Friday, 29 June 2012

For The Record

A word of caution, as the American ship of state steers through the 'strait and narrow' with Scylla and Charybdis on either side.

On the one hand, I was slightly amused - when getting over my initial anger - at the way that an article in the New York Times characterized Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia regarding his minority opinion with respect to the SCOTUS decision regarding the Arizona State 'anti-illegal immigrant' law.  The article, headed 'A Dissent by Scalia Is Criticized As Political,' by one Ethan Bronner (on 28 June), quoted, among other left-wing sources, one Richard A. Posner, federal appeals court judge (7th Circuit), as saying that Justice Scalia's focus on pure constitutional originalism was "naive and unrealistic".  Ah, yes.  The old horse-and-buggy ridicule treatment.  Hardly worth commenting on, in today's Brave New World of jurisprudence, where the law is something to be manipulated by smart-ass lawyers - excuse me; where the Constitution is 'a living documen', and therefore needs to be subjected to interpretation by jurists looking through the modern eyes of their personal socio-political proclivities - oops.  Precisely what the article accuses Justice Scalia of.  How gauche -"naive and unrealistic" - of me...

It reminds me of something I have just read, via the e-newsletter of one Bix Weir, about when a bunch of muscular bankers got irritated with a federal regulator, a woman by the name of Brooksley Born, who was not happy with the opacity of the derivatives 'market', and had the tendency of asking too many questions, and demanding too many answers.  Mr. Weir's site mentioned how former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt had been told by said bankers that Ms. Born "was irascible, difficult, stubborn, unreasonable".  And, if she had been listened to, there need have been no 2008 meltdown of the banking system, stemming from said (ineffectually-regulated) derivatives market...Now, perhaps that meltdown was a good thing, overall, in highlighting how corrupt the western monetary system had become - and continues in its self-serving ways, and therefore, how it needs to go, now, in a more enlightened, higher-consciousness age.*  But the point I wish to make here is how puerile we can be, when we look at others through the prism of opinionated eyes, our vision of them depending on us, not them.

(And how fitting that Ms. Born received a 2009 JFK-institute 'Profiles in Courage' Award.  And how disheartening that there haven't been more profiles in political courage in the days since JFK wrote the book on the subject.)

On the other hand, I see how happy Michael Moore is, and others are, regarding the SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare; and want 'the government' to continue to be similarly inclined.  Not to get into the merits or demerits of 'universal health care' and such here; I just want to sound a note of, as I said, caution in these political matters.  It's one thing to have differences of political opinion on various such issues.  It is another to argue for the Constitution to be ignored in dealing with said issues.

I detect a note of 'direct democracy' in what is going on these days; the Occupy Movement, and so forth.  Again: 'participatory democracy' is one thing.  And good on people for getting involved, and not leaving 'politics' up to the politicians.  A republic - government of, by, and for the people - requires the people to be engaged.  But there is a tendency building to manipulate people into 'pure' democratic responses - by which I mean, a mob.  Majority rule, without safeguards for the individual.  As are guaranteed in and by the American Constitution.  And which is being compromised, and ignored, as we speak.  By puppeteers, who know precisely what they are doing, in playing people like puppets.

The Left is 'capitalizing' - as it were - on widespread anger towards 'the bankers', in trying to slip the bonds of the Constitution, and make of it a 'positive rights' document, rather than a 'negative' one; as Obama has characterized it, from his position on the Left** - and as various jurisprudence characters, from law school professors to Supreme Court justices, and as an ideological media, want it to become, i.e., a socialist, central-government document, and thus the end of the American Republic.  Wanting, in effect, the government to guarantee people the 'right' of education, and health care, and 'living wage' employment, and to institute a major 'redistribution of income', and all the other accoutrements of a large state running things, to within an inch of the lives of the people.  And there lie dragons.  Just as deadly as the ones on the Right, of an all-powerful state running things from the perspective of a corporate-government complex.  Also known as fascism.

An all-powerful state is not the answer to humanity's better future, from either the Right OR the Left.

An all-powerful Self is.  In alignment with the Plan in and Purpose to life.

And that ain't to rule over others with an iron fist.

Or even one clothed in a velvet glove.

So: Be careful of personal intimations of 'things being better than they are'.  Indeed, that day is needed; and, that day is here.  But it should not be clothed in the wardrobe of an all-powerful state, commanding people to 'be good' - or else.

The answer to the future is the power of Love.  Not the love of Power.

Been there.  Done that.

It's time for something completely different.

Join the club.  Don't wield it.

And don't even think to.  As in thinking to make all citizens take out health insurance as mandated by the federal government, in their current plan for that process; which combines crony capitalism with crony socialism.  There's a better way to accomplish a better health system than this jerry-rigged one.

And it requires not starting from here.  But from a higher level of consciousness.

Which is, now, staring us right in the face.  

Not down the barrel of a gun.

And believe me: It has a smile on it.

A big, BIG one.

But you have to let go of old patterns, for it to land - and in everybody's' hearts.

Those of the Left.  AND of the Right.

Because it's that time.

A time of unity.  No longer the duality that we have been living in, long enough.

To learn lessons.

And then move on.

To the sunlit uplands of our better natures.

Coming, to a planet near You.

As we speak.


* the New Age.  Yes, that old chestnut, object of similar ridicule.  How interesting, when people can't deal with things directly, have to resort to ad hominem attacks and such.  Must be a built-in tactic, of the likes of an adversarial legal system, or informal debate rules.  If you can't argue the law, resort to personal attacks, and so forth.

** I realize that some people won't know what I'm talking about here.  It comes from a radio interview (which I have heard) out of Chicago with then (2001) state legislator Obama, wherein he said, in regards to the Warren Court's rulings on civil rights issues, things like: "But the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society...[the Warren Court] didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it's been interpreted, and the Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.  Says what the states can't do to you.  Says what the federal government can't do to you, but doesn't say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf..." and so forth in that vein.  The vein of a socialist constitution, outlining the powers - and responsibilities - of a central state.
     This is all part of Obama's Marxist background, which has been commented on by various sources from his college days.  He was a firm believer in a communist revolution.  At first, in a violent overthrow of the capitalist system; and then, given the impracticality of a workers overthrow of the established order, in working within the system to accomplish the same end.  Which he is doing, in spades, as we speak.
     Not that I don't believe that major change is required, now, either, in the 'established order' of things.  But not that way.  And not in that direction.  For more on which, read on.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

'Tis A Puzzlement

In the stage musical, and then the film, of The King And I - based loosely on the book in turn based on the diaries of a British governess to the Royal Court of the King of Siam in the 1860s entitled  'Anna and the King of Siam' - said king, played impeccably by Yul Brynner, sings a song entitled A Puzzlement, about his life as a father and a king, which contains the lines:

"Is a danger to be trusting one another,/One will seldom want to do what other wishes;/But unless someday somebody trust somebody/There'll be nothing left on earth excepting fishes!"

I feel a little like that these days, in terms of the political scene particularly in this country, but as well in the world in general.  As to here: On the Left are those who, although unhappy with a lot that Barack Obama is doing as President, still support him, as good members of the Democratic Party would, who stand, basically, for Joe Average over and against the big-shot bankers and their big-shot money-gambling buddies who don't care what happens to the little guy as fallout from their game playing, just care about their bonuses and yachts and lines of coke; and on the Right are those who are happy with money-making as their main goal in life, but also those who are as well unhappy with the Big Players in their short-sightedness regarding the consequences of their actions, but are even more unhappy with the Democrats, who, to them, seem to care more for spending hard-earned taxpayers' money on welfare layabouts than on the needs and concerns of the great majority of the middle class, which is rapidly becoming an endangered species under the tax-and-spend policies of the Democrats on the one hand and the money games people play on the other.*

The additional piece that makes this a major puzzlement is the 'spiritual' one.  By and large, the 'religionists' are on the Right in this equation - being, roughly speaking, believers in not storing up treasures on earth but in heaven ('where neither moth nor dust doth corrupt'), yet also proud folks, believers in standing on their own two feet in life, not sponging off of others ('God helps those who help themselves') - and the this-is-all-there-is atheists on the Left (with a smattering of 'religionists' who believe in looking after the poor and downtrodden, as part of their Christian duty).  But by the 'spiritual' piece, I really mean those people who have moved on beyond the religious level but still believe in a larger reality than the merely material, and are into investigating contact with 'higher entities' and such; and of this sector of souls - where I place myself - I find a considerable number of them, based on the material being channelled by a number of sources, believers that Barack Obama is a highly developed soul, and is doing good, spiritual work for humanity and humanity's next steps into a New Era of peace and plenty and harmony on Earth.


Haven't they done any homework on that man?

He has lied about his birth.  (Check out the extensive analyses of both of the birth documents that he released to the public on the matter.  Hoping that they wouldn't be investigated too thoroughly, and the whole matter -  with the kind help of the MSM - would go away.  Fat chance; with, now, the Internet an information force to be reckoned with.)  He has kept secret his school records, that would show how he presented himself in terms of financial support requests, i.e., his citizenship.  He has a murky connection with the CIA (his trip to Pakistan; and his first job upon leaving Columbia U), and whoever else could have helped him come up with a false identity kit, including a dodgy Social Security number (that his maternal grandmother possibly cadged for him out of files in Hawaii that she had access to) and a patently faked Selective Service form (the date stamp is a proven forgery).  He is involved in shady dealings regarding drugs (far beyond just his admitted school-day shenanigans) and homosexual liaisons.  The list goes on; including his connection with the far Left, via first 'Frank' of his boyhood days,** and then Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn from his Chicago days, and including the socialist front political party that he got involved in whilst there as well.  He is, in short, not who he has made himself out to be.

And we're supposed to believe that this man is a highly evolved being, here to help humanity make its next steps into a golden future??

One of the key web sites for this 'spiritual' angle on all this is of one Steve Beckow, who by his bio and his writings there seems a good man. He posts the 'channellings' and other musings of a number of people; but one of his posts, by himself, goes to this matter.  When some readers queried his take on Obama - and that of all the other contributors to his site, from their high-consciousness places - he chose to deflect the challenge in a post about George H.W. 'Poppy' Bush, who he says is in truth one George Scherff, from Germany; an avowed Nazi.  Not to go into all that here; my basic point is that, if he is trying to say that the 'Right' have skeletons in their closet (mostly from Skull & Bones...), he is missing a major, moral point: that

two wrongs don't make a right.  

Briefly, on this  Bush league thing.  Steve, Steve: We never knew about questions regarding Bush Sr.  We knew that BHO was and is ineligible for that particular office; and yet we walk on by, pretending that we don't know nuthin'.  This is immoral behavior; and is the beginning of the end of our current form of government, into something more closely resembling Hitler's Germany.  Where he announced, brashly, but honestly: "I am the law."  And the people answered back, in effect: "And so you are."

Well: and so he ain't, in the instance.  In my book.  In my book, there is a happier ending than the one this scenario is leading to.  It is leading to the realm of a people fatally compromised by a 'fudge' regarding the rule of law, which opens the door for another, and yet another, and yet still another; until the whole edifice of The Law collapses, and there is left only anarchy, and the resulting rule of the jungle.

'I am the law.'

No you're not.

Which is it to be.

Which I ask of all these channelers and high-minded bloggers on this issue.  Of whose position on this matter - the matter of the high integrity and position of the man who calls himself, in this day and age, Barack Hussein Obama - I can only say:

'Tis a puzzlement.

Partly, possibly, answerable by the idea of souls playing parts in life to advance the 'cause' of spiritual unfoldment, and sometimes highly evolved souls taking on the difficult parts of appearing to be 'dark forces', to advance that cause to its culmination into a Golden Age beyond the play of duality that has been going on for eons of time, into, now, a time of unity; a fundamentally different level of experience, now, that the human 'pod' has reached.

But don't overlook the reality of the circumstances.  And in these circumstances: he has much to answer for.  Like many others; who have been either very good actors.  Or really are of the dark; and need, now, to be moved out of the way because of that fundamental character defect.

To be given the chance later to join the rest of us, in the Ascension process going on.  For our soul group.  And for Gaia herself.  

All of which is another matter.  Involved.  But separate.

First things first: What, really, is going on with all this???


* Note: The Occupy Movement and the Tea Party Movement have more in common than they seem to think.  If they ever made common cause, they could be a major force for good in American politics.  But there's a lot of mistrust, on both sides, to overcome just yet.

** This is Frank Marshall Davis;  a communist.  Who may even have been 'Obama's' real birth father, according to a number of sources (& a deeply-researched video just out).  And thus the reason why 'Barry Soetoro's' birth has been shrouded in secrecy: so that he wouldn't have to grow up with that political millstone around his neck, could make his own way in life unencumbered with such a 'shady' background.
     Which may be even shadier than this link.  There is also some evidence 'out there' that his real birth father was, rather, Malcolm X (to whom he has even a stronger resemblance than to Frank Davis).  But not to go further down that rabbit hole.  Things about his background are murky enough.
     Particularly the CIA link.  Which could have started with his maternal grandparents.  Who....but I digress.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Tyranny of Cliches

I have just read the document that came out of the recent UN Sustainability Summit in Rio.  It all sounds very nice.  Very uplifting; very conscientious.  Humanity paying attention to itself, and its relationship to itself and to the planet.  But what does 'sustainability' really mean??

Here's a cliche for you: There's many a slip/between the cup and the lip...

This question, of the actual meaning - in some people's minds - of words and phrases, put me in mind of a valuable 'thought for the day' of a couple of months ago, in the pages of the National Review bi-weekly magazine.  This was a short article, entitled 'The Tyranny of Cliches: What does 'Social Justice' Mean?' by Jonah Goldberg (in the May 14 issue).  Quote:

"The only way for 'social justice' to make sense is if you operate from the assumption that the invisible hand of the market should be amputated and replaced with the very visible hand of the state.  In other words, each explicit demand for social justice carries with it the implicit but necessary requirement that the state do the fixing.  And a society dedicated to the pursuit of perfect social justice must gradually move more and more decisions under the command of the state until it is the sole moral agent..."

and so forth in that vein.  Now, obviously, such thoughts emanating from the pages of the NR are 'tainted' with their political slant on things.  But the point is still fair, and relevant.   Relevant, to where we are at, in today's world, of a major clash between ideologies.  On the one hand: the side of the paramount importance of the individual, in the socio-economic - and religious (i.e., in its essence: recognizing that we are creatures with souls, not just a species of mammal) - polity; and on the other: the side of the paramount importance of the collective (the 'tribe'; and its hierarchy) in the social polity, with the replacing of any 'religious' attitude, about the meaning of life & so forth, with the sole agency of materialism.

And so, here we are: at the summit of a major historical dialectic; now taken to the global - and to say as well, the Synthesis - level.

The ultimate transformational level.  Where the highest outcome for humankind can be looked at as containing elements of both aspects of the unfolding process.

I use the expression of the 'historical dialectic' because I happen to feel that Hegel had his finger right on the pulse of the evolutionary process, in particular as it had to do with the unfolding of, in a word, 'politics'.  I don't want to go, here, into further comment on that process, and observation.  I just want to summarize the salient point: that humanity has been engaged in a process of unfolding socio-econo-political forms, where now we stand on a summit, and can see both sides of the key players in the process coming to a single head.  Briefly described: the value of the collective approach to social life - i.e., that we are all in this together - in association with 'science'; and the value of the individualistic approach to social life - i.e., the honoring of the individual, and his/her contribution to the polity - in association with 'religion'; with, now, the 'scientific' and the 'religious' pieces of the picture combining into the single virtue of a spiritual understanding of life: honoring that we are, first and foremost, individual souls - not just economic integers - on a path of self-discovery, with life having meaning beyond just in and for itself, as the atheists/materialists believe is the be-all and end-all of the process.      

In summary.  Phrases like 'sustainability' and 'social justice' in one current socio-econo-political camp's vocabulary mean statist intervention in the life of the polity, to the point, now, of absolute control over; wielding a big stick.  Wherein Agenda 21, e.g., is not just a nice, touchy-feely idea.  It is an agenda for absolute control over the populace.  Herding people into urban centers, e.g.; not just for 're-wilding' the countryside, but for easier control; with the likes of smart meters, doling out their 'allowed' portion of gruel - excuse me; energy - and such; and keeping individuals from being able to live off the grid, by having access to the land for themselves.  The latter to be, in that scenario for the future, a no no: not to be allowed, in the Brave New World Order of the Left, OR the Right.*  So there is that scenario for humanity; unfolding as we speak.  And, there is another scenario for the future.  It is to recognize the values of both sides of the dialectic 'equation', and synthesize the best of both.  Into a Golden Age.  Of enough for all; and with the application of such as free energy devices, and other aspects of technology, freeing humanity from much of the drudgery that has characterized its life up to this point.  And thus, those facets of life, now, no longer to be the terrible paradox that they are in a capitalist system of social life, where making a profit determines everything, all aspects of life.

The money system - specifically, the interest-bearing money system - to be replaced, now, with another motivating factor for human life, and development.  The highest there is, and could ever possibly be: that people - as individuals - share goods and services with one another (and give of their best in the process) out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.  

Out of the understanding that there is a Plan in and Purpose to life, beyond just in and for itself only.  And out of the additional understanding that, through the spiritual mechanism of what we call reincarnation (and its attendant law of karma), We Are One Another.  Just changing, and exchanging, roles, in the ongoing drama that we have created; in order to learn lessons, and grow from the experiences.  Grow spiritually.  As the purpose of the whole exercise.  And so, now to live by the understanding that As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself.  For, not only are we One Another.  But take that to its next step of awareness, and see, that We Are One.

And take that step of awareness to another level, and see that, ultimately:

All IS One.

Not just One Planet. One Humanity.  One Destiny.  But:

One Being.

Experiencing Itself, in our individuated - i.e., soul's - unfolding of, and to, our potential.  As gods in the making.

It's time to live up to that - our - potential.

And so, let's leave the various tyrannies - over our minds, and bodies - behind.  And start living - and being -  the real deal.

It's our destiny, anyway.  Might as well inherit it, now.

Why put it off any longer?  In playing out any further the drama that we have a been involved in?

This is the end of the Third Act.  Time to take a bow.  For getting here.


* both camps - from both the nominal Left and the Right of current politics - want to cull the populace into submission to their rule.  A concentration camp - or extermination camp - is one by any other name; or collection of wannabe Masters.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Matrix Near You

(NOTE: I wrote this after having been in my 're-entry period' - back into the U.S. commercial world - for a short while, from living 'off the grid' for a considerable number of years, in a spiritual community.)

Somebody could write a great 'crime' thriller/movie out of all this.  A man comes back to (affluent but highly income-gapped) western civilization U.S.-style after having been 'out of the loop' for many years - studying a 'primitive' tribe of people in Central America - and begins to notice things in the society around him that those who have been embedded in the culture, and thus 'tranquilized' to some extent by it (in more ways than one; read on), don't.

All the available toothpaste in all the stores is only the fluoridated kind, e.g..  ("You mean there was ever any other kind?  But it's so good for you.  It's a great cavity cutter."  "Who says."  "Everybody.  And it's on the label...")  And all the soft and power drinks, and many kinds of foodstuffs, have High Fructose Corn Syrup in them.  (Which has a high mercury content; which is a brain addler.  And is from GM corn at that; though that info doesn't appear on the label.  And in point of fact, as he discovers, no foodstuffs are identified as having GM products in them; and as he further discovers, it is even against the law to do so.)  And the 'public' water supplies - which have in point of fact all been privatized - have not only fluoride added to them (which is not only a pacifier and a poison, but is a toxic waste by-product of some major industries; which would have to pay for the cleanup if they went directly into the environment), and aluminum (which has, among other detriments to it, an association with Alzheimer's.  All of which, our protagonist knows about from his in-depth studies of the differences between the 'old' and the 'new'), but lithium as well. And he happens to know, from his scientific training, that lithium, among other of its properties, is a 'mood stabilizer'/tranquilizer.  To say as well: a pacifier.  (Though he finds that it has been 'sold' to the public for other reasons.  One of which is to help stabilize the brains of those with Bipolar Disorder. Which comes from such environmental  triggers as vaccinations; aka post-vaccinal encephalitis.  And the threads go on, and on, and on... )

And everyone has to line up dutifully for their annual flu shots - no exceptions.  Because, he finds out upon curious inquiry, of the deadly 'aberrant' flu viruses that have 'somehow' developed over the years; and the 'workers' can't be excused from their jobs any more than necessary, so it's 'in the national interest' that they take their shots...And so on.  And when he goes to the nice-guy manager of his local supermarket (a major chain; in fact, all independent businesses have ceased to exist; incapable of competing against size, and therefore the resulting monopoly, of just a few players.  As in the media industry) to ask him to carry a fluoride-free toothpaste, he is met with an air of idle curiosity, but with his request duly noted; as well, in his being put on a list.  For extermination.  And as a troublemaker in the making.

The story, and film, could be called that: The Troublemaker.  Who need not apply for employment, in the strictly-controlled job market.  Because he is not going to be around long, anyway.  And his neighbors - innocent members, all, of the Total Surveillance-controlled society - are told by genial employees of various kinds (the postman, and so forth; all former public entities have now been privatized), regarding his subsequent disappearance, that he had left the area apparently looking for work elsewhere.  Until one day...

...he comes back.  With a vengeance.  And with some tribal people, untouched by modern civilization, who know how to deal with such matters as are going down in this day and age.  Because their ancient ancestors, at the time of the last Great Turning, had been there before; and had survived.  Because of a Troublemaker of their own...

A little Avatarish, or Planet of The Apes, perhaps.  But you get the picture.

Oh - and to clarify: the shots have an anti-fertility agent in them.

As some do today.

In our time.

Besides other aspects to them, like nano-tech agents embedded in them, for various purposes, besides just 'people tracking'.

And fluoride has other properties besides just the one of specific interest and value to People Controllers, as a tranquilizer-cum-pacifier (the chemical root of the likes of Prozac).  It is an enzyme disrupter, e.g.; which means that it has an adverse effect on DNA itself.  Let alone its adverse effect on the thyroid gland, e.g., in displacing iodine.  Which has 'mysteriously' disappeared from many brands of salt; and is extremely important for vibrant health.  Which is, of course, not healthy for the profits of the medical-pharmaceutical complex (actually, now, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex; in this age of total corporate takeover, by Materialists par excellence).

And the list goes on, of energy and brain-mind weakeners...

We, in short, are being had.  And not just by profit-makers.  But by our Keepers.  By whom we are being watched.  And herded.  Cultivated, for our use to the controlling Powers.  And culled, if and when necessary.  And kept docile as well with an endless parade of 'celebrity' titillation, and other fun and games.  And inducements to shop.  Endless inducements to shop, shop, shop until you drop.  And then are just replaced with another robot.  Another Piece of the Machine.

Feel familiar?

It is. It's the Matrix.

And you are in it.

Big time.

I've noticed.  Since I've been back.  After having been out of 'it' so long that I have some perspective on it.

So.  It's time for The Troublemakers amongst us to start their engines.  The race is on.

To the finish.

Of the current Age.

And the beginning of the next.

When we will have done with all this lesson-learning that we have been involved in, for such a long, long time.

The main lesson of which has been to experience what happens when you lose sight of The Purpose, and get caught up by and captured in The Process.

And, having learnt those lessons, and that one in particular: move up.  To the next stage of the operation.

The operation, of Unfolding; of gods in the making.

By a loving God.

Our Source.

In Whom we live and move and have our being.

Beyond the Matrix.  The realm of choice.  Of free will.  And thus, of 'Good' and 'Evil'.

And just so, is the Great Awakening here.

Do you have your proper helmet on, for the race to that Finish??

If so: You will be exceedingly glad that you did.

For that's why you chose to incarnate at this time.

Or Walk In.

Or however you managed to make your way here, at this special time.

To break the spell of The Matrix.

And enter the realm of the Real Thing.

On a higher turn of the spiral than we have ever managed before.

Congratulations for being here, to do this Work.

Now let's get to it.


Friday, 22 June 2012

When A Table Isn't

from 'Supernatural' by Colin Wilson; quoting John Michel in his 1990 book 'The Crop Circle Enigma':

"...after honest appraisal of UFOlogy and crop circle data, it is impossible to maintain the rationalistic world-view on which modern science and education are founded.  One is led into unfamiliar channels of thought which point away from structured theories and hard-and-fast beliefs towards a more mystical view of reality and, eventually, towards the greater mysteries of divinity and the living universe...

"There is little doubt...that the patterns in the corn have a meaning, and the meaning of such things is to be found in  the way people are affected by them.  Jung discerned the meaning of UFOs as agents and portents of changes in human thought patterns, and that function has clearly been inherited by crop circles, which are a continuation - a solidification, one might say - of the UFO phenomenon.   We have seen earlier how exposure to the influence of crop circles has changed the attitudes and mentalities of many investigators.   Such changes, if they are in accord with the spirit of the times, are both permanent and contagious.  Judging by what has happened so far, there seems to be every justification for extending Jung's characterization of UFOs to crop circles, and thus for regarding them as signs of 'great changes to come which are compatible with the end of an era'."

I think, in this whole regard, of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which postulates, roughly speaking, that you can't unscramble eggs.  Once humanity really 'gets' that the material realm is, by its very nature, magical - is ephemeral and malleable; is subject to interactions with ghosts and elves and crop circle creators and poltergeists and materializing and dematerializing UFOs, and all manner of other phenomena demonstrating its inherent plasticity, we - human consciousness - can't return to the way things were for us in this realm, when a table was simply a table.

We were warned.  One thinks of Shakespeare's line in Hamlet: 'There are more things under heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophies.'

Just so.  And just so, now, the beginnings of a new era for humankind; with - because of advances in the physical sciences and such - consciousness loosened up to allow for all manner of possibilities.  For one: that we are living in - and are a part of - a hologram.   And including the consciousness - the concept - that, beneath and behind the world and realm of phenomena, where reincarnation is a fact of its nature, We Are All One.  Just experiencing individuation.  For a purpose.  The purpose of, in a word: education.  An ongoing aspect of the life - to say, individuation - process.  Whereby we are gods in the making.

And have a bit further to go yet, in that process.  So - as the Boy Scouts say:

Be Prepared.

And a good way to do so is to read up on the general subject.  And three books that I have found recently to be value in this regard are 'The Source Field Investigations' by David Wilcock; 'The Living Matrix' by Gregg Braden; and 'The Joseph Communications: Your Life After Death' by Michael G. Reccia (& group).  But let your intuition guide you to your next steps on this path of your, and our, unfolding journey.  And the next one after that.  And the next...

For we are being helped.  By just such phenomena as the crop circles; and their messages.  Whose messengers are interacting with our consciousnesses; in this dance of the seen realm with essences within it.  And outside of it.

Where a table isn't.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Of Nights Out - Or In

(The first of these Reflections is from the evening of May 23)

I'm not saying that I'm leading a dull life; but to go out in the evening to walk to the store for a quart of milk is something to look forward to.  (Since what I am really looking forward to - a change in the fundamentals of life on Earth - is taking longer than I thought it might...)

As for my evening (or any) meal: I recognize now, when I am experiencing the frustration of feeling that I'm not really getting anywhere - or at least, the feeling that it's difficult to do so - that I should have shared the blessing I say over my plate with a guest at Cluny (my former home in the spiritual community where I have spent a great portion of my life, feasting at that table of riches) who asked me one fine day.  He had no legs; and I realize now that that may well have given him a lift of sorts.  My blessing, belatedly, with love and support:*

'May the strength that I will derive from this food be used in serving Thee; and may I proceed in health and happiness and holiness...**

'Now let the vibratory rate of this food be such as to draw me closer to Thee; and in all things, let not my will but Thine be done on Earth, as it is in heaven.  Even so.  Amen.'

I'm not sure why I keep the 'amen' in there at the end.  My reading in these matters - specifically, of the origins of Christianity - tells me that that word, regardless of speculation in our day as to its origins, has to have come from pre-biblical times; is a part of the absorption of other religions and traditions by 'the new kid on the block,' religion-wise, and goes back to the long-former time of an Egyptian deity.  Habit, I suppose.  Anyway, it gives a nice rounding-off note to the blessing.

I don't think the true Deity is much fussed over these sorts of things.  It is all, after all, really simply a matter of intention.

Not for the Old Testament vengeful god Jehovah, of course, who cursed anybody who put another god before him; to the point of encouraging his followers to slay them.  But that's 'religion' for you: often a very pale imitation of the real thing.  And here we are, down to this very day, subject to people killing other people over their religion.  What a travesty.  How long must we put up with this sort of nonsense...

Which is the sort of 'end of days' that I am patiently waiting for.  But, as I imply above, it gets to be a bit much at times.  So I go out to 'have a good time' by purchasing a quart of milk.  My idea of 'a good time', until the real thing kicks in...

...but then, you will really see some celebrating going on.  And sighs of relief.  That at last, we can live with Truth in our midst.  Not just far off on the horizon somewhere, in the far distance of our long road towards it.  That we have been trodding on for long enough.

Because it's time for that blessing in our lives, now.


* It's kind of long, because I want to give my hands, cupped over my plate, some time to 'make energetic contact'; complete a circuit, as it were.

** I am sometimes inclined to substitute the word 'wholeness' here; but that seems coming mostly from just my head, because it invariably comes out the former.  So I let it.


(This Reflection is from the evening of May 25.  Obviously, I decided to get more out of my 'evening outs' than just a quart of milk...)

I have to admit that my idea, or at least my experience, of 'a night out' - the equivalent of 'having a good time' - so far is occasionally (usually on a weekend evening) to walk to a nearish MacDonald's and have a filet-o-fish, a small side of fries, and a small fruit smoothie; to eat there, and suck on the smoothie on the way home.

I did it again this evening, feeling the need to celebrate finally getting a device in place to give me access to the Internet, on their D-Day for me, of June 4th.   It's also the long Memorial Day weekend.  Something to celebrate.  And remember the sacrifices of many who died to preserve our way of life, of honoring the individual, not letting him be subsumed by the state.*  

Would that we would remember them all better, including those who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to establish on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and so forth and so on.  As the nation now slides perilously close into Empire mode.

Let we forget.

P.S. I didn't see the strong evening star - undoubtedly Venus - in the western sky this evening, on my way back, from my 'night out'.  The (sliver of a) moon seems to have 'replaced' it...

I wish I knew how these things work.  I feel like such a dunce sometimes, about the workings of 'the universe'.  At least on the level of astronomy.

The more I get into Acharya S's book 'The Christ Conspiracy' (subtitle: 'The Greatest Story Ever Sold'), the more I marvel at how close of attention 'the ancients' played to 'the heavens'.  They were extremely well versed on all that stuff.  It puts us moderns to shame.  And if they made a bit too much of it all - in creating legends about gods and goddesses and such - they certainly got more out of their evening skies than we do.

And what's wrong with myths and symbolism and allegories anyway?  Such a mentality certainly pays more attention to its surroundings - its cosmos - than our secular, rational, dry one does.  Give me an entertaining story about 'the three kings' over a trip to MacDonald's anytime.

* the citizenry considered, in such a society, as mere agents of the state; rather than having their own free moral agency, as autonomous human beings.  Not the serf-like equivalent of slaves.  And as to that; as Lincoln said: As I would be a slave to no man, so I would have no man be a slave to me.
     Good advice. And it actually recognizes the fact, through the intercessionary phenomenon of reincarnation, that We Are One Another; and therefore - through that Plan of Life's attendant law of karma - that As you do to others, so do you do to yourself.  To say: As you mete out to others, so will it be meted out to you.  Until you 'get it' - understand that we are all equally fractals of the Divine - and are ready then to move on from this level, up a notch, to the next level of consciousness.  On our way to Godhood in our own right.


(And a summary thought, from one night in.)

Am I crazy, or is everyone else not crazy but asleep??  Except for a comparative few, who know in their deepest gut that it's time for a major change on this planet - a change of consciousness, up to a higher level than ever before; at least as far as we know, from recorded history.  A level that will take us into a Golden Age - the Golden Age of fable, as our souls responded to intimations of that potential; now upon us.  As we wake up to it, in our reality.

And wake up to the fact that the key to it all is to do away with money.  At least, money as we have known it.  For long enough.

For too long, now.  As it becomes increasingly tainted, with blood, and vibes of greed.  And clearly now - even to people still relatively asleep to the changes upon us - no longer fit for purpose.  The purpose, of allowing humanity to enter a new kingdom.  

Not one of this world.  But now from this world.  From inside us; and in harmony with the living Earth.
A nice place to be.

If we would only get there.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Speech to The People, Assembled

First, let's take a moment to center ourselves.  In spirit; and in love of this country, and its highest potential for good.  For its people; and for the world.

Thank you.

And thank you for being here today.  To help bring this nation back from the precipice on which it teeters.  On the one hand: to be plunged into the abyss of the anarchy occasioned by the dissolution of the rule of law, and the resulting  declaration of Martial Law, thus supplanting the Constitution of the United States with arbitrary law and power.  That ignoble end to this major experiment in self-determination; or, on the other hand, to be pulled back - to say, to pull ourselves back - from that precipitous descent into terrible Crisis, and to experience the wondrous Opportunity of moving into the heights of this nation's spiritual potential.  For its citizens.  And for the world.  As the harbinger of a new era for humankind.  The era of a Golden Age.  Long a fable; a mirage on the historical horizon.  Now here at last.

In our time.

And it is given to us, here, in our time, to ring in this change.  This true Change.  By demonstrating that we know the difference between right and wrong.  And know, that two wrongs don't make a right.

I know, that there  is a feeling in the body politic that the 2004 presidential election - at the least - was stolen.  By voting booth and counting irregularities.  And I know that both sides of the political aisle have been accused - and with justice - of vote and voter irregularities.  So, that whole area of American politics is tainted.  Which has given politics in general a bad name; as in the resigned expression, 'politics as usual'.  But two wrongs do not make a right.  And it was wrong - dead wrong; blatantly wrong - for the American people to go along with the audacious deceit in the 2008 presidential election, whereby a clearly ineligible candidate was nominated for, and voted into, the highest office in the land.  That of the presidency of the United States of America.

An honored institution.   Honored more in the name than in the example, sometimes.  But honored nevertheless, by  an esteemed roll call of the major names in the history of the American Republic.  Washington.  Adams.  Jefferson.  Madison. Jackson.  Lincoln.  The list of true patriots of and to the Republic goes on.  From both sides of the political aisle of the day.  And yet, what has happened, in our day, from both of these political camps?  

This constitutionally ineligible candidate was put in there with bipartisan support in the deceit.  The Republican Party going along with the charade, for their own purposes; apparently wishing to avail themselves of the dismantling of a key constitutional hurdle to and for that office, by unconstitutional means.  Which specific subject we need not go into in detail here.  Suffice it to say, for this purpose here, today, that the opposition party failed in its primary role in politics: to be a check and balance to the party in power.

Which the Republican Party, in this instance, failed to do.


But that does not release the Democrat Party from its responsibilities, and role, in the matter.  The matter, of the purloining of the American presidency, by - by definition - illegal means.

Which I won't go into in detail here either.  Suffice it to say, that the Founders of this nation knew precisely what they were doing when they made it a constitutional requirement for any person running for, or being in, the highest office in the then-forming nation - which not so incidentally involved being as well the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the nation - to be, quote, a "natural born Citizen".  Not just any kind of citizen.  But a citizen of two U.S. citizen parents.   The whole point of that requirement being to make sure that the person holding that office did not have - insofar as the Founders could do anything about it - dual loyalties, or allegiances -

- and especially not to Britain, with which the fledgling American Republic had just recently fought a hard-earned war of independence.

And this constitutional - that is, contractual - requirement has never been changed.  Some such amendments were attempted - by members of both sides of the political aisle - in the five years leading up to the 2008 presidential election.  But none of them made it out of committee.  So, both major political parties simply decided to fudge the law of the land. 

All of this could have been common knowledge in the country, if its political leadership had wanted it to be - and if its mainstream media were truly in the tradition of a free press.  Alas, it has proven not to be.  It has proven, rather, to be precisely the opposite: in the pockets of its econo-political masters; whom we have seen are part of the problem.

And just so is the solution, then, up to The People, to take their country back from those who would abuse the rule of law in order to achieve their ends.  Which achievement, in that process, includes the near fatality of the American Republic, in its entering into a stage of decline more akin to that of an Empire, with an Emperor at its helm.  Another form of tyrant.

"I am the law," declared Hitler, upon being given the keys to the German Republic.  "Words mean what I say they mean," announced Humpty Dumpty.

Both of whom had 'a great fall,' let us recall.

Do we really have to let history repeat itself?  Or can we learn something from history.  And nip this building Crisis in the bud.

Which means that the man currently occupying the office of the presidency, under false pretenses, must go.


For the rule of law - that is, the Constitution - to return to the land.  Before both the Constitution and the American Republic are swept into the garbage bin of history.

Which would be a terrible, terrible mistake.  For the American people.  And for the world.

For we have a New Era to enter into.  Rising out of the darkness of the past, into the dawn of a New Day.  A Day made up of a new Heaven and a new Earth.  Meaning: on a higher energy level than ever before.  A higher level of consciousness; more in keeping with our true natures, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  The potential was always there.  It is now time to activate that potential, and embody it.  So let us enter into this New Day, first with forgiveness in our hearts - for those of us who have sinned against the majority of us, and our spiritual potential. That's the first thing we must do, in order to enter into The New, with clean and clear hearts.  And after that 'homework': to enter this New Era with love in our hearts, for life with meaning; vouchased us by a loving God, in Whom we live and move and have our being. 

 For the gift of life, we give thanks.  For the opportunity to grow and develop spiritually, we give our allegiance.  Never to lesser gods.

And speaking of: I hope you all understand, that the god of Mammon has seen its day.  Personally, if I were you - and I am, in effect; since We Are One Another; having simply been playing and exchanging parts in a drama of our making, in order to grow in consciousness from our experiences, and mistakes, and accomplishments - all of which has brought us here to this day; this graduation day, from the lower grades of our ongoing education, as gods in the making - so, given that We Are One Another; and thus, are all One; to say, are all of One divine Being: the Source of All That Is; praise be the Name - I would not give the moneychangers any longer the power to run and rule the world.  They have been a key part of 'the problem'; have proven that they are unworthy to wield such power.  So, that day is over; as we enter an era of abundance and joy, with our social construct running on love - to say, gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning - not on the concept, the motivating power, of profit.  For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose his soul in the process.  

And just so, do we enter a completely new era of human experience, and development, on this lovely planet we have been given, to treat with respect, and honor, as a live being in its own right.  Giving us the perfect base from which to begin to explore our new Heaven.  And so, here we stand, poised on that exploration, into our higher selves, and the Creation of which we are an indissoluble part.  And thus, whatever we do to it - and so-called 'others' - we do to ourselves.  Since We Are One; and All IS One.  

May this day, then, be the start of a major work of art.  The art of bringing spirit into our daily lives; and of treating one another as the sparks of divinity that we truly are, beneath our current differences.  It is time to release those identities, and move into our common identity, as the children of a loving God - the one great God of all of us.     

Thank you, One in All.  

It's time, now, to be about our work.  We are here to stay here until the Usurper leaves the presidential office; and we hereby declare the Congress dissolved, for having been an accessory to, and after, the constitutional crime that has been committed.  For new elections to be held within 'a time certain'; say, between 90 and 120 days.  As we explore what the new form of governance will look like, on the other side of the current form - the higher side; the side of The New.  For we are faced with Change, all right.  But it needs to come from a higher level of consciousness than has been expressed so far, in this attempted takeover of the American Republic that has been going on by a power elite from behind the scenes, to blend the American nation into merely a region of their vaunted New World Order.  

There is to be a new world order, all right.  Just not the one planned for it by those coming from a lower level of consciousness.  The level of desire for people control, and state domination over.  This one, to be government of, by, and for The People, coming from the highest aspect of their being.  And electing representatives for them, to tune into those higher levels, and present the best thinking on the subject that they can come up with; to be presented to The People, for their approval.  Or not.  For this is the serious business of all of us engaging in the process of discernment.  And coming up with the best consensus that we can reach on the matter.  The matter, of our future on planet Earth, in Her Ascension to a higher level of Being.  For we are a vital part of that process; and it will require all of us - all those who are capable of going for this higher level of consciousness - to facilitate, and embody, The New.

Those who aren't ready for such a step, 'need not apply' themselves to the process.  For we still have free will, to live our lives by.  Considering ourselves as separate entities.  Or part of the Ascending going on, as One divine family of souls.

Your choice.

As always. 

In this God's creation.  

So come, let us join our many golden flickerings.  Together.  Forever.  Because

it's that time.  

Time, to 'be about it':

The work that we came here for.  To do.  Or not.  For

as always:

Your choice.

Hope to see you on the other side of the transition to a better day on dear old, lovely old planet Earth.  Just waiting for our decision.

But not much longer.  

Because She has a rendezvous to keep, with Her higher Self, as well.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

As Time Goes By

(A Jotting from my workbook of precisely one month ago.  Although I now have my computer hooked up to the internet, everything else is still the same.  Some things change; some things stay the same.)  

I get so tired sometimes…

Deprived of getting on my new Apple computer because I don't know enough about these things to realize I need to find and register with a local Service Provider (and how do you find out about one if you don't have a computer to do a search for one…),1 after dinner (the same old) I go out, mostly to get out - there's a party of sorts going on next door outside my window and it's too noisy to concentrate on reading something - and walk some blocks to the store where I regularly buy my ice cream, having just run out.  I could wait 'til tomorrow, but any excuse…

And there are parties going on all over the place. It's pre-Gay Pride Parade tomorrow downtown.  Ocean Blvd. has had signs up for a couple of days, warning car drivers that there will be No Parking along there all day Sunday.  The local paper headlines the event.  I'm personally not really interested in seeing G and L's parade around.  (Never made it to the - major - one in Sydney either, all the years that I lived there, or watched it on TV.)  I'm more interested in why there's so much homosexuality, and skewed 'gender identity' in general; and why 'people' aren't, seemingly - let alone more -  interested in that.  Can't they see that there's something wrong going on in our environment, to cause all this irregularity?  Has been, for some time; for heaven's sakes??…

And on the way to the store, my mind goes back to a book I read  on the subject, years ago.  BrainSex, by a (female) geneticist and a (male) journalist,  How the fetal brain is set 'normally' or skewed at a particular, early stage of development by its hormonal bath, and what causes the hormones possibly to be out of kilter  Resulting in abnormality.  And try telling that to any of these people I pass by.  Having fun in their skewed condition; and daring anybody, now, to say anything about it.

And the federal government is getting into the act now….no.  Won't go there.  I was just going to the store

Where I can't believe my ears, upon entering (through the swishing doors…), but the 'Muzak' (what do they call it these days??) is playing  - could it be?  Yes: the Unchained Melody.  And a memory comes immediately flooding back, like the tide returning.

The summer of 1955.  June.  I have just left university - smack on my 21st birthday - to start on my lifelong search for Truth.  Having dropped out of school to do so, I was staying in a motel near the beach at Santa Monica, spending some days just 'cooling off', sitting and walking on the beach, inwardly preparing for my next move, whatever that was going to be.2  One evening in my little room there (I have lived in many of those kinds of spaces over these years), the radio played Unchained Melody.

Different recording artist.  Same theme.

Time goes by so slowly.  And time can do so much…3

And has anything really changed over all these years?  

I still sit in a small room; wondering what my next steps are…

Well, there's always ice cream, to brighten things up a little.

And my luck: They're having another sale on it.  Two 1.75 quart cartons for $6.  Regular price $4.49, often on a sale price of $3.49.  A dollar total off that: a bargain.  

And then I go and put the dollar saved in the collection carton of the church man outside the entrance (who is often there; or a regular woman as well, with the same kind of white outfit.  This seems to be 'their' charity beat).  A worthy cause.  This one is particularly for people trying to beat drug addiction.

And why are there so many of those in the culture?

Is it because time goes by so slowly; and there is just no damn thing you - anybody - can do about it??

That things will happen in their own good time??? 

If so: it's good time.  Dammit.

...but yes yes.  Time can do so much.  And no more.



1 In all honesty I do have to report some success in this area today.  Faced with thinking that I needed a long extension cord, to plug my 3-pronged computer plug into the only 3-pronged outlet in my flat, which is in the kitchen a considerable distance away, I wondered how to find such a thing.  I had seen no computer shops or electrical shops on my walks down various streets in the downtown area.  There used to be the Yellow Pages for that sort of thing; did they even have that resource any more, with everybody walking around with mobile 'smart' phones these days??
     After finishing my hour on the City Library's computer service, I checked by the Information Desk to ask them for help in my matter.  Lo and behold, they had the item in question - but the lady was even starting to look up the subject on her computer for me, when a young fellow, passing by and overhearing my need, knew just where to send me.  It turns out that there is a Radio Shack not far away; and they proved to be very helpful.  (I didn't need an extension cord after all; they have an adaptor for just that sort of situation.)
     So sometimes - even now, in this high-tech era - just putting out your needs works.  The human element is still there. after all.  Seek, and so forth.

2 First of all, to go home and face my mom, for giving up a potentially promising - and pride-inducing for a mother - career as a doctor.  But that path in life simply no longer held any interest for me.  I had other fish to fry; whatever 'they' - it - turned out to be; as follow-up to my finding out the truth about life. (You know: why are we here; what's it all about.)   But even what it would possibly lead to didn't even matter.  It was its own search, for its own sake. Whatever grew out of that search would be whatever grew out of it.  First things first. 
     Looking back, I marvel at how singleminded I was.  And, actually - after all these years - still am.  But nothing happening because of it  - out of it - is mighty boring, sometimes… 
     Seemingly not happening, that is.  God moves in mysterious ways, and so forth...

3 I also heard, on one of those evenings, President Eisenhower, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the UN.  For all that initiative was worth...  
     Ike.  Totem symbol of the 'sleepy years' of the '50s; in some people's minds.  For the majority of  Americans, they were just getting on with their lives; nothing wrong with that.  But for 'change agents'; like Jews - always pushing, pushing, pushing; in particular, it seemed, in order for them to get more accepted into the status quo of the country - it was dullsville.         
     Don't get me wrong; some of my best friends, etc. - but no; actually.  Our high school fraternity pledged some Jewish guys; we even pledged a Japanese guy.  And there was even beginning to be talk of pledging a black guy.  (Called Negroes in those days.  Nothing wrong with that; until some people started making something of it.  Sort of like the LGBT crowd getting up on their hind legs and making themselves heard in this day and civil-rights age.  Understandable.  There's got to be a better way - than what degenerates into attacks on free speech, where now people are attacked for objecting to, e.g., gay marriage, and are called homophobic for it; like it is the new 'racist'.  So, understandable; if unfortunate.)  So things were afoot in those days.  Just under the radar, is all.
     He said; who is chafing at the 'bit' of things not changing in even deeper terms, culture-wise  - world culture-wise - fast enough for him…    

Bits'n Pieces

Some bits'n pieces of thoughts/reflections recently.  First of all, as follow-on to my last posting, where I broached the subject of the falsity of the Christian religion.  Call this:

Check Your Premises

When I left formal schooling, in the summer of '55, to go looking for truth with a capital T, one of the first things I discovered was that the Judeo-Christian Bible was terribly flawed, as a supposed true record of historical events.  In all the years since of my searching, I have found nothing to obviate that conclusion, and plenty to confirm it.

It is not a work of God.  It is a work of Man.  Of many men, over the centuries, muddying those waters.  So I stopped fishing in them for capital-t Truth long ago; and have concentrated my search in more promising waters.  Like facts.  And the facts are, that there is plenty of evidence that, to summarize the matter: 

the universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.

And I'll leave the matter there for the moment,  The matter of our human existence, and its relationship to and meaning in the great scheme of things.  And none of that requires the Bible (other than as a source of some good homilies about life) for its edification.  Except as a good lesson in life; to wit: 

Check your premises.  You might find dry rot in the foundation. 


And while on the general subject of gripes, here's another major one for me.   Call this one:

First, Do No Harm

I see so many of My People walking around in varying stages of distress - physically, mentally, emotionally; and thus, spiritually.

It saddens me.

It angers me.

I know that the human body is an imperfect vehicle, and vessel - for getting around in, and containing something.  But this, that I see on the streets of a modern American city, is ridiculous.

It's time something was done about it.


And if you have a good idea, it's a good idea to do something about it.

So I'll try to.

Am, trying to.  By Being that which I would like to see happen in the world.  Being a center of Light within the world.

Join me.  And we will make of the world a center of Light.  And Demonstration.  Of, and for, The New.

And one place to start - one really good place to start - would be to replace 'modern medicine' with a holistic version of that admirable calling.

'Modern' medicine - i.e., western medicine; as growing out of the capitalist economic system based on the profit motive - is in industry mode.  These practitioners - by and large; bar good individuals - are part of a corporate complex, fairly called the medical-pharmaceutical complex.  (Actually, to give this entity - this behemoth - its fair and full dues, its proper name and 'reach' is as the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.)  They are in business primarily to make money - as is any business.  Even one with its roots in health services, as the modern medical industry has.

What a betrayal of the Hippocratic ideal.  And it's all due to something seemingly, basically minor: a slight shift in emphasis, from looking on something as an end in itself - in this case, the providing and maintaining of good health - to looking on it as a means to an end.  In this case - as in many cases, in the 'western' world - the means to the end of making money.  Where 'making money' becomes the object of the exercise - has been the object from the beginning, of the capitalist system, with its handmaiden of interest-bearing money.

How different things would be if people provided goods and services to one another out of the spirit of Service, rather than out of the desire for personal gain; treating things as an end in themselves, not as a means.

Do you really need me - or anybody - to tell you that??

There is an element of 'Duh' in all this.  There is also an element, I recognize, of timing.

It is, really, time to recognize all this.

And to start acting accordingly.

What would that look like?

It would look like a wholesale ('I can get it for you wholesale'…) change in the basis of your 'western'  world, whereby your culture is based not on profit but on service - the sharing (not 'exchanges' directly) of goods and services with one another (and the giving of one's best in the process) out of the higher, more mature, more conscious motive of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  And out of that change in attitude, towards one's fellow souls (whereby we are, and are seen as, 'spiritual beings having a human experience'), will grow the 'new look' of, e.g., 'medicine' - the provision of health care - being treated as an end in itself.  Thus, in such a holistic approach to life, the emphasis in health care is on prevention, not treatment; and if the preventive 'barrier' is breached by dis-ease, the treatment is along holistic, natural lines; i.e. to say, with what is already being called 'energetic medicine', and natural remedies - from nature, not from drugs.  

The pharmaceutical industry - the modern-day form of sorcery - has some merit, which can continue to be worked with; i.e., in the understanding of the elements of healing powers in various substances found in Nature.  But the approach will be different.  The point will not be to make money, for a business (and the more the better; for the stockholders and management, at least).  The point will be to keep people healthy, and, if they get out of balance, to help them get back in balance as naturally as possible; working with Nature, and our basic natures, not on them, i.e., from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.  And so, the leaders in the medical sector in the future will be the likes of Drs, Jonathan V. Wright, and William C Douglass, Jr., and Norm Shealy, and Joseph Mercola, and Mike Adams, and with the HSI, and those working with more holistic treatments for the likes of cancer; and so forth.  

It is, really, time for Change, all right.

Real change.  Fundamental change. 

Coming to a theater of operations near you.  To say: coming to Gaia.  On the tide, rising, as we speak.   


Note: A good article to read in this regard is the one in the April-May 2012 issue of NEXUS Magazine titled 'Iodine: The Perfect Panacea' by Elaine Hollingsworth.  
     (Elaine is Director of the Hippocrates Health Centre in Queensland, Australia.  She has written a book entitled 'Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry'.   Her website:


And lastly, and to pick up from the reference to 'Change' above; this on a major gripe of mine.  Call it:

Not Good Enough

In the course of setting things right in the American Republic, living under the rule of law, which is to say, its Constitution, and dealing with the ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to have run for the office of the presidency in the first place (for not being a "natural born Citizen"*), the argument may come: 'If Obama was elected by the will of the people, isn't that good enough?'

The short answer is No.  The longer answer is No, it isn't.

This is a nation of laws.  The highest law in the land is the Constitution of the United States of America.  if you overthrow the Constitution - and make of it "just a damn piece of paper"** - you overthrow the nation.  I won't have it.

The People can change their Constitution - the rules they agree to live by - in a manner allowed for within the parameters of the rule of law.  Not within the likes of the parameters of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals',  via the use of cynical tools like ridicule, and so forth, to achieve your ends.

As for the argument about 'the will of the people' in this particular instance: If the People, in possession of all of the facts of a constitutional matter, still choose to ignore the law, then they will have made their bed - with the likes of dogs and fleas - and they will have to lie in it.  But I will not join them.  I have a greater itch.  And that is to live by a higher will than that of a mob.

So don't be a mob.  Be a People, with some self-respect, and worthy of respect.

And then we will change things for the better,

Not before.  Not like this.  In a fudged mess; which needs some serious attention paid to it.  Not this ignoring of the elephant in the room that is going on now.  And has been going on. 

For long enough.



*  And I'm not going to go into that discussion here, as to what constitutes the definition of a 'natural born citizen'.  The bottom line is that BHO doesn't  fit the bill.  
     As for 'the bill', as in a bill of sale: the American people have bought a pig in a poke for their presidency.  It's unseemly.  It is an insult, both to the people and to the office.  It must not stand.  

** I am here quoting George W. Bush; another potential tyrant in that office, by wanting to disregard the Constitution, and just 'get on with it' from his (fascistic) perspective.  So both sides of the political aisle have much to answer for, in this overthrow of constitutional government that has been going on in the U.S., for long enough now.  For too long, now.
     And if George Dubya has been misquoted, the media needs to clear that other 'little matter' up as well (i..e., in addition to the 'little matter' of Obama being, and having been, ineligible to sit in that office that he is occupying).  But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  That is to say: all manner of steps were put in place under his presidency to take the country into overthrow mode.  
     Neither major political party is free from the taint of tyranny.  They both must go, as well as the Manchurian-like man currently sitting as a Usurper in that august office.  The stench is stifling.  It's time for a major clean-out of politics in America; to let the nation fulfill its full potential - its highest full potential.  Not its lowest; as it is close to doing right now.