Friday, 28 May 2010

Headlines In the Non-News

Headline of an email I received today:

'Epidemic: 6000+ U.S. Veterans Committed Suicide in 2009'

Headline of another email I received today:

'Bill Gates funds bizarre vaccine nanotechnology and sterilization tech'

Headline of another email I received today:

'Vaccines: Will we ever know the whole truth?'

And therein lies a common denominator. With the bottom line being that our erstwhile Masters are ramping up their assault on the world's people, particularly in the weakening of the American people (with the UK not far behind), in order to pacify them into their New World Order, of ultimate people control.

What's this all about.

First things first.

(1) Huge numbers of U.S. Veterans are committing either suicide or homicide. I'll cut to the chase: They are loaded with vaccines. Not only can vaccines cause genetic damage; they can, and do, suppress the immune system, so that any number of illness and disease conditions follow in their wake. They can, and do, also cause depression. The mainstream medical profession knows this. What is the MMP's answer to that condition? The prescribing of antidepressants. Which can, and do, cause 'suicidal ideation'; also homicidal thoughts.

(2) Mike Adams, who calls himself The Health Ranger, commented today under the second headline above (at his NaturalNews website) about a couple of new initiatives of the Gates Foundation, which has funded research that has come up with (a) a technique of momentarily (for 6 months) sterilizing males by shooting ultrasounds at their scrotums, and (b) a new way to vaccinate the populace (with whatever), by dispersing nano-sized vaccines in spray form. Like, say, from airplanes...

(my comment to his article:)

"Ah yes, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They have been pushing vaccination campaigns in Africa for yonks. They SAY it's for 'health' reasons. But, curious thing: Bill has been seen on a video talking to a learned audience about the dangers of overpopulation/the carrying capacity of the planet;* and then he slips seamlessly into talking about vaccines for the 3rd World. Excuse me? - Oh; I see. 'Health' can mean different things to different people. As in those people who some years ago mounted an anti-tetanus campaign in three 3rd World countries, particularly targeting young females, where the shots turned out to have an anti-fertility agent in them. Vaccination shots being a perfect mode for delivering such agents, to widespread cohorts; if that is what your intent is.
"A major drop in population numbers is the desire of many people, especially some very powerful people, particularly connected with the Club of Rome and the Bilderberger Society. That is what 'global health' means to them. And now, the technology for nanoparticles to be delivered in a spray anti-populationist's dream.
"Between substances delivered in the water supply [Mike had talked in his article also about the delivery of 'mass medication' to the populace via the drinking water supply, in the form of fluoride], and in the air: they will have us totally covered. Ah, the wonders of modern technology...
"(Reminder, Mike: fluoride - besides being a poison - is a mood enhancer; aka a pacifier. Keeping 'them' sedated while 'we' kill them. 'We': the erstwhile Masters of this planet. facing their day of reckoning, thanks to whistleblowers like Mike Adams.)"

And Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Which brings us to

(3) This article, on a holistic health e-newsletter site, was occasioned by the reporter taking the Tube to work in London and seeing in the free newspaper - given out to 1.7 million commuters - a big ad extolling the "benefits" of vaccinations. The reporter went through some of the history of the flu vaccine caper, and so forth; but it also brings up - emphasized? - the current headlines in the News news about the striking off from the medical register in the UK this week of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose paper, published in The Lancet in 1998, kicked off the controversy over the safety, or not, of the MMR shot, in relation to some children diagnosed with autism who had intestinal damage, and many of whose parents claimed that their descent into this terrible dual condition - gut and brain - came in the wake of their receiving the MMR vaccine.

I won't go into that whole story here. Except to point out that Wakefield, also this week, has had published his version of the whole brouhaha (in a book titled, ironically, "Callous Disregard" - ironically, because that was what he was accused of, and is accusing his persecutors of); and in at least one radio interview of him that I heard, when asked what he thought was behind his persecution - essentially, why did he think the authorities were denying the dangers - said, cautiously, "I don't know if it's just incompetence, or not..." But in his book he tells it like it is: that the UK government (in bed with the drug companies) had indemnified the MMR manufacturer for any possible damage the vaccine may cause, in order to keep it coming. So that the parents, who were trying to sue the manufacturer, were kept from their pursuit of justice for at least one unobvious reason: so that they wouldn't find out that it would do no good to sue them; that they would in fact have to sue the government. And the government wasn't about to let that happen. Ergo, the whole sordid saga.

There's more to this story (The owner of The Sunday Times, the main public persecuting body, happening to sit on the board of directors of the vaccine manufacturer; etc. etc.). But my main point, and charge: Parents are having a hard time getting the medical authorities to admit that various suspect vaccines can cause such as autism, not just because of the financial liability they will be responsible for, but primarily because the Powers That Be need that modality to seed various adverse substances into the populace. For population control.

And why would the governments do it to their own troops (in reference to item 1)? The U.S. is the prime example, and answer: Because the PTB need to weaken, break down, the United States as an entity, in order to submerge it into their vaunted New World Order, as an obedient vassal, known as the North American Union (with a new currency: the amero, binding the NAU, of the former Mexico-U.S.-Canada, as one region of the NWO. And thus the parallel need to weaken the dollar, and thereby send the people into crisis mode, for the purpose of forcing into being a declaration of Martial Law, and the consequent elimination of the U.S. Constitution, which is the wafer-thin "damn piece of paper" standing between the U.S. as it is and the accomplishment of their goal). Need to weaken the populace so that they can't resist the takeover.

Happening as we speak.

And taking off in earnest, once they can start spraying the populace with their people-control ingredients.

Which technique has been trialed with the chemtrails over (at the least) America; and the inadequate response of the people to this threat to them.

Shades of Soylent Green...

Who ARE these people, behind all this?

Some of them are us.


And some aren't, basically.

...But there are others who aren't us either who are willing to help us out of this mess.

Coming up.

But we need to do our part. Free will, and all that. All that evidence that there is something more than Man; and with that factor:

that the universe has Purpose, and that Purpose is Good.


After we indivuated sparks of The One, having been given choice - by which to grow in consciousness, and thus advance The Whole - have played out our parts to completion.

Choose your side.

Or have it chosen for you.

The options are narrowing quickly.

As I say: As we speak.


* He did it in relation to the CO2 scam. Which the Club of Rome years ago seized on as a rationale for 'global governance'. And some entrepreneurs are using to make bundles of money, by killing people - individually, and en masse, as in manipulated airplane crashes (part of our modern technology) - and making money off the consequent lowering of CO2. As was part of the 9/11 caper. 'Give me proof of CO2 reduction and you've got a deal.'
That's the sort of people we're up against, people.
Capitalism taken to the nth degree. Where the only consideration is: 'What's in it for me.'

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Abuse of the U.S. Constitution: It's Impeachment Time - And More

I am aware of several particular straws in the wind. Consider:

* Several states, in alignment with the so-called 10th Amendment Movement, are legislating to claim the right for their citizens 'to keep and bear arms', which are not made or sold interstate, free from federal regulation/jurisdiction. The federal government is trying to thwart these actions by claiming that it has the constitutional right to regulate anything that "affects" or "has an effect on" or "impacts on" interstate commerce. I'm not sure where it gets that notion from, other than from its simple desire to have such power: the U.S. Constitution gives it the power simply "to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States,..." Not "within" the States. Period. But of such attempts are slippery slopes made.
Note: This is part of the basic legal argument that has been going on in the U.S. for some time, between 'Federalists' and 'anti-Federalists' - between those who want a stronger central government, lording it over the states & making most socio-economic decisions in Washington, and those who want to keep the federal system of government that is the U.S. system, intact, whereby the federal government is one of limited and delegated powers - "few and defined", in the words of the Father of the Constitution, James Madison; has only those powers specifically ceded to it in & by the Constitution, all others being "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" (the aforementioned 10th Amendment).

One power, and responsibility, delegated to it is named in Article IV, Sect. 4: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion..." Which leads to

* Several states are feeling they are being overwhelmed with illegal aliens, and are fretting that the US government is not doing enough about the matter; to the point- as with Arizona recently - that they are starting to consider state legislation to do something about it. Which is within their prerogative, given a fairly legitimate definition of what they are facing and incurring as 'invasion', and with that impact on the services they can afford, etc. But that's not the main point I wish to raise here on this matter. That is that the federal government, in the form of the head of the U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has threatened not to prosecute illegal aliens caught by the states. And that is raising this general issue, of the power balance between the states and the federal government in a federal system of government, to a serious state of alert.

As well, because

(a) the federal government is hoping that the courts will throw out the states' initiatives, on whatever technicalities they can come up with - including that they don't have 'standing' (which highlights another issue, covered below); and

(b) the specific issue is highlighting a larger one, having to do with a movement amongst revolutionary Mexicans called La Raza - 'The Race', whereby those so inclined are trying to create a state under Mexican control called Aztlan, consisting of a number of the U.S. states in the southwest, including California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas.

And here the plot deepens.

Because we're talking about, as well, a movement amongst Establishment types - the Power Elite - to dismantle the Constitution, in order to absorb the - former - U.S. into the North American Union region of their proposed New World Order; and so they are happy to have the border issue - both the illegal alien issue and the Aztlan issue - begin to accomplish that dismantling, in order to further their own ends. And they would appear to be willing to let Obama help bring that whole scenario to a head, even though he is of the 'left', and they are of the 'right'. Why? Because the real Power Elite are behind both sides of the stage-front political process; the drama that keeps the public's attention away from who's behind the backstage curtain, directing things.

Consider. Obama's eligibility for the office of the U.S. president is highly suspect (and blatantly unmet, according to the historical and still-legal definition of a "natural born" citizen, which requires the presidential candidate to be born on the soil of parents - plural - who are citizens). His hiding of definitive information about his original, vault-copy birth certificate; his refusal to have his passport information or school records released; his strange Social Security card number background; etc. etc. Do 'you' REALLLY think he could have gotten away with all that if the Power Elite didn't want him in the position he is in, to deliver the U.S. to them in tatters, so that they could remold it into their desired one-world structure? Thus the various lawsuit attempts to bring his eligibility to a court of law, and thereby subject to 'disclosure', have been thwarted, under the technicality of the plaintiffs lacking 'standing'.

Who would have standing? Apparently, the U.S. Congress. The majority of whom are Democrats. And it was their leaders - particularly the Speaker of the House - who signed off on Obama's eligibility to be their party's candidate. Go figure.

What this is all amounting to is great Crisis. Which brings great Opportunity. Which is what the Power Elite are counting on. (Along with their collusion in the financial crisis, which has been orchestrated to and for their benefit - to pick up the pieces after the collapse at bargain prices, literally and so to speak.)

The answer? Since both the executive and the legislative branches of the federal government are culpable - and the Judicial branch has failed to allow justice to be served, so it is compromised as well - The People need to let - demand - an administrator take over the federal government who will (a) honor the federal system, and return it to its true constitutional structure; (b) depose the usurper president (and his court of czars); (c) clean out all departments of the Executive branch, including the placemen of the corporate realm (who have been turning the U.S. government into a form of fascism); (d) dissolve Congress; and (e) call for elections within a time set (say 3 to 6 months). He desirably would also dissolve the central bank/Federal Reserve, and institute a cleanout of the financial system. So that the world is not held hostage to criminal types.

There is another form of 'economics' needed now to be ushered in anyway. One that does not hold people to be chattel, and does not destroy the environment in its mindless pursuit of 'growth' . But first things first.

How to bring 'first things first' about, practically?

Practically, by trusting in Spirit to help inform the process. 'The process':

Obama should level with the American people about his background, in his words, before an official inquiry takes place. And talking about official inquiries, and this cleansing in general of the federal Augean stables:

The public health authorities should share with the public what they know, and when they knew it, about such subjects as the downsides of Fluoridation and vaccines; the Bush administration should share, in their words, what they knew about 9/11 and when they knew it. Likewise the Mossad, and the Israeli government. Likewise the Maurice Strong/George Soros/Al Gore et al 'camp'. There should, in short, be a general purging, by people who need a purging, before Truth and Reconciliation commissions take over, and 'require'/are mandated the space for the truth to be told.

And if the former obviates the need for the latter, so be it. And so good.

Because it's time. It's time for truthtelling, and a Going Up in consciousness across the board. Leaving the basic drama behind, and entering a new phase of life on Earth. One more in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator.

And if you don't believe in such a Being, well, Have We got news for You. Basically, that You and We are One.

Let's stop pretending otherwise. We have other fish to fry, now. So to speak. Perhaps a better way to put it: We have another, higher space to occupy, now. In our consciousness. Where we are closer to the Divine. To our divine natures. As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. To learn lessons - giving and receiving; now teacher, now pupil.

And then move on.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Elimination of Profit: It's Time

Nearly fifty years ago, in a less fraught time than now, I was moved to write the following:

'In this year it would appear/Auspicious time has come/for some clear thinking on/the state of the world, and what/can be done about it./I submit that/a society that thinks of such as war/and crime as inevitable, at least/until a further time, is already/well on its way into the dark night/of insanity,/having in the construction/of an artificial atmosphere, built/unintentionally, or not, or whatever combination/lost contact/with the greater reality around/that never sleeping ever presses in/on the so-called private dreams of men./Only with minds free/from the magnets of the moment/can we make/our way out, before it's too late/and many pull more back./To say:/No more money, no more crime./No more laws to break/anyway.'

I went on:

'How do we do it/without profit?/Simple. By installing/a system with no market but a heart:/unobstructed circulation, functioning/not on money, or some similar device/for level differential,/but on golden rule./And there you have your principle,/now man can produce at will,/and abundance/no longer a paradox,/grace without meaning.'

I think there was more; but that's the gist of it. And I reiterate it now, not just because it's time - which it is - and even past time; which it is. But because of one more straw in the wind today. It came in an email from an investigative journalist named Evelyn Pringle ("focused on exposing corruption in government and corporate America"). It was an article, second of two parts, on the drugging of America starting with its children. It said, in part:

"As of 2008, upwards of a million children in the United States - in many cases preschoolers - are on "mood-stabilizers" for bipolar disorder, even though the condition remains unrecognized in the rest of the world," Healy points out. [Healy is Dr. David Healy, a British pharmacology expert and author of the book 'Mania: A Short History of Bipolar Disorder'.]

"But there is no evidence that the drugs stabilize moods," he says. "In fact, it is not even clear that it makes sense to talk about a mood center in the brain."

"A further piece of mythology aimed at keeping people on the drugs," he reports, "is that these are supposedly neuroprotective - but there's no evidence that this is the case and in fact these drugs can lead to brain damage."

I am not sure that he is correct in questioning the idea that there is "a mood center in the brain", though it all may be simply a general effect of the brain damage involved - both before and after such treatment. For there is evidence that children in our 'day and age' ARE suffering from various forms of brain damage. But to treat them with the sort of thing that caused the problem in the first place is - like "the dark night of insanity" that I posited in the above Credo statement of mine of some fifty years ago - madness. And it is a madness that has been caused by one thing: the concept of profit. Which has taken our eye off the ball, of understanding what life is all about- what we COULD be doing with and for each other on this lovely planet we call Earth - and reduced us to acting as though we are mere mortals.

Mortals that have beliefs of various kinds, of something 'other', something larger involved than the simple life experience itself, in and of itself. But not REALLY believing it. Or we would be acting more like it is the truth than we are. And have been, for so long that we have been conditioned by it. 'It' - the "artificial atmosphere" I referred to above. Which has created "magnets of the moment". And the biggest of them all is the concept of profit.

It is the concept of profit that is causing humanity to trash its environment.* It is the concept of profit that drives pharmaceutical companies to look at ways to make money, including creating the very conditions that they will then come up with drugs to treat (as in side effects to other of their products). It is the concept of profit that causes Wall Street denizens to look out merely for themselves - so shortsighted in that pursuit that they would even threaten to bring down the very system that is rewarding them. The gaudy parade of madness goes on.

But not for much longer.

Profit is the Gordian knot of our day.

The answer is, simply, to eliminate it. And it disappears.

Because it is just that. A concept.

A concept that cannot stand against the reality that life has meaning, beyond merely in and for itself only.

And as soon as we start functioning from a space of a little more humility, and live by a sense of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning, we will have our answer, to all the ills that beset us. And which we have been heir to, for 'time immemorial'.

Until now.

Recognizing, that

it's time.

* Yes, communism also trashed 'its' environment. But that was because that concept of life was still material-oriented. That there was nothing beyond the life experience itself. That life has no meaning BEYOND itself. And so there is no morality, or justice, or standards, except those imposed by the state. A state that was created out of the concept that the end justifies the means.
Another erroneous concept, that has bedeviled us terribly, through the centuries.