Saturday, 22 July 2017

Let Me Count The Ways

In my last blog I made a declaration.  To back up my claim, and as testament to some of my thinking, here are some of the things that I would - will - do, to Set Things To Rights; first in this country, and then in the world proper.

* Oversee various comprehensive investigations; including into:

   + 9/11 (complete with its Five Dancing Israelis on the top of their Mossad-front business moving van, and the ‘Israeli art students’ who were up to no good in the WTC Towers before The Event, setting up timed explosives therein,  And complete with who was in charge of security at the WTC Towers, and at the airlines involved in this false flag op);

   + Sandy Hook (complete with photos of the ‘stage’ being set up the day before - under the cover of a FEMA Exercise - and of a grieving father doubling as a member of the SWAT team onsite.  Not having had time apparently to learn that part well enough to know how to carry his rifle properly; or to be fitted with a proper-sized helmet, to be pulled down over his ears sufficiently to help hide his identity);  

   + the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Drill’ (announced as such at the site; apparently to keep the public from rushing to and queering the ‘set,’ while the Smoke Bomb-Camera-Action took place.  Complete with fake blood, at least one paraplegic fitted with a false prosthetic, and at least one crisis actor - Cowboy Hat Guy - outed by a Hollywood producer who recognized him for having cast him for a bit part in one of his films);

   + the Orlando Gay Nite Club ‘thing’ (complete with a couple of doctors named Dr. Lube and Dr. Cheatham, and a couple of ‘injured’ participants being carried in hand chairs created by their buddies by the cameras, and then let down ‘safely’ on the other side);

The list goes on.  But that’s alright - we’ll sort all these things out in their comprehensive investigations.  

* It will be All Change Now anyway.  With the world’s monetary and financial systems giving way to The (True) New Order of Things.  No more interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking (i.e., conjuring up ‘money’ out of thin air).  And thus, the unholy likes of Big Pharma and Big Ag will disappear, with profit-making no longer being the point of the system, but rather that being what it should have been all along: the convenience of money/currency merely as a means to the end of (open-heartedly) sharing goods and services with one another.

But Humanity would have its Drama… 

Now to be superseded, as we head for new horizons, under New Management.   

Having effectively been kept under wraps, for whatever all reasons, I feel the wrapping coming off, more and more, and my coming into my full power.  Which is the power of That Which sent me: our Creator Source.  Here, in order to clean up this mess that we have made, on this otherwise lovely planet.

Be warned.

But this latter point brings up a rather big factor that needs to be cleaned up, before we can proceed further.  That being:

* Christianity.

I will keep this explanation as brief as I can.

Ever since 2006 with Revision in 2011 of a book titled ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’  by a scrupulous researcher named Joseph Atwill, there has been overwhelming and undeniable evidence available to humanity that the Flavian imperial court - of Vespasian the Father (Roman) God, his first Son of God, Titus, and later the younger son Domitian assuming the mantle - under the major input of a Jewish general-cum-governor-turned (special pleading) historian named Josephus, concocted the New Testament to be read in conjunction with Josephus’ take on ‘the Jewish wars’ in the first century C.E., in order to supplant militant messianic Judaism with what has become Christianity; with an artfully concocted messianic figure calling on the Jews and gentiles alike to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” and bear the yoke of the Roman emperor.*

There’s more to this story.  And my heart bleeds for those honest souls who over these intervening centuries have been thus tricked into a belief; not a truth.   But in sum: 

The New Testament was concocted to be read in conjunction primarily with Josephus’s ‘Wars of the Jews.’ but also with others of his writings containing ‘parallels’ reinforcing each other, making the case for Titus’s siege and sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. being God’s retribution for the “wicked generation” of militantly messianic Jews who failed to bend under the control of the Romans, and thereby making Titus the (Second Coming) Messiah of the Jews, and ‘prophesied’ Son of Man.

It sounds wacky.

But it worked. And has worked - all uncomprehendingly of its original purpose - for 2000 years.  

And it’s time that it was released.  And that we moved on.

Because it is one of those WRONGS that I am here to set Right.

So that we can

move on.  Into

The New.  

Now beckoning us.  And full of promise.

If we will rise properly to the occasion.

Meaning, to leave all Wrongs behind.  And cleave only to


P.S. And yes, I know: Objections to this ‘take’ on Christianity regarding ‘the Anti-Christ,’ and all that.  
     All I can do is ask you to take it all inside.
     And listen. 
     Truly, deeply
     And be wedded to Truth.
     Above all else.
     And I will put my commitment to Truth up against anyone's.

* Notice how our own erstwhile masters are lining up pastors in our day to get their flocks to go along with Romans 13??  
   Same thing.  Same purpose.  Different ruler, is all.

Friday, 21 July 2017

On Justice Deferred

Such disgusting stuff.  It has taken eight years for justice to be served in the matter of the Usurper's IRS stiffing conservative, Christian, and tea party groups in their legitimate requests for non-profit status.  So it is long after the time of their best application of their legitimate-all-along status.

Justice deferred is justice denied.

The examples of such crap could go on, and on, and bloody ON.1  And the Left bleating that 'There is no or little evidence for voter fraud and so there is no need to go looking for it, so stop it'.  Stop the crap indeed......

It's all so obscene.  Because it's WRONG.  And me and wrongdoing do not go well together.  In fact, are fundamentally incompatible.

So, all wrong -


And I will take over the running of this kingdom, now.  Being the Elder Brother of this little family, of galactics.

Which I now officially acknowledge.2  For having had just ENOUGH of the darkness on this planet.

And reclaiming it for

the Light.

Capable of squelching my full degree of said Light no longer.  Having engaged in it for the sake of Humanity to learn its lessons.  In this realm - this matrix; this hologram - of free will.   Of seeming separation from the Godhead, and consequent Duality.  Polarity.  For, as I say, lesson learning.

But now, if you haven't learned all your basic lessons yet, you will simply have to repeat the grade.  Because we - all the millions of us Lightworkers patiently awaiting the Start signal for the new Era - will wait for you to get up to speed

no longer.  Because

it's time.

And almost past.

And though Patience is a virtue, it can also be a crime.

When Justice is deferred because of it.

 As I say:

No.  More.



1) Example:

from ‘Clinton Email Scandal Bombshell: 7,000 Documents From Weiner Laptop Turned Over By FBI’ - Tim Brown - July 21
(At the rate that the State Dept. is releasing them to Judicial Watch, it will take to 2020 and beyond to see them all.  The Obama holdovers at their best slow-pitching game…)


Comey walkking around free as a bird and with the protection of his bff Mueller who looks like a bitter anti Trumper scarecrow who can not wait to see our Pres. in trouble. How did these things come about? Is the government of the US SO infiltrated by marxists that the rule of law is worthless, ignored and trampled over? This is very very dangerous. Why dont the Republicans raise HELL? Are they part of the Left? or are they such weiners and cowards they dont dare raise their voice for fear of losing their job or getting a bullet from the Clinton machinery.??? Could someone please explain this to me? I am so worried, so anguished.



  •          kibitzer3 Alicia Cervera a few seconds ago (July 22)

    • The best explanation that I can think of to your sincere concern, Alicia, is that we don't have a true two-party political system in this country any longer, if we ever did. Both parties are under the control of the same gang - the Cabal, the Establishment, the New World Order mob. They have been bought off by various inducements, including by being blackmailed, in particular for pedophilia. The rot is endemic, and needs to be treated likewise.

2) I know this, because NO ONE could be as outraged and angry as I am over all the corruption that is going on.  In the world in general, but in this country in particular, which has such a major role to play in the redemption of this planet.  For emphasizing the importance - and sovereignty - of the Individual.  As opposed to being the mere chattel of a big State.

We Come Now To The End

We come now to the end of The Play.


It turns out that there is enough gold in the world for everybody to have a slice of it, and consequently live a comfortable life, without being beholden to anybody.  And so, until we get ride of 'money' altogether (at least as it has been understood to be), there is no longer the basic condition - i.e., ‘lack’ - for those who have wished to, to exercise Power Over Others.  POO for short.  So, their long reign over humanity is over.   

And then there is the little matter of Things Being Set To Rights in the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America - the flagship of the fleet of nation-states.  At least of the Western world.  But with the world growing smaller by the day, it - particularly because of its founding principle of the sovereignty of the individual, as opposed to state rulership over the individual - is to become the leader of all the nation-states of the world, sailing the new seas for all of humanity, on its New Earth.  

What am I talking about.

First things first.

For the United States of America to be set to rights, it must first be disabused of its stealthy transformation into a corporation, which initially occurred in the late 1800s.  (Project being accomplished as we speak.)  And then there is the little matter of the country getting back to its rule of law - i.e., operating fully under its (original) Constitution.  Which first involves the arrest and holding for trial - on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason - of the Usurper who reigned over the nation for the past eight years.1  But that is not where said rights-setting ends.  The Constitution has been sorely disabused over the years in a number of ways, but none so blatantly as some of its Amendments never having been properly ratified.

I understand the 14th Amendment to be one such.  In any event, both the 16th and 17th Amendments were definitely not properly ratified.  And there was appalling hanky-panky involved in the 13th Amendment, whereby the original 13th Amendment has been lost in the wash of hogwash that was applied at the time, and has been applied ever since that time, as regards ‘the rule of law’ in this country.2

Just as well, then, that The Exercise is over.    

The Exercise?

The Play.  In which, and by which, to catch our consciences. 

As a graduation Exercise.

Or not.

As your particular case may be.

As many incarnate souls translate now into a higher realm, than this vale of tears.

And get on with it.


Our processing into becoming more like unto our original Creator Source.3

As very god.

Chip off the old block, as it were. 

And moving out of the equivalent of Kindergarten, now.  

Under the pressure of Necessity, in any event.  With the level of technology that we have reached.

For good.

Or ill. 

And thus our needing, now, our best from us.

No longer our worst.

Step up, O spiritual being having a human experience.

Your Day of Deliverance has come.


1 One Barack Hussein Obama; who was not eligible for the position, for not meeting one of the eligibility requirements for said position, namely, for not being a ‘natural born’ citizen.  Which by definition at the time that it was codified in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for said office - and never subsequently changed by constitutional amendment - is a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” thereof.  (E. de Vattel, ‘The Law of Nations’, Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.  Whose definitive tome on the subject of nation-building there is considerable historical evidence was the source for the constitutional Framers' understanding of the term.)        

2 The original 13th Amendment had to do with going further than Article I Section 9 Clause 8 of the Constitution itself, which is a specific prohibition against Titles of Nobility - such as members of the British BAR (‘Esquire’) - and actually stripped U.S. citizenship from anyone accepting a title of nobility.  (A measure of this nation’s concern for the “penchant for mischief” of the British government, as one commentator on the matter has called it).  And so, Barack Obama was ineligible for that office on that basis as well, for having been admitted to the ‘Bar’.
   A moot point at this point.

3 There have been some other hands in The Process along the way.
   Another story.
   All, to be revealed.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Class Warfare 101

from ‘Court Shocker: Girl Must Use Girls Locker Room’ - Bob Unruh - July 20
(A Missouri Appeals court has ruled that a biological girl must use a locker room for girls.  The majority (2-1) decision having been made on a narrow definition of the law.)


Let’s take a look at the larger context of this issue. But first, and to do that with further awareness, a comment on ‘gender identity disorder’ (as a tool for transformation).

Many years ago, in their book ‘BrainSex,’ Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel commented meticulously on the research that evidenced that the brain of the developing fetus, at a particular early stage of pregnancy (I think it was the 8-10-week period), can be affected by the maternal hormonal bath, whereby, if there were anomalies in that developing-fluid bath, male-patterned brains can be ‘wired’ into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every stage along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies. There were/are various environmental influences that could cause anomalies in that bath. Abnormal [faulty] adrenal glands in the developing fetus or the mother or both. Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, from plastics, pesticides, and The Pill. Stress, of all kinds - physical, mental, emotional (there is evidence that more homosexually-oriented babies are born in the wake of wars than the normal background ‘noise’ could account for, e.g.). But perhaps most alarmingly, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard for their potential effect on the developing fetus.

But these causative factors - and thus, the abnormal conditions created by them being subject to amelioration - have been overlooked because of one ‘trumping’ factor: politics.

The short of it: Marxists, who have been trying to take over this country for years (along with their New World Order brethren of a slightly different mindset; see below), operate under the ‘scientific’ philosophy of what they call class warfare, i.e., that pitting classes against classes is the way to create Crisis conditions for the Opportunity of a revolution to take place. (‘You never want a good Crisis to go to waste.’) So: Owners vs. Workers is classic Marxist revolutionary warfare. But there are other classes, to be used to further their ends.  Race being a good one; long used in the the Marxists.  And another good one: separating the Youth from their Parents. Playing on the idealism of Youth by convincing students that their parents are responsible for the environmental trashing going on, and so, giving people essential liberty - as espoused by the Founders of this country - is anathema to the far Left’s political attitude, requiring a big State to whip people into line, and run their lives for them to within an inch of their lives. (‘The State knows best.’) But that was taking too long; and kids who could afford to go to college by and large wanted to get on with their lives into various professions, and live the good life. So, back to the drawing board. What to do. Got it: Get more working-class kids into higher education (by giving them cheap loans, funded by the government on its way to becoming the big government that the Marxists want ANYWAY), for their dose of class warfare indoctrination. And if they can’t pay back their loans, because the economy is tanking, thanks in large part to the socialist Cloward-Piven Strategy at work to accomplish that very thing? No problem: that just adds to the desired Crisis condition. And other classes of people, to be convinced that they are being ‘oppressed’ by the Established Order? Hey - just create them. And hey presto - the causes of ‘gender identity disorder’ overlooked, in the desired outcome of there having thereby been created another minority class, for the Marxists to utilize for their Big Government purposes.

And that Big Government can take whatever form that TPTB want it to. Idealistic Youth want it to take the form of a socialist utopia; and have been seconded into the war on that basis. But if they will dig just a little deeper into the background of those who are bankrolling this operation, they will find their old nemesis: fascism. Kissinger & Co.: the corporate-government State. Using them as cannon fodder, to serve their purposes, and then to be disposed of. Their job done. With some very evil people then established in power on the planet. And globally this time.

Time to wake up, buttercup. You are being had.

Things Are Heating Up...Infernal Style

“(T)he raw evil that permeates our Deep State… the most heinous crime on the face of the planet.” - Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show on the child sex trafficking going on, in the U.S., and elsewhere.   

Notably Russia.  Which Hodges figures is why TPTB are trying to keep Trump and Putin apart from each other - and is possibly why the MSM made such a big fuss over Trump going over to talk to his wife at the G20 dinner where she was sitting next to Putin, and he and Putin exchanged a few words.  The MSM has been all over Trump for that, trying to find out what they talked about.  What astonishing business going on.  

Judges, police officers, politicians…adoption agencies……a complete MSM blackout………satanic ritual killing of babies, and the drinking of the blood………

I guess I wasn’t far wrong when I referred in my last posting to the Father of Lies being the God of the far Left.  

…And SWAT-like local police forces (and coming under regional control now, rather than local control, by an elected representative of the public), trained by DHS to act like a controlling force of an occupied people, rather than like the Local Police of old.  The same sort of training that the Israeli police use to control the people in their Occupied territories - and whose trainers have also come over here and taken part in such training here as well…

One wonders how much control over his DHS that Trump actually exercises……

And I hesitate to use the term ‘his’ DHS.  One wonders who is actually running them.  

Left over from the Obama days.

And from even before.  Back at the least to the creation of the PATRIOT Act by the George W. Bush administration, as a development of the 9/11 caper.

A caper that was the creation of both the Bush administration's NeoCons and Mossad.* 

One wonders how closely the Jews have read their 'holy' literature.  And realized what happens when they fall out of alignment with their god. 

Over.  And over.  And over again, in their checkered history.

And not being alone in their wickedness.........

What a separating is taking place.  

Those who have totally lost the plot.

And those who are part of the solution.

Now about ready to swing into action, in a big way.

As things are heating up.

In a separating of elements.  

Like a chemical experiment.

One element being 'uncovered' by the exercise.

And another being volatilized off.



Done with.

Having served its purpose.


P.S. All you would-be Muslim jihadists:
     Get the hell out of my country.  You are defiling it with your arrogant, vicious, takeover-attitude, presence.
     Become an American, accepting our founding values.  Or OUT.

P.P.S. And speaking of the subject of Out and Over:
     No one is 'entitled' as a matter of right to the earnings of any other person.  That is theft, pure and simple.  Some voting themselves money out of the pockets of others.
     No.  More.


Remember the "Five Dancing Israelis"??  And some of you will recall the Israeli 'art students,' who were doing strange things inside the WTC towers before 9/11; and up to other no-good in other areas in this country.  And getting away with it all, by having friends in high places........  

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

One Man's "Incredible" Is Another Man's Deflating Balloon...

...Complete With Appropriate Noise

from’Supreme Court Just Gave Trump Incredible News’ - Tiffani Grey - July 19
(“Incredible” my ass.  They threw him a bone regarding ’resettlement agencies,’ but allowed so many ‘relatives’ to be exempted from the travel ban that that aspect of the E.O. is essentially meaningless.  This is arrogant overkill on the part of the judicial branch of government - they have no effing business undercutting the Executive in this way.   
And then this conservative site has all the stupid gall only to allow comments via Facebook subscription.  Which I cancelled months ago, when FB allowed on one of its platforms an appalling image of a hooded BLM dude, a la Jihadi John, slitting the throat of a white cop, with a huge gash in his neck showing and blood spots all over the place - clear incitement to violence, esp. in the climate of the time - and at the same time, took down comments that were critical of Hillary.  I will NOT deal with FB, even to be able to get my comments posted at a conservative site, for hell’s sake.)  
Not A Happy Camper - July 19

The law continues to be an ass.  Allowing all those distant relatives to be exempted from the ban is to a) make the ban essentially meaningless, and b) undercut the president's power and responsibility to look out for the national security.  They have no business undercutting the executive in this way.  The Constitution does NOT give them that authority.  

We REALLY need to get back to constitutional basics: Obama was an ineligible president, for not having been "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof, which is the definition of a 'natural born' citizen.  (E. de Vattel, 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.)  Thus, he needs to be arrested and brought to trial (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason) and found guilty; and that way, all the legislation that he signed into law, and all the E.O.'s that the issued, and all the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin.  And thereby, all these Obama activist judges are out, and all the decisions they have made with them.  And that includes Kagan and Sotomayor on the SC.  And Trump thereby starts getting some legitimate decisions from the courts - AND some more appointments to be made by him.  And this country starts to be SET TO RIGHTS, after 8 years of usurpation.




P.S. And now I find, from another conservative site that only allows Facebook-account comments (prophetically named, that the SCOTUS didn't actually vote in favor of the Trump admin on the 'resettlement agencies' aspect of the Hawaiian judge's decision, but said that that issue should be taken up by - wait for it - the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Which is jam-packed with the same sort of turds as the Obama-appointee Hawaiian judge.
     One of these days we're going to get serious around here, and stop playing these footsie games.
     And that means with Hillary, too.  She's long overdue for a fitting session for a pair of orange pantsuits.
     Let's get'er done.


And while we're on the subject...

from ‘WATCHDOG: Postal Service Broke Law by Allowing Workers to Boost Clinton’ - - July 19

Jon Blake 9 hours ago (July 19)

Hillary had help from nearly every organization ...and failed. LOLZ

  • ECwashr Jon Blake 8 hours ago 

  • Yep, Hillary cheated in every way possible, including Massive voter fraud, AND still lost!! I love it!!!

  • 15 
  • Reply

         Marie Saqueton Jon Blake 8 hours ago 
  • With the BILLIONS our enemies poured on her, of talks, BS walks as they say. Thank God that against all odds with very little money, HE gave us Donald Trump. I guess God still loves America, not to fall into the EVIL CABAL.
  • 11 
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                 Kinneret Marie Saqueton 7 hours ago 
    • Absolutely, G-D's hands were at work to save our country, G-D bless our president Trump!

    • 3 
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    • Don
      Marie Saqueton 2 hours ago (July 19)

    • Don't bring the Lord's name on this. If the Lord was looking down on us he would have gave us Cruz not this despicable lifetime liberal Trump.

    • Reply
  •                    kibitzer3 Don a few seconds ago (July 20)

      • Ummm...Actually, no. Cruz is not eligible for that particular office, for the same reason that Obama was a usurper in the office (unfinished business, there). Neither is a 'natural born' citizen, which by definition is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. (E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.) Supporting Cruz would be to try to make two wrongs make a right. No God that I know of would support such a proposition.

      • Well, I take that back. The God of the far Left would, of course. The Father of Lies.

Democrats, Thy Name Is Hypocrite

For The Record, as having had just about enough of this crap going on:

Democrats: You know damn well that if the shoe were on the other foot, you would be singing a different tune, so to speak.  If Hillary had won the Electoral College vote, but Trump had won the Popular vote,* you would be saying:

'Sore losers.  Hillary played by the rules of the game, and she won by the rules of the game.  If the rules of the game had been different, she would have played the game differently.  Tough luck.  You lost.  Get over your childish nonsense.  She's your president, too.'

Although I understand why this isn't just that simple.  The Left has been persuaded that it is entitled to rule, in a one-party state way - because, to those poor deluded saps, we are involved in a proletarian revolution.  And they mean to rule the roost in its aftermath.  Apparently the cannon fodder still not understanding that their masters are not Marxists, but fascists - the Establishment.  The corporate-government complex.  Who mean to rule over them, too, with an iron fist.  When they have served their purpose.

When the likes of Saul Alinsky talked about 'By Any Means Necessary...Whatever It Takes,' that means that you are fair game too, buttercup, with such thinking.  With all things being totally relative.  To the ones in power, to make those decisions.

When you don't live by the rule of law, only by the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.



* Not to say that Hillary did.  Or at least, not the legal Popular vote.  With all the illegal aliens in the country, and other ineligible voters, and 'dead' voters, and duplicate/multiple voters,  President Trump has every reason to believe that he may well have won the legitimate Popular vote as well.
   We need to get Voter Integrity factors established all over tree country, and clear this matter up, once and for all.
   All corruption - OUT.

In A Nutshell

from ‘Health Ranger call out Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Dan Bongino for “free market” mistake that pushes pharma monopoly’ - Mike Adams - July 18.
(Mike Adams telling it like it is to three conservative ‘voices’ - and us - about the Big Pharma monopoly going on in this country, that is doing such things as bankrupting states like Illinois with the huge costs of drugs via the Medicaid scam paid for by old schmuck U.S citizen - er, ’the government’.
He particularly takes on the chemo market, pointing out a recent study that proved that chemotherapy causes cancer to spread.  Which results in repeat business for the cancer industry.  Which is resulting in medical insurance costs to skyrocket all around the country…
As I say: Let me in there, Coach.  I’ve had just enough of all this crap going on.)

Stan July 18, 2017 at 11:34 pm (July 19 PDT)
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Excellent stuff. Thanks, Mike. And Dave.

Who is ever going to believe that things got this bad, once we clean this crap up, and create a society based on common sense.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Bit Of Elucidation On...

...My Concept Of  'The Coach'

In my last blog I made reference to coaches, and have done so before (as in 'Let me in there, Coach.  I feel I have a hot hand.')  I realize that the subject is worth looking at in a little more depth.  To wit:

I do things as I am inspired - in-spirited - to do them.  It's like I have a standing order in with The Coach, in a little saying that I repeat to myself occasionally, in reminder:

'Help me do what is right
Seek it out, like the Light
And be spotless in Thy sight.'

And then I follow that little ditty up with a motto:

'Help me help Man help himself.'

The Coach?  I think of my Creator Source as The Boss, too, sometimes.  But I like the connotation of our Source being a coach.  The Coach of a team; life being not just an individual enterprise.  We are all i this together.  It's a team effort.  And a co-creative one - with, at the least, our higher Selves.  (Our individual, and, on a higher level, collective, higher Selves.)

I have made some (almost; and perhaps wholly) unconscious moves and shots in playing basketball, e.g.  It was not just little incarnate me in play in those moments.  I was in sync with a higher power, and potential.

A sobering feeling.  That we are not alone in our human endeavors.  That we have help.  And we can tap into that help.  By 'getting out of the way,' at times.  Getting our little selves out of the way.  And tapping into a higher Power.  Or rather, a little more accurately, to say: letting a higher Power in, and through us.  Effortlessly.  Our higher Selves in more perfect alignment with - in harmony with - in veritable union with - our Source.   The influence of our Creator, then, existing in our daily lives, in this realm of reality.*


No deist, me.

Nor were the Founding Fathers of this special nation, contrary to some considerations on the matter.  They firmly believed in a Creator having a 'hand' in Its Creation.

But that it was up to us humans to carry out that Will, as best we could.  In grateful alignment with that Will.

Grateful.  As in gratitude for having been given - allowed to experience - such qualities, and principles, as "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness".

To explore.

And deserve.

Prove worthy of.

And especially,

under pressure.

The pressure, of

Crisis.  Creating


As in where we find ourselves at this propitious time.

Just sayin'.


* Whether it be essentially illusory (think a matrix; or hologram) or not.  Darkness - duality - not capable of existing in the higher realms, energetically speaking, for being incompatible with the frequencies above the 3D level.
     Wherein we access consciousness via our individuated instruments, called our brains.  But above this level, there is more of a group consciousness involved.  Hence the source of the Law of One material speaks of being 'a social memory complex' - i.e., not an individual per se.
     ButI I digress. To an extent.  But you do understand that we do not have physical bodies beyond this physical plane.  We have Light bodies.  Which are capable of merging with others; ultimately, back to our Source.
     However, we seem to have been granted a special dispensation, that is allowing us to ascend in our physical bodies.  Albeit somewhat transmuted; and at least to an extent.
     And now I am really getting of on a tangent.
     Materially speaking...

Monday, 17 July 2017

That Sound You Hear...

…Is Me Champing At The Bit

Think to take down my country, will you…

I am reminded of a story.  This story is entitled

The Quarterback

Once upon a time there was a high school football team that was not expected to be much different from any other team at the start of the season (and certainly not ‘exceptional’).  But then something happened, that changed everything.

What happened was that, after only a couple of plays with the ball, the team of note having won the coin toss to Receive the opening kickoff, the quarterback was standing there briefly after having passed the ball off to one of his halfbacks on a running play, when a player from the other team continued charging at him after the play had been whistled to a stop.  Seeming not to see the player coming at him at first, the quarterback then, at the last second, ducked, sending the charging player head over heals over him, in an awkward somersault.  The quarterback looked at the nearest referee for a call, who hesitated; but when the quarterback said to him, calmly, “A late hit, Ref,” the man agreed, blowing his whistle and saying to the player still on the ground, “You.  Number 32.  You’re off.  For unsportsmanlike conduct.”

As the offending player walked over to his team’s side on the sidelines, so did the quarterback; who, when he came near the other team’s coach, said to the man, calmly: “Teach your players to play dirty, eh, Coach?  Well, learn a lesson, Sir.  A big lesson.  Sir.”    

Whereupon the quarterback’s team creamed the other side, quarter after excruciating quarter; which ‘lesson’ was, almost mercifully, finally put to an end at the closing whistle, with the score 72-0.  (Ten touchdowns, plus two run-ins after a touchdown, to earn two extra points - and rub the shellacking in even further.)  

That team went on to win the league that season, all unexpectedly.  When a local newspaper reporter asked one of the players at the end of the season what happened in the huddle after that opening event, which seemed to ‘kick off’ their winning season in such a ferocious style (the quarterback, a mild type, choosing not to talk to the media), the player replied, “Well, sir, all I remember was that our quarterback came back to the huddle, and said something like, ‘They want to play dirty?  Let’s show’em how this game is really played.’  And, well, we got the picture.”

They got the picture…

Not as in, ‘Don’t get mad, get even,’ in similar, two-can-play-at-that-game, fashion.  (As the Democrats chose to do when finding out about a certain voting scam being run by the Republicans in Florida some years ago.)

But as in playing your game to the hilt.  

And no further.

And thereby, you have a huge amount of energy on your side.

As in General Patton reportedly telling his Army, just before the Allied landing at Normandy (at least the equivalent of): 'We're going to go through them like shit through a goose.  I actually feel a little sorry for those poor bastards.'

And so I say:

Think to take down my country, will you…


In a similar vein:

from ‘ and YouTube: Accessories After the Fact of Fraud and Theft by Deception' - Jim Fetzer - July 17
(An excellent recap of his carefully studied and detailed take on the Sandy Hook 2-day FEMA ‘drill’ presented as a live event, in order for the Obama admin to promote gun control; and how the subsequent censorship of facts concerning the matter can legitimately be considered a crime.) 

Thanks again for this sort of info, James. Please keep putting it out there. The truth MUST out. About this, and many other such scams. 

We have been lied to long enough.

Time To Get Real

’Eighty-three!  Gee, man, you should be in a home!’

No; I should be Home.  I’ve had just about enough of this place.  I can’t take much more of this darkness.  You people really need to raise your game.  Stat.  

For example.  How dense do you have to be not to see what’s going on as regards voting in the United States??  The arrogant assholes who would be your masters have been taking you, step by stealthy step, into a situation where the only thing that you need to be in order to vote is a ‘resident’.  Of their totalitarian New World Order.  Can you really not see that???

Every true American who is living in a state that won’t let the Trump administration’s special Election Integrity Commission review your electoral procedures needs to organize a Recall petition against your governor, and Throw the Rascals Out, and thereby bring your erstwhile masters to heel.  While you still can.  And for those true Americans in the other states, you need to see as well that your electoral procedures are cleaned the hell up.*

What a sorry mess this has turned out to be, in this country, with such promise as your founding principles.  Wake the hell up, Citizen!  Your country is being stolen out from under you, while you sleep, with your fancy electronic gadgets, and boob tube to while the time away while your erstwhile masters continue in their slowly slowly takeover of your country.  

Our country.

My country. 

I can do only so much.  You have the gift of free will.  I can’t interfere with this process going on.  Until I can wield a big broom, and sweep all the Darkness away, you need to rise to the occasion.

And major occasion it is.

Once in an Era, folks.  Once in an Era.

Let’s make the most of it.

* Item.  “New York City’s watchdog Department of Investigations has just provided the latest evidence of how easy it is to commit voter fraud that is almost undetectable.  DOI undercover agents showed up at 63 polling places last fall and pretended to be voters who should have been turned away by election officials; the agents assumed the names of individuals who had died or moved out of town, or who were sitting in jail. In 61 instances, or 97 percent of the time, the testers were allowed to vote…”  (National Review, in 2014) 
   “A recently released report about noncitizen voting in Virginia by the Public Interest Legal Foundation suggests the number of illegal votes cast by noncitizens may be significant…Among the startling findings include the fact that a total of 5,556 voter registrations have been removed in Virginia based on noncitizenship since 2011.  A check of the voter histories of those registrations indicated that many illegal  ballots were cast…”  (article in the current/July 10 issue of The New American, which cited the above quote as well)
   And then there is, of course, the excellent undercover ops of Project Veritas, which have graphically demonstrated widespread electoral fraud this last time around…and the millions - millions - of names that appear on voter reg rolls in more than one state/location…and the millions - millions - of illegal aliens and other ineligible voters in the country…….
   What was that again that you were saying, Barry??  You know; about voter fraud???…

Sunday, 16 July 2017

And Another Thing

What is this business of students being in colleges or universities who can't hack it academically?  Why make them feel bad about themselves??  They should be in vocational schools, or whatever.  This bad business needs to stop.

I  presume that it is all of a piece with the revolutionary agenda of the Marxists, to foment turmoil - cynically using such students as cannon fodder - to create yet another 'class' of persons for their ideologically-determined warfare, ka class warfare.  Which plotting has been going on for a long time.  And especially among a certain 'class' - mindset - of people.

I refer to all those inclined to Power Over Others.  Although the 'Chosen People' meme has certainly caused a lot of heartache and turmoil and pain (the stuff of history; of The Play; the makings of Drama) for the Jews and their neighbors over the years.

I am not 'anti-Semitic,'1 or 'racist,' or 'sexist,' or 'homophobic,' or whatever label that might be attempted to be applied to me, in an attempt to demonize me.  Except for one category (which I am fairly certain has not been added to the panoply yet).  I am very much anti-New World Order mob.2

It is the antithesis of everything I stand for.  And so I will not stand for it.

The New World Order mob would force people to be 'good' - according to their definition of the term.  I would allow them to be.  Or not.  Their choice.  If they choose 'wrong,' they need to experience - even suffer - the consequences, in a just universe, wherein individuals are held responsible for their actions.  But it is still 

their choice.

So, in summary:

No one is forced to be 'good' in my take on things.  I wouldn't want them in my kingdom anyway, if they were.  Only free moral agents need apply.

And you'd better get your 'application' in soon.

The opening is closing as we speak.

Your choice.



1 Many Jews not being bloodline Hebrews anyway; their ancestors - of the Ashkenazim, i.e., European Jews - having been converted en masse by the king of their eastern European country, Khazaria, in the first millennium of the Current Era, and thus not strictly Semites.
   And not necessarily even religious.
   Just opportunistic.

2 Not to be confused at all with the Lavender Hill Mob.  Those guys were amusing.  These guys are demonic.
   To be given a chance to come over to the Light side.  Or perish.  In the Light.
   As fundamentally incompatible with it.

Let Me Count The Ways

In my last blog I talked about how the Republican Party authorities are and have been involved in the takedown - the attempted takedown - of the American Republic as well as the Democrats, in failing to check the Dems (in an application of the fundamental ‘checks and balances’ philosophy of the American form of government) when they put up an ineligible candidate for the office of the presidency in 2008 (who subsequently stayed there, as Resident, not really President, for 8 whole illegal years).  

When I am put in charge - for this is my country, after all - all these things will be set to rights.  Thus, for some examples:

* There will be no more ‘anchor babies’.  That concept is due to, not a misunderstanding - the perps have known precisely what they were doing, in this regard - but a misapplication of the 14th Amendment; which states: 

:All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…” 

I put emphasis on the crucial, and limiting, clause in this Amendment; which somehow has been overlooked.  Or to say, which we have been prevailed upon to overlook, by our erstwhile masters, on both sides of the political aisle.  ‘And subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ means a person whose parents are legally here, or are not here just on consignment from their home countries, like diplomats, or are just visitors - all of whom are subject to the jurisdiction of their home countries.  (And this ’interpretation’ of the clause is confirmed by the historical record, of the established intent of the amendment.)

How could this error have come about??  One clear answer: By deliberate intent.  By those termites who were intent on bringing down this country - this federal constitutional republic - and establishing in its place their own version of a United States  Or breaking it down altogether.  With such tactics as were employed here:

by subterfuge.  In this case, by the application of the idea of the U.S. Constitution being ‘a living document,’ subject merely to the socio-econo-political proclivities - the ‘interpretations’ - of the judicial branch.  And then arranging to have their people put in place on the various levels of judicial benches, including the highest, to make those ‘interpretations’.  

And thus the classic ‘debate’ between ’strict construction’ - aka ’original intent’; its proponents ka  ‘originalists’ - and 'judicial activism': treating the Constitution like ’a living document,’ or to say like a wet noodle.  Its proponents ka assholes.  (Excuse the bias. But this is too serious a matter just to use popguns in describing it.) 

No wonder I didn’t choose Law as a profession.  I would have blown these assholes who have been attempting to take over this country - my country - out of the water long ago.+  But that would have short-circuited The Process that obviously had to take place, in order to bring us to where we are now:

on the verge of major overhaul.  

And actually:

major Change.  

But to continue.  And to close out this point first, with a What To Do - to say:

What do we do with the situation as it exists.

First, we close the door on any more of these nonsensical situations, of illegal aliens and other non-citizens coming into this country in order (at least in part) to have their babies here and expecting them to have American citizenship automatically conferred on them, thus allowing their parents to stay in the country (or not; as in the case of what is called, as I understand it, ’tourist babies’. Grrrrr……)  That was not the intention of the 14th Amendment.  The Constitution is a contract.  Not a wet noodle, to be manipulated at will by, er, miscreants.  And then, we deal with those who have already been involved in this scam on a case-by-case basis.  Which may not be as difficult as some might think; with the ‘economic’ situation in the world about to change in a major way.  And with many illegal aliens and others preferring to go back to their home countries willingly.  Rather than being subject to deportation.  Which brings up the subject of -      

* ’Sanctuary cities’.  No.  More.  It is against federal law  It has been against federal law.  It wilt not be allowed. to ’skate by’ the law any longer.  
   And not just with federal monies being frozen from those cities and states which have been flouting the law in this manner.   But with federal marshals being activated, to enforce the law.  
   I don’t expect much problem in this matter anyway, once the next piece of the Reform picture is put into place.  That being - 

* A total cleanup of the Voter Fraud and Electoral Fraud going on.  Which has been going on for long enough.  Disgustingly.
   With sanction of a state’s votes becoming ineligible to be counted in federal elections if the Reforms are not put in place:  
   Certifiably cleansed voter registration rolls.  (No more illegal aliens or otherwise ineligible voters, dead voters, or duplicate/multiple voters.)   Photo IDs mandatory; exit polls mandatory.  No more electronic voting machines (they have proven to be capable of being hacked in a number of ways) - a clear paper trail.  No more Absentee ballots, unless strictly supervised, or Early Voting.  All ballot boxes put under 24/7 surveillance camera observation.  The list goes on.
   If you’re going to act like children, you need to be treated like children  And as to such measures: Dipping a voter’s finger in purple dye, if need be, to clean up this mess once and for all.           
   I imagine that a fair amount of the corruption that has crept into our electoral system has been because many people decided ‘not to get mad, but to get even’ - i.e., the corruption having been put in place to counter real or suspected illegal activity on the part of the other party’s activists.

And to conclude this brief rundown of such Reform measures:

All.  Corruption.  Over. 

As incapable of existing in the spiritual atmosphere that we are about to enter, anyway.  

As being incompatible with

our Next Steps.

As Americans.

And as a race.

Homo sapiens sapiens.

As if to underscore the relevant factor, in our makeup.

Now, to be lived up to.

Not down to.

Any.  Longer.

+ And the likes of Robert Bork would have been sitting on the bench of the SCOTUS.  And we would never have reached major Crisis point.  Which allows for major Opportunity.
   To say: Lessons to be learned.