Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Final Word (On The NBC Issue)

Re the NBC issue:

You can change the term, to say, its definition, arbitrarily all you want.  But to change the eligibility requirement ITSELF - i.e. the constitutional essence, the constitutional meaning; the ‘original intent’ meaning - would require a constitutional amendment.  Absent that, the requirement itself still stands; no matter how much finagling - or outright bamboozling - may be done, over the years, with the term, and its definition, arbitrarily given it.

It’s the same sort of game that is being played with the term and definition of ‘marriage’; although that term, and the original intent of that term, is not encoded in the constitutional law, as the NBC eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency is - and as extended, logically, to the office of the vice presidency as well (by constitutional amendment, it should be noted), given the terms of the constitutional contract for succession to the presidential office under certain circumstances.  

So: as to that set of offices (and that set only; as indication of their special nature): All of the above is by way of saying that Ted Cruz is not eligible for the presidential office.  Nor is Marco Rubio, for that matter.  And oh yes - neither, then, is Barry ’Barack'  Soetoro Obama.  Who, then, ‘simply’ needs to be removed from the office.  No impeachment process necessary, for he is not legally occupying it.

And, he can’t be made legally there, either, by an ex post facto law, because that is barred by the Constitution as well.  

Nation wreckers - erstwhile nation wreckers, that is - therefore, with all of their shenanigans, have come up against the rule of law.  And the rule of law trumps their best-laid schemes.

Their bad.

P.S. And just why are they doing this particular thing?
     I’ve got an idea.  How about: Because they are setting the country up for foreign influences and loyalties and allegiances.  ( = UN control; = the NWO.)  And they can’t very well do that if said foreign influences and loyalties and allegiances are specifically denied to the very top office in the nation, now can they??  Plus, think how this scenario goes along with foreign/Islamic law now in and increasingly in our court system...
     I rest my case.

See you in the springtime.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

One For The Gipper

Some quotes to leave you with.  From ‘The Great Communicator,’ aka The Eternal Optimist:

“Tonight, we thank the citizens of the United States whose faith and unwillingness to give up on themselves or this country saved us all.”

“No weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and courage of free men and women.”

“People yearn once again to be proud of their country…And there’s every reason why they should be proud.”

“I believe this blessed land was set apart in a very special way…”

“As we renew ourselves, we will again be an exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope…”

“We will always remember.  We will always be proud.  We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.”

“…in America every day is a new beginning…”

“Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength.”

“We have every right to dream heroic dreams.”

“Peace must be such that freedom can flourish and justice prevail.”

“…freedom is not the sole prerogative of a lucky few, but the inalienable and universal right of all…”

“I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead.”

And not to say that RR was perfect.  On his watch, e.g., ‘deregulation’ resulted in the appalling example of the Savings & Loan debacle, when greedy business types had to be bailed out with the taxpayers’ money for gambling risk-free with our backup, via Federal Deposit Insurance  (Shades of never learning our lessons, with the bank bailouts, under similar, high-rolling gambling circumstances, of 2008/9.)  And then there was the short-sighted signing of an amnesty bill, without guaranteed teeth regarding such as a border fence, that set the stage for the millions more of illegal aliens pouring into this country over the ensuing years.  But a sunny disposition he had, when the nation sorely needed some ‘juice’ in that department.  And so I give him immense credit, in balance, for his time at the helm of the Good Ship U.S. America.    

And, in leaving these words of optimism with you, I close by saying:

I have done all that I can do, America.  Now, it’s over to you.

You know what you have to do.  

Do it.

And don’t spare the horses.

So to speak.

The Bum's Rush

I had an enjoyable, though necessarily short conversation this afternoon at my bank with the teller, a very nice young woman whom I have had similar conversations with in the past.  This one started out with her referring to a weekend trip to visit with her mother in ‘back country’ of our Southern California area, where the dairy farms are being phased out (she noticed by the lack of smell in the air); which caused me to mention the standoff going on up in ‘back country’ Oregon between the ranchers/farmers and the BLM - which she had heard nothing of - and which triggered my getting into the subject of Agenda 21.  Although leery of anything to do with ‘conspiracy theory’ (how effective that smear technique has been, for the perps), still she evinced interest in the general subject, of what’s going on behind the scenes in our national life these days.  As the bank was closing, we agreed to carry on the conversation when next I made a deposit.1  

Where to begin when next we meet.  Ah.  A good, and very timely, subject: the TPP.  As William F. Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American, has said in his ‘The Last Word’ column in the latest issue of said magazine, which it just so happens that I received yesterday, and just got around to reading in some depth today (upon returning from the bank):    

“A dangerous finale approaches.  On November 5, [Resident] Obama2 posted the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement on the U.S. Trade Representative’s website and notified Congress of his intent to sign the document,  The long-secret text was finally available for inspection, after years of ultra-clandestine negotiations that kept the American people in the dark while granting special access…to representatives of select corporations, labor unions, and handpicked NGOs.  Even members of Congress, the constitutionally elected representatives of the American people, were rigidly restricted in their ability to view the TPP draft text…

“Since [Resident] Obama and the Republican leadership in Congress teamed up last year to pass 
‘Fast Track’ (Trade Promotion Authority, TPA), the TPP clock is now ticking.   

“Under TPA rules, [Resident] Obama has to give Congress 90 days notice before signing the TPP, which means that he could, and most likely will, sign the agreement as early as February 3, 2016.  Then he must wait 30 days before submitting TPP implementing legislation to Congress, which means that Congress may begin taking action on TPP as early [as] March 2.  In a worst-case scenario, both houses would immediately approve the TPP on that day, March 2.

“With so many other important issues demanding our attention — the national debt, ObamaCare, federal gun controls, EPA edicts, Constitutional Convention calls,3 Planned Parenthood funding, and much more — why should we consider TPP a priority?…”    

And then he goes into some of those important points.  Among them:

“* Hidden dangers in the bum’s rush — This agreement is so massive [more than 5,500 pages] and involves so many legal, economic, social, and political issues, and is being pushed on such a ridiculously expedited schedule during a busy legislative period, that it is impossible for either the American public or our elected representatives to subject it to the careful study, analysis, and debate that such a complex document demands.

“* Global governance vs. self-government under national sovereignty — Continuation of the liberty and prosperity with which we have been blessed in America depends on our maintaining the constitutional limitations on the size, power, and scope of government…(T)he TPP promotes ’global governance’ by, among other things, creating a powerful EU-style commission, a new structure ‘which meets, appoints unelected bureaucrats, adopts rules, and changes the agreement after adoption’…”

What??!  Oh yes - it is to be a “living document” - like these self-same revolutionaries have attempted with the U.S. Constitution, thus to make it putty in their ideologically-shaping hands - and it gets worse, including having its own courts, and forcing immigration on the U.S. (with foreign workers as well), and…and…..and……… 

And something in particular that makes all of this timely and germane is the speech that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch made to the UN General Assembly in September last, on the subject of what is called the Strong Cities Network.  This is a UN scheme to get a foothold into our local communities, and implement TPTB’s agenda for a New World Order.4  Lynch - who said that she represented “the Obama administration” - not the U.S. government - talked about including the U.S. in ”an alignment of nations as a global community,” in such as supporting the UN’s announced robbing of parents of their parental rights, and as being ”against violent extremism”.  What’s that you say, Loretta?  What’s your definition of “violent extremism”??  Oh - I get it.  You’re talking not just about the citizenry reaction to the invasion of Muslims into the country (to change the basic nature of the country; complete with Sharia law), but about the reaction that U.S. citizens - well, at least those ’patriots,’ and ‘Constitutionalists,’ and ‘Second Amendment supporters,’ and so forth (including now, ’Christians’), that you folks (of “the Obama administration”) have identified elsewhere as “potential domestic terrorists” - will put up against the UN takeover of their nation, by way of UN troops coming into our cities via the Strong Cities Network initiative.  To put down the expected insurrection against your tyrannical moves, to take us into the vaunted New World Order, of your masters…5              

One of the subjects that I touched on briefly with my conversation partner at the bank today was the one of ‘education’  - how our Founding Fathers warned us, that, in creating a republic, it was up to us to keep it operating properly, and that could only be done by way of an educated public.

Hopefully, you have been educated, at least to some extent, by this blog.  That is, really, why I post them, anyway.  Not for my edification.  I have already done my homework.

And continue to do so. 

For it is never-ending.

‘Open-ended’.  Like some would make the Constitution to be…………......


1 Leaving just enough money in my account to cover my donations to various worthy causes as I do; myself 'leery' of such subjects to go into with her as bank bail-ins.

2 Sorry; I can’t bring myself to referring to him by his purloined title.
   I could call him a number of names, some I have come up with (Obeyme, e.g.), and some amusing ones (Bathhouse Barry, e.g.) - and some not so amusing - that have appeared on Comments threads to articles in my emails.  But I’ll stay with Resident, to keep it ‘clean’.

3 The New American is dead-set against moves for a Constitutional Convention, for reasons that it has gone into and made very clear over the years, and which it goes into in this issue of their magazine as well.  It has to do, essentially, with the fact that there is no way to stop such a  Convention from taking on a life of its own, and amending the Constitution beyond the presenting subjects - or abolishing the Constitution altogether.
   Not to put anything beyond the machinations of these Dark-side people that we are up against these crucial days…  

4 a term that I recommended that my teller friend check out by way of Google, before our next meeting.  
   That, and the subject of Transhumanism.  As part of the Technocracy intention of such NWO groupies as the Trilateral Commission (TP).  Though I didn’t go into that detail with her at the time.  Didn’t want to frighten her off, into considering this all ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff.
   One step at a time.  Down into the rabbit hole…

5 And thus the reason why “the Obama administration” has stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition for its executive-branch agencies and departments, and acquired nearly 3000 MRAPs; and is training its ’private’ army to shoot not at enemy soldiers but at armed civilians; and is spying on us via the NSA communications-tapping and drones (both unarmed and armed); and has both Exercise-trained and stationed in the country military forces from both Red China and Russia; and…and…..and………………
   Our youth have been brainwashed into thinking that Obama and his minions are the ‘good guys,’ for standing for ‘the environment’.  Right.  For the environment of one giant concentration camp.
   Believe me, you terribly misled ‘useful idiots’: Gaia has a better future than that.  Wake the hell UP.  You are being led into a trap.
   And of unfortunate necessity, taking your parents with you.  Some of whom know better.  Some of whom are yet to - as I say -
   wake the hell UP.

Speaking of Unsavory Men, And Principles

Speaking of Unsavory Men:*

Working, and acting, on the principle that energy follows thought, I’m going to put out into the ethers some ideas on any governance that I will have anything to do with, in taking over from The Powers That Are trying to rule the world from the Dark side of The Process.  The Process, of unfolding us humans - by way of submerging us in an illusory state of separation from the Godhead, in order to give us the free-will experience of duality/polarity, for ‘seasoning’ - to our fuller potential, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.  Not as cattle, robots, slaves to/subjects of our erstwhile Masters, who have bought into The Drama designed to separate the Most High’s sheep from Lucifer’s goats.  

I will speak from the point of view of the United States of America - the ‘New World’ of its day; championing the rights of the individual, as exemplified in the Declaration of Independence, referred to just previously; and the success of such an endeavor, on many levels, acting as a magnet for the world’s peoples, and unfortunately, in the wrong hands, as a place of Power from which to take over the world for the Dark side, in their ‘best-laid plans’ for a New World Order, demonstrating the length to which the ‘principle’ of Power Over will go.  Which is the length of the entire human experience itself, in a planetary takeover attempt.  

And thus, the Smart Meter grid that gives the Cabal massive control over their (erstwhile) subjects, both in monitoring them and in shutting them off from their utilities; the same with the deluded subjects’ Smart Phones, which, among other adversely-usable features, plot their location perfectly; the same with neighborhood WiFi antennae nests, which broadcast mind-control tech into the populace; the same with vaccines, which not only are designed for mind-control purposes but for culling of the herd; the same for weather-control technology, which can induce earthquakes/tsunamis/droughts/floods etc. - and have; and so forth, on the Dark side of the Earth’s inhabitants.  (Including especially the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex; long due for an overturn, and a return to natural forms of health care.)

Now, for the other side.  

For awhile, we need to Set Things Right.  So, in this country, that would look like:

+ the Usurper in the Oval Office - out (arrested by Oathkeepers, and held for trial on a whole host of charges by now).  And all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made - up to and including the SCOTUS - go with him, into the trash bin.  For, it needs to be as though he were never there.  As he has not been legally;

+ other members of the federal government, present and past - including Hillary Clinton, and members of the Congress - who have broken various laws - to be arrested and held for trial as well.  And in legitimate courts; not the use of Maritime Law that has been fraudulently in use (another subject; as is the corporate U.S.), rather, in Common Law courts;  

+ illegal aliens - out.  Who have been a burden for too long now, on our criminal justice system, schools, and social programs - welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, medical care - all on the taxpayers’ dime (to say, more accurately, the national debt, backed by the taxpayers); which ‘entitlements’ have bred in their numbers a degree of arrogance that is both appalling and outrageous.  
   The question of children born here to illegal aliens is a more complicated question, for the IAs were lulled here, by sinisterly-minded people, and to have children here, under false pretenses - that their children would be citizens of the U.S.  That is a fraudulent reading of the 14th Amendment, by devious Americans (the Cloward-Piven Strategy, anyone??), so it is not entirely their fault.  However, those souls who incarnated as their children born under those circumstances chose to take their chances (as we all choose our incarnations, in the Grand Costume Drama on this planet.  Now coming to an end); so we will have to deal with that factor in a further process.  But it is all ameliorated anyway, and will be rendered mostly moot, by the factor that

+ the fiat-money, interest-bearing and fractional-reserve banking system is to be taken down, with a new monetary system in which ‘money’ - or a credit-debit system of whatever details - will flow more freely, and Want will soon be a thing of the past.  Along with War, which is a facet of Want.     

Note that the same ‘moves’ that the Cabal were/are going to use to bring the herd under their control, in the way of a meltdown of the monetary system - so as to force everybody into the corral of a cashless system, for control purposes (the role of corrals, after all) - is to be used against them, in bringing humanity ju jitsu-like out from under the control of the old Babylonian interest-bearing system of money into the light of the New Day of a cashless system designed for Light-filled purposes; on its way to a moneyless system altogether, functioning, not on the profit motive, but on a higher motive: on the highest motive that there could ever be:

on our gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  On, in a word:


The People (not ‘slaves,’ or ‘subjects’; but incarnations of souls on a Pilgrim’s Journey) sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of that ‘principle’.  As we begin to incorporate into our ‘economy’ (on its way to a state of Abundance) the high-tech abilities that already exist, and will soon exist, in the way of free-energy devices, and replicators, and tele-travel, and so forth; as we go neither Left nor Right.  But Up.

Aka Ascension.

In summary:

There is nothing wrong with global structures and policies per se.  It all depends on whose hands they are in.

Choose well, Friend.

Oh; and P.S.: the influx of Muslim 'refugees' will, of course, be stopped.  Cold. Designed, as it has been, a) to slip jihadis into our countries, awaiting Der Tag; and b) to dissolve the existing cultures of the West, create mayhem (Crisis = Opportunity), and break down the nation-state system, in order to merge the world into the Dark side's New World Order.
     There will be a merging of the world's peoples, alright.  Just not in the form that the Cabal has in mind.
     As I say: in their 'best-laid schemes'.  Of mice.  And rats.
     Aka vermin.
     For thinking the way they do; 'merely' playing a part in The Drama or not.  They still have to answer for their actions, which they believed at the time were real.  Not part of an educational/evolutionary process; a Play in which to catch our consciences, as it were.  In this Theatre of the sometimes absurd.


* ”We are all Americans on this stage” said the artfully deceitful Ted Cruz during the last Republican presidential candidate debate, in a stunning and appalling use of duplicity, by employing a greasy-lawyer’s trick of trying to draw the jury’s attention away from the real facts of the matter, which threaten to blow your case to smithereens.  
   (Ted: No one is disputing that you candidates “are all Americans”.  We truthseekers are disputing your eligibility for that particular office. And that of Rubio as well, for that matter.  So: that is the shell which the pea is under, and not the one that you are attempting to lead our eyes and minds to.  Acting as if we had pea brains.)

Monday, 25 January 2016

On A Host Of Worthies, And Coincidence

Subtitled: Let Me Now Praise A Famous Man

Speaking of souls moving on from incarnation in this space and time on dates intriguingly very germane to their life’s work - as I did this past weekend with mention of D.M. Murdock dying on a December 25th; and speaking of Thomas Jefferson - as I did in a P.S. to that very same blog, in quoting him on a matter of utmost importance - last night I finished reading a booklet entitled ‘They Signed For Us,’ a summary, released through Young America’s Foundation, of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the aftermath of that act of bravery, designed for distribution to high school and college students, at the very end of which I found that Thomas Jefferson died fifty years to the date of the release of the Declaration.*  He had been invited to special celebrations of the anniversary in Washington, D.C., but, by then, lay on his death bed.  His last letter (and to humanity), addressed to the mayor of Washington, who had issued the invitation, reads, in part:

“I should, indeed, with peculiar delight, have met…with the small band, the remnant of that host of worthies, who joined with us on that day, in the bold and doubtful election we were to make for our country, between submission or the sword, and to have enjoyed with them the consolatory fact, that our fellow-citizens, after half a century of experience and prosperity, continue to approve the choice we made…All eyes are opened to the right(s) of man [my emphasis]…let the annual return of this day forever refresh our recollection of these rights, and an undiminished devotion to them.”


*And even more dramatically, so also did John Adams; another Signer, and, as well, another subsequent President of the Republic of the United States of America that they founded.  Who, though they had their political differences (the better for us to think by, my dears), had remained good friends over the years, corresponding, on philosophical matters (a treasure trove of insights), voluminously with each other, to the very end of their sojourn in the wilderness of 3rd Dimensional life.


…and On The Other Hand, in Damning Unsavory Men:

from liberty ‘Cruz Lies to America!’ - TJ. McCann - January 24
(Ted Cruz is using lawyerly tricks to mislead the American public as to the NBC question)


Keep up the good work in exposing this matter, T.J. (As you did in your article the day before, on the difference between the Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795; extremely Important research.)

This is appalling stuff. Outrageous. Despicable. As you point out; Cruz KNOWS FULL WELL what he is doing, He is deliberately trying to obfuscate the issue. It’s a shyster-lawyer technique. ‘Look over here, people of the jury – look: Over here. See this hand?’,,,

As I say: Please keep up exposing this charade, this Game That People Play.


Damn it all - I want to make all this RIGHT!

 - And, I get, that people have to learn from their mistakes.  But...damn it all, to hell......

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Further On The Conservative Sellout Of The Republic

1) from ‘An Open Letter To Mark Levin……by Lauren Stephens’ - posted by Harry Riley - January 23
(Calling Mark not on Cruz's ineligibility but on his record; denying 'the birther issue')

Permalink Reply by Lee Vail 17 hours ago (January 23)

Thanks for posting this Harry! But I will NOT vote for Cruz, or Rubio, should either win the GOP nomination as they would be usurpers for the same reason Obama is, two wrongs do not make a right. I am willing to vote for Trump, but would hold him accountable if he wins the election.

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Mark Barnes 16 hours ago

Good idea Lee. Why don't you just start a group that helps republicans lose the 2016 election instead?

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Lee Vail 14 hours ago

Neither Cruz or Rubio are natural born citizens per the Constitution and I will not vote for them because of that. If you find that objectionable I suggest you are not a true patriotic American. It is possible that Cruz or Rubio could continue America like Obama has but you are too stupid to realize my objections to either man.

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Judith M. Green 12 hours ago

If you are a true Patriot, you would not vote for either of them - I certainly will not, nor would I vote for some of the others.  NO MORE HOLDING MY NOSE AND VOTING FOR THE LESSER EVIL!!!

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Lee Vail 12 hours ago

Amen Judith, the lesser evil is still evil and it appears evil has taken hold in this country. We are at the SHTF moment, or very close, because of our indifference over the past 50 years the Republic is dead.

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Judith M. Green 12 hours ago

Right is wrong and wrong is right!  I pray the Republic isn't quite dead yet.  We shall just have to wait and see.  God Bless!

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Lee Vail 12 hours ago

That was my prayer but I'm afraid I am correct.

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (January 24)

If conservatives don't wake up to the fact about the Constitution and the ineligibility of these men for that office, on the basis of 'original intent,' then indeed, the Republic is dead. 

At least as a constitutional republic, operating under the rule of law.  It would remain to be seen how long it could totter along under the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.


2) from ‘Trump: Would Support Cruz as Nominee - If He’s Qualified to Run’ - Greg Richter - January 24

kibitzer a few seconds ago (January 24)

Is there some good reason that even a stalwart conservative source/site like newsmax keeps accepting the seemingly official line that the only question about someone being ineligible for the office of POTUS has to do with their place of birth? The REAL issue has to do with the citizenship of their parents (and PARTICULARLY that of a person's father, legalistically speaking) at the time of the person's birth.

A born citizen is one thing. A 'natural born' citizen is another. To be 'natural born' means that you need to be born on the soil (jus soli) of citizen parents thereof (jus sanguinis). That's what makes it 'natural'. Thus, it doesn't ultimately matter where Cruz - or Obama either, for that matter - was born. If a person is not born of two citizen parents, they are not a 'natural born' citizen of that country.

Trying to make out that Cruz is eligible for that particular office is to try to make two wrongs make a right. I seem to have news even for newsmax:

It doesn't.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Let Me Now Praise An Unsung Woman

I will preface this eulogy with a little background.  Some of you longer-term readers of my blogs will know this story, but many of you won’t.  You of the former category, bear with me.  It’s important that I say this.  Because it gives proper depth to my brief story, of a life that touched mine very deeply, and which I wish to honor here, now.  

The background: 

Around the middle of my Junior year in university I had a ‘spiritual experience’ which caused me ultimately to drop out of school before the end of that school year and go on a search for capital-t Truth.  All I knew at the time, from said experience, was that I had received ‘a message,’ the gist of which was, as put in my words in my mind: ‘The universe has Purposes; and that Purpose is Good.’  The rest was up to me, to find out what that Purpose was - to find out ’what it is all about’.  

I grew up in the Christian ‘religion’ - was born into a Mormon family, and so started my life itself out on that ‘foot’ (but. for various reasons that I don’t need tis go into here, that particular angle never finally took for me), and so my search for spiritual answers began with the Christian religion in general, but quickly extended to all religions, and spiritual teachings.  Plus ESP, and Spiritism, and UFOs, and a whole host of other angles, on the big ‘What’ question.1  

The search began in earnest when I moved - all the way across the country, from my home in Southern California - to New York City, where I figured I would find ‘the biggest public library in the Western world,’ to aid me in my search.  Which very quickly led me to the surprising discovery that none of the earliest New Testament books had been written in Aramaic, which I assumed would be the case.  After all, Jesus and his disciples would have spoken, and written, Aramaic; wouldn’t they have???  (I was all prepared even to learn how to read Aramaic, as part of my search for answers, untainted by all the inevitable errors that would/could have crept in down through the ages.)  What I discovered was that the earliest of the original manuscripts were in Greek; and fortunately for my poor brain, I didn’t have to learn that language either, because some German scholars (whose research had been translated into English by that time; this was circa 1955-56) had done my work for me.  And what they had uncovered was a mindblower.

It turned out that there was nothing original in the Christian story, with all of its themes - a virgin birth; born on the winter solstice; having twelve ’disciples’; tempted in the desert; three days in the tomb; resurrection in the spring; etc. - having already appeared in the historical experience, in other cultures in the Mediterranean area, with other ‘god men’ just like the person, or at least figure (allegorical archetype), of Jesus.  What is this?? I wondered.  What in heaven’s name is going on here???  

I didn’t have time then to dig any deeper into the historical record to try to find out the answer to that question as well, because fate intervened, in the form of a letter from the U.S. government ‘greeting’ me into two years of service, under The Draft. (Still in place then, after the Korean War Armistice of 1953,)  Which I served in South Korea, as a c.o. - conscientious objector2 - and continued my search for answers (to religions and life) upon my release back in the States, in late 1958.

My life story has taken various roundabout routes since then, but the essential theme has been the same: the search for What is it all about.  Fast forward to the recent past, and my return - in 2012 - to live out my retirement years in my former home town, in Southern California; where I have come across the books of a woman named D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S (‘acharya’ being a word meaning ‘teacher’).  Who has completed for me my search into original-source materials on the Christian story.  In a most satisfying way, for an avid seeker of truth, and Truth.  

I highly recommend her various works;3 including (but far from limited to):

‘The Christ Conspiracy; The Greatest Story Ever Sold’ (publ. 1999);

’Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled (publ. 2004);

‘Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ’ (publ. 2007);

‘Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection’ (publ. 2009). 

The author - a former Christian, who took the time and trouble to research the deepest roots of her religion, and became an impeccable scholar in the course of her life’s journey (including learning Greek.  A truthseeker after my own heart) - died, it has turned out, this past Christmas Day, of breast cancer.  Another of our modern afflictions laid at the feet of Untruth.

D.M. - whatever your ‘real’ name was:4 It was good to know you.  If only indirectly, through your life’s work.  But still,

of your essence.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.  For,

you helped me immeasurably to complete my search.

Before I myself

run out of time.    

P.S. That I supported Christians/Christianity in my last blog especially is due to the Voltairean thought, that, as paraphrased: ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’   And, with Thomas Jefferson: I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
   Because, you see:
   The universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.                   


1 Including a search into the human record in general, of our history on this planet.  Which soon led me to a book about the Sumerians, and their ‘take’ on their gods.  Which included depicting/identifying them - on their cuneiform scrolls and tablets - with a star above their heads.  Obviously indicating that their gods came from the heavens.  I hadn’t been taught that in my Western Civ course in my Freshman year.  What’s going on here?? I remember thinking at the time.  It was as plain as day what they meant by that depiction.  How come more wasn’t being made of this in our schools???
   The first of many such ‘how come’s.  
2 which meant that I was able to make sufficient of a case, about my spiritual feelings, that TPTB accepted it, as reason to let me serve my time as a medic, i.e., not a weapon carrier.  
   (I had choices: 1) refuse to go into the military totally, in which case I would ‘serve my time’ in jail; 2) serve two years stateside in a hospital as an orderly; or 3) go into the Army as  c.o.  I chose the latter option; figuring that we still need to defend ourselves until people like me could help bring about a better world, where there would be no more wars.)  
   Which was fine by me.  I had been a pre-med in university anyway.  And also, in the event, I ended up ‘serving my time’ in a cushy job in Special Services, writing soldier shows and organizing touring USO troupes in my 7th Infantry Division area.  A pleasant way to spend the better part of a year-and-a-half in hiatus from my intended life’s vocation. 


4 I have just discovered it: Dorothy M.

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Takeover - Mach II

In a recent blog I posed some questions, including the rhetorical query as to why the federal government was - obviously - gearing up for the insurrection of the likes of ‘Patriots’.  My unspoken charge was that it was doing so for political reasons: the socialists/communists making their moves to take over this country by stealth, in a Der Tag-like operation (google it), with the corporate-government-complex fascists rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect, in place to pick up the pieces.  But there is another dimension to the matter.  It has to do with the inclusion, in the list of ‘potential domestic terrorists’ that the Obama administration has identified, of, quote, Christians.

Ah yes.  That little issue.  Of this nation having been founded on and with, quote, ‘Judeo-Christian values and principles’.  Which, in the event, meant, mostly, Christian values and principles.1  Which the New World Order crowd need to knock down, to have their way with the populace.  Chief among which ‘principles’ is the concept of essential liberty.  And which I, for one, prefer over statist totalitarian control. 

Why?  Why not force people to be ‘good,’ according to your lights??

For one ‘little’ reason.  Which brings in the larger dimension of the picture, that I mentioned.  To wit: 

It is preferable for people to live under essential liberty, because they have free will, and thus, the inalienable right to exercise it.  Because the universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.  To say, because there is a God; and that Being is a benevolent Being.  Not a malevolent one.  Which is interested in our spiritual development.  Not as chattel, or cattle, of the all-powerful state, in the physical dimension.  And the revolutionaries these days are not just socialists/communists on the one hand and fascists on the other.  They are atheists.  And they are determined to wipe out any vestige of religious belief - at least, any such belief that would stop them from imposing their totalitarian state on the people - from the national psyche.  Thus the war on crosses, and Christian chaplains in the U.S. military, and so forth.  And thus, to be more specific:

* The New Mexico state government prosecuted Christian photographers who declined on religious grounds to photograph a homosexual ‘commitment ceremony’. 

* The Illinois state government sued Christian Bed and Breakfast owners who declined on religious grounds to host a homosexual marriage ceremony.

* Police in Massachusetts actually arrested a father who objected on religious grounds to classes designed to indoctrinate his six-year-old son in the homosexual lifestyle.2 

* The government in Colorado ordered Christian bakers to bake a wedding cake for homosexuals - refusing to do so on religious grounds - or be arrested.3

Whose side would I be on in these matters?  I think it’s obvious by now: I am on the side of essential liberty., within a framework of law, and the rule of law. 

And that means, for example, there should be allowed to be - in America; the champion of the individual, & for the world’s example - LGBTQ Only bars and restaurants.  As there should be allowed to be - in America - Females Only such places.  And Males Only.  And Blacks Only.  And Whites Only.  And Jews Only.  And Christians Only.  And Muslims Only.  And Italians Only.  And Japanese Only.  And…

And you get the point.  (That people have a right to flock with their own kind, if and when they so choose to.)

And I hope that I have made mine.  In this little dissertation on

living by, and with, 

essential liberty, under the clear rule of law.  And thus:

Small Government ONLY Need Apply.   

Because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Without God in the picture.

And, we are going to be entering a New Era


Just not the New World Order of our erstwhile masters.  Because

it’s time for something completely new.

Having learned our lessons.


See you on that Other Side. Of Power With, and Within.  Rather than the old-age business of Power Over.  As we create our reality. using the Right Stuff:

Unconditional Love.


1 ‘What America’s Founders Believed’

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
        John Adams - America’s Second President, and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence

“God who gave us life gave us liberty.  Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?  Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.”  
     Thomas Jefferson - Author of the Declaration of Independence, and America’s Third President  

“While we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion.  To the distinguished character of artist, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.”
                                                General George Washington - America’s First President

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization not on the power of government, far from it.  We have staked the future of all f our political institutions on the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”
      James Madison - Primary Author of the U.S. Constitution, and America’s Fourth President

“I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth — that God Governs in the affairs of men.”
   Benjamin Franklin - A signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and one of the leading theorists of the American revolution, and its aftermath

(N.B. I am indebted to Dr. Ralph Reed’s ‘Faith & Freedom Coalition’ for this handy list of quotes.) 

And thus, of course, why the nation-wreckers have been busily tearing down our Founding Fathers.  You can’t have the people respecting the Founders of the nation if you are trying to bring down the nation.  And merge it into something you might call, oh, say, the New World Order.
   It has a certain felicitous ’ring’ to it; doesn’t it.  Must be something nice.

2 The wording in this litany of examples of “the strong arm of Big Government to silence Christians” comes from a letter from the Christian Reviving America’s Values’ organization; thus the ‘slant’ on the wording.

3 All of these examples are on the issue of so-called civil rights’ (and what about MY ’civil rights’ as a potential owner of a business?  Who the hell are 'you' to force yourself on me??  I'm not your slave.  Go down the street to that other business that caters to your kind - or start your own business) because of the same-sex marriage decision by the SCOTUS.  Which is not only unconstitutional on its face, but opens a whole huge can of worms.  Where, e.g., the door has been opened for ‘marriage’ between a man and his male-child 'lover.' or a woman and her dog, or a whole slew of challenges to the law, for there being no hard definition of marriage, except with ‘who (or what) you love’.

Calling All TRUE Conservatives

1) from ‘Is Trump Trustworthy?  Is Cruz Likable?’ - Lloyd Marcus - January 22
(Lloyd is solidly for Cruz,  To say, fundamentally, for his principles.  Being a hardcore Christian; and wanting to see the country get back to those fundamental principles.)

Lloyd, your take on this is impeccable. Except for just one thing. Cruz is ineligible for that office. 

Conservatives need to be careful about playing the 'morality' card if they won't do their homework, and understand just what the term 'natural born' means. It means, and meant to the constitutional Framers, a person born on the soil (jus soli; of the soil) of citizen parents thereof (jus sanguinis; of the blood). That's what makes it 'natural'. Cruz is no more eligible for that particular office than Obama is. A matter which this nation is STILL going to have to face up to. Or it is finished, as a constitutional republic - to say, operating under the rule of law. And has fallen under the rule of men ('Words mean what I say they mean'). Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny. 

Oh - and another little matter under the general subject of 'morality': TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. 

Come ON, Christians. Wake up to your responsibility in this matter. Live by morality. Or die by compromise.

I should perhaps have said, at the end:  ‘Or die by suicide.’  

No.  On second thought, I’d leave it as how I put it.  ‘Compromise’ with the devil, and you sup with the devil.


2) from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Republicans kick National Review magazine out of February debate’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - January 22 (orig. posted at - David Martosko - January 22)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (January 22)

As a former subscriber to the NR I feel I can say with all fairness and personal experience that It was a "dead paper" when it failed to call Obama on his ineligibility for the office.  But then, that showed its true colors.  It was founded by Trotskyites; it is still run by Trotskyites.  Who in this day and age are called proponents of the New World Order.  

R.I.P., NR.  You are irrelevant, to the REAL answers for the future.  Of this nation.  And the world.


...and further on the subject of the NR and its current issue on Trump:

from ‘False Conservatives Desperately Cling To Influence, Status Quo In Attack On Trump’ - Rick Wells - January 22/3
(Rick skews Rich Lowery and the writers of the articles in the NR issue trashing Trump)

Stan // January 23, 2016 at 3:35 pm //  (act. January 22 11:37 pm PST)

I have had no respect for either Rich Lowery or the NR ever since they sold out the rule of law – the Constitution – by buying into the pretense that Obama was and is a ‘natural born’ citizen, when he clearly does not fit the ‘original intent’ of the term, and those ‘intellectuals’ at NR should have known that. That they don’t, or are pretending not to, speaks volumes about their ‘conservatism’. Their brand – perhaps best described as Neoconservatism – will lead us right into the New World Order, via such outlandish, sovereignty-destroying actions as the TPP.

Those people are internationalists, and you were right to describe them as such. Well spotted, and remarked on, Rick.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

It's Roundup Time

I still have to follow up on some sites that a Cruz supporter posted to buttress Ted's case for being a NBC, and I will do so - to see all the angles that the Constitution-trashing people are using in their attempts to finagle us away from the rule of law in this country and into the dark, tyrannical chamber of the rule of men - but I find that I am getting increasingly restless to see this sophistic crap over and done with, and for us to move on, into the realm 'dominated' by Truth, just waiting for us to deserve to get there.  So: a short fuse, then.  Which I realized just how short, when a politically-oriented organization offered me the opportunity today to send a Thank You card to Trey Gowdy for all that he has done in standing up to Obama and his administration.*  In the moment, all I could see was what he has NOT done - along with his Republican Party cohorts.  And thus my (admittedly somewhat curt) response:

'Dear George [Landrith, President, Frontiers of Freedom Foundation],

' I don't thank any of the Republicans in office.  They have all failed in their duty, as the opposition party of record in our 2-party system, to call Obama and the Democrat Party on his ineligibility for that office he has usurped, for not being a 'natural born' citizen - and compounded the crime by running their own similarly ineligible candidates for that office.+

'2 WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.   And additionally, in this case, they make a trashing of the Constitution, and thus of the rule of law in this country.  A dark, dark day in history.'

'+ see, e.g.:  


* Think the Benghazi hearings; etc. etc.


 I know that one of the arguments that the poster of the sites I referred to has used is that 'the original in French of (the E. de Vattel treatise) doesn't say that two citizen parents are needed' for a person to be a NBC.  Sophistry, pure sophistry.  In the first place, a) it doesn't say that specifically at one point, but it does in another, to make the point crystal clear; and b) as for that 'point': that is, indeed, the whole POINT of the exercise - that for a person to have been born 'naturally' a citizen of a nation, they need to have no encumbrances; are citizens by virtue of having been born a) on the soil (jus soli) of citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  The reason that de Vattel didn't mention, in one place, both parents needing to be citizens is undoubtedly because citizenship followed the father exclusively in those days, had nothing to do with the mother; and so his 'natural born' point was still made - i.e., a person born without any foreign loyalty or allegiance - and indeed, was clarified later on, when he specifically referred to the parents - plural - as 'indigenes' of the country.

This is all common sense.  As I have said: The crux of the matter is all about INTENTION.  It actually doesn't matter what de Vattel said in French.  What essentially matters is what the constitutional Framers INTENDED, was their UNDERSTANDING, in putting that requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY; especially, as I have also pointed out before, because the occupant of that particular office also becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and they didn't want anybody in that office - in that particularly sensitive position - with ANY CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  As a naturalized citizen would be subject to.  And as a DUAL citizen wold MOST CERTAINLY be subject to.

Like Obama.  And like Cruz.  And Rubio.  And Jindal, and Santorum, too, for that matter.

And the two key pieces of proof to this (common sense) reading of the matter:

1) Alexander Hamilton's proposal at the Constitutional Convention that the president need only be. quote. "born a Citizen" - and his proposal was TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent category of citizen, of a 'natural born' citizen, AS THE FRAMERS INTENDED.  As they CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD the term to mean.   And the clincher, if there were even one needed beyond the Hamilton proposal's turndown:

2) The fact that this reading of the term and its meaning was recognized in our day by both major political parties, who between them, between 2003 and '08,  tried a total of 8 times to get a constitutional amendment started through Congress containing this very issue, and failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue - i.e., the Constitution requiring the person to have been born with NO OTHER LOYALTIES, ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Born with SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States.

How could it have been more clear, as to UNDERSTANDING and INTENTION.  

The issue, then, comes down to a single 'debate':

between those who 'believe' in original intent - that is, the meaning in and of the contract when it was written and agreed upon by the parties to the contract - and those who believe in 'precedent,' and how courts can muddy the judicial waters up over the years.  Or Congress can, in enacting various Acts.  Or making various Resolutions.  Which legally don't amount to a hill of beans. (Another story.)

And I will tell you who is going to be able to move into the New Era.  And who is not.

Who, that is to say in the latter case, is going to need some more seasoning, still, in a realm of duality/polarity.

Until they get it right.


Now.  About the Obama administration calling 'patriots' and 'Constiutionalists' and 'Second Amendment supporters' and even Veterans 'potential domestic terrorists': What are you actually saying, gang?  And what does that make YOU??  And with your billions of rounds of ammunition, and multifaceted suveillance-state shit, and forcing the citizenry off the land, so that they can be rounded up and corralled in the Mega Cities being planned for us, and such???

I think we need to keep more than an eye on you folks.

I think we need to stop you in your tracks.

Just sayin'.

P.S. "If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
                                                                                         - attributed to Thomas Jefferson

Now I wonder why our educators have been trashing the Founding Fathers over these last few decades...

..and thus, alienating the young from the national world of their parents.........

...... oh - and what about those target-practice targets for the Obama 'private army' of executive-branch department/agency minions which consist of images of an old man with a rifle, and a young pregnant woman with a pistol, and a small boy similarly armed, and even a matronly woman........

just sayin'..........

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Drama Goes On - Or Does It

(And, is it all moot anyway???:)

New post on Kauilapele’s Blog



As always, I suggest using Higher Discernment when reading these, to see how it "hits" and applies (or not) to you. They may have valuable data for some.
Particularly I use caution and discernment regarding all data about "deliveries", "packages", "resets", and all that. I like to remember that everything we need is within ourselves, and whatever we need is supplied as we need it, and intend it.

"All is well and wonderful with Gaia! Those who are designated to deliver your goodies are poised to complete this grand task! The delay, which overtook these valiant warriors, is over. The operation to take down the dark oligarchy is resuming. In addition, the process to install new governance is waiting in full anticipation for the deliveries to reach the previously agreed upon magic numbers. At that point, the pro-cabal governments are to fall and be swiftly followed by the new designated governments. These new rulers are to dissolve the legislature and the courts and begin a process that is to greatly alter how these bodies are presently constructed.

"Your part in this great adventure in learning is to support these changes and to welcome the great beginnings of your prosperity. It is as well to mean the start of new and freer banking and currency operations. You are to become wealthy and the master of a system that is to allow you to set up your healings and permit the various humanitarian projects that are to aid your fellows and change this realm’s ecology efforts.

" are on the verge of a vastly reformed reality. This realm is to adopt new governance and a much more transparent financial system. This process is to finally bring the recognition long denied by the West to China and the rest of the third world. These long underpaid nations are to be able to develop and construct water and sewage systems that were formerly thought too expensive to undertake.

"This is a most auspicious time for Gaia and for all humanity. The Anunnaki and their dark minions are finally being isolated. Long ago, when we began our special journey, humanity was firmly under the thumb of this evil oligarchy. At times, it seemed as though they were omnipotent. Under the guidance of Heaven, we persisted and slowly began to form secret societies to aid the Light and to start to bring humanity back to the Light."


Selamat Jalwa! All is well and wonderful with Gaia! Those who are designated to deliver your goodies are poised to complete this grand task! The delay, which overtook these valiant warriors, is over. The operation to take down the dark oligarchy is resuming. In addition, the process to install new governance is waiting in full anticipation for the deliveries to reach the previously agreed upon magic numbers. At that point, the pro-cabal governments are to fall and be swiftly followed by the new designated governments. These new rulers are to dissolve the legislature and the courts and begin a process that is to greatly alter how these bodies are presently constructed. New rules on elections and general guidelines for procedures are to be built into these public organizations. This is to allow these organs of governance to truly be made of conscious legislators and judges who willingly follow the honest dictates of Common Law. This is formally to signal that your freedom from the tyranny of the bankers and their many allies is now over.

Your part in this great adventure in learning is to support these changes and to welcome the great beginnings of your prosperity. It is as well to mean the start of new and freer banking and currency operations. You are to become wealthy and the master of a system that is to allow you to set up your healings and permit the various humanitarian projects that are to aid your fellows and change this realm’s ecology efforts. Millions of species, which represent this realm’s flora and fauna, are to be saved from oblivion. In addition, many species that were nearly ready to be decimated are to be saved. The vast amount of pollution is to be eliminated. The problem of waste that currently clogs your sewers and prevents you from obtaining the amount of drinking water needed can be easily corrected. You are to be able to employ technologies that are to transform your world. Moreover, you are to introduce methods that are to alter the unsafe nature of your transportation systems. You are entering a new and dynamic reality!

As you can see, you are on the verge of a vastly reformed reality. This realm is to adopt new governance and a much more transparent financial system. This process is to finally bring the recognition long denied by the West to China and the rest of the third world. These long underpaid nations are to be able to develop and construct water and sewage systems that were formerly thought too expensive to undertake. These humanitarian projects are to transform your world and permit all to enjoy the modern living systems long denied them. In this new realm, all humanity can contribute to the projects that can transform your water, land and air. You are to bring to Gaia a means to restore her to full health and allow all humanity to live in a most marvelous age. In this reformed environment all are to be prosperous, learned and able to equally participate in the new time. This is a time which is to bring you a whole host of ways to be a true land guardian of Mother Gaia! All of this is merely a prelude to our formal arrival.

Our arrival, as noted in a number of previous reports is to bring you our special mentors. Before they come, a number of formal teaching sessions are needed by your Ascended Masters. These sessions are to permit you to learn about your true history in detail; to learn about your reasons for being here and how the Atlanteans suddenly plunged you into limited consciousness. You will learn as well how your various languages, cultures and religions were forged. The former role of the Anunnaki and their minions is to be exposed as well as how your transformation back to full consciousness is to happen. Once these many truths are fully absorbed, you are then prepared for what our mentors are to frankly tell you. All of this is to be somewhat shocking to you. The most vital point is to realize just how much you are connected to each other. Of key importance is to really Love each other. Become aware of each other in this new Loving way and be able to truly appreciate how you can together save Gaia and each other!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This is a most auspicious time for Gaia and for all humanity. The Anunnaki and their dark minions are finally being isolated. Long ago, when we began our special journey, humanity was firmly under the thumb of this evil oligarchy. At times, it seemed as though they were omnipotent. Under the guidance of Heaven, we persisted and slowly began to form secret societies to aid the Light and to start to bring humanity back to the Light. This prolonged operation began decades ago to succeed and to permit the Light to safely take down the dark cabal. Over a decade ago, our blessed helpers in Earth and in Heaven hit upon a methodology, which is succeeding as planned. The vital point here is therefore for you to remain positive and able to fully support these most noble efforts. Amazing things are truly ready to happen!

All of this is positive proof of the degree of honor, which Heaven is righteously composed of. The dark oligarchs were strongly bent on making you mere pawns in a method to permanently isolate you from your families in Spirit and in space. These possibilities are now thwarted. What we ask of you is to remain positively supportive of what our allies are working so diligently to achieve. A new financial system that fully supports a state of permanent prosperity is now practically in effect. There are a number of programs, which are quickly to forge new and enlightened governance. These operations are as well complete and ready to come online. These grand blessings are only the start of how this formerly dark reality is to change. Thus, dear Hearts, your time to shine is finally upon you. Be wise in your decisions and brilliant in your actions.

Remember who you really are. You are not one who blithely follows actions inculcated into you by the dark. You are really one who can see the distortions given by the dark to twist your beliefs to ways more friendlily to theirs. This time is one of full liberation from these dark ways and a turn in glee to the true belief embedded in the moral ways of the Light! This procedure is now happening as you turn from war and wayward discontent to a new way that emphasizes your connectedness to each other and to the Light. This growing truth is to enable you to join together and successfully steward the many types of Gaia’s flora and fauna. We are proud of you and are most delighted to supervise each one of you. The future of this great realm is truly bright and filled with your sacred Light!

Today, we carried on with our report of what is happening worldwide. Be happy and know that great wealth and a much overdue time for your liberation from the dark is now underway. The Light is making it possible as well for your return to full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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