immigrants' as “animals”.  Obviously as part of the campaign to get ‘people of color’ to be up in arms over what the Left calls ‘white supremacy’.  Whatever It Takes. By Any Means Necessary, to get a revolution going, to unseat the Established Order, in order to ring in their New World Order. 

The Bolsheviks amongst us need to be taken down.  They are getting too dangerous, to be permitted to ply their satanic trade any longer in this country.  And the purge needs to go deep.  Into the very classrooms in the country.

The People had warning.  The Marxist philosophy was known, by the aware, for intending "a long march through the institutions".  But too many of The People were too busy in their daily lives to plan accordingly.  Leaving it up to 'the politicians,' apparently, to look out for their well-being.  And how has that worked out for ya??  The nation is 21 trillion - that's TRILLION - dollars in debt, and counting.  About to go under, for the Cloward-Piven Strategy count, of bankruptcy.  To fall like a piece of ripe fruit into the hands of its enemies. And in the meantime, for the anticipated reaction to be staved off.  Which has developed in the formidable image, and presence, of Donald J. Trump.       

Who has his weaknesses, and debts, to some of the Dark-side players, in this Drama (drawing to a close).  But at least his heart is pure, in caring for this country, and its people.  This country, that gave him such a great opportunity, to make it big.  And fail.  But to come back, and make it big again.  Though at a price, that makes him a compromised man...

It is time - as I have said in these pages before.  And will again, I am sure, before The Play is over - for

the Real Thing.      

No more the game-playing, of the schoolyard.  And the classroom itself.  Things are - as the playwright said - soul-size, now.  "We are engaged in exploration into God."

And God has much greater plans for Humanity than we have been demonstrating, up to now.  

It's time to get to the bigger picture.  And leave the elementary school, and its playground, behind.

Along with its insults to Truth.

And we are not just talking about Truth, here.  My sense of fairness is outraged almost beyond measure by this crap.

But Don't beam me up, Scotty.  I don't want out of here.

I want this place brought to the Light.

Where it should be.

Kitchen sink and all.


Friday, 18 May 2018

The Message

My landlord calls me, with some degree of affection in it, I feel, The Hermit, what with my living alone, and undisturbingly quietly, in one of his back apartments, and never entertaining in it, and seeing me, now and then, always alone on the streets (returning home from my daily, either to the post office and store or to the local park, for some reading in the Southern California sun).  And I suppose I am, in a way.  Though not deliberately sought out; like the young man from Massachusetts who drove deep into the forest in Maine one day many years ago and simply abandoned his car and set out on foot, deeper into the crowd of trees, to find some peace and solitude, and lived that way for twenty-seven years.1  My ‘hermitage’ is because I have lived a long life alone, even in an intentional (spiritual) community for many years of it, and am now in my retired twilight years, back in my old home town; which seems to me much like that of the man in Washington irving’s classic tale.2  

And so I do my reading - much of it on the Internet, now - and fretting.  About life.  In particular; and in general.  And as to that: I recently had occasion to remark, via email (I feel that ‘letter-writing’ is a lost art, these fast-food days), to a person who had written an interesting article which she had preceded with a quote - she reported - from Cicero, and to which I responded with the information - i.e., my information - that that quote was, rather, from Cato.3  She was kind enough to write back, clarifying that it was Cicero who had kept that quote alive, of a hundred years before his time, by writing about it in one of his marvelous works.  The exchange, and interaction with a live person on the other end of an article in one of my email newsletters (we got talking - exchanging - briefly as a consequence about Cicero), prompted me, for some inexplicable reason at the time, to go to this town’s Main Library and see if they had the novel about Cicero and his times, by Taylor Caldwell, that I had remembered reading many years ago, during my early manhood, and at a time of awakening more fully to what was going on around me.  And there it was, on their shelves.  Just awaiting some earnest reader like me to chance upon it.  And be moved by it; as only books - well-written books - can do to us.

A pillar of iron.  A man of principle.  A man after my own heart... 

I had totally forgotten most of it.  And all of a sudden, in its early pages, that time in Rome’s life came leaping out of the pages at me.  How extraordinary, I thought; about how a propos it all was to our own time.  The same themes.  Including






I am sick unto death of


It will be ever thus??

Not if I can help it…

As to that.

I hold no malice for no man.  We are all impaled on the crook of our conditioning (and it is our job to deal with it).  But to deny one’s Creator (the classic Unknown God, of even Cicero’s day), in wishing to go one’s own way, and defying The Law arrogantly and obscenely in doing so, is unforgivable; and the result is accordingly.

I do not - will not - consign satanically saturated souls to the Great Central Sun for extinguishment.

They do that to themselves.

And I will continue with my work.

Which is the Work of the Creator Source Who sent me.  

To do just that.

Not my will but Thine be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Simple enough.

Why is it taking us so long to get it???

P.S. My ‘dally’ is not just about the physical exercise of it, but the clearing of one’s mind.  For thoughts to come through with less effort, less obstruction, less ‘static’ in the way.  For example, in today’s daily, the thought came to me that 

‘If not for the length of our telomeres, 
                     there is no reason 
We should not be able to live 
For 800 years
Or longer, even.

Sufficient unto the day
Is it, when
The time comes
For all mere Men.
Which, of course, could include

Of those who rock the cradle
Of civilization.’

And here I was thinking of the ugly likes of War.  Which had hounded us for

damn well

long enough.


1 Until he was finally caught, in stealing food from a weekender cabin. After patently observing the scene for some hours, as was his long-cultivated habit.  Unaware, even then, that a trap had been laid for him. That would bring him joltingly back into our social scene.  
     Michael Finkel has the intriguing story, in his book ‘The Stranger In The Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit,’ based on interviews he had with the elusive quarry, in jail.  
   Why I have this book - which was sent to me by a friend, and which I have barely dipped my feet into, with so much else capturing my immediate attention - is another story.          

2 Though not so’s the recent generations would notice.  I have noticed that there has been a major change in education since my days in that formal institution.  What do they have today, in high schools, to read, as part of their English class experience, and exposure??  I have the feeling that it is all about indoctrination, these dark days.  Not about the joy of reading for the simple pleasure of it.
   But to continue.
   But if I had my way…
   But to continue.

3 The quote being a classic one: ‘Carthage must be destroyed!’  But there was more to the story than that bald statement of it.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Signs Of The Times

from ‘House Freedom Caucus Asks Trump To Order Sessions To End DOJ Obstruction’ - Rick Wells - May 16/17
(The House Freedom Caucus has sent a firmly-drafted letter to Pres. Trump asking him to intercede on the behalf of the American people, via their reps in Congress, and light a fire under AG Sessions.  The OK Corral looms in the dusk.) 

Stan // May 17, 2018 at 1:26 pm // Reply (act. May 16 PDT)
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

One could assume that Rosenstein & Co. are stonewalling on this, not just because they have something to hide about themselves in these records, but because they are attempting to get Pres. Trump to overreact, in frustration and anger, and declare martial law; at which point the NWO Elite would unleash the MSM in a full-frontal assault on him and his administration, unto civil war if necessary to get him out of that position of obstruction to their best-laid plans, so that they can get on with taking this country over, and making it part of their global empire. But Trump may have to declare martial law anyway, to drain the swamp properly. So: Game on, as far as I am concerned. And may the better side win.

Which is the side of the Light. Which has a formidable enemy. But it is only a shadow of the Light. So, guess who wins, in the end.

And in The End.

P.S. And a closing thought for the ‘day’:

from ‘US Education Discriminates Against the Poor and Minorities’ - Dave Hodges - May 15/16
(Hodges, a former college basketball coach, has let his concern for more black Americans not being able to afford to go to college get the better of his rational thinking, in calling the policy of property taxes paying for public education being “racially motivated”.) 

Stan S. May 17, 2018 at 12:13 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I like your articles, Dave, but you are reflexively shooting from the hip on this issue. Public education paid for by property taxes is NOT “racially motivated”. It was the best way that people years ago could think of to pay for education for their kids – to tax the property of property holders in the community who were the people who made up that community. And then the state can help out, to some extent; and the federal government as well, to some extent, since these are the children of U.S. citizens, not just the citizens of their respective states. But to characterize this as “racially motivated” is to play into the hands of those who are attempting to bring this country down.

Stop and think: Your way of thinking would lead to the collectivists’s ‘thinking’ (read, more accurately: cynical argument) that states should not require photo ID cards for the citizenry to vote, because they cost money, and therefore the requirement impacts more heavily on minorities, because the poor have more minorities among their numbers, and so that is a “racially motivated” practice of the state. I say: Hogwash. It is not the INTENT of the requirement. The requirement’s intent is to cut down on voter fraud. This is not a form of discrimination, except as in discriminating between bona fide citizens and non-citizens.

Be careful of your arguments, Dave. They can turn around and bite you in the bum. Especially when there are lots of bums out there, who would love to do just that, to conservatives.

…and there is talk of a possible tsunami hitting the coast of California from the volcanic activity going on in the Hawaiian islands…

Well. There must be some reason that I am here.  Just a block away from the beach………