Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hilarion Message

One needs to use discrimination when considering channelled messages; there are mischievous - and even malevolent - entities out there in Astral land (who in effect offer their services in order for us to refine our discriminatory/intuitive abilities).  But I have found, for some time, these messages, purportedly from 'Hilarion,' via Marlene Swetlishoff, to have sound substance to them.
     I offer this to you in that spirit.   

June 29-July 6, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Although most of you have done the work of spiritually aligning yourselves to the higher dimensional perspective, there is still much that is coming up from your cellular memories to be acknowledged and released. It is a matter of understanding what is occurring as that helps to more quickly allow all that surfaces to be released without becoming engaged yet again in the emotional and mental turbulence. It is like wringing out a sponge that still has a bit of moisture left in it so that it needs a few final squeezes. By now you all have an arsenal of tools and techniques that you have accumulated to help you move through with relative grace and ease. You have what it takes to get through this. If you feel you need further help, then it is necessary to find a practitioner who can give you the assistance you require. There are many people well qualified to help you through this. Ask your spiritual guides to lead you to the ones who are right for your particular circumstance.

The outer world you live on is changing rapidly although your news media would have you believe otherwise. The power struggles between leaders in many countries of the world is a sign that the system and structures that have been in place for a very long time are now in need of radical change. Many foresee that it requires a new way of looking at things and new ways of accomplishing what needs to be changed but there are still those who stubbornly hold on to the power structures that have been established. The people of the world are no longer in ignorance of the widespread misuse of power in those who lead them and have begun to put their leaders under a microscope. The writing is on the wall for these ones, adapt and change what does not work or step aside. The rumblings are becoming louder in their spheres of influence.

As with all change, it comes about through friction and resistance. What humanity needs to realize is that they must work together to address the many challenges the world they live on is presenting. It requires the input of all good and sincere people. There are those who work with the grids of the Earth, there are those who have ability to bring healing and stability to various areas of the planet, there are those in the scientific community who are working on solutions to the many challenges that are required to be met. There are those in the economic sector who are endeavouring to create a more equitable economic system for all. There are those in the medical professions who need to truly meet the needs of their people instead of feeding the structures of the pharmaceutical companies. They need to allow their people to choose alternate and more natural options for their health issues. In every sector of society, there is a need to let go of self interest and start working for the highest good of all.

As these structures are realigned to a higher principle and concept of working for the highest good of all upon the planet, the beneficial outcomes for all citizens of the world will create a more stable and peaceful environment. When the basic needs of all of Earth’s citizens are met and the way forward is established through transparent communication and sincere and honest cooperation between all peoples and structures of the world, then life as they have known it will truly change for the better. The element of fear and suspicion in all human hearts will be eradicated and a more joyous and harmonious interaction between all peoples of the world will bring about tremendous and positive transformations.

It behooves ones such as the lightworkers and others of good heart and intent who are not familiar with this term of reference, to continue to visualize, intend and give strength and power to that which you earnestly want and desire to see manifest upon your planet. This is the focus that is asked of those who are aware and awake to the incredible opportunity that is before all of humanity in this moment of now. As the people of the world let go of all self centered desires from within themselves and see the entirety of the world at large as part of themselves, it allows the higher aspects of their divinity to come shining through. When humanity feels the call to be of greater service to each other, this will open up a grander experience of universal proportions.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included. 
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Just A Minutemen

1) from 'Marco Rubio Delivers "Game Changing" Speech' - Onan Coca - June 27

Ron Bedell Ron Bedell 12 hours ago (June 28)

For a person to be a Natural Born Citizen of the United States he or she must be born in the United States of two parents who were both United States citizens before the child was born in the U.S. Therefore, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not Natural Born Citizens of the U.S.A. and could not qualify to run for U.S. President.


Nanette Gray Ron Bedell 19 hours ago

In addition to historical and textual analysis, numerous holdings and references in federal (and
state) cases for more than a century have clearly indicated that those born in the United States and
subject to its jurisdiction (i.e., not born to foreign
diplomats or occupying military forces), even to
alien parents, are citizens “at birth” or “by birth,” and are “natural born,” as opposed to
“naturalized,” U.S. citizens. There is no provision in the Constitution and no controlling
American case law to support a contention that the citizenship of one’s parents governs the eligibility of a native born U.S. citizen to be President.
So, I think it would not matter, who it are bound not to vote republican.


kibitzer3 Nanette Gray 3 minutes ago (June 28)

Nanette, you - and I grant you, some others - have a peculiar way of reading "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof". An illegal alien is not "subject to the jurisdiction" of the U.S. State that he is merely residing in; he is still a citizen of the country that he came from, and is subject to THAT "jurisdiction". This business of so called 'anchor babies' is a huge con job, and needs to be lawfully rejected. In the meantime, the intent of the constitutional Framers, in setting the 'natural born citizen' bar for the presidential office - and that federal office ONLY; thus signifying its especial nature in their eyes - was very clear: they did not want any candidate for that office - who, if elected, would as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - to be subject to DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like a naturalized citizen. Or like a dual citizen.
Like Obama. Which is why Obama is a Usurper, and needs to be - not impeached; which is for legally sitting presidents - but simply removed from that office for that reason and held for trial (plus for the crimes that he has committed while covering up his illegality for the office). Not copycatted, by the Republicans, in trying to make two wrongs make a right. Which is obviously why the Repub Party honchos entered into a conspiracy with their Democrat Party counterparts to do an end-around on the Constitution on this issue regarding Obama, in a quid pro quo agreement: 'We won't say anything about your candidate if you won't say anything about our future picks; capiche?'
All of which will come out in the wash, as part of the total cleansing of the cesspit that Washington, D.C. has become, and a return of the nation to its constitutional principles. Before it descends into civil war, for having lost its way, because of just such corrupt dealings as this.


2)  (as to this business of the U.S. being very close to civil war:)

Just A Minutemen

It seems a lot of Americans don't really understand that we are at war.  The Left knows it - they're waging it, against 'normal' Americans.  You know - July 4th corn-on-the-cobbers, and all that??  Instead of Minutemen, we seem to have a lot of Just a Minute Men, and Women.  'I'm watching my favorite TV show - can't you see I'm busy?  Be with you in a minute.'  And the minute never comes.  And never comes…until it's too late.

Make no mistake.  We are at a crossroads, ladies and gentlemen.  Either we get off this road that the Left has prepared for us - into a socialistic system, where the wealth is 'redistributed,' and there are no individual rights, only group rights; only, that is to say, the power of the state to determine your rights.1  Or we enter into a dark night of the soul.

Your soul knows it.  It longs for the free will of the Creator's Way.  It's just that we have forgotten our roots; in spirit.  Not in matter.

As our erstwhile Controllers would have it.2  And have done a lot to keep 'it' that way. By such measures as closing down our pineal glands - our gateway to our intuition; to, that is to say, 'the outer, non-material realms' - with the likes of fluoride, clogging up the channel.  And so forth and so on.

There is a lot to be accounted for, as we prepare the way to, and for, our Next Steps, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.

Prepare.  By opening ourselves to information.  

No longer being Just A Minutemen.        



1 "When presented with this scenario [i.e., "an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our try existence…"], individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
— Henry Kissinger, Genocidal Globalist Jew, at the Bilderberg Conference in Evian, France May 21, 1992.
     Ah yes: the role of 'the Jews,' in what is and has been going on.  Or more specifically: of Zionist Jews.  And even more specifically: the Ashkenazi Jews, from Khazaria (as converted to Jewry by their king). 
     More specifically, as regards the "scenario' of Zionist Jews; take this quote:
     "We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.”
— Dr. Kurt Munzer, “The Way to Zion.”
     Or see this:
     “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a NEW ORDER IN THE WORLD. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, became a reality all over the world.”
— The American Hebrew Magazine – September 10, 1920
     I could go on……
     …and will, for one more pertinent quote:
     “What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) [sic] religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!”
— Jew Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.
     No wonder they were involved in the "new Pearl Harbor" 9/11 atrocity (with their you-should-excuse-the-expression 'art students,' and Dancing Jewry Masters on the top of a van laden with explosives, on their way to another feature of their false flag op, to blame "the Arabs")…
     …which will come out, in the general coming out of Truth now to take place, on the planet.  For our Next Steps here to be able to take place.
     And out of the grasping hands of our erstwhile Masters.  Cockroaches to the core.  Well; not quite 'the core'.
     Read on...

2 experiencing the pain of the separation of the soul from its Creator; and thinking itself all-powerful without regard for its origin.  Aligning, then, with wayward aspects of the Creation.
     Well.  That's free will for you…

Impeachment - Yea Or Nay

(I had prepared this to post on Thurs. evening, but my connection with the Internet was down.  I am just now catching up, with my emails, and my blogs.)

Date: June 26

To: Douglas Ramsey, Project Director, USIU

From: 'Stan' Stanfield, Concerned Citizen, USA

Re: Confidential And Secure Memorandum Of Record On The Impeachment And Removal From Office Of Barack Obama

Dear Doug,

Under your 'hat' as Project Director of the IOC [Impeach Obama Campaign] I have just told you that Obama is a Usurper, to say is not a legally sitting president - for not being a "natural born citizen," as required by the Constitution - and so he cannot by rights be impeached, which is redress for "high crimes and misdemeanors" committed while in that office by a legally sitting president.  

He must, rather and simply, be arrested, and held for trial in a (fair and impartial) court of law.*  Support that, and I will support you.


P.S. Arrested, by Oathkeepers, active and retired; with the support of an informed citizenry. Without which, a constitutional republic cannot long endure.

* with the emphasis on the "law".  For, either we live by the rule of law or we don't; and con artists like Obama will continue to find chinks in our armor.


Says it all, really.  Except for the details of the definition of a NBC, as in the minds and intent of the constitutional Framers.  My reading of which is supported by various facts on the ground at the time (the private memo to G. Washington, as Chair of the Convention, by John Jay - who, not so incidentally, became the first Chief Justice of the new nation, and was one of the trio of statesmen who wrote the definitive 'Constitution-explaining Federalist Papers' ; the specific rejection of the Convention delegates of the proposal by A. Hamilton that the President need only be a 'citizen;'  the familiarity of the delegates - and especially their elder mentor on such things, B. Franklin - with E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' which propounded the legalistic aspects of such matters; the quote by George Mason that the colonists were going by American common-law, not English common law,which refers to a sovereign and therefore 'subjects'); by the position of a number of legal scholars in our time, esp. Mario Apuzzo ( and the two videos on the Internet by Prof. Herb Titus; and, perhaps most telling of all: by common sense:

the Framers did not want any citizen occupying that office - and that particular federal office ONLY, let it be noted; signaling its unique importance to them (which can be accounted for, at the very least in part, but in particular part, by the fact that the candidate, if elected, as well becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces) - who had, or might have, DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. 

Like a naturalized citizen.  Or like a dual citizen.

Like one Barack Hussein Obama.

And boy, are we learning that lesson now; in the significance of a candidate who indeed had, and has proven to have, dual/conflicting loyalties or allegiances to the Constitution and the United States of America.

All 57 of them; according to the Usurper.  The Imposter.  The Great Pretender.   The would-be, law-unto-himself Dictator.

And whom, in our getting rid of, should help us learn another lesson: that being not to take the sneaky, sinister, sophistic words of slimy legalistic types who try to get the populace to believe the canard that 'original intent' is not the only legitimate way to read the Constitution; that it is a 'living document,' and means only what a majority of members of the SCOTUS say it means at any given time, in taking their cue from various political winds of the day.

Humpty Dumpty said the same thing (that "words mean what I say they mean").  And look at what happened to him.


He had a great fall.

Lawyers and judges, past, present, and future:

Please take note.

Especially you 'activist judges' in this era of socialistic political thinking, regarding such as 'group rights' instead of individual rights.  We Patriots of the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America - which is still standing; if but barely, under the sustained, step-by-stealthy step attack of the erstwhile dictator Obama and his Marxist minions - may run you out of town on a rail.

Only metaphorically, of course.   

For we are a peaceful people.1

Unless attacked.

And then, look out. 

And we are, indeed, under attack, now.  Particularly from within.2

And are in our awakening period. 

Fair warning.



1 Aside from the 'War Is A Racket' aberration of the fascist/'corporatist' types amongst us; and more specifically, the likes of the attempts by the NeoCons to get the U.S. to go dragon-slaying in the Middle East, just not the dragon of the state of Israel.  Which needs to apologize to the American people for a number of attacks on this nation.  Coming to mind: the Lavon Affair; the strafing and attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty; its sins of omission in the suicide bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon; and its sins of both omission and commission in the audacious atrocity of the "new Pearl Harbor" of 9/11.  
     There's plenty of fault, and guilt, to go around, in the cleansing and general setting-to-rights that will take place.  Before we can move Up, and out of this cesspool that we have created, or allowed to be created, in our midst. 
     Patriots: Man your stations.  We have a considerable work to do.
     Which we chose to get involved in.  Or we wouldn't be here, at this peak time, in our history on this lovely planet.
     This time of Transformation.  Aka Ascension.
     To a better place.
     Including in us.

2 Consider just this; from the Abel Danger guys (on 6/15/14):

"Puppet Regime

"It doesn’t seem lawful that the Congress could transfer regulatory authority to an organization – the North American Electric Reliability Corporation that is comprised of utility company associations, utility companies and stakeholder interests that includes both Canadian and Mexican counterparts. Even if they retained the authority of FERC over the American utility companies and Regional Transmission Operators, the tangible and intangible elements of political and economic – and the real power of control of the electric grid makes the retention of authority by FERC kind of a bad joke. But the control of our electric grid is not the only example of the Congress handing over U.S. sovereignty to international organizations. And the authority that has been handed off is being used to wage non‐ military war against us. For example, on June 4, 2014, a local television station did a story about the EPA’s proposed changes to the H20 Act and how it is going to have a negative effect on farmers.  (emphasis mine)


'The agency is trying to nix the word "navigable" from the original act, which would in turn allow the EPA to have total jurisdiction over every single water source, down to every puddle and ditch on farmers' private lands.  (emphasis mine)

'As the act currently stands, the EPA only has control over "navigable" resources, which means any large body of water you can navigate upon using a boat, such as the Snake River or even the various reservoirs across the state.

'According to Idaho Farm Bureau's John Thompson, this effort by the EPA is because it hopes to try and make sure sediment and rocks do not end up polluting these navigab
le water resources as it flows‐in from these smaller ditches and puddles from local farmlands.'
"Idaho became the 43rd state in 1890. Agriculture has always been a significant part of Idaho’s economy. We have canals running through the state to irrigate the farmland. For 124 years, we’ve managed to muddle through without the EPA and without fouling the water for our downstream neighbors – Oregon and Washington. So why is the EPA now trying to take over our water sources?

"I think you find the answer to that question in the first paragraph – the progressive waging of non‐ military war against us. The EPA is a lot like FERC in terms of being a fraud as a domestic agency of the American government. They are implementing international environmental law behind the mask of a domestic agency and it has always been that way by design of the agency since it was created…"  (emphases mine)

The environmentalists are rightly regarded as eco-fascists: As per Agenda 21, they want Man controlled to within an inch of his life; with or without legitimate regard to 'the environment'.  They are People Controllers, pure and simple.  Or at the least, fronts for those sinister powers.

It's war, alright.  War on the basic, spiritual principle of free will - the Way of our Creator -  versus Power Over Others; the way of lesser beings.

Make your choice.  It's that time.

Or it will be made for you.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

On Liberals, & Assorted Others


You stole that election
From me, Haley.
(And by 'me,' I mean

'Hey - our man
Stands a better chance
         of election
In November
Than your man.
           And besides,
             I'm in this
For the business
And the duration.'

I'm sure you have a good excuse
For your corruption, Barbour.
The fact remains:
You stole that election
In your heart;
And I'm going to do
All I can to
See you pay for it;
                 one way
Or another
             you rotten
Excuse for a man.

And I want to see
Put it right


another election,
and Future
Corrupts our nation

Like the Roman experience
Of moving from virtuous Republic
To arrogant Empire.
Which is where
We're headed
As we speak.
If not there


P.S.  While on this sort of subject; and Further on yesterday's article:

  • JOHN June 25, 2014 at 8:12 pm — Reply

    The Republicans HAVEN’T Done A Thing in over Five YRS. to Stop ovomit from Spending this Nation into Oblivion OR ANYTHING ELSE.Makes me wonder if they are in it as Deep as ovomit is,I THINK THEY ARE and STILL WON’T Lift a Finger to REMOVE this Pile of Scat Residing in the Oval Office.THEY ALL NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE for Dereliction Of Duty and TREASON.

  • KIBITZER2 June 25, 2014 at 10:18 pm 

    Indeed, John. But don’t forget the officials of the party, too; the same as the officials of the Democrat Party, who ‘signed off’ on the obvious deal between them to bluff their mutual way by the American public on the NBC issue, with various obfuscating tactics, including calling their opponents on the issue demonizing names – a tried-and-true Saul Alinsky ‘Rules For Radicals’ tactic.

  • All the details will come out in a court of law, as the two parties (officials) will rightly be charged on RICO statutes for a conspiracy to enter into a fraudulent scheme. In fact, Pelosi already needs to be charged, as the Nominating Convention Chair who signed off on Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the Hawaiian election authorities – who were thus covered in the slimy operation – but used different, obfuscatory wording to the authorities of the other states, simply declaring the Usurper to be the Democrat Party’s nominee. 

  • It is a huge mess; and actually needs for the 2008 and 2012 elections to be annulled, as under the constitutional cloud – the rule of law – that they are. So, Biden goes, too; and the whole Congress. And all the laws that they (thought they) passed since January 2009.

  • And America gets back in alignment with Truth. Via the total cleansing operation needed, as supported by Oathkeepers, active and retired.

I could have also responded to John by pointing out as well that the Republican Establishment is heavily involved in the attempt by the fascists - the corporate-government complex, aka the Cabal - to take over the world from their side of the statist political aisle.  (9/11, and the PATRIOT Act, and all that.  Plus: The Bush W. administration with the help of the CDC wrote pandemic emergency laws that are linked to Martial Law.  The NeoCons were trying to take us down, and take over, on their way to taking over the world.  Still are, as a matter of fact.  Another story.)  But that may not have gone down very well on a conservative site that doesn't seems to be aware of the beam in the Republicans' own eye.  

Small Fortunes In The Sun

Hardly a day goes by
That I don't score
A lucky penny
     on my way
To wherever
On the sidewalks of my old home town
(where I have returned
In my twilight years
To see my days out
In the sun).
                  But then
                  I'm lucky
To be here anyway.

I owe it all to my mother
Who, passed away
These many years ago now
Wanted to follow her star -
              to be a star -
To better herself
In life

From life in small-town America
In an out-of-the-way state
Where her fate
Was tied up in a lot
Of other dreams
In the lottery of life.

They say
Opportunity knocks
But once:
Her Big Chance came 
Af the expense
Of her second husband
Who was her ticket
To Hollywood -
                   or at least 
Southern California,
           and suburbia
in Long Beach.

A pleasant town
To grow up in.

And then I left
To further schooling,
              and then
The Big One
Of Life itself.
And have now come back
Full circle
After a whirl
Of the roulette wheel,
A roll of the dice - 
To seek my fortune
In smaller ways.
Like checking
For pennies in the sun.

…before I become
An Avenging Angel
Of my Country
In my - and its -
Last Days

Against liberals
And assorted other
       free men
  and women
My mother.

Bless her.
If she didn't know how
To be one

        in her
Search for
And dreams for
In her days
In the sun
Of adulation.

Not for her
Were simple pleasures
I have grown
Accustomed to
In my old age.
At this stage
Of my eternal life.

Ah well.
            To each
His own.

The Epitome of Sleaze & Corruption

The Republican Party primary run-off for the federal Senate in Mississippi has just taken place.  And the voters have made the decision.  The question is, which voters.

The State of Mississippi allows cross-voting in their primaries, that is, registered Democrat voters can vote in the Republican primaries and vice versa.  I'm not sure precisely why that is.  But I know what the outcome can be.  Which is what has just taken place there:

Democrat voters - brought, and bought, out in droves by the establishment Republican Party honchos (in the state; and their national buddies) - have just decided who their Republican opponent in the general election will be.

This is called voter disenfranchisement.

The Republican voters in a state should have the right to decide who their candidates will be.  The same with the Democrat voters.

Not the opposition party.

I am thoroughly disgusted.  Not just with this glaring example of sleaze.  But with the voting process in America in general.

It has descended to the depths of corruption; of being simply a charade, a pretense of the real thing.

I for one will have nothing to do with it; until, apparently, things get so bad -

even worse than they already are; if that is at all possible -

that they have only one way to go, in order to get better.

To get real.

I am aware that there are Americans who are thinking that I need to 'get real' - that this is just the way things are,  and I, and other 'purists' like me, should learn to live with it.

Well, apparently I have news for them.

This is NOT how 'things just are'.

Not in a creation where life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.

The sort of Creation that we live and move and have our being in.

Which has horizons further, much further than many souls have been seduced into thinking about it.

Which we are about to discover, in point of fact.

And in the meantime, You, Realist, and your charade of a voting process, can go to hell.


You're already there.


P.S. I read that they are allowed to do this if they are going to vote for that candidate as well in the general election.
     Yeah.  Right.  And somebody is going to check on all this??
     Yeah.  Right.
     And in any event: It is still sleaze; depriving the Party voters of their true choice.
     Get thee behind me, Satan.
     And join your legions.  You are heading for a nasty Fall.
     As the rest of us go Up, a vibratory step.  On the spiral stairway to the heavens.
     With you.
     Or without you.
     Your choice.
     But I encourage you:
     Make it a wise one.
     Not like ones that you have made heretofore.
     That will lead you to the dark night of despair.
     For decisions made, and actions engaged in.
     And regretted later.

P.P.S. 'My pastor made me do it.'
      Your pastor is going to be put out to pasture.
      And if you were justifying your sleazy action by thinking of past wrongs committed on your people by Whitey:
      Two wrongs don't make a right.
      Got it now?


Tuesday, 24 June 2014


from 'Republicans In This State Just Took Steps To Impeach Obama' - B. Christopher Agee - June 23

June 24, 2014 at 2:19 am — Reply

Talk of Impeachment is not the way to go. It helps to educate the populace to the issues; but it doesn’t do the job properly – and is not ‘legal’ anyway. For, Obama is not a legally sitting president; and Impeachment is only for such a person.
Obama is a Usurper. Has been from the beginning. The business about his birth certificate – as fraudulent as that document is; which is telling in itself – is and has been a red herring, hiding the truth of the matter in plain sight. The work of the Cold Case Posse under Sheriff Joe is good work. But the real fact of the matter is that Obama has been nailed from the git-go, for not being a bona fide ‘natural born citizen’.
A natural born citizen is one born on the soil (or its equivalent; like a military base) of two (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents. (The judicial terms are jus soli and jus sanguinis.) It’s only common sense. The whole POINT of the constitutional Framers putting that eligibility requirement in the Constitution for that office – and that particular office ONLY; a point needing to be stressed – was to make sure (at least as sure as THEY could) that a candidate for that office – who would also, if elected, become as well the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces – did not have DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like a naturalized citizen could reasonably be suspected of. And like a dual citizen could definitely be suspected of.
Like Barack Hussein Obama.
The Republican Party leadership failed to call Obama and the Democrats on this issue for their own reasons. The main suspect: that they had in mind their own candidates for president (and, added later on, the office of the VP) [i.e., to the NBC eligibility requirement], and did a quid pro quo with the Democrats; both parties having found it difficult to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on the issue. (They both tried, for a total of eight times between 2003 and 2008; and the tries failed even to get out of Committee every time.) So what did they do? They did an end-around on the Constitution, and obviously figured that, between them, they could buffalo the American public on the issue. (Bad decision, boyos. It’s called a conspiracy; and, under RICO statutes, the authorities of both parties get tried and, if justice is still possible in this country, go to jail.) In any event: A non-natural born citizen is still a non-natural born citizen, and ineligible for that office, regardless of the failure of the opposition party to act on the fact.
What to do? The Usurper needs to be arrested – by a posse of serving and retired Oathkeepers, and members of the Constitutional Sheriffs Assn. – and held for trial. For, we WILL return to the rule of law in this country.
And only true patriots – not the Sunshine variety – need apply, for the job, of helping to make it happen. Come what may. For this nation to return to its basic principles; become once again that ‘shining city on a hill’ that it has been characterized as, for the peoples of the world to aspire to, for freedom, and opportunity.
America has made her share of mistakes. And the biggest one of all has been to allow an imposter to run for the presidential office. The Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves. And the cry is in the ethers: ‘For THIS outcome we pledged our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor??…’
It is our job – and our duty – to set things right; for the American federal constitutional republic to still stand, and its flag to yet wave, over the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

(

  • KIBITZER2 June 24, 2014 at 2:25 am — Reply

    P.S. I forgot to mention: Impeachment doesn’t change any of the actions the Usurper has engaged in while illegally in the office. Removal does. This way, all the legislation that he signed into law, and all the Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that he (arrogantly, high-handedly, and unconstitutionally) issued, and all the appointments that he made – including the two to the (strangely quiet on this ineligibility issue) SCOTUS – are rendered null and void. 

  • Go with him into the trash bin.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Jesus The Who?

In one of my blogs of yesterday I made what may have sounded like a couple of disparaging remarks about Christianity and Jesus.  I'd like to set that record straight - a bit - with a story:

When the former Pope who, even during his incarnation, was quoted as saying, about the Church's Lord and Savior, 'What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!' - died and opened his inner eyes (a bit fearfully, it has been assumed), he saw that he was in heaven.  Or rather, for all he knew, what he considered to be heaven, not, er, that other place.  Although it could have been the interim place; and The Church was, after all, right on that score.  In any event, he saw a man sitting beside him, and - somehow - instantly knew that the man was his mentor.  And that he had some answering to do.

"Well," he said, hesitantly.  "I made a right mess of it, didn't I."

"You certainly did," replied his mentor; not in an accusatory manner, simply as acknowledging a statement of fact.

"Hey - how come I know that I have to go back in there, and make amends for my sins, and all that stuff?"

"Because your memory is beginning to return to you.  Understand, that you have to be put in a dimmer.  If you remembered everything while in incarnation - while in the realm of Duality and polarity, and supposed separation from Source - it wouldn't be a real test, would it."

"Oh.  Yes.  Right.  Well; that makes sense…

"So," the former pope continued, stoically, "I guess you've got some nice juicy hair shirts for me to have to wear this time, and grovel a lot at the feet of my former, er, inferiors; right?"

"Not quite.  You see, when your memory returns completely, you will remember that you decide your roles in the ongoing Drama."

"Oh.  - Hey; you're pretty clever, you folks.  You probably figured that we would be harder on ourselves than you lot might have been." 

"We don't decide these things," replied the mentor, with a touch of obvious patience, for a dunce of a pupil.    

"No.  I guess…that makes sense," replied the former pope, duly chastened.

"It's all for educational purposes, you understand," said the mentor, with some degree of amelioration, for his still-disoriented pupil.

"Yes.  I…can see that.  I mean, I can…understand that.  Hey; how does this work?  I apparently don't have a body.  How am I…"

"All in good time," said the mentor.  "Now, let's head on over to the next Station."

"Station.  Of…"

"Of your Return."  

"Oh.  Whew.  I was worried…"

"That you got that wrong, too?"

"Yes.  That…sort of thing."

"Don't worry," said the mentor, easily.  "There are a lot of things that souls get wrong in their incarnations.  Take this 'Jesus' business.  That was, in its essence, a metaphor.  We are all The Christ.  We're just at different stations of that cross to bear, as you might consider it."

"Consider it because…"

"Because it is such a lofty place, of consciousness, to inhabit.  But we all get there, in the end," concluded the mentor, on what he might have considered a bright note.  

As his pupil joined him, obviously deep in thought, he added, "Got a ways to go yet, don't you."

"I certainly do," replied the properly chastened former pope-cum-pupil.   


Not to belabor the point.  Just to make it: that we have some homework to engage in, to get ourselves up to speed, about a lot of things; and those include the true story of Jesus of Nazareth.  Or Edessa.  Or wherever he was from.  Or if he even was; outside of a long line of such astro-theological figures. 

Some suggestions for that homework:

By Acharya S/D.M. Murdock:

'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold'
'Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection'
'Suns Of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled'
'Who Was Jesus?: Fingerprints of The Christ'

By Barbara G. Walker: 'Man Made God'

By Ralph Ellis:

'Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs'
'King Jesus'
Jesus, King of Edessa'

By Tony Bushby:

'The Bible Fraud'
'The Secret in the Bible'
'The Crucifixion of Truth'
'The Twin Deception'

…and, of course, it goes on.  And on.

And on.

Got a ways to go yet; don't we.



In my ideal country
Gets to vote for war
They have some skin
In the action:
      son, daughter,
     mother, father.
              And then
War would be over
I would guess.



I can only assume
That many of you people
Of this generation
Had a very poor education
On the founding
Of the American nation

Full of sound and fury, signifying
              but the power
Of propaganda over you
By statists, having
Captured the high ground
To have lasting power over you.

'Tis a pity.
                   It is
A fine story.



I understand that
Some of you are bothered
By the fact that
You have made friends
With Illegal aliens.

              Don't worry.
I'll take that weight
Off your shoulders
                and put it
On mine.


          OF ANTS

Can your pet dog
(for good example)
               have been
A person
With such intelligence??

I don't think that's how
It works.  I think
We keep moving up the ladder
Of evolution
              (kind of like
The Second Law
Of Thermodynamics)
                       from minerals
To plants, to fish -
Ever growing, ever
More -
We come to mammals
And self awareness

           and then
        beyond us
   in the Illusion
    of separation
From the All
That just Is.

    And This
Could just be
    but a drop
In a glass of water
           (not even
a fine liqueur)
                     for all
We puny mortals know.
              Like ants
But sniffing the surface
Of our reality,
To find our way to
The next place of action


...Wars.  And rumors
Of wars…



We will no longer need
Our weapons of self-defense
                          when we
No longer need to fear
Our government.
Or each other
For that matter.
For there will, then,
No longer be
An 'other'.  For we
Will re-cognize then that
We Are All One.

Which We Are
Come to that.


You don't have to do
The heavy lifting;
That's what we're here for.

You don't  have to do
            a thing
But be.

That is to say:

All you have to do
Is be ready
To take over

   in the war

For the minds of men

While they are still

Of that persuasion.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

On Christians, Jews, & Others

I get a lot of mail addressed to me as though I were a Christian.  I'm sure I know why: It's because I gave a donation to some conservative Christian organization or other - rather than its being due simply to all the 'conservative' organizations that I do likewise to, and someone just made an assumption - and one mailing list led to another.  (I know, I know: it's hard being both a liberal and a Christian.  But there are some.)

Anyway.  I have been a bit stumped by a recent mailing, where the organization behind it (actually, it could be the work of just one 'zealot'; see below) wants me to fill in a Petition to my Governor against the use by some school districts of a World History textbook, published by Prentice Hall, that engages in what is clearly propaganda, for Islam and against Christianity.  

I am aware of these sorts of hijinks.  My research into what's going down in the world in our day and age led me, many years ago, to discover the socialist/Marxist source of a lot of the 'educational' materials in our schools, in the Left's determined and ongoing attempts to take over America; particularly for its being a major stumbling-block on the Marxist camp's way to its desired takeover of the world, and incarceration of it into their version of a New World Order.1  (The fascist/corporate Right has another scenario for the same sort of thing emanating from their side of the political aisle; but statism by any other name, etc.)2  

Anyway.  This outfit had come up, for its 'National Survey on Islamic Bias in our Schools' - directed to the governors of each state - with a list of questions that I just couldn't relate to.  Rather than toss the whole thing in the waste basket, I decided to adapt the questions to my liking.  Herewith (with allowable answers being Yes, No, or Undecided):

1.  'Should public schools teach students that "God is Allah"?'  I marked it 'Yes' with the insertion, after "that," of the phrase: 'Muslims believe that'.  (If you are going to have a syllabus/chapter on Islam, you've got to let the religion speak for itself.) 

2.  'Should school textbooks have a 36-page chapter devoted to Islam while Christianity has no chapters whatsoever?'  (This one was easy, straightforward: that is propaganda, pure and simple.  The book was - supposed to be - a history book.  Not a treatise on one religion. A clear 'No'.)3

3.  'Should schools use textbooks that insult Christianity by claiming it is a violent religion spread by Jewish "zealots"?'  (I marked it 'No,' and added, as a reply, 'Sounds more like Islamic jihad to me.')

4.  'Should school children be taught that Muhammad was "God's messenger" and that he received "revelations from God"?  (I marked it 'Yes' with the insertion, after "that," of the phrase 'Muslims believe that'.  Come on, Christians.  Be fair.  The kids are not being 'taught' all this in the way that you are presenting it.  
     Never hear of Comparative Religion studies???)

5.  'Should school children be taught how to become a Muslim by preaching to them The Five Pillars of Islam?'  (I underlined the word "preaching" and gave an answer of 'Yes,' with the addition of the comment: 'Informing them, by way of a course on Contemporary/Comparative Religions, is another matter.')    

6.  'Should school children be taught that Christians are vicious "crusaders" with a history of massacring Muslims?'  (I left any reply unchecked, with the addition of the sentence: 'That all happened a long time ago.  Christians in our day and age are characterized by their good works.  Discuss.')     

7.  Should schoolchildren be taught that Islam (not Christianity) brought the world advances in Science, Math, Medicine, Art and Architecture?'  (I marked it 'Yes' with a) crossing out '(not Christianity)'; b) inserting the word 'some' after the word "world"; and c) adding my preferred ending to the sentence, of, 'and Christianity brought others.' )  

8.  'Should students be taught that Muhammad was a "pious man and a powerful leader" while ignoring the glory, greatness and love of Jesus Christ?'  I left any reply unchecked, and wrote in: 'Let an unbiased course on Contemporary/Comparative Religions sort this whole sort of thing out.'  
     (I could have said: 'But there is little to no independent, historical evidence that the Jesus of the New Testament ever existed.' But that really would have set the cat amongst the pigeons.  And, was in fact a point that the man behind this 'witness' stormed in his letter - with Bold, underline, and exclamation mark - that the book made.
     So the text may have some redeeming features about it…
     …for this is a subject that needs - and sorely - to be addressed.  Before we can proceed further on the path of Truth.  The whole Truth.)

9.  'Should students be taught that Islam is a religion of "honesty, generosity and social justice" while failing to mention any virtues of Christianity?'  (It's true that that is not fair. I gave that question a 'No' tick.)  

10.  'Should your Governor immediately examine all textbooks in testate for bias against Christianity and the shameless promotion of Islam?'  (Accompanying my 'Yes' tick - even though I know no governor is going to take on that job; but could delegate it - was the sentence: 'Teaching about Islam in a syllabus on Contemporary/Comparative Religions is a legitimate exercise.  Blatant propaganda is something else, and the school districts engaging in it should be sued.')  

Not very satisfactory a response to a fervent Christian, perhaps.  

But it should be.

For, we are all after the Truth of things.

Or we should be.


1 For example, did you know that John Dewey was trying this back in the 1930s?  And/or that, in JFK's day, an elementary school reading-primer publisher came out with a story about two squirrels talking to each other in the tree-laden front yard of a little boy, with a pleasant smile, sitting on the front steps of his porch, watching the antics of the two cute little rodents.  One squirrel says to the other: 'What are you doing?'  The second squirrel says: 'I'm gathering nuts for the winter.'  The first squirrel responds: 'Oh, you don't have to do that.  The little boy in the white house [pictured in the background of the drawing] will feed you.'     
     I 'kid' you not.

2 You do know, by now, that the banksters/NeoCons/industrialists made their first major modern move to take over the nation under George Dubya & Dick 'Darth Vader' Cheney ('And The NeoCons!'), don't you?  With 9/11, and the (so-called) PATRIOT Act, and so forth??  
     You have been paying attention to the current phenomenon of people with designs on your country, haven't you???  Like a den of thieves????
     Or a nest of vipers, a little more like.

3 It may be argued, by the backers of this piece of indoctrination, that 'American kids have been inculcated in the Christian religion; we're just helping them to see outside of the box.'  Yeah; and, I would not buy a used car from you, either. 

Our Deepest Sympathies

Our sympathies must
By rights lie
With those erstwhile immigrants
Wsiting their turn
To come to this country
As, ultimately, Americans;
As incipient robbers.
Not, that is to say,
With those who came here
Like thieves in the night.

We must expedite
The entrance of good
Future citizens.
Let us hop to it
The marauders outnumber us
       and take over
           the country
That our forefathers bled
And died for
To bequeath us -
The Living -
With a good start in life
             and the rest
Would be up to us
To the government
To provide for
Its serfs.
We would be
To It
Under Its terms.

And go forth
As a free people
All ye who enter here

The rest of you:
And enter -
If you still will -

That is your lesson
And ours.

On The Other Side


There is a deception 

at the heart 

of the American government

 and that deception 

must not be allowed to stand 

or the nation 

will be run by tyrants. 

That deception 

is in the form of 

a two-pronged pitchfork: 

There is a Usurper 

in the office of the presidency; 


the Congress 

is doing nothing about it. 

The third branch of our national government

 the judicial branch

has somehow managed to keep itself clear

 of the deception

but that is a form of deception itself.


the American national government 

is laboring under 

a dark cloud

and for the Light 

to shine clearly through

 this nation once again, 

bringing a message of Hope 

to the world -

true Hope, in the governance of,

and in alignment with the spirit of, 



We The People,

in that alignment with that spirit, 



and cleanse it 

of the deception 

lying heavily on and at its heart.



in terms of any questions regarding 

the ramifications of that cleansing: