Thursday, 31 July 2014

Time - And Past? - To Act

AKA He's Rubbing Our Noses In It

(This item was preceded by watching the video, on another e-newsletter site, of a local TV station near San Antonio, Texas reporting on a recently renovated FEMA camp in their vicinity, turning it into 'suites' for 535 'residents,' including children; complete with soccer field, basketball court, a children's playroom, and six sets of clothing, including shoes, for each, er, inmate.  I kid you not.
     North American Union, anyone???) 

from 'Congressman: 'Americans Should Learn Spanish' - July 31
("We’re being invaded and the invaders are winning.  Check it out:…")

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (July 31)

“Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish." Obama, on the campaign trail in 2008. So, we knew as early as that what this Usurper and his cronies in crime were up to. So what has the Republican Party done about it, as the official opposition party in our two-party system? Nothing of note. So it's up to We the People of America. And NOT of the North American Union; which is what this nonsense is all about. The New World Order, of both the far Left and the far Right.
We have to be careful in our reaction to all this outrageous stuff. because TPTB and their useful idiots are just waiting to pounce on such 'reaction' to their revolution, as classically understood by the Marxists. It can't be a piecemeal job, or they'll pick us off one by one. And it can't be left up to the elections in November, because the Patriots haven't cleaned up the voting process sufficiently yet, of all sorts of voter fraud, to be able to trust them; plus we may not have that long, with measures such as the neat camp for 'residents' all renovated for families near San Antonio attracting thousands more of illegals to come here and be taken care of, courtesy of Obama's border-shattering policies. So: careful. But bold.
My scenario: A lightning raid on the White House, by Oathkeepers, retired and current, and including Constitutional Sheriffs - with a multitude of Patriots having their backs - to arrest the Usurper (he is NOT a 'natural born citizen;' too long a subject to go into here) and hold him for trial; also holding for trial all those in the Democrat Party - including Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden - who were direct parties to the Usurper's illegal candidacy and its confirmation; the sitting Congress to be dissolved by The People as well, for not doing their constitutional job in reining in a wayward executive; and The People appointing an Officer OF The People to hold the executive space until new elections can be held, and in the meantime, to clean out that nest of vipers in the executive branch of government. Before the Satanists behind this putsch for power do something terrible - like a false flag op - to try to cement their position.
And all that is just for a start, to get this nation back on track, to its rightful spiritual destiny. Not its downfall at the hands of statists (both socialists and fascists), who think to turn humanity into mere cattle, slaves to their elite oversight, as knowing better what is best for them. Or at least, better for the ruling Order, over a suitably cowed and cattleized populace, in their totalitarian New World Order; where people no longer have a legitimate exercise of their free will. Only duty to the almighty state. Or to be done away with. (ObamaCare Death Panels, anyone??)
Our choice is clear. It's time to activate the clean-out of these vermin, these would-be Masters.

If battle stations aren't called for now, I don't know when they should be. Before it's too late. And we have a boot stomping on our faces for generations to come. Until a generation of TRUE Patriots can rise up, and do the job, that is actually called for NOW.

On Not Getting Away With Things

I wasn't cut out for a life of crime, or even close to it.  I remember my first brush with 'the law'.  I was junior high school age or younger, when one of my neighborhood friends told me one day that he had just stolen a candy bar from the market.

I didn't know that kids did that sort of thing.  But -


…Would I ever have the courage to try such an audacious thing??...

Screwing up whatever I had of that elusive elixir, I biked down to the market, and tried to figure out how to go about doing the daring deed.  Standing just outside a checkout counter, I scanned the candy bar stock there, and figured that if I took a few of them, one at a time, and studied them, and then put all but two of them back - one to slip into my pocket and one to purchase - that would do the trick.  Probably telegraphing my intention to all but the most obtuse of store attendants - not to mention every person within sight in the whole place - I casually did the deed; and while waiting my turn to go to the open field and all the way for a touchdown, a young store attendant came up to me and asked me quietly, "Are you going to pay for the one in your pocket?," and I said yes, and did so.  And never tried that sort of thing again.

Well, not that specific sort of thing.  Not having learned my lesson fully, I tried to go down that road again in life, in high school; in my 11th grade, when I was in an office, doing something or other, and noticed a pile of papers that had just been mimeographed and were awaiting pickup by the teacher.  Being the curious sort, I looked at them more closely, and realized that they looked very much like test papers for my History class.  A  should-I-or-shouldn't-I tug of war ensued for a moment, and then I gave in to the temptation, and took a copy.  (Heck; kids did that sort of thing all the time.  And wasn't I a kid???)1  It proved indeed to be an upcoming test for my History teacher's classes.  I actually knew most of the answers anyway - History being one of my strong points, and favorite subjects in school - but in the event, missed a few of the questions on purpose, in order not to appear too suspicious.  And, as it turned out, did more poorly on the test than some of the kids in the class whom I usually did batter than on such tests.

About now you may well be figuring that I had learned my lesson in life about this sort of thing.  But some of us are hard learners.  (Indeed, I had to study hard to get the grades that I did; was not a 'natural'.)  And I finally met my Waterloo in such matters, when, in the twelfth grade (about to graduate…), in a test in my Physics class, I wasted good time by trying and trying to figure out the answer to one question in particular, and, time up, went to turn my paper in in sheer frustration; whereupon, in that state of mind, I just scribbled in an answer to it from the paper that had just been turned in ahead of mine.  Bad move.  A day or so later, when our instructor was talking to the class about the test, he mentioned how, in all of his classes, only two of his pupils got the correct answer to question number such-and-such.  He identified the two students in question, one of whom was me, and then looked at me and said, "I couldn't see from your notes how you figured it out, Duane."

"I took a wild guess," said I, thinking fast.  

That was as far as that embarrassing situation went.2  But it stayed with me, through graduation; and I figured - finally got - that, for whatever reason, I just wasn't cut out for that sort of thing.  And didn't like it, anyway.  Preferred the 'system' that I encountered in university, when, in attending Stanford (up north in the San Francisco Bay area; known as 'the Harvard of the West'), I discovered that they had what they called the Honor System, whereby you could take your exams back to your rooms if you wished to, were just bound by the school's code not to cheat.  Hey - that was cool, I thought.  I could relate to that.  They're treating us like adults, I thought.  And never failed to honor the code.

Ah.  Adults.  And now I come to it; the salient point of this essay.  

I am disgusted by two things regarding Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama's election to and ineligibility for the presidential office.  No. 1: that he (and his handlers) tried it.  And no. 2: that he  got away with it.  Is, getting away with it.  Because of a citizenry that has failed to do its civic duty, and uphold the rule of law in the country: the Constitution.  Thus opening the country to the rule of men.  And takeover, by despots.

Disgusted; not because I am clean as a whistle in that sort of regard.  But because I've seen what not living by Truth can lead to:

the modern world.  In dire jeopardy.  As we speak of such things.3   


1 , trying to prove that status to myself.  Even though not feeling it very much.  Another story.

2 I often wondered, afterwards, if any of the kids in the class figured out what the deal was.  I didn't sit anywhere's near the other smart student in the class; what was our teacher alluding to???  
     Oh well - time to move on.  Class dismissed.

3  For example:

"You’re not going to believe what just happened to a friend of mine…
"We all know that Obama and Big Government have been up to some seriously shady stuff (IRS scandal, NSA cover-up, etc), but this one really takes the cake…
"My buddy Frank Bates has been working on putting together some pretty incredible survival food packages at prices that any patriot can afford, and I guess FEMA must have got wind of what he was doing, because FEMA just contacted his supplier and attempted to buy up his ENTIRE stockpile.
"FEMA’s been caught red-handed hoarding survival food!"…

Of Revolutions 'Left' And 'Right'

In my lasst blog I posted a comment that I made (to a article) that talked about my attitude towards the "revolutionary takeover of 'the high ground' in America" by the Obama far Left faction.  I don't want it to appear that I am one-sided about this business, of the takeover of the American nation, for ulterior, New World Order-type purposes.  The so-called far Right (meaning fascists; certainly not the likes of the John Birch Society members, who are as far from such statists as they come, in wanting to get the nation back to its small-government roots) has been involved as well, in the carrying-out of the "new Pearl Harbor" of 9/11.  

Listen to 9/11 'truther' Kevin Barrett on the subject:*

"Is Catholicism a living force of morality and truth? American culture has long harbored a virulent anti-Catholic strain of Protestant extremism that considers the church and its faithful to be terminally corrupt—a prejudice less widely noted, but just as deplorable, as anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Sometimes events seem to confirm that view: priestly pederasty, Jesuitical intrigues, mafia connections and papal poisonings seem to paint a picture of a decadent institution. Yet voices of truth and justice continue to speak out from within the church, from the grassroots to the papacy, showing that a real Catholic moral-spiritual tradition lives on.

"The two-book series Neoconned! offers an eloquent, almost overwhelming chorus of such brave voices. Published by IHS press, “the only publisher dedicated exclusively to the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church,” Neoconned! and Neoconned Again exposes the Iraq blitzkrieg as a war crime of the first magnitude. Together, the two volumes include a grand total of 62 essays, plus forwards and appendices, by an impressive array of academics, theologians, church officials, writers, and political and media figures spanning the political spectrum from Noam Chomsky to Pat Buchanan, and traversing the church hierarchy from Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviania and Bishops Hilarion Capucci and John Michael Botean to ex-prisoner of conscience Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia. About half the contributors have Ph.D.s, and many of the others are household names. If you have an intelligent friend who still isn’t sure that the Iraq war marks America’s descent into pure evil, please lend him or her these books.

"Best of all, the second volume, Neoconned Again, includes two brilliant, hard-hitting 9/11 truth essays, as well as a great many oblique references to the neocon “New Pearl Harbor” coup d’etat. Unfortunately, it also includes essays that refer to the official “19 Arabs” Big Lie in such a way as to imply that the author believes it. Just for fun, I went back through the book counting the 9/11 references. According to my quick survey, Neoconned Again includes 14 references (in ten essays) that take the official story for granted; ten that cast doubt upon it indirectly or through innuendo; and three clear statements that the official story of 9/11 is a lie. I would guess that this is an accurate reflection of the sentiment within the US antiwar movement: About half of those who oppose the war still believe the official 9/11 myth; about 40% have doubts and lean toward LIHOP (let it happen on purpose); and perhaps 10% or so have done their homework and know that it was an inside job, or MIHOP (made it happen on purpose). The trend, of course, is toward 9/11 truth and toward MIHOP. A long and growing 9/11 truth honor roll, whose members are moving ineluctably toward MIHOP, testifies to the fact that everybody is changing their minds in only one direction: toward stronger and stronger versions of 9/11 truth.

"With all due respect to the powerful antiwar essays in this volume, the ten that accept the official story of 9/11 are going to have a very short shelf-life. A few years from now, writings that speak forcefully against the Iraq war, but accept today’s official version of 9/11, are going to look like dodos: dumb, extinct, and irrelevant. The few who courageously say today what will seem obvious tomorrow will be hailed by posterity.

"Let us pass over the dodos and go straight to the heroes: Francis Boyle, Maurizio Blondet, and Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. Francis Boyle, a Harvard-educated international law specialist who teaches at the University of Illinois, drops the following three-sentence bombshell: “It is clear that bin Laden was a pretext, and 9/11 was a pretext. They needed a pretext to go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and they created the conditions to make it possible. It also seems to me that they knew the 9/11 attacks were going to happen, but that’s another story.” The interviewer responds: “Indeed. There’s a lot about the mainstream story of 9/11 that doesn’t make sense, but that is, as you say, another story” (373).

"Dismissing a war-triggering act of high treason and conspiracy to commit mass murder as “but that’s another story” seems incongruous to say the least. The remarks are symptomatic of the self-imposed repression that surrounds the topic of 9/11. But Professor Boyle is a brave and intelligent man, and he will undoubtedly be speaking even more forcefully about this “other story” in the not-too-distant future.

"Aside from Professor Boyle’s aside, there are only two other essays in Neo-Conned Again that speak clearly and forcefully about 9/11. But those two essays alone are worth the price of the book. The first is Col. Donn de Grand-Pre’s blistering indictment of the neocons, the Iraq-war, and the 9/11 war-trigger coup. Col. de Grand Pre led a group of high ranking military officers who, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, met to share their view that a coup had taken place, and decide what, if anything, to do about it. He has spoken out a few times since then, but his essay “Nemesis and Name-Calling” seems to be his major statement to date. (Note: Col. de Grand-Pre should be invited to contribute to 9/11 truth publications and conferences.) In “Nemesis and Name-Calling,” he lucidly rips the folly of the war, offers qualified praise of CIA defector Michael Scheuer’s criticisms of “war on terror” policy, but then unleashes this zinger:

“'The second main criticism of Scheuer’s thesis is related to the first: his book seems to take at face value the official version of the event that launched the GWOT, the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It isn’t necessary to enter into speculation or conspiracy theory to understand that there is a huge gap between the facts and the ‘official story.’ It is clearly problematic when people are said to make cellular phone calls on a plane from an altitude where it is technologically impossible to do so, or when steel girders are said to melt due to a fire that never reached the temperature required for them to do so. These and so many others are questions of fact, and not interpretation. It is all reminiscent of the Warren Commission, which concluded that there was no ‘conspiracy’ in the murder of President Kennedy. Few believed that then, and even fewer believe it now' (700).

"De Grand-Pre goes on to cite former UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher’s 9/11 truth essay “The War on Terrorism is Bogus” (The Guardian 9/6/03). Then, in a darkly hilarious passage, he ridicules the al-CIA-duh myth of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the “Scarlet Pimpernel of terror” who hops all over Iraq on his one leg, setting off massive explosions designed to split the Iraqi resistance into factions. How this one-legged legend could wreak such anti-Resistance havoc, without ever being seen by anyone, including the Iraqi Resistance itself, remains a someone, somewhere. The rest of us figured it out a long time ago.

"The second and most important 9/11 truth piece in Neoconned Again is by Maurizio Blondet, a leading Italian journalist and author of September 11th: A Coup d’Etat (Effedieffe, Milan, 2002), Who Really Governs America? (Effedieffe, Milan, 2002), and Osama Bin Mossad (Effedieffe, Milan, 2003). Neo-Conned Again’s editors are to be commended for including Blondet’s “On Luttwak’s Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook” – an absolutely essential five pages of 9/11 truth analysis that every 9/11 activist should Xerox and pass around as a masterpiece of samizdat.

"Everybody knows that the neocons publicly proclaimed their wish for a “New Pearl Harbor” in September, 2000, in Rebuilding America’s Defenses—and got their wish exactly one year later. But few 9/11 truth activists realize that leading neocon military theorist Edward Luttwak wrote a step-by-step how-to manual for 9/11 and published it back in 1968! Luttwak’s Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook is exactly what its name implies: a recipe for a neocon coup d’etat. As Stanley Hilton has remarked, the neoconservatives began planning for a 9/11-style coup d’etat in the 1960s, when many of them were emerging from the University of Chicago and the malign tutelage of crypto-nazi professor Leo Strauss. Classroom discussions were held, late-night bull sessions attended, and dissertations defended on the topic of how to overthrow Constitutional governance in the United States. The long-term project that emerged from this meeting-of-the-sick-minds culminated on September 11th, 2001.

"Those who wish to understand how it happened need to come to terms with Luttwak’s recipe for a secret coup d’etat. I hereby offer a few sample passages from Luttwak, including Blondet’s comments in brackets, and my own in parentheses.

"Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook by Edward Luttwak (Harvard University Press, 1968)

"Chapter 1: What is a Coup d’Etat?
A coup d’etat is not necessarily assisted by either the intervention of the masses, or, to any significant degree, by military-type force...A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the State apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder [JINSA infiltrated the Pentagon in exactly this manner].

"Chapter 2: When is a Coup d’Etat Possible?
The social and economic conditions of the target country must be such as to confine political participation to a small fraction of the population [this is the case in America where non-voters are the majority].
...An illegal seizure of power must take the form of a “Palace Revolution,” and it essentially concerns the manipulation of the person of the ruler. He can be forced to accept policies or advisers, he can be killed or held captive, but whatever happens inside the Palace Revolution can only be conducted from the “inside” by “insiders” (see Webster Tarpley’s discussion of the Air Force One anomalies and threats on 9/11 in Synthetic Terror, p. 272-310) ...if a piece of information, or a given order, is followed up in a stereotyped manner, and if the order comes from the appropriate source, it is carried out...A coup operates by taking advantage of this machine-like behaviour; during the coup, because it uses part of the State apparatus to seize the controlling levers; afterwards because the value of the “levers” depends on the fact that the State is a machine.

"Chapter 3. The Strategy of a Coup d’Etat
We want to seize power within the present system (rather than by changing the system) and we shall only stay in power if we embody some new status quo...This is perhaps a more efficient method, and certainly a less painful one, that that of a classic revolution [this is a perfect description of the neoconservative coup d’etat].
Though we will try to avoid all conflict with the “political” forces, some of them will almost certainly oppose a coup. But this opposition will largely subside when we have substituted our new status quo for the old one, and can enforce it by our control of the State bureaucracy and security forces. We shall then be carrying out the dual task of imposing our control on the machinery of State while at the same time using it to impose our control on the country at large.

"As long as the execution of the coup is rapid, and we are cloaked in anonymity, no particular political faction will have either a motive, or opportunity, to oppose us.

"Chapter 4: The Planning of the Coup d’Etat
The major political parties in developed and democratic countries will not present a direct threat to the coup. Though such parties have mass support at election time, neither they nor their followers are well versed in the techniques of mass agitation. The comparative stability of political life has deprived them of the experience required to employ direct methods... (This partially explains the difficulty of getting 9/11 truth off the internet and into the street, and the lame response of the Democrats.) Though some form of confrontation may be inevitable, it is essential to avoid bloodshed, because this may well have crucial negative repercussions amongst the personnel of the armed forces and the police.

"Chapter 5: The Execution of the Coup d’Etat
With detailed planning, there will be no need for any sort of headquarters structure...In fact, having a headquarters would be a serious disadvantage: it would constitute a concrete target for the opposition and one which would be both vulnerable and easily identified...The leaders of the coup will be scattered among the various teams. [As we can see Luttwak is theoretically discussing an invisible coup d’etat: the infiltrated coup participants speak with the voice of the legitimate government, which they have seized. On September 11th, let’s remember, the immediate entourage of President Bush were not thinking of an Arab attack, but of a military coup d’etat. It is for this reason that the President was taken to a secure location for 10 hours.] (Again, see Tarpley, p. 272-310.)

"We should establish direct communications with as many of the more senior officers and officials as possible to convey one principal idea in a forceful and convincing manner: that the coup will not threaten their positions in the hierarchy and the aims of the coup do not include a reshaping of the existing military or administrative structures [this appears to be exactly the task of JINSA].

"Our immediate aim will be to enforce public order, but our long-term objective is to gain the acceptance of the masses so that physical coercion will no longer be needed...Our far more flexible instrument will be our control over the means of mass communication...In broadcasting over the radio and television services our purpose is not to provide information about the situation, but rather to affect its development by exploiting our monopoly over these media. [This is exactly what the American mass media has been doing since September 11th.]
[The action of the media] will be achieved by conveying the reality and strength of the coup instead of trying to justify it [the emotional blow of the collapse of the World Trade Center was presented with plenty of “reality” and “force” by CNN]. We will have fragmented the opposition so that each individual opponent would have to operate in isolation. In these circumstances, the news of any further resistance against us would act as a powerful stimulant to further resistance by breaking down this feeling of isolation. We must, therefore, make every effort to withhold such news. If there is in fact some resistance...we should strongly emphasize that it is isolated, the product of the obstinacy of a few misguided or dishonest individuals who are not affiliated to any party or group of significant membership. The constant working of the motif of isolation, and the emphasis on the fact that law and order have been reestablished, should have the effect of making resistance appear dangerous and useless. The inevitable suspicion (of “conspiracy theorists” that the CIA is involved)...can only be dispelled by making violent attacks on it...and the attacks should be all the more violent if these suspicions are in fact justified...We shall make use of a suitable selection of unlovely phrases [for example, anti-Americanism? Anti-Semitism?]. Even if their meanings have been obscured by constant and deliberate misuse, they will be useful indicators of our impeccable nationalism.”

"[It seems to this author that these paragraphs describe, with shocking precision, all that has taken place in America since September 11.]

"Luttwak’s recipe for 9/11, by laying bare the mechanism of the coup, can help us formulate a successful 9/11 truth strategy. Take this and run with it to 911truth’s Citizen’s Counter-Coup: …"

* from his article 'NeoConned! A (Very) Partial Book Review, with A Detailed Discussion of [Edward] Luttwak's Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook (the how-to guide used by the 9/11 perpetrators)' - 


So.  America has been attacked from both sides of the political aisle.  But that makes total sense; inasmuch as the power structure behind the modern world is of a pyramid, of power, with the same nest of vipers at the top; playing the 'left' and the 'right' off against each other, in a Kabuki piece of theater, to keep the public mesmerized, and unaware of the machinations going on behind the scenes.

Unaware, no longer.

But that's another story.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Hegelian Dialectic In The Spotlight

1) from 'The Hegelian Dialectic: Offering Communistic Solutions to Fabricated Crises' - David Risselada - July 29
(pointing out that Obama & Co. are operating on a fundamental belief system of the Marxists.  Which also happens to be the Truth.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (now gone July 30)

As people on this thread are noticing, the Hegelian Dialectic historical process, having taken the econo-socio-political order to the global level now, has the Marxists trying to posit that they have, and are, the Synthesis solution: the almighty state, with total control over the world's populace, to brutalize the herd into submission, to their atheistic world view, engaged in Power Over Others as they are (and have been; for long enough, now). Anybody else notice that they have just set up a/the global reaction to their position??
To say: It's time now for the unfoldment of the Truth to its ultimate Synthesis level: a world operating on the principle of Love, of the Creator for Its creation. Love being the essence of the creative process, that has allowed us 'spiritual beings having a human experience' to grow, in understanding, and consciousness, and wisdom. Now, having discovered what it has been all about - and no longer content to remain in the lower grades of The School that has been life as we have known it - to take the whole process up a notch.
Knowing - understanding - that it's graduation time, here on Gaia. Going up in consciousness as well, Herself.
Another part of the story. To say, of The Play that we have been involved in; playing, and exchanging, parts in a Drama of our making. To learn lessons from. And ultimately, to learn the biggest one of all: that
We Are All One. Facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of One Holy Being. As in a hologram. And thus, gods in our own right.
Just having been trying to get it right.

P.S. Oh; and the proofs of a spiritual dimension to this whole thing?
     Too many to go into here.  If you don't believe it: Don't be a coward.  Check it out.


2) from 'Rick Perry to Obama: 'What You Are Doing is a Crime' - July 29
(Gov. Perry has not allowed his National Guard to make arrests.  Yet.)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (July 30)

If the Border Patrol, under the Obama administration, are not doing their proper job, then the National Guard SHOULD "interfere with agents' work". 

This is an extremely serious, nation-threatening matter, this business of our borders having been so terribly breached (by who knows what all 'agents of change'). It's time - and past - that Obama and his administration were 'brought to justice' regarding it; as in other matters. And as for "critics who worry about the troops’ lack of training in immigration law": Well, they would say that, wouldn't they. Defenders of the Obama '[fundamental] transformation of the United States of America' that they are. To say: They have all been in their trenches, waiting for the classically-expected reaction to their revolutionary takeover of 'the high ground' in America, with their 'talking points' all rehearsed and ready to be lobbed, as thick as needed to preserve their takeover from us counter-revolutionaries. 

This, really, is war, ladies and gentlemen; with the far Left having been waging it against Patriots in an active stage ever since they illegally ensconced The Great Pretender in the Oval Office in 2008 - and got away with it because of a bought-and-paid-for Republican opposition party. So, we will have to do the taking back of our nation by ourselves - with the aid of all Oathkeepers, retired and current, and including the Constitutional Sheriffs of the nation. Before the Left has had a chance to consolidate their gains any more than they already have; including via fraudulent voter rolls and insufficient voter-identity policies. The whole thing is a terrible indictment of the people of this (nominally) self-governing nation, who have been asleep at the switch, and allowed the Enemy to establish Itself within the walls; no longer the Enemy at the Gates, but amongst us. But we still have time to make up for our oversight.

If but barely.

Monday, 28 July 2014

P.S. I Couldn't Resist

1) from 'The Impeachment Wars' - Joseph Farah - July 28

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (July 28)

The "tea party movement and conservatives" are not just political "enemies" to Obama and his nation-wrecking crew. They are what that den of thieves and robbers has actually called them: "potential terrorists…domestic terrorists". That is, anyone who would oppose the takeover of the nation by these statists.
I don't call them just 'socialists', because there is an element of fascism about their brand of statism. Whatever to call them: They are the vanguard of the totalitarian New World Order planned for humanity, by TPTB. And they must be stopped. Or there will be a giant boot smashing in the face of humanity for a long, long time. The creature behind which needs to have its ankle bitten, and hard. Enough to cause it to loosen its hold on us. And that means that the Usurper needs to be called on his illegality, by Oathkeepers - with a multitude of Patriots having their backs - as they arrest him, and hold him for trial; along with other members of the Democrat Party, who conspired in Obama's illegal candidacies for the presidency (which list includes Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden). And the sitting Congress dissolved, by The People, for not doing its constitutional job regarding this Imposter; and an Officer of The People appointed, to call for new elections, and oversee a cleaning-out of the scum (who think they are the 'cream') from this illegal administration.
We need to mean business. The NWO crowd certainly does.


Not being very Christ-like, am I; returning Love for hate, and good for evil, and so forth.  Well, that's what they get; for thinking to play fast and loose with MY country.

From sea to shining sea.  And don't you forget it, you sons of Belial; who would think to dissolve it, and make it simply part of a region (the proposed North American Union) of your satanic New World Order.  Having over-identified with your roles, as Dark-force agents helping to unfold an historical process, and truly believing that you are very gods, off your own bats in your belfries.

What impudence.  What arrogance.  What…

Words fail me.

But defense of America - of essential liberty; of a proper exercise of free will, for ALL of humanity - will never.

Put that in your opium pipes and smoke that, for a change.

A real Change.

2) from 'Obama Eyes Giving Millions of Illegals Work Status' - July 28 - orig. posted at Newsmax - July 26

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (July 29)

“As a purely legal matter, the president does have wide discretion when it comes to immigration,” said Stephen Yale-Loehr of the Cornell University Law School. “Just as DACA was within the purview of the president’s executive authority on immigration, so too would expanding DACA fall within the president’s inherent immigration authority.”. 

As I understand it, DACA was part of the DREAM Act, which was specifically turned down by Congress. Thus, it is not just a 'housekeeping' item, subject to the discretionary power of the executive. It is a part of legislation that was refused by the legislative branch of the federal government. Thus, Obama's overruling of Congress in regards to this bit of legislation is the act of a tyrant. And must be dismissed as such.

Congress, are you listening? If not: Out you go, with the Usurper. In a clean sweep of the both of you. And America returned to the rule of law. Post-haste. Before any more of this nonsense goes on.

It's past time for such a cleansing to take place anyway. We the People have been too lenient on Congress in this regard. Either they act. Or we do.

Who's Been Minding The Store?

I am not a happy camper this evening.  A mood that even a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra mealtime rendition of 20 Love Songs couldn't assuage.

I know what a lot of it is due to.  I spent the better half of the afternoon reading in the book I have referred to recently, of '9/11 as Mass Ritual'.  The extent to which some souls have gone in turning their backs on their Creator, and playing with fire, including literally…But that's not all that it's about.

It has to do as well with some of the (voluminous) mail that I have bothered to look into.1  And actually, starting yesterday, when I found myself irritated at two recent requesters who each sent me a dollar bill in their begging-bowl letters,2 and I finally decided to send each of them back the same response (with their dollar bill); to wit:

"Dear (blank),   

"Don't ever send me any more money.  I don't relate well to this fundraising gimmick.  It's too 'hard-core' for my taste."


Another letter today that I got peeved with, but still sent back some financial support for, got off on the wrong foot with me first of all by misspelling a word in the covering letter.  Meaning 'waver,' 'they' spelt it 'waiver' ("And as a 32-year combat veteran of the U.S. Air Force -- I simply never back down from a fight and will never waiver in my commitment to defend our Constitution…"); and then compounded their error with me by putting on their donation sheet something that I have seen before in these letters, but had finally had enough of: a space for ticking 'No (blank), I won't support you in your fight to take these disgusting liberals to task for' etc. etc.  I drew some heavy lines through that 'option' and wrote in below it:

"Don't do this nonsense.  It is an insult to our intelligence.  Fundraiser 'experts': Please note.'" 

And in fact, by then I had really had it, and wrote additionally:

"Can't professional fundraisers ever get anything right?

"Sign me




I didn't want to take my disgust out on the (senatorial) candidate himself, who may well not even have seen the letter that was being sent out over his name.  So, as I said, he got a contribution from me.  

But not double the last one.

And then, suitably warmed up, I let John Boehner and the National Republican Congressional Committee have it.   On their mailing list for receipt of their 2014 Republican Proxy Ballot, to list my 'grassroots' priorities for the upcoming elections, I wrote in my single priority for them:

(tick) 'Remove & jail Obama as the Usurper that he is'

and after crossing out any contribution, I wrote:

"Until the Republican Party does its job of being the opposition party and opposes the Usurper in the Oval Office, you do not have my support."


And as a final touch, I wrote on the back of the return envelope (on which I placed my own postage; for the opportunity to discharge):

"It is NOT 'business as usual' in America.  Wake up!"   

That'll show 'em.


Maybe not.

But I felt better.  

At least I had done something.  About the hijacking of America going on.  Under my partial watch.

Which is, really, what this irritation, and angst, is all about, I realize:

Not only my inability to do more about it.  But my unhappiness with this generation of Americans - my fellow citizens -  for not doing more to keep from happening this slow-motion, Fabian Socialism hijacking of America, and The Dream, going on, before our very eyes.

To say: knowing, that it is about more than even all of the above.  It is about, as well - neatly symbolized in -  the letter, from some time ago, that I got around to opening just this past weekend.  From one of the conservative candidates for Congress that I have been sending financial support to, it turned out to be a Thank you note - and more:

"Though we came up short on Election Day…"   

This would have been for the Republican Party primary.  But - 

Migod.  A true-blue conservative candidate in Idaho, coming up short on Election Day?

In Idaho???…

What is the world coming to.

Climax.  It would appear.



1 I have been in a bit of a funk for some time now anyway, as my mail has piled up.  I am, simply, experiencing contribution fatigue.  There are, simply, too many worthy causes out there, asking for money, for me to keep up with.  And wanting more, and more, and more, out of me.
     It must be in the professional fundraiser's workbook to automatically write back and ask for double the person's contribution - or triple, or quadruple.  Don't let 'em off the hook.  Get 'em while they're hot…     

2 one asking me for double my last donation, and the other asking me for four times what I last contributed to them.  Cheeky bastards.
     Well, it was for four separate candidates.  But still……
     And P.S. Others have engaged in this same gimmick; and usually I have sent them something back with their dollar bill (or make-believe check).  But I have simply had enough of all this crap.
     Including the theme of some other letters that I opened, having to do with the raiding, by Congress, of the Social Security system's Trust funds that has been going on.  For years.
     It is really time to get ON with things.  Not play the same old tunes.  As though the nation were not burning.
     And about to, even worse.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Of Layers Like Veneer - Part II

Taking a break from reading about the appalling extent of the malevolent plotting that went into the satanic ritual that was 9/11, and reading instead various e-newsletters that keep me informed of current events in that general vein - that is to say, of the 'reality' that we are presented with, given to believe, Dr. Goebbels-like, is the real thing - I am moved, on this day of rest, to utter a warning to my fellow souls incarnate on this planet at this particularly critical time; to wit:

The only people who could consider American patriots to be 'potential terrorists' are those who would seek to overthrow the American federal constitutional republic.  Like Obama and his fellow hijackers; who would see American patriots as the ideologically-expected reactionaries, or counter-revolutionaries, to their statist cause, of fastening a satanic police state, first on America, and then, from that high ground, on the rest of the world, for there being no viable opposition left, then, to their dastardly enterprise.1  And since that is, indeed and obviously, what they think, and intend, to do, that is, indeed, how they view American patriots.

Choose your side, Citizen.  Soon, you are going to be forced to, anyway.  And a word of caution: Choose well.  For, on your decision rests the outcome of whether you are going to go up in consciousness, on the stairway to the heavens.  Or down into the bottomless pit of despair, for having sold your birthright for a mess of pottage.  And bottomless, if you keep heading in that satanic direction.  

Oh yes.  There are, indeed, Dark forces at work in the world.  Who would attempt to keep it held in thrall to their cause, of an esoteric elite treating the mass of humanity, not just like their servants.  But like their slaves.  

Mindless, and obedient.  Like cattle.  To be used; and then tossed aside, when no longer needed.

As opposed to what we all are, in the true reality: sons and daughters of a loving God.  Of our loving Parents: the masculine and feminine Principles - of Rest (Be-ing)  and Motion (Do-ing) - and the energetic glue - i.e., Love - that holds them together.  Not the playthings of pirates, of these inferior agents of the Dark forces wishing to enslave us, and keep you from your rightful inheritance.

As I say: Choose well.  But choose, you will have to.  It will not be done for you.  Except automatically, in the absence of your exercising of your free-will decision.  

What this whole thing has been all about.2

And that's all that I'm going to say, at this time.  A word to the wise usually being sufficient.

And you are wise.  You just may not know it.  Yet. 

From the reverse veneer that you have been coated with, in your passages through Life on Earth.  With all of its opportunities for growth.

And its opposite.  



1 Which I characterize as 'statist,' rather than the more obvious description, given Obama's background, and that of his acolytes, of 'socialist,' because it is, really, a combination of both socialism and fascism.  Being the base of the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power being erected on the planet as we speak. 
     Before it comes tumbling down. 

2 And which is what we need to 'get back to': the principle of self-governance, as championed in and by the American form of government.  The principle of the fair exercise of our free will.  Which is our God-given gift. 
     The rest - the Constitution, and all that - can now be left behind, as we enter into the Synthesis stage of Operation Life on Earth.  
     As S.K. Bain says of that principle; as mirrored by the Dark forces, in their belief that they will rule the roost now, at this End of the Age: "{A - the - magic number] mathematically represents the synthesis of all things, the reconciliation of opposites. It speaks of Unification.  Of Union."
     Indeed.  Just not with the god that they serve.  

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Of Layers Like Veneer...


I have been reading a book about the occult-ritual aspects of the satanic ceremony that was 9/11.  Not to go into all those details here.1  Suffice it to say that they will all come out in the Light of a - the - New Day.

And speaking of.

With such events, and the consciousness-raising involved in seeing them for what they are, and have been - the Aha! moments that we are experiencing, about the fiction that we have been forced to live within; for a long, long time, and long enough, now - it is time to take the world's humanity out from under the rule of the Dark forces that it has been under for so very long, and bring it into the Light, of a new day, dawning, as we speak.  And "a new day" meaning as in a New Age.  A New Aeon, or Era; as precursor to Ascension, to a higher level of frequency, vibration, for us humans to operate on now - a higher level of resonance, with our Higher Selves.  For we are more, far more than merely humans.  We are very gods in the making, as it were; apprentices to our Maker, of which we are a part, holographically.

The Dark forces have known this.  And they have done all that they could to keep our awakening from our slumber from happening.  To keep us as slaves to their system, of control; cut off from our intimations of immortality, by such techniques as calcifying our pineal glands,2 through such mediums as fluoride, and the fluoridation scam.  

All that, as part of the sad story that we have been forced to be a part of; acting out, and exchanging, over and over and over, parts in a Play, of our making, and that of our erstwhile Masters - Keepers, cultivating us like ants do aphids, and then tossing us aside when no longer needed, to be of service to them.  Or could not be, as we began our awakening process, each individually at first, to the Dark Night of the Soul that we have all been engaged in collectively.

Now to end.  For Good to take place.  The Goodness of the true Creation.  Not this facsimile, this Illusion that we have been incarcerated in.  For reasons referred to in our history as The Fall.3  We are to be, now, the Masters of our Fate that we have always been, under the veneer of our - seeming - separation from Source.

Now, watch us soar; as we take on the wings of our transformative stage, from the creepy crawly stage of our development that we have been in - been kept in - long enough.  

Action stations.  It's takeoff time.



1 You can check them out for yourself: The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 As Mass Ritual by S.K. Bain.  Building (as acknowledged) on the work of two other researcher-authors in particular: William Ramsey, author of Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order; and Michael Hoffman, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.  Also, noting William Wynn Wescott for his book Numbers: Their Occult Power And Mystic Virtues.
     You did know that we have been under varying forms and degrees of mind control, didn't you?  Well, didn't you??
     If not, why not?  You've been alive during this whole time, haven't you?
     Well; haven't you??  A good, self-governing citizen, and so forth???    

2 Ever wonder what that sculpture of a pine cone - or at least, of what looks like a pine cone - was doing in a square of the Vatican City??? 

3 Not to go into those details here.  Time enough.


P.S.  from PAO on July 26:

The Planetary New Year ~~~~ A New Cycle of Time

1512793 679886555381008 1083715673713348706 n
According to the Galactic Calendars that were kept by the Mayans and other advanced races on Earth, the "natural" New Year of the Planet is on 26th of July. Because the more traditional calendars do not keep accurate time in synchronization with Galactic cycles, the 25th of July is designated as the "Day out of Time" when the Earth realigns with Galactic time in preparation for the New Cycle of Ascension and Creation. This is a magical day filled with Joy and Creativity and Magic as the New Energy is birthed.
The 26th marks the New Year itself, as the moment when the New Light Codes are fully grounded and a new cycle of creation can begin. This cycle is always experienced at a higher level of consciousness in the natural order of things, as consciousness is always evolving in an upwards spiral towards Light. However, in your old energy matrix, many have chosen not to move upwards, but to keep cycling round and round in the same old energies and making the same old choices. At this time too, those in power often try to hold the mass consciousness at a level of fear and anger by creating drama and diversion so that the Earth Collective will not "naturally" move upwards but will stay pinned in the levels of fear and violence. It is therefore so necessary, Beloved Family of Light, that you do not allow yourself to be pulled into the mass emotions at this time, but allow yourself to move on the upward flow of evolutionary energy that is "natural" in your existence on Earth.
As you make this choice, individually, and by engaging your Core Power, you will enable others to also begin making this choice. The field of resonance of those making the choice to evolve provides a powerful alignment with Divine Light and enables the Planet to begin more easily aliging with Divine Light. Your choices right now are powerful and can assist the Planet on her journey into Higher Consciousness as a Collective.
10521794 10152541486509557 2552293863336979796 n
In the coming month of August, these energies will culminate at the Lion's Gate on the 8/8, a powerful momet of integration and grounding of the new energies and light codes, and by 12th August your new direction for the upcoming cycle will be established, both on the personal level and on the Planetary level.
Beloved Family of Light, we wish you much Joy as you engage your Conscious Creator Energy and work with the Galactic Diamond Light. May you enter into the Clarity of Heart, Soul and Mind as you create a New Cycle of Time on Planet Earth.
For more from Celia Fenn

…and a good example of the old order of things, that we MUST now supersede.  Not to go back.  But to go forward from here; leaving all the old, compromised behind:

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag - MUST READ!' - July 26 - orig. posted by 21WIRE on July 25
(Too detailed to go into here.  Bottom line: We have been lied to.  Again.)

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  • kibitzer3 says:
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  • July 27, 2014 at 1:18 am 

  • Excellent, detailed article. Thanks for its posting, Jean.

  • One can only hope that the public has now seen enough examples of chicanery [emanating] from high places that it will never believe its leaders again – and move to clean them out wholesale.

    • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
    • kibitzer3 says:
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    • July 27, 2014 at 1:23 am 

    • I should have said, “will never automatically believe”. 
    • Obviously, at some point, we will have leadership from people whom we CAN believe. Because they aren’t trying to sell us on some false-flag-op crapola.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Messages to Reince & Jerry

To: Reince Priebua, Chairman, Republican National Commmittee 

Re: CA Voter Exploratory Republican Presidential Preference Polling Ballot

Dear Reince,

I resent you and the RNC continuing to play fast and loose with Truth and the Constitution.

Just like Obama, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (and perhaps Bobby Jindal as well) are not eligible to run for the presidency, for not being "natural born" citizens.  They were all born dual citizens; and the whole point of the NBC requirement for that office - and that particular office only (since extended logically to the office of the VP) - was to make sure that the candidate, who if elected would become as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, did not have any DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  

Stop trying to play the American public for fools.  The RNC is in enough trouble as it is, for letting Obama off the hook on this issue.



To: Jerry Moran, Chairman, National Republican Senatorial Committee

Re: Renewal of Sustaining Membership

Dear Jerry,

The NRSC is backing the wrong candidate in the Kansas Republican Senatorial primary.

Residency matters.1  (Just like the circumstances of one's birth matter, especially regarding the citizenry of one's father, and the constitutional requirement for one to run for the presidential office; which the Republican Party is also guilty of overlooking, in the case of Obama, and now in the cases of both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.)2

I will not be renewing my membership in the NRSC.  You have not earned it.


[1 The Republican incumbent, a longtime establishment type in the office, has been found to have his primary residence in the town of his special-interest cronies; and who is so far out of touch with the reality that is going on in the nation that he says he doesn't "really know what the Tea Party is all about".  Of course not.  He is one of those bought-and-sold mastodons that the Tea Party is trying to get rid of.]

[2 I have taken Jerry to task before on this issue.  If he reads his 'For the Personal Attn. of' mail.
     One does what one can.] 


I put stamps on both return envelopes.  It was the least I could do, for the opportunity to give them both a piece of my mind.  If it ever reaches them.  But at least, 'it' is out there.


P.S.  Further on the general subject of 'Republican Chamber of Commerce types':

from teapartyC.C.: 'La Raza CEO: 'USA!  USA!' Chants 'Made Me Angry' - posted by Nat'l   Dir. Dee - July 24

 Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (July 24)

It is really very simple:
1a) Close the lid on the honey pot that is attracting many if not most of them here.  That means no more welfare benefits, of any kind - including public/taxpayer-paid education - to anybody who is not either a citizen or legal resident.  As for those who are working 'under the table':
1b) Heavy fines and/or jail time for anyone caught employing illegal immigrants.  And that definitely includes Republican Party Chamber-of-Commerce types enjoying the benefits of hiring illegals for low wages.  
2) Speeding up the immigration process of legal immigrants; who shouldn't be allowed to go immediately onto any welfare benefits, either for them or for their children.  We need to set stricter standards for immigration.  This is a nation.  Not a charity.
 3) Clarifying this 'anchor baby' business, of babies born here to illegal immigrants.  That erroneous attitude is due to a misreading of the 14th Amendment.  If the parents are here illegally, they are still under the jurisdiction of their home country - NOT of the states of the United States.  The children are the citizens of their parents' home country, whether they were born here or not.  
4) This current flood of 'children' (including gang members): It is due to Obama's (unilateral, like a potentate) announcement that no minors in residence/present here will be sent back to their parents' home country.  So 'Come, all ye minors' was the message that went out to Latin America (undoubtedly helped along by Obama's Marxist minions; doing their best, under the Cloward-Piven Strategy workbook, to bankrupt the nation, & thus leave it ripe for plucking). Disgusting stuff, playing with children's lives like that.  In any event, two wrongs don't make a right: Back to their home countries they should go.  Period.  And THAT message sent out, instead.     
As for the La Raza crowd: I wonder how many of them have roots that go back to Spain???... 


P.P.S. And further on the general subject of the Republican Party's involvement in all the chicanery going on these days: I forgot to include it in this disparaging comment on Obama's ineligibility for the office.  Consider it included:

from 'Border Patrol Agents: U.N. Taking Control of America's Southern Border' - July 23 - orig. from


If the government is allowing MS 13 gang members into this country they are traitors. This is one of the most violent gangs of all. This administration will destroy our country and should be impeached.

Reply · Unlike · 31 · 20 hours ago (July 24)

Charlie Shanklin · Top Commenter

Judy Alonso Impeachement is not the answer...that does not remove anyone from office, nor removes or cancels any crap they have done!!!

Reply · Unlike · 13 · Edited · 14 hours ago

Dexter Massolettisr · Top Commenter

Impeachment removes access to power and leaves an empty title. Removal can then find criminal prosecution -- all very tidy and nice, without blood shed. However:
Your reply is not an answer, either impeach or assassinate are the options here now. The damages can be corrected/repaired, but that is another set of questions. A large number of people are going to be upset in a restoration of the Republic in any case. Nothing saves the impoverished.
There is no reset button for this game -- it is a matter of Life or Death.

Reply · Unlike · 22 · 7 hours ago

Rick Ranger Mitchell · Top Commenter · Hurst, Texas

Dexter Massolettisr Impeachment is the same as an indictment in criminal court. It DOESN'T "remove access to power or leave an empty title". ONLY a conviction by the Senate removes them from office, and that has never happened in our history. Twice has a President been impeached but not convicted and removed from office. Also, a conviction wouldn't leave an empty title, just as in the case of the death or resignation of the President, the Vice-president assumes the office and is sworn in as President.

Reply · Like · 6 hours ago

Dexter Massolettisr · Top Commenter

Your view only appears somewhat sound as you conflate political power with the office that can actually wield it -- impeached, Obama has no political capital, with more than two years left then in the empty chair. To bring him to the criminal justice system means he must be removed from the office by a guilty verdict from the Senate, kicking and screaming, but with not a single straw to grasp on to. That part is the least of our concerns.
You had best look again at impeachment for what it really is -- not the eye-wash being slavered on the uniformed. Because, some like to say, he cannot be impeached because he is not legally the president -- critical thinking requires common sense too. 
To oppose impeachment actually supports only the alternative: assassination.
As it stands right now, Obama is already very close to being cold meat.
Reply · Like · 5 hours ago

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (July 24)

Dexter Massolettisr: There is another option. Obama, being an illegally sitting president (for not being a bona fide 'natural born citizen'), can be arrested and removed from the purloined office by Oathkeepers, active and retired (including Constitutional Sheriffs) - with a multitude of Patriots having their backs - and held for trial. And since the Democrat Party is an accessory to the fact of his illegal candidacies, its officials go to trial also; as do both VP Biden and Nancy Pelosi, for being involved in the coverup. And that means that the federal elections of both 2008 and 2012 are null and void. And that means a) that we start over, with a clean slate; or that b) we move on, into a 'better day' for the country. The latter of which options means that we draw an end to the Play, that we have all been actors in - playing [, and exchanging,] parts, to learn from - and graduate from the school of 3D life; moving closer to our real identities, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. 

The latter of which options also requires us to grow up. I think we can do it. But then, I'm prejudiced; because I am a firm believer in The Process, and The Purpose.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It's All Set, Then

Two things of note in my life recently.  

One.  On my daily walk today I got thinking about the insidious, sinister ways of men who have turned their backs on The Light.  Take the state in socialist countries.  It takes a huge chunk of every citizen's income, and in return, it gives them things, education, welfare benefits galore, etc. etc.  And in return for that, you not only give it your allegiance.  You give it your subservience.  You become a subject of the state.  The state says 'jump,' and you jump.  

You are not standing in your own power, that way; a sovereign in your own right.  That is not the Way of our Creator.  That is the way of those denizens of the dark who would capture you in their web, and suck you dry of your substance.1  

And I was reminded of that - that we have enemies amongst us - when I returned to my little apartment, and checked my day's mail, and came across an interesting mailing (not one of 'the usual suspects' asking me for even more money to fund their particular worthy cause).2  Marked 'Confidential & Urgent,' it turned out to be from an outfit that, yes, is selling one something; but had an intriguing comment on its cover; to wit:

"Starting just weeks from now, a historic event will transform our money supply."  It turns out that:

"On September 16, the Fed [i.e., the Federal Reserve Bank] will deliver a shocking announcement.  It will trigger the final stages of the greatest event in monetary history…the death of cash in America."3  

Ah.  The Fed; that entity that has been issuing fiat currency like mad for years now; ostensibly to prop up the economy, but in reality, bankrupting the country.  And we are supposed to trust these guys with running a cashless society???

'Your access to your account has been terminated.  Email (blank) for further information.'

Which brings up the other of the two things of note in my life recently:

how I was canceled from being able to make comments on an e-newsletter site.4  Boom.  That was it.  Simply - "You gone," as the Moderator said.  

So where am I going with this blog.  I am going to go all the way to the end of the process that we are involved in.  You see, it all makes sense (in a Hegelian take on such things).  The Cabal is now making its major moves for total control over the world.

And that's where the next stage comes in.  The stage, of Synthesis.  

The real stage of Synthesis.  Not their stage; which they think of as the Synthesis stage of the historical process, but which is merely the antithesis stage of the process.  To say: Yes, humanity is going to move into a cashless society; which will trigger massive prosperity for all.  But as part of the spiritual development of humanity.

Whereby we share our goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the one of profit (and the current system's 'money as debt' mechanism, with interest-bearing money, and fractional-reserve banking).  Out of the highest motive that we could ever hope to attain to:

out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  

Out of, in a word: Love.

That's where we are headed.  Not into the terribly totalitarian New World Order planned for us by the Cabal, and its minions.  Who hoped to have Power Over others.

Rather than Power With.  Each other.  As we attain to more of our true selves.  And lead our way into a new, Golden Age.

On our way to our ultimate Ascension, to the more rarified realms, of this beatific Creation.

Just waiting for us to claim them.



1 I just recently posted a blog in which I copied a comment I made on a Christian-themed thread, wherein I said, in part, that '"(t)here is no Other".   On reflection - in large part, occasioned by my starting to get into a book detailing the occult background to "the largest occult ritual in the history of the world," that of the 9/11 'ceremony' - I need to edit that statement a bit.  There are some souls who have forfeited their membership in the body of the Creator, and have set out on their rebellious own, thinking they are very gods in their own right, off their own bat, as it were.  (Such hubris.)  I forgive them - that is our job; to try to bring all souls back with us to the loving House of our Source.  But I repudiate them.  They are, indeed - if not in fact - Other.  Having taken on too deeply and personally the identity of their roles, in the Grand Play of Creation.
     Designed to assist us to grow.  Not get stuck in the Drama along the way.    

2 I wish I knew which of all the outfits out there in this country one can trust, and which ones are just fronts in boiler-room operations that take your money and toss your petitions and what-nots in the bin.
     Comes the revolution…

3 It further turns out that "for every one physical dollar the government creates, it [already] creates $162 electronic dollars".  And with more and more outlets for goods and services (including government agencies) quietly refusing to take cash in exchange, the movement is taking on the momentum of a fait accompli.
     Just what TPTB (for a short while left yet) are rubbing their hands together over, with smirky glee.  Actually, being a force ultimately for Good.  Another matter.  

4 As I said in a very recent blog (not everybody who comes here is ofay with all my writings), a conservative site had posted on it a comment about Ted Cruz's likely run for the presidency in 2016.  Along with another poster,  I commented on his ineligibility; and that occasioned my termination - from making any more comments on that site, ever, period.  What?? It turned out that that site has a policy of letting comments through about such as the poster's desirability of Ted Cruz's run for the presidency in 2016, but not letting anyone refer to his ineligibility for the run.
     No 'birthers,' regarding either Obama or Cruz, allowed…
     One has every reason to suspect that that site is one of the fascist, New World Order sites that we need to keep our eyes open for, as things heat up for that presidential run.  
     If it ever even comes to it.