Wednesday, 30 September 2015

When Truth Rules...

…With Love

When Truth rules, what will it look like?

I could say things like,

‘I stand with the taxpayers, who have been sorely done by for quite some time now.  Those days are over.  For example, No More Bailouts of ‘the Masters of the Universe’. and their hogging of that emergency money for Wall Street rather than Main Street  And, all those who have been living on the taxpayers’ dime as a way of life are going to have a rude awakening.  Things are not going to be as cushy for them as they have been up ’till now.  Details to follow.’

And so forth, along that vein, of taking personal responsibility for our actions, and not depending on ‘the state’ for our sustenance, and guidance, as to how to live our lives - how to be allowed to live our lives, by the almighty state.*  But the truth is, those days are over - period.  Under the New Management, to start with, everybody is going to be given a share of the true wealth on the planet, to make of what they will.  As we exit the Illusion, and start our move into the Real Thing.

Until then, we still have some work to do.  Example:

Today I received another mailing from the ‘Cruz for President’ camp.  It contained the offer of receiving a signed copy of his book titled - wait for it - ’A Time for Truth’.  I almost swallowed my dentures (I jest.  Just), at the effrontery of it.  Instead of checking the ‘YES! I want to receive’ this bit of arrogance, I added my own response; to wit:

‘NO! I want the Truth itself!’  And footnoted my comment thusly:

‘that you are NOT a ‘natural born’ citizen.  & thus, flush Obama from his hiding place in the Oval Office; who is not one either.’

Yes, Ted Cruz’s is a powerful and valuable voice for conservatism in the country (especially in his attacks on the Establishment - of both parties).  But we are going to get back to living  by Truth; and the truth is, he is not eligible for the job.  Any more than Obama is.

We have gotten away from the rule of law in this country - i.e., the Constitution - for some time now, and went for a walk on the wild side, as it were, as a nation.

No more.

But then, there are going to be a lot of changes in the status quo anyway.

Including the monetary system, that we have ben living under - laboring under - for a long, long time,

Long enough.

It’s time for a change, alright.

But real Change this time.

Not the faux Change of a faux president, that we have also been laboring under for long enough now.

So, no more going either to the Right or to the Left.

But, now,


* To the Left, and barring the changes coming through anyway, I would say:
   ‘If you want to live under a socialist system, there are a number of such that you could go live under.  And please do.  But leave this nation alone.  It was not intended for that sort of governance; and it will never fall under that sort of governance.  
   ‘That doesn’t mean that it will continue under the form of capitalism that has grown up in this country, what could be called crony capitalism.  Which is a betrayal of the founding principles of this nation.  Principles, like freedom - essential liberty - and the rewarding of individual initiative and merit.  And true representative government.  Not government of the elite.
   ‘You’ve had your day, ladies and gentlemen of the Establishment.  Now The People are coming through.  To take back their country, from the thieving likes of you.
   ‘’Nearly twenty trillion - that’s TRILLION - dollars in debt.  What a bunch of losers you were.  Losers, of the investment that The People put in you as leaders of the country.  Led it right into the financial and moral hole. you did.
   ‘Great job, ladies and gentlemen, of both the (far) Left AND the (far) Right..  Great job.  Not.’

The Great Divide

To follow on - briefly - from my closing thought of yesterday's posting:

I am a peaceful man.  But I will not go gentle into the particularly dark night planned for us by these would-be masters of ours, now finalizing their plans to supersede nation-states, with all this (intentional) invasion over borders*, and instituting trade agreements that take precedence over national laws, and so forth.  All of which is going on as we speak.

So; The die is cast.  It's Us vs. Them.  When really, we are all One.  And are actually heading for that destination.  Not this illusory one planned for us, by lesser mentalities, sorely in need of an Awakening.

As are we.  To our larger role in all this theatrical stuff going on, in this realm - currently - of Illusion.


Join me.  And make the picture so crystal clear - of our refusal to enter into their hellish hole - that it will deter these, our erstwhile Masters, from their best-laid plans.

And may we ALL come out the other side of this Great Divide; the 'richer' - stronger morally, and wiser, for the experience.

But it is a Great Divide.  And that means, that some souls will be left behind.  A pity.  Yet, it is



And, bottom line:

that is what it has all - really - been all about.

Notice the difference, between the agendas at work, and in play???


P.S. So, what to do?  Practically??
       Go inside.  And you will know what to do.  Practically.  And energetically.

* by so-called refugees, who, in fact, are mostly young men; being put in place for malevolent reason.
   And why, indeed, for 'resettlement'?  Why not placed in refugee camps in nations closer to their home nations, to go back when things settle down in their home nations??
   Oh.  There is to be no 'home nations,' anymore.
   Silly me.  And here I was, thinking that this was all about humanitarianism.  When it was really about another kind of ism, all along.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Knock Knock



‘Can I come in?’


(Mother enters)

‘Jamie, it’s Saturday night.  Why aren’t you out and about?’

‘’Cuz nobody asked me out.’

‘What?  Why, that’s such a sexist comment.  Why didn’t you ask somebody out?’

‘Oh, Mom.’

‘Or go out with some of your gal friends.’

‘They’re all busy.  Hey - I’m really happy here.  Playing with my - ‘

‘Jamie, you just have to get yourself a life.  I worry about you.  We didn’t fight for our rights as women just so our female kids could stay at home on Saturday nights, for heaven’s sakes.  Go out and have some fun.  On your own, if need be.’  

‘Speaking of being on my own…why did you divorce Dad?’

‘What?  What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?’

You’re on your own.  Mom.  I think you’re lonely.’

‘What?!  Whatever gave you that idea.’  

‘And you’re trying to live your life through me.’

‘What in - how dare you talk to me like this.  In this manner.  Like I was just one of your…’

‘You always asked me to consider you as a friend.’ 

‘I didn’t mean…Oh, dear.  What did I mean…I don’t know.  I don’t know a lot of things anymore.  It used to be so…clear.’  

‘Women’s lib.’

‘…Well; yes.  We had a goal, in life.  To be free.  Make it on our own.’

‘And here you are.’


‘I said - ‘

‘I heard what you said.  I was just - thinking…’   

‘Mom.  Why did you have me?’


‘You had the choice.  You chose me.’

‘…Yes.  I did.  I did that.  You were, indeed, my choice, honey.  I chose you.  And don’t you see?  That was what it was all about.’   

‘The choice.’


‘I - ‘

‘Don’t answer that.  What are you getting at, honey?’

‘I’ll be frank, Mom.  You kept me from ever getting to know my father very well.  Why was that?’

‘Did I?’


‘Did I really…maybe…probably…you’re right.  I did.  Yes.  I did…

‘And why did I?  I’m not sure, really…no; that’s not fair.  I do know.  At least part of it.’

‘I think I do, too.  Af least, part of it.’

‘And what is that; pray tell, little Miss Smartypants.  Said lovingly.’

‘That you were planning to divorce my dad from the very beginning.’

‘…You always were a smart one.  From the very beginning.  I figured, from the very beginning, that you would be a smart one.  And that could turn out to be a smart ass, too… - Hey, I’m sorry about that.  That wasn’t fair of me.  Forgive me, honey.  You were asking me a fair enough question. 

‘We were talking about your father.  Did I plan on divorcing him from the very beginning?…

‘Yes.  I think I did.  I think, you’re right, on that one.  Right on the button.  And if you’re so smart - and I mean that in a nice way - why do you think that was.’ 

‘So you could prove that you could do it on your own.  ‘It.’  Raise a kid.  On your own.  Not needing a man in the house.  Just his sperm.  My father: a sperm donor.  Could’ve been anybody.  Any male oppressor.  Oops.  A redundant term.’

‘…Child.  You’re causing me to run my mascara.’

‘And do you see that too, Mom?’

‘…What’s that, dear.’

‘The mascara.’


‘Why are you home on a Saturday night?  And still wearing mascara.  At your age.’


‘Because…because I’m not very good at this.  Sort of thing.’

‘The ideology thing.’


(together; in each other’s arms, then straightening each other’s hair:)

‘The ideology thing.’


The 'ideology thing' did not conclude with the Marxian scrapping of the 'traditional' - to say, logical; and spiritual - family unit.  It is alive and kicking with the scrapping of the notion of individual rights over group rights as determined by the state. (And thus the putting of the Constitution on the PC list of 'unfavorable terms.  And why TPTB have been trying to scrap it.  And are doing a good job of it.)  It is alive and kicking with the scrapping of the notion of 'freedom' over the setting of standards of 'equality' by the state.  Because people do unnice things when they are 'free' to.  Including to the environment.  Which rationale is why the environmental movement has been able to make such a beachhead landing with our children.  To the point where the expression 'the land of opportunity' is on that same PC list of and for no-no's.  Because we can't have people wanting to strive to get more and more.  Bad for the environment.  Climate change, and all that (politically-oriented) jazz.  And just so, is the former 'land of opportunity' of America being turned into just another Third World ghetto, where the peasants are to be grateful to the state for anything that the state provides them.  To say, allows them.1

And so it goes: Life in Our Times.

Ours, to deal with...

Our children have been seduced by experts in the field.  

Don't let them get away with it.

There is a superior vision for the future of humanity.

And ironically, it is to grow out of - in reaction to - just such a dystopian vision as the one planned for us by TPTB.2  For, theirs is the mirror image - to say, the reverse image - of

the Real Thing.

A New World Order, alright.

But one based on Love.

Not Force.

Make your choice.

Which is very clear, now.

And growing clearer by the day.



1 Also to change the mentality from the extolling of 'equal opportunity' to the championing of equal outcome - the agenda of the socialists/communists amongst us, and attempting to be our Overseers.
   We are all One.  But we are not all equal.  Except before the law.  

2 Did you know that the Communist Manifesto is almost exactly like the manifesto of the Illuminati?  Those who (openly) serve Lucifer??  And make sacrifices to him.  Including of us, as individuals???

Monday, 28 September 2015

Thought For The Day

Gotta Stop Hurting Each Other...

especially since there is no 'other' anyway.


Oh well.  A little more for the day.  Back into the fray.  Aka The Play:

from ‘Ted Cruz Outraged Over Planned Parenthood Failure’ - Shawn - September 25

rowleya 11 hours ago (September 28)

Cruz is only candidate I'll vote for 
He agrees with me
He keeps his promises to constituents 
Even if it makes the Establishment Politicos in DC attack him. 
Fed Gov has tyranized We the People and trashed the Constitution.
They have seceded from the States, from US.


  • kibitzer3
    rowleya a few seconds ago (September 28)

  • rowleya, a lot of conservatives really need to do their homework in regards to the eligibility requirements for the office of the POTUS, especially the definition of a 'natural born' citizen - because if conservatives won't stand for the Constitution, a) who will?; and b) the country has then been turned over to those who want to run it by the rule of men, not the rule of law.

  • The rule of law - i.e., the Constitution in this country - says that only a 'natural born' citizen can occupy the office of the presidency. That term means what it meant to the constitutional Framers, for which there is overwhelming evidence, too much to go into here: one born on the soil (jus soli) of (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents (jus sanguinis). That's PLURAL. As in BOTH. The whole POINT being so that the occupant of that office - and that particular office ONLY; who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. Like Cruz. And like Obama. Who were born dual citizens. Not 'natural born' citizens.

  • Conservatives are being suckered into a trap on this issue. If we believe that 'close enough is good enough' - that two wrongs make a right - then we have lost the battle for our country, and it is turned over - lock, stock and barrel - to the termites that are trying to do it in as we speak, and to their viper masters at the top of the pyramid of power trying to rope the world into their totalitarian New World Order.

  • Wake up, America. You are being done in by masters at the trade. Live by the rule of law. Or die by suicide. Whether unsuspecting suicide or deliberate suicide, the outcome is still the same.

P.S. In the event, this is what transpired between me and my News With Views pen pal:

Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 15:55:06 -0400
Subject: Re: NWV Columns of Sept (  ) & Sept (  )

So, Stan (I write big; I'm visually impaired), where did we misunderstand each other in our conversations? I am and have always been in total disagreement with the unlawful ushering in of non-American citizens. Here we go with Obama.

I can tell you're worried. So am I. But then how do we sit idly while BO violates the Constitution repeatedly and has done [so], for at least the last 5 years, and nothing is done? How is that different from the "naturalized citizen" situation? You're absolutely right when you say violating, discarding, our Constitution makes us a null and void nation b/c the fundamentals of our Founding fathers' "living will" has been destroyed. But who is doing anything about these violations? not Congress...not Americans. I try to write about them but no one--except a select few like you and I--seem to care or even give it a second thought.

I want to tell you, though, that I do appreciate the time you take to research your declarations, as many people spout things without out evidence or even credence. I can see you do a lot of hard work and when I find a few minutes in my busy life, I will look up the sources you cited, just for my self-edification.

So, I ask again, my friend, where did we disagree from the get-go? I've always been on your page. I think all illegals ought to be given the once-over and re BO, only Trump was brave enough to publically question. Now everyone comes to BO's defense on that. I'm not convinced.

As far as the other candidates, what do you suggest be done? What actions are you taking?

Hey, thanks for educating me further. I'm still listening. emoji_0263A.png 


(and my reply)

Sept. 28

Hi (      ) -

Let me 'back it up' a bit, and clarify why I was put off by your statement back to me, when you said:

"The thing here to consider is that though you and I, and many other Americans, interpret the Founding Father's words as to what "naturalized" means, it is, for all intense [sic] purposes, arguable by those who want to interpret the way they do.

"I have chatted with Constitutional experts and they say that no absolute definition can be accurately and appropriately applied to the verbiage; hence, Obama will go down in history as an "American citizen," whether we concur or not..."

1) "naturalized" has nothing to do with this issue, directly.  It is a form of citizenship - and, as statutory law, CAN have various 'interpretations' of it.  But we are not talking about 'naturalized' when we talk about Obama, and his not being a NATURAL BORN citizen.  For which there is A VERY CLEAR DEFINITION - an "absolute" definition; and as used by the constitutional Framers when putting it in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY, as I have pointed out, for its elimination of any question for the occupant of that PARTICULAR office of having dual/conflicting allegiances, thus resulting in SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S..  There is NO QUESTION about this; and that you had been seduced into believing otherwise - drinking the Kool-Aid, Saul Alinsky style - put me off.  

2) So: This situation is NOT "arguable".  It is a HIJACK.  And as someone who has declared love for the Constitution and this country, and with something of a public voice, I expected you to/hoped that you would RAISE YOUR VOICE on this issue; not give in supinely to the termites infesting this nation, and attempting to take it over, and make it into something that it is not, and never should become: a mere part of a region of the New World Order of the vile creatures attempting to rule this world.  

3) We CAN'T WAIT until the end of BO's term.  He and his minions can create, at any time, a Crisis giving him the Opportunity to declare Martial Law, and that's the end of the American Republic - IF he isn't seen for the Usurper that he is, by more and more American citizens, before that terrible eventuality.  

4) We can't count on the Republican Party to 'do the right thing' in this matter because it is obvious that they are IN ON IT, for their own purposes.*  So it's up to We the People.  And that’s why

5) I was hoping that you, as someone "with something of a public voice," would make a positive response to the matter, and become a Voice in the Wilderness.

6) What actions am I taking?  I write this sort of pro-'natural born citizen' response every chance I get, when I come across a blog or a Comments-thread comment where the person has the matter wrong.  Usually, on conservative blogs, when they are 'talking up' Cruz, or Rubio.  I set them, and the readers, right on the matter.  

7) As for the Republican Party candidates, what do I suggest be done?  I suggest that people like you make such a noise on the matter that someone from the public finally asks them about it.  Including Trump.  Pointing out that it is not about about BO's birth certificate per se; that that is a bit of a red herring.  What the real issue is, is that his father (assuming that BO Sr. was his real father; another murky matter) was not a U.S. citizen.  That's it, right there.  It doesn't REALLY matter WHERE he was born.  That is a secondary issue, to the fact that he was not born of two U.S. citizen parents.  Right there, he's toast.  
     And we need to get him out of there, before he burns the place down.  

Thanks for "still listening".


P.S.  Oh - and the business about your missing the cut for the 'A' Team, in my mind?
     That's those who live their lives by Truth.
     And cannot do otherwise.

* Their candidates who are not NBCs are: Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, and Santorum.


(I failed to notice that my pen pal began to use my nickname instead of my given name.  Oh well.  Not to worry.  As if we didn't have enough to worry about...)  

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Who Does It Profit

Two factors recently have brought a particular subject to mind for me.  One was receiving in the mail a request by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for my financial support; listing 9 good reasons why I should support them.  I have one good reason not to, which trumps all of theirs to the contrary.

‘Imagine a world without cancer!’ their envelope extols.  Oh, I can.  But not in the direction in which you are going.  You are going towards more of the same - cut, burn, poison.  Because that’s where your interest lies.  Treatment.  ‘Management’.  Not in prevention; or treatment designed to keep it from happening in the future.

Tell me, S-K: Have you ever heard of GcMAF?  Nagalese?  Vitamin C Therapy?  Oxygen therapy? No??  Why am I not surprised….      

The bottom line - figuratively and literally:

Cancer cures are being suppressed because of the hugely profitable cancer industry.

No thanks, S-K.  Your way is not mine.


The other factor was the Pope’s visit to the U.S., and his reference to ’crony capitalism’.  Which is, by and large, the only kind left in the Western world.  Capitalism in service to profit-making to the exclusion of all else; and in service to the state.  For the establishment of a global corporate New World Order.  And thus, the demise of government of, by, and for ‘the people’.

Item.  Monsanto makes huge profits off of patents for genetically modified seeds with the ability to withstand ‘environmental stress’.  Which then happens, with man-made droughts.  

Not just for the profits for Monsanto in the deal.  We are talking, ultimately, about power, and control. 

Take the California drought.  (Please.)  That is not being engineered* simply for Monsanto.  And Monsanto does not exist simply for itself.  It is part of the agenda for People Control by TPTB.  In the case of the CA drought, it has a number of purposes.  Among them:

* to harm the ‘Breadbasket of America’ - the California Central Valley.  When people are dependent on the government for their food, they will do whatever the government says.  Or else. 

* to drive independent farmers off the land; and then have the Big Agro companies take it over, and then turn off the geoengineered drought, for them to do big business.

* to drive Americans in general off the land, and out of the Southwest states themselves in general; in preparation for the cheaper hordes from Mexico and Central America and elsewhere to come in, and be the peons for the Big Agro companies that have taken over.  
   And the Americans?  Those who don’t toe the line for the New World Order - the unreconstructed - will be taken to the FEMA camps, already prepared for them.  And dealt with, as TPTB see fit. 
   You don’t really think that TPTB give up so easily, in the minor little kerfuffle about the North American Union that was mounted, do you??  TPTB just regrouped, and decided on harsher measures. To do away with this piffly little gnat to their best-laid plans called ‘representative government’.  The government being representative, alright: now representing them
   Or did you not read about the huge amounts of bribes that TPTB paid out to various members of Congress to vote their way on the recent trade-deal measures???
   In money that is largely unaccounted for.  Since The People went to sleep, and allowed The Federal Reserve to print as much money as they wanted to, with NO AUDIT.  'Here, you want a bribe for your vote?  How’s a mill?  Not enough??  How about 2 mill?  Okay - 3 mill, and that’s it.  I've got others I have to deal with too, you know.…'

And speaking of water:

It has become a commodity in and of itself.  A number of corporations have been cashing in on the potential of big profits by purchasing aquifers, lakes, and water rights, and pushing for the privatization of public water supply systems.  

Let me sum up this angle on the corporatisng of the world with one brief but good article: 

from ‘Drought-Stricken California Slated to Run Out of Water Soon — But is This a Man-Made Crisis/? - Carolanne Wright - September 27 (misidentified as October 27):

“Reporter Paul Gallagher elaborates further, in a July 2015 article entitled Is California’s Water Supply Being ‘Enronned’:

“Over the past 30 years, global financial firms have pushed for the privatization of public water supply systems all over the world, and in the past 15 years they have developed exchange-listed “water price indices” to introduce “trading floors” into the world of populations’ water supplies…

“In the midst of the California drought emergency, the huge multinational Nestlé, seller of bottled water to the world, is providing one example of what must be stopped. Gov. Jerry Brown, while cutting public water use 25% by order in Sacramento, as in the rest of the state, has placed no limitation on Nestlé’s withdrawal of freshwater from aquifer springs nearby. Nestlé… continues to draw water at an 80 million gallon/year rate, paying 2 or 3 cents/gallon; it bottles the water in Sacramento, and sells it for roughly $16/gallon-equivalent to the city’s population, which has had its tap water use restricted.”

“As it turns out, creating water scarcity in California through manipulated weather can be a highly profitable venture indeed. For some, anyway.”


I don’t want here to belabor the point (even with peon labor wages).  This is just to give you a taste of things that are, and things that are to come.

Unless We the People take back our government.  And country.  From the insects that have taken it over.  Are chewing it up.  And spitting it out.

Just doing their thing…

So, what would that counter-revolution look like?  That we should move to those with non-profit incentives??

But, e.g., the UN wants the power to censor the Internet.  For worthy reasons, of course.
Such schemes always are…

Not too many groups that you can trust these days.  But at least, health care people who emphasize prevention over treatment - and wholistic treatment over ‘managed care’ - are worth a look.  For one example.

But me, I’m a more systemic kind of guy.  I say we throw off the shackles of the interest-bearing money system altogether.  Including its partner in Big Crime, fractional-reserve banking.

And inherit the kingdom, that is just waiting for us to inherit.

Once we wake up to that fact.

And our true potential.

As spiritual beings having a human experience.

And more.

As very gods in the making.  Capable of being creators in our own right.

Once we get our heads screwed on right.

You see, if you try to do that with the mentality, from the level of consciousness, of those who are trying to do us in as we speak,

you get what they are trying to give us.

Chaos.  Killings.  Mayhem.  Some with Power Over others.  Most with no power at all.

Thank you, no thanks.

I’ll stick with our Source’s Plan

every time.

Until we get it



* the info about geoengineering is too widespread for me to bother to go into it here. Suffice it to say that the American military-industrial-government complex has known how to control/manipulate the weather for years, and years.  That's part of what the chemtrails is all-out.
   But to continue.

On Being On The 'A' Team - Or Not

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 4:34 AM, Duane Stanfield wrote:

Dear Dr. (     ),

I wish first of all to commend you on this 2-parter [posted on NewsWithViews].  Important words for the public to digest - take in, and do something about.

But - and especially with your obvious love for the Constitution - you really need to get up to speed on a major issue regarding the office of the presidency and the trouble that we are in.  Basically, we are in the trouble that we are in because The People have lost sight of their responsibility in this country to be the authority, and sovereign; NOT their political representatives, or anybody else.

I refer to the fact that Obama is not a legally sitting president, because he is not a ’natural born’ citizen.  And neither is Ted Cruz.  Or Marco Rubio, or Bobby Jindal, or Rick Santorum, for that matter; as the Republican Party honchos try to make two wrongs make a right - the original wrong having been Obama’s candidacy, and the Republican Party’s failure to do its job, as the official opposition party in this country to the Democrats, and call him and the Democrat Party on the attempted (and, unfortunately, successful) sleight of hand.

Listen carefully.  And, it is not rocket science.  The whole POINT of the constitutional Framers putting that particular eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY, please note - was to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces, had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINly be subject to.

Like Obama.  And like Cruz, whose father was not a naturalized citizen at the time of Ted’s birth.  (Same for the others.)

It is obvious that said Framers were going by the definition of that term extant at the time in the definitive tome of the day on such matters, E. de Vattel’s ’The Law of Nations Or Principles of Natural Law’.  Three copies of which tome it is known that Benjamin Franklin, one of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, is known to have been in the possession of.  (If any of the delegates were not clear as to the definition of the term that they were being asked to vote on, all they would have had to do was ask their elder, respected, and learned mentor, B. Franklin, sitting right there amongst them at the proceedings.)  And specifically to the point of the importance of the Commander in Chief role for that office, there is the letter (7/25/1787) from John Jay, a respected statesman of the day (who ended up becoming the first Chief Justice of the new United States Supreme Court, such was the respect for his acumen on political matters), to G. Washington in his role as Chair of the C.C. proceedings, making the point:

‘Dear Sir,

‘Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born citizen.’

And to drive the point home even further, there is the historical fact that Alexander Hamilton, as one of the delegates to those proceedings, proposed that the president need only be a, quote, ‘citizen’  - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent category of citizen.

A ’natural born’ citizen, then, according to their understanding of the term, being one born on the soil (jus soli) of (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  That’s PLURAL.  As in BOTH.  Thus, with SOLE ALLEGIANCE TO THE U.S.  Which, as I say, was the WHOLE POINT of the exercise.

I know that many liberal lawyers have been trying to make the Constitution ‘a living document,’ so that they can make of its contents whatever they wish to.  (‘Words mean what I say they mean’ - Humpty Dumpty.)  But we’re not there yet.  And as added proof of the political parties’s KNOWING what they were doing in this charade, there is the fact that between them, they made a total of 8 tries between 2003 and ’08 to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue (in some cases, including it in their covering submissions), and they failed each time even to get it out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the issue.  So, what did they do?  It is obvious: they met in a smoke-filled back room, and colluded, in a conspiracy to take down the Constitution, and thus the rule of law in the country.  An assumption that will come out in a court of law, when they are both hauled into it on RICO-statute charges, of being the criminal enterprises that they are.

Which is another story.  For now, I simply urge you to check out my case, and get satisfied in your own mind and heart of that which I charge:

that we have a Usurper occupying the Oval Office.  And what needs to happen is that

* he is simply arrested - by Oathkeepers - and held for trial, on a whole host of charges by now, including perjury, and treason;

* the officials of both major political parties are likewise arrested, and charged as I have indicated above;

* the sitting Congress be dissolved, for failing to do its constitutional duty to rein in a rogue executive; and that

* an Officer of The People be appointed to call for new elections within a time certain; and in the meantime, to clean out the executive branch departments and agencies of all of the vipers infesting them.

Actually, I don’t think there will be any more elections; because I think that this Event signals the end of The Play that we have been in.  But just in case, we can make plans for one - with new political parties.

There is more.  But that is enough for now. I mainly wanted to correct you on your thinking, that Cruz was an eligible candidate. And that Obama was just an unfortunate choice.

He is far more than that.

Very sincerely,



Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 20:37:37 -0400
Subject: Re: NWV Columns of Sept (  ) & Sept (  )

Well, Duane, you have it pretty much figured out and I not only agree with much of what you write, but I also applaud you.

The thing here to consider is that though you and I, and many other Americans, interpret the Founding Father's words as to what "naturalized" means, it is, for all intense purposes, arguable by those who want to interpret the way they do.

I have chatted with Constitutional experts and they say that no absolute definition can be accurately and appropriately applied to the verbiage; hence, Obama will go down in history as an "American citizen," whether we concur or not.

Oivay, we have at least another year with him, if--hopefully I'm wrong--if I'm right. Whatever happens, he will not go darkly into the night. We will see him everywhere, including behind the scenes.

The scary thing is not only that his handlers have power and money, but the American public is both stupid and apathetic, or perhaps the latter is determined by the former.

Keep in touch. And thanks for reading my article, Duane.

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 2:25 AM, Stan Stanfield wrote:

Dear Dr. (     ),

You have accepted the word of your "Constitutional experts'" all too easily.

You have just missed the cut for the 'A' team.

Good luck with wherever you end up.



P.S.  And it's not about being 'naturalized'.  It's about being natural.  The difference is very clear.  To other than shyster lawyer types.  

Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 20:41:06 -0400
Subject: Re: NWV Columns of Sept (  ) & Sept (  )

cLUE ME IN ON WHAT YOU THINK I MISSED (sorry for the capitals; I just realized I had them on. emoji_0263A.pngemoji_0263A.png ). I'm willing to be educated.



(most recent: September 26)

Thanks for your willingness to be educated, (      ).

As I said: You have accepted the word of your "Constitutional experts" all too easily.  A lot of people, on both sides of the political aisle, stand to lose a lot if this matter is brought out FULLY to the light of day, including going to jail.  But the Truth MUST out.  Else what's life for.

Don't take my word for it.  (Although I have cited a lot of other people in defense of my 'take' on the matter: John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin (by fact of [his] presence at the proceedings, and his understanding of the term), Emer de Vattel.  [Plus, of course, by logical extension, no less a commanding figure of our history and those times than G. Washington himself.])  Go to  See the two videos on YouTube of Prof. Herb Titus.  See the various excellent articles of CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret.).  As I also said: This is NOT rocket science.  Neither is it even subject to subsequent court cases (even if a number of those have supported the classic, de Vattel definition of a 'natural born' citizen).  Supreme Courts - much less regulatory agencies - can't make up their own definitions of natural law; only statutory law (Iike 'naturalization').  The only way that the political parties can get around this eligibility requirement SPECIFIC TO THAT OFFICE (for its SOLE ALLEGIANCE intent, as I explained) is by way of a constitutional amendment, striking it, and putting in some other category of citizen.  As - as I pointed out - both major political parties have already tried to do.  Which is PROOF ENOUGH IN ITSELF that THEY KNEW what that term meant, and what they were ultimately trying to do, by colluding in trying to slip it by a usually no-clue [i.e., gullible; asleep] populace.

Not on this issue, we won't be, and be done to.    

This is corruption at its stinking worst.  You MUST understand the enormity of the matter: This makes of the Constitution a dead letter.  We are, by this criminal act, no longer functioning under the rule of law in this country.  We are functioning under the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  The hallmark of tyrants down through the ages. This is the Roman Republic turning into the Roman Empire, all over again.  [Only this time, over the whole world literally.]

I won't have it.  Neither will a lot of other Americans. 

I hope you come to your senses - see that you are being conned, by your "Constitutional experts" - and join the true Americans in this terribly important matter.   

Sorry about all the caps.  But if you can...   :-)


P.S. Some people try to say that 'the courts have already ruled on this, move along'.  No they haven't.  Many court cases have been dismissed on procedural grounds, saying that the plaintiffs lacked 'standing'.  The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the basic merits of the case.  Has, indeed, signaled that it would like not to have to.   
     So much for the [integrity of the] current judicial branch of government at this time in this country's history...  


If this person replies back trying to hold to the "arguable" nature of what the constitutional Framers meant by the term - that "no absolute definition can be accurately and appropriately applied to the is, for all intense [sic] purposes, arguable by those who want to interpret the way they do"* - my reply:

'It is NOT “arguable”.  It is a HIJACK.  And as someone who has declared love for the Constitution and this country, and with something of a public voice, I expect you to RAISE YOUR VOICE on this issue.  Not give in supinely to the termites infesting this nation, and attempting to take it over, and make it into something that it is not, and never should become: a mere part of a region of the New World Order of the vile creatures attempting to rule this world.



P.S. Oh - and the ’A’ Team?:

Those who live their lives by Truth.


* there is some confusion in this person's mind about the terms/categories 'naturalized' and 'natural born'

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Pope And I

I have read a bit of what the Pope shared while on his trip to the U.S.

Actually, a lot of what the Pope said makes good sense.  Capitalism - at least the cronyy form of capitalism that has grown up (only so to speak) in this country and the Western world - has caused a lot of damage, both to society and to the environment.  And so forth.  Which all has caused the Left to react in anger, and pursue such policies as a ‘redistribution of wealth’.  Which has been no such thing.

To the Left, I say:

You haven’t redistributed the wealth.  No. 1: The 1% know how to keep their wealth.  No. 2: You have, rather, merely created debt.  For the - former - middle class taxpayers to have to pay (the interest) on.  Not ‘off’.  It can never be paid off.  It can only be paid on. And on.  And on, ad infinitum.  Generation after generation, after generation.

This is not intelligence.  This is insanity.  Measured by the amount that you have managed - in cahoots with the crony capitalists - to get us to go into debt by.  What is it, now.  Twenty trillion dollars - that’s TRILLION - and counting???

As I say:

Pure insanity.

Well.  Not ‘pure’.

Some have known what they were doing, in saddling the middle class with that debt.  

Bringing the nation down.  So that they could take it over.  And play King of the Hill.

But.  As I say:

Some of what the Pope had to say made good sense.

But, let’s get to the real business at hand. 

And that is not to ‘soak the rich’.  Or anything like it.

It is to throw off these, our erstwhile masters.  Riding us with their spurs a'jangling.  

And that includes this Pope’s order.

The Jesuits.

Who are, in fact - at least, at the top - atheists.  In cahoots with a bunch of other evil - to say, irredeemably fallen - creatures.  Who would use Man for their evil purposes.


If they ever knew.

That Man is a facet of

The One.



Behind the whole creation.

Including those Dark Forces who would deny their own Source.

In attempting to - in effect - storm the gates of heaven.

And be gods in their own making.

Rather than abiding by

The Plan.

Which, by its nature, allows room for us all

to awaken.

And return



To the joy of their Creator Source.

Which is to say


Especially in their higher natures.

When they get - 

really get - that




And ultimately, 

not just of One.

But The One


In pure Identity -

to say, Unity - 


The All That Is.

And yet

here we sit.

At the bottom of 

our potential.

Did I say, insanity?

It is also something else.

It is


So much promise.


One's choice.

Every Part Of Itself

‘Hello, and welcome to the show.

‘Today we have in the studio with us a very interesting person, man, who has been walking the streets of our fair city for some time now, and has drawn some notoriety to himself, for seeming to emit a glow.  But I’ll let him tell you all about that, and more.  Sir, welcome to the show.’ 

‘Thank you.  Thanks for having me.’

‘And first of all, your name is…?’

‘Do you want my incarnate name, or a name closer to the real thing?’

‘ - Well - let’s say, the one closer to the real thing.  For kicks.’

‘Call me, Elder Brother.’

‘All right.  Elder Brother.  And where are you from, originally?’

‘Do you want - ‘

‘Let’s say, the place closer to the real thing.’

‘Well.  Not from here, for a start.  And I’m not what you would call an ET, specifically.  Let’s just say that I’m from a higher dimension.’

‘And that would account for…’

‘The glow; yes.  I can’t help that, it seems.  It slips out of me, sometimes.  I try to keep it under wraps; as it were.’

’So.  Why are you here?  ‘Elder Brother’??’

‘I’m here to help set things right.’

‘Like what; for a start?’

‘Like the Usurper in the office of the presidency of this nation.  He has to go.’

‘ - Well - two things.  Number one, why is he a ’usurper,’ as you say, and claim.  And number two, how would you go about that??  You must know that it would be impossible.’

‘Number one: No, it is not impossible. It is going to happen. And number two.   And here, let me give you an example of the trouble that you have gotten yourselves into.  By letting ideologues take over your education system, to do you in.   Another issue, for another time, perhaps.

‘As to your education: You haven’t learned to spell because, ostensibly, you have Spellcheck on your computers.  You haven’t learned how to calculate figures in your head because, ostensibly, you have calculators.  So, you’ve lost the ability to look at - ‘calculate,’ in your heads - the details of things.  Have been conditioned to not looking at the details of things, for yourselves.  'Close enough is good enough' seems to be your prevailing philosophy.  Hence your ‘overlooking’ the details of the eligibility requirements for that office.’

‘Please explain.’

‘Thanks for being open to the explanation, of what I am getting at.

‘Your Constitution - your rule of law in this country - requires that the occupant of that office - and that particular federal office ONLY - be a, quote, ”natural born” citizen.  What does that mean to you?’

‘ - Well, it’s…it’s whatever the experts in those sorts of things say it is.’

‘So you’re turning the running of your life over to ‘the experts’.’

‘Well; they’re the ones to know…’

‘The details of things.  My point, exactly.

‘Let’s cut to the chase here.  The chase after the facts of things.  

‘And a fact that it will help you to know - to ‘calculate,’ in your head - for us to continue in this vein, is that the occupant of that particular office also becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces.  With me so far?’

‘Okay so far…’

‘Okay.  Now.  That office is the only federal office that the constitutional Framers put that particular eligibility requirement in for.  For all other federal offices, one needs only to be a ‘citizen,’ of which there are several kinds.  Now, what could they possibly have meant, by putting that particular requirement in their constitutional contract for that particular office?’

‘… - Look, we have only so much time on this show; Elder Brother…’

‘Alright.  Let me spell it out for you.  So to speak.

‘They didn’t want anybody in that office who would have split loyalties.  Dual, or otherwise conflicting, loyalties or allegiances.  The person needs to have sole allegiance to the United States.

‘And thereby the definition of that term.  A “natural born” citizen being one born on the soil, of citizen parents.  Plural.  As in, both.  And U.S. citizens, in this particular instance; the term being a generic one.  Meaning that it applies as a fact, of what is called Natural Law.  As opposed to statutory law.

‘l’m perhaps making the matter too complicated there.  Were you with me to that point?’

‘In terms of the definition of the term…’


‘Yes.  I see that.’



‘So why have ‘you’ let a dual citizen into that office?’

‘ -  Look, - Elder Brother - these things are not up to us.’

‘To The People.’

‘Yes.  No.  I mean, up to us private citizens.  If you’re so right, why didn’t the Republican Party call the Democrat Party on the matter, then?  Huh?’

‘Have you looked at the roster of candidates for the presidential office from the Republican Party?’   

‘…You’re saying…’

‘That a number of them are not ‘natural born’ citizens, either.’

‘...Which ones.’

‘I’m not going to do it all for you people.  You have to bring yourselves to the Awakening, too.’

‘…The ‘awakening’.’

‘Yes.  For example.  And to bring this whole thing right home, as it were.

‘So: for example.  I checked out the Akashic record before coming here, to see what it might throw up about you, as it were.  I saw, for example, that on the fifth of this month, you were walking on Third Street, when between Elm and Linden, you passed an alleyway where a down-and-out-man looked up at you and pleaded for help.  And you walked on by.  Didn’t want to bother yourself.   Literally.


‘Not to worry.  You’ll get a second chance.  We all get a second chance.  This is a creation of Love. Not Hate.  Or Vengeance.    

‘You see, we are all One.  All parts of The One.  And The One wants to redeem every part of Itself - ‘

‘I tell you what, fella, person - Elder Brother.  I need to wrap up this interview, now.  Thank you for coming.’

‘Thank you for having me.’

‘Next week, …….

‘Well.  I never expected this interview to get so - personal.’

‘But why not?’

‘Look, person - ‘Elder Brother’: Did you really read that about me in that ‘akashic record’??’

‘Actually, I have to make a confession about that.  No, I didn’t, specifically.’

‘I didn’t think so.’

‘Actually, I knew about it.  Because, you see,

‘I was that man.’

Friday, 25 September 2015

On The Other Hand...

Some people think that Obama is the Devil incarnate.  But he could also be playing the devil’s advocate.  Thus:

‘Well’ - snicker snicker - ‘if they’re going to let me get away with trashing their Constitution - their rule of law - then I’ll show them what I - or anybody in this position, as, in effect, an emperor, encumbered by nothing, just reigning under the 'concept' of the rule of men, otherwise known as arbitrary law; otherwise known as tyranny - can really do, when I get up a head of steam intros position, of power, and control.’

And so he is showing us - in the pale light of Untruth - a truism:

that you are the light of this world.  And The Play has been all about catching your conscience.  Getting you to own your true


And once you do, The Play is over.  For having served its purpose.  And we can all





...And STILL On The Other Hand...

from ‘McConnell’s New Bill Funds Planned Parenthood’ - September 24/5 (orig. posted at - Jordain Carney - September 24)
(“Replaces measure that would have stripped money from abortion biz”)


There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats any longer. The Republicans do everything that the Democrats want them to do regardless of the promises that they've made to the American people and how much they have betrayed us and this nation. Those in office now are only interested in their own reelections, special interests and partisan politics. I know I've had enough of politics as usual. We need to demand term limits and end the era of career politicians and kick these political hacks to the curb.

Unlike · Reply · like.png1 · 18 mins

Well put, Judy. But note that there are SOME good men and women still there. We have to hope that they can create a nucleus attractive enough that they can grow a whole, fresh organism, and take over from the Special Interests toxic virus that has taken hold in Congress.

from ‘Cruz: Beware Boehner’s Shady Deals With Obama’ - Cheryl Chumley - September 25


I like Cruz but am not sure of his eligibility, but after Obama an illegal invader is probably eligible, Cruz would be a good VP for Trump if eligible, and Cruz is correct about Boehner, Lord only knows what he might do in his last month.
....................................................DONALD TRUMP 2016


Cruz cannot be a natural born citizen of the USA; he was a dual citizen at birth born in Canada. It takes two to tango to be a natural born citizen of any nation (both parents citizens of the nation).

Cruz might make a good Sect. of State. But the question still arises to me: Why has he never mentioned Barry's obvious unconstitutional eligibility for that office?

  • kibitzer3 yogiman a few seconds ago (September 25)

  • Indeed, yogiman. I've had to assume that he was never taught straight in law school what a TRUE "natural born" citizen is. He seems sincerely to think he is one.
  • The rot has gone deep in this country for years, under the tutelage of termites who have tried to make of the Constitution 'a living document'. Meaning, a piece of toilet paper, to be used as needed

           yogiman kibitzer3 39 minutes ago

         I must disagree; he knows he isn't a natural born citizen of the USA. Otherwise, why did he    give his Canadian citizenship up just before he 'threw his hat in the ring'?


  • kibitzer3
    yogiman a few seconds ago 

  • Point. And TPTB could be trying to play a game with We the People as in 'Oh well; close enough'. But it is still all a limited hangout. We are being seduced, even from the so-called Right, into believing that it is only a matter of WHERE you were born. As in the 'birther' deception. Whereas the more crucial matter is who your parents were; and particularly your father, where direct nationality comes from.

  • There will be hell to pay if TPTB win out on this issue, and we then fall clearly under the rule of men. Rather than the rule of law. It will be the fall of the Roman Republic, and the rise of the Roman Empire, all over again. And its collapse in turn under the invasion of the barbarians.

  • Been there. Done that. Don't need to go through that lesson again.

          Cruz knows what the original intent of Art II is and the          GOPers gave him a pass... Nobody will notice ... Obeyme Soetoro got away with it.... It's all to protect Obeyme and the criminal enablers in congress... Nobody wants to go to jail...

  • I think that you're probably right, joepotato. Which means that We the People have got to step up to the plate. For, otherwise, the nation is operating under the rule of men. Not under the rule of law. And there will be more, much more hell to pay, going down the road we are on, than if we take back our country NOW.
    Which means: Obama - OUT. Arrested by Oathkeepers, And held for trial on a whole host of charges by now. Including perjury. And treason. We the People finally meaning business. Not the (not-so) funny business that our erstwhile leaders have been up to. For long enough, now.

    We are witnessing what happens when leftists infiltrate, and take over a nation through the political process as opposed to waging violent revolution....

Indeed. But in this case, it wasn't just by "the political process". It was by a coup.


Ya... it's a coup alright... just not the Castro style coup....
We may never live long enough to uncover all the "behind the scenes players" that were involved.... Me thinks the CIA is involved.... O'Barry went to Pakistan on what many people believe was an Indonesian passport.... The rabbit hole runs deep....

  • kibitzer3 joepotato 18 minutes ago 

  • You've got it with the CIA. a) He went to work at a CIA front when he left Columbia. And b) Google 'Tom Fife U.S. Businessman in Moscow Told that Obama would become President'. This has been in the works - by the NWO crowd (controlling both the Left AND the Right of politics) - for years; and longer.

  • It's time for We the People to Awaken, and throw off the yoke that has been placed over our necks without our really noticing. But yes: "The rabbit hole runs" very deep indeed. Well done, joepotato, for noticing.