Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Pure In Heart

I was going to rake Obama and his administration over the coals again, in growing anger and frustration, based on some more information about their ill deeds that came in my mail yesterday and that I just got around to dealing with this afternoon.

But I have just listened to a CD of Jackie Evancho, with my evening meal.  And I just need to be with its, and her, pure, unadulterated beauty for awhile. And pass on the other.

For now.

And I wish it could be forever.


P.S.  And further in this vein, of 'something completely different'...

(in response to John Smallman: 'Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever!' - Message from Saul -  July 31. 
When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in “what is to come” will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest…

Saul Spanish Translator: (July 31 - at 4:19 pm)
I perfectly understand that you are very tired about waiting [for] some kind of miracle… a total change of the world we all live in. Things are becoming worse and worse… and that´s the good news… the good thing is how bad are things becoming… ( in spanish you say lo bueno que esto tiene es lo malo que se esta poniendo) in some point everything has to change for better. And when this happen everyone will be amazed.
(my earlier comment on this message from Saul via John - on 7/31 at 3:40 am)
Your material resonates with me, John.
Keep listening.

(…and another bit of positiveness at this time; to help dispel the negativeness all around us.  This, posted from PAO - this afternoon at 5:52 pm)
through the founders of the
Ascended Masters Mystery School
Golden Age Leadership
You have waited for the times you are now living in for centuries upon centuries, and opportunities are now before each of you that have not been available to humankind since the last Golden Age of Atlantis. It is not a time to settle for life as it has been, yet rather a time to participate in creating your new Golden Age. The leadership for this Age can only arise out the Divine Love of the feminine domain of the Presence that is encoded within the depths of every heart around your globe ~ in balance with the masculine domain of the Presence.
The Masters in the Councils of the Opalescent Heart
Kamala Logo 2.jpg
Part II
You may be wondering if moving into a new Golden Age is really possible given the overall consciousness of those living on your Earth, and we tell you that it is more than possible as enough of you choose to focus your energy and your gifts and talents into bringing your world into Unity Consciousness. Golden Age leadership begins with each of you. Up until now many of you have been focused on trying to be happy or successful, and although events, relationships and the material things in your world can bring you temporary pleasure, they cannot bring you the kind of lasting happiness that you are truly seeking. Divine Joy is a natural part of the Presence that abides within you and when you give the leadership of your soul over to your Presence, that is the beginning of true happiness.
Outer circumstances cannot bring you inner peace or bring you into unity with your Presence, which is your true Beloved. You do not have to work to attain the qualities of your Presence, yet you do need to surrender into them as your natural estate of being. This surrender into Divine Grace holds the ultimate potential of dissolving the opposing forces within you so there are no longer any saboteurs that can divert you from living as your Presence. This involves your willingness to transform the duality patterns that have kept humanity from living in Unity Consciousness for many thousands of years, so you can see their play in your life and remain unaffected by their influences. War within and without can only continue as long as duality and fear are given the power to control humanity’s consciousness.

Your opportunity in this embodiment is to express all of the unifying qualities of your Presence from so deep within your being that others can feel and remember that they also have access to their Presence and that they do not need to keep living in duality consciousness. Focusing on your Presence as your True Self is one simple way you can be a leader in shifting your world into Unity Consciousness.
You are already one with all of life on the essence levels of your being and that essence is now expanding the Divine Love within both the feminine and the masculine expressions of your Presence so the potential to live in Divine Love can be extended into every heart around the world and people can remember that Love is their essence and who they truly are! This cannot become a reality if it is held solely as a mental concept as it must be embodied and felt by as many of you as possible so Divine Love can become the foundation of your new Golden Age.
Remember: Divine Love is the fertile soil in which your last Golden Age was seeded, nourished and supported. It flourished as long as the Divine Feminine was respected, yet as soon as the feminine was placed into a lesser role, and power began to be more important than love, then that once Golden Age failed to sustain Unity Consciousness and this led into the duality, fear-based consciousness that humanity has been experiencing for thousands upon thousands of years.
If you judge any form of life, you lose your connection to this Divine Love that is at the core of the feminine essence of your Presence and you will miss the highlights (the high Lights) that are available to you when you see only the essence of Love that is at the core of all life. This core contains the original encoding from Source. When you become a loving, neutral observer, then you remain in resonance with your Presence where you want not and fear not and only see the essential Self whose consciousness is beyond and outside of all appearances. Your Presence holds your ultimate potential for becoming one with the all-embracing Divine Love and Light of God that is holding all of life together. Your freedom is in that Oneness, and it is in that Oneness that your new Golden Age will be manifested on your Earth.
For more from the Masters, click here
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose
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Courses from Walk the Earth as a Living Master
The New Golden Age Leadership: Uplifting, Balancing & Transforming Our World
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Facilitators of the Courses and coordinators of the school are Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose.
So, there are positive things happening as well…
And just to prove that I don't dwell on just the negative in life.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

An Open Letter to a Lightworker

Dear Possibly Deluded,

I have been following your 'daily digest' compilation for over a year now, and although I appreciate the 'one-stop shopping' aspect of it, I am concerned that you may well be being misled, and are therefore misleading all your 'followers'.  It has to do with your, and your various sources', take on Obama.

You seem to have decided blindly - perhaps based on your personal political proclivities - that he is 'one of the good guys' - a high spiritual being, here to help lead us out of the valley of the shadow of Death into the sunlit highlands of the New Day dawning for all humankind  - and no amount of evidence 'on the ground' to the contrary is going to dissuade you from your take on him.  And after all, a number of your channelled sources confirm this take on the man: that he is 'a high spiritual being'.

And he may well be.  And is just playing an excellent part in the end-time drama that is going on.  For he is leading America into a disaster zone, of attempted socialist/communist takeover, and civil war.  And if that is part of the process for humanity to get to 'liftoff' - into Ascension - then he is, indeed, your man. 

But wait.

What if that isn't part of the positive working-out of the drama, and is part of the negative process working its way out, to a sinister conclusion??  And the longer that good people are seduced into going along with the game, and keeping quiet about the matter - the matter, in its essence, of the emperor's new clothes -  the closer the Dark forces get to accomplishing their goal, in the end???  


Let's look at the oh-so reasonable, emollient, unabrasive words of Obama whenever some potential scandal rears its ugly head in his pacific and placated kingdom.  The curious, and outrageous, Benghazi incident (involving the running of weapons to al-Qaeda-linked rebel forces fighting in Syria).  The IRS targeting and attempted suppression of 'conservative' groups (especially those with 'tea party' in their names).  The DOJ, under its under-fire head Eric Holder (for the Fast & Furious refusing-to-be-recognized-as-such scandal), going after the AP reporters and a Fox News reporter, thus sending a chilling message regarding free speech rights in general, and media investigatory activity in particular.  The NSA's wholesale attack on the American public's privacy rights, especially as specifically secured under the Fourth Amendment (protecting the public from "unreasonable searches and seizures," and such searches being allowed only "upon probable cause".  Otherwise, there's a big 'No Fishing' sign in place).  The list goes on, of things that Obama characterizes as 'sideshows'.  Keeping the populace quiet.  Getting it to hold still just a little longer…while:

the Department of Homeland Security is doing a step-by-step number - not quite yet into the wolftrot - to corral the populace into submission for the Obama administration's putsch-for-power takeover of the U.S., with their drones over America; their FEMA-camp network all throughout the country;1 their 1.6 billion - that's billion - rounds of hollow-point ammo;2 their 2,700 armored personnel carriers for domestic use; and speaking of vehicles: their ability not only to spot and ID vehicles on the roads but to take them over via remote control (as they can do - and already have done - with planes) -

and the litany of warning signs goes on, including Obama's cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood,3 and U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan's "Allahu Akbar!"-announced attack at  Ft. Hood, Texas, in the crowded Processing Center, deliberately chosen for maximum killing effect; with the result being 13 killed and 32 wounded - a nifty haul, and which the Obama administration characterized as "workplace violence"  -

do I really need to go on???  Let's stop with the kidding around:

A coup is taking place before our very eyes.

And some good people are brainwashed into thinking that it's all for the good, because it's bringing things to a head.

Well; yes, it is  But the question is: whose head, on whose platter…                

I'm not a believer in the official story of the Bible, especially of the New Testament.  (I see the Old Testament as a story of a tribal god - an 'ancient astronaut' of some powers - and his chosen people; no more, and no less.)  I have read too much exegesis on the subject, to fall for the story as handed down by a Church that had good reason to perpetuate the myth: in order to exercise, and consolidate, power over people.  But it has some good advice in it.  Among such advice, in my opinion, is the admonition to beware of false prophets: that 'in the last days, even the very elect will be deceived'.  

By very powerful Forces, that are on their last legs of Power Over on this planet. And will do anything to keep their power, however waning it is.  For power is an aphrodisiac.  In fact, the ultimate one.  

For those who are into that sort of thing.     

I say all this, also in awareness of a book that I read some years ago by a guy who admitted in it to having been taken in by 'channelled' material.  The entity was supposed to be the 'shade' of a young British airman, as I recall the story, and he had their 'channeling circle' in Canada in complete believance of what was coming through the channeler of their group.  Until the fellow who wrote the book decided to go over to the UK and investigate the details of the airman's life that he gave in various sessions.  And couldn't make a proper fit to historical fact.  There seemed to have been a measure of 'identity theft' involved.  By a mischievous spirit (of which there have been many lower-astral, lost-soul examples reported in such circumstances)?  Or an outright malevolent, power-thirsty one??….

I'm not saying that all channeled material is false.     

I'm saying, to heed sound advice (in this, as in all matters):

Check your premises.  

And this may be the very last of lessons that we have to learn, in this 3D realm.  Before we leave it behind.

For good.

And in the meantime, Americans, tell your government:

'I Do Not Consent To This.  I am the sovereign.  You are not my master.  You are my servant. Consider the message sent.'

And send them packing, if they don't abide by the rules.  And specifically, the rule of law.  Which in the case of America is the Constitution.

That "damn piece of paper".  Hanging by a thread.

But still there.  To be seen in, and by, the dawn's early light.



1 That's their job, to prepare for emergencies, like hurricane disasters and such?  Well; okay.  And what about the drones???…

2 very expensive stuff; not to be used for target practice, as we're benignly told it's for.  And very lethal ammo it is to boot, designed to inflict massive damage to the target.  Which is, again, not a paper target. 
     It bears repeating.  

3 from a booklet put out by David Horowitz's Freedom Center titled 'Obama and Islam,' by him and Robert Spencer:
     "As part of his 'opening' to the Muslim world, Obama, from the early days of his administration, began reaching out to domestic groups with ties to jihad terrorism.  He sent his Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett to give the keynote address at the Islamic Society of North America's convention, ignorant of or indifferent to [or…;] the face that this group was created by the Muslim Students Association, a subsidiary group of the Muslim Brotherhood, godfather to al-Qaeda and Hamas.  IISNA was named as unindicted co-conspirator in the FBI's case against the Holy Land Foundation for funding Hamas.
     "In April 2010, the New York Times reported that Obama was reaching out to unnamed 'Muslim and Arab-American advocates' groups in the United States to accommodate their views on air security.  Times reporter Andrea Elliott wrote that this meeting with top White House officials, including Jarrett, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General EricHolder, had discussed,among other things, 'counterterrorism strategy.'  White Houses [sic[ sources said that the protests of these Muslim leaders played a role in Obama's decision to scrap a policy that subjected airline passengers from Muslim countries to greater security scrutiny than travelers from other places.  According to Elliott, 'That emergency directive, enacted after a failed December 25 bombing plot, hash ten replaced with a newest of intelligence-based protocols that law enforcement officials consider more effective.'
     "Which ones?  On what grounds?  How could it be more effective to subject people from areas with active jihad terror groups to the same scrutiny as people from countries without these security concerns?
     "But in line with this, in March 2013 it came to light that the Department of Homeland Security was set to give air passengers entering the U.S. from Saudi Arabia 'trusted traveler' status, which would enable them to bypass normal passport controls.  Given that fifteen of the nineteen 9/11hijackers were Saudis, this decision was inexplicable, and - characteristically for Obama - unexplained…" 
     Feeling more secure yet???
     How's this for a cherry on the top:
     "The United States has gone 'from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood'" (emphasis mine).  
     A quote from a John Birch Society publication??  How about an Egyptian newspaper (Rose el-Youssef)…
     For those of you who are not quite up to speed on such things: the Muslim Brotherhood has links way back with the Nazis.  They are into power. Big into.  Big power.
     It's part of the dictatorial and totalitarian nexus of power that Obama is deep into establishing.
     On your dime.

Monday, 29 July 2013

You Can Trust The Communists...

The rest of that statement is, historically, '…To Be Communists' - the title of the anti-Communist book by Dr. Fred Schwarz (published in 1960).1  I bring this up because I have just been reminded of the influence of communists, or at least, communist theoreticians, in this country, by an article that appeared yesterday on a blog site that I follow, called '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?'   The name of the article was 'The United States Is Awash In Public Stupidity, and Critical Thought Is Under Assault'.  At first glance I thought its author was Jim Fetzer, reposted from the site 'Veterans Today' where he is one of its primary editors and contributors; and I thought, from the title, Gee, Jim is really laying it on now; and good for him for it, if putting it a bit stridently.  For Jim Fetzer - a professor of philosophy and founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth - is a major voice in the fields of the citizen investigations regarding the assassination of JFK and the atrocity of 9/11.2  But then, in getting into the article, I was, not to understate it, stunned.

The article was, in short, a communist theoretician's screed; and I thought, What???  What's going on here???!!  I never knew that about Fetzer.  He always seemed a, well, rather level-headed fellow; I could follow his presentations on the assassination of JFK and the atrocity of 9/11 very well, and cheer him on for them.  But this is NOT a blog on 'critical thought'.  It is a communistic theoretician's indictment of the Western capitalist world.  And I  thought:

'So: I'm not with you on this one, Jim.  But if your strong feeling regarding 'social responsibility' is what is motivating you to get to the bottom of the JFK assassination and 9/11 'stories', then it can't be all wrong.

'And what a sad commentary it is on the state of responsibility - the level of integrity - on the part of  the sincere Right, that it would take a communist sympathizer at the least to help us get to - to force us to get to - the bottom of those atrocities.'

And then I went back and double-checked.  And he was, and is, not, in fact, the author of the article; he just posted it at VT.

The author is a man by the name of Henry A. Giroux; who authored such lines as:

"Since the late 1970s, there has been an intensification in the United States, Canada and Europe of neoliberal modes of governance, ideology and politics - a [sic] historical period in which the foundations for democratic public spheres have been dismantled" [my emphasis].  Ah yes - the resoundingly proclaimed "democratic public spheres" of the far Left; which means as in the People's Republic of (Red) China; 'democratic' as in demagogic.  Continuing right on:

"Schools, public radio, the media and other critical cultural apparatuses have been under siege, viewed as dangerous to a market-driven society that considers critical thought, dialogue, and civic engagement a threat to its basic values, ideologies, and structures of power..."  Fair enough about the dangers of "a market-driven society".  But what about the far Left's takeover of these very institutions, Henry???  Pots and kettles come to mind…

"Social bonds have given way under the collapse of social protections and the attack on the welfare state."  Ah - spelled out.  The desired 'welfare state.'  The key.  And then he drives the key deep into the lock, unlocking the essence of the matter:

"Moreover, all solutions to socially produced problems are now relegated to the mantra of individual solutions..."  Poverty is "socially produced," so should be dealt with by the state.  Not left to "individual solutions".  Like people using their free will, through such institutions that they have created to deal with such things as churches and charities.  And freewill contributions to worthy causes.  All freely given.  Not demanded, by the state.

Ah.  But the socialists/communists don't believe in free will.  They believe in materialism and evolution (and 'economic determinism'); and that's it. 

Not.  And so, the non-statist idea is as it should be, Henry.  For it is theft to take from some in order to give to others.  The taking from them is the key, Henry. 

Rather than the (freely, as a virtuous act of compassion) giving to.3

We're getting to the crunch point, now; when the article degraded simply into a communist screed, as he started talking about "the transformation of the welfare state into punitive workfare programs…and an appeal to individual accountability as a substitute for social responsibility" [my emphasis].  Which 'social responsibility' has morphed into a total state of corruption, Henry,  The 'workfare' thing being a backlash to the excesses of the welfare state, and its cultivated mentality of 'entitlement'.

And then the coup de grace to the screed, with Henry quoting  the likes of Angela Davis on "the struggle for economic equality…"  

Not 'opportunity'.  But flat-out, 'everybody is equal'.  Meaning, in outcome.  

The true meaning of the word, and term, 'equality' to a communist.

I rest my case.

Not that they are 'evil'.  But that they are not dealing with a full deck of facts, when they contemplate how to make a better world.  Which is, for some of them, I grant, the purpose of the exercise.

Not just to claim power for power's sake.          

So.  In conclusion.

Perhaps you can trust the Communists, to be Communists (and that is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it).  But it is also true that, many years ago, I came to my people, and they recognized - or at least, comprehended - me not.   To say: my message.  Even with its being as crystal clear as it could possibly be. 

Which was, and is?

To help the poor.   But not by stealing from the rich in order to do it. 

Do it systemically.  

And thus endeth the lesson.

Not just for today.  But:



We're there.

And as symbolized, in part, by the double Grand Sextile/Star Tetrahedron that we're going through - like a portal; aka a Stargate (in the heavens; but As Above, So Below) -

as we speak.  To say: here, on July 29th, 2013.  Of human time.

And bondage.

No more. 



1 Whom I had the pleasure of catching, some years later, in a private lecture in northern California (where I was living at the time).  Private, to seekers of Truth, like me, and to just plain anti-communists, like, seemingly, the rest of those in the room.  
     It was a fundraiser/tester of the waters.  Alas, I was not then - as per usual in my life - in a position to donate much to 'the cause'; which, as I recall, was to raise funds for a center of studies in Southern Cal.  I'm not sure how that whole thing turned out.* 
     Well.  An indication is that few people in this day and age seem to know the name of Dr. Fred Schwarz.  More's the pity.  He was a very sincere individual, in his cause.  Which was, generally speaking, to wake the American public up to what was happening around them, and in particular in their children's schools.
     But at least he had some success in his time; to the point of sponsoring a major (four-day) event, held in the newish (16,000-seat-capacity) Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, in the fall of 1961, whose lineup of nationally-known speakers in the evenings also brought in a TV audience of some millions. 
     I wasn't in So. Cal for that event.  Interestingly enough (at least to me), I had just been involved in an event of my own: a month-long walk to Washington - from the L.A. area - "to see the president and draw to his attention that the way to end all our aches and evils is to do away with money".  My event drew a crowd of one.
   But I remember a just-prior event of Dr. Schwarz's that I did attend.  I think it was in the Hollywood Bowl, one weekday evening (which must have been the key fundraiser for the really major effort in the Sports Arena to follow; as I say,  to draw the American public's otherwise rather divided attention to what was going on in their world).  This one - that, as I recall, was of some modest success - got some publicity, at least.  I remember someone writing it up in the L.A. Times the following day, in which the reporter referred to a man who was heard to go into a service station early that following day and announce to the proprietor, "Give me some of that good anti-communist gas" - in reference to one of the sponsors of the event.  
     Which gives one a flavor of who in the country was, at least, paying attention… 

     Incidentally, by the time of the private meeting that I attended, in the early seventies, his crusade had pretty much run out of gas.  As had mine;  seemingly.

     But then I came across info and awareness about my kinds of people - in the so called New Age 'movement - and that carried me on its wings for some time.  Until this last stage of my journey, in the realm of duality, and polarity, and seeming separation.
     For lesson learning.
     The main lessons now learnt.
     At least, by as many as could get to the last of the lessons by the time of the finish line, for this particular school, and class.   

 * although I read in Wikipedia that he did have a sponsoring body for the lectures he gave and the events he held, called the Southern California School of Anti-Communism.  And it was apparently headquartered, curiously enough (to me, at least), in my old hometown, of Long Beach; where I have returned to, after my sojourn in the wilderness of the world for many years, but which, at that time, I had already left, at the start of my journeys. 
     It is, indeed; a small world.

2 And whose blog site I post on my blog site; although I don't get around to perusing it very often, since he doesn't post on it very often.

3 With the whole thing gussied up in the cloaking (class warfare) finery of 'taking from the (filthy) rich and giving to the (deserving) poor'.  When what actually happens, more often than not - because of the ability of the very rich to loophole their 'obligations to society' - is that the taking is from the not-so rich.  And the giving is to the poor who then become a class, to be used as a battering ram to further one's political ends, mainly of the 'redistribution of wealth'.  All very highminded and 'moral': right...


 P.S.  From 2012: :What's the 'Real' Truth': Reza Aslan stuns Fox news presenter about his book, ZEALOT: THE LIFE & TIMES OF JESUS OF NAZARETH' - July 29

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

So, having watched the video of the interview, I get it. Christians are under fierce attack, by PC (politically correct) liberals, outright socialists/communists, ‘nondenominational’ atheists – who are feeling their oats these days – and Muslims – who are also feeling theirs. We have a man in the presidential office who is keenly into “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” and in doing so has brought a considerable number of Muslims into his administration (six people directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood are in key positions in his administration – including in Homeland Security and the FBI), and whose administration supported the judicial destruction of the fundamental Christian position on Marriage; there are moves to activate Sharia law in America; etc etc etc. In short: Christians are feeling very beleaguered these days; and to have a Muslim writing a book about the founder of their faith, which discredits some of their basic religious tenets, brings out all their suspicions, and the lesser angels of their natures. So I ‘get it', as being seen as part of a political process, not just a ‘religious’ one, in the transformation of the socio-econo-politico cultural life of the nation.
Perhaps they would have less to say about myself, a former Christian with no axe to grind – no religious dog in the fight; just a desire to know the Truth about things – who takes exception to the ‘established’ position on the Jesus story, than a Muslim. But at least, let’s ‘give credit where credit is due,’ as they say. And not stand so much for who is right, but what.


Meanwhile, Back At The Pass...

...from 'Missouri Poised to Override Democratic Governor's Veto Of Nullification Bill' - posted by Philip Hodges in 2nd Amendment  - July 28
(Missouri legislature passing a bill nullifying any attempt by federal officials to exert unconstitutional authority in the state.  The 'federal' line is being drawn in the sand...)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  [just gone July 29]
What is it with women who get into positions of power? They play the Kumbaya card.
It's fine to have women in the hardball game of politics. But we need feisty women in those sorts of positions. You know; who can play with hardballs. Not softballs.
I'd better leave my comment at that, instead of trying to clarify it...


from 'Thoughts on the Police Raid on Adam Koresh - and On His Canceled 'Armed March' on D.C.' - July 12 

Stan Says - July 29th, 1:54 am

I have come to this discussion late, but am glad at least to have made it.

I like your responses, Stewart; I find them spot on.  But I crave an attention-getting gesture; a focusing of the picture.  I would like to see the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Assn. fellows, backed up by some Oathkeepers, go to each congressperson's office, leaving off the file of evidence that the birth certificate posted by Obama on the official White House website is a forgery - thus implicating him in a felony, and thus rendering him ineligible for the office ON THAT CHARGE ALONE - and let them know that they have 72 hours to press charges on the man, or the 'posse' will be back with a warrant for their arrest, for not doing their constitutional duty in regards to a rogue executive.  

It might pay to organize that little detail ahed of time, in finding a judge in this country still loyal to the Constitution and to the Republic, who will have heard out the case, and given it legs.  In any event: take it as a learning event for the public, not just a media event, with all media invited to a press conference on the steps of the Capitol before YOUR representatives of The People set off to the individual offices therein, to play your role in this bit of major political theater.  

For, just waiting at home for the enemy to come to you on the local level, and pick you off one by one, is not a smart idea either, Stewart (in comparison to Koresh's overly provocative one).  Give the Usurper and his Red army some justification for speeding up their game plan, by taking the battle to him - in a clearly nonviolent, civil-disobedient way.  And thus keeping the moral high ground.

And be prepared to come back in 72 hours and finish the job, as much as you can, nonviolently.  At least it will be good theater; and will draw attention to the seriousness of your position, and the details of the charges.  Like Luther nailing up his Theses; or the Founders coming up with their Declaration of Independence.  

It's time, that is to say, for some action.  Make it a dramatic start to the end game.   


...and on the note of Jackie Evancho singing 'To Believe', I call it a night.  And hope for a better day.

And believe in such.   

Saturday, 27 July 2013

On Solemn Occasions

A word about Solemn Occasions.

This was prompted by a very moving story that a friend posted on my Facebook link, about a woman who provides animals - apparently mostly dogs - with some tender loving care when they are on 'death row', and the pound is going to put them to sleep for being irreconcilably ill.  She takes them in to give them loving attention before their departure from this vale of tears - for our pets as well.  Many of them, not well treated by their former owners.  The treatment she gave this particular dog in this particular story was extremely touching.  She made sure that it knew that it was loved, before it moved out of our realm, and further on the path that the souls of such sentient animals take.

I'm not going to get here into that facet of the matter.  I simply open with this story, to lay the groundwork for another burial going on in our time.  And that one - that very solemn occasion -  has to do with the burial of honest voting in America.  And 'love' is involved in that one, too.  The love of - or at least, the infatuation with - corruption.  

When I came back to the States last year to see my retirement years out in my old home town, I was appalled to find out about the state of the voting scene in the U.S.  Not only are there serious questions regarding the probity of the electronic voting machines.   But the voting rolls themselves were, reportedly, a disaster.

I can remember watching, from my home base in the north of Scotland,  the election returns in 2004, when it was still - reportedly - a tight race between George W. and his challenger, John Kerry, and a lot was riding on the vote in Ohio; and when I went to bed, the exit polls were calling the state for Kerry, and when when I tuned in the next day, it turned out that George W. had won the state.

Or had he.

Some Democrats didn't think so; wanted to mount an investigation into the matter.  Nothing, apparently, came of it.        

Or did it.

With the Democrats appearing to have decided, not to get mad.  But to get even.

In the lead-up to the 2012 elections, I heard so many horror stories about ineligible - or dead - voters on the voting rolls, that I refused to take part in the charade.  And grieved for my country.  Its apparently having turned into the equivalent of a third-world dictatorship.  Whereby even having every voter's thumb dipped in purple ink wasn't going to do 'the trick', because the biggest issue, apparently - rather than the machines, which had had some vetting done on them, at least - was the integrity of the voter rolls themselves.1

As 'prepared' by such stalwart defenders of the American way of life as ACORN, and other groups growing out of the 'community organizing' philosophy of Saul Alinsky.  Whose idea of morality was the 'principle' of Whatever It Takes, aka By Any Means Necessary.

This whole thing was highlighted for me in my mail yesterday when I received word of a particular such scam having gone on in the state of Mississippi, where two counties have proved to have far more registered voters on the rolls than they have living people eligible to vote.

I know that there were many stories after the 2012 elections about such shenanigans having gone on.  But this one, now, to add to the litany, is all just too much.

Which brings us to the head of the snake.  Or at least, its working head:

Barack Hussein Obama.

Former 'community organizer'.  Now Usurper in the Oval Office.

Get your recording equipment out, NSA spooks.  And hear me well.

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar, and a cheat, and a deceiver.  He knows darn well that he was, and is, not eligible for that office.2  It is an outrage, and insult, to the office and to the Constitution.  And if you libs try to argue that 'the people elected him two times, so go fly a kite', I'll raise you one, and say: 'And you can go eff yourselves, for aiding and abetting the socialist totalitarian takeover of the country - MY country.

'See you on the barricades.  If it comes to that.'

I hope it won't.

Violence is against my religion, so to speak.

But you people on the Left of politics are doing a damn good job of shaking me to my boots on this matter; the cavalier treatment you are giving to the United States of America.  Which is a federal constitutional republic.  NOT The People's Republic of America; where the Dear Leader can do anything he wants to.  Not being held to the Constitution by the elected representatives of The People duly assembled in the Congress.  Thus abrogating their duty - their responsibility, and authority, to rein in a rogue Executive.

So, the sitting Congress must go, too.  And new elections all around be held.

Or not.

For, perhaps this is the end.

And it is to end on this note.

Not of Revolution.

But of Restoration.

Of the primacy of - and the consciousness of the primacy of - the individual. Not of the collective over the individual.  Taking away his or her free will.

And, having recognized the difference - the very qualitative difference -

we can release the whole lot.

As the Play that it is.  And has been.

To capture our consciences.

And sort out the sheep from the goats, amongst us.

The former, to continue a process of Ascension that we are already involved in.

And the latter?

Perhaps I can address the matter in a little less charged way than I have alluded to in here.3  Let's just say:

There is a place for us
Except for the most irreconcilable
And full of strife
Amongst us.
                       Ah well.
       That's life
I guess.
And it applies to me
As well.
Since I am We.

And a not very happy camper about it all right now.

I'll get over it.  But right now, I just want to growl, a bit.

At the lack of integrity going on in MY country.

And on that note:

How do I know that my take on the matter of the Framers' definition of a 'natural born' citizen is the correct one?  My answer:

Because I was there.

If only in spirit.

Where most of it was written, anyway.

Or at least, ultimately decided upon.

To help start the new ship of state on its course into the future.

Not only for its own citizenry.  But for the world's.

And now, it must help lead the world on the new sea that we are all - all of humanity - to sail on.

Honoring the individual.  As we join in the collective effort.  Of the New Day dawning.

Off with the old.

On with the new.

The whole thing - the whole shooting match (as it were) - characterized by just one thing; one quality:

The caring that that woman showed, and gave, so freely, to

that dying dog.

Just a dying dog.


The least amongst us.



1 For the record: I would advocate going back to paper ballots, and a paper trail.  Electronic jiggery-pokery is too easy, in the wrong hands.  Which the Republicans have proved to have.

2 Not being a "natural born Citizen," to quote the Constitution on the matter.  And don't try to give me any shit - as some of the arguments have it - about the term meaning only that you can't be a naturalized citizen to hold that post - and that post only, amongst all of the federal offices (now constitutionally including that of the VP as well; reasonably enough).  The whole POINT of the exercise was to make sure that the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces did not have dual loyalties or allegiances.  Which is precisely the state of affairs with a person born with dual citizenship - i,e., not having two U.S. citizen parents.  So get out of here with any shitty sophistic-crap argument that you may try to make on this issue. It won't wash.

3 Which proves that I am not, and don't claim to be, 'any better than anybody else'.   Not having the necessary equanimity of spirit.  Still very susceptible to such as anger.
     And disappointment.

Friday, 26 July 2013

On Communication

Letters...My mailbox has been chock-a-block recently, day after day.  It must be something about the summer months that brings out the donor request letters, and over and over from the same sources.  Or from their hired guns, the professional fundraisers...

...and who knew there were so many outfits looking after the kids on various Native American reservations??  And I wonder if the blankets offered in return for a donation were Made in China...

Speaking of donors.  I have been incensed recently to find out more about the extreme lengths the IRS under Obama has been going, both to harass 'conservative' groups (Tea Party, pro-Life, traditional marriage, even simply Republican; whilst at the same time waving left-wing groups, like pro-abortion groups, right on through) and  - totally inexcusably, and outrageously - to demand their lists of donors, "and how much they contributed".1

No. 1.  I question whether it is their legal business to force organizations to have to divulge their donor lists.2  But even if there is some sort of legal chicanery invoked on that issue3 - that they have a right to confirm that the outfit applying for nonprofit tax-exempt status is a legitimate one - the IRS has NO BUSINESS going so far as reported in the article just quoted from; to wit:

"Kevin Kookogey asked the IRS for tax-exempt status for Linchpins of Liberty, a mentoring group that trained high school and college students about conservative political philosophy.  The agency answered his request with a list of 95 questions in 31 parts, including a demand for a list of every student the group had trained or planned to train" (my emphasis).

Before I call this sort of thing what it is - i.e., war - I want to make one more observation, and accusation, on my charge list.  That has to do with this business of the battle between Islam and Christianity going on.

We all remember - I hope - the mass-murder shooting by a Muslim Army Major at Ft. Hood, Texas in 2009 which left 13 dead and over 30 injured.  Despite the fact that witnesses reported that Major Hasan stood up, in the crowded Processing Center (deliberately chosen, for maximum effect), and shouted 'Alllahu Akbar!' before opening fire, the Obama administration insisted on characterizing it as 'workplace violence'.4

What was that all about???

It is getting clearer, by the day, what it was all about.  And is.      

Item.  (Just one of many.)  The July 1 issue of The New American magazine carried a story about our soldiers in Afghanistan fighting a battle on multiple fronts.  A young Lance Corporal Marine stationed in Helmand Province by the name of Greg Buckley, Jr., who was over there to help train Afghan security forces (who were armed while U.S. government policy was to keep the American forces disarmed while on base with such trainees), somehow sensing that his end was near, called his father one night and told him, in a strained voice that his father had never heard from him before, that "I will not be coming home".  Within whatever period of time elapsed between his comment to his father and the following incident, he and his buddies knew that the local forces knew that they were set to return home soon.  That made them uneasy, because they also knew that the locals "loathe(d) the American presence with a passion".  Whatever those details, he and his buddies went one evening to a work out.  While he was on a bench press, the young 'tea boy' belonging to a local high-ranking Afghan police official "walked in with an AK-47 and shot Buckley, Jr. in the chest, killing him" and two other Marines.  (Others were wounded but survived.)  Now listen closely, as the article goes on:

"After emptying the magazine, the young boy...dropped his weapon and boasted to others that he had just performed 'jihad'."  Which has never been acknowledged by the Obama administration's Defense or State Department officials.

"Ten months after the murder, however, the U.S. government has still not provided a full report on what happened, claiming it was 'pending' or still being investigated.  Multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for details, meanwhile, have been denied..."5

Shades of the pattern - let's call it what it is: the policy - regarding so many other FOIA requests, of the Obama administration, that have been similarly denied, or stonewalled, until such as the judicial watchdog par excellence, Judicial Watch, e.g., has had to go to court time and time again to get the Obama administration in general, and Eric Holder's Department of Justice in particular, to honor the law...

So, in sum.

There is another aspect to this sinister business going on under Obama and his Marxist henchmen, whereby they are becoming a law unto themselves - have become so. That involves his specific targeting of Christians, AND of his concomitant support for extremist Islamists, engaged in jihad against the West in general and Christianity in particular - its prime competition in the religious 'truth' arena.  

I will clarify.  I am not a Christian.  I have read too much research on the 'received version' of Christianity to accept that established picture as the 'gospel truth', so to speak, of what really happened in the Middle East around the Dead Sea area some 2000 years ago.  But this business going on in America today, of the Obama administration's having declared war on Christianity, is unacceptable.

To be neutral about religion while in high political office is one thing.  To take sides in that cultural dialogue is another thing entirely.

But it is of a piece with the revolution going on.  Of Marxist-Muslim jihad against the United States of America.  As practiced by the clique in power today.

Who have to go.

Because this is war.

As practiced by them, against middle-class America in particular.

The rich seem to have worked out a niche for themselves in such a takeover of the American Republic. Whatever all the facts are in that aspect of this war going on, the rest is clear:

We are at war, ladies and gentlemen of the average American audience.

And the sooner you wake up to that fact - that this is not just about the perennial political debate between the Democrats and the Republicans; the 'liberals' and the 'conservatives' - the better.

What do I counsel?

For one thing, the States can declare themselves, under 10th Amendment principles, free from unconstitutional federal 'jurisdiction', and force the issue into court.  And let's see the 'federal' form of our government stand up on its hind legs, and assert itself, against the centralized takeover that the Obama administration - particularly under the aegis of AG Eric Holder - is attempting.

For another.

I am against guns, personally.  Since We Are All One.  (And this is but a Play, that we have become embedded in; so much so that it seems real.)  But until some semblance of order is restored, The People would do well to prepare themselves.  Especially since the Marxist revolutionaries, having inveigled their way into power, like wolves in sheep's clothing, and strutting their hour upon the stage, have already thought about that.  And are prepared, for the 'reaction' (thus the name, and epithet, 'reactionaries'), the counter-revolution, to take place.

I don't know if they are totally prepared. They may still be a bit short of their desired position, when Martial Law is declared - is goaded into being declared, if need be for their putsch for power.  But it would pay defenders of the American Republic to get themselves up to speed, as it were.      

To give the enemy pause.6

And us, time to take back our country.

However that ends up happening.

And then, when the proper relationship between the individual and the 'state' - the collective - has been reestablished (proper, in terms of our being 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' responsible for our own soul's progress; not just materialistic entities, in which atheistic scheme of things there is no right or wrong 'but thinking makes it so' - i.e., except as those in charge determine), we can look to the future.  Wherein there will be, indeed, a 'borderless society'; a New Order of Things.

Just not the one envisioned - and long envisioned - by either the hard Left or the hard Right; socialism/communism or fascism.

Statism by any other name would smell as rotten.

We are talking about Ascension.  Out of the level of the problem.  And into a 'New Day' for Humanity.

Not just a New Era.

But a whole new ball of wax.

Statism melting in the Light of that Sun.

Because it is based on Force.

Not Love.

And so, cannot - will not be able to - withstand the intensity of the new energy.

That we have made our way to.  With some difficulty.  But in any event:

We made it.  And

We're here.

So, it is to rejoice.

Not think of such as war.

Been there.  Done that.

Got it?

It's time, for something new.

Totally new.

In which, and by which, we recognize ourselves totally.

As the children - the sparks; the fractals; the points of view - of our mutual and loving Creator Source.

Experiencing Itself.

And now, wishing for more - a more full expression of our potential - from this sector of Itself.


Rising to the occasion.

Like a new Son.

Experiencing Unconditional Love.  So that It can enter into unity consciousness.

And be One again.

As It always has been.

And just needed to come back into the awareness of Its Essence, after Its educational sojourn in the land of duality.

Now having been successfully completed.

Well done, Us!

...Most.  Of Us.

The rest?


That is the question.

May We maintain Our communication with Ourselves.  As We go Our separate ways.

For now.  For a bit.

Like protons, seemingly split.

Until the day...

...the blessed day...

...when We are, indeed, all back together again

on all levels of Our One Being

at the same timeless Time

in the land of No-Land.  Our limitless




1 'Department Of Intimidation,' article by Chelsea Schilling in the current issue of whistleblower magazine.
     Not so incidentally, on this subject of Executive branch departments asking questions, did you know that doctors under ObamaCare are supposed to ask their patients how many guns they have, if any, and if so, what type???...just checking on your awareness of what all is going down these days...      

2 Especially after it has surfaced that the IRS has 'leaked' such lists to the group's 'enemies'.  I referred to one such incident recently in these pages, where the IRS leaked a confidential donor list of the National Organization for Marriage to the gay-rights advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign - who promptly posted it on their website; so their followers would know whom to harass.

3 like the legal chicanery behind saying that you can try a person on civil rights charges after a criminal court trial, even though that amounts to - would, ahem, seem to amount to - double jeopardy, because, even though it's the same event, it's a different 'crime', civil as 'opposed' to criminal.  Yes, and, do I have some great beachfront property to sell you in the Mojave Desert.
     After all, sand is sand.  And sophistry is sophistry.  

4 from Wikipedia:
     "Days after the shooting, reports in the media revealed that a Joint Terrorism Task Force had been aware of e-mail communications between Hasan and the Yemen-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who had been monitored by the NSA as a security threat, and that Hasan's colleagues had been aware of his increasing radicalization for several years. The failure to prevent the shootings led the Defense Department and the FBI to commission investigations, and Congress also held hearings."  Which have come to - what.
     Because the Obama administration doesn't want them to come to anything.
     Lest it all tips their hand too soon.
     All the shenanigans that the Obama administration has been up to.  Through its IRS.  And DOJ.  And DHS.  And NSA.  And EPA.  And...and......and.........  

5 article 'Our Empty Future in Afghanistan' by Alex Newman. 

6 Obama has even used that word, to describe 'the opposition'.  Remember when he "urged Latino voters to help him 'punish our enemies and reward our friends'"??  And when he "told his supporters at one rally to think of voting for him as 'an act of revenge'"???    (quotes from article titled 'The Smoking Gun In Plain Sight' by Herbert E. Meyer in the same issue of whistleblower magazine as referred to above)   
     Which should have been a tipoff, to 'the right,' that this was not just business as usual on the part of, and to, 'the left'. 
     That it was war.  
     Cultural.  And economic.  And political.  War.  On the American people.
     Or at least, on the average American.  Who has never had to deal with such things in his or her experience.  America having been separated, and spared, from the political machinations that have bedeviled the rest of the planet for so many years.  Thus, perhaps, the reason for such a large amount of naivety going on here in our day.
     People - average Joe and Jill American - just can't believe that such things would go on in our country.  Heavens; this is America.  
     Soon to be the land of the spree and the home of the slave. 
     If said Joe and Jill don't wake up. And soon.
     Real soon.  

Thursday, 25 July 2013

On Seeking, And Serving, Truth

Building on my comment at the end of yesterday's blog, about feeling 'parentized' by 'the government':

The push of Obama and his administration for dictatorial control and power over America and the American people as individuals is approaching a watershed point.  The latest item of evidence that I have come across involves the Environmental Protection Agency.  

You've heard recently of the IRS, and the NSA; and the DHS, and the DOJ.  Now meet the EPA.  The new dictatorial kid on the block.  Obama - the Marxist Usurper in the Oval Office - is using the EPA, under his presumed powers regarding what are called Executive Orders (which have been sorely abused for some time by other presidents as well; but never mind, for right now), to fasten a new, and alarmingly stringent, tax on the American people, through what is called a 'Cap and Trade' surcharge on American industry.  It involves a charge for the side-effect production of a 'greenhouse/global warming' gas, carbon dioxide.  Sounds vaguely fair enough, right?  


First of all, the whole 'Global Warming' meme is a false flag op on the part of the would-be dictators of the world to fasten control over the whole shebang.  It's part of a larger agenda, called Agenda 21, to put the entire world under the control of the UN and its agencies (and the Powers behind the scenes).  And there goes free will, into the maw of The Creature of Jekyll Island - And Beyond.  But I'll keep this blog directed to the EPA issue alone.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation - which is fighting the Obama administration's alleged abuse of power in the federal court system (and has its case on this particular issue pending before the SCOTUS as we speak) - has summarized the 'talking points' in this matter.  The first one is this very one, of legality.  The case: Taxes need, under the Constitution, to originate in the House of Representatives.  The Executive branch of government can go fly a kite in such matters.  According to the Constitution.  Correction.  According to the interpretation of the Constitution.  By a majority of the sitting Justices.  One would have thought that this was a slam dunk for the SLF.  But these are strange times.  Well; not so strange, once you realize what's going down. 

But to continue.

In a fundraising letter out this week, the SLF continues on to list other rather pertinent points, regarding actions of this rather impertinent administration, along this EPA line:

* 'New allegations have emerged that the EPA has been targeting conservative groups with fees while largely exempting liberal groups."

Shades of the IRS scandal.  (And so much for these things just being the actions of 'rogue' agents on the local level.  This is a policy matter.)  This one has to do with legitimate FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.  The SLF has evidence of 'targeting' - similar to the illegal IRS targeting of 'tea part'y'/conservative groups requesting tax-exempt status.  The SLF summarizes its position on this particular point thusly:

"If the EPA is monkeying around with fees for FOIA requests, it calls into question whether our FOIA requests were truly honored and if we received all the documentation we should have."  Just so.


* "The former head of the EPA…set up an email account belonging to a fake employee."

This point is too complicated to go into here; but it shows the extent of corruption that is going on in the Obama administration.  Next:

* "The EPA leaked the personal data of more than 80,000 farms and livestock facilities to environmental groups."

Par for the course.  Consider this report, from an article in the current issue of whistleblower magazine (the issue itself entitled 'End The IRS'), titled 'Department of Intimidation', by staff writer Chelsea Schilling:

"On June 4, a witness at a congressional hearing on IRS targeting of conservative organizations1 claimed he has proof the agency illegally leaked a confidential donor list.  John Eastman, chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, testified that the organization's IRS Form 990 tax return, which lists its donors, was published on the website of the Human Rights Campaign, a 'gay-rights' advocacy group.  Eastman said disclosure of his group's tax records last year likely intimidated potential donors.  'You can imagine our shock and disgust over this disclosure,' he said.  'We jealously guard [the identity of] our donors.'  Which an organization has every right to do.  

And so much for the Obama administration's care about the right to privacy of the American people. Basically, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' to such people - to say, in this case, Marxist revolutionaries (bu ideological statists in general) -  except as what advances their political agenda.  It's the Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' 'principle,' of Whatever It Takes/By Whatever Means Necessary.2  

Continuing in their letter, the SLF expands on the point:

"This just shows how the EPA works hand in hand with environmental groups to achieve its objectives while walking over average Americans.

"In our lawsuit we've found that the EPA and environmental groups collaborate closely.

"If the news wasn't so saturated with the scandals over the IRS, Benghazi, and Obama spying on reporters, you would have heard of the EPA's misdeeds…"3

And why is this particular issue so important?

Consider (as the letter continues on, to point out). 

"Remember: Obama's EPA is claiming the power to regulate carbon dioxide at the source through a regulatory energy tax.

"These regulations won't be aimed just at big business.

" They will target ordinary Americans.

"If you have a fireplace or gas or oil furnace, the EPA will have the power to regulate it and even order you to replace it.

"Obama could ban the car you drive because it doesn't get good enough gas mileage.

"Every restaurant that has an oven will be forced to submit to the EPA's regulations…or be shut down!

"Small and large manufacturers could be told they use too much energy and need to pay extra regulatory taxes.

"Entire industries -- particularly oil, gas, and coal -- could be annihilated by the stroke of Obama's pen."  (Because this was all accomplished BY a stroke of his pen, in his issuing an Executive Order on the matter, not going through Congress on it.)

"The EPA regulations will raise the cost of energy, create a massive intrusive federal bureaucracy, and give Obama near dictatorial control of the economy…"

Not to mention the 'people-control' aspect involved in this scenario.  Think 'smart meters'.  They can not only tell 'the authorities' how many people are living in the space (by usage).4  But they can be turned on and off at will.  

By the will of the state…5

Would Obama do such a thing??

I really don't think you should let this matter go so far as to find out.

This very carefully planned-out matter…

…over many years……

I'll wrap this blog up, in summary.

The seemingly affable and reasonable dude in the Oval Office is a wolf in sheep's clothing; wanting to be Czar over America.  Having raised the stakes that high, he has - known or unknown to himself, currently - done his job.  Time for a more advanced soul to take over now; for this pending move out of the level of the problem, and into humanity's next steps of development.  As souls on the path to their godhood, via 'reconciliation' totally with their Source, and that energy.

Which is certainly not the energy - at least not as currently demonstrated - of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

Who is a liar, and a cheat, and a deceiver; 6 and therefore, a dangerous man at the helm of  the American ship of state.  Who would ride roughshod over the individual, in his manic push for control.  For Power Over people, and their institutions.

NOT the qualities of an advanced soul.

Far, far from it.

So - wake up, America.

You are being had.

By a consummate actor.

Just doing his job.

To catch your conscience.

And see how awake you can get.

In this classroom; and its current test.

For graduation.

Or not.

Your choice.

As always.



1 I hope it is understood that this 'targeting' business is not 'business as usual' with either party in power.  It is a criminal offense.  In fact, it was one of the impeachment charges leveled at Richard Nixon - and he only thought of doing it/harassing his political 'enemies' this way.  
     Welcome to the day of the Full Monty.  

2 A good, concise read on 'The Alinsky Model' is the little booklet put out by the Freedom Center, by David Horowitz, titled 'Barack Obama's Rules For Revolution'.
     While on the subject of credits: the letter from the SLF is over the signature of Shannon Goessling, its Executive Director & Chief Legal Counsel.

3 Speaking of the Benghazi incident:  I have just learned that the Obama administration forced the survivors of the terrorist attack to sign a non-disclosure agreement; so that the American people would never learn the truth about the attack.
     Will these sorts of people never learn?  The truth WILL out.
     You can run.  But you can't hide.

4 as in fugitives?  from the so-called FEMA camps, for the incorrigibles?? And so no tea party/Christian Anne Franks to be allowed in this jack-booted gang's New World Order???...  

5 Not to mention bounty hunters.  
     Bounty hunters.  Put a price on carbon dioxide, and every person has a target painted on their chest.
     The scam was actually used on 9/11, in relation to carbon futures on the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange.
     But more on that another time, perhaps.  Just to mention it, in relation to this subject.  In particular.  And in general, of some People having Power over Others.  And how it can corrupt them.  
     And has.
     Oh, my.  How it has.

6  perhaps even pathologically so; for some mitigation in the matter.
     He did not have a very healthy upbringing.  But all that is another story...


N.B. As for the ramifications of the trend and direction that we are currently going in, consider this 'summary' of the matter that I made this evening to my congressman:

email to Congressman Alan Lowenthal, re H.R. 624 (CISPA) - July 26

Dear Rep. Lowenthal,

We are quite far apart on a lot of issues, but I wanted to acknowledge a vote that I have found out you made, that I can agree heartily with.

It was on H.R. 624, the CISPA bill.  It was a flawed piece of work.  I understand that the House passed it, but that you voted against it.  I wanted to say: Well done.

The massive sharing of private citizens' online data by Internet companies with federal government agencies authorized by the bill as it stood, violates one of the most  sacred rights that we have in this country: the right of the people to be secure in their persons, homes, papers, and effects, "against unreasonable searches and seizures".

This is NOT a police state, where the government can engage in wholesale invasion of our privacy.  It has to have "probable cause" to check on us, and as authorized by the judicial branch.  We are losing sight of 'the ball' here.  We must get back to our basics, as a federal constitutional republic.  Or there will be hell to pay.

Please continue to keep a close eye on this sinister move towards a total surveillance society.   And I'll keep an eye on your votes on the matter.  :-)


'Stan' Stanfield             .