Friday, 17 November 2017

A Time For Us

An old friend from early in my spiritual community days has died.  The information has brought back a flood of memories.

Bruce Davidson was, as far as I knew, part of the flood of Americans to the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community in the north of Scotland occasioned originally by the presence there (for three years) of a young spiritual-teacher Yank by the name of David Spangler, and then by the publication in the early ‘70s (and then a reissue by a more normal book format in the mid-‘70s) of his book ‘Revelation: The Birth OF A New Age’.!  A very nice-looking guy, probably in his late twenties, Bruce was in a relationship with another American; much to the chagrin of many of the gals there, I can well imagine.2  But his main feature was meditation.  He would - could - spend hours, seemingly, in the Sanctuary.  An inspiration to many of us.  He and his to-become wife ended up shortly thereafter returning to the States, to the East Coast, in Massachusetts, where they, along with some like-minded friends from the community, started a community of their own, called Sirius.3  For income, besides guests visiting their ‘little Findhorn’ - complete with a garden grown on the same holistic principles as at the home base community of their inspiration - they give, to this day still, holistic building workshops.  Bruce had been a builder in his background, and had carried on with his inclinations along that line while still at the FF by building the first of what became many loft beds in the Cluny Hill College ‘campus’ of the Findhorn Community, where I met him.  A former hotel - which the founders of the community, an English couple by the name of Peter and Eileen Caddy, along with their spiritual partner, a Canadian named Dorothy Maclean, had been managing before they moved to the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park, which is the home base of the community, with ‘Cluny’ coming back into the picture, after 15 years, in 1972, by way of its purchase by the then-thriving community4 - it had small rooms but with high ceilings, and Bruce saw the possibilities of converting his room to allow for more living space.  

As to this business, of a spiritual community and holistic building principles (in the use of materials, etc.), a brief aside: I visited their community some years later, specifically in the late summer of 1982, with an eye to perhaps joining them in their admirable initiative  I had left our mutual parent community the year before, to come back to the States to work with an NGO connected with the UN called Planetary Citizens, which was the secretariat for a global educational project called The Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose, and, feeling that my time there was up, I was looking for my next steps, and thought to visit Sirius.  The community, that is.  (We may have had our heads in the stars, but we never thought to take our whole bodies there.)5  And so off I went, from NYC, for a weekend visit.  Was warmly welcomed - as is the custom of Findhorners the world over.  And liked what I saw.  But, in tuning into it, I knew that it was not for me.6  And so back to PC I went, for a short while longer. (Those of us running the office, across the street from the UN building on the Lower East Side of NYC,  lived in community in a large home upstate a short ways, in leafy New Rochelle.)  And ended up going back to the Community proper.  Where I walked back into Cluny only to be greeted at the front door with a member saying, casually, almost as if it had all been planned that way, ‘Hi, Stan.  Nice to see you back.  Care to take over the focus for the cleanup from the fire?’

What fire?  It turned out that only the weekend before, late on a Friday night, somebody had set fires going (via Molotov cocktails) in three places in the building; which fortunately were caught in time before occasioning any loss of life or doing any major structural damage, but there was a huge amount of smoke damage done - in our large dining room, a corner of the main hallway, and in our Sanctuary.  So I walked right back into my old unofficial job of being a particularly guardian spirit to Dear Olde Cluny.  Another story.  

Let me finish this note of homage to Bruce and the Findhorn Community, and their common spirit, with an anecdote about what all we were up to in those heady days, and building on Bruce’s main spiritual practice of meditation to do it by.

To set the scene: Eileen Caddy was the Channel of the couple, and Peter was the Activator.  She was Love, he was Will.  (Dorothy was Wisdom; she ended up channelling messages from the realm of Devas, and nature spirits.  A story in its own right.  But just to say, and clarify, here: the community is best known for its connection with Nature.  And thus, a penchant for its membership to believe in the Global Warming-oops-Climate Change fraud.  But to continue! )  Eileen got messages - of spiritual inspiration, and specific instructions on what to do - from a source that she called, and considered, God, and Peter carried out the activating part of them.  He was a former officer in the British Army, and executed ‘orders’ just like that.  No questions.  Whatever Eileen got, he acted on.  That teamwork had carried them, first, to being very successful managers of a Three-Star hotel, raising it to Four-Star status during their five years there,7 and then, after a short fallow time, to the founding of a highly successful international spiritual community.  Of which, along the way, Eileen got ’guidance’ that it was now time that Peter needed to develop his own intuition more, and not rely so much on her guidance.8  To that end, he tried to meditate more; a practice that he was not very versed in, being the man of action - as I said, the Will aspect of their team - that he was.  (He told a group of us once that he could “meditate until I am blue in the face and not get anything.”)  With that said: I was in our main Sanctuary for a morning meditation once when the light outside the door was turned on to start the session by lo, Peter himself, who proceeded to lead it; a rare occasion.  (It may have been the only such occasion.)  I remember it well.  The leader says a few words of inspiration, and then leaves us to our meditations, and then wraps it up with a couple of closing words.  Peter started us off on a ‘normal’ footing.  And then all of a sudden, he was ‘inviting’ us to see, as part of a “City of Light” in that area, some of the buildings in the area, including a long-empty stately countryside mansion (that Peter had obviously had his eye on for some time, for our presumed next stage of development), and another mansion that had been turned into medical premises for the likes of ‘intellectually disadvantaged’ individuals.9  

Two things here.  One: None of us ‘normal’ members had any idea that Peter had such grandiose ideas of the development of the community.  Or that Eileen specifically shared in with (although her guidance had ‘talked’ about the community becoming part of “a vast City of Light”).  In the event, nothing ever came of that vision.  (On the physical, at least.  A City of consciousnesses?  Connected energetically??  Perhaps.)  And for whatever the information may have to do with this subject, Peter - whose physical relationship with Eileen was put under severe tension when she changed the dynamics of their ‘spiritual’ relationship - left the community not long after, and also because of having been asked by a woman to help bring ‘the New Age’ to Hawaii.10

Two.  The idea of “a City of Light” is not something specific to Eileen and Peter.  It was, in fact, part of the impulse for me to go join that community, of obviously likeminded souls, in the first place.  I had had my own ‘intuition’ about such a thing, such an idea, many years before, when I was living in Hollywood and writing a film script I was dreaming up about an American in Mexico who, towards the end of a series of metaphorical events, is leaving the space he had been in for some time and, when asked by a Darkside-turned Lightside companion what he wanted to do, replies, thoughtfully “I want to be in on the building of - “ at which point the writer intervenes, and leaves the rest of the sentence hanging, for some plot development to take place.  And the specific term is never mentioned in the denouement of the film.  But in said writer’s mind, what I had come up with - all, to my mind, out of nowhere; I had never heard the term before - was, - you guessed it.

And since that time, and since my time in that spiritual community in the north of Scotland, I have come across the term from a number of other sources.  Including a woman who has shared online that she is taken to visit such a City sometimes - on whatever level that she experiences it.  And who says that such Cities of Light will ‘descend’.  

In perfect timing. 

And perhaps - just perhaps - Peter was acting on a vision that he had interpreted - in his first attempts to ‘get his own guidance’ - as a real, literal, third-dimensional thing.11  When all the time, it was -

is -

of a different level than our current level of awareness.

That we are in the process - the Process - of moving into.

In an Ascension process.  

That Bruce Davidson has just beat us to, is all.

Be well, Bruce.

And wish us well, too.

On the same sort of journey.

Different in degree, perhaps.

But not in kind.                                                   


1 “This book deals with the emergence of a new consciousness within humanity, which will be the foundation fora New Age and a planetary culture.  Written around a modern revelation from transcendental sources, it shows the lower resent in each person to transform his or her world and bring a New Age into being.  It is a vision calling each of us to understand and embody that power now, to live the life of ‘Limitless Love and Truth.’  - from the Foreword       

2  An interesting footnote here: That gal, with her young daughter from a previous relationship, had come to the community with a gal friend who, the friend smilingly reported later to a group of us, had come to the community looking for a relationship while Bruce’s to-become partner had come strictly for the spiritual nature of the place, and who, as these things sometimes have a habit of working out,       ended up in relationship with Bruce, while the other gal ended up getting very involved in the spiritual aspects of the place. (To the point of ending up writing a holistic cookbook - ‘The Findhorn Family Cook Book’ - before returning to the States.  Where for a while she earned a living giving special meals to small groups.  And ended up earning a Ph.D. in life, no less.)   
   Many a relationship started, and ended, in the community.  It got a reputation for being ‘death on relationships’.  Mostly a twenty-something group of members, many of them were always looking for their ‘soul mates’ there.  Sometimes they found them.  I see, by the report on Bruce, that he was still with his wife of those days of yore.  This is the mid- to late-’70s time period I am talking about.   
3 I never knew precisely what the connection was.  He and his old brother, Gordon - also a member of the community during the same time period - were into esoterics, and felt an affinity with the star Sirius.  As have other people, in the New Age ‘field.’  As have others in the field with other of the stars or constellations - the Pleiades, Andromeda, etc.  It’s a Stare Being thing.

4 All ‘in perfect timing’ - one of the sayings of the community.  In this case, the Caddy’s and Dorothy had to get a thriving community off the ground and running well, and the hotel had to start losing money ever since the Caddys and Dorothy had left its management, for a ‘marriage made in heaven’ to take place  - for the community’s next stage of development.  Which was when I came tooth scene.
   But to continue.

5  Speaking of ‘headiness’: You have to understand the spirit of the times.  These were the heady days of The New Age - the ernest, very sincere desire on the part of many people, not just of the younger generation, to help create a new world.  
   And our time seems, finally, to have come.
   But to continue.

6 A footnote about the ‘humanness’ of all this:
   Bruce’s wife’s daughter from her previous relationship - marriage or not, I don’t know; these are changing times even back then - was a very spoiled young brat, to tell it like it was, or at least seemed to be, to many of us.  And when I visited their community in Massachusetts those some years later (four or five), there she was, still, now in the guise of a spoiled young woman.  I remember trying not to judge.  After all, I hadn’t walked even a short distance in her moccasins.  Maybe there were deep issues regarding her birth dad and her mom in her early years.  And maybe her mother had tried to overcompensate, in some way, from the stress on her daughter, of the extent of, and ending of, that relationship.  All I knew was that a) I didn’t want to be in that sort of environment; and b) I made a judgment about how far along her spiritual path another human being should be, by that time in her life, and with that environment to grow up in.  Of two separate, but similar, ‘spiritual communities’.
   We certainly carry it all with us, wherever we go.  Don’t we.

7 From 1957 to 1962.  Running it strictly on ‘spiritual’ principles; which Peter defined, and carried out to the letter, as a) ‘Work is Love in Action,’ and b) ‘Perfection In All Things’ - ‘Give of your best in all that you do, because if you don’t, you are letting yourself down, you are letting the realm of Spirit down [which seeks to contribute its energy to our realm through us incarnates], and you are letting down all those other incarnate souls who could have been inspired by your example to give of their best’.
   Very worthy stuff.  It was the sort of thing - attitude - that attracted me there.

8 That was a message for the fledgling community members as well.  Which occasioned much mirth amongst the members, when they would start getting ‘competing’ guidance.
   I’m not sure about that bit, from Eileen.  I think that that sort of thing requires considerable past-life experience.  (As its founders were all reputed to have had.)  But you have to start somewhere.   And a spiritual community is not a bad place in which to start.
   Practice making perfect; and a supportive environment to do your practicing in, and by.

9 Yes yes: Perfect setting for us; right??  And the business about mansions: Was Peter - or whomsoever - trying to emulate the Christian idea of ‘Many Mansions’???…   

10 Where he had a hard time getting anybody to start anything like a New Age community, because the ex-members living there just wanted him to hang out like they were, enjoying the laid-back life there, especially surfing.  Peter got involved there pushing the Pritikin Diet, as I understand; and then with a community of people at Mt. Shasta in California; and got remarried along the way, and had a boy with that woman.  (Whom they thought was ‘special’.  We at Findhorn met him once, when he was about 5 or 6.  The only thing special about him, to the mind of many of us, was that he seemed a very spoilt brat.  (What is it in these pages, along New Age lines, with spoiled children???)  And came back and visited the Community once in awhile.  And then got remarried again, with a woman whom he followed to Switzerland to live with.  Where he died in a car accident.  Driving too fast.   
   Trying to make up for lost time, I suspect.  

11 As, incidentally, I did, in thinking into the inspiration.  And had my character be involved in the building of a city in the south of North America revolving around a step pyramid - as exists in that area to this day.  And during which time he makes connection with a being from a spaceship, that lands at that site.  
   Because it has such a place - and with that degree of dedication - to land.
   And remake contact. 
   Two pars of a whole.  Coming back together.
   To complete a circuit.  And turn on the Light.  More forcefully.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Visit

‘Welcome back, Sir!  Nice to see you again!’

‘I wouldn’t bet on that.’

‘ - Sir?’

‘This is just a social call.  I’ve been hearing from your Guardian Angels some distressing things about what all is going on down here, and thought I’d check it out. 

‘First: I bequeathed to you in this country a government ‘of, by, and for the people,’ as one of your more, shall we say, illustrious presidents put it.  Isn’t that correct?’   

‘Why, yes, Sir!  And we certainly - ‘

‘And yet you have let an Elite run things.’


‘I understand, from my unhappy sources, that you, in this realm of duality - this classroom for aspiring gods - have gone so far astray from your Mission that you have let a private consortium of what you call ‘bankers’ not only set ‘your’ country’s interest rates - for boom and bust, I have been informed; for them gleefully to make money going up and coming down - but have their private access to the printing plates of your currency, without even the safeguard of requiring an audit, as flimsy a safety factor as that is on its own.  Is that correct?’

‘…Well… - you see, Sir, - ’

‘I’ll take that as a yes.  And then to top terrible things off, I understand that you have recently let an ineligible person run for, and occupy, the office of your nation’s presidency.  Is that correct.’

 ‘…I’m not sure, precisely, - ‘



‘And so we have come back around, in this little fact-finding mission of mine, to this business of your supposing to be a nation of, by and for ‘the people,’ under your rule of law, to say, your Constitution.  Which has thereby, from these various actions of yours - and more, I am given to understand, by your anguishing Guardian Angels - become “just a damn piece of paper,” as one of your more, shall we say, less illustrious presidents has put it.  With you lot acting as though you are already of the angelic natures that you are on your way back to inheriting.  Good luck with that notion.’

‘Wait! - but Sir!  Where are you going?’

‘I’m getting out of here, before the shit hits the fan, as you say.’


‘You were to sort these things out.  That was your Purpose, you know.’

‘…To - what, precisely?’

‘To align with your higher selves.  Not your lower selves.  In order to inherit your true Kingdom.  Or you will just have to go through the whole Process all over again.

‘See you when the proper Time, for your graduation, comes.  In the meantime, best wishes for climbing out of this hellhole that you have created for yourselves to climb back out of.

‘Quite a challenge you put to yourselves.


‘Your choice.

‘As I say.’

As Elder Brother to this quarrelsome lot of siblings.  Arguing amongst themselves; while their structures burn down around them.  

And they forget what the whole thing is all about.  

What the whole Process is all about.

On Accusations

My last blog started with the (ancient) sexual-assault accusations thrown at Judge Roy Moore, and included my comment that in reality it was all about the war being waged against "patriots/nationalists" by "totalitarian globalists".  In that war, for example, Judge Roy Moore is not only a big-game trophy target for the 'liberals' because he is a staunch conservative, but because he is a staunch Christian.1  Both categories of persons are in the big-game trophy sights of the NWO mob.  Who are not just totalitarian globalists, but - mostly - secularists/atheists to boot;2 and are only tolerating the Muslims in their midst because the latter have helped them, in their Marxian 'class warfare' against the Established Order, in their quest for Power Over others.  And will be dealt with in their own 'good' time too.  The Revolution turning on, and feeding on, its own.

Christians also needing to be done away with in large part because they do harp on so about 'the mark of the Beast,' thus keeping the public attuned to the dangers of microchipping.  Got to eliminate them if only for that reason alone.  It has been such a successful operation so far.  First, the public's dogs and cats, to soften the public up to the idea.  Then, its touted value in keeping track of senile oldsters.  Then, employers utilizing the technology with their employees, for the anodyne use of the photocopier and purchasing snacks, and the like.  And then - the children, after a spate of child-abduction movies and then real-life mimics soften the public up for that innovation.  Being good 'progressive' parents, and all.  And then - poof: Everybody.  In order to gain access even to their own bank accounts.  And in a by-then cashless society.

And thus, susceptible to being 'Hal'-ed at any moment.  And the trap thus closed.


from ‘The Microchipping Agenda is Running Exactly in Line With the Eradication of Cash’ - Al Lentes; posted by Edward Morgan  - November 14
(Pointing out the dangers of this technology, in this imperfect world.)

(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Nicely put, Al. Thanks for the excellent summary.


This has been a plot a long time coming.

And planned for.  

Our Creator Source being no dummy.  



1 This is the guy who when he was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court was railroaded out of his position because he backed the keeping of a copy of the Ten Commandments in the state courthouse.

2 Including what are called the Khazarian Mafia - Jews not by bloodline but by conversion of their country, Khazaria, back during the first millennium of the Current Era.  And have 'traded' on their 'Jewishness' ever since - the idea of being a Chosen People - to go for power in country after country the world over.  They are better described - and as well, over being just secularists/atheists - as Satanists.   Or Luciferians.
   Another subject in itself.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

And We Go From Here

A friend, who 'normally' has some basically 'liberal' sentiments, has sent me a Forward from a (self-described) 'progressive' site called Common Dreams, with comment.  (The original articles were over-the-top partisan attacks on former judge and current senatorial candidateRoy Moore, regarding the sexual-asault allegations against him.)  My reply:

  1. First, let's see Bill Clinton thrown in jail for the REAL thing.  And then we can go from there.

2. Well spotted.  Good for you not to have just a kneejerk reaction to the MSM's take on this story.  The Left is hunting for anything - anything - to take down Trump, and a) they are not above creating what they need to do that job, and b) they realize that they will most probably need to take back the Senate to do it.  

3. Though this is not just about 'the Left'.  It's about the New World Order crowd on both sides of the political aisle.  The nation is at war, alright.  Although the real war is not just between conservatives and 'liberals'.  It's between patriots/nationalists and totalitarian globalists.

And we go from there.    


Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 11:39 AM
To: Stan Stanfield
Subject: Roy Moore, Alabama....accusations

For some reason, I have been following this story of the sexual allegations against  Rep.Roy Moore of Alabama, whose election is coming up.

My gut feeling is that he comes across as honest and authentic and that this is one of those political witch hunts.

With these kind of stories, it is always a he said/she said  and how can you really prove it?  Makes me think of similar cases.

The Republicans are all distancing themselves from him, saying he should step out of the race. but with the comment at the end "if these allegations are true".

He is staying the course.

How awful, if one is innocent and there is no way to prove it.

I saw one of the accusers on TV (this is an allegation from 40 years ago). How anyone could believe her is beyond was such a phony scripted set up....she was actually reading her supposed memories from a script in front of her.

Well, we shall [see]...I hope my gut feeling is right.....he seems like a nice person.


And speaking of judges, and where we are: A tale of two other, current, judges.

One: The judge assigned (by Obama holdovers in the DOJ) to the John Podesta pending case is...a former good friend of John Podesta.  'Nuff said about that one.  

Two.  A little more elaboration needed, to give it, well, justice: the case, in Nevada, of Cliven Bundy, whose land and grazing and water rights Obama's BLM goons tried to take away from him and his family,* and whose first trial ended in a hung jury.  The judge in the matter?  An Obama-appointed and former Senator Harry Reid-recommended and -handpicked woman by the name of Gloria Navarro.  And Sen. Harry Reid?  His son had a financial interest in that land.   (Wanting to sell it to a Red China-front company wanting to establish a 'solar plant' on it.  Yeah, right.  Like they are setting up companies near many military sites around the country at large.)  And said judge, for the retrial, has not only blocked the defense from some arguments crucial to their case.  But has allowed the federal prosecutors to introduce some extraneous information that they want to argue their case.  We are, of course, talking about a fair trial here...

...and on the subject of a fair trial, - well, let me let Larry Klayman, head of Freedom Watch, tell that side of this sordid story:

"I am still fighting in the courts and elsewhere to be counsel of record for Cliven, as the local counsel is compromised.  Cliven in fact tried to fire him because he was not adequately preparing for trial and obeying Cliven's instructions as his client, but the judge and her magistrate forced Cliven, against his will, to continue with him.  It is no wonder as the local counsel is a friend of Judge Navarro.  To add insult to injury, Judge Navarro bent the rules and allowed the federal government to pay for the local counsel's future legal fees (Cliven had already paid him a nice retainer), which effectively means that the local counsel is now in effect beholden to the judge and the federal government who want Cliven in prison for the rest of his life.  This explains why this local counsel will not with sufficient conviction and force stand up to either the judge or Obama/Reid Deep State prosecutors, so as not to 'rock the boat' and 'bite the hand that now feeds him.'  It's an untenable situation and very frightening..." 

Indeed, Larry.  And this boil on the American Republic needs to be lanced forthwith, for this, and many other, reasons.

All Obama--appointed judges (and their rulings) - dismissed; as Obama himself is arrested and held for trial - in a proper, American Common Law court - on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason.  Hillary and Bill - arrested, on their own list of charges.  Both the Democrat and Republican Party officials brought to such trial as well, on a laundry list of charges of their own; to be fined, dissolved, and their officials to join Bill, Hill, and Barry in some white-collar prison.  Along with all the other criminals of our time, especially of the pedophile variety.

As a clean sweep is made.  In preparation for

The New Order of Things.

The real

New Order of Things.


* as they accomplished with so many other ranchers, in trying to move such private families off the land, for a number of reasons.  'Sustainable Development' just being one, and a cover one, of them.
   Not to go into all that here.  One can stomach only so much at a time.

Monday, 13 November 2017

On Stayng The Course

Yesterday I was looking at my arms as though for the first time.  As though through new eyes, as it were.  These viewing gizmos - intricately designed - that we English speakers call eyes.  And at these extremely movable appendages that we call arms.  And then down at their terminii in what we call hands.  These graspers, which are so - flexible.  Which can build things.  Build-ings.  Cathedrals, even.

But we 'humans,' in these meat suits, can't create a flower.  Or a sun.


Stay the course.

Steady as she goes.

With - perhaps - memories, however dim,  of having been - of inhabiting - a ball, an orb, of Light.

And all that Light



Sunday, 12 November 2017

On The Denizens Of This Deep

On this slow Sunday I finally took the time to dig into one of my teetering piles of snail mail awaiting such a time; specifically to take a look at a (62-page) Special Report of Judicial Watch's, dated September 2017 and titled ‘Exposing the Deep State’.1  Judicial Watch, if you don’t know, is, as it claims: “a conservative, non-partisan American educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.”  The way it does it is to file FOIA requests of various federal agencies and, as occurs almost without exception, to have to follow up with lawsuits to obtain such material legally allowed the public.  This Special Report I put off wading through until I had some dedicated and undivided time to give it.  That time, I finally decided, was now.
It is, indeed, worth perusing at leisure.  But I don’t want to talk about the Report itself in this blog.  I want to talk about the situation in this country that it exposes in general.  To wit.

Some very powerful people, in this country and elsewhere on the planet (and beyond), are most unhappy that Donald Trump got elected and is raining on their parade, designed for the U.S. to enter into the trap of their totalitarian New World Order.  They will do anything to reverse that reverse of their best-laid plans; for they are proponents of the Saul Alinsky ‘Rules for Radicals’ motto of Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  Lie, cheat, steal.  Kill.  Whatever it takes to achieve your ends.2  The end in this case being the end of freedom on Earth, and the installation of a global gulag.  No more ‘essential liberty' (the goal of the U.S. Republic; for itself and, by example, for the world).  But rather, a state of ‘rights’ as determined by the state.  And as denied, and deniable, at the whim of the almighty state.  As happened in the (ahem) former Soviet Union.  And as practiced today by Red China.

Which would appear to be the sort of government that our Erstwhile Masters would like to fasten on the world.

And for whom, I’ve got news.  Apparently.  

But, let them find out for themselves.  The workings-out of free will, and all.

And their opportunity to sing ‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All’ to each other in their FEMA camp quarters. 

Awaiting their opportunity to hear the Creator’s whisper, ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Even to the end of their time.

Their time.  To choose.

P.S. A nod to Whitney Houston, for both suggestions above.
     And let’s bring her killer into this equation, too.
     As all evildoers.
     Their time being up.  Because
     it’s that time.


1 And along with it, my copy of their October 2017 monthly newsletter ‘Verdict’.  Which details up-to-date the shenanigans going on by the federal government of the day, and JW’s attempts to bring transparency to the processes of our erstwhile bosses, of whichever political stripe.  

2 As is happening, and as we speak, to holistic-type doctors and others who are drawing the public’s attention to alternatives to the products of the pharmaceutical industry.  Or rather, to say, more completely, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.
   Such is the power of the illusion of ‘profit’.  Illusion, because it is simply a mental construct; not a ‘law of physics’ in itself.
   And about to be done away with.
   Big time.
   But to continue.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

And Yet Another False Flag

For whatever reason at the time, I didn’t post this comment of mine on this subject yesterday.  But now I know why: because I have subsequently today come across an article on an Independent Media site that fills in some missing details to the story.

First, my comment to an article on the subject: 

from ‘Mona Alexis Pressly [sic]: Ls Vegas Police Scanner for Mass Casualty Drill’ - Mona Alexis Pressley, Conspiracy Realist - November 5
(A lot of toing and froing on the Comments thread to this article, between the ’true believers’ of the skeptics’ position on the official version of the event and a couple of debunkers of the debunkers, accusing Prof. Fetter of, in effect, not following Occam’s Razor in his analysis of such events.  I happen to agree with the latter ‘gang’ regarding the Texas church shooting, which, although it still has many questions regarding it (more than one shooter reported; an apparently fake photo of the fingered fall guy; etc.) could very well have had some truth to it.  As with the Las Vegas ‘event,’ as a possible exercise gone live, to some extent.  More sleuthing will tell, and is needed, in all of these 'events's staged for nefarious purposes.  Hence my appreciation of a responder to those skeptical of Prof. Fetzer’s absolute take on the matter, below.)        


Thank you, Wendell, for your contributions to this thread. You have done precisely what needed to be done: respond to the critics with some homework. Ultimately, the WHOLE truth will out; in this matter, as in other such false flag ops. Which can consist of: total bs, or some bs & some truth. The Operation Gladio 'exercises' actually killed people, as did 9/11, e.g.. Good sleuthing, by Prof. Fetzer and others, have pretty much blown both the Sandy Hook 'FEMA Exercise' and the Boston Marathon Bombing 'Drill' as the total bs variety. So it pays to look more closely at such other 'actions' as Las Vegas and the Texas church ones, and not just take the MSM's take on them. The MSM is, after all, off good evidence by now, full of fake news - the NWO crowd at work. But even sleuths like Prof. Fetzer could get carried away with their hypotheses, and start assuming the 'worst' - i.e., total bs - to start with. So; discrimination, folks. Discrimination. 

We need both 'Prof. Fetzer' and 'Aristides' in looking at these sorts of events in our time.

Now for some more detail on this specific subject.

Very strange stuff concerning the Texas church shooting.  Although there is evidence that something actually did happen there, with both adults and children in fact shot and killed and wounded, the official narrative “does not add up,” as one Independent News blogger of the event put it.  Serious questions are involved, and especially about how quickly the FBI was on the scene (of an event that was labeled not a terrorist event, so why would the FBI have jurisdictional authority?), and directing things, including the removal of the bodies (from a crime scene, for heaven ’s sake; not photographing everything, for ‘crime scene integrity’/forensic evidence, and even controlling what happened to the bodies after removal.  Which would allow them to have the bodies surgically altered, to conceal the inconvenient truth - to the official narrative - that there was in fact, more than one perp and gun involved??  With said FBI agents even outrageously restricting the viewing associated with the caskets at the funerals???  And that the assumed dead were only identified by way of a photo given to the family, their not being allowed to view the body itself????!); etc. etc. * A situation most foul. 

This sort of thing should not be happening.  And especially not in America.  Where The People rule.  Not the state.  

All of you arrogant, New World Order sons of bitches, and bitches: 

Get your hands off my country.

This is not a ‘mental health’ event.  Except the mentality of the likes of the FBI agents involved.  And their masters.

As one poster to the Alt Media blogger put it:

“The deep state wants us so terrorized that we become willing to surrender our guns for the promise of protection.  The Police State is just around the corner now.”

That.  (Aka Ordo ab Chao.)  Or the breakthrough into

The New.

With ‘things’ having come to a head.

And those on the Dark side needing to decide if they are just players in The Play, and can release their current 'identity’.  Or truly believe in their nefarious attitudes.

And will go down with their ship, if so.

P.S. As I have said in these pages before: I didn't incarnate at this time to waste my time.
     Now, it feels as though
     time's up.
     And especially with the likes of the MIC's C4 objectives.
     See the Space Fence.  We have been ionized and rendered conductive, by such modalities/'delivery systems' as vaccines, chemtrails, and 'smart dust'.  The purpose?  Control.  Think corralled cattle.
     And thus have things been brought to a global head.  By the Dark forces.
     Thus allowing - energizing, if you will - the Light side to swing into action.  On that level.  And bring The Process to a state - the state.  The Final State -
     of Synthesis.
     The long Process
     At long - long - last.
     Allowing The Real Thing now to kick into action.
     What so many of us are here for.  At this special time.  For us individually.  Humanity as a whole.
     And Gaia.
     And the universe as a whole, for that matter.
     That very special matter.

* For example: A young survivor has said that she saw ‘the’ killer, dressed in black and masked, shoot himself in the head in the church.   (Mk-Ultra Mind Control??)  And another eyewitness, a wounded woman, has said that some of the shots were coming from the roof.  And another eyewitness has said that the choppers would take away people who were alive at the time, but were reported later as among the dead.
   Curiouser and curiouser.

On Seeing Red

The following sort of thing makes me see red, besides Red.  And I’m not even a Christian.  But it's the principle of the thing.*  And what's behind it.

Nobody with the consciousness of a snake deserves to get their way.

from ‘How The Communists Destroy Christmas And The Judicial System’ - Betty Freauf - November 11
Republican George W. Bush promoted a Christ-less Christmas. Santa Claus was acknowledged in the White House and Rudoph [sic] the Red-Nosed Reindeer but Jesus Christ? No! President Trump was on T.V. on 10/14 telling us we are going to celebrate Christmas this year.

“Robert Chandler in his 2008 book SHADOW WORLD says the Italian Gramsci-motivated radical Leftists continue to erase Christmas from the public domain.  Italian Gramsci went to Russia to study how Stalin and Lenin would get control of a country but came away claiming they did it all wrong by attacking the capitalists, which unfortunately, is what Christmas has become. He said what they had to do was to destroy the traditions and create Secular humanism, a political philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship, except the worship of man. When this philosophy of worldly things is placed into the hands of declared Marxists, it becomes an intellectual cudgel to smash the underpinnings of Christianity in American culture.


“Chandler describes how university professors and other intellectual elites, the news media and politicians, often in cooperation with the homosexual and feminists (pro-abortion) lobby groups, lead the charge against Christian values. By pulling new Marxist intellectuals from the population, the Left also capitalizes on any number of dupes, dopes, and useful idiots to pick up the arguments and repeat them over and over in a variety of communication channels. We saw that happen in the October Las Vegas massacre. Talking heads were all reading from the same script handed to them by the perpetrators of this tragic event.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if the media pundits gave the same coverage to the U.S. policies throughout the Middle East where members of those communities are having a difficult time escaping the destruction caused by Republican George W. Bush’s war on terrorism after 9/11 where Christians are being refused refugee status and face persecution and many times certain death for their religious beliefs while whole Muslim communities are entering the U.S. by the tens of thousands per month despite the fact they face no religious persecution.

“A letter to the editor in the 7/9/2012 NEW AMERICAN magazine thanked New American for the great lead article in the April 12 issue: Christian Massacres – a result of U.S. Foreign policy. It was from a first-generation American, born and raised in a New England Armenian community of remnants from the Genocide of 1915 in Turkey.  He said how much his honest, hard-working people in the Walmart story, he said he keeps seeing history repeat itself.  Both of these testimonies are less than ten years ago, folks.


“John Gibson of FOX News began his book, THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS, with one of the most inane true stories of modern America. A father accompanied his son to grammar school only to find banners and drawings celebrating “Happy Hanukkah” and the “Miracle of Kwanzaa,” but without the slightest reference to “Christmas.” However, a small undecorated tree was called a “Friendship Tree” was sitting on a table. Then the father asked the principal why it was not called a “Christmas Tree,” the chief educator replied:  “Oh, we’re trying to make sure we don’t offend people.”  The war on Christmas is a major battle between traditional American culture and the future envisioned by the radical Left.

“‘Traditional Christian beliefs have always been counter-cultural,’ Michael Novak at the American Enterprise Institute explained. ‘It was so in the days of Ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages, in the early period of the Enlightenment, and it is so today.’


Score one for the Marxist humanists. And then read Gibson’s book and score several more points for the progressive-socialist-Marxist ultra-Left  that shreds the religious meaning of Christmas; however, it was Republican George W. Bush who promoted a Christ-less Christmas. Santa Claus was acknowledged in the White House and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer but Jesus Christ? No! The White House had the Hannukkah celebration for the Jews. They had the Ramadan celebration for the Moslems. But when it came time for Christmas, supposedly the birth of Jesus – Santa Claus was there dressed up in a red costume with a white beard. And there also was Laura and George Bush. The White House official website had no one mention of Jesus Christ, and the world’s press noted that. No Jesus. And the official White House Christmas card was not a Christmas card this year but simply a greeting card.

“John Gibson selected several telling case studies that underline the successful efforts by the Left to make Christmas politically incorrect. This “War on Christmas” has many Americans uncertain: Shoulder I say “Merry Christmas”  Or would saying “Happy  Holidays” be safer, since the individuals may be of other faiths? Or should I say nothing at all? Will our politically incorrect president should he still be in office in December say “Merry Christmas” and to H_____ with the politically incorrect crowd and may the rest of us follow… To be totally honest, we should have never allowed Christmas to become so commercialized in the first place. But to replace it with other religions  is utterly absurd!

“On another level, says Chandler, images related to Christmas presented in public can be troublesome – not just crosses and nativity scenes, but also Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and even Rudolph’s red nose. Christmas carols? Forget it. Christmas may be Macy’s busy season and so it is for the ACLU and its three major anti-god consorts.


Chandler said four organizations lead the anti-Christian secularization of American culture. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American United for Separation of Church and State, People for the American Way, and Freedom From Religious Foundation. Each of the four anti-Christian groups apply the “Establishment Clause”- “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion: – of the First Amendment to the Constitution as a cover for their attacks against the “Free Exercise Clause - “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

“In addition, the anti-Christian groups are experts on the use of legal challenges to bludgeon communities and social groups into submissions.  Local government leaders often find it far less expensive to eliminate a Christian cross, no matter its historical accuracy, or eliminate a ChrIstmas crèche on public property than to defend these community-supported actions in legal battles.

“Together, the secular Marxist warriors, many of whom are from the ACLU, leave no stone unturned as they scour the countryside for even the slightest reference to Christianity on public signs, flags and banners, or use of the people’s property. When the ACLU obtained a photograph of a massive ceremony honoring the birthday of the Marine Corps, for example, a spokesman stated: 'For them to pray is clearly an establishment of religion, and we must nip this in the bud immediately.'

“Chandler says the ACLU has collected millions of dollars in awards from federal judges. Who pays? The cities, towns, and counties across the nation.  Ultimately, of course, the ACLU and its ilk is picking the pockets of the American people who build their coffers to pay their legal staff and for more assaults against the traditions of Americanism.


More than ten years ago, in August 2003, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told thousands of supporters he would be guilty of treason if he didn’t fight to keep the 5,300- pound  monument of the Ten Commandments in the rotunda of the state judicial building  After U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson in Montgomery ordered Moore to remove the monument from the judicial building and a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the monument was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by  government, a rally was organized   While about 35 atheists held a counter-protest across the street, buses and vans came from as far away as California and  brought Moore supporters to Montgomery for an enthusiastic rally on that hot and muggy morning. The police estimated the size of the crowd, which appeared to be several thousand people, possibly as many as 10,000.  Moore said his vowing to keep a monument of the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Capitol had nothing to do with him wanting to bolster his career but instead was an acknowledgement of God and Washington despises Judge Moore’s stance on this.

“In spite of the strong support by the GOP for his Republican opponent in the election to replace former Sen. Jeff Sessions who became appointed as U.S. Attorney General, 'Moore’s success seemed to be an indication that America is waking up and is fed up with the Satanic immorality put forth as politically correct by many of the powers that be and they are ready to deep-six that nefarious gang', said a police [sic?] advisor.

“And then he added 'Moore has been persecuted for his support of traditional Christian values and has been removed as Alabama chief justice twice, once for refusing to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from the state hall of justice, and a second time for telling local officials to ignore the U.S. Supreme court ruling favorable to same-sex marriage.'

“And now, 40 years after Moore won the Senate race against a Democrat are these women surfacing with their sexual allegation stories? Where were they when he filed to run? Or before he became a Judge?  


Meanwhile, back in liberal, socialist state of Oregon, Republican and Circuit Court Judge Vance Day, appointed to his position by Democrat Governor Kitzhaber who said he would bring much needed civil experience to the bench and would make the difference in people’s lives for the better is now being persecuted for opposing samesex marriage.   Judge Day quietly recused himself from performing any marriages once the Supreme Court recognized same sex marriages. The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness which investigates complaints regarding Oregon judges and a judge may be censured, suspended or removed.  There was no formal complaint and Vance has had far fewer affidavits of prejudice than his peers having received only 15 while most of his fellow judges have an average of 93.  Judges in our area said he’s one of the best judges they’ve ever seen calling him fair on both sides but now he is being called a hateful bigot and unfit to be a judge and, as usual, this Commission has unlimited funds to legally persecute him whereas he has been forced to hire an attorney and pay all the legal fees associated with this ridiculous charge.

“The Commission on Judicial Fitness has volunteers serving for four years and includes three judges appointed by the Supreme Court, three are lawyers appointed by the Oregon State Bar and three are citizens appointed by Democrat Governor Kate Brown and confirmed by the Democrat controlled Senate.  Brown is the highest ranking openly bisexual politician in the nation.   And out of the nine who currently serve, six are women.


“Starting in the mid-1960s, the Left made a concerted effort to take over our colleges and universities.  By converting American schools and universities into progressive-socialist-Marxist re-education camps, the radical Left anticipated that it would be able to trigger a cultural transformation within the next generation.  The curricula would no longer include Western civilization, civic education and other courses essential to understanding one’s linkage with traditional American institutions and values and if that malignant culture continued to metastasize we’d soon be a full blown Marxist country in one generation and America died while the church slept.  They’ve taken control, they’ve trampled on free speech, virtually banished conservative professors and turned our schools into little more than huge megaphones for anti-American rhetoric from coast to coast.

“[Read “The Coming Battle” Originally published in 1899, how the European socialists took over our colleges, universities and seminary’s in the late 1800s]


Progressive, Socialist, Marxist professors proclaim expertise in “cultural studies” and focus on “social constructs” rather than the realities of life. By assuming this intellectual “high” ground, they are allowed to practice Marxist politics from the shadow of Plato’s cave by inflicting their students with their hate filled explanation of American society.  The Marxist professors and other members of the radical Left scored enormous achievements on the underside of American society with carefully planned and executed political warfare. Making itself behind “political correctness” extremism, the radical Left convinced many Americans that an extreme social and cultural transformation is needed to cleanse the U.S. for a better future.

“Vance believes that Liberty of Conscience is a right given by God but if the U.S. Supreme Court eventually takes his case, he will need another $250,000 or more but they take one day at a time. (Matt 6:34) He writes that the State of Oregon has raised the stakes in this battle because he is the first judge to fight back and their plan is to drive him from the bench but so far have failed so they’ve taken the historical step of charging him with two felonies of 'aiding and abetting a felon in possession of a firearm.' He was helping a disabled veteran get back on his feet and one of his sons showed him an unloaded handgun, which the veteran picked up. Vance was not involved nor did he know his son had the gun with him.  “'t’s obvious we have arrived at a place where our government has decided to criminalize political differences,' said Day.

“Vance and I have both been Marion County GOP chairmen.  VANCE SAYS HE IS IN THIS BATTLE FOR THE LONG HAUL (Matt. 5:10-12) but his legal defense fund needs help, so donations can be sent to: JUDGE DAY LEGAL DEFENSE FUND,  P.O. BOX 1962, MERRIFIELD, VA 22116.1962 He has no idea I’ve included his story in this article. The bumptious scallywags at the Judicial Fitness Commission have taken the joy out of Christmas for him, his family and wife of more than 30 years but some donations to his fund will assure him we are standing with him.

“Within hours as I was getting ready to submit this article for posting, I received a note from Elizabeth, Vance’s wife who said the justices presiding over Vance’s ethics case decided not to dismiss the case. They have sold their home to pay for legal bills and are currently making the move to a 4th wheel trailer.  Phil. 4:19

“Before signing off, let me share with you a response I got from my last article.  '…"parents guilty until proven innocent” are the exact words spoken by the family court judge in Jefferson County, NY over my wife and I the day we were brought before him to be officially charged with child abuse and educational neglect. [My guess is they were home schoolers] Over a year later we were completely exonerated by CPS witnesses but the judge refused to release our handicapped daughter to our custody unless we admit to the original abuse and neglect charges. I’m sure we still appear on the state registry of convicted child abusers. Thanks for ringing the alarm again…'"

© 2017 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved

Betty Freauf

Author Email:

Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004. Betty, my long time political friend, was the first (along with Roy) to begin writing articles for News With Views which helped to make it the success it is today Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to

As I said at the end of my just-previous blog:

How long, O Humanity?  How long??

For it’s up to you, you know

You have your free will.

Use it.


* And especially when the judicial branch/Justice is perverted.
  There are some basically political prisoners languishing in jails in America as we speak.  They need to be released.
   But to continue.

On Adding Two And Two

1) from ‘BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines’ - Mike Adams - November 10
(Catholic researchers have found that a tetanus vaccine used by WHO in Kenya a few years ago, targeted for the young female population, had an - unannounced - anti-fertility agent built into it.)
kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 10)

(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News.)

It's deja vu all over again: In the mid-‘90s I read a report about how Catholic researchers (again) had found that TPTB had used this very device - a tetanus-shot campaign targeting young females in the early ‘70s - to deliver an anti-fertility agent, most probably the very same one mentioned in this story out of Kenya, to similar females in three other Developing-world countries (I forget precisely which ones). I assumed that, because I had come across information on that project, that sort of thing would be discontinued as a result of public protest. Wrong.

Do people not read? Yes. But such is the power of the MSM that if a story is not followed up on by responsible reporting, it will be buried, out of sight. Until the next go-round. By persistent, and powerful, true believers in their cause.

Our planetary numbers will come down when Developing-world peoples CHOOSE to have fewer babies, from measures - besides contraception - that guarantee that their children will survive to take care of them in their old age, so they won't have to have so many to accomplish that purpose. That will come about ideally by application of such public health measures as cleaner water, better hygiene, and better nutrition - precisely what was bringing down the levels of all the childhood diseases in Developed countries BEFORE the advent of the vaccines for them.

We don't need more vaccines. We need more common sense.

2) from ‘Biggest Name In News Caught In Fake News ‘Sex’ Blunder’’ - Bob Unruh - November 10
Reference is to how the AP “deleted a…tweet about two transgender City Council members elected in Minneapolis because it misidentified one of them as a woman. A replacement tweet is upcoming.”  What’s this about??  It’s about how two ‘transgenders’ were just elected to the Council, one a male self-identifying as a woman and the other a female self-identifying as a man.  Presumably the mistake by the AP came by their referring to/‘identifying’ the woman as a woman (and thus running into PC trouble, besides the confusion ensuing).  In any event, the Comments thread is having a field day on the story.  But no one is getting to the crux of the matter.  I tried to post a comment, starting out “To shine a little scientific light on the subject…,” but, as has been the case for a while now, the wnd site and I don’t get along (are mismatched somehow, so to speak): It keeps jumping around on me, apparently something to do with the ads, and it either takes forever for my typing to register, or it simply won’t be picked up at all, without the little Wait multicolored revolving wheel cursor indicating an interruption in the electronics, to the point where often I have to Force Quit and Restart my machine.  Very annoying.
(This is very suspicious, particularly because I can’t post anything on another conservative site as well, with the electronics somewhat similarly getting in the way.  Other people’s stuff gets posted at both sites, so I can only assume that I have been personally ‘censored’.  Which makes me not a happy camper at all.  To say the very least.)  
I was going to say something like the following (as I have shared on a number of Comments threads in the past; but the point can’t be ‘broadcast’ enough - and especially given the point raised in my response to the article above, where some information regarding another major social matter, in that case the use of vaccines to surreptitiously cause miscarriages and infertility in Third World young women, has not been acted on even though the subject reached the public in the ’90s):   

“To shine a little scientific light on the subject: It turns out that at a particular, early stage of fetal development - as I recall from my reading on the subject,  it is the 8-10-week period - if there is an imbalance of hormones in the hormonal bath that the fetus is developing in, its brain can be affected to the point where a male-patterned brain can be ‘wired’ into a genetically female fetus and vice versa and every stop along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies.  

“There are a number of potential causes for such an imbalance.  An abnormality in the adrenal glands of either the developing fetus or the mother or both.  Stress - of all kinds, physical, mental, emotional (it is known that a higher incidence of homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars than the ’normal’ background ‘noise’ could account for, e.g.).  Estrogen mimics/ endocrine disrupters in the environment, from the likes of plastics, pesticides, and The Pill.  But perhaps most alarmingly, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus.

“Thus, we have been visited by a tragedy of our own making.  It is time and past that we cleaned up our act in this matter.  Which is an environmental one; and thus, capable of correction.  By a society able at least to add two and two.” 


3) And synchronistically enough is this article posted this evening on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s site:

‘Vaccines - Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?’ - Dr. Mercola - November 10/11 (film)

“The multiple award-winning documentary, "The Greater Good," was initially released in 2011. Five years later, the tragic truth about the toxic effects of vaccines on brain and immune system health that was revealed in this ground-breaking film is as true today as it was when it was first shown in film festivals around the country.

“Weaving together stories of families whose lives have been forever altered by vaccine damage, the documentary reveals how modern medicine, especially when driven by politics, ideology and big business, can rob you of some of your most basic human rights, including voluntary, informed consent to medical risk-taking.

“The results of such politically- and financially-driven public health policies can be devastating. "The Greater Good" is a provocative but thoughtful and well documented examination of hot button vaccine topics. Uniquely, it includes the perspectives of prominent voices messaging differently about vaccination in mainstream media today — both those pushing for mandatory vaccination policies and those opposing forced vaccination policies.

“The profiles of families, whose children have been injured or even died from vaccination are heartbreaking, and it is infuriating to learn about the short cuts that government and industry take to fast track vaccines like Gardasil, and how too many doctors dismiss vaccine reactions as "a coincidence." The film ends with a bittersweet but hopeful message, urging positive change to reduce fear so that parents, doctors and legislators can work together to protect the health of all children and prevent vaccine injuries and deaths…”

Indeed, Dr. Mercola.  Indeed.

I came across all this sort of information - on both the terrible downsides of vaccines and of the effects on fetal brain development going on - in the ’90s.

How long, O Humanity?  How long??