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On Getting Fed Up

from  ‘Meet the climate change bigoted professors who BANNED informed debate: Rebecca Laroche, Wendy Haggren and Eileen Skahill… NO THINKING ALLOWED’ - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger - August 31

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 31)

(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News.)

At some point the truth will out, in a big way. Not just about the climate change thing; but the real reason for all the hype and bullying about it. It's science in service of Mammon. And not just as in money. But as in power, and control.

The New World Order crowd seized on this AGW-oops-'Climate Change' tool a long time ago as a way to pry out of their way the old 'opportunity' carrot (for its tax monies) and put into place their vaunted, long-term global police state. The really Big farts saw that they needed to harness the idealistic youth to their cause, so they created a meme for socialism: the affluent U.S. needed to be cut down to 3rd world size, because its affluent lifestyle was wrecking the world, etc. (thus the call for 'equality' over 'liberty').  Never mind that the corporate gangsters would end up in control of the operation; a little feel-good scam could go a long way. As in basing the world's currency on carbon use (see the Trilateral Commission's take on that little scheme); and oh-by-the-way, thus painting a bullseye on everybody's chest, as a carbon emitter. Result: the equivalent of the ‘dead peasants life insurance' scam of old. (And as practiced on 9/11, not so incidentally; some bastards making money on the deaths of their employees, in that obscene false-flag op.) But who would miss a few billion people anyway; right? They - we - are just 'useless eaters' after all, to these bozos in business-as-usual suits.

Please keep calling it like it is, Mike. We need such as your voice in the public arena. To help compete with the louder voice of our erstwhile masters. Now going for our throats, in their slowly slowly move to stifle the Internet. Not content with their control over the MSM. Too much leakage going on. Of the Truth of things. In The People's Voice. Can't have 'the little people' having a say in things. They must learn their place. Which is not even sitting at the table. But meekly on their haunches.  Like severely trained dogs.

Who hopefully will now bite the hand that feeds them.

And get away with it.

With a little help from our friends.

In high places.


from ‘9/11 Conspiracy Gets Support From Physicists’ Study’ - August 31
(A number of obvious trolls out earning their keep on the thread, and some perhaps just misled commenters.)


This is such hogwash for many reasons. I used to work at the WTC for Morgan Stanley. The security there was 24 hours a day and everyone had to go through it. How could anyone get the equipment needed for a controlled explosion in each of the buildings in place undetected? If anyone has ever seen a video of a controlled building destruction they've seen that flashes from explosions are seen coming from all the floors as each floor explodes. That was not seen coming from any of the buildings. Asbestos was sprayed on the steel beams that were used to support the building. That sprayed on asbestos was jarred loose by the impact of the planes. The flames from the burning fuel and subsequent burning materials created a heat intense enough to soften the exposed steel so that it could not support the weight above it. As the steel gave way to the weight of the building above the break, in the structure of each tower, the structure above the break collapsed, causing each tower to collapse like a house of cards, as each floor added more weight to the force of the collapsing upper structure onto each floor below as it fell. It was like a snowball rolling downhill. The buildings fell faster as the weight coming down increased with each collapsing floor. Building 7 caught on fire from falling burning debris and subsequently collapsed. 
One of my clients at Morgan Stanley was a police forensic expert who was involved in the trial of the original attempt to take down the WTC in 1993. He explained to me what they were trying to do, and why they failed. They were trying to blow a giant hole at the base of the tower, and weaken the support of the structure causing the weight of the building to collapse and fall over. Just like chopping down a tree. The mistake was the placement of the truck filled with explosives. It was parked in the wrong spot and the explosion went the wrong way. But Osama Bin Laden always intended to use the weight of the building against itself.



         kibitzer3 Donald Bader a few seconds ago (August 31)
  • You haven't done your homework on this issue. Examples: Mysterious crews from tinted-window cars were seen going into the buildings days prior in the dead of night after the cleaning crews had finished their shifts. Also, the CCT cameras were suspiciously off - for 'emergency work' - a couple of weekends before the op, with employees noticing concrete dust on their window sills on their Monday morning returns. (The owners of the security company for the buildings are suspect. As are the airport security at the designated airlines.) First-responder firemen reported seeing "flashes from explosions...coming from all the floors as each floor" exploded. There is more.  (Especially including the total pulverization of so much of that material, and some of it even seen whisping away into thin air.  This was more than just ‘controlled demolition,’ granted.)

  • All the info needs to come out - ALL - at an independent, comprehensive investigation. Not one controlled by some of the suspects.

It's time, and past, for all this sort of thing to come out.  We're living in a fantasy land.

As a former CIA Director said to his new 'charges': 

"We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything that the American public believes is false."

Not Only In America

It really is time for the American people to wake up out of their trance.  Items:

from ‘Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days…no matter who wins the election’ - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger - August 30


"Obama will open the borders wide open and even encourage as many illegals as possible to invade the USA in a final "mad dash" to the USA."

What? Obama has deported more people than any other president. Why would he let them back in?


         Canadian Friend Charlotte an hour ago 
  • You believe what the main stream media says obviously.

  • Other President deported something like a fraction of one percent, Obama deported a little more, which is still a microscopic number.

  • in the end millions of illegals are still entering the USA even is Obama deported a handfull or two more than other Presidents.

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  • Big Guy
    Charlotte 2 hours ago 

  • I'm sorry, but you've been fooled by the dishonest obama administration. They fudged the deportation numbers to make them seem a lot more impressive than they were. They counted people attempting to enter illegally turned away at the border by border patrol agents as deportations, when those were never counted as deportations in the past.
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               kibitzer3 Big Guy a few seconds ago 
                Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News. 
                Well spotted, and reported on, Big Guy.
               There will be a lot of such distortions and propaganda from the MSM, as we head 
                for Countdown Final. The NWO crowd have been planning this takeover for 
                years. They're not about to give up their best-laid schemes just yet…

from ‘Obama to ratify’ climate change treaty without getting Senate approval’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - August 29/30 (orig. posted at - Rick Moran - August 29) 

Reply by Stan Stanfield 5 seconds ago (August 31)

The U.S. is reaping what it sowed when it ignored the Constitution in regards to the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency, and The People let both major political parties hoodwink them (i.e., the American eagle) on the matter, assuming that the Republican Party would have said something about it if Obama wasn't in fact eligible.   Big mistake.  In rather fact, the Repubs then have tried to run their own ineligible candidates through that hole in the USS Constitution - which was the whole point of the exercise in the first place; both political parties having found out by experience (8 times between 2003 and '08 alone) how difficult it would be to get a constitutional amendment going on the matter.  
The historical record is very clear on the matter:  "The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens..."   That is the definition of a 'natural born' citizen that the constitutional Framers were going by; and that eligibility requirement STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  Thus, all that needs to take place is that the Usurper either voluntarily resigns - knowing that the jig is up - or is arrested, by Oath Keepers, and held for trail (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason).  And that way, all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made - including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts - go with him, into the trash bin.  

Before his minders orchestrate a 'state of national emergency,' giving him the excuse he needs to declare martial law, and the Constitution is thereby dispensed with in one fell swoop, rather than by the death of a thousand cuts that it has been subjected to so far.  And the takeover of the country by the New World Order crowd is complete; all except for the mopping-up operation, of all of us patriots, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Supporters, Ron Paul Supporters, veterans, and Christians that they have targeted for disposal.

Our options are rapidly dwindling before our eyes.  


And then there's the 'binary chemical weapon' that Mike Adams has reported on: how TPTB have used the (false) Zika virus scare for a one-two punch: have combined the widespread recommendation for people to lather themselves with DEET - a neurotoxin - with the bombardment of our cities with a class of pesticides - called carbamates - that work in synergy with the DEET to cause major neurotoxicity (they both interfere with neurotransmission).  Fear, confusion, memory loss, loss of decision-making capability, weakness.  A feeling of helplessness.  Of 'can't escape'.  So we might as well submit to their mastership over us...


The New World Order crowd are clearly making their move.  With Hillary's invalidity more noticeable by the day, she may not make it to the November elections, even if TPTB have managed to pre-position their electronic voting machines to give her the nod.  They know they can't take the chance.  They have worked too many years, and expended too much effort, to have it all blow up in their faces now.  So: they have begun their major assault.   

It is up to us - We the People - to weather it.  And make our move, in response.

While we still can.

Monday, 29 August 2016

A Visitation

‘Nice to have you back, sir.  We’ve missed you.’

’As it would appear.’

‘ - Um; would you, care to… ‘

‘Let me ask you something.’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘You here in this country have a constitution.’

‘Oh, yes, sir.  Indeed, sir.’

‘Which you call ‘the law of the land’.’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Except when it isn’t.’

‘ - Um…would to…’

‘Elaborate a bit on the impression.  Yes, I certainly would care to.

‘I understand that it is a contract.  Between the several states and the federal government.’

‘..Yes; sir…’

‘You hesitate.’

‘Well; you see, we wouldn’t call it, quite, a ‘contact’.  Sir.’

‘What would you call it.’

‘…Well; it’s...uh…’

‘An agreement.’

‘Yes.  Sir.  That would..cover it.  I would think.’

‘An agreement, between two parties.’

‘Yes, sir.’

’So, if one party to the agreement changes its meaning…’

‘…Uh...would to…’

‘I most certainly would.  

‘You have a phrase called ’original intent,’ or ‘original understanding’.  Is that correct.’

‘..Yes, sir.  It - ‘

’So that you understand, that the words in the ’agreement’ mean what they meant to the parties to the agreement.  is that correct.’

‘… - I see where you are going with this, sir.’

You do.’

‘Yes, sir.  And I would just say, that, you must understand, that meanings of words can change, over time.’

‘Yes, they can.  I understand that.  So, how do you deal with that.’

‘ - Why, we..just…deal.  With it.  We…come to an understanding.’

‘An understanding of the new meaning of words.  Tell me, who decides this new meaning of the words of the agreement?’

‘Why, the lawyers.  And the judges.’

‘The judges. Yes, I understand that you have a body called the Supreme Court.  So, you are saying, that this body is the ultimate arbiter, of the meaning of words in the agreement.’

‘Uh - why; yes.  That’s…’

‘So, words mean what they say they mean.’

‘…Um..why, yes.  In a sense.  It’s called ‘interpreting the law’ .’

‘Based on what.  Their personal socio-political proclivities?’

‘ - Well.  Not…really.  It’s based on…their…wisdom.  In a sense.’

‘In a sense.  Well, let me say, at this point, that, ‘in a sense,’ I’m out of here.’

‘Wait!  - Sir!  Where - what…’

‘You people are still too primitive for me to be able to take, with me, to the higher realms.  This isn’t going to work at this time.  A shame.  We were preparing for you.  But it has been your choice.  

’So: Goodbye.  Good luck.  You’ll need it, if you continue down the road that you are on.  Which may end, at any moment.  For what you have engendered.  By not being able to live by, and under, The Law.’

‘The law.  What law is that, sir?’

‘The Law of reaping the consequences of your actions.  It’s 101, really.

’Well.  See you next tine around.’

‘What - how do you mean that?  Sir?’

‘Not based on my personal socio-political proclivities, that’s for sure.   Anyway: You’ll get it, sooner or later.  That

‘we’ve been here before.’

‘I don’t understand.  Sir.’

‘You will.  When it’s your time to.’

And time to leave the lower grades behind.


And speaking of lower-grades stuff:

from ‘Obama and Johnson Want to “Help” States “Protect Election Integrity”’ - Rick Wells - August 29
(Some 'foreign' hackers got into the voting system of a couple of states.  Leading to: The Obama admin/DHS wanting to insert themselves into state elections?  As Good Guys??  Yeah, ri-i-i-ight…  This is the same federal govt. that has been suing states to keep them from establishing voter photo ID requirements, because it is supposedly 'voter suppression'......I smell a rat.  As if we don't have enough of them in the system already...)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

This is smoke-and-mirrors stuff. The elections are already being stolen by unclean voter registration rolls. We need CERTIFIEDLY CLEANSED voter reg rolls, of all ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters. Plus mandatory photo ID cards, and mandatory exit polls, to check the official results against. And banning the electronic voting machines, which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways. Not just a paper backup system: back to paper ballots to begin with, for a clear paper trail.

CLEAN ELECTIONS OR NO ELECTIONS. This is worse than a banana republic – at least there, the voters have a finger dipped in purple dye. If we’re going to act like children, we should be treated like children.

A Perfect Storm

Subtitled: 'Ready For My Closeup Now, C.B.' 

‘Thank you for coming to answer just a few more questions, Mrs. Clinton.’

‘Well, I should hope so.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘And don’t call me ‘Mrs. Clinton,’ like I was some sort of servant to you.’

‘ - I beg - ‘

‘I am Hillary - Rodham - Clinton.  You got that?’


‘Mr. Chairman, may I respectfully - ‘

‘You people have tried to keep women in ‘their place’ for long enough.  ‘I am woman, and I roar’.  Or however that goes.’

‘Mrs. Clinton - Mrs. Rodham Cl- ‘

‘And anyway, I’ve already answered all your dumb questions.  I’ve told you, that I’ve told you all that I know.’

‘But it turns out that you actually did not, Mrs. - Rodham, Clinton.’

‘I did!  I did!  You are just trying to hound me!’

’No, Mrs. - Rodham - ‘

‘You are!  You are! You are bullying me!  Bullying me!  And I won’t stand for it any longer!  You and your vast right-wing conspiracy, are - wait - did I say that?  Have I already said that here??  I - ‘

‘This is no ‘vast right-wing conspiracy,” Mrs. - Rodham  - ‘

‘It is!  It is!  And I have had just enough of it, from you lot.  When I get in that office, I’ll have your…your… - how does that go?  Your…’

‘Mrs. - Rodham Clinton, - ‘

‘Your heads.  That’s it.  I’ll have your heads.  On…on…well, I’ll have them.  You can be sure of that.’

‘What we are sure of, Mrs. - Rodham - ‘

‘And that’s just enough of that patronizing ‘Mrs.’ crap.  I am Ms Hillary Rodham, Clinton, to you lot.’

‘If I could have a word with you, Mr. Chairman  - ‘

“And you over there, just keep quiet.  I’ll fight my own battles, thank you all the same.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Yes, you.  - Wait.  I’m not talking about your - wait  - what was I saying??  I was saying, …I was saying…???’

‘You were saying enough, Mrs. - Ms - Rodham, Clinton.’

‘What?  What did you - wait - what?  what?? - what is this?? Take your f-  your damn hands off me.  How dare you!  What is this!  I’ll have you lot - your heads - whatever it is - Stop it!  Stop it!  Squawk!  Squawk!  Squa-a-a-a-wk!………’

It is, the end of the line, Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton.  For you.

Go get some rest.  

And take your meds.

Although you might want to check that matter out, with a solid second opinion.  I think we are witnessing a cascade of side effects from the meds themselves.  Call it,

a perfect storm.


And speaking of ‘perfect storms’:

from ‘The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled’ - George Jones - August 29 (orig. posted at - Matt Barber - August 28)
(A study out of Johns Hopkins U - “a meta-analysis of date from over 200 peer-reviewed (and left-leaning) studies regarding ’sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’" -  has ‘found’ that, e.g., “sexual orientation as an innate biologically fixed property of human beings - the idea that people are ‘born that way’ - is not supported by scientific evidence”.  Well, yes, and no…)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 29)


Aside from this study report, there has been for years and years and years considerable evidence that the fetal brain is 'sexed' - oriented - at a particular early stage of pregnancy (I think it is an 8-10-week window, as I recall from my research on the matter) by the hormones of the mother in its hormonal 'developing' bath, so that if the mother's hormones are skewed, that will have an adverse affect on the fetus's brain development, resulting in male-patterned brains being wired into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like trannies. Those hormone levels can be affected by:

abnormal adrenals, of either the mother or the developing fetus or both; what are called endocrine disrupters or estrogen mimics in the environment (water supply), from plastics and pesticides and The Pill; stress, of all kinds (there is evidence that there are more homosexually-oriented babies born in the wake of wars than the 'normal' background 'noise' could account for, e.g.); but perhaps most alarmingly, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard to their effect on the developing fetus. Results: skewed sexual orientations.

No, such skewed 'gender orientation' is not 'normal'. And, it can be corrected - by our paying a little more attention to the environmental causation. And thus the truism, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...We've had quite enough of such children suiciding themselves because their bodies don't match their brain-vectored 'idea' of themselves, don't you think?? Let alone all the other adverse aspects of these effects on society that are going on.

Read 'BrainSex' by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel, among other excellent research reports on the matter. And let's start cleaning up our act. Pronto. The canaries in the coal mine have given us enough warning; wouldn't you say???


But Enough About Hillary..

from ‘Big Pharma and the Depopulation Agenda’ - Dave Hodges - August 27/8 
(The huge cost of prescription medicines in the U.S. is pricing the citizenry out, and they are suffering as a consequence.  (Also of their own stupidity…))

  • Joe Tittiger August 28, 2016 at 6:28 am 

  • For the most part, not being able to get “prescription drugs” should should be a God send. They do little else other than disrupt chemical pathways in order to cover symptoms.

  • ..

  • Stan
    August 28, 2016 at 10:49 pm
    (Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 
  • Joe is right, The world has gone mad. At least in America. 

  • Of COURSE we are sick beyond common sense. Western medicine – better described as the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex – deals in (highly profitable) symptom relief. With symptom relievers that cause side effects that then require other drugs for THEIR treatment. Sweet. 

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or as the Father of Medicine – Hippocrates – said: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
    If Monsanto doesn’t get to it first.


I affirm that the current paradigm, with its corrupt monetary system, collapses in a positive way, and is replaced with a spiritual system of governance and exchange.

I so affirm.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

On Answering The Call

                A lot
Of good men
And some women
Or were maimed
                in body
            and mind
Over the years,
    this country's
Some of those battles
      being suspect,
As the machinations
Of our erstwhile

   A shame.

   No matter
They answered
        the call
Of their country.
And this generation
Of Americans
             will do
       the same
If I have anything
              to do
             with it.
For I Am
An American.

   Come, join me
In taking
Our country
From those who
Would try to
And consign them


Or at least
        to prison
     for a good,


On Being Sorely Affronted

I get mail...

One of the many worthy-cause requests for my financial support is from the Michael New Legal Defense Fund.  If you are not familiar with this particular worthy cause, you probably don’t recognize the name right off-hand, but may have a dim memory of the circumstances, if you are of a certain age.  Michael is the ex-soldier who, over twenty years ago now, refused to don the UN blue beret and shoulder patch when ordered to by his superiors in the chain of command, and was court-martialed and received a Bad Conduct Discharge for his stand on principle.  The principle, that he had sworn an oath to, quote, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”.  Not fight under a foreign power.  His position was that Bill Clinton, as president, and therefore his Commander in Chief, did not have the constitutional authority to so order him.  He is right.  And is still trying, through the court system of this nation, to have that discharge upgraded to an Honorable Discharge.

As I say: a worthy cause.  Because -

No person who enlists in a U.S. military service, and thus takes an oath to “support and defend the Constitution,” needs to obey an order to serve - as the equivalent of a mercenary - under a foreign power.  Why?  Because that is an illegal order.  Why?  Because it is an unconstitutional extension of executive power.

But not, apparently, in the New Order of Things under the mush of a constitution that ours has turned into.  Has been turned into, by executives exceeding their constitutional authority, and by Congress failing to rein in such rogue executives, and by a judicial branch likewise compromised, by the politics of the day. 2  

What has this rendering of the Constitution - the law of the land - into a wet noodle - the plaything of perverts - led to??

Well - and speaking specifically of the UN - there is the ignoble matter of the Obama administration3 having invited into this country UN troops, under the cover of an insidious operation called the ’Strong Cities Network;’ which is a) a pretext, to get them into the country to help put down, quote, “extremists;” which means, to this administration - and are also considered by it as "potential domestic terrorists" -- the likes of patriots, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Supporters, Ron Paul Supporters, veterans, Christians, etc; and b) another example of how this sitting Congress has failed to rein in this rogue executive.  

But let’s now get to the bottom of that little matter; and our national malaise in general.

Barack Hussein Obama - as he has taken to being called, in his adult years - needs to be called on his ineligibility in and for that office.  For reason which I have commented on extensively in these pages.  And if it causes riots (as I have heard it argued, in resistance to the idea)?

1) That is an insult to black Americans; saying, in effect, that they are too stupid to understand clear factual information when it is provided to them; and 

2) People who are in the wrong of a matter don’t dictate to people who are in the right of a matter.  

If you let people who are in the wrong of a matter dictate to people who are in the right of a matter, by threatening to riot, or engage in any other criminal activity - i.e., the equivalent of holding the nation to ransom - you have lost your rightful state of affairs - i.e., living under the rule of law - and have entered into the realm of anarchy.  Or of, at its best, arbitrary law.  

Of - in another word - tyranny.

I will not have that ignoble state of affairs ruling in MY country.

I call it MY country.  I can’t help the way I feel.  I feel sorely affronted, and deeply personally offended, at the way the United States of America is being treated, by a sizable proportion of its inhabitants at this time, and which has been going on for some time.  It is as deep a feeling as though I were a reincarnation of George Washington.

Or deeper, even, than that connection with the intent, and spirit, of this nation.  At its best.

But then that’s just me.

And you, Citizen??

What say 


Claim your nation.

Or lose it.



1 “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” that oath goes on…

2 The rationale apparently is that the United States is operating under a suspension of the Constitution under ‘wartime emergency powers’ delegated to the executive.
   To do anything he - or she - wants to?  Feels so inclined to??  As in, the Usurper’s Executive Order No. 13603???
   But to continue.

3 an illegal entity in its own right to begin with, for the Usurper being just that; and so, a compounding of that interest - of the New World Order crowd in that sort of circumstance - going on.  
   But to continue.

What Difference Does It Make

1a) from ‘Show This To A Democrat So They Can See What They Are Voting For’ - Dave Hodges - August 26/7
(A short video telling the story of the 12-year-old girl who was brutally raped by a 42-year-old man, so badly that she could never have children.  Hillary falsely blackened her reputation in court to the point that she succeeded in getting the clear evidence thrown out.  (“We got the evidence thrown out, so he walked.  (Laughs.)  I mean, sure, we knew he did it  (laughs) but it didn’t matter.”)  And she has been a clear end-justifies-the-means person ever since.  If not before.  As I say…)
Stan August 27, 2016 at 11:08 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

I think Hillary Rodham was born with a larcenous heart.

She and Bill were made for each other.

Cleverly having been called the Bonnie & Clyde of American politics.

And this woman is running for the presidency of the United States???

At least, this time around, she doesn’t have to steal the furnishings of the White House when she leaves it. Since then, she has done enough Pay for Play to last anyone a lifetime.

Well. Maybe not Hillary…

1b) from ‘Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson just sold out to Big Pharma… says children should be forcibly injected with mercury at gunpoint… claims government ’science’ overrides medical freedom’ - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger/Natural - posted here August 26/7 

Stan August 28, 2016 at 12:08 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

I seem to have been born with the sense that the world was mad, because this sort of thing – coming from a Libertarian – is madness, pure and simple; and so is a major political party putting up as its candidate someone with the full-on criminality of Hillary.

It’s all of a piece with the ineligibility of Obama for the office of the presidency in the first place. But don’t get me started on THAT one. The one above, and the example of Hillary, are about all that a basically logical person can take in one sitting.

Me for the Fifth Dimension, just as soon as possible.  This one is becoming a madhouse.  More than usual.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

All The Days Of Our Lives


Did you ever get the feeling
That you were being
Surrounded, as in
        by wolves in
        sheep's clothing?
                 If not, you
Just haven't been paying
                But then, that
Has been the point,
                hasn't it.


It used to be, in days of yore,
The commies who were
Our enemies.  But now
It's both far sides
Of the political aisle.
                        But then
It always was, wasn't it
           behind the scene

      you dark guys
      in your disguise
      as opponents
      when you were always
      in common cause
      against the middle.

Take care, and look
          behind you
Once in awhile.
You are easier to spot
Than you think.

                As the plot
To its conclusion

And the series itself
           is done

       to perfection.

Going My Way - A Sci-Fi Story

‘Shh.  C'mon.  Let’s go.’

‘What?  Where??’

‘Out.  I’ve put the guard to sleep, as it were.  Come on.’

’How’d you do that?’

‘Walk while we’re talking, low…I just turned off his operating signal, as it were.  It’s a little trick you can learn along The Way.  You just need to get, really get, that this time and space stuff is just a projection.  And some of us can walk through it, but not be of it.

‘How?  Who??’

‘You ask too many questions for the circumstances.  Let’s get away from here - you see others joining in The Great Escape, as it were - ‘


“  - and I’ll explain more.  Maybe not all of it.  Not just yet.  Just know, that some of us are on a mission here.  We’re not really of this time and place.’ 

‘Mission.  For...’

‘For releasing you lot from your bondage.’

‘Bondage. To whom.  What.  All this crap that has been going on??’

‘You’ve got it.’

‘You mean, you - whoever you are, whatever all you are; and you others that you’re talking about - have known about all of this, and could have done something about it?!’

‘Not fully.  We can’t override your free will.  But we can interfere, when the Other Side deprives you of your free will.’ 


‘By keeping you from knowing what all is going on.  That’s not fair.  You need to have the right to make conscious decisions, to continue on The Path.’

‘The Path.’

‘Long story. Another time.’

‘And ‘they’/  What path are ‘they’ on?’

‘You don’t really want to know.  Not right at this moment, at least….Okay.  Just keep walking, as if he’s not even there  Which is, in larger fact, true.’

‘Can I do anything?  Make faces at him??’

‘You can, but it won’t register for him.  He’s just not there, right now.  Part of him is.  His meat suit is.’

‘His meat suit.’

‘Call it whatever you want.  His vehicle, his vessel.  What he wears, while he’s in this Field.’

‘This field.’

‘Of energy.  That’s all any of this is.  Including me.  Just condensed energy.  Let’s go.  That way.  Our ride is waiting.’  

‘Our ride!’

‘You didn’t think that we were just going to walk away out here in the middle of nowhere, did you?’

‘Hey - I didn’t think anything. - Holy moly.  Is that what I think it is?’

‘Come on.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s a long walk otherwise.’

‘ - Right.  Got it.  Why not.  Just walk into…one of those things.  Nothing to it.  Do it all the time  In my  dreams.’

‘Indeed you do.’

‘ - You mean…’

‘Welcome to the other side of the Matrix, friend.  You will be right at home.  Once you bring it up to your conscious recollection.’  

‘Hey.  Ri-i-i-ght…something is telling me…’

‘You’ve got it.’

‘ - that I’ve been here before…’

‘And the rest of that thought?’

‘What?  Whatdda ya mean.’

‘That we have all been here before.’

‘…You mean…’

‘That this is all an illusion.  Disappointed??’

’No.  Not necessariiy.  Just trying to figure it out…’

‘Time for that.  Coming up.’

Coming up, indeed.

Friday, 26 August 2016

The Law Is The Law

‘Going across!  All aboard who are going aboard!  -

‘’Not you, Friend.  Sorry.  You’ll have to catch the next ride.  If you qualify then.’

‘What is this?  I’ve led a good life.  Basically.  See, here’s my resume.’

‘We don’t go by earthly resumes, Friend.  But in how you register.’

‘Register??  I don’ t  - ‘  

‘It’s a matter of resonance.  As reflected in your aura.’

‘’My what?!’

‘Which is recorded in your akashic record.’

‘My -  this is nuts!’

‘’Board!  - Call it what you will, Friend.  See this meter reader?  In a ‘nut’ shell:  You don’t resonate to a sufficient pitch to join the choir.  Sorry.  But it’s The Law.  We go by The Law.  You need to go back for a little more seasoning in The Field.’


‘The Field of human endeavor.  It’s all a matter of energy.’


‘Yes.  The Field.  Where you exercise your muscle of Free Will.  Excuse me: All aboard!  We’re taking off to NOW!’


‘Yes.  The constant, eternal Now.  Just beyond The Field.’

‘…Just beyond…’

‘You’ll have to get out of the way, Friend.  See you next time a’ Round.  Hopefully.  But it’s your call.  All aboard!’


‘Yes.  It’s all u[ to you, Friend.  But ‘now,’ you’ll have to excuse me.  You are about to forget that all this happened.’

‘Wait - what?  Why.’

‘So that you can handle staying in The Field.  It would be hell on earth for you otherwise.  Well; it will be, anyway.  But you need not to know that.  To help you engage with The Process.’

‘With the…’

‘You will need all your wits about you, to survive in The Field.  No good having one foot in hell, and one foot in - excuse me -  

‘Last call everybody!  Strap in your seat belts, as they used to say!  This ship is taking off!  

‘See you next time, Friend.  As I say…’

‘Yes.  As you said:

‘’hopefully… ‘ - wait!’

‘What?  Yes??’

‘Any…last messages?  Last words, of advice??’

‘Okay.  To put all this another way: 

‘It’s not a matter of quantity.  It’s a matter of size.’

‘Of size…’

‘Yes.  Of quality.  The size of your spiritual quotient.’


Gotta go now, Friend.  Hope to see you next time.  I sincerely hope to ferry you to the other side.  If……’


‘That’s it, everybody!  Settle in!  It’s going to be

‘an interesting ride!……………’

 ‘It must be hard on you, Ferryman.’


‘To have to leave a soul behind, like that one.’

‘Yes.  It’s my job to get souls across.  Not leave them behind.  But that One will be okay.’

‘You reckon?’

‘Yes.  I remember that One from the last Time.  ‘He’ was a ‘she’ then.  And ‘she’ almost made it then.  Just a little short on the ol’ resonance meter.  But there has been definite progress there, in The Process, of getting that particular One, from the matrix of Time and Space, to