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My Blue Period

My Blue Period*

In the first footnote to my blog of a couple of days ago - titled 'This Isn't The U.S. I Used To Know' - I opened a window on my life in Manhattan during the initial stages of my intensive Search for Truth and then closed it, to get on with the immediate 'story' at hand.  But I have realized that that was a bit of a bummer thing to do; was a teaser thing to do, to titillate like that, so to speak, and have felt the desire to 'set things right,' at least somewhat.  Herewith.

First, the (somewhat, I presume) 'offending' footnote, and then further comment on the scene that it exposed briefly to view - the scene of life Down And Out in NewYork City, during My Year In Manhattan, of a Sincere Seeker For Truth, And All That Jazz.   

"1 The collection itself was published in 1953.  [N.B. I was referring to a thin book of short stories by J.D. Salinger called, simply, 'Nine Stories.'  Highly recommended reading, by the way.  Very - empathetic, I guess is the word.]  And boy, do I have a story to tell sometime about my life when coming across that collection, living down and out in Manhattan (after leaving university all the way across the continent in California, to initiate my search for answers to Life) and haunting the streets around Times Square in general and the New York Public Library Reading Room in particular, and standing in the ocean-sprayed prow of the Staten Island Ferry for breaks from being huddled in my broom-closet of a room in a cheap hotel off the edge of the aforesaid Square, reading books on the likes of Theosophy and Krishnamurti and Edgar Cayce and the (English translations of various German scholars's takes on the) origins of Christianity, and being occasionally solicited there by hookers, who didn't fully appreciate that, living in such a dump, I would hardly have a pot to pee in, let alone enough ready cash to buy them a - well, to buy them, period.  But - like a lot of things about my life, and where it has taken me in my pilgrim's search for the Big Ones - another time, perhaps."  

So, let this be That Time.  Or a bit of it, at least.  


First: My Hotel.  A couple of blocks north of the 42nd Street rather tawdry strip marking the south boundary of said [Times] Square, that seedy section of it and my hotel being on the West Side (for my West Side Story while living in Manhattan).

As for the hookers.  They were both young and nice-looking; and in other circumstances…(They must have been working their way through college on their backs.  That sort of thing was not unknown about during my time on the collegiate scene, even on the less sophisticated West Coast; was just not a topic for even casual conversation.  This was the era of Eisenhower, remember. 'Nuff said.  Presumably.  There were interesting things going on before the era of the Rolling Stones; just not in your face.  As it were.  Hey, did you hear about the Mars Bar and Bianca - no.  Let's not go there.  What do you think this is? A more historically up-to-date version of 'Tropic of Cancer'??  I was there for high reasons.  Not hi-jinks.)    

So, as I was saying: As for the prostitutes (rather fairly-assumed, I should think.  What else would they have been at my door for?  A neighborly game of Parcheesi??  Some help with their homework???): the first one was a blonde; the second one, who came about a month later, as near as I can recall (the only one who came out of the whole deal, then, titter titter), was dark-haired.  When I finally cottoned on to what was going on (it really hit me after the second Lady Caller.  To both of whom I could only think of saying, "You must have the wrong room," and closed the door on them without a further word passing between us; sending them both away empty-handed, as it were, and literally), I half-expected that if there ever were a third knock on my door, there would be a young guy standing there.  (I have to presume that the lady at the front desk, to say small office with peekaboo check-in counter, monitoring 'the trade' into her fiefdom, was in the business - perhaps on the side?? - of trying to help match up tricks with her stable of fillies.  And/or vice versa.  As I say, it was a cheap hotel; it just took me a while to discover/realize just how, er, seedy it was.  It had some monthly renters, like me; but apparently it made its basic income from nightly - or hourly - users.  Waking up to the real world, I was.  Thus sayeth Yoda.  Not. )

And as for a third knocker on my door, and the idea of a gay scene in NYC at that time - this was circa 1955-56: Oh, my, yes, indeed, was there one; which I barely brushed against on my way through the joint.  But that may have to be another story; I'm not sure how long this one is going to be.  Until I get into it.  I'm flying a bit blind, here; creating as I go along.  No detailed flight plan to navigate by...

One thing I definitely want to put in is the bit about the jukebox down in the 42nd Street Subway entrance.  (Who said that Manhattan was a city with a lot of glitter and no soul?? like a whore???  Well, let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Manhattan, and show you something to make you change your mind.  Or at least, help you to…your choice…...)

One evening on my way to somewhere or other I was heading for those turnstiles when I heard some magnificent sounds coming from a corner of the small set of shops in the downstairs of the entranceway.  Stunned and curious, I dropped my plans - whatever they were, and at least for the moment - and went over to investigate.  What I found was a jukebox, in a corner alcove of the small shopping complex, full of nothing but operatic selections - solos, duets, and just 'plain' orchestral passages.  I couldn't believe it.  What an unexpected feast.  Carnegie Hall in miniature; but the sounds were just as stupendous as if I were bathing in them at a live concert in a real concert hall, rather than the (somewhat echoey) underground entranceway of a seedy stop to the City's subway system.  

Che gelida manina…Nessun Dorna…...

I don't know how I had happened to miss it before then; this was well into my year's stay in The Big Apple.  But I certainly made up for lost time in the days and few months left of my stay.1            

That alcove was also the site of another encounter with the offer of sex.  And this time, I didn't feel, with any financial strings attached to the deal. 

One night while feeding my few quarters that I could spare into the machine, a young black gal who had just used the photo machine in the alcove, right across from the jukebox, got talking with me.  She was jiving about her picture, and asked me if it was a good likeness. (As I recall, it was.  She had a nice, friendly, even cheery air about her.)  One thing led to another, as these brief-encounter things sometimes do, and she invited me to her place for a drink; and when I - politely enough, I felt, and feel - declined the offer, she ended up the conversation saying, plaintively, but with a note of dignity as well - to say, not beseechingly: "i don't want to have to go home alone."

Sorry, Miss.  It's not what I'm here for.  I'm here to uplift myself.  Not…

what.  Degrade myself???

What did I think of sex at that time??  (Let alone with a black girl.)

I know I didn't like the idea of paying for it.  That was so, uncool, in my estimation.  Plus, I wasn't really that highly sexed.  I had had, by that time, one really close bush, er, brush with 'the little death,' with a very pretty gal from a different high school from mine whose fetching and somewhat haunting picture (she had a head scarf draped over a bit of one side of her head, almost biblical-like) I happened to see in the window of a photographer's shop near my home, and one thing led to another, as these things sometimes do.  But I reached a sticking point in the relationship (so to speak): I just couldn't face the idea of going into a pharmacy and having the woman behind the counter ask me, in reply to my request for a packet of condoms, "What size," and, stunned, and fumbling for an answer, say cooly in response, "Oh, about a medium."  What do you think, looking at me, Ma'am; would you say that that was about right??  I mean, such embarrassing moments, in this growing up business…It's rather different, now, I see, with condoms not only right out there on the shelves proper, but in different flavors (!), and girls in high schools (perhaps even now in junior highs - excuse me; in middle schools, I understand they're called in this day and new age.  Not to be confused with the 'spiritual' one) learning to fit them onto bananas or penis prosthetics of some sort.2  

This all reminds me of the time when -

No.  I won't go there.  Got to stick to the story proper.  A failing of mine.  I think of it as my style, with my brain flashing immediately - split-secondly - to associated memories, that add color to the telling, I feel; but I think that others think of it as too jump-aroundish for comfortable concentration.  So let me continue, directly.  More directly, at least.

Let's see.  Where from here.  The operatic music jukebox…

Oh.  Got one; that should be interesting, and insightful, and all that jazz.

When I first hit the Big Apple 
     (from delivering a woman's car for her from my home town in Southern California -
     where I am back at now, after all these years, in point of fact; it's a small world - 
     to Chicago, and taking a bus from there to Detroit, from where I had heard you can find cars to deliver for the likes of car dealers, which proved indeed to be the case and which got me to Pittsburgh, from where I took a Greyhound on into NewYork City) 
I had nothing but the phone number of a friend from my high school fraternity days to go by for my Next Steps.  He was a year ahead of me in school, and had ended up transferring from school in California to go to Columbia, for their apparently highly recommended philosophy and poli sci courses.  I called the number from the main downtown bus station, and caught him in, and followed his detailed directions as to which subway to take (and in which direction; that was very confusing for me for a while) and which stop to get off at and how to get to his place from there, and Bob's your uncle (said with extra intent, because that was his name).  

It turned out that he had a room in a Jewish family's apartment that the school had helped him get lined up with, as on-campus accommodation was apparently as scarce as hen's teeth, if existent at all (I don't recall those details).  He told me that I could stay the night on his floor, until I could find a room of my own; that his landlady wouldn't mind.  I wasn't sure about the latter when the next morning, when I went to leave the upstairs apartment - after using the phone to line up an appointment to see about a cheap hotel room in the heart (or at least the center) of the city that I came across in the Yellow Pages - she gave me a dirty look.  I didn't know if I should have offered to pay for the phone call - my friend, who had already left for classes, hadn't told me that that would be a problem - but then she relented somewhat in demeanor, and wished me luck.  On my way out, I glanced over their library shelf (as is my wont). 

It was full of books on Communism.   

This was circa 1955.  

'They' have been playing a long game.

Now, let me totally clarify where I am with this subject.  It's totally fine to want 'a better world'.
It all depends on how you go about it.

If you go about it by making the state totally powerful, in order to command people to behave the way you want them to:

a) what happens if/when that totally powerful state falls into the hands of people that you don't agree with??  and

b) a matter of fundamentals here.  To say:
     Voting yourselves money out of other people's pockets is immoral.

And that's enough, really, for this time, on 

My Blue Period.

* A play on the title of one of J.D. Salinger's short stories in his 'Nine Stories' collection



1) As for my Date of Departure:

     At some point of my excursion in being footloose and fancy free in Manhattan… 

     (cancel that last bit: I very much fancied hours and hours in the NY Public Library; at first full-time - 
     while I was living on a small stipend that my 
     (long-out of-the picture, from a divorce when I was still in diapers) 
     father had left me in his will 
     (to be used for my "education".  It certainly was, that.  I had no qualms about thinking otherwise -  
     and then, when that ran out, I got a job 
     (a couple of them, before I settled down for a good stretch in the last one; another story) 
     and could only go to the Library in the evenings 
     (which I did, religiously. What else was I going to do, with but pennies in my pocket??  And go to evening concerts down in the 42nd Street Subway entranceway) 

I received a notice in the mail that advised me that, since I was no longer in school (except for the school of Life, and Interesting Knocks), I was subject to the Draft; and to report to such-and-such a place at such-and-such an hour on such-and-such a day of such-and-such month, Sincerely yours; and oh: Have a nice day.  (I jest with that last bit.) 
     In the event, I applied for, and received, exemption from carrying a weapon by being classified as 1A-O, which meant that I was a c.o., better known as a conscientious objector; and went into the Army, and served a tour of duty, for two years, as a medic.  In Korea.  But that's definitely another story. 
     Back to this one.  

2) On this matter of female pharmacy clerks having sport with young guys about condoms, my little fictional anecdote is based on a true story.  One of my high school fraternity mates - a year or two above me; I forget which - was telling a group of us one evening after our meeting about being 'hazed' by such a woman in a drugstore that he went into for a packet of condoms for his evening out (or in; whatever), and when he quietly asked her for what it was he wanted, she turned and said, in a loud voice, to her female mates, "Hey, do we have any rubbers left?  This kid here wants some."  As I recall the story, one of her mates replied, in the same loud manner, something to the effect of "Yeah, they're over there under that other counter."  To which the first hazer called out, "Okay.  Thanks."  And went over to get the loudly advertised product…
     Our frat mate said that he was about all shriveled up in his shoes by then; with another part of his anatomy having likewise disappeared.
     Or words to that effect.

On Calling A Spade A Spade

This is a sequel to yesterday's blog on 'This Isn't The U.S. I Used To Know'; and in particular regarding its commentary on free speech, and the major attack on it going on in our day.  And why I opened it by saying that "It all began with the words 'kike' and 'nigger'."

To clarify from the start: I have nothing against Jews per se.  I grew up with many Jewish friends.  And so forth; you know the drill.  But I have a bone to pick with a lot of them.

'Them' who: The ones that think that they are better than the rest of us.  Are The Chosen Ones.  And feel that they have been singled out for discrimination based on just that fact.  When what they have been singled out for, in many, many cases, is their arrogance. And the crimes they have committed in the pursuit of their attempts to gain the high ground in the world; to push themselves and their socio-political beliefs on to the rest of us, and to occupy - command - the High Places.

And for which they have been kicked out of nation after nation over the centuries.  From their perspective: For reasons of such discrimination; and for not being Christians.  From the perspective of others: Yes, for not being Christians - to say, for denying His special divinity (and for secretly doing - it was wideiy rumored - horrible things, e.g., to Christian children, and to denigrate the Cross); but also, for their being such arrogant, money-grubbing toads.  And I reserve the right to say such things, in a - still - free country.

Now.  Let's get down to some brass tacks.   

A former editor at the New York Times - a Jew - who moved 'up' from that desk into writing columns, warned many years ago in more than one of them1 that there were 'people' who wanted to undermine free speech in America.  He said - very forthrightly, I thought admiringly of him - that 'they' didn't believe in 'free speech'; that it could be hurtful, and 'they' were going to do all 'they' could to get at least the 'hateful' part of it banned.  He didn't say who 'they' were.  But I inferred an answer from his context; and decided to keep my eyes open on the matter. 

Time passes; and, in retirement, I moved to Australia for most of the nineties.  Where - being a long-time firm believer in human freedom, to say, the principle of free will2 - I got involved with something called the Free Speech Committee, in Sydney.  I forget what the triggering issue of the day was; suffice it to say that there was some sort of threat to the principle going on, and, in my retirement relatively free time, I wanted to lend a hand to that ongoing battle.3  Which interest ended up with my joining the steering committee of the FSC, for fairly weekly meetings, as I recall. 

It was an eye-opening experience; which gave me a first-hand experience of 'how these things work'.  To say: I began suspecting that all was not as it appeared to be on the surface of the FSC.  That we were being controlled.  Co-opted, I think is the word.    

It basically involved a Jewish lawyer who came on to the Committee during my time there; and who obviously had prior friends on the Committee.  Long story short: It became obvious to me that he, and some - most? - of the others on the steering committee weren't just accepting of the argument that it was right and proper for the government to outlaw speech that could lead to 'violence' - and clearly delineated as, and limited as, such in the wording of the proposed legislation being considered at the time.  But wanted even - mostly? - to outlaw speech that was merely, quote, 'offensive'.  

I could hardly believe my ears.  And these were fighters on the front lines for the principle of free speech!  Seemingly…For other, life reasons, I left the steering committee soon after I became aware of this movement on it.  And didn't think 'they' would ever get away with it, in the populace at large, when push came to shove regarding actual legislation on the subject.

But now, here we are.

That was in Australia.

And it is also here in the U.S.

The very home of free speech.  Constitutionally guaranteed free speech.  Under major attack, now; from the forces of political correctness, Black Power groups, and LGBT groups, and…who knew, all.  But, on that note, to be reminded: Who was behind the development of, and for a long time the running of, the NAACP?


And now, here comes the kicker:

I believe that - or at the least, wouldn't be surprised if - this is all part of The Plan.

Specifically, that such Jews - such souls - have incarnated to play just such a role.  Just such a difficult role.  A non-empathetic role.

The role of objectors to 'the status quo'.  The role of the 'superior'.  Of troublemakers.  

To get the mass of humanity to react to them, and their top-down, state-controlling ways:

In order to resist such ways.

To resist, at the end of the day, totalitarianism.  As portrayed by these Jews.4

And, they have been picked to play these particular roles -

because they - many of them - are, in fact, superior souls.

Capable of taking on such roles, and enduring 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' - the sneers and derision and outright enmity of others -

in order to drive the lessons home.  The lessons that say:

Don't go that way.

That way there be dragons. 

And if you don't believe me:

See what I am doing?  Am capable of doing??  If you give your power away, like you are doing???...

Far fetched???

Check it out. 

Scratch under the surface of one of these prickly Jews.

And find the real entity underneath the surface.

And don't presuppose that it's a Draconian.   

You might be surprised.

And, it might even be a 'stellar' soul in disguise as a Draconian.

How can one tell which is which?


By their aura.  Which is also to say:

By the quality of their essential message.

If it's geared to Power Over, it's of the Dark.  Of the capturing Drama.

If it's geared to Power With - and Power Within - it's of the Light.  Of the releasing Reality. 

Come.  Join the releasing into the Light.


You may just be surprised who you find there.

Having played such a good part.

So to speak.



1 His column was carried regularly in The International Tribune, which I was a devoted reader of, for some time.  This was in the eighties and very early nineties.  This is how I date a lot of what I have seen printed 'in the papers' over the years.  If I read it inThe Trib: It was then. 

2 I'm not precisely sure where my inordinate passion for the principle comes from.  It could be from my growing up in the Mormon Church, which has a strong belief, based on writings of its founder, Joseph Smith, in what he called 'free moral agency'; which I thought made not only good sense, but sterling sense.  But at the end of the day, I think that it just comes from my being who I am.
     (P.S.  For the record: I am no longer a 'Mormon'.  I read my way out of what its adherents call the Church - i.e., the true, holy-scripture-completed  Christian Church - some time ago.  But some of its principles still stand for me - like, say, the Church looking after its own, and being personally self-reliant; not having 'the state' take care of you.  It might just do that, in ways that you don't particularly care for - and none 'higher' than this one.) 

3 The 'politically correct' forces had become quite a challenge by then, in Australia - I discovered - as well as back in the UK, where I had been living for many years.  And I presumed, although I didn't know from firsthand knowledge - or even secondhand, by then - that it was going on in the U.S. as well; based on what the former NY Times editor had written about some years previously to that time, and just on how these things go.  Presumably with a life of their own'; but there is always someone stoking such things.  Especially if they have a dog in the fight… 

4 Who, in the state of Israel, for example, have been involved in dastardly activities, celebrating the perverted principle that the ends justify the means.  Just involving its relations with the U.S., there have been the likes of 
     the Lavon Affair, in 1954, a false flag op involving the planting of bombs in Egyptian, American and British-owned civilian targets to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, and others (with the aim of inducing the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt's Suez Canal zone);
     the deliberate attempted sinking of the intelligence-gathering ship the U.S.S. Liberty in1967, which killed 34 Americans, and which outrageous action was not ever properly addressed, because of the power of the Jewish 'amen corner' (in Pat Buchanan's colorful phrase) in American politics (he also called the U.S. Congress "a Parliament of Whores" for that reason; and who can blame him);
     the suicide attack on the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983, which killed 241 U.S. soldiers, and which the Israelis knew about in advance, and were guilty as an accessory by an act of omission; and
     the 9/11 "another Pearl Harbor" attack on the Twin Towers, which Israel was involved in, to varying degrees (in acts of both omission and commission), in order to draw the U.S. into war in the Middle East, so that Israel could extend hegemony over the area.  (With the U.S. NeoCons aiding and abetting the caper, not only for such hegemonic ambitions of their other country, but for the oil involved in the deal for the U.S. as well; besides the basic fruits of war, the contracts to supply goods and services and so on.)  
     The list goes on, of pernicious activity by the state of Israel; by perpetrators who know, and practice - to a fault - only the philosophy of Power Over.
     And P.S. This is to not go deeply into the question of who is actually a Jew; with many so-called Jews today merely descended from Khazars, converted en masse to Judaism by their king centuries ago.  There is no good evidence that the Khazars ever had anything to do with The Promised Land.  They may have been part of the Lost TenTribes of Israel, having migrated to and settled in their kingdom in Eastern Europe from their roots in their Assyrian captivity in the eighth century B.C.; but there is, as I say, no hard evidence, to my knowledge, for that possibility.  (Arthur Koestler would not agree.)  They certainly were a quarrelsome lot; and, judging by the biblical/Old Testament account of the history of these people, could well have been such descendants.  In any event, the modern state of Israel is ruled by European Jews (including Khazarians), aka Ashkenazic Jews (as opposed to Sephardic Jews, those descended mostly from Spain, North Africa and the Middle East, and with some variations in culture and practices), and they seem to have no scruples about imposing their collective, tribal will on others.  Not the kind of people you would want lording it over you.  Or could trust.          
     They would betray you in an instant, if it served their purposes to.  And I for one American am still waiting for the government of the current state of israel to officially apologize to the American people for what they have done to Americans in the past (as summarized here).  And then we can talk about the future.
     But only then.

Friday, 29 November 2013

'This Isn't The U.S. I Used To Know'

It all started with the words 'kike' and 'nigger'.

I remember a somewhat amusing, or at least, telling, take on this 'political correctness'/'hate speech' business by J.D. Salinger in one of his 'Nine Stories' classic short stories out of (mostly but not exclusively) the 'New Yorker' magazine in the late '40s/early '50s.1 A little boy, living on the East coast somewhere, is outside brooding about life when his mother asks him what's wrong, and he replies that a boy who he had thought was his friend had called him a name.  The mother, particularly knowledgeable about such things and fearing the worst, asks him what the little boy, whom he had thought was his friend, had called him; and her son replies that he had called him a kite.

Words can be terrible things. But they are, after all, just words.  It's how we take them that matters.          

And then time moves on; and we get to a point where, as an example, a few years ago an Australian Rugby League player was chastised by a) members of the public, b) the media (I'm not sure which came first; or does in these sorts of instances, now), and c) his team officials, for calling, in the heat of action (that's a tough game, for tough guys; they don't wear padding, like U.S. football players do), a player on the other team a, quote, "big black bastard". 

Horrors!  Beyond the pale!  So to speak…

Notice that he wasn't chastised for calling the fellow a big bastard.2  But if spring comes, can winter be far behind???  I am saying that once certain words are banned - the 'free speech' wall breached - there will be no end of it.  The 'Me too! ~ Me too! - Me too!'s will line up, demanding their pound of flesh.  

Very much like the making illegal of acts of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, gender, color of socks worn, age, - did I miss any category of persons??  Fatties?  Baldies??  Nerds???…

Where does this stuff end, once the wall separating people from the long nose of the state is breached??  That is to say, in further reality, separating people from being people???  

Okay, okay - I understand that there are some categories that are more equal - to say, deserving, to some extent, the protection of the state from their tormenters - than others.  But just also to say: When I was a kid, we had an adage: 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.'  And our tormenters, whether we were fatties, or whatever, would give up, when they couldn't get a rise out of us over it.  Now, you can say to me, 'That's all well and good and easy for you to say - you're blond and blue-eyed'.  And to a certain extent, that's true.3  But later on in my school days, when I went to a high school where there were a considerable number of blacks (the school was located in that part of town), yes I heard the word 'nigger'.  But I also heard the word 'honky'.  And also 'whitey'  - or its equivalent, at least according to my understanding, of: 'White boy.'  Now, 'whitey' - or its less offensive equivalent, 'White boy' - doesn't sound so bad; hey - it's what we were.  But 'honky' - now that had a real ring to it (so to speak).  I didn't know what it meant; but judging from the energy associated with it, it couldn't be very good.  (A kite, anyone??)  But did I get offended by it?  No.  I played basketball and ran track with black kids.  We got along.  End of story. 

I fully understand that there's a factor here of treating some citizens like second class citizens.  But I'm saying that, in a free country at least, it's a matter of getting to know each other.  The Irish were treated like second class citizens for many years; and 'they' made it to the White House.4  And take Jackie Robinson.  (I'll take him on my team any day. Even invite him to the barbecue.)  Was he put on the Brooklyn Dodgers roster by order of the Supreme Court?  No.  Branch Rickey saw a way to make good money, yes.  But more accurately, he wanted a winning team.  And he got it.  With a black player.  Who had to endure a lot of personal shit in the process.  But that's life.

In a free country.  As opposed to one with a heavy state.

Which might get called 'Fatty' behind its back.  And written as graffiti, to be seen in the light of day.

Because people will be people.    

And they will get better at it.

In the process of being people.

Not automatons, of the almighty state, telling them how to be, and what to say to each other, within an inch of their lives.

People, free to grow from the experience; and to discover one day - one fine day - not only that 

We Are One Another.5  But that - 

Eureka! -  

We Are All One.

And not just figuratively speaking.



1 The collection itself was published in 1953.  And boy, do I have a story to tell sometime about my life when coming across that collection, living down and out in Manhattan (after leaving university all the way across the continent in California, to initiate my search for answers to Life) and haunting the streets around Times Square in general and the New York Public Library Reading Room in particular, and standing in the ocean-sprayed prow of the Staten Island Ferry for breaks from being huddled in my broom-closet of a room in a cheap hotel off the edge of the aforesaid Square, reading books on the likes of Theosophy and Krishnamurti and Edgar Cayce and the (English translations of various German scholars's takes on the) origins of Christianity, and being occasionally solicited there by hookers, who didn't fully appreciate that, living in such a dump, I would hardly have a pot to pee in, let alone enough ready cash to buy them a - well, to buy them, period.  But - like a lot of things about my life, and where it has taken me in my pilgrim's search for the Big Ones - another time, perhaps.  

2 And I mean, what else are you going to call a big black bruiser of an opponent who has just done something, in the heat of the action of a very heavy-duty contact sport, to anger you?  To 'offend' you??  'You…you…nasty fellow, you'???  Come on.    
     No wonder blacks are getting so much resentment built up against them, from the perverted outcomes of such good intentions.
     Which we well know has a high expectation of being the very outcome of such - presumed - intentions; know, to the point of having a widely culturized expression regarding it, to the point of my not even having to repeat it here.
     Which may well get on the list of banned words and expressions, the way, and the rate, we're going.    
     P.S. And not to go into more detail as to how this sort of thing - this adverse reaction to an action*  - may well be the intentioned outcome, after all.  Of those who are trying to stir up racial warfare, for their intended, and nefarious, ends.  Of social - national - takeover.  To put everybody under their control.  And make of us all their slaves.  Thinking of themselves as like unto gods.  To whom we should, and verily must, all bow, in reverent deference.     
     But, to continue, for now, here…
     (But just to note, in passing, while in the neighborhood of the mentioned subject of 'reparations,' and that mentality: How much better, for everybody, a Ghandian approach to the matter would have been, would be.  To say: Many blacks today have chosen, in their 'day in the sun,' so to speak (and definitely only that), to retaliate, for past treatment of their forebears (and, in some cases, themselves), instead of braking the karmic wheel and its momentum.  If 'you' (if the shoe fits; and considering other, similar situations as well; like the carrying culture's treatment of/attitudes towards the 'proper' role of women) had returned 'hate'/ill treatment with love, you could have sped up your release from that Wheel - and helped your persecutors (perceived as such or actual) do the same in the process, by their being impressed unto enlightenment by your actions.
     Short-sighted stuff, this 'retaliation' business.)
     (N.B. I would have gone all the way back to the origins of the concept of returning love for hate instead of merely more of the same, and on and on around the Wheel we go, that way - which principle inspired Gandhi in his vision of nonviolence to bring about desired, and desirable, socio-political change - but there is something wrong with the Christian story, as it has been handed down to us, and I don't want to go there.  Right now.  Its being a subject to itself.  But this 'returning love for hate' business is certainly worth taking on, as a principle for living one's life.  And even for nations living 'theirs'.
     Think of what might have been if, after WWI, the 'winning' nations had not saddled Germany with such a monstrous load of reparations that that retaliatory act had not brought about the even more monstrous load of WWII, on even more peoples.  May I rest my case there???
     There is no end to error, once it takes hold in the hearts and minds of people, and they won't let go of it.  It just keeps coming around and around.
     As a 'round' will.
     And until we 'get' - really get - that we are just doing 'it' to, visiting' it' on, ourselves.)

   * think also - besides the language inhibition - preferential treatment in schools and hiring, e.g. (so-called 'affirmative action'; aka 'proportional representation'); to be accepted as apparently some sort of reparations for past indignities done to blacks, beyond the justifiable legal measures of the court's trying to correct the results of years of de jure segregated schooling in the South.  What this politically-correct treatment is breeding is not only resentment among the whites.  But arrogance amongst the blacks; that they're entitled.  
     A tinderbox if there ever was one.

3 Actually, 'blond' not so much, any longer.  But to continue, from this ersatz confessional interlude.
     Just trying to lighten things up a little.  So to speak.  

4 And even as Catholics!  Which was, undoubtedly, more to the point, in a heavily and long-memoried Protestant culture, where their forebears had had to escape to the New World from the heavy hand of the Church in their own, old countries; and created a new one, intended to be free from such control over The People.  Even to the point of inserting it explicitly in their Constitution - their social compact.  To be a free and self-governing people.   
     Which asks a lot of such citizens.  If you're going to be a sovereign unto yourself, you have certain political duties.  Among which is the requirement - the responsibility - to keep it.

5 Just playing, and exchanging, parts, over and over, in a drama of our making.  A Play, in which to catch the conscience of us all.  
     Sooner.  Or later.  

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thanksgiving Indeed

Among the many donation-request letters that I got in yesterday's mail - which I am just getting around to today, for having been backed up a little from the previous day's load (and the one before that; and…) - was one from an outfit called the National Tax Limitation Committee, out of - where else - Washington, D.C..1  This was a new one on me; rather than writing on the envelope 'Return to Sender,' which I have been doing increasingly (I can't keep up in more ways than one with all the requests that come my way ), I decided to see what they had to say, what their angle was.  And I  was a bit outraged by the info therein.

It was more than just statements about the government cutting back on 'our' Social Security COLA, or threatening 'our' S.S. altogether, which information I have received from more than one (outraged) source.  ('And could you please send a generous/one-time/emergency contribution of…')   This one had to do with a Petition to Speaker of the House John Boehner 'To Kill The Death Tax Increase!'  It turns out that, quote, "President Obama and his liberal allies used cowardly 'lame duck' sessions in both 2010 and 2012 to send the Death Tax skyrocketing from 0% to now 40%…"  What?  What is this all about?  I was willing to read on…

"You see, in the final hours of 2012, President Obama and his radical allies in Congress used a 'lame duck' session to slam retired Americans with yet another Death Tax Hike - unleashing a devastating 40% rate…

"Remember, in 2010, conservatives had knocked the DeathTax down to 0%.

"But in the last two years, the liberals in Washington have brought this hateful tax roaring back - and both times they resorted to a 'lame duck' session in the dark of night so they could sneak through this massively unpopular tax with as little attention as possible.


"Because the far-left liberals in Washington want the government to get more than half the value of your home, your savings, and your family heirlooms after your death.  

"This much is clear: any time the liberal 'establishment' in Washington think the American people aren't looking, they'll reach for your wallet.    

"And that's so they can force your bereaved family to give the IRS half of all you own - in cash!

"And all assets are taxed - not just money in the bank, stocks, and bonds; but homes, furnishings, vehicles, buildings, land, equipment, small businesses, farms, and ranches as well!    

"They want Uncle Sam, not your loved ones, to be your #1 heir…"  

(Ah.  I'm beginning to get the real picture now.  This isn't just about tax monies…but to continue:)

"No wonder the Death Tax has been called 'The Nightmare of the American Dream!'"   (Right.  I understand that angle…)  "That's why conservatives fought so hard to cut the Death Tax in 2001 and 2003 --- and we fought even harder to make sure it would drop to 0% in 2010."  (But you're up against ideologues here, gang.  Not just political opponents.  So watch for the reaction to such 'selfish' measures…)

"But President Obama and his liberal allies have shown they'll gladly raise the Death Tax any chance they get."  (Indeed.)

"And this spells disaster for families and small businesses across America..."  (Because that's the point.)

"As you know, a massive tax bill wipes out any hope of survival for small businesses and family owned farms."  (Indeed…)

"But that's not the worst of it…

     "** The Death Tax is UNFAIR.

          "It punishes those Americans who work the hardest.  If rewards spending" 
          (on the 'liberal'-created welfare class; according to the dictates of what has
          come to be known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy) "rather than saving."  
          (A practice not to be encouraged.  It creates independence from the state.)  It is truly 
          a tax on virtue."  (Well, that all depends on how you look at it…)

     "** …And the DeathTax is UNNECESSARY.    

          "It raises just over 1% of federal revenue - and complying with it costs
          families as much as it produces in tax revenue…"

But that's really not the point.  The salient point is that it asserts the primacy of the state over that of the individual, and of 'the family' unit.  The latter rapidly being demolished in America, to make way for the high-rise apartment units being designed as we speak.  As part of the intention, under the UN's (and the statists's) Agenda 21, to move people off the land - off of what is still now private property (but not much longer; under the selling excuse of 'environmental damage,' such as using individual cars to go/get to anywhere) - and crowd them into the cities.

Pack'em and stack 'em.  With the overall message to 'The People':    

 'Who are you to stand in the way of the state?  We have the primacy over you.'  

'But but…'

'Don't sputter like an old vehicle. Which is what you are.  You're old-fashioned, now.  Get with The New Order of Things. You're no longer the wheel.  You're a cog in The Wheel.'

'Wait a minute.  Hold on here.  There's something's wrong with this picture…. '

"What's 'wrong with this picture' is that you just don't - '

'Hey.  I've got it.  And who are you to stand in the way of the individual??  Don't you know who I am???'

'Who?' laughs and sneers the Mighty State.  

"I am the Three Hundred,' replies The Individual; adding, quietly but ominously, 'and I will have no more of this nonsense.'  

'And you stop your nonsense,' growls the Mighty State; adding, impatiently, 'That's enough of your insolence.  Go get your weapons and turn them in.  Now.'    

To which The Individual replies, in two simple words, that have echoed down through the ages to our time, too: 

'Molon labe.'

There being nothing new under the sun.

Well. Actually.  Yes, there is.

Which I will get to, now.2


 The U.S. Entitlement - A Leaky Vessel

This word 'entitlement' should be thrown out - should never have been used in the first place.  No one is 'entitled' as a matter of right to the earnings of anyone else.  That is the mentality of theft; or at the very least, encourages such thinking.  

I'm disappointed in how so many of you, my fellow Americans, have misused your free will in this manner and matter.  What you do with your income is your business.  But you should never have listened to the siren song of the robbin' hoods amongst you, in letting your tax money - which is intended, in this country, to be used for the general welfare, of providing and maintaining roads and schools and libraries and police and fire departments and such; not to be put into private pockets - be used to create a (bloc-voting) welfare class.  To be used, by nation wreckers, as a battering ram, to knock down the Republic's edifice, and replace it with a totalitarian state, making all the major decisions for its inmates.  So, alas; some of you incarnate souls have flunked the grade, and will not be advancing with the rest of us.3 

The same with some others of you deliberately not caring about the consequences of your actions - the effects of your actions on others.  On other parts of your Selves.  Seeing as how We Are All One; and what affects the Part affects the Whole.     

A lot of very low-consciousness stuff has been going on for years and years, and, as I have indicated, I'm disappointed in a lot of you students in the school of life.  But, that is life; is part and parcel of what it has been all about: to sort out the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats. 

So, come, my dear fellow flockers; and I will help shepherd you to the uplands, where the grass is much greener, as it were; and where there is not only an abundance of it, but an endless supply of it - as much as you care to manifest.  For you will now be given - have earned - the key, to the kingdom of Heaven.  

Or at least, the first stage thereof.  Where you learn how to manifest all of your needs, and wants, out of the very stuff of the universe.  Which 'trick' is to be at One with it.

To Be, in a word: Love.  

As I embody - try to embody, continuously - the quality of Limitless Love.

But - fair warning - I also embody the quality of Limitless Truth.

And I 'kid' you not, on that score.



1 Many of the (plethora of) letters I receive are from other places in the States, reflecting the locations of their particular worthy causes; but most of the ones that I have gotten myself involved in originate out of either Washington, D.C. or a post office box in Virginia, reflecting the major subject area of my interest, that being the political one.
     As I have noted in these pages before, I never realized there were so many 'worthy causes' out there, until I got on a few mailing lists, and things exploded from there.  There would appear to be more nonprofit organizations in the country than profitable ones.,..  

2 But first, to conclude with the letter:

     "And the DeathTax doesn't just hurt the immediate family.

     "When a farm, ranch or other family business is sold at a government auction to pay the Death Tax, hundreds of workers have to be laid off!

     "No one's son or daughter should have to sell the family home or the family business just to pay the death tax collector."  

…..But they do when the object of the exercise is to eliminate both private property and the family unit, and turn the whole business of living over to 'the state' to control.

     Which is what the Left is up to.

     Having only a piece of the picture, of the future.

     And missing the most important piece.

     P.S.  And it's why the Left is pushing so hard to make Puerto Rico the 58th State (after those seven phantom States that Obama said he had visited during his 2008 election campaign) - and even against the wishes of the majority of its citizens, as indicated in referendum after referendum on the issue over the years.  It's all about 'redistribution of wealth,' and the permanent taking-over of the U.S. by socialists/communists.  Which has already begun.  Or hadn't you noticed.
     As Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton has said (from being particularly knowledgeable about the matter, from his job and its involvement): "Our federal government is off the rails and out of control." (My emphases; their good work uncovering it all.)  
      (N.B. The average income of Puerto Ricans is less than half that of our poorest State.  That makes Puerto Ricans eligible for billions of dollars in new welfare payments and food stamps and such.  Plus, Puerto Rico's infrastructure and environmental quality fall well below America's much tougher standards.  That means we - that is to say, our taxpayers; which means mostly the middle- and lower-middle classes. And going down - will have to spend billions more to bring them up to code…There's not a single upside to making Puerto Rico a State of the Union - unless you're a Lefty.
     Couldn't happen here?  Think again.  We're no longer 'Waiting for Lefty'.  He's already here; with, in this instance, 125 Congresscritters already having signed up to co-sponsor a bill to this effect.  And to effect this.) 

3 As for this deliberately-created welfare class: I am thinking in particular of the seducing, by the revolutionaries behind it, of (all ages of) females in order to accomplish their political ends.  I am saying that females have no business having babies - on the taxpayers's dime - that they can't take care of properly.  The state governments can do what they want to do in this regard; but the federal government should get out of that sorry business.
     Not only does it lead to poverty conditions (and generational ones at that). But it leads to the outrageous mental attitude exampled somewhat recently by some female college student, who was taking that 'entitlement' thinking to its logically potential extent in whining - very publicly, i.e., on TV -  that she wasn't being taken care of properly, by somebody; that at least her college should provide her with condoms and other birth control provisions.  What??!!  Oh yes - after all, it's in the government's best interests that she doesn't get pregnant, isn't it.  Having to take care of her child until it's 'of age,' and all.
     To get out of that meretricious nest; fouled at its core...
     Not to mention how that practice helps males not to have to take responsibility for their actions.  But to move on… 
     …but one last comment (for now): Hasn't anybody else noticed the huge debt hanging over the U.S.'s head?  To say, the U.S. taxpayers's heads??  For generations and generations and generations???  If we were going to continue on down the road we are on????…
     Which, fortunately - by the grace of God; not satanism - we are not going to.  But to continue… 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

On Big Fish And Little Fish

Just the other day I was asked, by a Friend on Facebook to whom I had sent a request to join me in signing a petition against GMO salmon and whose positive response had led to one of her (female) Friends asking her what the problem was - that she knew that wild salmon were healthier for one than farmed salmon, and all, but shouldn't she have the choice? the right to choose?? Was there anything really dangerous about the GMO type??? - if I wanted to weigh in on the matter.1  I replied, on my Friend's 'Wall,' I guess it's called - her Facebook site (I'm not very knowledgable about all this stuff) - addressed to her Friend (will that Friend see what someone has written to her on our mutual Friend's site???), that indeed, there were physical dangers with the GMO variety, in this case and with foodstuffs in general (with the splicing in of other species's genes causing allergic reactions; etc. etc.).  But I didn't address the real danger from them, in that response setting; which I would like to elaborate on a bit, here.

I did mention that the GMO variety of salmon, being larger than the wild, normal/natural variety, when released from their farmed status into the wild - as they inevitably would be; and already have been2 - would tend to take over; and then we would be at the mercy of the patent holders, people like Monsanto.3  And therein lies the rub.  To say: That, then, puts another lock on the food supply.    

More and more; as in 'wild' seeds being replaced by patented ones: our being funneled through the chokepoints of, and put in place by, our (erstwhile) Controllers.  Who, among other agendas (like making money), have the intention - even stated openly, if you know where to look for such info - to 'cull the herd'.  Reduce the world's population. Drastically.  Of such as, quote, 'useless eaters'.  And whoever else gets caught up in their 'people control' measures; like Resistance fighters, for example.

It's also why - the real reason why - a) farmers have been banned from selling food items directly to the public;4 and b) urbanites are increasingly banned from growing vegetables for themselves.5  And the same with our mainstream media; which has been, over the years, consolidated down into fewer and fewer hands, towards the point of monopoly. 

The Internet, in taking off the way it has, has put a kink in their (well-armored) plans.  And thus the moves afoot now to control it 'better'.

Can't have the public looking at child porn, don't you see…

'But why the overkill?'  

Ah.  Well.  That's for us to know; and you to find out.  If you can.   

And if you do, well, we have ways to marginalize you…

Until we simply take you out.  When our plans are out there for all to see...

Let me cut to the chase after the fact of the matter here.  The fact of the matter is that Obama's Stasi is, has been, keeping a close eye/watch on what's going on, and especially now as the American people are beginning to wake up more and more, and in greater and greater numbers,  to the 'slowly slowly' revolution going on.  As long as it was just 'patriots' adding two and two, they could be marginalized - dealt with - by name-calling, right-wing nutters and wackos and 'conspiracy theorists' and the like.6  But the point would be reached when it would begin to break out into the populace at large, i.e., the recognition as to what it really was:  Not just a two-party system at work and play, doing its normal thing.  But a full-blown, totalitarian revolutionary movement at work.  

And almost - almost -  there.  With the likes of ObamaCare: an intended national 'healthcare' system (with all private health insurance extinguished; remember 'the funnel'???), the central government thus gaining access to the last bits of private info on the public, if they have guns at home and if so, how many and what kind, and what drugs they were on, and if their kids had had their vaccinations and if not, why not (what did the parents - potential troublemakers - know) and in any event, under the penalty of either a fine or imprisonment or having their children taken away from them or all of the above, line their kids up for their mandatory shots (with their anti-fertility constituents and such); and so forth and so on and on.7  

Paranoia?  Yes yes: another of the smear words.  I almost forgot that one.  A Senior moment; you know.  One starts losing one's short-term memory, in one's older age.

Oh?  Why is that??

Ah.  That's a good question.

To which there is no 'good' answer. 

For, there is nothing 'natural' about it.

The same as there is nothing 'natural' about, say, autism.

And so forth and so on.

And on.

And on…

Ladies and gentlemen: We are being had.

By experts in the field.

For both money-making purposes.

And other, sinister - political - ones.

It's time to wake up to that fact.  

To those facts.

And almost - almost - past time.

So.  What are YOU going to do about it, all???

The ball is in your court.

The ball being, in actuality

the world.

Our world.

That we are the custodians of.

And doing a damn bad job of it.

Right at the moment.


as the sign says:

'Subject to change 

Without notice.'



1 bit of a pun there; read on

2 Precisely as has happened with GM crops; their seeds carried hither and thither by the wind and insects - as could have been expected to happen.  And undoubtedly was.  With the  patent holders suing nearby farmers for having their plants in the freeloaders's crop.
     Why, how dare they.  And Nature.  To say, the nature of the state of affairs...
     P.S. The 'state of affairs' includes some 30 other species of GM fish waiting in the queue of FDA authorization…
     …What the hell is an Executive branch regulatory department doing being given such power???…Congress: Your name is Mud.   

3 Well, the SCOTUS has ruled that corporations can be considered to be people; so it's a fair way of putting it… 

4 The rationale for the banning is that it is being done for 'public safety' reasons.  (And with some big-headlined scares, about salmonella and E-coli and such, conveniently driving the point home.)  But the real reason is clear to all have eyes to see, and ears to hear, what's going on in our day.  In our last days, as a free people.  If our erstwhile Controllers get their way.
     Which is going their way.  And quite nicely.  
     At the moment…

5 We can still grow fruit trees.
     At the moment…
     (You only thought you were free, in this country; didn't you…)
     P.S. With the failure of Congress to stop all this nonsense - including the ineligibility for the office of the presidency that Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama was under in the first place (and thus various judges having been included in the deal as well) - one can only wonder if a) this is a Freemason's secret society club thing (up to their old tricks). or b)  they were made an offer they couldn't refuse. As in: See things our way, and your family is safe.
     When the stakes are as high as they are in this matter…
     …the matter of the taking of the United States of America……
     (And what did actually happen to those former, er, friends of Barry's, mysteriously silenced; and some other figures along the way, to Obama's ascendency on the political scene…including to do with his passport info???…...)  

6 It's all straight out of 'community organizer' Saul Alinsky's little red book 'Rules for Radicals'.  (Which Obama trained with, in Chicago.  Before his fortuitously financed move to Harvard, and the next step in his well-planned-for rise to national prominence; even known about by hardcore middle-level implacable communists in the former Soviet Union.  See, 'The First Time i Heard Of Barack' by American businessman Tom Fife.)  Use ridicule and taunts to disarm and throw off-balance your enemy.  As part of the policy strategy of Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  The end justifies the means.  Any means. 
     These people we sovereigns are up against are not just amoral.
     They are immoral.
     But to move right along….

7 The 'so on's including in particular the 'Common Core' curriculum being surreptitiously inserted in the nation's K-12 education systems, with - besides creating a national, standardized curriculum; the better to eat you with, my dear - its extensive data mining on the nation's children, and their parents/home life; along the same lines as the info to be collected and collated from the ObamaCare co-opted healthcare practitioners.
     These people about to take over the country certainly can't be accused of not being thorough, or clever.
     But, as they say: When the going gets tough……
     (P.S. As I just today said in an email to my nephew, who, knowing my political interests and leanings, keeps me up-to-date on the likes of the Common Core 'progress':

     "Definitely an area to keep tabs on.  It is so stealthy, with its nice-looking standards.  But on the other hand, with all the data-gathering going on via it…

'No no; don't look over there,  Look over here.  Aren't these standards pretty?'

Pretty luring, I'd say.  Deliberately baited.") 

Generation Gap

Yesterday (i.e., Monday, now) I received in the mail a 'new kid on the block,' in terms of contribution requests for 'worthy causes'.  This one was for something called the 'Ronald Reagan Home Preservation Foundation;' a non-profit soliciting funds for "the Reagan Heritage Museum expansion next to his boyhood home" in Dixon, Il.1  I decided to look at it through the eyes of a young Lefty.2  Herewith my manufactured take on it (in the parenthetical comments beneath the sentences of the covering letter).

"Dear Fellow Reagan Admirer,

"You are cordially invited to have your name prominently displayed as a Founder on Dutch's Wall of Honor at the future grand opening of the Reagan Heritage Museum expansion.
     (Ooh, I can hardly wait!  But P.S.: Who's this 'Dutch' person??  I thought you were talking about…oh.  I guess that's it.  I guess (bleeps) are entitled to nicknames too.  But how fitting.  You know; what they say about the Dutch.  Oops.  Better can the 'racist' thing.  I may well need that card to play on 'Dutch' in here somewhere…)

"When you accept my invitation, your name, along with an exclusive group of fellow patriots, will be forever enshrined on this wall to be unveiled at the Grand Opening of the Reagan Heritage Museum expansion, directly next to young Dutch's Boyhood Home.
     (The anticipation would be killing me, if I ever wanted to have my name associated with Tea Party creeps.  'Patriots.'  Patriots of what.  Of killing brown and black people, by either war or poverty??  Actually, I better go easy on the 'killing of' deal.  Might be accused of being for 'killing babies' myself.  When that is really about women's rights.)

"By accepting this exclusive invitation, you'll preserve Reagan's Boyhood Home and prolific legacy for future generations to enjoy.
     ( What I would enjoy about visiting there would be to scrawl some graffiti on the walls of the place.  And hey dude, what's this 'prolific' legacy shit?  I think you got it screwed up with thinking of 'pro-life,' like you idiots always go on about.  Come on.  It's a rights thing, Dumhead.)

"You and I had the great privilege of witnessing President Reagan at his best. His sunny optimism and unapologetic belief in America and the American people was refreshing to our countrie's collective soul.
     (Aha!  Gotcha, you sticklers for 'proper' English.  It's 'country's' soul.  I think…will check it out.  Don't want to give you losers a chance to get one on me.)  

"He believed it was his job as president to remind us of our rich heritage as Americans, and to inspire us to reach out in this land of freedom and liberty to make our dreams a reality.
     (And you idiots still don't get it, do you.  That's just what's got the world in such an environmental and rich-man-poor-man-gap mess.  Stop with the 'dreaming' shit.  Just be a nice team player.  No entrepreneurial spirit. That just leads to a superior attitude, arrogance, and as I say, a big gap between the hotshots on Wall Street and the rest of us poor slobs.  'Hey hey, ho ho: This 'the rich' and 'the poor' shit has got to go.'  We should all be in the same boat - which we in fact are, on planet Earth; our common home.  Dependent on the state, to keep us all equal.  Remember that from your goddamn 'heritage' history books?  'All men are created equal.'  Nobody is better than anybody else.  No tall poppies, looking down on the others.  Anyway…let's have some more of your Motherhood and apple pie shit…)

"As Reagan supporters, you and I have a unique opportunity today to not only share this humble leader's legacy with America's next generation, but also to help them understand where his character and dreams first took shape…
     (Bor-ing.  "His tireless work as a lifeguard" and all that shit.  And you already know how I feel about such American 'dreams,' and where they have led us to.  
     "I learned that hard work is an essential part of life -- that by and large, you don't get something for nothing -- and that America was a place that offered unlimited opportunity to those who did work hard."  Truer words were never spoken - by a good little flunky of The System.)

"However, most influential on his character and values were his parents.
     (Oh-oh.  Here it comes: 'the spiel.')

"His mother Nelle emphasized the importance of  faithfully tithing to God, which unfortunately for Dutch, included his small income.  Although painful at the time, this lesson eventually cultivated a  man of unwavering faith and self-discipline...
     (And blind obedience to his parents.  Well, goodbye to 'the family' - and good riddance.  We are emancipated now.)   

"Above all, Dutch's years in Dixon taught him that America was truly unique, offering Americans the freedom and liberty to worship God according to the dictates of their own minds, persevere for a better life for themselves and their families, and most importantly, to reach out to make their dreams a reality.
     (There's that 'dreams' crap again.  Such "dreams," and thinking of us in this country as being "unique," has led directly to Global Warming.  Or Climate Change; or whatever it's called these days.  And to wars, not just on Nature, but on each other.  When what we need is to pull together.  The Socialist International - yeah!  They need a song.)

"Any dream, no matter how high, was within reach in this great land of liberty.
     (Enough of that jazz.  Give me equality or get out of the way.)

"As President Reagan later remarked, all one needs is the 'will and heart to get there.' [Emphasis in original.]
     (Oh, puh-leeze.  I may barf.)    

"And get there he did.  No one would have ever fathomed a little boy from a poor family in the small town of Dixon, Illinois would one day grow up to become one of the most influential leaders America has ever known.  [Emphasis in original.]
     ( Influential to whom??  And hey - what about a black man becoming the president, huh?  Huh??  Huh???  How do you like them apples????  Talk about realizing a dream.  Whup - better not go in that direction…)

" It is a testament to American exceptionalism and every value Reagan stood for.
     (There's that word, and concept,again.  Got to get rid of that attitude.
     Don't you folks get it yet - We don't want that 'exceptionalism' idea cultivated here, want us - and the bigger US - to be a nice little member of the team, of the Socialist International, aka the New World Order, wherein everybody is equal.  Just that some - the really good little socialists - are more equal than others.  But that's as it should be.  The 'entrepreneurial spirit' and all that; for the best revolutionaries.  

"Students today aren't aware of Reagan's humble beginnings and story of hard work, dedication and success.
     (Well, time moves on. What do you expect.  And anyway: It's a different world, now.)

"Worse yet, Reagan's critics are leading students to believe that these same values that propelled America to greatness were 'outdated', simplistic' and 'old-fashioned.' 
     (And they are.)  

"But you and I know this is not the case.  President Reagan's policies ushered in one of the greatest economic booms in American history, raising the outlook for rich and poor alike.
     (Not so much for the poor.  The poor can be stuffed, in such a country, and mindset.)

"Instead of acknowledging Reagan's accomplishments and character, critics must rewrite history in order to distort, dismantle and destroy Reagan's legacy.  [Emphasis in original.]
     (And good riddance.)

"It is your and my duty to make sure this does not happen. [Emphasis in original.]
     (Too late, suckers.)

"That's why it's so important for you to accept my invitation to have your name honored as a Founder at the Reagan Heritage Museum expansion.
     (As if.)

"It's our goal to begin construction early next year on the Reagan Heritage Museum expansion located directly next to Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home in Dixon, Illinois.  

"But we can only accomplish this with your help.
     (So, that's it, then.  You're stuffed.)

"This stunning Museum will feature a grand portico entrance overlooking Reagan's Boyhood Home, and the very yard he used to play football in with his brother and friends.
     (The very yard!  You don't say!!……Puh-leeze again.  Here it comes…)

"Although the chewed up grass they played on for hours at a time is long gone, the yard now features a life-size bronze statue of Reagan as its centerpiece.
     (Oh please dear Goddess; spare me!)

"Directly adjacent to the statue and in plain sight of the Museum entrance stands Reagan's Boyhood Home.  This historic 2-story Queen Ann style house was home to young Dutch and his family during some of the best and most formative years of his life.
     (Yeah, into a good little Nazi.)

"The home has been fully restored with furnishings of the period so realistic, visitors describe walking through the front doors as 'stepping back in time.'
     (Right.  Women - back in the kitchen!)

"The proposed Reagan Heritage Museum will be much the same.
     (Of course.  Time warp time.)

"Upon entering the museum and passing through its ornate columns, visitors will find themselves transported to a time gone by.
     (And good riddance!  - 
     I've already said that, haven't I.  Will this thing ever end, so that I can stop coming up with my erudite witticisms??  I may be running out of them…)

"Curious onlookers and their children will be encouraged to dive right into the museum's interactive and family friendly exhibits, games,activities and memorabilia that will help bring to life the values that shaped Dutch's life in the 22 years he lived in rural Illinois.
     (Wow - I can hardly wait!)

"Visitors will be awed (oh, of course!) as they tour the Museum, with its authentic presentations and stories of this remarkable, yet truly humble man.  In fact, for many young children, this will be their first interaction with America's 40th President.  

"For a young student, who visits the Reagan Boyhood Home and Museum, it will be an experience like no other.  [Emphases in original.]
     (Right.  Can I go play on my i-Pad now?  Let me do something really interesting.  What a waste of time, this stepping back into history jazz…)  

"Reagan's Boyhood Home has already hosted over a half a million visitors, and building the Heritage Museum expansion is bound to create much more public interest.  This will allow us to make even more young people aware of President Reagan's core values and dreams.  [Emphasis in original.]
     (There's this "core values and dreams" bullshit again.  What a waste of time.  Don't you people know that there is no such thing anymore?  Or shouldn't be?  That's it all a facade??  A fake??  A bedtime story for Bozos???  
     'Core values and dreams".  What - so they can get all inspired to go screw the masses??   Go to war for Halliburton???  Sheesh.)

"We have already purchased the land and paid the architect to create the blueprints, but now we must raise $60,000 in order to break ground on the expansion.
     (Let's see.  At current rates for one meal at a soup kitchen…)

"$60,000 is a lot of money, but with the help of fellow Reagan admirers like you, our dream is well within reach.
     (How did I ever get on this mailing list, anyway?  Oh; that's right.  I wanted to see how the other half thought.  They think back, is the answer.  To a bye bye gone time…
     Can any good thing come out of the past???
     Well, there's Che Guevara tee shirts…)  

"Today you can become a Founder and help preserve Reagan's legacy for the next generation of Americans with your tax-deductible gift of $40 - symbolizing Reagan as the 40th President of the United States. [Emphasis in original.]
     (How - cute.)

"Your $40 donation will allow you to be forever honored as a Founder on Dutch's Wall of Honor to be unveiled at the Grand Opening of the Reagan Heritage Museum expansion.
     (I can hardly wait!  I'l be there!!  Hold your breath!!!)

"I trust you share my belief that it is vital for us to preserve Reagan's legacy and values for the next generation.  By becoming a Founder, you will help us share the very values that make America the envy of the word
     (Right.  And how would you like your napalm this time?  With or without a dose of DU???)

 "and also help to…

     (Egad - what would I want to do that for??!)

"You see, by becoming a Founder today, and supporting the Reagan Heritage Museum with your tax deductible gift of $40, you can help  fulfill one of President Reagan's hopes and dreams for America's youth by…

"'Shaping a child's life so that he or she can ably assume the mantle of leadership and help carry forward in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.'  (Emphasis in original.]
     (Why would anybody want to "carry forward in the tradition of the Founding Fathers" - those hypocritical slaveowners???)

"So, please don't only think of your contribution as an opportunity to build a world class Reagan Heritage Museum, but also as an investment in America's future.
     (No way, Jose.  
      Oops.  A little too candid there, perhaps…tee hee)

"After all, who knows when the next young 'Dutch' may walk through these hallowed halls and be inspired to reach for greatness as Reagan?
     (Ri-i-i-ight.  'Okay everybody.  We start bombing in five minutes.  Especially if they have dark skin.' 

"In light of this, may I urge you to make a donation of at least $40?  Or perhaps you are financially blessed and can afford a  gift of $50, $77 (in honor of the 77 lives Dutch saved as a lifeguard), $100, $250, or even $1,000?
     (Why not make it a round 10 grand, while we're 'dreaming', with the legacy of Reagan and his 'values'???)

"I'm sure you remember, as I do, many of Reagan's critics called him simplistic and old fashioned when he spoke of freedom, respect for God, love of country, hard work, strong families, and helping your neighbor.  However, they didn't realize he was simply echoing the values he formed in Dixon, and shared with millions of Americans in the heartland.

"Your generous gift today can help preserve this message for millions more Americans, and help raise up the next Reagan. Thank you."
     (,,,Well.  I don't know.  Maybe he did some good things…  -
     Stop it!  You're getting stupid again!
     Forward!  Into -


Continuing, on the subject of political gaps (and then I'll call it a goodnight):

What would be the difference between a dictatorship under Obama - the Forward! that he is advocating, into the 'fundamental transformation of the United States of America' into his desired socialist regime, as part of a region of a totalitarian statist New World Order, and the 'dictatorship' that I advocate?  It would be the difference between night and day.

Under Obama, the rule would be 'make'. - i.e., Force.  Under me - the sort of 'rulership' I advocate -  the rule would be 'allow' - i.e., Love.  Under Obama, he would, for example, support vaccines (and the mandatory use thereof), because they contain people-control junk, including anti-fertility agents; besides toxins, that weaken our immune systems, and thereby keep us from being too strong, physically and mentally, to resist the Left's control over the populace.3  Under me - to say, under the Forward! of Love - reason would rule: the disease conditions that the vaccines are nominally, at least, to treat or prevent can be dealt with in natural ways.  We don't need the poisonous nostrums of our modern-day sorcerers to deal with Nature.  Nature can deal with Nature very well.

To continue the litany of the differences between our two rules:

Under Obama, the public drinking water supplies would continue to be polluted with the additive likes of fluoride and lithium; both people-control agents.  Under me, they would be eliminated; period.4  Also going out would be the aluminum added; ostensibly to keep foaming down; without due consideration given to its linkage with the likes of Alzheimer's.  Under Obama, the putsch for the elimination of most guns from being in the hands of the public would continue, including under the creation of a 'universal,' national ownership data base.  Under me, the public would not only be allowed their weapons of self-defense - from both private baddies and the government -  but they would be encouraged to have them; until the authentic New World kicked in in the consciousness of The People, and we move out from under the shadow of the Old; and celebrate our freedom.  Not groan under the demoralizing weight of our incarceration.   

And so forth and so on, and on, and on, and on.  To say: He is an ideologue, put in place to bring about a totalitarian state of affairs; first in the U.S. and then, with America thus neutralized, the whole world.  Voila: The New World Order, of both the far Right - i.e., fascism - and the far Left - i.e., socialism, bleeding over into elements of both communism and fascism.5  The Controllers behind the scene - the well-orchestrated Drama going on in the public's eye - don't care which form of statism is touted out in front of the curtain; they are in control of both sides of the false-front political aisle; the false dichotomy.  Statism is statism.  They both use the same money, that is controlled by its namesake, i.e., the Controllers.

Who are these people?

A motley bunch of power seekers.  Particularly the 'international bankers' of some (ill) repute; consisting of the likes of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, with the J.P. Morgans and the Warburgs and such 'names' not far behind.  And international industrialists; and other monied families.  All of this has been documented in full many times; I don't have to go into all that here.  Just consider the heavy hitters in the world, and you've got your nucleus, around which swirl many other players, like educators.  Which is doing a disservice to the word, to say to the real thing; but never mind.  For here and now.  And not to mention the Dark Forces behind them.   But never mind on that, either.  For the here and now.  

How do we get out from under their thumb?  All these forces, and 'principalities and powers'??  

By eliminating their hold on us via the world's monetary system.  


By eliminating money.  Ultimately, totally.  In the meantime, beginning the process by eliminating interest-bearing - to say, debt-incurring - money (and fractional-reserve banking); so that people do things, not out of an expectation of making a profit.  But out of Love.  For their fellow man and woman.6  And for their Creator.  The Big Kahuna.  

All of which we are coming to understand as we speak (so to speak).  That is to say, with the extensive. even overwhelming proofs in our time for both reincarnation and the existence of a far larger reality than our 3-D matrix one.  And from which it is time to graduate. 

But, first things first:

Setting the scene.  For the Ascension process.  

Going on.  As we speak.  (And literally.) 

Which will close the mentioned gap.  In a big, big way.  As we choose whose side we're on.

The side of the Light.  Or the side of the Dark.

As always:

Your choice.

But the time is growing shorter, in which to make a definitive choice.        


1 I'm already 'signed up' for mailings from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, operating out of the RR Library and Museum in Simi Valley, CA, and the Young America's Foundation, which raised the money to buy Ronnie and Nancy Reagan's ranch house out of Santa Barbara, to use primarily for workshops with young students.  But this outfit out of his old home town in Illinois is a new one on me.  However in for a penny, in for a look-see at least.  

2 Speaking of Lefty, and in the context of the whole Left vs. Right thing, I find it interesting that RR was a right-hander and Obama is a southpaw.  So was/is Clinton.  Just sayin'.  And in the context that right-handedness is the basic human template.  Left-handedness is a sign that something went wrong during the fetal development.  Or at least, out of the norm.  
     As I say:  Just sayin'.      

3 And thereby also to open us up to drug use, in order to treat our dis-ease conditions generated from both the toxins in the vaccines themselves and from the side effects of the drugs; the use of various drugs being to further affect our systems in a people-controi way, like tranquilizers, and so forth.
     All of this as well having been the tool of the far Right, to accomplish the same, people-control thing (and with an emphasis on the money-making angle as well, from their more individualistic,  fascist perspective).  For more on which, read on.

4 If you believe the Establishment's line about fluoride being good for your teeth and that's why it's in our drinking water and in other teeth-care products, you have a rude awakening ahead of you; are the victim of propaganda purveyors of the likes of Edward Bernays, the father of Madison Avenue hypesters, who could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo and have change left over to demonize alcohol as an automotive fuel, and throw in the selling of GMOs in the bargain.
     Step up, step right up.  Get yer snow job here.   

5 As the John Birch Society notes, with considerable justification, the real political spectrum should run from totalitarianism on the far Left - i.e., total central-state control over the populace whether from the socialists or the fascists - and total freedom shading over into anarchy on the far Right.  But we are accustomed to thinking of the 'left' and the 'right'  as consisting of the Democrat Party on the one and the Republican Party on the other; so I'll play it as it lays, as it were.   

6  Understanding that - via the process called reincarnation - We Are One Another, and therefore understanding ineluctably that We Are All One, with that understanding shading over into the further understanding  - really groking - that We Are One.  (See previous recent blogs.)  
     How can this level of understanding, of comprehension come about when many people, many cultures have long held that belief, and it doesn't seem to have made much difference in their level of treatment of one another??  with the Have Nots seemingly just deciding that in their next life, things will be different, will be better; and with the Haves content to let them think so, and happy to stay with the status quo (to the point of looking down on some brother and sister souls as Untouchables)???
     Ah.  Yes.  The key subject, brought up.  Which is that 
     it's that time. 
     The wrapping-up time. 
     But first, a little more to-do on this blog.  Along that line…