Saturday, 29 June 2013

Standing At The Gates

I'm getting angrier by the minute...

from newsmax: 'Paul Ryan Leading House for 'Amnesty' Deal' - June 29 

"With Senate passage of a sweeping immigration bill imminent, Ryan has been meeting with House conservatives to persuade them that reform of the immigration system, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is an economic necessity and critical to fixing the nation's fiscal problems…"

kibitzer a few seconds ago  [June 29] 
What is this crap about Republicans caving in to 'the Hispanic vote'?  Does 'the Hispanic vote' now run the country??  If so, it's all over but the shooting.
YOU CAN'T COMPROMISE WITH WRONG. And it's WRONG to let illegal aliens hold such leverage. Republican employers who relished the opportunity provided by the illegals to pay cheaper wages have created a terrible predicament for the country. But right is right. 1) Such employers are now firmly on notice: cease hiring illegals, or you will face heavy fines and/or jail time. 2) Illegals: You might as well go back to where you came from, because the gravy train has stopped running: No more access to ANYTHING if you are not in the country legally. 3) As for Paul Ryan's point about the country needing 'labor': a) Plenty of people would like to come to this country - legally. b) What is this crap about work that citizens won't do? No work - no pay. Off the unemployment rolls if you have turned down jobs. Citizens will do the work soon enough, once they are no longer being mollycoddled.
As for this other crap about illegals coming here to drop 'anchor babies': That is due to a misreading of the 14th Amendment, and that needs to be corrected forthwith. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF..." That means that they need to be lawfully under the jurisdiction of the various states - NOT illegals, who are still legally under the jurisdiction of the country that they came from. I don't know how this obvious error crept in here - well, I do: by corrupt lawyers in cahoots with corrupt judges - but no matter: It needs to end. Here. Now.
Or we have seen the end of the United States of America; and the beginning of a terrible civil war, in the place of the rule of law that has been demolished by hardcore Marxists and their flunky fellow travelers of the Left.
It's time to produce, ladies and gentlemen of the too-silent Majority. And that does NOT mean appeasing the Left. by the likes of Paul Ryan, by the looks of it. And P.S. STOP with the talk about Sen. Marco Rubio being "a potential rival for Ryan if both seek the presidency". Marco Rubio can make a good senator. But he is barred from being a presidential candidate, because he is not a "natural born Citizen", by not having had two U.S. citizen parents at the time of his birth.
And if this is the first shot to be fired in the civil war - that is to say also, very clearly, that the current occupant of the Oval Office is just that: an Occupant; no more. Well, a little more: a Usurper - then bring it on. There are other, less acute options. But the time for game-playing is over. We either fight for our country now, or we lose it, under the weight of millions - MILLIONS - of illegal aliens being granted a special shot at citizenship; bringing in with them their extended family members...
And who in their right mind thinks that the oh-so-reasonable scenario of a step-by-step approach will hold up once the door has been opened up??? What arrant nonsense this whole thing is. I want to see some Americans standing tall at the gates of the federal constitutional Republic, and I want to see them there NOW.



…and further down the thread…

Tnell Patriot 7 hours ago
I can't stand McCain and I have relatives in Arizona. We need a Ronald Reagan type of candidate again. Back then Americans knew what Ronald Reagan stood for. He made it plain that he would stand up to Mother Russia and he backed up his words. McCain is the reason we are stuck with Obozo in the White House. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton will probably be the next president if Ryan, Rubio, or Christie wins the Republican nomination.


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  • kibitzer Tnell a few seconds ago

  • Please, please, PLEASE conservatives: STOP TALKING ABOUT RUBIO AS A POTENTIAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Don't some of you UNDERSTAND this matter, about a "natural born Citizen"??? Rubio is no more eligible for that particular office than Obama is - and by playing along with the game of hide-the-truth, you are making it more difficult to get this country back on its proper track. Which is as a federal constitutional Republic: not just a 'republic', subject to the rule of whim.

  • Laws are laws. In this country, if you want to change the Constitution, there is a proper amending process for that sort of thing. That did not happen with Obama's rise to prominence, and everybody oohing and ahhing over his new clothes. If conservatives won't stand up for the truth of things, in relation to constitutional government, who will?? Come ON, folks. You conservatives can do a better job of standing up for truth than this. With such friends, who needs enemies???
  • ---
  • This is SUCH a teachable moment.  Conservatives are pissing it away……

..and to end the day on a little 'lighter' note:

from - 'Transitions' blog - June 25 / posted on 'Golden Age of Gaia' June 29: 'The Hard Transition of Taking Back our Power & Mastering Responsibility'

Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

I have seen your postings on ‘Golden Age of Gaia,’ Denise, and have liked your down-to-earthiness.
“Individual discernment.” Excellent point: Thinking/feeling/attuning for oneself. Owning oneself, and one’s powers OF discernment, as fundamentally a being of Light. As you say: Even so-called light beings/channelled entities can be of the Dark. How does one know the difference?
As you say.
Keep up the good work.

Of Fraud And Deception, and Completion

I have been stewing over a response a person made yesterday to my comments on the thread dealing with the liberal rabbi's take on a) voter registration and b) single-sex marriage, in relation to a couple of decisions made this past week by the SCOTUS.  I copied my comments onto my recent blog entitled The Journey Of Becoming.   
   Here is the 'offending' response:

'Actively seeking to deny American Citizens the exercise of their voting rights isn’t patriotic, isn’t American, nor is it Christian (by these so-called Christians). It’s just bigoted and evil. It is on record the instances of voter fraud are almost nil. And those instances of fraud are for the most part carried out by the party blocking the vote…the GOP.

'What was this decision really all about: The right wing activist judges on the Supreme Court just laid bare their intent to hand coming elections over to the Republican Party without hesitation.
“The controversial decision now allows red states to freely put in place stricter voter-ID laws, engage in gerrymandering, or other crafty ways of suppressing votes in places where they deem it necessary like large Democrat/minority voter precincts. Prior to this ruling, there were guidelines in place to protect voters and any changes required federal pre-clearance. The 5-4 ruling along ideological lines, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, taken together with the recent Citizens United decision, demonstrates consistently that the conservative SCOTUS majority is ideological at its core.”
'So this decision is not so much about IDs as it is about allowing gerrymandering. For the past 30 years the right wing has been working on destroying the Voting Rights Act that Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died for.
'We all know what this is about.'


Some of us know what this is really about.  To  wit: A page torn right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.  Totally ignoring all the evidence of voter fraud going on - mostly, but not exclusively, emanating from the Left, and their fraudulent, and ACORN-connected, Project Vote.  The whole outrageous thing of which has become simply a game, played between the two main political parties, for which can manipulate the vote the most.

'We have to do it because the other side is doing it.'

'Well, we have to do it because the other side is doing it…'

Read my lips:

A state not only has a right but a responsibility to set up, execute and enforce good, solid voter ID laws.  As a federal Executive, I for one would demand it.  These are not just citizens of the several States; they are all citizens of the United States - of America (remember that entity, folks?  And the likes of Its Finest Hour, in the battle against statism??) - and I would demand that their vote be 'trued' - be meaningful, in a meaningful election.  Not a farce, a charade, a fraudulent act.  

There is too much fraud and corruption in general going on in America today to see it, and let it, go, and grow, any further.  And I have General George S. Patton hovering at my side, to remind me to 'keep on message' - reminding me of what so many good men and women sacrificed so much for.  In a word: freedom.*

And paying homage to them, instead of going along with the corruption, and memory trouncing, of this day, is no contest.

Extremists of either the Left or the Right, be on notice:

Your day is done. 

Get over it.  

And join the winning side.

Because, in (figurative) reality - and in (literal) reality - we're all in this together. 

As the children of a loving Creator. 

Having learned our lessons, in the classroom of 3D life. 


Actually: It's 'ready or not' time, for graduation.

Why do I feel we are very close to a, the, Gamechanger Event?

Because - speaking for myself - I'm getting too old to play this sort of juvenile game any longer.  It's time to clean house.

While I can still wield a mean broom.



* Which far more means Liberty than Equality.  For example.  In California the legislature is considering passing legislation (which has already cleared the lower house, or Assembly) called, by its proponents, the Youth Equality Act, which would withdraw tax exemption from any group, public or private, that 'discriminates' against gays/'gender identity' children or adults.  So that - for example - all students may, depending on their self-proclaimed 'gender identity', join opposite-sex sports teams.  Forget the body strength of a biologically male body; if the student declares he is a 'girl', he wins.  
     And everybody else loses.
     Two things.  1) Two wrongs don't make a right.  That society hasn't cleaned up its act, and gotten to the root of so much homosexuality going on in its midst - found out the several environmental triggers for this gender skewing - shouldn't make the whole society get skewed out of shape because of this policy error.  
     Which is part of 
     2) This issue is being used/manipulated by those Marxist ideologues who are trying (with considerable success, unfortunately) to break down the 'traditional values' society the nation is embedded in, and replace it with their leftist philosophy of state control over the individual.  Using the LGBT voting bloc as a battering ram to help overturn America into a socialist, to say government top-heavy, state. Because people, when left to their own devices, invariably make the 'wrong' choices, you see - according to the leftist philosophy.  And so the poor dears have to be controlled…
     To all of which I say:

Friday, 28 June 2013

I Remember Patton

I received an unexpected touch - dose, even - of nostalgia in the mail today.  (To say, with yesterday's mail; just gotten around to.)  It was in the presenting form of a large envelope, with the curious notation in the 'From' corner of its being from the 'Personal Jeep Driver for General George S. Patton, Jr.'  And stamped on the envelope was the warning: 'Photo Enclosed - Do Not Bend'. 

What is this all about?? I wondered.   

It proved to be 'all about' the fact that I gave a donation to some Veterans group of some sort or other (actually, I have donated to a number of such causes), and the gesture landed me on the mailing list of an organization called the 'Word War II Veterans Committee'.

And I'm glad it did.

Reading the covering letter - to a good-sized photo of a portrait of Gen. Patton1 - I was transported back in time to memories of a young lad, lying on his stomach in his front room, poring over a large map featuring the European land mass, following the daily reports of 'the war', primarily of Patton's spear-like advances through the Low Countries, from the Allies's Normandy Landing on D-Day.  

I did not relish war, even then.  But if you're going to go into battle, do it full steam ahead.  Give your enemy no doubts about you: You are a force to be reckoned with.  And one that will brook no defeat.

Up against such a force of nature, your only choice is surrender.

Oh, you can put it off.  For a time.  But only for a time.    

The outcome of the Second World War was inevitable, once they unleashed Patton on the European continent.  He had (well, not singlehandedly; but he did always have a pearl-handled revolver on his hip) vanquished Rommel's Afrika Korps in northern Africa, which then freed up his Seventh Army to invade Sicily, which then fell to his and their onslaught in just under six weeks; as a result of which, "Mussolini's fascist government toppled, and Germany lost a key strategic ally," as the letter reminds us.  Which then goes on to say: "But despite his remarkable accomplishments, most Americans have never even heard of George Patton."


"If you don't believe me, go to your local middle or high school and ask to see their history textbook.  You'll be surprised by what you find…"

The letter went downhill from there, as it were.  It was painful to read it  - to read of how our history has been played fast and loose with by historians with an agenda.  An agenda, to belittle America's accomplishments, especially in turning the tide against the Axis forces in WWII.  Because America - the idea of 'America' in the minds of its citizenry; the 'shining city on a hill' that never was, according to these academics - needs to be erased, IN ORDER TO MERGE AMERICA INTO A MERE REGION OF A NEW WORLD ORDER, from either the Left or the Right, and the Left having the upper hand right at the moment.

And that's why 'American exceptionalism' has been played down in the past decades.  It has NOT been just to try to overcome the extremes of jingoism that has caused the American public to be brainwashed into supporting military adventures around the world, in the interests of Halliburton & Co.  We have been subjected to the onslaughts of a generation of educationalists who were radicalized by the Vietnam War and are now getting even, on the baby killers, and destroyers of a generation's education, with their Draft, and unwinnable meat grinder of a war in Vietnam, where the 'real' good guys were the Viet Cong, for being of the Left….  

Oh, and don't forget to tell them about the environment… 

Sorry; I don't buy it.  The American men, and women, who fought and served in World War II deserve a better outcome than to be forgotten, this way.  They need to be honored for their sacrifices to the cause of freedom - the role of America in the world.  Yes, that 'shining city on a hill' that it is so easy - too easy, to make fun of, by people who have never had to sacrifice for the flag.  

A last word, before I get angry at the people-moulders of our time, and regret it.2   

I remember a very interesting incident as recorded in the biography of Patton that I read, many years ago, now.3  When they were still in north Africa, having vanquished 'The Desert Fox' Rommel, and preparing for their invasion of Sicily, as a stepping-stone to the European land mass from its soft underbelly, one day Patton took a trip out to the area where Carthage had  been.  Had been, because, after being a thorn in the side of Rome for years and years - and about which the Roman statesman Cato used to thunder in the Senate, over and over: 'Carthago delenda est!' ('Carthage must be destroyed!') - the Romans finally did the deed, to the point of salting the earth, so that nothing would ever grow up there again, in opposition to its hegemony.  It is reported that Patton, after surveying the scene of those ancient battles for a while in silence, murmured, "I've been here before…"

He was, indeed, a believer in reincarnation.  And if our current history books won't even give him the slightest credit that he is due for his commanding role in WWII, they are certainly not going to report that detail about him.  For if The People started to think along those lines, and outside of the well-built box for their keeping in by their superiors, what might they get up to???...

Lest we forget.



1 A good likeness; but not precisely as I remembered him, from various photos at the time - and later, in a biography of him that I read in my adult years.

2 For there is a modicum of truth in their position. And especially about Vietnam.  Not that I am, was, for the Viet Cong (the socialists are as bad as anybody else who wants to control the populace for 'the state').  But as another major American military figure said: "In war, there is no substitute for victory." 
     And I am sure that you will be able to find out who that was, in your history books… 

3 I'm not sure, but it may have been occasioned by the film about Patton out about that time in my life.  Starring George C. Scott, it is worth a gander. And it, too, was played down by the Hollywood cognoscenti.  See, it was frightfully macho.  All the things that the liberals don't want America to be portrayed as.  Might keep the public from supporting America's demise at their hands, doncha know.


P.S. If I ever come into a lot of money, I will pay for the transportation and lodging of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn. members, with retired military oathkeepers as posse backup, to go to Washington D.C. and visit the offices of each of our elected representatives, leaving off copies of the voluminous files now accumulated proving that the current occupant of the office of the presidency of the nation is just that - an occupier; illegally, and a committer of crimes - and giving them fair warning that if they don't act on the evidence within 72 hours, the CSPOA will be back with warrants for their arrest.  Which may have to happen in any event, since they are already accessories to and after the fact of the crime that has been committed.*  So the sitting Congress may well have to be dissolved anyway.  All of which hopefully will be in aid of the desired result: that the Usurper (after an apology to the American people for deceiving them and dishonoring the office, and asking for their forgiveness) will quietly vacate the office that he purloined.  And I will assume the office - as the constitutionally designated Officer of the people - while new elections are organized; if they are in fact needed, in the New Era upon us.  And one of the first things I will do in the office, while holding the space during the changeover to the New Era, is to invite all surviving members of Patton's 7th Army to the White House, for a celebration in honor of the 70th Anniversary this year of their landing in Africa for the beginning of their campaign there.

And a toast will be proposed and drunk to American exceptionalism.  Taken part in by those who were part of America's Finest Hour.

* Liberals like Paul Krugman may try to argue, as he has with the national debt - that it doesn't mean anything because we owe it to ourselves - that there was no crime, because The People elected the Usurper twice, of their own volition.  Which is all fine and dandy as an excuse; except in a system operating under the rule of law.  Now, in an autocracy...

Waiting For The Penny To Drop

A Message To My American Compatriots

Brothers and Sisters of the American scene:

 As we head towards the Independence Day celebrations of the American Republic, a word of caution.

You are currently heading in the wrong direction.  Or at least, the not fully correct one.

You are heading towards a second civil war for the nation.  And that process needs to be transmuted into a higher level and quality of consciousness, which grasps what's happening as simply a part of a process - an unfolding process, that needs now to be superseded - from its current action-reaction, thesis-antithesis stage - by the Synthesis stage of the process.

The Synthesis into a galactic society, operating with 5th dimensional consciousness, which is characterized by a sense of Unity, and the quality of Unconditional Love.

Right now, people are simply acting parts; being players on the stage of life, in the 3D matrix that we have been embedded in for so long.  And I am waiting for the penny to drop on all that: that people wake up to that fact.      

How can we awaken from the illusion, the play that we have been involved in for eons of time??

I suggest the answer is in the voluminous information extant and available in our time for the reality of what we call reincarnation.  That information is too extensive to go into here.  Suffice it to say that it consists of research studies into case histories, reports in books, videos - the lot.  The evidence is overwhelming.  And that evidence, then, is evidence of a Plan in and Purpose to the universe - that there is more, much more going on than is dreamt of in our everyday philosophy; that life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only, on the material level of existence.

Which scientists are rapidly coming to understand is far from the solid entity that it has seemed to be, for time immemorial.  That 'life' - matter - is malleable. Capable of being manipulated.  Has all the characteristics of being but a projection.

And I won't go into all that here, either.  I'm just laying the case for the 'outing' of an extended vision for the Creation experience; which can be summarized in the following words:

The universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.

A Purpose, which we need to be about.  Further.

Before we make a big mistake; and mistake a part of a process for the full thing.

Join me, in giving energy to that transmutative process.  And on this upcoming Independence Day, let's celebrate as well our independence from the Matrix, and our entry into - not a New Deal, or a New World Order.  Not any sort of political entity.

But the Real Deal.


...And In The Meantime...

(I will be happy to work, in the transformational process that is going on on the planet, with the quality of Limitless Love.  But I WILL work with it with the complementary quality to it, of Limitless Truth.

Nobody ascends without meeting the requirements of both of these aspects of higher consciousness.  Do you hear that, boys and girls; brothers and sisters?  NO DECEPTIONS ALLOWED.*

With that understanding: Let's move on.)

* I called you 'boys and girls' because you are like children in the hands of masters of deceit.
   Did you think that William Casey, former Director of the CIA, was kidding when he said in a pep talk to his acolytes in The Firm: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."
   You didn't know about that statement?  Why didn't you??  It should have been common knowledge, among a people who are supposed to have taken responsibility for their own governance.  Did you really think that freedom was free???
   And where has been the outrage over the coverup regarding 9/11, that should have forced a major independent investigation into that false flag op long ago - an investigation that could have headed off a lot of the totalitarian crap that has been going on in this country ever since??  This probability that we are living in now could have been avoided.  But it's here.  So it's up to us to deal with it.
   'Us'.  A free people.
   Just barely, now.
   But still capable of doing something about their incarceration in a controlled environment.
   If they wake up.  In time.
   Before Time changes its nature.  And we will have let a golden chance, at lesson-learning, pass us by.
   (N.B. What can one person do?  Follow the investigations that have been taking place, to inform yourself about facts of the matter.  Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth, after assembling their own evidence, have been calling for such an independent investigation.  Even if they don't have all the answers to the caper - and they don't - that could all come out in the wash in the course of such an investigation.  So support them, in getting it off the ground.
   As I say: get up to speed on the details of that atrocity; that outrage on American soil.  Then tell your friends.  Give your political representatives a chance to respond to your info; and then hold them accountable if they fail to act.
   America was attacked.  And it came more from within than from without.  We need to deal with the terrorists in our own government (who have wanted a total surveillance state out of all this).
   They are a feedback sign that we haven't been doing our job, of self-governing, very well; so in a way, they are not (totally) culpable.
   We are.  In calling down on our own heads what we have not been in proper lookout for; getting distracted in 'the good life' the way we have.  It's time for an awakening.  As I say: boys and girls.
   Mad yet?  Mad enough yet; to start acting out a different part, than the poor little doormat that you have been playing, to people who have enjoyed wiping their dirty feet on you - and rubbing your nose in their shit to boot???...... )


from 'Chief Mark Kessler Interviews Orly Taitz' - by George M. - June 27.
   Some young police chief named Mark Kessler, during a radio interview with lawyer Orly Taitz about her findings regarding Obama's records, bad-mouthed the chief investigator for the 'Sheriff Joe Cold Case Posse,' Mike Zullo, something fierce.  Calling him a 'used car salesman' when he has a background of legitimate investigation experience; etc. etc.  There was a photo of 'Chief Mark' at the top of the article, at a firing range.  My comment:     

What is Chief Mark Kessler doing wearing a Mossad t-shirt, and what does that imply??

Stan, 12 hours ago

  • bddf21b05a51813829362a56ba9e4bc4.png

    I think he’s very Jewish. Seems like a good guy and a real straight shooter, but I could be wrong.

  • GeorgeM, 10 hours ago

    • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png

      This is very telling about him. This is not about being Jewish. It’s about being Neoconish; Zionistish. Mossad is in the business of deception. (That’s their motto.) Mark is telegraphing, whether he means to or not, that he is a disinfo agent, out to advance the Zionist cause, not the American cause. 

    • Perhaps, then, he is bad-mouthing Mike Zullo because Mike has (w/ Sheriff Joe) more ‘cred’ than Orly does, at this point; and Orly is more easily sidelined, because of that lack of cred.

    • Why would Mossad want to keep this subject under wraps as long as possible? Ah. That’s a whole ‘nother subject. In the meantime: I smell a rat.

    • Stan, 7 hours ago

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.


I agree,this is taking far too long,So sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo get off your ass and take it to congress,I personally feel they are stalling,for what reason I don’t know.Everyone needs to start calling,emailing sheriff Joe and Zullo and tell them to get off their lazy butts,there are people that will go to congress with them,I being one of them,all we need is date,until that time I think this whole thing has been a scam by sheriff Joe and zullo for monetary and political gain,what else could it be.

Anyone can use this statement anyway you see fit…..I’m fed up with all of this bullshit.

Steve Phillips, 14 hours ago
  • bddf21b05a51813829362a56ba9e4bc4.png

    Yes, we need other approaches, too. Where is it written that everything must go through Mike? Let him keep working on his end and other efforts can run in parallel, as long as they are not working at cross-prurposes.

  • GeorgeM, 10 hours ago

    • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png

      To me it’s obvious what needs to happen:

    • Now that the CSPOA has the details from Zullo/Arpaio, the ball is in their court. After all, they are the Oathkeepers on the front line in this matter. They need to go, en masse, to D.C., to visit each Congressperson’s office – with retired military oathkeepers behind them, as a supportive posse – to give our representatives all the info, and tell them that they have 72 hours to act on that info – which it is their constitutional duty to do – or they may as well leave Dodge City for good, because they, the CSPOAers, will be back with warrants for their arrest. 

    • And let’s get it on.

    • Stan, 7 hours ago

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Journey Of Becoming

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Why "Voting Rights, NO, Gay Marriage, YES" from the Supreme Court?' -  by Rabbi Michael Lerner - June 27

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Yes yes, Rabbi Lerner, a better world and all that; but sorry: asking for proof of citizenship – and identity – in order to be eligible to vote is NOT voter ‘suppression,’ or ‘racist’, or whatever other cue words the Left employs in their battle against the Established Order. It is, simply, common sense – and the more so when the voting rolls and our cities are full of fraudulent voters; to the point where to vote anymore is to engage in a farce, a charade. That is the real outrage here.
As for single-sex marriage: 1) ‘Marriage’ has a particular religio-historical meaning. Single-sexers can call their unions whatever else they want. Hardcore leftists are just using this issue to do away with the institution of marriage altogether anyway. It’s so bourgeois to them. (See ‘Lesbian Journalist: “Gay Marriage Is A Lie”‘, whistleblower magazine, June 2013.) 2) If the SCOTUS is going to strike down portions of DOMA because of the states’ rights argument (which is a legitimate argument. We STILL have a Constitution; if only barely), where in hell does it get off not overturning a lower federal court’s invalidating of California’s Proposition 8, passed by a solid majority of the states’ voters?? A federal form of government is a federal form of government. You can’t start picking preferences on the basis of emotion or political correctness or personal political proclivity, or for any other reason. That is tantamount to tyranny.
A good thing we’re about to leave all this 3D stuff behind. We’re on the verge of civil war in this country. Between sides each of whom is partly right. And partly wrong.


I'm riled up enough - particularly with Rabbi Lerner's boilerplate of an article, extolling the 'progressive's' perspective on 'the good society' - that I'll continue a little longer in the vein that I started out with, in my response above.  And to do so, I can easily continue with responses I had this afternoon to another article in the aforementioned issue of whistleblower magazine.  This one was titled 'Why Obama Wars Against Judeo-Christian America' by David Kupelian, the editor of this excellent magazine.  He was talking about people on the Right in politics, who have been demonized by the Left.1  Quote: "Of course, this syndrome [of doing that sort of demonizing] goes way beyond Sarah Palin.  If you look carefully, this is actually the defining phenomenon of modern American life.  It capsulizes the underlying reason the Obama White House, Justice Department, IRS and other fellow travelers so easily - reflexively, in tact - defame and attack conservative Christian principles, individuals and organizations."

At this point in his narrative I found myself scribbling in the margins:

'Because it's a war to them; not Democrats vs. Republicans, or even liberals vs. conservatives.  It's socialist revolutionaries against the counter-revolution - against traditionalists; the bourgeoisie, whom the revolutionists despise, for standing between them and their goal: a socialist paradise, stripped of all reminders of the past days left behind, with good riddance, from their perspective; and especially including Religion, and small-town Americana, Motherhood and apple pie.  A world which they find stifling, repressive - bourgeois.  

'On a certain level l have been against all that, too; in its narrow-mindedness, inability to see outside of its own parameters; too sure of itself - but then I could afford to be, because its total repudiation, even annihilation, had not manifested.  Like now.  When returning veterans are on the regime's hit list - because the revolutionaries have taken over on the home front.   

'Don't you see all this, Citizen??!  This isn't political business as usual.  This is true civil war.  A trashing of the traditional family unit, in order to bring the state - and its tax money; and its bludgeon, controlled by the Left - into it; and so forth.'

- and then Kupelian answered my concerns in his next, follow-on paragraph:

"What we're talking about is literally a war" - correct!  Well spotted!  - "between light and darkness.  I don't mean that as a metaphor, but as hard reality."

And here is where we part company.  

Neither side has a monopoly on the 'light' of things.  Both sides have a piece of that in them (like the yin-yang symbol).  For it is a process, of bringing out the best in both aspects of it.  

A lot of 'the old' does have to be released.  But it needs to be released in the way of a higher consciousness at work; not just a reactive consciousness, wanting to sweep 'the old' away in order to install 'the new' that will simply have the same level of consciousness that brought about the confrontation in the first place.  

Einstein has been quoted on this point; something about how you can't solve a problem on the same level as the problem.  

We are involved in a dynamic unfolding of consciousness.  And approaching Unity in that process.

Approaching, that is to day, the end of the historical process, that we have been engaged in for a very long time.

Now to be superseded, by a stage, and state, of wholeness.  

As I say: of Unity.    

Which is - right on time; as it were - the next level of consciousness for us to experience.  

Some call it the 5th dimension. 

By whatever name, it would smell as sweet.

And then we move up to the 6th dimension.  And then the 7th.  And then the 8th.  And then the 9th.  And then…


You get the picture.

Now let's make it the fact.



1 Later on in the article he points out how in early 2009 - at the very beginning of Obama's 'fundamental transformation of America' intention - the Department of Homeland Security began its assault on 'right-wing extremists'.  Not Muslim terrorists.  Right-wing extremists.  Like pro-lifers, and car owners with NRA or Ron Paul bumper stickers; people concerned about illegal immigration, or  government debt; and especially, returning military veterans, with their skills and knowledge.
     All this, while the average American Joe and Jill Citizen didn't have a clue what was going on in their country.  The Democrats were, well, just Democrats; right?  Not wolves in sheep's clothing; creeping ever closer to the herd…
     You did hear him say, during the lead-up to the 2008 elections, "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America".  Just electioneering; right? 


P.S.  Jean responded to my comment on her blog site:

Jean says:
Kibitzer, I’ll let others take you on if they want to, but I myself am not sure you are well-informed. Your statements make me question that, but I do not have time to go into the specifics about who is really voting illegally, etc. Hardcore leftists is an expression that doesn’t work for me either. Are you sure you’re ready to leave 3-D behind? I’ve been told there are 64 different kinds of sexuality in our galaxy or universe – not sure exactly. What are you going to do with that one? These are things that in my opinion, cannot be legislated. It seems to me it is impossible to do so, to legislate who, how, when someone loves, which is they result when we deny them legal rights because of it. Hugs, ~Jean
  • kibitzer3 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
    A bit of a red herring, Jean. I’m talking about the will of the people in a federal constitutional republic; which needs to be honored, or the rule of law is rendered meaningless, and we are subjected merely to (what is called) the rule of men – arbitrary law. Which is the definition of tyranny. And I for one won’t have it. That is not the sort of mentality that is going to get us to 5D consciousness. And that is ALL that I’m saying.
    Sorry that “hardcore leftists” doesn’t work for you.  I was trying to distinguish between the ‘simple’ left-right, two-party system differences we have in this country, and those people on the very far Left who are out for revolution, to turn America into a socialist police state. I am happy to acknowledge that there are also those people on the very far Right who are out to turn America into a fascist (corporatist) police state. We need to steer the ship of state very carefully between those two extremes.


I could have gone on - space permitting - and said something like:

'I have studied the voting matter, Jean.  Or at least, looked into it to some extent.  And when some precincts report back a total number of votes cast greater than the number of registered voters in the precinct - and a perfect count for Obama to boot; which I don't think happens even in total autocracies - it doesn't take a Sherlock to conclude that there is something very rotten in the state of America going on.  And I for one - for One - will - not - have it.* 

'Now maybe, in those vote-stealers' rminds, they were just trying to make up for all the times that the Republicans stole votes with wonky programming of 'their' elecrronic voting machines.  To which I have to say two things:  1) Two wrongs don't make a right; and 2) We really need to get beyond the action-reaction stage of consciousness.  'Life' is asking more of us, now, as the one human race; is asking for our maturity.  Not our adolescence.

'When we were children, we acted as children.  Now that we're adults - or at least, what is being asked of us, now, in our spiritual evolutionary development - we need to act like it.'


* When someone asks you, indignantly, because of your uncompromising stance on things, 'Who are you' - or, 'Who do you think you are?' - answer them:

   'I am God.

   'Ask yourself the same question.  And answer it the same way.'


The Games People Play

from 'Cardinal Dolan, Catholic Bishops Blast Gay Marriage Ruling' - June 26

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  • TimSPC 11 hours ago

  • The Supreme Court has dealt a profound injustice to the American people by striking down in part the federal Defense of Marriage Act. 

  • How is holding up the very core value of states' rights an injustice to the American people?
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    • kibitzer TimSPC a few seconds ago  [now into June 27]

    • That's what has me curious, TimSPC. I have read that the main argument in the SCOTUS's "striking down in part the federal Defense of Marriage Act" was that it was a states' rights issue. Which would make sense; the federal govt. being one of limited and delegated powers, with all other powers being "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people". And, of course, is why Roe v. Wade was, and is, unconstitutional - it wasn't a federal issue to begin with. But what has me puzzled is when the SCOTUS then also decides to let the federal court decision against California's Proposition 8 stand. Certainly the people of California have a right to make such a decision for themselves. This is NOT a central republic; one size does NOT fit all, in this federal constitutional republic. So what gives on the Prop. 8 decision??? 

    • Obviously I need to read further in these decisions, to see if the SCOTUS isn't - as it appears - talking out of both sides of its mouth.
  • --

Two things.  One: Roe v. Wade.  If there were any federal factor involved in that decision, it should have fallen on the side of the protection of the fetus - a citizen - by the state; or at the very least, there should have been a very deep and comprehensive discussion regarding whose rights trumped: the pregnant females, in terms of her "life" and "liberty", or the fetus's, as a viable entity and so deserving the protection of the state.  But that's not where the debate went; it seems to have gone mostly to the so-called 'right of privacy' of the pregnant woman - a right that is nowhere to be found in the Constitution, rather merely in the liberal minds of a majority of the justices at the time.  

Secondly.  I understand, in reading further among my e-newsletters today, that one of the arguments by the SCOTUS majority was that their decision was based on the so-called 'bigotry' of those opposed to single-sex marriage - as if the only argument against it were the religious bias of Christians, which should hold no water in a court of law.  When what should hold no water in a court of law is this very sort of politically-correct thinking: making decisions on the 'morality' of the issue, rather than the legal facts.  The SCOTUS succumbing here to the very sort of argument that was in part used by it to strike down the DOMA: that the courts should not be in the business of making moral determinations.  

If DOMA was being, in the minds of the majority of the SCOTUS, at least in part a 'moral' law, and thus susceptible of being struck down - for not having purely legal merit - then surely the Court's choice of reason for its decision to strike it down - because it was offensive to (the far-fetched perceived 'liberty rights' of) gays - is itself subject to censure, for that very reason.  

And its refusal to strike down the federal court ruling against California's Proposition 8 would lend credence to that supposition of their position; i.e., that in their minds, it was not really a states' rights decision after all.  It was an 'anti-bigot' decision.

And the SCOTUS was, then - as I suspected - talking out of both sides of its mouth.  Trying to have it both ways.

In which case, the law is an ass.  And need not be followed, by a citizenry awakening to the threats to their freedom in a federal republic whose central government is trying to make of it a centralized republic, where the central government can control everything, every aspect of the eco-politico-social life in the nation, from 'Central Control'. 

Enhanced by the likes of the NSA's Total Surveillance technology, and reach... 

Fortunately, The People are waking up.

And just in time, it would appear. Before the darkness of totalitarian slavery descends on them.  And they find out, the hard way, what happens when a people who are supposed to govern themselves - take on that responsibility - deed it over to others; who are delighted to take the job on.  In exchange for all the goodies they get out of it. Not the least of which is the sense of ultimate power over people.

Rather than power with.  Which is, really, the name of the game - the end of the incarnational line, of lessons to be learnt in the 3D matrix that we have inhabited, for long enough, now.   

There's still time, Citizen.

Let's see what you are really made of.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Another Day...

...another ton of letters from organizations beseeching dollars.  But it seems larger than 'normal'.  Maybe I am just experiencing a seasonal aspect of the phenomenon: people on summer holiday, so the level of donations goes down, and the organizations have to beat the bushes harder, to get through their business summer.  Understandable, perhaps  But I resent the tone of some - a lot - of these letters; making it sound as if I personally am their lifeline, that if I personally don't respond satisfactorily to their needs - and with more to make up for others who don't - they will have to close their doors forever.

There may be some sort of built-in pecking order to these sorts of things.  I have noticed, this summer, that the first real beseeching letter in this vein that I got - beyond the normal donation-requesting letters - announced the need for precisely $16,741l.57 by July 1st or they would have to close their doors forever; then the next one (it appeared to have been written by the same person; and I bet that it's true that there is some guy somewhere who makes a living by coming up with these donation-request letters)1 was for $31,016.61 by July 3rd or they would have to etc. etc.; and today's mail - actually, yesterday''s; there is so much of this stuff in the mail these days that I usually don't get around to opening the pile until the next day - threw up (and only just barely so to speak) the need for $40,600 or I, personally, was going to be responsible for their outfit's going belly-up.2

I could always send a lot of these donation-request letters back unopened, with 'Return to Sender'  written on them.  And I have recently taken to doing just that; as I seem to have been picked up on some stray mailing-list exchanges.3  However, one such 'stray' in the mail (opening) today caught my eye, and I decided rather to open it.  It was from the man who is the head of "the premier black conservative action organization in America;" and though I didn't like the style of his donation-requesting letter, I liked his personal 'style', and found myself saying, regularly, 'Right on' to the way he has taken on the various battles that come his way.  

One of them has to do with the way that leftist blacks - like leftists in general - try to smear their political opponents by calling them 'racists'; playing the race card every chance they get, and thus making "ANY criticism of liberal black politicians about racism"; thereby making black liberals immune from criticism "just because they are black".   

The way I would deal with such people, and their various agendas (Reparations for Slavery, and racial quotas, and so forth) would be to say "Oh dear.  I just never realized that there were some people who are immune from criticism.  Oh - mea culpa.  Let me just bow and scrape and beg humble pardon for a few minutes.  Excuse me while I pull my forelock a few times, and grovel grovel grovel…there.  Does that make you feel better?  Now can we get on with the substantive issues at hand??"       

(Keep up the good work, Jay.  But get yourself another Pub Rel outfit, or whoever does your donation-request letters.  I found it offensive; and therefore counterproductive.)

So I sit here with a growing pile of letters from various worthy causes, each pleading for money; and then, when you give them some, they immediately come back for more…

I am reminded of two things.  One is a film I saw years ago, about some young people in a poverty-stricken country in the East .  I forget the storyline; but one incident has stuck in my mind.  The young fellow is out alone at the time, and is being beseeched by young kids for change.  He stops, and starts handing out money…and is swarmed on; and the next thing we find is that he has been suffocated under a pile of humanity, all trying to get a piece of the action.

There is something ignoble, and just plain wrong, about all this beseeching going on, from worthy causes, these days.  We need to step back, and take a look at the larger picture.

Which brings me to the second thing I am reminded of.  Many years ago, when reading a copy of Prevention magazine, Rodale pere or fils, I forget which, wrote a preface to the issue, stating their philosophy in the form of a parable.  It went something like this:

A man is walking beside a river one day when he hears a cry for help coming from it.  He looks over and sees a child, floundering, being carried rapidly downstream.  He quickly takes off his shoes and dives in and swims out to the child, and pulls it to the shore, getting his breath back.  Whereupon he hears another cry for help emanating from the river.  Seeing another child being carried downstream and calling for help, he dives in again, and swims out and gets hold of the second child, and, though tiring, manages to drag this child to the shore as well.  Whereupon he hears another call for help coming from the river…Just then another adult walks by; and the man says to the person: "You dive in and save that child.  But I'm going upstream and getting the s.o.b. who's throwing them in." 

I'm done struggling to do what I can, on my limited, retiree's budget.

You do what you can, if that's your calling.

But me?

I'm going upstream.  



1 I actually checked out a couple of such letters, from different sources, that looked to be very similar, with handwritten comments (in blue ink) adding to the typewritten format; and I thought I had caught them out for being phony front organizations, who only said that they were in the business of presenting petitions to Congress on, or otherwise lobbying for, their various causes.  But it turned out that they didn't hide the fact that they were part of an umbrella organization that has a very legitimate-looking 501C number for a non-profit organization.  
     However, there is another, similar letter from an outfit with a different PO Box number in Washington, D.C…….and, they may all be from the same Public Relations company business.  If so, they need to go back to school, and learn a better way of couching their letters.  
     One such letter was so flagrantly insulting to my intelligence - repeating the same words and phrases over and over and bloody over again - that I scrawled my angry responses all over it ('yes yes…got it…') and sent it back to them in their special hotshot specially expedited envelope, sans donation.  Although I did put my own stamp on it.  Their letter had made such a hissy fit about how they had already paid for the envelope and all I had to do was put it in the mail, etc. etc., that I hoped they would see the irony of my being willing to pay for the return, just to have my say, on my dime, not theirs; that sometimes, folks, less is more.

2 You think I'm kidding?  How would you take comments like: 
     "Your failure to reply to this letter will kill us!" and "But I am at the end of my rope.  And only you can save me." 
     Thank you; no thank you.  Not interested in taking on that responsibility.  Find yourself another patsy.
     Going to the wall?  Shit happens.  But you're not going to drag me down with you.  Let go. 
     I am 'inspired' to think: Who writes this stuff???

3 A key one has been on conservative Christian-oriented such mailing lists.  I never realized just how many such organizations there were 'out there,' until I have stumbled into this particular hornets' nest.   I can't recall which such organization I gave a contribution to that opened this particular door - whichever it was, I obviously liked their pitch.  (The secularists and atheists are having it all their way a little too damn much these days, in trying to throw the baby of spirituality - of a larger picture of life than merely the materialistic one - out with the bathwater of religion.)  But I am not a Christian; and in point of fact, see the need for the institution to dissolve away, and leave just the essence.  So that's not a cause that I am particularly 'up' for.  
     I am for 'the third force' involved in this sort of thing: that which moves processes forward, to a new, higher level of being than the pieces - action and reaction; thesis and antithesis - of the processes exist on.
     The Old needs to give way.  In many areas.  For the New to come into being.  Now.
     But one thing that doesn't change is having values.
     A sense of integrity. 
     The details may change.  The consciousness remains.

Further On My 'I Am Everyman' Post

I couldn't go to bed before completing my thoughts on this subject, of Where we're at, and What do we do now.  The key point is:

If we don't honor the Constitution on this issue, of the eligibility of a particular kind of citizen for the presidency (and now vice presidency as well, due to legal amending of the constitutional contract between the federal government and the several States), then the Constitution is a dead letter, and there is nothing to stop any tyrant, be it of the executive or legislative branch, from doing anything they want to do, and the judicial branch can't say boo about it.  So: What to do?

I have an idea:

Members of true Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Assn., backed up by a posse of retired military oathkeepers, need to visit each of the Congresspersons' offices, and leave the unmistakable message that they have 72 hours to do their constitutional duty in regards to reining in a rogue executive - and to strip this one of his illegal occupancy of the office (at a minimum because of the clearly fraudulent document that he has caused to be posted on the official White House web site, as regards his nativity, and with particular regard to his paternity) - or they, the CS&POs and Posse, will be back with a warrant for their arrest.

For we will NOT go into the dark night of totalitarian statism, from either the Left OR the Right; from either socialism or fascism, as the Bush the Younger's administration was angling towards, before they ran out of time.  Having set up the subsequent moves along the same lines by the Marxist gang, of Obama and Bill Ayers & Co.  And having helped inflict 9/11 on the American people, and psyche.1

But all of that will come out in the wash, as we start the cleansing of the District of Corruption; and the preparing of the planet - not just the American citizenry - for Ascension, into a New Order of Things.

Novus Ordo Seclorum.  Just not the New Order envisioned by the so-called Illuminati; who have been living with, and by, a perversion of the Truth.  For it is not they who will take us into the Promised Land.

It is We, the People.

Assembled, for that very purpose.

And some of us just awakening to the job at hand.

And to Who we are.

Each.  And All.

To say:

We Are All One.

And All IS One.

With a Name we can come up with - though there is no Object at that level; no Other2 - like

The All That Is.

And hallowed be Thy Name; whatever we attempt to call The All by.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.



1) And so this is a bipartisan issue.
     P.S. I would love to read the Now It Can Be Told story of the Naval honchos in the Mediterranean who it would appear were approached in person by George the Younger and Dick 'Darth Vader' Cheney as to why they were obstructing that Administration's call for war in the Middle East; presumably arguing that they were not 'equipped' for it, but perhaps meaning that they were not 'prepared' for it - in their own minds.  And good for them, if the latter is the truth of the matter.  Which will out at some point, as we wrap up the 3D drama.
     It is no secret that the Bush Jr. administration, and in particular the Neocons in its midst, wanted that war, as follow-on to the Iraqi and Afghani incursions, in their move for effective hegemony in that part of the world.  If we have learned from history to Beware Greeks bearing gifts, I hope we have learned, from events in our time, to Beware American Jews blindly supporting the Israeli government.  It is a criminal enterprise, and needs to be reined in.  Not encouraged in its hegemonic ambitions.
     We're not talking about legitimate political needs and concerns.  We're talking about deceit, and chicanery, on a massive scale; that has used the average European Jew, and average good-hearted American citizen, to further its heinous agenda.
     More on all of which, another time, perhaps.

2) Which goes to the very issue of 3rd dimensional life, with its duality and polarities; the key to our having gone off the path, into the realm of the 'likes' of pain, and the inflicting thereof.  Consider:
     The only way you can think to do damage to others is to think of them as others -  as 'other'.  So that, As you did unto others, you did not do unto yourself.  And thus was the 'consciousness' of cruelty born - not feeling in yourself what you inflict on others.  Whereas in true reality, We Are All One.
     The return to which state, and state of mind, is coming up, as we speak.  Which characterizes the realm of the 5th dimension - the realm of the beginning of Unity consciousness.  And the coming into the stretch, and the heading directly for Home.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Am Everyman

Opening yesterday's mail today (you know how it is, sometimes), I came across a letter from the National Republican Senatorial Committee containing their Party's "newest 2013 Presidential Proxy Ballot" to run by the people on their mailing list, with, of course, a request for a donation to their cause.  I don't say their 'worthy cause', for the reason which I shall now give.

After listing the horrendous deeds of the Obama administration, as to why it needs to fade into the annals of infamy - "the IRS, Benghazi and Associated Press scandals coupled with $17 Trillion in debt and the ObamaCare 'train wreck'" - and asking if I thought all that may have created a"tipping point moment and backlash of dissatisfaction among independents who voted for Barack Obama" in my area, it gave me their Presidential Proxy Ballot to fill out, and return "today".1  So - being an avid opponent of Obama and his socialist attempt at "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a cesspool of statism, and of the worst kind - i.e., a totalitarian state; which we have had enough of on the planet in our time, thank you very much - and willing to support almost any cause to accomplish that goal, I started going through the Ballot with my replies - and stopped.  Short.  Never to start again on it, except to append a note to whomsoever was ever going to read it (hopefully it would ultimately get all the way back to the NRSC Chairman himself):

"What is the matter with you, Jerry, and the Republican Party?  Rubio and Cruz [among names on the given list of potential Republican Party candidates, as either first choice or second choice, for the presidential run in 2016] are NOT NBCs.  Where is your fidelity to the Constitution??!"

What I didn't add, but felt, was: 

'What do I have to do, come over there to D.C. and do the job myself?

'The job, of cleaning up the corruption - cleaning out the Augean stables of the federal government.  So that the nation can get back on track, to its highest potential, and destiny.  Which is not to become, and be, the plaything of petty minds.

'Do your job.  Or get out of the way, of those who will do the job.  

'You have your chance.  Take advantage of it.  Or forever regret that you let your golden chances pass you by.'

I know what you're thinking:

Who am I?  

My answer:

I am Everyman.  Well; to some extent.  

More specifically:

I was born in the trough of The Great Depression - later to find out that it was in order to help humanity find its way out of such conditions; to the extent that they need never to happen, ever again - and grew up in days of relative innocence.  Summers on the beach in southern California.  Bicycling out to the edge of town to stables for horseback rides, in wide-open countryside that is now wall-to-wall suburbia…

The summer of '45 I happened to be up in the Bay Area, with my (older) brother, spending the summer with our father (our parents divorced - well, I'll be a little more accurate than that: Our mother divorced our father when I was a little bitty baby, and my brother and I grew up with our mom, and her new husband.  For a time, and season in our lives), when one day, when our dad was in San Francisco on business (he had become, by then, a chiropractor, and was looking to buy into a going partnership in The City), I was sitting on the curb of the main street in 'Frisco2 when the representatives of the nations of the world came by in their flag-bedecked parade cars, on their way to attend the opening of a conference to put an end to war, through a new organization called the United Nations.  As I say: the days of innocence…

But life carried on pretty normally, for a time.  At the end of my junior high school days there was something going on over in China, about a civil war, between whoever those players were; but then that was China, all the way over on the other side of the planet.  Nothing to do with us…

…or of my learning to type during summer school, before going out with a friend to play some tennis…and……

And then the Korean war broke out, and 'suddenly that summer' my innocent little world was no longer quite so innocent.  i had just completed my first year in high school, so it wasn't affecting me personally; but still…

I remember being rather involved at school in a paperback-collecting campaign for 'the troops in Korea'; that was about it as to my involvement in the larger scene.3  Oh; and a man who had just come to be on the faculty, in some capacity or other that escapes my recollection right at the moment, and who had spent some time over in Korea (in what was being called officially, for some reason I never quite got at the time, a 'police action', involving that same UN of my earlier youth's brush with), gave a talk one day to the student body about the war (yes, that was what he called it; no pussyfooting about the matter with him), and led us the next morning in a very moving pledge of allegiance to the flag, as I recall.4  But that was the extent of my personal interaction with the larger picture of life.  The larger encounter didn't happen until I hit college; and we were advised by our counselors to take ROTC.  Which I did.  Until one day…

…but that's another story.   For this one, here, let me just rap it up, by saying that 

No, you Republican Party honchos: You will NOT be allowed to let the Constitution be trashed - simply be given lip service to; ignoring what seems to be the fine print of the contract to you - and the American ship of state thus left adrift, to founder either on the shoals of Scylla or in the whirlpool of Charybdis - either via the socialist police state on the Left or the fascist one on the Right.  I will not allow you to do that dishonor to the American Republic, for which its flag stands.  Too many good American men and women have suffered too much over the years in keeping alive The Dream, for little-minded people like you to be allowed to piss it away.  

And who am Io stand in your way?                 
Apparently, you're going to have to find out.

The easy way.  Or the hard way.

Your choice.



1 All these letters from all these organizations requesting donations always cite the 'urgent' aspect of their particular appeal.  And no wonder.  They know that everybody else on the Money Appeal block is doing the same thing, and their request will just disappear under a pile of others if they don't get you to respond immediately. 

2 only to find years later never to call it that; that that designation was a sign of gaucherie.  Only tourists called it that.  To the denizens themselves, it was either the full name, or 'Baghdad By The Bay' - the title of a local journalist's column - was acceptable.  That may sound like a tourist's name for the city.  But  Herb Caen was the real deal.  More San Francisco you cannot get. 

3 My brother was by then living with our father up in the Bay Area, and enrolled in junior college up there; so he was not immediately subject to the Draft.  In the event - and after returning to live with us for a short time (our father having kicked him out for being too much to handle - which got him sent up there to live in the first place, with our mom having had the same problem with him; mostly to do with girl stuff - and at this end, the stepfather having been ousted from the scene years before, so it was just Mom and me by then.  Families.  Geez...not quite Ozzie and Harriet stuff; but things they were a'changing...) - he was to join the Air Force; and got involved in documentary film-making therein, an exposure that led him later on to try to make a breakthrough into TV and film-making in Hollywood, which caused our paths to cross once again in life.  But all of that's another story,  For another time, perhaps.    

4 We did have a flag-raising ceremony each morning; but it had become a bit perfunctory, nor did it involve actually saying the pledge of allegiance, with hand on heart.  That had dropped off somewhere along the way.  I can remember doing it in elementary school, but not in junior high.  
     It was never a big thing, in my day.      
    And obviously was not a big thing in Obama's day, growing up later on in his youth in Hawaii. 
   And I understand that it is not a big thing in many young Americans' lives in this day and age.  But now, it has become a big thing, indeed. 
     It was ever thus.


P.S. A 'final' word, here, this day in time:

from wnd: 'Rush: Obama One of Most Successful Presidents (He isn't making a mess of anything)' - Joe Kovacs - June 25

Eddi G. 2 hours ago
I often said prior to O*** re-election he'd be hard to get rid of. Thanks to the lax fraudulent election process here we are with His Majesty O'Bama. Now the battle will be to keep him out for a third term since the Constitution has been trashed by both Dummycrats and pantywaist RINOS like John Boehner while the Constitutional 2 term limit will be ignored. We're still in for a rough ride ***


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  • kibitzer3 Eddi G. a few seconds ago

  • Indeed, Eddi G., the Constitution is hanging by a thread...

  • ...and when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  • Get going, America. It's time to make your move. And almost past time, to catch the wave, and keep from slipping into the trough of apathy.
  1. Don't expect anyone to do it for you. America is all about the power and importance of the individual; remember?? And THEN the i becomes the We.