Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Speaking of Love & the Universe...

In my blog of yesterday I mentioned the energy inherent in the universe itself, "as our scientists are now discovering". I wanted to elaborate on this point a bit, especially in regards to a key feature of what "our scientists are now discovering" about the universe itself. Which is the role of Love in the whole She-Bang.

A brief note of background. Many years ago I had 'a spiritual experience' in which the message I got 'from the Universe' was that "the Universe has Purpose, and that Purpose is Good". So that's my message, about Life; but what objective evidence is there for that take on things? Why can't 'the universe' just as easily be, say, the creation of a malevolent Being, sucking on our emotional juices for its sustenance?? Besides the historical record, of emotionally beautiful moments for people when experiencing something transcendental in nature, the experience being far 'higher' than those of anger or jealousy or fear or hate, say - a subjective sense, then, of the former being of a higher, more 'soul-satisfying' quality than the latter - there is now hard, scientific evidence about Life, that, besides its having Purpose, that Purpose is 'Good'.

It is reported on in a new book out by David Wilcock, entitled 'The Source Field Investigations' (which itself was built on the investigative research of such other reporters as Lynne McTaggart in her book titled, simply, "The Field'*). In it he reports on, among other very interesting things, research on how our DNA stores light, and how that research has gone a couple of steps further than that basic fact of life. A quote:

"According to [Dr. Glen Rein, a biochemist], the key quality of [the] energy that can generate coherence in the brain waves and directly affect DNA is love: 'Although the techniques used by the different healers are quite varied, they all appear to require a heart focus.'

"The implications of this are tremendous. The Source Field [in which we live and move and have our being] appears to be responsible for creating the DNA Phantom, and storing light in the DNA molecule. It would appear that our thoughts change the DNA Phantom in Dr. Rein's experiments first, and only later do we see any changes in the physical DNA molecule [ie, there is evidence of an etheric body beyond the physical body]. Best of all, we now know that the most important emotional quality of the Source Field is love. Dr. Rein proved that love has a direct, measurable effect on DNA - very likely through the same energetic process that creates the DNA Phantom.

"Greater coherence, greater organization, greater structure and greater crystallization - all these effects show us that the energy fields, molecules and cells of our bodies are working in greater harmony and Unity. For the first time, this actually gives us a scientific definition of love. It is not strictly an abstract emotional and biological concept - like the chemicals fired off in the brain when we eat chocolate, or the genetic urge to reproduce. Love can now be seen as a basic principle of universal energy. The more coherence, the more structure, the more harmony we have, the more love there is..."

and so forth and so on, in that illuminating vein. And there you have it:

God is, indeed, Love.


* well, not simply. It is fittingly subtitled 'The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe'.

Monday, 26 December 2011

I don't want to be a party pooper, but...

...haven't YOU had enough of the charade going on??

The Games People Play. I bought into one today, submitting a form email, with personal comment included, to my Congresspersons regarding some shenanigans that the federal Attorney General has been up to. It turns out that I had already responded to that request (by the Tea Party; one of many e-newsletter sources that I take, to keep abreast of activities in the U.S. and world scenes) on this subject; though I added some personal comments that I hadn't included the first time, in a more perfunctory response to that 'campaign'. They're an indication of my increasing irritation over these sorts of matters. Rather than let these 'signs of my times' go totally to waste, I'll copy that submission here, as an opener to this blog on the subject of the play that we're all involved in:

"When Eric Holder testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he committed blatant perjury regarding his knowledge and involvement in "Fast and Furious."*

"It is bad enough that we have a tax-cheat running the IRS (Timothy Geithner). How can Americans trust the government when the people selected to lead major branches of the federal government can't even abide by the rules of their own departments?

"An independent special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate and prosecute this crime. As the nation's top law-enforcement officer, if he is convicted of perjury he should face the absolute maximum penalty. {And now my added comments]

"Crimes committed by federal employees are crimes committed against all The People, and corrode trust in the political process in general. Help restore some integrity to the system, by holding Attorney General Holder to the same level of justice and responsibility that he is supposed to hold others.

"As said of old: who guards the guards? In our form of government: You do, as the representatives of The People. Exercise your responsibility accordingly."

But this is all, still, just part of the game - The Game that we are playing, in & of what we call Life. Pretending to be the parts that we are playing. As I have said somewhere before (to the subject of reincarnation, and evidences thereof): Now a prince, now a pauper. Now a male, now a female. Now of one race or religion or nationality, now another. Now a killer, now a killed. In order to learn our lessons, in this classroom exercise. So that we can grow in knowledge, and wisdom; and then graduate.

The purpose of the exercise. In order to come back to Wholeness the wiser - more advanced - for the experience. The experience of a degree of separation from our Source; traveling in the wilderness of Free Will. To return consciously, and willingly, from whence we came; and know the place as for the first time, in the words of the poet.

But once we understand that it is all a 'game' - a classroom exercise - something new can enter the equation.

There can be something new under the sun.

There can be a Golden Age.

Wherein we can play parts, but consciously. Not only in order to speed up the process, of individual spiritual evolution; and of the unfolding of the Whole.

But to celebrate the process.

The Creation.

The Matrix.

The Hologram.

Whatever to call it: it is an example of the creative power of that which we are a Part.

Of, in a word: Us.

And so let's honour the Creation, by giving it our best shot. Our best use of our consciousness.

Not our worst. Any longer.

And that shift can come about when we realize, and recognize - fully, now - not only that

We Are One Another. But that

We Are One. And

All IS One.

That greater reality is just waiting for us to inhabit it.

Let's do it.

It's obviously a better reality than the one we have created, to this point in time. With our limited consciousnesses at work. Which have kept us from seeing the not-so obvious at first: that we have been wandering in the wilderness of Our making. Not to get lost in (as some aspects of Ourselves do; more's the pity), but to explore. And marvel at the wonder, capable of being performed, by those who continue diligently on their path of Light to their, and Our, Source.

And the characteristics of that Golden Age, that we are about to enter (because it's time)?

The key characteristic is, in a word: community.

Recognizing that We Are All One.

And so the era of competition is over (with the sense of separate selves being over. Having played their part; as it were). And with the sense of community - of our common unity - we enter into the post-money era, and world. Where our motive for doing things - giving of our best to one another, as to ourselves - evolves to the highest motive possible; to do so out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

And when we do (not 'if'; not anymore), 'all else will be added unto us', out of the abundance of such a recognized universe; with energy available at the touch of a button, as it were. Energy that is inherent in the created universe itself. As our scientists are now discovering.

Which is another reason why

it's time.

Seize the day. It was made for this moment, in time.

When and where traveling outside of time is another matter. For us to explore. In our ongoing quest for the Holy Grail.

Which is




At which point, the play-acting is over; and it's time for the real thing.

It is

The Real Thing.

The Real Thing-in-Itself.

Whole within Itself; and with Itself.

The Goal.

At which point - with the play-acting - The Game is over.

And We have All Won.


* This is the name given a scam operation whereby the Obama administration tried to generate public opinion against the widespread availability of guns in America - which are a threat to any government that had ambitions of taking over the country; as part of an international plot to take over the whole world, and merge it into their dictatorial New World Order. (Whether nominally 'socialistic' or 'fascistic', the same characters are behind both streams of heady ambition. And I use the term 'characters' advisedly: in this play we are all involved in, and play different parts in at different times) - by secretly having middlemen buy weapons in the border states and selling them on to drug lords in Mexico, in order to increase mayhem on the border, as an excuse for a comprehensive crackdown on the availability of weapons in the U.S. itself; which are the major impediment to the best-laid plans for global takeover of the powers behind the political scene in the western world (and having made inroads to rope political powers in the East into their global plans; another plot thread to this play.) The plot got exposed, and the head of the federal Department of Justice is frantically trying to keep the whole scenario from coming apart at the 'seems'. Seems like we're close to seeing the whole play for what it is; microcosmically, and macrocosmically. The time being what it is...

Saturday, 24 December 2011

American Media - A Shame

...And You, Citizen??

This little rant was triggered by a blog on a site called Godfather Politics yesterday, by 'The Godfather' himself, titled 'Ron Paul Criticism Heats Up The Internet'. Background: U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul was 'caught' on YouTube getting exasperated with the incessant questioning of a TV news channel journalist about something that appeared in a newsletter released by his political camp over 20 years ago. Yes, with his name on the newsletter. Never mind that he had answered that question a number of times previously. Never mind that it turns out that that so-called journalist has a conflict of interest, regarding her husband's business. She was determined to get something 'newsworthy' out of him in the confrontation. And she got it, when he had had enough, and started taking off his lapel mike. Shock, horror. Can't stand the heat. Not presidential material. 'He has something to hide.' Well, speaking of somebody who has something to hide...here's my little rant:


The American media is a strange beast. At a time when there is all manner of evidence that the man occupying the office of the presidency of the United States is a usurper - when the copies of both forms of his birth certificate released to the public have proven, in the eyes and detailed explanations of a number of experts, to be forgeries, and there is a prima facie case that he was not eligible to run for that particular office even on their face evidence - and when he has sequestered all of his bona fides from being able to be investigated for tell-tale signs of a cover-up as to his background - you folks are all atwitter about something that appeared in a newsletter over twenty years ago from the Ron Paul camp. There is a great biblical expression to cover something like this: how you are straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

American mainstream media, you are a hypocrite. The American public, you have been hoodwinked at best; and irresponsibly asleep at the switch at the worst. At the switch of your - and my - country, from a constitutional republic to an oligarchy. Shame on you. Were you not warned, by your Founding Fathers, about just such a possible event? That if you were going to be self-governing - were going to demonstrate that kind of government to the people of the planet, as superior to being governed either by a king or a church or other potential tyrant - you would need to stay awake? That you coud not ‘let George do it’; or he would all too possibly do just that??

I’m disappointed in you. In any event: I can’t let you get away with this disservice to the people of your world. They are your brothers and sisters; they deserve better from you, than for you to fail at the hurdle like this.

Pick yourself up, and join me in setting things right. Or forever hang your head in shame, at being called, and failing in your duty.

There’s still time. But barely."

This matter, of a usurper in the office of the presidency of the United States - let's put it in its total context: this matter, of what has all the appearances of being a usurper in the office of the presidency of the United States; which is an insult both to that honorable office and to the people OF the United States - needs to be cleared up, and now. It cannot wait for another year, to be dealt with at an election. Too much is at stake, that could happen in the meantime, parlous to the Republic.

I call on all Oathkeepers - including the Citizenry who consider themselves of the same allegiance - to go to their nation's capital, and surround the White House, and not leave until the current occupier of that office either makes a successful case for his eligibility for the office, in the release of all of his bona fides, and to their inspection by experts - and gives an explanation for why he has been so remiss in addressing this major constitutional issue - or vacates the office forthwith; with The People, Assembled, to appoint an Officer OF The People, who will dissolve Congress - for not having acted on this constitutional matter as was their constitutional duty and responsibility - and call for elections within a time certain (say 90 days); said Officer also to clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of the federal government, and stand down all legislation signed into law, and appointments made, by the usurper. Said Officer should also call for and organize independent investigations into such constitutional subjects as 9/11 - for who ALL was involved in that crime against the country - and the suspected connivance of the federal government in the collapse of the country's currency and fiscal credibility, and begin proceedings to bring all persons suspected of crimes in these constitutional matters to a court of law; their passports being retained in the meantime, to keep them from fleeing justice.

And may Justice so be served.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

In the Wake of the NDAA...

The passage of this totalitarian bit of legislation in America - totally contrary to the spirit of that country, and its true, higher purposes in and for the world; and thus a sellout of that spirit - has prompted me to tell a little story. This is the story of


Once upon a time there was a little boy who asked a lot of questions of his parents - Why was the sky blue, and the grass green; why were there different looking humans; etc. etc. & etc. His parents answered his questions as best they could, but they began to grow bored of this imposition on their time, and knowledge. ‘Look it up,” he began being told by both of them. A bit gruffly, he thought; and began to ask fewer questions, and keep his own counsel; not fully understanding why they weren’t more forthcoming, seemingly didn’t like to be asked about things. Until one day, when the family gathered with the rest of the villagers to see someone identified to the little boy as the ’emperor’ - a real high human, it seemed. And the little boy looked at this man when he was paraded before them, and everybody around their family - including his parents - ooed and aahed at the emperor’s proudly announced fine new clothes; and the little boy said - speaking a little too loudly for the comfort of his parents, it appeared - “But - he has no clothes on!”

“Hush,” said his mother, in a low voice.


“I said hush,” she repeated, sternly.

“But - “

“Your mother said ‘hush’,” said his father; even more sternly.

And, of course, that was that.

But the little boy began to pay even more attention to his surroundings, from that moment on. Because something seemed a little - wrong, to him, about his surroundings, and especially the people around him. They were behaving rather oddly, he thought. But to himself...

Until one day he could no longer contain himself, and he burst out, to his father (but carefully at the beginning; having learned that much, about life, by now): “Father...”

“Yes, son.” (He didn't say 'my son', because another funny thing about life that the little boy had begun to find out about was that his father and his mother, though 'married', and supposedly 'in love', as the grownups called it - like they were 'in love with' what they, and other grownups, called The Order - seemed to have been assigned to each other; and he had heard rumors that his father was not his real father. Whatever that meant.)

“Why are there some people with a lot of things, and many people with hardly anything at all, but there is plenty of everything in the stores?”

“Because some people have more money than other people do,” replied his father; in the tone of voice that the little boy had learned to be careful of. It meant that his father was a little impatient with him already. But he felt the need to persist with his question, and ventured out onto the thin ice he was beginning to feel surrounding him yet once again, in this curious world he found himself growing up in:

“But why?”

“Because they have worked harder than the others. And keep your voice down,” his father added, like he sometimes did, then glancing around them, and up at the street light fixtures, for some odd reason.

‘This kid will be the death of us yet,’ his father thought to himself; beginning to get very nervous, indeed.

It all came to a head the day that the little boy - just a little older than he had been when he had first started noticing curious things around him - said to his father, “Father...”

‘Uh-oh... ,’ thought his father; recognizing that tone of voice from his son; then replying, a bit tiredly, and warily: “Yes?”

“I have thought about this matter, of some people with a lot of things, and many people with hardly anything at all, although there is plenty of everything in the stores, and I have concluded what the problem is,” he concluded, a trifle triumphantly. (But then he was just a little boy.)

“What ‘problem’?” said his father.

“The problem of plenty in the midst of scarcity,” said the little boy; a bit put out that he had not been answered directly for his answer, to this matter, that the grownups seemed, for some curious reason or another, not to have figured out for themselves. (But then there were many curious things about their world; so it could have just been part of the overall pattern of ‘the way things were’ for them, he thought. For the grownups, that was. They seemed to have their heads in a rather funny place. ‘Funny’ as in peculiar. Not as in ‘ha ha’.)

“And what is that answer, Einstein,” said his father; like he did sometimes. (As in, ‘So why is the sky blue, Einstein,’ or, ‘So why is the grass green, Einstein?’ It had something to do with his growing up.)

“The answer is money.”


“The problem is money itself. And so the answer is to get rid of money. And so the problem is solved,” replied the little boy; a little tentatively, waiting to hear how his father answered him, to see if there was something that he was missing in his deductive reasoning. But proud of himself for it. So far...

“No; the problem is you, son,” said his father, gruffly. “You just don’t understand how things work. You need to grow up.”

And so he grew up, some more. But continued to ‘keep his eyes open,’ as the adults around him often said. (Which seemed a little strange to him, considering that he felt that that was precisely what he had been doing; for example, back when he had seen that the emperor had on no clothes. And the adults around him seemed not to see that. Very strange, he had thought then. But didn’t think quite as much so anymore, after having grown up a little more, and having noticed a number of peculiar things, about these adults around him; who talked amongst themselves about ‘keeping their eyes open,’ but appeared not to be actually seeing things around them.

Apparently keeping your eyes open, and seeing things, were two different things, he reasoned. At least, when you’re an adult...

And then the day came when he was talking to his mother, and happened to mention something that he had read in a book in the back shelves of their local library; something about ‘religion’.

“You’re talking nonsense,” his mother said; and added, a little suspiciously, “Where did you get that idea from?”

Something told him not to say where he had gotten the idea from. He, instead, mumbled something about one of his friends.

“Which one?” his mother asked, sternly.

He could only think to say that he couldn’t remember, precisely; there were a number of different kids in the conversation circles after school, he said.

“You kids need to be careful,’ said his mother - without explanation - and left the matter at that.

Careful about what, he wondered; to himself. For he had begun to realize that he couldn’t go to his parents for answers to his questions. That they seemed to be afraid of something. Something so - big, that he couldn’t see it. But they could; somehow. Strangely enough; given the things that they didn‘t seem to be able to see....It was all turning out to be a very, very strange world, indeed.

So he decided to find out more about life from the only independent source that he could think of: from those old books on the dusty back shelves of the shiny new library that had been built for their village, to learn things from. Besides, of course, from all the online sources that were available to them; but he had begun to sense that there were gaps in the information available to them from that source. There seemed to be some sort of selection process, between the information that was up front for people, and what was ‘behind the scenes’, as it were - like the old books he had found out about, one day, from the kindly old white-haired Librarian Lady, who seemed to take pity on him, for all the questions he asked, and motioned for him to follow her to a sort of storage room behind the Reading Room; where he found a sort of treasure trove, and began spending time picking through the items there.

Books, and books, and books! Old books! Knowledge! Questions and answers! What a delight! he felt.

He couldn’t read some of the words, and they weren’t in The Dictionary - which discovered fact had really begun to open his mind - but he could at least get the gist of the material; and finally went to his Pedagog, who, he thought, if anybody could answer his questions, and help him with his deductive reasoning, it would be that learned man. And he spoke to the Pedagog thusly:

“I have read about something called reincarnation. - “

“You have.”



“That’s not relevant to my question. Sir. What is important is that I have found enough information on the subject to convince me that it is true, and verifiable: that there is some part of us humans, that seems to have been called the ‘soul’, that survives beyond the death of the body - “

“Hold on. You say ‘verifiable’. How could that possibly be? We all know that there is nothing beyond our senses to sense.”

“No we don’t.”

“What!?” cried the venerable Pedagog.

The boy sensed that he was flirting with difficulty, if not danger. But he didn’t care anymore. Enough was enough.

“There are all manner of things beyond our senses,” he insisted.


No. Just non-sense.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“My mother has used that word as well, and I decided to look it up. One of the definitions of ‘sense’ is ‘the ability to perceive’. We have been limited by our senses. That’s all.”

And the young man then started telling his Pedagog - his Pedagog! He who should know! - about all that he had found out, in the back room of their little out-of-the-way village’s library; and then brought the conversation back to the main point he wished this learned man - his school’s assigned learned man - to address:

“So, given all the evidence that there is - that there used to be, anyway. I mean, still is; just not available,” he said, in a bit of an accusatory way; evidencing his displeasure over his own Pedagog not letting him know about such things in their past on the planet “ - about something, some aspect of consciousness, surviving the death of the body, and coming back to the earthly plane of existence, time after time, in body after body - now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or region, now another - what does that tell you?” he asked, in a rather demanding way; obviously upset by the process that he had entered into. The process of uncovering truths, denied him, and them: the people of planet Earth.

“...What does it tell you,” replied his Pedagog; seemingly beginning to defer to the young man’s sense of outrage. Perhaps from some residual part of his being, as a man having been attracted to the subject field of education - of educare; of the drawing forth from individuals, of their best, their highest potential. To take pride in being able to do just that.

“It tells me that ‘we’ are one another. That we are just players in a play - of our making. It’s called, in the old books, 'karma'. That we come back, lifetime after lifetime, working out our karma with each other. Until we ‘get it right’. Reach a point of equilibrium. At which point, we can move on.”

“Move on...to what; precisely.”

“I don’t know ‘what, precisely’. You’re supposed to be able to tell me that. You’re the Pedagog!” the now-young-man said, angrily. “But I can make a deduction, from all the evidence.”

‘And what is that ‘deduction’.”

“That, since we in incarnation are just playing parts, and are, then, one another, as the players in a drama - playing now one part, now another - that in actuality, we are One. Just, now, aspects of one Being. That I see in my reading used to be what they called God.”

And the boy’s Pedagog then felt compelled to tell the boy the truth, about his nature, and theirs; talked about The Hologram, and ‘interference patterns’, and all the rest about their condition. Including how some of them - like himself - had ‘sold out’. In order to ‘go along to get along’, realizing the all-pervasive power of surveillance that had been developed on the planet, to keep all the incarnates in control But some - like himself - hoping against hope for just such a day as this, when an incarnate would cease being merely a robot, and rebel.

And so the young man’s Pedagog wished him well on the fate he had chosen for himself (rather than it having been chosen for him, by the Controllers). And because the young man was persuasive, and made his case very clear - about what life was really all about - he got a number of his friends to join him, in what ultimately became a movement, first through their region, then the rest (via a form of electronic communications that couldn’t be blocked entirely by the Controllers) - that overthrew the regime that had gained power on the planet called Earth.

And they lived happily ever after; one by one - that is, individually - returning to Source. From whence thay had come, but all (including the Whole Itself) gaining wisdom in and by the individual spark’s experience of separation from the Godhead; to varying degrees of separation.

Until they got it right. Finished with their schooling. And then moved on. To

The End


Friday, 16 December 2011

In Common Cause for the Future...

...of the United States, and The World.

I have just been engaging in an email exchange with a key member of the OWS Movement. He/they want to organise an American Spring march on Washington D.C. at the end of March next year, in part because of the danger presented by a piece of legislation just passed by both houses of Congress that will make of the American homeland a battlefield - in the intentionally-created War on Terror (for just such purposes) - and thus will eliminate what is called Posse Comitatus, which is a bit of law in America that keeps the military from being involved in domestic matters. Passed in the aftermath of the Civil War, it has been a thorn in the side of the PTB who want, and have been scheming, to take America down, and make of it a mere part of a region of their vaunted New World Order for the planet as a whole.* America, and its Constitution, have stood in their way; it's now showtime. And the OWS Movement is feeling - and rightly so - that they could well be caught up in the vague wording of the law, that could well make them 'terrorists' in the eyes of the American government (as has already been modeled in the UK), and thus subject to indefinite detention (no constitutional protections), until 'the end of hostilities'. Which in practice means until the twelfth of Never - "and that's a long long time".

I contributed a comment on the thread of a blog on this subject; which led to an exchange that may be of general interest. Herewith.

Re: [OWSnews.org] Comment: "Say NO to the Use of the Military in the United States"

[My Comment, of 16/12:]

Well put, [X], and well spotted about the wording in the NDAA. The key to understanding the intention of TPTB in this bit of legalistic legerdemain is that amendments to specifically prohibit the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens from the legislation was voted down. 'The requirement to detain...does not extend' is simply obfuscation; it doesn't rule it out. Posse Comitatus is dead - unless a radical move is made by The People. And one which will - could - unite the (real) Tea Partiers and Oathkeepers to this cause. And that is to recognize the very apparent illegality of Obama to occupy that office. If he is made to vacate the office, because he is a usurper, all legislation that he has signed into law is null and void, and We the People start over (including nullifying the so-called Patriot Act) . [my added emphasis]

What is needed is for that American Spring gathering to demand that either Obama release all of his bona fides - and explain the obvious forgery of both of the bc's that he has condoned the release of - or vacate the office forthwith; with The People appointing an Officer OF The People to hold that space, who will dissolve Congress - for not doing their constitutional duty in regards to this outrageous usurpation of the office - and call for elections within 'a time certain' (say 90 days); and who will also clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government while he (or she) is at it. For this is a bipartisan crime, which the investigation into it will uncover, and so is not a Republican vs Democrat crime. There's plenty of chicanery to go around the whole lot of them, as perpetraitors to the American republic. (And who was it who characterized the Constitution as just "a damn piece of paper", again??...)

The People need to take back their country, from the planned-for totalitarian New World Order of either the Right or the Left. The answer is, rather, to go Up. But that's another matter. For now: Seize the day, OWS; and make Common Cause with the rest of the 99%.

Again: Well spotted. And keep spotting, and reporting on, signs of The Takeover. Which could well include a Martial Law-triggering attack on Iran. Martial Law-triggering, from the reaction of a populace no longer cowed by their erstwhile Masters, and feeling their solidarity with one another, as Americans. Not as serfs to an Empiric power. That would be exampling a warning of old: that Without a vision, the people perish.

[to me]
I can't believe people are still wasting their time on the nonsense of his birth certificate! What nonsense. There are many more important reasons to criticize Obama that stupid shit like that.

[me to [X]
So you've just made your position clear..

Thanks for the info. I won't bother with supporting your initiative any longer.

You are part of the problem.

[to me]
Fine. Obama's birth certificate has been made public, even Donald Trump acknowledges it. I thought the birther movement had died with that release. You are the only person I have seen raise the issue since then.

I am a major critic of Obama and will not support him in anyway but I don't need a losing argument to criticize him. I hope he loses, don't care who wins (they are all lousy).

[me to {X}
Based on your response, I'll back off a bit, because you've raised a good point: Most people won't know about this ongoing scandal because the MSM won't report on it (WorldNetDaily & the Western Center for Journalism, among other right-wing sites, have documented in spades the forgery flaws in Obama's purported long-form bc; as in the earlier COLB). The People won't hear about it on Fox News either because their Masters are in on the scam. The fix is in at the top, of both main political parties. Obama is doing the bidding of The Insiders because they made him an offer he couldn't refuse (know about his background). You are right to be angry at him. He is in the control of his puppet masters.

The American people have been asleep at a switch. They have bought a pig in a poke for their presidency. It has been like a fake check for a lottery winner to look at. 'See? Here's the check. Now all you have to do...'

There is still a legitimate 2-party difference in America, way of looking at politics. I 'get' that you are for participatory democracy (because you have seen the corruption 'inherent' in the current system); and most conservatives are for a [constitutional] republican form of government, so that minorities - ie, as individuals - have protection from the potential oppression of the majority. But there is a wide swath of common ground between the (real, grassroots) Tea Partiers and OWS types who are standing (occupying), with good reason, against the nexus between the corporate world & the government. That is nascent full-blown fascism on the Right. But socialism/syndicalism on the Left is also nascently totalitarian by nature. Neither is the answer for the future; they embody both Scylla and Charybdis. The OWS Movement can meet in the center with those other good Americans of the 99% who don't want the very financially and politically powerful running the world - for obvious reasons now.

Make common cause. Don't separate yourselves from them. Meet in the middle. And that could well mean that you need to recognize that Obama is a ringer; not just a failure in your political eyes

Do a little homework in this regard. You'll be better off in the long run, if you do. And so will your Movement.


Closing comment: I hope the OWS Movement and the Tea Partiers do make common cause on this matter. It is NOT a matter of either/or between them; that is a false dichotomy. They have a common enemy.

As do we all, who wish for the highest for humanity.

Not the lowest.


* This is why 'they' have developed connections over many years with the likes of Red China - arranging for stolen military documents from the U.S.'s Top Secret vaults to make their way to the communist masters of the China mainland. Those masters are to be 'cut in on the deal'. At least, that is the intention.
We'll see.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Use It or Lose It

In my last blog I referred to the "trashing" of the world by the very powerful of the day, who need, now, to "back off" as The People take over control of their own destiny on planet Earth. I am aware, now - as I have never been before - that it is, and will be, not quite as simple as that, as a few bits of 'news' have shown me.

Where to begin.

A good place: a confession. I have trusted that, as Joe Public becomes aware of the facts of life in this our day and age, he would begin to take action, to 'set things right'.* An example would be the assassination of JFK. Whereby over the years since that horrendous assault on, really, the American people - having their country decapitated; and, insult to injury, before their very eyes to boot - they would do something about it. Insist on a rigorous investigation, to ferret out the truth. And when the Warren Commission came up with its report, and there was widespread dissatisfaction with its conclusions - primarily, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone - what did the American people do? Well, - good for them: they kept the pressure on, and forced Congress to hold a further investigation into the matter. And the result of that? The investigation concluded that there was, indeed - as many citizens suspected - a conspiracy involved. And the result of that investigation, and outcome?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Which lack of 'right-setting' just emboldened The Powers That Be behind the scenes to continue on their snickering way, in their plans to control the world; knowing, then, that if they could just maintain control of the Mainstream Media, they could accomplish their ends. By keeping the American public preoccupied with other things, than getting to the truth of things.

Bothering their silly heads with such stuff.

And we come now to our day and age, when considerable evidence points to two main facts of life in our time: (1) that 9/11 shows considerable elements of having been an inside job; and (2) that the current occupier of the office of the presidency of the United States is just that. An occupier. Or to say, more clearly: an illegal occupier.

And what are the American people doing about these two main factors of political life in their time?

Short answer: Not enough.

Oh, both incidents have prompted considerable reaction, and considerable development of a case for their being major crimes carried out on the American people. But the American people have not 'risen to the occasion', to do anything substantial about either events, in their time.

On their watch.


The easiest answer: because the perpetraitors have control of the Mainstream Media.

But that is a facile answer, and excuse.

The real reason?

Because the American people have gone to sleep.

Because life is easier, when you can't be bovvered.

Now, I accept that when times are tough, and you have to worry about your living conditions, your attention is not easily drawn to 'the bigger things'. But ladies and gentlemen of the current generation of Americans: there really shouldn't be anything more important in your lives than the one really big thing of your lives, as Americans:

That you are responsible for the running of the American way of life.

Which is as a constitutional republic. A government of, by, and for the people.

That's you.

Not your representatives alone. They are there as your representatives. And if they are not doing their job of representing you, you need to remove them from office, and elect representatives who will more closely represent your sentiments.

But maybe- just maybe - that is precisely what has happened.

That the basic American's sentiment is:

Let George do it. I can't be bovvered.

I am saying, that Americans have a greater responsibility than to try to get away with that sort of attitude. That you have been called to a great work. The work of self-responsibility. As a shining example to the world, how to live their lives without despots running their lives for them.

And you are blowing it.

Take this current business of a person in the office of the presidency of the United States - a particularly honorable, and responsible, and powerful, office - whom there is very good reason to believe is an imposter. Is an illegal occupant of that office, according to the Constitution of the United States of America - according, that is to say, to the rule of law. Which case has been tried, by many individuals, to bring to a court of law, to be adjudicated fairly. And which case has been blocked, over and over again, by procedural reasons; which the Supreme Court of the U.S. could act on, if it wanted to.

Which it has chosen not to do.

So it is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

And individuals have tried - mightily - to get their representatives in the Congress of the United States to address this issue; which is the proper, constitutional body to do so, regarding such a constitutionally fraught matter.

And which has chosen not to touch it.

So it is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

So, the solution?

It's up to The People.

If The People of the United States - the current major representatives of self-governance on Earth - were up to the job, they would engage in a march on Washington, of The People, Assembled, to demand that the current occupant of the office of the presidency of their country either release all of his bona fides, for expert inspection** - and that includes his passport(s), and his Social Security records, and his school records (the latter particularly for how he portrayed himself, in order to get the financial wherewithal to attend the institutions of higher learning that he did) - and prove his legitimacy, or vacate the office forthwith; with The People then appointing an Officer of The People to hold that space, who would then dissolve the sitting Congress - which failed to act in this matter according to its constitutional duty and responsibility - and declare elections to be held within 'a time certain', say 90 days.*** This Officer also to start the process of tracing down anybody and everybody who had anything to do with this crime against the American people, and see them brought to justice. (They will have their day in a court of law - a truly independent court of law. Which it may take a bit of doing to establish. But it will happen.)

And the same holds true for the crime against the American people in the case of the 9/11 atrocity; which has all the earmarks of having been a false flag operation. For the Truth will out, about all of these econo-political matters that have bedevilled humanity in our time -

unless the American people really aren't up to their responsibility, in these matters, and such matters.

And I now have my serious concerns about this level of their ability, to 'rise to the occasion'. Based on one recent blog in particular. And I get now to the issue of 'trashing' that I mentioned back at the beginning of this blog.

Within the last day or so, a blogger on environmental issues posted his most recent of a series, apparently mostly to do with the American 'experience' of such issues. I say 'apparently', because I haven't read any but his last two. And in his current one, he quotes from a number of many emails he received after his previous blog, wherein he took Americans to task for their lack of consciousness in this matter. The emails gave examples, from many parts of the country, of the terrible public conditions in regards to trash; primarily along highways, and at gathering sites. It was, all, saddening.

This is the current state of America?

Americans can't even keep their environments clean?

Whatever happened to the concept of 'America, the Beautiful'?? And further, the concept of the Earth as a live Being, entitled to have our respect, for offering us an environment in which to be?

Some of these emailers thought they had the answer. Some of them had lived in or spent some time in other parts of the world, and noticed that that factor, of a lack of respect for the environment, was endemic in the areas they had lived in, or visited; so they felt it was a reflection of the consciousness & culture of such 'minorities' who had come to live in the U.S.A.

But that doesn't answer the question of why so many long-time Americans are caught up on the same level of consciousness as well.

So the answer?

Americans can't be bovvered in this day and age. To pay attention to the trashing of their own environments. And to the trashing of the one thing that stands in the way between the rule of law and despotism in the country:

the Constitution of the United States of America.+

Use it, or Lose it.

And with it, a noble dream: that people can govern themselves. That they don't need overseers. That they can rise to the occasion.

So what say you, Citizen?

And just a note. I have read the argument that no one wants to touch the issue of the current occupant's ineligibility to hold the office of the presidency, because if he is forced by public pressure to vacate the office, 'all hell will break loose' in the country - the argument that the 'African-Americans' will riot. I see...and I object, in their defense. That is about the most racist thing I have ever heard. It presumes that 'African-Americans' (can we just call them black Americans; as opposed for precise description reasons to white Americans, or Hispanic Americans, or Asian Americans, or Native Americans? I hate this hyphenated jazz. In terms of 'Americans', we are all Americans) are so stupid that they can't understand a legal argument. No. Any public unrest would be occasioned by political considerations - and by deliberate agent provocateurs, who sense it is the writing on the wall for them, and their masters. Is, because The People of the United States are, finally, standing up for their country.

Would be. In such a scenario, as I outline here.

And offer, for consideration.

Serious, heartfelt consideration.

Considering, that we have a better world to build, now, than the dystopian one planned for us, by the world's current Powers That Be.

Who need, now - massively, and immediately (before they can create major mayhem, as part of their Master Plan) - to become the Powers That Were.

P.S. And to those who may wonder if I am worried for my life, I will say: Yes. But not in the sense that they may think that answer is meant.
To anybody who might threaten my life, I would say, quietly: I wouldn't do that if I were you. And I AM you. As you are me. And We Are One Another. And in point of ultimate fact: We Are One.
Just beginning to recognize it. Globally; and spiritually speaking.


* to play on the words of Shakespeare, in his play 'Hamlet', where he has the protagonist, feeling the need to do something about the death of his father at the suspected hands of his father-in-law but not knowing precisely what, say, momentarily frozen and frustrated in his indecision: "O cursed spite,/that ever I was born/to set it right". It can be a major decision in one's life, to try to 'set things right' in the world. But "what's a heaven for?"...

** You do know that the second of the birth certificate copies released by the current administration's authorities - supposedly a true copy of his vault-copy, long-form bc - has been inspected by a number of experts, and found to be a forgery; just like the first one was. Don't you? And if you don't - why don't you? Where have you been?? What have you been doing, that's more important than the fate of your country - the fate of America???...

*** And clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of the federal branch of government while he (or she) is at it.
What is so much more important in your life, as an American citizen, than the legitimacy of the person occupying the office of the presidency of your country to be doing so? Have you no shame?? No respect for the American experiment in self-governance???

+ Or as described by George W. Bush, as 'just a damn piece of paper'. For the perpetraitors are on both sides of the political aisle in America. Some aiming for a socialistic New World Ordure; some aiming for a fascistic New World Ordure. But either way, it would smell the same: totalitarianism.
Not the way for the world to go. Which needs to go neither Left, nor Right. But Up.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The U.S. Constitution Hangs By a Thread

I just got an email a while ago, from a U.S. organisation called 'Campaign for Liberty', that is most disturbing. It turns out that the PTB are close to a major breakthrough in the elimination of the rule of law in America - in the trashing of the Constitution - by using the subterfuge of their War on Terror to slip legislation through that will make U.S. citizens susceptible to draconian laws supposedly designed to round up 'terrorists' and keep them in indefinite detention - no habeas corpus; no 'probable cause'. By stealthily making the U.S. homeland part of the 'battlefield' in that deliberately created 'war', the PTB have moved the arbitrary power of the state right into American homes. Below is their candid description of this caper.

"Dear Stan,

You and I both know that freedom is not free. Its price cannot be measured in dollars - and its defense requires eternal vigilance.

On December 1, the U.S. Senate passed S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), by a vote of 93-7.

A slightly different NDAA, H.R. 1540, had already passed the U.S. House in May, and it has been reconciled with the Senate version in a closed session of a Joint Conference Committee.

The NDAA is passed annually to specify the budget and expenditures for the U.S. Department of Defense, but this year's version would essentially strip American Citizens of due process - protections that used to set us apart from despotic nations.

The Senate version of the NDAA declares the homeland to be part of the battlefield in the "War on Terror."

In simple terms, Sections 1031 and 1032 of S. 1867 allow American citizens to be detained indefinitely - without charges or trial - until the War on Terror is declared over.

There has been some recent confusion over what exactly the Senate bill actually stipulates.

In fact, when you call your representative and BOTH of your senators, as I'm about to ask you to do, the staff will probably give you one of two canned responses:

1.) "The Feinstein amendment #1456, which passed on Dec. 1 (by a vote of 99-1), says that no provision of Sec. 1031 can be taken to "affect existing law or authorities, relating to the detention of United States citizens."

In reality, this was added nearly unanimously at the last minute to appease those of us rightly opposed to these detention provisions. In the Congressional Record that day, there are arguments from Senators Lindsey Graham and Carl Levin, both of whom supported this amendment, stating they believe the President and Congress already have the authority to detain American Citizens, since the Supreme Court hasn't yet ruled otherwise. This is not the case, but it explains why the bill's main supporters did not oppose the Feinstein amendment.

2.) "It already exempts American Citizens. You should know that Sec. 1032 actually states: "The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States."

Don't fall for their cleverly chosen legislative language.

A careful reading of the suspect sections bears out that, while there is no requirement to detain an American citizen, the act thereof is not explicitly prohibited. By extension, it is actually permitted.

As if the above is not bad enough, the power to determine which American citizens will be indefinitely detained without charges or trial will be left to the President alone.

I'm certain you would agree that something as important as overturning longstanding American jurisprudence deserves to be the subject of a vigorous debate in a public forum.

But, late last week, the House, by an overwhelming majority (406-17), passed a motion that allowed this Joint Committee to meet in secret.

Last night, the House and Senate conferees emerged without having changed the offending detainee provisions of the NDAA.

And the section numbers (formerly 1031 and 1032) have been changed to 1021 and 1022.

A vote on the conference report could come as early as this Wednesday in the House of Representatives!" [ie, tomorrow.]

Isn't that clever of these despots. And the tipoff to the legitimacy of this take on the matter - that this is not just an innocent 'oversight' regarding the use of words - is the information that Congress turned down a couple of amendments attempting to explicitly prohibit U.S. citizens from being capable of being rounded up by this legislation.

Why not "specifically prohibit'/explicitly exclude detention of U.S. citizens without constitutional safeguards? Could it be because U.S. citizens might be involved in 'acts of terrorism'? And if so, what could be the definition of 'acts of terrorism'? Could it be just giving 'aid and comfort to the enemy' by speaking for constitutional protection to be provided to people deemed terrorists by the PTB? In the spirit of George W. Bush's announcement to the world, in the wake of 9/11, that "You're either with us, or you're against us" (or words to that effect)?? Or could it be simply opposition to the federal government, 'in a time of war'???...

In a nutshell: 'They' have been trying for years to figure out how to merge the U.S. into their New World Ordure (most lately, as part of a region called the North American Union), and they keep coming up against the Constitution - or, as George W reportedly called it, that 'damn piece of paper'. To be tossed aside, by hook or by crook...

I grieve for my home country, as much as I am angered by the arrogance and deceit of these people who are trying to rule the world. The same people who planned, and caused to be executed, the 'new Pearl Harbor' on America, in order to further their hegemonic ends. In particular, to create an American imperialist umbrella over the Middle East. In order - besides securing oil for their intended American empire - to further the political ends of Zionism.

For yes, the Israeli government was deeply involved in 9/11; in cahoots with their placepeople in the American government, and their control of the banking and media professions (in particular).*

9/ll was so obviously a set-up - for anybody who had eyes to see - somebody's fingerprints were all over it besides the patsies recruited for the job. I won't go into the details of the 9/11 false-flag op at this point; just to say that some very high-up people were behind that atrocity, for it to have been able to be carried off the way it was, and they did. And by 'they', I mean a couple of dens of thieves - one on the nominal Right, and one on the nominal Left, of American politics; but both controlled at the top, of a pyramid, with an All-Seeing Eye at the apex; standing as well for comprehensive surveillance of the citizenry on the planet.

Which Eye is going to come to a crashing halt, when the Powers of Light take over on this planet, and help bring it to its higher fate. Helped, that is, by The People. Who will come into their own, after all this skulduggery on the part of the planetary elite. They have had their day.

I'm sorry to see how close they have been able to come, to pull their caper completely over the eyes of The People. But that's it.**

I have news for them. And it's in the spirit of the story about a whole group of people claiming, say, that "I am Spartacus"; one after the other; and the PTB don't know who to detain. Here is our message to the power elite on this planet; in a nutshell:

'This is my world you're trashing. Back off.'

As for 9/11: there will be a new, independent, comprehensive - and I mean comprehensive, as in exhaustive - investigation; and it will expose the truth, for all to see. The truth, of how close America came to being overthrown.

Close. But no cigar.

For the Truth - and the Light - will win out. And all dwellers in the dark will have their choice: to come out into the Light, and rejoin their path to their highest positive potential. Or succumb to the pull of the Dark, and miss out on this opportunity to regain their lawful inheritance.

Your choice.


* My message to the Israeli government, when the American government is set to rights (and the current occupier of the office of the presidency is unceremoniously dumped out on the street, Congress is dissolved - for not doing its constitutional job in the takeover of the American government, and in fact aiding and abetting in that crime - and a wholesale cleanout of the Augean stables of the executive branch of the government takes place):

'America has nothing to say to you until you issue an apology to the American people for your attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in international waters, and on the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon; for what has been called the Lavon Affair; and so forth, and especially including your involvement in 9/11, and its coverup.

'You can make any statement you wish regarding your justifications, and intentions. But at the least, there needs to be a clear and abject apology. And then we can proceed from there.

'And to clarify: this is not addressed to the Israeli people in general, or to the Jews in America who have not supported blindly the Israeli government in its machinations in the world. To the Israeli people in general, I say: Seek for the truth. And ye shall find. You may not be happy with what you find. But it is important that you do. As it is for us all.'

** Including creating 'terminator genes', in order to force the farmers of the world to come to their 'store' for their seeds; thus giving them control over the world's food supplies. And ruling huge areas of America off from human habitation or interaction; not only to 'save the environment', but so that people can't escape their dragnet, and fend for themselves in the wild. And controlling rural America itself, through a federal committee, that will determine how much food and milk farmers can grow - and outrightly make it illegal to sell directly to the public (for 'health reasons', of course). And...and...and......
They're clever. But too clever by half. The picture is beginning to be seen, for what it is: total human population control. Like a herd of cattle. To be branded and vaccinated and otherwise made docile, for takeover, and 'management'. And slaughter.
News flash. The future on this planet will NOT be the dystopian version planned for it by these minions of the Dark, and their Masters. They are playing a part of the overall picture. But they will not succeed in making their part in the process the product. They are providing Man with choice. That's all.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The New Paradigm

I just today got around to reading in detail an article in The (Glasgow) Herald from last Tuesday, that I found very impressive. It was by their weekly columnist Harry Reid; and though he characterizes himself as "on the soft right' of the political spectrum, he was willing to entertain the idea that something needs to change, in our socio-econo-political system; that we can't continue to go on the way we are - to the point that he ventured to say that "being a little less obsessed with consuming might not be so bad".

If a soft righter can utter such a thought, there's hope yet...anyway, I responded thusly:

Harry Reid
c/o The Herald
200 Renfield Street
Glasgow G2 3QB

9 December 2011

Dear Harry,

I write in appreciative response to two of your columns in particular. The first was way back towards the first of the year when you wrote a paen to ‘the old Scots pub’, done in by the anti-smoking brigade. Well expressed. My sympathies for its demise.*

The second was your column of this week (6 December). I’d like to respond in some detail, besides appreciating you for your open mind to this situation.

Indeed, there is ‘something new under the sun’ - or at least, such blue-sky thinking is being called for; and in spades. (“Maybe it is time, at last, to find another way.” Quite.) But the old right-left prescriptions aren’t going to do the trick, now. Nor should they. Blue skies should be blue skies, not the old familiar skies with dark clouds aplenty in each. I would like to propose such a new, blue version; as the system as it is shows signs of being close to collapse. As it should, now. For something new, and far better, to come into being. At last.

A New Era for and by humanity is just waiting in the wings to manifest. And that new era - a ‘new paradigm’ - is - can be - characterized by a release of the structure in which humanity has been living - the matrix we have been swimming in - long enough: the milieu of interest-bearing money, and people being motivated to do things by the human construct called the profit motive. There is a higher motive, just waiting to make its entrance into the affairs of humanity. And it has to do with the quality of Service. Living a life of Service to a vision. That is the key to the future of social life on planet Earth.

And I am not talking about the ‘vision’ of communism.

What am I talking about.

I am talking about a system of being that is basically (ultimately) a moneyless society, wherein people share their goods and services with one another, and give of their best in doing so, out of a higher motive than the profit motive. Out of the highest motive there is, and could ever be. And that is to do so out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

A system that runs by, in a word, Love; and which is characterized by the principle, and quality, and value, of Service. (Or ‘contribution’, if the word Service carries too many negative connotations for a person. I am not talking about ‘servitude’.)

We need to get above the level of the problem, in order truly to solve the problem. The problem that is keeping us from creating community on planet Earth (Like the service to the community of the old Scots pub...)

This is not far-fetched thinking (except in the sense of thinking outside of the box). Anybody who has been following various spiritual teachers and cutting-edge websites and such (like the Occupy movement) will know that considerable thinking is being given to this very idea, of a moneyless society, as the answer for the future. That it is an idea whose time has come. With the globalising of the world that has taken place in the last decade or so, and with the increase in various forms of technology that is throwing more and more people out of work, and with the advent of new sources of energy - even beyond the obvious, ‘green’ renewables - called free energy devices, and with ‘consumerism’ and ‘growth’ needing logically to be replaced by a steady-state system, conserving of resources, it is obvious that there is, indeed, something new under the sun. That something new is cooking (besides the planet; some say...): A new way of looking at social life. A way that frees us from most of the drudgery of the past, and opens the windows to the opportunity for a new way of being with one another on this lovely old, beleaguered old planet, wherein - as I said - we provide each other with the goods and services we need to live a wholistic life, which includes one with a dedication to living in harmony with Gaia - our home away from home.

Now, obviously, this requires a belief in a larger reality than simply the material level of being. - Or does it?? I submit that it is no longer a matter merely of a ‘belief’. There is so much evidence of such a larger reality in now, in our time - through such avenues as new findings in physics,** and evidences from Near Death Experiences/Out of Body Experiences (where the perceiver has perceived things - visuals, conversations - that he/she couldn’t have perceived within our current ’take’ on things); and via a tremendous body of literature that supports the concept of reincarnation (thus a Plan) - that it is really not that big of a stretch to consider such an answer to the dilemma that we find ourselves in, at this time.

A dilemma just waiting for a blue-sky-thinking response. And thank you, Harry, for helping to seed that fertile space.

Yours sincerely,

‘Stan’ Stanfield

Cluny Hill College
Findhorn Foundation
Forres IV36 2RD


* Too bad the anti-smoking zealots weren’t told, in successful terms, to butt out, so to speak. Democracy, and the free market, would better have ruled. If indeed there was a market for no-smoking such establishments, it would be a very short-sighted publican who would not cater to that crowd, in tandem with those who prefer the no-smoking version. But that wouldn’t have fit the purpose of the exercise, would it. Which was to let the health - & social - authoritarians rule. And what next, one wonders...
[Do I smoke? No. Do I like to be around smoking? No. 'Then why...' Because it's a free will thing. If the 'top down' runs things, then we are but slaves to the system. I won't have it. Service, yes. Servitude, no. Read on.]

** See, eg, the new book out by David Wilcock titled ‘the Source Field Investigations’, which summarizes such facts from physics and other disciplines


A comment. In my letter I referred to the replacement of the current order of things by "a system of being...' I meant by it as in comparison to a system merely of 'doing'. The New will require us to embody the consciousness that will inform it, and keep it going. As to that factor, I offer the following additional thoughts to this blog. It is a 'piece' directed to my fellow members of the 'spiritual community' of which I am a part:

"Moving into


As a centre of Light and demonstration, the Findhorn Foundation and Community have an important role to play, and message to send and give to the world, especially at this time of great need in the world. And that is the role of loving service to a vision, coupled with an inner connection with the Presence. The Presence of The Christ. Or as David Spangler has described it: the cosmic Christ; whereby and with which we can transform civilization here, into a close approximation of the kingdom of heaven. On Earth, as it is in Heaven; just once removed. While we complete our time in incarnation. Before returning completely to Oneness with the Divine. With our Source.

Just a little work to do first. To establish an outpost of that kingdom on Earth. Where we will do things - share goods and services with one another, and give of our best in the process - not out of the motive of ‘making money’, out of the human construct called the profit motive. But ‘driven’ by the highest motive there is, and could ever be: the motive of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

And when we do - not ‘if’, but when -‘all else will be added unto us’. Out of the abundance generated by such a system, of self-governance, in perfect alignment with Spirit.

That’s our work here. Our better ‘business’. Let’s be about it; with joy, and good humour. Knowing, that what we do here - what we model here - has this great importance to and for the world at large.

In our time."

So, confession time: I still have to bring my own community around, to this idea, of a moneyless society. So no, I do not expect it to be an easy task, to convince the world as a whole of its merits, and achievability. But I have a secret weapon in the matter.

It's called the power of Spirit to break through even the hardest of crusts. Yes, some will be reluctant to take all this on. But it will happen.

Not only because it needs to.

But because it already has.

P.S. The reference to David Spangler is to a man, young at the time, who came to this community (in the north of Scotland) from America, and helped immeasurably in moving it out of just a focus on 'inner listening' and 'co-creation with Nature' to encompass the concept of a 'systems change' for the whole of society. His first book, conceived and birthed at the community, was called 'Revelation: the Birth of a New Age' - probably his signature tome - and it was followed by many others (and he continues to turn them out to this day, on various 'spiritual' subjects). One of his finest, in my opinion, is titled 'Reflections on The Christ' (based on talks he gave to the community in the early '70s); and I would like to close this blog with a pertinent quote from its opening chapter, entitled 'The Christ Pattern':

"The Christ pattern intrinsically is not a suffering pattern. It is a pattern leading from strength to strength and from joy to joy. It is that pattern which we are now asked to manifest.

"All of this is only background. What is being represented at Findhorn and by other centres like it and by individuals throughout the world who are so attuned to this pattern, is a liberation of this cosmic Christ who has been, in a way, imprisoned within the planet. Being carried on this tremendous uprush of power and joy to becoming at one with the true Christ pattern that flows through each of us and within each of us. An attunement which really requires no struggle, no stress, only that we relax to it and allow the normal, natural, growing forces within us to take us to it ('it' is a clumsy way of expressing it, because the Christ is not an it and it is not a place) to move us to that level of consciousness, or that perception of consciousness where we realize the tremendous joy and a tremendous oneness that we share with all that is and all that will ever be.

"That background may place what people at Findhorn are doing in some perspective. They are evolving a group Christ. They are, by demonstrating a new civilization, a new way of doing things, performing the Christ function of drawing that same awareness out of the world..."

These words were written before, and published in, 1977. And they are as true today as they ever were.

We all have work to do, to bring The New about.

But it is happening.

Monday, 5 December 2011


I have, as of today, received my last copy of the American mostly-political magazine, National Review. I canceled my subscription this year, after many years as a loyal reader of this right-wing publication, giving me that window onto the American scene. I did so, because the NR - a very respectable publication that could have successfully blown the whistle on the curious and suspicious background of the man currently occupying the office of the president of the United States,* which makes it look very much as though he is a usurper in and of the office - chose to do nothing about this major matter; and thus conspired in (or at the least, was an accessory to) the biggest deception in history.

Well; maybe not the biggest deception in all of history. That could be reserved for the 'Jesus' conspiracy. But at the least, the biggest in modern history.

Bigger, to my way of thinking, than the sinking of the Lusitania (which helped suck the U.S. into the first World War); and Pearl Harbor (which did the trick for the Second World War); and 9/11 (which did the same for the War on Terror); and other, lesser conspiracies in our time.

Which brings up the general subject of how the United States has been used and abused for years - to further the ignoble ends of a cabal of Very Powerful People.

To keep this subject limited, for now, to one aspect of this matter; but a very important one: I am not happy (to say the least) with how all of these modern-day events have been put over on the American people. But then, it is in part their fault, too. If they were going to think to live by government of, by, and for 'the people', they needed to be aware not to go asleep on their watch. Or they would be sheared like sheep. As such Founding Fathers as Thomas Jefferson warned clearly about.

What's the point of a new way of doing things - to move beyond the power of both Religion and Royalty, and into the realm of self-responsibility - if it is going to be treated so cavalierly? Almost as an afterthought, as 'the people' got on with the business of - in short - making money? Which business was clearly controlled by just those forces as the likes of Jefferson warned about?? And the likes of Andrew Jackson freed the American people from???

Yes, The People elected him to office. And then went back to sleep...

To move on to the point I was leading up to, back at the beginning of this short thread:

Humanity now knows enough about what the game is, to stop playing it. Over and over and over again.

It can be captivating, yes. But that is in part the point: to test us. In our dedication to, and devotion to, our Creator. In order for each of us sparks of divinity, and the Whole, to advance further on our paths.

My advice: Leave the illusion - the Game - behind. Go for the real thing.

And to combine this point with the point back at the beginning:

We are alll playing parts in a drama. The man currently occupying the office of the presidency of the United States is playing the part of a usurper, an illegal occupant of that office; and some of us are playing the parts of those who want him out of there, for sullying that honourable office; and some of us are playing the parts of those who want him to stay there, for representing a substantial change in things.

We're both right, in our ways. But there is a larger right. And that is, that he must vacate the office, for a Good to take the place of a Bad. The Bad having been to think, and act on, the idea of the end justifying the means. And the Good being to counter that notion. Including allowing the sparks of divinity to return to the House of their Father of their own free will. Not because they are coerced into doing so, and deprived of choice in the matter.

It is a fundamental difference in the way to approach Life.

Choose. And choose wisely.

And that is the very point of the Drama.

As for the 'Jesus' conspiracy; briefly. I like what Ralph Ellis has written about this matter. And the likes of Michael Baigent; who in his book 'the Jesus Papers' makes a strong case for the mainstream story that has been handed down to us in our time being fraudulent, and how it is.

As for the Why: that would be a major story. And would encompass the very point I am making in this little thread:

that we must stay awake, and aware. Or we can be led astray.

As a test.

Of our dedication to the Truth.

Including, of our own higher nature. As an integral - holographic? - part of The One.

To Whom all blessings will flow. At the point of full Awareness.


I am God.

You are God.

We are One.


* I hesitate to use his name, since there is even some question regarding that about his background.
What a murky story this is...

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Living in Glass Cages

It's snowing outside the window of my second floor cosy cave, in a former four-star hotel (transformed magically into 'a centre of Light and demonstration', for the raising of consciousness on the planet. For a purpose. For the purpose of entering into - bringing about - a New Age. The New Age...)

And the copper beech tree in the centre of my personal wintry scene - with a narrow road in the background winding up to - somewhere (in physical fact, a golf course clubhouse, set in a stand of evergreens) - has been stripped bare for its winter rest, after its fiery near death experience in a particularly balmy autumn...

'Now is the winter of our discontent' comes to mind...

Definition, I find, in a search via Google: 'The time of unhappiness is past.' Yes. I can relate to that...

...but there is still a melancholy lingering in the air. Something still unsatisfying...like a pungent odor from an unhappy fire...

I read in the papers lugubrious things. People killing people. People practicing oneupmanship on others...

People; people...

I'm not interested in people having great ideas in order to practice self-aggrandizement. I'm interested in what people will come up with in order better to serve the concept of community creation. A community - with common unity - of souls. We don't live in isolation from one another. We are interdependent.

A good book in this regard is the new one by David Wilcock, entitled 'The Source Field Investigations'.* In it he reviews a lot of the research that has gone on and is going on revealing the makeup of the physical dimension that we are living in, and the underlying fact that everything - "(b)acteria, plants, insects, eggs, animals and humans" - appears to be "sharing the same Mind". That All is connected. Through a non-electromagnetic energy Field.

So why are we living as if it were not true.

As if it were not true that 'As we do unto others [and Everything], so do we do unto ourselves'?...

We have work to do. To live our lives as though it were true. Not as if it were not, as we - largely - are doing at present.

There are harbingers of the spring coming on. People - individuals - who are living connected-up lives. Lives reflecting that consciousness. That sense of the Oneness of all things.

But is it enough?

And in time??...

Meanwhile, I await my turn. To make a difference. In the outer scheme of things.

As I bide my time, in my cave - a cosy one; but a cave nevertheless - in the north of Scotland. And watch the seasons change outside my window on the world that I am in; but not of.

At least, metaphorically speaking.

* subtitled 'The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies'

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Claiming Your Christhood

I'm going out on a limb here. But it feels like right timing. As various very dangerous scenarios in the world heat up, and threaten to play themselves out on the physical. I need to do my part - up here in my cave in the north of Scotland - to help head 'it' off at the come to pass. The more I, and others, invoke a higher outcome, the better. To be able to feel that we did all we could. Up against whatever karma still needs to play itself out.

So here's my

of the

What would I really like to say to my brothers and sisters here in the Findhorn Foundation (and to a lesser extent, the members of the wider, Findhorn Foundation Community)?

Okay. You asked for it. ( :-) )

I would really like to say, more clearly, that I have recently been trying to prepare you for the modern-day Good News. Which is that the Findhorn Foundation - and as characterized by Sir George Trevelyan - is the Essene community of and for the New Age. That out of this community wll come the impulse for a new era on planet Earth. Which can also be called the kingdom of heaven; for it is to be dedicated to The Most High, and functions in alignment with the highest motive we Sons and Daughters of our Source can live our lives by: out of respect for, and gratitude to, our Creator, for giving us - allowing us - the gift of life with meaning.

And if you are not ready or willing to embody that role - if you’re not in sync with it - you really should leave, and thus get out of the way of those who are ready to embody, and further, the new, for humanity, and Gaia; and the glory of God. Which means, and entails, breaking the mold of the old. Particularly as ‘the old’ had to do with humanity being motivated to do things by the concept of profit, growing out of the means of interest-bearing money - in a word: usury.

Which we were warned about. And which ‘tool’ has had its day. And must now get out of the way of a higher motive for social activity. The highest motive there is, and can ever be: doing things out of, in a word: Love.

It will happen. Ready or not.

Because it’s time.

Announced - ‘channeled’ - on this day of the Gregorian calendar of December 3, 2011. The Incarnation - more clearly - of the New, Improved Model for Humanity’s Welfare.


And speaking of welfare, and the current model of social life; some observations.


The current model - at least in the UK - is to provide more welfare monies to reduce (child) poverty. My response: You give people on welfare - and others observing the arrangements - more incentive not to work, they won’t work. Duh.

The answer? Two-fold.

(a) First of all, to acknowledge: The government never should have gotten involved in a ‘welfare’ system whereby citizens were incentivized to have children ON welfare. That is to say, on the taxpayers’ shilling. That result? Generations of families on Welfare. A welfare class.
Not fair to them. Not fair to the taxpayers. Not good for the health of the society.

(b) The way out of the poverty trap (in terms of the current money system): No female should be paid any taxpayers’ money to have a child - let alone multiple births - on the taxpayers.
If they can’t afford to raise a child properly, ie, not in a state of poverty, they should not be having any - and especially not when many taxpayers can‘t afford to have their own children, and are being responsible adults in not having any.
To force the taxpayers to pay for others to have children on their shilling is not only unfair. It is immoral.
Until the current mindset, of ‘welfarism’, is broken, the state - which bears some responsibility for the current state of affairs, in seducing females with a bag of goodies, to have children on ‘it’ - could provide contraceptive advice and materials cheaply, or, depending on income circumstances (aka ‘means tested’), even for free. But ‘not one cent for tribute’.
If a female, still - with all of this social awareness kicking in - has a child that she can’t afford to raise decently, she needs to rely on her family for financial support. That, or private charities; where the money is given freely. Not extorted.
It’s called tough love. The state does no favours to such people, by giving them perverse incentives. They need to learn to take responsibility for themselves; for their actions. That is the name of the game, of life. It also has a name: karma.

I don’t want there to be any more children born into poverty. That, too, is not only unfair. It is immoral.*


I’m not interested in saving people from themselves. They have to learn to take responsibility for themselves, not leave it up to others - ie, the state, or any other source - to do it for them. So there should not be any laws against what people choose to do to themselves. But they also need to learn that it’s not fair to put a burden of care onto anybody else, either. So: monitor yourself, as a responsible human being, learning lessons about such things.


The same sort of response as above, under ‘Drugs’.

A lot of people seem to have lost sight of the purpose of the life experience. It’s not to hang around, getting into addictions and other trouble for nothing better to do - experiencing the results of the biblical adage, ‘Without a vision, the people perish’. It’s time to wake up, and get serious about life. And yes, with a sense of the joy of life. But in its proper context; as having a higher purpose than just experiencing life for life‘s sake.

Life is a school. The purpose is to graduate. Not get stuck in the lower grades.


I have other thoughts for the structure, and organising, of the New Society - the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. But this will do for now, to give a flavour of its construction, and essence. Essentially, it runs on Love. But tough love.

Abide by it, and all will be well. And in fact, will be very, very well.

...in the words of Eileen, one of the founders of this community. Who, towards the end of her life, realised that the voice of God within her was coming, not from outside of her self. But was her Self. Her Higher Self. Her true Self.

Coming to a theatre of operations near you.

I encourage you - as Eileen did - to claim your Christhood NOW.

As have I. Which gives me the audacity to make this announcement.

Knowing, that I and the Father are One.

And that All Is One.

So make YOUR choice.

(Hint: There really isn't any. If you're smart. And want to stop dawdling on the path. That's the only choice you have, in the end. Or, really, would want to have.)

* As for the matter of 'poverty' itself: It is due to a poverty of consciousness. There is no reason for people to have to go hungry in the midst of plenty. No good reason. That is merely a reflection of the inadequacy of the carrying culture.

I am not happy with people going hungry because of the system they are living under. And I say 'under', rather than 'in', because the word 'under' conveys more of the feeling of the oppression involved than merely 'in'.

Apparently it says somewhere in the Christian Bible that 'the poor will always be with us'. I say 'apparently', not only because I'm not precisely sure of that, or the English translation, but because I want to convey my misgivings about that document. There is too much evidence to indicate that 'it' - I speak now simply of the New Testament portion - is not a true rendition of historical fact. I won't go into that subject here. I just want to say, to this idea, of 'the poor always being with us': bollocks. It is simply a thought-form.

Which - must - change. To reflect current reality. Of the ability of the Earth to provide enough for all. Not in totally equal measure. But enough, that nobody need ever go hungry again.

It's time to wake up to our current reality, and stop letting our past dictate our future.

Including in matters of, like, war.

When you raise your consciousness level, you see things differently; from a different perspective. We need, now, to go up to a higher level.

Because it's time to.

Friday, 2 December 2011

And The Bell Continues Its Tolling

My friend has died. Last night. In his sleep. Peacefully...

..and We the Living carry on. With our own weights to bear.

I bear the weight of the world. Consciously. And wilfully. And though I know that it is changing, for the better - despite many appearances - still I despair, sometimes. That its emergence from the chrysalis that it has been encased in will come about in time.

Interesting, this image, of a chrysalis, and emergence. Not only to describe my friend's condition, but in terms of a short article I have been prompted inwardly to write this week. - and I wonder, now, if my friend's transition phase, that he has been experiencing this week, in hospital, has had anything to do with it??...whatever; it has to do with musing on Change. And how difficult it can be.*

It has something to do with the subjects that I have written about in my last couple of blogs, regarding the threats going on to the American form of government - the Republic, "for which it stands," as every school child in the country recites 'religiously' every time the pledge of allegiance to the flag is invoked. And I have wondered, sometimes, if Obama's role in the destruction of that republic going on - on his watch - has been at least in part due to the fact that he did not grow up, in his younger, formative years, under that 'rule', rather in a foreign country, with a pledge of allegiance to that flag. But that's just conjecture, as an aside. And not a totally fair one, in itself, since many a person involved in the destruction of the American republic in our day did grow up in that environment, and culture.

But to continue. My concerns have been increased this week, with recent disturbing reports that the U.S. - that is, the U.S. government (there is a difference) - may well be gearing up for war with Iran; and that may well be why the various governing aspects that I have reported on have been put in place, in preparation for 'civil defense' measures needed in relation to foreign affairs, AND 'civil unrest' measures needed in relation to domestic affairs, with the populace beginning to rebel against their government. Their federal government. Under either the Democrats OR the Republicans; under the latter whom many of the threats to the status quo of the country were put in place. This being a scenario of domestic capture and control under both sides of the political divide in America. At least at the top. Which is controlled by the same gang of perpetrators; roughly to be called 'the bankers'. Aka the Illuminati. Who would dearly welcome a third World War, because it is under war conditions that control of the populace can be put in place, and increased. And the establishment of a New World Order is the name of the game, that these individuals and elite families have been engaged in for generations; to make the world safe for oligarchy.

But closer to home, my thoughts have been centred on how to help awaken my community - my nominally-described spiritual community - to the importance of this 'window of opportunity' time in human life, and of our help in bringing about positive change for the planet, in the way that we model an attitude towards 'community' life that can benefit the world at large. And that has to do with our attitude towards money. Hence the name of, and the focus of, my 'paper'.

Added herewith.


As the [Findhorn] Foundation looks to the future, what could we see?

We could still see danger. The danger of buying into the current economic system, at the very time that it is imploding. That danger could take the form of trying to increase our income in various ways. And one of those ways could be to go to a system that has already been floated here, for consideration: a system of paying people more than the base allowance to do/in certain jobs. A system of what is called differential pay.

I am against differential pay because then the Staff will become motivated by money - will be seduced into the same attitudes as that are in the ‘outer’ world: doing things for the money, rather than for the Service to the collective, to the extent of your abilities, and your individually valuable challenges.

The New Age will not be characterized by such considerations.

Yes, there will still be some sort of exchange/credit device, because there will not be enough of everything for everybody; and so people will earn credits for their services to the system, and can spend them any way they want to. But the key to the future state of humanity - a representation of the kingdom of heaven on earth - is the Service given to the system, out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning - NOT out of hankering for personal reward. There lie dragons, that way. As we have learned, painfully.

As for how to structure such a system: I think the model of a LETS system is a good one. You give credits to individuals for their services to you, and thereby log up debits to the system, that you need to keep in balance, or the operator of the system will drop you from the system. You don’t get something for nothing. (Thus we need to get rid of the mindset of ‘entitlements’, that is bedeviling the current economic system that is in place in much of the world. It cultivates the idea of getting something for nothing. Bad idea to encourage.) Treat the system right, and the system will treat you right. That is, things will be in balance; in harmony. Accumulate a lot of credits to the system, and you can spend them on special things that others have provided in their service to the system.

These units of credit can be called anything. I would recommend that they are not called ‘money’, with those connotations, of the old way of doing things - with interest-bearing money - that got humanity into such trouble, ultimately. (Trouble that was built in to the system from the very beginning, with its creation of debt by its very nature.) And different areas - ‘regions’, in the vernacular of those who were trying to set up a New World Order of their own, without regard to our spiritual nature, and essence - of the ‘kingdom’ could have their own units of credit, reflecting their own culture, and its mores. But with caution, not to allow it to get out of kilter too much from the overalll planetary culture. Or it might become a case of deja vu all over again, with different units assuming different levels of value, like the current money exchange system, and people starting to trade in them for its own sake, not for the benefit of the system, and the collective; with the differential simply reflecting local circumstances, and a good feedback device for the health of the local operation. But with the benefit of historical hindsight, we can steer the Good Ship Lollipop clear of the rocks and reefs that it could founder on, with undue care - even with the built-in concept of doing things ‘for the glory of God’. God, not being present - except within us - may well get forgotten, in the passage of time, and the dimming of cultural memory.

As we should have learned by now. Although such a system will certainly be a cut above the historical experience, which started with no such attitude as the base for the launch of this new state of affairs on planet Earth - this New Order of Things, starting out on a higher level of consciousness than in the past; and building from there. Building a kingdom to the glory of our humankind’s ultimate Creator - the Creator of our divine essence, within the highest carrying vehicle on this planet. Sparks of divinity; off the One Mind, or Field: the, and our, Essence.

As a poster said on a Comments thread on some blog or other that I read recently: “Order out of Chaos is a Masonic concept relating to the idea that we are all one divine Mind that has been splintered into billions of tiny pieces that are slowly recombining.”

The concept of Order out of Chaos is also one envisioned by the Illuminati, that body of terrestrial power brokers who would like to control the world for their own stunted ends. It is up to us more perfectly aligned sparks of divinity to make sure that they do not win the day - that we take the historical process that is unfolding itself up to its highest level, of Synthesis, and not leave it stranded on the way. For our sakes; and those of those such sparks who follow in our wake. Experiencing a degree of separation in the Creation, for learning, and growing, purposes. Until each of us graduates; back to the Source from which we came, for just such a growing, educative purpose.

‘Educare’ - to draw forth from. That which is inside. Just waiting to burst free from its enclosing seed, and experience a larger reality, through the process. To be transformed thereby. Like a butterfly from its caterpillar stage.

We really need to awaken, and be awakened, now, to our full potential, as butterflies - and beyond. So let’s be about it.

And the key to the process is for humanity to do away with money as a motivating force; and get in touch with that natural motivating force from within, that is struggling, now - so forcefully - to be free.

To break out from its encapsulating stage. And fly.



As my friend's soul is doing as we speak.

And as we, as individual sparks of divinity -'spiritual beings having a human experience' - will do, when our individual time is finished here.

Which still has a ways to go, yet.

As we now help see humanity through its dark days yet ahead. As it gets its bearings; its sense of its new identity. And struggles to free itself from the cocoon that its erstwhile masters have attempted to secure it in.

For their purposes.

Which are similar to those referred to in the poem by Scotland's folk hero, Robert Burns, when he wrote about 'best-laid plans'. That can oft go awry.

May we rise to this occasion. Within ourselves. As we are, right now.

And make sure that the process is not terminated terribly, midway.


P.S. And as for the factor of how many Christians are urging on this terrible scenario that could well lead to World War III - because of a misguided belief in its 'rightness' - I shall leave comment aside for now. Except to register my horror, and disapproval.
No true God would be 'for' such an appalling scenario.
Wake up, those of you who have been mesmerized by this untruth. You are being had, by the works of Man. Not God.

* N.B. I decided to look up the word 'chrysalis' in my dictionary, to check its precise definition; and I discovered something - a word - that I never knew before. The word was, is, 'obtect'. First definition for chrysalis "The obtect pupa for a moth or butterfly." Obtect?? Definition: "adj. (of a pupa) encased in a hardened secretion so that the wings, legs, etc. are held immovably to the body, as in butterflies." What an interesting word, and meaning. And how we must feel obtected, sometimes, in our forms, our bodies; the vehicle for incarnation on this planet. And is my friend's spirit feeling like a butterfly, right now, with metaphorical wings outstretched??...