Sunday, 29 January 2012

Suffer, the Little Children

Having just read an article from last Sunday's (London) Times Magazine,* about children with`GID`- gender identify disorder - undergoing a newish drug therapy to delay their puberty before undergoing sex-change operations, I am pained. I am pained, not just for these children, and the turmoil and suffering that they, and their families, have to endure because of this 'condition'; but that it is taking society so long to wake up to the roots of this problem, and deal with the matter there, rather than running around trying to put out fires later in life. An ounce of prevention being worth far more than a pound of cure.

Years ago - it has to be over twenty years ago, now - I came across a book in paperback, recently published in that format (I think it came out in 1990), titled 'BrainSex', by Anne Moir, Ph.D (a doctorate in genetics) and David Jessel (an independent TV producer). It was mind-opening. Therein they documented the research that was proving that our brains are sexed at a very early foetal stage (around 8-10 weeks from conception, as I recall), their development affected by the hormonal bath. If all was well, the brain would be sexed according to the genetic sex of the foetus. If all was not well - well, that was how the wiring could go wrong, and a male brain could be wired into a female body and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between; thus accounting for transsexuals - ie, "children with GID".

I have tried over and over and over again, through the years since, to alert various people in positions of responsibility to this situation, and its roots in our dysfunctional society - ie, when "all (is) not well" - and therefore, our ability to change the scenario, by cleaning up our social act, instead of forcing these unfortunates to have to jump through chemical and surgical hoops.** Or just give up, and commit suicide. Or lash out in inchoate rage, at a world that has cheated them of their birthright. And various such adverse outcomes.

That some of these children are able to handle their situation is a testament to their bravery and steadfastness. Not to our mature handling of the situation.

An example of how I tried to alert a responsible body to this matter. This letter, to GIRES - the Gender Identity Research and Education Society - is dated 18 August 2008:

"Dear Sir or Madam,

"I read the article by Viv Groskop in the G2 section of the Guardian for 14 August, which is how I got your reference. And I have accessed your website, and read the comments under 'Gender Dysphoria' and 'Atypical Gender Development'. What I am concerned about is that there doesn't seem to be much attention being paid to the causes of these 'My body is wrong' [the title of the article] conditions, so that the conditions can be, hopefully, rectified, as much as possible.

"Under 'Gender Dysphoria' you refer to the role, among other causes, of "medication". But: Which medications? And when? And how much information is available both to pregnant women and their pediatricians to try to prevent the improper use of these medications?

"For example. In Anne Moir, PhD and David Jessel's book 'BrainSex', they refer to the role of 'medications, in particular barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women, as a hormonal disrupter and thus cause of the brain being 'wired' differently than the genetic sex of the fetus. And then there's the potential role of oestrogen mimics/hormonal disrupters in the environment, as contaminants from such as pesticides and plastics. And so forth. My question: How serious is all this being taken?

"Gender Dysphoria indeed. What person would choose to be born with such dysphoria such unhappiness, such potential for suicidal thoughts?

"Moir and Jessel's book was published nearly 20 years ago, alerting the public to these matters. What has happened to help cut the incidence of these outrages, these assaults on the innocent? For example, have pediatricians been sufficiently alerted to the matter not to prescribe certain drugs to pregnant women especially at the (known) particular 'window'/time period of brain sexing? Have theses potentially suspect medications been properly studied and labeled? and so forth.

Not to belittle the very good work that you folks are doing in this area. but please let me know what the situation is as regards these particular aspects of this important matter. (Are we learning anything from it? Or are we just learning to live with it??)

"Yours sincerely, (etc.)

The response?


Nor to this; as an example of a number of such letters of mine to various persons or bodies over the years on this subject. This one was to an e-newsletter site from the States, under a (condemning) article titled 'Schools to kids: You can be boys or girls or both'. My post was in response to one wherein the woman argued for the 'conservative' point of view on the issue of homosexuality. (My response dated 5 June 2011)

"'There is not and never has been a biological basis for this condition.'

"Er, no, Nan; not true. I encourage you, and others on this site, to get hold of a copy of the book 'BrainSex' by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel. Their research of the scientific literature on the matter is compelling. Everybody who has been following this thread would do well to consider that the brain is 'sexed' at an early stage of foetal development, regardless of its genetic sex, by the hormonal bath it is subjected to; and this bath can be skewed, from various causes.

"These causes can range from an adrenal abnormality of either the mother-to-be or the foetus, to various plastics and pesticides in the environment (creating what are known as endocrine disrupters or estrogen mimics) to stress (there is evidence that there are more homosexuals born just after the stress of wars than at 'normal' times, eg; but stress can take many forms, including malnutrition), to drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard to their potential effects on the still-developing fetus. All of these causes can result in male brains being 'wired' into female bodies and vice versa and every spectrum stop in between, like that resulting in 'trannies'. Thus, neither 'classic' side in this debate is entirely correct; both camps would do well to look beyond their entrenched positions, and pay a little more attention to the physiological facts of the matter.

"Personally, my sympathies lie more with all the individuals who feel the need to go through sex change ops, or lash outwards in frustrated violence, or commit suicide, because their brains don't match their bodies. Not a healthy state of affairs. We need to pay as much attention to the causal aspects of the matter as the effects, such as the brouhaha over 'civil rights'. Let's consider the rights of babies to be born with as clear a brain as possible; clear of the adverses environmental effects that we have imposed on them, thus interfering with their full potential. Time's a'wasting, with all these other secondary matters taking our attention, distracting us from the real issue."

- the real issue being summarized in the truism: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It's time and past that we get truly serious about this matter. As with similar matters. Which is going to require of us to change our basic template of econo-social life; from one of letting the moneychangers run and rule the world, to aligning ourselves more directly with our essential selves. As 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' as the philosopher described Homo sapiens. Which experience needs, now, to be upgraded a notch. From neither capitalist nor socialist - nor humanist nor 'nocarist' in either of those process-level camps - to sons and daughters of the Most High; recognizing that we are, in truth - that is to say, in our essence - neither male nor female, but One.

But experiencing duality, for a reason.

And cleaning up our act on this material level is part of that reason.

In order that we can qualify for Ascension.

About to happen, on a planet near you. And you. And you...

P.S. These same two people put together another important book about children a few years later, titled 'A Mind to Crime', subtitled 'The Controversial Link Between the Mind and Criminal Behavior' (Michael Joseph, 1995; Signet ppb 1997), which reported on research into damaged brains that leads to 'mindless violence'; and how this damage can be spotted early on, to try to head off such 'mindless violence' later on in life for these unfortunate souls, and their victims (including their families). This same issue, of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure, being brought up again, regarding our children.
They don't speculate abut what can be causing such brain damage; they just report on its results, and how it can be identified (by brain scan and symptoms). But it's the same issue: the mindlessness of the adult world to pay sufficient attention to what is going on with their children, and to deal with these various 'anomalies' in a higher-consciousness way.
This latter subject, of criminal behaviour, and the brain damage that causes much of it, having a link with the subject of vaccines. But that is a particularly sore subject, for me; and I don't want to go there, right now.
I am pained enough by this matter of what we seemingly glibly call GID - tossing it off as though it were just another interesting feature of life, and what's for dinner tonight, dear? - to last me for awhile.
A lifetime, actually. But a mind can take in only so much input at a time. And I'm full up to the point of visceral anger as it is.


* having put it off at the time; knowing how the article was going to make me feel...

** Which brings up the role of the profit motive in this, and many of our current societal maladies. But that is material for another blog, another day.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Whither Now, America

Today there is to be a court hearing - three in fact - in the state of Georgia on complaints from citizens of that State about the questioned eligibility of the sitting president of the United States to appear on the ballot in that State, on the charge that he is not legally qualified for the office - and was not from the beginning of his term in office (was not, in point of fact, to run for the office in the first place).

I wish them, and similar others in other States, well in their attempts to have justice served in this matter. For it has to be clear by now, to any American with an open mind, that the man occupying the office of the presidency of the country is a usurper. A usurper, with the blessings of both sides of the political aisle. For a main charge of culpability in this outrageous matter, of the purloining of the American presidency, has to land on the heads of the political opposition. The Republican Party bigwigs knew that the man currently occuping the office of the presidency* was not eligible for the office before he even ran for it. And there is evidence for that charge - solid, incontrovertible evidence - rather than just conjecture. Logically deduced conjecture, but conjecture nevertheless, without proof.

The proof is in the fact that the Republican Party was involved, along with the Democrat Party, in the years leading up to the 2008 elections, with attempts to amend the Constitution to allow a person to run for the presidency who did not fit a particular criterion for that particular office - for a particular reason: that of being a Natural Born Citizen; ie, a citizen born on the soil, or equivalent thereof, of citizen parents - plural.** The latter criterion included in the Constitution in order that the person did not run the risk of having dual national loyalties. There were at least eight attempts made, between around 2002 and 2008, as I recall the record of the starting point of this charade, to get such an amendment out of committee in both the House and the Senate, and by representatives of both main poilitical parties; and they all failed.

So what happened? Conjecture here: A decision was obviously made, at high levels of both political parties (which, if coming from high enough, is very probably the tip of a pyramid, and thus the same nest of vipers at the top of the political power structure in America), to simply ignore the constitutional restraints, and try to slip this ‘little’ matter of presidential eligibility by the American people; who, by then, were very conditioned by the Mainstream Media to believe whatever that nest of vipers wanted them to believe, told them was the truth of things. Thus the Republican Party was at least complicit in this crime against the American people; almost as guilty as the Democrat Party was and is - the latter for having legally signed off on the man’s eligibility, and thus signed off on their guilt by an act of commission, whereas the Republicans involved are guilty of an act of omission. Either way, they are criminals, and must be brought before a court of law - a true court of law. Not a bunch of characters acquiescing in the trashing of the rule of law in America. Which has to be the reason why the Republicans engaged in this crime as well: so that they, too, could benefit from the nation being cut free from its moorings in the rule of law - that is to say, from the Constitution - for their own purposes.

It is a scandal of major proportions. And must not stand. If government of the people, by the people, and for the people is to remain, and prevail, on Earth.


* I hesitate even to use his purported name, because there is question regarding even that, in this sordid affair. Without a true copy of the man’s birth certificate - which has been covered up by an obvious forgery, put on the Internet to deceive the public as to his true identity - he could be anybody. And his parents could be anybody. But all of that will come out, when the truth outs in this matter.
Because it will.
The day of hidden things being over.

** The legal terms are jus soli and jus sanguinis - born of the soil and of the blood.

Monday, 16 January 2012

I, Lenin

As the Occupy Movement on one side of a divide, and the Tea Party Movement on the other side of the divide - and socialists and capitalists in general on opposite sides of the current economic system divide; and religionists and atheists on opposite sides of their divide (which has relationships to the first one) - stand their ground, in opposition; and the world’s basic economic system begins to crumble, and threatens to throw the world into chaos, and a potential police-state reactive state of mind to that Crisis (the object, actually, of the current PTB):

Part of me thinks of myself as though I were Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. I helped create a revolution, against the oppressive, fat-cat capitalist and royal-lineage system in haughty place, for the proletariat - the real wealth creators, in my then-estimation - to have their day in the sun. It was a given that the oppressive class wouldn’t give way without a struggle; but, as I said to my cohorts and in my writings, “If you want an omelette, you have to crack eggs.” And millions of eggs were cracked, in large part because of my actions and leadership. I was not alone in responsibility for the carnage - those on the other side of the divide had to take responsibility for the development of the situation, too, that I was/we were acting in reaction to. But I was involved.

And then I die; and while millions of my fellow communists file by my empty shell, left on display in Kremlin Square for years of Earth time - apparently for them to pay their respects to me, for their little lives lived with a little more substance to them - I end up in heaven. Yes; heaven. And I marvel, at it, and the whole larger aspect of life.

I didn’t know...I thought this was all the opiate of the masses; used by the power structure class to keep themselves in place, and the hoi polloi in their place...

And I go into a meeting with the Lords of Karma. And they say to me, “Welcome to a session of ‘This is your life,’ Vladimir Ilyich. We’re going to show you the tape of your life. Edited, for selective highlights. And at the end, we’re going to ask you to tell us what you ‘see’ - what you understand, given what you know now.” And I - well; he; Vladimir, who is now no more but a memory - starts thinking, ‘Oh oh...’ And my Vladimir I. Lenin memory tape rolls. And I sink deeper, and deeper, into my self. As I begin to put it all together.

And the memory tape finishes, at that shell of ‘me’ on display just outside the walls of the Kremlin. And one of the Lords of Karma says, “So; what did you gain from that showing of that life?” And I tell them a number of things that I gained from that showing of my Vladimir life, in relation to this obviously larger whole, in the way of insights as to what the life portion is all about. And they nod. And one of them says “All right. Good. Now. Do you choose to go back into that virtual reality, and help set things right, that you helped to unsettle?”

And I find my self saying, “Yes. I so choose.”

And I come back; and at some stage in my new memory tape of a life, I begin to ‘get’ that things are wrong, and need setting right. And I begin to wonder how I can help do that.. And in that state of wonderment, I end up in a spiritual community, that is founded in part on the principle that Work is Love in Action - and I certainly buy that concept, because I had been working, if unconsciously, with that concept, in my recent, Lenin incarnation . But this time, I understand what had been missing before. Before, I had thrown out the baby of spirituality with the bathwater of religion, and denied that there was any larger reality than life itself, and so had nothing, no reason to offer people to live a ‘better’ life than merely for its own material-realm sake. And so had missed the point of the exercise. That there is a Plan in and Purpose to life beyond just in and for itself only. That we are all a part of a larger Whole.

And THAT is what we need to owe our allegiance to.

Not the all-powerful State; which, because it denies any larger meaning to the exercise, has to use power over people. Has to force them to toe the line. Because the State is all that is important. Not their little lives, rounded with, not a sleep, but annihilation.

And so I help create a moneyless society, all right - the ultimate vision of communism. By the concept of Service. In that earlier, preparatory case: by the concept of service to the all-powerful State, determining people’s lives to within an inch of their lives (and giving, and taking away, certain human rights at its whim). But now, with an understanding of what the whole exercise is all about.

And it is not about getting stuck in the classroom. Whereby, life is a school; and the purpose is to graduate. And you do that, by learning that behind everything - all the phenomena of existence - is Love.

The love of the Creator for iIs creation. And Its wish to share Its All with Its parts.

Its parts, that make UP the Whole.

Are not just the parts.

So that a little mantrum that is sometimes used in the human realm is literally true. The mantrum, the declaration, that

‘I am God. You are God. We are One.’

And We, now, have work to do.

Very important work.

Which is, to help move humanity - all of humanity - into a state of this understanding.

That we can reflect more of who we are really into the human realm, and dimension. Because

it’s time to.

To move up, into Graduate school.

It’s still school. But on a higher level than before.


Join in. It’s for your, and Our, own good.

And P.S. Love those caught up in the Dark of unawareness. If only because they are You too. And so, As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself. Literally.


We Are All One.

And All IS One.

And that awareness, that recognition, is how the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party Movement can come together. In common cause. For a greater Good, than their current positions in seeming opposition would provide each on their own.

As for religionists and atheists...that ‘coming together’ may take a little more work.

But with the concept that Work is Love in Action, it could well take less time than would appear, on the surface of the divide. For once the Mind gets out of the way, and the Heart starts taking over - miracles can happen.

Seeming miracles, of course.

Because it’s all a great play.

Wherein nothing is real.

But Love.

The bottom line.

...How does this 'work', in practice?

It's really very simple. Instead of being motivated to do things - exchange goods and services with one another - through the (relatively primitive) profit motive, we share our abilities - manifesting as goods and services - with one another, and give of our best in the process, out of a higher motive. Out of the highest motive that we could ever hope to have, and be inspired by. We will create community on Planet Earth out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

And there's your Golden Age.

Just waiting in the wings, to make its entrance, once we have played our parts to that point in the drama.

That is playing in a 'theatre' near you.

As we speak.


A concluding word here about the 'buts'. I hope everybody realizes that we do not have a supply problem in the world; we have a distribution problem. We have the technology to meet all of our needs efficiently. I repeat: our needs. Our wants are a different matter. We are limited in that provision by the planetary resources. The level of comfort will have to be met with some degree of the mentality of 'economy' still. But the day is done when there is such a discrepancy between the many who have nothing or very little, and the few who have so much that it is obscene in comparison to the standard of living of the vast majority - of Us.

So: A minimum standard of living for all. With people earning credits for service to the system, which they can spend as they wish. But no more of this business of 'debt'.

In our current era, the emphasis is on earning 'money'; doing things for the 'money'. Rather than the emphasis being on Service; on the principle and quality of Service. For the future on the planet, in its Golden Age that is imminent, is based ON Service. Not on 'money'. And especially not on interest-bearing money, which creates debt, and leaves people, and nations, in terrible debt, and in the state of stress that is inherent therein. That is not the way of the future. That is the way of the money lenders. And you don't REALLY want the moneychangers running the world, do you??

Thus, the New Age (yes, that expression, that butt of copious jokes, about navel gazers and crystal freaks and such. Guess what. It's real; and it's here, now upon us) comes about by our doing away with 'money' - with interest-bearing money; and substituting for it a steady-state system with credits, as individuals give Service to the system. And thereby will "all else be added unto" us. It is all, then, simply a matter of attitude. Of putting heart energy to work.

And thus the seeming paradox, of how we reach a state of abundance by the very act of releasing the chase for the almighty dollar: doing things not for the expectation of a personal return on our 'investment', but for the loving sake of doing them. And as we engage in that service to the Whole, we all benefit; because everybody else is doing the same thing. And out of the same motive. Because we are all One. And showing our gratitude to our Creator by acting thus. By showing - really showing - that we GET, that

We Are One.

One Incredible Family.

About to make its debut, on Planet Earth. On this living entity, that gives us a home, to work out our karma, and lessons, on. On Gaia.

Going up.

And P.P.S. I hope you realise that part of us ALL thinks of ourselves as though we were Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Because we were.
And are.
And those fat-cat capitalists. And. And......


Saturday, 7 January 2012


In my last blog I referred to "the ringer at the helm of the American Republic". I want to elaborate on that a bit, to express very clearly the full extent of my anger at this matter - the matter of the usurpation of the office of the American presidency, and thus the rotting of the Republic from the head down.

The Mainstream Media in America (what blogger Ray McGovern calls the Fawning Corporate Media) has been complicit in a crime of major proportions. Well; more of those than one. But the biggest of the lot is the usurpation of the American presidency by (the man currently calling himself) Barack Hussein Obama,* and the higher echelons in particular of his political party.

I can't believe that the American people have been so cavalier about their Constitution. There is every reason to believe that the man in the office of the president at this (crucial) time is a usurper. Was not eligible to run for that particular office. And furthermore, members of Congress knew it, because they tried, for some years leading up to the 2008 elections, to mount a campaign in Congress for an amendment to the Constitution to allow him - or any other mere 'citizen' - to hold that particular federal office. But they failed in their attempts; which emphasizes all the more that that is not what the Constitution allows.

A candidate for that particular office must be a 'natural born citizen' - that is, in the definition of the term at the time (and to this day), born on the soil (jus solis), or the equivalent thereof (ie, on a military or diplomatic installation), of two U.S. citizen parents (jus sanguinis). The requirement having been put in place precisely so that the person holding that particular, sensitive office would not have the potential of conflicting loyalties, from dual citizenship - and especially not with England, with whom America had just fought, and won, a war of independence. Obama's purported** father was from Kenya, at the time a protectorate of England; and never applied to be a naturalized citizen of the U.S. Barack Hussein Obama - aka Barry Soetoro, after his mother's Indonesian-citizen husband - would have had citizenship ties either to the UK or to Indonesia, or to both, or to neither - we simply don't know. He won't authorize the release of his passport files for investigation. Or his school records, which could help in this investigation of his background. His true background.

This is all - on its surface - as clear as the nose on your face. Obama is not eligible to hold that office. He is holding it illegally, and thus deceitfully. What is wrong with the American people that they can't see that obvious fact. Or don't want to see it...

How did all of this happen? Primarily, it has to be said, and recognized, because the opposition party to the party in power is not a true opposition party. There is no real opposition, then, in American politics. Both mainstream political parties are controlled at the top of their structures by the same Masters of Deceit. And they got away with their heist, their hijacking of the country, because they control the MSM (mainstream media) as well.

It is, was, a coup. It was, and is, a scandal, and an affront to the Constitution - to the rule of law in America.

It has obviously been done for a purpose. And we can see the outlines of that purpose: to trash the Constitution, and thereby take over the country, and the American form of government; ultimately by creating an incident - the technique (well known in intelligence, and historian circles) called a 'false flag operation' - that then allows the president - one of their lackeys, their chosen candidate - to declare Martial Law, and begin the submission of the American republic into their vaunted New World Order.

I don't buy it. I won't buy it. And I hope that enough Americans - true Americans - won't buy it either.

Or there will be the Devil to pay.

All of this will come out in the wash, when the American Republic regains its true, spiritual course, and helps lead the way to a new era on Earth; a Golden Age for all humankind. There will need to be an accounting, whereby all the facts of the matter will come out. That could include a Truth Commission, for both whistleblowers and other accomplices to the crime to come clean, before a major trial, in a cleansed court of law. But come clean it will. All, the sordid story. Of what happens when The People go asleep. And let the wolves in among them, circulating in their midst.

* There is a curious name change in his background. Among a considerable number of other 'curiosities' about his background.

** another of the curiosities about his background. Since he has not supplied the American people with a true copy of his original, long form, vault-copy birth certificate - the document he has supplied has been declared a forgery by a number of experts, with detailed explanations of their case - we don't know who, precisely, his parents were.
There is some fairly credible speculation on the Internet that his true father was Malcolm X (which fact would not see him well in his adult life in America; so another, convenient black man was brought into the picture to 'cleanse' the boy of any potential difficulties later on in his life. Mere speculation also? Well, did you know that his mother and Obama 'Sr.' never lived together? Curiouser and curiouser... ); but all that is, indeed, mere speculation at this point. We simply don't know the truth abut this man, and his origins. And how weird is that; and especially in regards to the office of the presidency of the United States...

In this whole regard, see:

(1) 'A Betrayal of the Founders', Ray McGovern,, 6/1; and

(2) 'Murder of the Constitution in Full Public View', Paul Craig Roberts, 6/1

Friday, 6 January 2012

How Long, O Man it going to take you to wake up?

There are two aspects to this query, from my perspective. One is an American factor, and the other involves humanity in general.

But first things first: the overall aspect. (For without the overall aspect, the rest - anything else - is irrelevant.)

In 1955, when I dropped out of university (where I had been a pre-med student, aiming to go on into medical school for a way to be of service in the world) to go searching for answers to life (because of a ‘spiritual experience’ I had that year, that woke me up to the larger picture of things), I came across material regarding what was, and is, called reincarnation: the idea that some component of ‘us’, what we call our soul, returns to life, after life, after life, working out what is called our karma - “the principle of retributive justice determining a person’s state of life and the state of his reincarnations as the effect of his past deeds,” according to the dictionary definition of the term; a factor that both Hinduism and Buddhism have incorporated into their cosmology. Christianity doesn’t have that take on things cosmological, because it is based on a belief that ‘Christ died for our sins’, and thus we - this present being; vehicle and soul - are eternal; ‘bathed in the blood of the Lamb.’ But that’s just a belief system; there is no proof of it.* Is there any proof, alternatively, of the concept of reincarnation?

Indeed there is. And was, at the time of my initial investigation into such matters. But it was, or seemed to me, at any rate - from my access to literature on the subject, in ‘the largest public library in the Western world’ (which I figured must be in New York City), where I went (all the way across the country from my home in California) to look for the answers I was seeking - merely anecdotal, at that point in time. So I continued to keep an open mind on the subject - of reincarnation specifically, and ’religion’ in general...and the evidence for the former has continued to mount, in the years since. Not gone away. Not diminished. But grown; in study after study (a good one: Dr. Ian Stevenson’s ‘Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation’), and article after article, and book after book.

Books like the one recounting stories of children who reported to their parent(s) experiences of a past life, that subsequently got confirmed, in personal investigations in current time. And then, with the advent of TV, various ‘true life’ stories recounted there. And in books like those of Dr. Arthur Guirdham, of the UK, who came across such stories from some of his patients, which he was subsequently able to confirm by checking the historical records...

We really need to wake up to the fact that reincarnation is real. And therefore, we are faced with a basic question: what does that tell us? It tells us that there is a Plan in ‘the universe’ - in the life experience. That there is a meaning to it. And it would behoove us to investigate what that meaning could be.

Part of the meaning, obviously, is that we are playing parts in a drama - for a purpose. For you can’t have a drama without a meaning. But could the meaning - the real meaning - of the drama be embedded in the fact of the drama itself, not just the stories that it throws up, over and over, for us to experience characters from various angles, and learn various lessons/gain insights therefrom??

If now I play a father, and in a past life on the stage of life I played a daughter, and it turns out that in the ongoing drama I am the father to you, and in that past life I was the daughter to you...and we keep changing roles...and races and religions and nationalities...sooner or later, one awakens to the understanding that

We Are One Another. Just playing roles in our individuated soul experiences. And therefore, actually - these incarnations being merely roles we are playing - the reality is that, underneath this realm of duality, of separation -

We Are One.

Are one with each other. And - ineluctably - One with the Creator. Yes, we are creations of - aspects of - the Creator. But we are One WITH the Creator. Like the part of the hologram is one with the Whole.

And life would seem, indeed - to the scientists of our day, it is turning out - to be very much like that: a hologram. A projection. A phantasm.

And so, what we call ‘life’ is not the true reality.

And so, we should not be getting bogged down in it, and hung up in it, as though it were the true reality.

The thing eternal. At least, seeming eternal; since there is a reality beyond the projection of time and space.

Whatever all its properties, the main point is that

‘life’ - as we know it, on this plane of awareness; of consciousness - is not the be-all and end-all of existence. And so we shouldn’t be treating it as though it were.

Christians, and other westerners, may argue that the concept of reincarnation sure didn’t do all those Hindus and Buddhists much good - look at their cultures, and standards of living. Not a lot to be envious of. Look at what a marvelous standard of living can be accomplished with a belief in the primacy of the individual...

I would say to that observation: Wait until you see what a marvelous standard of living can be accomplished when a critical mass of souls wake up to their true essence, and choose to make of life on Earth a Garden of Eden, in a Golden Age; more purely reflective of their understanding of what ‘it’ is all about - dropping the part-playing, and going for ‘the real thing’, out of the highest motive that this species, of Homo sapiens sapiens, could ever hope to have, and be energized by: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

And it will come about, when we marry West and East. Or more precisely: the best of the West and the best of the East. And create on Earth a sense of Oneness; with each other, and with our Creator.

One Planet. One Humanity. One Destiny.

About to show at a theater near you.

And now, for the specific American aspect to this query.

Somewhere, somehow, the American people were tricked into believing things about their national constitution that are not true; and I’m unhappy with that. With the tricketers; but especially how they got away with it, with The People going asleep at the switch, from a federal form of government to a centralized one.

When I went searching for capital-t Truth, it included researching into what was going on in my country of origin. One of those matters had to do with the way the Constitution was being used. And I use the term ‘used’ purposely. A little history lesson here. All things in the American form of government are not controlled from the center; as liberals would have the public believe, and support; the easier to take over, than from a decentralized form of government. (For example: abortion.) Though not just the liberals got involved with this caper, this takeover of the American form of government. Right-wing forces bent on creating a fascistic New World Order are equally at fault as left-wingers, among the latter of whom are those bent on creating a socialistic New World Order, not just a ‘nicer’ government.

A pox on both their houses. It’s time for the American people to wake up to the ride they have been and are being taken on, by people given to totalitarian thinking. From either the Left or the Right, it’s still a totalitarian mentality; and we should have nothing to do with it. Not if we value essential liberty. Value freedom of the individual to live his or her life as free from governmental control as possible; as long as he or she doesn’t interfere with the rights of others to so live their lives.

I could go on in this vein, but let me move on to the crux of the matter. Which is the subversion of the Constitution, by people with an agenda.

A note at this point. Many years ago - well; it would have been 1976, I believe, since it was at the time of a key anniversary in American history, and so must have been the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence - a curious article appeared in the paper. It was a short article, reporting on the conclusions of some body of scholarly types that had been assigned to look at the political picture in America, instigated, apparently, because of that major anniversary. And their report was that America could never be taken over, because of “the Constitution”. I found that a rather strange report. Why were they even looking at the matter??...but my personal research on such matters had already led me to understand that there were, indeed, people - forces - who had that very thought in mind; who would dearly love to take over the country, in order to merge it into a One World Government, under their fascistic (bankers, business & industry leaders) control. And it was true that the Constitution would prevent that from happening. Because it was a contract between the States and the federal government, which ceded to the federal government certain limited and delegated powers - “few and defined,” in the words of ‘the father of the Constitution’, James Madison. And this, wilth the addition of the specifically-named powers not ceded to the federal government, in the Bill of Rights, was the reason that the thirteen former colonies chose to go with the new compact (the Articles of Confederation proving not to be sufficient to the vision of many in the day). So it was to establish a federal form of government on critical purpose, that the States entered into the contract - one that would not be given such power in the contract as ever to be dangerous, and take on a power of its own.

Which is precisely what has happened. Even after all that caution on the part of the Founding Fathers. Who did their best...

The ‘Left’ has changed the contract by legalistic legerdemain; inserting liberal interpretations for ‘original intent’ (and demonizing all those who try to plead ‘strict construction’ as stuck in the eighteenth century; not accepting that time has moved on; etc etc). The ‘Right’ has used that ploy, to try to advance their causes, too; but the more devious among that tribe also saw another way to get the Constitution out of the way of their best-laid plans. Which the Left, under Obama, has seized on as well; whereby both sides of the political divide are now playing the same game. And that is to use the boogie-man of the War on Terror ultimately to create an incident (they’re called a ‘false flag op’) that allows the president to declare Martial Law, and take over the whole U.S. governmental apparatus, in one fell swoop.

Mission accomplished.

I would say to the less-understanding denizens of both these camps (ie, less understanding of the ultimate intentions of their manipulators): ‘Why are you continuing to pretend that you have laws? They’re not worth the paper they’re written on. The Constitution of the United States is just that. Not as in meaning ‘a constitution’. Not meaning ‘a contract between two parties,’ the States and the federal government. But as in merely paper. As George W. characterized it; though a little more colorfully than that.’

And so forth, in this vein. The short of it: America has been taken over, by people with an agenda. And whether that agenda is from the nominal ‘left’ or the nominal ’right’ of the political aisle, it has the same intended result:


And I will not have it.

My message to both camps: Not my country you won’t.

So, for a number of reasons: Wake up, folks. We have a world to win.

Before we lose it.


P.S. While on the subject of the hijacking of the U.S. Constitution, a word about another hijacking, in and of the U.S., that has taken place. I refer to the hijacking of the office of the president of the U.S. - a crime of major proportions.

There is very good reason to believe and indicate that the man currently occupying the office of the presidency, in cahoots with the hierarchy in particular of the Democratic Party, has usurped the office. And the hierarchy of the Republican Party, and the Mainstream Media in America, are complicit in this crime as well - which shows how powerful these people are, who are behind the scenes of this show-and-don’t tell. The American people have, in short, been had.

A message for them: Are you okay with this? And if so, why? Is it a way to spite the questionable election of George W. Bush - both times?? If they can do it, you can do it, too??? Do two wrongs make a right, in your moral universe????

The man is, on the face of things, not a Natural Born Citizen, according to the clear understanding of the definition of the term at the time that it was included in the Constitution. Which doesn’t even bring into the matter the questions regarding his original, vault-copy birth certificate, and the obvious forgery thereof that was presented to the American people, to - hopefully - get them to go back to sleep at the con game going on before their very eyes. The curious matter of his Social Security number, or numbers - the sort of scam that is used by people who want to create a false identity for someone. His passport - why won’t he let the American public see his passport file; what does he have to hide?? His sequestered school records, which could identify how he presented his citizenship...

These, and other questions about his background, must be dealt with, before we can proceed on our path into the new. The sunlit uplands of our New Age on this planet. Just waiting for us to inherit it. Once we have cleansed our karma sufficiently, to allow that to happen legitimately.

And that is not going to happen with a ringer at the helm of the American Republic.

* And plenty of proof to the contrary; as my search for Truth would expose me to. In short: the material that has been handed down to our day, in the form of what is called the New Testament, is not a true historical record. What we know as Christianity should more accurately be called Pauline Christianity. But that’s for another time, to look into in more detail. For now, just to say that it’s a shame that so many sincere people have been hoodwinked about the assumed bedrock beginnings of their belief system.
Would God do such a thing? That question shows a lack of regard for the life experience. We are here to search out the truth of things. If we blindly accept anything as ‘gospel’, we are missing the point of the exercise.
A good bit of advice that I came across early on in my search for the truth (of a lot of things): ‘Check your premises.’ Another such bit of advice; a bit more cynical, though no less valuable: ‘Of all sure things, the surest is to doubt.’
Blind faith is not a virtue. It is the sign, and characteristic, of an unquestioning mind. Man would never have gotten very far, in his experience of the life scene, and his search for the truth of things, if he had not had a questioning mind. Why is the sky blue, and the grass green; etc etc and etc. We are now on the cusp of a major breakthrough in our life experience, into a higher realm of experience, because of one trait: Man’s questing mind.
We got here.
It is a time for celebration. Not recriminations, about how we have been misled through the centuries, so often, and in so many ways, by people with a thirst for power.
As part of - a vital part of - our learning experience. For there must needs be opposition in all things, in order for free will to function; have its way with us. Help us grow, in spiritual stature. Not be kept stunted souls, but honorable cohorts of the Most High.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Case of Cognitive Dissonance?

'cognitive dissonance - n. Psychol, an uncomfortable mental state resulting from conflicting cognitions, usually resolved by changing some of the cognitions.'

I have been uncomfortable recently, alright; as I have expounded on in these here blogs, with what is going on in my home country. And it is getting piled higher and deeper. For example, this business of the current occupier of the office of the presidency of the U.S. being given the authorization, by Congress, not only to 'disappear' Enemies of the State, without charge or trial, including from the homeland - now a 'legally' defined battlefield (of the phony War on Terror, that set this whole scam up, of the hijacking of the American state by megalomaniacal criminals), and so the 'disappearing' of Posse Comitatus, which kept the military out of domestic affairs for well over a century; until now - but earlier, given the authorization by that same body of misfits to outright assassinate similar Enemies of the State - whoever they might be, since the Congress left that little matter up to the executive's discretion. (As Judge Napolitano - a good man; whom we need more of - said regarding this latter state of affairs: "If the president can kill whoever he wants, then he's not a president anymore; he's a king." Just so.) And he is a usurper in the office to boot; which I have also been commenting on during this recent time period, of the passage of this 'National Defense' legislation that is bringing fascism closer and closer to fruition in America. My America! You blankety blanks...anyway; my recent comments to that aspect of this story; as carried on the Obamaballotchallenge site:

Obama State Ballot Challenge - ‘New Hampshire Legislators To Hold Press Conference Tuesday 3/1’ 2/1

[another poster's comment first]
I want them to investigate if there was a Conspiracy to cover-up both Obama and McCain as Ineligible to be president by both Democrats and Republican elites because they found out that McCain was in question AFTER the Senate approved him and that kept Obama free from scrutiny because the democrats had this Questionable research on McCain and told him they would pitch it to the Public and wipe out the republican party if they said anything about Obama not being eligible.

This is how I think the Democrats were able to bribe the Republicans to stay shut up in 2008 and the last 2 1/2 years about Obama needing to prove eligibility to be Natural Born, its been a Bribe and a Cover-up from when this Law review was done in July of 2008 and If you remember McCain Lost his Power and force to challenge Obama about this time in the 2008 campaign.
This link is the 2008 claim of McCain’s ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law ;

This is why Obama is going to take up the Immigration Reform debate NOW and drive this all the way to 2012 because He needs Amnesty as Bad as the Illegals that will VOTE for him do !!!!

What I see going on is a Democratic party Defining this Natural Born Claim and they are doing under the guise of a 1608 ENGLAND COMMON Law instead of Constitutional law , through the CALVIN RULE , which basically says that you only need ONE parent a Citizen at the time of BIRTH to be Natural Born in this 1868 14th Amendment ruling ,

END the FED, 1 hour ago (2/1)

• This CNN article is just one person’s opinion. Mario Apuzzo, Esq,, who has researched this matter extensively, has another, more definitive perspective on the matter. The matter requires being dealt with in a court of law, to be taken ultimately to the highest court in the land. The judicial branch of government is stonewalling, and not allowing justice to be served.

• Justice denied is injustice. It is time for The People to act.

• All power to these State legislators in New Hampshire. They need to be joined by other such elected patriots in other states, for The People to take the country back from its usurpation.

• If the political parties have to declare to State Secretaries on the eligibility of their candidates to run for various offices, then those states have standing in the matter, if there is a question raised as to the accuracy and honesty of such declarations. That question has been raised in the matter of the eligibility of Barack H Obama, and the devious filings by Nancy Pelosi for her Party, which are part of the public record.

• The People need to move on this matter, with or without the judicial branch of government doing its duty. If it chooses to avoid its duty, after all avenues for a redress of this grievance are exhausted by The People, then it is their right, nay their duty, to act on their own recognizance. And tempus fugit.

• Stan, moments ago (2/1)

Here’s some good stuff on natural born citizenship:
GeorgeM, 16 hours ago (2/1)

• An excellent link, George. Thanks. Highly recommended.

• It’s the smoking gun: they all KNEW that BHO was ineligible. So they tried an end-around, hoping the public was too asleep to notice, and counting on their control of the MSM to make it stick. Have they gotten away with it??

• This is a crime of major proportions. It must not stand. Or the rule of law is completely finished in the country, and it will become the plaything of despots. Has become. Unless The People set things to right in the Republic. Unfortunately, the jury is not even out on that one – it doesn’t realize that it – ie, The People – has been called on to adjudicate on the matter. Thanks for sounding that wakeup call, George.
• Stan, moments ago (3/1)


(1) The Article II site referred to above is indeed an excellent one, which not only outlines the case against Obama's eligibility well from the historical-legal angle, but - as I alluded to in my response - lists the eight attempts in recent years by persons on both sides of the political aisle to change the Constitution to allow him - or any Chosen One - to run for that office who would otherwise be ineligible, as he was, and is. And to add insult to injury, both Hillary and BHO himself co-sponsored one such attempt to change the law. (Which all failed miserably, corralling only a very few co-sponsors to each attempt.) So, as I said: They all knew.. And know, to this day, that they allowed a usurper into the highest office in the land. An office that deserves far better than these criminals are doing to it.

(2) My main point in all this: The rule of law is being trashed as we speak. 'The Constitution stands in the way of us accomplishing our purposes? Well, then, we'll just ignore it. Snicker snicker. And we'll get away with it because we control the MSM. Snicker snicker. And our tools in Congress; snicker snicker. Who know what's good for them; and what's not. Snicker snicker.' Wake up, Citizen: Arbitrary law is the law of tyrants, who declare - as did Hitler: "I am the law." And the Republicans are complicit in this crime against the American people. Nobody comes out of this audacious heist smelling any ways decent, except the likes of Judge Napolitano, and Ron Paul, who both are speaking truth to power - and are not afraid to. Because they have the truth on their side.

So: the monstrosity of what is going on in America at this time. And the cognitive dissonance aspect?? Also involving the NaturalNews site of Mike Adams, who today put up an article bringing a whole 'nother side to the things going on In Our Time. His article was titled 'NaturalNews Declares 2012 the Year of Consciousness', wherein he gave a magnificent exposition on the positive side of things possible at this very same time, to do with the raising of consciousness. My response:

"stan 3/1

A point: Once 'we' get to this consciousness-level state of mind, we also don't need to live within the profit motive system, and can do away with 'money' - with interest-bearing money. For the only motive that people will need to share goods and services with one another, and give of our best in the process, is the highest motive there is, or could ever be: to do so out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

That 'meaning' implied by the fact - with plenty of evidence in for it now - of reincarnation; whereby 'we' are One Another - over and over; now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now one race or religion or nationality, now another; experiencing momentary individuation, for the lessons to be learned thereby - but, looking more closely at that phenomenon, realizing that in actual fact We are One. Experiencing Itself. And so, with that realization comes a New Age; an age of - yes indeed - higher consciousness. An age wherein we can move beyond the limitations and distortions of the profit-motive system, and share more freely with one another. For we ARE 'one another'. Doing it to, and for, ourselves.

You're absolutely right, Mike. It's time. And 2012 is the key to unlock that door within, and between, our selves."

(And thus, my comment, to one of the key OWS ‘thinkers’ a while back, as a guiding 'motto': ‘As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself.’)

How do I live with this dichotomy?

By recognizing it for what it is. Which includes the fact that it is

the dark before the dawn. When things are at their darkest.

So, hang in there, folks.

But don't just sit there.

Do something.

You'll be glad you did, about all this. And will regret it if you didn't. When you had the chance to be the change you would wish to see in the world. And opted to stay out of the process, because it looked, well, kind of muddy.

Which puts me in mind of a calendar drawing I saw many years ago: a full-page drawing of the Exodus, with the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, where the waters were being held back in the background in a huge wave, and the Pharoah's army was seen approaching in hot pursuit on horseback. Two of the Israelites, who have yet to cross, are in the foreground, looking on as their compatriots are crossing the seabed below them; with one of the guys looking over at his buddy, saying the caption: "Whaddaya mean, 'It's a bit muddy'?"

Yes, it's a bit muddy, folks. But nobody promised us a rose garden, or a stroll in the park, or a piece of cake.

If you thought this 'life' business was going to be easy, you have probably had that attitude bred out of you by now. So let's look clearly at what's needed. And get to work.

We have an Age to bring in.

And it's not another Dark Age.

Been there. Done that.

It's time for a change, all right.

A REAL Change.

One you can take to the bank.

And only so to speak...

Monday, 2 January 2012

More On the 'Disappearing' Of American Civil Liberties

Mike Adams, M.D. of is a good man. He not only understands the way that the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex has taken over western medicine, and made of it a parody of the honorable profession still buried in there somewhere; but he has an awareness in general of the corruption that lies behind the current and recent American governments. The last couple of days he has been running a series of articles on the extremely dangerous NDAA - the National Defenses Authorization Act - that has now been signed into law by the usurper-in-chief currently occupying the office of the presidency of the U.S. On its innocuous surface it is just another spending authorization bill; in reality it has now made of the American homeland a battlefield - in the duplicitous War on Terror - on which the government, with its military, can act to 'disappear' enemies of the state; just like any tinpot dictatorship in the world. But I'm beginning to get ahead of myself. Below I append the comments I have made to these articles, and will comment further on them and this subject afterwards.

‘R.I.P. Bill of Rights - Mike Adams - 1/1/12 (Natural News)

Stan 2/1

Thanks for your awareness & clarity, Mike. Basically, because of the trumped-up War on Terror - the only way TPTB could destroy the Constitution, and the U.S. as it has been - we are all now in effect enemies of the state - ie, there is no longer a presumption of innocence - UNTIL we can prove our innocence, and we no longer have the right to access the judicial system to even have the opportunity to do that. Sweet.

Hopefully, its total corruption will be its downfall. Because now it is so obviously out in the open, even the most asleep American must be able to see what is going on. And we have to trust that America will right this heinous wrong. Or government of, by, and for the people may never have a chance to rear its head again, in opposition to the tyrants who wish to stamp liberty into the dust of history. Awake from your slumber, America. It's time.


‘Yes, the NDAA does apply to Americans, and here’s the text that says so’ - Mike Adams - 1/1/12 (Natural News, No. 2 article)

Stan 2/1

Chickens come home to roost...the policy act of 'extraordinary rendition' - triggered & gotten away with by public outrage at [over] the 9/11 atrocity, and the way it was played in the MSM - paved the way for this monstrous state of affairs, wherein the U.S. government can now 'disappear' its own citizens, without charge or trial, based on the mere say-so of members of the executive branch of government - now a confirmed despot; America now no better than any tinpot dictatorship in the world. This is a travesty; a betrayal of the American dream, of clearly limited power over the people.

It must not stand.


‘More Lies: Obama signs into law unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act to arbitrarily detain American citizens after promising to veto it‘ - Jonathan Benson, staff writer 2/1 (Natural News, No. 3 article)

Stan 2/1

Bill, the signing statement is a farce. It is a cover. The salient point is that he signed the bill into law; that makes it law, for him and whoever succeeds him. Giving the executive carte blanche to make of the Constitution "just a damn piece of paper", in the illustrious words of his predecessor.

Now actually, his signing of it doesn't make it law, because considerable evidence points to the fact that he is a usurper - and should therefore be removed from office forthwith, and all bills that he has signed, and appointments made, rendered null and void; which would happen in the best of all possible worlds. Which I hope this one becomes, via the will of The People, reconnecting with the spirit of the founding of their country, to make it so. But that is slightly off the point of this article, and its thread. Though it highlights the fact that he is there courtesy of TPTB - or the Opposition would have blown the whistle on his ineligibility long ago. The fact that they didn't means that they (the higher echelons thereof, at least) are in on the takeover of the country as well. So whether it's a Democrat or a Republican in that office, it makes no difference: it has been co-opted. And THAT'S where the real action needs to take place: to boot out the current PTB from having control of the federal government. And that basically means the moneyed Elite; who want to install their vaunted New World Order, and make of The People mere serfs, thus brooking no opposition to their rule.

I've got news for them. But for now, in terms of this thread: the 'bottom line' is not the one that this usurper signed on, and appended a signing statement to. The 'bottom line' is the one for The People to now draw in the sand, and say, in no unequivocal terms: 'You've gone too far. Your time is up. It's over to Us, now.'

Remember? That 'We, the People' business??'s time to play that card. Or the game is over, and the forces of darkness will have won the day.

I don't believe that will happen. But it's up to you. And you. And you. The People, Assembled, in common cause. The cause of taking back their country from the vipers, trying to control it, for their end. Their ignoble end. May it be their end, period; and may they slink back into the darkness from whence they came.

Which is in the consciousness of us all, realize. So treat them with love. The Love they are missing in their lives, which state of mind causes them to behave the way they do. Give them a reason to join you, in the dawn of a new day on planet Earth. Just not the one their lower selves planned for it.

Which is threatening to take us over as we speak. So the action that is called for, to be called forth from The People, is not in hypothetical elections next November. The action that is called for is being called for Now.


A couple of comments. (1) The comment immediately above was occasioned by a poster who said, in a negative reaction to the article: "It's obvious that none of you read the signing statement..." (No; it's obvious that he didn't read the article, which addressed the point quite clearly.)

(2) I realize that I may not have been clear enough in a comment I made towards the end of the same posting. I said: 'Which is in the consciousness of us all, realize." Meaning, in effect, that We Are One Another; are all part of the same One. I might have added: (or it wouldn't be Out There as well). But all of that could have taken up too much time, and required elaboration. Anyway, the point is that we have darkness within us as well - are not saints - and really have no business pointing too serious a finger at others.

(3) In the same posting, I didn't address the issue of how We the People can tackle TPTB; as part of the answer as to "the action that is called for". I have in mind - besides the removal of the usurper from the office, and the dissolving of the criminal Congress, and the calling for new, more enlightened elections - the beginning of the removal of the power of TPTB in the coming out from beneath the oppressive debt weight of interest-bearing money. Solving that Gordian Knot simply by sliding out the piece that 'the monstrously difficult knot' is wrapped around, and propelling the cart a different way, than via the carrot and stick of the profit motive.

But I've addressed that issue elsewhere. And also the fact that

it's time.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Jan. 1st, And All Is Not Well

In perusing the various e-newsletters that I get, on this first day of this special year, and looking through the (London) Sunday Times for their take on the world scene, I am not a happy camper. The year seems to be starting off in an unsettling manner - to me, at any rate.

Most Americans still just don't seem to get it. Various Comments threads that I have tried to insert some awareness into appear to continue to be oblivious to the enormous moment in time that we are at - and the enormous Opportunity that is ours. Unfortunately, for both Good and Ill. First, some comments I have made on one thread in particular. This was to a surprisingly positive blog by a liberal about Ron Paul's candidacy for the Republican nomination. This liberal has closely observed what Obama has been doing, and is particularly distressed by the new so-called 'National Defense' Act just sent for BHO's signature; a bit of legerdemain legislation that is a foot in the door for U.S. citizens to be deprived of their constitutional rights to habeas corpus and a trial by a jury of their peers, all on the mere say-so of a member of the executive branch of government, now taking on the trappings of a dictatorship:

truthdig: ‘Marginalizing Ron Paul’ - Robert Scheer - 29/12

Comment #12345 by kibitzer  on  12/29  at  8:09 am
Thank you for keeping a clear eye on the key issues, Robert.

The American federal government has been captured by powers who want to destroy the public’s civil liberties and return the world to a form of feudalism, run, of course, by them.  They are doing it by having created the phony War on Terrorism, thus giving the federal executive dictatorial powers, and thereby collapsing the Constitution; making America ripe for takeover by tyrants.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who sees through the smokescreen being blown into the public’s eyes.  The key to the collapse of the scenario of TPTB is to eliminate the central bank control of the Federal Reserve on the American Republic - the sort of scenario that the Founding Fathers warned about, over and over.  Both the non-totalitarian Left and the non-totalitarian Right can rally around this flag.  They should do so, while there’s still time.

By kibitzer, December 29 at 9:38 am

”Ron Paul is too old to be president. 70+ year olds can barely drive…why put them into the highest office in the land?”

The mind boggles…and not just this 70+ year old mind.  How old could you be, son?  In your twenties?  In your eyes, is everybody over fifty well on their way into senility, and everybody over seventy barely making a breathmark on a mirror held close to their mouths to determine if they’re still alive??

Get a life, son.  I don’t need glasses to read or drive, both of which I do very capably.  I’ll tell you another thing.  If you don’t know what’s going on in the world, and has been for years, regarding the agenda to control the world of a very powerful cabal of people, then you are too wet behind the ears to be judging your elders with any kind of legitimate reason to be listened to.

So, as you can see, I can be “as nasty and cynical” as you can be as well, but with far more life experience behind it, to have good reason to BE that way.  What’s your excuse??

Give me Ron Paul over the lot of them who don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world.  Try one clue on for size, sonny.  It’s called ‘blowback’.  Look it up.  And perhaps you, too, will get angry at how America has been used and abused for years - whose good name has been dragged into the mud, by masters of deceit, who need to be ejected from their seats of power.  And fortunately, other young people are beginning to see that.  It’s time for your homework, sonny.  Perhaps there’s still hope for you yet.

By kibitzer (No. 3)

"All of those idiots are nothing but “regressives” who believe we’re still living in the 1950’s."

Ah yes, the old 'living in the 1950's' argument...

And as a good 'progressive', do you just lurv a big government, that can give you all kinds of goodies? With a flexible constitution - excuse me; a 'living constitution' that can make it happen?? And tell me, Mr. Progressive, where do you go, what do you do if that big government that you just lurv cuts against you? Like, takes away your right to your day in court, before a jury of your peers, because that 'other' Big Government that somehow got in power and spoiled everything, decided that you were an undesirable, under the defining terms of 'living legislation'??...

Ron Paul would return America to a constitutional republic, where that sort of thing - a behemoth of a central government - could not happen, under the checks-and-balances terms of its constitution; wherein, if you want your rule of law to change, you change the contract legally. Not by legalistic lergerdemain. Another word for which, you must understand, is tyranny.

Government of, by, and for the people - ie, essentially, self-government - is imperishable, except by its own hand. Too many Americans over the years have decided to Let George Do It. And boy, is he...

Robert Scheer recognizes this. That it's payback time, for having sold your souls to 'the Devil' - to the very wealthy, and very powerful, who have waited, and schemed, for just such a time as this. Ready to spring their trap. Because people like you are oh so progressive; and didn't grok the creature that you were spawning.

If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

It's time for a change.

Real change. And it won't come about by letting those who are in power today, stay in power. With the powers that they have schemed for, to put in the hands of the federal government of America, regardless of which political party was, is, in nominal 'power'.

Power, of course, being relative. And you would let it remain in the hands of THESE people??...what a sad, sad end to the experiment in self-government that America was in and for the world. Ah, well. That's life.

Tyrants: Front and Center! Your Day has arrived! The World awaits you!

...not by some.

So where do YOU stand, Citizen?? And how do YOU think this scenario can play out in any other way, if that's really not the kind of world you want to live in???

By kibitzer, December 29 at 5:02 pm

“Unless you have some concrete ideas that will make all this stuff happen, I’m not holding my breath.”

Okay.  Here’s my full shot.  Which requires the citizenry to realize how dangerous the situation is now, with the NDAA giving the federal government the power to pick up anybody, alien or citizen (the latter category co-opted under a developing loose definition of ‘terrorism’, which can include anyone making “a belligerent act” towards the jackboots in power) and ‘disappear’
them, just like in any tinpot dictatorship in the world.  This state of affairs is an abiding insult to the highest vision of America, and the importance of the quality of self-governance in human affairs - ie, not for the individual to be ruled by tyrants, in the form either of royalty or church or state, but to be responsible for his or her own actions.  Because life has a higher meaning, than strictly in and for itself only.

Once The People realize what is going on (as to the plans of TPTB for total control OVER The People), and both ‘the Occupy Movement’ and ‘the Tea Party Movement’ really get that they have a fundamental common cause, against totalitarianism from either the Left or the Right (actually, it’s the same nest of vipers at the top of the present pyramid of power in the world), they should engage in a march on Washington OF The People, Assembled - with Oathkeepers among them, as having taken an oath to defend the Constitution, not the person temporarily in the position of the Commander in Chief - to demand of the present occupier of the office of the president of the U.S. either to release all of his bona fides, for inspection by experts (who have already studied the bc’s that he has released on line, and found them to be forgeries; and not very good ones at that) or vacate the office forthwith, as the usurper that there is every reason to believe that he is, from his sequestering of all of his records from scrutiny; with The People then selecting an Officer OF The People, who will dissolve Congress (for not having carried out their constitutional duty and responsibility in this sort of regard; and, indeed, for some of them having directly aided and abetted this crime against the American people, for which they will have to appear in a duly designated court of law) and call for elections within a time certain (say 90 days); this Officer also to clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of the federal government, for a clean sweep of the executive branch as well as the legislative branch.  The judicial branch to be ignored, as it has ignored many calls for justice to be served in this matter, of a purloined presidency.

The People need now to fully realize that THEY are the government, in this form of government; not their representatives; and need to accept, now, that there’s no specifically socialistic New World Ordure, or specifically fascistic New World Ordure, in our future, in polar opposites to one another, but that it’s really the same perps sitting up there in all their pomp and glory, ready to take over the world.  And the key to their collapse is to do away with money.  Specifically, interest-bearing money (and its partner, of fractional-reserve banking, to this rickety vehicle that is about to self-destruct anyway).

By kibitzer, December 29 at 5:09 pm

Consider a basic fact of life.  Either there is a ‘God’ - something more than Man - or there isn’t.  If there isn’t, then nothing really matters anyway, and you might as well sit at home and watch tv.  If there is, however -  and there is plenty of evidence of that, in our day and enlightened age - then certain things follow.  It follows, for one thing, that there is a Purpose to life, beyond just in and for itself only.  And there you have the only motive you really need, to create a viable, and harmonious, society: each to give of their best, in sharing goods and services with one another, out of gratitude to their Creator for life
with meaning. 

Nonsense?  Never happen??  And YOUR answer to this situation we are deeply embedded in now is…???

Think big.  You’ll be glad you did.  And so will all of humanity.  Who are our brothers and sisters, on this lovely old, beleaguered old, planet we call Earth.  Just waiting for us to give it our best shot.  Not our worst. 

Which could happen.  But in that, I’m a believer, in the best.

For good reason."

First of all, an apology to mrfreeze. I kind of lost it there, a bit, when he referred to anyone in the 70+ category as though we have considerably more than one foot in the grave, and really shouldn't be driving cars, let alone running for political office. My first response was to think: What the hell. And just what are you younguns doing about this tawdry state of affairs that you have allowed to develop under your sniffy noses. We should leave YOU in charge of things???...but it wasn't just him. I was getting no response from anybody else either. One poster did respond, by saying that my call 'to do away with money' should be likened to doing away with electricity and whatever else it was he cited. Man oh Manishevitz; how can people stop thinking so fast??...anyway, I tried a couple more times, before I let it go:

[5th Comment, 2-parter; 30/12]


"Let me close with a crazy idea. What if any future revolution in this nation will be based on the ideas of liberty, equality, and fraternity (eg the ideals of the French and American revolutions, not the Marxist one)? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about how to fashion a message of reform that a majority of Americans can get behind. Maybe the energy of the Paul campaign is part of the solution and not part of the problem."

Well said. Why support Ron Paul in this campaign?: Because he's the only candidate who's even half making any sense, given the circumstances. The circumstances of a need for major change, including taking away the power of those who are currently wielding it. For they are not wielding it in a high-consciousness way - rather, just its opposite. Empire is upon us. The People need to wake up, and fast. A major shift is called for.

The key to unlocking this conundrum - how to move them out of power, and The People of the planet out of harm's way - I already posited in this thread. It's to do away with money - with the money system as is, ie, debt-creating interest-bearing money and its companion in crime, fractional-reserve banking. This system has to go, for humanity to come together, as One. For it is true that we are at a globalized stage of human development. The dialectical historical process has brought us here (Hegel was spot-on in his analysis of this process). It's time now to go neither Left nor Right but Up, to a stage of Synthesis. I would say THE stage of Synthesis, but one doesn't have to believe in an End to History (as it has been wrote) to understand that we don't have a supply problem; we have a distribution problem. Meaning, we have a systems problem.

Many people are recognizing this. The Venus Project folks and the Zeitgeist Movement folks, eg, recognize this, and have put good thinking into a post-money society (operating on a resource-based economy). Their weakness happens to be that they are still thinking on materialistic lines, don't understand fully where we're at as a species. Which includes verging on free energy devices - thus putting an end to the Era of Oil - and the understanding that we are "spiritual beings having a human experience": that there is solid evidence, in our time, that there is 'something more than Man' at play in the scheme of things. And that is the flag that we can all rally 'round.

I refer to such evidences as all of the info in our time about the truth of reincarnation - that we come back, again and again, until we 'get it right', work out our karma - and the scientific awareness that we are part of a living Field, in which we, truthfully, are One; are part of one divine Whole. (See, eg, the recent book 'The Source Field Investigations' by David Wilcock.)

I bring up the 'spiritual' aspect of this matter because it is now time to acknowledge that aspect of the human drama, for what it is. Not one religion or another, that one can believe in or not. Not pie in the sky. But a very down-to-earth acknowledgment of where and when we're at, on planet Earth. We are at a Turning Point. What some have called The Great Turning. And we are not going to solve the great problems OF our time without recognition of that fundamental fact of life: that we have an important work to do. Before tyrants with their own vision of life take over, and teach us, very clearly, the truth that 'Without a vision, the people perish'.


So THIS is how we come together, Anarcissie; all "310 million different, highly variegated people" - and the rest of humanity. In a Golden Age. Sharing goods and services with one another, and giving of our best in the process, out of a higher motive than the profit motive. (You don't REALLY want the moneychangers running the world, do you??) Out of the highest motive there is, or could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

To be acknowledged now, because it's time.

So, no: Ron Paul doesn't have the answers, alone. But he's on the right track (the importance of self-governance, not state power over our lives, making our decisions for us; and working with others as friends on this small planet, not
made-up enemies, for econo-political purposes). And none of the rest of them are.

Liberals, you're just going to have to face a basic fact of life: You threw the spiritual baby out with the bathwater of religion. Conservatives, you're just going to have to face a basic fact of your own: Liberals have a sense of the future just as good as, or even better than, your own: because they see and feel us all in this together, with a sense of community guiding our actions. Yes, the New Era will need individuals. But it will need them in a community context. Not 'each one for himself, and the devil take the hindmost'.

And it will all come about - including the end to wars - through one decision. To eliminate interest-bearing money. Which relatively primitive system has pitted us against one another for long enough.

Indeed: It's time for a change.

But REAL change.

Change we can all know, in our heart of hearts.

Worth feeling, and listening to, now."


I might as well have been whistling into the wind...

I think a large part of the problem, with a liberal readership, is that they by natural inclination LIKE a 'big government', to protect them from the majoritarian rednecks of the country (who might control the politics on the state level), and force those reactionaries to come kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I'd like to say to them:

"I trust you realize the dishonesty in what you are saying. You don't want the country's governing returning to the Constitution - ie, to the rule of law - because that might mean some states will legislate against, say, abortion, or whatever other pet cause you have.

"It is the same reason why so many on the left seem not to be bothered by the apparent illegality of Obama to hold that particular office: laws are merely guidelines, or for little people, or whatever rationale the 'enlightened' mind employs to ignore the clear wording and intent of the Constitution - which is something to get around, by hook or by crook.

"Well, learn a lesson well: If you do not live by the rule of law, you will be ruled by tyrants. It's a creature you should never have let out of its cage, or it will devour you, too, in the long run. And whatever made you think that the very powerful Elite of the planet would NOT run with that ball, once it became available, with liberal lawyers paving the way to that playing field?..."

And so forth. But that's all to get bogged down in 'politics as usual'. It's time to move the scenario forward. What we need to look at, very clearly now, is twofold.

(1) Obama is a usurper in that office. He is besmirching it. Not that others before him in that office haven't done that sort of thing as well. But his affront is unique: he is ineligible for the office, and he knows it (as per his vote on the McCain 'sense of the Senate' resolution regarding the eligibility issue), and so does his political party - after all, Pelosi and co. put him up for it knowing (as evidenced by their nominating-forms action) that he was not eligible - AND so did, and does, the nominal Opposition party in the U.S.*
And therein hangs a tale, of even more duplicity; which includes the Neocon control of U.S. foreign policy for far too long, including 9/11 - their (Project for a New American Century's) "new Pearl Harbor" that gave them (through their Muslim patsies) the political clout to increase the U.S. military spending, and through that proxy to try to take over hegemony in the Middle East; in particular for them to expand Israeli clout in the area, and, by trying to create a Pax Americana in the world, to take over control ultimately of the whole shebang. Using the American people like stupid sheep - taxpaying sheep; roped into the scam via the Federal Reserve's control of the country's money - to further their ends.** Which brings up

(2) The key to the unraveling of this Gordian knot, and its burgeoning Crisis, is - as I said in the above contributions to the debate; which particular point seemed to go nowhere, but is nevertheless still the key - to do away with money. That is to say, in further detail (as I did; but people see what they want to see, and move on): interest-bearing money. And its companion in (debt-creating) crime, fractional-reserve banking. (As I have also said in these Comments thread-offerings of mine: 'You don't really want the moneychangers running the world, do you??") An alternative system put in place somewhat like the LETS systems, with local currencies: a 'currency' whereby individuals can earn credits by giving Service to the system, which they can spend any way they wish to. And by eliminating money, and the profit motive, we do away with the energy for wars, and pharmaceutical products to keep people sick so the medical-pharmaceutical-complex industry can keep healthy, and the trashing of the environment in the holy name of 'growth', and so forth and so on.

These things are not inevitable. They are the outcome of the interest-bearing money system, and the profit motive; but they are not intrinsic to Man's nature.

We are about to find out what is TRULY intrinsic to Man's nature. To Man's higher nature.

So: Watch this space.

In the (relative) year 2012.

And the sooner, the better.

Which requires the removal of the usurper from the honorable office of the presidency of the United States. And the setting to rights of that country's spiritual mission in and for the world:

to show what a species of self-governing humanoids can REALLY get up to.

Get UP to...

Once they heed the message:

It's time you woke up, and realized you have been kept deliberately in the dark about a lot of things. And that's no way for you to run a government of, by, and for the people.

You have not been told the truth abut bin Laden; you have not been told the truth about 9/11; you have not been told the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing. You have not been told the truth about a lot of things.

But you have an inkling of all of these matters. So if you don't wake up:

it's your own bloody fault.

So get off your duff, and DO something about it, all.


it's time.



* As to this point, of a failure of the Republican Party to be a responsible opposition party, and so letting The People down, I said this in the thread to another of this liberal's blogs:

(after referencing the NDAA - this same bit of toxic legislation) "So: Shall we accept, now, that there's no specifically socialistic New World Ordure or specifically fascistic New World Ordure, in our future, in polar opposites to one another, but it's really the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid?? Obama gives off all the aura of a man co-opted. His heart may be on the Left; but he has been made an offer that he couldn't refuse. My bet is that it was the statement to him that TPTB know all about his background, and they are keeping schtum as long as he is a nice by, and does what he is told. Consider the perks of the office that has been appallingly besmirched by all this totalitarian nonsense that has been going on, for too long now.

'It's time for Change indeed."

** Point of clarification: Most of these 'Neocons' are Jewish, but a particular type of Jew. This is the Zionist Jew, who is hungry for political power, not just a homeland for the Jews. And most of that kind are not Jewish by link to the former Holy Land OF the Jews (of all the tribes of Hebrews, not just the tribe of Judah), but have their origin in the former 'land'/area of Khazaria, in the Caucasus area, where the king converted to Judaism and took his people along with him. (See, eg, Arthur Koestler's 'The Thirteenth Tribe'.) Maybe they are of The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, but there is no proof of that link, seem to have different racial roots. They are called Ashkenazi; and many of them have the mentality OF Nazis, and politically dominate the state of Israel. Thus, the state of Israel has engaged in such monstrous crimes as the attack on the USS Liberty, a U.S. intelligence vessel in international waters monitoring the situation in the so-called Six Day War in 1967; and allowed the 1983 attack on the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon to proceed, for its political benefit; there was the so-called Lavon Affair before that, and 9/11 after that, where the Dancing Mossad Masters on top of their van monitoring the attack on the Twin Towers going on across the river, with their video cameras in place, and flicking their cigarette lighters in glee with the burning towers in the background of the shots, for the folks back home, gave that caper away, as another example of their end - hegemony over the Middle East (between the two rivers on their flag, of the Nile and the Euphrates) and ultimately over the world itself - justifying the means. The morality of tyrants down through the ages.
And American Christians continue to support this criminal government, because of a religious belief. Heaven help us, all.

(See, eg, Victor Ostrovsky's 'By Way of Deception' and 'The Other Side of Deception'. Also Edward Hendrie's '9/11- Enemies Foreign and Domestic'. Also Fox News's series on Israeli control of communications businesses in America, and the curious business about 'Israeli art students', shadowing the Arab patsies in the country, and also casing various U.S. government installations. All, the tip of the iceberg. Americans: Wake up from your (cultivated) stupor. You are being had. And so is the world, through you.)