Wednesday, 31 October 2012

P.S.: Hallelujah

Like many others, I was put off by Obama's recent comment, "You didn't build that."  Now, it's obvious that he was just trying to make a point, about how things don't happen in a social vacuum.  That government, in the form of taxes, and labor, built the infrastructure for businesses to be able to transport their products to market, and so forth.  But there was a telling quality to and in his statement, that spoke of his Marxist-mentored background.

He could have said, 'But you had a lot of help in getting your product to market; and it is in paying your fair share in taxes that you personally are benefited.' And we could have then moved on, to talk about what is a given person's 'fair share' of taxes - and what all those taxes are to be used for.

And here is where we get to the crux of the matter.  The matter, of the fundamental difference between socialism and capitalism.

People talk a lot about their 'rights'.  And there are the sorts of rights - to 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'; to free speech and a free press; to freedom from an overbearing state -  that are enunciated and espoused in this country's founding documents.  But there is also the matter of a different set of rights that some people talk about.  The right to a free education (including higher education), and health care, and a 'living wage'; and so forth and so on.

Well, not in this country you don't.  In this country, the basic, fundamental right is that the people have a right to the fruits of their labors; and free loaders need not apply.

So, that mentality - the mentality of getting something for nothing - has to go, in this country.

Now.  Having said all that, and gotten that point across and out of the way: We can accomplish a lot in life by pooling our efforts.  By freely giving of our labors.  By building a society based on Love - on mutual cooperation - NOT on Force.  On holding a gun to people's heads, in the form of onerous taxes, and saying to them, 'You will support others.  You will be a good, docile member of our society - or else.  We have ways to make you do so, you know.'  Meaning, the ways of the state.  Compulsion.  The threat of incarceration, or worse.  In other words: the slave state.  The command economy, indeed.

I overegg the description a little (after all, there is a difference between the quality of 'statism' of the former Soviet Union and the current Scandinavian socialist states, e.g.), but just to make my point.  Which, basically, is:

to have no part of it.  Of that way of doing things.

Now, if you go the way of Love, then that is another matter.  And I don't mean love of the state (feigned or otherwise).  I mean love of our mutual Creator; for giving us life with meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.

And that makes all the difference.

And then we are no longer talking about 'economy'.  We are talking about abundance. The abundance of the universe, that we have been given, to develop ourselves; to grow in spiritual stature.


A moneyless society: Here we come.

With the proper consciousness informing our actions, and mentality.

The consciousness of 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - and about to move out of simple human form.

Into our light bodies.

The bodies, of souls on the move.  Up.  On the stairway to the heavens.

And note the plural of that description.

For we have quite a ways to go, yet, before Unity.

Before, that is to say, the ultimate Unity, back with, and into, our Source.  But for now: a 'solid' degree of Unity:

With each other, as individuated souls still, now to be united in common cause:

Our next step.  Into 5th dimension experience.

Going Up.

Many, of Us.

Some, still with a little more seasoning left, in 3rd dimension experience, of duality.  That dimension, and quality of 'state', existing in order for souls to learn lessons.

Not just in and for itself only.

So, to those souls, I - We - say:

Please.  Join us.  Just as soon as you can.

As soon as you can make the next step on the stairway that binds us all in our very Essence.

So: See you.  And raise you One.

On our mutual way Home.


P.S.  A good statement of the quality of beingness that I was trying to convey is this one, that I came across today from a site called One World Rising, by a woman who calls herself VisionKeeper: 

I believe the Native Americans whom we brutalized and called heathens have the truest and most sacred set of beliefs on life, that if we all followed them, our lives would be very different.
American Indian Commandments
Sacred Instructions Given By The Creator To Native People At The Time Of Creation
Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
Remain close to the Great Spirit.
Show great respect for your fellow beings.
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
Do what you know to be right.
Look after the well-being of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
Be truthful and honest at all times.
Take full responsibility for your actions.
That, really, says it all.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Obama Deception: Time...

To Leave It Behind

I'm going to leave the Obama Deception (and, to some extent, Obsession)1 behind now, and get on with more positive aspects of life.  But one final word on the subject.  The subject, in short, of the 2012 elections.

My Founding Fathers are the likes of Washington and Jefferson and Madison and Adams; Obama's are the likes of Marx and Engels and Lenin and Trotsky.  They are diametrically opposed socio-econo-political camps.   The one is individually oriented; the other is collectivistally oriented.  The one stands for free will and individual attainment, including of soul development; the other stands for the state being responsible for all things, and wherein the individuals are treated like subjects - and objects: soulless cattle, or sheep; to be manipulated and culled at the will and whim of the state

Which will wither away at some pie-in-the-sky point in time in the future.  And if you believe that - coming from those roots - you will believe anything.

You can trust a Communist - to be a Communist; as the title of a book in my growing-up period had it.

Why do I emphasize this difference, in worldview.

The man who now calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was raised by Communists, and has affiliated with Communists all his life.  The fact that he has managed to bury a lot of his background from the eyes of the majority of The People - with a lot of help behind the scenes - speaks volumes.  About the man; and about the forces behind his rise to political prominence.  That The People bought a pig in a poke for their presidency is a shocking indictment.  Doesn't speak well for the man; but doesn't speak well for The People, either; especially in a form of government that demands more, much more from the populace - demands their close attention to matters of state.  For THEY are the sovereign, in this country.  Not the Executive; nor even their hired representatives in Congress.  Many of those sovereigns have been asleep at the switch that has gone on, from Americas being 'the last, best hope of mankind' (for championing the individual; not for the way it has strayed from its moral roots), to America becoming a mere cog in the machinery of a proposed New World Order, characterized by people control carried to an nth degree, by an all-powerful state - from whichever side of the political aisle it emanates.

That is the state of play at the moment.  Choose well, America.  Much - of life on Earth - lies in your hands.

And now, on to brighter things.  Like the imminent collapse of the global monetary system;  and its replacement - perhaps with a transition period, until the level of consciousness of the mass of humanity rises to a critical-mass degree - by a moneyless system.  Which will obviate the need for private property, after all.

But we do not get there by way of an all-powerful state, running people's live to within an inch of them - and from either side of the political aisle.  Speaking of which: We don't get there by following the likes of the NeoCons into war, and the rumors of wars, either.  We get there by doing our inner listening; and understanding ourselves as the vital sparks of a loving Creator.

All of us.

Yes.  All, of us.

Even those who are currently flirting on the dark side of things.  Flirting with power, to be used in not uplifting ways.  But rather, ways chosen by the same old, same old.

Been there.  Done that.

Time for something New.

And I don't mean the New World Orders of either the Left or the Right.

I mean: The New Age.

A reality after all.  Not just a glamor trip, or hippy pipe dream, or a metaphor for hoped-for Change.  But the real thing.

Coming - sooner than you might think - to a planet near you.

In fact: right under your feet.

Supporting you.  To live the sort of life that you choose to.  Have chosen to.

With such total free will now to come to an end.  For those who choose to move Up, in consciousness.  Out of the matrix; the drama of 3rd dimensional experience, and further on the stairway to the heavens (note the plural).

Those who choose not to, or are just so far from the necessary level that they won't be able to move over the bridge to the New at this time:

Your time will come.

And until then, I hope that you will awaken to The Plan.  And choose to leave The Old behind, just as soon as you can.

I assure you: the grass is much greener, on the other side of that fence.

The fence that keeps you in captivity to such unenlightened souls as are running things in our day.  Treating you like cattle.  Or sheep.  To be sheared, and culled, at their will and whim.

Come out; come out.

You'll be glad you did.

It's a promise.

A promise, that has been coming for eons of time.

Now here.

So, don't vote for the Old.

Awaken to the New.

And - who knows.  Your current leaders might just awaken to that New, too.

Check them out on it.



1 based, I am sure, on the fact of my deep connection with the founding, and Founders, of this nation.  I think I've said it before, somewhere in these sporadic blogs of mine, that I wouldn't be surprised if I had been one of those Founders myself, so deep is my affinity with their project, and Dream for humankind.
     Or helped them with it on some other level.

The Purloined Presidency...

…And Its Consequences: Obama Not Fit For Command

First, a comment I made yesterday to a blog (at '2012: What's the 'Real' Story?') on the Benghazi Affair, titled 'Rogue' U.S. General Arrested for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stand-Down Order': which opened thusly:

"The official story surrounding the events of Sept. 11 in Bengzahi [sic], Libya which left four Americans dead, has now officially fallen apart.

"After numerous flips and flops by the Obama administration…" etc. etc.  [From M. Frank Drover, 10/29].  My comment:

kibitzer3 says:
This story needs to be gotten to the bottom of, and fast. What the HELL is going on regarding that incident; and why can’t we get straight info anymore about things that we have a right to know about??? It’s OUR MONEY running this ship. Whoever is steering it needs to be more transparent than all this nonsense going on these days. Well; for years, actually. What a revolting mess our so-called leaders have gotten us into, for too damn long now.
Sorry I have bought back into the illusion, briefly. But I am angry as hell, and don’t want to take it anymore. JFK; Bobby; Martin Luther King, Jr.; JFK Jr.; OKC; 9/11 – We The People have been betrayed big time. Who ARE these souls who have had such power over us??? They are NOT FIT for such command. Out with the lot of them. We deserve better than this. GAIA deserves better than this. It’s time for a Change, all right. Big change; big time.
And now: breathe…


(Still steaming - and happening to read a little, as a brief bed-time reading, in Catherine Drinker Bowen's 'Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September 1787'; and having to put it aside mid-read, in disturbed contemplation of today's 'situation in  America' -  I continued to think my thoughts on the matter - the Benghazi matter, and the whole matter; and came up with a sort-of Open Letter to the nation's Commander in Chief.  Herewith.)

The Benghazi business is getting murkier and murkier.  Our nation's Dear Leader needs to be asked, about it, What did he know, and when did he know it.

And speaking of this man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama:

I want to examine your credentials, Mr. Obama, and stat.  It would appear that you are not fit for command.   But let's see what you've got:  Explanation about your Long Form Birth Certificate; which appears to be a forgery.  Serious questions about your Social Security numbers - plural.  Questions about your Selective Service application form; which also appears to be a forgery.  Questions about your passport, or passports - plural; about your college records - 

Who are you really, Mr. Obama?   And what the hell are you doing in that seat of command, that you would - it would appear - leave American citizens, on duty - under your command - hanging, after they made an appeal - a clear, unambiguous appeal; under fire - for help.  What kind of Commander in Chief are you??  

Don't tell me.  I know all I need to know about you on that score.  I just want to know more about you regarding your background; your murky background.  And this had better be good.  Or your ass is grass, son.

And who made you so high and mighty anyway, that you don't have to show your credentials to the American people??

And as for the job that you are doing: 

Part of the executive's role and job is to see that the nation's laws are duly executed.  Executive -  execute.  Got it?  What say you, sir, to your habit of picking and choosing which laws you will execute and which laws you won't?  And to your habit of making law, under the pretext of Executive Orders; using that administrative tool far beyond its intended use??  To say, in summary: When did you become a despot in your mind, sir: before you were elected or after, sitting in that seat of great power???

No; it must have been before, or you wouldn't have been so sneaky about your background; which gives away your frame of mind, and mentality.  

You, son, were born under a sinister star; a Red Star; and are carrying out your nefarious intentions in style accordingly; by treachery aforethought.  

It is a sickening state of affairs - and affairs of state - that We the People have gotten ourselves into, by listening to your slick-tongued oratory; which I for one have had enough of.  And now go to bed, and end this day wishing we all have had enough of it. 


 Oct. 30

I have woken up still with a hard-on about this Benghazi matter, and all else it brings up, so to speak; am still incensed about the whole thing, your purloined presidency - the lot.  You, sir (as Keith Olbermann was wont to say, his voice and manner dripping with scorn and invective towards your immediate predecessor in that similarly dishonored office), are a disgrace to your position, both as President and as Commander in Chief of the nation's armed forces.  And I think I'll let it go at that.

It says it all.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Getting Stuck Back Into It

Buying back into the Illusion for a moment, I have to say that I can't believe what is still going on in this country;, regarding the unconstitutional practice of 'racial preferences'.  Back in the mid-'90s, with what, as I recall, was the Bakke decision in California (a white student passed over for medical school in the public University of California school system, even though he had a better grade point average than a back student admitted ahead of him, suing for a redress of his - legitimate - grievance), I thought that that business - a perversion of the  Civil Rights Acts of the '60s; wherein the liberals behind those initiatives swore up and down that the Acts did not have anything to do with quotas, were simply about eliminating discrimination on the basis of color - had been put to rest.  I have just found out that I was wrong.  

I have just read (in the Nov. 5 issue of The New American (an admittedly 'right-wing' publication, but more conservative/constitutionalist than that blanket description of its politics) about the University of  Texas at Austin's admission policies, up for legal review because they discriminate against whites and Asians, in favor of blacks and Hispanics - i.e., in favor of using race in admission decisions.  

Let's get clear here.  In this country, according to the Constitution - i.e., the 14th Amendment thereof; which mandates "equal protection of the laws", i.e. in effect that the law must be color blind - everybody is equal across the board before the law; no singling out of persons on account of whatever category for special treatment - and thus outlawing de jure discrimination, i.e., discrimination by law (as opposed to de facto discrimination, which is simply 'discrimination' - personal preferences - based on social considerations) - you can't discriminate in law against someone on the basis of race - period.   Well; a caveat to that.  Quoting the article: "Previously, in the 1980s and 1990s, when the Supreme Court held 'that government could only use race-conscious measures to remedy its own past racial discrimination and could not do so to provide proportional representation or to address other social ills, the proponents of preferential treatment turned to other theories to justify the continuation of such programs;'" and the article went on to quote one Todd Gaziano, the commissioner of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights:

"'The diversity rationale was promoted for college admissions under the theory that an undefined "critical mass"  of certain minority students was necessary for all students to learn important lessons.  In the case that approved this rationale, Grutter v. Bollinger (2003), Chief Justice Rehnquist effectively demonstrated  in his dissent that what was really going on at the University of Michigan was a strict adherence to proportional representation.

 "'But no matter.  Five justices approved the theory.'" 

And just so, did the law become an ass.

The article goes on:

"When the Michigan rulings were handed down - even though the court said these were narrow decisions not meant as an endorsement of racial preference - the University of Texas viewed the door as being wide open to making admission decisions based on race.  The university revisited its admission policies that had been in place since its previous policies had been thrown out  by a federal court in 1996."  [That would have been because of the U of Cal Bakke decision.]

"Legal expert Hans von Spakovsky noted that the university then overturned 'its "top 10 percent" rule for admissions to the state college system.'   Under that rule, students who graduated in the top10 percent of their high-school class got automatic admission to all state-funded universities…That rule, von Spakovsky pointed out, had 'led to diverse enrollment at UT Austin and minority students with higher grade point averages and better retention rates.  Despite that success, UT Austin re-implemented race-based admissions the day the Grutter decision was announced.'"   

So: we have ideologues at work and play here.  The article goes on to describe some of that 'work':

"Institutional racism again became the basis for admission to the University of Texas, being defended in part with arcane theories based on how many minorities should be admitted in order to benefit the psyches of the overall population."   I kid you not.  And further in this same social engineering vein:

"The university, wrote von Spakovsky in National Review Online for September 19, 2011, 'defended its decision by arguing that  while minority enrollment was up because of the Top 10 Percent Plan, it still does not mirror the overall demographics of Texas.  Furthermore, UT asserts that individual classrooms still lack a "critical mass" of blacks and Hispanics, so reintroducing discriminatory preferences is justified.' "

I may vomit.  This, in America?  Whatever happened to the free country that I left over thirty-five years ago??  What have the liberals done to it ???  - in this sort of context.  What the money buccaneers have done to it is another matter.  But for now, let me summarize the damage to the rule of law and to the social fabric wreaked by the Left in education:

* Racial preferences.  Preferential racial treatment, above and beyond just trying to 'remedy' the government's "own past racial discrimination".  Reverse discrimination - by law.  (The mind boggles.  And thinks of such principles as how two wrongs don't make a right.)

* A "critical mass" policy in classrooms.  Regardless of the individual's interest in a major, kids need to be set down in classrooms by diktat and authority of the state.  We know what's best for you.  You will do as you're told.  

* College admission in order to benefit the psyches of the overall population.  The educational system to be used for that purpose - regardless of the law.

This is social engineering to the nth degree.  Not constitutional government; aka the rule of law.  But the rule of the all-powerful state. 

I won't have it.  Not in my country.  

This nation was founded not only on the rule of law, but to be a beacon of Light unto the nations of the world, emphasizing the principle of personal liberty - NOT state-imposed 'equality'.1  

And, I suppose that it was inevitable that a form of reaction would set in.  I'll try to make this sharing on this issue, and where I'm going with it,  as brief as I can.  So, briefly: the excesses of 'individualism' - the socio-political principle thereof - create the conditions for the rise of 'collectivism'.  In the economic arena, that takes the form of capitalism vs. communism - yet once again; but now with the addition of the 'global' factor this time, as the historical process has been brought to a culminating point.  So we have the makings of a socialist end-time New World Order on the one hand - or rather, by the looks of it, a hybrid of socialism and fascism, with Obama recognizing the need to keep some semblance of private property going, to keep businesses (and therefore tax receipts) going - and on the other hand, an all-out fascist NWO of the Power Elite; both of them committed to totalitarianism./a totalitarian agenda for humanity. 

The fascist side of things I can understand; it was always a potential threat, with the country basically siding with producers/entrepreneurs - wealth makers.  But how did socialism get so powerful in the American psyche that it could come to this pass, as a very real threat to our freedoms??  It was, from the beginning, an import, from 'the old world'.  One wonders about the naivety of the average American.

However, I acknowledge that it was not all the public's fault.  As the article goes on:

"Keep in mind that while the American public is opposed to racial preferences by about two-to-one, the major players in academe think this social engineering is fine and downright dandy.

"Indeed, as an August 14 article in Inside Higher Ed, an online magazine, acknowledged, the bulk of the briefs supporting the administration's policy 'made clear that the establishment of American higher education is solidly behind the University of Texas and the consideration of race in admissions.'"  

And here it comes, from the top of establishment Education in America:

"The New York Times invited dialogue about the case (published on October 7), which produced the following vapid observations, especially when viewed in a legal context [my emphasis], by the president of the American Council on Education.  The council filed an amicus brief in favor of the University of Texas.  Gushed Martha Broad, by way of explanation: 'Life-changing moments happen when students interact with classmates who do not have the same experiences or perspective.  Education in a vibrant and diverse environment will better prepare our graduates for our increasingly globalized economy.'

"And if we have to throw some members of certain groups over the side because of their skin color, that will no doubt be a 'life-changing' moment for those rejected because they are Caucasian or Asian…"    

'Well, it's just too bad.  They need to be sacrificed for the good of the whole' is the clear and honest implication, of all this social engineering business; this end-justifies-the-means immoral business.

It's deja vu all over again: busing, for racial balance…'It's for your own good.'  I'll make that determination for myself, thank you very much, Establishment Education in America.2  

And just so is the Constitution jettisoned; to say, the rule of the law in the nation.  For it stands in the way of the Brave New World of these socialists in charge of our education these days and decades.

That's not the only thing standing in the way of such an outcome.  There is me, for one.  And, apparently, two-to-one of the population with me.

We are to be airily dismissed as 'racist'?  Excuse me?  We're the racists here??…No.  It won't wash.  Take your socialism, and your totalitarian New World Order, somewhere else.  Not in America.  We  are free willed souls here.

Ascension can't come soon enough for me.  Otherwise, there is going to be civil war in this country.  Mark my words.

For I know the fundamental American spirit.



1 During the legal debate before the Supreme Court on the issue of segregated schools in the South - i.e., de jure segregation - the petitioners provided the Court the writings of a Swedish socialist scholar named Gunnar Myrdal.  In his major book on such socio-political issues, he wrote: "In the battle between liberty and equality, equality is slowly winning."  That is the most clear and succinct phrasing of the issue that I have ever come across.  Thank you, Mr. Myrdal, for stating so clearly this fundamental issue: between individualism and collectivism.  Between Man being his own sovereign, and the state being sovereign over him, capable of making him do whatever it wants him to do - and keeping him from doing whatever it doesn't want him to do. 
     Not that I've noticed, in the Constitution...

2 I have actually been aware of this takeover of "establishment Education in America" for years.  Many years ago I started looking into the field of Education in this country; first after coming across the book 'Why Johnny Can't Read' in my university bookstore; picking up nuggets to take with me as I left formal education before graduating and started a lifelong search for Truth, in many areas, including the ultimate.  I then revisited that particular arena years later, when my eldest nephew started school, and I wanted to see how they were teaching reading 'these days'.   In spite of all the evidence that phonics was the best way to teach reading, they were still into the whole word/'look-say' method.  So much for kids learning how to sound out words for themselves, and read whatever they wanted, rather than the menu that the 'experts' wanted them to stick to; figuring that was the way to keep them from being individuals; independent of the state's curriculum for them.  For, people can't be trusted to be their individual selves, you see.  They may not make the right decisions…being the mere cattle that they are.  To be herded and culled, at the will of the state.
     Because Big Brother knows best.    

Sunday, 28 October 2012

An Excellent Commentary 'Kryon', through a man named Lee Carroll.  I commend it to your attention.  (Posted on '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?', the blog site of a woman named Jean Haines.  N.B.  I am kibitzer3 on this site.)

Kryon, The Bridge of Swords Revealed . . . At this time, it seems important to repost this. . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

Melbourne, Australia

To help the reader, this channeling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Toronto, Canada, 2012.
Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. In the scheme of things, you are reaching the pinnacle of what we would call the decision point for humanity. In order for you to see this in the light that I see it, you’ll have to understand two things. First, going back a short time you will remember that in my first communications to you, I told you that Human consciousness was changing. I brought you information from the very beginning of my attributes on the planet, that humanity was in shift and that I had arrived for a special purpose and that was to shift the magnetics of the grid. I told you that the Kryon group itself would finish that in the year 2002 and would leave, and it did. All of this was in response to what you had accomplished as humanity, and some of you have done the mathematics and realized that all of this was well within the precession of the equinoxes – a 36-year window where your sun aligns to the middle of the galaxy – the beginning and the end of the 26,000-year wobble of the planet.
This astronomical attribute also esoterically [metaphysically] aligns with what the ancients said it would – a decision point for humanity that would be the most important one of all, one that carries with it tremendous energetic purpose. This is why I arrived, and if you look at my first communications, you will see why I arrived, for something was happening with humans, and it had to do with your future. Twenty-two years ago I told you this, and by 1993 you had the publication [Kryon Book One]. Now, here you are in 2012 all these years later, with exactly what we said you would have. We gave you potentials back there; some of them became the potentials of humanity and some of them did not. We deal only with potentials, but the strongest ones talked about your future today.
Secondly, I want you to remember that when you came into this planet, each one of you was unique. It doesn’t matter how old you are as you sit here, every one of you is an old soul. The old souls are the ones who tend to tune in and listen and read a message such as this, and we have said that before as well. So what we have is a unique group, and I want you to remember the spark of truth when you arrived, all of you. Fresh within the quantumness that locks itself to your memory, ringing in your ears when you arrived as the baby: “This is the lifetime that will make the difference.”
There are some of you who have even asked the question, “Why am I alive?” You know who you are. When there was darkness all around you, caused by circumstances and situations, some of them health, we were there. I’ll tell you why you are here. You’re here to complete this task that you started so many years ago, old soul! This is the decision point and, from my standpoint, it has already been passed.
There is no test in front of you, since you’ve already passed it. In your timeline, there are 18 more years of it [the precession]. So at the end of this year, the 2012 marker at that solstice point, it is simply only that – a celebration point in 3D time. This is where you celebrate having made it. And I suffice it to say right now that those who created this enlightened place called Earth know you did it. There are already celebrations in the skies and yet there are things happening on the planet that we told you would happen, and there are those who are worried.

The Bridge of Swords, Revealed

I want to give you what I’m going to call, “The Bridge of Swords revealed.” Here is a phrase we have given you many times in the past. We told you that in the end – that is to say, the end of the old paradigm of the planet [now] – you would have The Bridge of Swords.
Let me tell you some potentials about the future, immediate future. This is not what is going to happen in generations from now, but rather right now. The Bridge of Swords is here. Some of you have extrapolated this information into a form that you then compare to the ancient prophecies in the Holy Scriptures, trying your best to have a confluence of dates and events so that you can figure it out. Some of you have even said, “Ah, The Bridge of Swords: That must be the time where there’s going to be battles on the planet. It’s the Armageddon, and it’s here.” I’ll tell you, dear one, that the Armageddon is happening on some other earth, in some other time! You can write that prophecy off as something that is not going to happen to you.
I’ll say this again, dear Human Being: Do not look at past prophecy and apply it to anything that is going on here. Past prophecy had you dead at the millennium, did you remember that? Yet you’re here in 2012! You’ve moved on to the current prophecy of the ancients, of the indigenous of the planet who saw a melding together of north and south – the prophecy of the feathered serpent and the prophecy of the condor and the eagle. This is a movement of energy on the planet in a way no “modern day” prophet ever predicted. Instead, it came from the indigenous, for they saw the potentials of some time fractals that spoke of humanity passing the fifth decision point and moving into the next part of what we call the Great Shift of Human Consciousness.
What’s going to happen next? The Bridge of Swords. So let us analyze it. Let us tell you what we had in mind when we gave you the phrase and we ask you not to build upon this anything that is not said here. Do not then project more than what is given. Do not try to figure out hidden meanings within what is given, for I’m going to give them all to you now.

The Bridge

It’s very straightforward. It’s a bridge, so let’s look at that first. What is the bridge doing and why must there be one? Well, congratulations dear ones, because a decision point is not always a bridge. Sometimes it’s a chasm, a chasm that humanity would fall into so they would have to start all over. Or perhaps a decision point that has no bridge at all, which means everything stays the same. There would be no change, and you’d have more of what you had – a future that’s nowhere and had never been written. But that’s not what’s happening at all.
Oh, this has been written so many times, but it’s not in your old scripture, dear ones. You’re going to have new writings long after my partner is gone. Oh he’ll be back, but long after this particular lifetime there will be new scriptures written by ones you will see as the prophets of the day. They will talk about what is next on the planet and they will see the change in Human nature. They will see that which is leaning toward the quantumization of corporeal humanity – the beginning of what happened to the Pleiadians so long ago will happen here as you cross the bridge.
But that’s the far future. What about now? The bridge you are crossing is the one between old paradigms of existence and new ones. Eventually all humanity will cross it, but this is so new at the moment that the only ones truly crossing it are very old souls, for they are the only ones that see it and have the Akash ready for it. But you should know this: This bridge is for all, and as you cross this bridge, metaphorically, others will follow you. They’ll cross it and not even know it. They’re crossing into belief of a new kind of reality.
Dropping the old paradigms of what to expect is next. Accepting new paradigms of a future without war is next. Looking at civilization differently than you were ever told it could be, is next. Dropping old fears that so many have had for so long about what to expect is next. That’s the bridge. It’s a beautiful thing. The fact that there’s a bridge at all is a beautiful thing.
The bridge has been created over a long period of time. Synchronistically we did not know a bridge would occur until 30 years ago. That’s how new this energy is. Humanity has free choice and there was no strong potential then if the confluence of energy would have created the momentum to create a bridge or not. But a small potential was there.
By the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, we knew the bridge was being built. By 1989, the super structure was in place. By 1993, the bridge was there. Then you started to see the fall of the Soviet Union, the coming together of former European enemies into an economic alliance. The idea that you could put together things instead of tearing them apart was new. Dictators began to fall, and the bridge was in place, and most of humanity didn’t even notice since it happened so slowly. But you felt the shift coming, didn’t you? That’s what the bridge is all about.
What have we told you about the bridge? Actually, not much except that in crossing the bridge, the old energy ones were not going to like it. Old energy does not want you to escape! Old energy doesn’t want you to cross the bridge because it can’t cross. Did you know that? It can’t cross. The old paradigms of Human nature that you’ve known all of these millenniums have to stay on the old side of the bridge. It cannot cross, for the bridge rejects all that is not in love, compassion and light. Those things that are dark, including Human nature of the past, will not be able to go. But the ones I speak to right now are already on the bridge. That was your design, old soul, and those are the words that are ringing in your ears to this day and the ones given at the wind of birth, that this might happen in your lifetime. So what’s going to happen next?


Let us talk about the swords: When you hear the word sword, the first thing that occurs to you is battle. The Bridge of Swords is a battle and we told you that as well. Swords are metaphoric and they mean many things, so let us describe the things we mean them to say to you.
Number one: They are indeed a weapon in a battle. There is a battle coming. “Kryon, does that mean there’s going to be a war?” Potentially, yes. Right now we will tell you that the Middle East cooks itself. You’ve noticed, haven’t you? What do you know about the Middle East, dear one? Let’s start examining things for a moment. What energy did you grow up in? What was the energy of the Middle East? In the ’40s, what was the energy? With the establishment of the state of Israel, you built a wall of hate, both sides. The wall was so thick that the children of both sides were taught to hate one another as soon as they were able to understand the language. They were told who their enemies were. Now, where were you then?
Some of you weren’t here yet. By the time you arrived, in your youth, were you aware of the Middle East? Not particularly. “What’s the hatred about?” you might ask. What if I told you it’s about a family feud? Two sons of a Jewish master are involved. One founded the Arabs and one remained a Jew. They don’t want to hear this, but they are all Jews. (Don’t tell them this.)
If you look at the lineage, it’s pretty obvious and yet it’s a complete and total set-up for either solution or war. The set-up would have this world ending in a conflagration that would have been brought about by this hatred. That’s in the prophecy of Nostradamus and your scripture, but it is no longer the prophecy of the planet. Yet the hatred still exists. The hatred is as great today as it was then, but where was all the terrorism 40 years ago? It was isolated.
Those in Israel and Palestine and surrounding areas took the brunt of it, but now it’s seemingly everywhere – and you’re worried. Why would this be? The answer is that the old energy was happy to have this hatred contained, for it would keep it going and never involve outsiders. Outsiders tend to bring unwanted light to the party. Suddenly, the whole earth is involved and can see the entire scenario before them. The old guard wants war, just like all the eons before them. The ones on the bridge are holding the light and showing the earth how to cross. Even many younger ones in Israel and Palestine and Iran are holding light! It’s all around the old guard and they are furious, for they are losing the “battle of hatred.”
Will there be a war? What is going on? You can feel it cooking, can’t you? Some of you don’t want to look at the news, for you’re afraid of what tomorrow will bring. It’s not even the end of the year yet! Will there be a battle?
Let me tell you, dear ones, right now as we speak to you there is the potential of a small war in the Middle East. You have been told that if there is any war at all in the Middle East, the whole world will join in, and you will not make it. I will tell you that that is an old paradigm, for if and when it happens, watch carefully who decides not to come to the war party. For there’s a new consciousness brewing on this planet and I will tell you this: In all fairness, as we see the potentials before you in your future, it’s not going to matter one way or another to the bridge if there is a battle or not.
What’s eventually going to happen in Iran is going to be the same no matter what, and I will tell you why – because there is nobody to take the place of the old guard. They’re not growing any, young ones! It’s all the ancient ones with the hatred who are moving the chess pieces as though they are representing the whole of the nation, but they are not. There will come a time, perhaps one that is actually exacerbated by a war, that will create the revolution in that country. Overwhelmingly, they don’t want war.
Ask an Israeli if they want still another war. They will say no, but they are afraid that their enemies will bring one to them. Who are their enemies and what is changing, dear ones? You think you know what’s going on in Syria and Egypt and Libya? You think you do? Let me tell you there’s a recalibration going on there of what they believe and who their enemies are. It’s about what they want from their government. Let me tell you what all of them want eventually, and you may not see it for 20 years, but they want schools and hospitals. They want what you have in your stores, and they want the freedom to worship their prophet without a small group telling them the rules of how they should. They want to honor Muhammad in their own way and see the love of God in him as was designed by him. That’s what’s going on. That’s the battle. The problem is that the old energy will fight this, for it will lose control if they get what they want.
There’s a paradigm shift at hand and you’re going to see it over there first, and it may not be pretty, so I want you to hang tight. Don’t pull out what Nostradamus said at the last minute and say, “He was right.” Nothing he said has manifested since 1987. Don’t suddenly grasp the scriptures of Revelations and draw out all of those words that haven’t been true for 30 years. Nothing has happened as they said it would. The only thing that rings true there is that there are still problems in the Middle East.
All of those prophecy quatrains have fallen on the floor and didn’t come true. The timing is not right for them to happen now. Take a look. Oh, there are still those who say, “It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening!” For they are invested in fear and control. Some of them actually want it to happen, and they believe the culmination will be in the rapture of going home to God. I want to tell you, dear ones, you’re all going home! But home is across the bridge to an earth without war. That’s the bridge. Old energy dies hard.

What else does a sword mean?

The sword is a symbol, a metaphoric symbol for truth. A Bridge of Swords is a bridge of truth. Sometimes you cross swords above you in celebration, do you understand this? That’s how we see it. Will there be a rough road ahead for the bridge? Yes, but you knew that when you showed up on the planet, dear one, and it doesn’t have to mean a world war, and it won’t.
There are those who are settling the very issues of whether they should continue to hate or not in the Middle East right now. They don’t trust each other, but they also don’t want to continue the way it has been. There are dictators who are leaving or who have already gone, replaced by leaders who will eventually temper and soften their positions to their neighbors. It’s because they realize what they want is schools and hospitals and roads and safety for their children. Is that too hard for you to imagine?
The media rushes to the horror and tells you that they are all consumed with killing each other. I would like to ask you to interview them. Don’t interview the ones that you see on the news, but rather the mothers and the fathers who you don’t see on the news who have the same faith as the ones you do see in the news. They will tell you, “Give us peace; leave us alone; let us grow in our way in our own culture. We don’t want to make bombs. We want to have compassion.” This is the bridge. It may get worse before it gets better and we have told you that many times. But that’s why you’re here.
Slowly the few who make the hate will be seen as a few. The many will have their views known and will replace the few.
What you do next is so important. What will it be? Are you going to fear it, or have compassion for it, understand it, and stand up tall and move forward across the bridge? Are you going to cower in a corner and worry when you see what you expected? Old energy dies hard. The sword of truth is active and well, and the truth will prevail in the light.
What other truth could there be that you’re recognizing? What about the truth of the way things work in a compassionate earth, one where you can’t have the kind of non-integrity issues that you’re having now? Businesses will change, governments will change, and banking will change. Are you shocked at this? Some day you’re going to know that you actually have changed the way things used to be in the darkest corners of the planet. It’s not what anyone expected, and you’ll realize that you made a difference.
I’m in Canada and I know it, but I will tell those listening and reading in the American audience the following: Get ready! Because there are some institutions that are yet to fall, ones that don’t have integrity and that could never be helped with a bail out. Again, we tell you the biggest one is big pharma, and we told you that before. It’s inevitable. If not now, then in a decade. It’s inevitable and they will fight to stay alive and they will not be crossing the bridge. For on the other side of the bridge is a new way, not just for medicine but for care. Paradigms that have not yet been thought of, which don’t represent any system that currently exists, will be created and developed by young minds who have concepts that the seniors don’t know about. Things that don’t have integrity today will fall over tomorrow. Just get ready. It’s all part of what’s on the other side of the bridge. And the old energy won’t like it, and they will object.
There will be new ways to create electricity, new ways to clean the water, new ways to feed yourself. It’s all there across the bridge in the future. It lies there just waiting for you to cross. Don’t be afraid. Lightworker, this is what you waited for and this is the future that you wanted. It’s why you were born and alive now. It doesn’t matter how old you are, senior. Don’t count the years you think you have left; don’t go there, just don’t do it. I want you to see your life as we do – all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived with the energy of what you’ve created on the planet right now, in your hand, for this is the way Spirit sees you. Your footprint on the earth is enormous and what you are doing now as you cross the bridge is enormous. Only the old souls with the wisdom of accumulated lifetimes can move that bridge and cross it quickly.

The Final Attribute

The final thing about swords is celebration. What happens when Human Beings walk under crossed swords? What is the general idea of that? It’s marriage, is it not? So let us give you, finally, the symbol of the marriage on the bridge. It has so many meanings! It’s the marriage of what used to be with what can be, it’s the marriage of compassion and the Human spirit, it’s the marriage of your soul entity on the planet with your creative seeds (the Pleiadians), it’s the marriage of you and you! It’s the coming together of the north and south. It’s beautiful. It’s The Bridge of Swords.
Perhaps you’re here this day or listening or reading and this is all new to you and you’ll say, “I don’t know if I’m an old soul or not. Am I part of this crossing? Am I going across the bridge?” Let me say this to you: Don’t analyze this! I’ll give you a fact. If you’re listening right now (or reading), then you’re part of it! It’s the only thing that has brought you to the page, to the chair, to listen or read or know. If you’re interested, then you’re part of it. It may take some of you to suspend belief on how it works, but you’re part of it! I’ll say this again: Don’t over-analyze it. Many will awaken and follow. The bridge will be there as long as you live.
What are you suppose to do? Just be, old soul. Go to work and show the light there. Show that you have compassion for those around you. Go home to your family that perhaps doesn’t believe this, and don’t judge them. Instead, show your compassion to them because you have a piece of God inside you. Think of what the masters would do right now. They’re not standing here in judgment, they’re celebrating your life! No matter who is in front of you, celebrate their lives! Be the example of a compassionate God and of the divine seeds that are in you, and that will shape your future. Do not be afraid.
What the media gives you next, what happens next in the Middle East, what happens in these next years, will all be part of the old energy reaction. Darkness can’t cross the bridge and they are going to die because of it. And I don’t mean Humans. I mean the energy itself of hate will be dead and eventually gone. This is the promise and I speak to those now who have complete and free choice to change it, but I tell you, you won’t because the push is too great. The ball has already started to roll.
For 20 years, you’ve seen it coming. You have a right for peace on the earth. It is a time that you have planned on. There is precedent at hand, for the Pleiadians did it, those from Orion did it, the Octurians did it. The parents of the parents of the parents of the planetary systems that you’re in did it. Now you’re doing it. A long process is ahead of you until the last vestige of old energy is gone. I will say it again: There will come a time when you look back on today and you’ll say, “How barbaric humanity was!” And that’s what we see, old soul, this day.
That’s what we see.
And so it is.
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One Response to Kryon, The Bridge of Swords Revealed . . . At this time, it seems important to repost this. . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  1. kibitzer3 says:
    This rings true to me (when a lot of these sorts of ‘readings’ don’t).
    It’s all a matter of integrity.
    Thanks for the reposting, Jean.

Why Vote?

In a just-previous blog, I inserted a footnote on the subject of voting, or rather, of not voting; indicating that that 'practice' in America had become a charade, and that I didn't want to be a part of it, associated with it; which, if I did go along with it, would make me supportive of it.  'It':  what  voting has become in the country.  I would like to elaborate on this subject a bit more; for it goes precisely, in my book, to why America is in the dark position - the political troubles - it is in today; and why a modern-day JFK could write a consciousness-tweaking book entitled 'While America Slept'.1

I want to make no bones about this: I want to emphasize my disappointment, even disgust with the American 'system' of voting, as it has 'grown up' - said with much irony.  The American system of government was not designed to fail the Republic so terribly.  This outcome would appear to be the result of the rise of political parties; which the Founders did not countenance, meaning, as well, even see.  However, they started from the very beginning - in the form of the Federalists, who wanted a strong central government, and the Republicans, who were wary of such a power taking on too much power.  (Sound familiar?)2  The whole thing could have worked, if the citizenry - and its political, and moral, leaders - had heeded the warnings even then that such a government - i.e., of The People - could only work with a morally upstanding people.  And - lo and behold: here we are, suffering the consequences of not following that good and warning advice.  I refer to the lack of proper safeguards over the voting system; leaving both sides of the political aisle to commiserate amongst themselves, in a close race, 'They just simply outcheated us; we'll get ours back next time.'

The awareness of this 'problem' has been some time coming.  The American people should have put an end to fraudulent voting procedures a long time ago.  That is, the decent majority of the American people; bypassing the scheming of both main political parties, in acting out their mutual corrupt philosophy that the end justifies the means. Which 'means' that anything goes.  

It's really very simple, fundamentally: No one should be allowed to vote who is not an American citizen, and unless they can prove they are who they say they are; nor who doesn't meet the specific requirements for voting in their particular State; and the eligible voters should have the right to have their votes tabulated in a way that allows a paper trail, in case of a close vote or a suspicion of irregularity in the voting procedures, including not just the count itself (stuffed ballot boxes, say), but the ultimate electronic register of the votes.  

Is that asking too much?

Clearly, the answer is: No.  

Do we have to institute measures like those used in other countries, where, e.g., the voters have a color applied to their thumbs, or by other means, are identified as having already voted?   

Clearly, the answer is:  Apparently so.    

Which is - or should be - a monumental embarrassment, to the leading nation of democracy in the world.  

And that's why I won't play 'their' game.

And would encourages you not to, either.  To, rather, boycott voting in this country, until it can be guaranteed free from corruption.

I have been living out of the country for over thirty-five years, so I wasn't aware of the extent of the tomfoolery that has been going on here in this matter.  At some point I came across a news report of a group in the U.S., that I think was called Black Box Voting, who were investigating the ways that the newfangled electronic voting machines could be hacked.  Good for them, I thought.  Somebody is doing something about this atrocious matter 'over there', in my beloved home country.3  And I waited.  And waited, to see some sign that the matter - that all-important matter, to a democratic form of government - and in the very home of such governance, for heaven's sakes4 - was being taken care of.   And I have now come back to my home roots; and have discovered that I have been waiting in vain.


Because both major political parties are in on the scam.  And The People are still going along with it… 

If it weren't time for a major change in human development - to a level of consciousness where this sort of thing simply does not exist - I would be more incensed about this matter, sufficiently to 'lose my cool' over it.  Saying things to My People like, 'How dare you' sell out The Dream so cheaply; and so forth and so on, in accusation  and judgment.  But it's time to move on; and stay out of such frames of mind.

But there will be a Reckoning.  Of all the dark things that have been going on, in this third-dimensional realm of duality, where such things are allowed to go on.   For their educative value.   Their soul-developlng value.  So that we can learn all the lessons that we possibly can.  Before we move on.  A condition, and life situation, that is particularly and uniquely upon us, as we speak.

Are you going to move on, and up, into the sunlit highlands of your consciousness?  Or back, and down; staying in the lower grades of this classroom exercise that we are involved in, in this business of Life - of the awareness-bearing souls of a loving Creator; engaged in the transformation of our consciousnesses.  With our Creator wanting for us only the Best.  But: Our choice.

Please: Come up with your best answer to this matter.  

Much depends on it.

For you.  And for all those around you; who could look to you as an example, of how to live one's life.  And avoid the dark places in our psyches that hold us back from our potential.  Our potential, that is to say, to be sparkling beings of Light.    

No longer the beings of the Darkness that do such things as live their lives by the philosophy that the end justifies the means.  All manner of means.  Including cheating.  And killing.  And…and……   

That is the Way of the Dark.  Not of the Light.

See you on the other side???  

The other side, of the gulf, yawning before us - right before us - that separates our little Selves from our higher Selves. 

Come on  You can do it.

I can see the color on your thumb - er, I mean, the color of your aura…



P.S. And by the way: I hope that nobody is thinking that I am being a bit 'precious' in my attitude towards not wanting to take part in a charade.  That is a lifelong attitude of mine, and I would hate to think that somebody thought so little of the quality of integrity, and its importance in life; for that is what this comes down to, in my book.
   I can remember, for example, when, in serving in the Army, in Korea (this was just after the uneasy armistice in that war - excuse me; that 'police action', in the political terminology of the day) - where I was a c.o. (conscientious objector), and thus was in the Medical Corps, and wangled my way into Special Services, where I became the go-to guy in the Seventh Division for entertainment of the troops inn our sector - part of my job was to go down to Seoul monthly and rate the Korean floor show groups who we then contracted in for shows in the Service Clubs in our areas.  Their rating determined what they got paid.  Except, I was to find out, not always.  There were also Korean bands involved in the rating process; and I would go on, after my stint in Seoul on rating the floor shows, to another, smaller city, for the rating of the bands; until I happened to find out that their rating did not, in fact, mean anything; that there was some other, behind-the-scenes process involved.  So I told the Special Services woman in charge of the ratings process that I would no longer go on down to that city for that part of the process.  Would not take part in a charade.
     She tried to get me to continue to 'be a show' myself in the matter, since it didn't look good not to have the Seventh Division rep involved in the farce.
     She didn't know her man.    



1 I hope Americans today are not so dumbed down (by mainly socialist ideologues who want to cut down the intelligence and thinking of Americans because a highly educated populace uses up more resources than a more easy controlled herd of cattle, and the planet, whether you call it Gaia from the Left or just plain old Home Base from the Right, needs strong leadership - including totalitarianism, if it comes to that - to ride herd on the mass of humankind.  Those contrary beasts, who just think they are in charge of their lives) that  they don't know something, at least, about JFK, besides that he was assassinated (by…by….come on.  You can come up with the answer.  Or can you.  And about who was behind 9/11??  And…and…..???); and can associate the name of a book he wrote - 'Why England Slept' - with my reference here.    

2 "As long as Washington was President, such was the veneration accorded him that partisanship was not likely to run to violence, bust he would soon retire and with him would go the last force for unity." - Merrill D. Peterson, Editor, 'James Madison" A Biography in His Own Words', in referring to 'the Revolution of 1800' occasioned by the so-called Jay Treaty and the presidential campaign of 1796.  When the cat's away…

3 I've looked it up.  I had it right:; run by a Bev Harris.  Good on you, Bev.  Excellent work.
     A shame it hasn't been picked up more definitively - across the board.  Of the game...

4 "the world's proud template for democracy," it has been called by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; who went on, describing America - particularly post- the 'Citizens United' decision by the Supreme Court; which has resulted in the situation that "(t)hose who have the most money now have the loudest voices in our democracy while poor Americans are mute" - as "now listing towards oligarchy and corporate kleptocracy".
     Indeed, Robert.  Indeed.  Now if you had just helped clean up the voting sector of life in that proud template...


P.S.   A late entry to this subject; my response to a blog titled 'Beware the 'Lesser-of-Two-Evils' Trap', on World Net Daily by David Kupelian, written Oct. 30, posted the 31st:

I have a slightly different take on this matter.  It comes, primarily perhaps, from having been out of the country for over 35 years, so I haven't been subjected to the slow cooking in the pot that the rest of you have.  I'm referring to the appalling fact that the voting 'act' has become so corrupted, that it seems to have become, in the minds of the populace,' just the way it is' -  simply a fact of life, in this, the last, best hope for mankind.  
It needn't have been this way.  The People could have stood up - yes, even to their own two major political parties - and said 'No more' to the corruption of 'the vote' in this country.  Whenever a citizen feels that their vote is not protected - that the vote can't be trusted - they are disenfranchised.  Voting without a paper trail...electronic machines that have been proven to be hackable...non-citizens allowed to vote, due to lax procedures...'the way it is' jokes about vote early and vote often...I could go on.  With the accusations.  But not with the reality that has grown up here.  I will not be voting, period.  I refuse to engage in a charade.  To do so just allows it to 'go on'; makes one an accomplice to and in the sordid fact.  
Give me an honest vote.  Or I withhold my support for your system.  As long as it can't be trusted, it is a farce, and a fraud.  Do YOU really want to part of THAT??