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The New

I have said, in an earlier blog, 'Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  We can do better than this.  (For I too am involved in mankind.)'1  So what would "better" look like, practically speaking, I hear you ask?  (Go on.  Ask it.  Humor me.  If only for the sake of a blog, just on the other side of a full moon, in the last quadrant of a major year of Reckoning, on, and for, fair Gaia.)  

Okay.  Fair enough.  So let's look at it.

First of all, we must understand clearly that we have a new world to win.  Totally new.  Fundamentally new.  It may well not look like the world of nations as we know them today.  But a word of caution right up front; since the American Constitution is under attack as we speak.  It may well give way, to a New Look in the world of tomorrow.  But be very conscious of what you do.  To say: Don't give up something of value until you have something of at least equal value to replace it with.  And replacing the Constitution merely with the rule of men is not a very good idea - unless you can trust those 'men' to come from the very highest.2

And speaking of.

What sort of world do I envision, on the other side of the Great Divide (coming up, very shortly now)?

First and foremost: It will be a world where people don't do things 'for the money'.  They do things for the service to the society - the social order - of conscious, aware beings just like themselves - sparks, fractals of the Divine, on their joyful way back to Unity, Oneness with the All That Is.  And we will have the benefit of knowing that it will work, because we will have the benefit of being with totally likeminded beings - for we will have passed a test to get there.  In order to even be there, we will have had to be on a certain level of vibration.

All is made up of vibration.  "In the beginning was the Word."  And we in that New World will have had to have been of a certain vibratory level, of consciousness, to cross the river of Life to that side.3

If you approach life out of the consciousness of wanting to get something for nothing - forget it.  The higher realms are not for you.  But if you approach it out of a willing heart - out of a desire to be a vital part of such an enterprise - then it will work, for you, and everybody else thus committed to the welfare of all - of The One.

And that's why what I am talking about - The New World - is not 'communism', per se.  Is not of 'a hive Mind'.  In it, everything is held 'in common' - because everything is God, and God is everything - but without the proper consciousness, you will need rules, and laws, and a big state; perhaps talking softly, but carrying a big stick.

And that's why I am so unalterably opposed to the sort of system that the man who these days calls  himself Barack Hussein Obama4 is trying to call Americans to - and to which too many Americans are lending themselves to its siren call: because he is/they are trying to create a New Order - their version of a New World Order5 - without the proper consciousness for it to 'take' in, and thrive in. 

And that consciousness requires the elimination of money - of the interest-bearing money system, and its motivating force of the concept of profit - and its replacement with, at first, a simple credit--and-debit system, and Love as the motivating force that keeps things circulating6.

Things, that are going to change in their natures to a large extent anyway.  Like - very fundamentally, this one: energy.  We are now going to tap into the energy of the universe, for all of our energy needs.  We swim in a sea of energy.  All it takes is the know-how to tap into it.

Which we now have.7  

So, we are involved in a game-changer time.  So, people will do things out of the love of doing them, and sharing them with their brothers and sisters - with themselves, in essence,  Since We Are All One, beneath the roles we have been playing, for aeons of time.  Now to end.

The roles.

And Time itself.

For those who are ready to ascend; out of the 3rd dimension classroom, in which we have been learning our lessons.  And into an equivalent of graduate school.  

Of which there are grades.  And grades.  And grades…

For, growing - learning, and integrating, and unfolding - is the equivalent of infinite.

And that's the sort of consciousness with which The New can be:

In awe of, and appreciation to - in deep respect, humility, and, perhaps above all, in gratitude, for being able to share such magnificence with -  the All That Is.  That Ever Was.  And That Always Will Be.

And those who are not ready to graduate from the 3D classroom?

They will just have to go to another such classroom.

For, the one that has been provided us Humans by Gaia - for a long, basically lovely time; as to its holding space, the theater on whose stage we have played out our parts in the human drama - is dissolving with Gaia's ascension, too.  As Gaia joins its Solar system in Its graduation, too.  

As I sayi: A major time…

So: Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  We can do better than this.  For we are involved in mankind.  And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls.

It tolls for Thee.      


P.S.  There's more to all this, of course.  Including how, after the Ascension process itself, we no longer have the same needs as we have had in 3D, of food, e.g.  At some point in the process - moving clearly up into 5D itself - that need falls by the wayside, for we will be purely in our light bodies, then.  Up until that 'time' - that no-time by then - we will go through stages, where, on the initial levels, we can utilize replicators, to make food out of 'thin air', so to speak.  Out of the energy field.  Out of light.
     But first things first. 
     And I mean that literally.  To say:
     the consciousness comes first.  And then:
     'All else will be added unto' us.

P.P.S.  And I might be wrong in all this.
     But I like to think that I am right.
     Because it's the world that I would prefer to live in.
     How about you. 



1 "And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls." - John Donne.

2 As one of the Founding Fathers said (James Madison; also known as the Father of the Constitution); to paraphrase: 'If men were angels, we would not need the likes of constitutions.'   Anything less than that kind of consciousness is liable to lead you into a dark night of despotism.  
     Absent the consciousness of the likes of angels, trying to live without clear rules - of rights and powers - is an invitation to disaster.  It is the sort of thing that the Germans experienced when Hitler said: "I am the law."  And Stalin echoed him, over in communist Russia.  And Genghis Khan before them.  And.  And…
     P.S.  Madison's exact words were: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."
     This country's Founding Fathers were giant souls, ladies and gentlemen of this era in the nation's life; raised up at that time for a divine purpose, in the establishing of this nation, on its way to being governed ultimately by a higher order of being - on its way as a beacon of light for the whole world to be governed thusly; not by tyrants of any kind.  Respect what they vouchsafed us - what they had to say, and did.  Better than you are doing at present.

3 We will be known - 'made' - by our auras. 

4 He has gone through a number of name changes.  Plus the crucial questions about his birth certificate; and his Social Security number(s); and the falsification of his Selective Service registration; and his passport file.  And.  And…
     Why did you buy a pig in a poke for your president, America?  What has happened to you, over the years, that you have lost your sense of discernment??  And will you get it back???…  

5 with the fascists - who are really the ones in control - having their version as well; just waiting in the wings, for a Crisis to bring it into being…
     Give it up, both of you, on the Far Left and on the Far Right.  Things have changed.  The Time has changed.  Didn't you notice???
     We are talking, here, too, about otherworldly beings, having been Controllers on Planet Earth for a long, long time.  Their time now coming to a close.  So, they are to be considered very dangerous, in the last throes of their power over Human.
     But there is nothing more powerful than the Light of the All That Is; shining brilliantly into this space particularly at this, our ascension time.  So all is well. 
      Rejoice, Human.
      Do not fear.
     All.  Is.  Well.

6 I am here to help you understand - really get - that the key to the future is no longer to let the moneychangers run life. Is to replace Force with Love.
     And it's not an option anyway. 

7 Thanks, in part, to Galactics.  But that's a whole 'nother story.  
     We also have our own homegrown systems.  So we can give ourselves credit as well, in this area of human activity, and initiative, and enterprise.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Impatience Is Not A Virtue...

...but I am feeling it increasingly these days.  Consciousness-raising seems to be going very slow; especially for where we are on the Ascension spectrum.  Two example today, for me.  The first, an old pet peeve of mine: the inability of Americans to respect the founding of their country; in this case, the ineligibility of the man who calls himself, these days, Barack Hussein Obama for the office of the presidency of the United States.  An insult to the Founders of this nation, and its potential role in the world, of a shining example of a people living by self-governance (I am kibitzer2):

 Western Center for Journalism:  'Obama's Eligibility: Rep. Tom McClintock Pussyfoots' - Sept. 28 - Daniel Noe

  1. ellen
  2. says:
    September 29, 2012 at 2:10 am
  1. September 29, 2012 at 2:10 am
  1. Re: “To be a natural born citizen of America, both birth parents have to be American citizens before the birth. ”
  1. Turning to that aspect of the birther myth. The meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law and refers to the PLACE of birth, not to the parents of a US-born Citizen.
  1. “Under the longstanding English common-law principle of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are citizens from birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are “natural born citizens” and eligible to be President. Much less certain, however, is whether children born abroad of United States citizens are “natural born citizens” eligible to serve as President …”—- Edwin Meese, et al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005) [Edwin Meese was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, and the Heritage Foundation is a well-known Conservative organization.]
  1. That definition was stated by the US Supreme Court in the Wong Kim Ark case, which BTW was after Minor v. Happersett, so it would have overturned it (if Minor v Happersett actually were a ruling on the matter). And the Wong Kim Ark case ruled six justices to two, one not voting, that the meaning of Natural Born comes from the common law (hence not from Vattel), and that it refers to the place of birth, and that every child born in the USA except for the children of foreign diplomats is Natural Born.
  1. So far there have been seven state courts and one federal court that have ruled on the NBC status of Obama and one (Hollinder v McCain) that ruled on the NBC status of McCain, and all nine of them ruled that the definition of Natural Born Citizen was laid down in the Wong Kim Ark supreme court ruling, and that it says that every child born in the USA except for the children of foreign diplomats is a Natural Born Citizen. That makes Rubio, and Jindal, and yes, Obama, all Natural Born Citizens due to their place of birth. Obama was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate, and the Index Data, and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii papers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 and the fact that Hawaii is thousands of miles from the nearest foreign country all show.
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  1. blackyb
  2. says:
    September 29, 2012 at 2:58 am
  1. September 29, 2012 at 2:58 am
  1. I understand that his white grandmother worked in vital records at the courthouse and probably did not want his birth to appear as bastardized. These people were Communists, according to what I farther understand. The grandfather was great friends with Marshall Davis.
  1. That old man talking is leaving out how long this thing has been in the works and the planning that has gone into it. The reason in the beginning for a falsified birth announcement may have been for simple reason of receiving social benefits for young Barak. It just may have blossomed into what it is. Barak Obama is from all I have read and from the experts, not eligible to be in our White House. He should be arrested. He knows the score and is trying to finish a work for those who raised him and groomed him from his early youth to do just what he is doing. Obama is doing nothing now but supressing freedoms, breaking the finances of this country and slowly instituting Muslim ideals into the country. What does everyone think he is doing. He is pandering to those who are less educated who do not know what he is doing, or those who are dumed down so much they are unable to think or even take care of their own basic needs, and the youth of this country, and the fringes of society who want to justify their lifestyles. He is using them for a rag tag army to raise hell when he and they do not get what they want.

  1. Reply
  2. Report user 
  • Obama’s white grandmother worked in a bank.
  • Hawaii is still thousands of miles from the nearest foreign country, and very very few women traveled late in pregnancy in 1961. (And the government of Kenya, where birthers allege that he was born, says that it investigated and he certainly was NOT born there.) And Obama has a birth certificate from Hawaii, and it is confirmed by the officials of both parties and by the Index Data and by the birth notices sent to the newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961.

  1. 82f3a2591172e359e7f5ebd5dc25a968.jpg
  1. blackyb
  2. says:
    September 29, 2012 at 3:15 am
  1. September 29, 2012 at 3:15 am
  1. Orlie Taitz and all those 156 investigators who have received verified information as to Obama’s eligibility and the computer experts, lawyers, etc. are not guessing. They know. I am wondering if Congress does not know and are waiting until after the election. For all we know, we have been taken over already with threats of great destruction if Obama is moved upon. Those people could not be that in the dark or that cowardly. Something must be up. There are some 11 states where they are (or have been) trying to get Obama off the ticket because of his ineligibility. Those judges and prosecutors are trying, but seem to be finding ways not to do this in some instances. Orlie Taitz is a doctor and a lawyer who seems to be running herself ragged to keep court appointments and take witnesses. Those courts do not seem to be making it easy for her. It is like the people who should be, are not trying to find out the truth. That leads me to believe there is a very high up cover up by the Administration and Congress. Obama is keeping the masses in line in the communities who are likely to raise hell by promising them things he has no intention of delivering. If later when they see through all of this, and they raise hell, he will have become so entrenched he will bring them to mass harm without the compunction normally used by America. This man can, if he is who he is appearing to be, extend his term indefinately and all of us are in trouble who stand against this. Congress is likely playing dumb. Does that seem possible? Could they know the truth and not allowing what should be done to be done? If so, why?

  1. Reply
  2. Report user 
  • Orly Taitz is a trial lawyer who earns money for all the cases that she works on. As for the 156 (?) investigators–they are birther investigators, who in most cases have not shown their credentials, and who certainly have not shown that they are fair and impartial. As for Sheriff Joe and his investigators in particular:
  • These are some reasons why Ann Coulter, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, the National Review, and the conservative secretary of state of Arizona do not believe the Cold Case Posse or other birther “investigators” and do believe the birth certificate of Hawaii, and the confirmation of the officials in Hawaii, and the Index Data file, and the birth notices sent to the newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii and the fact that Hawaii is thousands of miles from any foreign country and women very rarely traveled late in pregnancy in those days.

  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.jpg
  • Ellen,
  • I have been reading your take on this matter for years, and I have to say that your take on the definition of a NBC does not jibe with other information on it. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, to have put it in the Constitution for that particular federal office and no other – the office as well of the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the pending Republic – if all it meant was just to have been born jus soli – born on the soil. It meant jus sanguinis as well – born of the blood; to say, having no foreign allegiance. It was a measure for national security purposes; which was why John Jay – then to become the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – recommended it to G. Washington, to be inserted in the Constitution being developed at the Constitutional Convention. Which incidentally, turned down Hamilton’s first draft, where he called for the presidential candidate to be just a citizen. Got it? That option was turned down. 

  • The Founding Fathers did not go by English common law – they were trying to extricate themselves from any links of potential allegiance to Great Britain. They were going by Natural Law in their thinking – including Vattel. Mario Apuzzo has gone into all this in great detail.

  • Edwin Meese’s take on the matter may have something to do with why the Republican Party has gone along with this scam. The best answer is that they wanted to have their own dog in that fight, too; i.e., wanted to be able to put up candidates who were not NBC as well, and did a Machiavellian deal with the Democrat Party honchos to keep schtum on their candidate Obama. McCain himself might still be found to have been ineligible, for not having been born on the equivalent of U.S. soil abroad, as he may have been born in Panama City, not on the military base of his parents’ assignment; another reason that the Republican Party joined in this crime.

  • The tipoff to a criminal conspiracy between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party is that both political parties tried five times over the 8 years preceding the 2008 elections to get a constitutional amendment starting through Congress on this very issue – to release the too-strict (in their eyes) NBC requirement – and failed even to get it out of committee every time. So, obviously, they ultimately got together (whether in a smoke-filled room or not is immaterial) and decided to do an end-around on the Constitution and the American people. Wrong decision. It will ultimately land them in jail.

  • After a fair hearing in a – fair – court of law, of course: brought up on RICO charges, of criminal collusion. Which will prove that both the major political parties are not just observedly but legally corrupt, and need to be dissolved forthwith. What will also come out of those proceedings is how Nancy Pelosi committed a felony by signing off on Obama’s eligibility, out of the 2008 Democratic Party Nominating Convention, to be “constitutionally qualified” to run for the office, knowing it was an untruth because she changed the wording to the States’ authorities on the matter, eliminating that wording to them; only providing it to the Hawaiian authorities, who wanted to cover themselves and make sure the Democrat Party carried the can if the truth ever came out. Which it is; and continuing to. 

  • The efforts of the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party, and apologists for deception like yourself, notwithstanding.

  • [For a good summary of the case, see, their paper: 'Vattel's Influence on the Term a Natural Born Citizen']

...and then this; again with the Western Center for Journalism site:
'Two Smothered StoriesVets Running Away From Obama; Even NPR Fans Not Happy With Illegal Aliens' - Sept. 28 - Dr Kevin 'Coach' Collins

anazunigamaus says:

You are right phyl1943, Janet Murguia, as well as all liberals and open border advocates, think that if we happen to disagree with them, it is hate speech and discrimination. Well lets see Janet, I am a Hispanic immigrant and an Independent, who don’t agree with you views at all. If we don’t like you stand and you discrimination, because yes, look yourself in the mirror before you accuse us and you will have a clear image of the racist here, that does not mean that we hate Hispanics. It is a big difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, we are immigrants because we took the time to do things right, they are illegals and not undocumented, as you all like to call them, because documents they all have, forgery or someone else identity, but documents is something they all have.
To call them immigrants is a slap in the face to all of us, who waited in real lines at our countries of origin, to respect the laws and do things right.
  • Well said, and felt, anazunigamaus. I have all kinds of respect for people who come here legally and enter the melting pot and become Americans. They are a major strength to this nation. I have no respect for people who come here illegally. I can sympathize with their economic situation. But they can wait their turn, like immigrants like you did. 

  • Disrespect for the law is the first thing that they come in with; and then it carries over into their time here, with false ID papers and so forth – sneaking around the edges of the society. So they are not good citizen material to start with. Also, unfortunately many of them (besides the witting) are unwitting supporters of the philosophy of La Raza; who, if they get their way, will destroy the goose that laid the golden egg that attracted them in the first place; and with it, the nation of America, morphed into their version of a country. For this, and other reasons, such people must not be allowed to have their way. And definitely not in the way of defining what is free speech, and what is so-called ‘hate speech’. What a wakeup call that is…

  • ---

In summary.  There are forces on the Left of U.S politics (and the world) trying to lasso the U.S. into their version of a New World Order, based on a socialist state template,where the people do what the state wants them to do, from their political perspective.  And there are forces on the Right of U.S. politics (and the world) trying to lasso the U.S. into their version of a New World Order, based on a fascist state template, where the people do what the state wants them to do, from their political perspective.  In both versions, the U.S. as it is is to be eliminated; and along with it, its Constitution - which is the biggest stumbling block to the best-laid plans of both camps.  

Both extremes are to be avoided.  What is going on, in history, is a move neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  

 In consciousness.  To a new level of being.  

To happen this year.

This cosmologically greatly significant year...

And I am having a hard time seeing signs of it, in the body politic.

All seems to be business as usual.  And that attitude - that mindset - needs to be broken out of - shaken out of -  for The New to enter into human consciousness.

I know that it is happening.  But it seems to be happening rather slowly.  And I worry, for those souls who are not going to make the grade.  The cut.

For it will happen, regardless of the awareness state of the individual souls involved in the process.

What would I like to see happen?

I would like to see a body - Oathkeepers, in essence - quietly take charge, arresting the 'ringleaders' of the political scam going on in America these days - on both sides of the political aisle.  The dissolution of the sitting Congress, for having failed in its duty to keep the Executive branch in faith to the Constitution.  Both major political parties taken to court - at the very least, to the court of public opinion - on RICO charges (as mentioned above).  The Usurper in the office of the president of the United States to vacate that dishonored office.  The People, in an unmistakable wave of acclamation, to appoint an Officer OF The People to set things right - who will in part clean out the Augean stables of the Executive branch of the federal government of those civil servants of The People who have not been doing their regulatory job properly, with integrity.  And who will clarify the New Order of Things, to come into being, for the nation, and the world's peoples - at last.  In conjunction with what has been called Disclosure: Direct contact with Humanity's brothers and sisters of the third dimension and beyond, here in support* of this major moment in Humanity's spiritual unfolding: a move up in dimension; in conjunction with that of Gaia, and, indeed, with this Solar system as a whole.   For the Sun - our Sun - is involved in this shift as well. 

The shift is, in a word, big.

Far bigger than determinations of whether 'the Democrat' or 'the Republican' is going to win the presidential nomination, or 'the Democrats' or 'the Republicans' are going to gain control of the Congress.  For those political parties need to be dissolved, as criminal entities.  And the transformation is bigger than that, anyway; involving, as it does as well, the dissolution of the world's monetary system.  As hopelessly corrupt, and rickety - not fit for purpose any longer (if it ever was).  And needing to be superseded anyway.   For its time has come, to go; and in its place, a system installed of people sharing their goods and services with one another - and giving of their best in the process - out of a higher motive than the profit motive.  Out of the highest motive there is, and could ever be: 

out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out, of in a word: Love.  

And thus will enter in an Era of such as what are called free energy devices; and Abundance.  And Joy.

The Joy of living in perfect alignment and harmony with Spirit. 

Before the major shift through the portal into The New, there needs to be a Reckoning, with Justice being served, of actions that have been taken by leaders, both behind the scenes and in front.  But that could consist of a Truth And Reconciliation series of meetings; with the Truth of what all that has been going on, coming out, for The People to see what all has been done in their name.  So as not to get too bogged down in justice-serving.  Justice will be served; yes.  For there is justice inherent in the universe.  But it can be served in the natural way, of Karma.  The main thing that needs to happen in this regard is for the information to come out, of what all has been going on; that we can realize, fully, the truth of the biblical admonition, that 

Without a vision, the people perish.

We have not been living with full consciousness as to our lives, and the lives of those around us; that, in essence:

We Are One.

So we all need to take responsibility for what has been going on, 'in Our name'. 

And then - and only then - can we move on.  

Into the Golden Age of fable.

Now become real.

In our time.

In Our time.  

Before Time - which is a function of the third dimension, of essential illusion - comes to an end.

For those of Us who will be, by then - by the end of this calendar year - ready for Ascension.

For the others...

Ah, well. 

Their time will come.

So to speak...

But the rest will not be held back by the laggards.

So, come on, People - join in on the joy of the Transformation.

You'll be glad you did.

And so will all of the rest of Us.  



* because they are a part of the All That Is, and we are a part of the All That Is; and so therefore as we gain, so do they.
     Besides, we are direct family to some of them.


On Censorship

'No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe'  - 28 Sept.

An article by David Duke, occasioned by, quote, "Due to organized efforts to stifle free speech and ban my videos…"   It turns out that YouTube restrictions have led to removal of all comments on a video of his taking the state of Israel to task for trying to engage the US in war with Iran; wherein he specifically refers to Zionists, not 'the Jews' as a whole.

I am incensed by the heavy hand of TPTB in this sort of thing.  I'll first Copy here my response to the article and considerable Comment that it stirred up, and then make a further comment on the issue of Censorship.  So, first, my contribution to the 'dialogue'.  (it's on a site called 2012:  What's the 'Real' Truth?, run by a woman named Jean.) 

kibitzer3 says:
"There’s something going on here that really needs to be looked at. It’s basically the overriding issue of censorship. If a people aren’t really paying attention to things, and playing it status-quo cool in life, sometimes it takes ‘extremists’ to get their attention – people willing to buck the established order. If David Duke is making a case for something that needs to be looked at – if one is interested in Truth at all – then I for one will take a look, to make sure that a legitimate issue is given the traction it deserves. As someone observed above: you don’t have to agree with everything that somebody says to listen to them; and as Jean commented: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
I live in California, and I have just discovered that a law has been passed in this state to outlaw something called ‘anti-Semitism’. What?! What is the definition of that term?? Who GETS to define it??? Does that mean that if I happen to come across information, e.g., that makes it appear that Mossad/the IDF were behind a lot of the sniper killing of U.S. troops in Iraq, and the placing of IEDs there – to keep America hotted up in the Middle East against the enemies of the state of Israel, helping them fulfill their hegemonic ambitions in the area (Eretz Israel) – and I pass that info on to others, I can be (a) banned from the Internet, and (b) hauled up in a court for breaking the law??[1[ I support David Duke’s right to say his thing because I support my right to say my thing; and every American’s right to say their thing. And, actually, their responsibility to say their thing, and support the right. Or they will lose that right, in a despotic system of government, that decides for The People what they can say and what they can’t. And then, what they can think, and what they can’t. And then…the list goes on, of what all is lost with the descent of darkness. I will not tolerate censorship. It is the tool of tyrants.
As Jean so astutely reminds us: Practice discernment, folks. It’s actually a spiritual exercise."


Two things.  (1) I have since leaned, from a poster to my comment, that it wasn't a law that was passed in California, it was a 'resolution' to encourage college campuses to disallow what they labeled anti-Semitism.  Which subsequently got a lot of flak.

(2) As to the issue of censorship.  Let's stay with the specific issue of Jewry.  The more I read and research, the more appalled I am about what the state of Israel has gotten away with over the years; playing on the good will and sentiments of the public for 'the Holocaust'.  There is a history lesson that needs to be gone into here, that I don't have the time now to go into in its detail.  But it involves the very setting up of the state of Israel, and the Rothschilds, and the Zionists - who used the common Jewry to get their way, to a power base.  The Zionists who run the state of Israel are not really Jews; they are, for the most part, descendants of an eastern European people called the Khazars, after a 'rough' nation called Khazaria.  And I say 'rough', as in tough.  Warlike.  Whose king converted them to Judaism centuries ago.  And they have now, in our time, become the Nazis of the Middle East.   

I have said, someplace else, in answer to the question of what's going on in the Middle East, and in particular the standoff between the state of Israel and Iran; what I would do, say to the Israeli government: 

"Until the Israeli government apologizes to the American people for the so-called Lavon Affair; for the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty; for their sins of commission and omission regarding the suicide attack on the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon; for their sins of commission and omission regarding the 'new Pearl Harbor' attack of 9/ll; and other deceptive misdeeds, carried out in particular by Mossad, the American government should have nothing to say to them.  An apology; and the consequences.  And then we'll talk."     

Mossad.  I've ready a couple of books about their intelligence service, by ex-Mossad agents.   Their whole modus operandi is by way of Deception; false flag operations, and the like.  Operating under the 'principle' that the end justifies the means.  A sordid, sordid business.2  

These people don't think the way most of the rest of us do   They have links, not only wilt the Illuminati, running the world from behind the scenes.  But with the dark forces behind even the Illuminati.  Wherein we get into the murky historical picture of the Annunaki, and the Archons; off-planet beings, who wish to use humans as their chattel.  

But enough of all that, here, now.  My main point, here, now, is to highlight the need for American to continue to champion the principle of free speech, and the denunciation of censorship.  For there are people, like the Zionists (using 'the Jews' as cover), who want nothing more than to be able to continue to wreak their damage without an effective opposition.

Fight censorship wherever you see it raise its ugly head.  It is moving on the Internet as we speak, e.g.  And speaking of 'speak': How much longer do you think you will use able to, if TPTB pull off a false flag op - as is their M.O. - occasioning the U.S. president to declare Martial Law, and the whole country being moved in one fell swoop under centralized control.  With that centralized control over all food and water supplies, and movement.  And with drones operating in the country - already in place - for observation.  And, with but a tweak: as predatory drones.

Which we have already seen being used against U.S.citizens.  In other parts of the world.  And nothing, now, to keep the same approach to people control from operating here, now wilt the new laws in place.

Laws that have been put in place, dating back at least to the administration of Bill Clinton.  But not to leave George H.W. Bush out of the picture, as one of TPTB (actually, now The Powers That Were), with his call for A New World Order. 

There should be neither a NWO of the Right, OR the Left.  

It's time to move up, out of the level of the problem, and to the stage of Synthesis, of the historical process. 

Matching, precisely, the cosmological stage, of Ascension.  Where we are at.  As we speak.  

As long as we continue to have the right to speak.  And live our lives on that level of consciousness.

Not on the level of being chattel.   



1  See:  While you can...

2  Mossad's motto: 'By way of deception, thou shall do war.'   Look it up; and the books by the ex-agents.  Nasty stuff.  Nazi stuff.  Ashkenazi stuff.          

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Next Steps For Humanity...

...Starting With America

Wars and rumors of wars…

Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  We can do better than this.  For I am with you in 'this' as well.  Being 'involved in mankind'.  But my heart is not singing so well, these days.  In particular, for what is going on in American politics.  And within that subject area, in particular for what is going on in regards to the eligibility - to say, the lack thereof - of Barack Hussein Obama for the office of the presidency. 

This is a major constitutional issue, as to who is eligible to be Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and who is not.  A dual citizen at birth simply is not.  The requirement for such a person to hold that particular office - and that particular office only, of all the federal offices - is to be a "natural born Citizen"; the definition of which, at the time of its inclusion into the very body of the Constitution - the law of the land1 - was to be the child of parents who were U.S. citizens.  And that definition has never been changed, legally.  

It is still there, in the Constitution, in black and white.  To say: in the law of the land.  For the new 'land' - the new nation; the new Republic - to be governed by the rule of law.

Not by the rule of men.

To argue for the rule of men - for arbitrary law - is to argue for the rule of the most powerful, when the rule of law, conversely, is to protect you from the rule of the most powerful.  From the law of the jungle.  Is to protect your rights, codified by your rule of law, in the constitution that you come up with - as amendable - to live your lives by.

There is something of major importance going on here, ladies and gentlemen, beyond just the passing pageantry of history (which has its own level of importance): the question of whether you are going to be able to progress - of whether you are ready to progress - or whether you are going to be left behind, for a little more seasoning, in third dimensional experience; to learn some spiritual fundamentals.  One of which is that two wrongs don't make a right.

I have kept a close eye on the Internet as regards this matter, of Obama's eligibility, and the arguments used back and forth.  As it becomes clearer and clearer that the so-called 'birthers'  have made their case2 - except yet in a court of law, where 'they' have been denied justice in the matter, due in the largest part to technicalities (and in others, due to a clear and outrageous misreading of the definition of 'natural born' citizenship; to the extent of pure audacity, and obvious corruption) - the opposition forces -  i.e., the revolutionary forces; now fighting off the counter-revolution reaction - have begun to resort to the pure last-ditch defense of: 'So what.'  That is to say: the defense of 'I command the high ground of public opinion.  What are you going to do about it.'  Or - one step short of civil war3 - 'their' argument has come down to a (presumed) question of 'precedent'.  And here, we come to the 'two wrongs/not a right' issue: the issue of the presidency of Chester Arthur. 

Chester Arthur - president from 1881 to '85 - came into the office from the vice presidency.  That Arthur was a British subject at birth was concealed from the public (his father was not naturalized until nearly 14 years after Arthur's birth).  The argument now is starting to be used to justify Obama's eligibility from the precedent set by Chester Arthur's case.  Bad try.  His ineligibility was not known.  

Obama's is; and in spades.4

So how is this confrontation going to end up.  

It can end up badly.  Very, very ugly.  Or it can up with us being on the side of 'the better angels of our natures' (to quote Abraham Lincoln, originally, and Barack Obama, recently).  To say:

We have a choice.  We can have a scenario where the two major political parties come before a  (legitimate) court of law on RICO statutes - for having engaged in conspiracy to break the law.  And have BHO come before a similar court of law on the same sorts of charges (fraudulent ID documents, e.g.).  And the same with all those individuals from previous administrations who have engaged in the same sorts of activities.  Which, e.g., led to the atrocity of 9/11, and all the 'wrongs' that proceeded from that one; and the conspiracy which led to the JFK assassination.  And…and...  

Or, we can have a series of Truth & Reconciliation hearings, to learn what all has taken place behind the scenes of daily life.  And thus learn what happens, not only when you don't pay attention, in a form of government where The People rule.  Are supposed to rule.  So, not only then; but what happens when you lose your vision, in and about life.  Without which, the people perish; in the words of The Book.  So: we can learn our final lessons that way.  And then move on.  Up, in frequency/vibration, for those who are ready to go up.  Or back, for those who need a little more seasoning in 3D.

Thus, America can lead the world into a cleansing experience of Truth-telling.  And that way, she can - after all - fulfill her potential, as the way-shower into a new, higher level of being for all humankind.

I know which scenario I choose for us.  And I hope that you will join me in it.  

In, to say, the end of the Play.  And the beginning of our next steps; off the stage of Illusion, and into the Real Thing, beyond the matrix in which we have spent enough time; honing, not our parts.  But our souls. 


P.S.  And when I say or allude to things like, 'Without a vision the people perish', that doesn't mean that I am a Christian, or a believer in The Book.  There's a lot in that source that is not of 'the highest', to put it charitably.  But there is some wisdom in there; and so I take from it what feels right and valuable, and let the rest go. 
     For example, reference to reincarnation seems largely to have been edited out of that record.  Whereas, there is plenty of evidence in our day and age of the truth of that concept: that we are just playing parts in a drama of our making.  So, once you realize that, wake up to the fact that you are just playing parts in a drama, why would you continue to engage in it?  Wouldn't you begin to wonder, What's behind the curtain, as it were; what's on the other side of the stage?? Wonder, what it's all about really???
     I 'get' that part of the reluctance to move on is 'the unknown'.  You know the drama.  But a moment of 'stop and think' should clear that reluctance, to move on, up.  Consider.  Since there is such a thing as reincarnation - a Plan - that means that there is a larger reality of which the reincarnation part - the drama on a stage - is just a part.  And therefore, the whole has to be considerably more than the part.  It's a good bet, then, to leave the part-playing behind, and go for the Real Thing.  Especially with a Plan indicating a Purpose.  And I assure you, that the Purpose is not for souls to stay embedded in the parts they play, for that purpose.
     The Purpose, I would submit, is to learn to Love.  Wholeheartedly.  Unconditionally.
     Like our Creator.
     Becoming like unto our Creator.
     So, come on.  Let's move on.  We will all be glad that you did; in the long run.  For we are all - obviously - in this together; on some level.  On a fundamental level.
     And that's why, if someone doesn't make the grade at this time, and has to continue to stay in the school of dualistic life, they will get another chance to graduate.  For, we are all of a piece ('a piece of the continent, a part of the main' in the words of John Donne) fundamentally; and will, ultimately, all return Home.
     The Home from which we all came.   
     All.  Of Us.
     Those currently in and of the Light.
     AND those currently in and of the Dark.
     Just playing their parts.
     For ultimate Reason.



1 "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof…shall be the supreme Law of the Land…"  (emphasis mine)  Art. VI, para. 2.
     Nothing about arbitrary interpretations of the law in that.  Contrary to what some law school students seem to have been taught, these benighted days; wherein some part-playing souls seem to want the personal socio-political proclivities of the Judges to reign supreme over We the People.  
     A test, perhaps.  And one that we seem to have failed - and are failing - miserably. 

2 although not even that camp (of 'Where's the birth certificate?'); rather, the camp of those who argue that it doesn't even matter where the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was born: the fact that his father was a non-citizen itself renders him ineligible for that particular office.

3 for which the Obama administration would seem to be preparing.  Why else all this military movement going on, and ordering of major amounts of ammunition, and Executive Orders with the Executive commanding total - totalitarian - power over all food supplies, and water supplies, and power supplies…In case of 'national emergency,' yes.  And who declares a state of 'national emergency'?  And for what reason…
     Could the reason be for the implementation of the New World Order planned for us by our erstwhile Keepers?  That prison camp for a once sovereign people??  
     The true once, and future, King???……

4 This business of applying the perverted principle of two wrongs making a right is also reflected in this instance in the position by some Obama apologists, I have noted on Comments threads on the Internet, who have argued thusly about the election of George W. Bush in at the least the 2000 elections; saying that he stole that election, and where were all these people making a fuss about Obama's election then?  Or even invoking the documented irregularities in the 2004 presidential election - what about that, Republicans??  And you're going to make a fuss about a lil' ol'  word??? Leaving aside the little matter of both sides of the political aisle being involved in voting irregularities over the years - and, unfortunately, the tendency still going on - one wonders at the audacity of the argument.  It is, clearly, no argument.  Citing irregularities in other elections as some sort of justification for the ineligibility of a candidate to run for that particular office in the first place - for overthrowing the Constitution and, with it, the very rule of law; without which, anything goes  - is, well, childish.
     Come on, folks.  As I say: We can do better than this.            

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

This Is How We Fix The World

On David Wilcock's website (, under his latest blog, in the last few days in its thread of Comments, someone posted the site of a person who calls herself HopeGirl.  It is a site for looking at the practicalities of the New Era (or New Paradigm; or New Age; or The Great Turning; or The Great Transformation - all names for the same thing: our time in space and time).  After presenting her readership with an excellent (in my opinion) overview of the background to where we are at on planet Earth (which she calls 'While You Were Asleep: The Story of the 2012 Revolution'), she then provides an outline for people to fill in who have developed a studied opinion as to where we go from here.  How would you fill in her questionnaire??   This was my response:

'This Is How We Fix The World'  by HopeGirl   (my submission: 18 September)

Name: kibitzer3

1a) Goal / End Result: 

Goal: To align our individual and collective lives with the Love and Will of The Most High. 

The End Result is to share goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the profit motive. Indeed, out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

1b) Contingencies: 

Getting clear on Motive - on The Vision - makes all potential contingencies fall into place, in service to that goal. So a Contingency factor is for all humanity to wake up to the reality of being the sons and daughters (while we are still in the 3D polarity paradigm) of our mutual Source. 

1c) Milestones:

The first milestone is the elimination of money - at least, as it has been known (for too long now). (Hopegirl: You are operating under a false premise. The financial system as it is has to be released, for The New to be able to manifest. It does not exist within the current system: it replaces it. Doing things for profit is rendered obsolete in the era of The Great Awakening.) So there go the dual training wheels of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking. They have had their day. It is time now for the total New. 

The second milestone is the creation of a system of credits & debits (outwith the now-obsolete interest-bearing system) for services rendered to The System; similar to the LETS systems already in place, only taken up to the global level - where humanity is now at, in awareness; just not yet in total consciousness.

2a) Goal / End Result: 

Goal: To embody Ascension. 

The End Result is to accomplish Ascension, to a higher level of being/consciousness than we are at presently, in 3D; and to do it WITH Gaia, our beloved host Being.

2b) Contingencies: 

The step-by-step process for the accomplishment of our End Result is, first, to educate & awaken our brothers and sisters to the evidences for the reality of reincarnation as an integral part of the Plan of Life - that We Are, fundamentally, One Another; and then, taking one step further in awareness from that premise, that We Are One. Divine sparks - fractals - of One Holy Being. Involved in awakening, and making our way back, to Unity. So that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - literally.

2c) Milestones: 

The 'large achievement' would be for us to experience ourselves AS sons and daughters of One Holy Being; on our way to the next 'large achievement', that of accomplishment of Unity - the Purpose of the whole exercise in Creative living: to make our way back to our birthright, of Oneness. 

3) Alternative Question: 

The more that people wake up to the considerable thinking and writing that has gone on in relation to our historical place in time, they will realize that we are verging on a place of no-time - a move out of the Matrix that we have been embedded in, and up to a higher level of reality; beginning to truly test our spiritual wings, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - and now at the end of that stage of our unfolding.


And just because it's of a piece with this sort of sharing - i.e., on Where We're At -  below is a response that I made ON that thread at David's site:

Kibitzer September 15

Patrick @ Sept. 13:

Thanks for the heads-up re: the Obama admin appealing the U.S. District Court's ruling re: provisions in the NDAA legislation that BHO signed into law quietly on the last day of the year. A poster on that site noted that that is a sort of formality, in order for the ruling (and appeal) to get to the Supreme Court to have national significance. But it highlights the general tenor of the BHO admin, which does not bode well for the American people - at least those who want the country/Republic to remain under the rule of law - the Constitution - and not fall under the 'rule of men'; as happened in Germany under 'I am the law' Adolph Hitler. And David W. (based on my reading of a lot of his material) is falling into a bit of a trap on this BHO business. Someone needs to tell him:

'David, with all due respect, you really need to know the fact that BHO is not a Constitutionally legal president; and if your response is to say - like some have to this issue - 'Oh well - but he's doing a good job' - you would become part of the problem.

'If the Constitution goes, so does the rule of law. And that will allow tyrants of either the Right OR the Left to take control of the U.S., and impose a police state on The People. Thank you, no thanks. There is a higher level of socio-econo-political evolution to get to than the current facedown between a NWO of the Right - roughly speaking, the Bush/Rockefeller camp - and a NWO of the Left - roughly speaking, the Obama/Soros camp. (It's the same perps at the top of the pyramid of power; but that's another matter.)

Neither of them is integrating the crucial piece to the picture: the piece of Spirit. To say, the spiritual component of our essence, and of the whole point to the process of life. Which is our spiritual unfolding; as sons and daughters (currently, in the 3D polarity paradigm) of a loving Creator; our Source; the All That Is. Not as serfs of material-level (erstwhile) Masters.

'Help us get there - to the next level up in the historical process unfolding: to the TRUE Synthesis. The Great Transformation. The New Paradigm. The New Age; by whatever name, it would smell as sweet. Not of corruption.'

David is accepting the perspective of many 'spiritual' types these days, in thinking that Obama is a high-spiritual being. He may well be. But at this point in time, he is acting out a role on the side of the Dark, not the Light. And we should be very careful of falling under his spell.

It may be a truism, but it's no less valid: Two wrongs don't make a right. An ineligible person in the presidential seat, AND a supporter of the Patriot Act & the NDAA 'indefinite detention' clause?? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or at least a discerning little.

And on this subject, of the Dark Forces - and as we grow nearer to major action in this whole regard -  I would just like to point out the need for caution in dealing with 'the Cabal', i.e., with those individuals whom we may feel deserve our contempt and vengeance, as the truth outs of what all they have been up to, for a long, long time.  Remember to consider what the major quality is behind the whole life experience thing; which, in a word, is Love.  For, if if the dark-forces 'they' hadn't provided the anvil, we wouldn't be able now to beat our swords into plowshares; knowing what we know now about our various potentials.  They deserve credit, for playing their parts, in the unfolding drama, that has brought us to the end of the Play, and the beginning of the Real Thing - that is to say as well, that has brought us to the end of Time as we have known it: to its end for the bulk of humanity, moving up now in consciousness out of the 3rd dimension of duality & limitation into a realm/dimension of no-time; approaching closer to the 'land' - the ultimate goal of the entire exercise - of Unity. 
And we each have undoubtedly played such a role ourselves, in the panorama of the passing Play that we have been involved in - to learn lessons, and be each other's students and teachers, as we have had had our rough edges filed down, and our consciousnesses raised, in the process of purification that we have been involved in; tempering us, for just such an occasion as this: our imminent Ascension.
Or actually: for this very occasion. The next, major step on our Journey home.    

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Unrealized Expectations

Yesterday I was asked by Amazon to submit a review of a book that I recently bought from/through them - 'The Obama Error,' by Stephen Pidgeon - which I did; and in doing so, found that it brought up a whole train of thought for me.  A not particularly pleasant one.  It had to do with America, and where this country is at.  Which is at a major crossroads.

Upon returning recently to my home country after living many years abroad, I found some positive aspects to the life going on here, and some not so positive.  The positive mostly has to do with the cheerfulness of the people, even under adversity.  There is a good feeling in and about the country, still.  And I take heart from that.  The 'sunny American disposition' at work and play.  The not-so positive takes many forms.  I won't go into most of those here - they have to do with the brainwashing of the American public in terms of their diet, and health matters in general, for example.  (How long is it going to take the American public to wake up to the scam of fluoridation, for further example??  That was going on long before I left - in 1976; and before leaving, helped fight a delaying battle against it in L.A. - and it is STILL going on; even with all the good work that many are doing to alert the public to its dangers.  Wake the hell UP, folks.  Not only is it cutting you off from your better health - in the form in which it is being administered to you, it is a poison, after all.  But it is also cutting you off from your connection with your spiritual 'side', in its deleterious effect on the pineal gland.  More on which, another time.)  But I do want to pick up on one of those brainwashing aspects of it in particular.  That has to do with the phenomenon of Barack Hussein Obama ascending to the illustrious office of the American presidency - the most powerful office in the world.

Over in the UK, I was glad to hear of a major challenge to the (dis)likes of the W. Bush administration.  It seemed, from my perspective - residing outside of the belly of the beast, as it were - that the country I haves a passion for was being taken over by fascists - the definition of which is a government consisting of a major nexus between the corporate world and the government, in a harsh, control-imposed, do-as-you're told way.  Those kinds of people, e.g., were responsible - obviously; for those who had eyes to see - for 9/11,1 and its results, the so-called PATRIOT Act, and so forth: the country being prepared for police-state takeover - walking zombie-like right into the trap, whereby 'they' - TPTB; the Illuminati; the purveyors of a New World Order; call them what you will - were making the world safe for Halliburton.  Something needed to happen, to upset that scenario; and along came a half-black, half-white American - a perfect symbol of the, or at least a, newAmerica. And he even preached (a bit mesmerically; but still, desperate times require, sometime, desperate measures - measures that one might not normally approve of, for their people-controlling aspects) the gospel of Hope and Change.  A Change out of the direction in which the country was going?  I didn't vote for the man - voted for a staunch constitutionalist; to help get the country back on track, in alignment with its founding impulses, which it had departed from many years ago, IMHO - but I could certainly appreciate, and relate to, the message.

And then - after the election - I began to find out more about that man.  And got deeply disturbed about what I was beginning to find out.

Starting with his ineligibility for the office in the first place.  That particular office; which was also to be that of the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the nation.  The presidential qualification, of being a 'natural born citizen' - as opposed to just a 'citizen' - making sure that the holder of that office did not have dual loyalties or allegiances, because of being required by the Constitution to having been born of two American citizen parents.

Which this man wasn't.

At least insofar as the public could ascertain.  Since there was so much question about his birth certificate...and that whole scenario unwinds the way it has.  But I want to emphasize, here, another aspect to this story.   The aspect of how so many 'spiritual' people are being sold on Obama's presumed high spiritual roots; how he is a highly spiritual soul, come to help lead the whole world into its new era, of a Golden Age, aka Ascension.

Really?  This man, with his terribly checkered background??

I'll cut to the chase here (the chase for The Truth).  I find it hard to believe that something of high Light can come out of something so low down dark as Barack Hussein Obama's murky background.  From a Communist Party mentor who may well have been as well his real birth father, to mysterious time early on spent in Pakistan and points East (including, possibly, Russia),2 to his days in Chicago putting Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' into action, to a forged Selective Service document and wonky Social Security number(s), to his various name changes over the years; not to mention the obviously fraudulent COLBs and LFBC - his background has all the hallmarks of a forged identity.

Who is this man?  The American people don't really know.  He has come out of nowhere and pulled off the heist of all times: the purloining of the American presidency.  Right in front of the eyes of an adoring American audience.

Amazing sleight of hand.  Worthy of the best of the trade.  The trade of deception.

America - the American Republic; hard earned by the sacrifices of many men and women over the years - deserves better than this.

And I don't see that they will get it from the Republican Party.  The Republicans are almost as culpable in this heist as the Democrats, for not being a proper 'honorable opposition'.3

Corruption, they name is politics in America today.  Not a fitting epitaph, in the demise of the American Republic.

Or maybe - just maybe - it is.

And what a tragedy that would be.  

Talk about unrealized expectations...

...and talk, also, about how even the very elect will be the latter days.

That is to say: In our time.



1 Anybody who doesn't realize that there is something terribly wrong with the official 9/11 story just hasn't done their homework about that atrocity, and its cover-up.  Check out Scholars for 9/11 Truth; Pilots for 9/11 Truth; Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth; Dr. Judy Wood.  The list goes on.
     You have no excuse for your ignorance on the subject.  You have had plenty of opportunity to avail yourself of the facts.  So don't act surprised, if the boom lowers, and it lands right on your head.  

2 and the intriguing story, told by an American businessman - name of Tom Fife - about a conversation he had in Moscow in 1992 with a staunch Communist woman who told him about a half-black man name of Barack who was going to become president of the United States, and lead it into communism, so how do you like them apples?  or Russian words to the effect.
     I, for one, don't.  But keep reading.  (And Google the Tom Fife story, and read it - feel it - for yourself.)    

3 They obviously had their quid pro quo in mind, when they did a deal with the honchos of the Democrat Party to overlook the little matter of Obama's ineligibility.
     Both political parties need to be up before the magistrates on RICO charges.
     In fact, the whole sitting Congress needs to be dissolved, by The People - for having been an accessory to and after the fact of the constitutional crime having been committed; and for not doing their constitutional duty, for being a check on the Executive branch of government - and at least some of its members hauled up before the magistrates as well, for obvious acts of criminality in this matter.
     In an ideal world...