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Back To Business

from ‘Former Congressman: I’m Quitting GOP’ - Tom Tancredo - October 30; posted at Liberty Headlines on October 31 
(After listing a whole slew of good reasons why a responsible conservative/constitutionalist needs to quit the GOP, for its having ’left therm’ for a Big Government agenda from a corporate pov, former (ten-year) Congressman Tom Tancredo then shows that he doesn’t understand FULLY what is going on, by endorsing Ted Cruz for the presidency.  With friends like this…)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (October 31)

Right idea, wrong approach. Ted Cruz is no more legal a candidate for the office than BO was - a fact which the GOP authorities deliberately swept under the carpet for their own long-term purposes; proving Tom's point that "It does not care about American sovereignty". Next up: The sovereignty-destroying TPP.

Just for the record: A "natural born citizen” is one born on the soil of citizen parents. That's PLURAL. As in BOTH. The whole POINT of the constitutional Framers putting that particular eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular federal office ONLY - being to make sure that the occupant of said office, who would then as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. Duh!

The definition based on the definitive tome of the day on such matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations Or Principles of Natural Law'. Which the Framers were known to be familiar with. And any change to which 'original intent' needing to have a constitutional amendment to effect it. Not a bunch of s.o.b.'s from both major political parties making a decision in a smoke-filled back room, to go around the Constitution, and bluff their way by the American people on the subject. Or try to.

It is our job now simply to dissolve the sitting Congress, for both parties to be hauled before a - legitimate - court of law on RICO-statute charges, of colluding in a criminal enterprise. Oh - and the Usurper arrested and held for trial as well; he on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason. And let's get the nation back to its roots in the Constitution. [To say, the rule of law.]  Not the rule of men. A/k/a arbitrary law. Which is the hallmark of tyrants down through the ages.

Or do you REALLY want this nation to be governed by a bunch of criminals? With the Constitution in tatters?? And thus, your rights not worth a bucket of spit???  Warm or otherwise????


I hope I'm making myself perfectly clear: This issue is THE linchpin to the whole monstrous nation-hijack going on, by the Usurper, and his minions in power; is not a mere detail, of no real worth in the larger scheme of things.  Without him there, there is no Crisis, to give such a person the Opportunity that he needs - creates - to do his dirty work in large print, not just half-legible scrawls on the edge of the national picture.  He is a willing tool of the New World Order Powers That Be.  He needs to be removed from that position of major power.  And fast.

Federal Marshals - and Oathkeepers; current and retired - to the rescue, of the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America.  And don't spare the horses.


P.S. Late addition to the Comments thread of above:

Pull your head out of Trumps ass. Read the Constitution. Tell me where it defines eligibility. Then where it defines a natural born citizen? Your definition is one you pulled out of your ass.

          kibitzer3 wapitihunter a few seconds ago  (October 31)
  • Did you test low in reading comprehension in school? You don't seem to be able to read very clearly. I told you: the definition of the term, as understood by the constitutional Framers, is "based on the definitive tome of the day on such matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations Or Principles of Natural Law'. And if, by chance, any of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention weren't familiar with the term, and were not [precisely] sure what they were being asked to vote on, all they would have had to do was ask their respected elder mentor, Benjamin Franklin, who was sitting right there amongst them as a delegate to those proceedings himself; who not only was well conversant with such things, but was known to have 3 copies of said tome in his possession - and had provided members of the Continental Congress with it; such was awareness of it in the political circles of the day. And to top the 'argument' off: Alexander Hamilton, as one of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention proceedings, proposed that the president need only be a "citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent NBC requirement.

  • They only wanted a person in that office with SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States. They had just fought a bloody War of Independence, and they in particular didn't want the British to slip back into power, by any means; and in even more of a particular, didn't want their Commander in Chief to be subject to any other allegiances/loyalties. As John Jay, a respected statesmen of the day - and who, not so incidentally, became the first Chief Justice of the New U.S. Supreme Court - said in a letter (7/25/1787) to G. Washington, in his role as Chair of the Constitutional Convention proceedings: "Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government; and to declare expressly that the Commander-in-Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born citizen." So: THEY KNEW precisely what they were voting on.

  • Thank you for asking.

We're going Home.

It can be delayed.  But it cannot be denied.

See you there.

All, of you/Us, who choose to make the journey homeward bound.

At this time.

Bedtime Story

        Trick Or Treat
Multiculturalism At Work
           And Play

(Ding dong)

‘Ye - ‘

‘Trick or treat!’

‘Well my, my.  Will you look at this.’

(No giggles from assorted costumed kiddies, because they have met a ‘real’ witch at this house)  

‘Dear, there are some children at the door.’

‘Well let’em in, and we can have them for dinner.’

‘I don’t think so from this batch.  They look awfully scrawny to me.’

‘Put a little salt on’em, and they’ll do just fine.’

‘Roasted child.  With dumplings.  My favorite dish.’

‘Mine too, honey.  But don’t forget the salt.’

‘I tell you what, Ma’am.  We’ll be going now.  Goodbye.’

‘But we didn’t - ‘

‘Let’s go.’

Are you sure you don’t want to come in?  We’ll put some music on before dinner.  What’s your favorite piece?’

‘But - '

'Hey, are you - ’

‘Let’s go.  Now.’

‘Well then.  Goodbye.  Come back again some time.  Just for a short visit, you understand.  Before…we have you……for………’


‘Well, that’ll put a cat amongst the pigeons.’

‘Anything to keep the nonsense away.’

‘What do you think our new neighbors will think of us now.’

‘Couldn’t care less.’

‘We could have THEM around for dinner, some night.’

‘And your favorite piece?’

‘I think…thigh.’



Now, about the clash of cultures going on, in the Western world…

Well.  For another time.

Time now for the kids to have some fun.

Before things get really serious around here.  The New World Order Crowd beginning to get anxious, and all.

Friday, 30 October 2015

On Crossing The Rubicon - Modern Style

from ‘Judiciary Fronting For Tyrannical Government’ - Larry Klayman - October 30

kibitzer3 a minute ago (October 30)

"Judge Marra also recited, “Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction.” But they are limited in deference to state courts under the 10th Amendment. Limited jurisdiction does not mean refusing to enforce actual federal laws or the Constitution." Just so.

Justice denied is injustice, aka tyranny. End of story.

The End that all of this is leading to cannot be far away.

Klayman’s article is worth repeating in more detail.  It goes precisely to the tyranny going on in our day, of TPTB vs. The People & The Republic.  In fact, so important is this take on the matter that here it is in its entirety:

The federal courts are increasingly leaving the American people defenseless against government tyranny. Over 38 years as a lawyer and federal prosecutor, I have watched the judiciary abandon the checks and balances that once made our Constitution function.

“Many Americans still expect that our courts will step in and right the wrongs, even against a political stampede. But, sadly, with few exceptions like D.C. federal judges Royce C. Lamberth, who during the Clinton administration found that “Slick Willy” had committed a crime, and Richard J. Leon, who is about to again enjoin President Obama and his NSA from illegal mass surveillance on the entire citizenry, it is now a quaint notion that our courts can be trusted to enforce the law and fulfill every judge’s oath to support and defend the Constitution.

“The legal notion of standing is a key part of the decay. The Executive Branch has grown increasingly brazen in violating the law and the Constitution. For example, our so-called government, currently and generally represented by the “yes-men” of the Obama Justice Department in its Federal Programs Branch, then objects that no one can bring a lawsuit to challenge its illegal behavior.

“But standing is a fiction invented by compromised judges who would rather put their heads in the sand than do their jobs. To take a strong stand and actually adjudicate politically charged issues could cost them a higher appointment some day, as both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are adept at tying up judicial and other executive branch nominations.

"In this regard, appellate opinions recite in lofty terms an Article III requirement. But neither the word nor the concept appears in the Constitution. Legislation governing the courts doesn’t mention standing. Over time, abuses have created ever-growing barriers. Even conscientious lower-court judges choose to follow ambiguous or even bad precedents.

“Recently, my lawsuit against the Corker Bill – which turned the treaty ratification provisions of the Constitution on its head concerning Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear treaty – was dismissed for lack of standing. Congress violated the Constitution by changing the ratification of requirement of a two-thirds vote in the Senate. No treaty is valid unless ratified by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate. The Constitution does not give a president any other power to create international agreements. The Corker Bill is unconstitutional because it overturns Article II, Sec. 2, Par. 2. A copy of our lawsuit is at

“Incredibly, Congress just went through a charade of voting whether to approve or disapprove Obama’s treaty of surrender to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Without ratification by two-thirds of U.S. senators, the treaty is void. Yet, our entire Congress ignored the Constitution. And, in the case of Sen. Marco Rubio, who claims to be a champion of a strong Reaganesque foreign policy and raised tons of money claiming that he would block the treaty, he failed to show up to vote. (Presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s recent attacks on Rubio’s voting record are more than justified!)

“In this regard, the Honorable Kenneth Marra, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, dismissed my lawsuit against Rubio and my other Florida representatives – I am a Florida citizen having myself run for office there – for voting without my proxy for the unconstitutional Corker Bill, finding that the loss of my constitutional protections, the danger to me as a Florida citizen and an American from Iranian nuclear weapons is not concrete enough.

“Judge Marra dismissed my lawsuit, stating: “The Supreme Court has also held that, based upon co-extensive prudential standing principles, an alleged injury that is ‘a generalized grievance shared in substantially equal measure by all or a large class of citizens’ does not constitute a specific injury-in-fact that warrants the exercise of a federal court’s subject matter jurisdiction. Warth v. Seldin, 422 U.S. 490, 499 (1975).”

“In other words, the more widely important an issue is, the more it affects many people throughout the country, the more the federal courts will strive to avoid getting involved. Yet, curiously, that principle never blocks lawsuits promoting a liberal environmental agenda.

“Judge Marra also recited, “Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction.” But they are limited in deference to state courts under the 10th Amendment. Limited jurisdiction does not mean refusing to enforce actual federal laws or the Constitution.

“More than a hundred lawsuits challenged whether Obama is a natural born citizen, eligible to run for and be president. Not one of those lawsuits, several of which I filed in Florida, ever reached a decision on its merits. All were dismissed on standing, most without the courts even explaining their decision, as they had no bases to dismiss the cases since Florida’s elections laws allow for such a challenge for fraud and misconduct by candidates for federal or state offices.

“Originally, judges invented a pragmatic test with regard to a citizen’s standing to sue. As Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186, 205 (1962) explained:

“‘Have the appellants alleged such a personal stake in the outcome of the controversy as to assure that concrete adverseness which sharpens the presentation of issues upon which the court so largely depends for illumination of difficult U.S. Constitutional questions? This is the gist of the question of standing.’

“The only legitimate purpose is to make sure that two parties do not bring a frivolous lawsuit in which actually they agree.

“Yet standing depends upon where you sit. In Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency, 549 U.S. 497 (2007), the Supreme Court allowed plaintiffs to force the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide to prevent global warming. Their standing was that a hundred years from now some coastline could disappear if sea levels rise, assuming that computer models without empirical evidence are accurate, assuming that plants don’t consume the carbon dioxide, assuming that world climate doesn’t adjust in ways we don’t understand, and assuming that sea levels do rise instead of evaporation causing more snow at the poles.

“But 'standing cannot be predicated upon an injury the plaintiff suffers in some indefinite way in common with people generally.’ Mass. v. Mellon, 262 U.S. 447, 488 (1923). Yet the rules are suspended if the goal is expanding the size and reach of government. Global warming would affect all humanity. This should be the poster child for lacking standing.

“By contrast, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawsuit against Obama’s executive order amnesty was dismissed on standing, and we will soon be on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. We documented $9,293,619.96 in hard costs from illegal aliens in Arpaio’s jails in 2014 resulting from Obama’s 2012 deferred action for “dreamers.” Arpaio’s harm is grounded in real-world, empirical experience. Yet the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., said that was too speculative, although global warming is not.

“If we had responsible elected officials, Congress does have authority to correct these abuses and double standards. The Congress can regulate the courts under Article I, Section 8, and Article III, Section 1, and could remedy and overturn this nonsense. But will we have to wait until we elect a Congress who takes our Constitution seriously? Given the current state of affairs with gutless, do-nothing and hypocritical senators and congressmen like Marco Rubio and my representative, Patrick Murphy from Palm Beach County, that is likely to be never! And, that is why – absent more judges in addition to those few like Lamberth and Leon who will protect the citizenry from government tyranny – we are headed for revolution, 1776-style. Our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred fortunes and lives to restore our God given freedoms, and we now, 230 years later, have no choice but to do the same.”


TPTB seem to be relying on a Catch-22 to block justice via the judicial branch.  

Catch-22 does not appear in the Constitution.

Therefore, it’s time for We the People to take over, and take back our country, from these would-be despots that are currently in control of it.

Their call.


P.S. Another excellent. article regarding this tyranny going on, and Freedom Watch lawyer Larry Klayman’s attempts to break through it.  This, from ‘Judge Asked To Protect Constitution From NSA’ - Bob Unruh - October 30 as well (in its entirety; no added quote marks):

A lawyer who won a federal judge’s determination that the National Security Agency’s spy-on-Americans program is “Orwellian” and likely unconstitutional is encouraging the judge to maintain his stance after a federal appeals court ruled the collection of phone metadata can continue.

The request to Judge Richard Leon from attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch comes after the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided not to stop the data collection during a 180-day transition period from an old law to a new one.

The USA Patriot Act, which authorizes the data collection, is being replaced by the USA Freedom Act.

“We conclude that [Paragraph] 215 authorizes the telephone metadata collection program for the period of 180 days from the Freedom Act’s enactment, as part of a larger move to dismantle the program,” the appeals court said.

When government attorneys brought the decision to the attention of Leon, Klayman immediately fired back, arguing “even one day of a violation of our Constitution is one day too many.”

“This court is the sole protector of not just plaintiffs but of all Americans and must be commended for its intended swift action to end the government defendants’ unconstitutional lawlessness at the earliest practicable date,” he wrote. “That the Second Circuit shirked its judicial responsibility for political reasons is of no import.”

The filing Thursday came in the case Klayman brought on behalf of himself and several other individuals. They charge that the government, through its sweeps of data from cell phone systems, is violating the Constitution.

The Second Circuit, Klayman wrote, “conveniently views itself as a lesser branch of government to Congress,” but Leon’s court, “to the contrary, has correctly and courageously carried out its judicial duty.”

“In recent hearings, this court expressed and confirmed its judicial responsibility: ‘I’m prepared to lift the stay I issued … [i]t’s time to move. Let’s get going … [t]his court believes there are millions of Americans whose constitutional rights have been and are being violated.’”

The bottom line is that the court has an obligation to order the government to stop its constitutional violations, the brief argues.

After a hearing earlier this month, Klayman expressed optimism the judge would rule in his favor.

The Washington Times reported at the time that the judge acknowledged “his own concern that the program is continuing to violate millions of Americans’ constitutional rights.”

And the judge noted the importance of getting a ruling soon.

Klayman had argued that Congress doesn’t get a pass to violate the Constitution.

The NSA program, exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, scoops up data from cell phone networks and then evaluates it to detect national security threats.

Under the new law to be phased in over the coming months, the cell-phone companies will maintain the data and provide it to the government upon request in accordance with guidelines.

It was at the end of 2013 when Leon issued an injunction to shut down the program. But he stayed his ruling to allow the government to appeal.

It took more than a year-and-a-half, as the spying continued, for the appeals court to rule.

In a previously filed brief, Klayman reminded the judge that “every element supporting a renewed preliminary injunction has already been decided by this court and now governs as the law of the case.”

“An injunction from this court is required, at a minimum, so that there will be continuing oversight of serious, continuing violations of the Fourth Amendment,” he wrote. “Preliminary injunctive relief will be an indispensable safeguard of constitutional rights and civil liberties.”

The ruling is needed, he said, because “the government defendants have shown a pattern and practice of violating constitutional rights no matter what laws are in effect.”

He continued: “Moreover, the government defendants have lied continuously to Congress, the FISA court, this court and the American people about this warrantless surveillance. Their most recent brief underscores their lack of honesty and sincerity, again, unbelievably claiming that since they hold all the cards about their illegal and unconstitutional activities – and arrogantly will not confirm or deny that plaintiffs have been surveilled – plaintiffs cannot meet the standard of proof for a preliminary injunction.”

He said the government has “trashed” the Constitution and now is telling Americans “it is ‘heads I win, tails you (the people) lose.’”

Klayman wrote that a preliminary injunction is needed so the government “can be held to obey the law, and can be held in contempt, if necessary.”

He said requiring the government to follow the Fourth Amendment “is not too much to ask.”

“Importantly,” he wrote, “the government defendants do not actually deny that they spied, without probable cause, upon these plaintiffs.”

Klayman contends the fact that the USA Patriot Act, which authorizes the spying, is expiring and is being replaced by the USA Freedom Act does not matter.

The problem remains, he wrote, “because the government defendants do not admit to any limitation from those particular statutes on … spying on plaintiffs and other U.S. citizens who have no connection to terrorism.”

At a previous hearing, Leon approved Klayman’s plan to file a fourth amended complaint and said he would expect a renewed motion for a preliminary injunction.

In Leon’s original injunction, he called the program “almost Orwellian.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia then ruled on a technicality – standing – and not on the district court’s original determination.

The higher court had argued Klayman used Verizon for his provider but the government was sweeping up data from the Verizon Business Network.

Klayman has added plaintiffs using that network to satisfy the concern.

Klayman originally sued the NSA, Barack Obama, then-Attorney General Eric Holder and a number of other federal officials after the spy program was revealed by Snowden, who has fled to Russia.

Plaintiffs in the case include Klayman, Charles and Mary Ann Strange, Michael Ferrari, Matt Garrison and J.J. Little and other defendants include NSA chief Keith Alexander, U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Judge Roger Vinson, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA chief John Brennan, FBI chief James Comey, the Department of Justice, CIA and FBI.

Klayman has explained the action is to stop the program and seek damages.

Two of America’s influential civil-rights groups, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have sided with Klayman.

The data that the NSA collects, they explained in a brief, “reveals political affiliation, religious practices and peoples’ most intimate associations.”

“It reveals who calls a suicide prevention line and who calls their elected official; who calls the local tea-party office and who calls Planned Parenthood.”

The groups’ brief said “the relevant fact for whether an expectation of privacy exists is that the comprehensive telephone records the government collects – not just the records of a few calls over a few days but all of a person’s calls over many years – reveals highly personal information about the person and her life.”

No one can say that We the People didn’t try to get a redress of our grievances via the courts.

Got that?

We tried.

Didn't work.  Or at the least:

Not working.

And with no indication that that way is going, ever, to work.

The - obvious - power of TPTB being what it is.

For now.

The New World Order Crowd:

Calling A Spade A Spade

I don’t know who others of the NWO Crowd are.  But I know that a lot of them are Jews, who have chafed for years in the yoke1 of having to live ‘under’ people they consider their inferiors: Christians, and other ‘goyim’ - cattle, to them.  But especially the Christians, who they feel look down on them - their rightful, Chosen-People superiors - as ‘Christ killers,' 'kikes,’ and the like.  And so: a special animosity between these two ‘People of The Book’.  And so the Jews have plotted for years, a) to get even, and b) to take over, and reduce the goyim a) to servant status, and b) to major elimination altogether.2  

Step by step.  First, by such seemingly innocuous steps as managing to outlaw speech that could ‘incite to violence;’ then speech that is ‘hateful;’ then speech that could merely ’offend’ somebody. aka political correctness.  And: First, outlawing discrimination on the basis of race - using the blacks as a battering ram to take down the (Constitutional) wall in this country of fundamental ’liberty’ - and oh yes, add ‘creed, color, and national origin’ while we’re at it.  Somewhere in that concatenation of categories managing to include Jews in the coverage, without having to spell it out as such, to the stupid goyim.  Oh, sorry: a redundancy, there…

And then continue to create supportive-to-their ends ‘minority’ groups, like women as a (persecuted) class, and a welfare class, and Muslims, and not to forget LGBTs.3  Neat.  In the destruction of every American value and principle (like the family unit), in their pursuit of happiness, in this case the happiness of control - and total control at that - over their desired slaves.  

Goyim.  A ‘hate’ word if there ever was one.  But that one doesn’t count, you see.  Is okay, you see.  Because it’s true.

To a Jew.

And anyway, is just a term for ‘the Others’.  You see.

Don’t you?

Sure you do.  And if you don’t:

Ve haf vays to make you see.  

Things.  Our way…

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we found Jewish influence in - actually pervading - the moves for ‘multiculturalism’ all over the planet, and including in the UN’s moves to get Muslim ’refugee’ resettlement in the Western world; as a cover for cultural breakdown, and then takeover, in their totalitarian New World Order.  

As a side note here: Jews have a seeming penchant for dressing up in Arab costume and playing the likes of jihadist.  See, e.g., ISIS, a Mossad operation in part (with the CIA & Saudi Intelligence as partners); and other false flag ops down through the years.  Culminating - perhaps - in the Mossad operatives on 9/11 telling the police who stopped their van - loaded with explosives - on a bridge that fateful day: “We’re not the ones that you’re looking for.  It’s the Arabs that you’re looking for.”


Got away with that one squeaky clean, didn’t you, Michael Chertoff & Co.?…

Gotta give you s.o.b.’s credit.  You’re good at what you do.  

Or at least, at how you get away with it.  With your control over the MSM, and all.

And when all else fails: Money talks. Right, Mike???…      

Our Crowd.  Indeed.  Host.  Not of daffodils. But of Daffy Ducks.  Willing to duck out of the way, of setting off their Samson Option, if all else fails……

But let me end this blog on a positive note.  That

It’s time.

For a change.


Just not the one planned for the world.  By an inferior people.

Inferior, not by ‘blood’.

But by consciousness.

For, you see:

At the end of the day

the Light wins out over the darkness.

That’s just

the way things are.

In this creation.

Go play in another Matrix, boys and girls, with your penchant for Hollywood-style illusion.

This one’s




1 = ‘yoga’…

2 When I speak of 'the Jews' I am basically referring to what is called the Rothschild Zionists, aka the RKM - the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia - the ersatz Jews from Khazaria in the northern Caucasus region, who have been sent to trouble the world, for an ultimate worthy cause (not that they are aware of that): the cause of consciousness-raising.
   True Jews - more of the Torah than the Talmud - are another peoples entirely.  Who have been used mercilessly by their erstwhile masters too, the RKM, in such takeover scenarios as World Wars I and II, as a means to an end.
   Another story.

3 You don’t think that the creation of a class of ‘gender confused’ people wouldn’t have been disrupted and stopped long ago - for noticing them like canaries in a coal mine - if someone wasn’t benefiting by it, do you??  
   Besides the doctors, who have thereby a whole new clientele to make money off of - I mean, to treat.  To the likes of sex change ops.  And sessions with psychiatrists.  And drugs  And.  And….
   The ‘issue’ of the Western medical profession - aka the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - being a whole ’nother issue in its own right.


…and to show that I can be ‘ecumenical’ in my take on things; this: 

from ‘Pastor Smacks Down Bernie Sander’s [sic] Defense Of Socialism With This Quote’ - October 30; orig. October 21 
(“John Piper, author and former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, had some striking criticisms of Bernie Sander’s [sic] socialist political platform. On a recent podcast, Piper answered a question from a listener who asked, “How should Christians view socialism?”
  “Piper responded, stating first that he was no expert. However, in the church, they teach that “no one should go hungry… be without a place to stay. No one should fail to get the health care they need. No one should go without a job if it is possible for believers to help them find one.”
  “He asserted that even though these are tenants of the Christian belief structure, “all of this should happen through the free and uncoerced help of other believers.” Not, in other words, because of government edicts or mandates. 
  “Piper quoted Acts 2:44-45: “All who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”
  “This was all being done freely by believers, of their own conviction and volition. He goes on to explain the difference between Christian charity and socialism…”  Makes a good statement here.  Check it out.)

kibitzer3 a minute ago (October 30)

Well noted, John.

It goes to human dignity. We are not automatons of the state. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, among which experiences is the occasional - perennial? - threat to our free will, by people who would love to control us, to within an inch of our lives, as their cattle. Think the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao.

Thanks, no thanks. Been there. Done that. No need to play that tape again. Hopefully learned that lesson.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Meanwhile, Back On Terra Firma...

...We Have Petitions

or their equivalent:

1) On the election by the House Republicans of Paul Ryan as their new Speaker, I posted to my FB page a blog, of Rick Wells, harshly chastising the Repubs for it (in particular for Ryan's position regarding amnesty and immigration on the one hand and the likes of the TPP on the other; who, in regards to the TPP, was reported to have received a huge payoff - in the millions - for his pushing/keeping it alive in the House), and added my comment:

'I agree.  The K Street lobbyists are in pig heaven.  The sovereignty of the U.S. as a federal constitutional Republic is shredded almost to breaking point.  But the NWO crowd shouldn't crow too soon.  It's darkest before dawn.  They'll get their comeuppance yet.'

2) I signed a CREDO Action petition to the Senate against the appointing of a Big Pharma shill to become head of the FDA.  My signature to stop the appointment included the message:

'The NWO crowd are making their big moves now on the chess board.  Time to call a halt to their pernicious plans.  They have enough rope to hang themselves by, by now.'

3) from ‘Wolves in Conservative Clothing, Ryan Backers Chaffetz And Jordan Deliver IRS Diversion In Support of “Prostitute Paul”’ - Rick Wells - October 30  

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (October 29)

Thanks for pointing out the prestigitationary trick of "distraction" going on in the Repub ranks instead of their going after "the illegal alien who has usurped the presidency". I am sorely offended by these people. They must all be in servitude to the Money Bags taking over this country, and turning it into merely a part of a region of their desired New World Order. All the money in the world isn't going to do them one bit of good, when they are thrown under the bus, as thanks for their prostitution.


I am all for free will.  And I love the sinner.  But I hate the sin, with a passion.

However, I accept that all sources of corruption, deception, and vile intent will be wrung out of 'the system,' in the overpowering Light of the New Age.

Dawning, as we speak.

I just, often, have to bite my tongue - and sometimes fail to - at the last-gasp actions of the Dark forces; so eager to get to the Good Stuff as I am.

Coming to a Theater near you.  Sooner that you might think.  Especially given all the darkness around, these transformational days.

It may be somewhat like how a caterpillar feels, in the chrysalis...

My Debate Opener

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Life is a school, and the purpose is to graduate.  Among the greatest of the lessons that we have to learn in this school is that actions have consequences.  Thus, by rights, we should, for example, have to lie in the bed that we made as regards The Debt.  But since much of that debt is due to the illegal activity of our erstwhile Keepers and Masters, I would allow for a Jubilee to be declared; the decks cleared thereby, a Reset of the monetary system, AND its transformation from a debt-based system - that is, an interest-bearing system, with a fiat currency - into a system simply of credits and debits, on its way to a moneyless system, as we learn to live with Abundance - the Abundance that our Creator has vouchsafed us, once we got to that point in our evolution of consciousness, and concomitant control over our environment, and to say, ourselves, and our God-given abilities, as creators in our own right, for being facets, fractals, aspects of The Whole; the awesome All That Is.

We are at that point, of consciousness development; of understanding the answer to the perennial question, Who Am I.  Just a short ways to go, now, and we are totally there.

I am ready to lead you into that Promised Land: the manifesting of that New Reality, for all who are ready to step into that more potent, and potentizing, Light. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve in that capacity - that you are ready, have risen to the occasion, for such a mission, and stage of your journey, from God and back to God; and bringing with the individualized You - the Seeker, the Explorer - all the riches that you have gathered along The Way.

Also known as

The King’s Highway.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

On Losing It - And Regaining 'It'

I lost it this evening, in reading, in my day's mail - along with a plethora of other requests for some of my limited discretionary monies - a letter written over Cong. Steve King's signature in support of the Citizens United Foundation in their presumed campaign "to generate the grassroots muscle to push for...congressional oversight investigations into Obama's shady activities" in which 'he' (or their professional fundraiser) said:

"It's a shame that so few others are out there fighting for this [sort of thing: 'A Petition To Investigate Obama's Abuses Of Power'].  So I don't know how you can expect CUF to successfully expose the truth on Obama's shady actions if you aren't willing to help with a gift of at least $25..."

The nerve.  And 'he' did hit one.  I fired back a note this evening on the return form:

"Dear Rep. King:

"I was insulted by your letter.  You assholes in Congress haven't had to go any farther in 'investigating' Obama than to recognize that he is a Usurper in the office, for not being a "natural born" citizen,* and so you should have done your constitutional duty and turfed him out long ago.  So get with it.  Grrrrr......."


* see, e.g.:


I have really had enough of all this pussyfooting around by these pussies running things these days.  And that, of course, means the asshole Republicans as well, who have been a part of the problem in all this.

I sorely wish to address the American people with some such announcement like:

'At this time, after negotiations with the Secret Service in order to avoid bloodshed, federal Marshalls are arresting the Usurper in the White House, to be held to stand trial for his various crimes, among which are perjury, and treason.

'They are also in the process of arresting the authorities of both the Democrat and Republican parties for their collusion in the illegal candidacy and seating in the Oval Office of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro.  In addition, they are in the process, as we speak, of locking out of their offices, and putting under house arrest, all the members of the sitting Congress, who will face charges of failing to exercise their constitutional duty and responsibility to rein in a rogue Executive.  And as for the judicial branch of the federal government: First of all, all appointments to that branch of government by the Usurper are hereby rendered null and void; and all the decisions made by his lower-court appointees, and the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court that relied on the votes of the two Obama appointees to be passed, are also rendered null and void.  As are all the pieces of legislation that he signed into law, and all the Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that he issued.

'It is to be as if he had never been in that position of power.  Because, by rights, he should not have been.

'And the nation will return to its rule of law - to say, its Constitution - just as soon as we can clean out the federal government of all the vermin that have infested it, and attempted to bring this nation down from within.

'They are to know what power really is, when the American people get angry enough to exercise it, in defense of their rights and freedoms.  In defense, that is to say, of the law of the land: the Constitution of the United States of America.

'That is all for now.  Stay tuned for further details to come.  And all would-be enemies of the American Republic abroad: I assure you that you will be punished, and severely, if you attempt to take advantage of the current turmoil going on in this country.  We are prepared to repel all boarders, as it were, of the American ship of state.

'And to the world at large, I announce to you, that, after a long spell of ignoble meddling in the affairs of the world, America will stand tall again in your estimation.  Just give us a short time to set things to rights in our own country. And then, together, we will embark on a journey to transform this world into a far, far better place than it has ever been before.

'That is all.  That is enough.'

I could go into the realm of the global monetary system, and its Reset.  But you get the drift.


On Dissolving The Illusion

(Long-time auditors of my blog site: Please bear with me, as I recap the current situation, in order to progress the matter - of Where We Are - to the next step, in our unfolding of The Play that we are all actors in.)

I would be being dishonest if I didn’t say that I was disappointed in the number of American citizens - heirs of a truly ‘exceptional’ nation, in the annals of human dignity, and self-governance - who have failed to show fealty to the Truth of things; in the particular, the terms of your Constitution - the very law of the land - as regards the eligibility requirements for one to occupy the office of the President.  

Now, I will admit that even I, very much a red-blooded American by birth, and inclination, at first did not understand what was going on - the extent of the crime that was being committed, in the hijacking of the American presidency, by both sides of the political aisle in the country, with the candidacy and election of Barack Hussein Obama.  I assumed, with many of you, that he must be eligible, or the Republican Party would have challenged him and the Democrat Party on the matter.  But very early on in his occupancy of the office, I saw comments from the public on the Internet that caused me to look into the matter further.  And what I found out appalled me.  It was not rocker science: his lack of eligibility for the office - for not being a, quote, “natural born” citizen - was extremely clear.  It was patently obvious, to anyone who bothered to look into the matter, that the man did not meet the requirement - not because of some question about his birth certificate, and where he was actually born, which began to surface on the Internet; but because he failed at the first hurdle: He was not born of two U.S. citizens.2

The historical record was quite clear on the matter: The definition of a ‘natural born citizen’ at the time that the constitutional Framers put that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular federal office ONLY, be it duly noted, with its importance to the meaning and intent of the requirement - was of one born on the soil of citizen parents - plural.  The whole POINT of the exercise, on the part of the constitutional Framers, was to make sure that the occupant of that particular office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces, did not have any DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  As a naturalized citizen would be subject to.  And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to.

SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States, then.  Not difficult to understand.  How did any question regarding the definition of the term come about?

It appears to have come about by one or two subsequent Supreme Court decisions; which created some wriggle room for those intent on watering down the requirement - although other Supreme Court decisions duly upheld the original intent of the term.  But our nation, and in particular our political arena, including the judicial branch of our government, has become infested over the years with vipers, who have tried to make of the Constitution a, quote, “living document” - a wet noodle, subject to the interpretive whims of the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court at any given time, who would have been seduced into thinking similarly about this contract between the sovereign States and the federal government.   

But surely, you might ask, if it is so clear, from the historical record, that what I report on is the definition of the term, would not either of the political parties - or any other party along the historical way - have attempted to amend the Constitution on the matter, to allow less of a ‘severe’ requirement for that office?



Both political parties, in our day.  A total of eight times between them, between 2003 and 2008, in attempting to water down this very requirement, and allow other categories of citizens to be eligible for the top office.  And they failed each time even to get the intended amendment out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the issue.

So, number one: THEY KNEW.

And number two: So what did they do?

It is obvious what they did (and will come out in a - legitimate - court of law, when they are brought to justice for their dark deed):

They colluded, in an end-around play, of both the Congress and the Constitution. In some smoke-filled back room, in Washington D.C. or its environs, a representative of the Republican Party authorities said something like this to his Democrat Party counterparts: ‘We won’t say anything about your candidate’ - this is in 2008, be reminded - ‘if you won’t say anything on this issue about any of our candidates that we will put up in the future.  And between us, and our control over the media, and the judiciary - who can be made an offer that they can’t refuse - we can stiff any silly member of the public who might attempt to object to our take on this thing of ours.  Capiche??’

And capiche they did.  And the American government has been in a state of hijack ever since.  And to add insult to injury, the person who The Powers That Be managed to slip into the thus-purloined presidency was, is, a dual citizen of the very nation that the constitutional Framers were most concerned about in their time: Great Britain; with Barack Obama Senior being a citizen of Kenya, which was under British rule at the time.  The arch enemy of the newly enfranchised American Republic…

You simply can’t make this sort of thing up.  

So.  What do we do now.

We return to the rule of law.

And then, we move forward.  Into a New Era.

Based on Truth.  And Love.

Not Lies.  And Force.

End of story.

As it has been.

Ready, not for just a new chapter.

But a whole new take on things.

Because we have gone just about as far as we can go, down the rabbit hole that we are in, without losing our way, in the realm of matter.  Of - seeming - separation from our Source.  In order to learn lessons.

And to give the Dark forces just enough rope to hang themselves with.  Without all of us falling through the trapdoor with them, into a dark underworld, indeed.


* Obama has assumed dictatorial powers, and is getting away with it, with the failure of our political and judicial establishment to act sufficiently in the matter.  So, we are adrift, and ripe for the taking.

* The Usurper, on the back of a number of false-flag and psy ops, is proceeding with ‘his’ plans to ‘control’ the public’s weapons, as a necessary first step to confiscating them outright,2   

* The Usurper is flooding the nation with his anticipated army of Muslims, euphemistically labeled (and created by application of what has been called the ‘action - reaction - solution’ strategy) ‘refugees,’ in order to overthrow the established order of things here, as is happening in Europe.  It is an attempt to replace the Christian era of the Western world with a - the - New World Order of his masters, the very powerful people who are behind the whole scenario - and have been for many years.  Call them the Cabal, the Illuminati - there have been other names for them over the years: very powerful, wealthy families who want to run the world as their personal fiefdom, and do away with as many of us ‘useless eaters’ as they can get away with.3  And to accomplish their end, they have ‘educated’ a generation of our children to think that they must kill their parents, because they are not sufficiently enamored of Gaia to care for Her, and for Global Warming, er, Climate Change, er, whatever the hell is going on with the weather.  (Try HAARP, kids.)

* The Usurper is now being so arrogant in his dictatorial takeover of the nation that he is calling for schools (through the nationalizing of them, such as via the Common Core curriculum) to introduce ‘sensitivity training’ to make of the children of illegal aliens guinea pigs, in our children’s making of them welcome merely as the children of ‘undocumented workers,’ worthy of all the benefits of legal children in the country (including higher education), and to be assimilated (or taking over) as such.4
I could go on, with reference to the likes of the government spying on us in many ways, in a Stasi state on steroids, and subjecting us to EMR and such, but let me wrap up this report on Where We Are At - And Where We Are Headed. 

Honest liberals have been terribly hoodwinked by their leaders, in not understanding that they have been and are being used as cannon fodder for a larger scenario than they understand to be playing out.  Fortunately, some of them are waking up, now that their Dear Leader is proving to be merely a puppet in the strings of his Masters, and is trying to rope the U.S. into the sovereignty-destroying likes of the TPP.  

I really don’t think that a lot of liberals want that kind of America - an America made safe for corporatocracy.

So, I see, soon, elements of the ‘left’ and elements of the ‘right’ getting together.

And taking their country back, from people who do not have its best interests at heart.

Or theirs. 

And then -

we move on.  Into

the New.

Which is the end of the world as we have known it.

And the beginning of 

paradise on Earth.


In the dissolving of The Illusion (and its hold over us).

And the return to

where we came from.  Before

our Fall.

And the power of Dark forces over us.

Which exist

for just that purpose:

to give us 


May we, now, choose wisely.  As we take our Next Steps on our journey

Home, again.


1 Allegedly.  Another story.
   But just, here, to say to it: If it turns out that he was, actually, born of two U.S. citizen parents, that makes him a liar, and having committed a crime by that lie, for impersonation, among other charges. 

2 Some of the shootings etc. that have been going on in the country have indeed been the work of demented individuals.  But -
   1 they were set up for their roles, by experts in the field; many of them on medications that intentionally cause them to harbor violent thoughts;
   2 known setups were the OKC Murrah Building bombing; the Sandy Hook ‘exercise’; and the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘drill’.  The list goes on.  
   Oh - and 9/11?  A major op involving both Mossad and the NeoCons in the Bush W. administration; that appalling atrocity giving them the excuse they wanted/needed for the U.S. to go into the Middle East and help the Israeli Zionists in their plans for an Eretz Israel.    

3 Who are they, in fact?  Some are what has been labeled Rothschild Zionists; aka RKM - Rothschild Khazarian Mafia; not true, blood Jews, but from a converted tribe from a long-gone country, roughly where Ukraine is now, whose king converted them all to Judaism.  An intriguing story, worth delving into.  Anyway, the salient point here is that they are out to take over the world, believing themselves to be, in effect if not in fact, The Chosen People.  Of what was quite possibly one of the Anunnaki ‘gods’ in our ancient history.
   Others of our erstwhile Masters are apparently of other extraterrestrial stock, among the denizens of our creation’s deep - who are allowed to be, because the Creator does not want just a bunch of automatons, wants us to have free will, in order to return from our journey in our far-off land (the Illusion of the title of this blog) the stronger, wiser for the experience.  
   Again: Another story.

4 When what should happen is that they return with their parents to their parents’ country of origin, in a purging of the country of its iIlegals.  
   Some say that they are innocent victims.  Hear me: They are not ‘innocent victims’ of this whole mess.  They chose - for whatever reasons, of education - to incarnate into their situations.  They need to experience the setting of things to rights, by going with their parents to their parent’s home countries; and if they choose to return to this country, they can line up, along with all the other pending immigrants, and come back in through the front door.
   And no, they are not American citizens just because they were born here.  That is a deliberate misreading of the 14th Amendment.  They are the citizens of the countries that their parents were under the jurisdiction of when they illegally entered into this country.
   There will be no Untruth in the kingdom that we are about to enter into.  That is not what it is about.
   It is about Love, yes.  But equally, it is about Truth.  And one living their lives by that guiding star.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

On Getting To 'I'

On Getting To ‘I’

What would I do?

For a start, I would tell the taxpayers to go on strike, and thus force the collapse of this corrupt system.*  Then I would call on Oathkeepers, current and retired, to help me take over the running of the country.  In that position - as a stopgap benevolent dictator (no big deal, as the Usurper has already established the space of/as a dictator; I would just take that space over for the Light) - I would:-

+ round up all those who have been working - ostensibly - for the Dark forces, and hold them for trial, in a legitimized court of law.  This includes the Usurper himself; 

+ dissolve the Congress, for failing in its constitutional duty to rein in the rogue Executive;

+ institute debt forgiveness to the old governance, for its having been established deceitfully; and 

* establish a new global monetary system, based on gold/precious metals - i.e., ‘hard currency,’ as opposed to fiat money - and then, in right timing, eliminate money altogether, as we get used to living in Abundance - our ‘system’ propelled, not by (the lure of making a) profit, but by ‘Love’: our gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.   
     A corollary to this state of affairs is that ‘income’ is severed from ‘work’ - so that we can let automation take over more and more of the repetitive kinds of work, and - in conjunction with the establishing of long-suppressed technologies - thus free us for other, more satisfying pursuits; everyone working fewer hours a week for the benefit of the collective, as we develop our innate talents - living from the Heart center - and enjoy the likes of space travel, and experimenting with the likes of teleportation.
     Thus, what appears today as a ‘sin’ - people deliberately living on welfare, rather than engaging in gainful work - has been the mirror/reverse image of ‘the real thing’:
     the kingdom of heaven on Earth.    
     Coming to a theatre of operations near you.
     And sooner than you might think.
     All, helping us get to - identify with -
     our true I.

* I understand that our tax monies doesn’t go directly, e.g., to those on welfare programs of various kinds, goes mainly to pay on the interest to the federal debt (which is $19 trillion - that’s TRILLION - and Black Hole Rising as we speak).  But without our tax monies, the federal govt. will have to try to borrow more on the money market; and other countries can see the writing on that wall, and will stop lending us money, as a basket-case bad deal.  Result: End of the charade, faster than if we continued just to play the game, as we are doing at present.