Thursday, 31 December 2009

Obama Becoming a Law Unto Himself

I am disturbed by some info I have just come across regarding a recent (16/12) Executive Order issued by Obama that exempts Interpol from operating in the US without being subject to the Constitution & its Bill of Rights, in particular the Fourth Amendment. The bottom line of my blog, as someone put the matter on the WorldNetDaily site:

"But the Obama critics at the Obamafile weren't convinced.

"'By this EO, Obama has conferred diplomatic immunity upon INTERPOL, exemption from being subject to search and seizure by law enforcement, exemption from U.S. taxes, and immunity from FOIA requests, etc. … Does INTERPOL have a file on Obama – or his associations?'"

A little background.

During Obama's run for the presidency, the Right in general began to look deeper into his background. They found some disturbing things. Some are widely known about: his association - for years - with his fiery pastor; and something of a link with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, of Weathermen infame. Some are lesser known about. One of those bits is a tape of a telephone conversation with a US pastor and Obama's paternal step-grandmother in Kenya, who seemed to affirm that he had been born in that country, and that in point of fact, she had been present at his birth. But where I want to go with this blog is to another lesser-known bit of backround: the tape of a radio show interview in Chicago with Obama while he was an Illinois senator. In the course of the i/v he commented on the Constitution - how it was primarily about what the federal government can't do to the citizenry; but what would be better, would be what it not only can, but should, do FOR the citizenry. The i/v didn't go into any further detail about his thoughts on that subject. But it highlights one of the concerns of the Right: that he is a socialist in spirit and sentiment; and may well not be above bending the law a little to accomplish his desired ends (as 'liberals' are notorious for doing, in regarding the Constitution as 'a living document', subject to interpretation, not by 'original intent' perspectives, but by an attitude of 'broad construction').

And now, whilst in that office of major prestige and power, he quietly amends by Executive Order one issued by Reagan during his term in the office, which specifically did not exempt Interpol from constitutional oversight when operating in this country.

Why is this little matter important?

See above. Especially in the context, eg, of the possibility that Obama might want to keep some information about his background from the US public. Take questions about his passport, or passports (a subject that would naturally involve Interpol). There are serious questions about his eligibility, which include questions regarding what nationality he traveled to Pakistan under years ago, ie, was he traveling under Indonesian citizenship. He might also have been traveling under the British citizenship he inherited from his father; and so on, question upon question, as to who, really, is Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. All of this goes to his eligibility to be president of the US - and to have run for that august office in the first place.

Questions, that are not helped when it turns out that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party did not do a proper check of his credentials, as it were. To be as understanding as possible in the matter: It might just have been an assumption, that he couldn't have gotten as far as running for the job if he WEREN'T eligible. But since the office of the president of the US - and the office of vice president- require a more specific level of citizenry than other elected offices, that is a terribly irresponsible oversight, if that is in fact the case.* Although there are factors involved that make it look as though that is too positive a spin on the matter - that someone of high responsibility in the Democratic Party camp in fact knew there might be some question here. And a decision was made to simply try to sneak the matter by the American people.

The philosophy of ends justifying means.

So, the upshot is that there is considerable question about Obama's eligibility, and his stonewalling about authorizing the release of his original, vault-copy birth certificate has not helped matters any. And nor has his refusal likewise to authorize release of other personal documents, like his school records (did he apply for financial support as a foreign student?) - and his passport. Or passports.

About which there is some serious question. Involving secret changes after the fact. And accesses to his State Department file regarding the matter, which involve the death of one investigator.

The people, in short, have 'a right to know' - to know all about the man who has been elected to the highest office in the land.

Possibly under false pretences.

With a particular political slant, as an agenda, that can be called, in a word: socialism.

A Change that the American people haven't really voted on.

* The difference is in the legal definition of a "natural born citizen", which requires the person to have been born on US soil of US citizen parents. Note the plural. It was a clear understanding of definition at the time of the ratification of the US constitution. The Founders of the fledgling republic did not want persons occupying those offices who might have divided loyalties (particularly to England, at the time).

Friday, 18 December 2009

Betrayals of our Potentials

The theme of betrayal is up for me. Betrayal in general, and betrayals in particular. In general, I can think of the end-justifies-the-means positions of such as former president George W. Bush, who, when a reporter called out to him, on his way to or from the White House helicopter, asking what bin Laden had to do with 9/11, replied back: "Nothing," and continued on his merry neocon way. And this week, of former UK PM Tony Blair, who when asked about Iraq and all that, said that in hindsight he would have done the same thing, because Saddam Hussein was a bad man. Of which there are, indeed, more than a few around. Or the pending example of, say, an Al Gore, who, if it turns out that the skeptics were right, and there really was/is no anthropegenic global warming going on - enough to make the sort of difference claimed - might well say, "Well; we're better off for what we've done; no?"

No. Because we're talking about the truth of matters. Not the agendas of the powerful. The ability of the power-hungry to hide behind smokescreens, in order to achieve their purposes.

But what really 'did it' for me this week was an article in The (Glasgow) Herald about depression, and the treatment thereof, by the professionals of our day and compromised age. To their credit, the authorities quoted on the subject referred to alternative treatments to drug therapy, the latter of which they acknowledged was getting out of hand (by its nature). But the only 'alternative' therapies/treatments that our culture recognizes are 'talking therapies' - aka cognitive behavioural therapy - and exercise. Not good enough. Nor is the slavish response of the mainstream media to the establishmentarian approach to this issue, and other such issues, in feature articles on the subjects. My letter (unprinted; no surprise there):

"Dear Editor,

"There is something decidedly unhealthy about the approach to the subject of depression by mainstream medicine, and its reportage by the mainstream media ('One in 10 now taking drugs to fight depression', The Herald, December 16).

"Depression is a symptom, not a disease. It has underlying causation, and that is where the treatment for it needs to take place, not primarily, or exclusively, on the symptom level. For example: when too little vitamin B6 is obtained from one's diet (easy to do, in our modern diets, with processed foods stripped of many nutrients), an essential amino acid called tryptophan is not used normally, instead is changed into a substance known as xanthurenic acid. This can damage the pancreas and produce diabetes; but in the current context, this biochemical process is important because tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, the main 'feel good' neurotransmitter. Less tryptophan, less serotonin.

"The medical-pharmaceutical complex tries to compensate for this deficiency by artificially increasing the serotonin in the synapses, via SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors); but this is not dealing with the root cause, which can have multifactorial effects, like the aforementioned diabetes.

"And there's another amino acid, called tyrosine, whose main role is as a precursor to both serotonin and dopamine - both important to the proper functioning of the brain. (And dopamine is also involved in the alarming rise of ADHD, also reported on in this article.)

"There are other causes of clinical depression. Other parts of the B complex (which has been eliminated from our diets in large part with the advent of the high-speed milling process of wheat), which can be used up by stress, with 'coping' difficulty results. A wonky thyroid (which can come about via fluoride displacing the iodine); insufficient omega 3 oils, or in proper balance with omega 6 oils. And so forth. I am saying that more emphasis needs to be placed on causation and less on the band-aids of either drug treatment or talking therapies. Or we will just continue to have 'mental illness' problems blighting our society. And growing. And growing. All for the want of a nail.

"Yours sincerely," (etc.)

I could have said more. 'Other causes' includes a lack of sunlight (especially with already low levels of serotonin. This condition is known as SAD - seasonal affective disorder). And the treatment of the subject of 'mental health' was grotesquely insufficient - except in the terms of current western medicine, and the charities dealing with these fallout conditions, and the mainstream media's pitiful parroting of the official line on these matters. (It's the same with multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease, and so forth and so maddeningly on.) But I understand what's behind it all, and have to curb my temper.

Because I agree with the basic premise of life: of the importance of free will.

Which is how we learn our lessons, and grow therefrom.

I just get angry, and saddened, at how people get stuck in it. And identify with their momentary, learning-vehicle persona. And act accordingly, with its short-range vision.

Let me clarify. I am happy for people to relate to their roles. Male, female, father, mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, nephew, niece, business owner, janitor, scholar, sportsperson. But they are just that: roles. You are not your role. You are much more. You are 'a peece of the continent, a parte of the maine'. A spark of divinity. You are God. And if 'you' understood that - fully - you would act accordingly.

And it's time to get to that state of understanding.

The world - Gaia - needs us to.

And we need us to.

As the title of a book on reincarnation pointed out, clearly and concisely: We Are One Another.

And I for one don't want to be a part of the corrupting of the noble calling of medicine, where a natural approach to the subject has been not only ignored, but actively attacked and suppressed, by the established order.

We have bigger fish to fry, now, than just experiencing life through our roles, and getting so comfortable in the momentary reflection of what is in actuality a process that we forget that that's just what they are: roles. The means to an end.

The end of enlightenment. And Oneness with the All. The consciousness of being One with the All.

It is important work. And that work is calling on us now to rise to the occasion.

Join me. Join the (r)evolution.

And make of 'us' a gift worthy of The Giver.

By recognizing that we have just been playing roles. And now it's time for the real thing.

the 'real thing' of Ascension.

Moving up to a higher orbit of the atomic Body of our Creator.

To express that potential more fully. For mutual progression of the Whole.

And to do that, the key, now, to such a progression, is to do away with money. The training wheels of 'money'. Of personal aggrandisement - for its own sake - and damn the consequences. Not very mature.

And I'm not talking about the anti-free will philosophy of disallowing choice. The idea that the answer to, say, envy, or greed, is to take away the opportunity to experience the vices of the human heart. The answer is to transcend them, by creating a civilization wherein virtue is its own reward; and we 'do' for the sake of the Whole because that's the point of the exercise.

The aligned, and fulfilling, exercise of the Will of the Creator, to allow us to dawdle along the path - or even lose sight of the path - if we so choose.

Choose not to. For your best sake as well. Because you are, after all, a part of the Whole.

A peece of the continent, a parte of the maine, in the words of the philosopher-poet, John Donne...who also observed, in this context:

"The bell doth toll for him that thinkes it doth; and though it intermit againe, yet from that moment that that occasion wrought upon him, he is united to God."

May YOU have such a moment.

And join us, moving further on the path. With closer attention to, and fidelity to, the purpose of the exercise.

The purpose, of experiencing Unity, and knowing it as if for the first time.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Turning Point

"...As we enhance the lives of others, protect our environment, and work toward abundance, all our lives can become richer and more secure. If these values were put into practice, it would enable all of us to achieve a much higher standard of living within a relatively short period of time; a standard of living that would be continuously improved."
(from FAQ, Jacque Fresco's answers to people about the Venus Project, carried on Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist Movement website)


My email of today to Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement (who answers questions weekly on a radio show):

"Dear Peter,

"I appreciate the good work that you & Jacque & Roxanne are doing to help people look outside of the current paradigm of how things are or can be done in the world. But in your take on it all: Why would people be 'good' and support the process, of a moneyless, resource-based economy, without a reason to do so other than that it would be nice & would work if people DID. To say: If there is no fundamental reason for being, then life has no real meaning, and people would/could as easily care only for themselves and their own personal wellbeing as not; for the end of the closed system of life could, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else. I am saying, that without an ultimate meaning to life, how do you answer a response to your vision of, 'Nothing really matters but me'?

"I'm sorry, but your vision sounds like a humanistic pipedream to me. Now if you put an additional, spiritual dimension to it, you'd really have something. You would have the true zeitgeist movement for our times: the Turning Point."

These thoughts of mine have been prompted by a number of articles on the web recently, where I have chosen to make comment on the Comments threads to them. The first of these was to an article in Rolling Stone by Naomi Klein on the current scene, from her inimitable perspective. My contribution to the discussion (on November 12; under my user name there of 'kibitzer'):

"So, we're at impasse - great. That means it's time to look beyond the level of the problem. And since the level of the problem is global, that means the solution is a step above 'the global'. And that means above the current global paradigm. And the current global paradigm is calculated with an interest-bearing money system,. Now what if...

"i suggest we look at fundamentals here. The fundamental motivating factor in the world currently is making a profit on one's efforts. But what if people were - could be - motivated by another 'carrot'. What if they were - could be - motivated by an understanding that the universe has purpose, and that purpose is Good; and part of that purpose is to live to our highest potential, as essentially souls on a spiritual journey -'spiritual beings have a human experience' - giving of our best, since life has meaning, beyond one's single incarnation. So: we can do away with money - especially money treated as a commodity in itself, instead of merely as a medium of exchange (as it started out being, before greed, & a sense of separation, crept into the picture). Which we can do electronically now, with a system of credits and debits, like local LETS systems do already.

"Of course, this will require humanity to recognize its essential Ground of Being being beyond merely the physical dimension. But there's plenty of evidence for that now - that there is more than Man in the grand scheme of things. So - it's time, to get serious on this essential matter. Great Crisis creating great Opportunity.

"The left and the right can duke it out if they want. But really it's time to move beyond the current paradigm.

"The planet - our home base, while we experience physical life - is waiting on us to get it. And getting rather impatient, it would appear, and so to speak.

"(R)evolution, anyone?"

The second was in response to an exchange on staunch anti-collectivist G. Edward Griffin's e-newsletter site ( between him and a contributor who took exception to his belief in the value of returning to the gold standard; the contributor believing its trading value & thus its control being in the hands of the Rothschild's, and Griffin standing his ground on the issue (my contribution dated 5 December):

"Dear Ed,

"Re your response to Brian of Central Queensland Free State concerning gold/'social credit':

"I haven't read the book in question. But I do know that

"(1) It is time to look anew at life on this lovely planet; and

"(2) 'You' don't need money to provide each other with goods and services. Yes, gold is a good 'standard' by which to measure value. But a return to that standard is to miss the fullness of the historical point, of where we're at in our evolution.

"We must not continue to be suckered by people of power who want to continue in their positions of power. All a person needs is a motivation to give of their best to one another. And I submit that that motivation - that best motivation - exists not in the relative value of gold, but in the exquisite qualiity of gratitude. Gratitude for life with meaning. The gift of the Creator to that Most High's offspring.

"We have a planet of abundance, to live in harmony with. It's time to do so, on a global, as opposed to a tribal, level. 'Tribal' as in separate races and religions and nationalities. It's time, that is to say, for ascension; to a new, higher level of our being on this lovely planet we call Earth - a higher level of being based on this lovely planet, as we now verge on starting to go exploring in our region of the galaxy. For a start. As a mature race, ready now for such an adventure; and responsibility, to do it with love, and the aforementioned gratitude.

"Practically, all we need is a system of credits and debits; much like the LETS systems of our day. It can all be done electronically. Just not under the thumb of the NWO crowd, and their immature allusions to power. That's of the old, to be shrugged off.

"'Human nature' is involved in all this, yes. But I submit to you that it is time to move out of the old paradign in which that expressed itself, into the new.

"We can do it. And in part now, because we must. Or we unravel back down into our past.

"Been there. Done that. No thanks.

"Keep up the excellent work," (etc)

Griffin's comment regarding 'human nature' was to the effect that any pie in the sky (in this case, the theory of Scottish engineer Clifford H. Douglas regarding 'social credit' and the implicit assumption therein that people would do the right thing merely on spec) would be brought splatting down via its auspices, ie, that people are people; fallen souls, in effect, and there is nothing new under the sun.

And speaking of which, on to my last entry in this review of recent comments of mine to 'timely' offerings on the internet, as it were. This one was to another article at Rolling Stone, by a columnist who was clearly disillusioned by Obama's choices for financial advisors. The article was headed 'Obama's Big Sellout'. My comment (on December 10):


"I can appreciate your feelings as to how the American people were made over for many years by the Republicans and their BB [for Big Business] cronies, but Matt is doing a major favor to The People by pointing out the facts of life regarding the Democrat side of politics as well. Succinctly put: The fix is in at the top. So: what to do?

"I encrouage some blue-sky thinking here. Corruption is rampant wherever you look. Globalisation has made the whole world economic system vulnerable to collapse. Answer: Let it. And give thanks.

"Crisis = Opportunity. Great Crisis = Great Opportunity. Stop & think: What is needed in life is, simply, a motivation to exchange goods and services, and give of our best to each other in appreciation of others doing the same to us. You don't need money - and definitely not interest-bearing money; and definitely not money that has become an end in itself, rather than merely the medium of exchange that it started out to be - to do that. Perhaps it was needed, like training wheels, during this early stage of our evolution here. But look around: there is something new under the sun. In a word: technology.

"I submit that the best motivation we can have, to give of our best to one another, exists not, eg, in the relative value of gold (& certainly not in the fool's gold of fiat money), but in the exquisite quality of gratitude: Gratitude for life with meaning. The gift of the Creator to that Source's offspring.

"Don't believe there is something more than Man? Ach, weil. I have no answer for you. But I do have a suggestion. Examine your premises. Seriously. And then join the move up a notch, on this lovely planet, NEEDING us now to give of our best.

"Your choice. Our choice.

"As for fascism, or socialism, or any other merely humanistic ism: Been there. Done that. No thanks.

"A higher outcome is calling us up out of ourselves. It's time to listen to that voice. And stop listening to these siren songs around us, of the old."

As for feedback: My contributions disappear into cyberspace with no noticeable effect. The threads continue right on, as if my offerings have been at the most a curious glitch in the process, like a stone that the river just keeps rolling by, and over.

Sometimes I despair if people are ever going to get it.* But then I 'trust the process', and allow things to unfold as they will.

But not without comments from time to time; tossed into the pot, for a little seasoning...

And speaking of seasoning: Happy holidays.

P.S. In case Griffin gets back to me on the question/excuse of 'human nature', and in response to Jacque Fresco's attitude (& by extension, Peter Joseph) that the matter is not 'human nature' so much as 'human behavior' - ie, in 'his' belief system, that we are blank slates, and it is merely our environment that makes us the way we are - I will be pointing out to both of them, for different reasons, that part of our 'human nature' is our conditioning from past lives. That that matter has to be taken into consideration as well, regarding who we 'are', and how we respond to our environment.

But that conditioning can be overcome. In part by grace. The grace of a loving Creator.

Wanting us to have our experiences, meaningfully (as part of The Plan). But not totally divorced from the process.

With a little help from his/her friends, the angels...

But I won't be holding my breath, as to a response from either of them. Based on my past experience in cyberspace...

...yet, patience is a virtue.

Still. After all these years.

* A despair that particularly dates back to the early 60s, when I 'got it', and decided to share it in the best way that I could think of, at the time, and in terms of the time. I wrapped up my life to then, and started out from Los Angeles, to the east, on foot, dropping off the following message at newspaper offices along the way:

"I am a young man walking on his way to Washington, to see the President and draw to his attention that the way to rid ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money.

"If after considering the matter thoroughly you agree, I suggest you write a letter saying so to Mr. Kennedy."

As to the outcome of that little adventure: I in fact got to the White House, although only as far as a member of the Secret Service, who stopped my little bullet from reaching the President. And then I picked up my life again after that watershed point OF my life.

Watershed, as in: nothing would ever be the same again, for me.

It was commitment time.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Of Cabbages and Kings

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things...

...that are well and truly heating up. And causing me to heat up, in my response to them.

Some of them:


* Vaccines


* Obama's eligibility question

(1) AGW is now front and centre (the swine flu 'pandemic' having moved itself off the main pages, for its fizzle out), so I'll deal with it first.

Where to begin. A statement: There is truth on both sides of the debate. But the fact that there is - that it is not all one-sided, as the proponents in particular would make it out to be - should give us pause. To say: Why such harsh treatment of the naysayers? Calling global warming 'deniers' the same as Holocaust 'deniers', and so forth? Yes: because the stakes are big. But when advocates start pushing as hard as they are doing, and when the MSM takes up their cry and demonizes the 'deniers' to the extent that they are doing, it makes one wonder. It makes this truthseeker wonder. And notice. And 'consider the source'. For example: Al Gore. Who stands to make a fortune on the Cap and Trade scheme. And who has said that the issue speaks to the need for "global governance".

Well; could do. If it were true.

But what if it weren't, quite...

Anyway; factors here: Power and profit. The old question: Cui bono.

And speaking of the demonization going on, and the role of the MSM in all this:

(2) Vaccines. In particular, the current hype about the swine flu, and the rubbishing of those speaking out for a role in the autism ''epidemic' going on of vaccines.

I'll cut to the chase here. The government health authorities, and their advisers from the orthodox medical field, are mounting a major campaign to try to silence their critics on both fronts, and get the public to "just take the damn vaccine", for them and for their children (including, outlandishly, their unborn; though none of the flu vaccines have been tested on pregnant women, and no accountability for 'possible side effects' will be allowed). And interestingly, using the same harsh invective as those trying to silence their critics on the 'climate change' front of the current battle. The current battle, between 'the authorities' and 'the people'.

Power and profit. They go together like a horse and carriage.

People, people. We are being fleeced.

Maybe for more than one purpose, in each case. But the end result is the same: authoritarianism. Control over the people by the elite. Top-down governance.

You can't be trusted to make the right choices...

I won't go into all the details of the downsides of vaccines here. Suffice it to say, they are rather horrific. Yes, vaccines do some good. But at what cost, is the question.

A question not looked at by the authorities. But having been done so, by many an honest investigator. With deep concern as an outcome.

It really couldn't be otherwise. Vaccines 'work' by triggering an inflammatory reaction to the (ingredients of the) vaccine, in order to create antibodies to the antigens in them. But antibodies also get created to the other ingredients as well. Like the Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) that is a contaminant from the chick embryo cells that a number of vaccine viral components are cultured on (eg, the measles virus in the MMR shot). Result: an autoimmune reaction, the body attacking its own MBP, and myelin being the insulation to and for the cranial nerve systems. Or to the squalene adjuvant used in some vaccines (an adjuvant being a substance included to enhance the immune reaction). Squalene is a substance found in our own bodies. So those vaccines can trigger an autoimmune reaction in this way as well. Plus the fact that the developers put food proteins in vaccines; hence, allergies, and anaphylactic attacks. And so forth. To say: vaccines, by and large, can easily be causing more trouble than their benefits, because of their myriad of side effects.

Are they? We don't know, in general.+ Why not? Because - altogether now: 'The benefits of vaccines far outweigh their risks.'

You don't know that, Doc. It's a true belief.

Power and profit. And hubris.

Harris L. Coulter, PhD - a leading medical historian - outlined in his book 'Vaccines, Social Violence and Criminality' the link between vaccines and those conditions. Read it, and be outraged. His summary of the literature has never been refuted. And since vaccines can quite easily be the cause of all manner of mental misalignments - leading to all manner of terrible crimes, including horrific rapes and mutilations of both adults and children - the medical authorities have been criminally irresponsible in their lack of proper oversight to this matter.++

Who else to blame? Government oversight authorities? But they have to rely on the advices of medical authorities, who are the experts in these matters - these matters, of adverse mental conditions. And those advices have been tainted by a true-believer mentality - the mentality that has said that the benefits of vaccines 'far outweigh' the risks, without due and proper professional regard to the possible full potential of those risks. Including what is called ADD & ADHD & dyslexia & dyspraxia, and 'Pervasive Developmental Disorders' including ASDs. In a word: brain damage.

The argument seems to be that the childhood diseases themselves would cause these brain damage conditions, so the vaccines are actually a major benefit to society in this mental-damage arena, in addition to their marvelous work in damping down the childhood diseases. My question to those who propose such an argument is: Where is your proof. The answer seems to be: They do so because...the benefits of vaccines far outweigh their - ie, a circular proof offered as evidence.

Not good enough.

The evidence actually seems to be that the inflammatory effects of vaccines are causing these conditions, beyond what the childhood diseases might themselves do, because of the toxic ingredients in vaccines beyond the antigens themselves - ie, the attenuated viruses or bacteria themselves.

But not to get bogged down in this discussion in these details. The main point is: the authorities are misleading the public regarding the true nature of vaccines. And the question is: Why.

Some of that answer has been addressed above. But there is a deeper answer. And it has to do with the use of vaccines in the past, as vectors for various purposes.

Like dispensing anti-fertility agents, to cut the populations in 'developing' countries.

Like the spreading of AIDS, in chosen populations as well.

We are, in short, up against a 'people control' agenda.

By whom.

Part of that answer is obvious; and part of it is not so obvious.

The elite, certainly; wanting to maintain their grip on power.

But who all are they? To say as well: is there more than one camp involved in this caper?

Indeed there is.

Al Gore and the Clintons and George Soros and Maurice Strong and Noam Chomsky and John Deutch, and Barack and Michelle Obama (with Bernardine Dohrn and her ghost-writing Weathermen partner Bill Ayers looking as inconspicuously as possible in the background), personify one such camp. And the Bushes and Cheney and other neo-cons personify another.

And the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds (among others) stand behind them both. Ready to pick up the pieces regardless of which side - the fascists or the socialists - ultimately comes out on top.

Just the like the 'I care not who decides the laws' Rothschilds did in the deciding battle between England and France.

Because ultimately the power is with the ones behind the kings. And it has to do, really, with just one thing.

Money. And the love thereof.

And so it's time to pull that plug.

Because our evolution as a species on this lovely planet is calling us forth to a better future than is dreamt of in these camps' philosophies.

Which are part of the answer. But they are not the answer.

The answer is that it's Ascension time.

To leave our cabbage heads behind. And inherit the New.


+ We do know in some particular instances. For example, the Classens have found that the Hib vaccine's basically-understood benefits are outweighed by the number of cases of type 1 diabetes that it has been associated with. Google it.

++ Perhaps the reason that his book hasn't been acknowledged by the medical authorities is because it is subtitled 'The Medical Assault on the American Brain'. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Partial bibliography:

Coulter, Harris L. (mentioned above; also 'DPT: A Shot in the Dark', with Barbara Loe Fisher)

Horowitz, Leonard: 'Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?', plus others. See his website.

Blaylock, Russell L. - many papers & three books. See his website.