Thursday, 28 February 2013

On Being A Good Citizen

1) on 'American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge' - posted by Diane L. Logan - article by Todd Starnes - Feb. 27
(A high school student in the south of Texas was punished by her Spanish Class teacher for refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance to Mexico as part of a class 'project'.  She volunteered to recite the pledge of allegiance to America in Spanish, to demonstrate her linguistic ability; but the teacher refused to allow it.)

Comment by Stan Stanfield just now
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We should all sign a petition to this teacher and school district Board thanking them for the heads-up on just how bad things have gotten in this country; and they can now leave their positions, go live across the border in the country that they are (in effect, if not in fact) pledging allegiance to, and don't come back, thank you very much.

Be nice.  Some people have feelings that can be hurt.  Hey - ask an American patriot about that.


2) email to my Congressman, who responded, to some petition I signed for Second Amendment rights, in a letter outlining his perspective on the issue, which was down-the-line liberal in orientation - " is my opinion that some weapons have no legitimate purpose outside of military applications;" the whole ball of wax.  
(I should have replied to his above comment: "Indeed, Congressman, that's the whole point.")

Feb. 28

Dear Cong. Lowenthal,

Thank you for your letter of February 22 in response to my concerns about the level and degree of gun control measures being considered by the federal government.

We will have to agree to disagree on the basic issues.  (For example, see the research of John Lott, Jr. on the basic issue of 'safety', with more safety appearing where the gun controls are the least.)  But what I particularly wanted to address in this response was your comment about providing 'increased access to mental health services as part of a long-term, all-encompassing solution to the epidemic of gun violence".  Access to such (mainstream) services is part of the problem, not part of the "solution"  Psychotropic drugs are implicated in MANY of these outbursts of violence that characterize "the epidemic of gun violence" that we have been afflicted with for some years now.  There are complementary/holistic approaches/alternatives to "mental health services" that we need to get to, and urgently.  (See any good naturopath for details.  Or allopathic Drs. Joseph Mercola or Mike Adams or Jonathan V. Wright, e.g.)

Other important points, of a preventive nature, are to have a major investigation into/Congressional hearings on Violence in the Media - films, Internet games, etc.  Please don't overlook the importance of that factor in your determinations into gun violence, and violence of all kinds.  (The dangerous side effects of the drugs are/can be triggered into one's emotional body by scenes of violence, e.g.)  And Education is the other main factor that must be looked into.  

The "solution" is multi-factoral.  Not simplistic, knee-jerk reaction leading to taking guns away from law-abiding citizens for self-defense, of person, family, and property, not just from individuals, but from a rogue government.  Think Hitler's Germany.  Think Stalin's USSR.  Think Mao's Red China.  Think Pol Pot's 'Year One' Cambodia.  The list goes on.

But to conclude, and emphasize: the adverse aspects of psychotropic drugs MUST be taken into consideration in all this attention being given to the problem, of violence in our society.  There are alternatives to the drugs, for mental health.  There are no alternatives to an individual triggered into committing mayhem, EXCEPT measures of self-defense.  (For example, 'they' never strike at a school or movie theater that does NOT advertise itself as a 'Gun-Free Zone'.)  

Thank you for your time and considerations,


'Stan' Stanfield  


So, all by way of being a good citizen...


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Story For Now

...In A Message for Today.  And 'Today'.

 Mark my words: there will be an accounting.  This current outing of the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is only the tip of an iceberg.  A melting iceberg; melting under the light of a New Day dawning for all humankind.

Sandy Hook.  The Aurora Theater shooting.  9/11.  The OKC bombing.  The assassinations of JFK, and RFK, and MLK - all will be revealed, insofar as it can be in the 3rd-dimensional arena that we operate in at this time.

Each of the personages involved in these sorts of capers carries their full stories, in their Higher Self's record (known to us as the Akashic record) which they will be required to look at - when they leave this stage, of the Play that we are all engaged in - in their Life Review.  But for now, we can, still, elicit the essence of these stories, in A Story For Now; that the process of illumination, and accountability, and redemption can begin in this time and place.  As we begin - with Gaia Herself - a process of Ascension, into the higher realms, the higher potential, of our souls' journey.  Individually.  And collectively.  As the facets, fractals of our Father-Mother God.  The All That Is.  That Ever Was.  And That Ever Will Be.

As we carry the Light forward, into our mutual destiny, as those Aspects of the same Being.  Learning lessons along the way to Completion of the process.

The process, of the unfolding of our individual, and mutual, potential.  As human.  And as God.

Monday, 25 February 2013

A World Without Values

A World Without Values

A world without values
Is a world in the muck
and mire
of despair.
A world with no meaning
what is given to it
by charlatans.

Are we the ones
to change things?
I wonder
If we are even up to it
let alone
If we are the ones.

If so
What we are up against
Is near insurmountable
the rot
Is so predictable.
Put your money in the slot
And get your change
is all.
Not be it.

I could be wrong.
So let's hear the song
You have to sing
that might -
just might -
Change everything.

We'll see.

Let's see

if you
and I
Are up to it.

Wish us luck?


Wish us


to our potential.

That's all.


That's  All.

To say


Sunday, 24 February 2013

To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

1)  At Western Center for Journalism, blog titled 'Biden: No Ordinary American Cares About Their Constitutional Rights' - Daniel Noe - Feb. 23

  1. canadianlady says:
    Americans should take this seriously. If the VP is declaring that most Americans don’t care about their Constitutional Rights, then the Government is trying to remove the Constitution.
    • Avatar of kibitzer2kibitzer2 says:
      For the record, listen a little more closely to what he said, as to what he meant, simply poorly put. He was saying that ‘most Americans don’t think this particular gun issue is about their constitutional rights. They can still have their guns, for recreation and such; all we’re talking about is getting rid of these horrible AR-15s and multiple magazines’. So the man simply doesn’t understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment . Or is playing stupid. Or is.

Avatar of jb80538jb80538 says:
Once again, Joe is wrong! We do care about our rights. We don’t want to have our rights infringed on in any way! DHS purchased several thousand AR style weapons for “personal defense” then we as CITIZENS should have the right to own them for our PERSONAL DEFENSE too!


The last commenter above has it by its essence.

What Biden actually said was that under the gun-control laws currently being considered, 'ordinary Americans' can still have their guns "for self-protection, and recreation".  He just doesn't think that they need to have the same sort of firepower as the federal government has.

A rather weak, and self-serving answer, from the Veep.

And P.S. He also doesn't understand that the AR-15 is more about image than reality.  Many other rifles/shotguns have greater impact than the AR-15 has.  (It was made to look fearsome, for commercial purposes.)

So they'll probably trot that fact out at the appropriate time, and say, 'We didn't realize that' (so-and-so about its comparison) 'and so we now have to outlaw all weapons of greater firepower than the AR-15.'  And then they will try to confiscate all such weapons that are already out there, because it just doesn't make sense to have all those terribly dangerous weapons out there, now that we've outlawed them, does it…

And thus, step by gently gently step, does the sheep-clothed wolf come closer to the herd...  


2) At Patriot Update, blog titled 'Is the Obama Administration Committing Sedition Or Treason?' - Sean Aland - Dec. 24:
Stan StanfieldLess than a minute ago  [Dec. 24]

I hope the kinds of citizens who follow the likes of 'patriot updates' realize that both sides of the current political aisle are involved in these sorts of actions. In an otherwise solid recitation of facts and charges, Sean referred to "al-Qaida's goal on [the original] 9-11". (It's clear that he was referring to the original 9-11 in this instance because he said its goal was to "undermine our economy".) Any halfway decent investigation of that atrocity will find that it was a false flag op, inside job, call it what you will: a deliberate act of mayhem designed to be "another Pearl Harbor" and instigate the U.S.'s involvement in a 'War on Terror' and subsequent weakening of our civil rights via the Patriot Act and step-by-step such incursions therefrom. There is a New World Order planned from both the Left AND the Right. The goal is the same: totalitarianism. And it is the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power. (You didn't REALLY think that the buck stopped at George Soros, did you???) 

Patriots really need to get their act together, and declare a pox on both these houses. It's time for Change, all right. REAL Change. Change succeeding generations will thank us for. For standing up for Truth. Not Power.


As to this matter of "succeeding generations", a good quote from one of these sites:

"Posterity!  You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom!  I hope you will make good use of it.  If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the pains to preserve it."

That was John Adams (our second president) speaking.  I think he meant the word to 'secure' it.  

But then, why quibble over the essence of such sentiments.

Let's give credit where credit is due... 


In Such A World As This

So the Department of Homeland Security is hoarding massive amounts of ammunition…thus depriving both the public and the local police forces of the wherewithal to make guns lethal…

This business, of the federal government/DHS buying up - locking up - huge amounts of ammo (enough to run an Iraqi war for many years) is an extremely worrisome thing.  Unless the federal government has some intel about a pending massive natural disaster - say, an incoming planetary-sized body, complete with moonlets and such - it is creating, in concert with other measures that it has adopted,1 a condition for the legitimate suspicion of a takeover, or at least the attempted takeover, of America, by the Left: by extreme socialists, wanting to trash the Constitution (and its recognition, and protection, of individual rights; rather than the state's granting - or not - of 'privileges')2 in order to merge the then-disassociated United States into a region of the Left's version of a New World Order, run by left-wing elites and unions.  

Their answer to the extreme Right's version of the same sort of thing; their version run by the bankers and corporate-world honchos and fascist-minded elites.

A pox on both your houses.  Or 'Orders'.  

We are not subjects.  We are autonomous individuals - freemen and -women, with souls, subject to the rules of 'the universe' - not yours.  Rules, such as the workings of Karma; wherein and whereby we learn - learn; from the inside - to take responsibility for ourselves, as individuals.  Not turn over all responsibility to 'the state', of whatever stripe, running our lives for us.  

How stultifying.  How demeaning.  How anti personal growth. 

And do you really want to live in such a world?  Where everything is determined by the state??  The production of various goods, and so forth???…

It's one way.

But it's not my way.

We will be judged on our individual merits.

By ourselves.

And that's just the way it is.

In such a world - a creation; a reality, behind the 3D illusion we are currently inhabiting - as this one.

Wherein we are all One.

Just of a different kind, than the mindless, groupthink hive that our erstwhile slavemasters - of either the Left or the Right - have in mind for us.

Their minds.

As our Overseers.

And so, don't listen to the Left in regards to such things as 'absolutes'; of which there are none, in their lexicon, where, rather, everything is relative.  To the Left, the Constitution's words - in wording such as a 'natural born citizen', say, as opposed to just a 'citizen' -  don't really matter, because everything is relative.  'Words mean what I say they mean,' said Humpty Dumpty - and so do leftists, intent on overthrow of old institutions and the established order.  Including the rule of law.  To say, in America: the Constitution.

Don't listen to their siren song.  There be rocks in those waters.

And rocks can be very absolute.

And if there is, indeed, some sort of natural disaster pending, that the government of the day is gearing up for, I say:

Let us know.

We can take it.

After all, we are, not subjects, but sovereigns.  With minds of our own.  Who can think for ourselves.  And be responsible in that doing.

Because that's what it's all about.

In such a world - a creation; a reality - as we are a part of.

And are responsible for.     



1 as, say, drones over America; and attempts at gun control; and measures to control the vote; and the influx and intended recognition of illegal aliens, to help skew that vote even more to their side, and ends; and...and...and...... 

2 or its establishing of group rights; such as the right to an education, child care, health care and such; with a huge percentage of everybody's income converted into tax dollars to pay for it all - the cradle-to-the-grave welfare society, where everybody is equal: equally poor, as individual incentive is strangled in the cradle.
     But then, less environmental pollution that way, too… - the way, to say, of totalitarian control over the populace.
     To which attitude I say: Not in MY domain.  In my domain, there is a working element called free will.
     If you have heard of it, but didn't, and don't, really believe in it:
     You are about to become a believer.
     Believe me.  

Friday, 22 February 2013

Forms Of Governance

First of all, to clarify the meaning of the title of this blog.  I'm not talking in here about the forms of government - monarchy, theocracy, outright dictatorship (by individual or oligarchy), various forms of a republic, various forms of a democracy, and whatever other forms the mind of man has conceived, or can.  I am talking about the forms within forms - particularly in how to 'get out the vote'.  In America, although we did not start out with political parties  - and there was considerable caution given by the Founders to the idea of going down that avenue - very early on the U.S.devolved into a two-party system.  Other nations have experimented with, and developed, different approaches to political power, including multiple-party systems (especially in parliamentarian forms of government).  The two-party system seems to have served the U.S. fairly well, over the years, even with changes in them.  But it should be obvious to many citizens that that approach to governance is no longer serving the U.S.body politic well.

Take the Republican Party.  (As the comedian added, in another context: Please.)  It is really, at a minimum, two parties: one of the far Right and one of the center Right.  And by far Right, in my take on the matter, I am not referring to what some people call the John Birch Society, e.g.; I am referring to the American aristocracy: the very wealthy, the owner class, the corporate world - those who would make out like bandits with a fascist form of government, i.e., a nexus between the corporate world and the government, to the benefit of the former.  The types of persons who were behind the move in the 1930s to overthrow FDR and establish their form of Nazism, e.g.1  They are in an ultimately impossible relationship with the center Right folks, who are, by and large, basically middle-class types adhering to the basic principles of the U.S. Republic - small government and personal responsibility, moderated by religious morals.  They are united in the idea of free enterprise; just not in how to go about that ideal.  They have coexisted under a Big Tent for years, in order to have the benefit of numbers; but as the federal government has drifted further into the realm of Big Government - where the two political extremes come together, just differing on who should rule the roost - the fault lines on the Right are getting more and more activated, until they were pretty well severed in this last election, with the Party honchos backing a clear 'moderate' - with some left-of-center tendencies, and some far Right links - against a challenge from the small-government, self-responsibility crowd.2  The center Right people said (to paraphrase, and exaggerate a bit, to make a basic point) 'You are costing us our principles,' and the honchos of the Party said 'You would cost us the election' - because the pundit consensus is that the nation has permanently drifted from its roots, likes big government, and they want to deliver it in a way that benefits the 'owner' classes, not the bottomless pit (as they see it) of the welfare state; in other words, to benefit the potential business owners/entrepreneurs, and, of course, the fat cats, with all sorts of schemes like too-big-to-fail bank bailouts and the printing of more and more money to keep the economy turning.  (The latter of which tactic is about as 'pennywise, pound foolish' short-sighted as you can get.  But never mind.  That game won't last much longer.)

So, the Grand Old Party needs to call it quits; at least, as it has been.  And the Constitutionalists in its ranks have their own party, as it were.  'But you can't do that!' goes up the cry from the establishmentarian Right.  'If we split up, the Democrats will take over permanently!'  

If we were to continue on in the 3D timeline, I would respond to that argument.  But we have  gone pretty much as far as we're going to, in this drama that we are currently engaged in.  And the Democrat Party is under its own internal fissure pressures, anyway.        

As for the Democrat Party: It is also, basically, two parties; one of the center Left - primarily the worker class - and one of the far Left - the intellectuals who are still striving for socialism, even after all of its failures in the world.  These 'eggheads' (again: as they are caricatured by others) want to control people, so that they will be the way their betters want them to be, which, those betters are convinced, is the 'right' way.  So, e.g., free speech is fine, as long as you don't hurt anyone's feelings by it.3  But there has been, in the last half a century especially, an additional 'class' added to it: the welfare class.  Deliberately created, and maintained, for an end, and that meant literally as well as figuratively: the financial collapse of the capitalist system, in order for socialism to be raised on its ruins, in its stead.

An extra word about all this; to say this strategy, and its conditions.  First, to clarify: I am appalled by it.  The staunch, ideological Left would sacrifice people to further their cause.4  They have known for years and years that they needed a proletariat to accomplish their end; so they deliberately created one in America - a class dependent on the government for their lives.  So that a) they would become a voter class, helping the ideologues to achieve their end;5 and so that b) The People, to say in general as well, would become conditioned to thinking of looking to the state for their welfare; not to themselves.  So, no. 2: I am disgusted by it.  Using people in this manner, in order to achieve one's ends - words fail me.  

Which is just as well.  For I could well say something that I might later regret, for going too far, in condemnation of this practice, and mentality.6   

Because it's all part of the Play.  And they are just playing their parts.

And I will have to congratulate them, for doing such a good job of it. To say: of such shoddy behavior, on the part of my fellow brothers and sisters, in the furtherance of The Project.

The Project, to demonstrate, and take back to Unity with us, what happens when we Aspects of the Creator lose energetic contact with our Source, and think to create on our own.  Off our own bat, as it were.  Without acknowledging our roots, in a higher level of consciousness than that which we are experiencing here and now, for just that purpose, and reason.

And are now about to leave the drama behind - scrub off the makeup - and share our experiences, in the different roles that we have played.  Share, with each other.  And with the Godhead.

As we go up a notch, in Ascension.  To say: in consciousness; towards our true Selves. 

And so does Gaia.  Saved, after all, from the mindlessness of our lower selves.

Without our needing to have our free will taken from us in order to accomplish that aspect of our mission in the physical realm.



1) And who also helped to bankroll that very man, and party.  But that's another story.  Or rather, facet of this story.        

2) It, too, has divisions, between 'the religious Right' and the libertarians.  But they are more united government-wise than they are divided.      

3) How that approach to the issue amounts to 'free' speech in their minds I'm not sure; but there you go.  I'm not personally of that mindset, can't speak for it.  
     Me?  I'm for the real thing.  Otherwise, we unerringly get into censorship.
     Extreme usage usually says more about the person delivering it than the person whom it is directed to, anyway.  

4) Just as many of the fat cats on the Right, if they even gave the point a thought, couldn't care less about the lives of those they use to further their ends.  
     Which are pretty munch exclusively financial; unlike the sociological, 'equality' ends of the Leftwingers.  Who are about - just about - to install their equivalent of the Stasi, in this country.  Still not having learned the lessons of history. 
     So much for intellectuality.

5) And in this regard, we have noted that Obama is giving amnesty to millions of Hispanics.  Haven't we?
     Many of whom want to break down the United States as it is, and reclaim what they consider their ancestral land: Aztlan.  
     Which fits nicely into the scenario of those at the top of the pyramid of power, where the far Left and the far Right meet, in the form of a Cabal which has long wanted to meld the U.S., Canada and Mexico into even more than a trading unit.  Into a political region of their vaunted New World Order.  And the only thing that is stopping them - besides 'patriots'; aka terrorists/'enemies of the state' - is the Constitution of the United States.
     So, it will have to go.  By hook.  Or by crook.
     The latter of which instrument is in the Oval Office as we speak. 
     And is not going to take a chance on losing the leverage he has already gained, to pry the U.S. from its roots, by risking not being given four more years - or an indefinite time period - to accomplish his mission.  And so is planning on making his move soon. 
     If he's smart.
     Which he has proven that he is.
     Just not very wise, to go with it.

6) Expressions like 'political vermin' come immediately to mind.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Heated Words From The Present

from wramsite: 'Veterans Are Receiving Letters From Obama Administration Prohibiting The Ownership Of Firearms' - posted by Regulator, WRAM Recruiter - Feb. 21; from - blog written by Constitutional  Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D. - Feb. 20

(A hard-hitting article.  Potentially sinister news.  The Obama administration, via the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, is sending letters to Veterans saying that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says they have, "(a) determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition…"

A determination of incompetency…I am immediately reminded of how the former USSR used to lock up political dissidents by declaring them to be 'mentally incompetent'.

Their declaration.  Well; through their psychiatrists...) 

Comment by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago  [Feb. 21]
Delete Comment
Thank you, Michael and the USJF, for this heads-up, and for following up on it. Please keep us alerted as to the outcome of your FOIA submission, and any other link that you surface as to "the criteria they are using to place veterans on the background check that keeps them from exercising their Second Amendment rights," and if any of it is passing Congressional oversight, and constitutional muster.
It would seem apparent by now that Resident Obama and his administration do not want ANY Veterans carrying weapons; since they are well trained in their use, and have sworn an oath to the Constitution, not to him/the presidency. Thus, this is becoming an end game. It may be able to be controlled legally, by such as the USJF getting some constitutional results through that, the judicial, avenue. That, of course, remains to be seen. Best that it were seen sooner rather than later. Later may be too late.  


(And the Tea has today nicely summarized the situation, thusly:)

What has America become?! It is an absolute outrage.

We have become a helpless nation, unarmed, defenseless and without the guts to protest.

Think about the horror of what could be next. Think about the film, Schindler's List. It is based on a true story. We could become "Schindler's America"--a nation where only the police and the military have guns, the people are disarmed and unable to defend themselves. For those not be familiar with Schindler's List it is a film about a German man named Oskar Schindler who became concerned about the Jewish workforce during World War II upon seeing them persecuted by Hitler and the Nazis. Schindler saved the lives of more than a thousand Polish- Jewish refugees during the Holocaust by employing them in his factory.


Remember, Hitler and his Nazi regime disarmed the people. The comparison between Hitler and Obama is striking.

Yes Patriots, with the systematic dismantling of our Constitutional rights and the gun-grab taking place, America could be next. This is exactly what is happening--legislation by legislation, bill by bill, Executive Order by Executive Order. Washington is eviscerating citizens of their right to bear arms. It's INSANITY. We are being stripped bare of our liberties and rights.

Open your eyes and look at the past two years objectively:

  • Killer drones primed to kill U.S. citizens;
  • Jailing citizens without due process;
  • Assassinations of citizens endorsed by the Obama regime;
  • Active seeking out of top military officials willing to fire on U.S. citizens;
  • Stockpiling of billions of hollow point killer rounds by the alphabet agencies;
  • Obama's regime demanding the disarmament of America;
  • Grabbing your guns without rhyme or reason;
  • Destruction of the Constitution and the targeting of the Second Amendment.
The American people have been generous, patient and giving to a fault and thus, have become prey to the Washington vultures as they ravage our liberties and pick our bones clean.

To this the Tea Party says, HELL NO!


…and so say many more of us.  Which statement includes me.  However more tempered I may be in my way of putting it.  Although not as polite as saying,

'Dear U.S. Government,  

I have noticed......'


'It has come to my attention...'

Sorry.  I really can't be as polite as that, in my reaction to all that is going down in our day.

All, shades of what was going down in Germany, and had been going down in Russia, when I was born into this vale of tears; this realm of the outworking of free will; this classroom.  

I have seen, at first hand, what happens when souls lose sight of, and contact with, their origins in a higher realm. 

And I am not impressed. 

But - it was all part of The Plan.

So I accept it.

Even if I don't agree with a lot of what is going down, out of it.

And has been going down.

Before we now turn things around.

And start heading Up.

For cooler heads to prevail.

And for us to inherit our rightful place.

At the Right hand of our Source; our Creator; the All That Is.

Not degraded at the hands of our erstwhile masters; our tinpot dictators; the Impudent Few.

But not lo lose my temper, here, and now.  Rather, to practice understanding.

Under severe pressure.

Which is where I think I will leave it.

Before I lose my cool.

And say something that I may regret, later.

When All is revealed.

The Play is over.

And we compare notes, about our experiences.

And to what we signed up for.

Which I am very curious about.

Because I am having a hard time thinking that I signed up for this.

This disgusting state of affairs, as we are going through now.

With America being dragged into the gutter, of low-consciousness stuff.

And some of its citizenry even cheering that ignoble end on.

It has to make sense.

But I am at a loss to understand it.

Except as in 'retaliation,' of sorts, to its having lost its way.

And gone whoring after false gods.

Like pride.  And greed.  And gluttony.

Yes.  That must be what it is, and has been.

To have turned MY country into a perfect example of a people having lost their way, in the dim light of a false reality.

Now - having had its experience, and awakening - heading Home.

At last.

At long, long - long - last.

For we have been here before, in other times, other places - other settings.

And just didn't get it then.

Which statement includes me as well.

And thus, why I realize that I can't be too judgmental.

Even if the Me that was involved was the Me in the We.

We.  The People.

Of a loving, and very patient, Creator God.

Hallowed be Our Name.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Well-Chosen Words From The Past

Today my Internet reading has led me to be even more concerned about the way that things are going in America politically, and civilly.  Obama's, and his administration's, excesses are causing even more resolution on the part of patriots seriously to consider uncivil war.  What follows is a thought as to how to avoid this catastrophe.  It is a post of mine to a Comments thread on an article at Patriot Update titled 'Is It TIme For A Third Party?' by Sean Aland - Feb. 20:

Jack Dixon3 hours ago

No, absolutely not! By settling on a constitutionally limited republic, our forefathers provided a stable and enduring central government. Our frustration with today's mess is no excuse to adopt a chaotic parliamentary (in which multiple parties would be appropriate) or other system; it is our own fault for allowing statists/progressives/socialists/Democrats to ascend to power for the last hundred years. Instead of sitting back complacently and arguing how many political parties can dance on the head of a nation, we should be rising up and demanding that our government return to its legal role of defense, diplomacy, and regulation of interstate duties (original intent of the Commerce Clause), All of the other grab bag panderfest erected in the past hundred years needs to be phased out or shifted to the states where they are legally authorized, if the states choose to continue them. (Clue: red states will not, which will make them little islands of freedom and prosperity, just as intended.) Guarantee you a lot of states will go red when that happens.
Reply 2 replies

Christopher P Smith1 hour ago

In the current atmosphere where Republicans are complicit in detroying America 
hand in hand with the White House, all the "demanding" of our government to 
return to its "legal role" would be fruitless. 
The White House ccurrently has 139 sweeping executive orders under its belt, 
allowing them full and complete control over every aspect of our freedoms 
and liberties. We need a third party and/or a 21st Century American Revolution.
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Stan StanfieldLess than a minute ago  [slightly edited]

A Reset could be enacted by a mass march on Washington of The People, Assembled - led by Oathkeepers and consisting of the various constituencies of the Right and those Democrats who don't want a tyrant of either the Right OR the Left in power - a) dissolving the sitting Congress for not doing its constitutional duty in regards to the Usurper in the Oval Office; b) vowing to stay (in rotations) until the Usurper vacates said office; and c) appointing an Officer OF The People (Art. II, Sect. 1), who will call for new, clean elections within a time certain (say 90/120 days), and in the meantime, clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government of all those placemen and -women who are not doing their constitutional duty either. as well as rescinding all unconstitutional executive orders. 

It's time to think big, and thorough, folks. And in line with the sentiments of the Founding Fathers.  One of whom - George Washington - and one principle of which was expressed thusly: "The ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found, resides in the people alone."


The People - in alignment with the American form of government, as a constitutional federal republic.  Not the direct democracy/democratic centralism that Bill Ayers & Co. want it to be; and killed, and exploded bombs, for.

Admittedly, the Weather Underground was trying to draw attention to the wrongdoing going on in high places that had taken over America, with its fascist-like properties developing ( = a nexus between the corporate world/powerful elite and the government).  But two wrongs don't make a right.

There is a better answer. 

That we're getting to.

Slow.  But sure.

P.S.  And on a more practical note, a 'civil' issue to end the day on.  This, from Western Center for Journalism, blog entitled 'Obama Supporters Accused of Voter Fraud Testify in Ohio Hearing' - Daniel Noel - Feb. 20 (I am kibitzer2):

These frauds and hundreds of thousands like them commited crimes. A token few might get slaps on the wrist, but nothing will be done about overturning the corrupt election. The Ohio Sec of State mentioned “learning from this and moving forward”. No sir, because that does not deal with the result of all this voter fraud. It’s not enough. As far as “moving forward” goes, pass Voter ID in every state and enforce it in every district. Lose the electronic voting machines and back to manual paper ballots. Anything that can be programed can be programed to cheat, and there will always be people willing to do that. Less excuses for fraudsters, and much more severe penalties. Most important of all, reverse or nullify results in those districts with proven cases of fraud. If they change the outcome of that district or state, so be it, as that’s how is should have been without the fraud anyway.
  • govogue says:
    February 20, 2013 at 10:42 pm
    Patriot, everything you wrote is so true, but that’s good “common sense” and, actually, today’s leaders
    don’t use that approach. Besides, if a sensible idea comes up, a liberal will squelch it. Fraud was recognized immediately…… votes were being cast; however, what was done about it??? There is so much WRONG
    in our government, but too many citizens have no idea of any corruption. It is despicable, knowing that, along with the fraud……..ignorant/uninformed people voted. Shameful!

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  • kibitzer2 says:
    February 20, 2013 at 11:20 pm
    Well put, Florida-Patriot. I refused to vote because it was obvious that the system was bent and I didn’t want to support a charade.. There was no proper oversight over who was voting, were they really a citizen or just a resident, their signature was not compared to anything so they could have voted any number of times, etc etc etc. The voting rolls need to be cleaned TOTALLY; and as you say, go back to a paper trail. 

  • But it is also the fault of those running the elections: they set people up to think to game the system, with their lax procedures. All in all, one big farce. If we’re going to be a third world country, let’s be one: dipping a voter’s finger in purple ink, after checking if they are truly a citizen. No exceptions. 

  • Voting has to be trustworthy, or it is a meaningless exercise, a game of illusion. Disgusting.


Not a very positive not to end on.  But democracy is rough-and-tumble.  However, we could have done a better job of it, here in this country of example to the world.  

Can we still???... 

I have a feeling that we have run out of time.

I wish it all could have ended on a higher note.  But it is as it is.

A perfect example of what happens when you lose your vision, your raison d'etre.  The gremlins of your lower natures take over.

Well; at least that's information.  

And that's what it's all about.

Information.  And insights gained from it.  

Growth, gained from it.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013


[with a couple of typo cleanups.  Originated from Attorney Orly Taitz's website.]

Your Letter to the President and Congress

Stan, thanks for taking action on behalf of Petition2Congress. Your messages are on the way.
An individual copy of your letter will be sent to each official:

February 19, 2013

Dear President Obama,
Dear Representative Lowenthal,
Dear Senator Boxer,
Dear Senator Feinstein,

On April 15, 2010 the current occupant of the Oval Office posted his 2009 tax returns on line. He forgot to fllatten the PDF file and his full unredacted Social Security number xxx-xx-4425 became known to the public. This number immediately raised suspicions of Attorney Orly Taitz, as it started with 042, a digit combination which was assigned to the state of CT and Obama was never a resident of CT. E-verify and SSNVS showed that this number used by Barack Obama was never assigned to him.

What does this mean? It means that we have an individual sitting in the WH acting as the US president and Commander-in-Chief - in control of our nuclear arsenal, let it be noted - while using a stolen/fraudulently obtained Social Security number from a state where he never resided. This is prima facie a case of stolen or fraudulently-obtained identity material.

Additionally, former Chief Investigator of the special inveastigations unit of the U.S. Coast Guard, Jeffrey Stephan Coffman, prepared a sworn affidavit for Attorney Orly Taitz showing that Obama's alleged application for the Selective Service is a forgery. According to 5 USC § 3328, one is forbidden from holding a position in the executive branch if he did not register for the Selective Service. Obama never legally registered for the selective service, as his application is a forgery; as such, he is forbidden to work as a janitor in the White House, let alone as a president in the White House.

And may it also be noted that according to Obama's school registration in Indonesia he is a citizen of Indonesia. According to his mother's passport records, his legal last name is Soebarkah. And furthermore - as if all of the above were not enough - according to sworn affidavits of the Sheriff of Maricopa county, AZ and multiple experts, this man's alleged birth certificate is a computer generated forgery.

And even according to this forged document, he is not eligible for that particular office ANYWAY, inasmuch as it makes him out to be not a 'natural born citizen', but merely a citizen. But that's a separate issue, to the above instances of criminal activity.

Attorney Orly Taitz and her supporters, law abiding U.S. citizens, demand that the U.S. Congress do not engage in treason and do not cover up Obama's usurpation of the U.S. Presidency with forged IDs and a fraudulently obtained SSN. We demand immediate investigation of Obama's usurpation of the U.S. Presidency to be conducted in both houses of the U.S. Congress.

Congress: Do your constitutional duty in this regard. That's an order. Signed, Your Employer.


Mr. Stan Stanfield
1237 E 1st St.
Apt. 18
Long Beach, CA 90802

Of Dreams And Visions

I have just been reading in the February issue of Whistleblower magazine, the whole issue devoted to the subject of 'Tyranny Or Stupidity?  The total irrationality of the new gun control movement'.

Oh dear...what to say to the matter.  This key matter before the American public.  Pressing on us.  In the right here and now...

I can sympathize with those who have a dream of a society without guns.  I, too, have the same vision.  But if that dream is only a materialistic dream - i.e., not accompanied by the realization, and conviction, and activation, of Man's true identity, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience' - it is but a pipe dream.  Is of the same cloth as the Marxist concept that the state would wither away once Man had been put under total control by the state, and had adjusted - been conditioned; like Pavlov's dog - to his new state of being.  That is, the idea that character is made by environment - the old 'nature vs. nurture' argument.

Well; yes, it is, to some extent.  A lot of the violence that we see today is ultimately caused by a lack of awareness of, and inculcated by the socio-environmental resistance to, Man's true nature, and leaving him in the no-man's-land limbo of a society built on the idea that there is no reason for, purpose for life other than in and for itself only, and therefore the law of the jungle prevails; i.e., that it's survival of the fittest.  Dog eat dog, unless the state has total control over the dogs.  Or cattle.  Or sheep; or whatever you want to call, think of The People in such a totalitarian society.

Once you inculcate the awareness of Man's inherently spiritual nature, and that becomes the bedrock of your society, then you can think of guns disappearing from the picture.  Not before.  Before then, a man or woman has an inherent right to protect themselves, their family, and their property.  From individuals.  And from the corrupted state.

Which absolute power will certainly do to it.

So; First things first.

How could anybody think that it would ever work otherwise??  We have all of history to have learned from.  And of that, in our very day the atrocious examples of the Turks and the Armenians amongst them, and Hitler's Germany, and Stalin's Soviet Union, and Mao's People's Republic of China against its 'political dissidents', and Pol Pot's Year One, and Rwanda's civil war; and......

And so no, it's not enough to have comparative peashooters against automatic - true 'assault weapons', in the hands of the state.1  Like Gun-Free Zones, restricting the public to comparative peashooters is just inviting assault.

What would I do?

Well, the ultimate is obvious.  And it's time anyway, for the acceptance of, and move into, the Golden Age that is just waiting for us to raise our consciousness to, in order to land it, and its technology to take us out of poverty into abundance.  Until then, I would:

1) take all people off the drugs that are making them violent (and put them on holistic substances that get to the cause of their conditions; not just think to treat the symptom);

2) engage in a major educational campaign, alerting the public to the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact;2

3) dissolve Congress - for not doing its constitutional duty in regards to the hijacking of the Executive branch of the federal government; and

4) clean out said Executive branch.  Up to and including the drone-ordering Usurper who is currently occupying the office of the presidency, and is steering the nation, and therefore the world, into extremely dangerous waters.

And all that is just for starters.

Which it is time to initiate.

And, like, stat.    



1 Has nobody been able to get through to the gun-control people yet that an AR-15 is more anemic than a normal deer-hunting rifle?  That we're talking image here??
      Come on, Diane; you're smarter than that.

2 And to the fact that We Are All One.  But first things first.  In the sense of getting their attention first.
     Nothing is, in reality, before the Prime.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Human Comedy

Left Hook e-site - 'Column 12 - Hill 'n Holler Review' : 'Fascist Sellouts' - Dean Henderson  - Feb. 14

Part 1:

kibitzer3 Says: 
February 14, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Dean, you made some darn good points here. But as for

“Under FDR the super-rich paid income tax at a rate of 90%.”

a reminder that the economy never caught fire under FDR’s (and his whizz kids’) policies. That it took a war to do the job.

The answer is not to ‘soak the rich’. Nor to create a welfare state (for both the poor and the rich). The answer is to move out of the paradigm of ‘debt’ - of interest-bearing money – en toto. And move up a notch in consciousness. To live in a state of being where people share their goods and services with one another – and give of their best in the process – out of a higher motive than the age-old one of ‘profit’. Out of the highest motive that there could ever be: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

And THEN we will see an answer – THE answer – to our aches and ills of a society.

Of a world.

That is trying to live by half-truths.


(this generated some comments:)

  • Dean Henderson Says: 
  • February 14, 2013 at 6:32 pm 
  • FDR laid the foundation that later allowed the economy to take off – rural electricication, CCC, unions, Social Security. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to. Wobblies, Eugene Debs & others said so. Period. Quit defending the rich. It’s pathetic. The trillionaire trough-feeders should take your advice and start sharing the pie (love and all that), or it’s pitchforks for the motherfuckers…
  • Richard Braverman Says: 
  • February 15, 2013 at 12:11 am 
  • kibitzer3…please recall that the oligarchs, described by Dean, contracted the money supply to foster the greater depression and then used their leverage with politicians to initiate World War 2. The expansion and contraction of the money supply is a time tested methodology to consolidate wealth. You build a business and then I buy it for pennies on the dollar when the time is right. When they finished squeezing the blood from the turnips, i.e you and me, then start a world war for some honest for goodness destruction, which requires guns, bullets, helmets, boots, fatigues and not to mention some very expensive toys that actually do not work. After the war, we rebuild and start the whole madness over again.
    The problem is that all of us have been fed garbage for the last fifty years ( or ever since 1913?). Just sorting through the manure will take time and have its own unique consequences and detours.

  • Mr. Wise Says: 
  • February 15, 2013 at 3:56 pm
  • Hi Kibitzer. 

  • I love you. Please share with me your bank account number and let me borrow a couple of your credit cards. I could really use the help!

  • Love,

  • hotdog

Part 2:

Watchful Eye Says: 
February 15, 2013 at 10:19 pm

Just happened to run across this article at Global Research, speaking of the Neocons and the “Progressives” who used to be Democrasts ( I was raised one ) found it on topic here

I only have a farm girl from Indiana in the 50′s 60′s education, but since 9-11 and so many snafu’s with that fiasco, I’ve tried to broaden my view and get some sort of order out of what I thought was “my country” and what I have seen politically and socially around me the last few decades. My grammer may not be the best, my verbage lacking and context not academic enough for some or most of you, but I do try and thats more than most people seem able to muster and care enough to do about this country any more. Patting myself on the back a bit folks icon_smile.gif

Didn’t really understand the different “forms” of Gov I realized so got a legal pad and did some old fashioned homework.
My favorite albiet not college grade defination of Fascism is the one from Mussolini
Not a direct quote, but I’ll give it a go…. The marriage of Corporate and State…. in fact, if memory serves , he said Corporatism should really be called Fascism.

If we aren’t living in Corporate Fascism ( and both parties along with the Supreme Court are fine with that and even call it LEGAL) then I sure as HELL don’t want to live in anything more “corporate’ or “fascist” than this.

Didn’t even know the definition of Anarchist but when I read it, and thought about it, I may well be one.
No form of Government to date has endured so where do we go from here? Would appreciate any suggestions because, as stated in a previous post, we are indeed, In Dire Straits. (forgive, they are one of my favorite bands ) icon_smile.gif

A damn good start to fixing some of the damage to me would be stopping Bernake in his tracks and taking his power to print money out of air and buying US Bonds nobody else wants to purchase any longer. This just smells bad and makes no sense at all to this Hoosier !! icon_smile.gif

  • kibitzer3 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
  • February 16, 2013 at 11:20 pm 
  • A good look at things, Watchful Eye. 

  • You asked: “So where do we go from here?” I tried to point out above what is obvious to me on that score. It got rather short shrift from Dean and his denizens. But you seem a decent sort, with a caring, and open-minded, attitude. So here goes with an attempt to put some more meat on the plate, as it were. (And I’m trying to have a little spoof with you here, with my high-falutin’ language, in your concern about being “just a farm girl from Indiana”. Look at the trouble some very smart folks, with degrees up the gazoo, have got us in. And speaking of: Yes, a “damn good start to fixing some of the damage…would be stopping” Bernanke “in his tracks…” What you described him doing is called ‘monetizing the debt’ – paying off debt with debt. What it actually bought was a bit of time, is all. And was a sign, if there ever needed to be one, that we are in an end game.)

  • 1) The answer to the problem is not going to be found on the level of the problem.

  • 2) As long as we think of money as an end in itself – i.e., the making of money for its own sake, rather than as the means to the end of exchanging goods and services – we will never get to the answer of humanity’s predicament. We need to eliminate that idea, of money as an end in itself, which comes from the invention of interest-bearing money – the idea of making money ON money. 

  • 3) If you HAD gone to college, Hoosier Lady, with your keen mind & interests you may well have come across the philosophy of Friedrich Hegel, and his take on the development/evolution of nations. Called the ‘dialectic’ (the basis for the Marxian concept of ‘dialectical materialism’), he posited such evolution to consist of a) a ‘thesis’ – a statement of being; which, because it is not complete (still has ‘internal contradictions’), generates a reaction, called b) the ‘antithesis’; out of which interaction evolves c) a ‘synthesis’, picking up elements of both ‘statements’. But because the whole process is still not complete, that ‘synthesis’ stage becomes the ‘thesis’ of another go-’round; the whole thing having brought us – through such stages as feudalism – to this day. Without going into this process, and the current stage of historical development, in detail, let me just say that “we are in an end game” indeed; with the imminent collapse of the western monetary system (because of its ‘internal contradictions’), and the concomitant development of globalization, and the showdown between – to put it simply – materialism and spiritualism. (For the latter, read, e.g., ‘Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife’, by Eben Alexander, M.D.)

  • I am saying that we are at an End of History. And the sooner we recognize that, the better.

  • So, keep checking things out, Hoosier Lady, rather than just on the likes of this site. As to that statement: Don’t anybody here get me wrong. For example, Dean has challenged life in ways that I never have, and I respect him for that. But he, and his ‘followers’, need to look outside of their comfort-zone box for the answers. And that entails looking neither backwards, nor forwards on a merely linear timeline. But Up.

  • And we don’t get there from here. To say, from this current level of consciousness; where we think of each other as antagonists. Rather than as brothers and sisters – sparks; fractals – of the All That Is.

  • Some who will make the grade sooner than others, is all.

So, to my perspective, it's the End of History; leaving nowhere else to go but Up.  Or back, to the 3D realm of same old, same old.

Which those who opt for that outcome will get tired of.  Sooner.  Or later.

And the sooner the better.  

For all concerned.