Tuesday, 30 April 2013

On Civil Rights, And Such Like

Hon. Lamar Smith
House Subcommittee on Immigration & Border Security
2409 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Dear Congressman Smith:
Attorney General Eric Holder recently made the claim that amnesty for illegal aliens is a "civil right."
There is no constitutional or legal basis for this claim and his statement is an insult to every American who participated in the actual Civil Rights movement.
Immigration to our country is a PRIVILEGE which is reserved for people who follow the legal process to come here.
Please don't fall for the rhetoric about amnesty for illegal aliens. This scheme that was hatched in the Senate will create millions of new Democrat Party voters, which will ensure a demographic shift in many states. We will not be able to elect conservatives to political office if this plan is passed.
Amnesty is not a civil right. Vote NO on the amnesty plan when it comes before your subcommittee!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Has The Nation Had Enough

I've had something strange happen to me that last couple of days on the Internet.  First to post this 'story' about yesterday/Sunday 4/28:

from obamaballotchallenge.com:  'Has the Nation Had Enough of "Obama"?' - George M - Apr. 28
(The blurb read: "So, what will it take for the American people to arrive at this point? [I.e., the point of the photo above it, which was of a giant eagle about to take out the (small) figure of Obama standing on a platform, talking by mike to a crowd of people.]  Don't we have more provocation than we did in 1776?  Why do we keep electing 'representatives' who won't act?  I acknowledge that 'we' is not necessarily our readers, but the American public.  Your thoughts?") 

I submitted a Comment that then disappeared totally: no message about 'awaiting moderation', as per usual at that site; nothing.  Very strange…
   I had said something like:

I am ready (have been for some time) for a march on Washington of The People, to dissolve the sitting Congress - for not doing their statutory duty regarding this sort of thing, i.e., the ineligibility of the person occupying the office of the presidency - and to send a message to the Usurper that they are staying there (in rotational duty to the Republic) until he a) confesses to his crime against the Constitution and its rule of law in the nation, b) apologizes to the American people for misleading them on the matter; and c) asks for their forgiveness, as he d) vacates the office voluntarily.

And we should extend to him our forgiveness.  For it is time for a New Era for all humanity, which functions on such qualities.  And I am NOT talking about the threatened New World Order of either the socialist Left OR the fascist Right.  I am talking about the Golden Age of long report; when we were, now are, to live by the principles of our highest Selves, in alignment with the desire for us of our mutual Creator.  No longer to wallow in the mud pit that we created here in this realm of duality by succumbing to the vices of such as anger and hate and greed and envy; rather, to live by the virtues of such as mentioned here: forgiveness.  Along with its fellow qualities, of the likes of love and joy and beauty; and Abundance.

Because it's time to.  Brought about by just such an Opportunity afforded us as the Usurper has given us: to rise to the occasion, and prove our true worth.  As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Now to go up a notch, in consciousness.               


And just to report: I tried again, with the above, approximate rerun of my first attempt - and the same thing happened.  It just disappeared.  And was not posted there hours later.

I notice that the common denominator with the very same thing happening at the other site the day before to one of my tentative contributions was that I mentioned 'fascist', and in the context of a 'New World Order'.


I report this, also in the context of  a radio interview I listened to yesterday (Sunday), of a 'whistleblower-activist 'named Stew Webb, who has been following the Illuminati 'thing' for years and been deeply involved in trying to 'out' certain aspects of it through the courts (with no success, but a lot of awareness gained in the process, of how deep the rot has reached), and shared with the listeners how he thinks something is going down on May 1st, whereby TPTB are going to try to declare Martial Law, and pull a banking scam like that pulled in Cyprus recently, whereby the banking system criminals try to use the public's money to bail them out of the holes that they have dug for themselves.  His 'intel' is that the government is divided within itself, where there are FBI agents, e.g., who will stand with the people, and some who are too involved in the crime syndicate scene that is the story of American federal government today to release it; and the same with the military, although - again, according to his inside intel - the majority of it will stand with The People, and therefore the Cabal will have to resort to secret weaponry - including robots, and HAARP - and 'foreign troops' to try to pull off their takeover.  This is all being occasioned by the crisis situation that has developed in the monetary/banking system.

Which needs to collapse; in order for The New to take its place on the world scene.*  But before that desirable New can take its place, there may well be some sad situations needing to play themselves out.  Karma, presumably, at work.  

Keep a steady, positive thought for The Light to win out, in this confrontation between the Light and the Dark.  It will.  But we need to demonstrate which side we are on, in this ultimate encounter - and energize the Light by our alignment with it, and thus help it manifest on our level; in our matrix.  

Until we leave our 3D prison behind.  And fly, like the eagles we, by nature - by our better natures - are.        



* The Cabal have their own new system in place to replace it.  But The Light has other plans for the 'afterworld'.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Time's Up

Yesterday I received in the mail, among all the other Contribution Request letters I receive daily, for various worthy causes, a request from the American Bible Society for a contribution to their project of helping them "share God's Word with our brave Service Members," by sending Bibles - "the gift of God's Word"  - to "America's best and bravest as they fight for their lives in some of the most dangerous regions on Earth".  ("We must do all that we can to reach our Troops with the truth of God's love!" the letter continues.)

It put me to mind of a What If scenario, based on a very current giveaway contest that I am involved in (estimated odds of winning: 1 in 310,000,000).  

The scene: The front door of an apartment, on a sunny day.  A group of three well-dressed individuals - the female amongst them holding a bouquet of flowers - with a TV cameraman and a photographer standing by.  The 'lead' man, whispering to the camera:

"We are at the door of our Grand Prize Winner, Mr. Duane Stanfield of Long Beach, California.  Any minute now, you're going to see - oh.  Here we go!"

The door opens, the flowers are handed over, the photographer takes some pictures of the beaming Award Committee and a somewhat bemused older gent, theTV cameraman continues recording it all, in a live feed.

"So," says the 'lead' man, "you have just won a million dollars a year for life.  What will you do with all that money, Mr. Stanfield?"

"I've not really given it much thought," says the elderly gent; going right on: "the odds and all.  I'm interested in free energy devices, what is called Zero Point Energy.  And so I'll give a hand in that field.  

"And I'm extremely interested in helping humanity wake up to its highest spiritual potential; so I'll see where I can put some of this 'energy' to best use in that regard."

"What might that look like, Mr. Stanfield?" asks the second man of the team; the first man glancing at him briefly, as if worrying about where that question might lead to, in possibly making their doorstep lottery-winner drama become a bit controversial.  Things you don't normally talk about in such situations are either politics or religion.  But the question has been put, he thinks; regretting that it's a live feed, that it can't be edited afterwards. 

"I'm not sure.  Helping to 'land' the truth of reincarnation, as part of the Plan of Life.  So that we wake up to the fact that underneath the roles we play at any given time around on the wheel of Rebirth, whereby We Are but One Another, we then finally 'get' that We Are All One."  The lead man of the team shoots a tentative look at the cameraman, but then puts back on his on-camera face, and listens for an opening, to move the conversation on.  Which it does, in its own good time; to say, in this instance, immediately: "Sparks, fractals, hologramatic points of view of our mutual Source; experiencing a degree of separation, in this realm of duality, in order to learn lessons.  To grow from our experiences.  In order to move on, on our spiritual paths.  And in order for our Source to grow from our insights, and wisdom-gathering, gained from out experiences in the realm of free will, as well."

"Very interesting, Mr. Stanfield," the lead man smoothly breaks in, with a smile to the camera, "but what will you do for yourself with this grand prize, this magnificent opportunity?  I'm sure our viewers would want to know." 

"I just said."

"…Yes; and well said.  But you must have some idea of a personal desire to fulfill as well.  Come on.  Dream for us a bit."  His smile is fixed.  The others take his lead; though the female is showing signs of unease.  (What is she supposed to be doing??)

"I can't really think of a 'personal' desire right at the moment.  Only some good use I can put the money to.  For example, I can think of some worthy political causes I can put some of it to."

"Do you want to tell us a little about that?" asks the second man of the team; adding, with a glance to his superior, "Not to get too…"

"Partisan?  Yes; I can say that I'm very interested in the Constitution and its rule of law for the nation.  And I would help to bring that awareness back into our consciousness.  Before we leave it behind."

"Beg pardon?  Leave…what behind?" asks the second man.  The feeling is that he is glad to have one of these doorstep conversations with sweepstake winners have some real substance to it.  They can sometimes get very artificial, very for-the-camera sweetness and light.  This one was taking on some real ight. 

"The whole notion of such things as constitutions.  They are like training wheels, for humanity to use, until it gets its act together, and reaches the point of spiritual evolution where it can leave its training wheels behind, and really take off.  The point where we are at, right now."

"…Ri-i-i-ght…" says the lead man, tentatively; uncertain as to how to move the scene on.

"Here.  And Now.  Which includes releasing the training wheels of money itself."

" - Well; until then, Mr. Stanfield," interjects the lead man; coming to the defense of his whole professional reason for being, "when we will all be millionaires, presumably, ha ha - "


" - you have been given a great prize, and I bet you're really happy about that…"


" - so. great; and so, this is the Award Committee, signing off, from having just awarded Mr. Duane Stanfield of Long Beach, California the princely sum - "

"The kingly sum," interjects his teammate; to which the female nods appreciatively.

" - the kingly sum, indeed, of one million dollars a month for the rest of his life.  - "

"You're going to regret that stipulation."


"That 'rest of your life' bit."

"…Why is that, if you don't mind my asking, Mr. Stanfield," the man furtively checking his notes for the older man's age.

"Because I don't plan on dying."

The man stands there, nonplussed.  His male partner looks intrigued and closely at the winner of their lottery.  The female partner looks as though she is trying to figure out what in heaven's name is going on, and is not sure if she wants to just stand there any longer.  Time to move on.

"And actually, neither do most of us."

"Because we are going to move on in a different way from the norm."

"Because we are going to ascend."

"Interesting.  Interesting," says the lead man, having gotten his tongue back, and wits about him.  "So, thank you, Mr. Stanfield, for this enlightening conversation.  - "

"That's the word for it, alright."

" - and so this is the Award Committee, signing off from the site of our latest Grand Prize Winner - "

"Which is all of us."

" - …and with that final word on the matter, we leave you, there at home, wondering…"

"What in heaven's name is going on."



Saturday, 27 April 2013

What's Sauce For The Goose...

As I continue to keep an eye on the passing scene, instead of just 'holding the vision' for that better world about to come into being, I get the occasional sigh coming up. Case in point:

from The Tea Party Economist: 'Internet Sales Tax Bill Will Pass in the Senate' - Gary North - Apr. 26
S. Wolfgram -  4 hours ago
Now I am confused, I heard the other day that this tax is not a sales tax but a tax on the internet itself. Unles the sales tax is a federal sales tax it won't be able to help the government. But a federal tax on everyone's internet bill would certainly benefit the government. Can someone explain this to me?
1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago
kibitzer3 -27p · less than 1 minute ago
And while you're at it, anybody, help me out, too, because I don't understand: If I live in a state with a state sales tax, and travel to a neighboring state that has no sales tax, and purchase an item there, I pay no sales tax on it. Why should I have to pay a sales tax on an item that originates outside of my state just because I purchased it on the Internet, instead of traveling there in person?? If that Internet company is domiciled in a state with no state sales tax, why should they have to keep track of where the people who purchase their products are domiciled??? They could possibly have located in such a state, instead of a state with state (or also local) sales tax. And that's one of the advantages of a federal system of government: the states can be laboratories for various activities. I smell a rat in this thing: a way to begin to break down the identity barriers between states, and turn the nation into simply one monolithic entity. No thanks. But what's the answer to my question, before I start jumping to conclusions??? Thanks.

(4 hours later:)
Phil · 14 minutes ago
I think you are correct. I think BO's regime wants a soviet state and the disolving of our states into "sectors". I think his plan is to END the USA, scrap/do away with the constitution and bill of rights and replace it with marx's manifesto and declare a police state. Have to totally disarm us first tho.


…and same email; 'Food Stamp Nation: 20% of U.S. Households' - Gary North - Apr. 26
Bob Marshall · 8 hours ago
" I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed...that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." Benjamin Franklin

[I hadn't come across this quote from Ben before; but it fits with other observations that he made.  A good point.]

[They have apparently refused to print a comment I made, in response to the following thread at this blog:

Seymour Kleerly· 15 hours ago
What would Jesus do?

Neuday - 13 hours ago
Let's go with St. Paul with 2 Thessalonians 3:10 (NIV) : "For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: "The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat."

Seymour Kleerly · 11 hours ago
Who said anything about not working. We're talking about people who work like dogs (the vast majority) and still can't make ens meet. Turn off Fox News and think harder.

[I posted - tried to - something here, in reply to Seymour's comment, to the effect that "We're talking about two different things here:  1) people who indeed are caught in the recessional downturn and just need a helping hand temporarily; and 2) the Cloward-Piven Strategy to collapse the capitalist system under the weight of federal spending, in order to replace it with a socialist system, with all the hallmarks of an Orwellian police state (much like the fascist system for the same sort of police state from the'Right').

"The answer is not to go back, but to move on, from this Crisis affording us Opportunity: the Opportunity to move to a social system based on our being 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  And note that I did not say 'religious'.  There's a difference. 

"And it makes all the difference in the world."

I noted that something was different from the norm at this site right away, when my 'Post Comment' signal triggered a statement something like 'this statement will need to go to moderation before being posted'.  That was over 4 hours ago, and my contribution still has not been posted.  Whereas on the first blog above, at the same site, at the same time, my contribution was added with no such need/'flag' for moderation.  

I think it not unfair to conclude that the difference is that in the second instance, what triggered the 'flag' was my reference to a fascist system.  

I can only conclude that the Tea Party Economist.com site doesn't want to post any references to a fascist regime; only take criticisms of a socialist system from the Left.

Poor Fella, My Country.]

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Sign of the Times

from News With Views:


By Chuck Baldwin
April 25, 2013

"There are five men who are called "great" in the Holy Scriptures. One of them is a man by the name of Abner. Upon hearing the news of Abner's death, King David said, "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?" My column today is dedicated to a great man. That man is Howard Phillips.

"Howard Phillips went to Heaven this past Saturday, April 20, 2013. I am so blessed to have gotten to know this remarkable man, and, more than that, to be able to call him my friend.

"I first met Howard some thirty years ago in the Bahamas. I attended a national meeting of conservative leaders and Howard was one of the principal speakers. I suppose the first thing that struck me about Howard was his remarkable intellect and deep conviction. It is no hyperbole to say that Howard Phillips was one of the most brilliant men I have ever met. A graduate of Harvard, Howard's grasp of government, history, and law was unequalled. Howard Phillips forgot more about those subjects than the vast majority of us will ever learn. He was literally a walking history encyclopedia. He might have been the keenest, sharpest mind that I have ever been exposed to. Howard Phillips was an intellectual giant.

"But as awesome as his mind was, Howard's commitment to the principles of liberty was equally awesome. Liberty has never had a more ardent defender than Howard Phillips. And communism never had a more formidable adversary..."


And so, the passing of a giant.  And the simultaneous 'enthronement' of a lesser type of being:

Breitbart.com: 'Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws To Enforce' - Matthew Boyle - Apr. 24

During her testimony on the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that she, President Barack Obama and other political officials at the top of this administration have the authority to decide which laws to enforce, and which ones to ignore. 

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  [Apr. 24]

What a dead giveaway. So why bother haggling over details of the Immigration bill. The Obama admin will just do what they want to do with it anyway. Thanks, Janet, for the very clear heads-up about your government.

And why stop there? If the Executive can just pick and choose what he or she wants to enforce in the way of law, why not just go all the way, and let the elected reps of The People all go home, and thus stop giving a semblance of cover and legitimacy to what amounts to a takeover of the nation?? That, or let's see some backbone from these cowed critters.
There's still a little time. But not much.


So, in the interests of that "little time" left, I'm going to start calling'em ALL as I see'em.  And that includes homosexuals - male and female - in the governments of our day.

So, to the 'outing'.  Ladies first.  As it were. 

And to tell that story, I relinquish the floor, to a man who can tell that story better than I, or most people, ever could.  His name is Field McConnell, and he blogs under the title of Abel Danger.  A former Marine pilot, his best friend & former Navy pilot as well was killed in the explosion at the Pentagon on 9/11 (by a well-aimed missile, in conjunction with explosives planted at the scene),1 and he vowed to help track down those responsible.  The trail led him (and his partner in the sleuthing, a 'forensic economist' and explosives expert by the name of David Hawkins) to very interesting sources; which included (includes) McConnell's sister, Kristine Marcy, a lesbian whose lesbian connections figure into this whole sordid scenario.  She had (still has) a prestigious job in the federal government, and had links to such appalling activities as a human charnel house at a pig farm in British Columbia, where people were filmed and subsequently blackmailed for watching the chainsaw slaughtering (of unsuspecting prostitutes; this is disgustingly what is known as snuff films), and the flying of convicts to selected sites for assassinations, and then being returned to their prison cells (or as parolees), no one - almost - the wiser;2 and the stunningly atrocious story goes on from there, including at least one faction behind 9/11 - this one from the Left of politics - and continued betting wins on sure criminal events, because the perps create the outcomes (and with the help of ultra-sophisticated electronic timing equipment; just like the criminals in the banking industry use, to buy and sell stocks in split seconds of time).

What people will do/get up to, when they think no one is looking...

My point here is to point out the perverted mentality that can arise from brains that have been perverted into such abnormalities as homosexuality; mostly from environmental causes.3 And so we have many 'misfits' in our modern society (a very apt descriptive word for the occasion).  And, not feeling comfortable with their carrying culture, they often either strike out - and cause societal mayhem - or strike within, and suicide themselves out of their predicament. Either way, it is a crime.

And of the carrying culture itself, for allowing it to continue, and not doing anything substantial about it.

In the meantime, their mayhem can affect huge numbers of people, the more they get into positions of power.

This must cease.

And it is not helped by those who look at the matter strictly from a civil-rights point of view.  Of course, homosexuals should have the same rights as other citizens.  But not special rights.  Bend-over-backwards rights.  'Rights' that give them special privileges.  And not to be treated as though their condition is purely normal.

It is not.

And it gives rise to the sorts of abnormalities that I have outlined in this blog.  Where lesbians in positions of political power have been instrumental in helping to break down the very core of society, of the social order: the 'traditional' family unit, in pushing for the state to pay for the having of children, and thus freeing the 'females' to be just like the males in the society.  Doing everything that the males do, because they relate more to the males, from their male-oriented brains.4

And thus deprive real males of the most civilizing influence that they can have in their lives:

being responsible fathers.

I'll let the rant go at that for now.

I just wanted to draw attention to this matter.  The matter, of the perversion of our human society, by our own actions.

And thus, having nobody else to blame but ourselves.

P.S. As to this point, about 'who to blame': What would I say to someone whose body did not match their sense of self?
     In considering my response to the question, I was reminded of a young man at the spiritual community where I lived for many years of my adult life, who was born with a harelip, and would periodically berate his mother for not being more responsible during her pregnancy with him.  It poisoned their relationship for many years.  He just could not forgive her, for what she had done to him.  To his chances for the most happiness in life, as an 'otherwise' very good-looking young man.  To his sense of self.
     My answer?
     Take responsibility for yourself.  Make the most of what life has dealt you.  And move on.
     Which in particular means practicing forgiveness.
     Much better on the body - and soul - than anger, and resentment, and all those other lesser angels of our natures.            


1 Detailed research on the 9/11 caper in general, and the Pentagon aspect of it in particular, shows that an explosion occurred at the designated site before the arrival of an outside agency (stopping at least one clock, as evidence of the time factor).
     All the more reason why VP Cheney made sure that the 'outside agency' was not stopped before it hit the (heavily fortified) Pentagon building.  The best-laid plans, and all that.

2 Her involvement was from operating JABS - the federal Joint Automated Booking System.
     ("JABS is a multi-agency initiative that provides information sharing among federal law enforcement agencies and within activities of the Department of Homeland Security. The system serves as a current, nationwide reference for criminal offenders, arrests, cases, and related data to aid in criminal investigations and prosecutions..."  That's the cover story, to very sordid shenanigans going on in our midst.  Which have been going on for some time.  At the least, back to the days of the Clintons in Arkansas.  For more on which, google the likes of 'Arkancide'.  
     It involves the likes of JPATS - Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System - whereby criminals in high places use JABS to book what are called Conair crooks into crime scenes, to do dirty deeds, and who then get extricated safely by the government crims behind it all.  Nasty, nasty stuff.  
     Society has been terribly infected.
     And the fish rots from the head.)

3 The book BrainSex, by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel, is an especial eyeopener in this regard.  In short: Our brains are 'wired' or sexed into male or female construction and therefore orientation (on a spectrum) at a particular, early stage of pregnancy (regardless of the genetic sex of the fetus), the process depending on the hormonal bath that the developing fetus is bathed in.  That bath can be abnormal, from a number of causes; resulting in male brains being wired into female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like bisexuals and trannies.  
     This abnormality, as I say, can be from a number of causes: Defective adrenal glands, of either the mother or the developing fetus or both.  Stress, of various kinds.  (More homosexuals are born in the wake of wars, e.g., than the background 'norm'.)  Plastics in the water supply, with their estrogen mimics/endocrine disrupters.  But perhaps most importantly: the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus.  
     (Oh, but the benefits far outweigh the risks, you say, along with the pharmaceutical-medical complex?  I say bollocks.  Just as I do with the effects of vaccines.  And fluoride in the water supplies.  And...)
     This book was published in 1990, as I recall.  A well-edited compilation of the research into the matter up until that time,  I can only presume that later such research has confirmed the original thesis:
     that we are not responding adequately to signals from our society, of stresses and strains on it, from environmental - and thus capable of being dealt with - factors. 
     Adequately, to the level one should be able to expect from even a modestly intelligent species.
     P.S. Some causes of homosexuality may well be karmic in origin.  But the bulk of the phenomenon is purely environmentally capable of being set 'right'.
     However, when we leave the realm of duality, We Are All One anyway - including, then,  within ourselves.

4 A telling tale, from the homosexual community's own ranks, from a number of years ago, when one of 'them' reported on how amusing it was to see both homosexual camps 'at play,' acting out their personal likes/preferences, with lesbians playing softball on one side of the park and the gays sunbathing on their towels over on another.
     They stereotyped themselves; spontaneously, from their personal images of themselves as 'told' to them by their brains. 


It's Time for The Truth of All Things

In my last blog I referred to another member of the public's blog, complete with still photos apparently showing that at least one of the two bomb-blast sites at the Boston Marathon - the one at the finish line - was a staged event, with what are called 'event actors' doing their thing.  I want to make clear that I don't know that that was staged; any more than I know that it was not.  All I know is that looks can be deceiving; and we have had plenty of that artifice by now, and so have every good reason to suspect that we are being deceived, and on a massive scale, in matters that give the central government more and more power and control over us, as sovereign citizens - not subjects - of a once free country, that is now being turned - step by step - into just a region of a world empire, called by the elite behind it, and thus by the keen-eyed investigators into it, their New World Order.

Take 9/11.  There are so many anomalies in the official story about it that one hardly knows where to begin.1  But it makes the same case, as all of these events that have been going on: that though there is some 'truth' in them - that something did indeed happen before our very eyes - there is a lot of deceit in them as well.  And so it is our job to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It is our job, because that is what Life itself is all about.

Learning to discern.

The name of the game.

And perhaps the biggest job of discernment that we have had to face in our time is the purloining of the American presidency.  On the way to the establishing of that NWO, of the Elite's dream for the world.

I have a different 'dream' for it.

That we earn our stripes, as it were.

And thus, move on.


To a higher level, a higher frequency, of our potential.

And inherit our true 'role', as very gods in the making.

Not as undiscerning souls, caught in the illusion of the material realm, and thinking that it is all that matters, so to speak.

And so, a key piece of our liberation - our emergence - into that higher potential of ours2 would be to force the Truth to come out regarding, as I put it, the purloining of the American presidency.  To not let 'them' get away with this sort of insult to our intelligence, as more, far more, than mere cattle to be farmed, sheep to be sheared, by forces that have disassociated themselves from the Light.

For a purpose.

And so, serving It as well; in this realm of relative darkness, wherein we make our way, hesitantly; feeling our way in the gloom, until we come across the stream of Light that will help us on our way into the Light.  The crack that illuminates the open doorway to that realm:

the honoring of the Truth of things.  

That would be signified if the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was forced, by public opinion, into the light of that new day for humanity, by

a) admitting to his deceit (for not having been a bona fide 'natural born Citizen'); b) apologizing to the American people for it, and for trashing their Constitution - and thus the rule of law in the land - in the process; and c) asking them for their forgiveness, as he voluntarily vacates the office that he has assumed.

And by The People then practicing the art of forgiveness, by forgiving him.  For he has helped us learn lessons.  The very sorts of lessons that will cause us, having learnt them, to move up in consciousness, to the degree that we need to,  to inherit our next step, on the stairway to the heavens, and, ultimately, all the way Home:

living our lives - our experiences - by and with such qualities as forgiveness, and compassion, and love.  And leaving behind the qualities that have kept us on the Wheel of Rebirth for so long - such as hate, and anger, and vindictiveness, and jealousy, and with revenge soiling our hearts; and...and...and......

We have a world to win, all right.

The Right way.

Let's be about it.

And ascend with Gaia in the process.

Leaving all other timelines behind; to begin to dissipate.  Like the phantoms that they are.  

That all timelines are.

Not being of the eternal Now.

And that's the Truth.

That we are now moving into.

With the help - a little help (given the role of free will in the Process) - of not a few of our Friends.

In high places.  And those on the same level as we are, materially speaking.  Just a little more advanced than we are.

On our common - and uncommon - Path.



1 For starters: The WTC towers all came down in nearly classic free-fall speed - and perfectly into their footprints?  (I say 'all' because the same thing happened with WTC7 later in the day.  Which just so happened to house very important offices.  To say: files.)  And WTC1 & 2 massively pulverized -  drifting off as dust along the Eastern seaboard - to the point where there was hardly anything of substantial form left; no desks, chairs, computers, even metal filing cabinets, let alone bodies??  And interior massive explosions were heard, and seen, in all the buildings???  And some trucks were found to be hauling gold bars from the basement levels of one of the buildings - to where????  And some people, including a CIA officer, made a huge killing on the stockmarket that day, having bet on the collapse of the stock of the airlines involved?????  And the dancing Israelis, on the top of their Mossad-cover storage & haulage business van, videoing the scene from across the river; having, as one of them admitted - boasted? - on Israeli TV days afterwards, been assigned to do so??????  (Which brings up the curious business of Israeli 'art students' shadowing the Arab patsies for some time before the event; and even having had access to the WTC towers ahead of 9/11.  But that's all material for another blog in its own right.)  And the images on TV live news feeds depicting the (aluminum) nose of the second plane going all the way through the building and partway out the other side, before the engineers quickly cut to black, and had the shot covered up afterwards with an obscuring info strap, or, on another channel, conveniently down out of sight of the doctored shot???????  Not to mention the evidence, found out about later on by earnest investigators of this monstrous false flag op, of an actual plane flying parallel with the depicted plane going into the second tower, only some distance away; convenient to projecting a hologram into the 'seen'.........

2 we could, of course, spiral down further into our lower potential - given our free will - and end up 'crashing' in a horrendous outcome from here; one of the lesser timelines that we are on, running their course.  For those who stay on them.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Take On The Boston Marathon Thingy

I think I have mentioned before on this blog site that I learned - had my attention drawn to - an interesting piece of information, or actually observation, from my university Philosophy 101 professor: that all you really know is what you have actually experienced yourself.  So, yes, you can assume that the Hawaiian Islands are where we are told they are, because so many people have verified that fact; but if you haven't actually been there, you don't really know.  And even of things that we ourselves have 'experienced,' we don't necessarily really know that they are true.  They could be just made-up imagery; things outside of ourselves, that our senses pick up on, but only as imagery effects.  Our senses, then, can be 'victims' of deception.

Some cases in point noted below.          

from the exohuman site - An 'alternative' report on the Boston Marathon 'Massacre' - Apr. 22-23


  1. gabriel / 
    The Elephant-in-the-Room question, the one that no one seems to be asking, is:“what was the motive for the Boston bombing?"
    Why (on earth) would two clean cut American lads indiscriminately kill and maim their fellow countrymen and women? It’s a good question, isn’t it? A motive is by no means forthcoming. But while you’re thinking about it…
    The U.S. government definitely benefited from the event. Now they know how Boston will respond, should they choose to impose martial law. Thousands of unconstitutional troops on the streets going door-to-door, illegally searching and seizing, while crowds of idiot Bostonians cheered them on—and kissed their freedoms goodbye!
    Yes, the government certainly benefited—also managing to sneak their insidiousCISPA bill through, in the melee. So on the surface, it appears that Obama would have had more of a motive for the Boston atrocity that those two Tsarnaev lads.
    Add to this the eyewitness reports of the police running over the unarmed elder brother and shooting him full of holes (even though he was still just a ‘suspect’), and the unarmed younger brother stepping voluntarily from the boat, only to be shot multiple times, including once (conveniently) in the throat…
    By now a thinking person could justifiably be wondering if we’re being told the whole truth about the Boston Marathon Bombing…
    thinking person… That leaves out most of Boston!

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“By now a thinking person could justifiably be wondering if we’re being told the whole truth about the Boston Marathon Bombing…”
Or the Sandy Hook shootings. Or the Aurora Theater caper. Or 9/11…
Cui bono, indeed.
My take: When the American public didn’t make a bigger stink about the lack of evidence of the fingered airliner going into the Pentagon on 9/11, or the one supposedly burying itself into the field in Pennsylvania – no bodies, no luggage ever identified in either case; and earlier, when the agent provocateur even fingered the FBI in the 1993 WTC bombing; that lack of attention to detail [capable of being said to] leading up to the 9/11 caper – TPTB got emboldened in their steady push for a locked-down, police state in America, figuring they could get away with it, with a soporific, submissive populace so enamored of their fun and games, and the mesmerizing effect of the tube, that they believe everything that the MSM puts out for them to believe.
No bodies, no crime scene ever actually seen in the Sandy Hook caper. Questions galore about it (why no CCTV camera shots of the day’s events? Why FB pages ahead of the event?? etc.), and the public moves on, like hypnotized sheep, or dumb cattle; to the next staged event. Question: How does the public really know how many died (or even if they did), or were injured (or even if they were), at the Boston Marathon event?? Are even the sort of clued-in people who read this sort of site aware that there are groups of people who are trained in staging events??? And that there are shots of the site of at least one of the bomb blasts (of which there is no actual proof that it was anything other than a fake blast) that indicate that it was such a staged event, including down even to the double amputee fellow, and with some red stains splattered at the site, but no bloodstains on him???
I could go on, as to how the public is being set up for takeover – and are buying it, hook, line and sinker. It’s time to wake up, folks. We are being had, by experts. 9/11 proved that; if nothing else.


More, perhaps, on this theme later.  Right now, I'm a little disturbed, by the possibility of the above - of how the bomb site at the finish line of the Boston Marathon could have actually been staged (with many media cameras right across the street; thus, for maximum effect).  I hadn't even thought about that, until I came across a very suspicious set of pictures, taken by a member of the public and posted  on the Internet (The People's Media).  They showed some very dodgy stuff, with a guy apparently helping the amputee on with some prosthetic damaged legs, and a woman shielding them from view in the process; with her, then, appearing soon on a stretcher.  (And the amputee guy still sitting there; who should have been among the first to be whisked off to EM, if this were a true event??)  And there is some (unnaturally very) red stuff around, looking (somewhat) like blood - and some empty bottles lying around.  

Could have all been water bottles.

Or not.

All this, in the context of some suspicious stuff about the Shady Hook caper, involving what are called event actors, or 'crisis' actors...to amplify the 'official,' establishment's take on things......*

And here I am, trying to rise above the melee of daily life in America and the world today, and beam Love and Light to my fellow incarnates, on the verge of Ascension.

But I want to get to the bottom of all of this phony baloney, staged stuff going on.  

Someone is trying to take out my country.  And I won't have it.    

I was particularly incensed by what I 'witnessed' on 9/11, and found out about it afterwards.  'It': the fraudulent imagery exercises we were subjected to.  The pictures on our TV sets - which is essentially, and nothing more than, a screen, like a movie is projected onto: theatrical imagery, which we are given to believe in as the real thing; a thing in itself, when in reality all of 'life' itself is only such an illusion.  

A fact which we could, and perhaps should, have woken up to at the occasion of the artificial images (and interpretations thereof) we were fed on 9/11 and, in looking deeper, behind and beneath that screen - of hologrammatic projections, mere images of planes, and other electronic tomfoolery; tricks on the senses (not only on the eye but sound tracks included) - and being disgusted with it all - all the deceit and play-acting that has been going on, indeed since time immemorial - realized  - had an epiphany - that the whole thing is an illusion.  That very life itself is but a projection on a screen.  

That we have been embedded in, essentially, if not a lie, at the least an artifice.  

And it's time to wake up from it all.  Not just part of it (the OKC & 9/11 & Sandy Hook & Boston Marathon capers and such).

And get to The Real Thing.

The Thing In Itself.   

In a word:


Another word for which is:


Which our essential Self - our true Self - is a part of.

And so is identical with.  

Beyond the images cast on the screens of our minds. 

The Truth awaits us, waking up to it, in full consciousness:

that we are, essentially - essentially - powerful beings; creators in our own right.

Because of our legacy.

As I.  

Not just a projection with an eye.



* which included the likes of the discrepancy between the coroner reporting that all the bodies of the children were riddled with bullets from the same semi-automatic rifle, except that other authorities reported two handguns found by the body of Adam Lanza; and then later it was reported that four 'guns' were found by him.  Someone apparently picking up on the discrepancy in their stories...
     (How could this deadly 'business' have been pulled off??  Little noted was that the bodies were taken (in the middle of the night) to and stored in a portable morgue; anything could have been done to them there, out of sight.  Besides, there were no autopsies, as far as I have been able to discover.  All this, coupled with the fact that the authorities never allowed anyone to see the crime scenes...all very, very fishy, indeed.)