Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Disturbing Trends - but Necessary??

At a time when I am trying to get my community (what has been called 'the Essene community of the New Age') to (a) become aware of the need for humanity to think outside of the box and move to a moneyless system,* and help bring about that more desirable state of affairs; and (b) do so by recognising our collective need to move up in our Christ consciousness to a level in which to anchor the new, I note some very disturbing trends. On the same day - today - I came across four news stories out of my home country that, shall we say, do not augur well.

The first had to do with an Executive Order that Obama** was going to, and subsequently did, sign into being (I hesitate to say 'sign into law' because that's part of the problem) that affected the outcome of the congressional vote on what is called Obamacare. It had to do with a promise - made to secure some necessary votes for the bill itself - to eliminate the use of federal funds for abortions. The upshot of the process was that it is not going to be able to deliver the goods; which suspicious parties in the matter said was going to be the case. The details don't matter; the issue around 'executive orders' - independent of the representatives of The People, in the legislative branch of government - is what matters. Which brings us to

The second story, being about another E.O. that created/creates a 'Rural Council' in the U.S., which curiously has heads of major federal government bodies on it; the Dept. of Homeland Security and so forth and so on and on. The upshot: this is a central planning agency, run out of the executive branch of government (the presidency), that can control all aspects of life in the 'rural' country; including telling farmers what they can grow and what not, what they can use water for and what not, etc etc. In short: It is an application of what is called Agenda 21, wherein the UN can take over centralized control of the world's resources, and regulate people to within an inch of their lives. And to verify that this isn't just 'conspiracy theory', we come to

The third story, which reports that both houses of Congress just passed legislation that allows the Administration (the executive branch of government) to bring the military into the domestic sphere if the president or his minions in that branch of government merely declare someone to be a 'terrorist'. And to indicate how 'liberal' that definition can be, we come to

The fourth and last story, wherein it is reported that anyone who stocks up a minimum of 7 days of food 'illegally' can be considered a potential terrorist - in concert with legislation to make of the American mainland a 'war zone', whereby mere citizens, resisting in various ways the takeover, can become 'enemy combatants', and be carted off to imprisonment (and even outside the country) without due process of law.***

I would like to think that I was making this all up. But I am not.

Our erstwhile Masters are moving stealthily, steadily, consistently now, to set up conditions for (a) an 'incident', in order to (b) invoke wartime laws in the U.S. allowing the executive to declare Martial Law, including the suspending of the Constitution.

What TPTB have been striving for for years. Decades. Even longer. In order to bring the U.S. under the control of their New World Order, and the imposition of a police state, covering the whole world. -

Which, now, drives the civilizational process up to the global level. Which, now, allows for a global response to their best-laid plans. And the moving, now, into the final, Synthesis stage of that process - unbeknownst to them: the enthronement of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Or - short of the final stage: its opposite.

What they have been planning, scheming for. Not realising that they have been used, in the larger scheme of things, to bring the whole exercise to a head.

The exercise in allowing Man free will.

In part for him to see, and learn, what happens when you separate yourself from your Source.

You wander in the wilderness of your making. Trying to use the power of an incipient God without the wisdom to go with it. Until you realise that you are lost. Terribly lost. And decide, then - of your own free will - to return to the house of your Father.

Who has been waiting patiently for your return. And brings out the fatted calf upon that occasion.

These errant souls have had their day in the sun. It's now time for The Return.

And souls like me are here to help expedite that return.

But even I - who understand the purpose for it all - have to shake my head sometimes, at the cruelty, and greed, of such lost souls, and their lack of awareness.

But I, and we, also face our learning edge, in the matter. To wit:

Would we have it any other way?

Would we force souls to be 'good'?

And the answer - after all is said and done?

An understanding No.

A sometimes begrudging No, for the insolence of such wayward souls, and the damage wreaked on other humans, and the Earth (a live being in its own right).

But also the ultimate understanding, that that quality is inside of us as well.

For We Are All One.

And we have promises to keep. And miles to go before we sleep. And miles to go before we sleep.


* because of various signs of the times. Not only the imminent collapse of the western monetary system, but such harbingers of the need for such a collapse as a number of articles in this past Sunday's London Times; among them such headers as: 'Sick bring own nurses into NHS wards' (the UK health system is in dire need of medical attention, as it can't keep up any decent level of cleaning standards & nursing care in its hospitals, from cost-cutting exercises and hubristic training attitudes); 'Drinks firms 'too close' to health bosses' (ie, the control of government oversight groups & committees by the very corporate entities that they are supposed to regulate); 'Investors must rein in bosses' soaring pay' (we all know what that story is about: CEOs are gobbling up huge pay packets while the system is sinking, and us mere peasants are hurting).

** I do not call him President, because there is considerable evidence that he is not, and was never, eligible for that particular office; which is also part of the problem these days, when the 'rule of law' is being subverted left, right and centre.

*** And speaking of food: part of this whole process has been the surreptitious control of the food supply, whereby Monsanto is trying, in cahoots with their buddies in government, to impose its 'terminator genes' on the world populace, whereby farmers will have to buy their seeds from a centralized source, and thus be under the total control of our Overlords.
It's also part and parcel of the move, via the Codex Alimentarius project, to control the food supplement industry, so that people will not be able to have much of an escape from the centrally controlled food sources. This is all part of the Agenda 21 project, for population control, and culling. Getting rid of millions of people, who are 'surplus to requirements' of the NWO. Also known to our erstwhile Masters as 'useless eaters'.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Dying - And Re-igniting - of the Light

A friend of mine is dying of cancer. Not a close friend; but a friend nevertheless. And his Facebook page is asking for comments on his birthday at the same time.

What does one say, at a time like this...

Most of his other Friends give general comments of 'sending healing energy your way', and peace and love and support. One of his Friends 'tells it like it is', and tells him that, now that hope has gone (a 'Hail Mary' operation didn't manage to position a feeding tube into his stomach accurately, and next steps are being considered. One suspects the worst, and that his doctors know that; and this sober-eyed Friend knows that too), he should accept that this life is over for him, and rejoice that he is returning to Oneness, from which we have all come.

Well; yes. And. And...

Questions. Has everything possible been done. Has there been anything left out of the equation, of life on one side and death on the other; including his own thoughts on the subject. His sense of readiness to move on. Has he wrapped up this lifetime properly...

I make some general comment, too. And realize that I am hesitant to say what I might have said, had I been as honest as that other Friend, who gave him the benefit of his or her thinking on the subject, of life and What's it all about, Alfie, and left him to have to deal with that cosmic philosophy at this particular time. I think I might have said something like, 'May all be as highly and as best as it can be". Which I wish for humanity as a whole, too. But does one really want to hear such a thought, at a time like this, in one's life, approaching possible extinction??

Would I want to hear such a thing when my turn comes to head back to the barn?

I think so. But we'll see, when that time comes for me.*

But I have another confession to make, besides thinking of such stray thoughts at a time like this, in the closing-down lifeline of a friend.

I'm angry. Renewed anger, at the blockage of various treatments for cancer that has occurred in western medicine, because of what can - with complete justification, in my considered opinion - be called the medical-pharmaceutical complex. Or more accurately: the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex. All occasioned by one factor in life: the profit motive, of the interest-bearing money system.** But even that isn't the major anger that I am feeling at this time. I have to confess that most of my emotional body is involved in another subject; that the mention of the 'government' role in this particular disgraceful state of affairs alludes to. And that is - at the same temporal time as the approaching death of a friend - the hijacking of the American form of government - and of that specific Republic - that is going on.

Has been going on. But is particularly going on, under the current president of the United States; whom there is every good reason to believe is a usurper.

And that subject REALLY makes me angry.

My anger towards that activity is so deep that it makes me feel as though I might well have been one of the Founding Fathers of the American experiment in self-government; it is as though it is a personal insult.

And even more. It is as though I identify so strongly with the Christ consciousness within me - the energy that helped raise that nation up, to do a major job of consciousness-raising in the world (developing an attitude of personal/self-responsibility, under neither king nor church, nor other despot) - that it is even more of an insult than just having been previously one of the Founding Fathers could be an explanation for. I am so incensed by what is going on in that arena of human activity that it is as though 'they' are hijacking MY country. My highest dream for humanity.

What am I talking about, specifically.

I am talking specifically about some articles in the current issue (well, at least in the mail over to the UK) of a bi-weekly magazine called The New American.***

Item; with the header 'Obama Just 'Can't Wait' to be King: "Expressing his frustration with Congress' failure to pass his American Jobs Act and other initiatives, Obama told a Nevada audience on October 24: 'We can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won't act, I will.' [Oh-oh...]

"Put simply, Obama's chosen means of circumventing the legislative process is to issue executive orders and other directives - at least one per week for the remainder of the year, aides said...The President is supposed to execute the law, not legislate..." (emphasis in original)

Item: headed 'TSA Stages Highway Searches': "First it was airports. Then it was bus and train stations. Now, under the Transportation Security Administration's Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program, even the highways aren't safe from the TSA's prying eyes and probing fingers...

"The searches, of course, are a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, which requires government agents to obtain a warrant based 'upon probable cause' prior to searching a person's 'houses, papers, and effects.' No warrants had been issued; and none of the trucks, buses, drivers, or passengers was suspected of any wrongdoing..."

Item, headed 'Court Dismissal of Arizona's Suit Against the Federal Government': "It is but the latest chapter in a story that Arizonans know all too well: the federal government ignores its constitutional and statutory duty to secure the border..."

I'll cut to the chase here. What is going on in America is the executive branch's arrogation of power over The People - and the Congress's reluctance to rein the executive in. Why the latter aspect of what's going on? Because both political parties are in on the attempted change of government in America; want more power from their particular political perspective.

It all goes way back, but was heightened under Bush W., and is being carried on under Obama, and is all taking place because of the set-up War on Terror, putting the federal government on an 'emergency powers' footing; under which Obama can declare in his actions the same declaration that Hitler made in the rise of Nazism, that: "I am the law."

The hell you are. And there's every good reason to believe that you're not eligible for that particular position to boot.

The particular position of the presidency of the United States of America. An honored and honorable, special position; being besmirched by Men on a Mission. The Mission: to take down the United States and its Constitution, in order to blend it into a North American Union (NAU), one region of a number, being craftily developed to usher in the power elite's New World Order; whereby they plan on controlling humanity to within an inch of their little lives, as serfs to the all-powerful State.

Not on my watch you won't, gang.

Not with My people.

The American federal government is running rampant, with the Executive branch becoming a law unto itself. It is an unseemly state of affairs. And it must stop.

I know how to stop it. But it will take the people of the Unites States to start taking action like many peoples around the world are these days, to throw off their oppressive regimes, and claim their day in the sun - claim their self-responsibility; just as happened in the American Revolution against the power of the King of England to reign over them.

It is deja vu all over again.

My scenario? For The People, Assembled to stage a March on Washington, and demand that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama+ either release all his bona fides (and explain the apparent forgery of both the short-form and long-form birth certificates that he has authorised to be released; also to explain a purloined Social Security number that he has used and is using; and the list of anomalies goes on, about this mystery person lifted up to the highest office in the land) or vacate the office forthwith; with The People then to declare an Officer of The People (as allowed for in the Constitution) to occupy the office in an interregnum, until new elections can be held 'within a time certain' (say 90 days); said Officer to dissolve Congress, for not exercising its constitutional duty in this matter, of the takeover of the executive branch of government on its watch, and also to clean the Augean stables of the executive branch, from its having been filled with the likes of representatives of the corporate world, who have taken over the federal agencies that are supposed to have been regulating their activities.

What a corrupt institution this has become, the federal government of the United States of America.

Well; no more.

The game is over.

Hopefully, we have learned our lessons, about needing to take responsibility for ourselves.

In any event: It's time to move on. And usher in a new day under the sun.

Wherein we become as One.

Just like the Friend of my friend, dying of cancer, told him to prepare for. And accept.

Ready or not.

But to become ready.

Because it was his next step.

As this one is ours.

Before we die of the cancer that has been eating at us, for a long time.

Long enough, now.

In forced separation from our Source.

To learn lessons.

And then move on.

The stronger - more aware; of Self, and each Other - for the experience.

Knowing - finally really getting - that there is, in point of actual fact, no Other.

That We Are All One.

And All Is One.

And therefore, 'we' never need to send to know for whom the bell tolls.


* Personally I hope someone reads aloud the XVIIth Meditation of John Donne, 'Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions'. That's pretty close to my philosophy of life.

** Eliminate the profit motive, and you eliminate all manner of ills in society; and we can get to a more true reflection of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. But that's a line of thought that I don't want to go down at this time. I have another one I want to harp on. Read on.

*** It is the magazine of a political information organisation called the John Birch Society; which has the reputation of being a 'far-right' organisation, but which label is misleading, leading some 'leftists' to consider it 'fascist', when it is in reality the antithesis of any 'ism', except Americanism. 'Birchers' believe in 'less government, more responsibility, and, with God's help, a better world'. Fascists - like their totalitarian partners, the socialists/communists over on the Left - believe in big government, running the whole show. For the better good of humanity, of course. Although they cannot both be right, in that belief. And in fact, neither of those extremes is. But to continue with this particular thread.

+ There is, amongst other serious questions regarding him, questions regarding his real name.
What a deceptive enterprise this has been...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Message to OWS/Occupy Together

OWS: 'Occupy Wall Street to Obama: Don't Be Big Banks' Puppet; No Immunity Deal for Crooks' (5/11)

kibitzer November 6

Go for real change, OWS. Build on your non-violent base, and refusal to be painted into a simple left-wing box; ie, expecting to find a solution on the same level as the problem.

Now that the historical process has gone global, humanity can enthrone their better natures. The answer to the current dilemma - and to its systemic roots - is to do away with interest-bearing money altogether. (We don't REALLY want the moneychangers running the world, do we??)

All people need, to give to a system of their time and labor, is a motive. The profit motive is one; and its concomitant reward in personal aggrandizement. But it's only one motive; and a relatively rudimentary one at that. Hardly befitting of a mature race of beings, with, now, a good level of technology, capable of providing enough, in goods and services, for all, with a proper husbanding of resources.

And the socialist model is also one, of producing 'for use, not for profit'. And it would seem to be a more sensible system, especially now, with the capitalist system's need for constant growth placing such a terrible burden on the planet's resources, and causing so much environmental havoc, with its insatiable need for markets and such, like a bicycler pedaling furiously in order to keep upright. But 'been there; done that': the socialist system has been found wanting every place it has been tried. Why?

Because it has been wedded to a command and control system of governance - organization, and power wielding, from the top down. Not the bottom up; from The People. And not with a sufficient take on the 'human nature thing'. Treating the human being merely as a 'clever mammal' (or worse: as a 'killer ape', and so needing to be controlled strenuously).

I've got a better idea. How about treating us humans as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. And thus, with a higher part of our natures, just waiting to be harnessed, to produce a system wherein The People share their goods and services - and give of their best in the process - out of a higher motive for doing. Out of the highest there is: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning. So that the system runs on, in a word: Love.

Oh! - but that would require...what. Believing in a religion? No. Just accepting our fundamental nature, as - in an expression - 'not of this world'. 'This world' being just one realm, one dimension, of possibly many; as our modern-day scientists are telling us, about 'the nature of reality' - as accurately as they can, at least, with their current set of instruments, and level of deductive reasoning.

I'm not asking anybody to 'believe' in anything. I'm asking everybody to wake up, and realize that we have been involved in a play, wherein 'we' take on many parts - now a prince, now a pauper; now male, now female; now of one race or nationality or religion, now another - in order to...what.

To grow up. In wisdom, and compassion. And now we're ready for graduate school; on lovely old, beleaguered old, planet Earth. Now asking of us our best.

It's a crowning moment. Let's take it. And good on you, OWS, for helping us do so. [get there]

(2) To:

[N.B. This site has a very uncompromising take on a socialistic model - not just a system without money, and everything held in common, but work being purely voluntary.]

kibitzer 7/11

Thank you, Gus, for setting up this forum. These are important questions, that need to be considered, especially with the straits that the world is in these days. Consideration of alternatives is a legitimate exercise.

My two cents' worth. (1) I see the society of the future as having tokens representing value - 'it' can even be called money; just not in the classical definition, ie, of interest-bearing money. Rather, more like a LETS system - for services rendered to the system; so that individuals can accumulate those tokens towards 'purchase' of things that by their nature are not available to everybody; eg, a beachfront property in Southern California*. (Although I like your idea of time sharing; in some of these sorts of situations.) People can spend their tokens any way they wish to. But this requires them to give service for services rendered to them in return. The system runs on Love; but practical Love. (Loafers need not apply.) And speaking of:

(2) Such a system can't/won't take place in a moral vacuum. The trouble with classical socialism is that it doesn't provide any real reason for people to be 'good'. In its rejection of 'religion' it throws the baby out with the bathwater. The reason why it will/could work is by offering a motive other than/greater than the current one of profit. Just offering a feel-good reason - wouldn't it be nice if people were nice to each other, and would do all things for each other - doesn't cut it. Either there is a purpose to the whole shebang of life, or there is not. If there is not - ie, nothing to life beyond just in and for itself only - then nothing really matters anyway, and we are simply wasting our time discussing such what-ifs. (The killer ape will, eventually, rule, in that vacuum.) If there is, however, then certain things follow. It follows, for one thing, that we have a legitimate, and intelligent, and powerful, motive for human behavior and activity; and thus the system will - could - work on the definitive motive of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. On, in a word: Love.

Now THAT sort of society could - would - work. Absent that real reason for being - that there is a Plan in and Purpose to life, beyond just a state of human comfort - I really wouldn't hold out much hope for your proposed society. That one really would be Utopian - ie, not "viable". And I don't wish you well on the waste of time devoted to its promulgation. Except as a point of consideration, in getting to the real thing - the true Synthesis of the historical process that humanity has been engaged in. Which is just waiting for us to get to it.

So let's get to it. [As in: enough beating around the burning bush.]

[* which had been referenced in his reply to a poster, as a question regarding how to deal with such things]

A few points, especially regarding (2) above.

+ TINA - There Is No Alternative - is not alive and well any longer. So the greedy money grubbers - worshipping at the altar of Mammon - can just put their smirks away.

+ I can't emphasise enough what key element the 'alternative' - the change - requires: a raising of consciousness, beyond the current level of consciousness. Gus, and others advocating a socialistic model, seem to think that the prospect of a cushy life is reason enough for it to work. They seem not to be fully aware of the extent of 'human nature' in any such a model, sans a real reason for being. This attitude seems to be due to an educational system that has inculcated the idea in its students that most things are essentially 'nurture' in nature - environmentally induced and encoded. Thus the feminist belief that there is no real difference in the sexes; and thus the Marxist-Leninist belief in The New Soviet Man. If only. (I'll return to this matter of our 'human nature', and its full extent, in a moment.) Somewhat similar to this point, but taking it a step further:

+ I can't emphasise enough how important a full, complete understanding of 'life' is to a successful transformation into a new model of society on Earth.
I repeat: Either there is a 'God' - something more than Man; a transcendent aspect to Man - or there is not. If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might as well live exclusively for oneself (& one's family) - independent of the effect of that pursuit on others - as not; for the end of the closed system of life can, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed evolutionary advantage to a certain degree of cooperation, or whatever. If there is, however, then certain things follow. It follows, for one area of consideration, that there is Plan in and Purpose to the life experience - and it would behoove us to find out what that Plan and Purpose package is. That's number one. And number two: If there is, then we need to stop being silly - caught up in, mesmerized by, the play we are in - have created, to amuse ourselves; like a video game - and start 'acting' as if it were indeed true. Not as if it were not, as we are doing at present. And have done, for long enough.

In 1976 - the year I joined a spiritual community; to try to further the evolution of consciousness on this planet as best I could (and to be with like-minded others in the process) - Zecharia Sitchin had his first book on the origins of civilization on the planet published. It was - is - called 'The 12th Planet', and it chronicled, from the records left behind by the civilization we know as Sumer, the story of our beginnings as Homo sapiens.* It was the Missing Link, for me, and for science - if 'they' had bothered checking it out. But 'they' were too involved in playing their parts in the human drama, to understand that that was all that they were doing. We have suffered enough, from 'their' oversight.**

It is the missing piece to our story on this planet. We had already known about the phenomenon we call reincarnation - and have added immensely to that knowledge in the years since I personally first came across it in depth, in my research on such matters in the New York Public Library in 1955-56. But we hadn't known, except for the account in Genesis in the Old Testament - which seems rather fairytale-like - of our human origins. How did our souls - our individuated sparks of Divinity, growing in consciousness through lifetimes after lifetimes (and accruing and discharging karma in the process) - get encased in these bodies that we inhabit for a time, on this material level of existence?? Yes, we COULD have started as one-celled organisms, and worked our way up through all the kingdoms of Nature, to this particular state of individuation; but there was something tantalizing in the Genesis account of our origins, that leaped us from such lowly beginnings, to the form we are in now. Yes, the model has aspects of being a 'clever mammal' - and yes, has the capacity, the potential, of being a 'killer ape'. But it was obvious that we were more, much more, than that...

I won't belabour the point. I am just saying that, left alone with our material vehicle, and having lost contact with our transcendent aspect, we could, and will, do terrible things, as we play the parts of territorial apes - but always with that other consciousness lurking in the background of our being; telling us - nagging us - that what we are doing, more often than not, is wrong.

It's time to let that part of our makeup - our 'human nature' - come to the fore, and take over. Acknowledging our true Source.

That we come, not only from the earth, and from the stars. But beyond.


* The story of that unfolding, in a nutshell, in Sitchin's own words:
"I was a schoolboy, privileged to study the Bible in its original language, Hebrew. We reached the story of the Great Flood in the book of Genesis, where it is stated that it was at that time that the Nefilim were upon the Earth, who went on to marry the daughters of Man. The teacher explained that the story speaks of giants who were then upon the Earth. I raised my hand and pointed out that the word literally meant those who have descended, who have come down (in the context) from the heavens to Earth. For that, instead of being complimented, I was reprimanded. 'You don't question the Bible!' the teacher roared..."
Ah. We have been fighting that battle for a long time. The battle with our teachers; who are the experts, and who are we, the pupils, to question them???
Vanity. It will kill us yet.
(Hopefully not.)

** 'They', of course, are just 'us', playing a different part. A different facet of 'us'. 'We' being one another. Over and over. Until 'we' get, that We Are One. And become One again, with our Source.
Which We already Are. The little 'we' just has a ways to go, yet.
But 'we' are getting there...

(the quote of Sitchin's from 'Of Heaven and Earth: Essays Presented at the First Sitchin Studies Day. Introduced and Edited by Zecharia Sitchin.' The Book Tree, Escondido, CA; 1996)

Friday, 4 November 2011

On Christianity

Some reflections on this subject triggered by a blog on a 'liberal' billboard apparently mistakingly quoting Jefferson on the subject of Christianity. (Who, it would appear from the historical record, 'believed' in the moral precepts of 'Christ', but not the magical bits of the story; going so far as to cut-and-paste his own, 'Jefferson Bible'.)

Godfather Politics: 'Atheist Group Misquotes Jefferson on Billboard' - Da Tagliare 2/11

kibitzer3 3/11 [my comment to Brama]

"The scriptures" have not stood the test of centuries, Brama. When I started studying this matter seriously over 50 years ago - "this matter" of Christianity in particular and religions in general - I came across considerable research pointing to weaknesses in all the 'stories'. But the average person doesn't read research books. The carrying culture carries the day, all too often. A shame. That attitude needs to change. That is what The Enlightenment was supposed to be all about: science and reason would prevail. As it should. And I don't refer to dogmatic science. That is as bad as the Catholic Church trying to hold back the impulse to Truth (about the workings of the solar system). Which should be behind all of our human actions. And as it works its way through the stonework of many accepted beliefs, it will uncover an ultimate Truth: well expressed by a son of the Catholic Church, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in his observation that "we are spiritual beings having a human experience". That truth, that awareness, we can ALL rally around. Or should. The times cry out for that common understanding, of what life is all about. All else is secondary, or man-made.

[my 2nd reply (ie, after my initial comment) to Brama] 3/11

I mean no disrespect, Brama. As a seeker of truth, I keep an open mind, and I see that you have read a fair amount in this matter, and I fully support those who don't take a set of beliefs purely on face value. In that spirit, I encourage you to inspect your premises further regarding the NT - and the OT also, for that matter; but for right now, we're talking about the truth, or not, of the NT, as an historical record of actual events. And a true seeker of truth will soon find that there is considerable evidence that the NT is a mishmash of material that bears little resemblance to historical truth. Or Truth itself.

For example. In our day and age, we have had the benefit of considerable evidence for the truth of reincarnation, ie, our souls experience lifetimes until we 'get it right' - clear our karma, so that we can move on in the higher realms. I fully accept the Case for a Creator, based on hard evidence; and that evidence would lead one to conclude, logically, that behind the whole shebang of life is a Plan, and Purpose; and that all could logically lead one to conclude that the best descriptive quality to give to what is behind all that would be, in a word, Love. All deductible, based on evidence. [deducible]

Religions are about beliefs. We need to move beyond beliefs, into the realm of facts. And the truth shall set us free.

Incidentally, as to your comment about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: his wise observations led him to make this comment as well: "Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, humanity will have discovered fire." It was in 1934 that he was inspired to write this. He wrote it for our day and age. We are about to ignite the world with the fire of Love; those energies to be harnessed to show ourselves what magic we can perform in the name of Truth - the Truth that we can all believe in, regardless of our various religions and political ideologies. It's a grand time to be alive, and bear witness to this conflagration in the human heart; leaving the old gods behind.

[my reply to Mark] 3/11

With all due respect for your reading of the historical process, Mark, I read that record a different way. I read it as having brought us (actually, where we have brought ourselves; and I DO mean 'us') to the point in time where and when we can leave the old forms - of all kinds - behind, and create a society wherein we share our goods and services with one [an]other, and give of our best in the process, out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning (see my reply to Brama above). Thus we are at a peak point of our process, of human life on Earth; learning to live in and by Love. And anyone who has really studied history could well know this.

Incidentally, the name 'kibitzer' really doesn't have to do with being a deceiver. It has to do with lobbing in sometimes unwanted advice - what is sometimes taken as 'unwanted'. Aka [known as] a bit of a troublemaker, at times. Somebody who stirs up the pot. Anyway, that is my tongue-in-cheek take on it, and what I mean by its use. [unasked for advice]

[my 3rd reply to Brama] 4/11

First of all, re my 'a mishmash of material' comment:

What the world knows as ‘Christianity’ has been an elaborate con job, a hoax apparently mostly on the part of Saul of Tarsus. (Who may also have been the Jewish historian Josephus, according to the research of one Ralph Ellis, correlating the curious similarities between their two life stories. But that’s another story.) It was based on a feature of the day, regarding itinerant preachers (called presbyters), who told elaborate and fanciful tales of nonsense to the gullible, for a livelihood. Examples in the record. There WAS an historical figure at the time, that the later Christian church was based on; but he apparently had very little resemblance to the image worshipped by later 'believers'.

Read the likes of Ralph Ellis and Tony Bushby, in our day. (As to the latter: his ‘The Bible Fraud’, ‘The Secret in the Bible’, and ‘The Crucifixion of Truth’; the first of which contains the quote, from Pope Leo X: “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us”.) In the day of my early research into the murky origins of this religion, it was the work in particular of some German scholars, whose research into the literature led them to the same conclusion as these more modern-day researchers: that ‘Christianity’ was based on various fables of the time, about fertility gods (like Tammuz), and such; being buried in a tomb (of the earth) for three days, and then resurrecting; etc etc.

As a kibitzer, I’m an irritant to the people concentrating on playing the game (of illusory reality) right in front of their eyes. ‘My mind’s made up - don’t confuse me with the facts.’ But we need to be confused - confounded - with the facts. Life needs to move on, to a proper conclusion, in celebration of the Most High - of our Source, Who gave us the wherewithal in which to move and live and have our separate being - ie, the realm of free will - in order ultimately to choose to return to the house of our Father.

At which point we become One [fully] again with that loving Source. Loving, and as you say: Holy.

(Read more: Atheist Group Misquotes Jefferson on Billboard | Godfather Politics

N.B. On this subject: Many ears ago now I spent some hours in a bookshop in London (Covent Garden) reading a book about Paul, particularly how he 'went off to Arabia' and came back with his 'take' on the 'Jesus' story. I don't recall what caused him to be so inspired in the first place. And I know, from some books on the Essenes, that he was in basic conflict with the brother of Jesus about all this. But that's all another story, too.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

And the drama continues...

People, people...You still have your eyes so glued to what is going on on the stage of life that you can't see it for what it is; that it is a drama, taking place on a stage. A very real-looking stage, but a stage nevertheless. And you are so caught up in your current parts that you can't see, and feel, that that is all that they are: current parts, in this ongoing drama, taking place on planet Earth. Where people have been killing people, and hurting 'others', long enough. For lack of understanding what the play is all about. Well, it's time to break the spell, and see things clearly for what they are. Including our - seemingly - separate selves.

I have worked up a couple of one-page essays, or blogs, on this subject. The first:

We Are One Another

The main thing we need to look at in our time is who we are in relation to each other. We Are One Another. We are playing parts, over and over again, until we ‘get it right’ - work out our karma towards each other, and then move on. Thus, today’s prince is tomorrow’s pauper, and so on; lifetime after lifetime.

Which brings up the concept of a Plan. Which brings up also the concept of a Purpose.

Consider. Either there is a ‘God’ - something more than Man - or there is not. If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might as well live exclusively for oneself, independent of the effect of that pursuit on others, as not; for the end of the closed system of life could, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed evolutionary advantage in working in cooperation with others, or whatever. If there is, however, then certain things follow. Among them are the above-named qualities: Plan in and Purpose to life. Which gives it ultimate meaning.

We are now faced with this fact, and ultimate decision. My message to humanity:

You are living life as if there were no God - nothing more than Man. This is silly. You are living a lie. We need to start living on this lovely but beleaguered planet as if there were something more than Man. As there is plenty of evidence to attest to. In which case, we can have - make - a major change in how we live our lives. A major change in the form of our society; which we call our ‘economies’. And the key change in that evolutionary process is to do away with money.

At least, money as we have known it; for long enough. For too long, now, considering what is going in our day and age, when we are experiencing, in spades, the truth of the observation that capitalism contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Its ‘internal contradictions,’ in the words and tenets of Karl Marx. Who had a pretty good ‘take’ on the this matter, of economics and social structures. He just didn’t carry his analysis of civilizational development far enough, is all; stopped short of the real capstone to the pyramid of human endeavour.

Which is the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Just waiting in the wings, for us to inherit it.

What will that take? Recognition. Of the time. And of our true, to say higher, selves. Yes, we have, as part of our natures, that of being a ‘clever mammal’. And we are more, much more, than that. As identified nicely in the expression: ‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

I am not happy that people are not living up to their potential. Come on, people. We have work to do, to transform this planet into a Garden of Eden; where we recognise who and what we truly are. Have that knowledge; and act accordingly.


So what do we do now, practically? No. 2:


What now. It’s very simple. ‘It’ - our direction - is based on the premise that life has Purpose and that Purpose is Good. That life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only. And therein you have the only motive you need for people to share their goods and services with one another, and give of their best in doing so: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

Is there any evidence for the validity of this premise? Indeed there is. Not only in the intimations of a spiritual nature over the centuries in individuals’ experiences, but in the highly evidential reports of such as NDEs and OBEs - proving, or at least indicating, that there is a component of Mind separate from the brain - and especially in people’s (including children) experiences of the truth of what is called reincarnation: people’s awarenesses of previous lives, that some part of them has experienced. And thus the proof of Plan in and Purpose to the life experience. There is intrinsically in that phenomenon a Plan; and the Purpose can easily be inferred: for the individuals to grow in consciousness from their experiences, and choices. Ultimately, I would submit, to ‘grow’ back into Oneness; to Unity; the better for the experience. Better in the sense of having experienced its opposite, of autonomy.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. And let’s get to work, to bring a better world into being. A world predicated on the premise that we are all One. Coming back into our basic Oneness from our sojourn in separation. In individuation. In exploring Choice.

In terms of the classic story: the Prodigal Son, returning to the house of his Father. A mighty cause for celebration. And then taking their next steps, together, as a united entity.

And by entering into this New Order of the Ages - which entails, and requires, the giving up of money as it has been known, with its concomitant motivating force of the making of something called a profit - we leave the lower grades of the school of life behind, and head more singlemindedly towards graduation. Which is, after all, the point of the exercise.

Not the whole point. Obviously, part of the point is the experience itself, and the richness of awareness to be gained in the classroom. But at some point in the individuated consciousness that is the present You, that proves to be mere illusion; essentially, a distraction. At which point, of gained consciousness, the only thing that will be of true satisfaction is the returning Home; and the leaving of the realm of play-acting behind.

For the real, essential Thing-in-Itself.

Not the Creation. But the Creator; and Oneness with the All That Is. In a permanent state of Bliss. Where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt.


I read the work of some 'futurists', who seem to be enamoured of the idea of 'immortality' - of material-level longevity. That is not to understand the nature of the exercise. The exercise is to grow in consciousness; and then move on. Not stay stuck in the cloak of skin, that currently houses us. It is simply that in which we currently move and live and have our being. It is our home away from home. Earth herself is our home away from home.

It's time to break the spell, and return to our true home; having done our home work. And thereby having grown back into Unity, from separation.

Been there. Done that. Ultimately unsatisfying. Come on, folks. Let's get with the programme. We've caused ourselves enough pain, to last a lifetime. Or to say: lifetimes. On the wheel of rebirth. It's time to get off it. Not get off on it.

Tempus fugit.