Sunday, 31 December 2017

On Intimations Of Immortality

       On Intimations

In our Creator’s kingdom
There are many living spaces
                        (and even
                         hiding places,
        foolishly; as though
              the Creator
                  of it all
        knows not whereof
                   it all),
             in this dimension
And others;
                   and it is time
          to go exploring
          in further fields
Than ever heretofore.

And this is just One
             of many
             of such

            See you
    on a further shore
         than this one

      If it were not true
  I would have told you.

        to intimations -
                 and only
           intimations - 
        of immortality

          for the lucky

  Who see The Process
      to its conclusion

            in being



           in Your 

         own right


            And so

            it goes.


            and on

            and on…

Saturday, 30 December 2017

On Sinking Ships Or Worthy Causes:

Take YOUR Pick

from; ‘Adios, California: Democrat Governor Signs Sanctuary State Bill’ - October 6
(“Gov. Jerry Brown, the top liberal in a state lousy with them, just signed California’s death warrant. The governor signed “sanctuary state” legislation on Thursday, which will sharply limit how and when local law enforcement officials can cooperate with federal immigration agencies. The bill, known as SB 54, will become official state law in January.
Democrats are hailing it as a major step in the oh-so-honorable war on the Trump administration – a chance for California to stand up and protect its 2 million illegal immigrants from deportation. Great news for them, great news for the businesses that depend on them for cheap labor, but not-so-great news for California citizens who value the rule of law. Or the economy. Or, in many cases, their lives…”)


I am not a Democrat but i live in California and pay all their ridiculous taxes so give me a break will ya, i voted for Trump and i still support him.


  • Jim Tuggle
    Charles Girard 3 months ago 

  • Then you and like minded citizens need to band together and remove this cancer infecting your's your state, act like it

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What you don't realize is that as much as we would like to take back our state, we are so inundated with liberals that they even voted to take the 2 top vote getters from the primary to put on the ballot for Senator so we ended up with 2 democrats to choose from and then the horror of Kamela Harris is what we ended up with. I wish everyone the best as Harris is talking about running for President in 2020 and she is much like Brown. As long as Southern CA and the Bay Area have the higher concentration of liberal voters, it doesn't really matter how we vote because CA is going to remain a liberal weirdo state unless a lot of people wake up and smell the roses.

  • kibitzer3 Janet 3 months ago (i.e., October)
  • The key has now been handed us, by the passage and signing of this bill. It means that the state is flouting federal law, in an area that involves federal responsibility and supremacy, i.e., our border security. So, Pres. Trump needs to send in federal marshals, and arrest the gang leaders of this insurrection - and including the authorities of those cities that have likewise flouted the federal law in this matter. And we start taking back our country, state by law-flouting state.
  • I am a resident of CA, and I am sick and tired of my vote meaning NOTHING, because of the plethora of illegal aliens who have taken over the vote in this state. Voting is a charade here. No photo ID required - no ID of ANY kind required; a Motor Voter Law that automatically registers anyone who applies for or renews their driver's license; and it is now legal for illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license here. Voting in this state is a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a delusion, an illusion. I hope that Pres. Trump sees the Opportunity in this latest move, by these criminals in charge of this state.
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  •  richard king kibitzer3 3 months ago 

  • Yes! First thing, we need a federal task force to clean up the voter rolls, backed by force, if necessary. It was done before at Birmingham and Little Rock.

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  • Lisa Meyer kibitzer3 3 months ago
  • It is worse than that. I am on Medi-Cal, and every year I get a packet in the mail from Health and Human Services, to update my eligibility info. Guess what was in the packet this time? Yep! A voter Registration form!
  • And also, Idiot Brown just signed a bill last week to move the voting Primary from June to March, I think it was. He says it will help Californians votes have more impact. What he really meant was that it will help all of the illegals get their votes in before the candidates are already decided by the rest of the country..
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  • Ernest Pearson kibitzer3 3 months ago
  • He needs a federal judge to allow him to withhold money from ALL    
  • sanctuary cities! If necessary, take it to the Supreme Court .
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  • jmortensen kibitzer3 2 months ago 

  • WELL Said !

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  • James Rederburg
    kibitzer3 21 hours ago (December 29)

  • Brown's criminal voter rules, illegally make Democraps able to violate the
  • law. Brown is a criminal racketeer and can be prosecuted for violating the Federal Rico Act. As a State of the Union, we can't tolerate criminal policies practiced in the Governor's office. Why haven't the Federal authorities addressed this attack on our Constitutional rights? NO ONE WANTS TO ENFORCE THE LAW they have been paid to perform.

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My AMEN to that.


Also a resident, agree 150%!!!!!!!


Bella Gray kibitzer3 2 hours ago (December 30)

People are leaving CA in droves. Perhaps you should see if you can find a way to do the same. There is an organization helping people find new jobs outside CA.


  • kibitzer3
    Bella Gray a few seconds ago (December 30)

  • I understand the concept of 'Living to fight another day,' Bella; and so sometimes you need to quit the field of battle, out of expediency. But The Union is too important to give up on; and there are some vey evil entities who want to take over this state, and make of it a UN protectorate of its own, under El Presidente Brown. On the way to the overthrowing of the U.S.A., to replace it with merely a part of a region of their totalitarian NWO.

  • Sorry. I ain't buying it.

  • Here I stand.

  • Thanks anyway, for the info.

Dear Child Of Mine

Dear Child Of Mine,

I appreciate your concern for 'the environment'.  That means that you are 'getting' an important life lesson: the importance of having an awareness of the consequences of one's actions; and thus, acting accordingly.

But another important such lesson is described in the expression, to 'check your premises'.  Someone might possibly be trying to sell you (another clever expression) 'a pig in a poke'.

And further, a university is - ideally - a place for the investigation of a) knowledge, and b) ideas.

That's all.

Oh - and just one more thing, while I'm at it.   ('It': giving some hints about Life.)

When a certain subject comes up, please consider a bit of wisdom:

that a truly responsible parent doesn't give the keys to the family Cadillac to a 15-year-old, to do with as he, or she, will.

I hope you don't mind some words of advice, dear Child of mine.  They are meant with good intentions.

As for 'good intentions,' ...well.

That's enough about Lessons for today.

Fishing For Answers

First of all, a personal note:

When I was in the Army - drafted, and as a C.O. (conscientious objector), and thus having my Basic Training specifically to become a Medic - I 'served my time' over in South Korea, where I was assigned to the Medical Battalion of the U.S. 7th Division.  Soon after my arrival there, after a talk to a group of us by a guy who played in the Division’s theatrical band, and who encouraged any of us with any sort of talent to get involved in that sort of activity while we were in the Army, and whom I talked with afterwards about my interest in writing, I ended up getting assigned to Special Services, which was the unit responsible for the Division’s Sports, Library, and Entertainment Sections; the latter of which sections I ended up being the Director of, a fancy title that ‘covered’ for a cushy job while in the military of writing touring Soldier Shows, and doing all the arranging for other touring groups into the 7th Division, both Soldier Shows and stateside USO touring groups, amid other interesting aspects of the job.  Somewhere along the line a nice Jewish guy ended up in the Entertainment branch under me, all unbeknownst to me.  I figured that he must have made it there through some connection with some of the Jewish guys who were part of the Soldier Show team.  And talented guys they were.  But not this guy.  He had no talent per se.  But I wrote him into the one show that I was involved in putting together, nevertheless.  (These were skits; not a full-blown production, as on Broadway.)  The main point I want to make here is that, when he was scheduled to finish his Draft time in the Service, and I asked him what he was going to do when he went back home, he said words to the effect: “I’m going to get involved in the UN.  We really need to change things in the world.”  And that was that.  

Interesting, I thought. And I let it go at that.  Until many years later, when I discovered that many Jews have felt that same way.  And have filled not only the registers at the UN.  But in our country’s State Department.  And Department of Justice/the FBI.1  And as ‘justices’ in our court system.  And controlling the MSM, and Hollywood.  And so forth.

Just like the Communists did, after WWII.  Which occasioned the whole Hiss-Chambers controversy, and the Senate McCarthy hearings,2 and the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings,3 and so forth.  

I mention this, because I am aware, now, after many years of reading about all this sort of thing - i.e., of a centuries-long Plan to take over the world, especially by Babylonian Talmudists - that such as ‘the Jews’ (a catch-all term that should by rights distinguish between ‘good’ Jews and ‘Them’; the latter aka the Khazarian Mafia/Rothschild Zionists) have a passion for subverting every country that they get a handle in (and which has caused them to be kicked out of country after country in the world’s - or at least the European - history).

Take, for current example, the Fisher family, out of San Francisco.  A Jewish family, they have been involved in many worthy causes, particularly including education and ’the environment’.  However, in terms of the latter category, they have been involved in a very suspicious activity: After purchasing a huge acreage of land in northern California, they instituted a program of what is called ‘hack and squirt’ - a process, ostensibly to clear out hardwood to allow the conifers to have more space for sunlight to reach them, for their timber (a business that the family curiously got into, from their origins in ‘the rag trade’), but which activity has resulted - surprise surprise - in a huge acreage of dead standing trees, which provided the fuel for the recent fires in northern California.   Which is clearing the land.  Of people.  For the imposition of the UN’s Agendas 21 and 2030.4            

The whole story is contained in the following article:

from ‘Rewilding Is the Agenda 21 Motivation for the California Fires’ - Dave Hodges - December 28
(“In the following video, [Deborah] Tavares predicts the Agenda 21 fires and she predicted the event 3 years in advance of the event…”
Consummate researcher Tavares in a couple of video iv’s with Jeff Rense; laying the operation out in spades.
Go to the site for the video links.) 

Brian Dirks December 28, 2017 at 10:54 am

While I agree with you on what you say on most issues….this is not one of them. As a California firefighter privy to the investigations of the Napa and Sonoma fires….I know these fires were not started on purpose. Power lines slapping together in 85 mph winds and then transformers blowing throwing sparks is what caused the fire starts. Also, in the terms of rural….these are far from rural areas. There full of libtard elitests who are rich and get richer from ttheir fellow elites ,who buy their products. If you burn the famous California wine country on purpose to drive people out of the area (not going to happen) than where will they the elites get their wine? Can’s say I agree with this one, this isn’t like burning out rural Siskiyou, Trinity and Shasta Counties. Fire in Nor Cal will never get anyone to leave rural areas for cities. I know I live their and fight fire every year. Living in the rural west and dealing with fires is as natural as living in Kansas and dealing with tornadoes, or the Mississippi gulf coast and dealing with hurricanes. Just not a catalyst useful to get people to leave the rural west Dave. Sorryy. [sic]

Stan S. December 30, 2017 at 2:01 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

To Brian Dirks:

High winds and intentional stands of dead trees…An artificial High that has been standing off the West Coast for some time, causing drought in CA…A UN master plan to get people off the countryside and into Smart Cities, where they can be controlled, and fed with the modern-day equivalent of bread and circuses……

I don’t think so, Brian. But nice try.

The operation:

As indicated, this is a long-standing operation, particularly out of the UN, to come in and control this country - or what is left of it, after the machinations of ‘the Cabal,’ ‘the Illuminati,’ whatever name one wants to give TPTB - whom Trump is calling on their activities.  And thus, the huge animosity towards him, from the bought-and-paid-for MSM, and their other actors, on the grassroots level - Antifa, and BLM, and so forth.  They were originally shooting for control under Bush Sr.,5 but Reagan came out of the West on his white horse and screwed the deal for awhile; so much so that this bunch of erstwhile World Controllers are out to make damn sure that they don’t get screwed over again - which Trump is threatening to do.  And thus, the heightened intent to take him out.  By impeachment.  Or assassination.  It makes no difference to them.  People are mere cattle, to them.  To be manipulated into doing what their erstwhile masters want them to do.  Or be done away with.  

Disgusting people.

Interesting times.

Let’s see how this plays out. 

Me.  I’ll place bets on our Creator Source coming through, for the home team.

Who will win out over a mere tribal god - or an actual entity called Lucifer; same difference - any day.


1 How far we have come from the good old days of The Untouchables…
  N.B. Ever notice how many Jewish names are involved in all the machinations going on???
   There are no coincidences.
   (And remember to distinguish between the ‘good’ type and the Bad Guys.  We are individuals, remember.  Not, like, stands of timber.  To be culled en masse.)

2 Contrary to subsequent notoriety, they were actually on to something.

3 Ditto.

4 It would be interesting to see if the Fishers had taken out extensive fire insurance (or any kind of insurance; as for high winds/hurricanes) on their cash crop.
   Which is much like asking if Larry Silverstein had taken out (major) insurance on his purchase of the World Trade Center white elephants (for needing extensive renovation work, to get rid of the asbestos) - and specifically including for terrorist attack.
   Which is also like asking if people actually do this sort of thing.
   Some people.
   The criminally minded.
   For whom the end justifies the means.
   Any and all means.
   Including blowing people to smithereens.
   But to continue.
5 And actually well before that (and not to get into the equivalent of ancient history, i.e., pre-FDR, and immediately post-JFK).

Friday, 29 December 2017

On War Rooms And Tea Parties

from YouTube/Operation Hal: ‘Roger Stone: Post X-mas Intel on Trump Presidency’ - December 27
(The War Room guys talk about Carl Bernstein coming out strongly against Trump, ignoring all the evidence coming out about the corruption in the FBI, etc.)

1 second ago (December 29)

Carl, you wouldn't be a part of the Our Crowd that is attempting to establish a totalitarian New World Order, would you?

from ‘WCKG Radio Manager Say UN Troops In Chicago’ - Dave Hodges - December 27
(And Hodges reports on another such warehouse & contents in Maryland…
…and Sam Adams WAS an ancestor of mine.  Maybe that explains what I am feeling, right about now……)

Stan S. December 29, 2017 at 2:35 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I am not a violent person. But if something were to happen to those warehouses, and their contents, I wouldn’t have a moment’s loss of sleep over it.

Not my country, you won’t.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Notes For My Day

I note that my cynic is taking over. post-Christmas Day 2017...

1) From: 
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 1:46 PM
To: Stan Stanfield
Subject: FYI: McCain And Clinton Forced To Wear Ankle Monitors For Upcoming Criminal Trial
Anonymous EXPOSED - McCain And Clinton Forced To Wear Ankle Monitors For Upcoming Criminal Trial | Anonymous EXPOSED  Please Donate & Support This Channel: ...

What do you think..?


It would appear to be the case.  However, we over here can't get our hopes up too high.  We keep hearing about the White Hats being in control of things, and starting to take down the Bad Guys, starting at the low-hanging fruit, with small-fry child porn watchers.  And a bunch of politicians HAVE decided not to run for new terms. (A plea-bargain deal???)  And Trump DID release an E.O. declaring a form of martial law on people engaged in various corrupt enterprises.  But something big was supposed to happen around Christmas time, with this 'Q' person (I believe Q is Donald J. Trump Jr., with a clue having appeared on Q's stuff some time ago, in the form of '4 10 20' and then some time later '4 10 20 10 19,' which is a dead giveaway for D J T J R; and Q is extremely close to what is going on in the White House) posting a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day, and I have yet to see anything on the Internet about such a 'crossing' in our real time.  Not that we would hear about it on our terribly corrupted MSM (it's a monopoly of TPTB); but nothing has come up on the Independent Media yet, about such a major taking-over.  

But Ol' New Ager Stan will still hope for the best.  (Hey - it's all we've got.)



2) From: 
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 1:56 PM
To: Stan Stanfield
Subject: Re: Dystopia

Have you seen "Blade Runner 2049"? It's really quite good, with a story and everything. Long and immersive. Sure it's wall-to-wall dystopia but still better than the 'real world'.

The past will always find you. Watch the NEW #BladeRunner2049, in theaters October 6. -- Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD ...

"Rebel in the Rye" also not bad. About J D Salinger, obviously…
REBEL IN THE RYE (2017) Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Spacey, J.D. Salinger Movie HD © 2017 - IFC Films Comedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action M...

'Have I seen 'Blade Runner 2049'?'  I haven't seen a movie in years and years.  Not even on my computer.  Got out of the habit a long time ago, living at the community, with no wheels to get to Inverness for anything of substance.  (Went there a couple of times when [a mutual friend] organized a busload of us.)  And you're talking to a guy who grew up with/on movies, and always felt that movies could change the world.  For the better.  And wanted to make such a movie.  But that's another story.

This one looks good.  Makes me wish - a bit - that I had seen the Matrix series; that seems to have had some profound stuff in it/them.  But I am really put off by the dystopian thing.  As you sort of said: Life itself is bd enough, these days.  Personally, I'm holding out for Breakthrough.  But then, you know that.  Ol' New Age Stan, and all.  Ascension process, and all.  (Anything to get us out of this hellhole of a make-believe reality.)  

As for the Salinger one: Mixed feelings.  On the one hand, it feels a bit discourteous.  The guy really liked his privacy.  But on the other hand, if it opens Salinger up to a whole new generation - why not.  His stuff was good stuff.  Deserves to be read.  And read.  And read.  

I never read whatever it was that he wrote towards the end of his career; the thing with the very uncatchy title, apparently quite a reminiscence thing for him, and his cast of characters.  Mostly because it was never available wherever I was; and now there are hardly any bookstores left, and certainly not any that carry oldies but goodies.  At least not in my city.  A shame.  Nothing like browsing in the good old dusty bookstores of good old days.

I guess that really dates me.

Anyway: Thanks for the tips.  I'll keep an eye out on the Red Box movie dispenser at my local supermarket for these titles.

A dull boy, I am, these days.


3a) I realize that part of my being in a bit of a funk today/this evening is that I also just heard, from another friend from my community days, that one of our mates there has just died; who had come down with Alzheimer's - a Brit who, 'in his day,' could rattle off more information about our U.S. presidents than even I knew, and who I had come close to from his being on my KP team at Cluny for what seems, in retrospect, many years - and, moreover, this, with my having just today read about a natural cure for AD, on a holistic medicine email site that I take.  With the National Health Service over there just as taken over by the pharmaceutical industry as our own medical system, leaving the public there knowing only what they're told by their system, and wedded to it just as Obama was trying to get this country wedded to its own form of socialized medicine, my friend didn't stand a chance.  

And speaking of money; my final 'thought for the day':

3b) Bah Humbug - To The Feministas

from ‘CNN: Should We Retire ‘Inherently Sexist’ Movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?’ - Thomas B. Williams/Breitbart - December 27
(“Seen through the revisionist prism of radical feminism, the classic Frank Capra film starring James Stewart and Donna Reed becomes part of a patriarchal plot to keep women subjected to men.
After all, “if gorgeous, brilliant Mary had never met her George Bailey,” she would have never ended up working in a library, [CNN writer Carol] Costello suggests. Poor Mary threw away a stellar career for the mere love of a man.”)


Better to retire CNN!


  • Jim Jordan
    dosadoe 6 hours ago 

  • Retire CNN? The sooner the better. I have come to believe thatrCNN stands for Criminal Communist News. If everyone who believes that this is one of the top fake news sources would write the various sponsors and threaten to boycott their product if they keep advertising on CNN YOU WOULD SEE A HUGE CHANGE IN THE CNN ORGANIZATION> Money talks!

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    • kibitzer3
      Jim Jordan a few seconds ago (December 27)

    • No. CNN was created to give us the NWO message of change they believe in. They themselves won't change; it's in their DNA. Just stop watching.


Cynical I Am...

...not happy at all with the people who have the upper hand, these dark days.  And darkening.

But then - or at least, As they say:

It's always the darkest before dawn.

Let's hope.

Something Old...

First for Something Old:

from ‘INSANITY: Teacher fired for “misgendering” a student sues school, calls policies “totalitarian”’ - Robert Jonathan of Natural News - December 25
(A genetically female student who ‘self-identified’ as a male complained about, er, its teacher’s ‘mistake’…
This particular instance happened over in the UK.  But the situation is rife all over the so-called Developed world…)

Stan S. December 27, 2017 at 12:00 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

The reality is that the fetal brain can be affected at an early stage of development in its hormonal bath – as I recall from my reading on the matter, it is the 8-10-week period – whereby a male-patterned brain can be ‘wired’ into a genetically female body and vice versa and every stop along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies. There are various possible causes of such a hormonal imbalance. Abnormal adrenal glands of the developing fetus or the mother or both. Environmental effects (think particularly: water supply) as from the likes of plastics and pesticides and The Pill. Stress, of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional (there is evidence that more homosexually-oriented babies are born in the wake of wars that the ‘normal’ background ‘noise’ can account for, e.g.). But perhaps most alarmingly is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard for their potential effect on the developing fetus. We, in short, have been and are being monstrously careless in our awareness in these regards. It’s well past time that we woke up to what is going on – like to the canary in the coal mine – and cleaned up our act in this matter, of gender dysphoria. A reasonably intelligent race would have done so long ago.


I wrote something very like this back in the '90's when I first came across info regarding this phenomenon (of what got called 'BrainSex' in a very telling book about the subject at that time).  I'm getting very tired of our seeming inability to look into this phenomenon, and realize that it is, indeed, a canary in a coal mine, and we are being terribly lax in applying the intelligence that could do something about it.  Come ON, Humanity.  You can do better than what you are doing. And in many areas.

In the meantime:

As for Something New:

In reading a little further in one of my research books on the founding of Christianity - this one being one that I referred to in yesterday's blog (or more specifically, in a P.S. to the Comment that I made to the site in question), i.e., 'The Secret Society of Moses' - I discovered the telling little fact that the 'secret priestly organization' that accompanied Jewish general-cum-governor-cum-historian Josephus Flavius to Rome, as an outgrowth of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Titus in 70 C.E., was responsible for a) the centralized ecclesiastical hierarchy in the new religion, of Christianity, and b) the reason why the new Church required celibacy of said hierarchy.  First, the form was the exact replica of the Jewish religion - except that in the Jewish faith the priesthood was hereditary, i.e., passed from father to son.  The 'secret priestly organization,' not wanting its presence known about (due to its plan, devised with the aid of Josephus, to take over their Roman oppressor from the inside), and wanting to control the appointments of bishops to the new religion, instituted celibacy in the top ranks of the new religion in order to keep priestly dynasties developing outwith their control; in conjunction with the 'rule' to make such appointments subject to the 'apostolic succession' of the bishop of Rome - who was their handpicked man.

The presumption is that this was all done in collaboration with Josephus and the Flavian imperial-family team that created the Gospels - that they created the legend of Peter as being the first bishop, and thereby controlled the whole scam from the center, in Rome.  (And thus, why The Roman Catholic Church fought so hard against the Reformation: They lost control of the whole of The Church that they created through that process.)  

The author of this book, Fllavio Barbiero, doesn't understand that a piece of the puzzle of the whole thing is that Paul was (highly apparently) the alter ego of Josephus - not a personage in his own right; as other researchers have sleuthed out (with 'Paul' and Josephus's lives paralleling to an impossibly coincidental extent).  But that's not to denigrate the important research work that he has done, into this whole murky business; which has kept humanity from the truth of the matter for far too long.

In its way, like the shorter version of the truth behind something coming to light, of 'gender dysphoria,' has been doing.

And to note here:

So that is why the top echelons of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy have been so infected, and infested, with the likes of pedophiles: They have been continually riddled with, in effect, secret Talmud worshipers.

And for whom Mercury is constantly retrograde...

And so why the Jews feel so superior to Christians, and that they are the world's rightful rulers (and thus keep trying to take over wherever they are; in recalling their heyday when they - secretly - ruled over the Roman Empire.  And established the royal houses of Europe.  Besides feeling thus entitled from the 'authorization' by the tribal god of the Hebrews as recorded in the Old Testament; who was obviously one of the Anunnaki, of another story): they have put one over on the goyim, big time.

(And to think that I once almost submitted myself to the Roman Catholic Church's control, in looking for a monastic Order by which to leave this terribly corrupted world behind.  For good...)

Getting there...         

And as for Something Borrowed:

Along with the Common Sense Show article cited above, Dave Hodges, whose site it is, had reported on a story out of Illinois: of how the state, and especially Cook County, is about to go bankrupt.  The state has borrowed way more than it can ever repay, particularly as regards public servant pension mandates. Which may well be a part of The Plan for the state under the direction of Chicago's mayor, Rahm 'Never let a good crisis go to waste' Emanuel, and friends in high state-government places.  (Much like the 'secret priestly organization' of Jews behind the development of the new religion of Christianity.)  It has already been put about that UN troops are scheduled to go into Cook County, to help take control of a process of gun confiscation; now the report is that said UN troops (which organization TPTB have been secretly developing control over for a long while.  Ever since its inception - and before - as a matter of hard cold fact) will also be used to keep general order in the state - as it faces its bankruptcy - as things get very hairy, like a huge malevolent creature.  And which process includes its apparent 'right' to just go into people's bank accounts and seize their money.   As the federal government already alleges that it has a right to do. 

They've got us surrounded.

Boy, they should start worrying, about now......

..And lastly, for Something Blue:

It's a shame that it all has to come down to this sort of crappy ending.

But that's the scenario that we allowed to play out.

Time to own up to it.

And hope for the best.

Hope, that is, that 

life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.

That there is a God.  After all.

After, that is to say, 

all the Drama is said and done.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Rendering Unto Caesar

1) from ‘Causes for Peace’ - Anna Von Reitz - December 25
(Anna likening the “Middle East situation’ to an incident between her older sister and herself, where her sister claimed some things upon the death of their father that ‘rightfully’ belonged to Anna, and which state of affairs the sister is now recognizing, by wanting to make peace about it all (and which Anna 'let go of' a long time ago).  Anna quotes the Old Testament to say that the Arabs/Muslims should leave ‘Israel’ and let their own peoples - the both of them being branches of the same patriarchal tree - take them in, and make their portion of ‘the desert’ bloom, with the modern technology regarding irrigation filling their needs; thus letting ‘the Jews/Israelis’ have what is ‘theirs’ by right of God’s command…which response to the situation, though well-meaning on her part, made my hackles rise.  Hence my comment:)


First of all: This is a just universe. The universe operates by laws, and Law; and in our human domain, we should operate by law that is just, and which thereby reflects the larger reality of which this life is a part. As referenced in the spiritual observation: As Above, So Below. [Having said that:] It does not seem fair to me that Jews can simply come into a land that they - i.e., bloodline Jews, and not just converted Jews, like the Khazarian/European Jews - have not inhabited for thousands of years and just take over, rudely dispossessing what are called Palestinians in our day, i.e., peoples who HAVE lived on that land for thousands of years. 

And especially not when said interlopers have acted in a criminal manner whilst claiming that land (and wishing to extend their boundaries to a 'Greater israel,' wanting to take more of the surrounding land, now belonging to, and occupied by, other countries). And besides their local criminality against the occupied people, their criminality extending to acts of war against the U.S., and other countries. I refer to such atrocities as: the Lavon Affair. The attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty. Their acts of omission regarding the bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut. Their acts of both omission and commission regarding the particularly heinous atrocity that has come to be known as 9/11. And there are other such actions, of a rogue nation.

Let the modern state of Israel own up to its various crimes. And then let's talk about what is right. And honorable. And just.


2) from ‘The Number One Enemy of Most Christians Is Their Church’ - Dave Hodges  - December 25
(“As this Sunday comes and goes, I will not be attending my former church. With a scant few exceptions the church has been invaded in the same manner that our Constitution has been obliterated. Why won’t I be attending my church? Because I want to save my soul for eternity…”)
Dave haranguing 501-C3 churches for ’making a deal with the devil’ in buying into Romans 13 in order to keep their tax-exempt status, and thus not calling the government on various immoral activities going on in the country.  Bible-wise and common sense-wise.)

Stan S. December 26, 2017 at 1:38 am
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Dave, with all due respect for your extremely sincere desire to live a ‘godly’ life: Romans 13 says what it says because the New Testament was a creation of members of the Flaviam imperial family, principally of Josephus Flavius, a Jewish general-cum-governor-cum-historian adopted into that imperial household for services rendered to emperor Vespasian, considered a god (whom Josephus, something of a prophet, and of the priestly line of his family of origin, predicted would become Caesar), his elder son, Titus, made out to be the Son of Man to ‘fulfill’ Jewish biblical lore (who sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple, for the Jews being so stiff-necked as not to call the Roman caesar Lord), and later in the emperor line, the younger son Domitian. The amazing story is told in the remarkable, and extremely well-researched, book ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’ by Joseph Atwill. In short: Humanity has been conned, by some people who were simply out for power and riches.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. In any event: We need to continue our search for Truth. It’s out there. (Like the X-Files said.)* Those who stay the course will reap the just rewards.

Stan S. December 26, 2017 at 1:45 am
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P.S That should be spelled ‘Flavian’. I couldn’t read it on your Comment site; the print there is far too faint for my poor old eyes to pick up clearly.

Incidentally, another book highly recommended along this line: ‘The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia’ by Flavio Barbiero.

We live in interesting times…


(* This parenthetical throw-in was a play on the fact that in a previous posting just above this one, Hodges talked about how he used to really enjoy listening to the X-Files, as lead-in to a true story just out about how a young UFO researcher in Brazil, who was just about to post s huge volume on his findings, has gone missing, and likened the matter to that oldie but goodie TV series.)