Monday, 30 September 2013

Top Of The Mark

I have talked recently in these pages about taking over now the running of my country (as I feel it).  What would I do, with my country.

Two stages.

One.  I prefer, and prefer to live in, a free country.  For example.  It's none of my business who an employer chooses to employ.  If the owner of a business that caters primarily to a Korean clientele chooses to employ only Korean-American employees, that's his or her business.  Or even if it doesn't cater primarily to a specific clientele, whether national or racial or sexual, or any other category.  That is that owner's business - and literally.  Let them get on with life in a free country.  

The state in America should stop running people's lives for them.  If a restaurant or bar  - private or public - wants to cater exclusively to a Japanese clientele, or black, or white, or female, or LGBT, or Catholic, or Jew, or Hindu - that's its business.  The state should keep its long nose out of it.

Yes yes; I understand that there is a long history in this country of the 'oppression' of the black Americans.  (I may even have been one of them myself, in a past life; and know that one from personal experienced.)  But if the Civil Rights movement were really interested in breaking down racial barriers in this country - rather than using that social matter simply as a tool for gaining power for statists - I would draw your attention to the Jackie Robinson story: The People dealing with these things themselves, in their ways.  That is to say: In the way of what can happen in a free country.  As an example to the world of another way to handle these things, than creating a monstrous state, holding The People in its coercive grip.2  In an example of Liberty over Equality.        

Mark the difference between those two qualities.  

One is a mark of freedom.  The other is a mark of coercion.

The first was the result of the American Revolution.  The second was the result of the French Revolution.

Take your pick.  But stop trying to impose the French Revolution's mentality onto the American Revolution's stance, regarding an Ideal State.3

Two bottom lines here.  
1) Grievance mongers, like the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, should get a life.  And AG Eric Holder, who is spearheading his department's jihad against white police officers who arrest illegal aliens with some 'controversy' in the takedown - of any kind, legitimate or manufactured1- should himself be arrested, for blatantly criminal conduct.  Which includes his spearheading of the DOJ's targeting of state 'voter ID' legislation - those states trying to bring their voting system into some sense of integrity, against its takeover by the Left.  The details of which I'll pass at this time, for the sake of keeping this blog to a reasonable length.  And

2) Personally, I want to see what people do, and will do, when they are free to.  I want them to see what they will do when they are free to.
     And let the cream rise to the top.4  

     Because we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - are learning lessons in this 3D life, and arena of duality/polarity/seeming separation.  Are exercising ourselves against a 'dark side' of our consciousness: to see what we will do.  How well we will deal with its challenges.  In short: How fast will we grow out of our childhood stage of spiritual development - in the lower grades of the School of Life - and move on, to claim our spiritual adulthood.

      Which brings me to

The second stage.  Once we get - really get - what life is all about, we can move on, into its advanced stages.  Which includes 

a) leaving behind the training-wheeled tricycle of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other, and trading it in for a new form of 'economic' transport.  I put 'economic' in quotes, because once we start getting to this stage of understanding what life is all about, we can leave the days of 'want' behind, and move into the days of tapping into the abundance of the universe, just waiting for us to claim it - with the key to unlocking it.  Which is to engage in the exchange of goods and services - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the old-age one of profit.  Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.
     There may well need be a time of transition, into this 'total' state of consciousness, when we release the old form of money - and the humongous debt that it has created - and move into an era of a (global) medium of exchange backed by gold, and/or other precious metals, and/or a basket of commodities.  But the point of the exercise will be to get to a moneyless system of exchange; and just as soon as possible.  To let Abundance flow freely.
     As for what we will be exchanging with each other:

b) so-called 'free energy devices,' ready and waiting in the wings for us to inherit them; being a game-changer in regards to running an 'economy'.  For this means that energy, for all practical purposes, will be free.  Tapped into, out of the 'aether' of old supposition, now understood to be.  To say: out of the 'background'/intrinsic energy that manifests - 'propels' - the universe.  
     These devices being a feature of the time of our humanoid-stage of development wherein we start tapping into

c) our further 'mental' capabilities; of the likes of teleportation, and telepathy, and time travel, and dematerialization5 - 

Well; not to overwhelm you, with the features of graduate school.

But you get the idea.

That we are at a Turning Point.  Into a Golden Age.

Which includes the understanding that We Are One Another.

That there is no 'other'.

That there are only other-selves.

Until we make our way back to total Unity.

But - 

First things first.  

We have to learn how the darn thing works, beyond the initial, tricycle stage, that we have been in for - long enough, now.

Hint.  It works by Love.

The Love of the Creator for Her/His Creation. 

Which includes the key ingredient of 

forgiveness.  Of others.  To say as well: Of Ourselves.

Welcome to the first day of graduate school. 

And hang on. 

It's going to be an amazing ride.                     



1 The latter of which there are many examples, where the arresting officers are simply being harassed, with civil (rights) charges, by an out-of-control Attorney General and his thug flunkies at his so-called Department of Justice.  

2 How long would it have taken to break down the Jim Crow mentality in the South with the likes of post-color-barrier NL and AL and NBA and NFL teams refusing to stay in whites-only hotels???  
     Do you understand what I'm saying?  There could be whites-only hotels and restaurants - and the public is free to give its custom to whomsoever it chooses to.  In a free country.

3 A bit more on this issue of the difference between Liberty and Equality, free enterprise and socialism.  Question: Why should a man or woman work hard just to have their hard-earned income - their fairly-obtained personal earnings - substantially taken away from them, in confiscatory-level, 'progressive' taxes, and given to people who don't work as hard???
     This is the political philosophy/concept of 'equality', taken towards its extreme; which is: equality of outcome.  Not equality of input.  But equality of outcome.  Not equality of opportunity.  But equality of outcome.
     As in communism.  Which should be rejected, as innately unfair.
     If one person works harder than another - puts more effort into the pot - they deserve the fruits of their labors.  As recognized under the labor principle of payment via piecework: the more you produce of something, the more income you make -
     for yourself.
     That's not greed.  That's justice.
     The something-for-noting mentality has got to go, if you would advance on your spiritual path.  Which is, actually, all there is.

4 To say: To see how individuals spend their money; including what services to society they perform with it.  Or not.
     You know: freedom.
     As opposed to (state-mandated) equality.
     Which is no test of anything.  Except a free people's patience.  Before they declare their independence from such -
     you know -

5 supported in all this by our Galactic neighbors, and assorted Celestial beings; celebrating our coming-of-age.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

On Being A Stickler For Detail

In my last blog I talked about our getting now to our "real identity"; in part as "spiritual beings having a human experience".  But it also involves our individual soul identity.  I don't mean various incarnate, physical-realm identities that we have had - assumed - along the path, of spiritual evolution that we have taken.  I mean our essential identities, as individual facets, fractals, aspects of The One (until we return to total Unity).

Personally, I relate to the identity of, essence of, that entity that has identified itself in the past to various channelers as Limitless Love and Truth (as I have mentioned in these pages before).  It helps me explain to myself why I have such a passion for truth-telling; for getting right down to the nitty-gritty of things, and not letting go until the whole Truth is out regarding them.

Case in point.

One of the organizations that I have given donations to in the past, and which I am now in the process of closing down from such input from me, along with all (most???) others, is an outfit that calls itself Christian Seniors Association.  Its main bete noire is the AARP - American Association of Retired Persons.  As its subtitle says: 'America's Christian Alternative to the Far-Left AARP'; which usually means that it opposes ObamaCare specifically and the leftward slant of American politics in general.  It has just hit me up for another donation1 - to help fund their '2014 National Opinion Survey' of Christians - and when I replied this time with my opting-out letter,2 I added a personal comment to them, in a P.P.S.; viz.:

'I am not a Christian anyway.'  I could have let things go there, but felt the need to expand on that rather dry and incomplete statement a bit; so I went on, with the parenthetical comment:  '(I'm beyond religions.)' 3 

If had had the space, I might have been tempted to go on a little further in my explanation; along the lines of (something like; terminating it somewhere along the line, space determining):

But I do support the sort of 'traditional values' that the Christians speak of.  Example.  Socialism is one way to organize society - a lot of mutual support going on there.  But how is it obtained, is the point.  It is obtained by coercion - the coercion of the vote of the majority.  Thus, it is not the best way.  Which is one which champions the individual.  Not the state, in providing you with goodies, and thus cultivating a dependency mentality.  

If you want to live under socialism - or any form of statism; which undercuts one's sense of personal responsibility, for one's life, and actions  - please go live in such a country.  You have that choice.  What you don't have is the choice to take over America.  The 'taking over' that is to take place is by me.  Because I will take over now, the running of MY country.  In a way that enhances the collective, but not at the expense of the individual; as the socialist or fascist way does, with its oppressive, totalitarian state.  

A brief critique of that Way, i.e., the socialist way.  Specific example: 

The only people who should be having children - single women or couples - are people who can stand on their own two feet, and not be a drain on the taxpayers.  Taxpayers' money shouldn't be spent as extorted from them to put in other people's pockets as individuals, or as members of a (constantly growing) welfare class.  It should only be spent on projects that benefit the society as a whole, as in maintaining parks and libraries and streets and sidewalks and police and fire departments, and such.  To put the taxpayers' money into the individual pockets of what then becomes members of a welfare class is theft, pure and simple.

People who are into spending other people's money for them - the taxpayers' money; the wealth creators' tax money - have created a dependency mentality and culture in the country.  Shame on you, Such A Citizen.  

For the Democrats to look after the interests of 'the little guy' - as opposed to 'the big guy'; often looking for a handout from the government to support his middle- and upper-class dependency mentality - is one thing.   But if it amounts to taking from some to give to others, and cultivates that mentality, then it is sinful, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.  That is to say: Dealt out of the picture.     

I embody the energy of Limitless Love.  (I will go into the furthest reaches of hell to try to bring you back into the Light.)4  But I also embody Limitless Truth.  And I will continue to shine that Light on your human interactions, until All get it; really get it: that 'it' - the life experience, in the 3D matrix of duality and the consequent exercise of free will - is all about taking personal responsibility for oneself and one's actions, in realizing that actions have consequences.5    

And when we've got that - really got that - then we are at The Turning Point.   And are "ready to step into a higher level of our own human evolution," as David Wilcock puts it, in his recently published book, 'The Synchronicity Key'.  

Meaning, the Golden Age of long repute.  


And then,


4D.  5D.  6D.  7D……

We have a huge adventure awaiting us. 

Just  - there.   


For the picking.

Or not.

Your choice.

As always.

Because the Creation is made up of - is all about, in its essence - Love.

NOT coercion.

That is Its antithesis.

You can dwell there.

But souls, like Me, will come looking for You.

And You may not like the Light that we bring with Us.

For the Light - like Truth - can cut, to one's quick.


As I say

Your choice.

Just a little detail there, for you to consider, on your path.



1 I'm not precisely sure how I got on their mailing list in the first place.  Some of these conservative organizations, I think, just make the assumption that when one supports 'traditional values', that automatically means that you are a Christian.  Not in my case; as I go on in here to expound on a bit.      

2 'Dear (blank)

'Sorry to have to inform you that there are just too many 'worthy causes' out there that have come my way and I can't keep up with them all, so l've decided simply to drop them all (how does one choose???), and instead, concentrate on helping to bring about systemic change.  (There is a Better Way.) 

'In the meantime, good luck with your worthy cause. 


Duane 'Stan' Stanfield

P.S. And accordingly, please take me off your mailing list.  Thank you.'

3 There is a huge assumption at the center of the Christian religion, e.g. - and i have made comment on that subject recently as well, about the dangers thereof; that is to say, of making assumptions in our lives.  In this instance, the assumption going on is that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of God.  Big mistake, that one. 
     I can't tell you how many times over the years, since I woke up about all this sort of thing, that I have wanted to shake the people around me and ask, 'How can you live not knowing what it's all about?'
     'Well, that's what religions are for,' may have been one reply.
     'No it's not,' I would have responded emphatically.  'They are just manmade devices.  They have nothing to do with the TRUTH of things.  The TRUTH is - out there, somewhere.  And I'm going to find it.'
     The energy of Limitless Love and Truth has been with me for a long, lonely time. 

4 For We Are One.  And You, as a part of Me, are vital to me, and Me (i.e., both to me the fractal of Unity and the Me that identifies totally with Unity).  To the Plan and Purpose of the whole exercise.  If You are lost to the Dark, part of Me is lost to the Dark, through You.  And I don't want that.  So, You matter, to me, and Me. 

5 And that we create our own reality.
     Over and over again.  Until we get it.  Learn the lesson, from that episode, in our soul's unveiling.
     And move on.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wake Up, America

from Tea Party Command Center: 'Obama's Weekly Whining Saturday Address' - Sept. 28
(A transcript of Obama's speech to the nation today, outlining his case, and against the Republicans in Congress)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago

P.S. My fellow Americans: I have just had an awakening, and I realize that the path that the nation has been on for some time - creating a humongous debt, that we will never be able to pay [off] - is the wrong path, for being unsustainable, and undercutting the individual's sense of personal responsibility. Accordingly, I am immediately taking measures allowed me by the Constitution - and I apologize for breaching that sacred duty in the past, and weakening, even jeopardizing the rule of law in the nation; as though I were simply some sort of tyrant - to drastically cut the size and scope of the federal government, and return the nation to its rightful sovereigns, The People - not as in special interest groups, but as in mature human beings, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  -

Wait a minute.  Did I say that?  Just a second - someone must have changed the teleprompter.  Hold on; and I'll get my mojo back - my message, back on track...just hang on.  Only be a minute; and I'll be back to my old self again.  You know; that funny-looking guy with the dark complexion and the big ears, who charmed you out of your -



But seriously, folks…

This is not just about O-so reasonable-bama.1  But let's start there, for a look at what's going down in our day; tantamount to treason, and prelude to civil war - if we let it go that far, don't 'head it off at the pass,' in classic American parlance.

The organization Judicial Watch has come up with a very good summation of the case of The People v. Obama and his administration.  

Item, in a recent letter of theirs.2  "In his first term, Barack Obama effectively:

* Nationalized healthcare;

* Nationalized General Motors and Chrysler;

* Nationalized student loans;

* Nationalized much of our banking system;

* And nationalized our health care industry through 'Obamacare.'"

'Wait a minute' (you say).  'Now that you mention it: what's going on??' Glad you asked.  To continue from this source (and with a bit of history):

"As a candidate, Barack Obama said:

"'I promise 100% transparency in my administration.'

"'I will allow five days of public comment before I sign any bills,' and

"'I'll put the health care negotiations on C-SPAN so everyone can see who is at the table.'

"Incredibly, President [sic] Barack Obama violated every one of these pledges that he made to the American people."


"What utter hypocrisy!"

Yes.  But…it's worse than that.  Isn't it.

A clue to what is really going on, besides just 'politics as usual,' is how all of this fits the Alinsky model of 'community organizing'.  Which is basically to: 'Do anything.  Say anything, to get in power.  Once in power, do what you really want to do.'  

With such thinking at the helm of the American ship of state now, who's to say, e.g., that there will be elections in 2016, and Obama will leave the office? Or even that there will be elections in 2014, if it begins to look as though the (Marxist classic) 'reaction' is going to return the power in Congress to the Republicans???

These people don't think that way.  They are totalitarians.  And are not about to give up the degree of power that they have achieved, by submitting to such bourgeois activities as two-party elections…3 

Item (to continue).  "And now, in its second term, the Obama administration seems committed to doing whatever it takes to remake America into a socialist state…without regard for the law or other branches of government!

"* During his reelection campaign President [sic] Obama frequently said that certain favorite liberal programs (certainly including amnesty measures for illegal aliens) 'just can't wait' for public and congressional debate and deliberations.

"* The Washington Post reported that key Obama personnel told them that increased executive actions (i.e., actions undertaken by the President [sic] without congressional debate or approval) would be the 'new normal' in the second Obama administration.

"* And perhaps even more ominously, when Vice President Joe Biden addressed the task force on school gun violence, he publicly stated that the President [sic] will take 'executive action' to deal with the issue…which he did on January 16 when he signed 26 [23??] gun-related executive orders.

"In other words, the 'Imperial President' is ready to use 'executive action' to potentially overrule our gun rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment!

"And if he is willing to scuttle our gun rights by 'executive action' and target conservatives through corruption of the IRS, what's to stop him from attacking the rest of the Bill of Rights if it suits his ideological or political purposes?"


I could go on.  But: Can it be any more clear??  Obama and his flunkeys are determined to take the nation over, and turn it into a socialist state, governed from the top down.  And we, Fellow Citizen?  What are we going to do about it??

Instead of the U.S. Army Band playing Hail to the Chief, perhaps, in part in our 'reaction', we should have a demonstration of citizens outside the - our - White House, chanting (more fitting for a high spiritual leader, as Obama is being characterized as being by various channelled entities; which calls their status into question): 'We who are about to die anyway, salute you with the one-fingered salute.  

'And as for our weapons of self-defense, against the likes of you and your erstwhile conquering-from-within army:

'Molon labe.'4  

My parting comment:

If the United States is going to have an imperial, above-the-law presidency, I'll take over now; and make sure that it's done for the Light.  Not for the Dark.

Which will signal the End of History, as we have known it.

Which would appear to be the purpose of this whole scenario in the first place.  This stage of it; and the whole shebang.  As Humanity awakens to the play that it has been involved in, for eons of 3D time; takes advantage of the culminating energy going on, and chooses to release the part-playing, opting now for their real identity;

and Ascends.

As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Now basically finished with the exercise in the 3D matrix, which has afforded them the use of free will.  Now to be released; for the individual sparks of The One to make their way more directly back

Home, again.   


P.S. I mentioned that "(t)his is not just about O-so reasonable-bama".  Because he/they built on steps the Bush Jr. (NeoCon-saturated) administration took, to start the process of totalitarian takeover of the American Republic (from the fascistic angle).  Which includes the atrocity of 9/11 on their watch.  And which actually started many years ago, when the banking interests made their move (as presciently foreseen by the Founding Fathers).  But this Obamanation usurpation, and its aftermath, is the most pressing issue now.

The rest can come out, when we have a major Truth & Reconciliation process.  Which will include references from the Akashic records as well, for total illumination.

You didn't really think that life was just a random series of events, with no rhyme or reason or Justice built in/involved in the process; did you?? 

If so: Think again.

And tailor your life accordingly.

Accordingly, that is, to a state of Awakening.

Which we are to live in, now. 


Or not.         



1 Isn't that a wonderful act?  He's oh so reasonable, as the nation is stolen out from under us.  'We're not 'herding you all into a corral,' as it has been put.  We're allowing you all to become more than yourselves as individuals…You ask why the drones, and so forth.  It's really very simple.  We need to put the American people under observation because there are some desperate characters out there, who talk about 'patriotism' and 'liberty' and 'the Constitution' and so forth, who cling to their guns and their Bibles because they don't like change.  But ladies and gentlemen, life is all about Change; and America needs to change with the times as well.  We need to become a real member of the nations of the world.  
     'That's why under my administration, for one thing, we are going to incorporate other forms of law into our own, that reflect other cultures; so that we can all be governed by an appropriate body of law, and since America has become a multicultural society.  So, we will treat each culture among us with its own form of jurisprudence.  
   'It is, after all, reasonable…'   

2 headed 'The National Obama Accountability Project' .  An 8-page summary of the high crimes and misdemeanors characterizing the Obama administration's time in office, and misdeeds.  Complete, in the mailing, with a six-page jam-packed summary of the JW's 'Litigation And Investigation' update of the case against the Usurper and his team of republic wreckers. 
     The record is formidable.  The crimes, actionable.

3 And so, watch out for a false flag op, designed to keep Obama in office, and power. 

4 Realizing, that this is only part of the answer to the - such a - government that we should engage in; and not the 'heaviest,' most-useful one.  Which is not to descend to the level of the problem, but, rather, fight the dark with the light, and stay 'steady as she goes' with Love.  For that is what will disarm your enemy.  Because you really have no enemy, except inside yourself.  For We Are All One.  And there is no real 'other'.  There are just unawakened souls, beginning to find that out.  And when they do, they come together.  Naturally.  As the One that they, fundamentally, and in truth, are.
   But it does feel good to get good and angry at those whom we perceive to be arrogant, and 'in the wrong', doesn't it...  :-)  

Check Your Premises

Many years ago, when I was deep into investigating the JFK assassination, I came across an interesting observation in one of the better books on the subject, to my mind.  It was called 'Best Evidence' (by David S. Lifton), and the "interesting observation" was the subject of the value in/of 'checking your premises'.

The presenting situation was the difference - the potential difference - between what the emergency-room doctors saw of the head wounds of JFK in Dallas, and what the autopsy doctors saw later in Bethesda on the East Coast.  At one early point in the investigation, by those who didn't accept blindly the official story, because of various discrepancies appearing in it, a number of investigators assumed that the wounds were the same.  But that was merely an assumption; and the author of the 'Best Evidence' book took it upon himself to question that premise.  His thinking was based on a comment that Ayn Rand had made once, that he had come across in one of her books on what she called Objectivism - her political philosophy.  She made reference to the idea of the value of one checking one's premises; and he remembered being amused by the image that formed in his mind when reading the passage, of someone going down into the basement of their premises with a flashlight and checking things out.  But the admonition stuck with him; and he realized, in painstakingly researching the JFK caper, that no one had checked out the subject mentioned above.

It led him to uncovering a premise about what had happened that afternoon and evening: that the wounds in JFK's head were NOT the same between those reported by the Trauma Room doctors in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas immediately after the assassination and the sketches drawn and photos taken in the autopsy room that evening in Bethesda; that there was a likely scenario that needed to be researched in depth - involving such points as

* when Air Force One landed at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, D.C., in the dark of early evening, all the TV cameras and lights were placed at the site and side of the plane where the casket was unloaded, via the rear door, and seen to be put in an ambulance;

* there was a curious gap in time between the time of the casket being taken out of Air Force One and its arrival at the (un)loading dock of Bethesda Naval Hospital, of about 45 minutes.  It involved a bit of a wild goose chase, where a dummy ambulance was involved - the cover story proving to be that the authorities (the Secret Service???) didn't want the trailing reporters being so ghoulish as to cover the trip to the hospital, for all to see, and, presumably, 'gawk at'.  What this allowed was the following suggested scenario: 
     that the body itself was unloaded out the other side of the plane, in the dark; 

     that it was spirited away to a hospital controlled by TPTB, where a quickie operation was engaged in, to dig out from JFK's terribly assaulted skull any evidence of more than one shooter, and that one being where the perps' patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, was supposedly shooting from the 6th floor corner of the Texas School Book Depository building, where he was an employee;1

     that the body was then put in a body bag and casket, and sent on its way to the autopsy hospital -

     where no one, apparently, noticed that it was in a different casket from the one that had been loaded into and unloaded from Air Force One.2    

My point with all this reminiscing:

Today I did a number of things, ending in going to the supermarket for a couple of items, and in arriving back home, at the (locked) back door of my apartment complex, discovered that my house keys were missing, from my regular pocket for them.  I double-checked; and even checked my other pants pockets, with no real hope of finding them there, because I never put them there, but just to be 'on the safe side'.  Stunned, I wondered what to do; began to get into worst-case scenarios, about how I was going to get into my flat that evening; and, figuring that they must have fallen out when I took out my change purse from that pocket to cover some of the cost of my purchase at the market, I retraced my steps back there; checking the sidewalk along the way, for 'just in case'.  On the way, I recalled finding a penny on that sidewalk on my initial trip of the day along there, from the store, and mused on how I had made an assumption about things like 'a lucky penny' for the day; how we let things affect our thoughts and feelings, that may not be all that valid; and began to feel a bit foolish about doing that sort of thing, i.e., thinking of the likes of 'lucky pennies'.  In the event, back in the store, my keys were not at the checkout counter that I had used, and no one had reported finding any to the assistant manager.  I was writing down my name and telephone number for him, in case they turned up, when they did turn up: in my shirt pocket.  

How in heaven's name did they get in there?? I wondered, while walking home again.  And two things occurred to me, as I mused on what lesson or lessons I could take from the experience.  The first was that I had made an assumption; a logical assumption - that I never put my  keys in that pocket, and so they could't have been in there - but an assumption nevertheless.  I had checked my other pants pockets; but automatically ruled out, in my mind, my shirt pocket, without even giving 'it' - that possible scenario - a try.

Careful about making assumptions, in life, I took with me from the experience.

And two; and the main one, for me.  I realized, in that musing over 'lessons to be learned,' that just that day, earlier on, I had mailed a letter back to a college that had told me, in an unsolicited mailing (from a mailing list undoubtedly obtained from another such college that I had made a contribution to), of their strong Christian and constitutional values, and which solicited a donation/support.  On a survey form that they had included - their National Survey Defending Our Christian Values - I wrote, in somewhat negative response to one of the questions:3  "Christianity itself will have to change in the light of scholastic research that reveals its historical flaws; but its basic values are still valid.  Especially the concept of life that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'."

I felt solid about my response, based on a lot of research into the subject of Christianity, that goes way back to when I left university in search of capital-t Truth about life.  i have been basically keeping an eye on the subject area ever since; in fact, have a number of books currently on that very subject.

And yet.  And yet…

What do I know.  Really know

And I also realized that I have been thinking about this very subject recently.  I follow some Internet sites that are into the subject area of our human Ascension coming up; do so, because it all fits with my take on such things ever since I had a 'spiritual experience' at university many years ago that left me with the very solid feeling that 'the universe has Purpose, and that Purpose is Good,'  and have grown to believe - believe, I realize - that , as I have said to one or two people in my life, in moments of particularly candid sharing, "I didn't incarnate at this time to waste my time".  But if someone were to ask me, What do I really know about it all, I would have to answer, that it's just a feeling I have.   

And I would do well to continue to check my premises.  

Not make assumptions.

Keep an open mind.  To everything.

Even, that I could have put my house keys in my shirt pocket.  As outlandish as that fact would appear to be on its surface.



1 and got the job through a CIA contact;  another part of the story.

2 The original one was a wooden casket (as seen as well being taken out of Air Force One); the arrival one at the autopsy-hospital dock was a metal one.  
     There was also a discrepancy in the story regarding the body bag.  But not to go into this in too great a detail.  Just to give a suggestion - a solid suggestion -  that skullduggery was deeply afoot that day, in more ways than the 'triggering'  one. 

3 They had solicited my "honest opinions" and "advice for the next generation of Christian leaders…who will lead our nation into the future".  Uh-oh, I thought.  Another group of people with good intentions, but a fundamentally flawed premise...    

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Two Roads, Diverging

On the one hand…

1) from wnd: 'The Terror Threat Within U.S. Military' - Joseph Farah - Sept. 26
(about Muslim chaplains being positioned in the military by jihad proponents)  

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago
Agreed, Joseph. Although not quite.
It's not "insanity".
It has been planned that way.
It's not the enemy outside the gates that we need to be wary of. It's the enemy within the gates. Currently waging war on us. And we seem to think - largely - that it's just bumbling unprofessionalism.
It's very professional.
And has been for years.
Time to take our blinkers off. And realize what's going on for what it is. And start acting accordingly.
Not just taking defensive measures.
But taking the war to the enemy.
Who we have outnumbered. For now. At least until an amnesty kicks in. And until They take away the kinds of self-defense weaponry that can give Patriots a decent chance at giving Them solid second thoughts about a (false flag op-induced) declaration of Martial Law, and its associated sweep to take away ALL our weapons of self-defense, a la the New Orleans trial run.
How many more signals do They need to send, to let us know fully what they're up to??  And who would be the 'insane' ones THEN???


…and on the other hand:

2) 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Navy Yard shooting: media dump shocking storyline by Jon Rappoport' - Sept. 26

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  • kibitzer3 says:
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  • September 27, 2013 at 2:23 am 

  • One of these days the MSM is going to start doing its job, and informing the public – as RL’s post alludes to – that the technology to ‘run’ people is there, and has been for years; complete with the transmitting of voices in their heads, and emotions induced, of fear, anger, violence, etc.

  • One of these days…when the truth-telling begins, and the play-acting in our 3D theater starts drawing to a close, and we wake up to that fact to the degree that we can never go back to the old ways again.
    But that had better start happening soon. The Cabal are getting panicky, as they ‘grok’ that their power is waning. Dangerous times immediately ahead. All lightworkers need to keep their wits about them, and send out only Love, to help with the transition. Or we become part of the problem. 


So: two ways to go, in response to the totalitarians running things.  Of the two ways, the second is the highest.

But it sure is easy to feel like kicking some ass…

…which is what I do feel like, sometimes.  (Hence the first of these responses.)

Maybe I'm just being programmed, when I feel that way……have to watch that………...

High Crimes & Misdemeanors

No sooner did I try to draw a line in the sand and say No to any more contributions to a plethora of worthy causes that I have gotten myself involved in supporting,1 than I got to some of my mail of yesterday, and noticed an unfamiliar envelope that had a sketch of a soldier on it, with the notation alongside:

'This is the courtroom sketch of my son, Michael, during his court-martial.

'His only 'crime' was refusing to sit by and watch the President trample on the Constitution of the United States.

'Every patriotic American needs to hear his story...'

Michael...Michael... - Oh yes;  that soldier that The New American magazine reported on some years back, who refused orders to fight under the UN blue helmet, and command.  I wonder...

And being as curious as any cat, I decided to open it, and see what was the latest on his story.  And got hooked.

It is a commanding story; how (former Army Specialist) Michael New's outfit, while stationed in Germany, after the first Gulf War, suddenly got orders, under the Clinton administration - and therefore, under Bill Clinton as his Commander-in-Chief - to be posted to Macedonia as UN Peacekeepers.  'What??!' he undoubtedly said to himself; 'I didn't sign up to be a UN mercenary, in UN uniform, under foreign command.'  And he has been fighting that lonely battle ever since - out of uniform now, having received a Bad Conduct discharge for standing up for his rights as a sovereign, not a slave; willing to fight as a U.S. soldier for the Constitution, but not as a UN mercenary fighting for the UN Charter.  Something was wrong with that picture.  And he found it, in a Presidential Directive signed and promulgated by Bill Clinton, that he and his family and lawyers have studied enough2 to believe is unconstitutional, but have been stonewalled all the way to the Supreme Court in trying to get a court hearing on the matter.  Now that 'the smoking gun' has been declassified, he and his backup team "in the next few months...will be taking this battle to the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC".

And these things cost money...I understand.........

Only a brief sigh, and I was in.  Some things you just can't say No to.  A One World Government, where the nation-state armed forces are under the command of the UN - and behind it, pulling the strings, the globalist Cabal, for now rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation - clearly is just such a thing.3

And speaking of the 'forces' that the Cabal want to see eliminated from their picture, of global domination:

Another letter - that just happened to be in the same batch; as these things sometimes go - was from an old such mail-call friend, in the form of the Committee for Justice, with this mailing concentrating on their Impeachment Project.  They compile materials - as the self-proclaimed "America's leading conservative legal and legislative action organization holding politicians accountable to the law" - making their various cases, on the current administration's outrageous actions in blocking the 'truing of the vote', and so forth.  This mailing from them, as I say, was concentrating on the overall picture, of the Obama administration's clearly criminal actions across the board.  Case in point:

"The IRS admits it targeted nonprofit organizations with the words 'Tea Party,' 'patriot,' 'liberty' (!), or 'Christian' in their names - as well as groups that criticized the government or sought to educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution - with invasive audits and investigations, while demanding the groups' Facebook posts, reading lists, and lists of their donors and interns.

"Apparently, in the view of the IRS, being a patriot or Christian, talking about liberty, and teaching the Constitution are seen as suspicious activities..."

No.  More.  Are seen as attitudes and activities of enemies of the state - the new socialist state, aborning on American soil - and therefore, as the potential 'domestic terrorists' that they have outrightly been called by this administration's minions.  For, let's face it, ladies and gentlemen of America: This isn't 'politics'.  This is war.  This is an attempt, by those Marxists who, through such tools of their trade as the use of Deception, have managed to gain the high ground in the nation's governing apparatus, to secure and consolidate their revolution against, to quote their 'operations manual', the 'reactionary forces'.  The classic Marxist attitude, against defenders of 'the status quo' - in this case, defenders of essential liberty against the power of the almighty state.

Well, let me tell you something, you Marxist ideologues.  There is only one Almighty.

And it isn't your slave state.

So, put down your weapons (of their various types).  Or we'll have to take them away from you.

And remember: 'Molon labe' is our battle cry.

Not that of the oppressors.

And you are the oppressor.

You may think you - your voting blocs4 -  are the oppressed.  But when you resort to the sorts of things that you have resorted to, once you got your foot in the door of the top of the political apparatus in the country, you became nothing more than common criminals.

And will be treated as such.  When this war is over.  And The Accounting begins.

As part of the clearing of the karmic record.  So that we can all move on; in unison; to the greater destiny awaiting us, than either side of the action-reaction, thesis-antithesis equation has realized, has been part of its mission, and work book.  For

You - all of you - ain't seen nothin' yet.

And that's what I, and millions like me, are here to tell you.

To help you see.

Once you take the blinkers of your ideology off; that give you only tunnel vision.

Which should, at least, help you see the Light heading straight





1 I was just about to head off to the Main Library in town to use their printer to print off a number of copies of a Declaration I have drawn up, saying:
   'Dear (whomsoever),
   'Sorry to have to inform you that there are just too many 'worthy causes' out there and I can't keep up with them all, so I've decided to drop them all (how does one choose???), and instead, concentrate on helping to bring about systemic change.  (There is a Better Way.)
   'In the meantime, good luck with your worthy cause.
   'P.S. And accordingly, please take me off your mailing list.  Thank you.'
   I plan on putting this inside any mailing that has included a stamped return envelope.  Some mailings, which have a return address on them, I just write on now 'Return to Sender' and hope that will do the trick.  But the mailings of some organizations, which I have been particularly supportive of, I will open, and insert my Declaration back to them, so that they understand why I have dropped out of their picture.

2 after having to fight for years to get it declassified, and finally accomplishing that mission: After fifteen years, PDD 25 was finally released, "thanks to Mike's legal team and the overwhelming support from his supporters," his dad tells us, out here in la-la land, who don't have a clue as to how rotten things have gotten.  You think things are bad?  Wait until you find out just how bad.  With this, and other stories, waiting to come out to the public at large. As, e.g., coming up, in summary.
   Fifteen years...Justice deferred - in effect, denied - is injustice.  In any language, and under whatever form of government, you choose.

3 As I am saying in my reply to Mike's dad: "Your request got in just under the wire for me, as I was right in the process of disengaging from all such 'worthy causes', for being inundated by them, and not being able to handle them all (and how do you choose??).  But this matter needs to be sorted out."  (And in addition, in response to a question that Mike's dad raised in his letter:)  "Yes, your son did the right thing - and good on him for it."
   At a minimum, the troops should have had that possibility of service put to them when they gave their enlistee's oath, and swore to "support and defend the Constitution," so they would have choice in the matter.  But even then, there is a constitutional question here.  That document  - that contract - not having fully disappeared yet, under the accumulated weight of disdain that has been heaped on it - by both Democrats and Republicans, let it be noted as being acknowledged.
     Those Republicans who want a fascist system of government here.  And those Democrats who want a socialist system...Take your pick.  They're both totalitarian in nature.
   And so, equally to be avoided.
   By a free people.
   For whom a lot of good people fought and suffered and died over the years, to give them their freedom.
   Not chains.
   Sovereigns, in their own right.
   Not slaves, subject to the whim of the state.
   Like putting them under foreign command; just because their Caesar said so.

4 and currently trying to bring in millions more new voters by giving illegal aliens a crack at amnesty, and consequent application for citizenship.  Although that hasn't stopped an unknown number of them from already infesting our voter rolls, by various tricks of the trade.
   What a sad state of felonious affairs the United States has turned out to be...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I was going to comment on the subject of anger - that I raised yesterday - and where a lot of it comes from these days, in all the mind-control obscenities going on, which are behind the mass of mass shootings (in order for the state to come to our rescue, and give our erstwhile Masters total power and control over us, in their version of a New Era), and so much else that has been going on in our day and  present era.1  But something is telling me not to go into all that terribly heavy stuff at this time.  So I'll just leave this short sharing at some other musings that came my way today.

Two short 'verses'.2  Tied together; at least in my mind/to my way of thinking.  (Which may well not be the same as yours.  Different strokes.)

I - On Intention 

I intend
To help humanity

And just so do I
play the Game
of Life
Cut through the likes of fame
and sorrow
With the sharp knife
of discernment.
Can't come soon enough
for me
and thee
(if you knew
what I do)
As we play the ball
Out of the rough
Of life itself.

    And that's all
There needs to be
In conclusion.


II - On Hypocrisy 

You don't want to live
Under theocracy
  for example
Because you don't want the state
Telling you what you have to do
And can't
                    and yet
You are happy telling others
What they have to do
From your point of view.

What hypocrisy.

You made your bed.
Lie in it
For awhile
In grand style
You get it
And move on.



1 If you want to check it all out in more depth, go to:

2 With apologies to real poets.  I write verse like Robert Frost characterized free verse: It's like playing tennis with the net down.  But it is a way to share thoughts with others.  So, not too much harm done.

Things That Go Bump In The Day

Sitting having my somewhat daily sunbath on my more-or-less regular bench today (Tuesday), I found myself, for whatever reason, musing about things that get me angry.  One such subject was the terrible financial hole that America has gotten herself into - or rather, that her people allowed her to get into; and how the Left is already painting those responsible souls who are trying to wake the nation up out of its torpor, by refusing to let the debt get any larger, as 'irresponsible meanies' and not only taking candy from babies but throwing them out of their strollers onto the sidewalk and kicking them to the gutter.  I refer - hyperbolically, of course - to how the conservative Republicans have tied the definancing of (the budget-breaking) ObamaCare package to the governmental financial-operations authorization for the next year.  When what should really be taking place is sterner stuff: the clear message that the federal government is broke - and only the minimum of its domestic and security responsibilities should be covered, as it digs itself out of its financial hole.1  

Oh meany meany heartless soul I am.


Listen carefully to Truth: You have been seduced by the Democrats on the one hand and the representatives not of the people but of the military-industrial complex and the corporate-banking cabal on the other hand, into living beyond your means.  It has been irresponsible of you to go so deeply into debt.  You have jeopardized the basic, fundamental well-being of the country in doing so.  Not very smart.  Not very smart at all. 

Did you really think that in the end, you wouldn't have to pay the piper???  If so, you have been living in a wonderland, where some lovely little angel would come along and make everything nice - bail you out of not taking responsibility for your actions.  Of not having to take responsibility for your actions.2 

People, people: This is precisely what the life experience is all about.  To learn this particular lesson.  Before you can advance, as a soul on a journey.  A journey out of the darkness of duality - the realm of lesson-learning, with free will making it as real as an illusion can be - into the Light of the purpose of it all.:

to reintegrate back into the full Light and Love of the Creator.  

I have been told before that I can come across as hard and unyielding.  And perhaps I am.  I'm not as good with the Limitless Love part of the package.  Except in the way that I will go after you - stay with you - to 'the ends of the Earth'; and beyond: to the edge of the stage of Creation - and then even beyond that - in bringing out the Truth of things, as far as you are concerned; and in any incarnate form that you may choose to take, to try to hide from my search Light, of the other part of my nature, being Limitless Truth (as I channel the energy thereof).  For you will be brought to justice.  Ultimately to judge yourself.

I'll see to that.   

In the meantime: How could you people let yourselves so easily be deceived??  A major test; and you blew it so easily……

It's like - very like - 9/11.  The pictures we saw (on our screens, and even live) were pictures we saw - period.  And even longtime CBS correspondent Dan Rather saw through the set piece, in being willing to 'call it like he saw it': that the buildings  - including WTC 7, later in the day - came down "like those pictures we see, of buildings brought down in controlled demolitions".  Precisely, Dan.  Forget the consensus reality that was so quickly hammered home to the viewing public, that Osama bin Laden was responsible.  That this was a terrorist attack.

It was, indeed.  But not by the fingered perp - the (CIA-asset) boogeyman trotted out to set up a (money-making, and people control-inducing) War on Terror - and his box-cutter-armed minions.

It was not as if this were an isolated instance, of corruption, and criminality, at the top.  We had the phony Gulf of Tonkin Incident to go by, earlier  And the OKC bombing; which proved to have all the earmarks of a set-up job (charges at the base of columns, and such).  And the first WTC bombing, perped - as it turned out - by an FBI asset.  And now, all these suspicious shootings, Aurora Theater, and Sandy Hook, and such, giving rise to the attempt by the federal government to get (sufficiently powered) weapons of self-defense out of the hands of the public  -

Do you need to have a map drawn for you, John Q. Citizen???        

Actually - it has been drawn for you.  By all of the above.  Plus the information - available, for anyone who has eyes to see; i.,e., is willing to look - that The Powers That Be have had access to mind-control abilities to make the average person a dutiful slave in their controlling hands, for their ultra-controlled society.  

And you sit at home, and watch your television screens, and leave it to someone else to do something about it all……

A bit of advice, John Q.  If you don't get off your bum and do something about it yourself, you will be left behind.

And that means that I have to wait until you get it, and move through the portal into a higher dimension - a higher consciousness - another time around.

And that makes me angry.  

For you.  And for me.  Because

We Are One.  And I can't return Home until you do.  And we have all passed The Test.  

So get with it.  Or I'll haunt you to your living day. 



1 The position of the Obama administration would appear to be that such costs/tax increases are fine and dandy, because it is all part of The Plan: for 'a redistribution of the wealth', via taxes on the middle and upper classes, bringing them closer to the '(Entitlements) income' of the lower classes, and making everybody, 'ideally,' 'equal' - with the same effective level of income.  (So there won't be any more envy, you see.  Nobody 'better' than anybody else.  All are equal, in paradise.)
     In a word: socialism, of a highly controlled order; verging on communism, where everybody IS 'equal' - at least economically; 'equal in outcome' - by diktat of the state.
     In a word: a revolution.
     Generating a reaction, by 'Tea Partiers,' and 'Constitutionalists,' and 'Bible thumpers,' and returning Vets (who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution - NOT the sitting president), and other potential "domestic terrorists".  So identified already by the Obama administration.  With major measures having already been put in place to counter the expected reaction from such stubborn citizens, who just aren't with the Glorious Revolution going on, and don't appear to be able to be made to be, so set in their ways as they are.  So - into the gulag with them.  FEMA camps at the ready, for just such a contingency.
     Or, rather, more than just a 'contingency'.
     A dead certainty. 
     For, millions - millions - of U.S. citizens will not go quietly into that dark night.
     (Bill Ayers & Co: Did you really think you could pull this off???  What an imagination.  What an impressive degree of self-delusion.  An army of blacks, and Hispanics, and single moms - looking for the handout from the state to finance their chosen lifestyle - and students, the fruit of the communists' 'long march through the institutions',* and extreme environmentalists, and other seduced souls, and money from various foundations.  And that's your army???  You've got to be kidding.  Tell me you're kidding.  Tell me - no.  Never mind.  You're not kidding.  Are you.  
     All those coffins, stored near the FEMA camps, and the Drones Over America, and license-plate recognition technology, and automobile takeover technology, and vaccines and viruses satanic technology, and mind-control technology, all - and more - tell me that you're not.  That America has some true believers on its hands.  Of a decidedly un-American cast.  
     So, then: It's war.  So, then: Bring it on.  And oh; just to mention:
     Molon labe.)

     * who want a free education, as a 'right'.  Paid for by the taxpayers, of course (and middle incomers, mostly, at that; with the upper brackets cushioned by all sorts of tax breaks).  And, students: You would do well to be reminded that what a large state can give to you, it can take away from you; if you don't toe the line of your erstwhile Masters.
       You don't really think that the Marxists (or fascists) care about you, do you?  All they care about is power.  And Power from either the far Left or the far Right of politics is to be avoided at all costs, by anyone who would think to be a free soul; experiencing Liberty.   Over Equality.  Because, when it comes right down to it, it's one or the other.  Not both.
        At least, in the current scheme of things.  Which needs to be superseded.  Which is really what all this is all about.  

2 You may have been hoping for the declaration of a Jubilee  But that requires a people with some spiritual nous, to work.  Or The People just get seduced into relying on it yet again, and again, and again; to bail themselves out, of their irresponsible actions.  
     It's like - very much like - the U.S. federal government declaring an amnesty for illegal aliens, and expecting it to work sans very clear security measures put into place accompanying the declaration.  So Reagan tried it in 1986.  And the Congress failed to come up with the security measures to accompany the gesture.  And the number of such illegals rose astronomically in the intervening years...
     Gee; I wonder why.
    The whole goody box must be turned off for illegals to be attracted to; and better efforts put into place to have would-be immigrants come through the front door - to be honored in thereby proving that they will make good citizens. 
     But I digress.
     A bit.
     Oh; and
     P.S. The whole system - i.e., the financial and political system - is up for change, anyway.  But it won't take, and hold, without a people with some spiritual nous making it work.
     Which is a ways off yet, to judge by present evidence.
     Got it?  We still need to learn the lessons.  No skipping of the stages.

Monday, 23 September 2013

On Discernment

Speaking of 'business as usual' (or not) as I was in my last blog…

1) Glad to see1 someone calling many channelers on their adoring support for the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.2  Take Suzy Ward, channelling (purportedly) her son, Matthew.  'He' 3 is simply enamored of the guy, who can do no wrong in 'his' eyes.  When 'he' opens 'his' sessions with 'his' stock-in-trade comment, "Greetings from all souls at this station," what 'he' is not saying is, what station - that "this station" is undoubtedly a lowly, astral-plane one.  For 'he' is simply being duplicitous  - something that such mischievous, shading-over-into-outright-malevolent, spirit entities are noted for; in a test of our powers of discernment.       

Glaring example.  'Matthew's' claim that 'Obama' is using the NSA total-surveillance-society blanket in order to keep tabs on the Cabal's communications with each other?  Yeah, right.  And that he backed Monsanto on some legislation or other so that we the public would rise up in opposition to it??  Yeah, right.  Pull the other one, Matt.4  And then there is the little matter of 'Obama' sending drones out to knock off individuals, with the rationale for the policy given that there is less damage done that way than engaging in outright war.  

That is a ludicrous excuse.  Witnessed no more by many a 'collateral damage' individual... 

You do see that, don't you?  Through, that??…

Watchers of all kinds: Man your stations.  It's time to take this guy down.  To say: Out of the Oval Office.

Before it becomes too difficult to do so.  

Well; not too difficult.  But more so.

To say: With more collateral damage done.

For this is, in truth, war.

You do see that.  Don't you?????????

And if not...............

It's a parting of the ways.

The different ways into the future.

There is the way of coercion.

And there is the way of the use of free will.

Your choice.

My recommendation:

Make it a good one.

The.  Good one.

I discern that you really want to.

Because (no great ability, really, to discern)

We are all a child of The Light and the Love of the Creator.

But in the end -

and there is an End; as we speak -

it is -

as I say -

Your choice.

Come on.

Come on over.

You'll be glad you did.

No great powers of discernment needed there, either.

To see it.


The End.  Of the process.

At hand.

At long - long - last.

For some of Us.


1 at, article posted on Sept. 20 titled 'An Open Letter to MATTHEW - Deceased Son of Suzy Ward', by The Watchers.  (Came across it via a poster's comment at '2012: What's the 'real' truth?'  on an article titled 'Breaking Out of the New ©Age Enslavement - from Cameron Day at Ascension Help' posted on Sept. 21)

2 You do understand that we don't really know who this guy is, don't you?
   Well, don't you??
   And if not: Why not???  Where have you been for the last five years????  Hiding under the rock of business-as-usual?????
   If so, don't presume to call yourself a citizen of the United States.  You are no more than domiciled here.  Precisely like so many illegal aliens.  Who have no loyalty to this country.  Only desire for the perks of living here.
   To all of whom I say: Get out of my sight.
   And I can really see you, for what you are.  Which, basically, is: Not ready.

3 Quote marks, because - you must realize - we don't really know who 'he' is, any more than we know really who the man who calls himself BHO is.  There is no evidence, in either case.

4 Question, Matt: Why doesn't he just point it out to his adoring public, as the danger that it is, and refuse to buy into it, in a major, attention-getting way; if that is really his intention???


2) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction From Derivatives, by Ellen Brown' - Sept. 23 (orig. posted Sept. 18)

2 Responses to The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction From Derivatives, by Ellen Brown
  • ff547257bd414a7cb8235123093d1c4d.png
  • Vickie Acklin says:
    September 23, 2013 at 12:08 pm

  • If the financial system is cleaned up and fixed we will still never be free. We will continue to pay and pay to live on the planet we were born on. We will continue to work harder and harder to buy what is needed and we will still always live in this cast system. Proverty [sic] will continue. Greed and crime will always be a part of our lives. We will have yet more leaders that believe they deserve more than anyone else because they have too much power. No matter how the new financial system is setup it will eventually always come back to greed. 

  • Any monatery [sic] system will assure that we are never free human beings. Instead we must do away with the monetary system and have the technologies that have been denied us. Just free energy alone would change the world. 

  • It’s been said that Earth is the only planet where a monetary system exists. This system was designed for the purpose of making us slaves. It doesn’t matter how its setup – its a slave system and must be completely eliminated if we are to be free.

    • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
    • kibitzer3 says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
    • September 24, 2013 at 2:03 am 

    • Well said, Vickie. Maybe some half-way measure, with gold-backed currency, will have to be engaged in for awhile, until we really get where we are at in our spiritual evolution on this planet.  And then we need to move, just as soon as possible, up: to a system of exchange that recognizes our divinity (and the reincarnational process that keeps us learning our lessons until we get them); wherein people share goods and services with one another – and give of their best in the process – out of a higher motive than the horse-and-buggy-era one of profit. Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

    • And from there, it’s only a small step to entering the consciousness field of the 5th Dimension; where we will begin to leave the need for ‘things’ behind, anyway. For inheriting our Light bodies, and the abilities derived therefrom, in the way of travel, and communication, and so forth. 

    • Getting there. Slow. But sure.