Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Bushes, Clintons & Kennedys: Down the Rabbit Hole of Modern American History

"If the truth be known"....

Where to go on this blog, possibly to round off this year with. Some hot button items to consider. The autism issue, & in relation to a new administration taking over in the US, allowing for the possibility of 'change we can believe in'. The bailout and the Constitution; a serious matter, that, whereby the country is flirting dangerously with 'the rule of men' - relative law; 'pragmatic law', not constitutional law. And we will rue the day - some decades ago, in particular - that we started down that road. But the subject that has my attention at the moment has been occasioned by a recent blog at Capitol Hill Blue, entitled 'Memo to Clinton Fanatics: Leave Caroline Alone'. It has to do with Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg expressing interest in running for the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary, and some Clintonistas trying to disparage the very idea. They see (a fair assumption) a competition issue there. But I see a deeper one; and a very intriguing one, at that.

It's a matter of America having unfinished business from the past; having to do with the Bush and Clinton 'clan' on the one hand, and the Kennedys on the other. And I think I'll go for comment on this matter, to see the year out with. Because America's reconciliation with its past may well take place in this coming year; and this issue - of the battle between these clans - is a key part of that picture.

Where to begin. Well, because the 'matter' between Hillary and Caroline started this line of thinking, I'll start there - with Hillary, and her background.

First, a few, somewhat random pieces to the picture; adding up, hopefully, to a whole picture at the end.

* The suspicious death of former Hillary lover Vincent Foster. 'Suspicious': His body was found deep in some woods near the White House, but the soles of his shoes were perfectly clean. A gun was found near or in his right hand, but - a blow to this carefully orchestrated scenario - he was left handed. A witness, who was in the area at the time, said the reality of the various cars in the parking lot was different from the official story. And what was a Hillary aide looking for in Foster's WH office before the FBI could seal it as a site under investigation?
This 'background' aspect brings up Hillary's time at

* The Rose Law Firm back in Arkansas, where various suspicious activities were taking place during her time there. (Google Arkancide.) And who arranged for her to make a killing on the Chicago Futures Market exchange, and what was the quid pro quo?
This - in general, regarding the Clintons' time in Arkansas - brings up the subject of, in a word:

* Mena. In a couple more words: the Mena, Arkansas airport. Where Bill and Papa Bush were partners - or at least associates - in a drug-running enterprise, drugs coming in to the airport in exchange for guns being smuggled to the Contras in Nicaragua. (Google Barry Seal/Arkancide.)

So the Clintons were involved in criminal activities with the Bushes. At least with Papa Bush. Who was involved in the assassination of JFK. (Google Zapata Petroleum Bush crime family JFK assassination.) And there is some evidence that son George W. was involved, with his dad, in the assassination of John Jr. Whose last flight, and its search aftermath, is the subject of an in-depth video investigative report on the internet, among other interesting allied items (Google John F Kennedy Jr assassination plane crash).

There's more. But this should be enough to consider a case for the accusation: that the Bushes and the Clintons have been involved in criminal activities in the United States, separately and jointly. And need to be brought to justice for their crimes.

To be continued. And to include Hillary's 'business' relationship - alleged - with Michelle Obama. Which connection interfaces with - of all things - 9/11.

As this story gets curiouser and curiouser, the further down the rabbit hole of modern American history one goes, in search of the truth.

That past is not - must not be allowed to be - a closed book; even though some people would prefer it to be.

Who are those people? A hint, from Bill's Inaugural Address, when he paid conspicuous (for those who had eyes to see, and ears to hear) homage to his self-avowed mentor, history professor Carroll Quigley, who wrote, among other books, one called 'Tragedy and Hope', wherein he acknowledged the history-making work of a highly-placed circle - cabal, really - of movers and shakers. And thus did Clinton signal to this crowd - over the heads of most of his listeners - his obeisance to them and their New World Order. Made somewhat notorious in a speech by - you will recall - 'Poppy' Bush.

What goes around, comes around.

Including, ultimately, justice.

And Caroline Kennedy may just be the karmic handmaiden to administer that.