Thursday, 30 April 2015

On Following Suit - Or Not

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is seriously on my case now for not making any donations to their cause even after multiple entreaties at their e-newsletter site.  If I thought it would do any good/reach anyone of importance, I would respond:  

‘Dear DCCC,

‘You might as well know the truth: I am not a Democrat - I just subscribe to your site to keep an eye on your party’s thinking on various issues and situations - so I will not be making any donations to you. 

‘I am not a member of the Republican Party either, for that matter.  Used to be; but, as Ronald Reagan said of your party, he didn’t leave it; it left him.

‘But the Repubs are not quite as bad as you Democrats.  You knew full well that you were putting up an ineligible candidate for the presidency in 2008; and he is still there, still squatting in the Oval Office, shitting on the Constitution every day that he is still there.  

’So, you folks know that the Constitution is a dead letter.  That you have made it one.  With the connivance of your corrupt Republican counterparts; but you bear the primary responsibility.  And the Truth will catch up with you in particular, when justice is done on this matter.

‘Which it will be.  For - contrary to your basic philosophy, of, at the best, secular humanism - life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only; and thus, there is Justice in the universe.

‘In the meantime, it must be rather frustrating for you, knowing - presuming - that the Constitution is a dead letter, and yet the Supreme Court, and some lower courts, still play the Constitutional game, rather than make decisions based on their personal political proclivities; as so many of your placemen and -women do, sitting on the judicial bench these days.*  And so you keep putting cases forward, testing the waters, seeing if enough judges have received the memo yet, for a total takeover of the country for your socialist cause.

‘If it just weren’t for those 5-4 old fogies on the SCOTUS, eh???  Well, you’ll get your way there yet.


‘Not if an awe-ful lot of Americans like me have OUR way.



‘* rather than being relegated to the bench.  Where they belong.

‘P.S.  And by the way: that ‘Climate Change’ canard that you have been counting on for Americans to have their wealth redistributed via UN departments?  And their private property encumbered by so many regulations that it is no longer ‘private’ in any but a misleading/unmeaningful way??  On its way to being confiscated altogether???  You really shouldn’t be counting on it any longer.  The 18-year ’hiatus’ in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) observed, even by your bought-and-paid-for ’experts’ - ‘pause;’ ‘lull;’ ‘plateau,’ or whatever euphemism you try to put on it - just keeps stretching on and on.  Because, you see, there IS no AGW going on.
   ‘What is going on - and about to have its wheels come off - is the attempt by such New World Order groups as the Trilateral Commission to rope humanity into their corral, and make of us common people slaves to their system, functioning on an energy-based (and carbon-taxed) monetary system.  The wheels coming off of their beautiful machine, because energy is about to become free.  
   ‘But that’s another matter.  Beyond your purview.  Being as terrestrial-minded as you are.’

Golden Gaia News Roundup: April 30, 2015
April 30, 2015 By Lindsey Nobles
A few years back, I remember there being talks about using water as a fuel by destabilizing the hydrogen particle in the H2O. Up until this point, we haven’t seen a vehicle that runs on water. Audi has just experienced a breakthrough in science. They have confirmed that they have created a green technology to use air and water as an “e-diesel” fuel. They have just created their very first batch.

“E-Diesel” is a clear liquid that is produced using a power to liquid process. Essentially, they are heating water to over 800 degrees Celsius to create steam. This is done using green methods because it’s also been determined it is more efficient to do so. Once this water is heated to the perfect temperature, it uses carbon dioxide from the air to create what is being referred to as “blue crude”.  Audi’s partner Sunfire is on the pioneering edge of this process.

This low emission “e-diesel” does not contain sulfurs or other harsh environmentally impacting contaminants. The engines run quieter and fewer pollutants are being created.

This new fuel was tested by German Education and Research minister, Johanna Wanka. She put the first five liters into her official vehicle and apparently it worked as if she had fueled up with conventional fuel. No conversion necessary. INCREDIBLE.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

And Speaking Of The Flag...

Before We Leave The Field

As part of the closing ceremonies
To this realm - this vale
Of tears, and such
Clouded emotions -
Before we move on, into
The higher reaches 
Of our potential;
Our work done here
       for many;
       for the moment
       for some
I would consider it an honor
To take, for the nation,
           the salute
Of the ’trooping of the colors’
Of those who have given service
To this exceptional nation
     in a parade
Down Pennsylvania Avenue
Past The People’s House

And let each unit
As it passes in review
Be announced
To those assembled
For the occasion
And in their homes
Across this broad land
              from sea
To shining sea, in the 
Almost forgotten words
                         of the 
Almost forgotten song…

And that includes, of course,
The women’s auxiliaries;
And the Donut Dollies;
And the USO en toto;
            and a flyover
Of the vintage planes,
Lovingly maintained
To this day…...
              All in all,
A glorious salute
To those who gave
Their last, full measure
Of devotion
This hallowed Flag.

      Alas, there is
    a usurper
(and unbeliever to boot)
   in the way.

Oh well.  Perhaps
Another day.

On Feeling Drawn...

…To Certain Persons In History

I feel so drawn
To the Founding Fathers
Of this nation
That I could easily have been
One of them, so strong
Is the sense
Of affinity.
The one in particular
That I feel the most drawn to
Is Thomas Jefferson
When he made such observations as:

“The Constitution, on
This hypothesis”
             (that is, that
The judicial branch
Is somehow superior
To the other two)
“Is a mere thing of wax
In the hands of the judiciary,
Which they may twist,
And shape into
Any form they please.”
(To Spencer Roane, 6/9/1819)


Is it so strange
To be talking about such things
As Past Lives?  But
It’s true, nevertheless:
       We have all
Been here before.
         Here, as in
On Earth; and here
As in this particular
Sort of historical

Is cyclical.
            Let’s see
If we can get
Out of it

And in the meantime,
              I take
Walks on the beach
   and to the local
   and in the city
   and await
Of destiny
     this Time

   in the ground
   of the Grand


And in the meantime
Another detail:

To Those Who Would 
    Trash The Flag

There is a video
On YouTube
Of a small contingent
Of Marines
In their smart
Full dress uniforms
   The Flag
 from the coffin
 of one of their
  in Arlington
And gently giving it to
    the mother
       of her

It is moving
  beyond words
  and tears.

See it
O you scoffers
Of little understanding
Of such things
And understand
   if even
   a little.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Event, Revisited

It's truth-telling time:

I don’t give a shit
Whether you’ve got
                   a pen
            or a phone
        or a finger
Up your ass:
Get out of that
Purloined office.
And be quick
About it.
Tempus fugit.
And we don’t have
          all day
          to play
          any more
Putting-off games.
               It’s time
For something new.
For the thing new.

It’s ridiculous
That the judicial system
In this country
Allows a usurper
To remain in
The highest office
In the land,
                 and yet
It strains at a gnat
On the local level.
            A peculiar,
Misplaced sense of priorities
Is the best, 
               or at least
Most polite way
That I can put it.

In any event
       it’s time
For the Event

To take us out of this
Charade, this
       of life
At its lowest level
         and into
    the heights
    of our Glory
    as creators
    in our own right

It’s too iate
And many pull more back
Into the quagmire
Injustice does reign

In the meantime
A statement
Of fact: 
Is a federal
The federal government
        is one of
        and delegated
        powers - 
   and defined,” 
   in the rather
Authoritative words
Of the man fairly called
               ‘the father
Of the Constitution,’
     James Madison.
The federal government
       under Obama
             (let alone
     under his usurper
Is engaging in
        illegal acts
Under the Constitution.
   or the other
       of them
      must go.

I choose America
      to tarry
A while longer yet
         under the
New Dispensation.

That means
That Obama
Must go. 

And he should be
About it.
              That we
    can prepare
   The Way

The New.

Just waiting
To be born

On Getting The Picture

I have no love for the banksters on the Right, and the NewCons with their insatiable thirst for perpetual war (benefiting them AND the banksters).  But I have an abiding anger towards the Left, for their ideological blinkeredness that causes them to do such things as:

* arrest and convict someone - with a 27-year prison term imposed - simply for being an outspoken (but still nonviolently-couched) supporter of the Second Amendment; 

* doing all they can to suppress Voter Integrity measures, like the cleaning of voter reg rolls and the requirement for a photo ID in order to vote (obviously for ideological purposes; and thus undercutting the precious right of all peoples to have their vote be meaningful, not diluted and canceled out by shoddy shenanigans);

* expand the number of Muslims and illegal aliens into the country, AND putting them on a fast track towards voting privileges in time for the 2016 elections;  and conversely

* doing all they can to suppress the voting of members of the nation’s military by absentee ballot - knowing full well that that vote largely goes against them.

I need to pause here in this recital of my litany of complaints against the tactics of the Left to comment further on my anger towards this last tactic mentioned in particular.  That is such an outrageous, even egregious trick: deliberately disenfranchising those who are putting their lives on the line for their country, because you want to ”fundamentally transform” it, and turn it into a socialist ’paradise’.  To say, more accurately: a totalitarian shithole.

You cockroaches.  You should be stomped on for this particular reason alone.  

I recommend that the public arm themselves to the teeth against these vermin; these vipers, who need to be thrown out of their current positions of power - and fast.  Before they can do any more damage than they have already done to the very fabric of this nation: its rule of law.

To the very law of the land.

The Constitution.   

NOT the tottering edifice that has been built up on speciously-reasoned precedents.  As I read about in the article that I mentioned in my last blog, about the 14th Amendment, and how it has been sorely abused, by ideological ants, who concocted the specious theory of ‘anchor babies’ for example, to further their ideological ends.

I could go on.*  But I think I will leave my rant at that.     

You get the picture.

* with a litany of the myriad of attempts by Obama & Co. to overthrow this country.
   MY country.
   And millions like me.  Who don't excuse the worst that the nation has done.
   But are passionate about the best.

Monday, 27 April 2015

And In The Meantime...

...The Cultural War Goes On

from Tea Party C.C.: ‘Ted Cruz: Democrats home to ‘liberal fascism’’ - posted by Natl Dir Dee - April 26 (orig. posted at - Ashley Killough, CNN - April 26)
(“Sen. Ted Cruz argued Saturday that Democrats have become so extreme and "intolerant" of religious views that "there is no room for Christians in today's Democratic Party.”…"We need leaders who will stand unapologetically in defense of marriage," he said.”)

Permalink Reply by Steven G. Elliott 1SG USA (RET) yesterday (April 26)

They are making their god, Satan very happy with them.

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Permalink Reply by Dianne Simpson 17 hours ago (April 27)

Very true statement, Steve.  I can't imagine how this happened so quickly or maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention.  I know the Democrat Party hasn't always been this way but they certainly have evolved very rapidly.  They have become a shame and a disgrace to this country. 

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Permalink Reply by JOSEPH DOUGLAS MC BRIDE yesterday (April 26)

Thus their booing at God at their convention. The DemonRat party are hypocrites and atheists. And the Republicans are thinking we need to go along to get along also. Ted Cruz is exactly right. And the few that are trying to follow God's Word are being considered old and stupid and unwilling to change. Go Ted and thank you so much for being so bold as to say so! Still my number one pick to be our next President.

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Permalink Reply by Virgil Earl Koon yesterday

We have more than Ted in standing fast but he is out front in the news and needs our support. Do you not think this is our last chance to save America from this evil the Liberals are unmasking and with evil media support? One of the most corrupt candidates is Hillary and Liberal media will do all the support this tyrant against us all!

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Permalink Reply by Dianne Simpson 17 hours ago (April 27)

We have to support all who are standing firm and courageously for our freedom and liberties against this criminal, evil liberal element that has arisen from the bowels of hades seemingly out of nowhere!!!!

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 22 hours ago (April 26/7)

So tell me, JDM: That means that you believe that two wrongs make a right.  Correct?

And that means that you extol the idea of "trying to follow God's Word"??

The two positions don't compute, JDM.  Sorry.  

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Permalink Reply by Dianne Simpson 17 hours ago (April 27)

Explain yourself Stan Stanfield.  I think I know what you are attempting to convey here but you are saying this man has indicated "two wrongs make a right".   I don't read two positions in his statement so I would like you to qualify what two positions he has stated.  He has stated the Democrat Party has become a party of hypocrites and atheists.  That is a very true statement.  He also stated that a sector of the Republican Party (the RINOs, Elite, Progressives and Establishment) has taken the position we have to go along to get along.  That is correct because that section of the GOP spends all their time on the fence.  They refuse to stand for anything until they see what the polls are going to show.  Should I lean left on this issue or right and vice versa?  Those of us who are Conservatives and are Pro-American, Pro-Christian and believe in the Constitution as being the Law of Our Land are being branded as old, stupid and unwilling to change.  I don't let those scumbags deter me.  They can call me anything they want to call me but I'm going to remain Pro-American, Pro-America, Pro-Christian and Pro-Constitution.  They can sink to the depths of this earth for all I care because that is what they have become.  Ted Cruz is a leader and he is steadfast in his beliefs and he has fought and will continue to fight for this country and her citizens.  Where are the two positions JDM stated?

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (April 27)

Glad to, Dianne: Because he is going along with the 'wrong' of supporting Ted Cruz for the office of the POTUS.  Ted Cruz is not eligible, because he is not a "natural born citizen".  He was born a DUAL citizen - precisely the kind of citizen (along with a naturalized citizen) that the constitutional Framers barred from that particular office - and that particular federal office ONLY: because that person is also the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and they ruled out - meant to rule out; INTENDED to rule out - anyone with any foreign allegiances or loyalties to be in that position. 

And we have certainly learned the wisdom of their position, with the illegal advent of the Usurper, Obama.

That's why I alluded to the idea that two wrongs don't make a right.  We need to get back to the law of the land - the Constitution.  Or the tyrannically-minded, who have managed to insinuate their way into positions of power these days - on both sides of the political aisle - will continue to drive a bevy of tanks through it, and make us subject merely to the rule of men.  And we will experience the dystopian likes of the Roman Empire. 

My warning to America: Don't Go There.

Go Up instead.  (Another subject.)

What Happens Next...After

The Event

The Setting-To-Rights Operation, after the Usurper leaves the White House (and is held for trial, on a whole host of charges, let alone for the ‘presenting’ one of being a Usurper in and of the office),1 includes:

* the Democrat and Republican Parties to be dissolved, under RICO statutes, for engaging in corrupt activities, including having colluded in the nomination of the constitutionally ineligible candidate Obama in 2008 and 2012;2

* Illegal aliens to have, say, 60 days to make arrangements to return to their home countries;3

* a Jubilee clearing all debt (which was largely imposed unscrupulously in any event); and 

* a Reset of the global monetary system itself.  To be reconfigured into a non-interest-bearing system; with people simply earning credits for service to the society, in the exchange of goods and services, like a LETS system writ large.  
   Which credits can be spent any way they wish; as people exchange goods and services with each other out of a higher motive than that of profit-making.  Out of the highest motive there could ever be:  out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

The long slog in a realm (matrix; hologrammatic projection) of seeming separation and duality - for lesson learning; and consequent spiritual growth - over.

And that facet of The Change as well the answer to the depredations of such as the drug industry: With there no longer being a profit to be made in making dangerous drugs (which require other drugs to treat their side effects; a nifty money spinner, that scam), there will no longer be an incentive to make them. 

And the same with such as GMOs.  Only natural, what are called holistic products will see the light of

the New Day. 

Which it is time to bring into being.  In our consciousness.

Since it is upon us, in any event. 

With its basic state of Abundance. 

Which our erstwhile Controllers have long known about; but have kept secret.  For their own purposes.

Purposes of Control.

No longer to be.

In The Day of




1 with Mercy built into the charges; since he has been fulfilling a role in the unfolding of The Process, in The Play that we have all had parts in.  Over, and over, and over again (caught in the training wheel of Rebirth).  On both the light side.  And the dark. 
   In order to learn lessons. Including that of reaping the consequences of our actions.  

2 which they both knew, off the evidence that both parties between them (the Democrats, admittedly,  more than the Republicans) tried a total of eight times between 2003 and 2008 to eliminate the stiff ‘natural born’ citizen requirement for the Oval Office, to make it available for other, ‘lesser’ citizens (like naturalized citizens, and dual citizens) to occupy - and failed each time even to get the requisite constitutional amendment out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the issue.     

3 the subject of their children born here is a tricky one, inasmuch as shyster lawyers and federal government bureaucrats colluded in their illegal usurpation of U.S. citizenship.  (The ‘business’ of ‘anchor babies’ was just that: a business, with no real legal substance.)  But with the Reset of the financial system pending, that matter will unfold with less trauma for those involved.  And speaking of: see next item 


…and to show the difference between a system operating on Love and one operating on Force, see this:

from ‘If you own a Business, hire an illegal and get a bonus from Obama’ - Rigrimes - April 27
(“Something that you don’t know about the Executive Overreach Order that Obama signed dealing with illegals, is that under it, a business will receive a $3,000-per-illegal incentive for each illegal they hire. That’s right, the president not only overstepped his authority by refusing to deport over 5 million illegals, he is offering businesses three grand to give them jobs that our veterans and other citizens sorely need..”)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (April 27)

Thanks for the heads-up, Richard. 

Is there anything this con-artist Usurper WON'T do, to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" into a socialist hellhole?? Where does he think that Third-World-country citizens will want to {e]migrate to, if he makes of the U.S. a Third World country???


P.S. Later:
   I have just finished reading an article in the edition of TNA wherein my Letter  to the Editor was printed regarding Cruz’s ineligibility to run for the office of POTUS. It was, is, an excellent article on ‘The 14th Amendment: Its Sordid History and Effects’.  I won’t go into the details of it; it merits a read by itself.  I will just say that it is an eye-opening summary of the matter.*  The matter, of the perversion, over the years, of the 14th Amendment in particular, and the Constitution in general.

It’s written by one Steve Byas.  I want to say, Well done, thou good and faithful servant of the Truth.

You see, that’s really a summary of where we are at.  Either we live by Truth.  Or we die by falsehood.

It’s the same as regards the issue of Ted Cruz’s ineligibility for the office of the presidency of the nation.  His run being actually accompanied by some liberal judicial ’experts’ extolling his legal mind and understanding of the Constitution.  Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they: to cover up for the scam being run by the Left regarding Obama’s ineligibility.  For, if Cruz thinks that he is eligible for the top office, then the Constitution as she is wrote is snookered; and evil forces on both sides of the political aisle have succeeded in turning it into “just a damn piece of paper,” as Dubya Bush characterized it.  Setting the nation up for Obama’s illegal run in the office, and opening the door wider for the totalitarian takeover of the nation.  This latter bit of subterfuge - like the 14th Amendment’s perversion - an affront a) to the truth of the particular matter, and b) to Truth in general.  

That’s why it’s evil.  And not just a matter simply of words meaning whatever corrupt people try to make them mean.

“Words mean what I say they mean - nothing more and nothing less,” said Humpty Dumpty.

Who, in the end, had a great fall; lest we forget. 


* and blows a hole right smack in the hull of the 'anchor baby' scam.  Among other scams, regarding the rightful understanding of the intended meaning of such phrases/concepts as 'due process of law' and 'equal protection of the laws'.


N.B. The New American is published by the John Birch Society.  Who have been putting out excellent material on the New World Order hijinks for years.
   Long may they wave the flag.  Until they no longer have to.  Because America will have served her purpose; in leading the fleet of nation-states beyond our familiar shores into the port of
   the New World.
   As we speak.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

You Know What I Think?

I think it’s time to make a move for the higher realms to take over.

Item.  The big banks are beginning a move to force the elimination of cash; thus making everybody subject to electronic control of a) their money, and b) our erstwhile masters.1

Item.  The Obama administration is ratcheting up the influx - actual invasion - of Hispanics and Muslims into this country, under various covers (such as the DHS's so-called 'Task Force on New Americans'), in order to get as many leftist and paradigm-breaking voters into the country as he can, in preparation for the next elections - and at the same time, using his (ill-gotten) powers to keep states from a) cleaning up their voter reg rolls and b) requiring photo ID in order to vote.2   

I could go on, in this vein.  But there really should be no doubt about it by now: the man is a tyrant, with tyrannical intentions for the country.  Not intentions simply to see what all he can get away with before exiting the Oval Office in January, 2017.  He intends to remain there, with the backing of TPTB, to usher in their totalitarian, top-down New World Order.
   And speaking of whom:

Item.  TPTB’s mouthpiece, CNN,3 is now hyping an attack on the U.S. by ISIS; thereby setting us up for a false flag op.  And since Mossad is known to have some nukes, stolen from us, they could make quite a mess of things in this country if they wanted to.4
   And if they are not put out of action first.

Which brings me to the wrapping-up stage of this brief report, on What i Think.

I think that we need to pre-empt the best-laid plans of the Dark side, by a march on Washington, of Oathkeepers, current and retired - with common, garden-variety patriots having their backs5 - having let the Usurper know that they are planning on staying there, in a peaceful act of civil disobedience, surrounding the White House until he leaves the purloined office of the presidency; to be held for trial, on a whole host of charges.

And I will take over now.

What I will do is:

* Dissolve the Congress, for having failed in their constitutional duty to rein in a rogue Executive;

* call for new elections within a time certain; and in the meantime

* clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government’s departments and agencies of all those minions of his (and his predecessor's; part of the Cabal control over us) who have been assisting him in his takeover of the levers of power in the federal government.  
   That includes such minions as -

   the members of the FBI who have been actively engaged in suppressing and even jailing simple patriots (recognized by the Marxist revolutionaries as their classically ‘reactionary’ enemy); 

   members of the IRS for their publicized targeting of ‘patriot’ and ‘conservative’ and ‘Tea Party’ organizations for harassment and putting them out of business; 

   members of the NIH and CDC who have been colluding in both the hiding of information about the dangers of vaccines and the pushing of them in a mandatory way in the country, knowing full well that they are a vector for deliberate toxins (a whole subject in itself); 

   members of the EPA using it as a cover for federal land-grabbing;  likewise the BLM;

   members of the FDA acting as agents of the very industry - the pharmaceutical industry - that they are supposed to be riding regulatory herd on;

   the list goes on.  
   A total clean-out of the executive branch of government.

Before the Usurper, and his Cabal puppet masters, can activate any more of his/their takeover plans.  Which are getting to The Turning Point now.

And what to take the place of all of this corruption?

Ah.  Yes.  The New.    

Well, more on that, next time.

This is enough to digest, for now.

Wouldn’t you say??

P.S. It does have to do with doing away with money.  But in the right way.

The way that honors our debt of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.


1 The banks already have ‘changed’ the public from ‘depositors’ to ‘unsecured creditors’.  Thus, our account money is used by them to bail them out, as if it were their money, not ours.  Thus, they have no check on gambling on the money markets, with our deposit money backing them up.
   That’s the very sort of thing that got the country in financial trouble with the S&L scandal of the ‘80s.
   It would appear that we are slow learners.  That.  Or we have a very short attention span.
   Comes from watching too much TV, I guess.

2 Even Third World countries have more secure voting regulations than we have.  This subject is, has been, a scandal of major proportions.  The cry should have been: ‘Clean Elections Or No Elections’.  

3 I find it amazing that they are still in business, after having been caught in flagrante delicto faking a purported war-correspondent report from a rooftop in Tel Aviv under attack by Scud missiles and the two characters on-screen reacting to an offstage horn by hurriedly donning gas masks, with a green screen behind them, or whatever that staged stuff is called, from a set in Florida.  How gullible can the American public be??
   Apparently infinitely.

4 Which reference brings up the subject of 9/11.  Suffice it to say for now, here: there will be comprehensive, independent investigations into 9/11; Sandy Hook; the Boston Marathon drill exercise; and so forth. 
   No stone will be left unturned, in exposing these cockroaches to the light 
   of the New Day.  Dawning, for all mankind.  In the New World aborning.

5 And I would recommend that any survivors of Patton's Third Army be given the place of honor of leading the march.  Since they led the march into subduing the Nazis.
   The first time.

The Great Revealing

To hear the socialists tell it
It doesn’t matter
Who your father
Or your mother were
For that matter; 
all that matters is
That you grow up
To be a nice, docile
Cog in the wheel
That keeps the system going
Is all.
Stay in line, or be
By your masters.
         that is.

Who are….?
Or at least
Intend to be??
Would presume
To be???
The Chosen Ones
Of course. 

      And who
Are they???
The ones of course who say:

‘God favors us
Over our enemies.’

‘Why do we have

God favors us.'

Or so they say,
At least…

And that goes
For you too, Christians.
And Muslims.

       God favors
No one.
We are all equal
In the sight of
  The One

Which makes us each
Part of The One
In equal measure

   as we proceed
On The Path
Of En-lighten-ment
          each at
Our own pace
Is all.

So come, brother
         and sister
   The One;
     join me
     in that
    and unison. 
We have a work
      to do;
  to move on
From this realm
Of relative darkness
   and reach for
    the heavens
    as it were.

    And is


  the greater
Awaiting us
  the next bend
      in time
 and light waves.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Message From A Political Prisoner - in the U.S.


‘Prisoner for Freedom Appeals to Fairbanks Press’ - posted Jan. 29, 2015
Letter from Schaeffer Cox, political prisoner in something called a Communications Management Unit (CMU) in Marion, IL, to some people at Fairbanks Press (AK; his home state, and where he ran foul of the federales) - May 25, 2014.

Yes, it turns out that there are political prisoners in the U.S.  Yes, we are just like Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany and Mao's China in that regard.

No words can express how stunned I was to read today a letter that I got in yesterday’s mail from this young man, which opened:

"Dear Friend of the 2nd Amendment,

"My name is Francis Schaeffer Cox and I’m a thirty year old political prisoner of the Obama Administration.

"My only crime was believing in the Second Amendment and that the government should obey our Constitution…."

And the appalling story goes on from there, as to how this guy, father of two young kids, was railroaded into prison for a possible 27 years - that's 27 years - by the FBI, in cahoots with a bent judge.  Yes, that’s his side of the story.  But it is also confirmed by a video at his web site.*  I urge you to go there.  And become more aware of what is going on - as we speak - in the United States of America.

Almost formerly the United States of America.  Becoming, more rapidly now, a mere outpost of the New World Order of our erstwhile masters.  Our totalitarian masters.  From the Dark side.

This, for now.  While I recover: 

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I’ve just come across your story, Schaeffer. I am appalled that this sort of thing has been, and is, going on in this country. It is a betrayal of the very principles of this nation.

I wish you well in your appeal. I am retired, living on that basic income, so I can’t do a lot financially for you. But I know how to appeal that Justice be served in this case. And I do.
And that this shadow pass from overshadowing this nation. And we return to being bathed in the blazing Light that this nation was supposed to represent to the world, of a free people, progressing in joy on their individual spiritual paths, towards the Prime Light from which we all sprang. And some of us have just forgotten about, is all, caught up in their ego trips as they have become.

It’s time for a wakeup call. Thanks for your attempts in that regard. And may we trust, that in the end, all will be well.

As it will. As it will. Sooner. Of later. For that’s the nature of the experience.


* On which one of the men being interviewed about Schaeffer's story says, regarding the present federal government, and with complete justification, off the evidence of even just this one story: "They don't want us to just be quiet.  They want us to be submissive."
   Long story short: This is NOT the FBI that we in this country used to know, with people like Jimmy Stewart playing the roles, and The Untouchables, and so forth.  These people in the FBI today are in service to a malevolent state.
   But I digress.  
   Sort of.


Later.  Having recovered my equanimity.  To a degree.

The bottom line:

I see a huge amount of tyrannical things going on in America under the Usurper who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  They are an insult to the spirit of this nation.  And some Americans seem to think that those tyrannical conditions are here to stay, under the overwhelming power of the Cabal behind their puppet (including their power over the MSM).  But the status quo is just that, and no more.  It is not a fait accompli.  And It's time to change it.

It's what we're here to do, anyway.  What we chose to do, to be here, now, to do.

I hope you understand that 'only the best' were chosen for this mission - the mission to move the world on from the final confrontational stage (thesis vs. antithesis) of its historical evolution, with all contradictions resolved, into the crowning stage of Synthesis (divine balance between the individual and the collective, wherein All Is (recognized as) One, and we function in a state of unity consciousness, commune into community, or common unity), for it to enter its Golden Age.  And I'm here to tell you that - that it's time to start living up to your potential, if you haven't twigged on that job already.  As a warrior of

The Light.

Friday, 24 April 2015

On Becoming Part Of The Solution - 2

How do you know which side your are on ultimately - the side of the Dark or the side of the Light - if there is Truth on both sides of the spiritual evolutionary 'equation,' now moving into a state and stage of Synthesis?

My response:

There needs be a nation-state on the planet that extols the individual - the primacy of the individual as a sovereign entity in his or her own right, not the subject of an all-powerful state.  That country has been America.  And She needs to remain in that role, as a beacon of such Light to and for the world, as long as needs be.  Which will be until all nation-states honor the individual, and fundamental individual rights, as a vital part of the collective.  Not merely subservient to the collective.

We are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Not mere animals, to be herded and culled at the will of the state.

All you collectivists who have been trying to take over this country, in service to your statist belief: wake up, to the larger reality.  You are 'jumping the gun'.  The individual's fundamental rights need to be honored - acknowledged, and understood, for what the whole process has been all about - first; and then we talk about the future.

Not before.

A future, that the American ship of state will lead us into.  Before relinquishing its historical role.  And they all merge into a new fleet sailing a new sea; into the New World.

Nova Earth.  Gaia.

In, and for, its Golden Age.  Of long repute.


On our watch.

Be proud of your role in that accomplishment.

Once we actually accomplish it.

Which will require a lot of releasing of 'comfort zones' for many souls.

But what's a heaven for.

On Becoming Part Of The Solution

1) from ‘Homeland Security Working Overtime to Naturalize 9,000,000 ‘New Americans’ by 2016 Election’ - April 24 (orig. posted at - J. Christian Adams - April 23)


the "vote of 2016" is controlled by the "NWO" and is already rigged to give the soros, buffett, Bloomberg, gates cabal of globalist billionaires who they want elected, which gives them control of our nation again, or rather still! the only hope now is a revolution like 1776!

Reply · Like · Follow Post · 30 minutes ago

  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (April 24)
  • It can be a peaceful revolution, Bob. All it will take is the Oathkeepers of this country, current and retired - with patriots having their backs - to a) honor their oath by arresting the Usurper and holding him for trial in a legitimate and law-abiding court of law, b) dissolve the sitting Congress for not doing their constitutional duty as regards a rogue Executive, and c) hold the space while an Officer of The People schedules new elections within a time certain, and in the meantime, cleans out the executive-branch departments of the vipers that have been doing the nation in under the Usurper. 
  • Both major political parties will have to go, of course, under RICO statutes for having colluded in the illegal nomination of the Usurper for the office of POTUS. And we start with a clean slate - and dedicated to Truth to take its place. No more corruption. 
  • A tall order? Well, let's see if this generation of Americans is up to the job. After all, it's what we're here for. 
  • Didn't know that you had signed up to that contract? Take it inside, and check it out. And no longer be part of the problem.

2) from ‘American Thinker to GOP Candidates: Respect Birthers; Don’t Jump On Birther-Bashing Bandwagon’ - April 24 

kibitzer3 60p · 1 minute ago (April 24)

Thank you for your 'bottom line: 

Two wrongs don't make a right. 

There is still hope for this nation, as long as enough of its citizenry understand that basic fact. 

And act on it.


3) from patriotsforamerica: ‘Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?’ - JB Williams -  (posted by Harry Riley - April 24)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (April 24)

Well put, JB.  The only thing that I would add is that it is not just "Obama and his Marxist minions" trying to ignite a civil disobedience response from the American citizenry that will give them their excuse to have their Dear Leader declare Martial Law and thus destroy the Constitution in one fell swoop.  It is TPTB behind them.  We're talking about a socialist-fascist nexus - the gang behind the (so-called) New World Order - that involves the (far) Right as well: the Rothschild/Rockefeller & Co. gang, who mean to take over the world and make it safe for plutocracy.  And they know that they need the masses behind them to make it work.  Hence, the Left's Dear Leader, put in place for just that job.        

We are up against principalities and powers in high places.  Not just in one place. 


One positive way to look at all that is going on at this time - and speaking of "corruption" - is that it is a major sorting of the sheep from the goats.  The wheat from the chaff.  

The Harvest.

Of those who are ready to move on, and Up.

And those who aren't.

By their own choice.

So, let's see how this process unfolds.   

And who ends up in which lot.

For, some of the 'Dark side' individuals are just playing a part, in The Drama, of life in the 3D Matrix/virtual reality.  And when all of that becomes clear, they will choose the Light.

And some others amongst them have become so caught up in identifying with their roles that they won't be able to release them.

Their choice.

As always.

For, this is a Loving universe.

Besides being a Just one.


Lesson For Our Day:

"There are no moral absolutes."

Absolutely not true.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lesson 2...

...Of Truth-Telling

Our children have been seduced into believing that The People should not be free.  That freedom is not 'nice'.  That people should be forced by the state to be 'good,' according to the lights of the statists.  Which is satanic.  The satanic principle.

True righteousness comes from people being free to choose.  That is how spiritual growth takes place.      Has taken place, in this classroom for growing people called life.  Without freedom, we would be permanently stunted in our growth.

Wake up.  And learn the difference between smelling a rose.  And drinking the Kool-Aid of your terrestrial masters.

Your erstwhile Masters, that is.  For, they have had their day.

It's now time for the Light of Truth to take over.

In order to build The New World.

Which is just waiting to be invoked amongst us.

Once we return to Truth in all things.  As our guiding principle.

In our new life.

On a higher turn of the spiral

of life.