Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Far Shore, Beckoning

The Far Shore, Beckoning

      It's time to
Turn the corner
Of this sacred
Geometrical figure
On which this reality
Is all based
And then make haste
To the Far Shore

          before entropy
              sets in
Yet once again.

To take things at
Their high tide
In our best stride:
That's the ticket
     to success.

     Let's do it,


And celebrate
Bands, high fives,
         confetti -
   the works.
 For no man
 Or woman
To shirk
Their duty
At this propitious


With the far shore
  so profusely

 in our mind's


That gland


To our next stage



    done it! -

  they said

  and over

But meaning it
    this time

And perhaps


 will tell.

As it always

So, put the bunting
For now.
          And get on
With the job
          at hand:
          To say:

Chopping wood.
     And carrying


 The water
 on which
  we ride


A paradox?
To those who
  don't have

    to see.




 Of course
    you do.
You're up to

    the job



I can see it
  in your




In alignment with
   the Will
   of your




and opportunity.

7th Inning Stretch

With all that's going on in our world, I enjoyed taking a breather this evening (yesterday, now) by reading a story about a memorable moment in modern-day baseball.  It was a good one, among a number of such moments over the years.

The story:

from ‘Wow! The most moving baseball moment ever’ - September 28
(A young speedster, leading off for the Miami Marlins after they tragically lost their ’superstar’ pitcher in a boating accident over the weekend, hit an uncharacteristic-for-him home run after taking two pitches.  “I ain’t never hit a ball that far, even in [batting practice],” said Gordon.  “I told the boys, ‘If you all don’t believe in God, you better start.’  For that to happen today, we had some help.”) 

Stan says
September 29, 2016 at 2:56 am (still September 28 PDT)
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I stopped following major league baseball many years ago, when other things took over in my life. But baseball is in our blood as a nation. I want to thank the AP and the Horn News for this story. It made my day.

And Dee Gordon: Well done, fella. What a tribute you played. A memorable moment in a sport that has had a number of them, over the years. This will go down with the best of them.

Now excuse me. I have to blow my nose.


Stan says
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

P.S. I meant to say: “What a tribute you paid.”

A little overcome, there.

Also, because it brought back to my mind so many great memories of baseball. Ted Williams. Mickey Mantle. Stan ‘The Man’ Musial. ‘Bullet Bob’ Feller. Sandy Koufax and Juan Marichal in a tight, legendary duel…

Good moments, all. And now, this one, to add to them.

But excuse me. I seem to have something in my eye…


Ah, baseball.  Excuse me while I reminisce for a moment.  It helps...

I think my mother knew she wasn't going to have to worry about me getting into any trouble in my younger years (as opposed to my brother; another story) - if the thought ever crossed her mind - when she came into my room one day and noticed that what I had on my walls, over my desk, was the weekly posting of the batting averages of the players of both major leagues.  From which I would keep close tabs on my favorites, and monitor their progress; cheering them on silently from my home in Southern California.  (This was before the Dodgers and the Giants moved out to my state.)*   

Did you know that Ted Williams was the only player ever to hit more than .400 in a season?  Granted, he was out with some injury or other some of that year; but he was still at-bat enough times to qualify for the honor.  And as for 'the honor': I had that one time when I was in a large park in our city one fall season for something-or-other, and happened to walk by an area where there was a fly-casting competition going on, and someone pointed out to me: "Hey - do you realize?  That's Ted Williams over there."  

Whoahhh.  And it was.  The legendary Ted Williams.  The Splendid Splinter.  Who was also a fly-casting champion.  And who had also been a Marine fighter pilot in the Korean War.  

That's the kind of man he was.  And to us impressionable kids.  And for years.  A real man's man.

I had the inestimable pleasure in my life to have seen the great Ted Williams in live action one day, whilst living in New York City for a year after dropping out of university and going out on what has turned out to be a lifelong search for answers to life.  I traveled up to Yankee Stadium on the subway one day and took in the game between that illustrious team and the Boston Red Sox, and thus had the pleasure of seeing both Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle in action.  I think Ted got 1 for 4 that day.  No matter.  It was a treat.  And to see even the Yankees have to resort to 'the Ted Williams shift' against the legendary lefty, putting their shortstop between first and second base whenever he came up to bat. 

That's the kind of ballplayer he was.  

That's the kind of world that we kids grew up in.  

Clean.  Exciting.  Inspiring.

Now where was I..................

...oh yes.  The feds are getting involved in local police departments...

...the feds are getting involved in local gun control measures......

...the feds are getting involved in the voting systems of the states..........

...the feds have stored up a huge amount of ammo.  And have nearly 3,000 MRAPs.........

...And the banking system is about to collapse; seemingly putting us at the mercy of the money people, to help us get out of the hole that they dug in the first place...

...well.  As the kid cried happily, when opening the door to a room that was full of a huge pile of horse manure:

'Hallelujah!  With all this shit -

there must be a pony!'


* Which spelled the end of the Pacific Coast League; and my following of the L.A. Angels and the Hollywood Stars.
   Johnny Ostrowski.  Billy Schuster...
   Those were the days, my friend...

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

An Open Letter To Hillary

Subtitled: O Cursed Spite

Dear Hillary,

I didn't see the debate on Monday night (not out of indifference; but for not having a TV).  But I have subsequently found out, via the Internet, that the so-called 'birther' issue came up, whereby Trump took some time explaining why he had gotten involved in calling for Obama to produce his birth certificate, and for which you, Hillary, labeled him a 'racist'.

What a load of flim-flam crap.

As you effing well know, Hillary, this is not about race.  It is about nationality, and a particular category thereof.  And about the constitutional Framers having done their best to make sure that that (particular) office was occupied ONLY by someone with NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Who had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.  By requiring said person to have been born in the country, to parents who were citizens thereof - the basic understanding of the definition of a 'natural born citizen' at the time, among those knowledgeable statesmen, busy constructing a new nation.  And that eligibility requirement for that office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.*  And so that makes such other candidates for the office as Cruz, and Rubio, and Jindal - and ANY non-natural born citizen - ineligible for the office AS WELL.

But let me get to the real point of this Open Letter to you, Hillary.

For. by calling Trump a 'racist' in this matter, you give yourself away.  You are not just a venal old hag, lusting after a major leverage point from which you can play your Pay for Play game, and exercise Power Over Others, to your heart's content.  By it, you have given yourself away as a part - and a vital part - of the attempted hijack of the nation, as part of its attempted takeover by the New World Order crowd, to make of it just another part of a region of their long-desired feudal kingdom for the planet.  How so?  Because that is part of their plan: To label anybody who is opposed to the Usurper-in-chief as a 'racist'.  And thereby hopefully to silence them.

Ain't going to happen, gang.  But I will keep this Open Letter on its subject.

And say to you, Hillary, that I would very much like to love you.  Not just to be able to love you.  I already have that ability.  For your being a fellow Pilgrim on the Path; in your essence a Being of Light; in and by your true nature a Divine Spark of the Creator.  A spiritual being having a human experience.

And, unfortunately, getting stuck in it.

And so I have to hang around, on this level, of duality, and (seeming) separation, until the likes of you come to your better senses.  And make it possible for you to pass yourself through the Ring Pass Not.  And get to the other side.  Where all the real goodies are.  Not all this stuff of which dreams are made on,  This illusory field of play.  Until we learn our lessons in, and by, it.  And then move on.

From where some of us have returned, to do our job.  To do all we can to help as many lost souls as we can, make it through that Gate.  And so, I am stuck here as well.  Not just because it is my job, to try to help as many such souls as possible make it through to The Other Side.  But because I, too, am stuck here, until I can love even the miserable, execrable likes of you.

Help me in this dilemma, Hillary  Make yourself lovable.   I am so tired of being stuck in this space, where The Games That People Play keep them from seeing

the Truth.

I'm ready to love you, Hillary.

Make it happen.


With as much love as I can muster at this time - but only because of your essential nature, beneath the ugly facade that you have created for yourself,

Duane 'Stan' Stanfield
Fellow Pilgrim on The Path

P.S. And regardless: I hope for you to get better treatment for your various health issues than you are obviously receiving now.
   Forget your attachment to the pharmaceutical industry.  Try a holistic practitioner.
   Best wishes.
   On all levels.
   Because, although you are venal, Hillary. You are also venial.

* And now, via the 12th Amendment - under this nation's rule of law; to say, its Constitution - the office of the Vice President as well.  Logically enough, since that person may succeed to the higher office.

Read Any Good Books Lately?

From reading about an EMP attack that will take out the entire U.S. of A. and, over time, billions of its citizens in hunger, rioting and radioactivity, to a new Golden Age in a new Golden Galaxy, that includes a simple natural cure for cancer, and a new Divine Plan from the Heart/Mind of the Supreme Creator to our Father/Mother God of this Universe, I am left wondering:

And how has your reading day been???

Me, I'm going to go to the storehouse of unmanifested potential and ask for some Love and Light for as many people as possible.


And I'll wait.

Got any good reading material while I'm -

No.  Cancel that.

I think I will just wait for my order to be filled.

I've had quite enough reading for awhile, thank you anyway.

Time to just


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

On Character

On Character

A serial criminal
And inveterate liar,
               no matter
              how artful
         her demeanor,
         is still
A serial criminal
And inveterate liar.

It would take more
Than public appearances
To change the basic
              of character.
In fact, that
          just enhances
          those qualities.


Let's DO "Start The Clock Again"

It's time to get serious, folks.  The world is in trouble.  Big trouble.  And it stems from the head.  The poor leadership that we have had, for a long time now.  And in many areas.  Take Education.

What does it take to understand plain English with even a modicum of comprehension?1

If Emer de Vattel's definitive tome of the day on matters of state, 'The Law of Nations,' which defined a 'natural born citizen' as a person born in the country of parents who were citizens thereof (and thus what makes it 'natural'), was good enough for Benjamin Franklin, it surely should be good enough for us; absent any constitutional amendment to the contrary.2

Who was Benjamin Franklin?  I understand that the answer to that question could be some problem for many of today's American adults, let alone for their children, given the breakdown in education that has been going on in this country for some time - as a part, and a vital part, of the general breakdown in culture and civility that has been going on.  Let us just say that he was a leading figure in the founding of this nation; one of the main Founding Fathers that are spoken of.  With respect by some, and ridicule by others, who are bent on breaking down this nation and its prevailing culture.  But to proceed: The main point here is that he was also a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, in that memorable summer of 1787 in Philadelphia, and a respected elder mentor to those statesmen; who, if they were not fully conversant with the meaning of that term (even though the de Vattel treatise on matters of state was taught in the universities of the day, and was the basis for American Common Law, or Natural Law), could have simply asked the learned Franklin.  And about whom it is known, not so incidentally, that he had three copies of said treatise in his possession, such was his admiration for that work.3

What am I getting to here.  I am getting to the point that we almost - almost - don't deserve to have our nation saved, from the New World Order gang, if we can't even stay awake long enough - and as a self-governing people to boot; and thus with that added responsibility of good citizenry - to know what the eligibility requirements are for our own presidency, for heaven's sake.

And don't give me the argument that you are too busy in your lives to know about such things, have every right to have trusted the opposition party to say something if there were something amiss in the the Democrat Party's nomination of Barack Hussein Obama for that office in 2008.  With the degree of corruption that has been going on for that "some time" that I mentioned, you had every right to be suspicious - and especially after the subject had even been raised, in regards to Sen. McCain's eligibility under that requirement.  Why didn't you look up, at that point, what it was they were talking about?  You would have found, easily enough, that the matter was NOT about just where someone is born - the 'birther' red herring. 4 The matter is also about who his or her parents were.  About their citizenship.

And just a little more looking into the matter would have led you to understanding just why it was such a matter of importance to those men, the constitutional Framers, that they incorporated that particular eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office, and that particular federal office alone: Because the occupant of that office is as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces; who they didn't want having any DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Needing to have SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.

Dual citizens and naturalized citizens not needing to apply.

Like Obama.

And like Cruz, and Rubio, and Jindal; all of whom the Republican Party authorities (for demographic purposes; another story) tried to cram through the hole blown in the wall of the Constitution by the uncontested nomination and election of BHO.

So.  Many of the American citizenry -  these self-governing sovereigns in their own right, in this Grand Experiment in self-governmce - have fallen asleep at the switch, of their federal constitutional republic into a nascent - very nascent - dictatorship.

But that doesn't make it right.

And 'the way things are' doesn't mean that that is how things will continue.

I am here - and I am not alone in this declaration - to tell you that 'the way things are' is going to come to a screeching halt.  Now.

To live in corruption is to live in repudiation of your Creator.

And that state of affairs will.  Not.  Stand.

We are going under New Management.

Because it is time to.  And Time to.

What does that mean?

That means, first of all, that all corruption will be wrung out of 'the system'.

And that means that you are going to wake up to the reality of sin.

It is a sin to vote yourself money out of other people's pockets.

It is a sin to engage in looting - whatever the presenting rationale.5  And that includes banks looting customers of their savings or property, in shady deals.  

No.  More.  Shady.  Deals.

The New Order of Things is to exist fully in The Light.

Everything of the Dark side goes.  That is

The Law.

Get used to it.

It's going to BE The Law for a good long while.

And you can take that to the bank.

He said, trying to control - balance out - his anger at

The Games That People Play.

Having lost sight of their roots in the higher realms; and deciding to play with fire.

And getting their fingers burnt - terribly - in the process.

The process, of

waking up.  To their true identity.



1 Now, I grant you that there is also the matter of exposure.  If, as one poll demonstrated, almost two-thirds of Americans cannot name the three branches of the federal government, I may be asking too much of the American electorate regarding the matters herein.  Still, one can try.

2 Which both major political parties in our day have signaled was their understanding of the matter by trying a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08 alone, to get just such an amendment starting through Congress - proposals with this 'nbc' eligibility requirement for the office of the president as their common denominator, in trying to water it down, to allow other types of citizens to fill the office legally - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue.  So, what did they do?
     They colluded.  In their joint attempt to do an end-around on the Constitution - the law of the land - on the matter.  And obviously figured that between them, with their control of both the judiciary and the MSM, they could get away with their heist job.
     Big mistake.
     And one they will have to pay for.
     With their lives.  As political bodies.
     But to continue.

3 One copy of which he gave to the first Continental Congress, for their edification on such nation-building subjects.
     These were men set on a major mission.  This was no amateur endeavor.  This was the creation of something wholly new on the human scene: a government of self-governance: of,  by, and for The People.  Not for some royal, or pontiff, or oligarchy, or dictator.  They studied all of the learned tomes of the day on such subjects.
     And especially including de Vattel's treatise.  Where, in Book One, Ch XIX, Sect. 212, he gives the game away, on the Usurper in the Oval Office.

4 Although there is valid reason to question the authenticity of the copy of BHO's birth certificate that he posted on the official White House web site, the whole business of focusing attention on where he was born has been manipulated by the Dark side's minions to keep attention drawn away from the real smoking gun: the nationality of his (purported) birth father.
   And if it turns out that his real birth father was not BO Sr., was in fact an American citizen (Frank Marshall Davis is a hot contender for that dubious honor; another one, a longer shot, but with some evidence going for it, is Malcolm X), he can't plead the 'chutzpah' defense (defined as a young man who killed his parents and then pled for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan).  He is in the tangled web of his deceit too far; is triable, then, at the least, on the counts of fraud and perjury.  And treason in either case.

5 For individuals to 'make it' into The New Order of Things - the real New Order of Things; not the Dark side's reverse image of the real thing that they call their New World Order - they will need to give back all the things that they have ever 'looted' (in any way of the term) from stores or individuals; and if they no longer can, for whatever reason, they will have to make up for it in some form of recompense, monetary or labor or other.
   The slate is to be wiped clean.  Or you DO NOT PASS GO.
   Make no mistake.  The New Order of Things means just that.  You need to go to the person you stole from, or the manager of the store, and return the merchandise or the money - or whatever you did that was wrong to another child of God - and ask for them to forgive you, and await their forgiveness.
   That's how you PASS GO, in the New Order of Things.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Hillary, Appearing Alive

The word is that Hillary - who has been called the Wicked Witch of the Left; but whom I call Her Royal Highness.  She must be of royal blood; she appears to be above the law.  And therefore must think of herself AS the law.  Much the same as the Usurper in the Royal - I mean, the Oval Office now - is appearing live tonight somewhere.  Presumably.

Catch her.  Before she falls over.

P.S. Thank you, ICE.  You may have just iced it for The Donald.

P.P.S. The woman is a serial criminal and inveterate, appearing even compulsive, liar.  (Speaking of appearances.)
     I wouldn't have anything to do with her, if I were you.
     And I AM you.  As the YOU of you are me.
     But that's another subject.  But
     Coming up.
     Hold your horses.
     But don't hold your breath.  There's a little housecleaning to be engaged in first.  Of all the corruption in America.  For America to lead the world into
     The New.
     And thus, fulfilling its potential.
     But certainly not with the likes of
     Her Royal Highness.
     the Usurper.
     Who needs to have a great fall.
     And I don't mean in terms of season.
     It's a different kind of season, now.
     But all in due course.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Let History Speak

Let History Speak

The historical record
                      is clear:
              is a
             And as such
             needs to be
          and simple.

So, all those who
Have been trying to get
             the people
To live in sin -
          and to say
The biggest sin:
Of living in a lie -
Can just pack it in.
              Your day
           is done.

    And that
        is all

    for them.


On Kabuki Theatre Acts

from ‘From the Theatre of the Absurd: Hillary Clinton Body Doubles AND Voice Doubles—-Rense & Fetzer [video]’ - BP - September 25

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Fetzer is a good man, has done a lot of good on a lot of subjects. But he leaves himself open to being laughed out of the scene and rubbished (a la Saul Alinsky ‘ridicule’ tactics, in his ‘Rules For Radicals’ workbook) when he doesn’t check out ALL of his charges, and one misstep can do him in. In this case, it is the ‘fact’ that the cell-phone camera shots from the audience in NC at Hillary’s rally there did not show her in them. But a poster on the Internet has pointed out that the Clinton camp apparently asks people not to have their phones set ‘forward’ (they show what is behind them, not in front of them) so as not to have flashes possibly ‘distract’ Hillary, also to say, so as not to have them possibly set off a seizure. Which of course exposes the fact that she is subject to seizures; but at least, let’s get all of the facts right, so as not to let the opposition scoff the WHOLE case out of the picture. (I don’t know if this ‘answer’ is a valid one or not, but it needs to be checked out.)

Also the claim (by both Fetzer and Rense) that the S.S. weren’t present when the double came out of Chelsea’s flat: that was obviously a photo op, to show ‘Hillary’ being strong and independent and unsupported for the cameras; the S.S. in fact being there just off of the original camera shot, as shown from another angle when she moved towards the van. So that’s not a big deal, to be made of. Stick to the obvious weaknesses, guys. Stay out of trouble with giving the MSM the opportunity to tear you apart on secondary issues. We need all the help we can get, to show this Kabuki-theatre absurd act for what it is, and scoff IT out of the picture. Not us truth seekers.

Why Bother

Why Bother

Why even have
Courts of law
If you are not going to have
The rule of law?
Why not just let Barry
And his regulatory
Agencies decree
Whatever they want
                  to decree
And be done with it?

And own your word:
             Piece of shit.

Hasn't it occurred
To you yet??:
      the judiciary
And the legislature
          and save
All that money???

And as for Hillary...

          Don't even
Get me started......

On Paying The Price - 2

further from ’Sheriff on Obama: “I Don’t Care Where He’s From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period!” - Tim Brown - September 24

Which is why we need to amend the Constitution. NOBODY running for an elected office should be able to seal their records. They should have to provide IRREFUTABLE, HARD COPY proof of eligibility, no scanned virtual documents. They need to provide prints that match their birth certificate, DNA, and if they don't adhere to these rules, their name doesn't go on the ballot. And we need to determine once and for all what constitutes a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

         kibitzer3 Patricia Beeftink 3 hours ago (September 24)
  • "And we need to determine once and for all what constitutes a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN." We already know the answer to that, Patricia. See my comment above, in response to FreedomFray.

  • You are right, of course. We need to acknowledge the truth of the matter, that we don't ever make this mistake again.

  • 1
  • Reply
                      usmadgirl kibitzer3 an hour ago (September 25)
    • kibitzer,
    • I agree with all your comment to FreedomFray except for the part about knowing what the framers meant by Natural Born Citizen. We do not know absolutely because it is not defined in the Constitution & since the Constitution is the law, we can't just "assume" what they meant because "The Law of Nations" (written by a Frenchman of all things - joking) recites the definition of Natural Born Citizen that was used at that time. Maybe they didn't deem it necessary or maybe they left it undefined intentionally.

    • I wish they HAD specifically defined it in the Constitution because I think the president should be the child of two natural born citizen parents (even if the child happens to be born on foreign soil for some reason), but they didn't & if it isn't IN the Constitution, it doesn't mean squat! BUT, as Patricia suggested to "amend the Constitution" to clarify all the issues, in this day & age, that could be opening a big hairy can of poison worms!
    • Reply

  •               kibitzer3 usmadgirl a few seconds ago (September 25)

      • With all due respect, usmadgirl: They didn't have to define the term in the Constitution because a) the Constitution is not a dictionary, and b) they all KNEW what the term meant. And if any of them didn't know what the term meant - after all, it was taught in the universities of the day - Benjamin Franklin, sitting right there amongst them as a delegate to those self-same proceedings himself, who was known to have had 3 copies of the de Vattel tome, which he prized (and having donated one of them to the first Continental Congress, such was his admiration of the work for these nation-creators), and was their respected elder mentor, COULD HAVE TOLD THEM.

      • The issue is beyond clear: John Jay, another respected statesman of the day - and who, not so incidentally, became the first Chief Justice of the new U.S. Supreme Court, such was his opinions on such matters prized - wrote a letter (July 25, 1787) to G. Washington in his role as Chair of the Constitutional Convention proceedings in which he urged those men to require the occupant of the office of the president to be a "natural born citizen" ON THE VERY ISSUE of making sure that he did not have ANY DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.

      • And to drive the point home, this little bit of historical fact: Alexander Hamilton, in his role as a delegate to those self-same proceedings, made a proposal there that the president need only be, quote, "born a Citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent nbc requirement, i.e., that the person needed to be born in the country of parents who were citizens thereof.

      • A case can be made that the citizen can be born in the country OR ITS EQUIVALENT - like an overseas military base or diplomatic mission. But the essentials of the term are clear, clear, CLEAR. And anybody who tries to tell you differently is a sophist - with ulterior motives.

      • As we have seen, and in spades, in our day.

    • P.S. E. de Vattel - philosopher, diplomat, and legal expert - was not a Frenchman. He was a Swiss, who spoke and wrote in French.
      Swiss. Clockmakers. Detail artists, extraordinaire. Can be counted on - pun intended - to get things right and precise. :-)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

On Paying The Price

from ‘Sheriff on Obama: “I Don’T Care Where He’s From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period!”’ - Tim Brown - September 24

FreedomFray 15 hours ago (September 24)

Smarten Up, Conservatives, Smarten Up...

I too, am a believer in the 'Birther Movement". However, in the words of the Hildabeast; "At this point, what difference does it make?" This issue should be dropped until after the presidential election. Afterwards, fine, - let's get to the bottom of it. But, for now, this issue will promise to do nothing but hamper the success of a Trump run. Come on, Conservatives, smarten up.


         kibitzer3 FreedomFray a few seconds ago (September 24)
  • "Smarten up"?? Here is "smarten up" for you, FreedomFray, and others: As long as the Usurper is in that office, and having gotten away with his usurpation, he can get away with a declaration of martial law, after an orchestrated 'state of national emergency,' and eliminate a) the elections, and b) the Constitution in that one fell swoop. And check to the American people.

  • We need to apply the checkmate to that check, and soon: The truth. And the truth is, that a 'natural born citizen' is a person born in the country, of parents who are citizens thereof. (That's what makes it 'natural,' for heaven's sake.) There is all manner of historical evidence that that was the definition of that term when the constitutional Framers codified it in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY. Their concern was to make sure that the occupant of that office had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.. Which we, in hindsight, can certainly see the wisdom of their attempt to head off the very thing that has happened to this country ON OUR WATCH.

  • The definition comes from the definitive tome of the day on such matters of state, E. de Vattel's 'The Law Of Nations'. (Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up. It's readily available on the Internet, for he who has eyes to see.) And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

  • Why hasn't it been acted on, then, by the opposition party?? That answer has been present for all to see in the Republican Party's allowance of their own ineligible candidates, in the forms of Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal. I am saying that the two major political parties in this nation colluded, in a conspiracy to defraud the American people, and our rule of law - the Constitution. And need to be hauled before a - legitimate - court of law, on RICO-statute charges, and tried for that collusion. But, first things first:

  • No, FreedomFray: We cannot afford to let this matter slip by our awareness. Too much is at stake, on the need for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. Or there may well BE no country. And if we do, then, take the proper course of action - led by Oath Keepers - then all of the legislation that the Usurper has signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all of the appointments that he has made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin. Where he, and they, belong.

  • Or we have failed in our duty. To God and our country.

  • As for me: I know not what course others may take......

Yep.  If I have to give up my life for this country, then I have to.  That’s the deal.

 I just wish it felt like a better sacrifice then it does now…

…$19 trillion in debt and counting…

…$242 trillion in unfunded liabilities…

…$ 1.5 quadrillion in derivates debt.  Which each American taxpayer has a piece of, because their banks are covered by the F.D.I.C….…as if we hadn’t learned our lesson from the S&L debacle in the ‘80s…

...FEMA camps going up all over the country... 'shopping malls' being built complete with guard towers...

...reports of foreign, to say UN, troops training - themselves and our own troops -  for 'crowd control'/dissident extraction/information soliciting purposes...

...and crickets everywhere.  As America slumbers on...

One must be an idiot to care for this country.

He said.  Reluctantly……..

Country, yes.

People?  Not so sure about that, right about now.........


...but speaking about people paying the price - 

and speaking of patriots of the first order:

from ‘Dave Hodges’ Message To Glenn Beck’ - Dave Hodges - September 23/24 
(Dave laments the ‘downfall’ of Beck from his early days on first, CNN and then especially on FOX News.  After that, it all started to go south…)

Stan September 24, 2016 at 11:41 pm
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I have thought that perhaps Glenn was given an offer that he couldn’t refuse. It all started going downhill, as near as I can recall, when he started after G. Soros.

These are evil people who are very serious about establishing their New World Order. It will take a very stalwart brand of American indeed to stand up against them.

Well done for having done so, Dave.

I, Everyman

I, Everyman

Needs to tell
The Powers That Be
Who apparently
Don't want to listen
                  to me
    (through their
That their day
Is over.  Through.
Done with. Finished.
          And therefore,
          for them
          to surrender
                       And face
    the consequences
    of their actions

I hope that my reputation
Has preceded me:
                       that I
    do not suffer fools

        am I

                   I AM

            and no one
            in particular.

                    So, you
         would have to
            take out
            all of us
            in order to
     your misguided
       if you dared.


      So, let's be
       on with it


A Harbinger Of The New

A Harbinger Of The New
     Just Another
  Failed Exercise
      In Utopian

I  once lived in
A spiritual community
That changed its tone
Right underneath me.
And so I left.
But it was time to


I didn’t go there
To be an employee
Of a business
Under contractual
And guarantee.
        I went there
To be a member
Of a community.
              A very
 one dedicated to
    the principle
       Service - 
And more specifically,
’Service to Others’:
Serving the community
      because it was
Serving the planet
In helping to actually
Build The New

   - and running into
     the same old
 and its perennial
    perverting of 

          it was
But I had hoped 
For more; a better
       this time.

It may still happen.
   But not there.
  in the world
    at large.
And that is where
   it needs to
     I realize -
     and like


 with the end
   of the old
  staring us
  in the face - 
    in sight
    at long


  this time
  it’s Time.

The Mysteries & The Curse

The Mysteries
  The Curse

To use your free will
To subjugate people
                 would be
    a gross misuse
Of your creative abilities.
         Of such are
     The Mysteries.

                you can.
        you must not.
Or you will never pass
The Ring Pass Not.

    It will catch you
              every time
          like the knot
Of most clever design
           that it is.
       You will see
        how it works
         every time.
         And Time

     And to try to
     put one over
     on the people
     is even worse
    being part of
      the original

On Where We're At

from ‘The U.S. Has Entered the False Flag Window’ - Dave Hodges, iv w/Mike Adams - September 22/23
(All kinds of possible scenarios brainstormed.)

Stan September 24, 2016 at 12:27 am
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I think that we can safely say that this is it. TPTB have had their New World Order plans in the works for a long, long time, and it’s all coming to a head now. The wrinkles in their plans could be twofold: 1) Hillary’s health. (Incidentally, why isn’t anybody making anything of that small piece of metal that fell out of Hillary’s right pants leg when she was attempting to move to the van on 9/11?? It was obviously a piece of colostomy-bag equipment. Crucial evidence of the severity of her health issues.) And 2) Russia’s blocking of TPTB’s desire to lay a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Europe and thus undercut Russia’s market, and independence of them – obviously one of the main outcomes [intended] of their attempt to take over Syria, and oust Assad. (And thus Obama’s recent ‘Oops-sorry’ bombing of a Syrian army base…)

And this latter point is why I don’t fully buy your concern about Russian troops being involved in our mainland’s takeover, Dave. I think Putin is on the side of the U.S. people in this face-off, and genuinely against Hillary being in the POTUS position. Anyway: time will tell on all of this.

Including if our military will rise to the occasion, and throw off these miscreants attempting to get them to go along with the NWO scenario. Which is the last gasp of the Dark side on this planet. And thus why this is a very dangerous time, indeed. But very hopeful as well.

from ‘Immunity Deals For Everybody - DOJ Free-For-All To Protect Hillary Clinton’ - Rick Wells - September 24
(At least 5 people have been granted immunity in the Clinton email scandal, and will not face prosecution…)

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What a sorry bunch of criminals in this administration.

But then, it all stems from the head.

…and speaking of…

from ‘Obama Used Fake Name To Send Stripped Classified Docs To Clinton Unsecured Server’ - Rick Wells - September 24
(So a smoking gun that he knew that Hillary was using an unsecured email server to do business out of.  SoS business.  And funny business.)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

And all these people are still walking around free as a bird. Instead of being jail birds.

Words fail me.


And on that note.........

Friday, 23 September 2016

On Spreding The Word Instead

On Spreading The Word Instead

‘So Obama wasn’t quite, 
          for the office
          of the presidency.
                 So what.
       The Republicans
       have cheated, er.

It sounds to me like
You are trying to make
The argument that
Two wrongs make a right.
               Is that
             a fair take
          on your level
Of consciousness??
                     If so, then
                  get out
              of my sight.

         If you felt that
There was cheating
                 going on
In the Bush II elections,
             didn’t you do
        about it
                   other than
        to decide
     not to get mad
But to get even??
All you did, then,
Was to compound
       the problem
That needs to be cleaned up
   and completely.

     The cancer
     has spread
     too far
     to let it go
    or longer.

     The Word

     It’s time
     to move on.

     And clear

From the past.



May we rise to this occasion