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No More Cutting Some Slack

I am stunned.  Appalled.

I have just learned of an activity of Obama's that I hadn't known about, although info about it had been posted late last year.  This, from Freedom  'Bombshell: Pilot Claims He was fired for not Signing Away His Constitutional Rights - Warns of Illegal Muslims flying into US' - Tim Brown - October 7, 2014:

"...The former Kalitta Charter pilot recalled Tennessee Rep. Rick Womick (R), a former Air Force pilot and commercial Boeing 777 airline pilot, admitted to flying five flights with Somali immigrants on board from London to New York City. According to Dennis [Welky], Womick said that flights would leave the US, land in the UK and be designated as empty for return, but the reality is that every seat would be filled with illegal Muslims. As he landed on the east coast as instructed, he would taxi right past immigrations and customs. The illegals were let off the airplane, given thousands of dollars, along with other benefits...."

This pilot's story goes all the way back to January, 2014.  

And what has Congress done about all this?


I've had it.

As a truth seeker, and -teller, I want to go on record as calling on Oathkeepers and state-controlled National Guard militia to honor their oaths and:-

* Arrest the Despot (who is a Usurper in the office anyway, and as such, long overdue for Justice to be served on him), and all of his bureaucratic minions who have been involved in these sorts of criminal acts;

* All illegal aliens to be a) tendered notice that it is no longer Business As Usual in this country, and given two months to make arrangements to go back to their home countries; and those who are still here after that grace time,  b) rounded up and sent back to their home countries1 - and that includes their children born here;2 

* 'Sanctuary cities' forced to pay for all the costs of the crimes and 'public benefits' that their policy has subjected this country to.  And as for said public benefits: No more to Illegals.  Period.  American taxpayers do NOT have to carry that burden.  No more public education; subsidized housing; medical treatment (including for births); nothing, ON THE TAXPAYER.   

And while we're setting things to rights in the country: 

* A clean sweep of all the executive-branch departments and agencies (esp. the DHS) of those individuals who can be identified as part of the Obama statist takeover crowd;3

* All the jobs that the Illegals have been engaged in being now made available to both the American citizens - currently employed or unemployed4 - and to those erstwhile immigrants who are waiting to come into this country LEGALLY;

* All employers who have been hiring Illegals to be tendered with fines and possibly jail time - and MAKE IT HURT.  They have provided the honey pot - and left the lid off - that has attracted the Illegals here in the first place;

* The 'Refugee' programs that so many of these Illegals have come into the country under to be terminated forthwith, until further notice;5       

* Congress to be dissolved, for having failed in its constitutional duty to rein in the rogue Executive;

* All foreign troops - OUT OF THE COUNTRY;

* An Officer of The People appointed to call elections within a time certain;6 and in the meantime, to engage in a clean sweep of the executive-branch agencies, as noted above;7

* Said Officer to preside over a change in governance in the country, including the monetary system it, and other nations, operate under.  For

It is that time.

Yes, there will be a 'fundamental transformation' - of the United States, AND the planet.  But not the one planned for Gaia and its inhabitants by the 'denizens of the deep' that think they are in charge.  No corruption will be able to exist in the new realm.  All will be cleansed, of the dross that we have accumulated over the centuries.  It is a matter of resonance; of vibration; of frequency.  And is time now for 

The Real Thing.  


1 If this country - under Obama or even before him - brought them here, it is incumbent upon this country to send them back to where they were picked up for transport.  It is incumbent upon those countries to take over from there.

2 Those souls chose to incarnate into those family situations; they knew what was possible.  They need to follow their parents.  
     (If they still want to live here - SANS THEIR FAUX CITIZENSHIP; WHICH IS/HAS BEEN DUE TO A SHYSTER LAWYER'S MISREADING OF THE 14TH AMENDMENT - they can apply for immigration, like all the other peoples who apply for immigration.  And WAIT THEIR TURN.
     The same to be said of their parents.  Only, the Illegals get to the back of the queue.
     One does not intelligibly reward wrongdoing.) 

3 'Statist,' rather than just 'socialist,' because there are fascists involved in this takeover plot of the country as well (which has been in the works for years, even centuries); and THEY ALL GO.
     This nation stands for The Individual, and his/her basic, unalienable rights, free from heavy-handed and arbitrary imposition by the state.  If you want to live in a socialist country, by all means, go do so.

4 No more people being on Unemployment who are fit and able to work.  Two work opportunity turndowns (including for training), and off the rolls.

5 It's obvious that the Obama administration has come up with their own definition of the term 'refugee' anyway.  And that sort of shit IS TO STOP.

6 with all States required to meet minimum federal standards for Voter Integrity cleanups of the voting system in this country, or their votes will not be counted towards federal elections

7 Including those industry reps who have taken jobs in the very regulatory agencies that they are supposed to be regulating them, and then returning to their industries, well reimbursed for the 'trip'.  
     What arrogance.

Error And Its After Math


I understand
That some judge
In this country
            at this
Prophetic time
Has decreed
That homosexuality
Is, quote, “normal”.
I’ve got news for you,
Judge, apparently:
In the land
Of the blind
The one-eyed man
                  is king
      And you
      will find
   in reality -
 in the light
      of day -
    a canary
In a coal mine.

is Truth?
In a perverted
Is a beautifully

         Take it
   for what it
      is worth -
  on an earth
   that is as
   in heaven
      as it is
       illusion -
   and leave
   the rest

As we ascend
In the Light
    a new
 is king
And no other.


Re: the Same-Sex Marriage decision
Of the Supreme Court
Of this country
  (with some on it who,
       by rights,
Should have recused themselves
From the case; 
      but who’s to quibble
Over a little thing
Like ’the law’, eh??):
        the majority
Twisted and tortured
The Constitution
        on the rack
Of their addled brains
On that issue
In particular
In order to come up
With their conclusion
About its meaning.

It wasn’t
The first time
That that august body
Has done so.
       It will be
The last 
                 they go by
   the ‘principle,’ if
           you will,
       ‘the end
       the means’.

   Well, we’ll see
   about that

  when Truth prevails.
        is Truth?

We are about
To find out.


If a mutation occurs 
In the DNA
           that mutation 
Will continue to be 
Carried out, down 
           ‘the line’.

It is still
A mutation


As things were

So much for 
The concept of
Which is only
A concept.
Nothing more.


I understand that an American scholar can’t go to Germany to attend a symposium which he has been invited not only to attend but to address because he will be arrested there for, in his writings, having called into question - with considerable documentation - the ‘meme’  of ‘The Six Million’: Jews put to death by the Nazis, however accomplished.

‘Nuff said. 

Oh - except for one closing thought:

‘I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.’

That’s from Thomas Jefferson.  And - oh heck.  While I’m at it; that guy was just so good for such quotable comments - this observation from the same source:

‘When governments fear the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.’

Get thee behind me, 
  collectively, Satan.
        Your day
         is done.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Agenda 21, & Its Update Version

In my last blog I referred to the Trilateral Commission, as one of the Cabal's 'bodies'.  Here's a little more info along those lines.

Agenda 21: The Plan for a Global Fascist Dictatorship

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

One of the most popular films of 2012 was The Hunger Games  which portrayed a post-apocalyptic nation called Panem in which a super-rich, super-pampered, super-callous ‘elite’ lived in high-tech luxury while the rest of the population daily battled to survive in abject poverty, locked away behind prison fences in intensively-populated ‘people zones’. Panem comes from the Latin phrase panem et circenses or ‘bread and circuses’ – a term derived from Rome and meaning to give the people diversions and distractions to hide what is being done to them. Exactly what is happening today.

The Totalitarian tiptoes toward just such a world are happening all around us, although most people can’t see this because they don’t connect the dots. People tend to live in their own ‘little world’ and focus on only a few subjects and interests. This gives them a distorted view of what is happening because they are so busy concentrating on the strands that they cannot see the tapestry. The world of  The Hunger Games  is already well on the way to fruition unless humanity has a fundamental reassessment of reality.

The foundations, structure and ‘must haves’ of a Hunger Games society are detailed in a plan being imposed through the United Nations called Agenda 21, which encompasses two related themes of ‘sustainable development’ and ‘biodiversity’. Sustainable development – as in don’t use more than can be replaced – sounds sensible enough at first until you realize what this and biodiversity really mean in the context of this conspiracy.

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 was established at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in 1992, hosted by Maurice Strong, a Canadian oil and business billionaire and long-time front man for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Strong has been a leader of their exploit-the-environment-to-scam-the-people programme which is now in full flow. Strong is a member of the Club of Rome, the environmental Hidden Hand in the Round Table network that includes the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations.

Strong said in support of Agenda 21: ‘Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialised civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?’ This is a man who became mega-rich through the oil industry. He now lives in billionaire luxury in China where carbon-emitting industry is booming and he is a director of the Chicago Climate Exchange (largest shareholder, Goldman Sachs), which is ‘the world’s first and North America’s only legally-binding greenhouse-gas emission registry reduction-system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil’. The Exchange was established with funding from the Joyce Foundation where Barack Obama was once a director. Strong and Al Gore make money through the Carbon Exchange and other means from the lies they promote about climate change and the solutions they propose. Kate Johnston wrote on the  website: ‘The same men that sold us the myth of man-made global warming are the same men that sold us the “solution” of a Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme and now they’re profiting off their lucrative investments which are based on lies.’ (See my previous article  The Climate Change Hoax – the Lie is in the Cause). Strong fled to China in 2006 after being accused of corruption with respect to the UN oil for food program.

Climate change propaganda employs a No-Problem-Reaction-Solution technique to justify Agenda 21 and its stable-mate the Biodiversity Treaty. This is an internationally-binding document involving nearly 200 countries. The United States signed the treaty, but it was not ratified by the Senate after people like ecologist and ecosystem scientist Dr. Michael Coffman exposed its true consequences and implications. He said that he realized during the 1980s and 1990s that the plan was to use the excuse of protecting the environment to confiscate half the land of the United States. Similar plans exist for every other country. America may not have ratified the treaty, but it is being implemented by the day. Agenda 21 demands the central global control of all land; all private property; all water sources and distribution; all other resources which includes people in its definition; all energy supplies and distribution and all food production and distribution.

Agenda 21 is called ‘the agenda for the 21st century’ and that agenda refers to global fascism/communism. This is a summary of what Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / Biodiversity is seeking to impose:

•  An end to national sovereignty
•  State planning and management of all land resources, ecosystems, deserts, forests, mountains, oceans and fresh water; agriculture; rural development; biotechnology; and ensuring ‘equity’ (equal slavery)
•  The State to ‘define the role’ of business and financial resources
•  Abolition of private property (it’s not ‘sustainable’)
•  ‘Restructuring’ the family unit
•  Children raised by the State
•  People told what their job will be
•  Major restrictions on movement
•  Creation of ‘human settlement zones’
•  Mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate land where they currently live
•  Dumbing down education (achieved)
•  Mass global depopulation in pursuit of all the above

This horrific plan is being coordinated through the United Nations, the stalking horse for world dictatorship, via a non-governmental network once called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI), and now known as Local Governments for Sustainability although still using the shortened name ICLEI. The United Nations is now opening ‘embassies’ around the world called ‘UN Houses’ under the guise of raising awareness of UN activities, but not the activities that people really need to know about. They have opened one in Hunter Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, for example.

Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and other organisations are integrating the plan into every village, town, city and region and it is already becoming widespread across the world. The organisational infrastructure of Agenda 21 is already at fantastic proportions, and involves government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), think-tanks, trusts, foundations, ‘training’ (mind control) operations and ‘initiatives’ which have been building the infrastructure for what they call ‘the post-industrial, post-democratic’ society — all while the public go about their daily business, oblivious of the prison being built all around them by the hour.

Harvey Ruvin, a vice-chairman of ICLEI, was asked how Agenda 21 would affect liberties with regard to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, private property and freedom of speech. He replied: ‘Individual Rights must take a back-seat to the collective’. The arrogance of these people is breathtaking. The extraordinary network supporting ICLEI and Agenda 21 includes the Rockefeller-sponsored America 2050; United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG); Metropolis; World Economic Forum; United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction; World Bank; Clinton Climate Initiative; Climate Group (Tony Blair); World Conservation Union (IUCN); Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership; Global Footprint Network; Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership; Global Footprint Network; International Centre for Sustainable Cities; Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative and the Stakeholder Forum. These and so many others are working to the same end – Agenda 21 and total human enslavement worldwide –  although most of those involved will have no idea that they are building a global prison for themselves and their families.

Another of these front organisations is the World Business Council for Sustainable Development which includes the hideously anti-people corporation, Monsanto. Destroying food-growing land, contaminating the countryside with toxins and replacing proper food with deadly,  soil-destroying genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) is Monsanto’s contribution to ‘sustainability’. Agenda 21 is operating in more than 600 towns, cities and counties in the United States and expanding by the day.

A member of the Agenda 21 committees in Santa Cruz, California, in the mid-1990s said that the proposals he heard were so crazy that he laughed at them because they could never happen. These included that ‘Mother Earth’s surface was not to be scratched’; humans should be concentrated in settlement zones; education should focus on the environment as a central organising principle and all aspects of life covered by Agenda 21. But today,  all of these crazy plans are now being introduced. It’s all happy, feely, smiling faces and rhetoric about “how we care”, when the truth is that Agenda 21 is a vicious, brutal, heartless strategy to impose a global Orwellian state and forcibly depopulate humanity.

Agenda 21 manipulators either create or hijack some local organisation or other, many of them in locations with large populations, and have their (controlled) leadership agree the Agenda 21 blueprint for their community (together with any uninformed, unwitting idiots who can be sold a human nightmare as saving the planet). This allows them to claim that decisions were made after ‘public participation’, when in reality, that would have been the last thing they wanted, and 99 percent of the ‘community’ has never heard of Agenda 21 let alone had their say on it. The manipulators want  no  democracy, which is why these people talk privately, sometimes even publicly, about the post-democratic, post-industrial society.

They want to control every man, woman and child on the planet – everyone and everywhere and every resource, water source and piece of land. To do this they need a global structure of fascist control that goes right down into every local community with the jackboots at local level enforcing the will of the global centre. This is why there is so much emphasis on local authorities, and town and city authorities in Agenda 21.

There is a ‘training organisation’ called Common Purpose (common purpose, common consensus, everyone the same) which has been paid very large amounts of money by governments and local authorities, police forces and other institutions of state to ‘train the leaders’ of the post-democratic, post-industrial society. Common Purpose was heavily represented in the Leveson ‘inquiry’ leading to new media laws in Britain. It is not a training programme; it is a  programming  programme and turns out unquestioning zombie administrators who serve the god of Agenda 21 and the associated European Union. The theme of ‘common’ also applies to the ever greater standardisation of laws and regulations and constant reference to ‘international law’. This is the unfolding global dictatorship of Agenda 21. What do you need to be a global dictator? Laws that everyone on the planet must obey –  international law and the standardisation of global regulation.

Figure 1:  The demand in Agenda 21 for a massive cull of the population can be understood when you see how much of America is designated for no human activity.

You can see  The Hunger Games  connection when you look at the official Biodiversity wish-for map of the United States pictured above (Figure 1). The red areas are designated for ‘no human use’ and most of the rest of America is confiscated for little and highly-regulated use. The mass of the population would be concentrated in high-rise, densely-packed ‘human settlement zones’ and denied access to something like 80 percent of present day America. It is without question the world of  The Hunger Games  with a globally-enforced top-down hierarchy with  a world government using its world army and police force to impose its will at regional and local levels (sectors).

Figure 2:  The Rockefeller-funded America 2050 map of America and Canada divided into megaregions.

The Rockefeller-funded America 2050 has produced a map of the new United States divided into eleven ‘megaregions’ and includes parts of Canada (Figure 2 – above). Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, British Columbia, become the megaregion known as ‘Cascadia’ and this regional system comes under the collective name of ‘megalopolis’ which is Greek for large city or great city. America, Canada and Mexico are slated  to merge to form the North American Union in line with the European Union blueprint.

Figure 3:  The European Union has the same regional structure in its sights.

The European Union is planned to be broken up into regions and the same structure is in development all over the world. The map of the new Europe has regions from different countries linked up with regions in other countries to end any vestige of national sovereignty or even national existence (Figure 3). This is a global plan with its fierce central control hidden behind its lower elements such as the European Union and local government. What is planned would clearly require a fantastic reduction of the global population and this is indeed what Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / Biodiversity demand.

For more information, the e-book  Agenda 21: Your Life In Their Hands  can be downloaded  here.

From the Inside…

Post script – by Andy Whiteley, Co-founder of Wake Up World

In February 2013, Australian politician Ann Bressington, Member of the South Australian Legislative Council, crossed the “establishment” by becoming one of the world’s first serving government officials to publicly  expose Agenda 21 and the global  plan for a New World Order. Her detailed speech was delivered to a packed audience at the Adelaide Convention Centre, and subsequently went viral on YouTube.

Predictably, Ms. Bressington  has faced the brunt of her former masters since she took her public stand. She  was the subject of an immediate and ongoing smear campaign, threats were made, her Facebook profile was repeatedly hacked and hijacked, and finding herself in an untenable position, she chose not not re-contest her seat at the 2014 South Australian elections.

Ms. Bressington now devotes her time to grass-roots change initiatives, outside the corporate government system.

You can watch Ms. Bressington’s 2013 speech here:

Recommended reading:

Icke, D. (2013).  The Perception Deception. Ryde: David Icke Books.

Updated October 2014

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About the author:

Julian Websdale  is an independent researcher in the fields of esoterica, metaphysics, and mysticism. Born in England, his interest in these subjects began in 1988, at the age of seven. Julian received his education as an engineer from the University of Bolton, has  served in a Vaishnava monastery, and has traveled to over 14 countries since 2012 in his ongoing journey for knowledge. His work creates enthusiastic responses from inquiring minds across the world.

You can connect with Julian on  Facebook  and  Twitter, or visit his  website  for more information.

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Arrested Development

(headline: New York Times - September 2015)

For Filing ‘False Document’ On His Birth - 
Federal Marshals Secure All White House Files;
New Monetary System Cited ‘Anyway’;
Biden, Pelosi Also Arrested
Along with High Officials of Both Democrat & Republican Parties 
for ‘Aiding & Abetting In The Commission Of A Crime’;
Congress Dissolved
for ‘Failing Its Constitutional Duty’ - Future in Doubt; Interim Administrator Appointed;
On Other Charges;
A ‘Clean Sweep’ Of Executive Branch Depts. Underway
in Purge Reminiscent of the ’Communists in Govt.’ Days of the ‘50s;
Mainstream Media Also Indicted 
for ‘Hijacking by the CIA’;
This Newspaper Also Cited
for being a ‘Front for the New World Order’ - Plans To Appeal Charge;
Yankees Finally Win One: Prophetic?? 
                  Oh - And:
Nuke ‘False Flag’ Event Foiled - Attempt At Martial Law Declaration Pre-Empted;
Prominent Bankers & Industrialists Arrested Trying to Leave Country, Held for ‘Questioning’ - Ex-Politicos Also Involved

And that’s

All The NewsThat’s Fit To Print


And speaking of ‘someday’…

(interview on new Megyn Kelly Show on CNN)

MK: Thank you, ‘Administrator’, for appearing on my show.

A: Thank you for having me.  It also gives me the opportunity to find out something about you that I have wondered about.

MK: (thrown off balance from being all prepared to wade in on her interviewee) Oh?  What’s that?

A: Whether you have ‘cold eyes’.   

MK: (taken aback) Uh… 

A: I’m glad to see that Bill Ayers was wrong.

MK: (still flustered; now blushing) Uh… 

A: It obviously was a political thing.

MK: (still not sure where and how to take the line of questioning) Uh… - yes.  Obviously.  I mean…

A: Sorry if I threw you off balance a little there.  You were about to say…

MK: Yes!  I was about to ask you - I mean, thanks.  And all - (definitively bangs her papers on her desk; now ready to take charge of the interview and bore in on her interviewee) I was about to ask you : What’s with this ‘Administrator’ label that you have asked to be known by?

A: A bit of an insider joke.

MK: Oh?  What’s the joke?  And on whom??  Us; the American people???

A: - 

MK: (incensed)  You know, you come in here, and take over - 

A: - like I owned the place, yes, I know.  A little abrupt, that.  But it couldn’t be helped.  The Usurper was about to do something that we would all regret having been a party to, if some of us hadn’t acted when we did, and the way we did.  But to answer your question: It’s a play on the novel by Colonel Edward Mandel House, prime advisor to President Woodrow Wilson on such things as the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations, when The Powers That Be - Trying To Be, that is - made their first attempt at taking over the world.  He wrote a novel on a man coming in to ‘administer’ the American government, on technocratic terms, for the very powerful families who wanted to rule the world then.  As recently.  The title was ‘Philip Dru: Administrator’.  We preempted all that sort of outcome.

MK: (uncertain where to take it) From a ‘technocratic’ outcome.  What… 

A: Yes.  As in what, for example, the Trilateral Commission - one of the Insiders' bodies; another story - wanted to establish, for the world.  The whole world under the thumb of ‘experts’.  Controlling everything, based on the idea that humanity was fouling its nest, especially regarding, first, ‘Global Warming,’ and when that didn’t pan out to be an actual fact, changing their useful bugaboo to ‘Climate Change’. It was all about power.  Not the environment, per se.

MK:  I see.  So the ‘Powers That Be’ at the time of Woodrow Wilson were the same ‘Powers That Be’ in our time.

A: You got it.

MK: And those ‘powers’ were, and are…???

A: I’m sure that you’ve done your homework on this matter, Megyn.  But you apparently want me to spell it out.  For a Gotcha moment, perhaps?

MK: (a bit flustered) - ,,, 

A: A ratings moment??  As in when you tried to get Ted Cruz to say what he would do about all the children of illegal aliens???    

MK:  …

A:  Okay, I’ll spell it out.  Let’s get this over with, and get on to more important matters, namely, where we go from here.  The ‘PTB’ - a/k/a the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Insiders, etc. etc. - are the ‘international bankers,’ a/k/a Jews, yes; but not all of them are Jews.  And not all of the Jews are ’legitimate’ Jews.  Call it the difference between the Jews of the Torah - the originals - and the Jews of the Talmud - primarily Khazar Jews, from Khazaria, a region in Middle Europe, where the king, of a Turkic people, converted to Judaism long ago, and brought his subjects along with him, into that ‘Order,’ and attitude of global takeover.  -  

MK: And you have some evidence for all this?

A:  Indeed there is. But let me finish the specific question you raised, about the identity of The Cabal.  An early researcher on the matter, John Coleman, called them ‘The Committee of 300’ - representatives of major families of the time, and on down to our time.  One of those families was, is, the Rothschilds.  And so some of the Jews involved deeply in this plot to take over the world can be called Rothschild Zionists.  You see, the Rothschilds deliberately -     

MK: So you’re an anti-Semite.   

(Administrator just looks at her.)

MK: Well, you can admit it, can’t you?  

A: (gently) What did you hear me say.

MK: Me?  I heard you say - (checks her notes; which she has been hastily scribbling) - that one of the key families in all this dark business is the Rothschilds.  (triumphant look)

A: And?

MK: (a bit nonplussed) And…what.

A: I will continue.  I was saying, or at  least about to get to, that the Balfour Declaration, and the whole business about the Khazarian Jews ‘returning’ to the so-called Holy Land - 

MK: What is this business about the ‘so-called’ Holy Land?   

A: (just looks at her; then continues, gently) It was not a ‘return’.  It was a takeover.  For a base of operations, for their attempted takeover of the world.  Jerusalem, and all that jazz.

MK: (astonished) All that jazz! - (triumph then gives way to reality) Oh.  You said that on purpose.

A: Indeed I did, Megyn.  I have more important information to discuss with you than to get bogged down on the ‘Jewish’ question.  Shall I continue, explaining who the Cabal is, are??

MK: (quietly; sensing that that is really where the interview needs to go; not on Gotcha moments) Yes.

A: Good.  I was saying.  The Committee of 300, of very powerful families.  High degrees in such secret societies as Freemasonry.  What are called Sabbateans.  The Jesuits; who are more about power and control than defending Christianity.  The list goes on.  But we are here, now.  Would you like to hear where I see this process going; how I see it unfolding?

MK: (dutifully subdued; sensing the importance to let him speak) Yes.

A: Thank you.  For, this is the critical aspect of the whole thing.  You see, Megyn, we need to move into a stage of human consciousness development whereby we live in total Truth with one another.  Nothing less will allow us to move forward, into our rightful inheritance, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ - as souls on the path, of true Return.  To our roots, in the higher realms.  And so, for example, aspects of our lives that will need to go will be such untruthful things as: fluoridation. Vaccines.  - 

MK: Whoa whoa - Vaccines?  Are you kidding??  

A: Unfortunately, not.  The downsides of vaccines are considerably more than what we have been told by our medical authorities.  Vaccines cause brain damage conditions of all kinds; neurological conditions; and auto-immune conditions.  I won’t go into the appalling details.  Trust me; it’s all in the record.  They have been pushed on us, at first, for understandably innocent reasons, - 

MK: Smallpox, and all that.

A: (nodding) Smallpox, ‘and all that’.  But did you know that smallpox outbreaks occurred where the people had been inoculated with the vaccine?  It’s a long, sordid story; but in sum: the vaccines spread the very conditions that they were designed to treat - and other, side-effect conditions, from the other toxic ingredients in them.  They put toxins like mercury and aluminum in them - 

MK: Wait, wait.  Where are we going with this?

A: I’m just establishing the case that we moderns have been sorely exploited and brainwashed by our erstwhile keepers, who have ’progressed’ from making us extremely sick with many conditions from their vaccines, to deliberately filling them with substances to try to control us; from anti-fertility agents to outright killer substances, like GM bacteriophages.  Because they felt that there were too many of us for the carrying capacity of the planet.  When what they really meant, was that there were too many of us for them to control.  Like a herd of cattle.  To be culled at their will, and need.  

MK: I need to break in here, and see if we - look, I don’t want this to become an ‘anti-vaxer’ podium.  Just briefly, and then let’s move on: What do you propose, for human society, instead of vaccines?

A: Number one: What was working before the advent of the vaccines: clean water, better hygiene, better nutrition.  -

MK: All things that Third World countries have a hard time supplying their people with.  And your number two?

A: Number two - after recognizing that the childhood diseases are a valuable rite of passage, designed to mature the human immune system.  And then, to treat the conditions, there are any number of natural modalities, that don’t have the damnable side effects to them that the - 

MK: (bit impatiently) Like what.  (consulting her feverishly-scribbled notes; pun intended) ’Natural modalities.’  Like what. 

A: Like vitamin A for measles; massive doses of vitamin C for polio; colloidal silver for the likes of the DPT triad; the list goes on.  And that way, they get the benefit of the childhood disease and -  

MK: Okay, okay.  I’m sorry, we’re out of time; we need to wrap this up.  Do you have any concluding thoughts that you would like to leave our audience with?

A: Just to prepare to live in Truth.  And - oh yes.     

MK: (in wrapping-up mode) Yes?  And??

A: In Love.                            

This section to this blog entitled:

The Bottom Line


Polarity is closing.

Going Up.

Enough Is Enough

from ‘Obama Racial Targeting Of Police Results In Execution-Style Murder Of Texas Sheriff’s Deputy’ - August 29

Stan - August 29

I have to trust that Oathkeepers are quietly preparing to remove the Usurper from his ill-gotten office, to be held on a whole host of charges by now.  A lot of good men and women gave their lives and limbs for this country.  It is for We the Living not to break faith and trust with those honored dead and wounded.  The Tyrant, who would bring down this country (and merge it into a fascist New World Order), must go - and all his minions with him.  A complete sweep of the executive branch of government [is in order] - and the dissolving of Congress as well, for failing to rein in the rogue executive, as was their constitutional duty.  And we get back to the rule of law in this country - i.e., the Constitution.  Just as soon as we can.  After the current crisis is over.


     The Play

What do you fools think
You are doing.  This
Is a nation
That you are trifling with.
My country.  Raised up
For a grand purpose:
To sing the praises of Liberty
       for ourselves
And our posterity
Over control by others.
              And you
Have blown it.

         So is it time
To put the experiment
To rest
And write it off
As a lost cause?

             A pity.
It was a good
But that is all
  the end
The means.

      And so
   it ends.
 with a bang
  a whimper.
   That says:
 I didn’t know.’
  what effects
  my little
That actions

     You do
 the results
 of your
  a while.
A stern
      it turns
      Leaving you
  a worm.
A spiritual being
A human experience.
For the lessons
To be learned
And to grow



   the wiser
  The better
  to be able
  to become
  a god
  in your own
A hologram
Of that

For Truth
And Justice
To continue
To build
Their strengths.
With a little help

          as One
       to be
In the heat
The Play.

from (via Freedom Watch): ‘Appeals Judges Turn Back Challenge To NSA Data Collection’ - Bob Unruh - August 28

Glenda Green a day ago (August 28)

Sounds like the classic definition of a "Catch 22" to me. The plaintiffs have to prove they were spied on but the Feds tell the court that information is secret and Judicial Watch can't have it. And people wonder why millions of us are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore.


Glenda Green a day ago 

Kinda like saying we don't have standing to demand Obama prove who he really is. We gotta show damages.
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Friday, 28 August 2015

Th-th-that's All, Folks!

I so wish I could post a blog with that title, and mean it: that The Play is over, and it's time for The Real Thing.

(You know how the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee opens The Games by declaring:  'Let The Games Begin!'?? I would so love to be able to say:

'Let The Games End!')

In the meantime - sigh - it's more of the same old, same old......

further at conservativeamericaonline: ‘Megyn Kelly Declares War On Ted Cruz’ - August 26


Get over that Ted Cruz is ILLEGAL. He is not and he is running for President of the United States and he will either be President or VP before all is said and done. You liberals crawl back in your holes because you are not even in the running. America is tired of Communism and Tyranny.
  • kibitzer3 proudtexan62 a few seconds ago (August 28)

  • Which is precisely why this is such a major issue, proudtexan62. Obama is a Usurper, for not being a bona fide 'natural born' citizen - i.e., one born on the soil of TWO U.S. citizen parents; the requirement PRIMARILY so that the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces does not have ANY DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES - and so needs to be removed from that thus-dishonored office, and quick (by Oathkeepers, current and retired). And if you would stop blindly supporting your 'favorite son' candidate for a minute and see the truth of the matter, you would see that.
  • The original intent and meaning of the term by the constitutional Framers was based on the definitive tome of the day on such matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations Or Principles Of Natural Law'. There is plenty of historical evidence confirming that. Do your homework. And stop insulting me by calling me a liberal. I am a Truthseeker. Are you??

Ted Cruz should not even be mentioned in the same sentence with Barack Obama. Obama is an illegal, a Muslim Radical Terrorist, A Communist, a Nazi, a Marxist and a Socialist!!! He ran for president of this country with the intent of destroying America as we know it. Ted Cr in uz is a Constitutional Scholar and A Constitutional Attorney and has been fighting Barack Obama ever since he walked into the Senate Chamber in 2013. He held dual Citizenship because of being born to an American Mother (from Delaware) in Canada while she and his father were working in Canada. Ted Cruz is much more a Patriot of the United States of America than many people who were born here with two American parents . We know ted Ted Cruz and we know he explored every single law regarding his eligibility before he ever announced he was running. He had planned to announce much sooner but Ted Cruz is a very thorough person. He is one of the most intelligent people in this country and he, like Donald Trump cannot be bought by any special interest. He is truthful, respectful, and you will never beat him in a debate. He was one of the shining stars of the Harvard Law School debate team. His professors said he was one of the most intelligent men who had ever graduated Harvard, if not the most intelligence. You will not stop Ted Cruz from running for President and this country needs him like we have never needed a man like him before. Ronald Reagan was a wonderful President but Ted Cruz will equal or better him for many reasons. You need to get over the fact that you don't know the law where this is concerned and move on. You still today have the right to vote for whoever you want and if you don't like Ted Cruz, don't vote for him. Just don't sell this country down the river with a vote for Hillary Clinton if she even makes it to the primaries or Bernie Sanders. One is worse than the other and Clinton is worse than Obama and that's saying something. Joe Biden will likely get the liberal nod to run and he is not the brightest light bulb in the box but he's head and shoulders above Clinton and Sanders.


  • kibitzer3 proudtexan62 a few seconds ago (August 28)

  • I was going to let this comment thread go when someone else's retort riled me to anger, and I didn't want to engage in that frame of mind, but you have convinced me that I can't let the matter go, for you are reacting in ERROR, and I can't let that be the last word, or people might believe your take on the matter.

  • The fact is that Cruz is ineligible for that particular office because his father was not an American citizen at the time of his birth, and the argument need go no further, into where he was born, etc. etc.: he falls at the first hurdle. PERIOD.

  • The other person tried to argue that court decisions have settled the matter: I beg to differ. It doesn't matter what subsequent court decisions say, one way or the other, on the issue - the meaning - the intent of the NBC requirement for that office - AND THAT PARTICULAR OFFICE, as I have pointed out, setting it on a special pedestal for its special reason. This is a substantive, fundamental constitutional issue, that it would take a constitutional amendment to change from its original, de Vattel clarification and intent, of defining one born on the soil of TWO (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents, so as not to have ANY DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. And NO SUCH AMENDMENT has been passed. But indeed - and as evidence that both main political parties knew and know this - both parties tried a total of 8 times between them between 2003 and '08 to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue - to water down the NBC requirement - and failed each time even to get it out of committee, such was the political sensitivity around the issue. So what did they do? They engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people and the rule of law in this country: the Constitution.

  • Why would the Republican Party go along with a maneuver that made it possible for Obama to slip into that office illegally?? Because they wanted to be able to do the same thing with THEIR candidates. As we have seen. Do I have any proof of this? No, just common sense - but I can hardly wait for both parties to be brought up before an honest court of law on RICO-statute charges, of colluding in the commission of a crime, and being declared the criminal enterprises that they are, and dissolved forthwith. Which knocks the 2016 elections into a cocked hat, [at least] until this matter is cleared up.

  • For, this nation WILL return to TRUTH. Or it will not be allowed to pass into its future. Whatever that better future may be. For, the future is one of Truth, and Justice.

  • No more Corruption. That is coin of the realm of another day. A day now past. Or at least, in the process of passing. Into a better one. Where we go, neither to the Left nor to the Right.

  • But Up.

2) from ‘Obama Just Had His Hand Slapped Hard By Fed Judge Who Blocks This “Inexplicable” Overreach’ - Norvell Rose - August 28
(“Calling the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest effort to extend its control over virtually all U.S. waterways “inexplicable, arbitrary and devoid of reasoned process,” a federal judge has just blocked another attempt by President Obama to bypass Congress.
The Washington Times reports that Judge Ralph Erickson has issued a temporary injunction that prevents the EPA “from claiming oversight of millions of acres of land that contain small bodies of water.”…)


A federal judge has blocked an EPA edict on water rights as being unconstitutional - for excellent, intelligent reasons - and the EPA's response is to say that the ruling will only apply to the 13 states that were a party to the lawsuit, and they will go ahead with their sweeping edicts in the other 37 states - regardless of any appeal that they make to the particular decision???!!

GET THESE A*****ES OUT OF THERE. Arrest the lot of these petty tyrants, these communist commissars - and start all the way up the ladder, to He Who Gives The Orders: the Usurper, Obama. It's obviously that time. 


3) And then this, to finish this day's postings; from Judicial Watch's Weekly Update (Aug. 28): 
Judicial Watch Seeks Accountability for DNC's Hire of Illegal Alien
'The brazen lawlessness by this administration and its allies on illegal immigration knows no bounds.  I was shocked to read that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired an illegal alien to help with its campaigns.  The media played it as a "Dreamer" moment.  
'Your Judicial Watch is having none of that lawless approach to the rule of law on immigration. 
'We have just filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting that it investigate the DNC for having "knowingly hired" an illegal alien, Cindy Nava, to help craft the committee's 2016 political message and communications.  Judicial Watch filed its complaint on August 25, 2015. 
'A June 8, 2015, story in The Washington Post reported that the DNC hired Nava with full knowledge of what DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) termed Nava's "undocumented status."  The news report details that "Despite not yet attaining legal status, Nava is working for the Democratic National Committee as one of a crop of fellows from around the country helping the party organize ahead of a presidential election that President Obama predicted would feature immigration as a major issue."  The Spanish language newspaper El Nuevo Herald reports that Nava would help coordinate DNC outreach to "women, youth, and Hispanics."
'Federal law prohibits foreign nationals from participating "directly or indirectly in the decision-making process" of federal, state, or local election-related activities.
'The Judicial Watch FEC complaint charges:
 'The Democratic National Committee knowingly hired a Foreign National to assist, directly or indirectly, in setting the Committee's Public Policy Agenda for its Candidates, the National Committee, and its Associated Organizations.
 'The United States has prohibited non-citizen participation in election related activities for over fifty years. The United States Supreme Court has held that such prohibitions are legally permissible under the U.S. Constitution... In 2002, Congress expanded the prohibitions on foreign nationals... to include "anything of value" that "directly or indirectly" contributes to a political campaign... The Commission has stated "foreign nationals [cannot] direct, control, or otherwise participate directly or indirectly in the decision-making process of [a] PAC.
 'On its face, the DNC's decision to hire Ms. Nava is in direct violation of this provision. The FEC should investigate this matter further to determine the full extent of Ms. Nava's responsibilities, her relationship to the policy making team, and her effect on the 2016 DNC election strategy.
'The Democratic National Committee is Willfully and Knowingly violating Federal Law and Contradicting Federal Policy by Permitting a Foreign National to Contribute to the Conventions Campaigns, Election Strategy, and Fundraising Efforts     
 'The United States Congress created a federal offense to knowingly hire an illegal alien. It is against Federal law "to hire, or to recruit..., for employment in the United States an alien knowing the alien is an unauthorized alien... There are two elements to this crime: (1) knowledge of the alien's status, and (2) an employment offer...
 'Thus, the DNC is violating federal law by hiring Cindy Nava. Her fellowship constitutes expenditures under the FEC regulation, and therefore these illegal expenditures are within the scope of FEC regulations... They have actively employed Ms. Nava knowing that she lacked proper authorization to work in the United States.
 'Our request for a "full, formal investigation" concludes, "These actions are particularly egregious because the DNC flagrantly promotes their illegal activities, lawlessness, and disrespect for the rule of law."
'Is it any wonder this nation has a border and illegal alien crisis?
'Not only do we have a major political party knowingly employing an illegal alien, but also openly boasting about it to the nation's press. The DNC should be held accountable by the FEC for hiring an illegal alien in violation of both federal immigration and election laws.  Frankly, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security should also take appropriate law enforcement action.'
And will they?  
As they say: Don't hold your breath.
And as I say: