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And the Beat Goes On...

1) from 'Empire Striking Back: GOP Gearing Up For War Against Tea Party' - Mark Home - Oct. 25

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  • blacksunshine84 Earl P. Holt III 13 hours ago

  • Ted Cruz won't admit that he is ineligible to be POTUS. That makes him part of the problem.
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  • Earl P. Holt III blacksunshine84 13 hours ago

  • If an illegal alien and communist can be President, then ANYBODY can...

  • Did you know that Obama has spent $3 Million in legal fees to prevent the release of his student transcripts from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law, probably because he engaged in several of thousands of felonies he's committed by applying as a Foreign Student...???

  • I'm gonna bet you didn't know: They don't call you people "Low Information Voters" for nothing...
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    • kibitzer3 Earl P. Holt III a minute ago  [early Oct. 26]

    • Earl, you are firing at the wrong target. I don't know how so many presumed patriots have this matter so wrong (I say 'presumed', because many of you may well be trolls), but it's time that at least PATRIOTS got this matter right:

    • The term 'natural born citizen' was put in the Constitution by its Framers as a qualification for the office of the presidency - and that particular office ONLY - so that the candidate, who would also become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, would not have DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES - like a DUAL CITIZEN would. That being because the term meant to the Framers - and still means; there has never been any amendment to the contrary - a person born on the soil (or its equivalent; like a military base) of U.S. citizen parents - PLURAL. Got it?? NO DUAL CITIZENS.

    • The clincher of that intention of the Framers (as I say: for that particular office ONLY) is that Alexander Hamilton proposed that the presidential candidate need be only a 'citizen' - and his proposal WAS REJECTED.

    • Some leftists have tried to argue that the term only rules out a 'naturalized' citizen; all other citizens being 'natural born'. That is a nonsense. Stop and think: A DUAL citizen would have even MORE of the taint of DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES about him or her than a NATURALIZED citizen would - thus defeating the whole PURPOSE of the exercise. (See Mario Apuzzo and/or Prof. Herb Titus on the legalities of this issue.)

    • Come ON, Patriots. Wake up and smell the truth of the matter: that we have had a USURPER in the Oval Office for the past two terms - and are about to lose our country to the socialists amongst us, because we have trusted that the Republican Party would have let 'us' know if Obama were ineligible for the office. Wakey wakey: the Republican Party HAS BEEN IN ON THE SCAM. How do I know? A good indication: Both parties tried a total of 8 times between 2003 and 2008 to get a constitutional amendment starting through Congress on this very issue, to make it easier for both their parties' candidates in the future - and they failed even to get them out of committee every time (the committee reps obviously figuring that it would be too difficult an issue to get all the way through the amending process). So it is rather obvious that they colluded in a quid pro quo deal: We won't say anything about your candidate if you won't say anything about ours. And thus have both main political parties sealed their fate, as too corrupt to be allowed to continue. 

    • It's time that the nation got back to the rule of law; meaning the Constitution, as it was drafted and has been (legally) amended. And THAT'S what Patriot types should be working for. Not trying to make two wrongs make a right. So that's why I say: Come ON. Tempus fugit.
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                             kibitzer3 kibitzer3 a few seconds ago
  •                         −
                              P.S. "And thus have both main political parties sealed their fate, as too corrupt to be allowed to continue." What do i mean by that, precisely? Precisely this:
                              The Democrat Party, having committed a heinous crime against the Constitution, for swearing Barack H. Obama to be an eligible candidate for the office of the president, needs to be dismantled; and the Republican party, having colluded in the crime, needs to suffer the same fate. The People reframing themselves in new political constructs.
                              It's time to get real about this matter, folks. Or the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America is doomed.
                              AT YOUR HANDS. For not being up to the job, that Fate presented you with.



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    • blacksunshine84 Earl P. Holt III 13 hours ago

    • Keep it up and you will lose AGAIN in 2016 because me and millions like me will not vote for an ineligible candidate.
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      • Earl P. Holt III blacksunshine84 13 hours ago

      • What expertise do you have in concluding that he is Constitutionally ineligible? I'm betting he's gonna make a very good argument that he IS, in fact eligible.

      • My impression is that both parents were American citizens, although they moved to Canada at some point.

      • As to losing the Constitution: Are you kidding? The only thing left is the Second Amendment, or they would have sent us to the Gulag years ago...
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    • blacksunshine84 Earl P. Holt III 13 hours ago

    • And you're wrong. I do know about 0webama's fraud. Two wrongs won't make a right. We'll just lose our constitution.
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2) from 'Empire Striking Back: GOP Gearing Up For War Against Tea Party' - Mark Home - Oct. 25   (Part 2: Oct. 26)

(Responding to my P.S. of very early this morning, Oct. 26)

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  • Earl P. Holt III kibitzer3 13 hours ago (Oct. 26)

  • As they lead you off to the American equivalent of the Gulag during a Hillary Clinton Presidency -- or perhaps an Obama 3rd Term -- just remember that you are responsible for your own predicament, because you refused to vote for the best Presidential candidate since George Washington, owing to your obsession with a minor technicality which may not be as clear-cut as you suggest...
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    • Earl P. Holt III Earl P. Holt III 12 hours ago

      After the Battle of First Manassas, if the South had pursued fleeing Yankees all the way into Washington, they could have seized and imprisoned Lincoln and his entire Cabinet, and then sued for Peace on very attractive terms. It would have saved 650,000 lives, and ended the war at that point.

    • We did not pursue the enemy back to Washington because of a preoccupation with "chivalric" notions that the war was an "invasion" by the North, and that we made no claims on northern soil. Our chivalry was rewarded with Sherman's March and his "total" warfare against the civilian populations of the South.

    • When one is in a fight for his life -- and his very existence is threatened -- it is best not to be OVERLY-SCRUPULOUS about minor technicalities..
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      • kibitzer3 Earl P. Holt III a few seconds ago  [evening of Oct. 26]

      • Earl, your take on "a minor technicality" is precisely the take on the matter that the Democrats will try to use when the proverbial you-know-what hits the proverbial you-know-what, with the proof that Obama signed off on a forged document; all of which is felonious in its own right, sufficient for him to be dismissed from the office even without the need for formal impeachment proceedings. The Democrats will bleat about "minor technicalities," once we start going down that sort of road. The road that leads to perdition, for getting into compromised territory. This is the Constitution that we are talking about. Not "just a damn piece of paper," as another recent wannabe tyrant tried to make it out to be.

      • And now we're getting down to the gist of the matter. For, just as the Democrat Party is guilty of crimes, so is the Republican Party. And not just in going along/colluding with the Democrat Party in this crime against the rule of law in the country - i.e., the Constitution. But in its office holders (and their NeoCon acolytes) having been involved with the atrocity against the nation known as 9/11; which facts are beginning to come out as well. That is why I say it's time for a clean sweep of the criminals in and of both major political parties - and of the parties themselves, as accessories to the facts of the crimes that have been committed on their respective watches.

      • And that's how the nation will get behind this action: because it involves both sides of the political aisle, in corruption, and outright criminal activity. Thus, both Republicans and Democrats - along with others of The People - should be involved in a March on Washington, to a) dissolve Congress, for not doing its constitutional duty in regards to the rogue Usurper in the highest office in the land; b) stay there - in shifts - surrounding the White House until the Usurper relinquishes his throne; and c) appoint an Officer of The People, to call for elections to be held 'within a time certain,' and in the meantime, to clean out the Executive branch of the federal government of its termites - from both the left side AND the right side of politics (both Parties being guilty of infesting that branch with its representatives involved in partisan skullduggery).

      • For the Truth of things MUST be honored. The Truth of ALL things. Before we can proceed from this major watershed point.

      • Not a "minor" one at all.
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      • (Also responding to my P.S. of very early this morning, Oct. 26)
      • Don39 kibitzer3 9 hours ago
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      • Yes ,but we have the parties and they are all at this point, so the question is what do we do about it? Until the majority is convinced that they have been betrayed they will not get behind any effort to make a rapid and drastic change assuming enough that really care are left to do so.The best chance we have it appears to me is to hope that the current regime makes a fatal mistake which will spur the majority to action. I think that we are at that kindling point with Obamacare at this time and the next major looming opportunity may be with forced amnesty, or a combination of the two. Our best hope to await the striking of the critical match and be prepared to act when the match is struck! I believe that the insidious cancer that has captured our nation can only be cured by radical surgery at this point!

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      • kibitzer3 Don39 a few seconds ago   [minutes after my comment above to Earl; Oct. 26]
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      • Don39, you're actually making my point. See my reply to Earl that I have just posted. It's watershed time. It's not just a matter of waiting for a "kindling point with Obamacare," and/or a move by the Dems (and weak- kneed Repubs) to "forced amnesty, or a combination of the two." We must take this bull by the horns - honorable Democrats on the one 'horn', and honorable (not just in it for themselves) Republicans on the other. The fate of the nation is at stake, as a federal constitutional Republic - NOT a tool, or plaything, of totalitarians, from either side of the political aisle.
      • "Affairs are now soul size," the playwright said; continuing: "We are engaged in exploration into God." Not petty partisan politics. Much more is at stake than that. We are being called on to reach higher, much higher, than that.
      • Far too many patriots look on this issue of Obama's ineligibility as "a minor technicality". How foolishly shortsighted. If a part of the Constitution goes - and such an incredibly important part of it, at that - so goes the Constitution itself. It will, indeed, become "just a damn piece of paper". And with it, goes the last, best hope of mankind - to understand the point, and value, of a nation governing itself, with the individuals as the sovereign. Not Royalty nor Church nor Oligarchy nor Despot. But The People, living their lives free from undue coercion, under the rule of law - of limited government.
      • The Constitution must live. Or The People will perish.


2) (same site, next day)

Earl P. Holt III  kibitzer3 
Please indicate who or what is an "honorable Democrat," and where the latter might be found:
I have searched in vain since Scoop Jackson died and Bill Proxmire retired...

    • Thanks for the chuckle, Earl. In my lexicon, that means any Democrat who wants representation in Congress for 'the little guy' - Main Street as opposed to Wall Street fat cats, as it were - not in the way of creating a dependency class, but simply for a voice in the halls of government, in a two-party system. Or more; meaning not a totalitarian system. Like the Democrat Party is slowly moving the nation towards now, in its takeover by its far Left wing, under the aegis of Usurper Marxist whatever-his-real-name-is. So, to that extent, I take your point…
      P.S. I'm almost sorry that you were so civil in your comeback to my comment. I had a neat retort already planned out. Maybe circumstances will still afford me the opportunity.  :-)


    Friday, 25 October 2013

    Beyond 'Ozymandias' Obama

    I've had it with people - U.S. citizens in particular - screwing with my country, beyond just the studied indifference a major portion of the public is playing to the crucial issue of Obama's ineligibility for the office that he is dishonoring by his presence in it.1

    Let's take illegal aliens.  And no, let's not take them.  For they are illegals.  A fact which seems to have escaped the attention of many leading Republicans, besides the usual suspects on the Left.2  The main sticking point - besides the fundamental ones of their having jumped the immigration queue (and so should not be rewarded for their illegal act in and of itself, one, and two, especially while good potential law-abiding citizens are patiently doing the right thing, by waiting their turn in line), and being both a drain on the American taxpayers (housing, education, food stamps, health care) and unfair competition for jobs, especially at a time of massive unemployment of our own citizenry3 - is the one of the children of illegals.

    I am very clear about this matter.  Listen carefully, that you either quote me or paraphrase my position accurately.  (If - of course - you are so inclined.)

    Which is, that their parents should have thought of their children's potential fate when they brought them here - or had them here - illegally.  'Potential': meaning when, or if, the truth of the law of the land prevailed.

    Which it is about to.  For this matter goes to the very heart of the matter of incarnation in this realm of free will: that individuals need to learn the primary lesson of taking responsibility for their actions.  That includes the effect of their actions on their children.  

    They ALL need to get in line with all the other prospective immigrants, who are doing the right thing by waiting their turn.

    Illegals want to come here and work (and collect the goodies that the nation, both federal and state, has irresponsibly provided them)?  That's fine.  But they need to come through the front door to do it.

    Neither they nor their children should be rewarded for their illegal actions.  That would be to reward both law-breaking and arrogance - a haughty manner.

    And we have seen where that leaves The Arrogant Ones amongst us, in the end.

    As for the report of some countries not wanting their citizens back who entered this country illegally: That's too bad.  They are your citizens: You have to take responsibility for them, whether you like it or not.  

    America is not a dumping ground.  (Anymore than it can be a borderless haven for the world's economic refugees.)

    Let the message be clear: All nations, and the citizens of all nations, need to learn the lesson of living by the rule of law.  If you want to change the law, do it; but do it legally, not by subterfuge.  And: unless it is a law put in place illegally, say by tyrants, who gained their positions illegally.  

    We are here to serve Truth.  Not Untruth.

    And the next message I have is in particular, but not exclusively, to other nations:4

    Don't mess with America.  Or you will experience the consequences of your actions.  

    As we clean up the consequences of - take responsibility for - ours.

    And once we have all learned these fundamental lessons

    we can release the whole experience of nations

    and move into the real New World Order.

    Not the counterfeit one that our erstwhile Masters have tried for generations to corral us in.  By way of compulsion.  Of Force.

    Rather than by way of Love.

    The only Way it is ever going to work.

    For being in alignment with both Love and Truth. 

    The Purpose of the whole exercise.  in experiencing free will.  

    And returning to our Source through the same doorway. 

    Not attempting the process by the back one.

    Of Untruth.

    Such prestidigitators need not apply.  

    Should apply their cleverness in other ways.  

    While waiting for the next Round, of immigrants, into the kingdom of Heaven.

    Who qualify.  By virtue of their energy signature.  

    Which separates the sheep from the goats.

    The winners.

    From the losers.  Clearly needing a little more seasoning.  In a place of Time, and seasons.

    While the rest of us get on with it.


    The Purpose - as I say; but feel it fitting and helpful to emphasize - of the whole exercise.

    Gaining our re-entry.

    Your turn.


    Or not???



    1 Fools.  Don't you understand that you have no protection from tyranny if you compromise the Constitution?  That act destroys the rule of law in the nation.  Without which: Anything Goes.  Which is precisely what TPTB want.  The Powers behind both sides of the political aisle.  As it currently stands.    
         As for those timid souls who are averting their eyes to the trashing of the Constitution by the installing by deception of an ineligible candidate in the Oval Office - the most powerful office in the world, actually. As things currently stand - for fear of the potential for 'unrest' - let's call it accurately: for violence - in the country by Obama supporters, and primarily black Americans, if the Truth of the matter is pressed by patriot types (not all of whom are staunch constitutionalists; which is part of the problem of the moment), I stand in amazement at your attitude.  For one thing: Can't you imagine the level of violence that is going to be visited upon the nation by the backlash to The Usurper's attempt to convert America into a socialist state?, by the 'patriots' that he and his acolytes are already trying to paint with various epithets and marginalize as 'domestic terrorists,' as they prepare for the expected counter-revolution to their slow-action putsch for power??  For another: You are being as racist as they come, for painting black Americans as so hopelessly stupid that they can't understand facts when they are spelled out clearly to them; in this case, the ineligibility for the office of their half-black hero; who has turned out to have feet old clay.  (Legs, more precisely.)  
         Stop being cowards, Americans, and face up to the Truth of the matter.  You have an historical mission to perform; a Destiny to fulfill.  Fulfill it.  Or stand in eternal shame: a failure, not only in the eyes of others.  But of yourself.  Your higher Self.  When reviewing this episode on your learning path.
         As you will.  
         As will we all.  As do we all.  Between every incarnation.  Before going back into the arena of free will; and seeing what we are made of, this time.  How we have progressed.  
         If any.

    2 And having, in fact, entrapped even some of the leading lights in the 'patriot'/conservative caucus in the nation.  Rendering them thereby members of a new party: the Expedient Party.
         Along with those Republican business owners who have found employment of illegals very satisfactory, indeed.  And those big banks that are running the food stamp program, because it is very satisfactory to them, financially, indeed.  And along with other assorted such bandits, and connivers, and despicable types.
         The Expedient Party.  Yes; we should round up all those prospective members, and paste that label on their foreheads.
         To go with copies of Obama's forged birth certificate.      

    3 An additional factor here is the particular magnet of what has come to be called 'anchor babies'; which a return to the rule of law would already turn off, and thereby send many illegal aliens back to their home countries without further ado.  For that phenomenon is based on a lie, about the 14th Amendment to the Constitution; and with its correction, would solve a considerable amount of the problem on its own.
         It will take a battle between liberals and constitutionalists to set this matter right.  
         I welcome the battle.
         Additionally, because its outcome will render many of the liberals' political positions null and void, for being founded not on the rock solid base of Truth, but on the sand of Sophistry.  Which has led many a potentate to leave his mark in the sands of actual time, rather than on its symbolic signature.
         But I digress. 
         A bit.

    4 I.e., it is to erstwhile termites as well.  

    Thursday, 24 October 2013

    Rendezvous With Destiny

    First, a Preface, as I have been smoked out of my double retirement; the latter one, from commenting on the passing scene, after leaving my home in a spiritual community for the last nearly thirty years.1  This is in addition to the Comments I made on other sites, posted yesterday.  Same subject; under my saddle, like a burr. Or as I might call it: a grrr.  

    from Tea Party Command Center: 'The 2016 Primary Debate Stage: Where the Old Image of the GOP is Shattered' - posted by Natl Dir Dee - Oct. 23 - by revive federalism at

    Reply by Stan Stanfield 22 hours ago  [Oct. 23]

    I am getting more than a tad angry at Tea Party types who don't understand that the Constitution is hanging by a thread because they have allowed an ineligible candidate to be in the office of the presidency for the last two terms without raising more of a stink about it than some of them have, and are now compounding the fragility of the document and the rule of law that it affords the U.S. by even considering either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio for a run for that dishonored office, for neither of them being eligible for it either.  I am of course referring to the issue of the legal, American common law definition of a 'natural born citizen'.  

    Why should I be having to lecture a Tea Party or red state audience as to that apparently 'little' matter to them, as well as to the average American Joe or Jill??  Why are you lot not understanding why that term was included as a qualification to run for that office - and that particular federal office ONLY??? It was because the constitutional Framers chose to make sure that the person holding that office - who was to be as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces; a not little extraneous matter - would not have DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES - as, for example, by being a DUAL CITIZEN[???].  As, for example, THE CURRENT OCCUPANT of that thus-dishonored office[????].

    It is not only a matter of the office having been dishonored, by the nation allowing a person to be in it who was not born of TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS.  It is because, by Tea Party types allowing the Constitution to hang by an increasingly tenuous thread, there will be no rule of law in the nation soon - and no elections in 2016 to be blathering about.  Because the nation will be under the rule of a tyrant.  With no Constitution to limit the despot, he will rule by decree - as Obama is doing increasingly ALREADY.  For in such a state of affairs, the tyrant IS 'the law'.

    Have you learned nothing from history in general, and Nazi Germany's experience in particular???  WAKE UP, Tea Partiers.  Or accept your fate.  And the basic responsibility for the terrible fate of the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America, for not putting up a better fight for it, when you could have.  



    Permalink Reply by Victoria T. DeLacy 10 hours ago

    Senator Cruz is not an escape artist like Obama and is rather an honest man who will not attempt to seal any of his early records.  What happened with Obama has been unprecedented to that point and while the DNC is notorious for such attempts to circumvent the Constitution, the same cannot be said of the GOP.  Eagle Forum vetted Cruz and found him eligible by all factors considered.  I trust Phyllis Schlafly who is legally knowledgeable, has been in politics throughout at least the past forty years and would be the first to call out anyone whose candidacy was not in keeping with our founding principles.  Check out the article on that from last week at Eagle Rising.  Ted will make a dynamite candidate, going on to become the first American President of hispanic descent, with solidly conservative principles that will surely translate into a very Reaganesque presidency!

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    Permalink Reply by Jack Hartwell 9 hours ago

    Victoria...Eagle Forum obviously cannot READ and neither can Phyllis if they think Cruz is eligible under the Constitution.  Its not up for INTPRETATION as the SCOTUS seems to think.  It was written that way on purpose.  First thing you know we will have Muslim Brotherhood members being nominated.  As much as I admire Ted Cruz...NO CIGAR..NOT EVEN CUBAN....

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    Yes, Ted Cruz Can be President

    This article appeared on Daily Caller on August 26, 2013.

    As we head into a potential government shutdown over the funding of Obamacare, the iconoclastic junior senator from Texas — love him or hate him — continues to stride across the national stage. With his presidential aspirations as big as everything in his home state, by now many know what has never been a secret: Ted Cruz was born in Canada.
    (Full disclosure: I’m Canadian myself, with a green card. Also, Cruz has been a friend since his days representing Texas before the Supreme Court.)
    But does that mean that Cruz’s presidential ambitions are gummed up with maple syrup or stuck in snowdrifts altogether different from those plaguing the Iowa caucuses? Are the birthers now hoist on their own petards, having been unable to find any proof that President Obama was born outside the United States but forcing their comrade-in-boots to disqualify himself by releasing his Alberta birth certificate?
    No, actually, and it’s not even that complicated; you just have to look up the right law. It boils down to whether Cruz is a “natural born citizen” of the United States, the only class of people constitutionally eligible for the presidency. (The Founding Fathers didn’t want their newly independent nation to be taken over by foreigners on the sly.)
    What’s a “natural born citizen”? The Constitution doesn’t say, but the Framers’ understanding, combined with statutes enacted by the First Congress, indicate that the phrase means both birth abroad to American parents — in a manner regulated by federal law — and birth within the nation’s territory regardless of parental citizenship. The Supreme Court has confirmed that definition on multiple occasions in various contexts.
    There’s no ideological debate here: Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe and former solicitor general Ted Olson — who were on opposite sides in Bush v. Gore among other cases — co-authored a memorandum in March 2008 detailing the above legal explanation in the context of John McCain’s eligibility. Recall that McCain — lately one of Cruz’s chief antagonists — was born to U.S. citizen parents serving on a military base in the Panama Canal Zone.
    In other words, anyone who is a citizen at birth — as opposed to someone who becomes a citizen later (“naturalizes”) or who isn’t a citizen at all — can be president.
    Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now  [Oct. 23]

    I have just come across this posting of yours on this thread, Melony, and I have to warn you to be careful of your sources for your opinion on legal matters.  This article is wrong, wrong, wrong on this issue.  

    For one thing, going to professor Laurence Tribe for an opinion on the Constitution is to go to a leading liberal on constitutional matters.  They love to have the Constitution mean what they want it to mean - or say it means.  For a pure constitutionalist's reading of this particular matter, I recommend you go to Mario Apuzzo's site, or to a video by Professor Herb Titus for another example.  I also ask you to go to your common sense.

    I posted a while ago here my take on the matter; wanting further detail would lead you to the above sources, and ultimately to E. de Vattel's The Law of Nations, and to the difference between American common law and English common law - the latter of which refers to the definition of a 'natural born SUBJECT'; which the constitutional Framers were certainly NOT going by, in their deliberations for a constitution for a nation of SOVEREIGNS in their own right.

    You and the readers of this site also need to understand that the Republican Party is up to its eyeballs in collusion in this outrageous matter, of Obama's getting away with this charade.  If they had REALLY wanted to contest his eligibility over this requirement, they would have.  They didn't.  Why?  Not because they have the facts on their side.  But because they wanted their OWN candidates in the future to be able to get around this constitutional stumbling block for candidates for that office.  Why do I say this with such certainty?  Because both Parties tried a total of 8 times between 2003 and 2008 to get an amendment on the matter of presidential qualification going through Congress, featuring changes in the NBC requirement - and they failed each time even to get it out of committee (the committee reps obviously feeling that it would be too difficult an issue to get all the way through the amending process).  So it is rather obvious that they colluded in a quid pro quo: We won't say anything about your candidate if you won't say anything about ours.

    All the facts of this collusion will come out in an official inquiry into the matter; once the nation rises up against its erstwhile masters, cleans the nest of vipers out of both the Congress and the Executive branch, and returns the nation to the rule of law.  But first things first.

    (posted as Reply)

    P,.S. As for what I meant by "common sense": Why would the constitutional Framers rule out for consideration for the presidential office  - and that federal office ONLY, let it be reminded - a) a non-citizen; b) a naturalized citizen - but not c) a DUAL citizen??  The latter of whom would have even MORE of the taint of DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES about him or her than a NATURALIZED citizen would??? 
         Let sanity prevail in this matter.  And let's get ON with it,  Tempus fugit.


    "And the basic responsibility for the terrible fate of the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America, for not putting up a better fight for it, when you could have."  …and then this, in today's mail, from another Tea Party group, this one the 'Tea Party Patriots - Citizens Fund' headed by one Jenny Beth Martin; on their envelope, quoting Ronald Reagan:

    "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.  We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.  If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here.  We did all that could be done."2

    And then, after the covering letter - making excellent noises - I was invited to fill out their enclosed 'Tea Party Candidate Issues Poll'.  Among which questions for reply was which of a number of conservatives I was most partial to for a run for the presidency in 2016.  

    Among which names were those of...Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  

    In my responding return of the otherwise unfilled-out questionnaire I made this comment (in the cramped space available for such an insert at the end of the poll):

    "Jenny Beth [Martin; otherwise admirable head of TPP], 

    "For your TPP organization to even consider Cruz and Rubio for the presidency - when neither is a natural born citizen - shows how off base you are.

    "Take me off your mailing list."  (signed)    

    Thus, my Preface to this blog.


    It took me a while to get the hang of things here.  Not just in the grownups around me not seemingly interested in the truth of things, rather, settling for merely belief in things.  But in that you just can't command something to be, and so it is.  

    And maybe that's why so many incarnates have been seduced by their erstwhile masters on this plane of existence into giving their power away to them, in the creation of the likes of welfare states: the 'something for nothing' mentality being a residue, a residual if distorted memory of life on other, higher planes of existence - where we all came from.3  Where you - one; as a fractal of the One - image the thought, and your thought instantly manifests.  Because everything is energy; is made up of energy.4  We swim in a sea of energy; which also has consciousness.  Is conscious.  And all it takes to transmute it into a particular form - into something you want - is a form of concentration.  'I want, and so it is.'  

    Take my experience in learning to be a printer in the spiritual community that I joined in my adulthood.5  So there I was, in my adulthood in this realm, trying to find my way to the headwaters; and at one point, fairly early on in my life in that community I was asked if I wanted to learn how to be the printer.  And being the go-for-it, selfless-server type that I am, I said - almost reflexively, without giving it a second thought - 'Sure'.  

    Not that it was a big mistake, mind you.  I learned a lot, as apprentice to my master.  Me and old Heidelberg…6  But 'he' had a mind of his own… - but: Why not.  A new experience, of life in this realm.  What could it take, to learn that skill?

    A lot of patience, it turned out.  Mine of which got sorely tested, before I moved on to other aspects of life in a - the - community.

    There was this one night in particular…

    I had been having a devil of a time with the printing of a cover for one of our books, which was showing a fine short streak smack in the middle of the color.  (I think the color was blue, as memory serves.  The streak itself was, of course, white, from the basic card-weight paper I was printing on.)  The appearance was of a bit of talcum-like powder that the machine quickly sprays on each piece as it lands in the catchment pile, to keep the color from bleeding over to the back of the following piece as it lands.  I had prided myself (I should have known: Pride, and all that…) that I was not getting such color set-off, both by running the feed at a slow speed and by cranking up the amount of powder that I was using for the job; but I may have overdone the latter, and a bit of said powder had gotten into the feed system somehow.  I cleaned the machine's innards as best I could reach, but to no avail; had, then, to shut the operation down completely, and do a thorough clean job of it; taking all manner of parts apart, to try to find the elusive speck of grit.   It was quite late in the evening when I finished all that, and then cranked Heidelberg up again, and, before throwing the feed handle, ordered it to work this time, dammit.

    Which it promptly did not.

    Just sat there.  Waiting.

    I stared at the beast; my ire slowly rising.  And began to lose it - 

    - when I caught myself.  

    And had to smile.  And I think I even chuckled, a bit.

    At myself. 

    And cleaned it up completely, for the night.  And started all over again fresh the next day, from scratch.  As it were.

    And somehow, it worked.

    The bit of grit - and in myself - was gone.7 

    Never to return.

    Except in a slightly different form.

    This time, in the form of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  

    Old calm and cool and collected.  While he 'fundamentally transforms' the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America into a socialist state.  One of many, to make up the homogenous New World Order, under the aegis of the UN.  And its Masters, behind the scenes of everyday life on the planet called Earth, aka Gaia.

    Old calm and cool.  Getting away with his approach.  Like the bear that (it was imagined; from previous experience with this one of the wildlife rangers in the area) sort of sidled up to the fellow known as The Grizzly Man - a young man who spent some time in the wilderness, and lecturing to students on living in harmony with Nature - and his girlfriend one fine day in said wild, and looked as if it were going to stop and wait for a handout, when what happened in the reality of the matter was a hand in - and an arm, and other body parts yet to be digested in the stomach of old calm and cool and collecting; found sometime later, when the rangers, investigating the disappearance of said minor celebrity and his squeeze, shot and killed Old Calm and Cool and found said grisly remains (or should that be, grizzly) in their suspected final resting place.  

    And such calmness and coolness is associated with a major celebrity, now.  So much so that he, in his arrogance - aided and abetted by an ineffectual, if not deliberately colluding, opposition political party - apparently thought that he could get away with ordering a nuclear device to be exploded on American soil.8

    I am reminded, in this context, of a different set of appendages: these, the final resting place of the legs of Ozymandias, King of Kings.  Look on them, ye Mighty, and do more than despair.  One: Reflect on the fact that there, but for the grace of God, be you.  And two: Walk away from the site.  And sight: of the result of haughty Pride. 

    That being Desolation.  And the Obamanation that makes it.

    With the sort of thinking that is going down in today's world, it will not be long before the sophists have made non-natural born citizen adoptees of  (single or plural) U.S. citizen parents eligible to run for the presidential office.  And……and………and………………………..

    You all are about to seal your fate.  Live with it.  And learn from it.  For your next stage of operation: Up, in resonant frequency with Gaia.  Or back around, for another turn of the spiral, with a look-alike hologram of Terra Firma.

    Either way:

    See you at the finish line. 

    P.S. Oh, and just a concluding point of awareness, and hint:
         If you are not being called a 'birther' by the socialists on the one hand, and/or a 9/11 'truther' by the fascists on the other (primarily, although not exclusively, in each case), you are not doing your job, as an unmasker of Untruth.  And are therefore unworthy of the kingdom that the rest of us are heading for.  
         As we speak. 
         Of abominations, and desolations, and so forth.
         And their obverse.



    1 Not counting nearly eight years' retirement engaged in a committed relationship, completely off the radar screen down in Australia.  Another story.

    2 The blurb on the envelope went on:
         'These words are as true today as they were when Ronald Reagan first spoke them in 1964 -- and the question remains the same:
         "'What And Who Will You Choose?'"

    3 Before we were put to a test.  The Test.

    4 And therefore the admonition, 'As you think, so you are' is actually a truism.  

    5 Looking for likeminded souls - longing for likeminded souls, out of the half-asleep 'school' that I was swimming amongst at the time, and had been for some time.  And found them.  For a time and season. And then needed to move on. For various reasons; not necessarily germane to this telling. 

    6 I never did give it a name, as we in our community were wont to do with our equipment; to acknowledge 'the consciousness in all things'.  I think I was a bit awed by the machine from the start.    Wouldn't dream of presuming to give it - him?  Her?? definitely, if any gender, a 'him' - a name from my limited consciousness of its beingness.  We in "Pubs' - the Publications Department - named our (relatively)  huge bookbinder Boris; and that fit.  But Heidelberg was a being to itself.
         As I was soon to find out.  
         In spades……but I get a bit ahead of myself in the telling of the story.  Back to which…
          - but a quick P.S. here, about the machine's name.  It turned out that Heidelberg in Germany was known for making top-of-the-line print machines, and when our community had grown to the point of needing a bigger machine than the office-sized one that they had been using up until then (even to the point of printing books on it, which it was not designed for), the male of our community's founding trio went out and - true to form - ordered 'only the best'. even when the community didn't have the money to pay for it.  Which, somehow, 'manifested' by the time it needed to be paid for.
         Stories like that were a dime a dozen (so to speak) in the early days of the community, when they were living purely on faith. that, if they were living true to God's will, all their needs would be met.  But to continue…

    7 The same sort of story cannot be said about the fellow who began to work next to me, on the aforesaid office printer.  For whatever reason - not being fully attuned to it, or taking it for granted, or just having 'one of those nights,' or whatever - he was having trouble with it one night, and took it rather apart (he was known to be good with his hands) - all very calm and cool - and then started it up again.  And it wouldn't produce, for him.  And while I kept right on with the job I was working on on the big machine, I noticed that he took his machine apart to a considerable extent again; not casually, I sensed, this time.  And then he started it up again.  And it still wouldn't do what he wanted it to do.  And he lost it; starting to shake the machine furiously, like he would a human being in the same sort of circumstances.  And finally calmed down; enough to just stand there, looking at his nemesis.
         I wasn't precisely sure what to do.  I suppose I should have put my arm around him, and consoled him a bit.  But I sensed a lesson going on.  
         And I wasn't about to interfere with that  level of reality.

    8 As fuse for the imperial declaration of Martial Law, and its concomitant takeover of the entirety of the nation - lock, stock and barrel. 
         In one felonious swoop.