Sunday, 11 September 2011

First: Do No Harm

I'm disgusted by yet another documentary, and other video links, regarding the link between vaccines - a number of them, not just one - and what is called autism. Although semantics is an integral part of this problem.

The Establishment has tried to stifle this link by using all manner of wordplays to avoid saying the magical 'A' word. Among other cloaking euphemisms, it's called PDD-NOS - Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified - or 'encephalopathy'; a word that simply means brain damage. Question at this point: Can vaccines cause encephalopathy (or another word for the same thing, encephalitis, meaning, more specifically, inflammation of the brain)? Answer: Yes. It's called 'vaccine-induced encephalitis'. So - how come all the cover-up? Because the authorities say that vaccine-induced encephalitis happens in only 'one in a million' cases, 'and there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism'. What?? Which seeming contradiction brings up another question: Doctor, what about cases of what could be called sub-acute encephalitis? Answer: Silence. Or other verbal subterfuge.

This argument mirrors the outcomes of cases of brain damage taken to the so-called Vaccine Court: If the case has involved immediate, acute symptoms upon vaccination - that the 'experts' just can't conceal as causative in nature - cases have been won by the parents; but if the symptoms are even the slightest what is called 'slower onset', the authorities have drawn a line in the sand, and do all they can to avoid admitting to causation.


Three reasons. (1) Financial. If the authorities had to admit to the huge number of cases of children having been brain damaged by their vaccinations, we're talking billions in compensation (or actually as 'annuity' - money paid for their lifetime care; however long that may be).* (2) 'If parents got spooked by reports of such widespread compensation from lining their kids up for their shots, we would have a massive return of the childhood diseases, and thousands of kids would die from them.' (So...hide the truth?? More on this angle.) (3) Hubris. The medical professionals involved have staked their reputations and careers on the huge positive nature of vaccines, in the risks-vs-benefits ratio they go by. It would amount to an extreme case of cognitive dissonance for some of them to have to admit to themselves that they have been wrong. Can't face it. So ignore it, and it'll go away.

No longer, ladies and gentlemen. Too much information is coming out now, for you to be able to sweep this matter under the carpet any longer. And about time.

As to the point I mentioned above, about hiding the truth about the full downside of vaccines. By doing so, such authorities are putting off the need for their profession's pharmaceutical arm to come up with safer vaccines. But then, they may already be thinking that that won't happen to any great extent - because of the nature of vaccines - so they don't want to have to 'go there'. This aspect of this matter is worth looking at in a little more detail.

It's not only an issue of, hopefully, safer vaccines in themselves. It's an issue of understanding how they adversely affect some kids more than others; and so those kids could be spared the danger (but which would weaken the goal of 'herd immunity'; so one size fits all is the policy...). Example that they already acknowledge: kids with 'mitochondrial disorder' (which is not as rare as the authorities would like, and like the public, to think). These children can't handle stress as easily as other children - like the fever caused by vaccines. Or another example that the authorities don't know about, by and large, because of professional avoidance of the issue: kids with a genetic polymorphism (susceptibility/predisposition) to be low in a substance called glutathione, which is the body's natural chelator of heavy metals/toxins, taking them out of the body. Vaccines have substances like mercury and aluminum in them: these kids will have a harder time chelating/eliminating those toxins than other kids. Another example: it has been discovered that at least some of the genes associated with autism code for glutamate, which in the wrong place is an excitotoxin, ie, a toxin to the brain. These kids should be spared glutamate - or as it is known in live-virus vaccines, glutamic acid (it acts as a stabilizer). So those kids need to have their diet screened carefully of MSG (or casein or gluten, which have glutamate in them; and thus the value for many such brain-damaged kids of a CF/GF diet) - and need to be spared being vaccinated with the likes of the MMR.**

I could go on; but I need to move on, to the 'official' rationale of kids dying from the childhood diseases if their parents started refusing to have them vaccinated. (1) Let's look at the true ratio of risks-vs-benefits; not the limited one being used today. There is far more damage being wrought by this vaunted medical modality than is being admitted to. We're talking, in their side effects, the (epidemic) likes of ADD/ADHD (& dyslexia & dyspraxia & other such PDD conditions, including autism); allergies/asthma; arthritis/arthralgia; CFS/ME; convulsions/seizures/epilepsy; type 1 diabetes; MS - the list goes on, of autoimmune and neurological and other disorders caused by vaccines. So we need a more honest risk assessment here. (2) It's not as if there are not other treatments for the childhood diseases, that don't have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have anyway. There's vitamin A/cod liver oil for measles; large doses of vitamin C for polio; colloidal silver for the DPT triad - the list goes on, of natural anti-virals and -bacterials, that can get the child through the condition - and that way, allow the children to develop natural, lifelong immunity to the conditions, that they do not get from the weakened vaccine strains (from which they get only what is called sensitization).***

And we now come to a fourth reason for the cover-up in this ignoble matter; and its link to my wrapping up this blog. The matter of profits - to the pharmaceutical companies, and to the allopathic medical profession, relying on the products of those corporations for their own comfortable incomes. The corporate-government complex (aka fascism) is protecting those profits, with all the fact-obfuscating that they can muster.

But there's even more to this matter than that. It turns out that vaccines have been identified by the Powers That Be as an excellent vehicle for people control, and culling, from the substances that can be introduced into people through them. And since the PTB have, as part of their mission, the culling of millions if not billions of our fellow humans as 'useless eaters' in their Brave New World, of people control and technological replacement of people, they will not stand for anything compromising their use of this wonderful tool. Not even the truth about the downsides of vaccines.

So now you know why they don't want to run the studies of vaccinated-vs unvaccinated cohorts, which could put to rest this question, of their downsides. And why they skew study after study to come up with their desired outcome. (The Verstraeten study; the Madsen study; the Fombonne study; the Honda-Rutter study...)

As I say; I could go on. but let me wrap this blog up for now.

Tony Bennett used to sing a song entitled 'If I Ruled the World'. If I ruled the world, I would eliminate the concept of profit as the motivating factor for human activity - which has caused most of the trouble on the planet today; with some individuals gaining great well-being from it, but the large majority being damaged terribly by it; and with its seeding of wars and rumours of wars from time immemorial - and replace it with the motivating factor of, in a word, Love: when people will provide each other with goods and services, and give of their best in the process, out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning. And we will thus get rid of all this atrocious behaviour that many have been, and are, engaging in, that does our full potential - of spiritual beings having a human experience - no justice.

It will be replaced anyway. Because the old is dying. Having had its day in the sun. And in the end, being found wanting. 'Not fit for purpose,' as they say. The purpose, of our future on this lovely planet we call Earth. Now calling of us our best. Not our worst.

You were given free will. You will have to live with the consequences of your actions. And in the meantime, humanity is moving up, to a higher level of expression of our basic divine nature. Join us. Or be left behind.

Your choice.


* The number of cases of autism have gone up in association with a number of vaccinal factors: (1) Vaccination - and the increased number of vaccines - being made mandatory in more states in the 80s and 90s; (2) the ingredients of vaccines changing over the same general period of time. These changes have not been studied well, because 'everybody knows that vaccines are good' - because the practice is governmental policy, so 'don't confuse me with the facts'.

** And note something here: the MMR, or any live-virus vaccine, should not be given at the same time as vaccines with mercury (thimerosal; as an antiseptic) or aluminum (as an adjuvant) in them, because glutamic acid lowers levels of glutathione, and thus the interaction will cause the child not to be able to eliminate the mercury or aluminum as easily, as if such vaccines are given at separate times.
And while on the subject of glutathione antagonists: acetaminophen - Tylenol in the US - also causes levels of glutathione to be lowered. Thus, if the child runs a fever from the vaccines, and the health practitioner gives it Tylenol, and those vaccines contain such as thimerosal or aluminum, they will likewise, as with glutamate, not be able to be eliminated as easily. Result: brain damage.

*** And besides, mortality from all of the childhood diseases was already going down before the advent of the vaccines for them. As it was for diseases for which there are no vaccines. It has been mostly due to better hygiene and nutrition and cleaner water.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Eve of 9/11, And All That

The 10th anniversary of an atrocity...and still the public at large is not recognising the truth of what happened on that day of infamy.

Not that the whole truth has come out, yet. But there is enough evidence 'out' at this point to know that the official story - the official 'conspiracy theory' - is not sufficient for an understanding fully of what, precisely, happened, in that concatenation of events.

For example:

Someone (a CIA front) betting big on the fall of the stock of the airlines involved; indicating advance knowledge of the event...

A shipment of gold bars being pilfered by truck in the damaged basement of one of the towers; indicating the same...

...the basement levels themselves extremely hot (for weeks) and filled with molten steel; a phenomenon that cannot be accounted for simply from fires started by jet fuel...

...and among the wreckage, evidence of thermite/thermate present, indicating planned demolitions...

...bringing up the 'little' matter of the explosions heard by numerous firefighters and bystanders before the (steel-frame) towers (for the first, and only, time in history) collapsed, and did so directly into their footprints...

..including WTC7, which was not hit by a plane, and which came symmetrically down precisely like a planned demolition; mimicking the free-fall speed of the other towers...

...which showed all the hallmarks of being shattered by extreme forces, pulverizing concrete and debris - including bodies - into dust and ejecting steel girders out from the explosions like javelins, in a pyroclastic display that was so far beyond the possible of the dutifully announced event that it was akin to the Big Lie advocated by the likes of Hitler and Goebbels...

and on and on it goes: the evidence that something was and is rotten in the state of America. Whereby this 'New Pearl Harbor' event allowed the Bush administration, with its coterie of Neo-Cons, the opportunity to fulfil their desires for hegemony in the Middle East, via a sort of Pax Americana.

But wait: there's even more, in the investigations of that event - in 'following the money' - that leads as well to another set of perps; these from the 'left' of current politics, who had access to the war game exercises going on that day, which served as cover for 'the real thing', and furthered their desire for a blow at the heart of capitalism, in order to strengthen their socialistic scheming for the future of human life on the planet... yes: a major event. But one asking - beseeching - for more attention from The People; calling on them to be more discerning in their take on Life in Our Times.

History has been the story of the struggle for power and wealth.

It's time for a change.

I admit to anger; and sadness. I am not happy with the power of the Establishment - the Established Order of Things - to control the minds of The People so. But at the end of the day, it is each person's responsibility to 'check their premises'.*

Don't be found wanting in this matter. If you are, you are part of the problem. Not part of the solution; which is in the wings, just waiting to be ushered onto the stage of life, when The People are ready, and have signaled their readiness, by just such a clear-eyed view of 9/11 as is being asked for now. To see it as it is - a fundamentally flawed picture - rather than as it has been portrayed, in the mainstream media.

The people running the world in our time have bought the belief of what is known as Social Darwinism. Don't let them get away with it - with their high perch on power - any longer.

Or they will be the death of YOU yet.


* As with the assassination of JFK. With even the glaring evidence of his body having been tampered with between the time it left Dallas and the time it entered the autopsy room in Maryland, and was photographed there - with a deep incision in the right front clearly not having been there before the trip and arrival - the public at large seems still not to have cottoned onto the fact that powers in high places are playing terribly deadly and dangerous power games, and need to be investigated thoroughly. Which investigation is not happening in the current arrangement of 'opposition' political parties. People need to check their premises: there is no real two-party system in America. At the top, it is the same scheming, conniving thugs. The 'all-seeing' Eye at the top of the pyramid of power. Which can't see itself, for being so focused on its power over others.
(By the way; a clue in this particular caper: there was a time lag (of about 45 minutes) between the time that the (TV-covered) ambulance left the airplane at its arrival in Maryland, and an ambulance arrived (again, TV-covered) at the hospital. There was a cover story, of a 'fake' ambulance leading the press in a wild goose chase (for whatever stated reason). But the whole scenario allowed the opportunity for the body to be taken off the airplane on the other side of the 'given' exit (in the darkness at the time of arrival), rushed to another hospital site for a quick surgical job - to hide evidence of more than one 'lone assassin' patsy in on the caper - and then sent on its merry way. With - unfortunately, for the perps - a bungle in the 'operation': the body did not arrive at Bethesda in the same wrapping, and even casket - as it left Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
But oh well. We have such a control over the MSM that nobody will notice these little details. And even if someone does, the story will disappear from the news, and be forgotten, as life goes on. Just the way we plan it to,,,
Reality check, boys and girls. (And yes, there are some women involved in all these shenanigans.) Your day is done.
You've gone too far.
The People are awakening.
Hopefully, in time.)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Neither Left Nor Right But Up

Putting on my socks this morning I noticed how thin they are, compared to the way socks used to be made. It brought home to me just how unsustainable - wasteful - the western way of capitalist life is: planned obsolescence, and all that. (Thorstein Veblen also had a name for this general sort of consumer-driven thing: 'conspicuous consumption'.) When humanity didn't have to think much about the using up of the planet's resources, because they were so abundant in their time-frame use, it could afford to think of, and act accordingly on, such a way of life. But in our day and age, we have had our attention seriously drawn to the matter of 'the planet's resources'. And a good thing, too; to learn to honour and respect them, and Gaia herself, more.

Am I 'anti-capitalist'? To a certain extent. But read on...for comment about the other side of the political aisle. (Or, more accurately: the other side of the historical dialectical mechanism.)*

'The state has to provide its ctiizens with education, healthcare, and housing. Oh, and a free mobile phone for poor kids. Oh, and free access to the internet for them, too. After all, they are entitled to well-being.'

Who says.

The current Democrat Party in the States. Well, maybe not all of its members. But that is the way the situation is tending there; with the buying of votes accordingly.**

In the UK it was called the Militant Tendency. Was, because the Labour Party would not embrace the all-out socialism of that faction in its midst - and in point of fact, rejected it quite publicly, and knowingly: in order to get elected. Which it did accomplish (as 'New Labour'). But went too far in the process; and the public decided, in the last general election, that if they were going to be governed by the Tories, they might as will elect the real thing.

So what sorts of attitudes are engendered by all this, besides unhappiness for all concerned - except the well-off, in their '20:80 society' scenario, whereby 20% of the populace will be handsomely rewarded for their loyalty to the system, and 80% of The People will be redundant to its needs. 'Useless eaters,' they have been called by voices in the financial and power elite. Who would like to see them culled. In whatever form that may take. But let me refer to an attitude on the left of this dialectical equation first.

I have a feeling that there is an attitude 'out there' that says: 'We're taking from the rich and giving to the poor; that's all. It's called equality' (or 'redistribution of wealth'). Well; guess what. The rich are not the ones who are hurting, in this battle. (For battle it is; ie, class warfare.) They have neatly protected themselves in various ways from the tax system. It is the middle class and lower middle class - the so-called working poor- who are hurting the most. And because it's the middle class that provides most of the work opportunities in the economy, if they are hurting, the poor are hurting, for job opportunities.

The 20% would love to collapse the middle class, who are the main threat to their power (call it what it is: their enemy). But let me stay with 'the poor' for a moment. Apparently, many of those in that category have decided (for various reasons; including the social order-breaking cushy life of those at the increasingly-separate top of the heap) to 'opt out', and just live with their freebies, in a permanent state of welfarism. Not a good idea. Those in work are going to resent those out of work and not really looking for work. Are, resenting. Just so is the feeling of separation generated; NOT 'we're all in this together'. So this neo-socialistic state of affairs is counter-productive; not sustainable. 'Welfarism' - a permanent class, state of being - inculcates a something-for-nothing mentality. Not healthy.

Like interest-bearing money...

But to conclude my critique of the welfare state: the attitude of getting something for nothing will not get humanity to a higher state of civilization on the planet; and, indeed, is the very thing that will keep that desirable state from ever happening. What will bring about the higher, synthesis-state of civilization on the planet is the realisation - the understanding - that as we give, so do we receive; for we are part of the whole that is being served by our giving to it.

It's the difference between the evolutionary path of Service to Self and that of Service to Others.*** And the latter is the higher road. The point of choice which we are now facing; and in spades, as it were. (As well with technology eliminating jobs; and so creating the need for a separation of 'income' from 'employment'.)

Things, in short, are coming to a head.

As they should.

For 'things as they are, and have been', cannot long continue.

There is something new under the sun, waiting in the wings, for its time.

And that time is Now.

When we will recognize that we have been involved in a drama, and have been playing parts in that drama. Over and over and over again. Now a prince, now a pauper. Now male, now female. Now of one race, now another. For a purpose.

The purpose has been - and is - to grow. To gain wisdom.

And now we are at the creative edge of one stage of our growth. Where our lesson is to recognize all this, and now move on, in our awareness OF the drama.

And doing it with such awarenesses as that 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself' - and even literally, in your next incarnation, experiencing the law of cause and effect. Also known as karma.

It really is time to recognize certain facts of life, and stop living as if they weren't true, as we are doing at present. Those basic facts are that life has Purpose, and that Purpose is Good.

And once we accept that premise, and start living as if it were true, the classroom changes, and we graduate; to learn other lessons.

And ultimately, through it all - the whole process of the ages - will we come back to Oneness with our Source.

With that in which we move and live and have our being.

The greater - more expanded; more knowing - for the experience.

So let's start treating each other accordingly. As ourselves.


it's time.

And that time will best be marked by a releasing of the twin training wheels of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other, and the vehicle of our social system - our kingdom of God on Earth - running simply on Love; wherein we provide each other with goods and services, and give of our individuated best in the process, out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

And out of knowing - really, deep down, knowing - that we are all One anyway.

Come join the new era. And help make it happen, by doing so.

For know, that you have chosen to be here, at this time. (And it is an honour and a privilege to be here, at this time.) Let us rise to the occasion.

May we rise to the occasion.

Our choice.

Your choice.

As a vital, spark-part of the I Am.

The I Am that is with You always.


* I feel that Hegel had a good insight into the historical process, when he posited his 'dialectic': how a position - a 'thesis' - because it is not complete in itself, generates opposition to it - an antithesis - which results in a combining of elements of both, in a synthesis; but because it is not complete in itself, it becomes but a thesis for another stage of the unfolding process. A classic instance: unbridled capitalism, with the concomitant belief in the primacy of the individual, generated the reaction of communism, with the concomitant belief in the primacy of the collective. But as the world was heading for a critical state of confrontation between the two theses, the 'process' came up with a compromise (synthesis), in elements of what became known as the welfare state, and unionism; various states of 'social justice'. But that state of affairs has not been fully satisfactory, and has generated its own antithesis, which has resulted in the standoff we are experiencing today, with the compromise system experiencing elements of its 'internal contradictions' (mainly, the making of money - which has become the purpose of the capitalist tendency - resulting in structural damage to the economic model) resulting in very potential collapse; at the least, a 'double-dip recession'.

** Obama and his administrative buddies - apparatchiks, really - are creating a political base in a fudge called Illegal Aliens Amnesty, and in the cynically-orchestrated 'immigration' of millions of Muslims from Afghanistan and Palestine. It is a putsch for power. It is a way for the socialists in America to establish socialism IN America; with the help of a secularized segment of the young, having been and being engineered to make a break from the world of their parents, through the revolutionaries' occupation of the 'high ground' of the educational establishment.
But understand: both the Left and the Right have legitimate roles to play in the unfolding of this historical process. It is, after all, a drama, that we have all played different parts in.

*** Some people believe in the superior attitude of self-interest, ie, that as one serves one's self, the whole is served. (The so-called 'trickle down' theory.) Tell that to the lower denizens of the 20:80 society.