Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Signs of the Times

Things would appear to be coming to a head, on the socio-econo-political front. As in a Synthesis, to an historical process that has been going on for centuries. Well; since the beginning of at least recorded time, when various impulses were put into play in this material realm.

I'll explain what I mean.

Earth has had an interesting history. Besides a rich diversity of life and matter developing, of animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, She has quite apparently been visited by a number of races of beings, some of which interacted with the 'home-grown' hominids more than others. One such encounter ended up with the development of what we call Homo sapiens; and then a further model was created - our own; what we call Homo sapiens sapiens. This creature has the genetic history of its mammalian roots spliced with those of its more intelligent predecessors. Well; the term, of course, is relative. There is considerable evidence - particularly from our race's roots in Sumer, and the development of various civilizations in that part of the world (especially; not to discount activity in other areas, but this one for the purposes of this potted history of humanity) - that our "more intelligent predecessors" were every bit as emotional as we; their offspring. Meaning, that the likes of the Greeks were right in assigning 'human' foibles to their pantheon of gods. Just because they were 'gods' didn't make them superior beings, in emotional development. Thus the gods of the Sumerians, and later those of the likes of the Greeks, were involved in jealousies, and wars, and such. So: just because beings can travel in interstellar space (or hyperdimensional space, for that matter) doesn't, in and of itself, make them advanced beings in anything other than intellect - mind power.

So those are our roots, as a species. Except for one thing. One missing piece to this picture. That of the 'spiritual', to this three-dimensional, material picture: the fact that our DNA was organised in such a way as allowed individuated souls to incarnate, inhabit physical entities. Souls on an evolutionary path; and fairly far along that path, relatively speaking. And thus, we can surmount the obstacle of our physical making - of its limitations - and create a civilization that is more reflective of our highest potential; not our lowest.

Here. Now. In perfect timing.

In perfect timing for what.

For our next steps, in evolution. In the evolution of our consciousness. Which place is now upon us.


Because of the times. The celestial times, as well as the material times. The latter being those factors that are crying out, now, for our superceding of the contradictions that are about to tear our settled level of socio-econo-political reality apart.


History has developed to a point where our human consciousness lines up along fault lines roughly described as 'right' and 'left'. The 'right' is the position of those who champion individual initiative, meritocracy, competition, small government - in a word: liberty. The 'left' is the position of those who champion a more social construct, cooperation, big government - in a word: equality. (Gunnar Myrdal, a Swedish socialist, wrote a book that was cited, in the mid-50s, at the time of the US's Supreme Court deliberations over 'Brown v. Board of Education', the case looking at overturning the concept of 'separate but equal' in schooling in the segregated South, which was that region's answer to the requirements of the 14th Amendment's 'equal protection of the laws' clause. In his book, he made the bald statement: "In the battle between liberty and equality, equality is slowly winning." And that battle has been going on, in spades, in America ever since.) The sides were most starkly drawn up during the Second World War, with the added fillip of a division in the 'big government' side of the equation - ie, the totalitarian natures of both fascism and communism. Fascism (including National Socialism; but more corporatism, really, than socialism) lost that round of the 'battle'; but then the individualism (primarily) of the western forms of government ('western', as from Athens, rather than 'eastern', as from Persia) was pitted against the collectivism of communism, resulting in the 'Cold War' for decades, until the fall (really, the economic collapse; it is still breathing) of the Soviet Union. And then there is Red China, still in contention, along these classic fault lines (albeit already beginning to succumb to the dialectical process, towards a synthesis; more on which, see below).

But the classic fault-line positions have contradictions in them, still to be resolved in this historical process. On the 'right', there are seeds - very substantial seeds - of opposition to individualism; to pure individualism, where those Powers That Be lusting for more power want monopoly, of a similar nature to the 'left's' championing of a planned, centralized, socio-political economy, and are happy to use government to accomplish their ends. So on a purely material level, the dialectic - of a thesis generating an antithesis (capitalism and its extremes generating socialism/communism and ITS extremes) - is breaking down. Another factor in play is the 'spiritual' one. Capitalism developed with a strong religious base (thus the presence of a quality of dogma, of true believership, in its adherents); communism reacted to that aspect of capitalism's excesses as well, and made a stand for pure science, ie, pure materialism (and thus the quality of dogma from THAT side of the political divide; such 'experts' often refusing to countenance any evidence to the contrary of their position, out of the distorting effects of hubris). What we have, now, with the internal contradictions of capitalism (founded on greed and personal aggrandisement, it is about to founder on the corrupt dynamic of short-term gain for long-term pain) about to collapse that model, and the internal contradictions of socialism (founded on the principle of governmental force, to overcome 'human nature') failing to satisfy the human hunger for the fundamental principle of free will to be exercised - in a word, freedom - is the makings of a stage of Synthesis. The best of both sides of the equation, moving the process up to a fruition of sorts.

Classically - in this Hegelian construct, this 'take' on, understanding of how civilizations evolve - one stage of synthesis just becomes the 'thesis' of another stage. But there comes a time when the Synthesis becomes whole. When all the potential internal contradictions are dealt with.

This is such a time.


Because (a) we have reached a level of technology where we can provide everybody with all that they need, including all the civilization's energy needs, via what are called free energy devices (plugging into the universal field), and thus we no longer have to function under the classic constraints of 'economy'; and because (b) we now have solid proof that 'there is something more than Man'; that there is a Plan (both of these states 'exposed' by all the verifiable reports of Past Life Experiences, eg); and we can now stop with the drama, of playing the various parts TO the drama, and concentrate on the real thing. Which is to create a level of civilization that the world has never seen, for not having had all the contradictions in the 'plot' dealt with before. Being capable OF being dealt with.

Which it is now our job to do.

So: How should we go about this current job, for us to do, in order to land a Golden Age - THE golden Age, that has been awaiting us, since time immemorial. Awaiting us, to see the forest for the trees of life that have constantly gotten in the way of the larger picture.

That's next. And fair warning: It includes Obama relinquishing the office that he has purloined - that was purloined for him. So it includes a certain amount of upheaval.

But that's life for you.

Has always been.

Until we play the drama out, to an end.

And a new beginning. On a higher turn of the spiral.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's Time & Past for the New

I have been making some comments recently on various blogs on the internet. One was on the phenomenon of 'chemtrails', which also expanded, in the Comments thread, to include accusations of 'satanic child abuse', and other 'conspiracy theory' subjects like 9/11. I'm beginning to lose it with people who scoff at any position that can't be backed by hard, 'scientific' evidence - evidence which by their definition is reliable, and totally ignoring anything else. My latest reply first, and then a comment:

" Posted by (me)

"terry the censor:

"Yours seems a reasonable response, and indeed, one needs to look at the facts at hand about any issue, rather than just the 'smoke'. But a couple of points.

"(1) Although FBI Agent Kenneth Lanning's site is a good, detailed one, I missed subject areas like (a) other sites that make a case for mind control techniques (including creating Multiple Personality Disorder) developed years ago, and obviously put to work since, by very powerful people; (b) the Franklin case; and (c) sources such as Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips's 'Tranceformation of America' and 'Access Denied' - detailed documentation on CIA mind control activity, for generations, reaching to the highest levels of government. There is too much evidence in that something extremely sinister and damning has been going on for years, to let the baby be thrown out with the bathwater- to deny it because perhaps some reports of ritual abuse may have been overegged.

"(2) The "solid discussion" about chemtrails that you cite dates back to 2004. Yes, it sounds reasonable; but there have been so many reports since, about aluminum, and barium, and Morgellons Disease, eg, that the evidence in over the years amounts to far more than just smoke.

"You may need detailed chapter and verse. But be aware, that if the government is involved in this activity - which it would have to be, in order for it to have been able to have been gotten away with the way it has for so long - the 'chapter and verse' available may be very hard to find. They're not going to make it easily obtainable. Any more than they're going to admit to involvement in 9/11, and so forth. When you're in power, you have a lot of power. When you're not, you have to go with what you can access. What can be accessed on chemtrails - on the internet - may have a fair amount of 'chaff', as it were. But it also has a lot of evidential believability.

"Since there are so many examples in the world today of our governments hiding things from us, and seeming to have ulterior motives regarding power over the people, I'll side with the serious questioning of the 'facts' that we are given by the Establishment. I would far rather err on that side, than on the side of mindless acceptance of what I'm fed in the MSM. 'They' have an agenda. I'm not about to buy into it, just because I can't come up with all the details to substantiate my case of cynicism.

"Where there's smoke, there's fire. I'm not going to let the smoke that the PTB are blowing in my/our eyes keep me from keeping a damn close eye on what's beneath it, being hidden from view by it. Gunderson has legitimate concerns about what's going down in our day and age. I may not agree with every piece of 'evidence' that he cites for his case. But he's on the right track. Your case seems to boil down to the position that he "is not a good source of information". But who ELSE is trying to blow the whistle on horrendous things going down in our time? It takes extreme people to carry the torch. Most people seem content to watch the telly. Not good enough. We have far more responsibility than that - if we want to continue to have government of, by, and for the people."

'Terry the censor' questioned the position of one Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent) on chemtrails because he feels that Ted is a 'conspiracy theorist' who believes that satanic child abuse rituals, etc. have been going on. T the c feels there is no tangible evidence for such a charge. It reminded me of the same sort of denier activity leveled at the dangers of vaccines, and those trying to draw attention to those dangers, by many people on the internet - in the pay of the pharma industry or not. (There is evidence that some people are being paid by Big Pharma for the number of comments they put on website threads.) I recently called a science blogger to account for his position on vaccines, ie, that 'anti-vaxers' not only have holes in their heads but horns on them as well. There is so much evidence in that the whole truth about vaccines, ie the full extent of their side effects, is not getting out to the public at large, except via passionate parents who have been doing their homework, that when the 'pro-vaxers' snarl 'There is no evidence...Show me the evidence' they only mean from the mainstream medical journals. Which are paid for by the pharma industry; which have been proven to engage in falsifying their studies to make them look better, for all the money they have poured into those studies, in order to recoup their costs, and hopefully make a bundle besides. This is called 'a conflict of interest'. And when somebody tries to question the safety of vaccines, they are shot down by this crowd, either by (a) saying that the journal source of the study is "not credible", or (b) claiming the person behind it is "not credible". Hey - either the study is valid or it is not. Stop with this business of attacking the messenger. I'm getting tired of this crap.

Let me go on record right here and now, with my position on these sorts of matters.

* Money has been talking too loud. Too many people have been seduced by money - by the making of money, in the current system. Other people have been seduced by power. It's time for a change.

* Vaccines are causing a wide range of autoimmune and neurological disorders in their side effects, amounting, in some instances, to epidemical proportions. They need to be investigated thoroughly, for the true determination of their risks vs. benefits. Unfortunately, Big Pharma has gotten into bed with the government, and so the government oversight bodies are not doing their job properly, Their intended job, that is. That nexus must stop. It will stop.+ And speaking of the medical profession in its aspect of being part of the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex:

* The allopathic medical profession needs to be stopped from running the medical show, and a wider range of medical training and expertise be allowed to come into power. There's a whole world of medical treatments beyond its purview that are overdue.
Speaking of cancer alone: there's Laetrile, and the trophoblastic thesis of cancer; there's the microbe called cryptocides by Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler (& others); there's 'cancer as a fungus' by oncologist Dr.Simoncini; there's the antineoplaston treatment by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski; there's the awareness of the role of cachexia pioneered by the likes of Dr. Allan Spreen; the list goes on, of meaningful alternatives to the establishment's cancer-treating triad of cut-burn-poison. Which makes a lot of money for its practitioners. But no more. Because the profit is coming out of the treatment of cancer. It is coming out of it because we are going to get rid of the money system as it is. Which needs to get out of the way of progress, especially on the energy front. Which brings up

* The introduction of what are called free energy devices, ready to take over from the era of oil as an energy source in human civilization. We are on the verge of a major transformation of our civilization, because it's time to.

We can no longer afford to continue on the path we have been on, where human ingenuity and endeavour has been 'incentivized' by (interest-bearing) money in a time of scarcity. That scenario changes with the introduction of free energy - and the simultaneous understanding of the truth in the comment that we are 'spiritual beings have a human experience'; and thus the possibility, now, to change the age-old motivator of 'money' for the higher road: of giving of our best to one another, in goods and services and our human ingenuity, out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. The proof of that fact of 'life' all around us now, in our modern era of such as Near Death Experiences, and incontrovertible reports of Past Life Experiences (thus evidencing that there is Plan in and Purpose to the universe: that we are growing through our experiences).

Our communications technology, in harmony with our general scientific technology, allowing us now to create One World, dedicated in Service to our Source - our Source, with which, and in which, We are One.

One Consciousness; experiencing itself in incarnation, for further development.

My belief system, that answers many of the questions of life: If one believes that beneath the duality of phenomenal life (experiencing ourselves as separate beings), we are all One, then we are all God. And even within the duality of phenomenal life, we are, at the very least, all the 'children' - the divine sparks - of The Most High. So - what's the problem?

The problem, on this lovely planet, is money; and how the thirst for its accumulation has separated us from each other. And now, how its release will unite us, in common cause:

our further exploration into God; into our Godness.

We have work to do. Major work. Let's be about it. Stat. Before the collapse of the old gets too in the way of the establishment of the new, and that new era is difficult to see, in the ruins.

P.S. There may seem to be a disconnect in all this. Which goes something like this: 'If people are so evil, why would you even think that there is 'a God' - that there is good behind this vale of tears? Why not just accept things the way things are, and stop trying to 'fix' things that can't be fixed?' The argument falls, because of the very fact that there is a point to the exercise.
Which is for us to discover what happens when we lose sight of the point. That, as said in the Christian tradition: 'Without a vision, the people perish.' That - to continue in the same tradition - Man cannot live by bread alone. And once he discovers that, by personal experience, he can return home, the wiser for the experience.

And the Father rejoices in that return, of the Prodigal Son.

Us. Here. Now. Returning. Home. The wiser - hopefully - for the experience.

Hopefully: Or we'll just have to go through it all again. And again. And again. Until we get it right.

I don't know abut you, but I want to get it right, here.


+ It also needs to stop because vaccines are a favourite tool of the PTB for people control. They have already been used to vector into the child-bearing-age female cohort of developing countries an anti-fertility agent; they have also been used to make us sicker with chronic illnesses and diseases from their ingredients, which then the pharma industry has come up with drugs to treat. And everybody's happy! - except the people.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Monetizing the Debt

So the Federal Reserve is buying billions of the U.S. government's debt.

Merely by printing more money.

Creating more debt in the process.

The only real possible result of this process?

The collapse of America.

And the declaration of Martial Law. And the establishment of a global currency. And the accomplishment thereby of the corporate New World Order, long lusted after by the Powers That Be.

- but wait.

Maybe what will really happen is...

...the collapse, rather, of the United States of America.

The corporation.

And America - the People - will be able to come out from under that shadow.

And light the way into a new day; dawning.

If so...

Do your damnedest, you lusters after power.

God will not be mocked.

And moves in mysterious ways, sometimes

His wonders to perform.

Which will see the end of your debt-based money charade anyway.

You can come and join in the new, if you want.

Your choice.

If not:

Buy buy.

Friday, 7 January 2011

America's Revival, and Through That Doorway, the World's

Before we get any further lost in the forest of our making on this planet, I feel drawn to state the way out. Or at least, a way out. And it has to do with the quality of Service. And within that context, the higher of two paths. The lower path can be categorized as Service to Self. The higher path can be categorized as Service to Others.

I was triggered into this specific thinking, and declaration, by an e-newsletter I received in the last day or so from my former home town, of Long Beach, in Southern California, where I grew up in the forties and fifties. That has been my 'home' for voting purposes - is my last basic real home in life (I have been just clearly passing through in others) - and recently, because of my appearance on the voting rolls, one of the/my hometown newspapers has been sending me online report summaries of current doings there. Since I don't live there anymore - have located, for the last few decades, in the north of Scotland (after nearly a decade as well Down Under, in Australia; becoming at 'home' on that continent as well) - I didn't find this particularly riveting, and, stretched in my available time anyway to keep an eye on all the subject areas that I am interested in, almost hit the 'unsubscribe' link; but chose, for whatever reason, to stay with it, and occasionally peruse what's going on in my main formative place. It was thus that I clicked the other day on a story of a Breakfast Day this weekend in a park in a particular part of the town (King Park, named after Martin Luther King Jr.; there was a sizeable Colored section in my day, in the area around the high school that I attended, and this park may have been referring to that area), whereby the sponsoring group is meaning to draw the community together, in order to help them get to know one another better. It sounded like a really nice idea - good for them (If it was, indeed, taking place in the Colored section of my experience and memory, with, by now, demographic changes, it could well use such an initiative) - and I found myself making a Comment to that effect, and signing it with my real name, as I was known then, and adding my bona fides; thusly:

Duane 'Stan' Stanfield
Poly High Class of '52
('Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve')

The latter was the motto emblazoned over the inner side (I think it was; maybe the outer) of the main entrance to my high school. I had liked it then, and I like it now. It summarizes perfectly, for me, the way I have tried to live my life. And after hitting the 'Send' button, I got thinking about it.

What have I really accomplished, in this way; the way of Service...

And, as happens, one thought led to another; and I got thinking about what it would be like to be invited back to my old hometown. And be asked questions about my life. And so forth. What I have been up to. And what I would like to be up to. And my reverie took me to a scenario that appeals to me. Which has to do with that motto, that was a background part - maybe even a subliminal part - of my upbringing. That scenario is the following:

I would like to lead a Walk on Washington, starting from that entrance - and exit - of my old high school, with a message for the man who has been named Barack Hussein Obama Jr. That message being the following:

"We the People call on you to identify yourself to us, with no more equivocation, that we can ascertain accurately your eligibility to hold the highest office in the land. And if it turns out that you are, in fact, ineligible for that office that you presently hold, that you relinquish it forthwith; make your case, and apologies, to The People; and repent of your sin, to them, the country, and your eternal soul. As for the higher Office; you have already been forgiven. But there needs be amends made on this level of existence. That the Country can move forward, in greater alignment with its divine purpose, of being 'a light unto the nations'."

And as we made our way east across the continent to Washington - gathering citizens along the way; including what are known as Oathkeepers, ie, members of the military, past and present, who have sworn an oath of loyalty to the Constitution, and mean it - I would explain in detail my vision for the process: that there would be a total cleaning out of the executive branch of government, and, as well, of the legislative branch - Congress; since Congress did not exercise its 'standing' to oversee properly his election to that office, was an accessory to the fact. (Yes, there has been an election since the one of 2008; but some of those members of Congress, from that specifically tainted body, are still there. The People deserve a total sweep of the broom.) The judicial branch of the federal government was complicit in the coverup, also, so it would need to undergo a cleansing as well. Elections to be held within a time certain. And those elections to be 'free and fair': no electronic machinery standing between the vote and the count. A true election, in other words. Which has been long overdue in the country; but that's another subject. And I would leave it to The People, if they wanted me to stand in the position of an Administrator, until the elections gave a true reading of their intentions, of whom they wished to help lead them, and the world, into the new era for mankind.

Because that's what we are really talking about, here. And what could be talked about in further detail 'on the road', as it were. On the lighted road to that highland.

Starting, ironically, from this Highland, in the north of Scotland. Where I dream, from my cave in the north, a dream of a better day for humanity.

Just waiting to be born.

Starting in the Spring - in the green month, and the golden month, of the year.

The colors, ironically, of my high school, and its sports teams.

How good, if we could give this dream a sporting chance.

The dream of more than just this graduate of a school where he imbibed of the nectar of the living plant of Service.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Caveat Emptor

And the disconnect continues, between what the public is told is going on in the world, and what is really going on.

Item. In the last couple of days, thousands of birds and fish have ben reported as mysteriously dying, all over the world. The internet has reports relating the phenomenon to the temporally simultaneous mysterious murder of a Pentagon adviser on poison gas releases in aerosol form. The public is told in the MSM that the cases were probably caused by weather factors, or loud noises, or let's-make-another-one-up-for-the-simpletons.

Item. This one a little closer to home, ie, regarding humans, only in a similarly fictionalized setting: the story-line of a major TV soap over the New Year in the UK had one of the leads having a baby that became a 'cot death' statistic. It caused quite a stir, with many viewers complaining in particular about how it was dealt with (the character substituted her dead baby for the live one of another mother, thus 'labeling' her as somewhat psychotic, and thus the story, in those viewers' view, being unfair to real cot death mothers). The social stir caused by this fictional event even triggered an op-ed piece in the country's main liberal newspaper, the Guardian, today (the 6th). Titled 'A pain that never fades', it was written by no less than the canon chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral. In commenting on his own family's experience with such a tragedy (his own mother), he remarked: "Yet it is also part of the terrible agony of cot death - or sudden infant death syndrome - that it comes entirely without explanation..." That is what we have been led to believe, Canon Fraser. A little investigation for oneself - rather than simply taking the word of the medical profession for these sorts of things ('No one knows the cause...') - will result in the knowledge that there are at least a couple of traceable causes. One is to the gases given off by cot mattresses that have been affected by such as urine (thus the value of the advice not to put one's baby to sleep on its tummy; without explanation for the reason). But perhaps the biggest cause is vaccines. Directly, in terms of the brain damage they can cause, or indirectly, in putting stress on the baby's system, and thus using up its vitamin C reserves - which may be depleted, or at least low. (Eg, due to nutritional deficiency; which was the main cause of SIDS amongst Australian aboriginal babies analyzed by Dr. Archie Kalokerinos; the subject reported on in his book 'Every Second Child'.) And thus the 'sudden death' is akin to the sudden death caused by scurvy. (Whereby, eg, previously healthy sailors on British ships would just of a moment drop dead; until a true medic researched the matter, and came up with the solution of such as limes for their extended period of times at sea. Ah. 'Limeys' - the nickname they got from the practice.)

What am I getting at here. I'm getting at the collusion of the western medical profession in the coverup regarding this matter, of cot deaths. (To the point even of letting innocent carers go to prison, in order to perpetuate the scam.) Their motive may be - have been - honourable: not to spook the public from letting their children be vaccinated. But if one of the side effects of vaccinations is cot deaths, Doctor...and if there are other serious side effects to the practice...which are also being covered up...do you think, Doctor, that this practice just might need to have another look taken at it? In order legitimately to weigh its benefits versus its risks??

No, appears to be the answer. Too much is at stake, here. Too many reputations, and second homes, and such.

Am I being too cynical? To continue:

Item. Specifically to the subject of western medical doctors, I'll insert a recent posting I made, on the comments thread to an article titled 'How Doctors Are Made' - about the controversy regarding foreign medical-school students getting positions in American hospitals - which I couldn't resist commenting on. On the site 'Before It's News', I remarked:

"Posted by Anonymous on 6 January 2011 00:09

"If these foreign-school students were REALLY smart, they would look into CAM [Complementary and Alternative Medicine]- including bio-energetic medicine - and get trained up for the future of medicine. Which I assure you is not more of the same, that has created a chronically sick society, dependent for life on drug therapy, because the allopathic school of medicine is in the business of pushing petrochemical-based pharmaceuticals. Health maintenance, not health preservation. The incentives are all wrong. These young people just starting out on their idealistic path (many of them; some of course are just in it for the money) should look to emulating the likes of Drs. Jonathan V. Wright, and Alan Spreen, and William C. Douglas, and Russell L. Blaylock, and on and on and on.

"Check out the Health Sciences Institute, and you'll see what I mean. There's your future. If only because we can't afford the allopathic future any longer; whereby the outcome is a variation on something that Lao-tsu observed 2500 years ago: in this case, that 'the more doctors and hospitals, the more illness and disease'. Think about it.

"I feel so strongly about this because I was almost one of them; on the western school of medicine path because I didn't know then how the world worked. A startling eye-opener, when it happens. Get a more wholistic training, kids. You - and we - will be glad you did."

And further on this subject, in particular of my anger towards the healing professions in the western world, and their gross dereliction of duty to their patients - in defiance of the moral instincts of the founding fathers of their professions - here's a copy of a letter I just wrote this evening to the Scottish paper I keep tabs on, regarding a letter to the editor printed therein today (the 6th, now the 7th):

"Dear Editor,

"Oh oh - here we go again. I refer to Struan Stevenson MEP's letter warning us that the industry vampire has risen once more in yet another attempt to fluoridate the Scottish water supply ("BDA's fluoridisation call must be resisted", Letters, January 6). Sooner or later enough of the Scottish public is going to become aware that this fluoridation business is just that - a business - and is going to bin it permanently, where it belongs.

"There is a growing body of evidence that fluoride does far more harm than good. One need only do a modicum of research to find the many websites and studies that blow the whistle on this scam. One of the most useful papers is '50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation' by Dr. Paul Connett (fluoridealert.org). And most recently, a study published by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health linked fluoride in water, at even lower levels than what the Environmental Protection Agency in that country considers safe, to lower IQ in children.

"The kind of fluoride that they add to water supplies is a toxic substance, from the scrubbing systems of the artificial fertilizer and aluminium industries, which accumulates in our bones and tissues throughout our lives. While all poisons have 'safe' levels, common sense dictates that it is impossible to monitor fluoride intake in individuals when it is in almost everything we eat and drink; plus the amount of water and food people ingest varies widely.

"A 2008 report prepared for the U.S. Congress by the Congressional Research Service concluded that the allowable amounts of fluoride should be lowered in order to prevent children from developing severe enamel fluorosis and reduce the lifetime accumulation of fluoride in bone which "is likely to put individuals at greater risk of bone fracture and possibly skeletal fluorosis". This finding has been ignored in that country, just as similar warnings are ignored in the UK, because of one reason: politics.

"As even the Centers for Disease Control in the U.S. has now acknowledged, any benefits potentially accruing from fluoride are topical. Let those who want it for their children buy fluoridated toothpaste - and caution them not to swallow it. This is poison, as even the toothpaste tubes sold in the U.S. have to identify.

"We should be using the Precautionary Principle in this, as in similar issues. Which says: If in doubt, leave it out. And especially don't force people to swallow it who don't want to. That's mass medication. It should by rights be outlawed - not pushed. But if the industries behind the stuff had to treat it before it went into the environment, as a toxic waste byproduct, that would cost them money. So with fluoridation, not only do they avoid that cost, they make money on the deal. Sweet. For them.

"Too bad about the side effects. But that's corporatism for you. Caveat emptor.

"Yours sincerely,"


What am I getting at in this blog. For one thing, I'm getting at the spirit behind its title: that we simply cannot trust the Powers That Be running the show in our day and age. They are just too corrupt, to be listened to. They are perverting the freedom they have been given, to be a force for good, or evil, as they choose. They have - by and large - chosen poorly. Have chosen to look after themselves first, and the devil take the hindmost. Have chosen, in a phrase, to follow the evolutionary path of Service to Self.

They will get their just rewards for their choices. It's called, in a word, karma.

But what of us? What of the Citizenry at large??

And this is what I am really getting at, here. To say:

Citizen, I beseech you. I urge you. I accuse you:

You are taking too long to get it.

Whose fault is that?

Well; to some extent, it's the fault of our not having a true 'free press'.

But that's not good enough of an answer.

When things start becoming as obvious as they are, in our day and age - that there is a huge disconnect between what is really going on in the world, and what is being reported on in our mainstream media -

the answer lies within.

The fault is yours.

And mine. For not doing enough, to try to break through the barrier, between fiction and reality. Within the matrix.

So I will own my role, as part of the problem.

Will you?

And will you join me in setting it right?

'It': the history of humanity on this lovely planet. Urging us to do better.

For its sake.

And ours.

And that of our Creator. Who gave us the opportunity, to get it right.

Or not.

The choice is ours.





As One.

Including those who have been playing their 'spoiler' part.

To, I must say, perfection.

Because they have gotten even me angry at them.

And I okayed this scenario.

So there am I, as well.

Dammit all to hell...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

...as we drag along the old

In the Comments thread of a blog a couple of days ago now by one Bob Livingston (of Personal Liberty Digest) on his depressed and depressing sense of the inevitable demise of the U.S. (the blog headed 'Farewell America'), a poster commented on that depressing state of America as including how the medical system is geared to having people be sick rather than being healthy. A response, by a female, defended the medical profession as, by and large, looking after our best interests. I have to dispute that take on the matter; not only from the historical record - as catalogued by such as James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H. in his '90s book 'Racketeering in Medicine: the Suppression of Alternatives' - but as current as recent articles in the daily papers.

Item. Article in the (Glasgow) Herald dated 22 December, titled 'Alarm after huge rise in the use of anti-depressants'; sub-head: 'More than one in 10 adults prescribed the drugs'. People, people. Chronic depression is a symptom, not a disease. It is caused by a number of nutritional/biochemical factors, that can be dealt with beautifully by a good naturopath/alternative medicine practitioner. Without drugs; which don't get to the causative level, just treat the symptom. With side effects. And an accompanying article was headed: 'Drug prescriptions for ADHD soar.' Of course.*

Item. Another article in The Herald; this one the next day, headed 'Experts condemn "natural" remedies'. Quote: "Alternative remedies can be dangerous for children and could even lead to death, experts warned in a report published today.
"Parents are sometimes misguided into thinking they are 'more natural', with fewer side-effects than conventional drugs..." - Misguided into thinking they have fewer side-effects than conventional drugs? The poor, misguided sheeple.
The article goes on in that vein, constantly reiterating the refrain, 'conventional medicine good, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) bad'. The article is, incidentally, associated with a worldwide push right at this time to inculcate that attitude, including the recent passage of food safety legislation in both the U.S. and Canada which is designed, in the small print, (a) to eliminate any health claims for foods, and (b) to drastically curtail the dosages (and in some cases, variety) of food supplements that the public will be allowed to purchase over the counter; the latter 'push' in alignment with an international 'harmonization' of such draconian limitations currently making its way through the EU, and being implemented into North American law by the fine-print back door. These our erstwhile keepers are nothing if not clever. And conspicuously in control of the MSM.

Item. Next, an item, in the self-same Herald, on 27 December headed 'Scientists make diabetes drug breakthrough'. It details the sort of work going on in universities in researching drugs for this condition, and similar conditions. Which the CAM sector already has treatments for, which get to the heart of the matter. Not the hip pocket of the matter.

But let me conclude this gentle diatribe with just one of many headlines recently on the current flu epidemic; this from the Guardian of 1 January; 'Hospitals put on high alert as flu patients take up critical care beds...Vulnerable people urged to have vaccination'. One of those categories, of "vulnerable people", is pregnant women. What the public is not being told is that many if not most of those flu vaccines have mercury in them (it's a preservative, used in multi-use vials). In the elderly, it is associated with increased cases of Alzheimer's; in pregnant women, it is associated with miscarriages, and is known to cross the placenta into the developing fetus. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man. And, quite possibly, others...

I'll get to that remark; but first, a generalization:

To those who say the western medical profession practitioners are just looking out for the best interests of the public, in, eg, warning people about/away from CAM, I ask: what do you say when it turns out that the western medical profession, in cozying up with the pharmaceutical industry, actively attempts to keep the public from 'treating themselves' by not allowing the public access to 'therapeutic' levels of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C only to be allowed up to, say, 60mg dosage (the amount of vitamin C in an average orange); and vitamin D dosage drastically curtailed; etc. etc.?

'They don't know the dangers of self-treating' say the allopaths.

And you are a pack of hypocrites, say I.

And I'll say more. As to this business of pushing vaccines:

What the public doesn't seem to know, or understand, is why does the body mount an immune-response reaction to various food proteins?, what could possibly cause that response, with the body recognizing a particular food protein as foreign, to be attacked? I've already given away the answer: because various food proteins, and their 'molecular mimics', are in vaccines. And so are substances that are in our own bodies; hence, autoimmune conditions.

The western medical profession is causing us to attack ourselves.

At some point - and speaking of 'recognition' - we are going to recognize that we have had people in charge of us who have not had our 'best interests' at heart, but theirs - theirs, as in the financial reward to them for it; but also, as in keeping us relatively weak and docile; controlled, in order for them to live off our emotions. Keep us in fear and anger and so forth (hatred, envy, greed, jealousy), in order to harvest such emotions for their biological systems. They ingest and thrive on negative energy.

'They' are called Reptilians. Lizards.** The ancient Chinese called them dragons. After the galaxy called Draco - Latin for Dragon - where they allegedly came from. (Where did that name come from? Draco? The galaxy doesn't look terribly like a dragon...It's named after the race of beings that came from there; ie, from within it.) And they interbred here, with the humanoids here, to some extent. (Ever hear of some human babies born with tails? That's not evolution speaking per se. That's 'creation' speaking. As in the form. But not the essence. The brain. But not the mind. The Mind behind the whole ball of wax. So to speak: the malleable form we are involved in...)

We need to start thinking outside of the box that we have been inhabiting. That we have been allowed to inhabit. Like a kept pet. Or rather, like cattle.

It's time to free ourselves, and rise to our higher destiny. For we are more than just the spawn of a race of Reptilians. We have another side to our nature.

And it is that side that will, now, see us through to Ascension.

Out of the age-old box, limiting our senses.*** And into the New, aborning.

P.S. As to that latter subject: My contribution to the Livingston thread - which went uncommented on - read as follows:

"The biggest Ponzi scheme there is is the western monetary system with its basis on money as debt. We need to eliminate that block to a wholistic, cooperative way of life, wherein and whereby we exchange goods and services with, and give of our best to, one another out of a higher motive than the 'profit' motive - out of the highest motive: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

"This will not come about in America - the wayshower unto the nations - through the two-party system as it stands. That system has been co-opted at its top by people drunk with power, and by the whiff thereof. The country will be saved by the likes of the Transpartisan Alliance, whereby both the 'right' and the 'left' can come together, and reason together. The Powers That Be are busily trying to install their New World Order, with a One World government designed to make the world safe for corporatism. That is a step up the historical socio-political ladder. It's time to co-opt that stage of thinking, for Spirit to flow through the process more clearly, and establish a kingdom on Earth the likes of which humanity has never seen, but has felt, dimly, at the edge of its consciousness, as a possibility.

"The time for that possibility has come.

"So come, let us reason together. And not to worry about the 'religious' thing. Spirit will whisper where it will. And that's how individuals will be able to tell the difference between that which is of God and that which is of Man.

"A critical mass. That is all that is needed, for humanity to move into the New. Just a nudge. Because we're right on the edge. Of going down. Or up.

"Which is it to be, Citizen?"


* Which brings up the allied subject of 'mental health'. Which is treated in the same way, by this learned profession. That is to say, is not treated, very well. As another article broached recently; this one an op-ed column in the (UK) Guardian of 8 December, by one Mark Davies, a former adviser to the Ministry of Justice and current director of communications for a mental health charity. The column, titled 'Care and punishment', was about the huge number of prisoners with mental health problems, and the "conundrum" over how to divert such people from the prison system. The answer? "Effective treatment." Well; of course. But we're never going to get to there from here.
It also brings up the glaring fact that many prisoners are illiterate, besides having 'mental health' problems. Why is that. People, people...their brains are not working well. Why? Ah. That is the question. Read on. But first, a word on the "alarm" raised by this practice; which was neatly put to rest by the Scottish Public Health Minister, who spread bromide on the subject thusly: "Where anti-depressants are being prescribed, it is in line with good clinical practice." Ah, yes. That good clinical practice we know so well...which is resulting in an epidemic of depression, and assorted related adverse societal conditions.

** Not 'Reptoid'. That term can best be referring to a Reptoid race that seems to be benevolent in nature; so there are at least two 'camps' of Reptilians.

*** And our average age. We have been programmed, with and by our DNA, to die off far sooner than our Keepers.
Or otherwise, we would challenge them for supremacy. And they can't have that. They are, after all, in charge.
But not for much longer.
Nor of our 'medical' system. Which has attracted that sort of being, that loves such power over people, as in practicing the sorcery of pharmaceuticals, and in such a cold-blooded way.