Thursday, 31 January 2013

Of Birth Certificates...

...And Birth Rights.

Of one birth certificate, actually.

Guess whose.

And of the birth rights of us all.  But first things first.

Whether the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was or was not born in a hospital in Honolulu, or rather was born in one in Mombassa,* is really ultimately immaterial to, and is a bit of a distraction from, the question about his eligibility for the office of the presidency of the United States.  Once he had declared - and definitively with the Long Form BC document that he officially released (and from the COLBs that were released before that; whose authenticity he never denied, but which have proven to be forgeries) - his paternity, he declared his ineligibility for the office.  But something else about the document that he released, as a true and correct copy of his original birth certificate on file in Hawaii, has made it itself very material to his case.  Because it is patently a fraudulent piece of work; and thus, to his ineligibility for the office because of his paternity is added the crime of trying to pass off a forged document as a copy of the real thing.  

And not just a crime.  But a felony.

That is to say: a federal crime.

And what is even more germane to the situation: a high crime.

And I don't need to investigate every site there is 'out there' trying to dismiss the allegation of the fraudulent nature of the officially-posted copy of his BC.  Specific details of the accusation may be fair game for a reply.  But one legitimate birth certificate couldn't possibly have as many things suspect, or outright erroneous, about it as this one has.  And any honest investigator would admit as much.  Or should. 

Handwritten notes on the border indicating that on the original, those blocks were missing their entries; more than one typewriter font used, indicating that it has been a cut-and-paste job; the presence of kerning, when typewriters didn't have that subtly of printing technique; the registration number showing evident signs of having been altered; the race of the asserted father not being a racial designation but a geographical one - and one that was not used for the purpose at the time anyway; a check mark used in one instance as opposed to a typewriter's X marks; a happy face in a signature - the list of anomalies and outright outrageous fraudulent details goes on and on and on .

It is a travesty.  

The whole thing is a travesty.  


This is a nation, and the fate of that nation, that we're talking about.  Not a schoolboy's prank.

And where have you been about it all, supposed Opposition party?  Supposed 'Republicans'??

Hardly the response of supposed defenders of the Republic..  You take the name in vain.  And disgrace it.

It remains to be seen how these erstwhile defenders of the Republic act on the introduction, pressing now, of major gun legislation.  And so, on to that subject part of this admittedly angry blog.

I have tried the equanimity 'thing' in this matter.  But it is just too outrageous.

This matter, of the pending overthrow of the American Republic, and its submersion (and subversion) into a region of the New World Order of some tyrannically-minded parties - of both the nominal Left AND the Right.  Controlled, as they are, at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet by the same nest of vipers.  But for now, the Left is nominally in power in America.  And it is that crowd in particular that I now address, in an Open Letter mainly to them.     

Dear Tree Huggers & Champions of Equality:

Anyone who advocates gun confiscation without simultaneously standing for the cultivation of a spiritual understanding of life - just advocating the confiscation for its own sake, in  a sort of secular humanistic gesture - is far more of a danger to society than a well-armed citizenry, capable of defending itself against the potential oppression of the state.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Move up into a new, higher state of consciousness, or forget about such (currently constitutionallhy-guaranteed) quaint notions as individual rights.  You will be overwhelmed with, and by, the power of the state to dictate to you down even to the minute details of your life.  

Which, of course, is what a major portion of the Left wants; so that there will only be good little citizens of the state, living in their mental straightjackets.  'Leave people free to pollute the environment?  Oh no - can't have that.  Can't have free people.  Need good little citizens of the state, whose 'experts' know what is best for us.  What?  What about individual rights??  Oh dear me no - can't have that, now can we, if we want results.  There are only group rights anymore, you see.  And the group will dictate to the individual how he or she must behave.  Because otherwise - oh my; what all terrible things individuals might get up to, if given half a chance.  Oh no.  That day is past.  Can't you see the trouble that has caused on the planet?  Wake up, friend.  It's now the day of The New Soviet Man..  

Oops - excuse me.  A little slip in the terminology there.  Apologies.  [To the observing devices; smiling] I didn't mean it!  [Then back to the conversation] Habits do die hard, don't they, ha ha.  It is of course the day of the New Soviet Human

Or Hu-person. 

Or something.

Have to check the latest directive on that one…Can't run foul of the authorities…You never know what might happen to you, doncha know…..'

Yes.  I do.  From history.

I jest.

But barely.  

And so I ask:

Who is John Galt???

And when can we have a little better - a little more detailed - thinking on this matter, than is currently passing for the nation's dialogue on it.  

At least, as I have observed.

And I'm trying to keep a close eye on it all.

Being involved in mankind, as I am.

Or humankind…..




* the latter claim for which there is some evidence.  And Obots: please stop trying to obfuscate the matter by claiming that his paternal 'acting' grandmother denied that she was present at his birth in Mombassa.  I have listened to that tape, all the way through; and it is obvious, or should be, to any objective listener, that a) she declared that she was present (and as I recall, said it more than once, in reply to repeated questions over the telephone); and that b) some of those present during the phone call got to her and told her to deny what she had said, and say instead that he was born in Hawaii - and say it a couple of times, for emphasis.
     They failed similarly to get to a Kenyan official, who subsequently made the same claim, during another phone conversation (with a different party; this time, a couple of guys at a radio station in Detroit, I believe it was), about Obama's birth place.  And then there is also Obama's official bio, back in the '90s, where he gave the info that he was born in Kenya…  
     Would the real Obama please stand up, and own his real nativity story???       

Of Guns & Butter

Comment to article at titled 'A Total Gun Ban?  Purposely Vague Language in Gun Bill Leaves Room For Interpretation' - Jan. 31

Stan Stanfield 2 minutes ago

I think it's a matter/technique of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. The feds at the end of the debate can say 'Oh okay then, we won't ban such-and-such a type gun, or [magazine]'. But if they get their foot in the door with universal gun registration, that's all she wrote - and apparently the NRA has drunk the Kool-Aid on that issue.

The message from the citizenry needs to be loud and clear to our reps in Washington: NO UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION. This registration business is an individual state matter, in a federal form of government such as ours. It is PRECISELY what an authoritarian regime wants. Hitler, Lenin, Mao - it doesn't matter what kind of gun you have: it will be rounded up. Centralization of information = total confiscation.
Don't let them get away with this putsch for power. It's time for We the People not only to say No. But HELL NO.


...and an allied comment.  This one to the same site, an article titled 'Hagel, Kerry & Brennan: Men Who (Frighteningly) Agree That Terrorism Is 'Misunderstanding'' (from an article originally at Canada Free Press by Daniel Greenfield; same date):

Stan Stanfield a few seconds ago
Good observations in this article. But I would be careful about thinking that the Obama crowd is up only to, quote, "day care centers and grievance commissions" as answers to capitalism. They want it wholesale. To say: Their mission, as per Frances Fox Pivens's desire (she of the Cloward-Piven Strategy fame), is to abolish poverty altogether, by the communist 'equality' tactic of giving everybody an equal income. And then there would be no more strife, you see. Everybody would be equally miserable. Except for those leftists who love the idea of positioning 'equality' over 'liberty'.
It's the same with the gun control thing. Their answer, and desire, is not just to control the types of weapons available to the public. They know the argument that 'if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns'. Their answer, and desire, is to abolish private guns altogether, and only let the state have them.
The Brave New World state.
And THEN there will be universal peace, and joy, and love, and fulfilment, and fuzzy huggy toys.
Maybe the latter, in such a society. Where they have failed to look outside of their materialistic box to see what life is all about; have bought the idea that the meaning of life exists in and for itself only.
That, then, there really is no meaning to life.
Except Power over others.
And who has it.


P.S.  And my last comment on this subject, for today/tonight.  This from Tea Party C.C. blog  titled 'Police NOT Obligated To Protect Citizens'  - Jan. 31: 

Excellent post, Ralph.  And extremely well timed.
We are not in the kind of world where we can do without self-defense, against either private individuals or the state.
I will be very happy when we get there; to say, to that spiritual state of consciousness.
Until that time - and it may not be that far off - I have two bits of advice to the public:
1) Stand Your Ground.  And
2) No Universal Gun Registration.
Particularly as to the latter bit of advices: Do NOT tempt the authorities to confiscate all your guns, by giving them that foot in the door.  Which they want.
I don't long wonder why...


There Are Definitions, And Then...

...There Is Sophistry

There may be hope yet.  Hope, that is to say, for the American Republic.  Hope, that is further to say, for the Constitution; and therefore for the avoiding of civil war.  And hope for the optimum Next Steps for all of humanity.

I will explain, in a bit of a roundabout way.  First stop: the purloined presidency.

Left-wingers have either bought into sophistry in the matter of the legal definition of a 'natural born' citizen - naively believing that their sophistic philosophers on the law have the definition of said category right - or they are deliberately, with malice aforethought, ignoring the truth, because they have  bought into the even more sophistic, and therefore more dangerous, notion that the end justifies the means: the philosophy of tyrants down through the ages.

Why they would buy into that notion I don't know.  Nearsightedness, I would guess.  Mere expediency.  For that instrument - that weapon - is a two-edged sword, can cut against them as well, once they have unleashed it from its scabbard.

Which is the role that the Constitution plays in these sorts of matters, keeping such power away from the tyranically-minded.  Which Barack Hussein Obama has certainly proven he is, with illegal administrative appointments and Executive Orders and such.

The latter matter, of executive orders, particularly has gotten out of hand (and undoubtedly thereby had a role in the general exceeding of his executive authority).  I don't here speak only of Obama in this slippery-slope business, towards the outcome warned about by Lord Acton, in his observation that 'Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely'.  The tool is supposed to be for a particular administrative purpose of the executive, dealing with executive-branch matters.  It has become, in usage, a way for the executive to assume power of the legislative branch of government.  (As in Obama's going around the will of Congress regarding immigration issues.)  That overreach needs to be stopped in its tracks, and the Congress to get off its supine position and take the matter to the judicial branch of government for adjudication.

Proper adjudication, hopefully; and the Supreme  Court's recent striking down of Obama's overreach in the matter of 'recess appointments' is a sign that maybe the current Court is up to the job.

Even though it has been noticeably shy with respect to the matter of The  Constitution v. Barack Obama in regards to the correct, to say constitutional, definition of a 'natural born' citizen.1

A test of the Court's fortitude, and legitimacy, will be with regard to the matter also coming before it of Obama's Attorney General defying the will of Congress in regards to the so-called 'Fast and Furious' matter.2

As these sorts of constitutional matters go - to say, those involving the executive - they are coming fast and furious, indeed.

And about time.

And almost over time.

The preferred outcome, from a constitutional perspective?

Obama has not only been slapped down for executive overreach.  But for ineligibility to hold that particular office in the first place.  And the nation is thereby saved from a civil war.3

Learns all the lessons it can possibly extricate from this exercise.

This exercise, in the use of free will, and the learnings that can come therefrom, in particular regards to the fact that actions have consequences.

And then joins the ascension, already going on of individuals, up to a higher level of reality than the 3D matrix (construct; projection) that humanity has been embedded in for time immemorial - and for long enough.4

Where, first of all, the monetary system that it has been using is allowed to destruct - which it is in the process of doing anyway, as we speak5 - and the world evolves to a system of exchange whereby The People share goods and services with one another - and give of their best in the process -  out of a higher motive than the age-old, less mature, one of profit; out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.  And having acceded to  such a stage of consciousness development, we move from old forms of energy production to what are called Zero point, or free energy devices; and 'evolve' in other social ways as well.  All of which creates a climate, a state of being, of Abundance.  Out of which also grows a climate of peace, and joy, and other of the higher qualities.  As we leave the Old World behind.  And inherit the New.

Which is engaged in the process of Ascension as well.  And on which we will, in good time, move out of Time - to say, the strictures of the illusory 3D matrix we are currently still embedded in - and into what is called the 5th dimension realm, where we no longer function in the state of limitation that we do now, and, for example, use replicators to 'adjust' energy to manifest our food; until we no longer even need, or want, to do that.

Having fully assumed - cognized - our real bodies; made out of Light.

And begun to explore the wonders of the Creation.  On different levels.  And parallel universes.  And such.

Exploring the realms of what we have inherited, by no longer being 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Rather, having moved - at last - beyond the human part of 'us'.  And moved fully into the Higher Self part of us.

And Us.

For, We Are All One.

And All IS One.

And all we have to do, to embody that truth, is to figure out how to get there.  And then do it.

And that Way is to leave behind our childish things.  Our toys.  And immature qualities.

Like, say: lying.  And cheating.  And thieving.

And become our true Selves.

It's all - when you come right down to it - a matter of definition.

And acting accordingly.



1 And don't kid with me on this.  I'm very clear what the Framers of the Constitution meant by this term.
     I was there.
     In spirit.  If in no other form.
     And further, to say here that this is not, ultimately, a religious 'thing' either.
     It is a spiritual one.

2 The Obama administration, via the so-called Department of Justice and its Attorney General,  allowing weapons to be sold to Mexican drug cartels; ostensibly merely to track them down in their usage, to find out where they are coming from - which the AG already knew - but apparently in reality to try to make a case for a gun grab on the American citizenry.
     Just as this AG was involved in the Sandy Hook massacre, for the same purpose.  But that's another story in itself.
     With roots that go back all the way to 9/11, and THAT intentional atrocity.
     With the nest of vipers who have been controlling things being no respecter of political parties.
     And who will be dealt with accordingly.  That is to say, in part: in a bipartisan manner.

3 To those who say that we will get a civil war either way, I reply: But the Left does not have the Right on its side - literally speaking.  (Figuratively speaking is axiomatic.)  I am saying that Obama and the Left are responsible for the confrontation.  Not the average American citizen, defending his or her country from takeover.
     To the reply, to this placing squarely the cause and fault of the current major confrontation, that the nation needs to change anyway, by hook or by crook, I say: Let's have all the facts of the political matter of our time, and karma, and Truth, out in the open; and then let's see where we go from there.  I think the Left will see that their way, though it is A way, is not The way.
     I am trusting that reason will prevail in this matter.

4 As for the proof of/evidences for this sort of thing - roughly speaking, this 'thing' of a spiritual dimension to the picture of life on Earth: Why should I do your homework for you on the subject?  As I did for myself.  Subjected it to detailed scrutiny.  And I'm not talking about religion.  I'm talking about spirituality - the existence of a greater reality than just the physical realm - and the proofs thereof.
     Sit in your scoffing if you choose to.  But I have a question: How can you live your life without knowing what it's really all about???
     Especially with all the evidences already widely extant that it is about far more than just 'the physical'.
     And as Gandhi said: 'We do not live in order to eat and sleep.  We eat and sleep in order to live.'
     For a purpose.

5 Intentional or not is another issue.  But part of the same scenario going on; of The Taking of America 1 2 3.


P.S. And as for those who try to use the excuse that The People elected Obama to that office: (a) this is a constitutional republic, operating under the rule of law - NOT a 'direct democracy'; and in any event (b) there would appear to be plenty of evidence that many people on the Left voted early and often for him; and engaged in other nefarious voting activity, all of which would be the real reason why the Left didn't and doesn't want voter photo IDs.  (Note: Romney won every state that required such identification.)
     As for the Right: its M.O. on this sort of thing would appear to be more sophisticated than all that 'community organizing,' 'streetwise' stuff: their primary activity would appear to be concentrating on the use of wonky electronic voting machines.  So the Right doesn't get a pass from me on this appalling voting-irregularity business either - the very core of democratic principles.  As opposed to authoritarian regimes, of either the Left OR the Right.
     O America - how you have fallen, in and into the hands of the unworthy.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fighting Words

The Senate is introducing an Amnesty bill (our local newspaper headlined it today with a photo of waving American flags, extolling 'the American dream').  This from Tea Party C.C.: 'Senate Bill S-1: Immigration Reform Bill'  posted by Nat'l Director Dee on Jan. 29.  
I am glad to know, from the Comments threads to the story, that I am not the only one in the country disgusted with this move.  Further comment at the bottom.  But first:  

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago
Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense.  You do not solve a problem by giving in to it.  That just encourages more of the same.

NO AMNESTY.  Our sympathy should be with those erstwhile immigrants who have dutifully waited their turn to come to our country and become part of our culture, sharing our values.  One of those values unfortunately - a willingness to lend a hand in need - has been abused and made a mockery of.  So: (1) NO MORE FREEBIES FOR ILLEGALS.  Nothing to encourage them to sneak into the country.  No medical support, no education for their children, no welfare of any kind. (It's primarily up to the States to implement this; let your state representatives know your feelings on the subject: that you're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.)  (2) A harsher crackdown on employers who employ illegals.  Meaningful fines, and including possible imprisonment.  (3) Anybody who is on welfare needs to become available for agricultural work, or off the dole. 

The word will get out that Uncle Sugar is no longer waiting for illegals with a handout; that they can wait their turn, like all potential good citizens have, and had, to.  America should no longer be a soft touch.  Period.  

And let's get the RINOs out of Congress to prove it.  And out of our state legislatures.  Grrrrr............


Reply by Dennis J Berg 7 hours ago
Why not take the future voter factor out of this Amnesty bill and all others ? As Rush limbaugh suggested, if they made it so no illegal could vote for 25 years after being be granted permission to be here, all support by these "caring" politicians and "humanitarians" would disappear instantly.
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago
Nonsense.  The libs would just sneak them onto the voter rolls like they already do.

The answer is to be harder-nosed than this.  It needs to be immigration 'reform' across the board.  As I have addressed just below [here, posted above].

Either we're serious about this matter.  Or we're not, and it just slips through the cracks again.  It's time to take the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.  Instead of just waving it on through, again and again and again.  NO COMPROMISE WITH WHAT IS WRONG.  IT'S TIME TO STAND STRONG WITH WHAT IS RIGHT.


Reply by Grace Polaris 10 hours ago
Summation of the new bill : Screw the American people, we are going to give millions of illegals Amnesty and YOU are going to pay for them.
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago
I'm afraid that that indeed seems to be the attitude of Obama & his wrecking crew (including RINOs).  The attitude of 'entitlement'.  Arrogance to an extreme.  So the battle is being joined in a big way now.  And therefore it needs to be dealt with in a big way, now.

By such measures as opting out.  Research how to keep your employer from taking out the federal income tax part of your paycheck.  There is a form involved.  It's perfectly legal; you just let your employer know by it that you will take care of your tax matters/responsibilities as a good citizen yourself.  And then stamp your paycheck with a formal notice that you have not been paid in real dollars (which has a legal definition involving gold or silver), so you have not been provided with a real income.  Ergo: no income for the federal govt. to tax. (The 16th Amendment is illegal anyway; it was never properly ratified.  but that's a whole 'nother story.)

Whatever form your tax resistance takes: It's time to Starve the Beast.  And let your Congresscritters know that you damn well won't take it anymore.  How dare they allow your money to be taken from you and given to people who won't look after themselves, take responsibility for themselves, learn to take responsibility for their own actions.  There is some legitimate 'welfare' need out there.   But not to the extent that it has grown to.  It's time for one clear message to the federal behemoth: You've gone too far.  

I do lose it sometimes, slip back into the illusion; take sides.  But I get so angry when people are made (and in their minds) wards of the state - and especially when it's on purpose.  Not just to corral votes, from a permanent voter bloc.  But in order to collapse the system.  And thus destroy the true American dream - of a free people, living a virtuous life, in harmony with their highest aspirations.  Yes yes; the dream has been perverted.  But it could have been rectified.

How satisfying it would have been, to have the experiment in self-governance end on a high, positive note.  Instead it seems to be ending on a terribly dark and muddled note.

I am not a happy camper, just now.      


God's Rule Or Man's Rule

First of all, to get into this subject, let me say that I have a bone to pick with liberals in many instances.  The main one being their treatment of the Constitution as a wet noodle, to be manipulated at will, rather than the essentially free citizenry being protected by its constraints on the government - as Obama observed back when he was in the Illinois state legislature, and was interviewed one day on a local radio show.  He talked about this 'issue' from the point of view of the  Constitution being lacking.  'It just says what the government cannot do to you,' he said in paraphrase; going on: 'when what it should say is what the government should and must do for you'.  And therein hangs a tale of our time and place, now - indeed, of our day and new age.

Can we cut to the bottom line in this debate, and instead of arguing over what the meaning of 'is' is, so to speak - over, that is to say, definitions of words - just pose the real issue.  Which is that the Left wants to do away with the Constitution per se, first by making it 'a living document' subject to the interpretation of activist judges, and then to do away with it altogether in a move to 'direct democracy,' i.e., majority rule and that's it.  With demagogues leading the way into their advertised bright new future.  So basically, the Left - in cahoots, a bit ironically, with the banking and corporate establishment; who will be the actual rulers of the roost, in the accomplishment of their long-planned-for New World Order - wants to take over the country in a coup.

And my position is: Over my dead body.

And the Left's position is: 'That can be arranged.  And in point of fact, is being arranged as we speak.'1

To say, to the Left (and to its puppet masters behind the scenes): If you are going to take over my country, you are going to have to take it over me - literally.  For I will stand in your way.   And say, as gently as I can manage in the circumstances that will develop:

Your way  is not the way of the future.  The way of the future is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  And that is not into statism.  Even if your guiding philosophy is the Marxist one of establishing the total state in order in the end to let the state wither away - with the New Soviet Man birthed from that seed - that 'way' would not end the way your philosophy would have it end.  For it would enthrone Force as the ruling energy on the planet.  Not Love.  And so would keep humans divorced from their true Selves, and believing that the illusion was the reality.  And that level of  consciousness - of awareness - would just perpetuate the current paradigm.  

And the current paradigm is now to be superseded, in a move up in consciousness to the 5th dimension, out of the 3D level that we have been stuck in - incarcerated in - for so long.  For long enough, now.  

That move to be made by those individuals who can manage it.  So you see, in the end it does come down primarily to the individual.  Not the collective.

The latter needs to grow out of (the honoring of) the former.  Not the reverse; as the Marxists might have it, in forcing the individual to submit to (the will of) the collective.

You do not get an orange from its juice.  You get its juice from the orange.

And from the Seed inside, that they both come from, in the end.

And the beginning. 

Both of which we are now facing.   

Choose well, friend.

Much depends on it.

For you.

And for us all.

As individuals.

On our journey Home.

Having rounded the last bend, and heading down to the Home stretch.

And a stretch it will be.

Especially for some.  

Who have mistaken the illusion for the reality.

And think that their identity - their essential identity; their true identity - is as a member of 'the collective'.

The hive.

Whereas the true reality is that you don't advance, in the spiritual nature of things, as part of a group.  You make it on your own merits.2

Hope to see you there.

If not:

perhaps the next time around.

The good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise.

Or you end, not in a Flood.  But in a Fire.

A Fire of your own making.

Because you didn't pay attention, to what was going on, and what you were a part of.

As an individual.

When you were still an individual.

Not a number on a list.

Required to keep your perhaps straying thoughts to yourself.

Or else.

As takes place in Communist China.

As we speak.

As we speak, of God's rule.  Or Man's.

Take your pick.



1 via gun controls and intended confiscations; millions of rounds of ammo stockpiled for the DHS and other federal agencies, including the TSA, which is starting to set up checkpoints now on our highways, and soon, possibly - under the cover of a declaration of Martial Law, accomplished either by hook or by crook - even on our city streets; drones flying overhead in the formerly free country, initially for innocuous-sounding surveillance, but easily converted into killer drones - with Obama having been allowed to run a kill list, on 'terrorists,' or even potential such domestic terrorists, and having been authorized, by a supine Congress, to incarcerate citizens without due process or access to a lawyer and in indefinite such detention; the list goes on.
     You can't say you weren't warned.  What did you think that business of his was all about when, during his initial run for the presidency, he announced to his adoring following that "We should have a national police force just as strong as our military"?...  And what do you think this business is, as recently reported, of his vetting potential military officers to see if they would issue orders to fire on their own citizens??  Or the even more recently leaked information that the Air Defense system on our southern border is to be 'stood down' on or by March 15th of this year???
     Ostensibly for budgetary reasons.  But there goes, in one fell swoop, the nation's early warning and tracking system.  Of, say, low-flying airplanes on drugs courier business.  Or even other kinds of airplanes, and missiles, of an attacking force.
     Not to mention how Obama and his administration are keeping the Red Chinese - our main creditor nation; and power - sweet by letting them buy up assets in this country in a debt-for-equity swap (including oil and gas; particularly crucial items to any national security issues).  And establish so-called 'free trade zones' here, by which they are guaranteed no competition...
     The country, then, is being sold out from under our feet.
     The window of opportunity to save our nation as it has been is closing.
     As we speak.

2 This is the essence of Western Civilization that we're talking about, remember; the primacy of the individual, and 'inalienable human rights,' and all that.   Where a person can't be imprisoned because of his or her religious or political beliefs; and so forth, in the luminous category of such rights.


From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

I was originally going to take a bit of a breather from the heavy-duty stuff going on in our day and age/time and place and post a simple comment on the following subject.  First, the subject, and then the comment, and then the additional little bit of business.

In the course, over a few years now, of monitoring the Comments threads on the Internet - and more and more increasingly making comment of my own - I have been appalled at the level of misspellings and poor grammar that I have come across.  I feel like a Rip van Winkle: In my day in school - which dates back to the early '50s in high school - we would never have had the degree of this illiteracy that is being demonstrated today.  And yes, it is illiteracy; not just a little excusable sloppiness.

Examples in just the last couple of days of thread 'browsing':

dousin for 'dozen'
metifores for 'metaphors'
'There not paid to tell the truth...'
'' to the fact that...'
'There house was [searched]...'
'I morn your loss.'
'...suffered the lost of his child...'
'How fortunate we are too be Americans... ' / ' often I have too remind myself...'
'We have now idea how bad things are...'
'Obama is worst than a dictator...'
'...what the president is suppose to do...'
'I don't care if your white or black...'
'I wish we would follow in their foot steppes...'  [at least he got the 'their' right]
'The energy building to 12/21/12 has past.'
'...committed fraud when excepting money as a supposedly 'foreign' student...'

I don't mean to point a finger at just right-wingers, which were the majority of the thread sites that these examples came from.  I have seen the same sort of thing over on the left side of the aisle, too.  (And of course, that word often gets the 'isle' treatment, too; or worse...)  It's a systemic problem, not a 'political type' problem.  And my comment to it (except to say how my years of schooling would NEVER have turned out a generation like this) is:

I can't help but think that there is a correlation between all this sort of thing and the sloppy thinking about life itself that is causing America to steer dangerously close to the shoals.

And on that note; my little addition.   This is from an article on Natural News by Mike Adams titled 'DHS Buys 7000 Full-Auto Assault Rifles, calls them "personal defense weapons"' and dated Jan. 28:

"In yet another huge blow to the rhetoric and narrative of the Obama administration and its desire to disarm the American public, a DHS bid has been uncovered (see documents below) showing that the Department of Homeland Security recently put out an offer to purchase 7,000 full-auto "assault weapons" to be used domestically, inside the USA.

"Keep in mind that President Obama is on the record saying, 'AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals; that they belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities.'

"But it seems he really means they don't belong on the streets of our cities unless they are in the hands of homeland security enforcers, in which case they can be FULL-AUTO assault weapons.
"This is all on top of the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition the U.S. government has already stockpiled, as was discovered last year. What kind of government wants to domestically stockpile ammo and full-auto weapons, putting them in the hands of domestic agents who have nothing whatsoever to do with overseas wars? Well, the kind of government that plans to NEED 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and full-auto assault weapons, of course."

[Learn more:]


I am saying that we need to think clearer than we are at present about a lot of things.  For example, it is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see that the Obama administration is going for a revolutionary takeover of the United States, to turn it into a socialist regime - based on his background, and associates, and obvious leanings/comments over the years that he has been in the public spotlight - and the public in the main seems to be sleep-walking into the trap.  I mean, all the pieces are in place: his ability to unilaterally declare anyone a 'potential terrorist' and put them away without due process or trial and for an indefinite period; car license plate and facial recognition and mobile phone technology to keep track of one's every move, and including drones over the former free nation of America; people not allowed to sell food out of their private gardens/having to go through 'the government' to engage in such commerce; smart meters to keep track of all your utility usage, and to turn your power off at the will and whim of the state; all transport under the control of said state, just waiting for a declaration of Martial Law to be initiated (which 'they' might try to initiate by goading some right-wing reaction to their moves for takeover, or even set off a false flag op of their own) - the list goes on.

And speaking of lists going on; and my penultimate comment on this thread, to move it towards completion: this, for an example of HOW we have been 'dumbed down', with actual brain damage having been going on for years, in the form of what is called subclinical encephalitis, aka 'vaccinal encephalitis'.  This is from the same email edition of Natural News as the above story, this one entitled 'Vaccine Court' Awards Millions to Two Autistic Children Damaged by Vaccines' by Jonathan Benson (same date).  My comment to the story:   


Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University
How encouraging to read/hear that the pendulum is beginning to swing in this atrocious matter. I have been following the ADD/ADHD/ASD/LD/PDD-NOS 'thing' for many years, and had almost given up hoping that the truth about the damaging and multi-faceted side effects of various vaccines would finally out. And now here it is. 

Let's hope that the dam finally bursts on this issue - the 'damming' of the truth. And the concomitant info distribution about various natural treatments for the childhood diseases that don't have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have; like vit. D3 for measles, and large doses of vit. C for polio, and colloidal silver for the DPT triad - the list goes on, and of other immune system-enhancing substances, like astragalus, quercetin, resveratrol, various mushrooms...back to Nature, folks. And to the info that more holistic medicos have on these things; like Mike, and Joseph Mercola, and Russell L Blaylock, and Jonathan V. Wright - that list goes on, too. Good men and women. Seek out these sorts of practitioners for your children. Tempus fugit.


And for my ultimate comment, to move it to The Sublime of the title of this blog:

Just to say, that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  YOU are a Multidimensional Projector.  Do you want to continue to be merely part of the projection, or do you want to claim your real Self; currently projecting ONTO the holographic screen of what we in the drama call reality?

Your choice: Do you want to remain embedded in the 3D drama, currently heading/playing its way out towards calamity as we speak.  Or do you with to make the move into the new, higher dimension of consciousness that is also going on as we speak, that will extricate Humanity from its current path down into a dark and dismal period of continued enslavement.

The choice shouldn't really be that hard.

But it IS yours to make.  

Because that has been the point of the whole exercise.

The exercise, into seeming separation from the Godhead.  To see how you - still a spark; a facet, an aspect; a point of view of your Creator - fare on your seeming own.  And, having learned your lessons, to start your return home.

The path that is beckoning you, and us all, right now.

If we have the intelligence to take it.

Dumbed down as we have been, we still have the ability to respond.

If barely, in some cases.


Over to you.  And You.  To say: your Higher Self coming through to the projected you; trying to get your attention.

It's a terrible fog in there, yes, for some.

But the connection has not ever been lost.

Just at your end, occasionally.  For life after life after life; caught up in the 'scene' as you have been.  The classroom.

With, now, a golden opportunity to Get It.  And experience the Grace that has been afforded you at this time.

This extremely important time, in the history of Humanity on this planet.

A watershed time.

To come again, for the laggards.

Although not for some time.

And on another planet.

For Gaia is ascending as well.  Because

it's that time.



Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Turning Point

First of all, a posting on a blog at Tea Party Command Center titled 'Social Security Disability Program May Hit Shortfalls by 2016' - blog posted by TPCC Nat'l Director Dee - Jan 27:

Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago
And the Republican Party Congresscritters - who are the ones who are supposed to have been and be looking out for the public's pursestrings - were where during all this corruption going on in this sort of program??

Is that what is called going with the flow; which is what some expert consultants are telling the Republican Party that they should do more of in order to get elected???  By the increasing number of people who are living off of the hard-working taxpayers????

I say Starve the Beast.  (There are ways to keep your income from being automatically deducted on you.)  With representatives in office like the ones that have been in there, Joe and Jill Taxpayer need to start looking out for themselves.  Saying, loud and clear: No more freebies, Folks.  At least, not on me.  Try the Federal Reserve.  They seem to have a Money Tree in there.  But this window is Closed.    


(an earlier post on this thread:)

Permalink Reply by Andy Morris 13 hours ago
Speaking of congress-- I want to put the word out that Sean Hannity has a program on Sunday night on Fox. His program this week is called " boom town"  Every one needs to watch it, it's about the spending in Washington, not by congress but rather the elite in Washington.  15 cents of every dollar that goes into Washington stays in Washington. Americans pay about 2.4 trillion dollars into Washington as taxes each year, 15% of that stays in Washington.
Watch the show it may help answer why we have a dis-functional government in all three branches.


But this posting of mine doesn't convey nearly the anger I felt, and feel, regarding this sort of subject.  Frankly, I just never realized how bad things had gotten in this country while I was away.

I had heard a little about some welfare reforms under President Clinton, in the mid-'90s, along the lines of 'workfare not welfare', and was glad to hear about that.  Finally, people would be given some self-dignity, in doing some work for their handouts.  But this current article opened my eyes to the fact of how badly the Disability Program was being mistreated.  I hadn't realized that 'druggies' were on it - and apparently, without much treatment oversight to their situation, if any.

Why should a person who has contemplated drug use, or been on drugs, be given the message that the taxpayers will pay for their 'disability' indefinitely???  

This is crazy.  Has to be clearly an abuse of the intention of the program.

Unless that intention was part of the Cloward-Piven strategy from the beginning: in order TO abuse the program, in order to bankrupt the nation, in order to pick up the pieces and weld the resulting mess into a socialist, totalitarian New World Order.
Whatever the real intention behind this business, of drug addicts being given special privileges, it's almost as bad as the scam that the taxpayers have allowed of their tax money going to pay females to have babies on them.  One after another after another.  

As I have shared before in these pages: Helping families who need a little temporary assistance is one thing.  But no child should be paid for out of the taxpayers' hard-earned income to a female who is on such temporary assistance - on welfare.  She has no business bringing a child into the world that she can't properly take care of on her own; to say, with her partner.  And especially not if they are not married, and the father can just skedaddle from his responsibilities, with nary a thought to them - to the consequences of his actions.

You are corrupting people to do this sort of thing to them.  Making them dependent on 'the government' for life.  Shame on you all who have had a direct hand in this creation of a permanent welfare class; and all, to varying degrees, depending on your attempts to bring sanity to the situation, who have allowed it to continue, even after its horrendous socio-economic results have been out there to see for years and years and years AND YEARS.

This attitude - of 'entitlement'; of dependency - will NOT see people into the New Paradigm.  In point of fact, this attitude - and the corrupting influence behind it - is precisely the sort of thing that will keep people from entering into The New. 

'People' being sparks, aspects of the Divine; personally responsible for their spiritual development, as autonomous beings.  

Not in conditions of servitude to others.  

Whatever those forms of servitude may take. 


Resistance To Tyranny... Obedience to God

a portion of the Comments thread to a blog entitled 'Only Rebellion Can Save America' by Lawrence Sellin - Jan. 27 - carried on Minute Men

Delores109  Cleia Cavalcanti  8 hours ago
Obama wants a Revolution. You have one mind. Give him a Revolution. Judges are observing what Obama is doing, and he has lost two cases, two consecutiive days. Honest Judges respect Our Constitution.....THE RULE OF LAW. We are fighting with our minds. Are you an illegal trying to stir up a Revolution?
Delores Smith

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    catman  Delores109  8 hours ago

    Two cases in four years. Not exactly a stellar record now is it? As for honest Judges, They are in the minority, the very low minority. We have listened to this usurper and phony since 2007 and put up with his actions against our Constitution since 2008. How much longer do we wait for it to end. Every day he gets bolder and bolder. If this continues the "sheeple" will accept all this as the new normal. It may be through a revolution that we gain our country back and again rule by the Constitution as our forefathers intended. This country went to war against the King of England, the most powerful country in the world at that time........and we won. IF we were to go to a revolution again I could only hope and pray it would be quick and as bloodless as possible, but that may not be...........How many true patriots are there out there throughout this land??? How many would be or are willing to give the last full measure of devotion to this country ??? Who will lead us in this fight for survival ??? Many questions and so few answers !!!! It is indeed a sad time in our history. May God be with us and bless us.

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      Guest  catman  6 hours ago

      The moment the citizens of this country attempt to overthrow any sitting government in Washington, the UN and NATO will swoop in from Canada and Mexico and Black Helicopters with Blue Helmeted Thugs will make the fictional theme from the movies "Red Dawn" into a bloody reality. This is what the "New World Order " has been waiting for. This is why NATO still exists, and why America still funds it.
      Our Constitutional Republic will be a myth.
      Try to picture Black helicopters full of Blue Helmeted Troopers, establishing "peacekeeping" districts throughout the country, mandated by a UN peacekeeping resolution, passed and supported by NATO members, Russia, China, and of course, our friends in the Middle East.
      I live in AZ. We hear through the blogs about FEMA Camps stocked and stashed somewhere in the Sonora Desert. Urban Myth?
      Hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo, thousands of MRE's stached by the DHS. Scary story?
      We are a Red state, well armed, bad attitude towards DC.
      We would be the last of the holdouts.
      But it's a stupid idea, do the math.
      We got the guns, but they got the numbers, as the old saying goes.
      At least for now.
      I'll do my battles at the ballot box, thank you.
      While we still got one.

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        EMIRCITNA  Guest  5 hours ago

        SIMPLY PUT; Today's "ballot boxes" have no bottoms and are mounted over a trash can! ~ So much for your chosing the "ballot box" to do your battles with, my friend!
        "The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote is voter fraud."
        ~ Lynn Westmoreland, Congressman (R), GA

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          John  EMIRCITNA  32 minutes ago

          You only complain when your side loses. If Romney would have won, there would be no talk about any voter fraud. Look it up, every election there is fraud on both sides. That is the world we live in.

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        Stan Stanfield  John  2 minutes ago

        And it needs to stop, John.
        Two wrongs don't make a right.
        That world needs to end, and a new one begun. One that has learned from the mistakes of the past.
        That's what life has been all about.


        • This, after watching this afternoon the video of an interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi by Alex Jones, where they got deeply into the dangerous stage that things have come to, in this country in particular and in the world in general, regarding the far Left's takeover of the U.S. federal government, and what they are aiming for.  Which is the collapse of the system and country as is (see the Cloward-Piven strategy), and its takeover by the planetary elite, who will be above the state of serfdom that everybody else will be put into, a la Red China - which is being positioned to take over in this country, and protect the assets (in a debt-for-equity swap) that it is and has been taking over here.  Like oil and gas resources; free trade zones (which brook no competition); the works.  The nation, in short, is being had, in being turned into a mere shell of its former self.

          We patriots are not amused.

          And so the Left, knowing that, is goading, goading, goading us into action.  

          Because too many guns with clout are getting out there to the public, before that window can be closed.

          When the fireworks will definitely begin.

          If not before.

          And before the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience comes clearly into the picture. 

          And changes the plot significantly.

          And, like the fabled Cavalry of old, saves the day.

          For a far, far greater outcome than is dreamt of in the philosophy of erstwhile tyrants.

          Who are going to be very sheepish, indeed.

          ln their own eyes.  And in the eyes of those whom they would have turned into mere sheep, to be sheared at will.  By the all-powerful state.

          Hallowed be its name.