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Walking A Fine Line - Mach II

Never say die…

1) from TeaPartyC.C.: 'Obama Supporter: Impeachment may be best for Obama and US' -  Nat'l Dir. Dee - Mar. 30 (orig. posted at - by Junior Campbell - Mar. 29)

Reply by Triptolemus 18 hours ago  (early Mar. 31)

At this point, impeaching chalaque obama [N.B. A great word to describe him!    Look it up - Ed.] will only reunite his disenchanted followers, solidify his support and his high place in history; it will fan the flames of racism to the point we will have continued riots. Since congress is not willing to oppose him now, after the damage he has done already, it's clear they will never remove him from office. If they won't remove him, or oppose his policies, why impeach him? This will turn him into a glorified martyr.
The truth is all of the democrats and all of rove's rinos want what obama is doing.

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Sorry, I just can't agree with you.
Because you answered your own question, "Why impeach him": Not only because he deserves it, but also because all the citizens-in-name-only in government see the great advantages of his remaining in power for them personally -- they can hide their corruption behind his and he surely has promised them he will be loyal as long as they serve his purposes (yes they are that stupid) and their basic agenda is the same. To defeat him and them, impeachment (even w/o removal) is a crushing loss of political capital and much less influence to sell. They cannot destroy America unless we let them.
Obeying the law alone is a serious threat to their kind. Fear, from top to bottom, is their main tool.
If you are afraid of race-riots or the military, etc. -- it only means you've eaten their tripe.
As far as martyrdom is concerned, that may only be one of our terms; those without a true faith cannot remember the name of even one martyr outside of the provocateur's AgitProp, because of the chaos of 'the cause' and so many bodies already under the bus. We will not see 30 million lumps of canon fodder gleefully going down for Obama, if it comes to that.
We are looking at weak 18th Century style thinkers, who see their blitzkrieg crapping out from depending upon people with a short attention span and not much more than a worse short term memory. None do too well in a live, novel, situation, i.e. - the real world.
Impeach him? the real question is   Why the hell not?
That is the most respectful and respectable thing to do. Just moaning and groaning while riding this pony into the volcano makes no sense at all. 

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 17 seconds ago  (Mar. 31)

Impeachment is not the way to go with the Usurper, The Great Pretender, the Imposter-in-Chief.  That is reserved for those LEGITIMATELY in the office who have gone wayward IN the office.  Obama is not a "natural born" citizen; therefore he is in the office ILLEGALLY.  
The way to deal with this fraud is- after fair warning to him (which could be given at the Operation American Spring rally on May 16th) - to have the Oathkeepers in the nation - the military, present and past - with a sizable representation of The People behind them, remove him from the office, by nonviolent means if at all possible (since violence just begets violence).  And that way, all the legislation that he has signed into law illegally (including ObamaCare), and all the Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that he has issued illegally, and all the appointments that he has made illegally (including to the Supreme Court), GO WITH HIM.  
The Vice President goes with him, too; since the Democrat Party as an entity signed off on his illegal candidacy.  And the Republican Party is up for legal censure as well, for obviously having perfidiously colluded in that caper, in both the 2008 and the 2012 elections.  Which are, perforce, NULL AND VOID.  And the U.S. military can support an Officer of The People in the Commander-in-Chief's office until new elections can be held, including for ALL of Congress.  Which Officer can wield a mean broom in cleaning out the executive branch of the federal government, of all those who are there to subvert the law of the land - the Constitution.  

Still hanging in there.  If only by a thread.  


Don't they understand?! If patriots don't stand up for the Constitution in this (possibly thinking, in a juvenile way, that 'two wrongs make a  right'), then the Constitution is a dead letter from the past; and all we have left to go by is the rule of men.  Which is simply the rule of the jungle.  To the victor goes the spoils. 

Damn.  It's so obvious……… 


…and more on America En Garde:

2) from Tea Party C.C.: 'Rand Paul: America Partly To Blame For Pearl Harbor, World War II' -  posted by Asst. Nat'l Dir. Melony B. DeFord - Mar. 31 (orig. posted at -  Caleb Howe - Mar. 31)   

Reply by JohnnyAnt 49 minutes ago (Mar. 31)

You are exactly correct, any history buff would agree that Japan during their expansion did not have the resources to fuel their war machine and needed to import resources. Our president Roosevelt, ceased US trade (oil) with the Japanese in response to Japans expansion policy, as a result the Japanese feared the US 7th fleet would take further action and blockade their foreign ocean  trade routes . The Japanese decided to take our 7th fleet out with a surprise attack knowing full well we were involved in a war with Germany and would not be able to respond decisively. By the time we were able to respond Japan would by then own the far east and as far south as Australia. The Japanese new full well they could not win a war with the US but figured a treaty would be signed with the war weary US thus allowing Japan to keep their foreign conquests.
 Ron Paul is entirely correct and for those who do not know history hope this helps you to see your distorted WWII views

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Permalink Reply by AZRanger 24 minutes ago

You are right. People don't kill people, gun do, right? So, the fact that we were not willing to financially and materially support Japan's aggression and atrocities in China, forced them to attack  the US! In other words, our unwillingness to assist the playground bully to beat up the weaker kids, means that it is our fault that he decided to sucker punch us, while he was telling us how glad he was to be our friend. But that was our fault that he decided to hit us, right?
What an "Frickin'"Moron!

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Permalink Reply [to JohnnyAnt] by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Mar. 31)_

To clarify: 
1) We were not "involved in a war with Germany" at that point.  We were giving (Lend-Lease) aid to Great Britain, but the European war didn't blow open into a World War until Pearl Harbor (much to Churchill's delight).   As to that:
2) One of FDR's Cabinet members was even quoted long after from his diaries that they hoped that Japan would take the bait.  Got that?  Our fleet was 'bait,' or to be likened to sitting ducks.
The need to stop Japanese imperialism is another subject.  Americans need to understand that they have been used for a very long time by a Cabal of very powerful people bent on controlling the world; and the more we know about that, then the better we can understand global events FOR a very long time.
A good read: Gen. Smedley Butler's 'War Is A Racket'.   

America En Garde

The little beady-eyed insects are getting away with undermining the fundamental, liberty-oriented principles of this nation.  And they need to be stopped, before the rot sets in any further, and topples the edifice.

And it has been largely the doing of The Man in the White House.*   You, America, have been conned and insulted by your faux president.  What are going to do about it???


1) from 'Obama Orders US Military to Dig Latrines in Kenya' - Mar. 31
("Government document puts naval engineering group in charge of Kenya pit toilets…at a girls' school")

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar. 31)

This an outrageous use of our military; as if it were this man's private army. This man's arrogance knows no bounds - including that he has been able to put one over on the American people in the FIRST place, by not being a "natural born" citizen, and getting away with it, through both political parties and the MSM in this country failing to act on his illegality FOR the office, and illegalities while IN the office.

The man has to go, and now, before he does any more damage to the nation - the constitutional republic that IS this nation. Still; if barely. If he won't go on his own, he needs to be made to go. There are various ways to accomplish that cleansing. May it not have to come to the most extreme way.


2) from TeaPartyC.C.: 'Rand Paul: America Partly To Blame For Pearl Harbor, World War II' - posted  by  Asst. Nat'l Dir. Melony B. DeFord - Mar. 31 (orig. posted at -  Caleb Howe - Mar. 31) 

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 minute ago  (Mar. 31)

Adesnik of the American Enterprise Institute is being fallacious; and one suspects it is on purpose, as the war was great for the American economy - in fact, it got the U.S. out of its Great Depression.  Any decent, properly probing, legitimate read of that time period and geopolitical activity will show a genuine truthseeker that FDR and his closest advisors put various pressures on Japan (including the oil embargo) in order to get them TO bomb the U.S. Fleet, resting at anchor at Pearl Harbor [like sitting ducks].      
Adesnik can try to make a case that the U.S. needed to go to war with Japan because Japan was bent on dominating East Asia, and in the long run, it would be to the U.S.'s interests and benefit to do so.  But let's keep our facts straight.  They are bad enough as they are, without adding willful verisimilitude to the pot.   


Reply by Buck Crosby 28 minutes ago

                 Rand Paul , over the last year alone has moved from number one on my list of possible presidential candidates DOWN to about number six .  Dr, Ben Carson is number one , with Ted Cruz coming in second , followed by Sarah Palin , Allen West , and Michele Bachmann .  I also like Mia Love and a couple of others .

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Reply by Dennis Clark 26 minutes ago

My top choices are Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz!!!!!

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Permalink Reply by Jane Binkley 16 minutes ago

That list sounds good but I think Allen West would probably be the best candidate giving that he was military and would know more about foreign affairs and using the military better than Carson and Cruz. Those two men are probably lacking in those fields.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago  (Mar. 31)

Buck, Buck, Buck…You DO know that Ted Cruz is ineligible for that office, don't you?  Just as BHO is, and was; for not being a "natural born" citizen - i.e., one born on the soil (or its equivalent) of two U.S. citizen parents??  
Apparently you don't; and it makes me so sick and tired of having to correct PATRIOTS, of all groups of Americans, for heaven's sake.  Stop and think: The whole POINT of the constitutional Framers putting that requirement in their document for that office - and that particular federal office ONLY, hint hint - was to make sure that any candidate for the office - who would also, if elected, then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - did not have CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a DUAL CITIZEN.  And the good reason for that qualification being shown us in spades, in the atrocious case of Barack Hussein Obama.  Or whatever his real name is.
This whole thing needs to be put to right, and as soon as possible.  And it does not help that fundamental requirement of our times that some patriots just don't understand what ALL the nation is up against.  Including their lack of understanding of the Constitution that they are supposed to be defending, "against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC".         


3) from 'School Bleachers Torn Down Because They Weren't 'Equal'' - Gary DeMar - Mar. 31
("The end of freedom comes by mandating equality…"  Case in point: The school's varsity boys' baseball field -which team and sport has more spectators than the girls' softball team - had to take down some bleachers that the parents helped erect, because…it's all too sordid a story to bother carrying on with)

kibitzer3 2 minutes ago (Mar. 31)

I don't understand. Unless the school is receiving some sort of financial aid from the federal government, with such strings attached, the federal government has no say in such a matter. Just don't take the bait; and you can't be reeled in, by the officious, er, nitwits of the federal government.


I am getting just so sick and tired of all this bullshit.

I hope enough Americans are, too.

It's time to take the country back from the socialists, and tell them that if they like socialism so much, there are plenty of other countries in the world they can go live in.  But just stop the hell trying to take over this one.  You're trying to make a square peg fit a round hole - shaving off a little here, a little there; taking down a bleacher here, outlawing free speech there… - when they are fundamentally INCOMPATIBLE.

'Equality' does NOT trump liberty.  Coercion does NOT trump freedom.  Buzz off.


* This is a play on a story that was in a Children's book in the 1960s-'70s, when the 'liberals' were feeling their oats, and had infiltrated the Education system.  The very short picture story depicted two squirrels out in front of a house on whose front steps sat a pleasant-looking, smiling little boy watching them.  One of the squirrels is looking around for nuts from an oak tree in the front yard of the little boy's home; and the other one asks him:
     "What are you doing?"        
     "I'm looking for nuts to save up for the winter."
     "Why are you bothering to do that?" replies the first squirrel; explaining: "The little boy who lives in the white house [pictured in the bg] will feed you."
     'Nuff said, as to how these vermin ply their satanic trade.  


…but having said all that - to get it off my chest:

I know that this is all part of the larger picture.  About which, two things:

1) Always give your political opponent thanks for the ability to respond to their broadsides.  I often think of them as playing the devil's advocate, in giving you the space to clarify your views, and thus, educate the populace to the nuances and value of your philosophy and principles.  Say 'Thank you for this opportunity to respond;' and take advantage of it. 
     A bit of a riff on the Alinsky Method.  And

2) The Yin-Yang symbol is a profound statement on how things work.  There is a bit of each side in the other side.  Together, they make a whole.  

But, sometimes……it just gets a bit much.  That so many souls could get so far off the path, to higher consciousness.  Settling for Force, to characterize the base of their vaunted New World.  

Ladies and gentlemen of the Left: Love is not characterized by Force. 

It is characterized by Itself.

Got it?  


No.  Obviously, you haven't.  

Please 'get it'.  Just as soon as you can.  

I'd hate to see so many souls left behind, at this major watershed time.

To have to experience another go-'round of the Wheel.

And another.  And another.  And…...

While the rest of us move on.  

That being the point of the whole exercise, after all.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Walking A Fine Line

1) from Tea Party C.C.: 'Obama Supporter: Impeachment may be best for Obama and US' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - Mar. 30 - orig. posted at - by Junior Campbell - Mar. 29

Reply by Stan Stanfield 33 seconds ago (Mar. 30)

Impeachment is not the best way to go to get rid of the Usurper.
1) It affords him the coloration of being a legitimate president, just having gone constitutionally wayward.  He is a fraudulent president  - for not having been eligible for the office in the first place (for not being a "natural born" citizen, meaning one born on the soil (or its equivalent, like a military base) of two U.S. citizen parents)  - and needs to be treated as such.  If only for the fact that
2) Impeachment allows all of his illegal acts to remain in place.  
He needs to be removed, period, and face a court of (uncorrupted) law for all of his various crimes.  And thus, out the door with him goes all of the legislation that he illegally signed into law, and all the executive orders that he illegally issued, and all the appointments that he illegally made.
To accomplish this removal, Oathkeepers should lead the March on Washington on May 16.  And with as many citizen patriots who can, stay, until the job is done.  With non-violent civil disobedience the order of the day.
What we may be able to accomplish by bloodshed, we will certainly be able to accomplish by a show of Love.  Tough Love.  But still, Love.  Towards this current regime; for showing us the error of THEIR way, into a better world.
For, ultimately, Justice to prevail.


2) from 'Obamacare Exchange Sends Couple Voter Registration Form Pre-Marked As Democrat' - Mar. 30 (orig. posted on - by Howard Portnoy - Mar. 30 

squeak 4 hours ago

Beware Folks, fraud will be everywhere this year, this is one of the ways they will try ...We haven't seen anything yet... Be alert, read carefully before signing anything, watch where you put that X, scam artist are on the prowl ! Watch those absentee ballots that you fill out, be extra alert !



  • kibitzer3 squeak a few seconds ago (Mar. 30) 

  • Good advice, squeak; but what REALLY needs to happen is that conservatives get behind moves in their States to build a fire underneath their Secretaries of State to CLEAN THE VOTER REG ROLLS, and make sure that there is a photo ID law in place for prospective voters. 

  • It's past time that We the People could trust our voting systems. What a sordid business this has become. It is sickening beyond measure, the amount of corruption that is built in to the voting systems in this country. Your vote won't amount to a hill of beans if it is just going to be canceled out in spades by illegal Democrat voting. 

  • Both main political parties need to be censured for any shady business they are involved in. TRUE THE VOTE. Or we should stop playing the game of charades going on now.

            P.S. And now I find out that these ObamaCare reg forms don't require 
            the recipient to indicate if they are a citizen or not. And here they are,  
            being given a chance to register to vote…


             There is hardly anything more despicable than corrupting The People's right to

Ballistic45 4 hours ago

It is time the Military steps in with Citizen support and arrest this Administration on Conspiracy to commit treasonous acts against the United States of America.. Military Rule until new National Voter ID is in place and then hold NEW elections.... Washington DC is the Commode of the United States, it is time to Flush-It...



    • kibitzer3 Ballistic45 a few seconds ago  (Mar. 30)

    • Excellent comment, Ballistic45. 

    • Oathkeepers: To the Rescue. Lead the March on Washington on May 16th - for the combined 'forces' of the Military and the Citizenry to stay there until Mission Accomplished.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

To Save America

1) from 'Military Suicides are Sky Rocketing… Foreword by Fred Brownbill' - Mar. 29
(Obama is running down the U.S. military, and saddling them with onerous regulations, while he is beefing up his 'private army' of executive-branch departments, who obviously take an 'oath' only to him.  Clear enough of his intentions, America??)
("An Oath of allegiance has no date of expiration America.
Just my opinion America.  God bless you all and may He bless this sad, divided land that we used to call the United States of America but now is more divided and un-united than at any stage in our history  ..  Fred Brownbill.")

Stan March 29, 2014 at 11:10 pm #

You bring up the subject of Oathkeepers, Fred. Especially in the context of the “fraudster and usurper” in the thus-dishonored Oval Office, the military Oathkeepers of that group of Americans need to ‘take the point’ in this matter, and declare something like the following to The Great Pretender in the White House and to the nation; perhaps to open the OAS Rally on May 16:
WHEREAS all branches of the U.S. military forces have taken and declared an oath to, quote, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” unquote – and adding, quote, “that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same,” unquote – and
WHEREAS the Congress has taken the same sort of oath; and
WHEREAS the Constitution is now under clear and present danger by the Executive and the executive branch of government, exceeding its powers under the constitutional grant and separation of powers;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT it is now time for the U.S. military forces and the Congress to HONOR THEIR OATHS, and remove the person illegally occupying the office of the presidency – who seems to think he is a power unto himself – from his perch of power,
BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY to accomplish that purposes, and outcome. Starting with a clearly declared ultimatum to said illegal occupant: ‘Remove yourself from that position. Or be removed.
‘Non-violently if all possible. With acts off civil disobedience engaged in, if it comes to that. Before you force the nation into another bloody civil war in its history; which is not the best of all possible outcomes. The best of all possible outcomes will be for you simply to STAND DOWN – vacate the premises, and face a court of law for your various crimes, committed while leading up to and while in that audaciously purloined office. As this nation returns to the rule of law – NOT of one man, ruling on his own, over the other branches of the federal government.
‘We are saying:
‘Get on your high horse, and leave Dodge City.
‘Or be forced to.
‘When gentle push comes to more forceful shove.’

More detail can come out in the wake of this (sort of) declaration.
The bottom-line:
tempus fugit.

2) from 'I'm truly sorry to have offended you all but…..' -  David Risselada - Mar. 27 (in Activists, Constitution Legal Watch)

Stan March 29, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

Well responded, David.
My only caveat is that you called the Usurper in the Oval Office a “liberal democrat”.
Come on. With all the evidence that is in – about his background, and what he has done whilst squatting in the Oval Office – you can do better than that.
And don’t give me/us a ‘social democrat’. Or [even] a ‘democratic socialist’. With all the totalitarianism that he is evidencing, this is NOT an erstwhile Scandinavian. icon_smile.gif

3) from Johnsmallman's Blog: 'However, make no mistake, you are waking up!' - Mar. 30

kibitzer3  (Mar. 29)

“Over the eons many have seen through [the illusion] but were unable to persuade the majority to look and see for themselves, because most felt themselves to be defined by it…”  Good one, Saul/John.
Yes, I too feel that we are waking up from the dream. And that it’s about time…

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Good Old Days?

1) from tea 'Trey Gowdy threatens to hold IRS commissioner in contempt for withholding of Lerner emails' - Mar. 27 - orig. posted at - Mar. 26)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar 28)

It has to be clear enough by now, even to a Congressperson used to compromise, that this administration, under its coach, and the Alinsky rule book, is playing hardball. Playing softball back to these socialist ideologues doesn't cut it any longer. Got it, you business-as-usual folks on the Legislature team?

I hope so. Your failure to put some muscle behind your separation-of-powers act is leading the nation further into disaster than it has already gone. The far Left is just doing what they are programmed to do: keeping the pressure on, to accomplish their [intended] takeover of the American form of government. If you don't start fighting back now, you will force We the People to do the job. And that won't be pretty, given how far you have let the rot develop already.


And the difficulty it will be to set things right, from their revolutionary activity having been given time to set itself in concrete.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile…

The more I read of what is going down these days under Obama and his legions on the Left - with the conniving, at-the-best naive help of the Democrats in the Senate - the more I am reminded of Ronald Reagan's classic comment, "I didn't leave the Democrat Party.  the Democrat Party left me."  

The Democrat Party today, and its radical thugs in charge, seem to think of the great majority of everyone to the right of them as the same: the evil enemy.  Well, as one of the 'evil enemy,' I can say that I know the difference between a 'normal' Democrat - i.e., someone standing for 'the little guy ' - and the far left crowd who have taken over the operations of the Democrat Party; shading over into the very far left, of the outright socialist, Marxist-Leninist ideologues.  And in the Republican Party corner there are the 'normal' Republicans - i.e.., somebody standing for the small-business-owning, liberty-loving, fundamental-values America, shading over into the very far right, of the banking/corporate elite, the big-government lot of fascists.  

That crowd would take the nation into tyranny.  The same as the far Left crowd.  Which is doing it as we speak.  Bush, Jr. & the Neocons having opened the door to - paved the way for - a more numerous crowd of ideologues than themselves, at the time.  

I could do your homework for you, and list a bunch - an appalling and horrendous bunch - of points of how Obama is exceeding his separation-of-powers authority; let alone occupying the office illegally.*  But, in a nation aspiring to be a nation of self-governed sovereigns - and holding that torch, of Liberty, up as an ensign to and for the nations -  it is the individual's duty to keep him- or herself informed.

So please inform yourself.

And then act.

While we still can. 

P.S. Do I advocate a simple return to 'the good old days'?  No.  There is something new under the sun; coming our way.  But it is characterized by the high qualities.
     Not the low ones.  
     Such as are being demonstrated by Obama and his administration.
     And in spades.
     As we speak.  


*  And thus, how we are finding out, the hard way, why the constitutional Framers wanted to make sure that any candidate for the presidential office had no CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES, by requiring him - or her - to be a "natural-born" citizen.  Meaning, being born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents - NO DUAL CITIZENS for that job; and that particular job only.  Who would also be the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and in particular needed to have no conflicting loyalties in that crucial position.


2) from ''Rules mean nothing' to Obama  and his administration' - Mar. 27/8
('Obamacare deadline extended by White House even after claiming ‘no legal authority’ to do so.')

Nonie Weiser Pherson · Top Commenter · Works at IRS

There is a chance to repeal the law if we take back the Senate in November, getting rid of Reid at the same time. So Nevada voters need to get out and vote. But since he was re-elected by voter fraud the last time, I don't know what our chances are.

Reply · Like · 4 · 17 hours ago (Mar. 28)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar. 29)

Nonie Weiser Pherson: Conservatives need to get behind the Republican Party honchos in their states and shove them forward to a) take on their Secretaries of State to do a total cleansing of the voter reg rolls, and to b) light a fire under their members of the State legislatures to enact solid photo ID card legislation, in time for the 2014 elections - or there may not BE any future elections, the way the hard Left ideologues are going, in taking down this country.

It can be done. But conservatives need to get busy on the job. Tempus fugit.


3) from 'Teacher Bullied By Other Teachers Over Common Core' - Tom Hinchey - Mar. 28 - posted at Floyd Brown/The White House Watch - Mar. 28
('Bullies of a radically different kind…' - 'A Kindergarten teacher at the Sikeston Public School District in Missouri testified at a Senate Education Committee hearing that she has suffered from bullying and intimidation from school administrators and fellow teachers because she opposes Common Core.')

March 29, 2014 at 1:32 am — Reply

Thanks for reporting on this, Tom.
Nothing more really needs to be said. There is a war going on. For the minds of our children. And for the future of the nation. As a thriving constitutional republic. Or a socialist failure; ‘transforming’ money from the pockets of the makers and giving it to the takers, and thus driving them into the mentality and actuality of dependency on the state. Which, to any reasonable way of thinking, by individuals not given to sophistic reasoning, is immoral behavior.
Sacrificing the individual ‘for the greater good’? Not in my country you won’t.

Stand your ground, Teach. You do it for us all.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014



We didn't fight a War of Independence
So that you lot
Could throw away all our hard-earned gains for you,
                in the way 
       of Liberty
And such like that.
As has been said:

"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; 
it is  dearness only that gives every thing its value.
Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods;
And it would be strange indeed
If so celestial an article as freedom
Should not be highly rated." 
      (Thomas Paine, The American Crisis)

America is like the Roadrunner.  
                        it has run off
The cliff, and nothing is holding it up 
                  but its failure
To look down, and see
                       the reality 
Of its position.  At which point of awareness -  
Down it goes.
And now -
        true to form -
 Down we go

…as I take over
The helm of my ship of state now, 
With the American eagle at the bow;
                 the New Jerusalem 
Of and in the temporal world.
With a new flag to be unfurled
At the stern; the Good Ship America
Leading the way
Into the New Era
For all of Humanity

Away from the shoals of Despond  
When the people have become too enamored 
Of the means to the end, 
         having lost contact with 
     and focus on 
The end itself.  

Which is reunification with their Creator.

Hold on.
We go
With the tide.

          It is going to be
An amazing ride.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

…And The Beat Goes On

1) from 'New Jersey Gun Owners Await Christie Reprieve' - Raquel Okyay - Mar. 23
(The State Assembly - both Houses are controlled by Democrats, so the bill will go to the governor - voted to reduce the maximum capacity of ammo magazines from 15 to 10, and there is much talk going on about their weapons exceeding that limit being confiscated)
kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  (Mar. 23)

I don't understand - does the state of NJ allow ex post facto laws? How can you make something illegal after the fact?? If NJ is a 'normal' state, its citizens should just go out now in droves and buy up all the still-legal weapons that they can get their hands on.
The Second Amendment is all about the citizenry in this country having the right to defend themselves and their "free State" against any attempted takeover, particularly from the federal behemoth, or any other would-be tyrant. It is NOT about hunting privileges. And when the federal government has sent drones over America, and is monitoring the citizenry's every individual communication and travel move (and purchase), and is identifying potential "domestic terrorists" with Tea Party 'patriots' and 'constitutionalists' (and even 'liberty'-invoking groups!), and is gearing up its executive-branch agencies with all manner of weaponry, it is sending a clear signal, that it can no longer be trusted, and NEEDS to be defended against. Sufficiently to send a clear signal back: that The People won't take such a planned takeover lightly, will respond with patriotic fervor; and therefore NEED to have access to the types of weaponry that can act as a deterrent to such despotic thinking. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.
And if push comes to shove…I trust that true Americans will tell their governments, state and federal, who have exceeded their authority, to shove it.




Your Letter to Congress

Stan, thanks for taking action on behalf of Operation American Spring. Your messages are on the way.
An individual copy of your letter will be sent to each official: (N.B. I edited this form letter/Petition a bit, esp. in the first sentence/paragraph & including adding the last line/paragraph.)

March 24, 2014

Dear Representative Lowenthal,
Dear Senator Boxer,
Dear Senator Feinstein,


Petition for Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles

As a patriotic Citizen, with unwavering faith in our Creator, Whose divine hand I believe guided our Founding Fathers in composing the United States Constitution, it grieves me to charge that many in current leadership are willfully violating their Constitutional obligations or are complicit in the actions of others infringing the Rights of the People, including, but not limited to, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, free and fair elections, right to counsel and due process of law.

Under the rights implicit in our People, as exampled and stipulated in the First Amendment, I hereby demand immediate Restoration of our Government under its intended Constitutional Principles, rule of law, freedom and personal liberty, and a return to government "of the people, by the people, and for the people", free of despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.

To begin the recovery of our Rightful Government, we demand immediate, lawful, and orderly replacement of the following office holders: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder according to the process allowed and stipulated in our Constitution.

Take another look at that oath of office that you took…and act on it.


Mr. Stan Stanfield

…And Back To The Business At Hand

from 'Sheriff Joe: Obama admin's deportation numbers 'smoke and mirrors' ' - Mar. 21 - orig. posted at Daily Caller
(Obama and his DoJ doing all they can to round up as many votes as they can.  Hence the 'smoke and mirrors' of false deportation numbers.)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (early Mar. 23)

Smoke and mirrors indeed.

Book'em, Joe.


Charles S. Imwold · Top Commenter

We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President. 
It is insane to think the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama ,( who by the way might be illegally here in the USA himself ) would enforce our immigration laws.

We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution. 

This fraud and usurper barack hussein obama can not be impeached because he in not a legal sitting US president. The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office must come under US Constitutional Law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution. 

US Constitutional law must be enforced if We The People are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic.

Reply · Unlike · 9 · Follow Post · 5 hours ago  (Mar. 22)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

Well spotted, Charles. And with his 'simple' removal - rather than the impeachment process (as you point out) - will go all the legislation that he signed into law, and all the Executive Orders & such that he issued, and all the appointments that he made (including to the Supreme Court) - all rendered null and void, by that process.

We have to get the U.S. military to honor their oath; which is to the Constitution. Not to the person occupying the Oval Office. And out he goes, for court trial, for all the crimes that he has committed, leading up to (e.g., electoral fraud) and while in that illegally-obtained office. As this nation returns to the rule of law - NOT that of one man, Hitler-like, ruling on his own, over the other branches of the federal government. It is unseemly. It is an insult, to the office and to real, constitutional-republic Americans. It has to go.

Reply · Like · 5 minutes ago  (early Mar. 23)


…and a couple of days ago:

from 'Dissent: Alabama Supreme Court Denies Obama Fraud Case; Great Constitutional Significance' - Mar. 21 - orig. posted by Obama Release Your Records  

kibitzer3 · less than 1 minute ago

Comment posted.

So, some more responsible souls, having made their bed, now have to lie in it. A sad day; and to see so many high-level justices, having been given an opportunity to rise to such a major constitutional occasion, choosing rather to consign themselves to the karmic equivalent of perdition. At least a couple of them made it through this testing experience, this choke point, choking off those souls who are not ready yet to advance. 

They have a lot of company. But that's free will for you. To say: We exist in a classroom, for lesson learning. Or not. 

Our choice.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Statement To The Nation


WHEREAS  all branches of the U.S. military forces have taken and declared an oath to, quote, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," unquote - and adding, quote, "that I will bear truth faith and allegiance to the same," unquote - and 

WHEREAS  the Congress has taken the same sort of oath; and 

WHEREAS  the Constitution is now under clear and present danger by the usurper Executive and the executive branch of government, exceeding its powers under the constitutional grant and separation of powers; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT  it is now time for the U.S. military forces and the Congress to honor their oaths, and remove the person illegally occupying the office of the presidency - who seems to think that he is a power unto himself - from his perch of power,(1)  

BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY  to accomplish that purpose, and outcome.  Starting with a clearly declared ultimatum to said illegal occupant: Remove yourself from that position.  Or be removed.

Non-violently if at all possible.  With acts of civil disobedience engaged in, if it comes to that.  Before you force the nation into another bloody civil war in its history; which is not the best of all possible outcomes.  The best of all possible outcomes will be for you simply to stand down - vacate the office and premises, and face a court of law for your various crimes, committed while leading up to (e.g. electoral fraud) and while in that illegally-obtained office.  As this nation returns to the rule of law - NOT that of one man, ruling on his own, over the other branches of the federal government.

I am saying:

Get on your high horse, and leave Dodge City.  

Or be forced to.

When gentle push comes to more forceful shove.


For those who are wondering about some of the details of such a Change:

a) the Vice President goes with him, since the Democrat Party as an entity was involved in their presidential candidate's illegal selection in both the 2008 and 2012 elections;  

b) the Republican Party as an entity obviously colluded with the Democrat Party in a conspiracy to undermine the Constitution and the rule of law in and of the nation and defraud the American people, by letting the illegality go unchallenged (for their own corrupt purposes); and so both of those elections are null and void, and the two political parties involved need at the least to be censured for their criminal activity, if not outright dissolved (under RICO statutes, if nothing else).   

Congress can go some way to reclaiming its honor by its representatives of The People now honoring their oaths of office; however, the Congress as a body and branch of the federal government still needs to face a court of law, for dereliction of its constitutional duty in this matter.  And since at the least, both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government are subject to legal action, the normal structures put in place in the Constitution for dealing with such issues as the breakdown of law and order - as, e.g., noted in Sect. 4 of Article II (2) - are themselves broken down;(3)  and so it would appear, in the spirit of the Constitution, that it would be up to the Oathkeepers of the U.S. military forces - present and past - to take command, and hold the governmental space in and for the nation, until such time as new elections could be effected.  They could, again in the spirit of the Constitution, take over the role of the Congress, in the event of both the sitting President and Vice President being removed from their offices (or otherwise being unable "to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office"), in "declaring what Officer shall act as President" ("and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected"): Art. II, Sect. 1, para 6.   

The setting of the nation back to rights, then, after this atrocious matter that has been visited upon it by venal players in a corrupt exercise of power games, could be a bit difficult.   But it could - can - be done.  And we could continue on the same level of consciousness that we have been on.

Or, we can simply call a halt in toto to The Games That People Play. 

Slip the (karmic) chains that bind us to endless Return. 

And start the return Home in earnest.(4)   

I know what my choice is.  

Your choice?


As always.

P.S. Personally, out of all this, I want to be able to say: Congratulations, America, and through you, all of humanity - you did it!  You have earned your way into the next stage of your growth, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - this one bringing you closer to being solely in your Light bodies, as you leave the testing-grounds of 3D life behind; the realm of duality and polarity, moving more fully now into the realms of your true identity, as facets, fractals, points of view, aspects of our Prime Creator, our Source, The All That Is.  Together, Victorious over the testing snares of the realm of Illusion - at last!   Ready to soar into The Great Unknown!
   …Except that we have been there before.
     As we have been here before.  A series of experiences and memories that have kept us from  

     The Great Re-membering.



(1) Obama - or whatever his real or legal name is -  is a usurper by virtue of his not being a "natural born" citizen.  See; the YouTube video of Prof. Herb Titus; the website of CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret);  and plain common sense, as to what the intention of the constitutional Framers was in putting that qualifying requirement in the Constitution for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY.  The occupant of which was to be as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces; thus in particular their desiring that the occupant not have any DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.
     Like a Dual Citizen.
     Like one Barack Hussein Obama.  Or whatever his real or legal name is.   

(2) Sect. 4: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

(3) The judicial branch of the federal government has also proven itself to be broken down, on a stonewalling 'roll' on this matter of Obama's ineligibility for the office; so that route cannot be relied upon willy-nilly, to set the nation right - back on course, from having been hijacked by statists, pirates in suits.  So, after the U.S. military Oathkeepers do the initial setting-to-rights of the government of the Republic, we will need to search out honorable men and women in the judicial system, ultimately to proceed with holding both the executive and the legislative branches to account for the errors of their corrupt ways.
      I would not recommend the constitutionally-allowed-for way of Citizens' Grand Juries and People's Courts to deal with this matter, of the usurpation of the presidency at its core.  That could result in a series of pitched battles between them.  Let the established judicial branch of the federal government prove its worth; under the keen eye of the States.

(4) Where We Are All One - our basic natures - and are done with the lower grades of the classroom of Creation; having found our way out of consciousness imprisonment at last, back to our true identity, as holographic aspects, fractals of One Holy Being.  Blessed be Our Name.

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Messsage To, And For, Humanity

We are - humanity as a whole is - faced now with a crucial, and unequivocal, choice: Either we live by and with the principle of essential liberty, as the 'spiritual beings having a human experience' that we are by right and by truth.  Or we exist as chattel under the total control of an oppressive state.

It is still your choice to make.  Make it wisely and well, Friend.  Much depends on it.  Individually.  And collectively.

And to America in particular, I say, regarding your current leader, and under his leadership: Do not follow him.  His arrogance knows no bounds.  He will lead you and the nation into disaster.  His is a siren song, leading your ship of state onto the rocks, in the shallow shoals of Despond.  Go, neither Left nor Right.  But Up.  Into the Light of a New Day for humanity.  To your true destiny.  Just waiting for you, to claim it.

As I say: Your choice.

While you still have one.  

This message is occasioned by the continued and continuing outpouring of evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the current American administration.  As I say, the arrogance of your current leader, and of his cohorts in crime, seemingly knows no bounds.

I do not call him your president, because he gained that title, and position, illegally.  I won't go into that pernicious, albeit related, matter here.  A matter that involves both sides of the political aisle in America in its wrongdoing.  I will just say, here, that much needs to be cleansed out of the Augean stables of the federal government.  Out of all the governments of the nation, for that matter.  The stench of corruption coming from that source is overwhelming, and reaches to high heaven.  It is intolerable, and its source is well due for a total clean-out.  But the national scene in particular is a scandal of major proportions.  And within that scene, the stench of corruption rises in particular, and most overwhelmingly, from the executive branch of that government.

This administration is dragging the government of the United States of America into deep dishonor.  And since it is - nominally, at least -  a government of, by, and for The People, it is The People who must set things right.

Let's see some action in that regard.  Or forever hold your peace, in your somnolent state of servitude.

It is time, that is to say, to 'rise to the occasion'  The occasion, of your deliverance from the depths of creation - of our classroom, for learning lessons.  And your claiming of your rightful inheritance.

Or we will just have to go through it all - all - all over again.

An outcome that I, for One, do not look forward to.  For me.  Or for humanity.  There is so much more for us all.  Just waiting.

To be chosen.  

And for humanity as a whole, then, to get off the Wheel of Return.

And fly.  Soar, into new, uncharted horizons.

A far more preferable outcome.  Than just the same old, same old; just under different guises, is all.

 I assure you.

As one of your Elder Brothers.

Urging you


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

On Letting Go

I wanted to move beyond where I left 'things' from yesterday's blog.

We have reason to be angry at what has been going on in our world, yes; and for many reasons.  But - and - it has all been for a purpose.  And that purpose can be summed up in the words: Letting go.  In order to get to the following destination: Unconditional love.

I have talked in these pages about Ascension.

What is that, precisely?

Ascension involves the letting go of the ballast of hate and envy and such bags full of sand, which have kept us bound karmically to this level of reality, and taking on the qualities of such as forgiveness and joy, which are the lifting power of our beautiful balloon, taking us through the various spheres - exospheres, stratospheres - of our spiritual evolution; are of the wind beneath our wings.  Are the qualities which, in our expressing of them - our gaining of them; making them part of our Selves - carry us through the degrees of our progress to the Ultimate Height, of our return to total Unity with the Creative Intelligence that birthed us off into our experience of Creation; ultimately, from that experience, to become like unto our Source.  A fractal of our Being, freed, then, to take wing on our own, and produce our own results; the richer (more conscious) - as was our own Source - for the experience.  

Or something like that.

Close enough, I would think.  To get the picture.

And so, ultimately we need to forgive our enemies.

They played their role in our growth.

With thanks to them, for the learning experiences they provided us: we carry on our way.

Which is their way, too, remember.  For (altogether, now):

We Are All One.

Of One Holy Being.

No part of which is left behind.


So, help others on board.

They will be glad that you did.

And so will you.

For, otherwise, you will have left a part of your Self behind.

All of us, having played many roles, in the Great Drama of Creation.

To learn lessons from.

And move on.


Moving On.

To say: Up.

In consciousness.

The purpose of the whole exercise in consciousness.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Barry? Are You Still There??

from 'The Growing List of Obama's End-Runs Around Congress And The Constitution' - Mar. 17
("Last week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) refreshed his list of all the ways President Barack Obama has flouted the Constitution by shouldering the legislative burden of Congress on his own shoulders.
On his official .gov page, Cantor outlined a new batch of “Recent Examples of the Executive Branch Refusing to Faithfully Execute the Law” under the heading “The Imperial Presidency.” He’s been keeping tabs on this since October of 2012, when he first issued a list of more than 40 separate examples “of the breakdown of the rule of law” under Obama.
Here are some of the latest highlights…")

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar. 17)

Excellent posting. Thank you, PL.


He is clearly in contempt for the rule of law in this country and has broken his oath to uphold the Constitution and impeachment proceedings should begin immediately!

Reply · 4 · Unlike · Follow Post · 2 hours ago

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

Yes, but: 1) Since he is not legally holding that office,* he can't really be impeached; that is only for legally sitting presidents. He should just be removed (by federal marshals, and the military, for whom he is an illegal Commander in Chief), and held for trial for his crimes against the Constitution (& other crimes. such as causing to be posted on the official WH web site a fraudulent document regarding his true birth certificate - if he even has one). And that way, 2) all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.'s & such that he has issued, are NULL & VOID - a better outcome than just impeachment would provide. 

* We really need to get clear on a fundamental constitutional fact; that being the correct definition of a 'natural born citizen'. Which is a person born 'on the soil' (or its equivalent, such as a military base) of two U.S. (in this case) citizen parents. The whole POINT of the exercise on the part of the constitutional Framers in making that a requirement for the presidential office - and that [particular] federal office ONLY; a not incidental fact - was to make sure that any candidate for the office - who would also be the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would have NO DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES - like a DUAL CITIZEN. Like, oh, say: Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama.

Robert Zraick · Top Commenter · Drake University

Impeachment would only remove him from office. If things were running according to the law, he should then have charges brought against him for treason. If found guilty, as I believe he certainly is, for violating his oath of office, he should be either shot of hanged.

Reply · 1 · Like · 49 minutes ago

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

Robert Zraick: i appreciate your feelings; but I think that that would be going a bit too far. But then, Obama and his comrades in the executive branch especially - but not exclusively - are hijacking the nation's government; and hijacking IS a capital offense……so, yes; this is serious business, indeed…...