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The Final Battle

to a posting at '2012: What's the 'Real" Truth' - titled 'The Final Battle' - by Chris Hedges - posted 29 Dec.  I got 'smoked out' to make an additional comment to my earlier, a little more anodyne one...

(Chris is one of the plaintiffs in a suit brought against the federal government's NDAA provision incarcerating without trial or representation anyone that the government deems a 'terrorist', or 'risk'.  It is 'designed' to apply against members or 'supporters' of al-Qaeda, but its real intention is obvious: part of the federal government's multiples moves against its own citizens, to curtail their 'constitutional' rights - as part of a move to do away with the Constitution en toto, and enter into a New Era.  Not a bad idea, the latter.  Just not in the way that both the Left and the Right want to create one...)

    • kibitzer3 says:
      Thanks for the posting, Jean. This case needs to be followed. It is extremely important.
      And thanks to Chris Hedges et al for staying the course with it. This transcends political affiliations It is, simply and fundamentally, about our civil rights: Do we have them, or not.
      There can hardly be a more important question.
    • General post,
      The author states:
      “The fate of some of our most basic and important rights—ones enshrined in the Bill of Rights as well as the Fourth and Fifth amendments of the Constitution—will be decided in the next few months in the courts. If the courts fail us, a gulag state will be cemented into place.”
      And therein lies our problem. The Federal Constitution of the United States of America is what is known as, “A First Rule of Recognition.” Our founding fathers created it as a “source” that would definitively stipulate how all other “rules” would be identified. It is a distinct set of binding rules having been enacted in conformity with our national identity and our collective understanding of how the various notions of the “law” have evolved within the context of our understanding–our human consciousness. It codifies that collective perspective on “laws and customs of antiquity” such as the Ten Commandments, or our historical relationship with British Common and Admiralty Law. It defines the way we “look” at the governance of our society through the lens of our diversity, common morality, and the philosophical acumen of our ethos. As such, the Constitution is considered a “single rule of recognition” from which all other “secondary” rules and the laws that are spawned from them receive their legitimacy and their efficacy. [Content of this talking point was developed from the Book: "Taking Rights Seriously, by Ronald Dworkin, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1977]
      So, what we have here is an attempt on the part of a political buffoonery to circumnavigate and, therefore, abrogate a “Single Rule of Recognition” through the use of a law (the NDAA) that was developed under the auspices of a Secondary Rule of Recognition (the Patriot Act). The concept of the Child “conceiving” the Parent. This is bullshit. The U.S. Constitution cannot be abrogated by an feckless, uniformed, and ignorant act of Congress as the Existence of Congress is DEFINED by this First Rule of Recognition therefore, to abrogate it would, in effect, “dissolve” Congress. How stupid can they become? I submit that their tiny left-brain dominated minds will, in the future, exhibit even greater vacuity than that which they already have. And we’ll still elect them to office won’t we …
      Are any of you beginning to understand just how stupid our political leadership and legal mountebanks have become in the process of time?
      WHAT TO DO?
      Instead of creating a Petition for the President to Consider that demands the disclosure (by our infamous shadow government) of information regarding extra-terrestrial visitation or one that demands secession of participating states, why aren’t we creating a petition that demands strict adherence to the Federal Constitution as a precursor to good government? Why aren’t we engaged in a “letter-writing” campaign of “Biblical Proportions” that demand an accounting for an idiot Congress for attempting to construct a social paradigm that is NOT ALLOWED … does everyone understand this … IT IS NOT ALLOWED by the Federal Constitution?
      ANSWER: Because we’re not THINKING that way. We’re not in control because we THINK that THEY are in control and nothing is going to “Change” until we change the way we think.
      Uh, Love and Light,
      • kibitzer3 says:
        I hear you, SaS, agree with you, and sympathize with you. And if we were going to continue on a linear, historical, karmic timeline, this issue would need to be played out to a conclusion – say, conservatives pulling out of the Republican Party (which has failed, by and large, to represent them, in opting to represent welfare for the well-off and keep the masses quiet with payoffs) and starting their own party in a big way; pushing the Constitution ‘thing’ from there until the Democrat Party admits that they consider it a dead letter, and want to let Obama run the show from his perch as the unitary executive that Cheney & his NeoCon cohorts were trying to establish for THEIR frontman; the effluent hits the distributor – from that or any number of other reasons now coming to a head, like a monetary collapse – and the country verges on civil war, with the govt of the day already sitting on millions of rounds of ammo for DHS domestic use, and with 800 FEMA camps scattered throughout the 10 sectors that the feds have already put in place to be activated once they orchestrate a declaration of Martial Law by our Dear Leader. But I happen to think that it is the End of History, and the play is over, and we can shuck off our current roles, and get down to the REAL business at hand: that of Ascension, out of the 3D matrix that we have been incarcerated in for long enough.
        Which may be too harsh a word for it; for the opportunity we have had in it to learn lessons, and grow in consciousness, and prepare for just such an event as we are faced with now.
        Consider. The evidence is in of the reality of reincarnation; thus, of the fact that there is a Plan in and Purpose to ‘the universe’ – to life. And that We Are simply One Another; just playing, and exchanging, parts, in the drama that we have created here on planet Earth; now ready to leave the play-acting behind, and opt for the real thing. Because once we get – really get – that ‘they’ are ‘Us’, we can no longer pretend that we are separate from one another. And how long will you continue, e.g., to be gulled into going to war with ‘them’ once you realize that there is no ‘them’. That there is only Us. Sparks of divinity off the One Divine Source. Spiritual beings having a human experience. Brothers and sisters in dualistic physical incarnation; for, as I say, a Purpose. Which, I would say, is to make our way back to total Unity with the ineffable All That Is. The answer to all of which is Love. Not any further false separation into ‘us’ and ‘them’.
        And thus the ‘economic system’ of the (very near) future: such brothers and sisters sharing goods and services with one another – and giving of their best in the process – out of a higher motive than the age-old one of profit-making. Out of the highest motive that there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love. And just so do we do away with the harmful effects of the profit-motive era (drugs that warp our minds; terrible poverty in the shadow of plenty; etc. etc.), and allow the immediate introduction of such technology as free energy devices; and so forth and so on. A game changer. THE game changer; into the New Era. The Great Turning. The Golden Age. Whatever name one wants to fasten on it, give it, identify with.
        And which scenario precludes any such civil war as is pending at this time. And which also does away with the serious confrontation that is brewing over the Constitution. Because it got us here. If barely. But we made it.
        To our Next Steps.
        If we will, now, take them, into that different scenario as outlined above; away from the dark end to the story that we are facing, without this gift, this Opportunity to transcend our differences, and recognize our Oneness. As we go up in consciousness to a new level of reality; out of the deep darkness of 3D separation from our roots in the heavens.
        Relative separation, that is. God has always been with us. Willing us on. Loving us on. To where we have now come: a culmination point. The end of one ‘calendar’/record. And the beginning of another. Just on a higher level, is all. Said with a bit of a smile. (Hey – It’s to be celebrated!)
        Oh – and yes; there is also that Disclosure thing; our galactic neighbors, just waiting to welcome us into the club……once we have put our war-making tendencies behind us.


(If I add anything more to this thread, it will be along the lines of pointing out how we now have an update of the Golden Rule that we can live our lives by; to wlt:

'As you do unto others, so do you unto yourself - literally.  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.'

And also, how in 5D we move beyond such things as physical travel energy, in simply using our minds to go where we think to go (teleportation); and move beyond such things as working 'for a living,' with the ability therein to simply replicate anything we might want; like food, if we haven't released that habit, in no longer needing that gross, 3D level of energy production.  And.  And.  And......

Get ready, folks.  As I say: It's a game changer.)

Saturday, 29 December 2012

All. Or Nothing

One World Rising: 'Moneyless Manifesto' - video ab. Mark Boyle's book of the same name -  Dec. 29   (He emphasizes a localized, gift-based economy)
'Have a look at this while we search for ways to make change.' - blog owner VisionKeeper.

kibitzer3 says:
Yes. Getting there. And Charles Eisenstein’s ideas on ‘Spiritual Economics’ – money treated as a gift. And Michael Tellinger’s working with the principle of Ubuntu in South Africa. And Jacque Fresco/thevenusproject; and Peter Joseph’s thezeitgeistmovement. And. And…
And the key to it all, to my mind, is the understanding that We Are All One. Is the reality of reincarnation. Without which understanding (aka We Are One Another), we will continue still to see ourselves as separate beings, with no real reason for being, other than simply for itself only; and thus, what I do to others (and Gaia) makes no difference to me. Unless, of course, I can con them into supporting me, in my personal pursuit of some sort, at least, of happiness in life. Me. You. With no REAL connection between us…
I am saying that it is not enough for us simply to be looking at withdrawing our consumption habits from the system, or replacing oil with hemp, or a hundred other specific items of withdrawal of support from the Beast. The Beast itself must be slain – and replaced with Truth. The Truth about Life. (Ta-da!)  Yes; Mark Boyle’s ‘The Moneyless Manifesto’ is part of that. But only a part. If we don’t include the REASON for, not just another, more holistic take on social life, but for life itself, we are not getting there, or getting it; or going to enlist the mass of humanity in our Cause.
We do it – want it; a better way of doing things, of being – because the universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good. Without that piece to the picture, we are just spinning our wheels. Making sound and fury, signifying nothing. A tree falling in a forest with no ears. Or few.
This is fundamental to life, now. We need not to blow this Opportunity. Yes, the economic system has to collapse. But it has to collapse, in order for something better to replace it with. Not just more of the same, essentially; just dressed up differently.
Like us, in the parts we play, over and over again. Until we get – really get – what we’re doing; and don’t want to play at ‘life’ anymore. Want the real thing.
And won’t settle for anything less.
It’s all. Or nothing.


...and a reply:

Visionkeeper says:
Kib is on a roll today! Nobody is saying that what ideas are put forth here are the answer, just more parts of the puzzle and if you want to strike the heart of the dark ones dead, dry up their source of money! Their plan can’t work without us as slaves to supply the money. I have been pounding my keyboard for over a year now and my main reason in waking people up was to show them there is more to life, that they have purpose and life has meaning….I’m not following you on this Kib….Of course we are all craving truth but just how do you intend to get the truth out beyond what we all are doing, with the media in bed with this corrupt Govt? VK
...and my reply:

kibitzer3 says:
First of all, let me clarify: I in no way meant to put down all the good work that you have been doing “for over a year now”, in trying to show people that “there is more to life, that they have purpose and life has meaning”. Well done. I just get a little uneasy when some people SEEM to want to start charging off, doing this that ‘n the other, without putting first things first. People aren’t going to listen to somebody – you don’t get people’s attention – if all one does is propose a different monetary system. That just sounds like a communist, or a Luddite wanting to return to barter, or something similarly linear; 3D. When the answer is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right, but Up – and to convince people that there is where one is coming from, in calling for Change.
I am saying that until we humans start thinking of each other as Us/ourselves – and treating each other accordingly – we’ll never crack this nut. That’s the clincher. It’s conveyed in the update to the Golden Rule that I ‘employ’ often in my blogs and emails to ‘others’: ‘As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself – literally. For We Are All One. And All IS One.’ And then the dialogue proceeds from there. Not from a starting ‘line’ of something like ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if people were nicer to each other. Hey, I’ve got this great idea, of getting rid of capitalism. I mean, we really don’t NEED all these consumer goods. Think of what it’s doing to the environment…’ If you don’t give people a REAL reason for ‘being nice to each other,’ you’re just – as I said above – spinning your wheels.
I think what happened here was that I haven’t followed your blog for all that long, and have come in a chapter late, where most of your ‘family’ are already on the same page as you, and starting their ‘blue sky thinking’ from a spiritual premise to humanity’s need now – a REAL spiritual premise; not just a sort of secular humanistic, left-wing reaction to ‘those greedy Wall Street bankers’. I shouldn’t have been so quick to react, and judge where the dialogue that was starting was coming from. It was insensitive of me. Apologies.
Indeed: the matter at hand is waking people up. Not just to how bad things are, now.
But to what it’s all about, really; and how it is all about. I get frustrated sometimes, as to
how long it’s taking people TO wake up, to their full potential, and identify.


As my post on the WND site, that I reproduced on this site yesterday (actually, early this morning), indicates, I have started coming out in earnest, now.  I wish to establish that I am ready and willing to lead the charge into the New Era for all Humankind, by leading The People of America in a march on their/our nation's capital, to a) convince the Usurper to leave the (thus-dishonored) office of the presidency; b) dissolve the sitting Congress, for having been a party to that crime; and c) to have America lead the world into its New Era; before calamity sets in, and we in this country, and inevitably in the world proper, falter at the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven - to say, more accurately, to the higher realms.  And have to start the laborious process of the unfolding of consciousness all bloody over again - and 'bloody' as in figuratively and literally.

It is too much to bear in the thinking, let alone the doing. 

So: where are we.

We are on the cusp of either major breakdown or major breakthrough.  I am an advocate of the latter.  So, I am outing, and offering, myself.  And when I say that, what do I mean, and who do I mean??  

I mean only to identify myself as an incarnates soul who feels drawn to the role of helping, in a major way, America fulfill her destiny.  Her grander destiny, as 'a shining city on a hill'. Not as a failed state, as political dissension tears her apart; in civil turmoil, leading inexorably - and quickly - to outright civil war.  Very soon, now.

Modesty has prevented me from saying much to the subject until now.  That, and my sense that it wasn't quite the time for my 'coming out' in earnest.1  But "Affairs are now soul size," as the playwright said; and it is now clearly time to start making the case for a positive outcome from the scenario that is beginning to present itself, in more graphic, and lurid, details.

I speak of such facts as how the current federal government has bought, and readied for use, an overwhelming amount of ammunition, and prepared other war materiel, to be used domestically - against its own citizens.  The 'cover' (besides 'natural catastrophies'; which disappeared some time ago as the reason for FEMA) is the idea of an economic collapse, and consequent unrest in the populace.  The reality is that that sort of crisis has been planned; not just planned for.2  Make no mistake: all the pieces are in place for a lockdown of the American people - for the rationale for a declaration of Martial Law, and the introduction of a police state, on a people just a little too 'brainwashed' about 'liberty', a little too enamored of their 'rights' to go quietly into the good night of 'what's best'.  The greatest good for the greatest number, its proponents hold.  Also known as collectivism.  Whereas 'individualists' hold that the individual has rights that are "unalienable".

Sod that, in the New World Order; where power grows out of the barrel of a gun.3

Well. We'll see about that.

Oh, not about the truth of that observation.  The presenting, physical-level truth of it.  But the larger truth, of what life is more truly all about - ah.  Now that's a different story.

Now to come into its power.

As People Power.

And help us see that 'they' are 'us'.  

Are only relative terms.  

To see - really get - that 'they' are 'us'.  And 'we' are 'they'.  Just not in this given moment of, and in, time.  

So, it's senseless to go to war with ourselves.  Our selves literally.

And I'm ready to go to Washington and make that stand.

Do my job there.

And then come back home.

I have a lot of reading to get back to, when I do.  I have just ordered a bunch of (interesting-sounding) books by Glenn Beck, e.g., that I haven't had a chance to get to yet.  And some other, older stuff is still waiting for me to get around to.4  Including a bio of James Madison, quote, "in his own words," e.g.  I never did understand much about the War of 1812.  It wasn't covered in my high school eleventh grade 'US&G' class.  That is, United States History & Government.  I'm not sure if they even still have that in high school these days.  It seems as though a lot of kids, and now grownups, don't have a very good grounding in that subject.  Or they wouldn't be so ready to throw it overboard, and sail the modern seas without understanding their legacy.  And the world's legacy, of a well-functioning, constitutional republic - government of, by, and for The People.  Not the powerful special interests.  Well; they crept in here, of course.  A they will. 

Though, no more.  That day is done; those days over, as we now sail a different sea, than we ever have heretofore.

At least, in our recorded history.

But that's a different story, from this short statement of mine, about where I'm coming from, and where I wish America to go from here; and where I see myself going from here, upon completion of my duty to my country, of birth, and heart.

As for the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

Who is a Liar and a Deceiver.

Is he 'the Anti-Christ'???

I don't know anything about that sort of thing.5  All I know is that those sorts of qualities do not mesh with, cannot exist in, anything that purports to be of the nature of a - let alone the - 'kingdom of Heaven'.  To say: of the higher realms.  Such qualities will not gain you access to, and positively will bar you from, the realms of higher consciousness (which Humanity is now being asked to reach for - and allowed to reach for - en toto; in an Act of Grace).  They are the realms of the higher qualities, like Joy, and Peace, and Harmony; and above all: Love.  So, the man who these days calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is not of, does not represent, those realms. He is, rather, part and parcel of the nature of the 'principalities and powers' of Deception.  

Not a quality to emulate.

It may get you far.  But no further.6  

And me?  Who am I; and can I be trusted??

Tune in to the question(s).  But if you are going to tune in properly, you need to try to clean out your pineal gland of calcification; of obstruction, between you and the higher realms.7  In order to do that, you need to clean in particular fluoride out of your system.  And in order to do that, you need to employ the likes of iodine; and of course, to stop imbibing it - in toothpaste, your tap water, and in all foodstuffs processed with water.8  Beyond those suggestions, I would recommend that you consult a good naturopath, or an M.D. of the caliber of the likes of Mike Adams, Joseph Mercola, Russell L. Blaylock, and Jonathan V. Wright.  

As for the question, it may help some to know that I called in 1961 for the elimination of money, as part of the next step for humanity; and walked my talk - literally, by walking (mostly) from the L.A. area to Washington D.C., to deliver my message to the president, and to whomsoever else there and along the way would care to listen.  So I have paid my dues, as it were.9  

But we all have work to do. Let's be about it.  The day is drawing closer when something is going to trigger the ball to drop.  And we need to beat it to the rock solid level of our lives.  As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.   

Now about to experience Ascension, to another, higher level of consciousness.    

Why am I so hopeful, given the power of these terrestrial forces over humanity??

Because they can't hold a candle to the Light of the Creator. 

Indeed: have their power - their very being - only by 'the grace of God'.   And they know it.  And are, deep down, resentful of it.  

Choose your quality, to live your life by:

Spite.  Or Truth.

Your choice.

As always.

In this Creation, at least.      

If you want to create your own Creation:

Learn how.

Which starts by releasing the lower qualities, and emotions.

Like, say: 

Untruth.  And Deception.   



1) And also, G. Washington didn't seek out the leadership of the Revolutionary Army.  He was sought out - and my thinking that there would be a similar process at work, here.  (More on that subject - of inspiration/intuition - in a moment.)  However: here we are.    

2) Do I really need to go into all those sorts of details?  Of how TPTB set up events, to further their cause, of takeover, and people control??  I'm sure that I don't.  It is all just too, too obvious, by and in our day and age.  The British and French sent to war with one another for financial gain; the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor, bringing on the Spanish-American War for similar purposes; the torpedoing of the Lusitania, to get the U.S. into what became WWI, and the (orchestrated) attack on Pearl Harbor, to get the U.S. into what became WWII; the declaration of South Korea being 'outside of (the U.S.'s) sphere of influence,' thus enticing the Red Chinese to back the North Koreans in what became the Korean, er, Police Action; the Gulf of Tonkin phantom 'incident'  that set up the Vietnam morass; and, crowningly, 9/11, that set up that whole appalling chain of events.  Appalling, to the average citizen.  Wonderful, to the perpetraitors…   

3) And the 'gun' of government.  
     Liberals don't believe in individual rights.  Only group rights.  And those come from the power of government over people.  Also known as despotism.
     How demeaning it must be, to be looked on as a category, rather than as a person...
     As for the subject of guns; which is a vital part of this whole scenario on the books of takeover (or attempted takeover, at least):
     One of my home state senators, Dianne Feinstein (whom, incidentally, I knew at university as a very sensible person; and destined for such as thing as she has created for herself.  High public office, that is to say; and to say no more to that subject), is going to introduce legislation in early January to prohibit a lot to do with 'assault weapons' (a misnomer; but the idea is there, of automatic - or semi-automatic - weapons available to the public).  She is sick and tired of all of the public shootings.  Aren't we all.  But as I said (somewhat paraphrased; I didn't keep a copy of it) in an email to her, upon hearing of her intentions: "Unless the federal government will stop causing The People to be legitimately concerned about their liberties - in spying on all our electronic and other communications without probable cause; in keeping tabs on us via vehicle and facial ID; in keeping us from access to foodstuffs outside of the control of the state; in causing drones to be flying all over a WHAT??!! country - you are barking up the wrong tree in this matter.  It's a matter of priorities.  Get your priorities right, and things will fall into place better, from there."
     Of course, it would appear, the Democrats indeed are getting their priorities right...
     - and the Republicans (at least the Establishment Republicans) right with them.
     Oh how money talks.  And ideology whispers in one's ear...  

4)  I should have in my place one of those plates identifying itself as A Round To-it.  It's the story of my life  I have gone through I don't know how many personal libraries in my life, and then jettisoned them when it was time to move on, including some books that I hadn't gotten 'around to it' yet; bought for their availability when I did.  Ever.  If.

5) All I know about that general area, i.e., about Christianity, is that there is something decidedly wrong with the New Testament.  It is not true to historical fact.  There is considerable evidence to that effect.  
     In the '50s there were some German scholars  who were into Bible exegesis, and in particular the New Testament, who made a compelling case for another story.  At least it was compelling to me; who had just dropped out of university - after 'a spiritual experience' - to go searching in earnest for capital-t Truth.  My quest led me to the New York City Public Library, and a year of haunting its main Reading Room, reading all I could get my hands on regarding things of a, roughly, spiritual nature: all of the 'holy books' of the various religions; Madame Blavatsky & Annie Besant; William James's 'Varieties of Religious Experience'; Edgar Cayce; Spiritualism; Ouspensky, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff; ESP, UFOs - you name it, I probably read it.  Of the time, and through the succeeding years.  And fortunately, the research into such things as the origin(s) of Christianity has developed considerably; to the point where any halfway serious seeker of truth will have to come to the same conclusion that I have, and these researchers have: that we have been sold a bill of goods on the matter.
     Which brings me back around to Obama, and his bona fides.  Or to say, the lack thereof… 

6)  All depending, of course, on how many friends one has 'in high places'.  As, e.g., with Obama's liberal cohorts in Hollywood; to come up with the likes of the film on Lincoln, and thus set up, in the public's mind, Obama's own putsch for power, in first suspending, and then eliminating, the U.S. Constitution - the key block to the road to power of the forces on both the Left AND the Right who want to establish each their own versions of a New World Order.  
     Contrary to what 'they' will tell you: Neither is better, or worse, than the other.  The fascist version - with 'their' penchant for war - will just kill you faster, is all.
     But the socialist/collectivist version will kill your spirit.  And that could well be the worse death, than outright physical departure from this vale of tears.
     Now about to experience another outcome, than these dystopian versions of potential timelines.  Another: because enough souls rose to the occasion.
     Join the - right - crowd.
     While you still can.  And not be cooped up in a FEMA camp.  For as long as your Keepers want to bother.

7)  Your pineal gland is like a glorified eye/sensory device; antenna.  In truth: the Third Eye of ancient lore.

8) This business about Fluoridation/fluoride, and its people-control properties, is a long story.  Do your homework.  You will be glad that you did.
     And so will we all.
     (A Google search should do you, in this.  Although I have heard that Google has gone over to the dark side.  I hope not.  They have provided humanity with an excellent service.  Here's hoping they will stay true to their calling.)

9) The collapse of the world's monetary system actually being part of the solution, rather than being simply part of the action; on the cards just to set up the moves towards a dictatorial NWO, from either the Left OR the Right.  



'Is It Time...

To Consider Civil Disobedience?' - wnd - Joseph Farah  - Dec. 28

Red Patriott 5 hours ago

  • Whatever line is drawn will have to literally affect a vast majority in order to draw out the conflict shy patriots and those who would whole heartedly back up a modern day George Washington...that is whom we need..A valiant modern day George Washington to lead the rebellion against modern day tyranny....Come on...someone make "the stand"....

  • avatar.php.png

  • kibitzer3  (Red Patriott a few seconds ago)

  • I'm ready to "make 'the stand'". Been ready, and waiting, for an indication that The People were ready to do what it will take. Not to go back. But forward.

  • Be aware of what you ask for. You want out of the current move by both the Left AND the Right for a New World Order to their separate extremist liking; with many of the same totalitarian features, just a different gang of despots running the globalized show?? Look neither TO the Left nor to the Right. But Up.

  • Consider, that it is the End of History. Signaled in particular by 1) the imminent collapse of the monetary system that has now gone global; and 2) the fact that in our day, there is overwhelming evidence of the truth of reincarnation. That We Are (and have been) One Another, just playing, and exchanging, parts; obviously as part of a Plan. Easily assumed to be a Plan of lesson-learning, and consciousness-raising; as part of a Purpose. Easily assumed to be the Purpose of returning to full Unity with our mutual Creator, after our soul-developing sojourn in the lower realms of reality; specifically in this 3rd-dimensional realm of duality and polarity and relative separation from each other and the Godhead, for, as I say, that Purpose. And now it is time to move 'up', i.e. in consciousness, out of the level of the problem that we have created for ourselves - to solve. And we solve it by doing just that: moving up, into the higher levels of our making; of Joy and Peace and Harmony and, yes, Oneness. Back together again; as the sparks of divinity that we are, from our Source, the All That Is. Inheriting the kingdom that has been just awaiting us, to get here.

  • For, it's time. We have created a human society - a dysfunctional society - wherein we are acting as if there is no God; no wider reality. Thus we are, largely, cut off from our roots IN that wider reality. All we need to do is to start acting as if, in very fact, there IS indeed a God; by whatever name one wishes to identify the Source of our being. And thus we can, for example, give up money, and the profit motive (and all of the ills that have accrued therefrom). All we need to live with each other is to share goods and services - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive. Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love. 

  • Not to belabor the point, about what life will look like on the other side of the End of History. Just to propose that we get there now by filling Washington, D.C. to overflow - in a demonstration of loving, nonviolent civil disobedience - in an Assembly of We, the People, (1) calling on the Usurper (who is filled with the energy of a Liar and Deceiver) to vacate the (mostly honored; though not so much lately) office of the president of the United States (in doing so, confessing to his crime, apologizing for it, and asking The People for their forgiveness for it); (2) dissolving the Congress, for being accessories to and after the fact of that crime against the Constitution and thus the rule of law in the nation; and (3) appointing an Officer OF The People, to clean out the executive branch of government of all the illegal and deceitful activity that has been going on there; thus to prepare the nation for its next steps, in leading the world into ITS next steps, on the spiral stairway to the heavens. Out of the dense, 3D arena (the stage of our ongoing play) that we have been in long enough - for our seasoning; now ready to be Souls For All Seasons, in our next stage of spiritual maturity. 

  • This being what I happen to think it will (and should) take for Humanity to get out of the historical (and karmic) predicament it finds itself in, at this propitious, and crowning, moment IN its history. And thus in particular to keep America out of the internal violence of karmic confrontation that it is heading for, as we speak.

  • And then at some point, I will return to my retirement in southern California, and enjoy watching the REAL New Order of the Ages unfold its wings from there. 

  • All this, since you asked, Red Patriott...


Thursday, 27 December 2012

I'm Waiting, America

As the days go by, the evidence of a planned lockdown of and in America mounts, turning it definably, unmistakably into a police state, with the federal government assuming dictatorial controls over the public.  At the same time, many citizens, and people around the world, are waiting, and hoping, for a major spiritual event, signaling the transformation of 3rd dimensional life on Earth into a higher state/level of consciousness, whereby Humanity moves into an ascended state known historically as a Golden Age; or 'The New Age'; or 'The Grand Turning'; or 'The Shift' - various names having been given to a New Era for life on an ascended Earth - Gaia, a living entity in her own right, going through her own transformational experience.

I can't speak for Gaia.  But I think I know why Homo sapiens isn't there yet.  It's because we have some unfinished business still to attend to, before the process can continue to unfold.  And that 'unfinished business' is symbolized by the illegality - the constitutional ineligibility - of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama to hold the high and (mostly) honorable office of the presidency of the United States of America.  And as long as he continues, illegally, in that office, the whole process, of Humanity moving into a state of higher consciousness, cannot proceed - by definition.

I'm not going to go into all the details of that ineligibility here.  All of the key players in this drama know whereof I speak.  I am here just going to speak from my Higher Self (which is connected to that of everyone else; so tune in to get your confirmation of the legitimacy of this message) to the issue.  And say: The man is a liar.  He got his position originally on a lie.  I ask you, Citizen (of the U.S.; and of the world): Do you really think to follow a Liar into the sunlit day of a New Earth??  Do you really think that that is where you would end up, doing so???

Or would you, rather more likely, end up in a prison.

A prison as well of your own making.

Wherein we are headed, as we speak.

"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide."  True words from the silver-tongued mouth of this inveterate Liar, and Deceiver.

This man is the block to this whole process, of the next steps for Humanity.  He has to go, for the process to continue its unfoldment.  Meaning, The People have to learn, and practice, discernment, in order to be able to take their next spiritual steps.

And the use here of the word 'discernment' brings up, obliquely but fittingly, the issue of, in a word,  'discrimination'.  I have heard (and seen on the Internet) the argument that The People of America are ignoring the issue of the Emperor's new clothes because of the racial factor - that Obama has not been called on his ineligibility properly, and sufficiently, because people don't want to be labeled as 'racist' if they make an issue of it - or be responsible for setting off 'race riots' in the country, if they attempt, like the little boy of the New Clothes fable, to speak the truth of the matter.  Let me clarify where I am coming from in this whole matter, to put that issue to rest, once and for all.

I'm sure that for some citizens there is a racial factor at work here, that can 'color', so to speak, their response to this interloper's purloining of the American presidency.  However, I happen to be a believer that We Are All One.  That beneath all the 3D differences we experience in our multiple trips through the realm of duality and polarity, and relative separateness, in 3D life* - learning lessons, gaining insights; now as a prince, now as a pauper; now male, now female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another - we are all the same: sparks of divinity off the One Holy Source.

So please, away with your attempts to play the race card in this matter.  Race has nothing to do with this.  Truth has everything to do with this.

And the Truth is - to my way of thinking - that there will be no significant action on the Ascension 'front' as long as the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is occupying the office of the president of the United States.  He is in the office illegally.  He is, then, a block to Spirit to sweep through, first of all, this 'shining city on a hill' - America, and all of her citizens - and then all of Humanity.  Is a representative of all that is dark and sinuous in the heart of Man.

But the onus is not all, or even mainly, on him.  He is, in truth, a bit of a scapegoat.  I am waiting for the American people to set this major Wrong, Right.  To bring it to a head, where it can be dealt with, in the cleansing light of day.  And for the man who calls himself what he does these days to confess to his dishonesty regarding this matter, to apologize to the American people for deceiving them and misleading them so, and to ask them for their forgiveness, as he vacates the office that he, and his shadowy cohorts in crime - including in the Republican Party - have usurped, thereby laying waste to the Constitution of the United States, and opening the door boldly to the threatening police state on the nantion's near horizon.

Other aspects of the trashing of the Constitution over relatively recent years have contributed to this moment.  But none so much as the deliberate defilement of the constitutional qualification for the candidate for the office of the Presidency of the Nation to be a, quote, 'natural born citizen'.  Not just a citizen.  But one with no dual allegiances of loyalties - one, that is to say, born of two U.S. citizen parents.

There is also a matter of where one is born which figures into the definition; but not as definably as the one of what is called in legalese jus sanguinis - that is, born of the blood.  (The other part of the definition is called jus soli - that is, born of the soil.  Or equivalent thereof; as amended over the years.  But a person can be a born citizen 'of the soil' but not be a natural born citizen, by virtue of his parental factor.  As with Obama.)

It is not my job or desire to go into all those details here.  I am here simply stating that it is my sense that     America, and the world, are being held up from their rightful 'birthright' - as emanations from our mutual Divine Source - to progress now to our next level of the school of Creation that we are in; on our way back to full Unity with our One Divine Source.  Having survived the trip through the lower grades of the school.  And deserving of a better fate, than a timeline that drags us back down into the morass of low-consciousness, that we have now the major Opportunity to escape from.

If we so choose.

So: Over to you, America.  The whole world waits on your decision in this weighty matter.   Which will not - I repeat: not - go away.  No matter how much you might wish it to.

Did you think that this whole '3D life' thing was going to be a stroll through the park???...You need to chance big to win big.

Your big - and I mean, BIG - prize awaits you.

Claim it.


Tempus fugit.

And waits for no man, limitlessly.

Not even the de facto president of the greatest nation on the present Earth.



* the 'issue' of reincarnation is another subject.  Just to say here, to it, that the evidence for it, in our day, is overwhelming.  If you don't believe in it, you just haven't been doing your homework; have been living 3D life oblivious to your real lessons.
     If you don't know about these things: it's time you got with the program.  Otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels; locked in the illusion.  Start making some progress.  Now.
     You haven't been blessed with life - the experience of Creation - for nothing.
     See you - meet you - on the other side of your awakening.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Post-Christmas Message

At '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?': 'Ron Paul Slams NRA Plan Recommending Armed Officers in Schools' - Dec. 26, orig. posted Dec. 25

One Response to Ron Paul Slams NRA Plan Recommending Armed Officers In Schools
  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
  • kibitzer3 says:
    December 26, 2012 at 10:36 pm

  • Since it’s the people’s fears of their authoritarian-minded government – as down through history in other countries – that primarily drives their claim on heavy-duty rifles, giving the federal government more shooting power over the people and in local settings is really not the solution, [is] rather part of the problem. I’m with Ron Paul on this, for his, and this, reasons.1 Local police, with local control over them, yes. Federal marshals, thank you, no thanks. 

  • When the federal government gets out of the people-control business – everybody’s phone calls and emails and other electronic communications automatically monitored without a warrant/probable cause, RFID chips in all manner of personal items, vehicle and facial recognition capability used without proper regulation, drones flying everywhere over ‘the land of the WHAT???!!' – and The People can get back to trusting their government, rather than feeling hemmed in more and more into a police state (whatever happened to the presumption of innocence???), things will change for the better. Not before.

  • Oh – and yes; as Dr. Laibow points out:2 We’ve got to stop drugging our kids with mind-altering pharmaceuticals, and causing brain disorders from their vaccines; and then we will have less of this violent behavior in the society to have to contend with. An ounce of prevention, and all that good old advice. (‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ Remember that one, you other oldies???)

  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
  • kibitzer3 says:
    December 26, 2012 at 10:45 pm

  • P.S. And of course, the REAL answer is to move out of this 3D matrix we have been corralled in for long enough, and go up a notch in consciousness, to the 5D level of awareness, and interacting with our fellow souls on a mission: to leave the old illusory world behind, and get with the program. We have been ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ long enough. It’s time for Ascension, and the inheriting of more of our soulular birthright, as sparks of our One Divine Source. 

  • But just sayin’, above, in terms of the current state of affairs.

  • ---


           1 Ron Paul talked in particular about the violence the U.S. federal government is visiting on peoples around the world, and thus is in no position to talk about the violence going on in the U.S.'s city streets.

  • 2 this was in reference to another blog, posted on this site yesterday, with Dr Rima Laibow railing against these allopathic-medicine products, especially as related to kids with brain disorders, like Adam Lanza.)

P.S.  And just because it feels relevant here; this response in reply to a thread at the Tea Party Command Center e-newsletter site occasioned by a blog titled 'Former President George H.W. Bush In Intensive Care' - Dec. 26:

If this thread is anything to go by, a lot of Tea Partiers have a lot of catching up with history to engage in.
George H. W. is a self-tainted man.  He has been involved in a number of the great crimes of the century.  The criminals are not all on the other side of the political aisle.
Yes, wish the man health and recovery from his physical setback.  But do your homework.  If the Tea Party is to be a real force for change from the dark road that the nation is going down, and has been going down for long enough now, its adherents need to know whereof they speak.  Need to be that educated populace that the Founders spoke of, when they warned their posterity what republican government - government of, by, and for the people - would require OF The People.  In a word: Information.
Inform yourselves.  And then you will be a REAL force for change in the country, and the world.  Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels, for having no traction in Truth.     


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Christmas Message

I've had an interesting exchange with a friend from 'back home' (back at the spiritual  community where I lived for many years, before this year returning to my old home town, to live out my days; or whatever) in the last couple of days, that I would like to share with whomsoever finds their way to my blog site.  It's a brief summary of my belief system, about what's going on in the world, and where do we go from here.  A fitting wrap-up, I feel, to this year, of all years.

Dec. 24 (carrying over into the first minutes of the 25th) (and slightly edited)

[Salutation to my friend]

1) And thank you for posting the Tarpley video on your site.  You are doing a worthwhile service.

2) And for the 'U.S. Gun Law & The Coming Holocaust' article, w/ all of its valuable pieces.
As to the latter subject, and your concluding question.  A: No, and.

It's kind of complicated.  I'll try to make this brief.

Both 'public' sides of the supposed political aisle have ambitions, and plans, for a post-U.S. Constitution New World Order.  The Left's version -championed by such Marxist-socialist-type luminaries as George Soros, Maurice Strong,1 Noam Chomsky,2 and BHO3 - has the unions in a strong position of power; the Right's version - championed by such fascist-type luminaries as the Bush family, Big Banking and Big Business - has them running the show, and 'the people' as serfs.4  But both of them are just on a lower rung of the pyramid of power in the world today, with the likes of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers behind both sides.5  The one main thing that is standing in the way of them both is the Constitution; else they can't submerge the U.S. into a region of their NWO.  The tricky part is keeping the people pacified until they can spring their trap.  And yes, they don't just sit around, twiddling their thumbs, hoping that somehow 'events' will allow them to take away the people's guns.  As FDR said (and I paraphrase), 'If something happens politically, you can be sure it was planned'.  He should know.  He helped bring WWII into being, by setting up the Pearl Harbor attack.) 

The boys on the top of the pyramid know all this.  It's historical.  As David Icke calls it: action-reaction-solution.  Personally, I think of it along the lines of the Hegelian dialectic.  To make that story short: Here we are, with a NWO from the Left pending (BHO has all the pieces in place for a martial law-declaring takeover),6 as antithesis to the NWO thesis that had started to be put in place under Bush II.7  TPTB obviously think that they win either way.  But in actuality, both of these pieces are just lead-up to the breakthrough into Synthesis.  A NWO, alright; just not the one either of these camps think it is to be.  With 'history' - economics/the monetary system and such - now having gone global, we are ready for the crowning stage of Synthesis; not just another level, to generate an antithesis to it, and start the historical process going again.  

Enter the New Age.  Of some tarnished renown.  But still, the essence is good, and solid. 

I am, by way of saying, optimistic.  That we had to experience all that we have, to get here.  To 'get' the point: that we can't do it 'alone'.  To say: without acknowledging our roots in a greater reality than just the linear, 3D one, that we have been inhabiting, and stuck in, long enough.

It's time for something new.  The something new.  

Not so much post-U.S. Constitution; as post-money. 

But that's another story.

Sorry for burbling on.  But as I say: it's kind of complicated.  

My short answer to your question: I have hope that we will make it through to the positive outcome waiting for us on the other side of this current 'pass'.  Into a ring-pass-not.  To say: Only those who are ready for a higher-consciousness experience will make it. 

And those who aren't?

Ah.  Well.  Personally, I wouldn't want to be numbered amongst them.

Down that timeline, there be dragons.    




1 M. Strong - the guy behind the Rio Summit - has publicly said that he wants to see the industrial West - because of its environment-trashing, polluting side effects - demolished.  I'm not sure how he figures his union people are going to have much of a standard of living in his scenario.  Maybe they aren't supposed to.  Go, the spotted owl!  

2 Chomsky - who would not denounce Pol Pot, and his Year One agenda - is what is called an anarcho-syndicalist, i.e., roughly speaking, a believer in society being run by the unions.  He is in the tradition of the old 'Wobblies' - the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).     

3 There is evidence that these rogues in this gallery (& Michelle O nee Robinson, with her former law firm, & its history of 'dead peasant' life insurance claims) were involved in 9/11.  And is that ever a can of worms. The more you open it, the more wriggle out, into the light. 

4 The NeoCons - who backed Bush & Cheney - are a mixture of 'right' and 'left'.  A lot of Jews amongst them, they are 'conservative' only in the sense of wanting America to have strong military might - in order to back Israel, and its Khazarian leadership in their ambitions for hegemony in the Middle East.  (Did you know that the two blue lines in the Israeli flag represent the Nile on the one hand and the Tigris-Euphrates on the other??  Zionists indeed.) So to that extent, they also side with Big Business.  But socially, many of them are leftists. Stemming from the days of the Jews being a persecuted minority.  Boy, have they been waiting for their day... 

5 Classic for the Rothschilds, with how, e.g., they backed both sides of the England-France Waterloo to-do.  And how big banking families bankrolled both Lenin and later, Hitler; etc etc.  War is sweet.
     And speaking of 'both sides' being an illusion: That also goes for the 'Democrats' and the 'Republicans'.  The Republicans have been complicit in Obama's obtaining the U.S. presidency illegally.  If there were a true two-party system in the U.S., they would have questioned O's credentials (just as the Dems in Congress queried McCain's 'natural born citizen' bona fides in 2008.  And Obama's??  Nary a peep out of the Repub camp.  Nor since; even with a huge outpouring of astonishment and angst and anger at the grass roots level in the country. Obviously: the fix was, and has been, in at the top.  All the way to the judicial branch of government.  It is an outrage of monumental proportions.  Truly, the Constitution hangs by a thread.
     Which would seem to have been the point from the very beginning of the exercise.  The exercise, in a nation's takeover, by the tyrannically minded; with an agenda.  That agenda?
      World dominion.    

6 His minions want the socialist utopia of the state running people's lives to within an inch of them, complete with the likes of smart meters on their homes - to keep tabs on their energy usage, and to cut them off if they start exceeding their quota, or if they are obviously hiding an extra body or two in their home, not declared to the state - and most, and finally all, property belonging to the state (so the people won't have any reason to have guns to protect their property), and no growing food outside of the state's allotted allowance, because the state is committed to lowering the population so that we are living in harmony with the - expert-ly decided - carrying capacity of the planet; the list goes on.  (Heard of Agenda 21??) 

7 The fascist NWO's agenda is simpler: a nuclear (actually, neutron) war, to kill off most of humanity - i.e., the 'useless eaters' - and leave just enough serfs to operate Big Brother & Co.'s machinery.  Coming up from their underground bunkers after the Big Blow.  With people gone, but property still intact.  Sweet stuff, that radioactivity.
     Incidentally, this happened once before, in our human race's history.  In the Middle East too, come to that.  (Read Z. Sitchin.)  
     Plus ca change...      


[the email that kicked off my reply above]

> Subject: Re: [exo|human] Please moderate: "The Inevitabilty of the Coming Conflagration"
> From: 
> Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 
> To:
> Hi Stan,
> Thanks for your recent comments ;-)
> I trust you're keeping your head down over there. I think the TPTB are going to pull another Sandy Hook—but bigger!—to point the finger at the NRA and fun-loving US gun owners everywhere. The school shooting on its own just isn't going to be enough to overturn the Constitution… and they're kind of a hurry, it seems.
> "DEMAND A PLAN"  [video included]
> THE AWFUL TRUTH is that the officially-sponsored “Demand a Plan” initiative [reference to the video and a petition to the White House, by whomsoever behind it all] isn’t a popular knee-jerk response. The genuine gut-reaction to the horror of the Sandy Hook murders would simply be “Ban Guns!”
> Trouble is, if the authorities came right out with this blatantly anti-constitutional move immediately after such an atrocity, some people might see it as an insensitive cashing-in on people’s grief; might see it as just too convenient; might even begin to wonder if their government had something to do with it. “Demand a Plan” puts some distance between them and the event.
> I invite you, just for a moment, to imagine the unimaginable: imagine what it would portend for the American people, if their own government was behind the recent cold-bloodied [sic] slaughter of twenty small children. The next logical step is to consider the possibility that the event was staged as part of a strategy to overturn the Constitution and disarm all US citizens…
> If this is true, and they are really capable of these sort of monstrous, inhuman crimes, to further their political objectives, then what else are they capable of? And is the suggestion of another holocaust—this time for American [sic]—just another idle ‘conspiracy theory’?
> It's really happening.
> [signed]
> ---

[Below is my "recent comments" that triggered my friend's response.  It was comment to a video he had posted on his web site, of historian/political commentator Webster Tarpley giving an exposition of the past, present, and what he saw as the best future for the U.S. and humanity]

> On 24 Dec 2012, at 03:13, WordPress [had written]:
> > A new comment on the post "The Inevitabilty of the Coming Conflagration" is waiting for your approval
> >
> > 
> > Author : Stan 
> > URL :
> > 
> > Comment: 
> > I knew that Tarpley had an excellent eye on the past and the current, but I hadn't realized that he was such a futurist as well. Rather breathtaking in scope.
> > 
> > And if the world was to continue on a linear timeline, his could very well be the best way to go. However, he is still locked into the money system as it is; and the world should not continue to be so. The Vision - life - is larger than he realizes, or at least, is calculating. But still: Well done, Webster. If I were to be a 3D American president, I would hire you in a nano second.
> > 


And this subsequent exchange, on Christmas Day itself, wherein my friend, in a reply email to mine at the top of this thread, queried me about my feelings regarding the much-ballyhooed Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 end date (he is a fond 'follower' of Terence McKenna, who foresaw, years ago - through such 'devices' as the I Ching - a concluding timeline for humanity on this very same day of the Mayan Long Count calendar's completion; hence my reference herein to that thinker and researcher): 

[me - Dec. 25 afternoon, local time]

1) "I guess the knack with anything transcendental is to hang onto it and 'land' it.. (?)"

     A: Good advice.  Yes, I too was actively curious about the 2012 Dec. Solstice energy, due to such thinkers on the subject as McKenna; and my own inner 'inklings', that something monumental is up, in our time (line).  But for me, the key to the breakthrough into the higher realms (Yes, Virginia, there is an Up)1 hasn't been put into the lock/receptor site for it yet. That is, the awareness - to the degree of humanity really groking it fully - that We Are All One.  Once that awareness kicks in, everything changes, and lo, the New Era entereth.  Or to say, we entereth it.
     It has to do, to some degree, with that book that you, and all thinking humans, malign.  (Babies and bathwater come immediately to mind, at this point.)  Consider, the truth of reincarnation.  ("But the Bible - "  Stay with me a moment.)  'Now let me get this straight.  If we are all just playing, and exchanging, parts, in the 3D drama...that means... - hey.  We are, in fact, One Another.....And if that is so, then that means... - hey: We Are, on some level - on a higher level, than the physical stage stuff - One.  Of One - something.  Entity.  Beingness.  Some sort of shit like that.  And if that is so, then...whatever I do to someone else...I do to... - holy shit.  To myself.  And if so, then......'
     Then we ascend.
     Not before.
     We have to 'get it', first.
     The old Which came first routine.
     For that's how we enter the 5th dimension, of consciousness: by treating each other as ourselves.  Precisely as reflected in the admonition in the (much-maligned, and deservedly so) Bible, of the Golden Rule: for a Golden Age.  Although I word the concept, and relate to it, a little differently; a little more advanced, with the 'missing link' - of the reality of reincarnation - put in place.  To wit: 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself.'  Literally.  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.
     And that's how 'you' get rid of the likes of guns; and other separation thinking.

2) "So who's on first..?"2
     A: That's not the proper question.  The proper question is, What's on second.

And with that conundrum, I leave you to your Christmas-Day Night delights.3 

:-)  Stan



1 He had queried whether - from the lack of anything noticeably happening on the 21st - there really was, after all, an 'up' ("if 'up' is still a direction these days…'").

2 It would take too long to explain this addition to his narrative.  It is part of his sense of humor.

3 My answer here is part of my sense of humor.  I could have said that "The proper question is, Which came first", to follow on from my comment above it in the narrative itself.  But I wanted to allude to the idea that one thing has taken place (the timeline thing), but it's 'What's on second' - i.e., next (the consciousness thing) - that is the key.
     It's a taste thing.  You either have it or you don't.


And a Happy New Year, one and all.

And a meaningful, insightful, groking one as well.

To help us get this show on the road, man.  Because

it's time.