Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's Time for Change - Real Change

I went to a junior high school in America (that's the 7th through 9th grades) named after Benjamin Franklin; one of the Founding Fathers of the country, who, in his younger years, made a living by editing a farmer's almanac - with information about the moon phases, etc. - which also contained pithy sayings. 'A stitch in time saves nine.' 'It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.' 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' - etc. etc. I think it was in my 8th grade year there that I entered a contest, held every other year (I think it was), with contestants, who had 'won through' from their Social Studies classes (or whatever it was called; general purpose classes, containing a range of subjects, Geography, History, English, etc etc),1 competing in front of an assembly of the whole school on questions regarding the life of Franklin, and particularly including all the sayings that he was known for including in his 'Poor Richard's Almanac'. I found this an interesting challenge, and studied up, from books in the local library, and the set of Encyclopedia Americana that a classmate of mine had, and was my class's representative in the Finals. I didn't win; but I have always enjoyed, in my life, being aware of the simple truths contained in those sayings, and have often employed them, in conversation, and thinking about things. One of his sayings - and by 'his', I think this is a direct quote from him, not from frontier America (& from before that, in 'homespun' England) in general - that I had not come across at that time, and only came across in the past week, was: 'The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.' I would like to use that thought for the theme to this sharing.

That also has to do with another 'saying' that I came across, later in life - during my Junior year at university, in point of fact. I had had, in my Freshman year, a particularly inspiring English professor - well, 'professor' is undoubtedly not the precise word in this recounting. He would have been, at most, an associate professor, or Instructor. I don't know, never knew, the precise terms for those who were not full-blown, tenured professors. My English instructor, then; who gave me a solid grounding in the beauty of the English language, in its poetic, fictional and non-fictional forms.2 I lost contact with him through the next two years; but after I had my life-changing 'spiritual experience' in my Junior year, and realized that I was not going to go on into medical school, rather, needed to go looking for Truth, I felt drawn to let that man know about it.3 He had left the school by then, but I got hold of his address, through the English department, and wrote to him about my plans, though still as nebulous as they were. Though not so nebulous as not including my needing to drop out of school - out of formal schooling. He wrote back - before I had wrapped up my time there - and said something to the effect that he wasn't surprised; and then proffered me a bit of advice. He said it was from "Calgaron," I think was the name; some South American writer/thinker; and it was the following quote: "Of all sure things, the surest is to doubt."

And with that bit of advice ringing in my ears, off I set, in my search for capital-t Truth.

I took it to mean something similar to what my Philosophy 101 professor (yes, he was the real thing) had said once in class:4 that all we really know is what we have personally experienced. I thought about that, and went up to him afterwards, and asked him a for example: that I didn't know personally that there was a set of islands in the Pacific called Hawaii, but so many people had been there, and knew of their existence, that can't we also consider that a form of knowing?? He answered in the affirmative, and went on his way. But the issue stayed with me. Yes, that sort of thing was a form of knowing. But it wasn't really knowing in the sense that he, apparently, was talking about...

I have had occasion in my life, since, to 'get' what he was talking about; and this whole business, about 'the surest thing is to doubt', and such.

The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance...

I'll cut here to the chase of my thought; what I am getting at. What I am getting at is that we don't really know an awful lot. We have a lot of beliefs. And mere beliefs can get us into a lot of trouble.

Take the current day and age.

A lot of people - generally known as 'liberals' - are trying to break down the current level of 'certainties'. Particularly, but not exclusively, the religious ones. And in particular, in that subject area, Christianity. That mindset has ruled the Western roost for millenia; and though it has had some positive aspects, it has also had a lot of negatives attached to it. Bloodshed of 'pagans' and 'heretics'; etc. Trying to force people to bend their knees to 'the truth'.

Whose 'truth'??

That's just the point: Whose truth. Because who is to say what the truth is, if they haven't experienced it firsthand.

We take a lot for granted, in life. Which is particularly dangerous, because there are a lot of people who have reason to want to sell us a lot.

Take 'the moon landing', for example. It certainly looked real. There it was, on our tv screens. We all saw it. 'It': an image. The full answer here is - if one is interested in getting to the actual truth of things. Which I have indicated that I am, since relatively early on in my life - that we all saw an image. Images, later on. Is there any reason to doubt what we saw? What we were given to see??

My second question gives away my basic take on the matter. For Yes, there is a reason to doubt. ('Of all sure things...') For it turns out that there was a major 'space race' going on at the time, between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and the U.S. - well; both sides (a la the Potempkin Village scam on the Soviet side of these matters)- had reason to fake a landing. For prestige purposes, and hegemonic purposes, and such (like getting the Soviet Union to spend itself into trouble in trying to compete with the U.S.). And there has been a history of such political fakery for years, and years, and years.

The mysterious sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor that occasioned what became known as the Spanish-American War. The sinking of the RMS Lusitania, under suspicious circumstances, that helped bring about public opinion in America to draw it into what became known as World War One. The attack on Pearl Harbor, which, it turned out afterwards, the Roosevelt administration not only knew about beforehand, but helped prime the pump for its happening, in order to bring America into what became known as World War Two (with both Hitler and the Soviet Union being financially supported by western bankers and industrialists). The announcement by the U.S. Secretary of State that Korea was outside the U.S. 'sphere of influence', which 'signal' was employed in order to draw North Korea and ultimately Red China into what became known as the Korean 'Police Action' (don't ask). The Gulf of Tonkin 'Incident', which was used to escalate the American role in what became known as the Vietnam War. Where American troops were fired on by weapons sold to North Vietnam by the Soviet Union, who had bought them from the West, because...well, because that is what this whole charade has been all about.

Making money.

Not just 'hegemony'.

But making money.

By the Powers That Be, behind the scenes, who have proceeded on their merry way, through administration after administration in the U.S., regardless of which political party was in power at any given time, up front.

Out where the public could see. Not what was really going on; but what they were being allowed to see.

A Kabuki theater play.

But - and speaking of: back to 'the moon landing'. Was it actually real??

I, personally, don't know. I know that the U.S. had a lot riding on its at least appearing to be real. And I know that there are serious questions regarding it, to do with photographic shadows, and such. And something to do with the Van Allen belt around the Earth being deadly. But, eg, that radiation, apparently, was not necessarily deadly per se, but could cause eye damage; and apparently, quite a few of the astronauts have had cataracts. So, there.


But the basic point I want to make, is that you can't really trust what you see, if someone has something to sell you; has something to gain from your believing what they want you to believe.

Edward Bernays, the father of 'Public Relations' - of advertising - has written on this subject. And things that have been sold to the public via his technique/these techniques are, eg, fluoridation of public water supplies. 'More doctors smoke Chesterfield cigarettes than any other brand.' The list goes on.

And on. And on...

So: (1) The only things that we can really believe are things that we have personally experienced.5 And (2): Religions are only beliefs. Simply that: beliefs.6

Unless there is some evidence for them. Which I will get into in a moment. But first, the specific point I want to make here:

which is that 'some people' - in this case, people who can, roughly, be called 'liberals' - have an axe to grind regarding Christianity. Two aspects of that axe (its two edges, so to speak) are (1): Christianity's attitude towards the Earth, in 'dominating' it (Genesis); and (2) its attitude towards homosexuality/out-of-norm gender identity.

I'm going to generalize here a bit, to make a point: 'Liberals' are trying to impose an agenda on America in particular and the world in general, in keeping with their own 'level of certainty' - their own belief system. They wouldn't call it that, because they are confronting what they feel is a cultural block to Reason, which they feel they are standing for; and that includes the likes of atheism and Darwinian evolution on one hand, and 'climate change' on another. So they want to break down the 'control mechanism' that has dominated the American culture from its beginnings, with two aspects in particular to it; (1) Christianity; and (2) the concept of private property, and rampant individualism.

They feel that they have a superior 'reality' that needs now to be imposed on humanity, in particular because of the damage to the Earth that is being engaged in by the dominant culture, composed primarily of capitalist Christians, who believe passionately in the rights and power of the individual over the collective. Because 'the individual' is responsible for his or her own 'salvation', ie, that 'religious conservatives' have a belief system based solely on their religion that is causing them to trample on the Earth, and that belief system has to go. Which leads 'liberals' to engage in such activities as undermining 'property rights' by imposing 'comprehensive development plans' and 'smart growth regulations' & such (a la Agenda 21), and trying to dilute the prominent culture by bringing in as many 'third world' potential voters as they can.

That latter is a bit of a tricky tactic for them, because many of those potentially 'liberal' voters are also very religious, and very family oriented; both aspects of a culture which is anathema to the liberals' desired culture, of the breakdown of the family unit (a 'mom and dad' culture), and of religion in people's consciousness. But tactics are tactics, to fulfil a strategy; in this case, of cultural breakdown. And the only way they are going to be able to accomplish their long-term goal in the U.S. is to flood the country with people who are more inclined to vote their way, and thus leave the old order to disappear into the wake of history.7 Their take on history. On a desired history.

Which is only a take on it. And not necessarily the best take on it.

Things are relative, yes. But the position of the 'liberals' is only that: a position. Not the position, that they seem to think it is. For the breakdown of the old - which has, indeed, elements of needing to be broken down - is merely being replaced with a new 'consensus reality' - a new set of relative certainties. A new 'normal'.

The collective is no more 'right' than the individual. Homosexuality, and other out-of-current-norm gender identities, are no more 'right' than the old, 'straight' path.8 The Earth needs better taken care of, yes; but 'climate change' - global warming - is going on throughout the solar system, has the Sun as its driver (and whatever else is behind the Sun that causes it to go through changes). AGM - Anthropogenic Global Warming - is a tool more than a truism. The 'Earth-firsters' are brainwashing school children on the issue just as much as the oil industry is shading the truth to their side of the equation.

Both sides of this current equation are but parts of a process. Which is working its way out to a conclusion - in our day - which will encompass elements of truth in both aspects of the process. For they are but stages in the development of a Synthesis. And, since things are now 'soul size' - since the historical process has now reached a global stage of development - this Synthesis has all the earmarks of being THE Synthesis. Of the entire process, of the unfolding of human consciousness.

We now need to recognise that neither side of this current cultural 'battle' has the full truth with them, for the simple reason that they are still parts of the process; the historical process, well spotted by Hegel, as to how social living unfolds. We are now at a major Crisis point in that unfolding process, precisely because the process has been brought up to the global level. We can now unfold all the inherent contradictions on either side of the thesis-antithesis 'divide', and bring the process to a state of totality.

And that is NOT the 'totality' envisioned by the New World Order crowd; who are the prime movers driving this process - because they think they are bringing in the Synthesis stage of the process. They just happen to have missed a part of the process. A vital part of the process. The most vital part of the process. Nicely described in the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, when he described humans as "spiritual beings having a human experience'.

The NWO crowd are intent on moving humanity beyond the control of their religions; but theirs is merely a secular version of the same thing: a belief system.

They are mistakenly throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Thus: An historical error reacted to by the Church of Liberalism/Secularism has come up with a similar outcome, where Man is God, and all is relative.

'There is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so.'

So someone can vote themselves money out of your pocket, and they are as 'right' in the matter as you are, because all is relative. So the American Constitution doesn't actually mean anything, because what matters is what we make of things. So property rights need to give way to the collective rights, because those who are working for Gaia are now in control, and what they say goes, because Might is Right...

'Christmas' has given way, in this context, to 'Winter-Fest', So that's part of the New Order of Things. But in point of fact, it is a point: because the 25th of December was originally a pagan festival, celebrating the Winter Solstice, that the Christian church co-opted into its belief system, in trying to win over peoples 'where they were', in their pagan rituals. The Christian Church simply gave it a churchy veneer. December 25th has nothing to do with the birth of their god. The Church of Liberalism-Secularism will simply try to return that celebration to its pagan roots. And so forth. We're talking about a process, unfolding, with elements of Truth on both sides of the equation.

But a particular point is the need to keep some semblance of Order in the transition to the New. And that means the importance of maintaining the rule of law.

This is a crucial point. Until we can all move into a new and better era for humanity - not just 'a' new one, but the culmination of the entire historical process, from individuals to clans to nations - we need to live by the rule of law. There are people, particularly in America, who want that chain of control broken, so that they can create Chaos, and then provide the solution: a New World Order, corralling all of humanity into one giant police state. (And thus the 'opening to the East' under Kissinger and Nixon.)9 Deprived of our constitutional rights and liberties under their absolute control. Where the mass of humanity - those allowed to live- will exist just to provide the very Elite with the superior standard of living that they protect from those poor deluded serfs who, not richly bought off enough, might try to overthrow them. An impossible dream by then, with the surveillance state firmly in place.

All brought about by the American public having, step by step, been brainwashed into thinking, about the Constitution, 'It doesn't matter what the law is, or what the 'original intent' was, but what we say it is; a 'living document', adapted to our day.' And who, pray tell, is 'we'? You and Humpty Dumpty, and who else??10

Certainly not me.

The country needs to hold fast to its founding principles. If, for example, the current occupant of the office of the presidency, who in terms of the Constitution is there illegally, was allowed to get away with that usurpation; or, for example, if the NWO crowd on the Left of politics were allowed to get away with the flooding of the American citizenry with illegal aliens and such, diluting the 'established order' and taking over the country, for their 'new look', it would all be happening for the wrong reasons. For unhealthy reasons. For illegal, and yes, immoral, reasons. Not just for the sake of 'a new, better state of being' coming into being.

There are people on both the Left and the Right of American and international politics who are trying to take over the world. I don't really care which side of that divide they are on. Both camps are coming from a sense of totalitarianism - of running human society to within an inch of its life, and that of the individuals. Don't have it. Either of it.

There is a better world waiting to be born. And it doesn't belong to either side of the current process. It belongs to our common Source.

And it will come about when we awaken to the fact that we have been involved in a play, of our making; with an Author behind it all; to test us, and prove ourselves. In order for us to go home again; more whole for the experience. In ourselves. And together. As sons and daughters of our Creator. On our way - beyond the pageantry on the stage, the illusory reality of life, of multiple, sequential lives, driven by the law of karma - to becoming One.


And to get there, we would do well to mind another bit of advice of old Dead White Male, old Founding Father figure, old stuffy historical character, not really having anything of any great importance to say to our day and age; who nevertheless said:

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

And I say: Amen to that.

And as for getting to that sense of Oneness - which, in our psyches, is behind the liberals' push for 'equality': it will come about, not only when we fully 'get' that We Are One Another, and further into that dynamic, that We Are One; but when we release money. Interest-bearing money, that is; which separates us - into lenders and borrowers and in oneupmanship/competitive dynamics - and creates debt, and the untold misery resulting therefrom. Putting a damper on the abundance of the universe. To be experienced when we make that move out of the old paradigm, and live as one big Family on Mother Earth.

Just waiting for us to join Her in Her Ascension to a higher level of reality.

Because it's time.

And right on time.

P.S. Oh, and as for "some evidence for" some religious beliefs; which I said i would get to: My spiritual journey in life has led me to some deep reservations about the Christian story as it has been passed down since its initial historical time period. (Interesting recent books on the subject are the trilogy by Tony Bushbv; some books by Ralph Ellis, in particular his 'King Jesus'; and the books by a woman who calls herself Acharya S, aka D.M. Murdock.) But I have read considerable research on the subject of reincarnation; and that phenomenon has all the appearance of being a given. Which is strong evidence for there being 'something more than Man' - a greater reality than just the material one that we experience; that leads to the inexorable conclusion that there is Plan in and Purpose to 'the universe' - to life. So we should really stop blindly playing parts, and tune more into our Oneness beneath our perceived separatenesses - separatenesses, in order to learn lessons. But such lessons, in order to move on. Not stay stuck on the level of the phenomenal reality. In the Matrix, as it were.
Life is a school. The purpose is to graduate. And we can demonstrate that we are close to graduation, by the quality of the civilization that we raise up. In honor to our Source; for giving us the opportunity to prove our worth.


1 part of the 'adventures in education' that TPTB had started to engage in at that time. This was shortly after the Second World War. It was also to include finagling first with the teaching of reading, and then something called 'New Math', with similar, devastating effects. But read on...

2 At the end of the year, he asked me to stay on for a moment after our closing class, and gifted me with a copy of John Donne's selected writings. I was - have been - particularly struck by his 17th Meditation. Not, actually, for the 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' part; although that is powerful stuff, and obviously what it is best known for - and arguably what John Donne's complete oeuvre is best known for. (Yes yes, I know: a redundancy there. But the word is not so common that many people - and especially in this day and age, after the New Reading has taken hold in the culture - would be that familiar with it.) But with some lines further up in the meditation. I still remember them: 'The bell doth toll for him that thinks it doth; and though it intermit againe, yet from that minute that that occasion wrought upon him, he is united to God.'
And I won't even Google this to check it out. I'll stay with my memory of it.
(The book itself has disappeared in the mists of time, at some point in my periodic releasing of libraries that I have collected and then either sold or passed on over the years, as my life took various turns, and I needed to 'lighten up', as it were. I do know that I had kept that particular book through a number of such life turnings. Some rich stuff in there; not to be taken lightly. Speaking of.)

3 Well; let me honour him fully, by saying out his name: Barney Childs. Who was a kind of Thorstein Veblen character. At a major, expensive university. A bit of an iconoclast, then. A hiker in the Sierras; and so forth. I wish I had gotten to know him better.
He invited some of us students to visit him and his wife down in San Jose, where they lived, some miles away from the campus; but, not having wheels, and not knowing anybody who did, I never made it. A friend of mine, from high school days, who was a year ahead of me at Stanford, and who knew Barney from his own Freshman year English class, and had stayed in touch with him - perhaps from similar appreciations as my own - told me towards the end of my year in his class that he had visited Barney at his home, and had had a beer with him and his wife. They had a rather alternative home, he reported. He also reported that Barney had told him that he was thinking of giving me "an Alpha" grade. Which had been nice to hear. Not just because I was striving to get good grades to make it into med school; and not just because I was attending the school on a scholarship, and needed to keep my grades up to keep qualifying for the financial assistance (or I would never have been able to afford to be there. This was/is a private school, not state funded). But because I considered it an honour to be so thought of by this man.
Thank you for the assistance in life, Barney. Wherever you are.
I am also reporting all this, and at this point in this blog, because I want You the Reader to know that I do appreciate individuals as individuals. Not just as players in a play, and so rather ephemeral in fundamental nature. As I am about to get to in this little essay, on where we are, and where we need to get to, on this beleaguered and lovely planet Earth, and how best to get there.

4 another class in which I got an 'A'. If I had been paying closer attention to my life and true interests, I might have seen a pattern developing...

5 And even then, you can't believe everything that you 'personally experience', because the technology of People Control has advanced to the point that people can be induced to feel certain things, and think certain things, that don't really come from themselves, but from outside of themselves, and entrained into their senses. But to continue, in speaking in general.

6 Another saying of Benjamin Franklin: 'The way to see by Faith is to shut the Eye of Reason.'
(Not that Ben Franklin was totally virtuous in his life. But truth is where you find it.)

7 That flood to include people having gotten used to relying on the State for their sustenance, in the form of the welfare mentality. Not only because the 'liberal' mindset wants a powerful State controlling the populace - so that they will 'do the right thing' - but because they want what they call 'social justice'; an innocuous-sounding term which appears to mean, in actual fact, redistribution of wealth, at the point of the political gun. So that labeling the very rich as 'mean-spirited' and such has a sinister aspect to it, is not just a commentary on the great and growing divide between the 'rich' and the 'poor'. The more radical elements of the Left are trying to create class warfare. That fits their mentality. They may justify their actions by pointing at all the poverty in the world. But their way to deal with perceived social injustices is, still, part of the problem. It is to use force - the force of 'democracy' - to accomplish their end. That is not the way out of the cycle.

8 There is very good reason to believe that homosexuality and such off-norm conditions are caused by an imbalance of hormones at a particular, early stage of pregnancy, when the fetal brain is being developed. That imbalance can be caused by a number of factors: a defect in the adrenal glands of either the pregnant female or the developing fetus; endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in the environment; stress (more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars than in a 'normal' environment, eg). But perhaps biggest of all is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard for their potential effect on the developing fetus. All of these conditions can cause male brains to be wired into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage on the spectrum in between, like trannies.
This is not a 'moral' issue per se; except the immorality of a culture that does not pay enough attention to the effects of its activities on its young. On themselves, too. But particularly on the children. They deserve the right to be born into as pristine an environment as possible. That is the responsibility of the living. It is a big one; and is a major marker of that culture's maturity.
(See the book 'BrainSex' by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel for an excellent summary of the research in this area.)

9 Henry Kissinger; he of the quote about the mass of mankind being 'Useless Eaters', and involved with the creation of the HIV, as a means of people control. And Richard Nixon: he of the having been brought back to political life by David Rockefeller - who in turn has admitted in his autobio his desire for a world governme;; "and proud of it".

10 If you have forgotten Humpty Dumpty's classic line - or don't even know about that classic story, by Lewis Carroll - this character, an Egg sitting on a wall, said: 'Words mean what I say they mean'. And, incidentally, had a great fall. And all the King's horses, and all the King's men, couldn't put poor Humpty Dumpty back together again...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Obama and the Rule of Law in World Affairs

In the UK, the leading liberal newspaper, the Guardian, has many good columnists, almost all on the 'left' of political affairs. One of them is Timothy Garton Ash, a confirmed Europhile. I don''t agree with him on that subject - have what I consider a healthy suspicion of the ultimate plans for Europe by TPTB behind the scenes, and sometimes in front of them. But Garton Ash often has important things to say, for those who want to keep up with European, and world, affairs. Last week he wrote an interesting column under the header 'Why Obama and Xi need an Australian Retreat with Kevin'. To explain, briefly, before getting on with the main point I want to make in this blog.

Garton Ash pointed out that China is soon to have another leader, one Xi Jinping, and that it would behoove the West to know as much about him as possible, given the trajectory of world econo-politics. He talked about the fact that "there are now all the makings of a classic great power rivalry between China and the US," and what could be done about that. There was a recent security conference in Europe, at which the Chinese representative - their vice-minister of foreign affairs, one Zhang Zhijun - and the American rep - who happened to be Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain - showed, in Ash's mind, how not to do it; and how the Australian rep, Kevin Rudd - its foreign minister, and former prime minister - exampled "how to get it right". The gist of that approach: for the West to recognise that "For the first time in 200 years the world's largest economy will be a non-democracy; for the first time in 500 years, it will be a non-western country," and how important it was for the US and China to break bread together - or, in Ash's colourful expression, for Xi and Obama to have a beer together. His precise words: "So Xi and Barack Obama should now plan to take a joint summer retreat on the coast of Australia, guided by Rudd, wlth a snorkelling trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Full-blown, Castlemaine XXXX mateship between Chinese and Americans may be too much to expect, but it is essential for them to open a frank, strategic conversation about global values and the foundations of international order." (Earlier he had referred to how Rudd had "calmly sketched both the huge growth in individual freedom and prosperity in China over the past 30 years, and the distance still to go before China can be described as a well-governed country under the rule of law. Implicitly rejecting the positions taken by both McCain and Zhang, he said 'we need to shape global values together'.")

Ah, yes. 'Global values.' The 'rule of law'. The 'foundations of international order.' To be shaped by the leader of a newly-arrived major world power, with a "distance still to go before [it] can be described as a well-governed country under the rule of law," and the leader of the former king of the hill, who is a usurper under that country's 'rule of law', and thus is demonstrating the corrupt 'foundations of international order'.

The West currently has nothing to teach a power with a "distance still to go" to be considered "a well-governed country under the rule of law".

It is precisely wrong to let the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama* hold that space. It reeks of corruption; feeds into the idea of the rule of men - of overlords, not subject to law, but arrogantly assuming the role of being the law, without regard to The People.

This goes to the heart of the matter: Whether the world is to be ruled by henchmen of the wealthy Elite, to say of the status quo, or by the will of The People; as incarnated souls, given free will, by which to test their mettle.

Which is it to be, Earthlings, for your future on this beleaguered planet?? - Needing now your best. Not your worst.

Not that the Republicans are any 'better' in this matter. They obviously conspired to let the Democrat candidate off the hook;** for their own purposes. One can surmise that it was principally because it plays right into their hands, of wanting to get the Constitution out of the way of their plans for a New World Order - making of the Constitution "just a damn piece of paper",*** not worth the paper it is written on.

And these Elite are very close to their accomplishment. I see that the Big Bankers are close to having to make their move, of takeover, because the collapse of the international banking system may happen before they can control the process. If the word gets out about the impossibly huge debt that is owed throughout that system - particularly via an arcane 'financial instrument' called Credit Default Swaps (CDS), which is one of the results of the casino operation that the old, comparatively venerable banking system has become (greed has a way of doing that to people) - the plug may be pulled on it before the perps are in their most desired positions to weather that storm.

Shall we name some names? There's Goldman Sachs; Citigroup, the Bank of America; HSBC; the list goes on. Of the banks that control an entity known as ISDA, which has the power to declare defaults on debts - or not. If they don't declare a default, they don't have to pay out on that insurance. Sweet. The fox and the chicken coop comes to mind.

Also best-laid plans, and mice, and men...

The whole thing is beyond redemption.

It has to go.

And leading the way: the current, putative president of the United States. Whatever his real name is. Who should not be leading the country - and the world - into its New Age.

And I assure you: that will NOT be the New World Order of international banking and business infamy.

Their days are numbered.

You will know them by the degrees of corruption that they emanate.

It smells of death.

As the Old Order passes.

And a new, better way of being on lovely old planet Earth comes into being.

At last.

As I have said, in a bit of poetry that I have come up with recently:

'I want to see a society/Where people do things out of love./I will settle/For nothing less./If that means/I will have to wait an eternity/Then that's what I will have to do,/I guess./Until/As Below is the same as As Above.

'But it will happen./I bet my life on it./And we will sharpen/that point to it/With a grinding stone/that makes of us One/and makes it our own/divine/nature/coming into its own/at the very last.

'So secure a place for yourself/at the table of that feast/at the very least

'It will happen/you know./So don't be slow/to sitting down/At that Round Table/As the select person that you are/the elect person that you are/extremely able/Underneath your current reality

'that tells you: 'Me?/I don't think so./No thank you./I'm not up to it.'

'I say: Yes you are/now/and always will be'

- and on, in that vein. Declaring that

it's time.

And we need a few knights of the Round Table around here, to help bring it into being.

And I don't mean the Round Table groups that Prof. Carroll Quigley talks about in his magnum opus 'Tragedy and Hope'.

That's terrestrial stuff.

I mean the kinds of souls who are ready to do the work that they came into this vale of tears and strife to do.

Are you one of them?

Then carry on.

You'll get your marching orders soon.

On the inner.

But you'll have to do your homework.

Your Home work.

Which is to cultivate the art of inner listening

And then act on your instructions from that source.

That Source.

Of us all.

Asking of us, now, our best

At the very least.


* It's not enough that the person does not qualify for the job of president of the U.S. - not being a 'natural born citizen', according to his testimony about his father; but without an undoctored birth certificate, the country does not know who he is, precisely - and in point of fact, has to endure the fact as well that he has had various names in the past.
The man is a cipher; a Mystery. That mystery will be uncovered, sooner or later. But in the meantime, he is no proper representative of the U.S. in domestic affairs, let alone foreign ones.
Unless one is of the opinion that the U.S. citizenry has gotten the leadership that it deserves; for being asleep on the job, of being a self-governing people.

** obviously, because in the five years leading up to the elections of 2008, there were eight attempts in Congress to change the Constitution's 'natural born citizen' requirement for the presidential office - by both sides of the political aisle. They all failed even to get out of committee. So what happened? TPTB decided just to go around the Constitution, and brazen their way through to their desired outcome. And obviously, they figured they could do it, because (a) they controlled most of the MSM in the country; (b) they controlled both houses of Congress; and (c) they had helped dumb the populace down enough that they could count on the great mass of the citizenry just to continue watching the telly.
And they have been able to get away with their machinations.
So far.

*** In the colourful words of The Great Pretender's successor, George Dubya; under whom a lot of the civil rights-destroying legislation has been brought into being. Setting the stage for a false flag op, or similar supersaturating event, giving TPTB the 'authority' to declare Martial Law, and thereby accomplish the complete takeover of the American Republic; in order to merge it into their vaunted New World Order. A subject in itself; not to go into here and now.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

An Analogy

(Recently in the UK press there has been a bit of a to-do regarding the reciting of prayers before town council meetings, and a lawsuit by the Secular Humanist Society or some such regarding the practice, which has kicked up a storm on the Letters pages of the daily papers and on Comments sites on the internet, about the role of religion in the political life of nations. Not merely a recent subject; and far from it. It all feels rather dated. I would like to broaden the dialogue a bit. Herewith my two cents’ worth.)

An Analogy

In the beginning was the virus - so to speak.

I want to draw an analogy to the existence of a Supreme Being - or at least, a First Cause1 - in a phenomenon that we can relate to - can, hopefully, relate to, he said - that occurs in the realm of our human life; ie, in the material realm. It has to do with the HIV - the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

In the beginning - as I understand the story. The details may not be precisely true, but the broad concept is. So: In the beginning, the scientists involved in the investigation into what became known as AIDS - Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome - could not actually see the viral cause - or at least, the causal factor. There was a presumption of what that was, but at that point, it was, could only be, a presumption. A presumption based on the presence of antibodies to ‘it’; whatever ‘it’ was precisely. Its reality was inferred, from its effect on its environment. It left a trace, that could be seen, and measured. Something was causing these antibodies to be developed. To tell a tale, of a presence.

And we can see a tale of a presence - a reality - of something larger than life; something we can, with some justification, call a Supreme Being, or a First Cause, or our Source, from at least one trace of its presence, in the phenomenon we have called reincarnation. Which implies a Plan. And a Plan implies a Planner. And not just something we call ‘evolution’, which can explain some gross material things. But the presence, the existence, of something beyond the gross material - in the realm of what we call ‘spirit’, or ‘the etheric level’, or ‘higher vibrations’, or some such description of something beyond the merely material - legitimately implies the existence of something ‘larger’ - more refined, shall we say - than our material realm alone can account for.

The existence of a Plan can imply the existence of a Purpose as well. But at this point, that Purpose can only be conjectured about. But we can, with some justification, from the ‘outline’ of the Plan - the existence, the reality of what we call reincarnation - make a decent stab at, infer, what could that Purpose be? At least in part??

Sages over the centuries have given that question a good mental stab; and have applied to the phenomenon, the principle, of reincarnation, an explanatory factor, that has been called ‘karma’. Meaning, roughly speaking, the existence of the consequences of actions. Action - reaction. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, in scientific terms. Which can be summarized in the expression that I like to use, to cover a greater concept, that I will get to in a moment: that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves. And literally. But that latter ‘take’ on the matter is down the road a bit, still, in this little essay, using an analogy to make a point, about how we can make a legitimate, logical, rational inference about a greater reality than just the material one, from a trace of its existence in this material one, in the form of the phenomenon that we call reincarnation.

Now, you can say, ‘Well, that’s just your stuff’ - so to speak. ‘That’s still just a belief.’ But, really, is it??

Is the existence of the HIV really just a belief?

Actually, to complicate this discussion a bit - in a way, to ‘weaken my case’ a bit; but not really, but I’ll continue - there is, in point of fact, some legitimacy in the argument that there has been some hanky panky in this business, of a particular virus causing a whole range of symptoms, that may well not be caused by just one agent. But that’s getting into the further detail of that story. The analogy is still useful to employ, to make a point. For me to make my point: that we can legitimately infer a larger reality than just the material reality that we are currently in, from such traces of a larger reality as contained in the phenomenon that we call reincarnation, and - to complete my point - its attendant law of karma.

Meaning, that everything we do has consequences. Not only on others. But on ourselves.

There is, in short, justice in the universe.

But I’m beginning to get a little ahead of myself. My ‘argument’. My case, as to the existence of a larger reality, than that bordered simply by our birth and our death. In the material realm.

Which the scientists of our day are already discovering is but part of a larger whole. And here we get into the subject area of the existence of a sort of mirror image of our reality, our dimension, where we can be said to be existing in the realm of space-time, to which there is an energetic mirror realm, called time-space. And that other realm, dimension, can be entered into from this one, through what are called portals.2

But I’m beginning to get a little ahead of myself. But you might as well see where I’m going with this little discussion, about things of significance to our lives. And our current life time. When all of these strands are starting to come together. In order to aid us to make the leap, from current consciousness - current consensus consciousness, reality - to a higher level of consciousness. Higher level of grasp of reality. Of All That Is. That will see us through, into a better level of existence than we have managed heretofore on our lovely planet Earth. Better way of being, with one another. AS One Another. As the Human Family.

Experiencing, in a positive way, the quality of life of: One Planet. One Humanity. One Destiny.

But back to the subject of reincarnation.

All of this is all well and good, you say; but is there any evidence for that phenomenon?

I’m glad you asked. But, he said, gently: Need you to have asked? With all the evidence that there is, and has been, for years, and years, and years, regarding this subject; this phenomenon??

Granted, it’s not all ‘your’ fault. Your carrying culture has not done a very good job of helping you look at this matter. It has really been a very unenlightened culture, in being so engaged (ie, in thinking of 'it' as an identity) in looking strictly, or at least, mostly, at what is right in front of it. On the material level. Day to day existence. Buying and selling. Shopping and providing. Changing nappies, and oil, and...

The material life. The Material Girl, and Guy.

Oh, there has been the vague sense, of What’s it all about, Alfie, lurking on the edges of its consciousness. To be looked into further, some day...

Well, I’m here to tell you, that that ‘some day’ is here.

A time and place for us...

The evidence for the phenomenon, the ‘fact’, of reincarnation, is overwhelming; especially in our day. Our advanced Communications technology has brought to a larger audience than ever before, information regarding ‘past lives’, in many forms - books, videos, studies. Case after case after case of evidential material, confirming its existence; its reality.

One good example of which is the book ‘Past Lives Therapy’, by Morris Netherton, Ph.D. (first published in 1978, incidentally), wherein is explored the premise that “(t)he unconscious mind operates like a tape recorder. Indiscriminately, it records and stores any and every event that takes place...” This is also known in Eastern cultures as the akashic record. Anyway, the point of the book was and is to make a case for how things in our past lives affect our current lives in many ways, and if a previous event can be accessed, through a trained technique of self-hypnosis - really connected with, so that it becomes very real in the moment; as if it were happening in current time, being relived now - it can be released, and thereby cause the release of its effect in the present incarnation. That effect may be an attitude, or a physical condition - mental, emotional, or physical.

I don’t want to go into all this in detail here. Suffice it to say, for here and now, that there is considerable evidence in the record for the reality of reincarnation. Of the concept that ‘as we sow, we reap’.

For a purpose. And that purpose, as I say, can be conjectured upon. But it is not too large a stretch to consider that it is two-fold. One: that it is proof that there is justice in ‘the universe’. In the life experience. The total life experience; which, there is every good reason to believe, from this reality, of reincarnation, encompasses more than just this one life; and very possibly more than just a physical life on Earth. And more than life on this material plane of existence. And two: that, as we gain awareness, and grow from our experiences, and understand the dynamics involved - that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - we are progressing. Are evolving. In a spiritual context.

And as we do, we help others to do so as well, by the quality of our lives. And that awareness grows, and expands; and can ultimately take over the prevailing culture, and help move it up to a higher level, of awareness. Of consciousness. So that we don’t have to continue doing the same things over and over. Like enter into wars with ourselves, and such. Can break the patterns of lifetimes.

And move the world into a New Era. A Golden Age. Whereby we can build on our new-found collective wisdom, and understanding, of what life is all about. And inherit, and help bring about, ‘a new Heaven, and a new Earth’.

Understanding, then - really getting - that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - precisely because We Are One Another. Just playing roles. Now a prince; now a pauper. Now a male, now a female. Now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another. In order to grow in awareness. Ultimately to understand, not only that We Are One Another. But that We Are One.

That underneath this realm of duality - of separation into different bodies, and experiencing both the Light and the Dark, in the land of free will. - we are all of a Oneness. Sparks of the same divine Source. Fractals of the one Hologram.

Which may well be a projected reality, at one remove from our true Source.

But then that’s in the realm of conjecture. Here, let me stick to the facts of the matter.

The matter, of our true natures. Yes, we have an animal nature, from our vehicle in the phenomenal world.3 But we also have another part to our natures. A higher part. A more advanced part. That makes of us, ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, in the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

A good man; who has helped point the way, for us to move out of our lower capacities, into our higher ones.

There have been many such good men, and women, on our journey into the Light.

And they would have been part of the Dark forces as well; to some extent.

Since All is One, in the end.

At the end of the day. And I mean: at the end of the day. In which we have been living. Ready, now, to move into the new day, dawning. For humankind, to make the leap - as I say, and here reiterate, for emphasis - onto a new, higher level of consciousness than any ever heretofore, on dear old planet Earth. Readying us, with Her, for Ascension.

At the very least, as a manner of speaking.


1 What does it take to qualify as a ‘Being’? Arms and legs, a body, a brain?? The definition could be broader than that, getting into the conceptual neighborhood of ‘consciousness’. Which could take the form, simply, of an Energy. Or, say, of Light (which contains information). Or some combination of Light and Love. That is to say, pure qualities, without an embodiment of some sort. Thus I also posit the description, of a First Cause, besides thinking of something beyond Man - superior to Man - as a Supreme Being.
By whatever name, it would smell as sweet. Which reality gives us our higher senses, and sensibilities.

2 For this point - and the statement in the footnote above, about Light containing information - see David Wilcock’s recent book ‘The Source Field Investigations’.

3 this combination - deliberately spliced - of genes from a hominid species on this planet, with those of a race of beings from another planet (known to the ancient Sumerians, whose ‘gods’ they were, as the Anunnaki). Who, perhaps all unbeknownst to themselves - seemingly having grown rather comfortable on this material level of existence; and simply looking to create workers to meet their needs - thereby gave our Source further access to a process of self-reflection - to fractionating Itself off into self-individuating pieces of Itself. For the purpose - perhaps - of growing Itself, more fully, into Its potential.
But then that’s all just conjecture. At this point.
The latter, that is. The former - about Homo sapiens’ origins on the planet - has every indication of being factual from the many books of Zecharia Sitchin on the subject. And helps explain why, in the Judeo-Christian Bible, it talks about “when the sons of The Elohim” (a plural term, literally meaning ‘The Lofty Ones’) “came in unto the daughters of ‘The Adam’” (a generic term, meaning the human species; created by the Anunnaki; the latter literally meaning ‘Those who from Heaven to Earth came’ - NOT ‘giants’. Space travelers. Interplanetary settlers; who came frm their troubled planet to Earth in need of gold. And hasn’t that aspect of our natures stayed with our species down through the ages...).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Crisis in America

The office of the presidency of the United States is being occupied by a usurper. Besides being a crime, this is a dishonor to that honorable office. Other occupants of the office have done it dishonor as well; but this one has gone a bridge too far. As have those who signed off on his eligibility; and that includes not only members of his own political party, in acts of commission, but of the so-called Opposition party in American politics, in acts of omission, of their political duty, and role. Which is, or should be, to act as a check and balance against the party in power, and to give The People - the sovereigns in the American form of government - a choice in their socio-econo-political deliberations.

One can surmise about why the Opposition has chosen to go along with this usurpation; on which, more later. But one need only to look at the record, in assigning guilt to the usurper’s own political party, and especially the higher-ups thereof: who fraudulently declared his eligibility to run for the office in an obviously knowing manner. Which I will also get into in more detail later. For now, the fact: that the person currently occupying the office of the presidency is not eligible for that office, in the clear terms of the U.S. Constitution.

The term itself involved in this matter, ie, of the person in that particular office of the Republic needing to be, quote, a ‘natural born Citizen’, unquote, is not defined within the Constitution; and so, one needs to go to the historical record, to find out what that definition was, in the minds of those who inserted that qualification into the law of the land. And that definition can be, and has been, traced, historically and judicially. And the legal definition of that term involves both jus soli and jus sanguinis, ie, born of the soil and of the blood; and as to the latter qualification, it means having been born of citizen parents - plural.

The whole point of this exercise in nation-building was to make sure that the person occupying that office did not have dual loyalties - and especially not to Great Britain, from whom the fledgling Americans had just fought a war of independence. This fact is so clear to anybody who has the slightest understanding of the Constitution that it beggars belief that the politicians in our day could not have known this fundamental fact of constitutional life; and in fact, they proved that they indeed knew of it, in submitting no less than eight attempts to amend the Constitution in regards to this specific matter in the five years leading up to the elections of 2008 - and from both sides of the political aisle. None of those attempts made it out of committee. So what happened?

Both political parties - obviously in concert, and thus in a conspiracy between them - simply chose to ignore the law, and attempt to brazen their way through any attempt by any uncontrolled citizens to make an issue of the matter.

The issue, of the rule of law in the country; and of the fact that the power elite in the country are not the sovereigns. That honor belongs to The People.

That honor, and responsibility. For if a people, duly authorized by the law of their nation to be the sovereigns, do not exercise their responsibility, “government of, by, and for the people” may, indeed, “perish from the Earth”.

Perish the thought.

Thus it is incumbent upon The People to right this wrong that has been done to them, and to the country that they are the current custodians of: by taking back their country from the usurpers, plural, who have schemed to take it from them, and put it in the hands of shadowy schemers behind the scenes.

The perpetrators of this crime shall not prevail. But it’s time for The People to make that fact known, loud, and clear. And I suggest that a March on Washington of The People, Assembled, turfing out both the usurper in the office of the presidency and the sitting Congress - the latter for not having done its constitutional duty and responsibility in this matter - and having them present themselves before a court of law (an incorrupted court of law; duly authorized by The People) be the way to do it. To take the first step in the cleansing of the Augean stables of the federal level of government in the country.

A word about the supposition as to why the Republican Party chose to go along with this scam on the American people. And this is, simply, at this point, mere supposition. But the reason would seem to be pretty clear: that there was a quid pro quo involved. Along the lines of, the Republican Party members of the conspiracy saying to their Democratic Party counterparts: ‘We won’t say anything about your candidate if you won’t say anything about ours’. - the latter, current or future. (It turns out that there was some question about McCain’s eligibility, as to whether he was in fact born in a hospital in Panama City rather than on the U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone.)*

As to the evidence for the Democratic Party authorities knowingly signing off on their presidential candidate’s fraudulent eligibility: this is attested to in the difference between the forms sent to the Hawaiian election authorities - who had let it be known that they wanted to be advised of evidence of the candidates’s eligibility - and the other states; wherein the form sent to the Hawaiian authorities - over the signatures of the attesting authorities of the Democratic Pary Nominating Convention - specifically referred to their candidate’s eligibility to run for the office of the presidency (and so the Hawaiian authorities were in the clear, if anything ever came of the legal point), and the forms sent to all the other state authorities made no mention of that specific fact.

This is execrable behavior. And it must not stand.

And will not stand, only if The People will not stand for it.

In conclusion:

I call on all those who know, or have suspected, why they have incarnated at this time - ie, to help bring in the New Order of Things on planet Earth - to step forward now, and claim their rightful place in this transition time into a new and better world; a world more fully mirroring the higher realms, from which we have come. To learn our lessons, in this school - and impart the benefit of the lessons that we have already learned - and then move on.

But for now, to face the moment, fully; and give it our best. The best of who we are, individually and collectively. As ‘spiritual beings having a human experience,’ in the insightful words of a recent Teacher of wisdom.

For, make no mistake: We are on the cusp of something new. The world will be a different place, from now on. With the Light replacing the Dark in power; the former legacy to be on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

And let the chips fall where thay may - the chips of the carving out of the New Era of humanity. And certainly not the New World Order that is currently planned for it, by souls who have lost their way in the darkness of their making, in thinking to be as very gods. To whom The People can, and should, say, now, loud and clear: We are not amused.


* A resolution of Congress that was passed at the time, declaring their belief that he was in fact a Natural Born Citizen, was an act of Kabuki theater. Such an issue is not decided by resolutions of Congress. Congress can resolve anything it wants. This is a legal issue; which goes to the legal definition of the expression.+
And incidentally: Isn’t it interesting that no such ‘resolution’ was passed regarding the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever his real name is; which has not yet been clarified)? Passing strange, that. It’s as if he were a Mystery Candidate.
Which, in point of fact, he was. And is.

+ It also goes to the issue of the difference between judicial attitudes regarding contracts, ie, the parsing of words. The Democrats - ie, liberals - apparently thought they could get away with a change in the definition of the expression as part of their ‘creative’ approach to such matters. To say: the idea has been conjured up that there are two competing but legitimate camps regarding ‘the law’; that there are on the one hand ‘originalists’ - ie, those who believe in a reading of the law from the point of view of ascertaining the ‘original intent’ of those who wrote it (and on which strength it was passed) - and on the other hand there are, you should pardon the expression, ‘creationists’ - ie, those who believe in a reading of the law from the point of view of considering it ‘a living document’, subject merely to the test of the interpretation to be given to it from the personal socio-econo-political proclivities of the current crop of justices. Precise wordsmiths need not apply, in the latter camp’s perspective. ‘Words mean what I say they mean’, said Humpty Dumpty.
Who, some people in this ‘debate’ should remember, had a great fall.
The bottom line: The members of the SCOTUS are supposed to interpret the law against the Constitution; not against their personal proclivities, and personal reading INTO the words of the Constitution. Which, shall we never forget, is a contract. Not just “a damn piece of paper,” as it has been characterized by a recent POTUS; and treated as such by the present occupant of the office. Which just goes to show us that the rot has set in on both sides of the political aisle; and so the answer lies on neither side of that temporal division.
The answer - as always - lies within.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Let's Pretend

When I was a child, growing up in America, there was a nationwide radio program that I used to listen to sometimes called Let's Pretend. It was obviously very popular, or it wouldn't have made it to nationwide programming.* And now that I have grown up, my adult generation is still 'listening' to it; in many ways. And the younger generations - not knowing anything different, from the influence of their parents - are doing exactly the same thing.

Let's Pretend. Let's pretend that the Constitution doesn't say what it says, but what we want it to say. Let's say that we want it to say that we have 'a constitutional right' to - oh, say: privacy. There's a good one. Almost as good as motherhood and apple pie. Just kidding. On the 'motherhood' part. Because if we can persuade at least five members of the Supreme Court to believe in a constitutional 'right to privacy' (however we use sophistry to accomplish our purpose), we can get all of the States, in one fell swoop, to have to allow abortion. Because we Americans then have a constitutional right to privacy, and no State - let alone the federal government - can 'invade our bedrooms'. Or the local abortion 'clinic'.

I'll cut to the chase of my thought here. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government the right or power to rule on the issue of abortion (for example). That power came from a liberal interpretation of the Constitution - and an extremely liberal one at that. And anyone who accepts that - that, on the one hand, words mean (like Humpty Dumpty intoned from his lofty perch) 'what I say they mean', and on the other, in general, that the end justifies the means - is acting unethically.

But no wonder why so many American citizens seem not to care unduly about - oh, say, the illegality of the man who is currently occupying the office of the presidency of the United States, to do so. It is just one more illegal act, in a long train of such abuses - in a veritable sea of illegalities. A sea of fudge.

Who really cares about a little fudging? Everyone does it. On their income tax returns; and so forth and so on. Being a little 'economical with the truth'. All the way up, now, to the level of the Constitution. Which is getting into extremely dangerous territory. Because it represents an assault on the very rule of law in the country. And 'there lie dragons'. To say: there lie the likes of tyranny.

The American people should be saying a big NO to specific such examples of lawbreaking; let alone to that direction that the American Republic is heading in.

Make no mistake: the Wars on Drugs and Terror, and in the Middle East, have been excuses to wage war actually on the American people and take away their civil liberties, guaranteed by their state and federal constitutions. In the name of 'security', Americans are succumbing to tyranny, step by lethal step. Into a police-state trap TPTB call their New World Order.

It must not stand.

There is a different New World Order to bring in, and inherit, now. One of the Light. Not of the Dark.

The one of the Dark has been a stepping stone, for humanity to see what can happen, if we lose sight of The Light; and wander further into the darkness, off our path.

We have the potential to go either way.

It's called free will.

Let's Pretend that we can take our consciousnesses in hand, and think for ourselves, and wake up to the illusion that we have been living in. And break free from it.

Let's pretend.

Powerful stuff, that.


* We had now way of knowing relative popularity, at the time. Advertisers did; because it was in their interests to. And then the public at large began being sold all kinds of things, in what amounted to popularity contests. And times changed.
There was the likes, say, of cigarettes. ('More doctors smoke Chesterfields than any other brand.') And fluoridation. ('Drinking water + fluoride = strong teeth.') And oh, a whole bunch of stuff. Including, like, wars. (The Tonkin Gulf Incident, say. 9/11, say - the latter "a new Pearl Harbor," in the 'prescient' words of the Neocons in their manifesto titled Project for a New American Century.)
Advertising. Powerful stuff.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Ben Gazzara Has Died

Ben Gazzara has died.

I had the good fortune to see him on stage, in New York, before he became a 'celebrity', and so was not marred by the vicissitudes of that sort of life. He was, then, a pure force; not Ben Gazzara playing a part, but Ben what's-his-name being the part.

It was in a play called A Hatful of Rain, wherein he played the part of a junkie son and brother.

He was, in an all-encompassing word, good. Believable. Painfully so.

It was in late 1955 or sometime in 1956. I was living in Manhattan at the time - 'down and out'; living very frugally whilst I sought answers to my questions about the meaning of life in books in the New York Public Library. It was there that I discovered that we are all actors. On the stage of life. Simply playing parts.

The subject of reincarnation came up in the course of my investigations. I had heard of it; and vaguely knew that it was believed in in Eastern cultures, but to what extent and specifically in which cultures there (or, indeed, elsewhere), I was not all that sure. That was part of my doing, so to speak: my search. And, part of my undoing, from my carrying culture, of western civilization, and its various belief systems - religious, and economic. and political.

It was, to summarize, an eye-opening year in my life. And this subject, of reincarnation, was a primary key to that unfolding, in consciousness, into a greater reality. A greater sense of reality. A sense of the greater reality, that was carrying us in its bosom, like children of a Greater God than we, largely, seemed to be acknowledging at the time.

But that's just my projection on my culture of the time. All that I knew, then, was that something was missing, in our western culture, that was important to The Story. The Story of human experience, on planet Earth. And the Eastern religions seemed to me to have the key to that missing piece of the picture.

The picture, of What's It All About, Alfie; to quote a more recent source, of insight on the life experience, on stage, and in film. For us to reflect on.

My reflections led me to such sources of material on the subject of reincarnation (later on in my, and our, timeline) as Dr. Ian Stevenson's paper 'Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation', and, particularly importantly, Dr. Morris Netherton's book 'Past Lives Therapy', with its descriptions of how many people have been able to release psychic blocks in their lives this time around on the wheel of rebirth, from accessing, through a well-trained therapist, experiences in their past lives. So: there really was something to this matter, I was discovering. This 'belief'.

What am I getting at.

I am getting at the truth of things. And one of the most important of those 'things' is the realization, which I had already come to before My Year in Manhattan - which led me tothat period in my life; but which I needed to explore further, as a Far Country - that

the universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.

And the way we unfold that Purpose is through the Plan of reincarnation.

Of playing parts in the drama that we call life. On the stage of life.

Now a prince; now a pauper. Now a male, now a female (or, depending on some interaction with our environment's storyline, something in between). Now of one race or religion or nationality, now another. For - as I say - a purpose.

For the purpose of growing from the experiences. Gaining awareness. Raising our consciousness. The latter aspect including learning to take responsibility for our actions - for, As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves. For not only is it true that We Are One Another, in the realm of The Play, but We Are All One, underneath that surface. Beneath the parts that we play, in this realm of duality.

Of - seeming - separation from our Source.

For a purpose.

And that purpose - I submit - includes the fact that it is now time, to acknowledge all this - all this play-acting business - in order, now, to 'go up a notch'. Unfold the Purpose a little further.

For when you realize 'what it's all about' - that it's all a play - why would you want to stay stuck in the role-playing? Why not decide to release that action - interesting, yes; but still play-acting - and take on more at least the role of the director?

Or the playwright himself??...

My play in life has led me to understand - really get - that that is all that it is. A matter of role-playing. And I don't want to play any roles anymore.

I want the real thing.

And we can get closer to the real thing, still on the stage of life (as we know it, currently), by now living our lives with that understanding. That they are, simply, roles. But with a higher consciousness, now.

That will allow us to progress further than we could have without that awareness.

Than we are doing at present.

With wars, and rumours of wars; and billions living in poverty...

Silly stuff.

We have more important business to be about.

The business, of incarnating more of who we are, really. So that we are living our lives more in harmony with the real thing.

And to say, with the awareness, that there is Plan in and Purpose to 'the universe'. To life. To the life experience. That it is part of a larger Whole.

And we are here, now, to do something about that truth; specifically, to help bring human consciousness up a notch, to a higher level. It could be called a higher dimension. it has been called a higher density. In comparison, with the present, wherein we are living in third density, and are on our way up, through fourth density, to fifth density level of consciousness; according to various sources.

All of that is speculation. But for myself - and I propose that this is true for each of us, to differing degrees - I know that I am here in order to help bring that raising of consciousness about. That it is part and parcel of why I am here, now.

My 'knowing' is based on the fact - you can call it a belief; but you would be doing so from a position outside of my skin - on the fact, then, that I know that I have not incarnated at this time accidentally. I will repeat: I know that it is no accident that I am 'Here Now'; that I have incarnated at this time. And further, I know - in my deepest gut, connecting me to my Higher Self - that I am not here to waste my time. I 'm here because it's time. Because I, and we, have work to do.

And that's not to get caught up further in the drama.

Ben Gazzara has died. He played a great part. And it's time, now, for him to move on.

And for us all.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

'Close Enough is Good Enough' - Not

I have this past week made a couple of comments on the thread of an article on the TNA (The New American) e-newsletter site, titled 'How to Cure Dyslexia', by Sam Blumenfeld. His was a good article on the subject; and it opens up a window on a larger terrain. But first - the thread. My first comment on it (which kicked off the thread):

Excellent article....
"...and work that you are doing, Sam. Although migod, how long is it going to take to rid us of this pestilential technique?

"I remember getting angry nearly 50 years ago now when I came across info about this look-say business, when my eldest nephew was starting school, and I discovered that he was being taught, eg, to 'read' the word 'monkey' by a pictograph of a monkey hanging off the tail of the 'y'. That's not reading. That's hieroglyphics. Why bother with the creation of the alphabet...

"In digging further into the matter, I found that it seemed to be a political thing, whereby the 'liberal' educational authorities wanted to control the bringing-up of the children, and get them to read only what the social engineers wanted them to read - to break the familial control over the children, so that they would become nice little puppets of the State. And here we are, with the same attitude of control going on A few buckets of tar and some feathers would be in order."

The next poster said:

"Outcome Based Education (OBE) may be responsible for uptick in dyslexia
"Researching education trends beginning in the 1980s, one will find that OBE implemented many non-proven learning theories. One of those theories was 'look-say' or better known as 'Whole Language'. Instead of integrating this method with the proven phonics method, most schools did away with phonics and dived head first into whole language. These are part of the many liberal, 'feel good' theories that give children great self-esteem while lowering current standards in Education.

"'Look-and-say,' 'whole-word,' 'sight-reading,' 'linguistic,' or 'psycholinguistic' refer to an approach to reading instruction taken by educators such as William S. Gray during the first third of the twentieth century. They wanted to turn schools away from 'heartless drudgery'. Gray advocated a look-and-say approach.

"'Phonics is concerned with teaching letter-sound relationships as they relate to learning to read...When a child has learned to associate all specific printed letters with specific speech sounds, the code has been mastered, or cracked.'

"'Learning To Read and Whole Language Ideology' by Jeffrey M. Jones, M.D., Ph.D.

"We've had an uptick in people with dyslexia, especially since Whole Language has been implemented. It would be interesting if there is any connection between this learning method and people have [sic] trouble reading words correctly."

I was tempted to respond to this posting by commenting (a) that Gray and others may have said that they "wanted to turn schools away from 'heartless drudgery'," but that was, more probably, merely their cover excuse for the implementing of their ideological bias; and (b) that there is, indeed, another factor to consider in this business, of the children not learning to read either well, or seeing the letters backwards (which I believe is the official definition of the term dyslexia; or that the letters 'dance around' on the page). And that is the very possible role of vaccines in all this MBD - Minimal Brain Damage/Disorder - business, But I didn't want to muddy up the matter, with a subject that it would take too long to get into, in all fairness to that subject.

In the event, another poster made an interesting observation; thus:

"Similar story for foreign language instruction! In the sixties, the 'drudgery' of learning the grammar and acquiring vocabulary by graded readings was replaced by simply learning phrases since, as we were told, that's the way a native learns his own language. What was forgotten was that the native is taking roughly five years to do it and is immersed in the language! So after a trial, classroom instruction returned to the hard, but effective, way. (I went through both processes in German.) Apparently, however, the establishment recently decided to try the memorization of phrases approach again."

That got me back on track in/to my anger, and outrage at the high-handedness involved in this matter; and I fired off the following addition to the thread:

"And by simply memorizing phrases...
"...that's all you can 'read'. Oh, you may vaguely recognize something from your shape-memorized 'vocabulary' in another context, and try to apply it outside of your comfort box; but if you don't know what you are actually 'reading'...

"It is people control technique, plain and simple. Many children will tire of trying to read anything outside of their sequentially 'vocabulary'-increased readers (ie, 'word' recognition expanded a certain number of hieroglyphics-'stands for' (such-and-such a word) - per year), and will opt to learn everything they know - everything they think they know - from the boob tube. Which is more easily controlled, in its content, than books. Which is precisely the point of the exercise.

"The people controllers - the real ideologues amongst them in particular - want to start the public at a Year One, wiping the old from their minds as much as possible. That is to say, wiping out all we have learned, or hopefully have learned, from our history. It is the belief of the materialists that the human mind is a tabula rasa, and can be manipulated at will - at the will of the State. Silly people. We are more than our bodies, and our body's mind, and emotions, and personality. We have a greater destiny than to be the cattle of our keepers.

"Another reason for this approach, to my way of thinking, is for the Establishment to inculcate the idea in its herd that 'it's close enough'. If the word 'horse' comes up [an example given by Sam in the article], and the child thinks and thinks about the shape of the word/letters, where (s)he has come across something similar to that before, and has a mental flash, and says 'pony?', and the teacher says in response, 'That's close enough; keep going', the child is/children are being conditioned into thinking 'that's close enough' about things in life in general, ie, that everything is relative. Which must be the salient reason why the Constitution of the United States is currently being trashed, by people who know precisely what they are doing, and by others who hear something about the original, legal definition of 'a Natural Born Citizen', and consider that the man currently occupying the office of the presidency of the U.S. may not fit the definition precisely - but hey, his mother was a citizen; so what's the big deal - and think and say: 'Oh, it's close enough. Don't be a silly bugger. Get a life.'

"And Mission Accomplished: a brainwashed citizenry, subject to the manipulation of experts in the field of 'public relations'. And what a euphemism that term is. (Edward Bernays, anyone??)" - that is to say, the subject, and history, of propaganda...

Before I delve further into this general theme, of an ideological tool, and take it a little deeper than its presenting subject: a good addition was made to this thread, by this contribution (which I have edited a little for clearer punctuation purposes):

"Whether by experience, research or intuition, many of us know what has been ging on in Education:
"At the behest of Horace Mann and many other leading citizens, we borrowed the style of Prussian schooling as our own. You need to know this because over the first 50 years of our school institution, Prussian purpose - which was to create a form of state socialism - gradually forced out traditional American purpose, which in most minds was to prepare the individual to be self-reliant.

"We got from the United States to Prussia and back because a small number of very passionate ideological leaders visited Prussia in the first half of the 19th century, and fell in love with the order, obedience and efficiency of its system and relentlessly proselytized for a translation of Prussian vision onto these shores.

"In this fashion, compulsion schooling, a bad idea that had been around at least since Plato's 'Republic', a bad idea that New England had tried to enforce in 1650 without any success, was finally rammed through the Massachusetts legislature in 1852.

"How did a Prussian system of dumbing children down take hold in American schools?

"In1896 the famous John Dewey, then at the University of Chicago, said that independent, self-reliant people were a counter-productive anachronism in the collective society of the future. In modern society, said Dewey, people would be defined by their associations - not by their own individual accomplishments.

"In such a world, people who read too well or too early are dangerous, because they become privately empowered; they know too much, and know how to find out what they don't know by themselves, without consulting experts. Dewey said the great mistake of traditional pedagogy was to make reading and writing constitute the bulk of early schoolwork...He advocated that the phonics method of teaching reading be abandoned and replaced by the whole-word method...not because the latter was more efficient (he admitted that it was less efficient), but because independent thinkers were produced by hard books; thinkers who cannot be socialized very easily. By socialization, Dewey meant a program of social objectives administered by the best social thinkers in government.

"Bertrand Russell once observed that American schooling was among the most radical experiments in human history; that America was deliberately denying its children the tools of critical thinking.

"(These are just a few excerpts from this newsletter)
"by John Taylor Gatto

Amen. And especially including the warning about 'listening to the experts'. That warning can be carried over into a number of subject areas; including medicine, and 'health'. And those two areas are not, shall we say, joined at the hip...

But to move on. And where am I going with this thought, and material.

This has been in part to clarify that I am not on the side of creating a 'dumbed-down', programmed citizenry, broken to the saddle of socialism. But there is something deeper going on here; implied by, implicated with the ideal, the desire of 'social engineers' to bring society into a state of unity. The 'socializing' impulse is, to say: not all bad.


The welfare state in/of the UK is in a state of major crisis. As is the rest of Europe, and the world in general. But the point I want to make is how this country got into such a fiscal mess, that it has had to cut back so drastically: by pouring tax monies into the 'social justice' aspect of the welfare state. Creating two outcomes in particular: (1) the resentment of the average citizen, ie, taxpayer, about the 'scroungers' - those individuals seduced by the easy money climate of 'entitlements' into not pulling their weight, instead living off the work of others; and (2) the reaction of the very clever, and 'productive', in deciding to get what they can before they are taxed to death to support the growing welfare state - to the point of a huge gap developing between the 'average' wage earner and those at the top of the heap, with their bonuses, and conspicuous consumption lifestyles. It is not a healthy situation, or system. It's important that 'the system' cleans up its act; so that it can move on -somewhat paradoxically, by releasing the 'act'. That is to say, the money system. More specifically: the interest-bearing money system; which is precisely what is standing in the way of a society, a system, of 'enough for all'. An equitable system, way of being.

There is a world waiting to be born, which will reflect a higher level of human consciousness than we are expressing at the moment. It is a world without money - as we have known it. Embedded in the world of interest-bearing money - conditioned by it, for eons - some people think that is the only way that we humans can live. By the profit motive; that carrot, and that stick.

Nonsense. There is a higher motive for Man to live by. Which is coming into its own, now, because of the 'internal contradictions' of the capitalist system, which are creating such mayhem at this time. This key time in human history. When Crisis is providing us with the Opportunity to move up to that higher state of civilization, characterized by that higher motive for Man to live by. The highest motive that Man could possibly hope to relate to: to share out goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

And in doing so - living by that motivating factor - Man will enter into an era of incomparable Abundance.

All, by releasing his desire for 'money'. By releasing money as an end, and returning it to its proper status, as a means. As simply a medium of exchange. Facilitating the distribution of goods and services still in some degree of scarcity, by a simple system of credits, for services rendered to the System. (Just like, on the micro level, a local LETS system has.)

Which 'leftists', socialists, have sensed, as a possibility; but never put it in its proper context, of a reflection of Homo sapiens' true, full nature. As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. With a far greater reality to our life than just this narrow window, of a single experience of the material realm, would indicate. That far greater reality encompassing not just multiple lives, via the Plan of reincarnation. But multiple levels, dimensions of reality. And a Reality beyond what we know - think we know - as reality.

And the key to our entering into a higher state of civilization than any heretofore experienced on planet Earth is, in a word, Love. The love I indicated, that we feel for, and direct to, and engage in with, our Creator. But as well, to each other. As brothers and sisters of our common Source. And just so, entering into a relationship with each other that honours each other, by treating each other with respect, and honesty, and a quality of equality. Living with the concept that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - literally. For We Are One Another. And more deeply: We Are One. (And All IS One.)

And so we must all pull our weight, to pull this move up in consciousness off. Must share with one another, as though we were giving each other gifts. Must not, that is to say, carry over into the New any idea of being a scrounger; living off the gifts of others.

So: scroungers, in the current state of social affairs - who often learned to be scroungers because of the seductions offered by the system, in giving them the opportunity to scam it - need to learn habits of personal responsibility, before humanity can enter its new stage; its Golden Age. Because that's how that new, higher state of social development works.

In an essentially moneyless society (except, as I say, for those things that are not, by their nature, available in abundance; for which there will need to be a system of credits), there is plenty for all - as long as the people continue to demonstrate the level of personal responsibility that it takes for the system to be able to work.

And this is not such a stretch as some people might think. Already, there are harbingers of this spring in human affairs. One of the Occupy Movement 'thinkers', a fellow by the name of Charles Eisenstein, has already shared with audiences his sense, his understanding, that the way a system could work without money is by the attitude of sharing our 'gifts' with each other. That way lies community.

Our common unity. As individual sparks of divinity, exploring our free will as such; and now beginning the process of returning home to the home of our Father, in the terms of the story of the Prodigal Son.

Where he will be treated with the love of his dutiful Parents, who allowed him to go exploring on his own.

It doesn't matter what the specific nature of that Godhead is, beyond the duality in and of the Creation.

It's home.

And we get back there by recognizing our true, higher natures.

In a state of Unity.

Just what the 'socialists' amongst us sense, is the essence of our being. But who need to appreciate, and honour, the individual as well.

For we are individually responsible for ourselves, beyond the workings of the collective.

Both the individual and the collective have karma to clear. But the key is down on the individual level. And when that is cleared, the collective is free to progress.

And that is how the 'left' and the 'right', in current terms, are going to be able to come together, and progress into the New.

By recognizing themselves as brothers and sisters, on the same journey.

So let's go, OWSers and Tea Partiers: Get your acts together.

'Against' the 1%.

Who, you must recognize by now, are just playing their parts. In this drama we call Life.

'Written' by ourselves.

For a Purpose.

Which we are getting closer to, as we speak.