Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Autism: A Growth Industry

In my last blog I talked about how "the planet deserves our best, not our worst". I wonder if we're exampling our worst in the way we are dealing with the issue of 'autism spectrum disorder' (aka ASD).

A little background.

I have been tempted in the last couple of days to marshal my thoughts and make comment on the matter of how our 'thinkers' are looking at the best ways to 'stimulate the economy', in this case for climbing out of the black hole the banking industry created recently for the globalized world all unwittingly to fall into. In all manner of articles I have read on the geo-political scene, the emphasis has been on 'growth' - and how 'we' need to replace the American consumer for the benefit of the Chinese worker, etc etc. And I'm, like: Excuse me? Am I missing something here? Isn't this emphasis, and attention, on growth a bit of the hair of the hound?? Surely 'growth' - and its sibling, planned obsolescence - is part of the modern problem, not part of the solution.

And a part of that problem is the high cost of health care, and 'growing' higher.

What's causing this.

Well, there's technology for one. MRIs and so forth. And there's the cost of litigation, with more and more people suing their doctors, for actual or perceived medical malpractice. -

Wait. Let's deconstruct that one a little. Like, asking: why "more and more"? Are more and more people simply climbing on the litigation bandwagon in order to gouge the insurance companies? Or are there actually more and more people suffering under medical malpractice? Or is there some combination of the two reasons?

I'll leave that particular deconstruction exercise and cut to the main point I want to make here: that it's in actuality a matter of the old adage, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There ARE more and more people getting sicker and sicker, because OF the medical system (not in spite of it). A system that concentrates on treatment, to say health 'maintenance', rather than on prevention, and treating on the causative level.

Case in point. Recent 'National' section headline: 'Dementia cases to double in next 20 years, say researchers'. (And one - at least this one - asks: Why. 'Well; the population is ageing.' Yes, but no, but - why. What's the cause. 'Well. It's...ageing. Innit.' Actually: no.) Another case in point; another 'News' article headline, same date: 'Eye drop treatment could help sight of thousands'. New eyedrop product on the market better than the old drug treatments for glaucoma because the irritating detergent preservative in them has been taken out. Replaced by...the article doesn't say. Just that they're both "for the reduction of elevated fluid pressure in the eye". Question: Why the elevated pressure in the first place? 'Well..these things happen.' Yes, they do. But what's the 'why' about it all. And why aren't we treating there. ("Regular use of the eye drops can keep the condition under control for a patient's life time. Without them, a patient can go blind in five to 10 years." [Oh really? That's ALL that can be done about this condition?? My, my...] "When the disease becomes too advanced the only remedy is surgery, which is risky and may itself result in blindness." Too late. Given that there are none so blind as those who won't see...) Another making-my-case-for-me point, the very next day; 'News' article headed: '8m pound boost for Beatson bid for new cancer drugs'. Subhead: 'Funding to aid research into' - and here it comes: 'treatments'. Which set up the need for more of the same, and more, and more - and for other breakdown conditions - for not getting to underlying causation. I rest my case.

And having made my point, we come around now to the subject of autism, as a prime example of my concern. As a prime example of that, and of what should be society's similar concern. Because what one does in the matter of their own health is their business. But what people do in the matter of their children's health raises the stakes considerably. The stakes, of giving of our best in life, and leaving the world a little better than we found it in our passing through; for our children, and posterity.

And in the matter of autism, we are failing miserably.

Too many people are being put off by the medical - and public health - authorities to look further into this matter; to the extent that someone like myself, who has done some serious research into the matter of ASD, has to write a letter like the one I did today to The Editor; in this case, the Letters Editor of the Guardian national newspaper in the UK:

'Dear Editor,

'Jan Miller simplifies an appalling situation when talking about autism (Letters, 29 September). This is not just a matter of a few people amongst us who are differently abled - "just different variations in the way the brain works". No, it's not "mental illness". But "disorders"? Definitely.

'Yes, there are some 'high functioners' on the autism spectrum. And there are many who live abominably painful lives - twirling endlessly, stimming, biting themselves and others, lashing out in inchoate rage, suffering from oversensitivity to sensory input, incontinent - the list of symptoms goes on; symptoms of brain damage.

'Society doesn't have to have endless debates about the cause or causes of the damage to recognise it for what it is. The cranial nerve systems of those so afflicted are malfunctioning - and thus the spectrum of, yes indeed: disorder. And the sooner we stop pretending it is otherwise, the better we ourselves will start demonstrating characteristics of high functioning.

'Given the level of the social and professional interaction in this matter so far, we have a ways to go yet on that front.

'Yours sincerely,' (etc.)

The medical profession - they of the professional attitude of treatment over prevention - has stonewalled on the causation factor of ASD because it brings up the role of vaccines in the matter, and they don't want to go there; for a couple of, to them, good reasons. One is the threat to the vaccine programme that it would bring (is bringing already). The other is the threat to their financial health - through litigation - and their professional standing. They have been the ones in the white coats; our modern-day priests. They have been asleep at the switch, of vaccines from 'good' to horrid.

I won't go here into all those details. Nor am I saying that vaccines alone account for the monstrous epidemic of autoimmune and neurological conditions like ASD that have been going on for far too long now, and showing no signs of lessening (under a health 'maintenance' system). It would appear that pesticides have a role to play in this modern-day plague of chronic ill-health conditions; and the mercury damage from amalgam fillings to the fetuses of pregnant women, and from fish, and coal-fired power plants; and the enzyme-disrupting effect of the likes of fluoride; and so forth. But vaccines have a major role to play in this scandalous matter. The matter of iatrogenic disease, ie, man-made. More specifically to the point: medical-caused.

And these are the people in charge of our health care?

The ancient expression has never been so apt: Who guards the guards.

P.S. As to the argument that 'the benefits of vaccines far outweigh their risks': that has never been proven. Because the authorities have never run the studies to check this supposition out - and it is just that: a supposition. What they would have to do would be to calculate - fairly - all the adverse effects of vaccines against the estimates of value in the lowering of incidences of the childhood diseases that the vaccines admittedly do accomplish.* And those 'adverse effects' include the likes of: allergies/asthma; arthritis/arthralgia; ADD/ADHD & dyslexia & dyspraxia & the whole range of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD); CFS/ME; convulsions/seizures/outright epilepsy; type 1 diabetes and MS and other autoimmune conditions...the list goes on, and on, and on. The list of adverse conditions caused by vaccines, fairly to be set against their benefits.

No, we're not talking about 'a little soreness at the site of the injection and a little fever,' doc. We're talking about a major disregard for the full side effects of your medical intervention in people's lives. In contradiction of the very spirit of your profession's oath, to: First, do no harm.

But boy, are you folks making a lot of money, and for a lot of people, drug companies and so forth. A major piece of the economic action, in a system that thrives on the creation OF money. To say, of debt. To the system.

Damn successful, to one way of looking at the matter.

Huh, doc?

* But they also accomplish (a) a lowering of the immune system, thus leaving the child susceptible to other infections in a window of 'opportunistic pathogens' opportunity thus created; and (b) a weakening of the immune system, in not letting it respond in a truly immunized way to the challenge of infectious diseases; thus also conferring lifelong immunity, that the female later on in her life can pass on to her fetus.
It's not as if there aren't other treatments for the childhood diseases, that don't have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have. But all of this is material for another time and main focus.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Technology: Shiva or Brahma or Both

Ah, technology. According to the likes of Peter Joseph, he the maker of the interesting videos Zeitgeist and its Addendum (with Zeitgeist 3 coming up), and the man behind The Zeitgeist Movement (dot com), technology is our Savior. We don't need anything more than that, to move out of the old failing paradigm of interest-bearing money and scarcity consciousness, and into the Brave New World of robotics and 'a systems approach' to civilization. Good thinking going on here, though to my mind it has its limitations. Which I experienced metaphorically this evening, when tuning in to listen to his weekly radio blog and some pop-up or other interfered with my computer image, and in trying to swat the darn thing away I pressed some wrong button or other and lost the site, and in trying to pick up the radio feed where I had left off listening, I couldn't, and got further into a state of frustration. He may have a good point, but I'm not sure we're there yet...(and P.S. See Also in this line of thinking his partner in futuristic imaging, Jacque Fresco of thevenusproject.com. Good stuff; but as I say, with limitations. Particularly in the area of ultimate motivation. It all appears to be merely a humanistic take on things. Not good enough, IMHO. For more on which, see below.)

The other part of the 'technology' subject to strike me this evening was that which supported the making-money-at-all-costs Masters of the Universe in wreaking their havoc on the international economic scene - and supports their apparent attempts now merely to pick up where they left off, with hardly a beat lost. Beautiful minds we have here...exemplified by the widespread belief in financial circles - at least from my take on observing the capitalist scene through many an email business newsletter - that the 'dollar destruction is coming' ('and what a great time to make money on that collapse! Sell! Sell!'). One of these e-newsletters - Moneynewscom, from 24/9 - had an article by one Dan Weil quoting a financial expert under the heading 'Faber: Choose Stocks over Bonds and Cash':

"Investment guru Marc Faber sees stocks outperforming cash and bonds as the Federal Reserve's massive monetary stimulus props up the U.S. economy." And then he starts to quote Faber:

"'When there is inflation in the system as defined by money supply growth and credit growth, you have currency weakness. Stocks can easily go higher."' [At this point I started thinking of a wolf licking a knife, growing weaker while he enjoys the taste of the blood, not realizing that it is his blood he is consuming; or if he does, that realization doesn't - can't? - cancel out the 'immediate gratification' satisfaction.] "'If you print the money, they can go anywhere."' [ At THIS point I started thinking of the last throes of the Weimar Republic in Germany, with wives reportedly meeting their husbands at the factory gates in order to rush their pay cheques to the bank before they went further into devaluation.]

"But ignoring U.S. debt burden isn't pretty," comments Weil; going back then to quoting Faber:

"'You just postpone the problem until the ultimate crisis happens. And that will happen one day.

"'I don't know whether it will be tomorrow, or in three years, five years, 10 years. But the next crisis will bring down the entire capitalist system."'

And in the meantime, keep licking the knife, for all it's worth?...

We can do better than this. But it will take some 'blue sky thinking' to do it. And not humanistic pie in that sky. That's on the same level as the theorizing behind communism/socialism - that people will do and be 'good' just because, well, because. And if they won't, we'll force them to. Because we'll all be better off if they do; don't they see that?

Maybe they do indeed see what you're saying. And they're not buying it.

People have to have a good, solid, meaningful reason to 'give of their best'.

And that's not dreamt of in the humanistic philosophy.

Well; it's dreamt of, there. But it's not grounded in reality, there. That's of the same materialistic belief, from communism, that someday 'the state will wither away'. Once the training wheels OF the state have finished their job, of indoctrinating the workers in the mental-malleable creation of the New Soviet Man.

Been there. Done that. No thanks.

No, folks. It's time for Ascension. Coming into our maturity, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.

And THUS the reason to do, and be, good. Because it has a purpose, beyond the merely material. Because by giving of our best, we advance ourselves on our spiritual paths, and the Whole in the process.

And that truth, combined with the level of technology that humanity has achieved, and the feedback we have seen from trashing the planet because of a short-sighted vision, of making money while the sun shines - of licking that knife for all it's worth, in the moment - is what makes it all possible.


In our time.

And thus can - will - technology become - after its Shiva stage, of causing breakdown in the current monetary system, and threatening more - its Brahma incarnation of the creative principle.

And THAT'S what will free us, here on terra firma; and to be able to explore our material universe. For there is no way we can start to play on that field, if we can't get our act together on this one - prove that we can be responsible with such power, and level of technology as we are verging on.

Bribes for contracts; making drugs to treat conditions indefinitely rather than prevent them, or treat them in a way that does not make them merely return; hold people in debt to a currency system designed TO hold them in debt -

this is all greasy kid stuff. It's time to grow up. The planet deserves our best, not our worst.

Are we up to it?

Let's see.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Of Human Bondage

There was a major article in the (London) Sunday Times this week by Andrew Sullivan about Obama, and the "unleashing of a race war on" him. It was very insightful, and redolent of Things In Our Time. But my eye was also caught by an article below it on the same page: the concluding part of an article by a former Sunday Times editor, from his recently published book of his memoirs, this serialized chapter on the uncovering of one 'Kim' Philby - one of the 'good old boy' class network in the UK, finally fingered as the notorious 'Third Man' (after Burgess and Maclean) - as a Soviet spy ("The man running operations against Russia was himself a Russian agent"). At one point in the article the author referred to a conversation he had had with Philby's son, who said:

"My father told me the Russians had given him the task of penetrating British intelligence in 1933 and that it didn't matter how long it took."

1933. Ah. Interesting. And regarding Things In Our Time as well.

A little personal background, to my trip down memory lane.

I was born in the middle of The Depression (1934), in landlocked mid-America (Utah). It took me a while in my life to work out that a lot more had been going on in the country and the world at that time as well. I think my first real eyeopener to the larger picture was when I read Whittaker Chambers's autobiography 'Witness', while I was still in high school; then, or during the summer after my first year at university (the summer of '53), I forget which. I also forget precisely why I was drawn to reading it. I had been growing up in a normal way in normal America: high school fraternity and sports, the beach in the summers, getting good grades in order to win a scholarship to go to a good university (in my case, Stanford up in northern California, from southern California where I was living by then, with my single-parent mother) - daily life; the rest of the world being far away, not impinging on my consciousness. Until one of those lazy summer days.

After catching a few waves (no boards in those days; we were body surfers then; the boards had just barely begun to come in, first from Hawaii, big and heavy. Our big thing was frisbees)* I had joined a handful of my buddies on the blankets. A couple of them, who were more into 'politics' than the rest of us, were talking about a book just out written by a woman who had confessed to being a communist, and penetrating the American federal government, as part of a 'cell' of like-minded 'sleepers'. What was all that all about, I wondered, idly, all the way over on the other side of the country from Washington; and decided to look into the matter further. It was that chance beginning, as best as I can recall, that led me to Chambers's confessional.

It was, in retrospect, a real eyeopener. I had been aware of 'communism', of course, and 'the Cold War', which we were in at the time. But that was all international stuff. What was this business of things happening in our own government? Who were these people? What were they being motivated by?

Chambers gave me some of my answers. They, essentially, were motivated by such as The Great Depression (the note being sounded on planet Earth that I had come into incarnation on). Capitalism being unable to respond adequately to a major economic catastrophe. Capitalism being responsible for the major economic catastrophe, I was to learn.+

I was having my eyes opened slowly to the world - the real world; the larger world - around me.

And now here we were again, on the cusp of a major turning point.

We can go through 'all that' again. (We're really not through our pain yet. The horse that the Masters of the Universe were flogging for all it was worth has not stopped bucking; not by a long shot.) We can choose to stay on the same level as the built-in problem. Or not.

Personally, I prefer to go up a notch, and stop just revisiting the past.

I really don't think that I, and others like me, came here just to continue to stay asleep to the larger picture.

the REAL larger picture.

To be supported in our endeavors for ascension by the REAL Masters of the Universe.


* which we sunbleached gods on the beaches of southern California in our naivety - or truthfulness; I've never found out - felt we were responsible for; thinking we had inspired some enterprising capitalist-minded entrepreneur fellow sunbather to come up with a plastic model of what we used in our day and age of innocence: our mothers' clunky metal kitchen pie plates. Dangerous, but fun.

+ And for far more than that, I was also to learn. Starting from reading a report on the book that began my search, commented on one fine day on the beach of my youth. The woman's name was Elizabeth Bentley, or some such. She was essentially a courier, taking secrets from her contacts in the federal government to her Soviet controllers. One day she learned that one of their Controllers lived high up in one of the main apartment buildings in Manhattan.
High, high up.
In fact, at the top.
A capitalist, in other words.
A very important capitalist.
Go figure...
..which I 'figured' out later, by reading such as Antony Sutton's impeccably researched exposes on the capitalist underpinnings of communism.
In the creation of markets.
For the creation of wealth.
And power.
...which I also 'figured out' later by reading such as Prof. Carroll Quigley's massive tome 'Tragedy and Hope'.
Which tells it all, really.
'All': the story of power on Earth.
In Our Time.
...but not for much longer.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Of Vaccines & Food Allergies

Interesting small item in our Scottish newspaper the other day (didn't appear in the British national newspaper we take, for whatever reason) headed: 'Inflammation "is linked to diet"'. Oh, what's this, I thought: Are we getting somewhere, in education of the public, and admittance of the establishment? I read on:

"Food intolerance could explain the suffering of people with chronic inflammation disease. Research carried out by a team at York University and food allergy researchers YorkTest showed a vast improvement in sufferers after they identified and stopped eating problem foods."

Ah, yes. Problem foods. Now how did those foods get to BE "problem foods"?

I will admit here to having something of an educated take on this matter, from my research into the downsides of vaccines. But I decided to see what Google could turn up for me, in this current day and age, on this subject; since the York team didn't appear to have gone there, and researched the matter - of chronic inflammation disease, in relation to food allergy - to its complete causal source.

After wading through a series of sites and internal links to find something, anything halfway close to what I was looking for, I finally hit paydirt. Well, sort of.

Under 'Vaccines and Food Allergies' I came across a site by an allergist named Daniel More, and a particular blog of his on this subject. The good doctor started his article thusly: "(S)ome people with certain food allergies may be at higher risk for allergic reactions as a result of vaccines containing food proteins."

Excuse me? MAY be? From a medical procedure that works by causing an inflammatory reaction in the first place, by its very nature and purpose?

And what is this business of referring to "some people with certain food allergies" maybe being "at higher risk" - how did they get those allergic reactions in the first place? Did they spring as if full-blown from the forehead of Zeus? No. They sprang from such AS vaccines.

The medical profession has seeded food intolerances - allergic reactions to food proteins - into children by the immune system reacting to the ingredients of vaccines, including those proteins - actual, or by molecular mimicry (similar in weight).

Let's look at those ingredients for a moment.

Dr. More starts off with egg protein. Quote: "Up to 8% of children suffer from food allergies, with eggs being one of the most common foods to which children are allergic. Many routine childhood immunizations contain traces of egg protein or other food proteins [my emphasis]. As a result, there is a possibility that a child with food allergies [sourced from the forehead of Zeus] will experience anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) as a result of receiving a vaccination."

Well, thanks for that clarity, Dr. More. However, he goes on to list the main "routine" vaccines having egg protein in them - the flu vax and the MMR (from its "chick fibroblast cell cultures") - and says, of the latter: "The vaccine likely does not contain egg proteins to which a person with egg allergy would react." Likely not? Why not? Especially since it has been discovered that the measles virus component of the MMR is associated with antibodies to Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) in the damaged guts of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which antibody reaction is MOST LIKELY to come from the chick embryo cells that that measles virus is cultured on: the chick embryo MBP a contaminant of the vaccine, thus setting up an autoimmune reaction to the child's OWN MBP. And if the MBP from the chick embryo cells can be carried over into the vaccine...

Caringly, he goes on: "It would be reasonable, however, to monitor an egg-allergic child ..." Indeed. - Oh - just for a little while: "...in the physician's office for a period of time after giving the MMR vaccine."

Oh. That's all right, then. We're being careful, here...

What's wrong with this picture?

Relying on an immediate reaction...no concern about the safety of the vaccines...no awareness, or acknowledgment, that the vaccines themselves are the primary cause of the food allergies...

He goes on to list some other food proteins as vaccine ingredients - gelatin, baker's yeast - but the lack of concern here by the experts in the field is appalling. It's as if it's no really BIG deal, that vaccines can cause food allergies. But/and what he doesn't list is all the OTHER food proteins that are also used in vaccines, and thus are wreaking mayhem for so many people.

Gluten. Casein. (He lists them, but in a not-terribly-verified way.) Peanuts. Tree nuts. Soy - soy protein, soy peptides, lecithin. Gluten also from corn products. -

Soy and corn are becoming the big thing in the food chain in America...

I think I've made my point.

Inflammation 'is linked to diet', all right.

More than the public knows.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Oh Man - Wake Up

I got good and incensed today. It had to do with the health care reform noise in America.

First, a general comment.

Under the capitalist system, anything that generates economic activity is Good. So, ill health is Good: all those drugs and tests, and insurance policies, and high-end goods and services generated for high-spending 'health care' professionals...the oligopoly is truly well served by such a system. But not The People.

Next, a specific comment.

According to the business community, the private health care sector "is fast becoming America's No. 1 industry".* Employing more and more people...all Good, according to the capitalist scenario.

People, people...Stop. Think.

Only in such a system would heart disease be a Good Thing (and thus preventive measures to the condition a Bad Thing; to be suppressed, except for generalized, relatively bromidic advice). And cancer. And...and......

What's wrong with this picture?

The system is wrong with this picture.

People making money on other people's misfortunes; and the bigger, the more...

...except woe betide you if you have a pre-existing condition...

...and private, for-profit prisons, so that the more prisoners, the better...

...and Halliburton-like no-bid contracts for servicing wars...and......

What a spectacle.

Which it's time to look closely at, and put an end to.

Fortunately, some good thinking is taking place in this regard. I have recently referenced some of this good thinking in my blog 'Moving from the Old Paradigm to the New' (29 August). But let's 'go for broke', so to speak. Think big. Think globally.

We can get our act together on this lovely planet, and leave this kindergarten stage of our social evolution behind, one way, and one way only. And that is to acknowledge - really acknowledge - that the universe has purpose, and that purpose is Good.

And that is the real Good that we should be talking about. And acting on. The Good, that there is a plan and purpose to life, and thus life has meaning, above and beyond merely the creature level; the material level; the process level.

For if you don't believe it, then it's each man for himself and look out: nothing matters but Me.

As we have, and are living by, today.

But which level of consciousness is not going to be sufficient for us to qualify to start exploring our solar system, and physical universe, more fully.

We have to prove, first, that we are responsible enough to slip our earthly bonds and do so.

And we're not going to be able to do that by living by the tenets of the capitalist system, which keep us - hold us bound - in thrall to the concept that we are separate beings - to do to each other, and practice oneupmanship over - rather than being 'a piece of the continent, a parte of the maine,' in the words of the thinker and poet, John Donne.

Listen further to wisdom: 'The bell doth toll for him that thinks it doth; and though it intermit againe, yet from that minute that that occasion wrought upon him, he is united to God.'

Listen for your minute; be aware of your occasion. And join the move into the New.

And not before time.

* Lawrence Kudlow, 'The Government's Insurance Option is Dead', Sept. 14, on Moneynews.com. ("It's an economic-recovery sector.")

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Curious Swine Flu Scare - cont'd

The geese are already flying, here in the north of Scotland. Somebody mentioned that to me this week, and I replied, in jest: "I wonder if they know something that we don't." It puts me to mind of another situation prompting the same question: that of all the plans being made for a major flu pandemic.

A word of warning here, about such plans, as follow-on to my blog of yesterday.

It starts with the curious case of the makeup of the 'swine flu' virus causing all this massive outpouring of attention. (I hesitate to use the word 'overkill'; but let's start calling a spade a spade in this matter.) This H1N1 strain is made up of strains of two forms of human flu viruses, two forms of swine flu viruses, and a single form of avian flu virus. Curious, that, in itself; especially as the strains come from different continents. And in point of fact, there are reports that these are synthetically gene-spliced strains.

I won't go into all that, except insofar as to say it isn't the first time there have been such reports, of man-made viruses; of, in a word, bioweapons. (A good source of info on this facet of this story is Len Horowitz's 'Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Natural, Accidental, or Intentional?'.) I just report it as a piece of this picture. Especially the avian flu virus aspect of its makeup.

Next point. Researchers say that as long as the current A-H1N1 virus can infect humans, it will not try to mutate. It won't need to. And because it is basically a mild flu infection, it will be a bother, but not a major one. (And best not to be treated with the antivirals on the market; but more on that later.) With a vaccination for it, however, two things will happen.

One is that the antibodies thus generated will do their job, and cases around the world will decrease. But at a cost. The virus will begin to mutate, in order to do its job. "And when that happens," as a 105-page document on this matter that I have read says, "the new, newly-mutated virus will become much more transmissible and more pathogenic.

"The nightmare scenario," the document goes on, "is that the new, mutated virus may take on the characteristics of H5N1 or the avian flu. The vaccines administered for A-H1N1 will be ineffective against the new strain of H5N1 and the world may face a more deadly pandemic then [sic] the current A-H1N1 outbreak." ["There are scientists at WHO," it continues, "who are aware of this scenario but their alarm has been suppressed by political and economic considerations."]

So the vaccine can help create a mutated, potentially more virulent form of this virus. That's number one.

Another piece of the picture is the treatment for the flu. The drugs stockpiled around the world to combat this, and a potential bird flu pandemic (at enormous cost to the taxpayers, and enormous profits into private pockets), are a part of the problem. The main reason: they lower body temperature. Like aspirin did in 1917, which exacerbated the flu of the time (unearthed for our time and place; as a bioweapon), by allowing the virus to multiply, instead of being burned out by the body's defences. What's more, these sorts of drugs SUPPRESS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM; making it easier for bacteria to grow. Which makes it easier for pneumonia to occur. Which actually accounts for most of the fatalities that we hear about from the seasonal flu bouts. It's not the flu virus per se; it's the secondary infections.

What do we have here? The makings of a pandemic, all right. A man-made pandemic. To suit the purposes of the PTB. Who feel that there are too many of us on the planet, for its carrying capacity; and are not above scenarios for eliminating as many 'useless eaters' (their words) as possible.

And make fortunes in the bargain.

Your homework should uncover some startling facts about Baxter International in particular; one of the main companies paid to supply a vaccine for the H1N1 virus; who have dabbled fast and loose with the avian flu virus, and almost unleashed a pandemic already. But they're not the only gang of thieves involved in these machinations. WHO is right up there with the lot of them. Who have been given extraordinary powers, by the likes of the Bush administration, and now the Obama administration, on overriding such formal niceties as the US Constitution, and leaving the populace at the mercy of unelected overseers.

Who can't be trusted with our lives. Because they are part of the power elite who have burrowed their way INTO power, to serve their money masters.

The answer?

Toss out the lot of them.

Including the interest-bearing money system that spawned them. And keeps them in power.

And the first step is to encourage the nurses, and doctors, who are beginning to wake up, and who realise that there is something wrong with the picture they have been given to implement, and are averse to 'drinking the kool-aid' - to taking the vaccine. And hopefully, to administering it as well.

Even though they are being threatened with the loss of their jobs, if they don't do what they are told to do. Which just shows how much power the PTB have, in this, and other such matters.

Which is why they need to be tossed out en masse.

And the power on planet Earth returned to We the People. Or to say - since we never truly had it totally - GIVEN to We the People.

Waking up to our true destiny. Not as 'useless eaters'. But as servants of the Most High.

Decidedly NOT of these demigods who would think to rule over us. To treat us like cattle, to be culled at their whim.

Affairs are now soul size, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to take our lives in our hands. Not to be left in theirs.

'They' can't be trusted. Because 'they' have lost their way.

And taken us with them.

But not for much longer. As we wriggle off the crook of conditioning that we have been impaled on -

have allowed ourselves to be impaled on -

and stand in our own power; as sons and daughters of the Light.

So be it.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

On Trusting Authority

A little background first.

A decade ago, whilst living in Australia, I noticed something peculiar in the news. Well - more than one thing; but one thing in particular. It had to do with vaccines. Two in particular.

The first was about the MMR. At one point, it was announced in the papers that a public health authority from the UK was coming to Australia to advise the federal health minister in organising a major campaign to get children inoculated with the MMR. I can't recall if a measles epidemic was in fact being 'threatened', ie to say, warned about; but the whole thing rang a bell for me. Some years previously I had happened to read a story, in an alternative health newsletter out of the UK, about a similar situation in that country: where the public was being primed for a major inoculation campaign involving the new MMR jab, with the public-health admonition that a measles epidemic was being forecast. A forecast which in the event turned out to be false. Not just false in the event. But in the warning; according to the editor of a publication called the Bulletin of Medical Ethics. As far as he could discover, there was no evidence for such an event. (N.B. But it turned out that there WAS evidence that one of the components of the MMR jab was reaching its use-by date...)

And now here in Australia was the same public health authority, these years later, advising the Australian federal government on the same sort of thing.


A scare. And scary.

What was going on? I wondered.

And wondered again, when the next, similar incident surfaced.

This one had to do with a flu vaccine. Some public health authority, connected with the WHO, was being quoted widely in the media about the importance of getting that year's flu vaccine, with an epidemic being suspected. And I use the word 'suspect' purposely; because the same warning came out, from the same authority, for some years running. Who, it turned out, from my investigations into the matter, had links not only with the WHO, but with the flu vaccine manufacturer. (Parenthetical note: I tried, in letters to editors of various newspapers, to bring this little matter to the public's attention; to no avail. Must not have been considered newsworthy enough.)

And now here we are, lo these some years later, and the fear of flu viruses has become pandemic. And everybody is now being herded into a particular flu vaccine corral.

Something is afoot.

In sum. This current global scare has been orchestrated, for a purpose, with every indication of that purpose being contrary to the good intentions advertised.


Well, obviously, it's at least in part venal. Some people are making a lot of money on these scares; especially having gotten governments to buy massive lots, not only of vaccines, but of antivirals.

Antivirals, that at most, cut the flu symptoms by around a day. (Well, let's give them their due: between 12 and 36 hours.)

And which have side effects; and some of those, serious indeed. Including death.

And which compare with natural substances, that can do the same job, without the side effects of the drugs.

But for which there are no patents.

So there's that aspect to this matter; and this sort of matter.

Anything else?

Indeed there is.

There is, in addition, the little matter of how vaccines have been targeted for years, by the Powers That Be, as the source of, vector for, like, population control.

And so have viruses. As the source of population culling.

Do your homework. And you will find that (a) vaccines have been used by the PTB to trigger anti-fertility antibodies in young females; and (b) particularly virulent viruses have been created in labs.

The latter, ostensibly for 'defensive' purposes. But continue your homework, and you will find that the PTB have, for years, signaled their intentions to cull the population drastically - or at least try to.

By any means possible.

Including wars. But that approach to the matter is too slow.

Something in the air is much faster. And widespread.

As 'they' - these PTB - experimented with in, eg, the air over San Francisco. To see how effective such a seeding could be.

For defensive purposes, of course...

As I say: Do your homework. And as Michael Moore said just recently, in an interview for his current documentary 'Capitalism: A Love Story': Democracy is not a spectator sport. It's a participatory one.

Or we the people will lose.

As for vaccines in general, on this subject of trusting - or not - authority:

Think for yourselves, people. Ask your authorities why they have put food proteins in vaccines. (The better to allergize you with, my dear.) And what the likely result would be to use MSG in live-virus vaccines. (Ditto.) Or to use cells from aborted fetal tissue (with their DNA).

Vaccines by their very nature cause inflammation, in order to trigger the immune system to produce antibodies, to the viruses and bacteria in the vaccines. But which will recognise all the ingredients of the inflammatory source as foreign, and attack them as well. And that inflammation can cross the blood-brain barrier; thus damaging the cranial nerve systems...

'They' would say that all the neurological and autoimmune damage that their vaccines have wreaked is a small price to pay to eliminate incidences of the childhood diseases. Well, call them on that assertion, and assumption. Make them prove it. And then make your informed-consent decision, for submitting your children to their vaccine roulette caper.

The elimination, or incidence-lessening, of the childhood diseases is a mixed blessing anyway. But more on that, another time.

And not to end this commentary on a negative note.

What to do about all this venality we are living in, caused by people who have lost their way?

Transcend it.

I believe it's time for a change, all right. But for a more substantial one than a mere cosmetic one. A change, that is to say, to release our current obvious image of ourselves, as warring, destructive creatures of habit, and to go neither left nor right but up; creating a world civilization (now that 'globalisation' has been put in place/accomplished, however it came about) more reflective of our highest human potential, as sparks of divinity - as pieces of the Whole: the God of our creation, and beyond.

Is there any evidence for such a cosmology?

Indeed. And plenty.

For those who have eyes to see.

And ears to hear, their inner voice. Telling them, now, that

it's time.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

On Health Care: Past, Present, and Future

With some time to spare, since my (new) email system has seen fit to deny me access for some time now, I thought I would move over to a different doorway into the Internet and, hopefully putting my purloined time to some good purpose, make a comment on the current contretemps in the States over health care.

Some background to the subject.

During my last, junior year in university (I left early in my time there, to pursue my recently awakened spiritual curiosity for answers to and about life), after having received conditional acceptance into medical school there starting the next year (this was Stanford University in California; and the conditionality was that I completed my current year in a satisfactory manner), I took some 'wild card' courses, somewhat afield from my strictly pre-medical studies. One was a course on Philosophy; one was a short-story writing course; and one was a course on 'scientific writing'. For the latter, at one point I had to come up with a scientific project to write a paper on. For whatever reason that I can't recall now, I chose to write on the Kaiser-Permanente Health Care Plan headquartered in nearby San Francisco (or Oakland; I forget which). As I understood it, this was a system of pre-paid health care, rather than just the standard free-enterprise system prevailing in the US at the time, where you either had health insurance or you paid for treatment out of pocket. I was curious about two things in particular regarding it: (1) Did they emphasise prevention over treatment, so that they had an incentive to keep down treatment costs (in order to make more money for themselves out of the scheme); and (2) How did they feel, as individuals, working for an organisation rather than being in private practice. I submitted these questions along with a number of others to the management, unsure if I would ever get a reply; and was pleasantly surprised to receive one. It didn't go into the detail that I wished for, but at least it was cordial, and helped me a bit with my paper. I dropped out of school soon thereafter, and didn't pursue the matter further. But from the project I took away one point of awareness in particular: the 'information' that the ancient Chinese had a system of health care wherein the practitioners were paid to keep their 'charges' healthy, and if they got sick, they were treated for free. Not a bad system, I thought; and went on with my life (outside of the medical system).

I still think it's a good one; whether it was apocryphal or not. 'It': the idea of proper incentives. If your incentive is to make money from people being sick, you're not going to have a very rigorous attitude of keeping them healthy in the first place. Ergo the huge amounts of money being made by the pharmaceutical industry, in cahoots with a very well-off medical profession, as their 'front office' personnel. And as for health insurance: those companies do have some incentive to keep costs down, so that more goes into their pockets; but they still are not in business primarily to look after your health. They are in business primarily to look after their own financial health. And woe to you if you pitch up with prior conditions...

As for government 'medicine'. The argument from the right is that it is bureaucratic, wasteful, redolent with queues, poor service, etc etc, including, in the specific instance in the US, the fear that it would put illegal aliens on the scheme, and they would swamp the system, and be a huge burden on the taxpayers. Let's take this last point first. And I believe it is a point; if only because the Obama administration has made it appear to be a point, with his talk of 'spreading the wealth' being good, and ACORN going around beating the bushes to get as many people as possible - legally or not - to get out and vote for everything that that administration may well try to 'foist on the American people'; like - in a word - socialism. Or for the more rabid/suspicious/fearful: communism.

And he has led to such thinking, with his background, and appointments. His background, of connection with a socialistic political party in his Illinois days; and his appointments, including a 'green' adviser with connections with an outright communist organisation in the adviser's days in California. All of which is alien to the American mentality; a people who fought off the threat from the former Soviet Union, of totalitarian, state control over the people.

I am saying that, from my perspective, he didn't sell this idea well. In fact, set himself up for defeat on the issue; because there are too many matters of some shadiness about him and his appointments, for a considerable number of the American citizenry to be comfortable with.

As for a government system of health care in general. From my perspective - and as I say, I started thinking about this subject back in my university days - (1) it has to be taken in perspective; and (2) it doesn't HAVE to be a problem.

As to (1). The perspective includes the horrendous cost of health care in the current 'system'. The built-in incentives are all wrong. America will never have a decent health care system by leaving it up to the corporate mentality that pervades the socio-political-economic climate - including the buying of political influence by that corporate mentality. The People have to take back their country, from the oligarchs running things, with their me-first and the-devil-take-the-hindmost mentality.
I didn't agree with Ted Kennedy on his scurrilous trashing of Judge Robert Bork in his nomination for the Supreme Court. But I certainly agree with his clear and long-standing concern for the need for a better health care system in America.

(2) A government health care system could be a problem, if there are ideologues wanting to run it - ideologues, of a socialistic, or other collectivist bent, who would love to have more power over the people, and force them to be the way they want them to be; treat them like servants of the state; etc etc. 'Everybody line up for their shots. We're not asking you; we're telling you. Safety concerns? Nonsense. The individual sometimes needs to be sacrificed for the greater good. Death panels? Naw; you're just scaremongering. But there will, of course, have to be some hard decisions made, in a finite system...'

I can get back to my emails now. But a couple of closing points.

(1) As to (2) above: I lived in Australia for some years in the '90s, and they seemed to have a pretty good system of health care, with both a government aspect and a private aspect. The government aspect did not eliminate the private aspect, as some commentators on the American debate have expressed concern about. Nor has the private aspect disappeared in the UK under its NHS. A system can be as good, or bad, as the people responsible for it make it.

(2) I like what Lao-Tzu said about this sort of thing, some 2500 years ago. I didn't get his point at first, but after a little thought, I saw what he was getting at. In a book of his sayings, he was quoted thusly: "The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers."

And how I have translated that to our time, including with the same example as he reportedly used, is to observe:

The more doctors and hospitals, the more illness and disease.

And on that note: 'Bye for now.

Except for one last comment. Which is to say: It is - should be - all moot anyway. Because the real answer to this issue, as all others deviling us, is to do away with money. And freely trade our goods and services with each other, motivated by just one thing:

Gratitude for life, in a scheme with meaning and purpose, where everything is 'God'. To be respected. And improved. By our passing through, on our journey to ultimate Oneness.