Saturday, 31 October 2009

Health Care vs. Health Maintenance

For some time, and like many people, I have been signing online petitions, for various worthy causes. It's a reasonable way for letting one's thoughts and feelings be registered. They don't always reflect with total accuracy one's personal preferences; yet they at least draw attention to important issues. One of those for me is the health care reform battle currently going on in the U.S.

I am a staunch supporter of what is called 'a public option', ie, a role for the government in the providing and paying for health care. Does that mean a blanket endorsement of the proposal? No, indeed. I am fully aware of the dangers involved in such a scenario. There is the potential faceless-bureaucracy nature of it. There is the controlling of options for health care. There is the opportunity for major financial ripoff of the system. -

And in that regard, I cite a chilling internet video of a CBS '60 Minutes' segment where the presenter went with a member of the FBI to investigate false-front operations in the south of Florida, whereby out-and-out criminals were milking the Medicare system for all it was worth, or at least, for all they could get their hands on of all it was worth. A sordid story. However, how much different is it from the story of those who are raking in all they can get their hands on from within the system, of health care in America?

Which is really the subject I want to get at in this blog. Because the system itself is corrupted, in its fundamentals. Which is what we REALLY need to look at.

And which is helped considerably by another video on the internet, a one-hour documentary titled 'Money Driven Medicine'. It highlights the inherent moral 'contradictions' in a system built on the premise of making money on illness; and the more illness, the more money to be made.

Hospitals competing with each other for customers, in a major duplication of equipment. (The latter of which of course is good for the economy. Like more and more drugs, for more and more conditions.) The focus of attention moved from care to treatment, in the business - the big business - of medicine. The creation of massive industrial health complexes, where businessmen manage the businesses; responsible for higher quarterly earnings, and the general generating of revenue as the bottom line. So that illness is good for the overall economy, not just the income of the medical practitioners as individuals. Health care as a growth industry, to invest in for savvy stockholders -

Average Joe and Jill: Didn't it ever occur to you that there had to be something intrinsically 'off' when a huge amount of your GDP is due to people being sick? That the sicker people are, the better, economically speaking? Needing more and more expensive drugs, and treatments, and so forth, to drive the process? having taken on a life of its own, so to speak?

This is the inevitable result of having a healthcare system with a profit motivation driving it.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like the idea of people profiting from illness and grief and despair, and the more the merrier.

It would be worse if there WEREN"T this sector of society?

That's the argument the allopathic medical profession would like the public to believe: that there is, really, no option to their approach to medicine.

Well: Not so.

And that option is growing, as more and more medical practitioners realize the inherent flaw in their profession, and begin looking at such alternatives/complements to allopathic medicine as naturopathy, and homeopathy, and herbalism, and Chinese/other Traditional medicine, and Energetic/holistic medicine, and so forth and so on. That is, alternatives that are more committed to prevention than treatment, for trying to get at the root of the condition, not just concentrating on symptom relief.

Health 'Maintenance' organizations. Where the 'maintenance' has MEANT: Come back for more...

'Managed care: Let US be your health care Manager for life. See what all WE can provide you with..."

We need to change this equation. And the only way that that is going to happen is a change in the fundamental equation; whereby people are motivated by service in life. Not 'money'. Not a device to keep people hooked perpetually in debt to a machine run by selfish, arrogant people who need YOU to keep quiet, and in your place, or they will fire you, or worse.

Am I talking communism here?

No. That's just another form of the statism that has been running the show on Earth for far too long now. And is the sort of thing that would kick in under an Obama-administration form of health care, where the people in power have a political inclination to want to control people - in all areas of society. And thus, a major part of the fear and uneasiness in people over a health care reform plan from that source: because it appears to be merely a part of a larger, unwanted agenda.

And I wouldn't support that sort of 'public option' either.

But I support a new look at the whole system. The system, of health care. And of the social order in general.

And to that extent, a 'public option' is the way to go.

Into the future.

Where we're going for health. Not care. As a first line of defence. And only then, should 'care' kick in.

Just not with a big Money sign attached to it.

All of which we were warned about centuries ago; effectively, when the Chinese sage known to us as Lao-Tzu observed: The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers.

And which observation I have adapted to our time, in this particular 'reading'/subject area of its inherent truth, as: The more hospitals and doctors, the more illness and disease.

And boy, do we have a lot of all that, in our day and - modern? - age.

Think about it. And join the (r)evolution.


The Health Sciences Institute

The newsletters of Drs Jonathan V. Wright, William C. Douglas II, Russell L. Blaylock, Michael Cutler, Mike Adams, Joseph Mercola, etc.

'Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth' by David C. Korten
'The End of Money And the Future of Civilization' by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

Yes! Magazine, hard copy & online

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Please Speak Up


A main piece of news over here in the UK this past week has been the appearance (last Thursday evening) of the head of the British National Party - widely labeled as fascistic; the modern-day equivalent of Mosley's Blackshirts of the '30s - on a major current events programme on the (national carrier) BBC called Question Time. Nick Griffin was invited on because his party (a) is a legal one, and (b) won a couple of seats in the recent EU elections.* I'm sure you could hear the uproar even over in your part of the world. How could they give the fascists/racists/anti-Semitics the oxygen of publicity, etc etc. The Media section of the Guardian - the UK's foremost liberal broadsheet - had a feature article leading up to it headlined 'The right to be heard?'; ie, questioning such a 'right'. Right on its heels, columnist Ian Bell in The (Glasgow) Herald fumed about it in a column headed 'We cannot grant the BNP the rights it would not grant us'. (But that sort of thing is precisely the difference between 'us' and such authoritarians as Bell was ringing his tocsin in warning about...??)

In the event, Griffin got well shot down, both by the panel (including the nominal moderator) and the studio audience, and in the newspaper coverage afterwards (that I know of; plus I don't access TV much, to know how that media dealt with it). And perhaps too well shot down; eliciting no small amount of sympathy for his treatment, as the equivalent of a set-up. So, at least: everybody had their say. And isn't there a fair amount of value in that? Instead of 'polite society' having been able to rule the day, and keeping Griffin 'and his ilk' in the dark, where they belong?...

Two things.

One is a copy of a letter of mine that I happened to come across today, when I was looking to put a newspaper clipping into one of my files (read, more accurately: piles). I thumbed quickly through one such folder, trying to ascertain if it was the right file I was looking for, and noticed the letter amongst the main body of newspaper cuttings. Quickly scanning it, I ascertained that it was pertinent to this time and place, and prominent subject. Dating back to 2004, it was to a columnist in The Herald. I can't find the offending article itself right at this moment in time in that 'file' (insert smiley face here), but from my responding letter it is obvious what it was about in general. Reading my letter, my first thought was: Gee; did I write that? Not bad...anyway: herewith, for the sake of this blog's subject, and my contribution to the 'debate':

"Dear Ms McAlpine,

"As much as I normally appreciate your contributions in The Herald, I must admit I was a bit taken aback by your last column, of Thurs, 29 April [my letter is dated 3 May]. I didn't get off to a very good start with it from even before turning to the page it appeared on, when on the front page it was heralded, under your picture, with the notion: Should free speech be extended to Nazis?

"My first thought was, What is she on about? It is precisely like asking, Should free speech be extended to Communists? After all, they advocated the elimination of those who disagreed with them - and in the event, were responsible for more deaths in the 20th Century than the Nazis. So I turned to your article to find out what, precisely, your argument was.

"I must say I was disappointed in your thinking. For what they are worth, the following are some of my thoughts in response.

"(1) It is very dangerous when a society begins to be selective about what it will and will not allow to be expressed. That approach to the fundamental matter of free speech plays right into the hands of those authoritarians who would use the 'not in the national interest' rationale for shutting the citizenry up, ie, steps onto the slippery slope of censorship.

"(2) If people use terms like 'vermin' to describe immigrants - illegal immigrants or otherwise - then they will be turned down at the polling booth. That is the democratic way to go about such things. Know who and what you're dealing with, and it's out in the open, more easily capable of being dealt with.**

"As to this point of 'the democratic way' of going about this sort of thing: Free speech is not properly defined as being about the opportunity to talk about motherhood and apple pie. Surely a truly healthy, robust democracy can handle more than safe issues. What, exactly, is it that you are afraid of? I would support the notion that it is legitimate for the state to support parents in protecting their children from, say, images of vile depravity. But surely adults can be left free to sample the wares in the realm of ideas, and make their choices, not to be so coddled as to have their choices constricted for them by the state. I would far more trust the people than the state in these matters.

"If '(f)ree speech has its limits,' those limits would better be set well beyond where you have set them, Ms McAlpine. For the sake of a true democracy.

"It is the same thing with so-called hate speech laws, where the definition of 'incitement' is so loose that it could be used to drive a coach and horses through, and, eg, criticism of the state of Israel for its policies vis-a-vis the Palestinian issue could be (and already is) manipulated to be declared anti-Semitic, and because of such laws, be a chilling factor to the legitimate exercise of free speech. No. Give me a robust free speech any day, to the cowing of the citizenry by a too heavy-handed state, no matter how well-intentioned such cowing could appear to be - and to be sold as - on its surface.

"Have a little more trust in the democratic process, Ms McAlpine. For all our sakes.

"Yours sincerely, [etc]


"** Which is my answer, by the way, also to the point you raised to support your position; to wit: 'What about freedom of speech? Well, as Ken Livingstone has pointed out, we don't allow people to demonstrate in favour of paedophilia.' But we should. if they engage in the act, they will break the law. But words are not things. (If they were, a lot of things wouldn't be allowed to be said. And the world would be the poorer, for the ineffectual exercise in the sanitizing of living.) Until the law has been broken, democratic freedoms - civil rights - should prevail.

"If a cleric in this country clearly preaches jihad - clearing advocates death to the infidels, and unambiguously incites to violence - then he fairly comes under condemnation, and, depending on the wording of the law, under that as well. But I will get to a danger in all this in a moment; the danger of laws drawn too loosely, so that they are used beyond their legitimate application."

The other thing has to do with the simplistic 'take' on, widespread impression of, fascism. One of the writers of Letters to The Herald in the wake of the TV programme opined as to how, in balance, it was good that they had had Griffin on, because he hurt his position, by being "inarticulate", and like a hulking bully, and so forth. Well, let's take a closer look at these 'bullies'.

And that closer look came to me, in timely fashion, this week, in the pages of a magazine that I subscribe to out of the U.S.. Titled The New American, it is the journalistic arm of the John Birch Society; itself often castigated as being 'fascist', but which only shows how ill-defined words can be, because it is anything but - is a fierce opponent of both fascism and socialism/communism. (It has a particular 'conservative' perspective, particularly on economic and social issues; but it does not believe in using the state to impose those perspectives on the citizenry. At least, not true blue Birchers.) This particular issue was a back one, which just came this week with a number of others, the original mailings of which somehow fell foul of the postal system between the U.S. and me. (Interestingly enough, it's not the first time this has happened with this particular journal. I make no other observation than that.) I decided to glance through this particular issue last night (as my bedtime reading, after my usual wade through all my emails, and their internet links) as it was the oldest of the lot (April 13), and because it had an interesting cover, that story being about 'Creating ''Wealth"'. Before getting to that story ('The Federal Reserve's ability to create money out of thin air and to manipulate the value of the dollar gives it ultimate control over the purse strings of every American household'), I glanced at the 'Inside Track' section, bullet points of main stories of the period. How fitting to the subject of this blog, starting to form in my head. One of those headers:

'Public-private Partnerships Based on Fascist Economic Model'

It likens what is going on in our day and age to what various players tried on in the '30s and '40s.***

This, coupled with a video-tape I listened to last evening, from Brasscheck TV (of a few days ago, that I was just getting around to); a radio interview with an economist from Canada, one Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, who outlined the scam going on in America, whereby the banks receiving bailout money from the federal government (read: the taxpayers) were not using it to lend to capital-starved businesses, were rather using it to buy the very same businesses they'd helped bankrupt - or forced down the stock price of - by turning off their credit lines, in a circular process of diabolical initiative. Which includes driving the American government into bankruptcy as well, in order for the power elite behind the whole scenario to privatize the whole shebang. In order to create private toll highways, for example. (My extrapolation from here:) So that they can move truckloads of goods from Mexico to Canada on private highway corridors - a feature of the mooted North American Union; with its single currency, the Amero - without having to deal with the pesky matter of democracy, in the form of state and federal policies, from the days of the former United States of America.

The People. Getting in the way of The Plan.

My point with all this? Briefly put: We seem to prefer our thugs looking all smart and nice, in their expensive suits, to thugs we might meet in the street.

Men - and women - in The City, rather than in the cities.

Sweet. And ugly. And time to take back our destiny in our own hands. Out of those of our erstwhile keepers. Keeping us as long as we behave ourselves. Like nice little sheeple. Whose every move - in our cars, on the internet, in purchases - is being monitored. As the potential 'domestic extremists' that we all are.

The former presumption of innocence having been tossed aside like the product of an earlier day. Pre 1984, as it were.

As I say: Sweet. And ugly. As ugly as the image of a boot stamping on humanity's face.

Before the inevitable rising up.

People being what they are.

And what is that?

It has been well expressed in the words of a modern 'motivational speaker' thusly: as 'spiritual beings having a human experience".

Who are not going to take kindly to erstwhile masters treating them like anything less.

For much longer.

P.S. As for the positions, and character assassination, of Nick Griffin: A number of commentators have been willing to cede him a point on the issue of immigration, in that it has not been handled sensitively enough. But they all gang up on him on his purported anti-Semitism. For example, an interviewer for something called 5 Live and BBC1's Sunday morning debate show The Big Question, was quoted in the Guardian's Media article thusly: "If a mainstream politician had described the holocaust as the 'holocon' or listed the Jews in the media...they would be hammered." The Big Question, indeed...

On this subject, of such as censorship, and Things You Can't Say, I append a recent letter of mine to the Guardian; whose Letters editor chose not to print it, but I think the point is pertinent to this 'discussion':

"Dear Editor,

"Jonathan Freedland voices an admirable sentiment in his column on the Holocaust: "Surely, by any moral standard, we cannot let this assault on historical truth stand" (I knew the day of Holocaust 'debate' would come. Just not in my lifetime, Comment, 21 October). And that is precisely why the meme of The Six Million must not be allowed to continue to stand.

" Even some honest israeli historians have admitted that that is a grossly inflated number, dating from the early 1900s when the Zionists were trying to generate support in Europe for a homeland for the Jews (Madagascar was a mooted site, for a time), and resorted to making their case with a little fudging of the facts; and whereby emigration was treated as the equivalent of extermination. That precise figure was used on the cover of a particular publication at the time (1916).

"Were Jews as a class of persons targeted for elimination by the Nazis? That would appear to be the case. But we're really never going to make substantial headway in the Israeli-Palestinian standoff that is threatening the world with its nastiness until both sides will give way to a more sober assessment of the matter, based on truth. Not propaganda.

"If that means questioning the sacred cow of 'six million' and putting it aside, then that's what it means. Let's get that matter over with, so that we can get to more substantive issues. Precisely in the spirit of what Rabbi Michael Lerner asks for, in the same Comments section, regarding the Goldstone report to the UN. And precisely in the spirit of what Jonathan Freedland invokes in his column.

"Time's a'wasting, for solid progress to be made towards resolution of this conflict. And that requires movement - heartfelt, authentic movement - on both sides.

"Yours sincerely, [etc.]

I am saying that it's not good enough simply to smear people like Nick Griffin for using the term 'holocon' when he has a point (just as he has with poorly integrated 'immigration'). Not Holocaust denial; but Holocaust revisionism. And so too do the Muslims who question particular facts about it that have come down to us all as if written in stone; to beat us over the head with, over and over. Until the Zionists have managed to squeeze millions of reparations dollars out of it.

'It': the Holocaust. A very big business. And shame, for those who are using so much actual suffering to build a mountain on. To further their ends.

The same way that tyrants have acted, down through the ages.

Means and ends.

As people are used, over and over, as mere means, to further the ends of powerful elites.

Like using the people's tax monies against them, and THEIR interests.

And getting the people to point to people like Nick Griffin as the culprits in their lives...

Clever, scheming, venal hypocrites.

Who will be the death of us yet.

Unless we awaken from the slumber they have imposed on us - with bread and circuses.

And demolish the matrix.

Which means, in essence: the money system.

As it is.

And substitute it with a simple system of credits and debits.

As we go about creating community on the planet.

The whole planet.

As One.

Just not the one that the Bilderbergers, and Council on Foreign Relations, and that whole crowd of movers and shakers are intending. And intending to rule. Their way.

Which doesn't happen to be the Way of The People.

And the Spirit with which we are infused.

All of us.

Including them.

Lost souls that they are.

For a time.

To serve a purpose.

A personal purpose, to them, and their pilgrim's progress.

And to us.

To give us choices.

May we choose well, in this special time.

This time of Ascension.

Or not.

Your choice.


* So is and has 'my' party, UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party; but it doesn't have the same notoriety as the BNP, is not newsworthy enough. More's the pity. It is the only political party - save some gesturing by the Conservatives - that is clearly, unequivocally against British immersion into the EU Superstate aborning, whereby the REAL fascists will gain control over all aspects of the former independent nations of Europe. All for a worthy cause, of course. The purported cause of peace in Europe, after centuries of nationalistic conflict. But by the means of the peace of servitude. But not to get too far off onto a tangent...

*** Another article in the section dealt with: 'CFR Corporate Members Get Lion's Share of Bailout Funds'. That's as in the Council of Foreign Relations. You will have heard of that organization. David Rockefeller; the New World Order, and so forth. The Establishment, wanting to rule the world their way. Which is not The People's way, I can assure you.


Brasscheck TV audio: Kpfa, Bonnie Faulkner. "Grand theft in broad daylight: The great banking scam.'

Sunday, 18 October 2009

On Monkeys, Bonuses, and Vaccines

What do monkeys, bonuses, and vaccines have in common?

Answer, basically: An impulse for a blog today. A lazy day at home, reading the (UK) Sunday Times; getting more disturbed by the minute.

What an experience, just sitting in a comfortable chair; while others nearby were quietly knitting and reading around a fire; the first use of the fireplace in our community Lounge, heralding the changing of seasons...

...which I wrote about, and metaphorically, in my last blog; and follow up on in this one.

To the riddle.

First was the front page story, only glanced at at first, about the Royal Bank of Scotland gearing up to give its investment-bank employees and managers a princely bonus for the year; for doing so well, after the near-collapse of the previous year, when it was bailed out by the taxpayers, after its own folly in jeopardizing its operations in the first place with risky financial investments. In concert with so many other such institutions in the news this week, reporting record profits, and therefore hefty bonuses...

...while banks are still slow to make loans to struggling businesses, and the unemployment rolls continue to grow...

Enough of this sordid story. What else is there in the news today - as reported in the mainstream media, on a slow day for breaking news...What’s this. A story on how some researchers taught some monkeys about ‘money’. Associating the giving to them of a token with the getting of a reward. Whereby they learned such concepts as relative worth, and -

Okay. Point made. And: Are we just monkeys?

We are if we let the banking fraternity get away with their moves back to ‘business as usual’...

I decide to read the article about the RBS in greater detail, to see how it is played.

To its credit, the Sunday Times deplores what is going on in this regard; in the tone of the article and in an accompanying editorial. But the boys are getting away with their monkey business nevertheless. Because governments are loath to intervene. For whatever excuse-ridden reasons may be given. Sigh...

People, people. Do you really want to put the international economy - put civilization itself - in the hands of gamblers? Subject to the machinations of casino players, let loose by a new breed of bankers to play with fire? People who have no compunctions, no concerns about the long-term effects of their actions, just as long as they can take chances to make a lot of money for themselves and their fellow monkey backers in their gambling operations?

This isn’t ‘business as usual’. This is madness.

Come out from under their control, before they cause more damage than they already have.

Humanity is not well served by these our masters, contemptible of ‘the common man’, aka of democracy.

This speculation has nothing to do with the provision of goods and services to each other, in harmony with nature, and everything to do with satisfying instant gratification; aka greed.

Like a monkey, who doesn’t know any better.

Insert a little baring of teeth here...

...they make money from the chaos they caused. Unsettled times create opportunities for speculation. Safer times - ie, times when people just get on with their lives, free from worries, like of marauders, out to manipulate them to achieve their ends - are for mugs. Churning times are for churners. Aka sharks...

‘Well, if it’s their money, they can play with it, right? Gamble with it all they want?’

Of course. As long as it doesn’t affect the rest of us.

And if it does affect the rest of us...

And here comes in the matter of ‘vaccines’ in my day’s equation of subjects. First association: This week there has been a lot of debate on various website Comments threads about those who question the hype over the swine flu purported pandemic and its now-presenting and -preventing vaccines, and those who denigrate those who would not think of others in their concentrating just on themselves and their children.

‘Unvaccinated children give other children diseases. They are like rotten apples. They should be banished to go live on an island, these thoughtless, contemptible parents with their disease-spreading children.’ And so forth.

Fair charge? And fair parallel?

Not quite.

The latter case, about effects of personal behavior on society, is not allowing for the fact that vaccines are not the great unmitigated savior of mankind that they have been cracked up to be. They have a huge downside to them, in the seeding of ilness and disease conditions, like autoimmune and neurological disorders, in the populace (some in the same epidemical amounts of the diseases that they would purport to prevent).

Which brings up another point from the Times of today: from Rod Liddle’s column and a comment therein on allergies; how so many kids have food allergies these days. What the public is never told about is that these allergies come primarily from the food proteins that are put in vaccines. The body mounts an immune reaction to the vaccine - the point of the procedure - and that includes to all the ingredients OF the vaccine.

Why do they put food proteins in vaccines?

That discussion is for another time. For now, I just mention it, as part of my day’s musings on the news.

Which includes the inside-pages feature-story shenanigans of a British equivalent of Bernie Madoff; an investor named Levene. Taking people’s money to make a quick buck for them, and, it has turned out, too many for himself; leaving them shorted, to the tune of millions (200 and counting). And interestingly, also targeting the same, Jewish community. As the stereotype has it: a ‘class’ of people very interested in, enamoured of, even fixated on, money.

Ah yes. Money again...

Credit derivative swaps, or obligations, or whatever the hell these things are called -


This is the world of moneychangers in the temple of life. It’s time to throw the rascals out - whoever all they are; and that includes nominally upstanding WASPS amongst them, and females trying to prove that they can be just as good at being one of the boys as the men - and get to civility, and meeting people’s needs, and feeling at one with each other and our long-suffering natural environment. It’s time, that is to say, for something new under the sun, freed from the often overwhelming control of our lower, animal instincts.

Debt and currency trading, futures markets, derivatives - none of this investment-banking business has anything to do with the exchange and provision of goods and services; what ‘economy’ and ‘currency’ are supposed to be all about. And what they were all about, before some individuals got the idea of turning money into an end in itself. And others piled into the act. Like monkeys learning a new trick.

Something, it needs to be pointed out, that they were taught.

That it didn’t come naturally to them...

So: what to do?

Lord Oakeshott is quoted in the front-page article as saying:

“The masters of the universe in investment banking are taking away lorry loads of loot because they are the last men standing. The government must get a grip.”


And more.

The government must change the terms of engagement. From competition to cooperation. From money making to goods and services producing. From monkey business to the ‘business’ of ascension; of moving beyond the bounds and boundaries of our animal nature, further into the realm of our spiritual nature, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.

We’ve got work to do, folks. Let’s be about it.

If we can draw ourselves away from the magnets of the moment, and those manipulating the magnets...

‘No, sorry, government of the people. Can’t build up our bank’s reserves, for lending purposes; it cuts down on what we can offer in the way of bonuses to retain and attract the best - ‘


Do you REALLY want your society, and future, in these sorts of hands? These Masters of the Universe, reckless in their all-consuming desire to pull off deals? To experience that surge of power? And of attraction?

It’s an illness; a craving; an addiction. You are putting your lives in the hands of a dysfunctional mob who have lost the plot, and taken you down the rabbit hole of their delusions of grandeur with them. Well, it’s time to cut the ties that bind. Free yourselves from their grasp over your destiny, and power of individual action in your life, and exercise of personal responsibility.

And know that YOU are one of those whom you have been waiting for.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Changing of Seasons

Autumn is in the air - literally, outside my window, where the near tree is alight with leaves of red and orange and russet, like a bonfire. A bonfire of vanities...

It's hard to believe that something so beautiful is a sign of death.

A changing of the seasons...

I have been reading a paper, initially published in 2005, on the subject of adjuvants, wherein the authoress refers to a book by 'an investigative journalist' named Gary Matsumoto. His "new book" - then - "documents the secret human medical experimentation conducted on American citizens by doctors and scientists working for the U.S. military. It is a book about 'betrayal of the most fundamental rules of medical ethics and betrayal of the basic duty of military and civilian leaders to protect the people they govern'." The book is entitled 'Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing our Soldiers and Why GI's are Only the First Victims'. It is about "an experimental unlicensed anthrax vaccine containing" an oil-based adjuvant called squalene. Which "had been known for decades to cause severe autoimmune diseases in laboratory animals."


A little background.

I mentioned in my previous blog the work by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. in letting the world know about the fact that the pertussis vaccine - the 'P' in DPT - was the preferred adjuvant (at least at that time; his book was published in 1990) in experiments to produce allergic encephalomyelitis in animal studies.

In animal studies...

...laboratory animals...

What I didn't know until recently was the discovery and use of a substance called squalene to accomplish the same result - aka experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE); the animal version of multiple sclerosis (MS).

And a whole range of autoimmune diseases to issue forth from there; to say, from these studies...

At the risk of belabouring the point from my last blog; but to help emphasize it, for its extreme importance, to the story of our time and place: Squalene is a substance found in our bodies. All over; everywhere. To put it in a vaccine - as an 'adjuvant', or immune system stimulator - is to invite and cause the body, in mounting an inflammatory immune reaction to the vaccine and unavoidably all its ingredients, to mount an immune reaction to the squalene in its own host body To put it in an oil-based form is in addition to invite and cause the body to mount an immune reaction to its own oils; either directly or through 'molecular mimicry' - the oil adjuvant resembling the oils/lipids in one's own body.

Squalene - and in oil-based form - is being added to the A-H1N1 swine flu vaccine, being touted in our immediate day and age as a pandemic, needing major, extremely hyped, universal vaccine treatment.


I can hear the conversation now, when the research scientist went to his superiors in the drug company that had hired him, to report on his discovery, in animal tests. A successful research outcome; but with a warning attached:

"Be careful with this stuff. It could maim people, in the wrong hands."

"Thank you, Doctor. Pick up your cheque on the way out. And may I remind you that you are under a commercial-in-confidence agreement with us."

"But - "

"It's in your contract, Doctor. What is not in your contract is that you are about to receive a handsome bonus for your services to our company. That is to indicate how much we value your time and services given to Cures R Us. May you have a good life. That will be all. Goodbye."

Ah, vanity. Thy name is legion...

When some automatic defenders of vaccines on Comment threads on the Internet hit you with reference to 'evidence-based medicine', or 'sound science', ask them:

"Why put in vaccines lipids that are in our bodies, or similar enough to elicit an autoimmune reaction by the process of 'molecular mimicry'? It's as if those vaccines were designed to do that. Any comment? Or on the presence of food proteins in vaccines. One could fairly conclude that they are in there in order to elicit an allergic reaction to those foods - or others via molecular mimicry - and thus a need to develop pharmaceutical products to treat those symptoms. Couldn't one? Isn't that a fair conclusion? If not, tell me: Why not?"

And then ask about the anti-fertility effect of squalene, and the various patented adjuvants based on it, and put in many vaccines now, in the new generation of these wondrous additions to our health and wellbeing. Also known as bioweapons...

Yes yes; the Soviets were experimenting with such weapons in the 1980s (in particular to engineer a designer disease that would attack myelin). But now?

Who's our enemy??

Saddam Hussein is gone.

Al-Qaeda is pretty much a myth. Who's left?

It would appear to be: us.

As the paper (by one Edda West) says:

"The main proponents for the use of squalene in vaccines have been the U.S. Department of Defense and the NIH [National Institutes of Health]. The anti-squalene antibodies in sick American and British military personnel are evidence that military experimentation has caused an unprecedented health catastrophe in tens of thousands of people, onto whom the vaccine was forced and who were denied the right to make an informed decision based on existing scientific knowledge of the dangers of injecting squalene.* 'By adding squalene to their new anthrax vaccine, they did not make a better vaccine; they made a biological weapon,'" she quotes from Matsumoto's book.

A biological weapon being used on the American people, and others around the globe.

In the new generation of vaccines.

Designed for that purpose.

The purpose, ultimately (beyond the astronomical amounts of money being made), of culling our numbers.

And of keeping the survivors under control.

By other substances embedded in them.

Via this wondrous medical modality, for which they will brook no opposition.

No angry autism moms; nobody. To upset their apple cart.

Which we, the people should turn on them, and use as tumbrils, taking them to the guillotine.

Metaphorically speaking.


P.S. Beware Chief Medical Officers touting epidemics, or pandemics. They have a habit of doing that sort of thing, periodically.


Well, for one answer: Follow the money.

But for another: Follow the power.

It's partly to do with money.

It's also to do with, like, vanity.

The vanity of those who would be in the court of the King of the Mountain.

But who are facing their last burst of glorious colour.

In the changing of the seasons upon us.

Upon us. And them.

Whoever can make the cut.

* Some studies have indicated that squalene is not dangerous. It is not, by itself. It can be ingested with no problem. That's not the point. It is when it is injected that it becomes dangerous.
And in minuscule amounts. Even a few molecules of it, introduced in that way, will cause trouble. And they are not putting a few molecules of it in their adjuvants. They are putting massive amounts of it in them.
It's almost as if they want to make darn sure that they get massive reactions out of it, this time. The last few exotic flu scares just not turning out to be fit for purpose...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Bioweaponry & the Culling Policy & Process

I suppose I shouldn't react when I have been freshly triggered and incensed - it helps to keep things in perspective, and often a little patience is in order. But when I come across wholesale abuse of the gift of free will - to the point of deliberate killing and maiming of one's fellow humans, and especially under the cover of being members of 'the healing professions'; normally entitled to our respect and trust, as opposed, say, to politicians, who are known to be corrupted, and easily corruptible (he who pays the piper calls the tune, and so forth) - I sometimes lose my cool. As, eg, now.

Briefly, and with some background.

In researching the assassination of JFK - another story; although connected to this one, intriguingly enough - I at one point somewhat recently came across a video documentary about Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend, and their relationship, leading up to that horrendous November day in Dallas. (Yes, I remember precisely where I was, when that news came over the radio, and let us know that all was not what we - many - thought it was, in our country.) The pertinent point here is that she had been involved with a respected cancer researcher, who was being given monies to research cancer, including how to deliberately give people cancer. (Note: this is pre-1963.)

That information tied in with what I had already come across, through the research of Dr Leonard Horowitz (dentist & degree in public health) and as reported in his book 'Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola - Natural, Accidental, or Intentional?' He uncovered the paper trail leading back to major research starting in 1969, paid for apparently by CIA black-bag money, on creating viruses that could be used as bioweapons. The cover story was that this was for defense purposes, in case the Soviets came up with such a weapon before the US, and so 'we' needed to protect ourselves. Yes, also fit nicely with the attitude that had started to be expressed around that time, by the Powers That Be, that the population might well need to be culled - that population especially of the 'useless eaters' that Dr Kissinger, he of that PTB cabal, was reported to have referred to.

So there's a history here of some people - some very powerful people - thinking for some time of ways to do in large segments of the population.

Including the information coming out in the '90s that in some Third World countries, 'they' had given vaccines ostensibly for tetanus to young females, which turned out to have an anti-fertility ingredient in them. (In the late 2000s, as I have reported in a previous blog, I saw a video documentary where the filmmaker was interviewing a former CIA man, who admitted that 'they' had been responsible for that little project. Why? For 'the national interest'. To keep the hordes in particular from Mexico and Central America pouring over the US border, in case of economic collapse. Just far-sighted souls, these our intelligence agents.)

Cut to parallel information. In his 1990 book 'Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality' (subtitled 'The Medical Assault On the American Brain'), Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D made a telling observation: that the pertussis vaccine was the preferred adjuvant for animal studies on allergic encephalomyelitis (p. 159).

Interesting thought.

And now, in our day and age, we have - and which is being put in the current swine flu vaccine - a substance called squalene.

Which was trialed against our troops in the Gulf War, as an ingredient/adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine.

And which seems to be the factor which has caused a myriad of illness and disease conditions thereby.

Now appearing in comparatively astronomical amounts in the swine flu vaccines.

Let's look at this particular matter a little closer.

Squalene is a substance that is found widely present in our bodies, including the central nervous system (CNS). Anything that is in a vaccine, the body will recognize as 'not self', and attack (that's the point of the vax: to trigger the immune system). The immune system, then, will - besides attacking the antigens present in the vaccines & subsequently identified for attack - attack the host body as well. Result: autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus, and MS, and Lou Gehrig's disease - the list goes on.*

A whole host of autoimmune disorders. Caused by vaccines. Which side effects the manufacturers of the vaccines then have come up with drugs to treat.


So venality is abroad in the land.

But there's more.

Squalene is also associated with an anti-fertility effect.

Plus the vaccines have not been tested with the adjuvant present. It is being added closer to the point of delivery. (To extend the vaccines, and thus make them go further, is the story.)

Thus having circumvented any system of oversight.

Plus the manufacturers have been given immunity from prosecution, for any 'untoward' effects, because the governments requested the vaccines on an emergency basis.

For an expected pandemic.

For which there is, and was, no evidence.

But which there may well be created, by the use of the live virus in the nasal form, which will then shed for 21 days, affecting all those coming in contact with those children. And especially alongside the 'normal', seasonal flu vaccine, thus the running of the risk of the A-H1N1 mutating, into a more virulent form.

And notice, the vaccine is especially also being given to pregnant women.

Even though the packets say it has never been tested in pregnant women; so the manufacturers are off the hook.

If things go 'wrong'.

Which there is every indication that they will.

Because that's the point.

All brought to us by our governments.

Which are in cahoots with the PTB behind the whole scenario...

As I indicate: nasty, disgusting stuff.

But i sense a silver lining here.

I sense that it is the last, big push of these people, to enclose humanity in a field of darkness, and try to keep them - us - in a state of subservience to them.

The last throw of the dice, of chance.

Before the Light takes over.

And puts these people - these errant souls - in the shade.

Of a new day dawning on Earth.

For finally, it can hardly get any worse.

And so it's time for The Great Turning; as some enlightened souls have termed it.

'It': Our time. Our place. Our destiny.

What we chose to incarnate at this time for. To be part of the Ascension process, about to unfold, in earnest.

Generated as great Opportunity, from great Crisis.

So really, I, and we, can't be TOO hard on these people, these matter-bound souls.

Because they are playing a major role, in the great Play we have been engaged in, on this lovely planet, here FOR us to play in, and on.

Long suffering, our Gaia. But now to experience humanity turning a corner, in its evolution - our mutual evolution; human and nature.

Going up.

We certainly can hardly go further down, than we have; in our time.

Here, now, to reverse.

So listen to your inner voice. And act accordingly.

It's all on the line.

Separating heaven and earth. As it were. More precisely: Separating those who are still in touch with their transpersonal sides, from those who have lost the plot; and are here just for themselves.

And their elite buddies.


* It's the same with their having put many food proteins in vaccines. Thus all the allergies, including full-blown anaphylaxis, in our day. Clever, these fiends...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

Further on my last blog:

The title of this blog does not refer to the article in last weekend's UK Sunday Times titled 'Brad Pitt leads lads' retreat into man cave', except peripherally. It more directly refers to a Comment article earlier on in the issue, by their regular columnist Rod Liddle, titled 'The bankers haven't learn that greed is good...for nothing'.

I like his take on the current economic situation. Quote:

"Nothing has changed. The economic crisis of last year is still seeing people put out of work - poor people, natch - but the next boom is being feverishly pumped up right now, on the same grounds as before. Nothing has changed - all that stuff about greater regulation, prudence, stability, financial propriety and a cap on extravagant bonuses? Bankers wandering around looking hurt and contrite and wondering if they should maybe open a donkey sanctuary in Suffolk instead of bankrupting the nation?

"You're joking - nobody in the City is taking the slightest notice and they never have. That's all 'neo-socialist claptrap', as Boris Johnson, London's Conservative mayor, eloquently put it. In those clamorous City wine bars the champers is already on ice because it's business as usual - except this time even more so and, remarkably, overseen by the same people who brought us to financial ruin..."

So what's the answer? Real 'reform'?

As long as it's not in the simplistic form of just doing away with money, profit, and all that jazz - ie, merely changing things - thinking to change things - on the form level. Let me be clear about my position on these matters, as stated in earlier blogs.

I am really not naive; let alone hopelessly naive. Either as to how entrenched people are in their current mindset, or as to what they are capable of. My first point of clarity is to acknowledge that 'you' can't eliminate greed, say, merely by eliminating its opportunity for expression. Imposing top-down control of people, as in a communist state, does nothing to change consciousness. Oh, there will be a little cosmetic change. Capping banker bonuses will get their attention; but they will quickly figure a way around the block. Outlawing smoking in all pubs and bars will 'send a message'; but it does nothing to change the underlying factors. That is, top-down change is not permanent change. What does it prove if you don't give 'man' choice? It proves nothing but the power of power. But allowing 'man' free will - that's another matter. That allows growth. Spiritual growth. That is to say, growth in consciousness.

And that is what life is essentially all about: consciousness raising. A consciousness-raising process. Transformation, from a lesser level of consciousness to a higher one.

And that's where we're at now, collectively, on Planet Earth: facing a paradigm shift. Like an electron, moving from a lower orbit to a higher one, with an energy input from the unseen realms to help facilitate the process. Humanity now facing our alchemical hour; resulting in a complete change in form-level characteristics. Just like the transformation of lead into gold.

So that's the kind of 'reform' needed: A re-form.

Will we be up to it?

You bet.

Because it's time. Like a piece of fruit, now ripened, and ready for the picking. The higher of our dual natures coming out, and to the fore.

And the result? The recognition that 'we are one another', in the words of Dr. Arthur Guirdham, a writer not only on health & mental health matters but on the subject of reincarnation. That we have been playing different roles through time, in order to learn from the experiences - to learn, ultimately, that We are One. To learn wholeness.

Butcher, baker, fisherman, thief; persecutor, persecuted; father, mother, daughter, son: We've each played out different roles. To grow in awareness from it all.

And now, with a quantum leap before us, to put that whole level of drama - of lesson learning, of experience, of knowledge gaining - behind us, and move up a notch. To our next stage of evolution; of God expression and experiencing Itself, on a whole new level of form and consciousness. For those lessons and learnings, and knowledge gaining.

And that's how to deal with human qualities like greed. The answer, then, is to leave them behind, as we go exploring on another level of the human experience - NOT further on the same level of the age-old problems.

Einstein is supposed to have said something to this effect. But it doesn't take an Einstein to figure it out.

'It': that the time of mindless role-playing is over. That it's time for the real thing.

At least that's how I see things.

And others do, too.

For the Gathering is taking place.

Ready or not. Boys and girls...


Partial bibliography:

Google Near Death Experiences (many authors)

Past Lives Therapy, by Morris Netherton, Ph.D and Nancy Shiffrin

Life Before Life, by Helen Wambach, Ph.D.*

The works of Arthur Guirdham, M.D.

The works of Ian Stevenson, M.D.

The works of Brian Weiss, M.D.

The works of Diana Cooper

* Somewhere in her book she quotes one Betty Bethards, healer-medium, thusly;

"Our purpose here on earth is to grow in understanding, in knowledge, and in love."

That about sums it up, I'd say.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The New Paradigm

For whatever reason, I have been impressed to make a comment here, now, on this beginning of a new day in the UK, on the advent of 'a new paradigm' - of a moneyless system of exchange on our planet; on the move out of the training-wheels stage of society, of interest-bearing money and fractional reserve banking and all that lower-stage stuff, up to a new stage of development on Earth.

Why do I feel that we can make the leap to a higher way of being together on this planet? Because it's that time. Because the energy of transformation - in part occasioned by Necessity, with the near-collapse and still potential collapse of the international economic system as it is - is upon us, causing that leap, like an electron moving to a higher orbit, resulting in a change of form on the form level. The alchemy, if you will, of transmuting lead into gold.

We have been leaden on this planet long enough. It's time to inherit our higher potential. Our next higher potential, that is to say, from where we are, have managed to attain. And there's even a higher potential beyond that. But first steps up first.

How do we do it, practically speaking?

The template is already in place. The template of what is called local exchange trading systems (LETS); scrip issues; Time Dollars, and so forth. Schemes to recreate community, only this time on the global level as well - all of us, together, as One. One Planet. One Humanity. One Destiny.

Good work is already being done in this regard, of seeding this level of consciousness. Two excellent books on this theme are 'The End of Money and the Future of Civilization' by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., and 'Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth' by David C. Korten. Who in that book summarizes the matter - the matter right before us; in our time - beautifully:

"We humans have made enormous progress in our technological mastery, but we fall far short in our mastery of ourselves and the potential of our human consciousness. Failing to identify the true source of our happiness and well-being, we worship at the altar of money to the neglect of the altar of life. failing to distinguish between money and real wealth, we embrace illusion as reality, and enslavement to the institutions of Wall Street as liberty.

"The implosion of the Wall Street phantom-wealth economy exposes how effective we can be in creating cultures and institutions that cultivate and celebrate the most pathological possibilities of our human nature. Let the ugliness that the implosion has revealed serve as an inspiration to finally get it right.

"Our defining gift as humans is our power to choose, including our power to choose our collective future. It is a git that comes with a corresponding moral responsibility to use that power in ways that work to the benefit of all people and the whole of life.

"It is within our means to replace cultures and institutions that celebrate and reward the pathologies of our lower human nature with cultures and institutions that celebrate and reward the capacities of our higher nature. We can turn as a species from perfecting our capacity for exclusionary competition to perfecting our capacity for inclusionary cooperation. We can share the good news that the healthy potential of our human nature yearns for liberation from the cultural stories and institutional reward systems that have long denied and suppressed it..."


And if we don't "get it right"?....

That is a vision too gross to contemplate.

So I won't.

And I hope you won't, either.

Rather, will join increasing others in our next step up as a species; liberating ourselves from old forms, and identifying ourselves with our higher, rather than lower, potential.

The latter is always there, of course. Free will being what it is.

And what makes us what we are. As the children of a loving Good.