Tuesday, 15 August 2017

On Having Had Just Enough

It was bad enough when I started being blocked even to be able to access articles on the Rick Wells email site, let alone to be able to make comments on them.  The latter situation could possibly have been due to something that he did, to block me.  (But even from accessing his articles???...That doesn't compute.  So to speak.)  But it has now spread to the World Net Daily site, where i can hardly even just put my cursor on it before things start acting up, in the way of my cursor being frozen, and ads finally coming up except the Reply space that I clicked on, etc. etc.  A totally corrupted site.  So I decided to get this comment posted on my own home site, before even it is blocked from me.

My comment - after a parenthetical comment on the trouble I am having online - has to do with the Charlottesville thing, and what all is behind it.  It seems very clear that what is going on is the last stages of the attempted takeover of the United States, by its destruction into warring factions, for the New World Order crowd to then pick up the pieces, as they attempt to play Global Cop (via the UN), and pretend to be the great Saviors for the world's peoples (and supplanting the Western civilization of the 'whites' in doing so).1

All of this late-stages stuff having triggered the reactive response of posts like mine, especially recently.  But, first things first.

I saw what is going down now in spades coming a long time ago, when I discovered, from the Alumni magazine that I was receiving briefly, that my alma mater, Stanford, had discontinued teaching Western Civ - with its emphasis on the Individual (i.e., the rights of the individual, under a rule of law), as over against the counter system of the Collective: the power of the state (and a superior class therein) to rule, and control the individual to within an inch of his/her life - as a required course for all Freshmen.  The argument, as I recall, was something along the lines that, because Stanford gets students from all over the world, they didn't want to impose that cultural perspective on all students.  So they took it out...

Now let's say that some statist revolutionaries wanted to take down the United States, as a major block to their plans for world supremacy.  How could they best do that??  Well, they could foment strife between the blacks and the whites, for a start.  That would be a good, natural, built-in one.  (Which the Communists in fact did set out to do.  And have continued to do.  The collapse of the former Soviet Union to the contrary notwithstanding.  The Idea is still present and accounted for.)  And they could flood the country with other 'people of color'.  (From the likes of fomenting strife in the Middle East, and slipping 'refugees' into the country from those areas via that device.)  And another, competing religion.  (And especially the latter. For cultural breakdown.  And since it would be a steppingstone to doing away with religion altogether, ultimately.  In their atheistic, and totalitarian, to say police state, utopia.)   How to do those things, besides the recent 'fomenting breakdown in the Middle East' card being played?  Well, opening the southern border to seasonal workers from Mexico and Central America would do, for a start; and then, quietly, do away with the 'seasonal' part of the deal, and have them come in permanently.  Legally.  And illegally.  Along with an increased immigration program. Which means that you would need to start controlling the country's bureaucracy, which sets and administers regulations. But not to worry.  Piece of cake, to dedicated revolutionaries.

Same as getting into other positions of power. Like - oh, say, mayors of towns and cities.  And governors of states.  And their councils and legislatures.  And judgeships.  Important piece of the picture, that one.  How to do all that?  By superior organizing.  And, of course: money.  Which talks big time.  And oh yes - which brings up the the need to control the nation's money supply.  But again: Piece of cake.  Old stuff, to seasoned revolutionaries, and subversives.

You see where I am going with this.

To the likes of Charlottesville.

Get the Southern good old boys riled up about taking away 'their' statues and dedicated parks.  Help them organize a rally against their mayor's (deliberately intentioned) move.  Pay for an anti-'demonstration' mob to be there, too.  Keep the policing of the event on a low (to non-existent) profile.   And entice the counter-group even further - say, with planted provocateurs - to go for it.

A little mayhem never hurt anybody.

Especially when it fits your playbook.  And advances your agenda...And oh - make sure that you get their guns.  Can't take them over with all those guns in their hands.  So, devise events to create a climate for gun-grabbing.........2

So.  This is all-out war, folks.  After a period of softening-up.  Mostly via the university 'institution'.  But particularly with the aid of the mainstream media 'institution'.3 (A la the Gramscian playbook, regarding how for Communist revolutionaries to come into power.  With patience.)  But let's be clear about something.

This is not really about 'white supremacy' vs. 'progressivism'.  This is about the rise of populism - aka nationalism; aka patriotism; and including people of all races, creeds, and colors (the famous American Melting Pot) - under Trump, vs. the NWO's (elaborate) plans for takeover, first of this country - on their way to takeover of the planet - and their need - anticipated need - to nip this reaction, to their best-laid plans, in the bud.  In a classic move to head off the anticipated 'reaction' to the revolution, and subversion, of the Marxists.

 Aka cannon fodder.  Who are the witting or unwitting tools of the real perps, behind the scenes.

The true fascists of this scenario.  The corporate-government complex.

And the perps behind even them.

Some very evil characters indeed.

All of whom are going down.

Because this is my country.  And I won't stand for it.

Nor will a lot of other incarnate souls aka American patriots.  Who are mad as hell about what is happening to their country.  And won't stand for it/take it anymore, either.


The attempted takeover of, first, this nation - built on the principle of the sovereignty of the Individual; the crowning achievement of Western Civilization - and then, by way of that accomplishment, the takeover of the planet, by and for the Dark side.

In The Play of History; the last Act unfolding before our very eyes.  As a thesis-antithesis face-off stage of the Process unfolds now into

the final Synthesis.

A world kingdom, alright.

Just not of the Dark side.

I, for one, having had quite enough of that side's rule on this planet, thank you very much.

To say:

No thanks.  And:

Off you go, then.

You played your part.

And you will have an opportunity to release your part. And come over to the Light side.

At the Curtain.

Your.  Choice.

To join in the move into a New World with the rest of us.

Full of Light.  And Love.

Not deceit.  And trickery.  And subjugation. (Of the Power Over variety.)  And all those lower-consciousness qualities.

Any.  Longer.

We're going


Like it.

Or not.

Because - actually -

you helped bring it about.

In the way these things play out.  To





1 As for Charlottesville, and similar
   Attempts to 'get even with whitey':
   Do not give in to violence - that is
   To say, reward it - or violence
                          will win the day
   And keep coming back for more
   And more, to satisfy
                            its lust for power
   That way.  Which is to say:

2 As much as I personally detest the idea of guns (Come on, folks; We Are All One.  Remember?), I accept that people living in a 3D consciousness reality have a basic right to self-defense, for themselves, their families, and their chosen government.
   And I can hardly wait until we move beyond this level of consciousness, and can do away with them, permanently.  And that's not going to happen with some Marxian 'withering away of the state' wishful-thinking utopian dream, of Man being 'naturally' a noble being, without the spiritual component to his being. Without which, simply from his ape/higher mammal template, life is a matter of being red in tooth and claw.
   As my esteemed ancestor observed: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  And as Thomas Jefferson echoed him, in effect:  "In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

3 And how could the mainstream media - except for the CIA members in it; who are just doing their (long planned-for) thing - be so completely in the tank for all this crap that they are spouting, if it weren't for large sums of money being handed out??  They can't all be that brainwashed, as to actually believe what they are saying, like robots.  Yes, many of them are, indeed, 'liberals'.  But so many, and in such lockstep???
   The Stepford Wives, the lot of them.  Or simply flat-out prostitutes.


P.S. Hypocrisy reigns...

from wnd.com: ‘Monumental Shift’- WND Poll - August 15
(Other Confederate monuments coming under attack, in the wake of Charlottesville…)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 15)

This isn't about 'white supremacy'. This is about Marxist indoctrination. About totalitarian mentality's takeover of thought. Purge history of everything, and start at Year One, a la Pol Pot.

The far leftists should recall his outcome.

from wnd.com: ‘The Big List: U.S. Epidemic Of Endangered Monuments’ - Liam Clancy and Chelsea Schilling - August 15 
(“A nationwide effort is underway to remove Confederate statues and symbols from government grounds across America.
In dozens of cities across the U.S., activists are vandalizing and toppling Confederate monuments and symbols. They’re also pushing for cities, counties and states to destroy or relocate statues dating back more than a hundred years…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 15)

It's up to the voters of the town what goes on in their town. How dare anyone abrogate their rights, and the rule of law.

Live by the rule of law. Or die by suicide.

Monday, 14 August 2017

On The Rule Of Law

In my last blog I didn't mean to minimize 'the rule of law' - the role of the rule of law, in what we are engaged in.  Quite the contrary.  It is crucial for you to understand:

If you can't or don't live by the rule of law, then you won't be able to to make it in the higher realms, and you will have to be left behind, until you can, and do.  Because that is The Law.

Every level, of consciousness - of 'living' awareness - lives by The Law.  The Creation is (all Creations are) made up of laws.  And discovering them - let alone living by them - is part of the initiatory process into their realms.

Your choice.

As always.


Who am I?  Why am I here?  (What is my role in all this??)

I don't know, precisely.  I'm operating just on a Need to Know basis.  I'm not in charge of this operation.  I'm just here to do what I came here to do.  The gist of which - i..e., at a minimum - is to help shepherd you lot through to the next level, or two.  As many of you as can make the grade, this Time around.  This harvesting around.  This winnowing around.  In a successful conclusion to this Operation.  As successful as possible.

In the spiritual community where I lived for many years, before this last stage of the Operation (call it Operation Harvesting, for lack of any better title to it), I called myself, to them, their Elder Brother.  (I was older than most of them, at the least.)

Close enough, I would think.

Good enough, I would say.*

Come join us, for the last leg of this journey in 3D consciousness.  You'll be glad you did.  It is, after all, the point of The Process.

Which is certainly not to get stuck in it.

But -

 as I say:

Your choice.

You will have no one to blame but yourself.  If you miss the boat to

the higher realms.

Just waiting for You.

To inherit your birthright.


* I AM not of the very highest realm, I can tell you that, for certain.  I still get very angry at people - incarnate souls - who try to con other incarnate souls, and do other bad things to other incarnate souls - instead of having compassion for them, for 'knowing not what they do,' so to speak.  So I still have a ways to go yet.
     Am with you - am one of you - am One of Us; part of The All That Is - on
     The Path.
     (N.B. My anger perhaps a genetic-trait carryover from one of my more illustrious ancestors, John Adams; who, according to his Wikipedia biography, had an "inborn contentiousness".
     But that, of course, is the sort of trait that it took at the time, to stand against the arrogance of the British king, and his government.
     As for that general subject, of the founding of this country: Yes, many of the Founders were slaveholders; being men of their time.  But that is not the all of it.  Because that is not the whole of it.
     To those who would attempt today to make it 'the whole of it,' I say:
     Beware.  God does not suffer fools gladly.
     As the Law of Karma attests to.)

Sunday, 13 August 2017

On Being Hopelessly Compromised

  The Inability To
Unscramble Eggs

I used to think that we needed first to ‘get back to’ the Constitutiion, and only then could we move forward into the New Day, just waiting for us to inherit it, having learned our lessons the hard way.  But I have had second thoughts about that item on our Things To Do list.  For, what would it take to ‘get back to it’ - and to what version of it precisely???

I am feeling like the character that Charlton Heston portrayed in the film ‘Planet of the Apes’ when he discovered what Roddy McDowell, one of said apes, knew he was going to find out at some point: that the planet this astronaut had landed on, after a period of hibernation in his craft to withstand his journey into space, was his own, in his future, with the Statue of Liberty having toppled into the water, and the apes having taken over.

Why the feeling?  Because I had never realized that the Constitution was quite as tattered and tarnished as it has become over the years since its inception, until I just began reading a book, authored by two constitutional experts (Thomas E. Woods Jr. and Keith R.C. Guzman), entitled ‘Who Killed The Constitution?’1  The gist of it: We have been living in a charade all this time - all the way back even to the time that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were presidents.2  

Even some online lecture series’s sponsored by Hillsdale College never prepared me for the Full Monty - the shock of this full eye-opener.    

Example.  ‘Roads and Highways.’

I had vaguely assumed that the subject had something to do with the Commerce Clause,3 in aiding commerce between the states, and keeping tabs on its safety, etc..  But Madison indicates that that ‘broad construction’ was not the intention of the constitutional Framers; which he made very clear in his printed remarks vetoing such a proposed Bill (i.e,, for the federal Congress to finance roads, bridges, and canals).  Let me let the authors of this important book tell the story.

They open by quoting Madison: “I am constrained by the insuperable difficulty I feel in reconciling the bill with the Constitution of the United States to return it with that objection to the House of Representatives in which it originated.”  Why?  As Madison put it, “The legislative powers vested in Congress are specified  and enumerated [my emphases] in the eighth section of the first article of the Constitution, and it does not appear that the power proposed to be exercised by the bill is among the enumerated powers, or that it falls by any just interpretation within the power to make laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution those or other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States.”

"In plain English, Madison was saying that Congress had only a few powers.  Those powers, his contemporaries knew, were listed in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.  The power to build roads, bridges, and canals was not among them…Thus, Congress did not have the power to appropriate money for the construction of ‘internal improvements’ projects.

“Madison had heard the argument that the Commerce Clause…gave Congress the power to finance roads, bridges, and canals.  He would have none of it.  ‘“The power to regulate commerce among the several States” can not include a power to construct roads and canals…without a latitude of construction departing from the ordinary import of the terms…’

“Perhaps the most significant passage in Madison’s veto message came as he considered the idea that the General Welfare Clause provided Congress with power to fund roads and canals.  Taking up the more general question of how the grants of power to Congress in Article I, Section 8 were to be read, he wrote, ’To refer the power in question to the clause “to provide for the common defense and general welfare” would be contrary to the established and consistent rules of interpretation, as rendering the special and careful enumeration of powers which follow the clause nugatory and improper.’  His point was that since the Constitution provided a list of specific congressional powers, it followed that Congress must not have a general power to do whatever it wanted to do.  It would have made no sense for the Constitutional authors to say, ‘Congress may do a, b, and c, plus whatever it wants…”  (pp. 75-6)

Just so.    
Let it be noted that Madison was not against such a grant of power to the federal government per se.  He - precisely like Jefferson, sitting in the same Executive seat a few years before him - simply wanted it to be done the correct way: by constitutional amendment.4  No wishy-washy, ‘broad construction’ crap: playing games with the Constitution. As though it were “just a damn piece of paper”.  

As it has become - largely - in our day.  Something simply to play with.

By deviously minded characters.  In 

The Play.

That we have been engaged in.

Long enough.

And so; in sum:

The Constitution has come to mean whatever those in power at any given time want it to mean.  

A hopelessly compromised situation.

So, I say: 


And I will take over now.   And lead us beyond this rough patch.  And into the light of

a - the - 

New Day.

And we will just have to accept this as an exercise in what happens when you try to do things simply on your own - and even with the best of intentions, to start with - without sufficient regard to the Larger Picture.  

Of which you are a part.  

Not arrogantly the whole.

At least,

not yet.

And just so, we move on.

Having learned our lessons.

Or at least, having been confronted with them.

To see how we do.

To pass The Test.

The Ring Pass Not.

Ascension (out of this mess), anyone else???…


1 I checked it out to check on my take on the 14th Amendment, as I expressed it in a recent blog (titled ‘On Living By The Rule Of Law.  Or Not’; 8 August), with a constitutional scholar - the expert interviewed on an email audio that occasioned my blog; the subject of the interview being ’The Incorporation Doctrine’.  Prof. Gutzman has written a number of books on the Constitution, and this is the one that I found in the Main Library in my home town. 

2 James Madison - the very ‘Father of the Constitution,’ no less!!
   And I thought the charade that voting has become in this country was bad…

3 “The Congress shall have Power: To…regulate Commerce…among the several States…” (Art. I, Sect. 8)

4 A notion that was still carrying on at least into the early years of the 20th century, when, in 1919, the (18th) Amendment, to prohibit the “transportation, sale, or transportation of” alcohol, was ratified (and repealed by the 21st Amendment in 1933).  And amendments have continued to this day.
   In one form or another…reading on:


P.S. And the further I read in this book, the angrier I get; how FDR basically stole the public's gold in the 1930s, and thereby debased the currency; and on, and on, and on.
     The Constitution has become - especially since the '30s - a piece of fluff and dross; hardly worth the paper it's written on.  (So George W. Bush was very close to the truth after all, when he characterized it - as I quoted above - as "just a damn piece of paper".  And treated it as such.)  The edifice that has been constructed on it is a scam, a sham; a fake, a fraud, a farce; an illusion, a delusion.  Precisely like the voting system has become in this country.
     So much for the rule of law...
     We need to come out of the dark of this institution into which we have been sentenced by venal people - politicians and judges alike, and their cronies in the MSM.  And move into the Light of a - the - New Day.
     We're going into a New Era anyway.  Qualitatively different.  An Era of Abundance.  Not lack.
     And certainly, not criminality.
     The likes of which we have certainly had enough of.  In our 3D, low-consciousness  attempts at self-governance.
     Time to come from a higher place.
     In ourselves.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

On Enticements

The big enticement in our times, for Americans, was, of course, Pearl Harbor; whereby FDR and his administration cronies enticed Japan into 'firing the first shot,' after playing a game with them regarding scrap metal in particular, I believe it was.  No matter the details; the deed was done.  And much suffering ensued.  But some people came out of the 'deal' smelling like roses.  In their nostrils.  And, of course, it was all a step towards, ultimately, world government: their ultimate prize.  But to countinue

And before Pearl Harbor there was The Depression.  Brought on deliberately, in the Roaring Twenties, in order to create a big bubble, that, when burst, left some people picking up the pieces at bargain basement prices.  Again, this 'money' thing.

And then there has been: the public announcement by the U.S. Secretary of State at the time, Dean Acheson, that South Korea was 'beyond our sphere of influence,' which enticed the North Koreans into war on that peninsula (a nice bundle of money on that deal, and very ongoing); and then the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that never was (and was that ever a nice deal; not only in its length of moneymaking time, but in selling to both sides of the 'conflict'); and then the announcement to Saddam Hussein, by the envoy of our Secretary of State at that time, James Baker, that the U.S. had 'no opinion' on Iraq's quarrel with Kuwait, which bit of 'statesmanship' opened the door for the first Gulf War.  And do I really need to go on??  But let me round the litany of deceit off with the Pearl Harbor of our time:

9/11.  Which opened the door, not only to big moneymaking in the subsequent wars.  But to the creation of a major Police State in the U.S.  Ongoing to this day - and growing.  And, even with a change in administration towards one of America First (rather than of 'the New World Order' first), it would appear to have taken on a life of its own, to the point of not being able to be stopped.

Except.  Except......

Listen up, you naive Lefties:

You are being had.  Not by admirable people, in your eyes.   But by mountebanks.

Imposters.  Leading you into a death trap.  With the sound of 'banks' a key to the whole shebang...

The bottom line:

'Money' is behind all the crap that has been going on on the planet, for a very long time.  But a special kind of money.

Interest-bearing money.  Which technique has changed money from being simply a convenient medium of exchange - a means to that end, of, that is, the exchange of goods and services.  But into an end in itself.  And the accumulation of as much of it as possible.  For people having lost sight of the basic fact:

That interest-bearing money is simply a concept.  That is to say: It is all in our minds.

Change the concept.  Change the outcome.

The outcome, of booms and busts, booms and busts, booms and busts.  Most people getting worse off for the concept (because of the debt incurred, with Money as Debt).  Some making off like bandits.

An apt description.

I am saying, that all we have to do, is change the concept.  Back to its original intent, of money as a convenient medium of exchange.  A means to that end.

And result: there will be enough of most things for everybody. And those things that there cannot be enough of for everybody, can be dealt with by a simple 'concept' of credits and debits.  One gets certain credits for contributing goods or services to the System, and incurs debits for availing themselves of others' goods and services.  And it can all be administered via computerization.

The Dark side of this sort of operation is what the New World Order is all about: attempting to trap the world into their web, of deceit, and malevolence.

But there is nothing wrong in principle with the concept.

It just depends on whose hands it is in.

What their motive is.

For a certain 'side' in this matter, the motive is power and control.  Power Over.  Power Over Others, is their thinking.

Whereas, the thinking from the side of the Light, is Power With.  And Within.

With Others.  Rather than Over Others.  Because the Light side is the side that understands that

We Are All One.

And so, as One does to Others, so does One do to Oneself.

Wake up.  And make the right choice, naive Leftist.

And if you do,

all else will be added unto you.

The Right way.

Now, how is that for an enticement???

And then, we get to the point where we can do away with 'money' altogether.  Since we will have developed our innate abilities - as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'; as - in a word: Creators - to create whatever we want.  And then.  And then.  And then...

The sky's the limit.

And only so to speak.

Got your attention yet???

For The Record

from thecommonsenseshow.com - article dated August 10, posted on August 11 - by Ethan Huff of Natural News:

"(Natural News) Controversy has erupted across social media after Twitter suspended the account of a user named “Nicole Mincey” who President Trump re-tweeted on August 5, thanking her for tweeting words of adulation about his presidency. Trump supporters claim that the removal of Mincey’s account by Twitter is a blatant act of censorship, which would seem to follow the trend of Google, Facebook and many others that have done the same thing over the past year.
"And now, YouTube has just demonetized 95% of the videos of “Diamond and Silk,”two African-American Trump supporters who gained fame in the 2016 election for their entertaining and energetic videos in support of Donald Trump. The message from the alt-left “techno tyrants” is very clear: Any who support Trump will be discriminated against, censored and silenced into oblivion..."
Because we are at war.
I came across something earlier today (Friday) that I didn't know about.  It came from reading about the memo that the NSC guy who was fired by Pres. Trump's NSC advisor, Gen. H.R. McMaster, sent that got him canned, in which he summarized what is going on, from his perspective (and well summarized, to my thinking): that Trump was the victim of a Marxist strategy in general, and Maoist strategy in particular: the formation of a 'counter-state,' for political warfare; a classic Maoist maneuver for seizing state power.* 
So, we're talking about a Maoist strategy for takeover, here.
It pays to know your enemy...
Now listen closely, all you wannabe revolutionaries:
This is a federal constitutional republic.  The federal government is a creation (some would say that has morphed into a creature) of the (sovereign) states.  The states have their state constitutional powers; the federal government has only those powers delegated to it by the states.  Aka enumerated powers.  (Which are "few and defined," in the rather authoritative words of the man widely known/accepted as 'the Father of the Constitution,' James Madison.)  Why do I mention this, draw your attention to this fact?
Because to conquer this nation, you will have to do far more than just capture it at the top, in a coup attempt.  And I assure you, that would be a very messy business.
A very messy business indeed.
A word to the wise.
There is also a little matter going on of the New World Order mob's attempts to weaken the United States - for its overthrow by them - by cynically initiating secession movements among some of the states.  Some of those movements have been fueled by unhappiness with extreme dictatorial/'regulatory' measures initiated by the federal government, under such a would-be tyrant as (the Usurper) Obama.  Those concerns would be abating under Trump, who wants to Make America Great Again - not tear it down.  So the nation would stand strong against such takeover attempts.  However, there is the little matter of California. and its CalExit initiative.  
Which is a bit of a long story.  And I won't go into that here.  All that I will say at this point is that California is not going anywhere on its own.
It is a member of the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America.  And it is functioning under a contractual agreement.  Which it will be held to.
The rule of law not having disappeared entirely from the scene.              
And the New World Order mob would just, please,
go to hell.
And take your attempts at censorship with you.
And all the other measures that you have been engaged in.  In your attempt to take over this country.
Ain't going to happen.
And you can take that to the bank.
Which will be going through their own changes of best-laid plans, as part of the general elimination of tyranny on this planet.
And its coming into its own.
As being ruled over by
the Light.
Not the Dark.
Any.  More. 
* which includes the Marxist 'attack narrative' of PC: calling the enemy names, like racist, sexist, xenophobic, in order to "foster intolerance of the right and toleration of all things leftist".  Trump, then, is "a threat to the cultural Marxist memes that describe the prevailing cultural narratives."


...And speaking of the New World Order mob; and the extent of their reach:

from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Hillary Plea Deal Offer Exposes Sessions As a Deep State Operative’ - Dave Hodges - August 11

Stan August 12, 2017 at 1:41 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I think that we the public need to wake up to something that has been going on for a very long time in American politics. And that is all the money that sloshes around in D.C.  Stop and think. The Federal Reserve, which has control over the printing presses of our money (and its supply), has never been audited. (A terrible oversight, regarding our laws. Obviously bought and paid for.) Thus, there is a huge amount of money available to bribe and extort pols. (I remember reading somewhere where Paul Ryan got a multimillion-dollar payout for pushing the TPP, e.g., as did some other pols.)

Plus, Sessions knows that he is on Trump’s naughty list, and might be fired at any time. So, given all that money sloshing around – [and especially] including from the Clinton Foundation – and Sessions’s concerns about his future, he might well have been turned.

Just sayin’. And not that I like to think it. Jeff seems like a good man. But for the DOJ under his control to offer Hillary such a plea bargain, with all that she is guilty of, is just simply obscene.

Friday, 11 August 2017

On The Chain Of Command

So I understand that sufficient evidence is in now to be able to conclude with a certainty that widespread fraud is going on in the country, both as to voter fraud and electoral fraud in general; the latter category in particular as regards to the hackable (in a number of ingenious ways) electronic voting machines employed (which would appear to be little more than the programmed slot machines in a casino).

This is a monstrous state of affairs.

It must not stand.

It will not stand.

I expect the forces of Light to start doing their job - to set things to rights, in this particular area especially - any time now.  And that would include arresting and holding for trial,*, not just with the immediate overseers of this scammy operation - i.e.,  the county supervisors of the electoral procedures (and their underlings).  But their seniors in the chain of command in their respective states.  Which goes, ultimately, up to the secretary of state.  And his/her superior: the governor.

The county supervisors of the electoral procedures in their states are only complicit in the crime.  The crime itself has been committed by those senior in the chain of command.

All, now,


Mess with my country, you won't.

Ah.  But I am just an old man.

Framing my dreams.

Of a better world.

Starting with my country.

Of which I am

a citizen.

Where the buck really stops.

In our form of government.

On which the whole edifice relies.

P.S. And I know our potential power.  As creators.  Fully.
     Once we wake up to our full powers.


* and that to be no longer a judicial system operating under Maritime/Admiralty Law. But Natural Law.  American Common Law.
   As this nation returns to its proper roots, in the proper Republic that it was created to operate under.
   Under the rule of law.  Which ultimately is its Constitution.
   Stripped of all the barnacles that it has collected along the way.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Course In Miracles

‘What a mess…

‘I leave you alone for a short while, and look at what you get up to.’

‘We’re sorry, Sir.  We won’t do it again.’

‘I’ll say you won’t.  It’s time to move up to the next grade, anyway.  Come on.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘You’ll see.  I don’t want to spoil it for you.  You’re spoiled enough as it is.’

‘As I was saying, Sir,  - ‘

‘I know, I know.  Excuses, excuses  Well, that’s free will for you.  But no longer.’

‘Why is that, Sir?’

‘Because where you’re going, Son, we live by The Law.  What you’ve been in training for.  And now that we’ve separated the sheep from the goats - now that you have separated your wheat from your chaff, in your particular Class - things will go better from here on in.’

‘To where, Sir?’

‘You’ll see.  All in good time.’

‘…It all sounds…kind of…harsh, Sir.  “The law,” and all.’

‘It isn’t, actually.  It’s very simple.  And it’s The Way you progress.  From here on in.’

‘You’ve got me vey curious now, Sir.  Could you give me - us - a bit of a hint, as to where we’re going?’

‘Okay.  You’ll find out soon enough, anyway.

‘To Unity, Son.  To Unity.’

‘Unity.  With…’

‘With The All That Is, Son.  With The All.  That.  Is.’

‘…It sounds rather…’



‘It is.  But you’ll make it.’

‘How can you be so sure of that, Sir?  Given what a mess we’ve made of our space, and all.’

‘Par for the course, Son.  Par for the course.  All part of the point.’

‘Which is…’  

‘To gain experience.  And the wisdom that comes from it.’

‘All right.  I can see that…And yet.  And yet…’

‘And yet, how can I be so sure that you will make it?’



‘you’re made of good stock.

‘And you’ve made it this far.

'Remember the winnowing process, Son.

'The winnowing Process.  With its Law of Karma.'

'Ah. "The Law".  I see.'

'I knew you would, Son.  In

'The End.'

' - But just one more quick thing, Sir.'

'What's that, Son.'

'What happens to those of us who are the goats.  The chaff.'

'Well, I'll let you in on a little secret there, Son.  It can't hurt The Process now.

'You see, some of them are just playing a part.  You know; the karmic thing.  And they'll come over to the Light side, once they realize that, and renounce the Dark side, in that light.'

'You say, 'some' of them.  And the rest?'

'Ah.  Well; for those lost souls;

'believe me;

'You don't want to know, Son.'


'Because they are not only not long for this world.

'They are not long.


'End of





'The Law


'The Law.'

''I see.  And you either live by it.  Or...'

'You don't.'

'Got it.'