Tuesday, 28 February 2017

And Now We Come To...

  An End

Now let me get this straight.  The American government gave a private entity access to its money supply - its printing presses - and established no audit trail on its operations?

Did it have rocks in its head??

No.  Apparently it had big bucks in its dreams.

And thereby, the nation - and the world - has been flooded with ‘secret money’.

Money unaccounted for, on any ledger.

Used, to do all sorts of venal things.

Metered out into the economy, via both secret means and governmental largesse.  Like the Usurper, Obama, handing it out like candy.

All, like throwing currency out of a helicopter.  (Eh, Helicopter Ben?…)

And no inflation created by its flooding of the money supply.  Because all that sort of thing is controlled by computers these days.

And people control the computers…

Sweet.  But in the end:

no cigar.

Because that party is over.  And the Dark minions will get theirs.  

Their comeuppance.

And that includes you, dear Dark minion, monitoring this site.  And your brothers and sisters, monitoring other sites.

You will get what’s coming to you, too.

Because it’s all recorded.  All, that we do.  And think.

For, life - the Creation - is like a gigantic computer.  And we are a part of its memory board.

And you know what?

God loves you, too.

Because you are a part of the Creation.

And the Creation - just like its essence: a computer - has a Purpose.

And thus, you are a part of it, too.

So, we are about  to break bread together.

Because a Time has come, for that to happen.

It’s a wrap.

As it were.

And we will all take a look at the lessons that have come our way.  In

this classroom.

For apprentice gods.

Which is what we are.

In our essence.

Being part of 

the Godhead.

Which knows precisely what we have been going through.

Because It has been there, too.

Because it is

the All That Is.

And has ever been.

And ever will



Meanwhile, back at the action stations…

from thecomonsenseshow.com: ’TSA Beta Testing Retinal Scans to Board An Airplane  - The Police State Advances’ - Dave Hodges - February 28
(A reader of Dave’s site reported that in order to board a flight from Florida to Mexico recently he had to submit to a retinal scan, photoed along with his passport…) 

Stan February 28, 2017 at 11:40 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

Excellent heads-up, Dave.

So they are getting a retinal-scan ID data base on all of us, one enslaved body at a time…

How can we get Trump to wake up to this, and call a halt to it?? Anybody have any clout with his protective circle???


Above, I said that God loves all Its souls.  As facets of Itself.  (Itself = that which is beyond Duality.)

So, a part of me does, too.  But the incarnate part of me still has incarnate, somewhat independent emotions.  And some of these people - these incarnate souls - amongst us, to me, are just a bunch of arrogant assholes.  Demonstrating low consciousness.  A slap in the face of their creation.  And potential.  Dishonoring themselves, and others.

And I can hardly wait to help bring them 


Especially those who are playing fast and loose with MY country.


Hey boyos:

The United States is NOT going to become like the former Soviet Union.

Been there.  Done that.

Take your shitty ideas and stuff them.

And then we can talk, about other things.

Like, about the part that you are playing (in the Drama that has been designed to 'catch our consciences').

And are playing it too damn well, for my taste.

And patience.

The bottom line:

We need to honor each other better than we are, at present.

Others as ourselves.  In

the One of our basic Being.

Monday, 27 February 2017

All Aboard The Sinking Ship

I see where Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has come out strongly for immigration, citing even his own forebears.

Wonderful.  Very admirable attitude.  Especially seeing as how this is a nation of immigrants, and all. Having come from all points of the compass, as it were.   Through our border checkpoints.  Checked for criminals.  And jihadists.  And disease.  And numbers.  The latter category, in order that they can be assimilated well into -

oh wait.

That's not what he's talking about, after all.

Gee, Mayor Rahm.  You had me going there, for a moment.



from teapartyC..C.: ‘In Letter Sent Home To All Parents, Chicago Public Schools Promise To Obstruct ‘The Enforcement Of Federal Civil Immigration Law’’ - posted by Marilyn Calkins - February 27 ( orig. posted at dcclothesline.com - Michael Snyder - February 23)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (February 27)

"So we are keeping out the hard working, law abiding people that we should want to come here, but we have been keeping the back door wide open for criminals, gang members and those that are seeking to take advantage of the system."

That's it in a nutshell.

"What kind of sense does that make?"

None - except to a New World Order advocate, who is trying to take this country down, and make it into being merely a part of their totalitarian NWO.  And so, they must be resisted at all costs in their agenda.

At.  All.  Costs.  As many millions who have been murdered by their statist governments all over the world would attest to, if they were still alive to warn the rest of us.


from wnd.com: ’Shariahville USA Declares Schools ‘Safe Havens’ Against Trump Policies’ - Leo Hohmann - February 27 
(“Just a few weeks after an Atlanta-area school superintendent issued a statement warning school employees not to say anything about immigrants that might be deemed discriminatory, a Detroit-area school system has branded itself a “safe haven” for refugees and immigrants.
“Hamtramck Public Schools will provide “community resources” and “access to legal services” for any families negatively impacted by President Trump’s policies, according to a statement published in a Detroit newspaper…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 27)

I'm not sure why the law in this country is not being followed in this sort of matter. Polygamy, wife beating (assault), and female genital mutilation (grievous bodily harm) are all illegal in this country.

Religious practices do NOT trump the nation's laws. They need to go back to the nations where such practices are legal. Or stop them. One or the other.


And so on and on it goes...

Time to get real, folks, in this matter (as in allied others).  The socialists are "keeping the back door wide open" in order for the Bolsheviks - using the purely idealistic section of the former (their 'kissing cousin') lot for the 'useful idiots' that they are - then to rush in and take over, precisely as they did in forming the Soviet Union.  A form of government wherein everybody is equal, and some are just more equal than others, is all.

This is serious business.  Rahm Emanuel, along with all other 'sanctuary city' mayors, needs to be arrested, for sedition.  The same, of course, going for governors of states that have similarly declared themselves 'sanctuary states'.  To start setting things to rights, in this country.  And the world, for that matter.

Before TPTB crash the monetary system of the world, as part of this takeover attempt.  

And before We, the People have finished preparing for that event.  

In order for Us to take that system over.  And shift our societal gears.  From a system that functions as if there is no God.  To a system that functions as if there indeed is a God.  A - the - true God.  Not a religious take on The All That Is.  To make this world a glorious place to live - as it basically is. 

But, first things first.   

Setting things right.

Living under the rule of law.  (Thus, demonstrating that we can.)

Not under the rule of men. 

Aka arbitrary law.

Aka tyranny.

So, Mayor Rahm:

Out of the way. 

The People - 

the real People -

that is to say, The People living by the rule of law.  As sovereigns in their own right.  Not by the 'right' - to say, might - of any manmade government  -

are taking over.


it's time.

Before the ship sinks in an awkward, and every-man-for-himself, way.

And it takes longer to clean up the mess that has thus been made.

In the changeover.  From manmade laws.  To

the kingdom of God.

Coming to a planet very near you.


Or not.

Your choice.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Ogre

I remember the, or at least close to the, opening scene of a movie about life in a small village in Greece in the mid-20th century where a band of the elderly women of the village are in a bedroom loudly wailing and sobbing at the imminent demise of one of their number, lying almost comatose in the bed.  And then she takes her last breath.  A hush falls on her sisters.  And then they immediately set about stripping the bedroom of its furnishings (and presumably the rest of the house), first come, first served.

What larceny beats in the hearts of us humans.  What hypocrisy.

I am also reminded of that sort of hypocrisy when the Democrats in this country wail and shed crocodile tears over attempts by the states to have voter ID laws applied.  ‘Voter suppression!’ it is loudly declared.  As if having ID isn’t required to do a whole host of social interactions in our society - including applying for welfare.1   

That ridiculous claim even being utilized, to her intended vote-enhancing benefit, by the Queen of Sleaze and Larceny herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton, during her campaign for the - can you believe it - presidency of the United States…

And then there’s the Democrat hypocrisy regarding the other side of this scam: illegal aliens.  First of all, in the insistence that they be called ‘undocumented workers' at best, or 'undocumented immigrants’ at worst.  (Thus applying - attempting to apply - some sort of balm to the injury.)  And then, in the deliberate pea-switching tactic of slipping them in to our consciousness under the term simply of ’immigrants’.

‘Trump is against immigrants!  Wah!  Wah!’  

Utter wicked balderdash.

So much for the Democrats.

And speaking of illegal immigrants, and their attraction to slipping into this country:

I loudly proclaim to myself, many a time, while watching videos on the subject, or reading my many snail-mail letters about the subject, disgust over that dastardly business.  And then - for example - I came home from my daily this early evening and found that the yogurt lid of the empty container that itself I had put some water in and set in my sink for dealing with later, but had put the lid itself on the drain counter, had attracted a swarm of ants.  Ants: the bane of my existence here in this apartment.  It’s as if this building - or at least my end of it - had been built on an ant hill.  I killed them, of course - I had to; if I don’t, they are emboldened, and continue to scour the area (my living space!) for other possible morsels - but I feel remorse in doing so.  Yes yes: I have tried to tune into them, or at least their queen, and get them to stop their periodic raids on my space that way.  But it is, simply, no use.  They just keep coming.

And why not.  If I leave morsels out, they are attracted.  It’s their nature.  It's that simple.

And the same with us humans.  If our nation’s employers employ illegal aliens - under the table - they are attracted.  

I am saying that yes, 'they' are at fault.  Both the 'they' of said employers and the 'they' of those attracted.  (The latter 'they' could have waited their turn to come into this country through the front door, like all the other dutiful immigrants; who are incontestably welcome.)  But we Average Joe and Jill American are at fault, as well.  Not just those employers.  Why?  For allowing such larceny to take place in our midst.  For allowing the illegals to be attracted in the first place.  Rather than ’keeping things clean’ in our living space, and thus, letting any erstwhile illegals know that they won’t be rewarded, if they do come in illegally.2

So, such employers need to be thrown into jail, along with the illegals that they have attracted; for whatever period of time that helps to drain that swamp.  

Yes.  I am an ogre.

To some people.

And other living things.

But I’m not alone.

And which is worse.

To be an ogre to some.

Or a criminal to all.

P.S. And speaking of that other ogre:
     President Trump needs to purge the military of all those who were going to go along with the New World Order crowd.
     MPs: Do your duty.  Obeying your oath of allegiance, that is.

P.P.S. As for other things going wrong in the U.S.:
     No more No-Go zones in the U.S.
     That is effing nonsense in this country.  The idea here is Out of Many, One.  Not the opposite.  That is the work of our mortal enemies: again, the NWO crowd.
     With whom I have a very big beef.
     Ogre that I am.
     To some.   

P.P.P.S. And for the record; on this day, I sent the following in to the White House:

My ideas & comments to the White House Joint [Congressional] Address Issues Survey:


Electoral Reform: Any state that does not certifiably clean its voter reg rolls of all ineligible voters and dead/duplicate voters, and require photo ID, etc. does not have their votes counted towards federal elections (thus the disenfranchising of its American citizens: to be made a crime).  As it is, our American citizen votes in some states are being dissolved into near-nothingness by the likes of the votes of illegal aliens.  Like mine.  [I had indicated my home state in the info requirements of posters.]*

*[For the record: Is there any proof that IAs are voting?  A: It doesn't matter.  The mere fact that IAs can vote is in itself a criminal offence.]  

Additional Comments:

Purge the U.S. military of all those who were supportive of the New World Order agenda.  Quickly; before they can try to mount a coup. 

Clean out the swamp brought to light by the PizzaGate affair - all the pedophilia & worse going on, involving our elected officials.


1 And there is the (particularly telling) case of at least one state where the law also allows the official poor to waive the cost of such ID; thus clearly undercutting the claim by the Democrats that such laws discriminate against the poor.  ‘Oh no - that doesn’t matter - It’s still discrimination against the poor!  Wah!  Wah!’  How so??  ‘Because.  Wah!’    

2 The same with having allowed IAs to ‘qualify’ for various welfare benefits.
   No.  More.
   Those are for Americans.
   And even then, they are subject to a good cleanup.
   Another story.
   Or rather, another aspect of the same story.

Neither Back Nor Forward On This Level

1) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Trump’s Bypassing a Corrupt Congress to Save American Jobs’ - Dave Hodges - February 24/25
(Hodges lauds FDR’s Brain Trust idea, when he surrounded himself w/economic ‘experts’.  Like Trump is doing, only with CEOs.  Better approach.  Still not where we need to go yet.  But better.)

Stan February 25, 2017 at 11:05 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Unfortunately, Dave, FDR’s Brain Trust helped him create a big-government approach to the matter, rather than a free-enterprise approach. Years later, one of the those Brain Trusters (I forget his name right now; but he was one of the biggest names amongst them) admitted that their approach ultimately made things worse, not better. It was only the war that bailed the U.S. out of the Depression; not makework like the CCC.

FDR was surrounded by socialists. Not free enterprisers. It was that sort of political milieu at the time. The socialists were busily taking over the educational sector of the country. Sound familiar??

2) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘World Leaders Sins Being Revealed - Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges’ - Dave Hodges - February 24/25
(Wide-ranging iv w/Steve Q.  Fair points brought up.  A closing question about Trump’s seeming ‘hesitancy’.)

Stan February 25, 2017 at 11:54 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I think Trump is “hesitating” because it is possible that he is being blackmailed-in-effect because of his own spotty background.

Trump is not ultimately our answer. But in the meantime, he is at least challenging the leftist narrative. So, good for him on that front.

What do I mean?  I mean that Trump might well be involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ junkets to his Orgy Island; and if he attempts to take Hillary down in that regard, or even without that particular mention of her many crimes (and other sins), she/they will take him down with her/them.

It is really time for the Higher Realms to take over.  Trump can only do so much.

P.S. And how do I feel about his alpha-male, private-talk mouth?  I would say: 'Let he or she who wants everything they have ever said to anybody in private made public, cast the first stone.'

This business of eliminating any sense of privacy - in this surveillance state aborning, and well on its way into being - needs to stop.  What people say and do in their private lives is one thing.  What people in government/positions of public servanthood get up to that is illegal, unethical or clearly dangerous to the nation, is another.

There is clearly a place for whistleblowers.  Making us all subject to severe surveillance is Stasi-like police-state stuff, and needs to go.  


It's so demeaning.

Not at all fit for apprentice gods.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Of Cabbages And Kings

I was talking about vaccines, and drew a line on the discussion.  Partly because the subject makes me so angry - that our supposed 'experts' have led us into this terrible trap.  I'll touch on it just a little more, to hep round out the discussion.  For now.  As part of a larger subject:

That of our takeover - our attempted takeover - by the Dark side.

If TPTB didn’t intend originally to do us in with their vaccines & their load of toxic ingredients - and Jenner & Co. were I'm sure coming from the best of intentions (and we know what can come of those) - 'they'' certainly hit on the idea soon.  And have raised it to a science.  To wit:

Vaccines are also being used in our time for the insertion of chips into our bloodstream, a) to monitor and control us; and b) to kill us at will. 

1) GM T4 bacteriophage: Vaccines being used for/as biological warfare weapons, in the hands of our erstwhile masters.  Or continued masters…

2) The above, and nanobot viruses being developed to destroy us; inserting their DNA into our cells, which instructs our cells to produce more copies of the inserted ones.  Result: death of our cells from being overworked.

The game plan: To use a phony, 'false flag' outbreak - say, Ebola (which ’they’ have a patent for) - to scare the populace into accepting shots laced with such GM crap as briefly described above.  And not only to scare the people, but to use the medical profession (read, more accurately: the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex) to force-feed vaccines to us, on a ‘mandatory’ basis.  Being established as we speak.  

And speaking of my state, of California - where such mandatory vaccination application is already going on - there is also the little disgusting matter of drug trafficking, that the state takes a cut of.* 

Take my hometown, of Long Beach.  Please. (I jest; but barely.)  Mexican drug cartels are behind the bulk of the drug trafficking going on.  The police seem to be unable to do anything about it.  I say ‘seem’: I wouldn’t be surprised at all that it would be found out - when all this sort of shit that is going on these days in our culture is uncovered, and done away with; in The New Day dawning (as well, 'as we speak') - that the police are getting a cut of the action.  That any real crackdown on the trafficking is a no-go because higher-ups are involved.  Ultimately traceable to Gov. ‘Jesuit Jerry’ Brown, who gets a cut, and ‘dark money’ support for his pet project, known as CalExit; whereby he wants to take California out of the Union and make of it its own nation-state, under his command.  ('El Presidente Brown'.  It has a certain ring to it.  Not.)  As a protectorate of the UN; and under the specific protection not only of the Mexican drug cartels.  But of the Chinese military as well.  Who have already started invading this state, via control of the Port of - wait for it:

Long Beach.

And who are positioning themselves to take over large swathes of the state, as American citizen farmers and ranchers are driven to the wall, to say their fences, by various means; first by drought and then by flooding, and so forth.  All perfectly orchestrated by the Friends of Jerry, aka the Jesuits & Co.

Who is '& Co.'?: All those s.o.b.’s who are behind the attempted takeover of the planet, and its incarceration in their totalitarian New World Order.

Whom I am at war with.

And I thought I came here to retire………


* And undoubtedly of child sex trafficking as well.
   Once you opt for the Dark side, there is no stopping the gravy train.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

On Mind, Body, And Spirit

I have been talking (via email) with a friend about autism, in which I pointed out how vaccines are involved in this brain-damage condition.1  In my response, I referred to the brain as our “receiver unit”.  My friend took exception to that expression and ‘fact,’ saying, with links, that our body as a whole is our receiver unit (whereby our etheric body registers our condition first; and, our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking).  A point.  But it doesn’t negate the one I was making.  Here is how I have responded:  

Maybe it’s a matter of semantics.  I ‘get’ the idea of the body-mind link.  But the brain is still our (a?) receiver unit.  The pineal gland is where our connection with the larger reality is hosted.  It’s what is ’behind’ the Egyptian image of The Eye of Horus, the eye with the dangling bit: that’s a cross-section of the pineal gland.  Said gland, in its entirety, is also what the ancient Sumerians depicted as a pine cone (which it looks like, in miniature), which their bird ‘gods’ were holding up to the Tree of Life motif, as if as a connecting device to the messages emanating from it.  

Fluoride occludes it.  Hence, Fluoridation by our erstwhile masters: to keep us prisoners.  (Besides the making of a lot of money, for various industry owners, and the medical-pharmaceutical complex, on the deal.)

The Vatican has a large sculpted replica of said pine cone image on its grounds.  We have been deprived of our knowledge of such things (and that ancient motif of a stylized tree is the Tree of Knowledge, perhaps??…), to keep us incarcerated in our ‘prison planet,’ our matrix, our false reality, our ‘reality construct’.  For perhaps more than one purpose.  On the one hand, by our erstwhile masters, wanting to keep us under wraps as their slaves, and source of food and nourishment (called ‘loosh’).  But also, in the larger picture: to keep us experiencing separation from our real/fundamental identity - our Higher Selves - for the purposes of The Fall: for us to explore the ‘realm’ of Separation itself.  And see what we will do with/in that sense of being cut off from any other reality than this one, in this classroom for aspiring gods.  Being exposed to Duality/Polarity, for purposes of soul growth. 

It’s all a long story.  But just to make the point at this point: Don’t discount the importance of our brains.  Including the fact that brain damage - from such as vaccines - is what is behind a phenomenon known as ‘the homicidal triad’.  A constellation of traits observed amongst many serial killers being that in their childhood they were: excessive bedwetters; fire starters; and expressed cruelty to pets/animals.  With no remorse.  Because they don’t know what ‘remorse’ is.  Because they have brain damage.  A major source of which is their childhood - and even at birth, now - vaccines.*  

But don’t get me started.      

* It’s also known as Minimal Brain Damage (MBD).  And still, to this relatively more enlightened day, the authorities try to suppress The Truth.  They have had to admit - in Vaccine Court - to the role of vaccines in something that is called, by the ‘experts,’ ADEM - for Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis.  (A fancy word for brain damage.)  Which results in such symptoms as those with autism - on the autism spectrum (Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD) - evince.  But they have, so far, been able to keep the dreaded word ‘autism’ out of the financial remuneration picture.  Or they would - will - be inundated with lawsuits. 


A note on all this:

In the life of Light seekers and -workers, and just plain citizens, your opponents have provided you with the opportunity to have a glorious victory over them, for their proving to be such a formidable adversary.  They have forced you to dig really deep in your selves, to awaken you to the threatened loss of your national and personal sovereignty, and culture.  Give them credit for their service to you, as you take back your freedom from them, and their planned totalitarian New World Order.  

Although it is a close-run thing.  Europe seems to be waking up - and good on them for doing so. Waking up, to the invasion of their countries by an army of culture-changers, and erstwhile masters.  (At least, the Muslims think so; not having woken up yet as to how they are being used, as cannon fodder.)  But I have to admit that I am getting very tired of the slowness of the American people, by and large, to wake up to what is and has been going on around them, the perfidy that is and has been taking place: their takedown, by said NWO crowd.  Their job - and that of the ‘useful idiots’ amongst them; who have unwittingly sold out to the Dark side - has been to make it as hard as possible for you, dear fellow Citizen, to ‘rise to the occasion,’ and claim back your sovereignty from the Dark side.  On the principle as I stated above: that the greater the challenge, the greater the victory.

But unfortunately, ‘they’ seem to be winning the battle at the moment; particularly with their command of the MSM high ground, and that of our educational system.

They will not win the war.  For, they never will; the nature of the Dark being what it is - i.e., always dependent on the Light for its very existence.  (Whereas the Light just is; by the very nature of the Creation.)  But come on, People of America: You can do better than this. 

Let’s see your best shot.  And only As it were.  There need be no shots fired, in this battle.   

Just claim your Higher Selves - that link; that resonance - 


You see, it’s all in your mind.

And body.

And spirit.



1 With a particular reference to the (or at least as much as any) definitive tome on the subject, ‘Vaccination, Social Violence, And Criminality: The Medical Assault On The American Brain’ by medical historian Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. 
     Highly recommended.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

'Psst. This Is A Test.'

I thought I might have failed a test yesterday.  I was approaching the entrance to my local supermarket when an elderly black woman came up to me and said something, that I didn’t understand, but could figure the meaning of: she wanted a handout.  It goes on all the time in this neighborhood.  I couldn’t believe it when I first moved here, nearly five years ago now: all the beggars and homeless.  The latter curl up in their sleeping bags, starting even in the mid-afternoon, in doorways, or even just on the edge of the sidewalk, all over the place.  Maybe I have lived in a spiritual community too long - have been ‘out of touch’ with this reality for some 30 years now.  I feel a little like Siddhartha Gautama must have, when, in leaving the sheltered life of his royal compound and venturing out into the life of the village itself, he was appalled at what all he found there: the same sort of thing, I imagine.*  

I pretty much automatically shook my head, and went on in to the supermarket, to do my meager shopping.  Sometimes I ‘pony up’ something in that sort of situation; sometimes I don’t.  It’s a hit-and-miss sort of thing with me.  (I can’t give every time - impossible.  And then there’s the argument: ‘It only encourages them’; etc.  You know the score.)  But this time I got to thinking, while doing my shopping, that maybe I shouldn’t have been so automatic in my response; and I looked for her after my meager shopping - did i mention that?? - with a dollar bill ready, to contribute to yet another worthy cause.  But she had left.

Was that a test? I wondered, as I made my way home, in the dark of the evening coming on.  And it got me to thinking further.

It got me to thinking of the choices that we are constantly bombarded with in life.  And specifically as for this particular one - of giving a handout to a needy person or not (Will they just spend it on booze?  Cigarettes??  Drugs???…) - I can think of a number of responses.  Three come to mind.  No, actually four.  No; actually five.  You can just flat-out say No every time.  (Especially when you are on a meager income already.  Did I - yes, I did.)  You can choose to donate to, say, every fourth such an encounter on your path, and Path.  You can ‘donate’ on an intuitive basis, as you are prompted inwardly.  You can donate to everybody who crosses your path in life - and be wiped out by it, to the point even of suicide.  (‘I could have, should have, done more!!’)  Or you can do what the man in the story did, as told by the Prevention magazine editor, many years ago, as a statement of their philosophy.  The story goes that one day a man is walking beside a large stream when he hears a cry for help coming from it.  He looks over and sees a small child, caught in the flow, struggling and calling for help.  Quickly he takes off his shoes and dives in, and swims out, and gets hold of the child, and drags it to the side of the small river, recovering his breath.  Whereupon he hears another cry for help, emanating from the river.  He looks over, and there is another small child, struggling and crying for help.  He dives in again, and swims out to this child, and gets hold of it, and drags this one to the bank of the river as well.  Whereupon he hears another cry for help…

Just then another adult comes walking by, and he tells that person: ‘You dive in and save that child.  But I’m going upstream and getting the s.o.b. who’s throwing these kids in.’   

My life, at this time, is dedicated to the equivalent of getting the s.o.b. who’s throwing our children in the river.  There’s room for various approaches to the matter, of people being caught in the tide, and coming to various stages of drowning.  But the one that will really do the job is getting to the ‘infrastructure,’ if you will.  Which means the monetary system.  Which is keeping us in a permanent, and ridiculous, state of artificial scarcity.

All of which is another story.  For now, I just wanted to share this word of advice:

Don’t do more than you can handle.  There will always be a need.

Until we get to the s.o.b. up at the top end of the river, who is causing the trouble. 

P.S. And - as life has it - I was given another chance to give ‘a hand’ this evening, when, outside of my neighborhood Rite Aid (great title, that), there was a woman from a local church, with a pail, for donations.  
     Not for more water, in people’s lives.                        

* And robbery.  Did I mention the robbery?  Oodles of it.  A lot of it being of bikes.  People have to keep their bikes in their apartments or homes proper; and when they do venture out on them, into that outer world, they have to lock them securely, including the tires, or they will be stripped down in a flash.  It’s like army ants around here.  They’re on the prowl, and when they come across a likely morsel - bam.  Stripped in a flash.  Did I mention that??
   And these guys responsible for all this sort of thing hang out in the local park, working on 'their' bikes.  Brazen as can be.  Or occupy the public toilet cubicles, waiting for customers to come for their fix.  It is so in-your-face around here. I can hardly believe it.
   But I can believe it.  Without a vision the people perish, and that sort of thing.
   But to continue.

From A Spiritual Community...

  …To A Workshop Center
‘On Good Ideas Gone Awry’

First, an anecdote about my days living in an international spiritual community in the north of Scotland called Findhorn, or more precisely, the Findhorn Foundation.1

One of our members, a particularly ambitious youngish fellow - American; a workshop leader, and with part of that American entrepreneurial spirit beating in his heart and blood, and wanting to be let out2 - hit on the idea of trading on our community’s good ‘commercial’ name: He made a proposal, in concert with his then-partner, later-wife (of the traditional, female variety), to run Cluny3 purely as a workshop center, with the members being paid employees (of, ahem, him and his workshop-leader  partner), to clean the rooms and cook the meals; ‘precisely’ as they did now, only with more money in their individual pockets.  His proposal was turned down flat.  We had not come there to be employees of a workshop center.  We had come there to be members of a spiritual community.  

And yet, that was precisely where the community was headed.  When I had had enough, some years later, and left the spiritual community-cum-workshop center, ‘somehow’ turned around in order of emphasis.  

Where am I going with this anecdote from my past.  I am going to take it to a larger level, in applying it to another good idea-cum-screwed up:

the United States.  Specifically: its Constitution.

Long story short: 

Nobody who has bought into the canard of the Constitution being ‘a living document’ has any business either sitting on the judicial bench or training lawyers.  The Constitution is a contract.  It beggars belief, and boggles the mind, how lawyers can argue the fine points of a contract, in getting to the precise meaning and intent of the contract as drawn up and agreed to, and not do the same for/in relation to the Constitution.  

It is a legal agreement between two parties, the States and the federal government; and if that agreement is to be changed, there is a way provided - built into the agreement - by which that can happen.  When ’they’ say, ‘as interpreted by the courts,’ that has to mean ‘in relation to the original intent’.  Not in relation to the personal socio-politicall proclivities of the judges.  Or ’the law’ is an ass; is a meaningless tool; is a wet noodle; is a farce and a fraud.  

I don’t know how that ‘living document’ attitude towards the national contract crept in to our form of jurisprudence.  But it needs to be, not crept out.  But booted.  In one fell swoop.  

Before it’s too late; and it has become so ‘set in its way’ that it is impossible to put this nation back to rights.  

That attitude towards the law has more than just the whiff of arbitrary law about it.  The Law can be tempered with Justice.  But not transmogrified by arrogance.  Or it has no meaning whatsoever, except just what arrogant judges choose to read into it; declaring, in effect, ’I am the law’.  And we have had quite enough of that sort of attitude in the past on this sorely put-upon planet, by rogues and scoundrels.  So, that attitude


Has no place.  In

The New.   

As to that:    

On Jurisprudence In The New Age       

I’m not sure what precisely The Law will look like in the New Aeon, now upon us.  But I know what it wilt not look, and be, like.   

It will not be like it is today, under the gavel of whimsical judges.

At least, as it is, things are, in the United States.

But - fortunately - about to change.

Because I won’t have it?

Not precisely.  Rather, because 

the environment won’t have it.  The environment,

of a more rarified air - frequency; resonance - than we have become used to.


But - for a purpose.

For just such lesson-learning as we have gone through.

In this vale of tears.

This classroom.  This, ahem, workshop center.

For aspiring gods.

Who need to know the difference between right and wrong.

Or they will not graduate.

Which category of being is upon us.

Upon, that is to say, those of us who can pass the test of such discernment.  Going on

as we speak.


1 to distinguish it from the nearby fishing village of Findhorn; whose community members long felt, and most probably still feel, that ‘we stole their name;’ bristling a bit under the knowledge that the world knows ‘Findhorn’ for the spiritual community that grew up in its midst (more precisely, in a caravan park a couple of miles short of the fishing village itself), rather than for them.  And, their being canny Scots, I wouldn’t doubt that part of the ‘animosity’ was contrived, in order to get us to make a financial contribution to their cause…

2 who, rather ironically as it turned out, inspired a rechristening of one of our programs, from ‘Long Term Guest’ - i.e., those guests who came for a minimum of a month, to experience life in our community in more depth than just the regular programs allowed for (and often with a view to possibly joining us, in our spiritual enterprise) - that is to say, from just naming a category, to ‘Living in Community Guest’ - that is to say, to naming/drawing attention to the essence of the program.
   Slight difference.  But slight differences can have big meanings...   

3 the former Cluny Hill Hotel, turned Cluny Hill College under our auspices: a large (approx. 100-bed) building five miles away in the nearby town of Forres from the caravan park - the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park - where our community was founded and basically located.  Some 35 members of the community ran Cluny as the community’s major workshop center. 
   That’s the spiritual community’s workshop center.  Not to be read the other way around.  Or considered the other way around.
   Read on…

Monday, 20 February 2017

On Coming Out

  On Coming Out

On Presidents Day
                  I Claim
      my Christhood
              And thus
I have crossed
My Rubicon…

         ...like an

I can’t be having
All those people
      and working
The Oroville Dam
Needs to happen
         to change
This scenario.
          I wonder
         it is…
     …is it
Taking charge
            of this


         I am
    an old man
    and even I
       want to
     swing into

    what all is
     going on

    to head off
   all mankind
 in our version

    The Flood.

      Like an
 old war horse,

      the call.

  Personally, I
    would rain
  on Governor
     But then,

On Accusations And Reconciliations

Things are, indeed, heating up.  And not just my blood...

As regulars at this site would well know by now, I get very riled, even outright angry, at measures of our erstwhile masters in attempting to take total control over this country - MY country! - and the world for their nefarious ends.  They are well deserving of our contempt.  Including the Mainstream Media, which has become, over the years, in the hands of a quietly-developed monopoly of Controllers, part of the problem, rather than part of the solution in the operation of a free state.  Having moved from Fourth Estate to Fifth Column.  (As part of the Gramscian philosophy of “the long march through the institutions”.)  A particularly repugnant feature of what has been going on, in the slowly-slowly, Fabian-style overthrow of this country.  President Trump has been precisely correct in his criticism of it.  Its sellout to ‘the highest bidder’ has greatly damaged this country; not least by keeping some very unsavory people from having their day in court - a legitimate court, now; in the day of the to-be reconstructed U.S. Republic - and thereby being brought to justice.      

All that is not to say that we cannot come together, in the end.  On a higher level, the totalitarians of the far Left and the far Right, in wanting to fasten a New World Order on the whole planet, have helped to bring about a ‘game changer’ - have triggered into being, from latency in our psyches, a reactive response to their totalitarianism of Power Over (Others), in the crowning form of the total state - i.e., a kingdom - of the Light, characterized by Power With, and Within.  Love winning out, in the end, over Force.

The kingdom of heaven, of long repute.  

And I am ready to take over now.  For

the Light. 

This is in part as well, then, by way of saying - pointing out - that a lot of these seemingly despicable creatures amongst us have simply been playing a part, in this Drama that has now unfolded to its Conclusion.

How will we know the genuinely Bad Guys from the Good Guys?  (For there are, indeed, some of the former category of souls.  Who are almost to lose their soulular connection with the All That Is.  And thus become part of what isn’t, any longer.)

They give themselves away by their auras.  That judgment not coming - not needing to come - from mere human jurisprudence.

More to follow, in the more positive days to come.  As we enter further into

The New.

Free, at last, from

The Process.

As for me.

I am just like you.  Subject to all the foibles of life on our Pilgrim’s Progress on The Path, on our return journey now Home, again, from exploring The Great Unknown.  But managing to identify, as best I can, and as often as I can, with my Higher Self.  Where we all meet; on our journey Home.  On what some ‘sensitives’ have identified as the Seventh Dimension; wherein we reside in our mutual Christ Consciousness.*

Let’s, now, make this a wrap.

And a particularly good one.  For

the ages.


* Call me, then, your Elder Brother.
   Certainly not Big Brother…  :-)

Having Said That...

The View From The Ground

1) The friend whom I mentioned day before yesterday now, who is taking sides with the poor put-upon ’immigrants’ against that terrible meanieTrump, hit me with another response that riled me again.  I chose not to respond in escalating manner, rather, to let it go.  But if I had responded, and in the mindset that I was in at the time, this is the sort of thing that I would have said: 

‘I was going to ‘hit back’ to this response of yours.  And then I remembered that I had just blogged a different ‘tune,’ than such a knee-jerk response. So I’ll pass, and you and I can agree to disagree, and I’ll let my response go at that.  

‘But if you want to know what I was going to say anyway, it would have gone something like this:

‘1. You’re not getting the larger picture.  The country has been and is being flooded with both IAs and jihadists in an attempt by this country’s enemies to take it down, and install in its place their totalitarian New World Order; and they will use the presence of these IAs, and their extended families, as an emotional boo-hoo battering ram against anybody who would attempt to call a halt to that process.  Like Trump.
   ‘And anyway: The children of the IAs, both those who came with them and those who have been born here, have known what they were choosing to be born into, as part of their life plan.  They are now being faced with being called on that choice.  By Truth.
   ‘They can return, with their families, if they wish.  Through the front door.  At the back of the queue, of erstwhile immigrants whom our sympathies should really be with: those who have patiently waited their turn to come into this country, the right way.  And thus have demonstrated their potential as good, law-abiding citizens of this country. 

‘2. David Don't-let-the-facts-get-in-the-way-of-a-point-you-want-to-make Brooks and the New York Times??  The NYT is in the same ‘fake news’ category as the Washington (Com)Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC (and not as much, FOX News).  They - particularly their ‘suits’ behind the scenes; a very monopolized bunch by now - are all part of the attempt by the NWO forces (leftists, NeoCons, central bankers, corporate cronies, & other ‘odd’ bedfellows) to take down the U.S. - the Big One, to their agenda - and merge it, with open borders, into being merely part of a region of their end-game fascistic NWO (apparently little do the leftists amongst them realize; poor benighted sheeple that they are).  They are all part of ‘fake news’ - skewed ‘news,’ just as DT is calling them on.

‘I can sympathize with your concern for the families of the IAs who are being deported at this time.  But you really need to wake up to how you, and others with that kind of reaction, are being cynically used, by a lot of very evil people.

‘And I think that I’ll let my response to this subject go at that, for my end.  Indeed, I may blow my already high blood pressure to new heights.  Because I care very deeply for this country.  

‘For its potential. Not for its failures to live up to that.  Which I grant has been part of its history.  But one doesn’t intelligently throw the baby out with the bathwater.'  

2) from patriotsforamerica.ning.com;’Unconfirmed: Leftist Usurped Violent Operation American Spring 2017 To Begin May 1, 2017’ - Harry Riley - February 19
(Riley is unhappy that the Left is planning to steal ‘his’ name, from his organized ‘OAP 2014,’ to mount a big campaign by the ostensible Left on May 1.  This could be ‘their’ big push…)

a) A poster commented on the Left’s agenda (from an article by Paul Sperry in the New York Post, as reported in an article by Matthew Vadum, February 15th, and quoting from the Organizing for Action (OFA)’s website):

The OFA - Obama’s Army* - is taking on “the big fights for social justice, basic fairness, equal rights, and expanding opportunity” [whatever the latter means to them].  Among its key issues are “turning up the heat on climate change deniers” [The Trilateral Commission’s pet baby], comprehensive immigration reform (which includes mass amnesty), “telling the stories of the millions who are seeing the lifesaving benefits of Obamacare,” fighting for “a woman’s health care” which is “a basic right” [read, of course: abortion], and redistributing wealth from those who earned it to those who didn’t.”

[Obama's Army: A 30,000-person private army two miles from the White House.  Committed to making sure that their - illegal former president - Dear Leader’s ‘legacy’ is not rolled back by Trump.
   A typical move by communist regimes the world over; who brook no opposition to their authority.]

[* Though he may be a golfer, he is no Arnie in this regard.]

b) Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (February 19)

Gently gently in reaction, Donald.  TPTB are fishing for an opportunity for their cannon fodder to cry Fascism! in a big way, to give them the excuse they want to go on a rampage.

Don't give them what they want.  Just quietly but firmly put them under control - kettling, etc. etc.  Anybody for chaos can spend a spell in jail.  Mission accomplished.  Just not theirs.

Oh.  And: Follow the money.  And put Soros & Co. out of commission.

And keep relentlessly draining the swamp.  That's what The People elected you to do.  Time for the District of Corruption to be shown the door.  To a nice prison cell.

They can play chess in the exercise yard with the NWO's cannon fodder, [Residing in rather less salubrious confines in their part of the prison.] 

What I am really saying is that there are terrible things going on in this country, and have been quietly going on for some time now, and the American people need to wake up to it all, and stop either ignoring it totally or keeping their heads buried in the sand, hoping it will go away.  It will not.  Not without some concerted action to make it do so.

And right here in my home state.  Not so much right here.  But further north.  Where Gov. Brown - ‘Rewilding' Brown (taking down dams like a real green activist)* - is continuing to keep a very low profile, as the potential Oroville Dam blow builds up.  

The saturation level is high.  Getting into supersaturation.  It won’t take much to break things open.

Trump needs to act.  

Like.  Now.  And 'drain the swamp' totally.


* It would appear that he would clear the whole Central Valley of American citizens if he could, and replace them with illegal aliens and Red Chinese.  In his new nation-state.  Which he is working towards, in the movement called CalExit.
   As I have said:
   Something evil this way comes.
   The mere fact that there could even be a legitimate suspicion of skullduggery in this matter is enough to send one's blood from chill to boil.