Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sincerity Is A Virtue. And Yet...

The further I get into my read of Joseph Atwill's 'Caesar's Messiah,' with his irreproachable scholarship in ferreting out the numerous parallels between the New Testament 'story' and the Jewish historian-turned-Roman-apologist Josephus's 'Wars of the Jews' (as they interact with one another, intricately matching Jesus's purported public ministry precisely with Titus's 'subsequent' military campaign in Judea, down to location and sequence.  An impeccable job of scholarship),1 the more on the one hand that I marvel at the deception that has been played on people by the Flavian court (in setting up Vespasian's son Titus as the Son of Man whom the NT fictional character Jesus supposedly prophesied, in his sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple, for the rebellious Jews being a "wicked generation" in opposing the Roman Empire's control over them),2 and on the other hand, that I sorrow for Christians, in their sincerely held belief and implacable faith in this fraud, perpetrated on them, and, ultimately, the wider world, in order to enhance the Flavian dynasty's hold on the Roman emperor's throne.

Take modern America, especially with all the anti-Christian venom that has been enhanced by the Obama administration's policies, as the Usurper set out to 'dethrone' Christianity in the country ("Whatever we are, we are no longer a Christian nation") and enthrone in its place his (fond) childhood religion of Islam, as part of the larger agenda that he was involved in - and was put into that unparalleled position of power to enhance - of taking down this nation-state, and making of it merely a part of a region of our erstwhile master's totalitarian New World Order; with America being the last stumbling block before the accomplishment of their end, with its fundamental, foundational position regarding especially the 'essential liberty' of its citizenry, as an ensign unto the nations.  In my mail for yesterday (now), for example, I received two mailings in particular regarding this theme.   One was from the wife of a judge whose career was impeccable, except for the fact that he happens to be a Christian; and as such, quietly recused himself from ever officiating at any same-sex wedding.  Not that he was asked to (nor was he, as a judge, even required to, in the normal performance of his duties).  But the Left got wind of his position, and have forced him and his family to spend huge amounts of money - selling everything of value except the final insult, of having to sell their home - to fight their smears of him.  For his sincerely held religious belief, that such 'marriages' are in conflict with his religion - with the will of God, the Creator of Man and Woman - with the normal order of things, including the religious sacrament of marriage.3  And the other mailing was from a Christian organization that fights such things as the Obama administration's deliberate war on Christian chaplains in the military, and all the other persecutions of Christians that are going on in our civil society today.  As a reflection - albeit not as deadly.  Yet - of the persecutions, including the beheadings, of Christians in other parts of the world, particularly in the Middle East, with the rise of militant Islam, as that impulse sweeps through the world at this time, endangering very Western civilization itself.  As the Europeans are experiencing in spades at this time, with the politically motivated flooding of their nations with 'refugees' (overwhelmingly young males, of military age; curious, that.  Not) from Islamic-dominant countries, who have no intention of practicing the art of 'live and let live', because their religion tells them to conquer, not get along with, their neighbors.

Did 'Christianity' do some very serious bloodletting of its own through the centuries?  Yes.  But that 'redress of grievance' is not what this modern push for annihilation of Christians is all about, as some sort of karmic due.  This is a putsch for power, on the part of Dark forces, who mean to control humanity to within an inch of their individual and collective lives.  Is an unquenchable thirst for such power. 4

And just so, needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.  But at the same time, there is an element of God's Will going on here.  Which I can summarize simply.

Sincerity is a virtue.

But not as big a one as Truth.

P.S. And I am fully aware that many such very sincere Christians will 'read' such utterances as this as 'the anti-Christ at work,' and will reject it out of hand.  Which would be a shame.  To such people, I would counsel:
     Take it inside.  And see how it resonates with your heart of hearts.  And ask yourself: What do you really stand for??  What really has your loyalty and fidelity???

P.P.S. I forgot to mention that I was also reading at this time, interestingly enough, in the May issue of Whistleblower magazine - all about 'How Islam Is Secretly Transforming America' - about to get into an article entitled 'The secret history of the Muslim subversion of America,' with the subheading: '[Muslim] Brotherhood leader: Our purpose is "destroying the Western civilization from within" so "Allah's religion is made victorious"'.  Shades of Mossad's motto: 'By Way of Deception We Shall Wage War'.
     A pox on all such houses.  Fidelity only to Truth.  The main quality -  along with Love - of our Creator, the Source, the All That Is.
     The All That Is really.  Not including this Illusion, this 3D illusory realm, that we have created for ourselves, as a stage to act out our poor parts on.  Learning lessons as we go.
     Chief amongst which is the need to stay in alignment with, in fidelity to, our Source.  And not get caught up in the brambles of our imagination along
     The Way.
     Out.  And
     Back in the Source - as One; in Unity - from which we came.



1 Ask yourself the classic question: Cui bono?  Who benefits, from the narrative?? Answer: the  Roman caesars.  And especially at that time: the Flavian dynasty.  The royal household of which Josephus became adopted into, for the good life thereafter.
   Go figure.

2 "All of Jesus' ministry was about the coming war with Rome and was designed to establish Jesus as Titus' forerunner.  Therefore, the relationship between Jesus and 'the Father' referred to throughout the Gospels is a forerunner of the relationship between Titus and his father, the emperor and god Vespasian." - 'Caesar's Messiah,' p. 303 (Flavian Signature Edition), in the chapter titled 'The Father and the Son of God'.
   Ah they did think of themselves highly in those days, didn't they...    

3 Got that, people?  It is a sacrament to him.  As holy as all of the other sacraments of his religious belief.

4 Power Over.  Rather than Power With.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Speaking Of Our Authorities...

I have just received an email from my state's junior senator in which she takes President Trump to task for his proposed Budget, making cuts here and there.  I have read her email in detail.  My response:

'Dear Sen. Harris,

'I see that you are complaining about President Trump's proposed cuts to the federal budget.  I would suggest that you look at this matter a little more closely.  You might - might - see some things that I see.  For example:

'The nation is $20 trillion - that's trillion.  With a t  - in debt.  And you are proposing...what, exactly.  That we keep this sort of of thing up?  That we continue to live by going in debt??  Debt that we are committing our children, and our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren, and our great great grandchildren - and going on and on, ad infinitum - to pay off, in this gigantic Ponzi scheme???

'Besides being immoral, do you think that that scenario even makes sense????

'Senator, this nation is bankrupt.  Even if we let our creditors - like the nation of China, for pertinent example - come in here and take over all of our assets that they wish to, in exchange for our debt to them, it would still not be enough to pay off that amount of debt.  The only answer is that we declare bankruptcy, from our profligate spending, snd start over.

'And I suspect that that is the idea, after all.  From both sides of the political aisle; at least from the extremes of both sides thereof.  From the good people of this nation having been seduced by the money changers and other erstwhile Masters of the Universe, into this scheme, of national takeover.  Having allowed it to fall into their laps like a ripe plum.

'Before I wrap up this note of disillusion, at your kind of leadership, and that which preceded your time in your present office (although you were in a position to help keep California from falling into the same trap, in your previous job, as its attorney general), just a word about the immorality of it all.  To wit:

'To live off of the earnings of others - and especially if you voted it out of their pockets - is theft, pure and simple.  Is immoral.  Is no way to run a nation, let alone a railroad.  And it is going to come to an end.


'And not in the way that The Powers That Be of this world - now to become the Powers That Were - have planned.

'By the grace - and the sometimes painful (to all parties to The Deal) patience - of God.




A far cry from that other female that I mentioned in my previous blog today, the Air Force captain who is willing to go to Leavenworth if need be, to get the truth out about how our government betrayed the men whom it asked - actually, ordered - to go into harm's way with malicious intent.

A lot of cleaning up to do, here. Before we can move on.

Which we will.

Which we will.

There Is A Time For Love. And...

I would dearly like to get to the Love part of the matter of life, and particularly as regards the matter, pressing on us as we speak, of Ascension.  However, I keep coming across aspects of the Dark side's actions, in championing their side of The Process, that cause me no end of anger.  Cases in point.

In my emails today was one from Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman who informed his viewers that he/they will be pressing a House Ethics Committee case against Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) who was the chairman of a House Committee looking into the disastrous 'Extortion 17' affair, the tragedy in Afghanistan when a helicopter of ours was shot down killing 22 Special Forces men (including members of Seal Team 6; a story in its own right) and 8 other servicemen.  It turns out that there is a major issue here, that Rep. Chaffetz failed to allow to be brought before his Committee, involving mysterious activity on the part of the military superiors directly involved and the Defense Department  itself leading up to that atrocity, which some of the family members of the deceased have been trying to get some answers on and 'closure' about.  First, they were shrugged off, by a member of Obama's DoD, with the statement that "shit happens"; and now it turns out that a female Air Force officer who was involved with the 'Eye in the Sky' (night vision) part of that operation - and who was stood down from doing her job in it by orders from above - has come forward to blow the whistle on some of that suspicious activity leading up to that shoot-down.  And has said that she is even willing to go to Leavenworth, if that is what it takes to get this sordid story out, and dealt with properly.1

The upshot of this whole thing is how Obama and his administration - including his appointments throughout the various departments that were under his executive-branch jurisdiction, during his felonious time in that office - were actively engaged in the subversion of this country, including putting those men deliberately into harm's way; keeping them and that helicopter in the air for 17 minutes - as a sitting duck - until some of the rebels below could get in position with the proper equipment to shoot it down.

You did know that we have had an Enemy Within, didn't you???

Much like the commissars of the old Soviet Union, who were assigned by the (totalitarian) government to the various military units, to make sure that the military was toeing 'the Party line'...

It's time to see things as they are.  We have been up against a cadre of people who don't want democracy (representative democracy or not) to rule, but rather theocracy - for the Muslims, who have been put in position by TPTB behind even them to help bring down this country, and Western civilization (and will be dealt with later, as the cannon fodder that they are; first things first) - or Technocracy - rule by 'experts;' which is what the real PTB want.

And part of that agenda is now unfolding, with the advent, first, of the Gulf Oil Spill  - on purpose; Big Oil looking down the road (so to speak) and seeing that they needed to change horses (or, one might say, horsepower), and so figured out how best to do it: by applying a chemical (Corexit) to the Spill (that they engineered into being) that not only did not do the 'intended,' public-information job (as a dispersant), but did the real job that they wanted done out of that caper:

to drive the oxygen out of the water, so that it could become dead water (and thus eliminate the fishing industry in the area), in order for them to raise the fuel of the future:

biofuel.  In the form of algae.  The farming of which people like Al Gore and George Soros and Warren Buffet are heavily invested in, not so incidentally.

But wait - it gets worse than that.

Their 'experts' also let them know that such algae has a virus in it.  That causes people to be stupid enough to buy this whole caper on the part of their/our erstwhile masters.  By causing 'cognitive impairment' (alters the gene expression of brain cells).

And there is more:

There is some evidence that this is also the sort of thing that our erstwhile masters are up to in regards to the attempted blowing of the Oroville Dam in northern California - which will turn the rich Rice Basket and Winter Fruit Basket of that Central Valley into a wasteland, fit only for -

the growing of algae.2

I am indebted to Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show for these latter pieces of this picture; who has done in-depth work, both regarding the Gulf Oil Spill and the Oroville Dam pending calamity.

But of course, that latter perspective depends on one's perspective.  Doesn't it.

And which side in this End Times Scenario are you on, Citizen??????

P.S. And I have realized that the overwhelming anger that I feel over all this sort of thing is based on, is a reflection of, Love.  Love for humanity.  Which is being hoodwinked by its erstwhile masters.
     Whose time in the sun has come to an end.  For, incarnate souls like mine will not permit them to do their Dark-side thing any longer.
     The long Play over.



1 Well decided, Captain.  That is being a good soldier and true, to the Republic, and the American people.  Who deserve better of their authorities.  In the military.  And the political arena.
   And academia.  And 'business'.  And.........

2 'Oh, they wouldn't do that'??  Well, these are the same people who orchestrate wars in the Middle East over Oil.  And closer to home: who in an earlier era looked down the road regarding their industry and quietly bought up the electric tramway system in the L.A. County area and then just as quietly shut it down, meanwhile getting the California legislature to build the sprawling freeway system that still serves California to this day - and fending off mass transit systems as long as they could, to keep as many traveling in their individual cars as they could.   And seeing that electric cars never 'caught on'.
   Yes.  They would do that.  And could easily do that.  With the political clout that they have.


Supporting references:

1) from ‘The bombings have only just begun: “Progressive” Western civilization is slaughtering itself by foolishly appeasing those who seek to destroy it’ - Mike Adams, Natural News - May 23
(Good summary of the overrunning of Western Europe by “radicals” out to overthrow democracy and institute their Shariah law crap, and as being stealthily installed here, having  started under the Muslim usurper, Obama.) 

Stan May 23, 2017 at 11:17 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Well put, Mike. Thanks for the posting, Dave.

It really is time to wake up, and put these overthrow people where they belong: in prison. Held for trial first, of course. So that all the facts can come out, in a court of law, for all to see. Not just those of us who are alert to what is going on.

2) from ’The Algae Conspiracy’ - Dave Hodges - May 23 
(A very perceptive article, linking a number of pieces of 'the picture' together...)

Stan May 23, 2017 at 11:50 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

Excellent analysis. Thanks, Dave.

Staying ahead of the curve…

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another Reason To Bring This Farce To An End

Fellow Patriot,

I know we have never met. But if you have children of your own, you'll understand why I'm writing you today.

You see, the young handsome man in this photo is my son, Lt. Clint Lorance of the U.S. Army.

Like any mother, I was so scared that Clint would be hurt – or even killed – after he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Then on July 2, 2012, it almost happened.

Clint was sent to a "hot zone" on a dangerous mission to replace a lieutenant who had been injured when the Taliban attacked his platoon just days earlier.

He was warned to look for multiple riders on red motorcycles – known as "spotters" who alert the Taliban when they see U.S. troops. And every soldier was on edge. They all knew about the earlier ambush – and that just days before a U.S. soldier had been shot in the neck in this very village.

Suddenly a U.S. helicopter radioed in to Clint that a group of motorcycle riders was sitting outside of the village near a road that was used only by the Taliban.

As Clint confirmed a clear description of the enemy, a motorcycle charged toward the platoon so one of the soldiers asked permission to fire a warning shot. Clint said, "yes."

But the riders did not stop. Instead, they continued riding and broke through the troop's formation, jumped off the motorcycle, and headed right toward our troops. With only a split-second to make a decision, Clint ordered his marksman to fire. Two of the riders were killed. The other was captured in the village.

Meanwhile, two other Taliban members were killed by Clint's platoon and a second man captured trying to leave the village.

When Clint and his men arrived back at base, Clint ordered both of the prisoners to be tested for explosives residue. BOTH tested positive for residue on their hands, confirming Clint's suspicions that the motorcycle riders posed a threat.

Yet instead of imprisoning and interrogating these men, military intelligence at Brigade Headquarters released the men back into the wild.

Then they fired Clint as platoon leader.

And one year later, Clint was sitting in a military courtroom on trial for murder.

Five other members of Clint's platoon were also charged, including the marksman who had actually shot and killed the terrorists.

But all five were promised immunity if they would agree to testify against Clint.

Every one of the statements from these five soldiers changed from their initial statements. That's right, not one of their stories was the same as the account they gave on the day of the attack.

But Clint's account did not change.

And when asked for his only statement during the trial, he looked into the eyes of the jury and said, "I totally take all responsibility for my actions. I gave the order because I was the leader on the ground and perceived a hostile intent."

My friend, I'm proud that my son gave that order.

Because only weeks after the ambush on Clint's platoon, a motorcycle with two riders rode into a village where U.S. soldiers were patrolling and detonated explosives strapped to their cycle. That leader did not react as my son did – and American soldiers died.

But none of this mattered to the military court. Even though Clint never fired his weapon, he was found "guilty" and sentenced to 20 years in Fort Leavenworth Prison.

As soon as the verdict was read, Clint turned to us. He told his brother, "Be strong and promise me that you will take care of my Momma and Dad."

Then he took me by the shoulders and said, "Momma I can't leave here without knowing that you are okay."

It took every bit of strength I had to not cry. I did not want Clint to see me in tears as they took him from the courtroom. Instead I told him, "We will get through this. God loves to walk the dark hills with us."

Now, over three years later, I'm seeing just how much God is walking with us through this terrible time thanks to Major Bill Donahue of the United American Patriots. UAP helps provide legal defenses for soldiers like Clint who have been unjustly accused of crimes for making split-second decisions in the heat of combat.

Maj. Donahue is a Marine who survived three tours of duty in Vietnam – so he knows what it's like to make decisions behind enemy lines. And he knows you can't second-guess our young soldiers who have been trained to defend themselves in combat.

UAP is fighting to help Clint mount an appeal, a motion for mistrial AND secure a presidential pardon. But it's a costly process – and money our son doesn't have.

Clint was stripped of all pay when he was indicted. He was forced to sell his house. And he lost all 10 years of his Army pension.

All we can do now is rely on UAP and the big hearts of American patriots like you who support them and their mission.

UAP is a non-profit organization. They don't receive a dime of federal funding. And Maj. Donahue doesn't even take a salary for his work. He just wants to help soldiers.

If you can help with a tax-deductible gift of any amount, won't you please send it to UAP today to help them fight for my son?

While politically correct government officials are going to extreme measures to protect the "civil rights" of terrorists who want to destroy our country, soldiers like my son are sitting in prison for protecting our nation from these terrorists!

On behalf of every mother of a U.S. soldier, thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for whatever support you can send today.


Mrs. Anna Lorance

P.S. During a break in the trial, I walked outside to catch some air. The last soldier who had testified against Clint was standing on the sidewalk with tears running down his face. When he looked up at me he quickly dropped his head in shame. Clearly, he knows he helped the Obama Administration send an innocent soldier to prison. Thank you for helping UAP fight to bring him home!



More disgusting stuff from the Left:

from ‘Pelosi Admits Trump Witch Hunt Based On Fabrication, “Hearsay” - Maybe Mueller…’  - Rick Wells - May 23/24
(“One of the reasons, aside from the creeping dementia, that Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats talk in spurts, is that they are simultaneously making false accusations and guarding against implicating themselves. Everything has to be double or triple checked before it goes past their lying tongues and out into the air.
“Nancy Pelosi tells big lies like the rest of them, but sometimes fails on the self-screening. She admits in this clip, that there is no evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russians and that the current claims are set in an environment of hearsay, which is an overly generous statement of their level of credibility. Deliberate falsehoods are not hearsay, they’re called lies…”)

Stan // May 24, 2017 at 6:22 am // Reply (act. May 23 PDT)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

It really is time to end this charade, if only to help the Democrats get off the Lying Bus that they rented and boarded and are now stuck with wherever it’s taking them. It’s all making them look so terribly foolish, and they know it now, but they’re stuck with their narrative, which they assumed that, with the inestimable help of the bought-and-paid-for MSM, and the important assist from their comrades in academia, they would get away with. Oops – no workee. And though they deserve what they’re getting out of it – egg all over their faces – we really need to MOVE ON.

Give it up, Pelosi & Co. We’ve got more important things to be about, than your silly attempts at hijacking this country. It ain’t going to work. Your New World Order is a sham and a delusion. Deal with it.

Summer Of Rage. Or...

I have just come to the considered conclusion that I must have, could very well have, been V. Lenin in my last past life.   For I have just come across a quote of his, that causes me to boil so furiously in outraged reaction that I MUST be experiencing the consequences of my actions, in a speeded-up version of karmic activity.*  To help with my Ascension. I would presume.  That I don't get left behind, with the rest of you who are going to make it this time around.

It came in an article by Kelleigh Nelson, carried on for May 22/23, titled 'Message to President Trump, Time To Pull The Plug On The Swamp'.  Very near the beginning of her warning, Kelleigh writes:

Communist Vladimir Lenin stated, ‘We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.’”

'Aha!' I thought, reading this (for the first time).  'This is where the Marxists have gotten their inspiration from, about demonizing the opposition, in order to seize on anything and everything they can, even to making it up, in an attempt to bring Trump down, for raining on the parade of the Marxists on the one hand, and the corporate-government complex of fascists on the other, into their oh-so-desired New World Order, which will (they are under the impression) bring the cancerous mass of people under the control of, and for many of them, the elimination by, the almighty state.  Not necessarily from Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' after all.  But from closer to the head of the snake.  This is it - their very marching orders!  The Party speaks!'

Nelson goes on to say: “Our globalist establishment socialist media and politicos are following Lenin’s words to a ’T'...Our President is in a nest of vipers, a swamp with treacherous and traitorous snakes intent on destroying his Presidency.  It’s time to take off the gloves and drain the swamp.”  And she emphasizes the point a moment later:

“It is why President Trump must pull the plug on the swamp.”

Indeed.  And sooner rather than later.  Especially after I came across, in my 'surfing of the net' in my emails tonight (Monday just past), reports of the intended 'Summer of Rage' this summer, beginning in early June (June 2nd, to be exact; concentrating on the fake 'Russian hacking & link to Trump' meme), but gathering a crescendo of action on July 2 leading to the crowning clash of cymbals - and symbols - on July 4.   

And the 'message' that I get from all this is that I must do all I can to head such a summer off.  That it would be a terrible thing to happen, with no good end out of it; for either side in the current face-off.  For, we are at the end of The Play.  And it's time to move on.  And Up.

Pulling all the strings of the Drama together.  And realizing that we have been doing just that:

playing parts.

To learn lessons from.

And some of us, to pay off our karmic debt.

However that works out, for each of us.

To 'redress the grievances' that we have helped to create.

And thus, to move on.

And leave the darkness of our slumber time behind.

In the Light, rather, of a Summer of Fruition.


* Not 'retribution,' really.  Just rebalancing the scales.  Of Justice.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Journey

  The Journey

              I set out
In nineteen fifty-five
      Current Era
To find out about
            the origins of
It has taken me
        this long
        to find what
I was looking for.
      And now that
I have found it,
      it is time
        to call
  the long Play
       it is time
       for Truth
       to prevail
On this planet.
      its opposite.
For us to advance
           to whence
        we came

And thus, complete
       The Process

And no longer sojourn in
The wilderness of our making.


And speaking of said wilderness (and especially on this day, when I have been driven out of my apartment by all the noise next door of the 'spectrum people' activity, where said crowd is celebrating their yearly Day in my home town, with a parade, and a lot of drinking and ghetto-blasting music and whooping and hollering:*

from ‘California Fights Man’s Request For ‘Male’ On Birth Certificate’ - Alicia Powe - May 21
(“After a transsexual who was born male decided to reclaim the gender with which he was born, the California courts fought him.  For 28 years…”  The article took the line that this condition, of 'gender identity disorder,' is psychological in origin.  As I say: "Come on, folks.  We can do better than this.")


I'm not sure why this matter is taking so long to sort out (actually, I do understand: It's politics). In the book BrainSex, published in 1990, by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel, the research into this matter showed very clearly the answer to the conundrum about 'gender identity disorders'. It turns out that the fetal brain is 'wired' for gender identity at about the 8-10-week period of development - irrespective of the genetic determination of the fetus - whereby male-patterned brains can be wired into female bodies and vice versa and every stop along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies (I call the LBGTQ+ crowd 'full-spectrum people'). This is caused by abnormal levels of maternal hormones in the fetal developing bath. These abnormal levels can be caused by a variety of environmental factors. Faulty adrenal glands, for one, of either the mother or the developing fetus or both. Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, particularly in our drinking water, from plastics, pesticides, and the Pill. Stress, of all kinds - accidents, financial or relationship worries, faulty nutrition, fear (there is evidence that more homosexual babies are born in the aftermath of wars than the 'normal' background 'noise' would account for, e.g.). But perhaps most alarmingly, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard to their effects on the developing fetus.

We have, in short, been living in an unawakened and unaware state, for far too long. It's time, and long past, that we woke up from the dream world that we have been living in - that we created. And I say 'dream' in not any good sense of the word. We have inflicted terrible physical and mental/emotional injury on millions of people. Come on, folks. We can do better than this. We MUST do better than this. We have the capability. Let's use it.


* As I emailed today to my landlord, on another matter: "P.S. Boy, I can hardly wait for this weekend to be over for another year.  The full-spectrum people next door are really making noise  'Out and proud,' is the idea, I guess..."

Saturday, 20 May 2017

On Not Being Very Loving

...but sometimes, you just gotta tell like it is.

from ‘Washington Watchdog Challenges Mueller’s Judgment; - Bob Unruh - May 19
(Judicial Watch brings up serious charges against Mueller, including his being a good friend of Comey’s, and having caved to extremist Islamic groups in purging the FBI’s training materials in alignment with their demands.)

brooklyn15 2 hours ago (May 19)

Trump needs to shut his mouth. He is not in the civilian world anymore where there are no consequences, he needs to realize he is now in the political world where there are real consequences that affects the whole world.


         libsrtheh8ters brooklyn15 an hour ago (May 20)
  • Shut his mouth about what? Obama went on national television, called all light skinned Americans racists & encouraged blacks to murder cops & white people. He told illegals to vote & assured them there would be no consequences. He ILLEGALLY SPIED on Trump, Trump's associates & other Republican presidential candidates. He bombed 2 sovereign nations, WITHOUT congressional approval & without provocation. He melted down the Middle East, arming & funding numerous muslim terrorist groups, & murdered & displaced millions in the process not to mention creating ISIS & wiping out a good portion of the minority Christian populations in several countries there. He targeted his political foes through his IRS, NSA, FBI, EPA & presided over the most corrupt administration in our history.

  • Trump needs to OPEN HIS MOUTH, quit groveling & panicking, G.W. Bush style, & get on with draining the swamp & running this country.

  • 2
  • Reply

  •          kibitzer3 libsrtheh8ters a minute ago (May 20)

    • Not to mention that Obama was occupying the Oval Office illegally anyway, for not being a 'natural born' citizen; which by definition at the time it was inserted in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. Which eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

    • So if the Left continues to try to talk up an impeachment of Trump, that could as well be seen as a good thing - for it will serve to bring this whole atrocious situation back up to the front burners; with a call for an indictment to be issued against the Usurper, and, when he is found guilty - of a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason - all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made (including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts) go with him, into the trash bin. So go ahead, you leftist mongrels: Make our day.

    • --
Why do I keep harping on this issue??  For two main reasons.

1.  A huge blow to the rule of law - i..e, the Constitution - was dealt when the Republican Party entered into a collusion with the Democrat Party to try to slip Obama's illegal nomination and election by the American people; thus compromising said rule of law terribly, and leaving us even more susceptible to being ruled by 'arbitrary law' - i.e., tyrants - than we were before this travesty occurred.  (And besides, it befouled the honorable office of the president of the United States.  That should not have been allowed to take place.  It has been disgraced enough in the past by various occupants; it deserves far more respect from us Americans than what it has been subjected to.)  And

2.  We cannot advance into the New Age - into a solid stage of Ascension - with such major Untruth hanging around our necks.  We must clean up our act greatly, from where we are currently at, for that major step of progress to take place. The New will not countenance such disrespect for Truth, and unethical behavior in general, anyway  Such low-consciousness stuff will not resonate there, would be rejected.  So, it needs to be cleared, before we can move solidly into The New.

I am here - I chose to incarnate at this time - in order to help with that move into The New for humanity.  I will not rest until it is accomplished.  So, let's get our act together on this matter.  

It all depends on us.  On our awareness.  That we are gods in the making - chips off the old block, as it were.  And we need to prove ourselves, before we can move on, and Up. 

Come ON, folks.  We can do it.  It's in our basic makeup (as 'spiritual beings having a human experience').  Let's prove ourselves to ourselves.

See you there.

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Lesson, Aka The Process

‘Good morning, Class.’

(The Class; in unison:) ‘Good morning.’

‘I asked your teacher to let me come in today and give you a little lesson.  An interactive one; and not just in Biology.  But in how things work, logically.

‘And to do it, I will start with a premise.  And this is a true one.  The Premise, and Observation:

‘There are higher incidences of multiple sclerosis - hereinafter in this lesson to be referred to as ‘MS’ - in colder climes than in warmer climes.

‘What does that suggest to you.  Anybody.  And just off the top of your head.’

(Short silence.  Then, Student 1; in a blurting-out way:) ‘Uh - that sunlight has something to do with it.’

‘Good.  And what do we know about sunlight.’

(Student 2:) ‘That it causes warmth.’

‘Yes.  What else.  As a class in Biology, you should know this.  Or I’ll have a word with your teacher afterwards.’

(Titters; then, Student 3:) ‘That it creates vitamin D.’

‘Good. Where.’

(Student 3: ) ‘In the body.’

(Student 4:) ‘On the skin.’

(Process Holder; to Student 4:)  ‘Is that the only place in, or on, the body?’’

(Student 3:) ‘No.  In the body.  Systemically.’ 

‘Excellent.  So, hold that thought for a moment, everybody.

’Now.  Just because we now know something about warmer climes, let’s take a look at the bigger picture, here.  To say: Does that mean that there isn’t also possibly something about colder climes that we may have to look at as well, to uncover this ’mystery,’ of the cause of MS?’

(Many; warming to the process:) ‘No.’

‘No.  Indeed.  Now, what do we know about colder climes.  I’ll speed up our little process here a bit, in the interests of time, and give a hint: What grows in dark, damp places.’

(Silence; then, Student 1:) ‘Mold.’

‘Mold.  Excellent observation.  And what is mold a class of?’

(Student 2:) ‘Fungi.’

‘Fungi.  You folks are a joy to be involved with.  

’So, we have two pieces of a possible picture here.  On the one hand, we have observed that molds - fungi - grow in cold climes more so than in warmer climes, and on the other hand, we have observed that vitamin D is generated more in warmer climes than in colder climes, with the relative amount of sunlight involved in the equation.

‘’I’m giving it away a bit here, where I’m steering this little process of observation of ours where we have gone with it, thanks to the input of your perceptive observations; but let’s take it further one step at a time.

’Next step: What, precisely, is MS?’

(Silence; then, Student 3:) ‘It’s a disease characterized by sclerosis.’

‘Which is…’

(Student 3:) ’Sclerosis is a disease in which soft parts inside the body, such as arteries or muscles, become hard.’

‘Become, in other words, damaged.  Good.  Resulting in…’

(Student 3; on a  roll:) ‘Resulting in such symptoms as weakness, fatigue - a lot of problems.’

‘Indeed.  And to speed this process up, and narrow it down, in order to get to our ultimate conclusion faster, I will quote from one of the bodies that raised millions of dollars over the years in supporting research into the disease, and kept doing it right up to the end: “MS causes damage to the myelin coating around the nerve fibers in the central nervous system and to the nerve fibers themselves, resulting in the disruption of the flow of information within the brain.”    

‘That body says that this interruption is caused by, quote, “an abnormal response of the body’s immune system directed against the central nervous system,” unquote - to say, is an auto-immune response of some sort.  But let’s look at the matter from the perspective of factual observation.  What can do this sort of thing; attack the myelin sheathing in the body’s nerve system.’

(Silence.  Than, Student 2; in a light-dawning way:) ‘Fungi.’   

‘Fun-gi.  In-deed.

‘Now.  How could fungi get in the body, in order to do its thing, and attack the myelin sheathing of the nerve system.’ 

(Student 3:) ‘From food.’


(Student 2:) ‘Drink.  Liquids also.’

‘Indeed.  Food, and drink.  Infected with fungi, which grows in greater amounts in colder climes than in warmer climes.

‘But what about that other factor, that we looked at here.  About - ‘

(Student 1; triumphantly:) ‘I’ve got it!  Vitamin D is an anti-fungal!  Has anti-fungal properties!’

‘I’m going to stop coming here.  You kids are too clever for me to have some full classroom-time fun with.  

(Titters from The Class)

‘To wrap up our little process of observation.

‘One.  MS occurs in higher amounts in colder climes than in warmer climes.  Two.  Sunlight has a property of creating vitamin D in the body, which factor could have something to do with this particular subject matter.  Three.  Something that occurs in greater amounts in colder climes than in warmer climes is fungi.  Four.  It turns out that not only is there a factor here of warmer climes versus colder climes in relation to incidences of MS, but sunlight generates vitamin D in the body, and vitamin D has a property of being an anti-fungal.  Ergo, we have an answer to our little process of observation.

‘Now, one would think that this is all elementary stuff, wouldn’t they?’  

(The Class; in unison:) ‘Yes.’

‘Indeed.  But something got in the way of our being able to apply logic to our living situation.  For a long, long time.  And that was the element of living our lives by profit - by, in other words, the interest-bearing system of money; whereby, in sum: The sicker we were, the healthier the economy was. 

‘To say, there was no profit in keeping people healthy, so The System preferred to steer away from Prevention - and preventive treatment - and concentrate rather on drug-based medicine.  Become known as Western medicine.  Pharmaceutical products that generated very handsome profits for the drug industry - really, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - and specifically for what became known as Big Oil, with such products coming to a large extent from a petroleum base.  Which was why John D. Rockefeller many years ago slipped his way into the medical schools in the country, giving them massive amounts of money, to steer their training in order to push products that rewarded him and his family, and his industry, handsomely.

‘The medical schools conveniently, then, forgetting - being made to forget - the advice, and even admonition, of the man known as the founder of their profession, Hippocrates, who is reported to have said, quote: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."  He is also reported to have said, “First: Do No Harm.”  Both bits of advice terribly overlooked in Western medicine - called, impudently, ‘modern’ medicine - in the rush - become the lust - for profits. 

‘And so, because that approach to Medicine was a false approach, that’s why it had to go.  And why, particularly with the collapse of the drug industry - with the light of awareness having shown on it; like generating more vitamin D into The System - the whole Western economic system collapsed.  And had to.  For us to get to the proper ‘modern’.

‘So:  I came here, actually - to conclude The Process - to say to you:

‘Welcome to the New Day.  May you fully appreciate what it took to get here.  And may you be richly rewarded - as the ’spiritual beings having a human experience’ that you are - in maintaining it, by giving it your best, in gratitude to you Creator for life with meaning.  

‘Go to it, with blessings from on high.’

(The Class, in unison:) ‘Thank you.’    

(Process Holder leaves the classroom.)      

And just so, do things evolve.

And speaking of ‘elementary’ things: It’s like an electron being kicked up a notch in its orbital expression, in order for the entity involved to experience a new level of reality, whether that be of an element or of a solar system, or entire universe.  And being kicked ‘up’ a notch results in the entity experiencing a higher level of reality, than the one it was experiencing before.

Ready for the trip of your life???????????

P.S. And I hope that you, dear Reader, have observed by now in these pages that I am not  talking about the enthronement of Communism on the world; and especially not in the form of the New World Order planned for us by heavy-duty statist types who are, in actuality, fascists.  I am talking about a synthesis - the final Synthesis - of The Process.  Whereby both sides of it have elements carried over into the final stage thereof.  
     Wherein we live by honoring both the individual and the collective.  Both, within the bounds of honoring the Purpose of
     The Process.

P.P.S. And just to note that this business - this big business - about MS is just a sample of this corrupt subject; including, for particularly obscene example, cancer.*  That it's all some sort of mysterious business, this dis-ease stuff, that needs more money thrown at it to uncover the specific cause of, and in the meantime, the pharmaceutical industry has some treatments to offer you for your mysterious affliction.  For which - did we say this already? - there is no known cure.  According to the medical-pharmaceutical complex; and their frontline sales people in the mainstream media.
     All of this, because we have lost sight of the value of simple factual observation.  Though as we are known to say: 'In light of the fact...'.  So we know better.
     (And to note further - to give credit where credit has some due - I have been particularly struck recently by this concept of factual observation, and looking at things with fresh eyes, by the marvelous example of deductive reasoning and intuitive thinking of Joseph Atwill as demonstrated in his book 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus'.  He has looked at the New Testament's details in relation to the Jewish historian Josephus's 'Wars of the Jews' with such 'fresh eyes' as to see parallel after parallel between the two works, with the result of having realized that they were constructed with the same intention in mind; to wit: to severely chastise the Jews for having been a "wicked generation" that brought about their own calamity in the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, for listening to the 'demons' of the rebellious Jews amongst them, and not "rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's".  Said he, who became a part of the Flavian dynasty of emperors, for his services to that more powerful cause than that of the hotheadedly misled Jews.
       A highly recommended read.  And all the more important for our time and place; wherein Judeo-Christianity is under such an attack, by people who want to rule the world, as unto the Roman emperors of old.
     As to that impulse.  Let me just say that, not only is it part and parcel of an End Times stage of historical development.  But it highlights fundamental differences in governance.
     In America, the government is not a master.  It is a servant.  That's why neither communists nor fascists, nor Islamists, want to see 'the American way' prevail: because it stands in the way - precisely in the Way - of their mutual planned takeover of the world.  For them to sort out the 'details' between them later.
     They think.
     Anyway  Just wanted to throw this observation in here.  As part of the discussion.  Of Things In Our Time.  To pay attention to.
     Crucial attention to.
     For our own good.  And that of Gaia.
     Our home away from
     And in closing, just to note that there will be a One World government, and in the form of a theocracy.  But it will be based on Love.  Not Force.
     In the meantime, it would pay you and us all to get your priorities - and postulates - right.)

* 'Observation: Bears in the wild don't get cancer, but they do in captivity.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

On Making One's Day

from YouTube: ‘Hannity: The swamp wants to stop Trump and stay in power’ - May 17
(Hannity lists 5 categories of groups who want to bring Trump down.  Although he didn't mention the New World Order by name, he certainly hit the nail on the head with his list of all the usual suspects.)


So you want to talk about impeachment, eh, you leftists??  How about that guy of yours who occupied the Oval Office for the last 8 years illegally, for not having been "born in the country of parents who are citizens" thereof, which is the historical definition of a 'natural born' citizen; one of the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency, which STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  So that when Justice is served in this country, all of the legislation that the Usurper signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin; as he is arrested and held for trail, on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason.

You want to bring impeachment back into the forefront of our awareness as American citizens?  Go right ahead.  Make my day.

Indictment NOW.

As Mike Adams has just said, in an article at (May 17):

This is a high priority alert. The Washington Post, now exposed as a CIA propaganda front, and the New York Times (a fiction-pimping anti-American rag owned by a Mexican national) have tag-teamed their way to their desired finish line: The impeachment and indictment of President Donald J. Trump.

“This has been accomplished through the publishing of a seemingly endless stream of utterly fabricated fake news stories, nearly all of which are based on “anonymous sources” that are probably little more than schizophrenic voices in the heads of the reporters writing the “news” in the first place.

“The aim has been to accuse President Trump of every imaginable crime, from “leaking intel to the Russians” to “obstruction of justice.” Keep in mind that these same discredited media outlets gave Obama a pass when he laundered $1.7 billion in cash and delivered it to Iran on a military cargo plane.

“They are the same fake news media that looked the other way when Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in a private meeting to pressure Lynch to back off any potential criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s long list of crimes.

“They are the same anti-American media that said nothing when Hillary Clinton cheated during the presidential debates by receiving the debate questions in advance from CNN. (She also pre-sold her anticipated presidency by collecting tens of millions of dollars in “donations” and “speaking fees” from foreign interests.)

“They are the same media that stood silent when former President Obama weaponized the IRS to suppress the speech of conservative non-profits. Similarly, nobody in the media seems to be alarmed at all that Obama abused the state surveillance apparatus to spy on his political opponents such as Rand Paul.

“These are all serious crimes, serious abuses of power and treasonous acts carried out by Obama, a Democrat. Yet the left-wing media remains silent on every one of them. What’s obvious from all this is that, according to the left-wing media, Democrats can do no wrong and all their crimes are whitewashed by default (even the obvious murder of Seth Rich). Yet Republicans are instantly guilty of the worst crimes imaginable, even when they’ve done nothing wrong at all.

“REAL crimes committed by Democrats are deliberately overlooked, in other words, while FAKE accusations against Republicans are hyped up until they’re made to look legitimate and damning, to the point where Democrats are all madly hyperventilating and claiming to be “triggered” by nearly everything.

“It is against this background of wild disinformation, media lies and conspiratorial plotting that President Trump is now facing the most serious challenge of his administration: An aggressive attempt to remove him from office through impeachment and indictment over entirely fabricated, baseless accusations that are lacking any real facts…”

Just so, Mike.  Just so.

And then there is the story just reported that Judge Napolitano has said that Justice Scalia told him some years ago that he and other members of the SCOTUS were of the impression that Obama was surveilling them.

How would you like that can of worms opened up, you leftists?  

Go ahead.  Make our day.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Seeing With Fresh Eyes

I felt moved today to email the author of one of the books that I am currently reading, ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’ by Joseph Atwill.  It is a most compelling book,1 which makes the case, briefly, that Christianity was created by the Flavian dynasty of Roman emperors - Vespasian the Father and Titus the Son, with the younger son, Domitian, coming along later, and keeping the fraud going - in order, first, to help them onto the throne - by attempting to quell the rebellious Jews in that part of the Empire, by creating a Messiah that was deferential to the Roman emperor, and, when the Jews failed to follow that kind of leadership, to admonish them, in the form of the destruction of their Temple in Jerusalem and the sacking of Jerusalem itself; and secondly, to continue in that tradition, of the Roman emperor having become the messianic messenger that the Jews were expecting, now to be nice, docile subjects to the Roman throne for ever and ever after, amen.    

How did he ever come up with such an idea?  Atwill, on his approach:  

“While reading Josephus’ Wars of the Jews,2 and his account of Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E., I noticed curious parallels to stories in the Gospels.  At first I could make no sense of the parallels between Titus’ campaign and Jesus’ ministry.  So I tried to look at the Gospels with fresh eyes, as if I had never seen them before, giving up preconceived notions about what they meant.

“This perspective resulted in the discoveries presented in this book…”  

And most intriguing, and compelling, “discoveries” they have been.  But you will have to read it to ‘discover’ for yourself why it is such a valuable commentary on the whole question, of Christianity.  Now, as to why I mention this:

In my email to him, I mentioned how my own journey in thirsting after the truth of things had led me to some of the same ‘watering holes’ that he mentioned that he was drawn to, in particular the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Not that he went into any great detail about his other pursuits along this line.  But I mentioned to him how my trail had led me via such other researchers/authors as Tony Bushby, Ralph Ellis, and D.M. Murdock/Acharya S.3  Which brings up a point.  To wit:  How does his contribution to the literature on the subject jibe with any of the other authors that I have mentioned, whose material has helped me along my journey, from watering hole to watering hole??

That is worth a look.  For example, it would seem to contradict Ellis’s take on such things - that Jesus was the last in a long line of pharaohs.  But in applying Atwill’s recommended approach to such matters, I have been able to ‘see through fresh eyes’ - and have come across a most intriguing conclusion:

We’re talking about two different Jesuses, here.

Atwill’s take: Josephus Flavius, a Jewish historian who ingratiated himself with the Flavians in order to save his own neck and the neck of a small bunch of priestly class of Jews plus their extended families, was the main instigator of a concocted story, set in the beginning of the generation that saw Titus sack Jerusalem and destroy the Temple, which led the reader subtly to ‘see’ that Titus was the prophesied Son of Man who would come and fulfill prophecy in that destruction; whereas if the Jews had only heeded the admonitions of a concocted Messiah, Jesus, to ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’ and pay their taxes, and ‘turn the other cheek’  like good little sheeple, and so forth, that they could have avoided such divine retribution; and that henceforth, with the Second Coming in the form of Titus, the Roman emperor-to-be (after his father, Vespasian), they should fall in line, and behave themselves, dammit.4   

Here’s the Ellis take on this business.

The Jesus that he writes about was a king of a northern Syrian kingdom, called Edessa, who helped lead the Jews in the defense of their way of life and Temple leading up to Jerusalem’s sacking and the Temple’s demolition by Titus.  Captured, he was crucified, but was taken down and taken before Vespasian, then in Alexandria, and given an option: He could still be put to death.  Or, he could swear that he witnessed a miracle at the hand of Vespasian (the sort of thing that got him elevated to the emperor’s throne, by way of being considered - being thus qualified to be considered - god-like), and he, Vespasian, would let him live out his life, albeit in exile.  Which, in the event (according to Ellis), happened.  And that Jesus ended up in exile in the furthermost reaches of the Roman Empire, over on the west coast of the British Isles.  In a place now called Chester.  Where there is archaeological evidence for a peculiar arrangement: An enclosed space capable of being well guarded, with a religious sanctuary in the middle, its flooring relating to the ‘firmament’ - the Zodiac.  And other evidences, that Arthur Lived Here.  That’s King Arthur, of fable.  But quite possibly based on a true situation: a kingly personage being held captive.  With his entourage.  Who has come down to us known as Artur - that is, The Bear.  After the Big Dipper.  Pointing to True North; around which the whole of the firmament revolves.5

The Once and Future King.

Quite something, this tale of ours, that we have been living through.  

And not always noticing the guidemarkers along the way.   

Without looking with fresh eyes.                  


1 Here, I have to admit to a trait of mine: No matter how compelling a read may be that I am engaged in, I still keep more than one book going at a time.  It’s just the way my mind works.  I think it’s because I want the material to percolate a bit, before I move on in it.  Anyway, just to clarify any references I make, herein or elsewhere, to being involved in more than one read at a time: It is no reflection of lack of keen interest in what I am reading.  More, the opposite, if anything.  

2 because he had a passion for Truth, and, having been born into the Catholic faith, he was curious how, “at the exact same time that the followers of Jesus were purportedly organizing themselves into a religion that urged its members to ‘turn the other cheek,’ another Judean sect was waging a religious war against the Romans...It seemed implausible to me that two diametrically opposite forms of messianic Judaism could have emerged from Judea at the same time…”   

3 I forgot to mention to him the latest watering hole on my journey through the otherwise parched deserts of history: ‘The Secret Society of Moses’ (subtitled ‘The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia’) by Flavio Barbiero.  Still deliciously bogged down in that one.  Getting through its dense pages slowly.  The same with Atwill’s book.
   Nothing of value should be savored other than slowly.
   Good to remember, when talking about ‘history’ - the life thereof.
   But to continue.

4 The Flavians, then, via their adopted Jewish historian, Josephus, and undoubtedly clever others of the patrician family, created Christianity - as attested to by the fact that the earliest martyrs to the religion were from that family; other Romans not taking kindly to the new kid on the block, as it were.  it took awhile, before Christianity finally became the state religion of the Roman Empire, through such means of intrigue.  All, another story.  Just to note that there are, to this day: Jews under the cloak of Christianity.  Leading the way, to - whatever.
   The End.  Hopefully.  Deceit not being a way that she would live our lives by.
   And will not be able to, anyway.  In
  The New.
   But to continue.

5 Ellis thinks that the discrepancy between his take on the Jesus 'thing' and the New Testament story ('story') is simply a matter of chronology, and the latter simply needs to be set forward some 40 years, to the time of the destruction of the Temple.
   He needs to read Atwill's book.  To engage in the subject with fresh eyes.


Meanwhile, back on the home front:

from ‘Dr. Eowyn: Arkancide: Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks’ - Dr. Eowyn - May 16; posted here May 17 

  • Joseph OlsonMay 16, 2017 at 6:59 AM

  • "Indict and Arrest These Two" at >
  • Larry Klayman, of Judicial Watch is representing Dennis Montgomery, NSA whistleblower who delivered 47 hard drives, containing 600 million pages of illegal wiretaps to Howdy Doody Comey over TWO YEARS AGO. Included were spying on Trump family, Congress and over 150 judges.
  • Comey was cover-up artist for Wall Street as NYC district US Attorney, DOD bid rigger for Lockheed and money launder for HSBC. The entire government-media complex is a RICO Operation.

  • MAYOR ADAM WESTMay 17, 2017 at 6:13 PM

  • A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.
  • “I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department.

  • StanMay 18, 2017 at 12:20 AM

  • Damn swamp. Clear the lot of them out of there - including the chiefs who can call down the curtain on investigations. It's time, and almost past, for a major overhaul in this country.



A late entry to this latter subject (which also goes to Where We Are At):

from ‘What Happened to The Big WikiLeaks Rich Murder News That Never Came?’ - Rick Wells - May 18
(The private eye for the Rich family has backed out of his claims…the DC Mayor is skating……the DC Police Dept is washing its hands of the whole thing………)

  • Stan // May 18, 2017 at 3:57 pm // Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Some bodies were made an offer that they couldn’t refuse…

  • Seth Rich deserves better.
    The family of Seth Rich deserves better. The American people deserve better. Come on, Donald: Rise to the occasion. Call out the National Guard if you have to. Put people under protective custody if you have to. But DRAIN THIS EFFING SWAMP.