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I Get Mail...

Yesterday in my mail I received two letters in particular.  One was from an outfit called Impeach Obama Campaign, listing all the - good - reasons that Obama should be removed from the office.  ("(A)ny reasonable person can see that through his actions and deeds Barack Obama has betrayed the general principles, good will and integrity of the Presidency of the United States," etc. etc..)  My response to the Project Director:

"Dear Doug,

"With all due respect: I can't support impeachment.  That is for legally sitting presidents.  Obama is not a legally sitting president.*  & thus needs simple removal.  & that way, all the legislation that he has signed into law, & all the executive orders (ordures…) that he has issued, & all the appointments that he has made, go out the Oval Office window with him.  

"Please correct your approach to the job we patriots have on our hands.  & then I will support you. 


"* Since he is not a bona fide 'natural born' citizen.  Which requires the citizen to have been born at least of 2 U.S. citizen parents
    "This is not rocket science.  The whole point of the 'exercise' on the part of the constitutional Framers in putting that requirement into the contract for that particular office was to make sure that the candidate, if elected - who would become then as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would have no DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a naturalized citizen.  & like a DUAL CITIZEN.   Like Obama.
   "See John Jay's letter to G. Washington as Chair of the C. Convention.  ('No foreign allegiances.')  See A. Hamiton's proposal that the presidential candidate need only be a 'citizen' - & his proposal was expressly turned down.  I rest my case.
   "(see for more particulars.)"


And as if to emphasize the point, lest I waver in my resolve to support Truth on Earth…

The other letter that I want to refer to here (I get a lot of mail, on various subjects, as 'worthy causes' asking me to support them, too) was another solicitation to draft Ted Cruz to 'RUN, TED, RUN' for the presidency in 2016.  It was chockfull of all the good reasons that he should run: the American Dream, etc. etc.  (That one being the same with the letters from Marco Rubio and his camp that I get as well.)  Yes, Ted Cruz is a good man.  And in many  ways, it is a shame that he is not eligible for the office.  But in one way, he is a - veritable - godsend.  He, alone, could bring the despot Obama down, by coming out against him for not being a "natural born" citizen - just like him.  

As I said in a note back to Raz Shafer, his campaign manager & the author of the solicitation letter:

"Expose, Ted, Expose 

"…Obama for not being a 'natural born' citizen - just like you are not; & can Bring Him Down for the same reason.  His father was not an American citizen either when he was born - thus he is ineligible for that particular office.  Think of your power, Ted, in this matter.  Go, Ted, Go! on that front - & do America that favor."      
P.S. According to my understanding of such things, there won't be any election in 2016 for the presidency anyway.  So it is a moot point.  And which is why I ignore the solicitation letters from the Ben Carson camp as well, for the same thing.


…and a closing note, on the same general subject, of the Usurper in power, and his (ideological) overreach:

from 'Supremes Asked: How Long Will You Let Obama Make It Up?' - Dec. 30
("A team of constitutional-law experts filed a brief Monday with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the justices if they are willing to allow President Obama to continue making up the law as he goes.
"The brief by the American Center for Law and Justice asks the court to reject IRS regulations that illegally authorize tax subsidies for purchasers of health insurance on federal exchanges.
"The case is one of several that could create a massive roadblock for Obamacare. The law is written so that only those who obtain insurance through state-established exchanges qualify for federal subsidies.
"But the IRS, in violation of the plain language of the law, has allowed the granting of subsidies to people obtaining insurance through federal exchanges. A reversal could mean a loss of subsidies for participants in 36 states, where consumers would see immediate and massive rate hikes.
"The brief charges IRS regulations “are part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to rewrite or suspend portions of [the law], in violation of the separation of powers.”…")


Excellent of these groups to bring these suits.
Getting to the nub of the matter, of what's wrong with our government these days. Finally: Making the Fed answer for their overreach, out of the rule of law into a totalitarian, Soviet Union-style system.
Keep it up, constitutionalists.


a late entry:

from Tea Party C.C.: 'White House Says Courts have NO Power to Review Obama's Decision-Making' - posted by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord - Dec. 20 (orig. posted at

Reply by robert cosenza 3 hours ago (Dec. 31)

we the people,who are the real not impeachment thats a waste of time,because to impeach a president he has to be a legal president,and ovomit is not a legal president no for ovomit its treasonous acts against we the people,and the constitituion.and its never to late until they throw dirt on you.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens,

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Dec 31)

Thanks for pointing out that fact, Robert, about Obama not being a legally sitting president.  It needs to be reiterated, until patriots get the message - and realize that that is what will ultimately get him out of there.
Too many patriots think 'it will never happen'.  Hey - just think: If Ted Cruz came out and boldly admitted that he is not a "natural born" citizen, and is therefore not eligible for the presidency - and neither is/was Obama, for not having had TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS AT BIRTH - this nightmare that we have endured, for not paying attention to the detail of the Constitution (having had our attention to that detail diverted by BOTH major political parties, for their own purposes), will be over just like that.  No long-drawn-out impeachment proceeding, nothing but The Truth.  
And The Truth shall set us free. 


I can't resist; it feels so appropriate to add in here:
from Tea Party C.C.: 'America Interrupted' - by Cal Thomas - orig. posted at - Dec. 30 - posted here by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord - Dec. 30  
Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (Dec. 31)

Any analysis of 'America Interrupted' needs to include the deliberate actions of an elite group of erstwhile global overlords popularly known as the Cabal, whose presence and agenda is clearly described in Prof. Carroll Quigley's monumental opus 'Tragedy And Hope'. He was Bill Clinton's political mentor at Georgetown University; he also fingers the likes of the Rockefellers, and etc. in that vein.  To say: these, our erstwhile Overlords are not divided by the popular notion of right vs. lett; they exist as a nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet.  Their agenda, and for a long time, has been to break down the American society, including its 'allegiance to the flag,' in order to meld the U.S.A. into being merely a part of a region - called by themselves the North American Union (consisting of Mexico, Canada, and the former U.S.; hence the 'open borders' push) - of their vaunted New World Order; which is only partially economical in nature, is totally totalitarian in such.  
The proper role of Tea Party groups is - would be - to give the U.S. citizenry a Choice.  Not an Echo.
I am saying - pointing out - that things 'don't just happen,' as this author would tend to support, and sell, in his thesis. and otherwise valuable contribution to the great and grave discussions of our day and age.  
A time when we need to go, neither to the Left NOR to the Right.  But Up.  To get to our true identity.  And stop simply playing parts in a Drama that has well reached its use-by date. 

…ah, well,  In for a penny…:
from Tea Party C.C.: '16 for '16: The Most Talked-About GOP Presidential Contenders' - posted by Natl Dir Dee - Dec 31 (orig. posted at
Reply by Dewey Mason 13 hours ago (Dec 31)

Since Cruz my not be available by birth rites to be President he can be vice President with Mr. Carson in the name of "Getting it right"  This time.

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Permalink Reply by Jea9 13 hours ago

V.P must also be NBC. If the P dies, VP must be eligible. 3rd in line is Speaker. Apparently it is not clear whether, if the P dies, the VP actually becomes P, or remains VP ACTING as P.!/articles/2/essays/83/presidential-succession

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 5 minutes ago (still Dec. 31)

Thanks for clarifying the NBC issue, Jea9 - at least as far as you did.  As for questions regarding his birth 'rights': If conservatives can't read the Constitution, and understand common sense, who can we expect to amongst the populace at large??  
The whole point of the exercise on the part of the constitutional Framers in putting that "natural born citizen" special requirement into the contract for that particular office (with the VP office logically added later by amendment) was to make sure that the candidate, if elected - who would become then as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would not have any DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Thus ruling out a naturalized citizen.   And a born dual citizen.  Like Obama.  And like Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal. 
If the law is to be changed, there is a proper procedure to go by.  Which, incidentally, on this issue, was tried 8 times in the House between 2003 and 2008, by both major political parties (mostly the Democrats) - and failed to get enough support even to get out of committee each time.  So what did both the Democrat and Republican party officials do?  They went around the legal approach, and did a deal in a smoke-filled room.  And have been blowing smoke in the eyes of the public ever since on the issue.
Don't buy into their schemes, Tea Partiers.  The nation has been hijacked by a Usurper & his accomplices as it is.  Don't compound the error, by totally destroying the rule of law in the country, by compounding the error.  And find out the facts about the matter, to share with your friends.   
You can start with the letter by John Jay - a respected statesman of the time, who went on to become the first Chief Justice of the new U.S. Supreme Court - to G. Washington as Chair of the Constitutional Convention, wherein he urged that the office of the presidency not be opened to the taint and possibility of foreign allegiances, thus requiring a "natural born" citizen, not just a citizen.  And this position was further acknowledged when Alexander Hamilton proposed at the Convention that the presidential candidate need only be a "citizen" - and his position was SPECIFICALLY REJECTED by the Convention.  Whose constitutional contract was ultimately ratified by the required number of States, as amended by the Bill of Rights.  With the "natural born" citizen requirement still standing, after that whole process.
It's time for patriots to wake up, and take back their country from the internationalists who would merge it into a region of their New World Order (called by them the North American Union, with a merged Mexico, Canada, and former U.S.A.).  That vision is not only one of economic blocs.  It is one of a totalitarian Order; taking away The People's liberties, and leaving them slaves on the continent that their forefathers raised a nation of free people on. Sovereigns in their own right; not subjects of a king or a church or an oligarchy or a dictator - like Obama.  Time to remove him from that position of illegally-obtained power.
No impeachment necessary.  He is not a legitimately sitting president; thus, that is not the route to take with him.  The route to take with him is the direct route.  He has committed crimes in the office - including the one of ascending to it illegally.  Thus, he goes, to be held for trial, in a court of REAL law, and honorable Order.    
Enough bandying about.  It's time for action.  Before he and his cohorts in crime create a 'national emergency' Crisis in order for him to declare Martial Law, and take down the Constitution totally, in one fell swoop.  Are you up to the job, Patriot?  If you are feeling not: why do you think you incarnated at this time???  It's time to honor YOUR oath.  Or regret it, for a very, VERY, long time.

Amen. And you are right. The fact that he is illegally in office does take impeachment off the table. And maybe treason. Treason is for a legally sitting President. But fraud upon the people, illegally appropriating the office of President all powers thereof, should be what is appropriate. Once the SHTF, or before if we are wise, THIS MUST BE THE ISSUE. FRAUD. DECEIT. DUAL CITIZENSHIP. USURPING CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY. ........DEATH......… .

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

To Jab Or Not To Jab

1) from 'Ten reasons why you shouldn't vaccinate your children' - Ethan A. Huff - orig. posted Dec. 15; reposted Dec. 29

Thank you, Mike, for this rerun of this handy, nicely condensed info. I missed it the first time around.
Heads will roll, when the full truth of this matter comes out in a major way, and The People start taking their country back from the Marauders, who have inflicted damage on us in more ways than just this one, as important as this one is. It's time for a complete, clean sweep of government, and ALL of our institutions. Tempus fugit.


2) from activistpostcom: 'Australia Silences Criticism of Vaccines, Benefits of Homeopathy' - Brandon Turbeville - Dec. 30
("When the facts surrounding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines begin to be brought into the light, the only option left for those who manufacture, promote, and/or force vaccines onto the general population is to silence the presentation of those facts. Indeed, it is also imperative that those same forces prevent any alternatives to vaccination and financially incentivized medical dogma from becoming known amongst the general public.

Such was the mode of attack taken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in a case that dates back to 2013 against the homeopathic remedies company, Homeopathy Plus…")

kibitzer3 4 minutes ago (Dec. 30)

Thanks for this article, Brandon, and AP. As the poster below refers to, what we have here is fascism at work. The regulatory agencies are not interested in Truth; they are the sidearms of the medical-pharmaceutical complex, whose job it is to silence the competition.
I hope that the Aussies will wake up from their 'It'll be right, mate' attitude and do these monopolists in. We've had far too many terrible cases of side effects to various vaccines to let the authorities continue to ply their dirty trade in whoredom.


One of my major bugaboos: the vaccine industry, with their lies and distortions, and terrible side effects on so many people in so many ways. 

Including allergies/anaphylactic reactions.  And including brain damage/distortion, aka subclinical encephalitis.  This is not just about the ADD/ADHD/'Learning Disabilities'/PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified)/ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder); that list goes on.  We are talking about sociopathy/psychopathy.

I have a friend - a good friend, once - who has given up on me for my hopeless 'positiveness,' to say, for my seeming inability - to him - to recognize that some people are just simply beastful, and we need to engage in violence to overcome these "psychopaths".  When often it's more logically of a matter of causation: to look at what causes them to be 'psychopaths,' and deal with the matter there.

And lo and behold:

Vaccines cause subclinical encephalitis, which can result in forms of autism, including forms that cause people not to have empathy for others; not to be able to feel empathy for others.  Often there is a tell-tale 'marker' from the childhood of people who have gone on in their lives to be serial killers.  The marker is called the 'homicidal triad'.  It consists of childhood traits of: 

* excessive bed-wetting;

* Cruelty to animals/pets; and

* fire-starting.  

And often these individuals, affected by their childhood environmental influences - like the subclinical encephalitis caused by vaccines-  end up as 'ciminals,' or outright killers.

On our dime.

On the consciences, that is to say, really, of the medical-pharmaceutical (and governmental) complex.

If those individuals have any consciences.

I won't belabor the point, here.  But just to wrap up this short sharing with a couple of points:

* Vaccines also cause SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Particularly 'referral causality': from the stress of the vaccine causing the infant's vitamin C levels - perhaps already low to start with, via its nutritional status (e.g., SIDS is higher than background 'norm' amongst the Aborigine population in Australia) - to be depleted, and thus causing the infant's heart to just stop.  Aka scurvy.  Discovered, when otherwise perfectly healthy grown sailors would just drop like a shot; out of which phenomenon grew the trait of British sailors being called 'limeys,' from the limes that the British medical establishment finally realized were beneficial for them, on their long trips away at sea and from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
     And here we are, letting our infants 'just drop' from the same sort of thing.  Why?  Because it it were to be admitted that the infant vaccines are causing a veritable epidemic of SIDS in our day, that would a) throw a monkey wrench into their vaunted medical modality, and b) cause them to be implicated in criminal activity.  And 'we' can't have that.  Best to just keep quiet…especially if you're a bit of a sociopath to start with.  And let the child carer go to prison, even. 
     Best to let an individual or two suffer for the sake of the herd, eh, Doc???…
     (P.S> SIDS is aka SUID, for Sudden Unexplained Infant Death.  Another causative factor for which is off-gassingf from crib mattresses.  But that's also a form of stress…)     

*  Vaccines have also been proven to be a favorite 'vector' for Powers That Be who want to control people.  Thus, vaccines have been used to introduce anti-fertility agents in a targeted populace (often the young girls of a Third World society; under the cover story of being a shot against tetanus).  And more recently, they have been discovered to be the delivery agents for outright killer microbes, called bacteriophages.

A particular, genetically modified bacteriophage.  

Modified, to control, and kill, better.   Called a nanobot.  Created for DNA modification.

Manufactured in an israeli laboratory (in 2007).

The Zionists being the primary culprits behind the push for a New World Order.

To be controlled by them.

The Chosen People.

Chosen, by a false god.

A 'god' from another planet.  Involved in ancient history on this planet.  

Another story.

But being acted out

as we speak.

Bottom line: Do NOT let the authorities spook you into taking 'their' shot for a - deliberate - outbreak of Ebola.

Which virus itself is the product of a laboratory.

This one under the auspices of the U.S. military.

Hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore…


Go within.

As always.

And for a sense of 

your true identity.

As a child of

The One.

Which exists behind - and within -

the theater, in which we live and move and have our being.  And act out our parts.

That is to say, the parts that we choose.

Until we are tired of just playing parts.

And are ready to

Move on.

Such as


For many.  For many, of

the We

that are of - make up -

the I.

The hallowed

All That Is.

Beyond mere words.

Way beyond.


Lift up your eyes……..

…and know, that

We have work to do.


Of major importance.

To us, as individuals.

And to the human populace at large.

And to this entire solar system.

And beyond.

Monday, 29 December 2014

On Synchronicity - Cont'd

Subject: Re: Surprise
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 09:56:19 +0000

Thanks for your reply, Stan.

I felt bad about going off at you like that, but.. etc & etc…

One of the Hermetic principles is that seeming "polarities" are identical in nature, differing only in degree: so 'hot' and 'cold' are essentially the same -- can't have one without the other, etc -- ultimate heat on one pole and cold on the other. It's the same with the seeming opposites of 'love' and 'hate' -- with all of us somewhere between the two poles -- each being "fuel" for confronting the other. This is also where 'magic' happens. The idea that there is just love, just light, just the nice things in life, is infantile.

So I profoundly disagree with your thesis. 

We are actually arguing Hamlet's dilemma -- whether to suffer the slings and arrows or DO something about our situation -- which really is at the heart of "being." The New Age, Eileen Caddy, Eckhart Tolle, Buddhism and the like, promote inaction -- which suits the authorities just fine. It is a philosophy that they provided for us millennia ago. Anything that is officially endorsed and promoted is essentially evil (IMHO). Look around to witness the annual fraudulent festival of comsumer mind-control called Christmas.

The Archons are masters of 'simulation', as you know, being unable to genuinely 'create' anything (as creativity is a 'god quality', which they are not). So kids today have lost touch with reality, preferring the 'virtuality' of their iPhones, tables, Playstations, and the rest –– while the real world is being privatized and fenced off. Religion is the same: Christianity is the 'Google Glass' of the 1st Century –– shiny, colourful, full of hope and possibilities… designed by nerdy geniuses… highly addictive. Lethal to the soul.

Non-violence is a form of self-denial, like celibacy, veganism, any form of abstinence –– it's conscious non-engagement with an aspect of life on this plane. It is simple cowardice. The bottom line, setting all the theorizing and conjecture aside, is: would you use lethal force to save your children from being tortured and killed? 

To stand by, safe in our sanitised, theoretical world (safe in a society where others will risk their lives to protect us our loved ones) while the psychopathic cabal murders entire generations of (someone else's) children, is profoundly immoral.



Date: Dec. 29

Fair enough points.  But all that your position will get you is staying stuck on the Wheel of Karma (which is precisely what the Archons would 'love' for you to do).  No thanks.  I'm outta here.  Got other fish to fry, as it were.  And - lo - so will be a lot of other souls.  Because it is

that time.

IMHO back.


P.S. And you MUST understand, that what I advocate is NOT 'do nothing'.  What I advocate is being such a change agent - BEING that which one would want there to be - that together, we change the world.  And go up a notch or two, in 'density,' as the Law of One describes levels of consciousness.  (Frequency; vibration; etc.) 

It's called Personal & Planetary Transformation.  Precisely as the FF - at its best - advocates.  

That's the Findhorn Foundation, for those of you who haven't been 'with me' for some time on this blog.  Whose basic belief is in the Coming of a New Age, with the people of the planet waking up to their highest potential, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' and spiritual communities like the FF helping to effect that Change, by the aforementioned Personal & Planetary Transformation route.  Each one teach one, as it were.  On our mutual sojourn of awakening, and raising of our resonance, to connect us with the energy of


With Gaia.

To a higher manifestation of Ourselves. 
In harmony with - and as aspects of - The Most High.

On The Law

Dr. Alan Keyes, former Ambassador to the UN under President Ronald Reagan and candidate for the US Senate seat in Illinois that Barack Obama ended up winning, and thus starting out on his illustrious, and fast-moving (well-greased??), political career, is in a high dudgeon these days over a number of socio-political issues; one of which is how the U.S. military, under the administration of said BO, is caving in under pressures to erase all mention of God - at least the Christian God - in their institutions.1

In a recent letter to those on the mailing list of one of the organizations that Dr. Keyes fronts, he says:

"(This particular organization) is focused on a return to our nation's God-ordained foundational principles, which are found in the Declaration of Independence, and are codified as law in the U.S. Constitution.  (his emphasis)

"The fact is, the United States is a nation of laws, and those laws proceed from God.  Yet, Obama -- the man occupying the White House even though he has steadfastly refused to prove his constitutional eligibility to the office -- is doggedly working to make America a nation of men…"

First, a comment on Dr. Keyes' former charge, and then to the latter one.  He would appear here to be referring to the fact that the document that BO authorized to be posted on the official White House website as purportedly a copy of his original, long-form, vault-copy birth certificate from the state of Hawaii has been analyzed by a number of electronic-document experts to be a forgery.2  But the man's ineligibility for that office - for not being a bona fide "natural born" citizen - does not even hinge on that question.  As I have clarified a number of times in these pages, his eligibility fails at the first hurdle, via the fact that his - declared - father was not a U.S. citizen (then, or even later).  And this understanding of the definition of a 'natural born' citizen was even acknowledged by the Usurper during the campaign between these two men for the U.S. Senate seat, when Dr. Keyes even then accused him of not being a NBC, and Barry's reply at the time - and caught on video camera to boot - was, quote: "So what.  I'm not running for the presidency."  

As they say: Ka-ching!

But that issue is not the one I want to to talk about here.  I want to talk about the other point that Dr. Keyes raised in his comment, quoted above, about the difference between 'the rule of law' and 'the rule of men'.

Yes, I know what he means, about times when tyrants begin to take over, and say things like, "I am the law;" as Hitler did.  And as BO is effectively doing, by issuing 'executive orders' far beyond the scope of that administrative prerogative of the U.S. executive, thus straying into the area of legislative action, which is the prerogative - and the prerogative solely - of the legislative arm of government.  But sometimes, 'the rule of law' is just as bad as 'the rule of men'.

Case in point.  I am reminded of a case that I read about while living in Australia for a few years in the '90s, where I got involved in free speech issues, and where a professor, in the late '90s, was hauled before a tribunal because he was posting information that he had researched calling into question 'the Holocaust' - at least major aspects of the 'given story' about the incarceration of Jews by the Nazis.3  I'll paraphrase that case, which I read about via a source that never reached the Aussie public at large (go figure):

'You must understand something, Citizen.  You've presented all this material that you have prepared, in your defense.  But this tribunal is not about Truth.  It is about The Law.  And The Law says that you cannot bring into question The Holocaust.'

'Not even the veracity of it, Madame Chair?  Of details of that story??'

'Not even the "veracity," as you call it.  That word does not appear in the law.  What you have engaged in is against the law, pure and simple.

'Therefore, this Tribunal of The People finds you - '

'Just one more comment on my behalf, if I may, Madame Chair.'

'All right.  Let it not be said that these proceedings have not been fair.  What is it, Citizen.  But make it quick.'     

'Oh, I will, Madame Chair.  And that is just to say, further in my defense - and in the defense of Reason -  that 'the law,' then, is an ass.'

'How dare you insult this Tribunal and The Law like that, Citizen.  The Law is sacrosanct, above either question or ridicule.  After all, if if it were not for The Law, there would be chaos.  And I - speaking for this Tribunal, of The People, of course - will not allow that to occur.  Especially not under My jurisdiction.  You are therefore found guilty as charged, and with no allowance for leniency in the sentencing.  Is that clear, Citizen?'

'Oh, yes, Madame Chair.  Very clear indeed.  That this prison is run by idiots.'

I agree.  And rest my case.  That Justice and 'the law' are often two different things.

P.S.  May I remind one and all: This 'hearing' (in its essence) took place in Australia.  
     Not even in Germany.
     And not in 1984.                    



1  Thus, the Air Force Academy has recently scrubbed from their graduating officers' military oath the phrase (and pledge), 'So help me God'.

2 And therefore the Usurper is toast right there.  No need to go through any more legalistic hoops:  that is a felony.  He needs simply to be arrested if only for that crime alone; and other charges against him can be added to the indictment from there.

3 One question was regarding the '6 million' figure, widely, and incessantly (like a mantra), touted as the number of Jews slaughtered by the Nazis in their 'death camps'.  Even some Jews - yes, there are honest Jews; they don't all subscribe to the script, that nets them millions of dollars in reparations and untold amounts of deference in sympathy - have admitted that that figure is a lie.  
   (It is based on a figure that the Zionists bandied about during the early part of last century, as the number of 'Diaspora'/dispersed - and therefore 'missing' - Jews, in order to make a case for a homeland for them, such as in Madagascar, and which ended up being in 'their old homeland' - a deceit in itself, for most of them (for being descended from a Turkic people, from their kingdom of Khazaria, in the Ukraine area of Europe, converted to Judaism in ancient times) - in Palestine, courtesy of the British government.  Another subject in itself.)    
   Another question was the - so-called - gas chambers.  The professor had come across info that the notorious 'Zyklon B' gas touted as having been used in mass exterminations in 'shower' facilities, was actually for delousing; lice being a major problem amongst concentrated groups of people.  He even took the trouble to go visit one of the fingered 'extermination' camps, and discovered for himself that the shower rooms were just that, weren't the sealed chambers that would have been needed to do the dirty deed. 
   And found out for himself that the camp also had had a symphony orchestra, at the time designated for having been - according to the story - an 'extermination' camp.  And…and……and………   
   Not to say that in our day there aren't members of The New World Order who don't want to exterminate the patriots standing against their takeover of the American Republic, in the FEMA 're-education' camps all ready for them.  Including with railroad tracks leading right into them  And train cars reportedly with shackles, and guillotines…
   Many NWO minions being Zionists.  Who have their fetish of being a - the - Master Race.  'The Chosen People,' as they have been brainwashed into thinking of themselves.
   Another blog in itself.  Except just to say, here: Guess who has been involved in the creation and operation of the Department of Homeland Security in America, from its Day One??   
   And starting under Bush Jr., and the (dual-Israeli-citizen) NeoCons of his administration???… 
   And speaking of the truth of things, and as for the crematoriums in the Nazi concentration camps: Of course there would be crematoriums there.  People die in such conditions.  That doesn't mean that they were put in the ovens alive.  There is simply no credible evidence, that I have come across as yet, for that - political - conclusion.  
   I think it was - has been - part of a projection, of what the 'Chosen People' would do to their enemies if they - and with their proven end-justifies-the-means philosophy (Alinsky: 'By Any Means Necessary') - were in charge.
   I want the truth of that matter   And every matter.  And will settle for nothing less.  (These Games That People Play.  One of which is that 'Truth is conditional'.  Grrrr...)  That particular story has been used to calumniate an entire nation of people, and must not be allowed to stand any longer.  It is an affront to Truth, as well as to those citizens. 
   It is as if the whole of America were to be tarred for the sins of the fascists under Bush/Cheney (et al), or those of the Marxists under Obama.  'We' need to tell these extremists - all under the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of - current - world power: 
   'We' are not amused.  And are not going to take it any longer.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Further On 'On Synchronicity'

Subject: Surprise
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:11:59 +0000

Hi Stan

Thanks for your comments on the John Lash interview.

Not withstanding the accustomed fluffy New Age disinfo I am used to getting from you, I am still genuinely shocked by the gob-smacking naivety of your perspective. Where do I begin..?

Your advocacy of "Non-resistance to evil."!? Unbelievable! What are you thinking? I refer you (in some desperation) to EVERY single epic, mythic fable and legend ever written.

Christianity and your "bathwater" comment!! You clearly have no idea what Christianity is. Christianity is an appalling curse upon humanity. Greek civilisation, under paganism and the Perennial/Hermetic wisdom, was less than a hundred years from an Industrial Revolution when it was overrun by Christianity. Misogynistic, genocidal Christianity set humanity back 1000 years and began the destruction of Nature on our planet!

"How else COULD the British Empire be taken down.."???!! You think the British Empire was taken down? In India? Anywhere? You'll be telling me next that America got its independence from Britain!! Do you really believe that protesting has EVER achieved anything?

Sad to say, and in spite of my best efforts, you are a fully paid-up, dyed-in-the-fluff, New Ager, Stan—lost to the true cause—one of those eternal Cluny-types who, while swooning over the latest Tolkein movie, will only apply the vegetarian parts of the mythology to his life. An insubstantial cheek-turning, Christian apologist, with no knowledge (or desire to learn) of the backstory to any of the outward show. A 'spiritual' consumer.

Sorry, mate. Another good man down. I'm going to go and have a lie-down now and compose a eulogy to the man (I thought) I knew.




RE: Surprise
Stan Stanfield 10:54 PM  (Dec. 28)

While you're composing, let me make myself perhaps more clear on my 'non-resistance to evil' comment: 

I meant in the sense of: not to give it any similar energy.  Action-reaction on the same level [as] the problem.  Hate for hate just generates the same thing.  Been there, done that, over and over, and over, again.  I advocate a game changer.  Love - to say, spiritual clarity; awareness; insightfulness; conscious[ness]-raising - is such a game-changer.  

I have a very hard time with the Bible.  I have come [a]cross enough information in my lifetime's Search for Truth to let me know that it is, for the most part, the work merely of humans. (And apparently an Annunaki tribal 'god' or two, or three.)   But every once in awhile, there is a nugget of pure gold in there.  This 'nonviolence' philosophy - returning good for 'evil' (and you could say even 'strategy') - is one of them.  Someone in history knew what they were talking about, in proffering that bit of advice.  It breaks the cycle, introduces a new element in[to] The Process.  The process, of unfolding ourselves, in the 3D illusion.  By learning lessons therein.  Which take us out - break us out - of the matrix.   

But, still: One man's meat…

…at any given time.    

Okay.  Back to your composing.  Thanks for hearing me out.  (There's more, of course.  But diminishing returns, and all that.)



A large subject encased herein.  The role of The Warrior, and so forth.  But I need to be clear - and for myself - about where I stand, in all this unfolding-process stuff. 

Basically: I'm trying to stand above it.  I could easily enter into The Process - The Play - and 'take sides'.  (Like a Patton.)  But the Truth is on both sides, of the equation; the dialectic.*  'Thesis' and 'antithesis' are working their action-reaction way out to a synthesis.  And because the socio-econo-political 'scene' has now gone global, it is to be a true Synthesis; not just another 'thesis', to set off another reaction to it, another 'round' of The Play, unfolding.

Oh, there will be the 'reaction' of the Dark forces, to it.  But they are, now, to meet their Waterloo. 

Because the Light is stronger than the Dark.   

The Dark - the Shadow - requiring the Light in order even to exist.

But me are, now, to stand, clearly and unequivocally, in the Light.  On this planet.  Undergoing Her own Ascension process.

I get ahead of myself, here, a bit.  But -

you get the idea.

And to end on such an Idea (and then to let 'it' go, for now):

 The Play
The Thing

Once you
Have really
          that we 
          are in
          a play,
    would you
    want to
    a part
    simply? -
          to say,
wouldn't you
     want to
         get off
         wheel -
 part playing
 and go for
    the real

And instead
Of calling for
'Author!  Author!'
         to take
         a bow,
  the author
          has been
      and you
            and you
      and over


* Yes, I think that Hegel really had his finger on the pulse of 'reality' - on the 'mechanism' of life's unfolding.  He simply thought that the ultimate end of the process was a materialistic one.  Surprise.  (Speaking of, in this thread…)

The Usurper:

  The Usurper
     A Play

Good for thee,
   You gave 
        black eye
               in the
Now you need
To knock him out
From that office
That he holds
    he gets
    even more
Than he already 

      a time
   has come.
   with what 
   is right
   in front
   of you.
That this matter
     its deep
And the Play
    be allowed
    to be wound


      and not
      be put
      on hold
 for another
 more aware
    of its 

   having proven
   to be
   the job
   at hand.

             us all
         I beg


As we
Are all
In this

      to capture

      and thereby

     to capture






* My thanks to John Lamb Lash for his insights into the fable of Parsifal, and his Quest for the Holy Grail.

On Synchronicity

An interesting bit of synchronicity here.  After dinner this evening (Saturday) I took a walk to a local multi-shop to buy some ice cream (on sale, before the sale went off the next day), outside the side of which was a middle-aged man 'down on his luck,' as it were.1  I can't 'feed them all,' so to speak; and sometimes find myself having to turn such solicitations down.  But, for whatever reason - I think it was the gentle way this man asked me for some change as I passed by - I consented; and then, for whatever reason, found myself preparing a dollar bill out of my change from the shop (after all, I had gained some money in the 'sale' process…) to give to him on the way back to my apartment.2  He was doubly appreciative; and somehow we got talking briefly.

After I wished him well to 'get things going for himself again,' his story back to me was that he was an electrician, with two college degrees, had made a lot of money in his life, "and now look at me".  I strongly encouraged him to stay positive; and found myself saying to him, as I left him, "You gravitate to you what you put out."3  He clearly appreciated the sentiment; and we parted company.

I bring all of this up, as a sort of prelude to my sharing here, now, of what I wrote just now in response to a two-hour-long radio interview that I just listened to via a blog site.

It is self-explanatory.  And I leave it with you as food for thought.  As I wish you a

Good Night.  

from 'Re-emergence of the Warrior Class' - (radio iv) - posted Dec. 27  
('COMPARATIVE MYTHOLOGIST, John Lash returns to Red Ice Radio to announce the formation of the Kalika War Party, a band of self-selected men and women volunteers whose goal is “to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt system that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid…"'  Including the use of violence…)


John Lash is a very commendable fellow. And, he is throwing the baby out with the bathwater when he rejects Christianity in its totality, and especially on the issue of the concept – the awareness of the (spiritual) principle – of  ‘nonviolence'; of non-resistance to evil.

The best thing that Gandhi got out of it: Do not give your enemy the benefit of your energy. (See a Tai Chi position here, anyone??)  Simple action-reaction keeps the whole thing on the same level as the problem.  Offer something new, higher as an outcome.  How else COULD the British Empire be taken down except by a fakir in a diaper???

To say, John; with respect: You do not rouse the right kind of support to your cause if all you offer is the same-old tyrannical concept that the end justifies the means. Been there, done that. The times call for something higher out of us in response to what is going on. Discrimination, John.  Discrimination.

Indeed, we are seeing the “Re-emergence” of a Warrior Class. But some things have changed.  In its way, it’s like the difference between the Old Laws of Manifestation and the New. To say, we now, from a lot of life experience, can realize, and say, that: What you put out is, ultimately, what you get back.



1 We have a lot of panhandlers in this area - and by 'area' I mean the whole of downtown Long Beach as well.  Plus a number of people sleeping rough wherever they can find some degree of shelter.  I don't know if other cities this size attract the same level of such 'activity;' if so, we are in very deep trouble, indeed.

2  I also gave a dollar to the Church guy who was outside the front door of the shop proper.  That particular Church - which has, apparently, quite an 'outreach' program, for people on drugs in particular, has that spot as its regular 'beat', and I often contribute something to their 'worthy cause'.  So I did 'double duty' this evening.  Well; the Christmas spirit, and all.
   Not that I'm a Christian; having read my way out of 'the church' many years ago.  But it's a nice tradition.  And even if - when? - the specifically 'Christian' aspect of the celebration dies out (yes, it's called Christmas; but the Church co-opted an ancient, 'pagan' celebration in it - as was its wont; and which I have already commented on in theses pages recently, in a response to an Internet article on the subject), it would be helpful to keep the basic spirit of the tradition going.  As I see it: the spirit - very much in tune with any religious aspect - to 'be nice to each other'.  A fair-enough, and even spiritual, sentiment, no matter how you cut into it.  And anyway, 'the Christ' is an office; not a particular person.  So we could keep the name, even if 'Christmas' becomes even more secular than it already is.

3 I'm not sure why I ended up using the word 'gravitate'.  The more 'correct' word - out of usage, if for no other reason  - is, would be, 'attract'.  Maybe my subconscious chose it in honor of the man's electrician experience in the need for the 'grounding' of things???
   Whatever: It's all a matter of resonance.
   To say as well (perhaps more appropriately, here): frequency.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Messages From Somewhere


   The Gift


We are going
On a great
We are going
To see things
We have never
We are going
To hear things
We have never
We are going
     as if in a
        a new




     The Task

    as soon
    as we

       is that?


         for the


Friday, 26 December 2014

O Little Speck Of Cosmic Dust

I have just watched a 45-minute History Channel documentary on the pyramids of southwest China, housing the tombs of the leaders of their various dynasties, built on the backs of thousands of workers, many of whose remains are still there too.  I am moved to comment thus:

Man, thy name

When I keel over
        for good
Bury me -
              to say
              my body -
On the horn
Of the unicorn
And let it go
At that.


I have also - in this same vein - just recently watched a short video narrated by the late, popular scientist/astronomer Carl Sagan.  Which has caused me to reflect thusly:

That little blue orb
Of monumental
Close up -
This shimmering globe
Of such potential
That it boggles
The mind…

O little speck
Of cosmic dust
How big you are
In my eye
For the moment
In Time
         that we
Have met…
         but still
         I sing
         to thee
 and send you smiles
Of gratitude
For housing me
So beautifully
In the interlude
Of time between
My Here

       to which we
    will all

        some sooner
       than others
      caught up
      the Illusion
            a galaxy
     of shimmering

         But not
     to worry.
     will all
Get there
The End

 and leave
 the dust
 and ashes
 of memories

 our various