Monday, 31 July 2017

On Setting Things To Rights

It bears repeating:

Where did the Democrats ever get the idea that this was a one-party-rule state, not a two-party (at the least) political system?  That the opposition is to be 'Resisted,' as if they themselves were born to rule; like the ruling class of the former Soviet Union??  Meaning to turn this country into a socialist, if not outright communist, hellhole, where no opposition to their vicious totalitarian rule is to be allowed.

Well, however that totalitarian thinking crept into this country, let me tell you something, boys and girls of the far Left:

Not my country, you won't.

All you decent and honorable Democrats need to take back your party from the far Left ideologues who have hijacked it, and have been trying to overthrow this country, with the aid of the votes of all 'their' illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, like non-citizens, 'dead' voters, and duplicate/multiple voters.  All, a disgusting crime against this country.

The crime to be expunged from the voter registration rolls in all the counties of the nation.  And other crimes, under the rubric of 'electoral fraud,' involving electronic voting machines, to be eliminated as well.  Until this country is set to rights.

In this area, as in all others.  Because I will not countenance corruption in my country.

Not.  A.  Whiff.

I hope I am understood.

And about the fact that those days are over.

Part of the sad history of this planet.

Now, to be superseded.

By the likes of joy.  And goodwill.

In alignment with the Will (aka the Universal Laws) of our Creator Source.

As best we can ascertain that Will.

By deep inner listening.

And similar thinking.

And appropriate actions taken therefrom.

In this New Day, dawning for all humanity.

More on which, to follow.

This for now.

Getting it off my chest.

P..S.  Maybe I am just an old man, who dreams above his station.  Nevertheless, in my dreams, a couple of cases of miscarriage of justice in particular have come to my attention.  And are hereby reversed.
     One involves a doctor in South Dakota, named Annette Bosworth, who, new to the business of politics - desiring to clean out some of the corruption going on in that state, going on under its political establishment - inadvertently - that is, with no malice intended - signed off on some names, that were superfluous anyway, on her nominating petition (due to the errant advice of her campaign lawyer; who ended up on her primary opponent's side.  Go figure), and who is facing - get this - 24 years in prison, on 12 counts of felony (or to be considered as '12 felonious counts'), as a consequence.  On things that should be, at most, a misdemeanor.  And would be, in most cases.
     The case is unalterably tainted for being politically motivated; would never have come up if it weren't for the politics involved, which is all too long a story to go into here.  Here, all I need to say, in summation, is: Case dismissed.
     And the same sort of situation applies in the case of one Schaeffer Cox, being held in prison in Illinois.  He got locked away from his young family for 26 years, for being, in effect, a political prisoner.  He gets the same result, in the setting of things to rights in this country.
     I am hopping mad at the s.o.b.'s who are running things at this time.
     Their time, fortunately, now
     All.  Except for the shouting.
     On their side.  Though better described as wailing.
     And ours.  Perhaps best described as jubilation.
     The Light winning out in the end.
     The End.
     The Play.
     And the beginning of
     the Real Thing.

On Uncommon Sense

‘Havin’ just ridden into town on the back of a turnip truck, I’m a little curious as to how you city folks run things here, an’ would like to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind.’

’Sure.  Glad to be of help.’

‘Thank you.  

‘So, I understand that you folks have turned the workings of your monetary system over to a private - whadda ya call it; a consortium?’

‘That’ll do; yes.’

‘ -  to do things like settin’ the money supply, and stuff like that there.’

‘Right.  It’s called the Federal Reserve.’

‘The Federal Reserve.  Although it’s a private consortium.’

‘Well… - yes.’


‘And this here ‘Federal Reserve’.  It also controls the printing presses, of the money.’


‘And this here ‘Federal Reserve,’ although it ain’t ‘federal’ at all, not only controls that feature of this monkey - I mean, money - business, but has exclusive access to it.  Meanin', that there is no audit of it.’


‘Of the money.  Printed by the printing presses.  By the private consortium, in charge of the whole shebang.’


‘Which is made up of very wealthy individuals and groups.  Who could have every reason to spread money around to their friends..  And arrange for its, shall we say, competition, to have a more difficult time, so to speak, in regards to this here ‘money’ thing.’

‘I don’t  - I mean, it doesn’t work just like that. I mean, the government has oversight of its operations.’

‘Oversight.  As in seeing what’s going on?’

‘ - Well… - You see, - ‘

‘Yes.  I see.  Thanks for the help.’

‘Wait! - Where are you going?’

‘Back to the farm.  To help prepare our defenses.  From the hordes of you City folks who are going to be comin’ out into the countryside, lookin’ to steal food from us farmin’ folks any time now.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Ya see, us farmin’ folks calls it ’slaughtering the hog’.  You have to approach that big ol’ beast very carefully.  Before you stick it to’im.  Which is, of course, the whole point of the exercise.

‘Good luck.’

But why wish that to them.  

They obviously asked for what is coming to them.

And not on the back of a turnip truck.

But from, ultimately - in revolutionary reaction - millions upon millions of ‘city folk’.  Who have had just enough.

Of city slicker ways.

Having come to their common senses.

P.S.  “Venezuela is simply ahead of he U.S. on the same road to national bankruptcy.  Absent a course correction, there is little reason to think we won’t arrive at the same destination - hyperinflation and disorder.” - article headed ‘Preparing to Barter and Trade Is NOT a Loony Idea’ - posted at Money Metals Exchange, July 31.
     ('Well, they would say that, wouldn't they.'
      And prudently so.)  


So much for the far Right.

What do we do about the far Left?

Congratulate them.  On putting up a good fight.  As a meaningful adversary.  And then get on with the job at hand.  Of building the U.S. back up again.  Although the right way this time.

And I don’t mean as in the far Right way.  As in, to say, a/the corporate-government complex way.  Aka fascism.  I mean as in correct principles.

Like those of the founding of this country.  Small government/personal responsibility.  Big opportunity.  A ‘conservative’ care for the environment.  And each other.

The right way, that one.  Not the way that generates dependency, and a ‘Gimme’ mentality.

That goes.  Along with all the other corrupt practices and attitudes that have developed over the years. Humanity - not just in the U.S. - having reached

the end of the line.


the Old Way.

We are in to something New, now.

A, the, New World.

Nova Earth.  Coming, to a theater of operations

quite near 


As 'a piece of the continent, a part of the main'.  Of your Source.

Being called to grow up, into your full potential.

At least, another step towards that outcome.

Your full legacy.

As we speak.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Conclusion

I have now finally gotten all the way through Joseph Atwill's amazing tour de force of scholarship, 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus'.  Which reveals in intricate detail* how the New Testament was created by the Flavian imperial household; the project headed by the Jewish general-cum-governor-cum historian, Josephus bar Matthias, who saw the writing on the wall and, realizing that militant messianic Judaism as practiced in full force by the Zealots of the day was going to lose out against the might of imperial Rome, helped to bring that day about by creating in its place what came to be known as Christianity, with a vision of a peaceful Messiah who would serve as an alternative to the militant messianically-driven rebellious Jewish leaders; with Vespasian the father as well the Father God, and elder son Titus as the Son of God who chastised "the wicked generation" of Jews, for failing to bend the knee to Roman rule, by his siege and sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple there.  And later on, the younger son Domitian got his court historian, Seutonius, to say equally divine things about him, too, when his turn came to rule the roost; making him out to be the Lord God of 'Revelation,' no less.

Bastards, all.

But thus, the end of Christianity.

Just in time.  For

The New.

So.  All things in their place, I guess.

With free will still a feature of life on Earth.

Until we return fully to

the fold.  To say:

being in perfect alignment with the Will of our Creator.

And wishing to be no more than that.


an obedient child.

Growing up, through all sorts of vicissitudes and other teaching/learning experiences, into adulthood.

No bent twig.

A perfect expression of

our Source.

The All That Is.



* Atwill is a self-confessed "avid chess player' .  It took just that sort of mind to unravel this detective story, in all its clever detail.

A Word

Before I take over, and set things to rights - in this country, and, with help from other Lightworkers: in the world - I can’t stress enough how incensed I am - far more than being merely disappointed - that you in this country have, by and large, attempted to pretend that it was sufficient for a candidate to be eligible to run for, let alone hold, the office of the presidency of the United States - the highest office in the land; and as well, then, becoming the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces - merely to be a citizen, rather than needing to be a special, more exclusive kind of citizen, to hold that special office.

I refer to the eligibility requirement, under the rule of law in and of this country, of said person needing to be a ‘natural born’ citizen.  What is the definition of that term, as understood by the constitutional Framers who put it in their contract as an eligibility requirement for that particular federal office - and that particular federal office only??  The historical record is very clear on this subject: a ‘natural born’ citizen is a person, quote, “born in the country, of parents who are citizens,” unquote.  That definition is from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters, Emer de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’.  And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  It was put in the Constitution - the law of the land - as an eligibility requirement for that particular office - and as I say,  that particular federal office ONLY - to make sure that the occupant of that office - who as I say becomes as well, then, the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces (are you getting this point yet??) - had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States.


A six-year-old could have told you that, if he or she had been instructed properly in the matter.  Why didn’t you know that??

I’ll tell you why, essentially.  Not just because you were not instructed properly in the matter.  But because you failed to appreciate fully that in this country, you are the sovereign.  Not your government representatives.  You are - were supposed to be - a self-governing people.  Vouchsafed, by the Founders of this nation, that gift.  And that responsibility.  And you delegated that responsibility to your elected representatives, fully.  Rather than keeping a closer eye on them.  And ‘they’ sold you out.  To a higher bidder.  People who want to take over this country.  And have wanted to take it over for a very long time. 

And you, going asleep at the watch - at your watch - allowed them to almost - almost - get away with their machinations in this regard.*  

I can only assume that this has all been for a purpose.  The purpose, apparently, being to teach you a lesson.  A very big lesson.  Perhaps the biggest lesson in life of all:

Not to go to sleep.  To keep awake, and aware.   

As to what it is all about.  

Which we are about to get involved in, in a much deeper level.  To say, more accurately: a much higher level.  Than we have ever engaged in before.

Which is, in a word: Our Ascension.

So, let us get to the task at hand.  Which is to create a New World.  A World beyond Duality.  Together.  On our way to being beyond dimensions themselves.  (How to get there?  It's a matter of resonance.)  

That is all.

For now.  At this special time.  On this special planet.  That we call our home.  Away from


* With the Republican Party close to attempting to ‘make two wrongs make a right’ in the potential nomination of Senator Ted Cruz as their candidate - against the chronic, if not compulsive, if not outright pathological liar and serial criminal, Hillary Clinton - who was even less of a ‘natural born’ citizen than the Usurper himself, Barack Hussein Obama; who at least - and at least according to his testimony; since we have yet to see a true birth certificate for this ringer - had one citizen of this country as a parent.  Senator Cruz’s father not being a citizen at the time, and his mother, having of necessity, according to Canadian law at the time, given up, in renunciatory language (“I hereby renounce”), her U.S. citizenship to live in Canada, where - as well an ineligibility matter - he was born.  All that as potential, until Donald Trump rode in to the rescue of that party, and this country.
     But to continue.


An additional entry in this line:

from ‘Trump for U.S. Senate 2018?’ - J.B. Williams - July 30/31
(Title meaning Trump-like candidates; to get a commanding no. in the Senate.)
(He called Ted Cruz out on his ineligibility to have run for the Senate before.  An issue that could return to bite him.  And in any event, sinks his ship.
Glad to see that someone else agrees with me on that 'little matter'.
The details.........)

Posted at 01:44h, 31 July (still 30 July PDT)

Thanks for pointing out the issue around Ted Cruz, JB.

That mistake must not be allowed to stand. Or we will never get our Constitution back from being “just a damn piece of paper,” subject to ignoring whenever it suits certain people. On both sides of the political aisle.

Under New Management

How does the world operate Under New Management?

Not by profit-making, I'l tell you that right now.  Which is, you must understand, merely a concept.  It only exists in our minds; is not a law of physics.

This business of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other is well past its use-by date.  Some examples of the sorts of corruption that are going to be wrung out of the system, of sharing goods and services with one another:

* Short-selling on the stock market.
   Examples abound.  From the relatively small - Chipotle food poisoning - to the really outrageous:
   + 9/11.  There was a fair amount of 'insider trading' going on there, with some people making huge amounts of money short-selling stock of the airlines involved.  Obviously with advanced knowledge of that caper going down.  And as well with Silverstein, and his purchase just two months before of a large amount of insurance on the buildings (with a big problem with them regarding asbestos, which would have required extensive reconstruction of the buildings; not a normally intelligent investment, Larry), including covering terrorist-style damage.  (Including suing for double damage, because, hey, there were two buildings thus damaged; right??  And let's not talk about the third one; right???...)
   + The Gulf Oil spill.  The company involved took out a huge insurance policy just before the blow-out.  Plus, some insider investors made a fortune on short-selling their stock just before.

Hell, I could go on, and on, and on, in this vein of obscene corruption, occasioned by treating 'money' - and the accumulation thereof - as an end in itself, rather than as merely a convenient means to another end: that of living together, on this beautiful planet, as a gift from God.  But I'll close with just one wrapping-up comment:

Martha Stewart: You deserve your time in prison back.

At the least until things are set to rights in this country.

Any time, now.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

'Oh Well; Close Enough' - NOT

from ’Texas Judge Reinstated to Bench after being Suspended for not being a US Citizen!’ - Time Brown - July 29
(“Texas municipal court Judge Young Min Burkett was suspended after it was discovered she is not an [sic] united States citizen.  Now, the Corpus Christi City Council has voted to return her to the bench after she was naturalized…”
What??!!  She broke the damn law!  Out with her!  Or to say, In with her - into jail.  
Can you imagine her sitting in judgment on some case where she says, ‘Oh well - close enough.  Let the defendant go.  Next case…’  As it is, all the rulings that she made prior to becoming a citizen are open to lawsuits - and rightly so.  Either the law is or it isn't.  And for everybody...
What an effing mess this country has allowed itself to get into.)


This is part and parcel of the same sort of mentality that has 'grown up' (you should excuse the expression) in this country that allowed the citizenry to overlook the fact that Obama was not eligible for that office, for not being a 'natural born' citizen, but 'oh well; close enough,' seems to have been the attitude. And thus passes the rule of law in this country; leaving it wide open to arbitrary law, aka tyranny.

For those of you who don't understand the difference between a 'natural born' citizen and any other kind of citizen, a NBC is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. (That's what makes it 'natural,' for heaven's sake. This isn't rocket science.) It's from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building subjects, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations'. (Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up. It's right there, available on the Internet for anybody who has at least half a mind to support the Constitution, and its rule of law for this nation.) I can only surmise that so many good Americans let this crime go by because they thought that if there were anything wrong with the Usurper's candidacy and subsequent occupancy of the office, the Republicans would have said something about it. And so what does this terrible crime against this country tell us? That the Republicans are involved in the whole business of overturning the Constitution, along with the Democrats.

This judge in Texas knew damn well that what she was doing was illegal, or she wouldn't have had the knowledge of the law to become a judge in the first place. And the city authorities who let her application slide are equally as culpable. The whole lot of them need to be brought to trial. In a legitimate court of law. if there are any left in Texas. Or the country proper, for that matter. Especially after the Usurper got his hands oh the levels of power in the country, and shifted it so far to the Left that it may never recover from the list to that side. What a terrible, terrible mess that we are in. All because too many American citizens went asleep at the switch, of their country from a federal constitutional republic to a wet noodle, capable of being manipulated at will, by devious spirits. Talk about selling out one's birthright for a mess of pottage.


People, people:


I know that you have been raised in your public school systems over at least the last half a century not to bother with learning how to spell correctly.  But see how that sort of thing has led to the effing mess that we are in as a nation???

And that little bit of 'education' business has been on purpose.  By ideologues, who know full what they are doing, and have been doing for over this whole period of time.  They are experts at Mind Control games.  And you have, by and large, fallen for their machinations, hook, line, and sinker.

Let's see you get out of this one.........

...and if you can't:

That was your doing.

And opportunity.

Which don't come around very often.


To set things right.

And thus,

graduate from that level of lessons.

In the meantime,

what a waste.  Of major potential.

Over The Bridge

Many years ago, in 1977 to be precise, a very successful Hollywood screenplay writer, name of William Goldman, after an equally successful start in the writing trade as a novelist, wrote a blockbuster film based on a book about a true incident in the Second World War, both works entitled A Bridge Too Far.  It was about a mission on the part of the Allied forces that, in the end, failed.  And so basically did the film at the box office (despite all the big names involved).  People stayed away from the theaters in which it was playing in droves.


Because people prefer happy endings.

And I would submit for consideration that it's because we are wired for a happy ending.  'Wired' - subconsciously - to expect a happy ending.  At the end of The Play.

I personally don't go to a movie to be disappointed in the end.  I go to a movie to be inspired and uplifted.  Else why bother.

I really can't imagine that life is all about disappointing us in the end.  What would be the point?  A demiurge getting even for being kicked out, or deprived, of heaven - the higher realms - for whatever reason and entrapping souls into an endless loop of reruns, just with different costumes is all, out of spite?  And our Creator Source letting that happen??  Out of what.  Out of, er, love???

No. That doesn't compute, as a reason for being.  There has to be more to this business of life than that.  That Life is not a sentence in a prison.  But is a school.  For aspiring gods.

Chips off the old block, as it were.

Computer chips only??

No.  That doesn't compute either.  We obviously have been granted free will in the matter.  And progress as we will.

Not as some puppetmaster wills for us.

Plays with us.  Dancing us through the maze.  With glee, at our failings, and what all we are made to get up to, at the puppetmaster's wish and whim.  And command.

Take your life into your own hands.  And make of it what you will.

A ticket to success.

To say:


Friday, 28 July 2017

Life Is An Illusion - Compounded

A friend has sent me a link to a site that describes new technology whereby ‘they’ can doctor people’s - the images of people’s - faces in real time on tv, to make them make any expressions that they want to fit over their image faces, like a CGI mask.  And they can also mimic one’s voice, to go along with the charade.  My off-the-cuff comment to my friend (in the cynical mood that I happen to be in):    

“It's all imagery.  Including ourselves.  And this matrix we live in.  So actually, all this fakery is doing us a service, in drawing our attention to it. 

“’All the world's a stage, and we are merely actors, strutting our poor part on the stage...'  or however that goes.  

“And actually, there is [even] serious question about Shakespeare being the author of 'his' works.  Some say, with some justification, that the author of those works was actually (among others) Sir Francis Bacon...

“Who knows.  

“What do I think?

“It's all smoke and mirrors stuff.  Designed to catch our consciences.

“Me.  I prefer the Real Thing.

“Enough of the charade.

“But thanks for drawing my attention to this particular wrinkle in the skein.”


We are fretted about with illusion.  Take Barack Hussein Obama, Jr..  Aka Barry Soetoro.  We still don't know who he is, to say, his real name.  Why not?  Because the birth certificate that he posted on the official White House dot gov web site has been demonstrated very well to have been false.  A fake.  A fraud.  On the American people.  Who don't seem to care about such things anymore...

Including the fact that he could well have been the spawn of a Jewess groupie with Malcolm X.  As one person has claimed, with some evidence, on the internet.1  Others have claimed him to be the son of Stanley Ann, alright, but either with a) Barack H. Obama Sr. whilst she was visiting over in Kenya; which would make him ineligible for the presidential office both as to his birth location AND his birth father, who was not a U.S. citizen in any event; or b) the mentor that she/her family assigned him to when still very young, a black 'friend' of her father's named Frank Marshall Davis.  (I don't say 'black American friend' because he was a communist, and indoctrinated young Barry with hate for his country of birth.  Or wherever he was born.  As I say: Smoke and mirrors.)  Barry looking very much like either Frank Davis or (even more like) Malcolm X, and not at all like his namesake.2

But back to the original point of the above paragraph; which has a lot to say for it, as being the answer to the conundrum.  Including the fact that Stanley Ann, when she appeared with the infant Barry in Seattle to go to school up there shortly after he was born, did not have a clue how to take care of a baby, including facts about diapers. A gal friend of hers from those days reported that. Which speaks of Stanley Ann never having engaged in prenatal classes.3  Plus the fact that she and Barack Obama Sr. never lived together.  All indications being that he just donated his name to the enterprise.  (As a help as well to him, to be able to continue to stay in this country.)  So, in looking at this take on this murky matter, we see a legitimate picture emerging, of what the truth about the matter is.

One.  The communists in the U.S. have been known to have a strong network amongst them.  The infant spawn of the Jewess and Malcolm X being parked with one of those families, in order to preserve him for future political use, to be groomed by them to aid in the overthrow of the U.S.  Which he/they would never be able to get away with if it were known that he was the child of the notorious Malcolm X.  And plus, there is the 'testimony' of an ex-CIA man on video, saying that Obama Jr.'s DNA was checked by them - via a glass of water that they purloined from his use - and he was found not to be the child of Stanley Ann.  

Now, one can legitimately question this latter piece of this picture, since the CIA can never be trusted to tell the truth about anything.  But one thing in all this illusion stuff is certain:

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. - or whatever his real name is - was ineligible for the office of the presidency of the United States of America.  For, even if it turns out that he is, indeed, a 'natural born' citizen of the U.S. - as the child of a U.S. citizen mother and father - he has sworn that his father was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.  A non-citizen.  He's toast, right there.

But not so's many Americans have noticed...

As I say.

Illusion.  Upon illusion.

And my cynicism about it all.

Bordering on disgust.

If it weren't for the purpose of it all.........



1 Just who was that mysterious woman seen at a New York Knickerbockers basketball game sitting with Barry one night.  And who ended up being invited to travel with the Obama entourage to the UK for some presidential event or other...

And all of this is not to mention another possible birth father: an Indonesian founder of a 'cult' that the family belonged to.  Which - even though the subject involves as well the mystery death of a woman who had a hand in producing BO's false BC - is a bridge too far for this particular take on all this shady business.
   That the American public seems to have been too busy, in their nice, comfortable, middle-class lives, to have cared to take much notice of.
   While their country was being stolen right out from under their noses.  Easy peasy, like.  A snap.  Well.  Easy come.  Easy go.

3 Plus the fact that there has never been any evidence posted that I am aware of that she was ever pregnant at the time.  No pictures; nothing.
   The only thing close to any sort of 'proof' to that is the BC from Kenya.  But that has never been substantiated.

As A Matter Of Fact...

In A Manner Of Speaking

A further word to my last blog:

And of course there is also the outrageous business of forcing the taxpayers - excuse me, for the benefit of the corrupt amongst us: of having the government - to pay for abortions (and even the extreme obscenity of 'partial birth' abortions), so that irresponsible females can have their cake and eat it, too.  Which is a whole 'nother stinking kettle of fish.

But why not, one might say at this point; with all the compromises with integrity and morality going on, in these benighted days...

And not to mention that if kids did escape the 'government'-paid-for slaughter, they were subject to being 'disappeared,' into the child sex trafficking business.  Or via the Child Protection Services (a particular non sequitur, that one) big business.  As outrageous a 'big business' as ever was conceived in the mind of debased and deluded man.

Unspeakable stuff.

But not to worry.  Everybody will get their just deserts.  Because it is all on record.

Because this is a just universe.

You doubted it?  But what did you think that reincarnation was for??


To balance the scales in the end.

To balance the scales.  Friend.  Or foe.

So that we could learn from the experiences.  And then move on.

The experiences themselves not being the point of the exercise.

Just like 'making money' is not the point of that exercise.

But rather, the means to an end.

A further end than the life experience itself.

Coming in to better view.

As we speak.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Let Me Be Frank...

…and not as in Sinatra.  I don’t need that kind of voice.  I just need to speak my piece in my own voice, about things going on in this day and darkened age.  But as they say: It’s always the darkest before dawn.  And boy, is that ever the truth in this instance.


* Young women in the U.S. (and elsewhere)1 seduced into having babies on the taxpayer’s dime.  
   It all started, I think, with the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program, during LBJ’s 'Great Society' days: a well-meant - purportedly - attempt to offer financial assistance to families momentarily in a state of financial hardship, but which quickly morphed - as could have been seen, by those with eyes to see - into the boondoggle that it has become, for the state to pay young women to have babies; and then followed up with food stamps, etc., all at the taxpayer’s expense.2  As I say: a boondoggle.  And also ultimately to bankrupt the country, a la the Coward-Piven Strategy, in order to drive it under statist control.  But to continue.3
   Said creation of the phenomenon of single mother ‘families’ not only made more citizens dependent on the state for their wherewithal - part of the purpose of the ploy - but served to deprive fathers of the opportunity and responsibility to help raise their offspring, and thus learn to take responsibility for their actions.  Perhaps the most civilizing experience a human can have.  Gone, with the wind of the new, bigger state sweeping through the country; hoped by its proponents to ’sweep’ the old away.  The old, of family units, being the bulwark of society - responsible for themselves, and their own wherewithal, and helping thereby to create a successful economic and social system.4
   Which the United States was, and in spades.  Until the termites started gaining the upper hand.  And The People lost sight of their responsibility, to take care of their legacy.
   Twenty trillion - that’s TRILLION -  dollars in debt: Are you kidding me???  
   Our creditors could come here any day now and take the country over - lock, stock and barrel.  Kick us off the land, and pack us into high-rise apartment buildings, on the cheap.  Pack’em and stack’em.  And most Americans - it would appear - would hardly miss a beat, in continuing to watch their favorite tv shows, and munching on their chips, and swigging their -

You know what?  I was going to continue, in this report on How I See It, through a number of other subject areas.

But I’m not going to.

I’m fed up enough as it is.  

You get the picture.

Do something about it.  

It’s as much your country as mine.   

P.S. And don't get me wrong.  I envision a New World wherein we share with each other.
     Just not at the expense of others.  That's corrupting.
     And corruption has no place in The New.
     Because it is made of finer stuff, than the old, 3D stuff.
     Of which many of us have had just enough.


1 I remember while living in Scotland reading of the scam going on down in England of some single young stud who was earning a living by servicing young females in his town to have his babies, because they were being paid by the state to have them.  And raise them.  All, on the taxpayer's shilling.  So, it has been a widespread phenomenon.  A feature of socialist thinking.  
   Which is destroying nation-state after nation-state in its wake.

2 Food stamps is a particular boon to many feeders off the public trough - from the banks that run the program, to the Big Ag providers of the items.
   And people on the program are not even limited to basic food supplies, as any decent such program would simply provide for.  For staples like basic veggies and beans and burgers and flour and milk.  Not for all the crap that I see people with these EBT cards purchasing by them.  What arrogant nonsense.  People standing in line, trying to make ends meet in their lives, having to watch others waltz out of the store loaded down with items that they themselves can’t afford to buy……… 
   We need a revolution, alright.  Just not the one that these arrogant asshats who are behind what is going on are angling for. 

3 And I understand that that program has been tweaked, in an attempt on the one hand to rein in some of the looting going on - by putting it under state, rather than federal, administration, and therefore ‘closer’ oversight - and on the other hand to get rid of some of the ‘hint’ in it of its being okay to have further babies on the taxpayer's dime by changing the name, to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).  Which is a helpful correction.  But it’s not enough.
    The ‘state’ - federal or state - needs to get out of the business of creating welfare dependency.  Period.  
   People who need temporary help can get temporary help via any number of charitable agencies.  It is not the state's business to seduce people into dependency on 'the state' for their welfare.
   Let alone providing it to illegal aliens!
   The mind boggles...

4 ...and in thinking of all these feral young black dudes in particular without a decent father figure in their lives...
   it's a crime against humanity.

'Reporting For My Operation, SIR!'

from ‘Do You Support Trump’s Ban On Transgender Troops?’ - Bradley Matthews - July 26
(A poster took lengthily to task people commenting here on Trump’s barring from the military Transgenders, with their expensive demands for gender replacement surgery and hormonal treatment, etc. etc.; saying that she doesn’t know why they are the way they are, but they are God’s children too, etc. etc.  A silly, non sequitur argument.
P.S. 96% of poll responders said ‘Yes’ to the poll.
P.P.S. My state’s new senator, Kamala Harris, calls it “discrimination”.  Sheesh.  What an ideologue.  The nation is ridden with them.  Isn't there an operation for them???......)

Stan Stanfield
Laura Holmes, you are mixing up issues. The issue that Pres. Trump addressed, and that the public is supporting here IN PRINCIPLE in its comments, is that our military is no place for Transgenders to be lining up for gender replacement surgery and other treatment, which takes them off duty for long periods of time, and includes much ongoing medical treatment. That is not what our military is for.
As for the causes of the LGBTQ ‘thing’: They are basically traced to the fact that at an early period of fetal development (I think it is the 8-10-week period), the fetal brain can be affected by the maternal hormonal bath, so that if said developing fluid is skewed, male-patterned brains can be ‘wired’ into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every stop along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies. The causes of such a hormonal imbalance are varied. Abnormal adrenal glands of either the developing fetus or the mother or both. Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, from plastics, pesticides, and The Pill. Stress, of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional (it is known that there is a higher incidence of homosexually-inclined babies born in the wake of wars than the normal background ‘noise’ can account for, e.g.). But perhaps most alarmingly is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus. We have, in short, not been doing our job properly, of paying attention to this ‘canary in the coal mine’. We need to wake up, and fast, to our responsibility in this atrocious matter. But I repeat (and what most of the posters here are saying): Our military is NOT the place to deal with this matter.

July 27, 2017,3:31 am


...And on a similar subject, of an operation:

from ‘FBI Warned To Retrieve Documents Removed Unlawfully By Fired FBI Director’ - Jim Kouri - July 27
(Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch  sending a warning letter to Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe reminding him of the FBI’s responsibility under some Act or other.  The JW is great on FOIA requests, and some law suits; but it often just boils down to more talk talk talk, evasion evasion evasion, stall stall stall.  These s.o.b.’s need a hot poker where it will do the most good.)
Posted at 05:53h, 27 July 

Hillary has been allowed to "skate" long enough. It’s time for ACTION. On many fronts.

Just DO IT.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dear Liberal Democrat

Dear Liberal Democrat:

When did you ever get it in to your head that this is not a two-party state, but is a nation of only one-party rule, and that party is yours??  You are acting as though you are 'entitled,' and that Trump is not only not 'entitled' but is to be actively resisted, to the point of destabilizing' - and 'de-legitimizing' - his administration.  Hang the results of the election, with its particular process.  Hillary won the Popular vote, so she should come away with the win.  Right???

Not in this country's system of government.  And as for that Popular vote: Trump claims that it was bolstered by "millions" of ineligible voters, and has established a commission to look into the whole issue of voter and electoral fraud - aka Election Integrity - in this country.  An admirable move, towards legitimizing the process.  And you are vociferously opposing that initiative.  Why is that??

Actually, I think I know why.  Because you have a different attitude about what is 'ineligible'.  Which has grown out of the success that you achieved by electing an ineligible candidate to the highest office in the land for the past eight years - and if you were able to get away with that little sleight-of-hand business, you should be able to get away with a little detail of 'ineligibility' regarding all the ineligible voters in this country.  Hang the idea of 'ineligible'.  Right?  Any resident will do.*  To vote early; and vote often.  And under as many names as you can come up with for them.


So, to that extent, all the corruption going on in this regard is the Republicans' fault.  Because they let you get away with running your technically ineligible candidate for the highest office in the land.  So, in for a penny...

So, I tell you what.

I agree that the Republicans have a large piece of the responsibility for this corrupt mess that we are in today in this country.  Aside from any other crimes of omission or commission that they may very well have been involved in.  That they are almost - almost - as culpable as you liberal Democrats.


Away with you both.

You are too ridden with corruption to save.

You both reek to high heaven.

So, off you go.

Being 'off' already.

With a stench that is unbearable.  And certainly not fitting for the likes of this country.  Which was founded on a far higher notion of 'principle' than that which has come to pass.

A shame.

A terrible, terrible shame.  With such promise...

But you will disgrace this nation no longer.

Away with you.


And - perhaps almost as an afterthought: You do realize that your little sleight-of-hand action with your ineligible candidate for the highest office in the land will not stand, don't you?  That all of the legislation that Obama signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts - go with him.  Into the trash bin.  For it to be as though he were never there.  For, he was never there legally.

This, because in this universe, we do not run by the Saul Alinsky/Marxist idea of 'What is right is whatever advances our agenda, and what is wrong is whatever blocks it'.

That there is a higher notion of integrity, and of right and wrong, than that at work.

Which you are about to experience.

And in spades.


* Citizen.  Resident.  Close enough; right?  Like being a 'citizen' is to being a 'natural born' citizen.  Close enough.  Right?

First Things First

       First Things First

We are going to return this country
                                     to being
The federal constitutional republic
                                     that it is
By right of birth,
                          and away
         from the kleptocracy
         that it has become
         by way of sleaze
         and corruption.
     It may well then become 
                       part of
     the kingdom of Heaven
     on Earth.
But first things first.

We wring out all the wrong.
                        And then
        we will see where we   
        are at.  Whether we
        are ready for
  our crowning glory.
       Or not.
Will tell.
        it always



Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Country, 'Tis Of Thee

I went to my local park for the municipal band concert there this evening - the last for us in this area for the season.  And as always, it was a treat.  We are blessed with an excellent conductor, and set of musicians, in this city, who also ‘moonlight’ in film studios, and for other gigs.  A great community activity.  I have enjoyed the Long Beach Municipal Band for many years, ever since I discovered them as a young lad, down at the Shell Bandstand at The Pike.  Which is a shell of its former self.  But the band plays on, as it were.

And while they were playing a set of stirring marches (from various films), it reminded me of something that I was reading about on the Internet just yesterday, I think it was.  I take a whole bunch of e-newsletters from across the political spectrum, to keep tabs on the thinking going on in the country.  In my country.  And yesterday (I think it was. It could have been this morning.  Time flies in mostly wall-to-wall blue sky Eden, in my retirement life here in the sun), on a ‘liberal’ site, there was a report from someone who said that she just can’t stomach the American flag anymore. 

Oh really.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have been very angry at some of the hijinks that our governments have gotten up to over the years.  Vietnam was the start of a bad spell.  It had a basically legitimate premise: The U.S. as a member of SEATO - that’s the SouthEast Asian Treaty Organization, created as a buffer against any attempts at Communist expansion of either Red China or the Soviet Union - had every right and reason to go in there in support of South Vietnam, which was filled, not only with its native peoples, but Vietnamese from the north, who fled there, voting with their feet against the communist takeover of their homeland.  But the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which proved to be a hoax?  And the whole No-Win War aspect of it; American and other Allied forces stuck there, like to a tar baby, while our troops were bled dry but the military-industrial complex made out like the bandits that they are??1  And then, when that war had been kept going on for as long as the MIC managers of it could manage, and ended ingloriously for our forces and those of our SEATO allies, came the Afghani and Iraqi debacles.  Wins in Iraq - both times - but at what cost.2  And there we are still, protecting the Afghani poppy fields for the heroin trade…

I could go on.  But you get the picture: Not all admittedly is well with America.  But these sorts of events denigrate the Stars and Stripes.  They don’t personify the flag.  So get your facts straight, and your priorities right, snowflakes.  In the meantime, honor the flag of your country.  It has a basically decent and honorable history as its embodiment.  A lot of honorable men and women bled and died and fought over the years for what it essentially stands for.  In a word: Freedom.

And I do understand that what that snowflake was most probably referring to was the election of Donald Trump over Hillary.  For which her response is simply puerile, and extremely insulting to what that flag stands for, in its essence.  Which, I say a little further into the subject, is the nobility of the individual human being, as a child of God; rather than a mere integer, a slave to the almighty state.    

And if you really can’t stand it here, please:

Go live elsewhere.

Go on.


My Country.

May she ever be right.

But right or wrong,

My Country.

And if you think that’s xenophobic,

you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


1 JFK was warned by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in a private conversation in the latter’s retirement hotel room in New York City, against ‘getting bogged down in a land war in Asia’.  And it could well have been partly to his apparently taking that advice to heart that TPTB assassinated him.  Or at least, had him assassinated.  By their ‘wet works’ operatives.
   Another story.

2  And both of them orchestrated by the same nest of vipers.  For two reasons: 1) To make money - big money.  (As all wars are, and do.)  And 2) To weaken us at home, with their teammates in our educational institutions constantly ragging on the U.S. for ‘playing cop around the world against people of color’.  Part of the Party line invented for the occasion.  The occasion, hoped for by them, of our downfall, like a ripe piece of fruit.  Right into their NWO Power Over Others (aka POO) lap…


from ’Sessions Should Withdraw His Recusal And Fire Mueller’ - Kelleigh Nelson - July 25/26

Posted at 05:30h, 26 July 

It’s obvious now that Rosenstein was up to no good, with his buddy Mueller. So all bets are off. It is thus a different ball game, Jeff. I agree with Kelleigh: Un-recuse yourself, and fire Mueller, for taking his brief out of bounds.

The MSM will have a hissy fit? Tough. They don’t run this country. Even if they think they do. Time to put them in their place, too.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. That is just a sign of weakness to these revolutionaries, who are trying to establish a Marxist regime in this country, and take it into the New World Order agenda for global control. They need to be stopped. Now.

An Impermanent State Of Being

An Impermanent State Of Being

I pretty much live in
A permanent state
       of outrage
At all the crap going on,
   in regards to
  and electoral
     the will of
   The People.

          It is odd
     to my mind
That it has been allowed
To go on for so long.*
      in any event,



A despot - a tyrant -
Is the reverse image of
The real thing
Which invokes it
Into being.
Is the shadow side
Where the darkness can hide
       and threaten
To come out again
At any time,
        and almost -
               almost - 

In the meantime,



* What is to stop, for ‘good’ example,/A contract employee/Of the Democrat Party/From busing a crowd/Of paid people/From precinct to precinct/In a targeted county/and giving them names to vote under/At each stop/Along the venal way/Of voters who are dead/And otherwise ineligible,/With names like ‘M. Mouse’?/Answer:/Nothing./At least not in/My home state/Of California: home/To millions/Of illegal/Aliens/, and those/Who caused them to be/Corrupted. 
   Though there is no checking/Of ID - and deliberately/Not/They have to sign a name;/But whoever checks to see/If it matches with an original?/Answer:/The people behind the scam./Like the nice young lady/At my local Elections Office/Who assured me/That everything was okay./Well./That’s in L.A. County./Okay/For whom/Is the question…

Our Way

    Our Way

All this chaos going on
Is about separating the wheat
From the chaff, and the chaff
                           will be
                           blown away.
Because we have work to do,
And we need as clear a Light
                           as possible
To do it in, to see
                  more perfectly
Our Way.

Monday, 24 July 2017

On The Purpose To Life

AKA On Breaking The Bank

‘I’ve got a knife here, and I’m going to stick you if you don’t give me all your money.’

‘That reminds me of a great joke.  One of the great lines of all time, from the Golden Age of Radio.  I realize that that was before your time.  Ever hear of Jack Benny?’

‘ - What?  Hey - c’mon, buddy, I said - ‘

‘A great character, and well before the advent of tv.  When we had to use our minds more, to enjoy things.  Picture this.  On radio, we hear - ‘

‘Hey - come on, buddy.  This is - ‘

‘You’re going to love this.  Let me just finish with the punch line I promised you.

‘Jack Benny was a comedian known for his frugality.   - ‘

‘His what?’  

‘His penny pinching.  He had a shtick where he would go down to his basement occasionally where his vault was to visit his money, and engage in some droll conversation with his guard down there - ‘

‘I don’t give a shit about all that, bud- ‘

‘No, you’re going to love this.  Let me just finish, and then we can get on with our business. 

‘So that’s the kind of character that he portrayed.  So one time he was walking down the street - this is on radio, mind you; before your time; so you have to picture it - and we hear a very gruff, menacing voice say to him: “Your money or your life.”  And there is this pause.  And the gruff-voiced character then says, “Well?”  And Jack Benny replies, in his droll manner, “I’m thinking.”  

‘You would have to understand - ‘  

‘And I’m thinking that I’m going to hurt you any minute now, if you don’t give me all your money.’

‘Well, I certainly don’t want that to happen.  So I’ll do as you say, since you are giving me no real choice in the matter.  But first, let me ask you: Do you think there is a purpose to life?’

‘What? - Come on, man.  Just give me your money.  I don’t have all day here.’

‘I’m sure you don’t.  And you are quite possibly hurting for whatever it is that my money will be able to provide you with, at least to some extent.  And so, I’ll help you out to that end in a moment.  But first, and I’m really serious in asking you this: Do you think that life has a purpose.’

‘Well - sure.’

‘And what do you think that that purpose is.’

‘Well - to have fun.’

‘To have fun.  Just in and for itself only?’

‘…i don’t unnerstand.’.

‘I’m just wondering if you think that there is any ultimate purpose to ‘having fun,’ beyond just in and for itself only.  That there is a larger meaning to life.  To the life experience.’

‘…Are you trying to hit me with some ‘God’ stuff?’

‘I’m just trying to ‘hit’ you with some understanding of what you think that this business of ‘life’ is all about.  If you think that there is some ultimate purpose to it, beyond just the experience itself.  Which certainly has a lot of pain in it, besides moments of pleasure.  And the former of which you may well be experiencing right at this moment, in your life.’



‘…Yeah.  I’ve got enough of that in my life.  Right about now.  And with you too, buddy.  C’mon.  Gimme your money, and let’s cut the crap.’

‘Actually, I’m trying to do just that.  But I’m still interested in what you think about life, at its roots.    But anyway, for now: Here.  I have a dollar on me.  Since you insist on taking it from me, it’s ‘yours’.  But actually, it’s not really a dollar.  Did you know - ‘

‘What? - Hey, come on, buddy.  Just do it.  Hand it over.’   

‘Right.  But I’m still interested in your answer to that question, too.  Did you know that these things that we call dollars are not really dollars?’

‘…I don’t unnerstand.’

’That they are just what are called ‘notes’.  Federal Reserve notes.  Backed by nothing, but other Federal Reserve notes.  Backed, that is to say, by nothing of value any longer but the promise to pay you, on demand - as you are doing to me right now - in the same kind of worthless paper in itself - like life in itself only - that it is made up of.  That there is an actual legal definition of a dollar, that involves a certain amount of silver.  And that backing, and the promise to pay a person in it on demand if one wished that to happen, disappeared on purpose some years ago, in a big shell game con, where it got shuffled out of sight, and therefore out of mind, in a very neat rigged game operated by the con artist called the Federal Reserve.  Which has nothing to do with the Federal government of the United States, other than to print up its currency, and charging it for doing so.  But which charge is as nothing compared to the amount of money that its chain of banks make on creating money out of thin air, by loans.’


‘Yes.  For every so-called ‘dollar’ that the bank loans out to those in need of some more ‘money’ in their lives, it creates out of thin air up to something like nine times the amount ‘loaned,’ by doing nothing but entering some figures in its ledger.  Now, wouldn’t you like to have that sort of power?’ 

‘I sure would.’

‘But here’s the thing, friend:

‘You already have that power.’

‘What?!  How’s that?’

‘Because it’s all in our minds, friend.

‘It’s simply all in our minds.’