Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Obama & the rule of law

'If the truth be known...'

People at my community ask me, as an American, what do I think of Obama.

Besides the obvious, of a man who commands a lot of respect, and has an element of charisma about him, I think that he needs to authorize release of his original, vault-copy birth certificate, AND of his college application records, in order to clarify his legality to run for and be the president of the United States, with its constitutionally-clear requirements.

It is rather ironic that someone who ran in large part on the plank of a return to the rule of law should not observe either the letter or spirit of the law, in intending to redress the grievances of the era of the wartime presidency of George W Bush, and his basic declaration, like the likes of Hitler before him, that 'I am the law'. It was a terribly dangerous precedent; and those laws that his administration guided through Congress during his tenure in the office that went too far, in curtailing basic civil liberties in the country, under the pretext of being at war, with an ill-defined and indefinitely-constituted enemy, need to be rolled back, in order for vandalism of the Constitution - from either the right or the left - not to take place in their wake. Not to be able to take place, by people who would be tyrants.

Well, have I got news for them: Not over my home country you won't. If I have anything to say about it. And millions like me, who will not let you take over the U.S., like it was some up-for-grabs banana republic; or the Roman Republic before it, in history. Which brings up the particularly pertinent point, that either we learn from history, or we are doomed to repeat it. So it's lesson time in America. The main lesson being the importance of living by the rule of law.

Which brings us back to Barack Obama, and his legitimacy to hold the highest office in the land, or the lack thereof.

We are waiting to hear from him on the matter. This seemingly little matter, to some. But therein lies a major tale. Which we need to hear more of; and have less of smoke and mirrors.

Can we get to the truth of matters? Yes we can. And must. Nothing less will suffice, now that human affairs are 'soul size' - are at critical mass, for the next chapter in our history on this planet to be ushered in. For good or ill.

For comment on which, see my blog of yesterday. To which this one is a natural sequel. Testifying to the important role of America in human history, in sounding the basic note that the world will live by: Truth. Or consequences.

I for one would prefer to live by the consequences of truth. Not its opposite.

So: which road will we take. The high one. Or the low one.

The world - and our posterity - waits for our answer.

We. Here. Now.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Global spiritualized society

'If the truth be known...'

...it would appear to be getting closer to the opportunity for meaningful action regarding the future on this planet - that is to say, the positive alternative to a disastrous one; the latter of which is still possible, free will being what it is.

Item: The G20 confab last week in London, and the clear call emanating from its deliberations for a 'new world order'. Invoking the same old only with more regulation.

Not good enough, really. Things are still on the level of the problem, that way. A higher consciousness than the one that got us into this mess - more precisely, this turning point of Crisis/Opportunity - needs to be cultivated, now, and landed, meaningfully.

How to bring that about?

Well; it's already happening. And a couple of signs of that desired change were evident at this major meeting of world leaders.

One was the element of nonviolence in most of the demonstrations & demonstrators - 'the people' realizing that you can't effectively fight fire with fire. That tactic just creates an equal (or greater) and opposite reaction. And the other sign was a literal one, in front of the Bank of England, that said, simply: Abolish Money.

A sign of - and for - the times...

I won't go into that subject in detail, here. Just to say that the western monetary system - based on debt, and the concept of interest, and 'fractional reserve banking', and other exotic ways to create money electronically, ie to say, out of thin air - is only one way of conducting business between peoples. And not, really, the best way - the highest way - between peoples who are verging on a 'globalized economy', and way of thinking of themselves. To say: as all part of a larger whole.

Which has, now, come to pass.

Perhaps for ignoble purposes, in the means employed, and end desired. But then, God moves in mysterious ways...

And speaking of 'God', and that piece of this picture: I like what columnist Madeleine Bunting had to say in today's Guardian, about 'the New Atheists', and the 'post-religious society' that has incarnated in the UK, and to a lesser extent in the US. She was pointing out how the 'God Delusion' crowd don't really have the answer to society's next steps. And for good reason, say I. Because 'the religious society', and its generated antithesis, 'the atheistic society', are but psychic stepping stones to the next stage of social evolution here: the spiritual society. Which could be the true 'end of civilization'; but not necessarily. It could generate its own antithesis, say (carrying on in that Hegelian way of analysing such things). But in the meantime, it can carry us into our next step on this planet: a globalized society, recognizing the unity in our diversity - of races and cultures and religions and nationalities - of all being spiritual beings have a human experience, in a phrase.

So here we are: at a major crossroads, of humanity's time on this lovely planet. A time when we can go 'up'. Or fail to.

And by 'up', I mean, as well, to explore our universe. From a solid base on our home base. Having proven our ability to go exploring with maturity; the maturity of having learned to live together in love: the key to our better future. Each giving of our best, because the universe has purpose, and that purpose is Good.

One thing that will help us move into that psychic space will be to leave the training wheels of our various religions behind. But first things first: to catch a glimpse of that better future. And the current Crisis/Opportunity can help us do that. For on its other side is a beautiful landscape of Opportunity Gained; or an ignoble landscape of Opportunity Lost.

For example, we can now move out of an oil-based energy system, into the new, more rarified realm of magnets and 'free energy devices' and such; products of a more enlightened era, being more aware of the sea we swim in. And thus stop using up non-renewable resources - and stop having to continually 'grow' in order to keep the capitalist bicycle upright. With more work being taken over by technological progress; and so forth. Leaving us more time to develop our minds exponentially.

And only by reaching the highground of the former 'landscape' can we hope to incarnate the 'post-nuclear world' that Michael Tomasky referred to in HIS column in today's Guardian - interestingly, on the next page to Madeleine's; like a pair of book ends. With Peter Preston's column on 'parliamentary sleaze' (commenting on the extreme depth of anger in the citizenry over politicians with their snouts in the trough while the economy collapsed; as deep an anger as that towards those finance Masters of the Universe who cared only for their short-term gains, and in the process dumped the global society in the ditch), and Jackie Ashley's warning to both UK political parties ("The wind is rising, and the mob is assembling"), in between on this particular bookshelf.

As to other book shelves, containing responses to the positions of the likes of the 'New Atheists': I personally would refer them, not only to various of today's physicists, but to the extensive literature on the subject of the likes of Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) and Near Death Experiences (NDEs), for some hints as to the difference between the brain and the mind. (Can the brain's workings alone REALLY answer why a patient could know of conversations going on outside their operating room? Or see a pair of trainers outside on a nearby window sill??) Not to mention the extensive literature on the subject of reincarnation. And so forth.

My basic point: It is, now, time for a move up in consciousness on this planet, where we will be closer to touching the hem of the Divine - and that move up to take place globally, not just individually; ie, to take place systemically. For the human race to move out of its kindergarten stage, more fully into its majority.

Let's be about it.

Since we already are, anyway.


Braden, Gregg: The God Code

Bushby, Tony: The Bible Fraud; The Secret in the Bible; The Crucifixion of Truth