Tuesday, 30 May 2017

On Coming Into My Own

P.S. So I intend to set 'progress' back twenty years??
     Oh no.
     Or forty years.
     Or four hundred years.
     I intend to set this kind of 'progress' back as far back as before the money changers devised the (self-serving) concept of money as debt.
     Interest-bearing money.  Which, in its switching of the focus from money merely as a convenient medium of exchange to money as a desired entity in itself, generates such features of 'his story' as wars.  And artificial shortages.  And the likes of poverty amidst plenty.  And child sex trafficking,  And...
     Do I need to go any further?  Into the need now for
     The New.
     And us with it.
     Having gone just about as far as we can go on this path.
     Before calamity sets in.
     Major calamity.
     Which is decidedly not what 'it' is all about.
     'It.'  Life on this planet.
     And life itself.
     About to change.
     In perfect timing.
     According to the larger aspect of things.
     Of which all this is but a part.
     In which we have played many parts.
     And now,
     are asked - by Necessity -
     to come up with our best.
     And love may grow.
     For all we know.

The Law Is An Ass, Sometimes

What is this crap about a law against counselors who help people on the gender identity confusion spectrum with their identity issues?  It’s a) voluntary, and b) offering the public a choice.  What is the thinking behind the state’s position in this matter?? 

It would appear that said thinking is on the order of, ‘Offering such counseling implies there is something wrong with people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and that can lead to both discrimination and hate speech/violence against them, and therefore it is ruled illegal’.  If that is the argument, all I can say is, Bollocks.  And if you continue to press me, and suppress me, on the issue, I will say something like:

‘I refuse to punch you in the nose, for your terribly inventive but sophistic thinking on this matter, for that would be a matter of God punching God in the nose, and that’s not a very high-consciousness response to the issue at hand.  But I will take issue with you on it, along the lines of a part of God asking another part of God to get off a low-consciousness level of thinking, and look at the matter at hand in a more reasonable way.  That is to say, to deal with the issue from the perspective of basic human liberty, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Not from the perspective of oppressive state control over the individual.’

The Left seems to be on a roll towards a totalitarian state of being, for all of humanity ultimately to have to chafe under.  Total control over the individual.  As unto the former Soviet Union. And as Red China engages in in our day.  To the extent of harvesting the organs of its prisoners!  What an obscene practice that is.  Let alone the fact that many of its prisoners are merely political prisoners.  That state not differentiating between those who break legitimate laws, and those who have simply fallen foul of ‘political correctness’.               

With the same sort of politicized attitude having come to a head in this country, with Obama’s appointees to the various judgeships in the country, and many of them rendering purely political decisions now, in defiance of anything that the Trump administration attempts to establish, in a change of direction from the Usurper’’s time at the helm of the American ship of state.*  

Yes, judges have often demonstrated a political perspective, with a liberal or conservative bent of mind.  But not like what has been going on in this country, ever since the Usurper raised the ante on the charade of running the country by the rule of law - the Constitution, for not having been an eligible candidate for that office in the first place; and so giving his appointed judges carte blanche to try cases merely by their personal socio-political proclivities, not under the fig leaf of abiding by constitutional law any longer.

It is a situation that needs to change.


If we don’t have the rule of law, we have arbitrary law.  Which effectively is anarchy.  Which will lead to shooting in the streets of America.

More than has been going on, under the pretense of law, and order.

* ‘Klayman Appeal, Ethics Complaint Against Obama Judge In Clinton Benghazi Cover Up’  (rickwells,us for May 31)
   Etc. etc., in that vein over the just-previous years.
   (My comment at this site:
   Stan // May 31, 2017 at 10:35 am // Reply (act. still May 30 PDT)
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The law is an ass, sometimes. And needs to be called on that unfortunate fact.

Thanks, Larry, and Rick, for doing so, in this glaring instance.

P.S. And to clarify: My understanding of the ‘gender identity’ issue is that there is a very considerable problem here regarding that matter, which needs to be addressed by more than counseling; that it goes to a fact that the fetal brain in its early stages of development can be affected in such a way, by the maternal hormonal bath that it is developing in, as to have male-patterned brains ’wired’ into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage along that ‘gender confusion’ spectrum in between.  So there is more that needs to be happening as regards this issue than just the counseling of the affected individuals.
     But it is certainly not something that we should be living with so cavalierly.  It is a canary in the coal mine, in effect - a warning, that there is something going on in our environment, that is causing this epidemic of gender confusion issues.
     And which is being used by our erstwhile masters to create another ‘minority’ class of persons susceptible to their subtle, and satanic, appeals to societal overthrow, of 'the established order' that is keeping such tyrants at bay.
     As to America, and its primary role of standing in the Way of our erstwhile masters:
     A nice, succinct commentary on the Constitution and its companion document, the Declaration of Independence; from Hillsdale Online Courses:

About “Introduction to the Constitution”

"This 12-lesson course explains the principles underlying the American founding as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and secured by the Constitution. The Founders believed that the principles in these documents were not simply preferences for their own day, but were truths that the sovereign and moral people of America could always rely on as guides in their pursuit of happiness through ordered liberty."

"In their pursuit of happiness through ordered liberty."  Just so.  And just so the basis for America's claim of exceptionalism.

The dignity of the individual.  As not born with saddles on our backs.

On Strings Attached

I have found that in my old age it takes me some time sometimes to figure something out.  Bear with me for a moment of your time while I think something through out loud.  For it has to do with you, too, dear citizen of the American Republic, or believer in the rule of law wherever you live, in whatever country elsewhere in the world.

My question: Why does the act of giving federal tax monies to the states, or colleges/universities, entitle the federal government to regulatory powers over them that it would not have otherwise???  Since the federal government is, by the terms of the constitutional contract between the states and the federal government, in this federal form of government - more precisely, a federal constitutional republic - a government of limited and delegated powers - “few and defined,” in the rather authoritative words of the man known as the Father of the Constitution - and one of its subsequent presidents, no less - James Madison.

Oh.  I think that I am beginning to see, and answer my own question:

that it doesn’t have the constitutional power to use federal tax monies for that kind of purpose in the first place.  And so, by acquiescing in snd to that sort of activity, the states have signaled that they will go along with a, the, charade; that it is in and by the mere acceptance of such monies, then, that the states have been ‘bought off,’ so to speak (and rather precisely so).  That it is that very acceptance that is what opens the door for more, and more, and more extra-constitutional activity on the part of the federal government.  He who pays the piper calling the tune, and all that sort of thinking.*

If so - if I am correct in my conclusion - then the whole enterprise reeks of such corruption that it is a) pervasive, down to the very roots of the organism, and b) time, then, to let it rot away.  And start over.  In some way.

And I would suggest that that Way be the Way of our Creator.  In aligning human governance with that Will.  Totally.  

Blow the whistle on such activity in The Play, and engage, rather, now, in The Real Thing.  So that there will be no more such corruption.  Or corruption of any kind.

And talking about strings attached to our actions: 

the time of Free Will, then, over.  

The Right way.

Not the brutal totalitarian way of our erstwhile masters, lusting after Power Over, and waiting, now, more and more impatiently, to take over.  Their Way.

Giving us a clear choice.

As the Prodigal Son returns.

Home, again.  From his wandering in the wilderness of his making.

Long enough.


* And then there is the sordid business of our judicial branch of government allowing Shariah law to be practiced in this country.  Undercutting our rule of law - i.e., the Constitution - even further; and making it even more difficult to bring the corruption that is going on - and in spades, now - under control...

Monday, 29 May 2017

On This Memorial Day

I Can’t Remember How It Starts

When I was in about the sixth grade - which would have made me around 11 years old (I graduated from elementary school pretty much precisely when I turned 12.  I remember that, because my birthday is in mid-June), I went to a recital, I think it was billed as, of ‘some of’ (not fully comprehending that it was of ‘the best of)’ the students of a man - Fred Ohlendorff by name (I will never forget it.  That) - who had talked the city’s School Board (or whomsoever) into letting him - that is to say, paying him to - give free lessons on the instruments of their choice of very young pupils whose families otherwise couldn’t afford it, and they - said School Board - would never regret it. Or however the details of the deal played out.  As it were.

How it happened for me - and on the clarinet - was as follows, and briefly (I don’t want to bore you with this tale. It is, after all, just prelude to The Real Thing): 

One day when I was in the 5th grade, I believe it was (such details fade when you get up to my age.  Well; even earlier, for that matter.  But to continue), some strange lady of the school’s authorities called me out of class and said that ‘she’ thought (as I thought: Who is this person??) that I would be good at a musical instrument, and which one would I like to have some lessons on??, whereupon she took me into an empty classroom where some of the older kids were practicing in a small band.  I didn’t know.  What was this all about? was more where my mind was at the time.  But - well; maybe, the drums…???  Whereupon she pronounced, “I think you would be good at the clarinet.”  

And that’s how that started.  A metal clarinet miraculously appeared in my life, and I started taking lessons from said gentleman; taking the bus during school hours, in the late afternoon, once a week, to another elementary school a not-too-far ride away from ours, where a small bunch of kids about my age or older, on various instruments, would have an hour's lesson with him, and be assigned ‘homework’ for the next week.  (I remember well - for whatever reason, that - that the first piece I learned was ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.  No Little Star was I to be.  But to continue.)  Not long after this to-me curious event started up in my life (but then, who was I to question what adults got up to, seemingly at random sometimes???), Mr. Ohlendorff asked to talk to me briefly after one of said classes, and politely inquired if I would like to play a piece at ‘a recital’ of some of his students coming up??  Well - sure.  Okay…would I have to learn it by heart?? I remember inquiring.  (Presciently, as it turned out.)  Wellll, said Mr Ohlendorff, casually, as if - to my small child’s mind - it were no big deal; going on to comment words to the effect that the other kids would be doing so.  But I didn’t have to…

And thus came the big day.  I had chosen a piece called La Paloma (‘The Dove’.  Not of Peace, as it turned out; but of flight), and practiced it diligently, and thought that I had finally gotten it down by heart.  And I no doubt had.  In the privacy of my bedroom.  But when came The Day, and it turned out that this ‘little’ (or so I had pictured it) recital turned out to be in front of a huge junior high school auditorium, filled - filled - with adults, I was stunned.  Out of my wits.  And my turn came.  And I got up in front of this huge - huge - assembly.  And announced my piece.  And put my clarinet to my lips.  

And tried again.  

And still couldn’t remember how the darn thing started.

It was mortifying.  For me.  And I'm sure, for them.  I mumbled some words in explanation, and sat down.  To silence.  And the recital carried on,  All those other kids carrying on with their memorized pieces flawlessly.  And the torment finally finished.  And I had the presence of mind to go up to Mr. Ohlendorff, and wait my turn to talk to him - after various people (parents, many??)* were presumably congratulating him on a job well done - and apologize.  But I can remember thinking, on my way back home, on the bus:

Don’t trust adults.  They get up to some weird things, sometimes………

And thus, to our day.  Where ‘the adults’ have, indeed, gotten up to some weird things.  Very weird.  Like all the wars going on (and for time immemorial).  And like, buried cancer therapies and even cures.  (To keep something called ‘The Economy’ going.)  And vaccinations, with horrific side effects.  (Likewise.)  And the likes of pesticides, too (which are killing us as well; just more slowly, is all), as we fail to learn to live in harmony with Nature (and our own, higher, one), not opposed to it.  And so forth, and so on.  All of ‘it’  - The New - just waiting for us, to get to.  With a part in that process that I have to play as well.

It’s just that I can’t remember how it starts.         

But then, that’s alright.  Others have their parts to play, in this Drama that we have been engaged in.  For long enough, now.  Because

it’s time

to draw it to

an - the -


And between us -  as a team - 

we’ll get it right. 

P.S. To give Mr. Ohlendorff his due: He didn’t quite leave me in the lurch, and to my own devices, as my description of The Event may have made the case seem to be.  He had invited me to his home for a run-through of my piece the night before; which I played while reading the music.  He asked me if I had learned it by heart yet; to which I replied in the affirmative, but that I still wanted to go through it a few more times to make sure.  And then came The Day.  And on my way up to the stage in the auditorium, as I walked up there with my clarinet only, he quietly asked me if I had my music.  I assured him that I had learned it by heart by then.  And just didn’t realize, at my tender age, how the heart can hold only so much…
   N.B. He still ‘worked’ on me, one of his star pupils, apparently; trying still presumably to prove his worth to the Board, over the years of my playing in my junior high school band and then orchestra.  He would visit our school periodically - as he did all the others, I’m sure - and ‘take us through our paces’.  At one of which sessions - while I was in my junior, to say 8th grade, year of junior high (this is before the Middle School reboot), and was only about third chair clarinet in the orchestra (having previously attained first clarinet in the school band in my first, sophomore year), he stopped directing us in our piece at one point and asked me point blank if I would like to learn how to play the bassoon.  The bassoon!  That big thing??  Obviously, he was still hoping to impress The Board.  In the event - and with the whispered encouragement of my fellow clarinetists - I declined.  
   And went on to become first chain clarinet in the orchestra in my 9th grade graduating year of junior high; when our musical director - possibly in cahoots with Mr. Ohlendorff, who was still a force to be reckoned with in the musical scene of the Long Beach school system - gave me a starring (there’s that word again) role in the piece that we were to play at our year’s-end All-City junior high school orchestra competition.  The piece was ‘Scheherazade’, by Rimsky-Korsakov, and right in the middle, there is this clarinet solo…
   …but enough of all that mortifying memory stuff.  On to better pastures.
   For me.  
   And for humanity.

* Fortunately, my mother was not a part of this seminal event in her son’s young life.  She was always quietly in the background of said; steering things not to my knowledge.  But to continue.

Getting Closer...

1) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Merkel Paying Kids To Tattle On Parents for Not Getting Vaccinations’ - Dave Hodges - May 28
(Hodges asked his viewers to comment on the story; which shows the Nazi mentality at work behind those who are attempting to take us over these days.)

Stan May 29, 2017 at 12:15 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

What is behind this?? Because TPTB add ingredients to their vaxes to further their ends. An anti-fertility agent has been one of them. And an outright killer agent is another – a GM bacteriophage [a race-specific bioweapon]. Plus nanotechnology that has, in effect, chipped us. The more, the merrier. For them.

Clever, these fiends. Who need to be brought up short in their best-laid plans to take us over, and make us obedient subjects, or worse in their thinking: cattle, in their New World Order plantation.

Wake up, America. You are being taken over, by experts. Don’t let it happen. The world needs you to lead the way out of this trap, being engineered for humanity, by our erstwhile masters.


(Some of you may be aware that some of the girls who have received the Gardasil shot not only were left paralyzed by it, but some reported that their brains felt like they were ‘on fire’.  The shot has, or at least had, something in it that was attacking the brain and its systems.  Beware.  We are up against very Dark-side beings.  Having their last ‘shot’ at us.)


2) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ’50% of US Workers Are Supporting 50% of Americans Who Will Not Work’ - Dave Hodges - May 28
(Hodges points out that Automation, Transhumanism and a policy of Depopulation are going to take down many people, if we continue on the path that we are on…)

Stan May 29, 2017 at 12:29 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Actually, Dave, the point is that things HAD to get worse, in order for them to get better. That is to say, things needed to get to major Crisis point, in order for major Opportunity to kick in. Which TPTB have thought meant their agenda, for a totalitarian superstate fastened over the entire world. But which actually means just the opposite. In a phrase: the kingdom of heaven. In reaction to their Dark-side best-laid plans.

Patience, as always, is a virtue. And Be Prepared is a good motto for even more than Boy Scouts.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Champing At The Bit

1) from trumptrainnews.com: ‘REPORT: President Trump is About to STICK it to the Commie Hippies’ - Michelle Moons, Breitbart News - May 28
(Trump is reported to being about ready to scuttle the Obama Paris Climate ’Agreement’.  And about time…)

If this proves to be true, I will sing and dance till the "cows come home". This climate agreement is one of the biggest boondoggles that has ever been shoved in the face of the American people and that puppet former president we had is to blame. We are a sovereign nation and the UN does not govern us .Let them know that, as forcibly as you can Mr President.



The biggest boondoggle was the illegal eight year term of an improperly vetted (by Pelosi) individual with NO legal documentation of eligibility.


         kibitzer3 Joseph C Moore USN Ret a few seconds ago (May 28)
  • Thanks for pointing out that 'little' matter, Joseph. If Obama had been vetted properly, we wouldn't be in a LOT of the trouble that we are in today.

  • For those who don't understand the issue properly: Obama was/is not a 'natural born' citizen, for not having been born "in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. Which was the definition of an NBC at the time that it was codified in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for that particular office - and that eligibility requirement for that office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary. And thus, when Justice is served - and it will be - all of the legislation that the Usurper signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued (& including the Paris 'Agreement'), and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him. Into the trash bin. For it to be as though he had never been there. Because he was never there legally.

  • And we get back on track in our nation, to be the federal constitutional Republic that we are supposed to be. Guided by the rule of law - the Constitution. Not by the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

2) from the hill.com: ‘Conservative host: Hannity ‘aided and abetted’ his own demise’ - Mallory Shelbourne - May 27
(Because he ‘bought into’ the ‘fake news’ about Seth Rich having been involved in the leaking to WikiLeaks of the DNC emails - !!  And this guy is supposed to be a ’conservative’???  
And many of the posters at this site have bought the Kool Aid instead...)


How can a so-called 'conservative' commentator comment on something by just taking the MSM's pov on it??? There is all manner of evidence available in the alt media that Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails (as a Sanders supporter disgruntled with the DNC's collusion with the Hillary camp to give her the primaries, that got Schultz fired), and got whacked for his troubles - including the fact, as reported by one of the Resident doctors present, that he was fine when he went into the Intensive Care Unit, and then they were all kept out of that space by the local police, and he somehow ended up dead. This whole thing stinks to high heaven - and we aren't going to get to the bottom of it by buying the MSM's take on it. Just like other 'takes' by that constant purveyor of fake news, the MSM.

Come on, 'moderate' Conservatives. Wake up. You're being had by these New World Order minions attempting to take down this country. Get on the right side of this issue. The fate of the nation depends on your waking up and smelling the coffee.

On This Memorial Day Weekend

     On This 
Memorial Day 

 We Hold These Truths
    To Be Self-Evident

Considerable evidence
           has come forth
In the last half century
                         or so
               of the sense
That there is at least one more
              than this one
                And that we
        have lived before
And on perhaps even more
Than this one planet,
      for all we know.

Do you doubt it?  Then
You just haven’t been
         paying attention
           And therefore
What has it all been for
For you?
                A game
               The same
As for children???

        Be a child
     If you wish to.
       And that is
        your lot.
      As for me,
         I wish
       for more
     much more
Than this poor truth
      as the total
   if it can even be
       as that

One By One

I have a male friend
Who is enamored
With the female body
       and especially
Of its behind.*
Ah, yes.  But
       is just
The male mammal,
Responding to a signal
From its environment
        like unto
  a fight or flight
          I would desire
          for more; I
         would desire
For a signal
From on high
             as to
        our final
   as One.

What would that 
      look like
     I wonder?
Something like
A solid feeling
       of having
Come Home,
Would imagine.
        But then
       that’ s just


* (and thinks it a sign
    that there is a god
    after all; and that
  has been staring us
         in the face
         all along)

On This Memorial Day
      Weekend, I

On this Memorial Day
        weekend, I
       my country
      in particular;
    and am angry
      is going on
           to it,
With the LGBTQ part
    of the equation
(which stares me in
         the face
In my neighborhood,
 like unto a section
 of San Francisco):
     As we are led 
To deny that there is an
Environmental factor (or
      factors) involved,
Which correction could lessen
  the incidences thereof,
But is not within the wishes
Of our erstwhile masters - 
            in order
To continue the creation
       of yet another
      minority group,
           in order
       to overthrow
  the existing Order
      and replace it
      with your own
       your clever

           in your
          Or face
    We Americans
 will not just enjoy
         the sun
 On such weekends
      as this one.
        Push us
         too far
And you will find out
     the truth about
       our seeming

        The giant
      in its sleep.
        Hark ye
     The times
   within wheels)
     of another
     from your
       The rest
          is up

Enjoy the sun,
And all.
While we still can.

With a rumbling
In the distance
         a change
In the weather

As my Patton self
    comes sniffing
           to the fore.

Enough Is Enough

1) from teapartynetwork.com: ‘Lieberman no longer considered for FBI’ -  May 27
(“Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is no longer the front-runner to become the next FBI director, CNN reported Wednesday.
   “President Trump said last week he was “very close” to choosing a replacement for James Comey, whom he abruptly fired as director, and indicated the former Democratic vice presidential nominee was his top pick…
   “Lieberman is a partner at the same law firm as Marc Kasowitz, whom Trump is expected to retain to lead a team of private attorneys to represent him in the federal investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.”  Oh, just great…)


So are we going to Drain the Swamp or aren't we, Donald???

The people you are surrounding yourself with leave much to be desired. Remember your promise to your base: "I will never let you down."

You better not.

1) from libertynewsnow.com: ‘Prosecutors Helped Boston Slayer Avoid Deportation’ - Judicial Watch - May 27
(“After committing two crimes state prosecutors agreed to reduced charges against the African immigrant who recently murdered two Massachusetts doctors, allowing him to dodge deportation. This crucial information is being ignored by the mainstream media…it’s especially alarming because it appears to be part of a movement by local officials nationwide to help illegal immigrants avoid removal. Earlier this month Judicial Watch reported that state prosecutors in two major U.S. cities have ordered staff not to charge illegal immigrants with certain crimes because it could get the offenders deported. It’s an effort to help alien criminals avert “collateral immigration consequences”…
   “Under federal law legal U.S. residents can be deported if they commit an aggravated felony with a prison term of at least 12 months. Under the deal, Suffolk County prosecutors cut with Teixeira, he got a 364-day sentence, which was a day short. Immigrants with green cards can also get deported if they’re convicted of crimes involving “moral turpitude,” the news article points out, but Teixeira’s 2014 robbery case was resolved as “guilty filed,” which allows a judge, with prosecutor and defense consent, to forgo imposing a sentence on a defendant. The official statement from the Suffolk District Attorney’s office is to deny that this thug received any sort of leniency to prevent him from suffering immigration consequences, though the facts sure seem to contradict it.
   “It appears to be part of a broad effort by local prosecutors around the country to shield illegal immigrants who commit crimes from federal authorities…”)
kibitzer3 3 minutes ago (May 28)

When did these state prosecutors and local authorities begin to be hired by the New World Order crowd?? I thought they were hired by The People to protect them. Not get criminals off...

Something very rotten here, that smells to high heaven. Citizens of states are also citizens of the United States, whose rights are being trampled on, by these corrupt activities on the part of state and local public servants. Time for a MAJOR cleanout in the country.


I repeat: Send me in there, Coach.  I feel I've got a hot hand... 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Originalism v. Adventurism

So the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, in a 10-3 verdict, that the Trump E.O. regarding a temporary travel ban for Muslims from 7 specific countries heavily involved in terrorist attempts at takeover by such extremist groups as ISIS - until better security measures are put in place to vet them; after Obama allowed many terrorist camps to get a foothold in this country, according to the FBI - is unconstitutional, because a) it ‘discriminates’ against Muslims, and b) it may ‘increase hostility’ towards Muslim-Americans.  Come again?  That’s right - as I reported yesterday, in quoting from an article carried at tea party.org: “The Muslim plaintiff attempting to block the executive order was not affected by the travel ban directly, but claims the order increases hostilities towards Muslim-Americans.”  Oh.  And so - as the article very rightly went on: “Essentially, the progressive activist judges are creating a new legal standard where the president can be blocked from acting in the name of national security if a member of a minority group finds the action offensive.”

Just so.

And just so, ENOUGH of all this partisan crap going on in this country; in order to bring the country down, and have it fall, like a ripe plum, into the lap of the New World Order mob…

I am really sick and tired of what is going on in the country, that is Trump-specific - i.e., is specifically directed at President Trump, for raining on the NWO crowd’s parade into their long lusted-after New Order of Things.  For, this very same sort of travel ban has been instituted in the past by such other presidential luminaries as Jimmy Carter and - you guessed it - Barack Hussein Obama.

But therein lies the gist of the matter.  And of this blog.  Because Barry can’t really be described as a former president of the American Republic.  And thus, his appointments to such as the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (six of them; who all voted in the majority on this case.  Along with the four appointees of another stalwart of the corrupt left, William Jefferson Clinton) are null and void. 

For those of you who have been brainwashed by the Mainstream Media in this country for far too long, I will clarify: that BHO was not a legally sitting president, because he was not eligible for that office in the first place, for his not being a ‘natural born’ citizen; which eligibility requirement for that office was defined at the time that the constitutional Framers codified it in their contract as an eligibility requirement for that particular office - and that particular federal office only; indicative of its special nature, in their minds1 - as a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens”.2  Which is what makes it ’natural,’ for heaven’s sake.  For the person having NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Having SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States.  And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

And thus, the Usurper needs - still - to be arrested, and held for trail - on a whole host of charges by now; including fraud, perjury, and treason.  And when he is convicted - in a legitimate court of law.  Not an Admiralty Law court; which is part of the hijacking of this nation that has already taken place, in the more distant past.  But a Common Law court3 - all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him.  Into the trash bin.4          

And we start anew.

‘Oh, but the blacks would riot’ you may be thinking?  First of all, if I were a black American, I would find that argument insulting.  It implies that black Americans are too stupid to be able to understand clear facts when they are presented to them.  And if people like George Soros spread enough money around to entice some of the citizenry - black or white - still to riot, they will be dealt with.  And especially firmly so if they wear balaclavas or other facial coverings, in an attempt to hide their identities.  Such rioters would be singled out for a special trip to the police station, stripped of their masks, mug shot, finger printed, and held overnight at a minimum, for arraignment in the morning as a special case, along with those rioters who actually cause damage to person or property.

For, the game is over.  The Play has run its course.  It is time for

the Real Thing.  

And that includes a different financial/monetary system.

The whole ball of wax.  

As we embark on a different sea, to different lands.  And learn, and experience - at long last - that we are


And always have been.

Have just been engaging in a little seasoning, is all.  To learn lessons.  And then

move on.

And Up.

Or not, in the particular instance.

Your call.

As always.

Under the law of Free Will.

And thus, the need to learn - to have learned  - to live under

the rule of law.

For, that is what the whole shebang has been created under.

Which we need to understand.  We,

gods in the making.  In our own right.

As aspects of

the One.


1 specifically as to the occupant of that office becoming as well, then, the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces.  To all of which considerations the historical record speaks clearly, and unequivocally.  When, e.g., Alexander Hamilton, as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention proceedings, made a proposal that the president need only be a ‘born citizen’ - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent ‘natural born’ category.  And so forth.  

2 See E. de Vattel: ‘the Law of Nations,’ Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.  It’s right there, for all to see, on your favorite search engine.  
   This is not rocket science, or arcane Law School gobbledygook.  It’s plain English.  Translated from the original French.  And as studied in the universities of the day, by such as the statesmen of the day of the founding of this New Nation, on such values as essential liberty, from oppressive overlordship,  That potential held in check by the rule of law of a written constitution.
   But to continue.

3 And not just any kind of Common Law court.  And certainly not British Common Law, as defined by Blackstone; as some apologists for BHO’s usurpation of the office have attempted to argue.  Which speaks of ‘natural born’ SUBJECTS.  Which those men certainly were not any longer.  Were sovereigns in their own right, after a long and bloody War of Independence to secure such a right.  And were damn proud of being such.  No; they were clearly going by American Common Law, aka Natural Law..  And as specifically attested to by George Mason, a leading statesman of the day.
   But to continue.

4  Along with all the judicial decisions that have hinged on his appointees’s rulings.
   From the Supreme Court of the U.S. down.


P.S. I feel that this belongs here, somehow.  As a sort of similar dimensional space:
     Today, after posting this blog, and before going out for my daily outing (in this case, to the beach, on a cloudless weekend day in So. Cal), I did a quick scan of my emails, and signed a Care2 petition to free an elephant in Denmark that has been forced to live in isolation from his (very social) herd - and without any contact whatsoever with any other of his kind - for over 20 years.  To paraphrase my personal comment response accompanying the petition:
     "How we treat our fellow creatures on this planet reflects our individual level of consciousness.  Don't get caught short of your true worth."
     Speaking of Ascension matters, out of the old paradigm...

Friday, 26 May 2017

On Making, And Resting, One's Case

How far from the rule of law - into the rule of men - this country has fallen:

from teaparty.org: ‘BREAKING: 10 Federal Judges DEMAND Americans Surrender to islam, What’s Your Response?’ - Angry Patriot - May 26
(Another example of how TPTB are still trying to overthrow the Trump presidency, because he has 'unexpectedly' rained on their parade into their long-planned-for New World Order:)

“Federal judges invent a new legal standard where all legal precedent can be discarded to resist President Trump.

“The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals invented a new legal standard granting Muslims unlimited power over national security in their decision to maintain the injunction against President Trump’s travel ban executive order (via Breitbart).

“The 10 judges in the majority upheld the decision of district courts that the executive order violated the Fourth Amendment on the basis of campaign rhetoric, inventing a new legal standard.

“The order, called Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry, 'speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination’ ruled the activist judges.

“The court’s decision relies on a newly created legal standard that has no basis in previous Supreme Court decisions. The new standard allows plaintiffs to block neutral government actions on the basis of campaign or private statements.

“‘In looking behind the face of the government’s action for facts to show the alleged bad faith… the majority grants itself the power to conduct an extratextual search for evidence suggesting bad faith, which is exactly what three Supreme Court opinions have prohibited,’ wrote Judge Niemeyer in the dissent.

“‘The majority, now for the first time, rejects these holdings in favor of its politically desired outcome,’ continues Judge Niemeyer, who was joined by just two other judges.

“However, in a 10-3 ruling the majority have their way, and the decision will surely be brought before the Supreme Court where the matter will be settled once and for all.

“The activists’ decision is dangerous, not just for establishing a new legal standard that will have a chilling effect on speech, but the ruling will also allow Muslim plaintiffs to petition the courts to block just about any government action that predominantly affects Muslim-majority countries.

“Further, the court creates a new standard, where the feelings of a plaintiff can grant standing before a court. The Muslim plaintiff attempting to block the executive order was not affected by the travel ban directly, but claims the order increases hostilities towards Muslim-Americans.

“Essentially, the progressive activist judges are creating a new legal standard where the president can be blocked from acting in the name of national security if a member of a minority group finds the action offensive. (Emphasis mine.)

“If this decision is upheld by the Supreme Court, it will effectively block President Trump from taking any action against Muslim countries due to statements he made during the campaign offering unlimited protection to terrorist countries.”


As one of the commenters to this article wrote:

‘By the way, Muslims have said they are not here to migrate, they are here to dominate.”

Just so.  In any event, this is a perfect example of what can happen when a - the - nation drifts away from the rule of law into the realm of the rule of men.  Otherwise known as tyranny, for being subject to arbitrary law.  The law of the majority OR the minority, depending on which one holds the whip.  It is outrageous stuff. And needs to stop


And as another poster wrote:

“[The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals majority] are making law not following the law.”  And as another wrote, in clarifying the matter quite simply:

“In order for it to be a Muslim ban it would have to ban every Muslim from every country which it did not do.”  That is to say, it doesn’t matter what a candidate for the office of the presidency did or did not say at any given point on the election trail - by a slip of the tongue or otherwise -a law or Executive Order is to be judged rightly on what it says.  The Trump travel ban EO does not ban all Muslims, only those of a specific, potentially dangerous, few.

Which Obama, incidentally, did as well.  But then, he was of the political persuasion of the majority judges in this case.

And thus I rest my case.  Except just to end on the specific, and what should be the final, note of the matter:

The president has the specific constitutional responsibility for the national security.

End of story.

P.S. Except to make jut one further observation:
   You will note that it was a Jewish judge who stood against the onslaught of this specious reasoning on the part of the majority in this case.
   Thus, it is not only the Muslims that should not be judged as a whole.
   Or given a blanket pass either, for that matter.

And on this last note, of being discriminating, in the best sense of the word:

See also: Daniel Horowitz’s ’Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America’.  As World Net Daily says, in advertising his book:

“In "Stolen Sovereignty," Horowitz reveals just how truly disenfranchised America voters have become. On issue after issue, he reveals, we are witnessing a transformation of our society before our very eyes, all without the ability to stop it through the political process. We are becoming a government not of the people, by the people, for the people, but of the elites, by the justices, for the few…” 

These are some of the same elites. for example, who are also engaging in child sex and trafficking.  A crime - and a particularly abhorrent one; and including murder - that is going to catch up with them, now.  Because 

it's time.


And for my closing words for the day:

from thecommonsenseshow.com; ‘Why Have All the Combat Troops Been Sent Out of the US?’ - Dave Hodges - May 26
(“Most of America’s combat troops are out of the country. With increases in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Syrian border, Somalia, Yemen, the eastern boundary of the Russia, Korea, and with military maneuvers near Venezuela, there is nobody home.  There is nobody home to protect the people should the Deep state decide to “trigger an event” and lock this country down.  Who will be left to protect the people?
“Subsequently, we have to ask the question, why are all of the combat troops outside the United States?”

Stan May 26, 2017 at 10:30 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Yes, Dave, it’s very important to point these sorts of things out. These people that we are up against have been planning for the takeover of the U.S. for a long, long time; are very ardent in their belief system, that leads them to want to fasten onto humanity their totalitarian New World Order, and have the power to do so. It’s up to We, the People to rise to this occasion, as our Founding Fathers did in their time: that government of, by, and for The People shall not perish from the Earth.

Thanks for the alerts.