Sunday, 30 November 2014

Home from Thanksgiving with Family

Parting Words

You don't know 
           Not even
           the cover
Have you been,
the New World
That matter???…

To your own
I know.  But 
Your business as
An American
Further - much
              further -
Than that.
      The country
Is being taken
By totalitarian
And you folks up here
Safe and secure
In Utah,
Within your ring
Of protective
Don't know that?
Where is your
    than just
For your own
How about
       the larger
Of Man;
             a bit 
To home
Than that
The Family of
The Family of
The United States
Of America; since
Those selfsame
Are trying to corral
Into their
North American
Union; with Canada
And Mexico
In more, far more
Than just
             And thus
Would be
The end
As well
Of the
      which is
The main
Stumbling block
To their
          Of mice
And men
They should

Your weapon
Of self-defense
And of
Your country,
         You are
      under fire
You realize it
Or not.
            And sing
Of the Body
For more, far
Than just
We're talking
       You think
You know
About that.
You ain't 
Seen nothing
On our way
To that
Far Country.


After The Storm

After the storm
The rainbow…
That's after
A downpour.
If it's no longer
Is your umbrella
Still up?  
               Come out
             from under
                We have
                      to do,
In cleaning up from
The mess.
         I guess you
        are here too
        for that work
                    to do
      you wouldn't
               be here.
        And my
          oh my:
        a mess
It is.  But
No worries.  We
Are up to
The job; or
As I say, we
Wouldn't be
In unison
The long, long
Of our


N.B.: This blog was occasioned by the fact that, while among extended family for Thanksgiving (good Mormons, all, but me), I found out that not only did (at least) one of them - an otherwise very clued-in guy - not know about chemtrails, but another basically clued-in member of the tribe - one of the honored elders - didn't know that there was no hard evidence that the stories the public was told, via the MSM, about either the taking-down of Osama bin Laden or the Sandy Hook Atrocity, were true.  This person did not know that the photo of a supposedly shot-dead bin Laden, widely shown on MSM, was later proven to be 'incorrect' (with the MSM not following up on the story); or that the photo of Obama & Hillary & aides supposedly watching a live feed, from the helmet camera of one of the SEALS involved, on the takedown of bin Laden, was likewise later, under (finally) media questioning, 'distanced from'.  I'm not sure what the story was about it that 'the authorities'  then tried to sell.  I had given up trying to follow these concocted stories by then.  Knowing that the damage had already been done.  To the Truth of things, by this administration, and TPTB using it for their NWO takeover purposes.
     The same with the Sandy Hook hoax.  (Staged, in order to put more pressure on for the de-weaponizing of the American people.  Part of that strategy, which has been going on for some time, to help set up the Takeover Day.  To be heralded by a false-flag event, designed to set up a 'state of national emergency,' and Obama's declaration of Martial Law thereby.  Which wipes out the Constitution in one fell swoop.)  Fortunately, a number of researchers on the Internet are bringing out more and more info about that caper.
     If The People will even look at it; as brainwashed as they are to take their authorities', and the MSM's, word for things these critical days.  We certainly have our work cut out for us.
     And maybe 'it' will reach even into the sheltered long valley between picturesque mountain ranges of Utah.  Although easily reachable by drone.

P.S. The bottom line:
     I hold the space of the highest outcome and the highest good for all.
     And in order for that to happen:
     May all stay true to, and in alignment with, their Highest Selves.

P.P.S. You ask why I am not "a good Mormon" like the rest of my family clan.  In short: I did some homework.
     The Mormons - i.e., members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka LDS) - have partial Truth.  'God moves in mysterious ways ,His wonders to perform.'  I don't claim to know why this is; I think it's all about being sure that we all do our own thinking and searching - coming to our own inner conclusions, about Truth -  but giving us tidbits along The Way.  In this instance, 'the Mormons' believe that 'As Man is, God once was; and as God is, Man may become'.  I don't know about the former aspect of this refrain - these human suits are quite primitive, and capable of being cut off from Source, like a deep sea diver.  But the latter aspect seems self-evident.  As I have just put it (in my daily musings on such things):

We are here
      and over -
learning lessons
Along the Way -
We figure out
What it's all about
         and Who
             we Are
          and then  
          move on
     as we

   as sparks
Our Creator
And like unto

And carry on
From there.

And if we fail to grow
From the experience
Of seeming separation
                    well, then
Our choice.  Because
We have one.


The Mormons call it exercising it our 'free moral agency'.  The world calls it 'free will'.  I call it both.

A rose by any other name…

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Back Into It

Returning home from having been out of town visiting extended Family during the Thanksgiving holiday period, I got into my snail mail before tackling the monumental stack of emails that I know are awaiting my attention.  One of the first such missives that I got into was from an outfit called the Southeastern Legal Foundation, wherein they proudly announced a win against the Obama regime at the U.S. Supreme Court, and their diving right into the next such case that they are mounting.  This one has to do with Obama's use - attempted use - of his executive-branch 'regulatory' powers to in rather fact tax the American public, and corporations.  The issue is regarding a 'regulatory' tax on fossil fuel energy usage.  The Executive cannot  constitutionally raise taxes on his sole authority; off his own bat, in the vernacular of an American .1  But Congress - the legislstive branch of the federal government; YOU do understand, don't YOU - turned down what is called a 'cap and trade' tax on fossil fuel use.  So did that stop Herr Hitler, who has decided - with the connivance of a lapdog Mainstream Media, and a similarly compliant Congress - that he is a law unto himself?  Not on your Nellie.  He is doing an end-around play on Congress, by unilaterally declaring such a tax.2  

The arrogance of this man seems to have no bounds.  So, groups like the SELF are trying to rein him in through the courts.  And hoping to get a fair hearing in that arena of our federal system of government.  Under relentless pressure right now, by this Marxist who wants to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America into a socialist 'paradise'.  Or at the least, bring it down to the level of aThird World nation; so that the U.S. doesn't live on a higher standard of living than the rest of the world, becomes a dutiful, 'equal' member of the collectivist New World Order3 being put in place, brick by brick. In its way like the Berlin Wall.  

All of which is why, under
Obama, the DHS
Has commandeered 
         literally millions
Of rounds of ammunition,
It has to do with the likes
                 of earthquakes 
                 and hurricanes
And such - is
For 'keeping the peace'.
                   Which is BS.
'It's unfair' - bleat our
Erstwhile Masters -
                'that some 
                have more
Than others.'
             Which is more
BS; piled higher
And deeper
Is all...
                 It's time
And almost past
            that Congress
Its ass in gear
And rein this upstart in
Its responsibility in
Such matters.

"We're fast approaching
A constitutional crisis -
That Obama is provoking!"
Indeed.  it is
On purpose: to
Elicit the kind
                 of response
That he can then use
To clamp down on
Severely, in declaring
       Martial Law
And thereby destroying
The Constitution
    rather than by
    the death
Of a thousand cuts
That he has been employing
Up 'til now.

                     And so, we
Have come
Right down
To it:
          the moment
            that many
Have been waiting for:
     the Showdown
         the Dark
        the Light.

And guess who wins
The End

         …when we inherit
Our highest 
                  And sing
                  a song
                  of praise
            ... and for
                    the fact
                  the long
                long wait
  is over
                   at long



1 "…the Constitution specifies that only Congress and the president working together can lay and collect taxes of any kind (Art. I, Sec. 7=8)."

2  What's the difference between a 'regulatory' tax and a 'regular' tax?  Answer: A bit of spelling.   

3 Which has elements of both a socialist system and a fascist system.  Obama & his Merry Wrecking Crew of socialists doing 'a deal with the devil' in accepting the power of the corporate 'world' behind what's going on; and, presumably, figuring, like the Bolsheviks before them, that they can take over the rule once the revolution has been consummated.  
     At its best.  
     So to speak.  


P.S. As Obama's new Executive Order on illegal aliens starts to fall into place - until the new Congress can rein him and it in in January (by simply nullifying it; having found their intestinal fortitude by then, with the new kids on the governmental block) - and the illegals that will now - again, but in quite likely larger numbers than ever before - start flooding over our porous border (while the getting is good) say, in effect, "Obama will take care of me," I am reminded of a story out of the JFK era, when the far Left also started strutting their stuff, in taking over the high ground in that administration, and trying to instill their socialist paradise at that time (You DO know that they have been at this dream for generations, don't you???).  I discovered that a new primer for children to learn to read from that came out at a that time contained a story about The Little Boy In the White House.  It was a picture story about two squirrels on the tree-laden front lawn of a little boy, sitting in the background of the pictures on the front steps of his white colonnaded house, watching with a friendly smile the squirrels doing their thing; with one of them saying to the other (who was busy gathering acorns): "What are you doing?"
     "I'm gathering nuts for the winter," says the other squirrel.
     "Oh, you don't have to do that," says the first squirrel.  "The little boy who lives in the white house will take care of you."
     Same scenario.  Different players.  But certainly, a payoff from "the long march through the institutions" that Obama's friend Bill Ayers chose to take, after their Weathermen direct-action attempts at overthrow petered out, and they decided to be more doctrinaire about it.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Time To Leave The Banks Behind...

…And Push Out Under Our Own Steam (As It Were)

from 'This Is Why You Should NEVER Trust a Bank: Wells Fargo Refuses To Pay Woman What She's Owed: "Practically Laughed At Me"' - Mac Slavo - Nov. 26
("The recent actions of mega behemoth Wells Fargo show us just why so many people are distrustful of large financial institutions. The bank, which claims it will help you achieve what's important, has done exactly the opposite in the case of…") 


Folks, it's time to wake up. Life is but a dream. We are here to choose to awaken from the dream. That is up to us. No one else. And when we do awaken, we will realize that a) there is a Supreme Being after all; therefore b) life has a purpose beyond just in & for itself only; therefore c) We Are All In This Together, as aspects, facets of One Holy Being; therefore d) we don't need money - as it is, i.e., interest-bearing money & fractional-reserve banking. There is a higher motive by which to exchange goods and services, than the one of profit. There is the highest one there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.
And thus, we can declare a Jubilee - get rid of all debt, just like that - and set up a system simply keeping track of credits and debits, like a LETS system. And as we continue to progress - e.g., with free energy devices - we will come to the point where we don't even need 'currency,' i.e., to be plugged into an energy-exchange system that way. We will be the source of our own energy, and needs. Because we will have become awakened to our true potential. Not just as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. But as very gods in the making.
That is: learning to use our energy wisely. And if we do: 'All else will be added unto us.'


…And a Happy Thanksgiving To All My In-This-Together Readers.  See you on the other side of the Holiday.


P.S. An interesting postscript, before I hit the sack early (relatively) before getting up early to travel tomorrow (for Thanksgiving w/family):

After posting this, I caught David Wilcock's latest episode of his Wisdom Teachings series on gaiamtv, and it was all about our energy in relation to the torsion-field sea that we swim our lives in, wherein we can enhance our consciousness once we learn how.  That is, "awaken" to it…    (Series 3, Episode 8, 11/24: 'Kozyev's Mirrors: Biocommunication')

Love the synchronicity.


On Going To Bed Angry

from 'Turner: Let Obama Impeachment Process Of Discovery Begin; Removal And Nullification' - Neil Turner ('Citizens for the Constitution') - Nov. 24
(Recommending letters to our Congressional representatives; examples given, of his)

William R. Thompson Jr. · 18 hours ago (Nov. 25)
Obama wants to be impeached. Impeachment would legitimze his status as POTUS. It would also rally his base, and many others, that would see impeachment as a partisan Republican effort to remove the duly elected President. It is likely they would use violence to defend him. Instead, we should be using Quo Warranto to remove him for being the illegal alien, foreign national, that is illegally occupying the Office of the President. Sherrif Arpaio's evidence should be usable in a way that would force Obama to prove his ID. In the end, we must consider the words of another Barry, Barry Goldwater "Extremism in the defense of virtue is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice, is no virtue."
1 reply · active 2 minutes ago

kibitzer3 60p · 2 minutes ago ( Nov. 26)
Excellent point, Wm. The man is not legally the POTUS (not a bona fide "natural born" citizen) - as even the Democrat Party of Hawaii effectively acknowledged, when they refused to certify the constitutionality of his candidacy - ergo, he just needs to be removed, by Oathkeepers, and held for trail, on a whole host of charges.

And let the chips fall where they may. For,  either we function under the rule of law.  Or we will be governed by the (arbitrary) rule of men. And that sort of governance isn't looking very good these days, is it.

[N.B. This article was accessed under the posting of an article headed 'Flashback; Democratic [sic] Party of Hawaii Would Not Certify Obama Was Constitutionally Eligible To Be President'.  carried by CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog - Nov. 25.  Continuing with this Comments thread:]

Richard David Hayes · 8 hours ago (Nov. 25)
Impeachment would only validate his potus. You cannot impeach that which does not exist.
Immediate arrest for treason and felony of fraud including all complicit and
revocation of all fraudulent usurptions and actions.
Toleration Is Compromise - Ignorance Is Complicity - Inaction Is Approval
2 replies · active less than 1 minute ago

bob68 101p · 7 hours ago  
It's a moot point because Congress knows impeachment would also validate the fact they allowed and assisted an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist in becoming the putative president. That is high level treason. Congress will never impeach Obama for fear impeachment, whatever the stated reason, would reveal their part in the biggest fraud in history.

Impeachment would result in the arrest which you mention should be done, problem is those who do the impeaching are complicit and are not going to do anything to get themselves arrested..

Obama dares Congress to impeach him because he knows they won't and why they won't.

Congress protects Obama to protect themselves from the penalties associated with high level treason....that is why there are so many excuses not to do the job Congress swore an oath to the Constitution to do. If Congress believed impeachment would validate Obama's pResidency without revealing their complicity in the biggest hoax ever pulled on the America people, they would have already impeached him.

kibitzer3 60p · 1 minute ago  (Nov. 26)
Excellent point, bob68 - and Richard David Hayes originally.

We've got to go the Full Monty on this.


..and speaking of the Full Monty (before I call it a night; and unfortunately go to bed angry, at this administration's uber arrogance):

from 'Obama HHS Secretary encourages illegals to Sign up for Obamacare' - Tim Brown - Nov. 25
("Barack Obama's Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell recently told a group of Latino bloggers in an online chat that the Obama administration wants to make Obamacare available for illegal aliens…")

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 26)

This is not only "reason enough for his impeachment". This is reason enough for his outright arrest; along with his entire administration. They have proven to be a criminal enterprise, that has taken over the helm of the American ship of state. Out with the lot of them. No if, ands or buts. Before they do any more damage to the nation than they already have. 

Disgusting stuff. Rubbing our noses in their s**t.

I should have added: It's time to call them on it.  (I would have - added it, that is - but this site - like so many - doesn't allow for Edits.  Damn.  More anger to deal with.)

(next day)

P.S. Fortunately, I was able to go to bed on a better note last night:  the next letter I opened - letting it go at that for the night - was from an outfit called the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor; Adm. R.J. 'Zap' Zlatoper, USN (Ret.), Chairman of the Board.  (With a name like that, my spirits were already being lifted.)  It was a donation-request letter (what else, in my voluminous mail.  Except for bills), with a covering letter from Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Col. USAF, Ret. (no quote marks around that one.  Is that his actual first name???), which read, in part:

"Dear Friend,

"I graduated from West Point in 1951, just a few years after the devastation of World War II.  I later had the honor of serving in the Korean War alongside the heroes of Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, and Midway.

"Today, as we approach the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Peal Harbor, it is more Important than ever to remember the heroism and sacrifice of those who fought and died so that you and I could live with the blessings of liberty…"1

It went on: "…the freedom we enjoy today was purchased with the lives of American heroes…"

Amen, Dr. Buzz.  Worth remembering, indeed.

The Admiral's letter opened:

"Dear Fellow American:

"Will you join NASA astronaut Col. Buzz Aldrin…and thousands of other patriotic Americans in honoring the last of our surviving World War II veterans before they are gone forever?

"If your answer is 'YES,'  then I'd like to invite you to take part in a rare opportunity to preserve a National historic landmark site, honoring the veterans of Pearl Harbor, World War II, and all who served and continue to serve our country since…

"You are one of a handful of Americans selected to receive this letter because you take pride in our nation and honor our veterans.

"It is Americans like you who know that the morning of December 7th, 1941,2 when Japanese fighters came screaming out of the sky and devastated America's Pacific fleet, was the moment 'a sleeping giant awakened.'  On that day, America became the defender of freedom in the world…" (author's emphasis)

Glad to support your honorable cause, Admiral.

Duty.  Honor.  Country.  Moving words, and sentiment...  

As for 'the 'other' cause referred to in this blog; I have just one thing to say to you, Barry:

Eat my shorts.

No, I'll add something to that sentiment; to, perhaps, make it more clear:

You are not fit to tie the shoelaces of the heroes of this country's history, Barry.

Go back to your Bathhouse, where you fit in better.  



1 an echo from the Preamble to the Constitution:

   'We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.'  
     And I notice that they even capitalized Posterity.  Such was the intention of the Founding Fathers of this nation…

2 "A day that will live in infamy," pronounced President FDR, in his speech to the Congress, Assembled on the occasion.  Which infamy includes his deliberate provoking of Japan into 'firing the first shot,' in order to get the (stubbornly isolationist, from its roots) U.S. into the war.  Another story. 
     Echoed in our time by the provocateurs of PNAC - Project for a New American Century - who brought us Pearl Harbor II.  But that, too, is another story...   

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

On Practicing Discernment

from wnd: 'Despite Obama, I'm On A Spiritual High' - Joseph Farah - Nov. 25 
("I’ve just spent the last two weeks retracing the steps of the prophets and Jesus and breathing the majestic air of Jerusalem and Galilee and the Judean desert…")


(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.)

I have absolutely no doubts about your sincerity, Joseph. And you're obviously a good man, judging by your life's work, and your work in particular here on wnd. But according to many researchers on the subject (including Ralph Ellis and D.M. Murdock in particular, to my mind), the New Testament story is just that: a fabrication, handed down mostly through Roman hands, to make them look (relatively) good, and keep the populace pacified.
Discernment in all things. If that's not the first commandment for a discriminating mind, it should be. Practice unceasing discernment.

Life is full of snares. So much so, that even the [very] elect may be deceived.

Ancient History

The ancients knew more
                          than we
                       give them
                         credit for.
             What about,
                      that battery
                    I think it was
                         in Turkey
                          that was
So old?  Primitive
                  but still
                               Or so
They say.
           And what about
                the pyramids, 
The Nile
 And elsewhere?
                         And all
                  the myriad
                       of walls 
                all over
            the world
With a precision
Of construction
This day?
               Or a watch
               or its
There is a catch
To it all:
It is more likely
Than not
That we
Were they
     and thus building
Our civilization
On our own

                   It's like

             a song
     of sixpence,
   a pocket full

The Point

"Do you like them?"

" - uh - what? - uh - what??"

"My breasts. You were staring at them."

"What??  No I wasn't.  I was - just - uh - …ye-e-es.  I guess I was.  Sorry about that."

"Not to be.  It's okay.  It's a compliment.  I grew them myself."

'Uh - what??"

"My breasts.  I grew them myself.  They're really mine."

"Uh…I…don't…doubt that… bit."

"Thank you.  I''m enjoying having tits.  I'm not used to them.  In my last life, I was a man.  And I didn't -  "

" - uh - wait - uh - wait.  Hold on.  You what??"

"I said, in my last life, I was a male.  That one I know about.  I'm not sure of whatever I was before that.  And before - "

"Wait a minute.  Hold on.  You're talking about…"

"Reincarnation?  Oh yes.  And I'm really enjoying being a female this time.  And that little jiggly thing I can do with my butt when I walk. It's neat."

"It's… - so - you - really, believe, in, that sort of thing?"

"Oh yes.  Of course.  It's the way things are.  It makes all kind of sense.  You're a male one time, and say a female the next - like me - I mean, the way I did it.  Or I mean, the way it happened to me.  Whatever - and maybe something in-between the next time.  And then you're your own parent, and then - "

"Wait, wait, wait a minute.  Hold on.  What?"

"The different roles we play.  Now a child to somebody, next their parent, and so forth.  It's neat, I say."     
"It's neat."

"Sure.  Don't you enjoy it??"

"Enjoy - it.  Enjoy - what, exactly."

"Life.  The fun of it."

"The fun.  Of it."

"Sure.  All this role-playing we engage in.  As I say, It's neat, I say."

"But - if it were true -   "

"And it is.  Buh-lieve - me.  I can remember my last life so well.  I was - ."  

"Right.  So, as I say, if it were true…what's the point?"

"The point.  The point is to have fun.  What else." 

"Well - there has to be some point, to it.  If that's how things really are.  I mean, what's……"

"So you're having trouble just living."

"Hey - I'm not - knocking it.  I just…don't……get it.  The - point.  Of it.  Your way."

"It's not my way.  It's our way. It's the way.  It's just the way things are.  What's so difficult about that??  Geez Louise.  You're really an uptight kind of guy, aren't you."  

"Um…well…...yes.  I guess.  I am."    

"Well, this is my stop anyway.  Goodbye.  Nice talking with you.  Oh - my name is - "

"Uh - actually…I don't really…want, to know."

Because really, what's the point.



And maybe discuss it as well under the title:

On Enslavement.


P.S. On this closing note:  I have been reading recently the notion that the Matrix that we are embedded in - captured, as it were, like flies in a web - has been spun by a malevolent demiurge, and we need to escape from it.  Well, yes, and no.  I get that we need to escape from the Wheel of Rebirth; that it - 'desire', as the Buddha called it; or 'attachment' - is keeping us from the Real Thing.  And I certainly have had a hard time adjusting to life in 3D, and can hardly wait for Ascension.  (What i feel that I came here for, specifically.  To assist in the process of as many of us as possible 'making it,' on this particular Grand Wheel go-'round.  Another subject.)  But - as my response to the conversation on the 'point' (ahem) put it - without duality/polarity, even if it is only seeming duality and separation, there would be no growth, no space for consciousness raising.  And in any event, it has its purposes, in and for itself.  Without it, e.g., I would never have heard/experienced George Shearing, or the Dave Brubeck Quartet,* or the Glenn Miller 'Big Band' Orchestra; let alone Beethoven, Bach, Mozart.  Or have lived long enough on this level/plane of existence  to have had the exquisite pleasure of having heard, and seen in concert, Jackie Evancho; there alone, living proof that there is a God, and a loving God at that, beyond the confines of our present prison, which, nevertheless, births such beauty.  And the list goes on.

This 3D realm, to say, has had value.   And then, yes, indeed, the 'point' comes for you - you, soul; you, individuated spark of divinity - you 'piece of the Continent, part of the Main'  - to move on.

That's all.  That's all.

* the interplay between Dave on piano and Paul Desmond on alto sax alone is a thing of beauty.  They were aesthetically made for each other.  Probably a pre-incarnate contract at work.  Or to say, better perhaps: at play.

Monday, 24 November 2014

On Things Unfolding

I was recently
           to write
       I was one
Of the Founding
                  of this 
                 that be?
           was that
About??  I have

It was in
Philadelphia in
The sweltering summer
Of 1787, where
Our nation was forged
               In the fires 
                 of debate;
It was sold out
By the Fourth Estate
In our time
And place.
Which has been
                   not only          
                    a huge 
                   a huge 
            And yet, we
Are quite probably 
Who were there
At that time
             and place
Too, and, more-
             over, on
The other side
Of the equation
Such things
          and righting
Their way out
To a proper
Conclusion; not
      the temporal 
 the role-playing

    So, on that note:
I could have been
               but not of
                  the fray;
                   I could 
                  as well
           have been
        who smelled
                       a rat
                    in that 
                  and yet
              here I am, 
          defending it
               in this life
                        as if
           it had been
                the first
     this business,
                  isn't it
         of things

   as to that

                 Hell, I
        could even
      these things
         have been
            a simple
     for the office
the presidency
       more strict
        the genre
      the crucial
the occupant
  of that office
          as well
The Commander
            in Chief
Of the nation's
 and therefore
      should not
         have any
   allegiances -
               like a
    citizen; or a
               hint) -
         a notion
              that I
  and against
 the proposal
         put forth
  by Hamilton
That, for what
It's worth,  I
              a hoot

       …but what
      a revolting
 this is

Sunday, 23 November 2014

On Conciliation, And Reconciliation

Further on the note that I ended my blog on last night, in the copy of my posting to the Tea Party Command Center on the subject of 'Progressives Outraged Over Bill To Force Students To Watch "Patriotic" Film':

The Left dreams of a cooperative society rather than a competitive society, the latter of which is one - and is perceived as one - fundamentally pitting us against each other.  To them I say:

You have a worthy end in mind.  It's just that your means to accomplish your end is based on a faulty mindset, since you believe in, and act on, the principle that the end justifies the means.  The end does not justify the means.  The means deployed to achieve your ends determine - even create - other outcomes from those you may have considered, if your means are faulty, and immoral, and abusive in questions of fairness to others.  For, your premise fails to take into consideration a fundamental fact of life.

Which is that each soul is another aspect of 'you'; for, through the 'mechanism' of reincarnation, We Are One Another, and further, then, logically speaking, and in 'reality', We Are All One.  And thus, As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  

We have chosen to create our reality together, for a particular purpose: in order to learn from each other. as different facets, aspects of The One - to learn, grow, evolve spiritually, experience more of the potential of the All That Is (even the Dark side, seemingly separated from the Light; seemingly, because it is an illusory state of being, since we are beings of Light in our essence) - and thus, ultimately, gain in the divine qualities of love, wisdom, synthesis, and divine Will.    

And so, with loving intent, honesty, and integrity, we shall overcome.  And by no other means.

The bottom line:

We Are All One.  And All IS One.

And thus endeth the lesson for today.


..and giving the last word today to some fine lady:

from Tea Party C.C. 'Judge Jeanine - Obama Deliberately Violating Constitution in Mafia-Style, Thuggish Amnesty' (video) - posted by Natl Dir. Dee  - Nov. 23 (orig. posted at - Rick Wells - Nov. 22)

Permalink Reply by Katherine Hovey 1 hour ago

she'd make a wonderful attorney general!  fearless.
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Nov. 23)

What an excellent idea.  There would be some hope for the American Republic, then.  She is some top-notch citizen; knows precisely what this country is all about.
Was, all about.  

Saturday, 22 November 2014

On The Changeover

When I take over, from this Crisis = Opportunity major point in our nation's, and human, history, one of the first things that I will do - after sending all federal employees a resignation letter to sign, and hiring back only those who can pass a 'smell' test (i.e., neither of the far Left or the far Right; but Just Right) - will be to appoint someone of the calibre of Dr. Russell L. Blaylock as my Surgeon General, and call him in for a conversation, that will go something like this: 

"I want you to initiate proceedings immediately for the nation to move away from an emphasis on allopathic medicine - the former medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - and move to an emphasis on prevention, and natural treatments for illness conditions.  

"For example.  I don't know how much you know about multiple sclerosis - I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with your excellent newsletter, or know of your full background - but for the sake of this discussion, let's say that you are just slightly aware of the role of vitamin D in treating that condition.  For example, that 'they' know that it is more frequent in colder climes.  Hence, the association with lower vitamin D levels.  But there is also the factor of more mold in the colder climes - on apples and in apple juice, on smoked fish, etcetera - and vitamin D is also an anti-fungal; as you would know.  So we're talking about the presence of mycotoxins, and mycotoxicity as a potential major culprit in this terrible condition.  So let's a) confirm that link, and b) get that information out both to the public at large and to the healthcare professionals; and let's start beating that condition, and not let it continue to run on and on, for years and years, for the drug industry, and their front people in the allopathic medical profession, to do their pecuniary thing.   

"And the same goes for other conditions.  Including, in a major way: cancer; educating both the public and the healthcare profession to the various proven remedies for, and prevention of, this damnable affliction, which has been there for us to learn lessons from, for a damnably long time.  We should have learned those lessons by now; but that's another story.  And which treatment includes, and in a major way, vitamin C therapy.  Which you may well know of.  As I say, I haven't kept up with all the learning that has been going on in the 'alternative' health field. 

"Anyway, you get the idea.  I want you to hit the ground running on this subject area.  We've got better things to do than stay stuck in the Middle Ages on this sort of thing.  The 'status quo' has been in power long enough.  It's time for a drastic change in operations on issues of health and wellbeing.

"And you will be helped in changing the zeitgeist in this area, by the change in monetary system that we are introducing; from the profit motive, and interest-bearing money, to a purely exchange system, based on Love.

"But more on that as it unfolds.  For now: Good luck, with your marching orders. 

"And I want you to know that I will be keeping a close eye on your progress.  This subject area is particularly dear to my heart.  I almost went into medicine myself…well; that's another story.  Just know, that if anybody gives you any sort of hard time in the changeover of systems in this area, that you come straight to me.  Don't bother going through the chain of command.  That's an order.  Joke.

"Oh - and one more thing, for now: Get the fluoride and aspartame out of our environment.  Stat. 

"That will be all.  That will be enough, for a start."                       


P.S. And while on the subject of The Changeover: My message back to Jenny Beth Martin/the Tea Party Patriots organization, on their email to me on Nov. 21 announcing: 

"Rally in DC on 12/3 at Noon
"Thursday night on the Hannity show on Fox News, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made the call for people to come to DC to pressure Congress to stop the President's executive amnesty. With the holidays coming up, we're trying to gauge how many people might show up and whether or not this is the best use of our resources.
  • If we participate in a rally in Washington, DC on 12/3/14 at noon, will you come? 
    • Yes
    • No

  • Do you think having a rally in Washington, DC, is a good use of our resources?
    • Yes
    • No

  • If you can't or won't make it to DC, what reason best describes why?
    • Financial Constraints
    • Timing is tough with holidays
    • Lead time is too short
    • It's not worth doing a rally in DC
    • I'll be there
    • Other: Distance & Financial

  • Any other feedback you want to leave?
I hope you folks will allow some speaker to address the crucial issue of Obama not being eligible for the office in the FIRST place, for not being a bona fide "natural born" citizen - i.e., one born on the soil of two U.S.citizen parents.  (This requirement for that federal office - and that office ONLY - being so that the potential Commander-in-Chief of the nation's military forces wouldn't have any DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  The constitutional Framers not being dummies.)  

We really need to face this issue, in order to get back to the rule of law in this country.  And if not a group of Patriots - who will, or could be expected to???  Certainly not the politicians or political parties that got us into this mess in the first place.

Come on, Tea Partiers.  It's time to fish or cut bait on this matter, of not just the rogue, but the outright illegal, presidency of BHO; aka Barry Soetoro, aka…and on the obfuscation goes.


late addition:

from Tea Party C.C.: 'DOJ Finds President Lacks Authority to Take Action He Took Next Day' - posted by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord - Nov. 22; orig. posted at - James Joyner - Nov.21 

Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 40 seconds ago (Nov. 22)

So due to the fact that BHO went against the advice of his own DOJ, one can only conclude that the man is (a) demented, and/or (b) a tyrant?  No to point (a).  For, one can also conclude that the man is operating to a clear and precise purpose.  That being: to attempt to 'push the envelope' into such a reaction to his highhandedness that his enemies will hand him the wherewithal to declare a 'national emergency' and its attendant Martial Law; which would, then, be his desired outcome,  
Neither he nor his Marxist comrades are dummies.  They saw the results of the 2014 elections.  They don't want to lose the fish that they have pretty much - slowly slowly - reeled in.  So the agenda would be to speed up the process, and get the Right in this country so riled up that they make a strategic mistake, and give Bre'r Rabbit precisely what he wants: to be thrown into the briar patch.  To say: for the socialist revolutionaries to be given the excuse to destroy the Constitution in one fell swoop.  Which is all that is standing in the way, not of just the far Left, but of TPTB behind even them - aka the Cabal - between them and victory: which to them is total subjugation of humanity, in their totalitarian, uber-surveillance-state New World Order.
So: what to do.  I would recommend a lightning strike, to avoid a piecemeal, word- and fist-slinging opposition approach, which would give the revolutionaries their 'briar patch'.  What would the former response look like?  To my mind, that would look like the Oathkeepers - current and retired, and including the Constitutional Sheriffs & Police Officers Assn. - doing a deal with the Secret Service to avoid bloodshed, and going in to the People's House and arresting the Usurper (anyway; another, though related, issue), and holding him for trial under a number of charges.  (Among them: authorizing a document to be posted on the official White House website that has proven, upon considerable investigation by experts in the field, to be a forgery.)  With a horde of Patriots having their backs in the operation, in (peacefully) surrounding the White House, until The Tyrant comes out in surrender.  And the officials of both major political parties being likewise arrested and held for trial, on RICO Statute charges, for [obviously] colluding in the sitting of an ineligible president.  (For not being a bona fide "natural born" citizen.  As I say: another, albeit related, issue to that of this post.)  Which would include both Pelosi and Biden, for their [demonstrated] roles in the fraud.  And since that conspiring questions the legality of both political parties, that questions the legality of the recent elections.  So we have, then, a constitutional crisis, above and beyond the one that the Usurper has triggered by his most recent tyrannical moves.  So we have cause to move to a next stage of the constitutional prerogatives in such circumstances; which is for The People to appoint an Officer OF The People to clean up the whole stinking Augean-stables mess, and start fresh and new.             
But then, that's just me.        


P.S. I see that the Constitutional Sheriffs plan to rally in Washington D.C. on Dec. 10th…

     Just sayin'……


…and another late addition:

from Tea Party C.C.: 'Progressives Outraged Over Bill To Force Students To Watch "Patriotic" Film' - posted by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord - Nov. 22 (orig. posted at - posted there by P.W. Adams - Nov. 22)

Reply by Carolan La Vallee-Rahman Mod 11 1 hour ago

I think it would be even better for the parents to watch it as well as people seem to have lost sight of what a great nation we are blessed to call our own.
God bless America!
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Permalink Reply by June Gagnon 1 hour ago

Progressives be damned; make the students watch it anyway and if any of them call in "sick" for the day, have a "special showing", just for them, on their first day back.  This should be required in ALL fifty states.
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Permalink Reply by DAVID SWANSON 2 minutes ago

Will someone please tell Progressives to sit-down and shut-up! 
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Nov. 22)

Conservatives really need to recognize fully that the Left has just been poised and waiting for the classic (Marxist ideology) 'reaction' to the revolutionary takeover moves that they have employed in this country for some time now.  More and more conservatives are coming 'online' as to what has been going on, and the ideological Left are ready to shell the daylights out of them.  So - don't flinch at their responses to your attempts to 'rebalance the books,' Conservatives; and be fully aware of the matter.  It is all part of their game plan.  They are ideologues.  This is no longer a 'normal' battle between the Democrats and the Republicans in a two-party system.  The Democrat Party has shifted to the far Left; and those ideologues have no intention of giving up their current command of the high ground, be it political or religious or whatever.  They are in it to the death of free institutions - individual liberty, private property, free enterprise; the works.  They want to control the populace to within an inch of their lives, in a massively surveillance-state-constructed New World Order.  They mean well.  They have just been brainwashed.  The same way that they want the newer generations to be brainwashed.
Love them. (They are still 'spiritual beings having a human experience', along with the rest of us.) Engage with them in debate.  Just don't let them control the terms of the debate, or get away with trying lo demolish your point of view by attacking YOU/calling you smear or ridicule words.  (That's part of their agenda; straight out of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' instruction book.)  And above all, don't give them the excuse they want, to have their Dear Leader declare Martial Law, and 'deconstruct' the Constitution in one fell swoop.  
We will all come out of this confrontation better than when we went into it.  Trust the process.  And play your part convincingly.  The lukewarm need not apply.  This is about true patriots, willing to stand up for their beliefs.  Out of which, will come the larger Truth of the entire matter.  

What it has been all about, in the first place.