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Won't Go Away...

…AKA Speaking Of Corruption - 2

1) from 'Will his 'birther' issue derail Ted Cruz's presidential dream?' - Tony Castro - Aug. 31 (posted at - Aug. 31)
(My comment appearing as amended in my subsequent posting of it at CDR Kerchner's site)


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"A natural born citizen of the United States is a child born of two citizen parents. In order to confirm NBC status, a father must also have been a prior resident of the U.S. In order to retain NBC status, a natural born citizen must retain an exclusive U.S. citizenship."

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  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

  • I'm not sure who you are quoting, Reginald, but I'll quote myself on this matter, to help clarify the concept. Which is to draw attention to the fact that the WHOLE POINT of the exercise, [in] making it a requirement for the office of the presidency (and that particular federal office ONLY, let it be noted, and understood, [in all its ramifications]) that the candidate be a "natural born" citizen, RATHER THAN JUST A CITIZEN, was to make sure - at least as sure as the constitutional Framers could make it - that the person ultimately occupying that office - who would ALSO become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forcers; let it be likewise noted - did not have the taint of any DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like a naturalized citizen. And like a dual citizen. Like Obama.
  • Who is a Usurper in the office; and needs to be dealt with accordingly, for the rule of law to be maintained in the nation. And not be overthrown, in favor of the rule of men. Which invokes tyrants. Again: like Obama. 
  • Cruz is being disingenuous in talking about being just a "citizen". He was not born a "natural born" citizen, on account of BOTH his place of birth AND his parentage, with his father not having been a U.S. citizen at the time. He is not eligible for that office. Or the office of the VP, for that matter, as subsequently added to the picture, via the constitutional amending process - the only legal process in altering the meaning AND INTENT of the contract that formed the United States of America. 
  • But maybe that's the way they teach these things in Harvard Law School… unfortunately, not a joke. Well; IT is a joke, if he was advised by professors there in a way that led him to his sophistic take on the matter. 
  • Let's get clear on this matter. And move on. Legally.

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  • 2) from 'Corsi: Is Obama Planning Another 911 Attack on America?' - Jerome Corsi - Aug. 31


    Someone lead in with a plan to rid the country of this monster.
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    Sadly, like Caesar of Rome whom had the Roman army in his hip pocket, We the people don't have a prayer without some military intervention on our behalf......
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    Paul West I have said the same thing for some time. Where are the young vets? Where are the SEALS? We are a country in big trouble, believe it or not. We desperately in need of their HELP!! And that's what it is going to take. Not by voting, they cheat.
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    Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Aug. 31)

    Paul West: The natural course of events in a matter of this nature would be for (those who consider themselves to be) Oathkeepers, retired and active, and including Constitutional Sheriffs - and with a multitude of patriots having their backs - to (1) do a deal with the Secret Service (in order to minimize the possibility of bloodshed) and arrest the Usurper, and (2) hold him for trial (in a Citizens Grand Jury-style court of law; not the Maritime Law that we have been under, in the equivalent of a coup a long time ago);

    the uprising of The People occasioned by this short and sharp series of acts to be dominated by patriots to the American constitutional Republic, who will (a) dissolve the sitting Congress - for their failure to do their constitutional duty in reining in a rogue Executive - and (b) appoint an Officer OF The People, whose job it will be (a) to call for new elections within a time certain, and (b) in the meantime, to clean out the executive branch of government of all those who are acting in a corrupt manner in discharging their proper duties. And we leave ALL this sort of corruption behind, and enter into a new and better day.

    But first things first.

  • Saturday, 30 August 2014

    And Speaking Of Corruption...

    1) from 'Savage: Feds Arming for 'War on White People' - Aug. 29 - posted here Aug. 30 (orig. posted at wnd)


    Yes, but we now vote by computers--no longer the trusty lever booths, which I thought were the best. This makes me suspicious, because a computer program can easily be rigged, and that rigging may easily go undetected. Who ordered these computers to be used? Why did we have to, when the old-style booths did it well enough? I wonder what's behind it. So it could be our votes are meaningless, if someone can change the results secretely, which a computer can easily do. I'd like to have assurances that this can be and is being prevented.
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    • Stan Stanfield
      · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Aug. 30)
    • Absolutely, Richard. The voting process is meaningless - a farce, a charade - if it isn't cleaned up, and 'trued'. Voting rolls cleansed (of dead people's names, duplicate voters, and ineligible voters), photo ID required to vote, and back to a paper-trail way of voting. The corruption in the system as it is is overwhelming. People on both sides of the nominal political aisle should be engaging in this process in their states, so that we can trust the results, and demonstrate a model of real democracy to the world. Not a model of corruption. 
    • Make no mistake. We are letting not only our own country down, as things stand in this area. But the world. It is a disgraceful state of affairs. Come on, America. We can do better than this. 

    2) from 'Is There A Microchip Implant In Your Future?' - Aug. 30 - orig. posted on


    Julia R Melchin Charlie 2 hours ago

    So if they wanted to, they could sneak it into vaccines, ... We would have one and never know it.


      • kibitzer3 Julia R Melchin a few seconds ago (Aug. 30) 

      • Word is that they already have. That's why 'they' keep trying to get people to line up for their flu shots, or the latest vax for the latest viral scare.

      • Any gov't like the ones that we have had for some years now, i.e., with a totalitarian, people-control mentality, is not to be trusted. There needs to be a massive reaction to their machinations, and 'throw the bums out'. At the least, keep a close eye on the alternative media, for your info on what's going down in our day.


    As to the latter point: Check out jimstonefreelancedotcom under a search for 'Israeli bacteriophage'.  Article details the info behind an Israeli-developed bacteriophage that is a brain-eating 'nanobot' bioweapon.  Being put in the likes of the Gardasil vaccine; thus the cause of all the 'brain-on-fire' reports in its wake.  Also, see the Alex Jones infowarsdotcom video of August 3 2010 on the same sort of subject.

    I'm not a believer in the Bible, with human fingerprints all over it making it impossible to take seriously.  But this shit going down in our day certainly can qualify as the sort of Mark of the Beast crap that was envisioned in the Revelation book of same.

    Regardless: Heads will roll.  For God will not be mocked.

    And you can bet on it, as a given.

    Friday, 29 August 2014

    Dr. Andy Wakefield/MMR/Autism

    Had my cyst lanced and drained today, and cleaned out thoroughly.  And along with it, goes this particular years-long buildup of pus (I wish):

    from Exohuman: 'Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on CDC (MMR Autism) Whistleblower' - Aug. 28 (video via NextNewsNetwork)
    ("While other media outlets remain silent on this breaking story, we continue our investigation into the CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson… and as a result of Thompson’s statements a collective voice is accusing the CDC of fraud…")


    It's the heavy metals in the vaccines, mercury, aluminum hydroxide etc... Just read that all these vaccines and people still get sick.
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    And now they've started this ridiculous ICE BUCKET fad to amass fortunes required for all the imminent law suits.
    One of the biggest culprits causing ALS is heavy metals!!!! They'll carry on vaccinating as well as chemtrailing heavy metals!!!  BA$TARDS! 

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    There are also studies suggesting that the foreign DNA found in vaccines can also cause health problems.

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    Donn, you've raised a point that I wish Dr. Andy had expounded on a little further, when he referred to the interactions of vaccines being a factor in all these adverse effects.  Example: the MMR - like all live-virus vaccines - has glutamic acid in it.  It turns out that glutamic acid decreases the levels of a substance called glutathione in the child's body.  Glutathione is what helps the body excrete heavy metals, like Hg and Al.  Hg is still in most? flu shots.  If a live-virus vaccine like the MMR is given at the same time as a vaccine that has Hg or Al in it, the combination will tend to deter the child's body in its attempt to excrete the damaging heavy metals.

    There are other appalling side-effect factors here as well.  Various vaccines have food proteins in them, like casein (milk) and gluten.  This is why so many people are allergic to these substances in their diet, to the point of risking an anaphylactic reaction.  The body's immune system is just trying to do its thing, as having recognized a food protein as a foreign protein (as part of the vaccine) that it has been triggered to attack.  All in all, a much overdue subject for a serious investigation into; one which does not give the vaccine pushers - i.e., the likes of the CDC - the power of control over it.  Naysayers to the contrary notwithstanding. 


    I was reminded, during my medical appointment, of my own flirtation with 'the profession'.  My 'Comprehensive Health Center' doctor - doing service to underinsured and uninsured patients (like me) - it turned out, in casual conversation during preparations for the procedure, went to USC Medical School.  I mentioned to her that I had applied, and been accepted there, as well, way back when, but had elected to go to Stanford Med School, where I had been an undergraduate; "when a funny thing happened to me on the way to medical school".  I mentioned, when queried about that comment, that I had had "something of a spiritual experience," and chose a different path in life; one that led me immediately to "the largest public library in the Western world, which I figured must be in New York City" - where I spent a year in said library reading everything I could get my hands on regarding spiritual, and wider-consciousness, issues (like ESP) - and ultimately to living in a spiritual community in the UK for the the bulk of my adult life.  During the clean-up process from the procedure (which she handled in flawless manner)  I was bold enough to ask her if she had had any regrets choosing the path in life that she had.  (Being confronted with sick people every day can't be all that much fun, hold that much allure.) After an instant's hesitancy, she shared that, at the end of the day, she could feel that she had had been of service, to herself and to the patients, and that that felt good to her.  A good response.  The 'service' part of which I echoed some minutes later, when the subject of our banter during the mopping-up procedure turned to the choice that I had made in life, the path that I had chosen to take; had I found any answers?  I responded that I was still a seeker, and continued to do a lot of reading in my life on the general subject, of 'what it's all about;' and then mentioned that the two main principles of the ("nondenominational") community that I had spent so much of my life in, and could fully support,  were "service, and growth".
    I'm not sure why I chose those two words to respond with.  The fundamental message of the community, that I impart to others who inquire of me on the subject, is a two-parter, consisting of 1) 'Work Is Love In Action;' and 2) 'Perfection In All Things' - "Give of your best in all that you do, because if you don't, you will be letting yourself down, you will be letting the realm of Spirit down, and you will be letting down all those around you who could have been inspired to give of their best if you had set a good example".  Those are, indeed, the fundamental planks on which the community rested (along with 'inner listening' - "listening to the still, small voice within").  Maybe it was just because the situation didn't call for such a lengthy response.  But I was touched by her dedication to 'service'.  That had been mine as well, over there in Scotland, for all those years of my adult life.  (Now, to most considerations of the subject, drawing to a close…another subject.)  That we were there, first and foremost, to be of service to the planet, and her peoples.  (The living planet, Gaia.)*  Not to ourselves personally.  We served ourselves in being of service to the planet - and The Plan, of Life - because we were part of The Plan.  Part of the Whole  A piece of the continent, a part of the main…

    Anyway.  Service. And growth.

    And those qualities can take different forms.

    Thanks, Dr. Jordan.  You did a bang-up job, on lancing and cleaning out my internalized pool of pus.+  Built up, over all these last years, during which I have queried, over, and over, and over again, the service that I have been giving.  Wondering, if I am doing all that I should be doing.

    To clean out this pool of pus that we are forced to live our lives in, in this sorry old world.  Deeply in need of a successfully servicing hand.

    You can take the man out of the doctor.  But you can't take the doctor out of the man.


    * And that, after a beginning in growing a garden in 'association' with what one of the founders called the 'devas' - and getting some spectacular results thereby - we had evolved into a community where we were now 'growing people'.

    + Keratin, actually, it turns out; but 'pus' (as from a boil, not a cyst) serves my narrative better, as a metaphor for a festering corruption that needs to be expelled from the body politic.  

    Thursday, 28 August 2014

    From The International To The Local...

    …And Back To The National

    1) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'RT: Putin calls on Ukraine militia to let blocked Kiev troops to [sic] cross into Russia' - Aug. 28
    kibitzer3 says:
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    August 28, 2014 at 10:36 pm 

    I’m with Putin on this one. Obama is playing the game that the NeoCon New World Order crowd is calling, trying to bring on a larger conflagration. America needs to get its nose out of that business, and let them take care of their own affairs. We’ve meddled enough as it is, with USAID being a front for the CIA.

    Boys with toys……


    2) to:

    Aug. 28

    Dear Gov. Brown:

    I have just learned that in Los Angeles on Monday, in an event welcoming the president of Mexico to this state, you announced to the audience that it didn't matter if Mexicans were here legally or illegally; that "You're all welcome in California".

    1) You were NOT speaking for me.  (And I have been a Californian since 1942.)

    2) You sent an illegal message to illegal aliens.  You should be brought up on charges, of the 'harboring' - the equivalent - of illegal aliens.

    What in heaven's name is the matter with you.  Now illegal aliens will be FLOODING into this state.

    Or is that what you want??!  

    Politics.  Bah.  Give me common sense any day.

    Disgustedly yours,

    Duane 'Stan' Stanfield


    3) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Mercury/vaccines/autism: more CDC fraud, by Jon Rappoport' - Aug. 27 - posted Aug. 28 (orig. posted at 
    ("In the 1990s, people around the world began to wake up and realize: there is mercury in vaccines…"
    kibitzer3 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
    August 29, 2014 at 12:02 am 

    Thank you, Jon.

    What a bunch of arrogant bastards we have leading us.

    “Shut them down” indeed.

    And all of them - out.  On their ears.

    Except the ones who have been trying to do something about it, all.  But for the rest - who have sold out to the 'what is' -

    Out.  To make way for the new 'what is'.

    Or at least, is just about to be.

    Wednesday, 27 August 2014

    Another Day, Another Lunch

    'Mmmm.  This
    Is good.  But
    I get so tired
    Of 'straining at stool'.
    Don't you?
    It makes me feel
    Like such a fool.
    I mean, really.  
    How - ignoble
    Can you be.
    Eat, and sleep, and shit
    And that's it?'

    'Well, there's always

    'Ye-es.  And that's
    Good too, like
    Good food.  But
    Don't you get tired
    Of faking 'it'?
    "Ooh, that feels
                so good,
    Baby.  Sock it to me
    One more time."  
    I mean, really.
    Now, I know
    There is religion.
    Isn't that
    Just superstition?
    Walking on water,
    And all that shit.
                    A story
    For children
    I say.    
    I mean, really.'

    'I hear tell
    About the likes of

              That's good
    For a laugh.
              Would you like
              to come back
    As, say, a prostitute?
    Don't answer that!
    Or what about
    A princess.  Say,
                      I could
    Fancy that.
    And poiles
    And all.  But
    It all comes out
    In the end,
    Doesn't it.
    I mean, like shit.
    Hey, how about
                  a glass 
    of water
    For a change.
    And leave the walking on it
    To others.'

    'No thanks.  I'll pass.
              It probably 
    Has fluoride in it

    'Fluoride!   Isn't that
    Supposed to be good
    For you?  Or at least
    For your teeth??'

    'So they say…'

    'You're not one of those
    Conspiracy theorists 
    Are you,
    Everything that is going on
    Is a con?'

    'Actually, that's true.
                 Did you know
    For example, that - '

    'Don't tell me!
    I don't want to know.
    I want to believe
    In some things,
    At least.
          And have a feast
    On nonsense
    If I have to
    To get through
             the  lonely
    Oh!  How I long for
    Release -
               a flight
    Into heaven
               or hell
          it doesn't
      really matter;
            a miracle
                  to get 
    Me out of here!  -
          but don't tell
    My husband.  
             He'd have
                        a fit
    And wouldn't be able
    To cope alone.'

    'Of course not.  I mean…'

    'That's what we get
             for believing
                that things
    Will ever change
              for the better
    'Someday'.  And so we
    Muddle through
    Somehow, in
    The meanwhile,
    The 'what is'.   
             "Light!  More  
                 Isn't that
    What Goethe said
    On his deathbed?
    At the end of his
    Crack at it?'

    'I didn't know
    You knew things
    Like what Goethe said
    At the end
    Of his life.'

    'I haven't always just
    Been 'a wife'. 
         "I coulda been
    A contenduh."
          As Brando said
    In that movie.  
                   Or at least
    His character did.'

    'Isn't that
    All we are
               Just characters
    On a screen?
                 In a drama
    Of our making?'

    'If I had wanted to hear
    Some deep philosophy 
    I could have stayed at home
    And listened to myself
                      Listen, dear.
    Eat your lunch.
    It's paid for.  
    And that's all that life
    Amounts to
    Anyway '

    Is that.'

    'A free lunch. 
                           I jest
    But barely…
                 What a bunch
    Of fools we are
    On a ship
    That is slowly
              A glass of wine
               that turns
               into water
    Our very eyes…
              at the end
    Of a perfect day.
    Or so they say.'

    'So they say
    I've heard too.
    I'll drink to that.'

    'I'll drink to that
    too.  And then another
    After that.  

    'To piss
    And vinegar.'

    '"To piss
    And vinegar.''

    'Dearie me.  I think
    We're drunk.'

    As a skunk
    At a wedding.  
    I think it goes.'

    "I may be drunk, but
    I'm not as drunk
    As some thinkle peep
    I am…"'

    'You say that as though
    You're quoting someone.'

    'I am.  It's from
    My university days.
    Long story, that.'

    'Tell me more.'

    'You sure
    You want to hear this?


    'Okay.  Once
    Upon a time
    There was a girl
    Who was the valedictorian
    Of her class………'


    The end.' 

    '……I'll drink to that.'

    'I'll drink to that
    Too.  Now
    It's over.'

    '…...It's not over

    'Go on. Until
    What.   - 
    I got it!

    (together; holding up 
    their glasses 
    on high
    in salute
    To each other)

    'The fat lady sings!'

    And spreads her wings
    For another crack
    at 'it':
             the point
    Of it all.

    (with a nod of acknowledgment
    to Jackie Collins.  Cheers.)

    On Going Places

    On Going Places
        With What
    And With Whom

    'Well, President sir,
    Obama sir, this shouldn't take up 
                          too much
    Of your time. We just want to know 
    Some things about your life, before 
    You entered politics.  For example, 
    There is a stranger, a female -
    A grown woman - 
                   has appeared 
               in shots with you 
                             from time 
                                 to time - 
                            one taken
    at a basketball game, 
                           for example - 
               and who has been 
    With your entourage 
    On various trips
    That you have made
                Would you care 
                            to tell us
    about her; to say, who 
                                she is

    'No; and you have no right - '

    Well, this will all
    come out in court

                'Okay, wait.  
                I'll confess.  
                 That is…'

    'Yes yes?'

    ' - my Second Grade 
    Class teacher. 
    I've had a crush on her
    All my life.'

    'Oh.  Well.  That's okay then.
    You can go.  And oh -
    A nice day.  Sir.'

    'Thank you.'

    Very welcome

    There was nothing - '

    'But you didn't ask him anything
    About her!'

    'Listen.  As long
    As it was a woman
    Who cares?  Now,
    If it had been a man, we
    Might have had a case


    'Look.  I've been
    In this business
    A long time.
                Trust me.
                I know
    When there is something
    To investigate
    Or not.'

    'But it might have something
                          to do
    With his birth!'

    'Oh.  One of those
    Are you?  No wonder
                  you're still
                    a simple
                      and not
    A chief attorney
    Like me.
    Now run along.
               have more 
    important things
                       to do 
    Than play footsie
    With the president
    Of the United States
    Of America.
                   Get your
    Priorities straight

    'But - '

                 'And not
    another word.  Or
    It's the end for you,
    In this business.
    And perhaps
    Don't you know
    We're up against?'

    Yes.  Principalities
    And powers.

    And what
    We're up against?:  

    Over substance.

    Manufactured crisis.
           For Order
    Out of Chaos.

    It's all written
    In the Akashic record.
    For the record.

    You sons of bitches.

    To take over MY country
    Will you……

    Tuesday, 26 August 2014

    People For The Old Ways

    'Thank you, dear.  I'll have
    Another.  Just
    Like it…
    I saw the strangest thing
                         put out by
    An outfit called
    'People For The American Way'
    The other day.  Why, 
    It was nothing but 
    Left-wing propaganda.
                   You should
    Have seen it.  It was

    'Didn't you know?'

    'What's that, dear.'  (sip

    For the American Way
                       is a liberal

                'What?!  Why,
    That's sacrilegious.'

    'No it isn't.  It's

    Politics, if you ask me.'  

                   'The Left
    Controls the country
                   Where have
    You been?'

    A living, my dear…
                       I can hardly
    Believe it.'

                       'You'd better
    Believe it.   It's
    What is going down
    These days.  Like wages
    Of the likes of
                     and the flight
                     of industry
    To more amenable climes.  
                    It's the way
    That the Left
    Does business.
     And the Right
    For that matter.'

    'My, my.'  (cluck
    Cluck)  (sip
    Sip)  'The times
    They are a'changin'.'

    'No they aren't.  
                 They already
    You were just too busy
    Having your good life
    To notice
                       the knife
    Being stuck in your back.'   

    'Well, enough of this 
    Waiter?  I'll pay  
    The check.  Waiter?
    Waiter?…  where 
    Are those wetbacks
    When you need them???

    BackTo Business As Usual

    from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'CDC vaccine-autism fraud: what victory looks like, by Jon Rappoport - Aug.25 -  orig. posted at 

    kibitzer3 says:

    Thank you, Jon. Clear. Hard. And needed.
    I read about some of this info regarding the brain-damaging adverse effects of the MMR years ago. And kept waiting for some follow-up from the ‘experts,’ and the media. And waited. And waited. And I’m effing tired of waiting.
    All of it. Out with it. We can handle the truth. It’s its coverup that gets to us.

    Trex says:

    It appears we are only starting to see the tip of the iceberg. Granted, getting the causes of autism, etc. stopped is a huge step, but its truly only ONE step. Multiply covered up false evidence times ALL vaccines – for human AND animal use. Every dog and cat gets vaccinated regularly as a requirement, every farm animal including poultry, dairy cows, animals raised for slaughter, horses, the list is endless. Are vaccines used for animals more effective? I would guess they might even be less effective as studies are likely less common, less thorough, and less overseen as animals don’t live as long as humans do. True effects are likely more difficult to determine. Some of these vaccines are truly necessary as for example Bang’s disease or brucellosis (causes abortion) can be transmitted from all bovines (even “wild” buffalo in Yellowstone Park) to domestic livestock to humans. We all agree rabies protection is justified for younger pets. But do we really know the true effectiveness and “harmlessness” of these vaccines? What sorts of junk is added to their vaccines? On second thought, maybe veterinary pharmaceuticals are still relatively pure as they don’t have the built in second agenda tied to Agenda 21 thats aimed at destroying the HUMAN population.

    At the risk of sounding alarmist, how do vaccines affect animals? Is this done for true animal welfare or building someones bank account? Add to mass vaccination all forms of injected pharmaceuticals, and we start to get the picture of the enormity of this industry – and of its profit potential. One of my dogs, now 11, has seizures maybe twice or three times a year. This is related to central nervous system function – just like autism is in humans. So did his required puppy shots help trigger this from young age forward? Its likely at least suspect, considering current knowledge about vaccines. Sure makes one skeptical about this entire industry.

    • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
    • kibitzer3 says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
    • August 26, 2014 at 7:28 pm 

    • ‘Industry’ is correct, Trex. As with humans, vaccines lower ["suppress"] the immune systems of animals, and they consequently come up with all sorts of ["opportunistic"] conditions that then require – you guessed it – pharmaceutical treatment…

    • Heads will roll, when all this sort of corruption and criminal activity is set right, in the – positive - New Order of Things coming. Not the New World Order of the Illuminati Cabal behind so much that has been going down in life. That’s the pale mirror image of the real thing.

    • Contrary to apparently widespread belief, it’s NOT going to be ‘business as usual’ after the storm passes. It will be a New Day entirely. The Dark has had its day in the sun. The Play is over. It’s time for the Real Thing. 

    • And just IN time, apparently, judging by the level of technological control that has been developed. Mind control, weather control…madness. It’s time for Change, all right. REAL Change.

    On Takedown Capers

    On Sandy Hook Elementary

    Doesn't it seem strange to you
    That there wasn't one injury
    So that that child could tell
    The real story
    Of what happened that day?

    How could that kid -
                 Adam Lanza, we
    Are told 
                 (whose obituary
                 was posted
    The previous day.
    The previous day
    Mind you) -
                kill them all
    So perfectly
    In the time allotted?
    So professionally
    That is to say
    More accurately??

    And how come the media
    Was never allowed to see
    The alleged crime scene??
    And the weeping father
    Who, moments before
    Was smiling...
    And speaking of getting
    In character, how about
               that character
    Practicing his story
    Before the camera
    That anyway
    Got muddled
    In the telling…

    I'm sorry, but
               this story
    Doesn't add up


    To a false flag op
    To do away
    With the public's guns
    By a government
    Bent on mischief
    And what's more
    On takeover

    By Satanic forces
    Who believe
    In a different Light
    Than the rest of us
    Mere peasants
    To The Ones Chosen
    To subdue us
    And keep us in
    Perpetual darkness
                 to say, in

    And isn't it interesting that
    There was a Satanic coven
    Right in that area
    Of being called on
    To mount such an 

    and whose house mortgages
    All got paid off
                    In full
    At the same time…
       for services rendered
       to the cause???..,

    Sandy Hook.
            By hook
    Or by crook...

    Monday, 25 August 2014

    It's Pet Peeve Time

    …Bring Your Favorite Pet.  

    from 'Obama Hatches Plan to Explode (Welfare)' - Aug 24 - posted Aug. 25 - article/video orig. at
    ("They actually try to pull as many people onto the program as possible.")

    Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Aug. 25)

    While we're blaming Obama and the Dems for all this crap going on in both creating a welfare class and enticing people into it, it would pay us (so to speak) to be aware that the too-big-to-fail banks make big bucks off of administrating the food stamp program, where the more people on it, the better, financially speaking, for them.  And financially speaking is the only way they talk, or understand.

    A pox on both their houses. It's time we got back to government of, by, and for The People - NOT the thieves and robbers on the one hand, and the thieves and robbers on the other. It's revolution time - and what a revolutionary idea: to get back to basics here, in this once honorable country.


    Actually, this may not be my 'favorite' pet peeve.  A lot are competing for the honor.  Among them:

    The cancer industry

    The vaccine industry

    The Western medicine industry in general, with its emphasis on Band-Aid treatment and ongoing maintenance, not prevention and truly effective treatment.

    But it will all come out in the wash.  The wash, of The New Order Of Things.

    And I am decidedly NOT referring to the New World Order of the 'Illuminati' Cabal that has been running the show on Earth for all these years, to its wicked benefit.

    The day of these denizens of the Dark is done.

    The true Light is taking over, its rightful place.

    The Play - of Light AND Dark - being over.  As we progress a stage further on our spiritual evolutionary path, and journey, back

    Home, again.  To know our Selves - which is the same as the Place - as if for the first time.

    Time to celebrate.

    And then get back to work.

    The real work.  Of spiritual beings having a human experience.

    And making the most of it, now.

    With a little help from our friends.

    On both sides of the 'aisle'.

     P.S. A word to the wise:
    Our Father will not be mocked
    Nor our Mother either.
    Nor the Holy Spirit.
    Which is Love.
    Not Force.

    And hallowed be Their Name.

    Under New Management

    My Fellow Americans:

    Welcome to the New
                 A few words
    In explanation.
             First of all, there
    Will be a cleansing
    Of the voter rolls
    And of the voting process
    Itself.  At least
    Regarding federal elections.
    American citizens
    Are being disenfranchised
                               the way
    Things are
    At the moment.
    Dirty voter rolls, people
    Voting who should not be
    And voting double…
                           the list
                    of atrocities
    Goes on.  To qualify
    For federal elections
                      the states
    Must clean up their acts
    In this regard.  What they do
    In their own state elections
    Is their business - to say
    The business of the citizens
    Of that state.  But
    Fraudulent national elections
    Are over
                   and will be
    no more.  That Day
    Is done.
    The rights of the individual
                            as over
    And against the majority
    Are sacrosanct
                     in this country
    At least.  Democracy
    Has different formats.
                       The individual
    Being the doormat
    Of the majority
    Is not one that will
    Be entertained
    Here.  After all,
    We are talking about
    Free will, and a fair
    Exercise thereof.
                   (Will there be
    A collective factor too?
                     Of course.
                are all in this
    There will be no more
    Of this police state nonsense
    Of drones over America
    And such.  Talk about
                               a turd
    In a punchbowl…
               …not in my country
    You won't.

    Next: the sight
    Of clean air
    And waters
    Is appealing
    To me
    And others
    The Native Americans.
     Let's not desecrate
           the land
    Any further than
    We already have.
                     join in
    On a Great Cleanup
    Of Her.

    And that should do
    For starters.
    And you.
               As the One
    We already are