Friday, 30 November 2012

Obama And I

[Still at odds with the Usurper in Chief]

Tea Party CC: 'Conservative Activist Threatens to Steer Donors Away From RNC' - Asst Nat. Dir. Melony - Nov. 29 re: Brent Bozell of Media Res. Center (a cons. media watchdog group)

(me on Thurs. 29 Nov).

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And so Brent, where were you and your threats when the Republican Party failed to challenge Obama and the Democrats on the 'natural born citizen' issue?  An actual undermining of the Constitution; not just a policy issue regarding taxes.

The Republican Party is the Pusillanimous Party.  Conservatives - let alone Constitutionalists - should have nothing more to do with it.  It's time for a wholesale redrawing of the ranks, into different political parties, that stand more clearly for their individual  [members's]  beliefs.  The way it is, conservatives are being taken to the cleaners by the Republican Establishment.   They should take their money out of that 'bank' ANYWAY, and go elsewhere.  Can't bank on those Beltway sophisticates to uphold your principles.  Deprive them of what they have for too long taken for granted.  'You conservatives have nowhere else to go'??  Just watch.  An election or two, and all change.          


wstrn.jnlsm - 'Michael Savage on Obama Eliminating Term Limits!' - Daniel Noe - Nov. 30

The President is strictly limited to two 4 year terms per the 22nd Amendment which was drafted and ratified after Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1951 after he died in 1945. So Obama would need to amend the Constitution itself to run for another 4 year term.
This would be no small feat as it needs a 2/3 majority of the States ratifying a Constitutional amendment since 29 of the 50 States are held by Republican Governors or Legislatures. However the danger we now face is that we are only two states away from ratifying a new Constitutional convention.
If approved it would throw open the entire Constitution to amendment; it is possible that a grand compromise could be reached as the Constitution is amended through a convention and Obama gets his additional terms in perpetuity…These are indeed dangerous times for the Republic.
  • kibitzer2 says:
    December 1, 2012 at 12:39 am

  • You would appear to be overlooking something. Obama got nominated and elected – twice – without benefit of constitutional clergy, as it were, To say: He is already illegally in the office. He’s no dummy. He has gotten away with ignoring the Constitution once. Why shouldn’t he go for another shot at it?? 

  • Conservatives have to realize that they are up against a ‘moral’ mindset that doesn’t see something like the Constitution as a block to their intentions. Read Saul Alinsky (as community organizer Barry Obama has done, cover to cover and back again; to say, thoroughly). I believe the expression is ‘By Any Means Necessary’.'; aka Whatever It Takes. Based on the philosophy that the end justifies the means; with that approach to life based on what they (themselves) call ‘situational ethics’. They laugh at believers in traditional morality as simply behind the times – Absolutists, rather than Relativists. And he appoints a couple more justices of the Supreme Court, who believe in the Constitution being merely ‘a living document’ – i.e.,” just a damn piece of paper” (remember those famous words, by an incipient dictator himself, just preceding Obama in the office??) – and he is home free, with his acolytes rallying his millions in a cheering song containing the words ‘All Hail Our Dear Leader, Who IS The Law’. And the takeover, then, would be permanent. Right now, it’s just pending. 

  • Pending, what the Opposition in this country does to his trashing of the Constitution. So far, it’s Obama 2 – nil.

  • --
Any takers on the outcome of this one???......


Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Tale of Two Timelines

I have come to the conclusion that I have perhaps been too hard in my mind on a certain portion of my fellow Americans, currently acting the part of 'patriots'.  They have apparently had a sort of reaction monitor embedded on their feelings (and to an extent on their minds as well, resulting in sullen resignation to 'the way things are'), which has kept them from exploding in outrage at the takeover of their country from the Left that has occurred under the usurper presidency going under the name of Barack Hussein Obama - Barry for short.  

See, there is a part of me that has been responding to this whole scenario with barely contained outrage myself (and thus, I may well have had the same sort of monitor put on my own emotional body).  If I had been living in the country back at the time, and leading up to the time, of the primaries for the presidential candidacies of the two main political parties for the 2008 elections, and discovered at that time that Obama was ineligible for the office - for not being a 'natural born citizen' (and the good reasons still for that constitutional requirement) - knowing myself I would have joined the growing call for him and his candidacy to stand down over the issue, which, if such a reaction got sufficiently off the ground, could have spiked the outcome for that election; which was apparently on the 'celestial' cards to happen.  And I would have been left a) wondering what the hell was going on, and b) getting ulcers over it, and perhaps doing something about it that I would later regret, with the benefit of more information/awareness regarding what needed to take place, for a positive outcome ultimately, for the nation and the world.1

One timeline could have looked like this:

My fellow Americans and I could have kept the 2008 elections from happening until the Democrat Party came up with a legal candidate for the presidency.  Result: different timeline outcome; and whatever consequences therefrom.

Another timeline could have looked like this:

The election atmosphere, with what was turning out to be an illegal candidate involved, who also happened to be a black man, with all the hopes of that sector of citizens - and other minorities - pinned on him - would have been so poisoned, taken so beyond simple polarization itself, that it would have possibly to have been aborted, as the nation teetered on civil war, ironically with a black man involved; thus setting the nation back for generations in terms of race relations.  (And thus not allowing us to be where we are at today: at least further down that track.  And as well, the fast track to Ascension.  But read on a bit further, in this realm of What Ifs, before I get to that point.)  


If the elections had been held without this ineligibility factor having become better known beforehand, but the information coming out more and more, the Republicans could have mounted a major initiative to scuttle Obama's election in the Electoral College.  Or, barring that timeline, and its outcome:

The Republicans in Congress could have mounted a major campaign to refuse to allow any legislation to get to the Usurper's desk for ratification.  Result: Another outcome than where we are today; one with all the potential for civil, and racial, war that that 'track' would possibly have invoked.  Or:

The Republicans could have pressed the issue in the court system, and - and especially with that backing -  gotten a different outcome from where we are today.2

As for where we are today.  I have been chafing at the bit - and verbally on the Internet - to see justice finally done in this matter: the matter of the purloining of the American presidency by a charlatan, of whatever race.  The race is not the point.  The point is the chicanery involved.  The outright fraud, and deception.  The dragging of America through such mire.  It has seemed, to me, like the last straw, from so much duplicity and chicanery that has already emanated from that office, by this particular man's predecessors; especially the more recent ones.  Evidencing, apparently, a pattern.  A pattern of the country getting worse into the mire, as time has gone on.  I have wanted to put a halt to that ignominious end of the dream, the vision, of a nation to lead the world's nations into a New Era; the sunlit highlands of a Golden Age.  Not the putrefied depths of just another empire on the stage of history, strutting its stuff during its time and then decaying in its corruption and not being heard of anymore.  This one was supposed to be different; dammit.

For whatever reason, none of these other outcomes took place, in the realm of polentials and possibilities.  My suggestion has taken the form of calling for a march on Washington of The People, Assembled - led by Oathkeepers, and closely followed by Article Twoers and Tenth Amendmenters and Second Amendmenters and Tea Partiers and those Occupy Movementers who understand what actually is going on in the country and the world and don't want to support the 'business as usual' scenario of either the Right or the Left, with their respective draconian, people-control visions of a New World Order; and then members of the public representing just themselves, as 'simple' citizens, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore - to stay there (in orderly rotations, with some needing to go at some point, and others joining in the crusade) until the Usurper vacates the dishonored office (the 'demonstrators' with signs saying, simply, We Go When You Go); as well dissolving Congress - for not doing its constitutional duty as regards a usurpation of the Executive, and thus colluding in the crime - and appointing an Officer OF The People, who will oversee the 'changing of the guard' of the Republic.  

In musing last night about this scenario, I could see millions of The People involved; in nonviolent civil disobedience, practicing Ghandian tactics to a T, returning love for potential force, but gently, gently, moving 'the authorities' aside - disabling them by such loving tactics; occupying all the offices in Congress, and sending the 'betrayers of The People' home, with their aides - unless, of course, they wanted to join the ranks of The People, having seen the Light by then; all very organized, with all communication devices employed to the maximum, and information leaflets and various type interviews abounding…individuals bonding together, awakening to their origins, and remembering that this was what they contracted to do…the works.  Ah; what a sight.  It could be.  

The reality is that it would undoubtedly polarize the nation too severely; regardless of how I would try to couch it all in inclusive terms, regarding the nation, and the world, now entering into a New Era, where such 'qualities' as deceit and chicanery don't play a part any longer in human affairs.  A nice dream…

…and it will come to pass.  I just don't know how.  And have been having to accept that the outcome we have today is the preferred outcome, for The Plan to be fulfilled.

For whatever reason.3

…but that doesn't mean that I can't feel that when it is 'over' I will go up to the Lords of Karma, or whomsoever is involved in these sorts of decisions, and demand of them: 'All right.  Now what was that all about?  That was MY country you were screwing around with; as you well know.'

And of course, the answer - with the way these things often go - would most probably be a gentle reminder: "But it was your idea."

And then it would be up to me to figure out why I would ever come up with such an appalling idea; knowing how passionately I feel about justice/injustice issues.  And somewhere about then, I would presumably start 'hitting' on my answer to myself…

Don't have that answer, yet.  But I'm trying.  And I guess that that's all that can be asked of me.

Or of anybody: that they keep on keeping on.

And by doing so they will ultimately get there.

So: message:

Don't give up on The Process.  Because, ultimately, it's for the best outcome possible.  

'Ultimately': the most pressing being when this is all over - 'this' current piece of The (larger) Process: the Ascension split, between those souls who now ascend, with Gaia, to the next stage/level/dimension up, and those souls who move 'laterally' to another 3D realm, in need of a little more seasoning yet in the pot of duality and polarity -

- and that's how you know which one that is.  To say: Which one you are on.

Timeline, that is.

The one that ends here, and 'drops' you into Timelessness.  (And Joy.  And Abundance.  And…and…)

Or the one that continues on.  And on.  And on...

Until you get it.  

'It': the secret, of how to get off the merry-go-round, that you find yourself on.  

Psst: a little secret: Once you get - really get - that that is what it is; is all that it is:

You're almost there.

As we - all - are here.  Now.  Making the decisions - and creating the beingness - that will determine which way we go from here.   
The choice - as always  - is yours.

(Psst: Choose well.  I'd hate to see you fall behind, from this special Opportunity time.  

You like deals, don't you??  No better one around.  And you can take that to the bank. :-) )



1 As for 'knowing myself': I have an almost unhealthy passion regarding seeing justice done, and injustice undone.  And the celestial PTB would know that; which is, perhaps, why I was spared the ordeal full on.  And especially regarding the welfare of America - which is MY country, in a very deep-felt way; and particularly especially regarding its leadership, from the presidential office.
     As I have said - admitted - elsewhere in these blog pages, I couldn't feel more strongly about the founding, and vision, of this country if I had been one of the Founding Fathers myself; or even more involved than that.  And I'll just leave it at that.  
     Except just to add here an indication of the depth of my feelings regarding this particular injustice issue.  In the aftermath of the 2012 elections, and with all of the reports coming out from all around the country about both voter fraud itself and signs of electronic voting machine chicanery, I have been keeping an eye on 'patriot' reactions (as, I'm sure, has the Left); and one major potential response came out of Arizona, from where the suggestion was made to pour communications onto the governors of the 4 main swing states (and all extremely close in their presidential count) to have an honest recount and investigation of the voter rolls, which could tilt the Electoral College vote in Romney's favor.  It seemed a good idea (and certainly more capable of bringing about a different outcome than the indication of voter frustration signaled in the many state petitions to the White House for secession that was also happening), and I kept an eye on its progress, if any.  Alas, its demise was signaled on a particular rightwing blog site that I follow ( when a letter from a prominent conservative was posted indicating that the initiative failed to gain traction; and he himself wasn't in a position to try to pick up the ball and carry on with it.  Extremely disappointed (not that I necessarily wanted to see Romney, and his NeoCon advisers, and the tepid Republicans, win the election; I just wanted to see ABO in that disgraced office), I found myself making comment to the blog in words to the effect: "And so this generation of American citizens proves itself to be not up to the test.  That's feedback at least."
     Not a happy camper at all.

2 As for this business of the 'strange' silence on this extremely important constitutional matter from the Republicans - and not only silence but also active blocking of any attempts from the citizenry itself to redress this grievance: I have simply not known what to make of it.  Oh, I know the basics of an answer: that they did a quid pro quo with the Democrats on the issue because they could see that they could use that little constitutional 'fudge' themselves in the future, knew full well how difficult it is to get amendments through on the Constitution; and so are just part of the current corrupt zeitgeist, part of the collapsing of the moral order that is going on, which is part of the last stages of a healthy Republic before it enters totally into the historical stage of Empire, before that collapses in on itself; and so forth.  But even then, there has been something very peculiar about how complete the betrayal of the Republican Party has been on this matter; which, by rights, should take them to court on RICO charges, along with the Democrat Party machine, and dissolve them both of any substance, flaming in ignominy to earth, never to rise again, and ushering in a new political era, where political parties would be closer to/more definable to their electorate base, and allow more than two to prevail in the nation.
     Could 'that' be 'it'?  That somehow, 'they' have known that it is the end of the line for 'politics as usual' - for the way things have been - and in their way have just been helping to usher in 'the new'???  How else explain such effrontery, such deceit, such...words fail me.  Which is just as well, because I need to move on with this narrative.
     But you get the picture...

3 Even though, sooner or later, in this outcome, the political debate in America is going to - has to - boil down to its essence; to wit:
     There are those on the one hand who want Obama out of the office because he is an illegal occupier of it, according to the rule of law; and there are those on the other hand who don't care about such details, who want him there even if he is illegal, according to the Constitution; because to them the Constitution doesn't matter, it's how you feel about something that is all that matters.
     It's called, in the liberals's own words, situational ethics: meaning, there are no absolutes.  To such believers, everything is relative; and therefore, they have no compunctions about believing in and applying to all life situations the 'philosophy'  that the end justifies the means.  Or 'By Any Means Necessary,' in the vernacular of Saul Alinsky, and his 'Rules for Radicals' (which Obama cut his community-organizer's teeth on).  And so it's a battle, in its essence, between the Absolutists and the Relativists.
     (And thus mirroring their religious beliefs - or lack thereof - as well.  On the Right: traditional morality.  On the Left: situational ethics.  It's showdown time.
     And, this sort of showdown - between cultures - has been brewing in this country for quite some time; and is now piping hot, and ready for delivery…
     I am reminded of Cool Hand Luke's comment, near the end of the film, when he has had to come out of hiding, and tries a last bit of bravado: "What we have here is a failure to communicate."  And what we have here as well is a failure also to recognize that we all undoubtedly have been on the other side of this sort of barricade, arguing for the opposite of our present position.
     Go figure.)
     And so, many illegal aliens may be for Obama purely because he's one of them: an illegal.  Or an 'undocumented worker,' in the euphemistic term put forward by those leftists who have a modicum of personal moral decency left, and are uncomfortable with the term 'illegal alien'.  Much too in-your-face for those tender saplings.  And so, to them, Obama is merely an 'undocumented worker'; so?  So let's move on??
     Not going to happen, friend.  See you on the barricades; very possibly, in this outcome…
      So I'm not sure precisely why this current outcome is the preferred outcome of all the other possibles/potentials.  But - it's on the bottom line...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our Home Work Assignment

It's a very confusing scene, in the Middle East of some two thousand years ago, in regards to the birth of the Christian religion (and from that questionable nativity, the one of Islam as well.  Not to mention the questions regarding the tribal, and jealous, god of the Hebrews).  For the German scholars whose research on it I read in the mid-'50s (back at the beginning of my search in earnest for capital-t Truth), it was hard enough, with links to the likes of 'vegetation' gods named Tammuz and other exotic-sounding names (to our modern ears), with burials (in the earth) for some time and then being reborn in the Spring, etc. etc. etc.; and in our time, there have been the researcher likes of the woman who calls herself Acharya S, who has brilliantly summarized the research of others in following the story into the depths of ancient Egypt and the Osiris-Isis-Horus legends, relating it all to solar and other cosmic myths, the allegorical and astrotheological characters eventually 'carnalized'/historicized into actual humans through religious temptations; to the likes of Ralph Ellis, who has 'traced' the myth of Jesus, by a number of different names, to an actual historical, kingly figure, who then became the mystery figure we call King Arthur; to the likes of Tony Bushby, who has 'traced' the myth down even other avenues to outcomes other than that of the established Christian churches.  And so on, and so on and so on; John Lamb Lash and others, seekers, all; and all interesting, and all very confusing.1

But the bottom line of it all - all the 'western' strains of the speculations about Man's origin and destiny ('Who am I; Where did I come from; Why am I here?'), and all the eastern strains as well - is that we are all God.  Are all of God.  And our God nature is now calling us more directly Home, from where we have been straying in a 3rd dimensional setting: a stage, of a play -  a matrix, a construct, an illusion, in which we have been playing, and exchanging, parts, in a drama of our making, and that of our Keepers, whose human acolytes' time2 has now come to release us from the drama, as our time has come to release ourselves from it, and inherit more of our basic natures, as essentially phototropic beings - i.e., tending to the Light - as the sons and daughters, the divine Sparks, of a loving Father/Mother God, the I AM that has been called, amongst many other names, The Nameless One; the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  (For all We know; We fractals of that Whole.)*  Now - as I say - calling Us further Home; to a higher dimension that the one in which we have lived and moved and had our being for eons of time.  To the next dimension higher up, in terms of vibratory rate; of frequency.  And then comes the next one higher up from that, as we incorporate all the lessons we can learn - fill the consciousness intrinsic to the stage - at each step of the spiral stairway to the heavens.  Reaching up, and up, and up.  Each reach just exceeding our grasp; else "what's a heaven for," in the words of the poet.  It's for, that is to say, each of us to return Home again; in, and to, total Unity.  The Whole greater for the experience, of the sum of Its Parts.3

But that's all part of another story.  For now, we have enough on our plates, to assimilate, in just moving from our 3rd dimensional experience now - of time and duality and the experience of separation - to our 4th, and on through that more 'feeling' state (called the Astral plane) to our 5th, a more 'conscious' state (called the Mental plane).  Just waiting for us to inherit it.  Our having, now, come of age.  So to speak.

The whole Thing being a matter of Ages.  And stages.  Of life  And beyond.

So, our 'home work' assignment is:

Get ready.

Be, ready.

And bring along as many others with you as you can.

For it's going to be a glorious trip.

At least, I think so.

And choose, to do so.

Having had a bit of an inkling of Truth around it.  To say:

I am here to help see in The New.

That's all I know, for a fact.

Other individuals have other pieces of the picture.

And all together - all, together - We Are One.

And have won this Opportunity.

So: Let's go.

In mutual service to others,




1 There are many seekers that I could name; but just being a seeker doesn't mean that you have found Truth.  I'll refrain from naming some seekers whom I am not all that sure of, as to their egos getting in the way, and/or their sources not being of the highest.  This is an area in which it pays to develop, and practice, discernment.  But then, that's not a bad thing, in itself.

2 Our original extraterrestrial Keepers having left the scene, and for good, and for Good; according to a number of seeker sources.
     Time will tell.

3 To say, as far as we can know, from our still finite minds, as parts of the Whole, not the Whole Itself.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Details

Recently I posited somewhere (I've forgotten that detail...) the idea of a march on Washington by The People, Assembled; not just to "petition the government for a redress of grievances" but to take their country back from its obvious usurpation.  The Assembly to a) effect the departure forthwith of the current illegal occupant of the office of the presidency from that thusly dishonored office; b) dissolve the sitting Congress for having corruptly colluded in the sitting of the illegal executive, and c) appoint an Officer of The People, to hold the honor of that office at the least until further notice.1  

What would be the nature such an Officer's government, that he - or she - could guarantee to the citizenry, for the honor of holding that place in their esteem?  I'll give some examples of what I would do, if I were said appointed Officer.

* The Executive of the federal government should by rights be sending a message to the authorities of the several States to the effect that "under the terms of the14th Amendment, the citizens of your State are also citizens of the United States; and as such, they have a legitimate right to expect free and fair elections in this country, else the rule of law is not being upheld fairly; specifically, under the 'equal protection' clause of the said 14th Amendment.  If the vote of citizens of one State is not protected from electoral fraud as well as those of another State because of each State's laws regarding elections, that is not fair, morally and legally.  A common minimum-requirement law that would go a long way to guaranteeing free and fair elections (under the "equal protection of the laws" constitutional requirement) would be the legal requirement for voter photo ID, either by a federally notarized such citizen's document or a State-notarized one (with minimal citizen ID requirements needed for such; as is, e.g., in place today for obtaining a passport ).  But fairness to the citizenry, especially in a country where The People are the sovereign, must be mandated, and high on the list of priorities.  Or the government in that country, on both the State and federal levels,  is not doing its proper job."2  

That's the kind of ship of state that I would run; if The People were to ask me to be their Officer.  Further details:3 

* A canceling of all manner of Executive Orders and Presidential Directives; which have taken those forms of merely administrative business to levels never intended for them, rather, left as part of the legislative responsibility of the Congress.  The 'imperial executive' in America thus now at an end; no longer capable of steering the ship of state into the unholy waters of either a socialist or fascist New World Order;

* A reining in of much of the regulatory activity that has been going on from executive-branch administrative bodies on the one hand, and the proper use of proper regulations on the other.  Which currently often favors the very industries and societal areas that they are supposed to be regulating, in the public's interest, not those of vested interests.

Much of such perverted activity will become moot anyway, as the western monetary system collapses (under the weight of its own internal contradictions), and the U.S. joins the world in a replacement of the fiat currency that got the world into such a financial mess in the first place, with a 'hard' currency; at first based on precious metals, but soon to come off even that guarantor of intrinsic value, into a system of exchange that relies 'simply' on Love - with The People of The World sharing goods and services with one another, and giving of their best in the process, not out of the profit motive, but out of a higher motive.  Out of the highest motive that there is, and could ever be: out of gratitude to their Creator - the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be - for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word; Love.  
   And that 'system' will work, because a) it's time for it, both historically and cosmologically; and b) we will have the support of both the Galactic and the Celestial realms in heralding the New Era  - the fabled Golden Age.  To be characterized by free energy devices, for both personal and general use, and energy replicators, for transforming energy into various useful forms; and so forth and so on, in a combination of Humanity's own ingenuity and that of our more-advanced neighbors, here now to celebrate with us our Coming of Age, as we move into our Ascension mode with the simultaneous advent of their Disclosure.                  

And so forth and so on, in that vein - the 'vein' of releasing the Old, and heralding the New.4  For example, we could have a Truth & Reconciliation process, whereby those who have been working with the Dark forces in their attempts to control humanity will have a chance to tell their stories and make their admissions and apologies.  But they will be their own judges; so it would be mostly simply for information's sake: for all to understand just how far afield souls will go when given free rein - i.e., free will - to, and in the process, lose contact with their Source, through their essential Self.   Lest we - on our way up a notch, on the stairway to the heavens - forget; and for the benefit of those souls who are not quite ready yet to 'make the grade', and move up with the rest; needing a little more seasoning in 3D duality/polarity life yet.  

But no longer capable of holding the rest up, in their progress on The Path.  And including Earth - Gaia; a living being in Her own right - in that process.  So those self-serving souls amongst us will have to work out their lessons in another place, on another timeline.

This one is going Up. Into timelessness; and further into Unity.

And so: If we were going to continue on the present timeline, as the Officer of The People I would protect our borders from all illegal boarders.  But the leftists amongst us have a handle on the New Era (all unbeknownst to at least most of them, and thus for the wrong reasons), with that New Era now facing all of humanity.  Which does away with the old forms.  Including, yes, the United States herself, as she has been known; in the creation of a New World Order, alright.  Just not the one envisioned by either the Left or the Right.

As always; The devil - and only so to speak - is in the details.5



1 My suggestion was for said Officer to call for new (clean) elections 'within a time certain', to be set by mutual agreement between said Officer and The People,Assembled.  But circumstances may intervene in the matter.  Read on.  

2 To those leftists who say that 'the poor' are discriminated against in those States that currently require a voter photo ID, I have to ask: How in the world do they already navigate all the requirements for ID that already exist in numerous areas of social life??  I have to call this a red herring.  With the emphasis on the 'red'.  

3 To inject a parallel note in here, about the state of the education of the citizenry in the country, in order to be able to BE a responsible citizen in such a country: lack of proficiency in spelling - a condition which is omnipresent throughout the Internet's Comments threads to articles - is a sign that the individual's brain has not been trained in precise thinking, in noting the detail of things. (The 'whole- word method' of teaching reading would do that.)  That is to some degree the fault of the parents in the society, in not requiring better education of and for their children.  But it is also an indictment of the education profession itself.  It is almost as if a deliberate dumbing-down of the populace has been going on; in order the easier to keep the herd in a slave state.
     Or am I not saying anything that you didn't already know???  And were just having a little difficulty in articulating…  :-)

4 The Ascension to "the next octave of our learning experience," as Lightworker extraordinaire Patricia Cota-Robles calls the next dimension, on our spiral stairway.

5 America - bless her Soul - has served her purpose.  Barely; but true to her purpose.  The United States, now, needs to (self-) destruct.  The ship of state has become corrupt to its gunnels.  But at least, it got 'us' here - the entire fleet of nations, inspired - or at least moved on their courses - by 'the dream', of people governing themselves.  Of being capable of governing themselves.
     To those who believed in the vision of the Founding Fathers, for such an outcome: Well done; and all involved in this outcome, for all of humanity.  The outcome of Synthesis.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Release and Recovery

I have been deep in a cold the last few days, am slowly coming out the other side.  I have chosen to take it as a cleansing and purifying - and especially at this time; with major Change upon us all - and hope to look with more discernment at all that I put in my body from here on out.  (Not that I don't eat well, in the main; and avoid fluoride as much as I can; etc.  But I have a weakness for ice cream, and I know that all the chemicals they put in everything these days can't be good for our bodies, as hard as we try to 'read the fine print'.  That will be a big one to release.  And I am talking about 'release' in this blog, as well.)

Perhaps because of my energy thus having been at a low ebb, I feel that irritation at all the misspellings and poor grammar, etc. etc. that I see on the Comments threads on articles on the Internet have been playing especial havoc on me, with my patience setting set to very low.  I don't know what has been going on in this country for years in its educational institutions - well; yes, I do know.  And it ain't been good.

I have been taking all of the spelling errors and such as a metaphor for life, and all of the falling away from standards that have been going on - ironically (or not; perhaps only from my limited vision on such things) now, as we approach Ascension, and the energy, the energetic aura, thereof.  Perhaps, then, it is all but an example, a reflection of a general breaking down of the old going on.  Rather than simply an example - as I say, a metaphor - of how many people - or rather, to be more precise, their souls - have not learned all their lessons yet.   But the caravan moves on, as they say.  And we are all faced with a deadline.

And a dead line for many things, of a 3D nature.

Take poverty.

There is some value in the phenomenon of poverty.  On the one hand, it gives the opportunity for people - as I say, souls - to open their hearts and experience the giving of loving charity; and on the other, it allows for the experience of want, lack, and the kindness of strangers.  They are both lesson learners, and soul developers.  But now, the time for the lower grades of the spiritual school are over - for those who are able to make the grade.  And they start from a higher default setting.  I say 'they', because I may well tarry awhile (although that, too, may merely be a reflection of my current state of low energy), and help out on this level, to get more of the late bloomers to join the parade up the stairway to the heavens.  If that turns out to be the case; for the rest of you, now moving onward and upward, a word: Well done.  See you back Home again; if not before.

And for the rest of you; who are merely 'us' in a different disguise, from your true Selves, I say: You really need to get your act (literally) together, and try a little harder.  'We' - your brothers and sisters on The Path; and our cousins from other parts of the galaxy, and other whole dimensions - can help you.  But the effort needs to come, basically and primarily, from you.

So, don't look outside of yourselves for your answers.  

And now I really do need to get some more rest.

What a bug.

And under my bonnet, too...  

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The American Republic - Mach II

(cont'd from 'Privacy Lost: The Death of the 4th Amendment' -  Bob Livingston - Nov.23)

Buster the Anatolian says:
Good article Mr Livingston.
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  • Vigilant says:
    November 25, 2012 at 11:53 am
    Mr. Livingston says, “For those who failed to learn the Constitution during their incarceration in the U.S. non-education system, that one [4th Amendment] applies to privacy.” 

  • Before any Conservative decides to champion the “right to privacy,” they should seriously consider that it was the activist proponents of the Constitution as a “living” document who CREATED the “right.”

  • Yes, to use the words of Justice Hugo Black in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), “the right to privacy is to be found nowhere in the Constitution.” He was correct.
    The “right” “was created by being discovered in 1965 in ‘penumbras, formed by emanations’ from the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments.” (Walter Berns, “Taking the Constitution Seriously”)

  • Once established, it became the basis for Roe v. Wade, and in Lawrence v. Texas (2003), Justice Kennedy “described the ‘right to privacy’ found in Griswold as the ‘most pertinent beginning point’ in the evolution of the concepts embodied in Lawrence,” (Wikipedia), regardless of the fact that the opinion in Lawrence was framed in terms of the right to liberty.

  • The 4th Amendment is indeed a guarantee against “unreasonable searches and seizures;” it does not establish a right to privacy.
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    • kibitzer3 says:
      November 25, 2012 at 9:44 pm
      Excellent points, Vigilant. O what a tangled web we weave…

    • The rot started in even earlier, in my estimation, when activist-minded legal beagles used the 14th Amendment’s ‘due process clause’ to overturn the whole thrust of the Constitution, and make of it a contract applying FROM the federal government TO the States/the people. The ‘principle’ used there was a high-falutin’ phrase (these lawyers…) called ‘incorporation’ – that all of the rights referred to in the Bill of Rights, preventing the federal government from doing such-and-such (known as ‘negative rights’), were now to be applied the other way around; when all the 14th said was that no State shall deprive any of its citizens – who were, by the enactment of that amendment, also now citizens of the United States – of life, liberty or property, “without due process of law”. That is, that no State’s laws or actions shall be arbitrary. Nothing about turning the Constitution on its head. If that had been the intent of the14th, its architects could have proposed an amendment that said: “All the powers formerly reserved to the States or to the people shall now be found within the purview of the federal government” – and let’s see how THAT would have gone down with the lawmakers of the time. No. This ‘incorporation’ business has been a fraud from the git-go. And the American people need to understand these things. They are giving up on a form of government that they really don’t understand properly. 

    • There’s that ‘education’ issue again…


ibcamn says:
what most people dont realize YET,is this country is going to hit bottom and then reset itself(as what who knows)read history,what happens to a gov’t like this one,that feeds off the have nots?big gov’t!when all the little people cant pay the taxes and the ruling govt cant take a thing in to pay itself or its loan from afar?!unions will turn and an uprising blah blah blah…read your history!!!
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  • DaveH says:
    November 25, 2012 at 2:33 pm
    After it hits bottom, we will have no choice but to return to the Productivity that results from Capitalism. Then as the economy rebuilds, the numbers of non-productive takers will start growing again until the next useless experiment with Socialism starts.

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  • kibitzer3 says:
    November 25, 2012 at 10:15 pm
    The ‘saving grace’ that I see in all this, ibcamn and DaveH, is that we do indeed “hit bottom”, have a reset, which now – with history having gone globalized, and thus at a peak point; also described as Synthesis – takes us into a New Era for humanity. At least, those who can make the cut (based on their consciousness; recognizing us ALL as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’). 

  • The rest will just have to continue to wrestle with these sorts of 3D conundrums. Until they ‘get it right’ – recognize the duality in all that is going on; for a purpose – and move up a notch on the spiritual stairway as well. Recognizing, that is to say, that it is all an exercise in a classroom. 

  • ‘The play’s the thing, in which to catch the conscience of’ us all.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Me & The American Republic:

Still At It 'Privacy Lost: The Death Of the 4th Amendment' - Nov. 23 - Bob Livingston

Vicki says:
Robert Rashbrooke writes:
“…but because we have NO CONTROL over our politicians since we are a Republic and not a democracy.”
The failure of control of politicians is explicitly BECAUSE of democracy. Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. It is “tyranny of the majority”. It is US for failing to remove politicians who openly fail to follow their oath to support and defend the Constitution yet we send them back to do us again.
In a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic (which is what we are btw) the government is explicitly forbidden to do anything beyond what few enumerated powers are delegated to it. In our particular Constitution there is additionally a list of (Bill of) Rights that explicitly FORBID the government from doing certain things.
In spite of all of this the whole of the Constitution is nothing more than words on paper if we ignore those words and keep electing people who obviously don’t know them either or are deliberately ignoring them.
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    November 24, 2012 at 8:11 pm
    Well said, Vicki. And it clarifies something that Amelia said above that was a touch misleading, in an otherwise impeccable comment. She said:

  • “Our freedoms and liberty depends [sic] upon preserving the Constitution of the United States. Any act of Government, against or without the consent of the People is injustice, usurpation, and tyranny.”

  • A Republic is rule by law. A democracy is rule by ‘the People’. Yes, ours is a government ‘of, by, and for The People’ – but not in the sense of majority rule. Rather, by elected representatives, and within the constraints of a constitution – i.e., the rule of law. For example, Obama got elected – APPARENTLY (another subject) – by a majority vote of ‘The People’; but he is still an illegal president, according to the rule of law – the Constitution.

  • We got into this current predicament (not just regarding our Usurper in Chief) by a lack of understanding of the specifics of the Constitution by a lot of the citizenry (and here we get back specifically to the matter of ‘education’ in the country). And part of this, I think, is the ‘fault’ of the very thing that so many cite as a bulwark AGAINST a tyrannical federal government: the Bill of Rights. You cited it correctly, Vicki; but the fatal misunderstanding on the part of a lot of the citizenry, to my thinking, is the assumption that the federal government can do whatever else it is not explicitly forbidden to do in the Bill of Rights – and can even do those BoR things it is expressly forbidden to do if it can just tweak the meaning of words a touch. (As in the liberals’ penchant for declaiming the Constitution a ‘living document’, and thus susceptible to their tweaking of it the way they want it to read, rather than the SCOTUS interpreting it by the ‘principle’ of ‘original intent’; as if that were only one legitimate legalese way to approach the contract. But that’s another subject, too.) I am mentioning the danger that Madison himself foresaw regarding attaching a BoR to the Constitution that the Framers came up with: that it would lend to the impression that the federal ‘beast’ could do anything it wanted to do ABSENT those specifically forbidden powers; i.e., that its default position was all-power except what it was specifically denied by the BoR. If more of the public understood the importance of the 9th and 10th Amendments, we wouldn’t be in quite the pickle that we are in today – i.e., that the BoR is only an EXAMPLE of the powers not invested in the federal government; not a definitive list OF them. 

  • Incidentally, Madison finally came around to the idea of adding such a list because he could see that the Framers weren’t going to get their ratification by the States if there weren’t such a specific BoR included; the people of the day knowing how governments tend to work, over time, and trying to nail ours down as clearly and distinctly as they could. Well; they did their best. The rest would be up to their successors.

  • Take a bow, us. Or not; as the case may well be, considering the pickle that we are indeed in, in our day. But then, as they say: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  • And what are YOU made of, Citizen????….

--- 'Savage: Government Crime Families Running America - Video' - Nov. 24     
(comments all same day)

Charles S. Imwold · Top Commenter
The only way this constitutional republic can survive is to have US Constitutional law enforced. To that end the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama must be removed from office under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution. This country is a constitutional republic and not a democracy with mob rule. The so called presidential election of 2008 and 2012 cannot change US Constitutional Law. In order to change US Constitutional Law there must be Amendments to the constitution and that only take place in the US Congress with a 2/3 of the states voting for the amendment. Popular vote can not change US Constitutional law.
Reply · 7 · Unlike · Follow Post · 13 hours ago
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  • Elizabeth Cohen · Top Commenter · Knitter extroidinaire at Self Employed and Loving It
  • Charles I agree with you 100% but here is my concern. There is not one person who has the balls to ask for removal. We the people just can't walk into the white house and demand it. Having said that, how do the American people take the country back, which I believe, is the only way to fix our country.
    Reply · 9 · Like · 13 hours ago

    Stan Stanfield
    · Stanford University
  • Elizabeth Cohen (I like your spirit, by the way, O Knitter extraordinaire):

  • Normally in a 2-party system of government, the public could count on a natural check on the incumbent party, which would provide a flag for individual citizens to rally round in such matters as these we are facing today. But the Republican Party has proven itself to be of a similar mind to the Democrats, i.e., of a despotic mindset. No. 1: Both parties (i.e., the Puppeteers behind them; many of whom are actually the same people) want to see what they call a New World Order - though each having their own 'slant' on it; socialist on the Left and fascist on the Right - which can only come about with the demise of the U.S. Constitution, and its rock-solid rule of law, keeping this nation free from such 'foreign entanglements'. Note that all of the federal laws on the books today tending in this common direction - the direction of a top-down, totalitarian Behemoth running the world to the satisfaction of its Masters - were already there, put in place by recent predecessors to the illegal candidacy of, and presidential office-occupation of, Obama. Which brings up the second point of awareness regarding the lack of a viable 2nd political party in the country; namely, how the Republican Party has colluded in the trashing of the Constitution by its failure to call the Democrats in their nomination of an ineligible candidate for the presidential office. (Its officials obviously did a quid-pro-quo deal with their counterparts in the Demo Party, having their own non-NBC/ineligible candidates in mind for either the Pres'l seat or the VP seat, or both; the Framers of the Constitution doing just too good a job, to the taste of the easy-way, demagogic-minded, in making it difficult to amend the Constitution.) So: here we are; and what do we do, you ask.
  • My suggestion: that there is a march on Washington of The People, Assembled - led by Oathkeepers, and followed immediately by 2nd Amendmenters and 10th Amendmenters and Article Twoers and Tea Partiers and those of the Occupy Movement who understand what is REALLY going down in the country, and patriots in general (especially those who believe that the 2012 elections were stolen by voter fraud and ballot-box chicanery, and are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore) - who will have come for two reasons. First: to stay there (via orderly rotations of the citizenry; who have their own lives to attend to as well as that of the nation's) until the Usurper vacates the office of the presidency (listing and reading out all of his iniquities; a la the Declaration of Independence); and secondly, to dissolve the sitting Congress - for not doing their constitutional duty in this sort of regard, i.e., as a brake on a runaway Executive = and appoint an Officer OF The People (perfectly legal; see Art. II, Sect. 1), who will call for TRUE, UNADULTERATED elections within 'a time certain,' and in the meantime, clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government of all those who are not doing their regulatory job properly, e.g., of the FDA and the CDC, who are simply being the placemen and-women of the very industries and sectors that they are supposed to be regulating.* 
  • But not to go into all those details here. This is just to give 'you' an outline of how I see a proper response to the major crisis that the American Republic is facing at this time. And as for that Officer of The People: I would be happy to fill that temporary role. But that matter will be up to those who answer the call - this present, urgent call - of their country. And let's have a separation of the wheat from the tares, at this crucial time.
  • Note: I would probably make a good such candidate. I am 78, and thus am not about to see this as a way to make my OWN way into such despotic power as those who are behind this whole scenario have been seeking; in order to feather their own nests, at the expense of The People in general.
  • It's time for a Change, alright. REAL Change. And Forward into the REAL New. 
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  • ---

  • (* Note: 'Regulation' in the general interest and for the common good; not just for its own sake, in a statist society, and mentality.  There is nothing wrong with a little regulation per se, for safe foods going interstate and so forth.  The regulatory checks on the S&Ls in Reagan's day kept them from going out and speculating on the taxpayers' dime (via the FDIC 'cover'), to the horrendous outcome that that little bit of 'deregulation' resulted in.  Any lessons learned from that little experience??  Not so's one could notice: for here we are, in our day, with the commercial, High Street banks and their investment arms having been bailed out - yet once again - by the taxpayers; who, insult to injury, got little bang for their buck out of the rescue mission in the event.  Madness.
  •      I am not advocating over-regulation; nor am I advocating mindless deregulation.  A little common sense could go a long way in this area, of social living.)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

It's Time For Something New...

…The Right Way

A couple of themes in particular have emerged into my awareness from the Internet recently.  One has to do with the emergence of socialism in the American psyche - as exemplified by the rise of Obama, and his brand of politics, including the end-justifies-the-means meme; and the other has to do with the rise of homosexuality, and its influence on societal structures.  And the two impulses are related.  I'd like to look at this associated phenomenon for a moment.

First, the rise of (the mentality of) socialism in America - the stronghold of 'individualism' in the world; the rugged frontiersman, and all that.  Which bred such fantastic results, in the rise of 'western civilization' - the Industrial Revolution, and all that.  The ability to reap great financial results from one's individual efforts.  Which also bred, in its wake, a lot of poverty; and the consequent rise of a societal tension between the owner class and the worker class.  I won't go into all that here; I just want to lay the groundwork for where I do want to go.  Which is to today; and the face-off, in this country, and the world, between those who 'have' and those who 'want' - between those who have a lot, and those who want more; both camps mesmerized by all the material goodies available in the modern world.  And this, of course, brings strife.  

Of various kinds.  For example, it is not just a matter of the envy of the 'have less' that is involved, or the gluttony and greed of the 'have more and want even more' .  It is as well the damage being wreaked on the planet; particularly by the wealthy, in seeking even more material affluence, but also by the other classes of society, in wanting a larger portion of that desirable-looking pie.  And individuals in each class of society are, more and more, speaking out for our mother Earth (and, to some, Gaia, a living being).  And so what has arisen is a desire, in various quarters, and for various reasons, for control.  Major control.  

Major people control.

Many in the 'upper' class have their version of this, in a New World Order suited to their tastes; which I will get to in a moment.  But for now, I want to look at this impulse coming from further down the social-class line; into that sub-class there that believes in the Marxist, or even Marxist-Leninist, approach to social life.  The 'more fair' class.  The 'social justice' class.  Well, lel's call 'it' what 'it' is: the 'redistribution of wealth' class.  To the point, not just of the monetary factor in 'people control'.  But in all aspects of that agenda.

Case in point.  A portion of a thread that I got involved in, first in observing the comments to the story - as is my wont; to keep abreast of the thinking going in the (mostly)American psyche - and then in dropping a 'kibitzing' contribution into the pot (as is also, often, though not always, my wont).  The story was about the current federal government's push - the Obama government - for greater people control, in wishing to monitor ALL electronic communications in the body politic.  Not just those for which they have obtained a warrant.  I'll let a few comments on the thread tell the story. 

From the western journalism site, story titled 'Feds Will Soon Be Able To Read Your Email' - Kris Zane - Nov. 21  
(Re; HR 2471, heading for Sen. Patrick Leahy's Judicial Senate Committee, to be voted on Nov. 29th.  Sen. Leahy reportedly "has rewritten this electronic 'privacy' bill to instead allow the Feds, local law enforcement, and literally any local or federal entity to read any electronic communication…without a warrant.")  
Got your attention yet, folks???

powellady says:
I do not put anything in my emails that I care if they read.
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  • Debra Smith says:
    November 21, 2012 at 5:33 pm
    That is wise.

    ReplyReport user 
  • kibitzer2 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 11:53 pm
    That is really not the point, powellady. The point is that the nation is being turned away from the basic presumption of innocence into a police state, where you are presumed guilty until you prove your innocence. The American federal government should never be given this sort of power over The People. It is an insult to their sovereignty, making them - once again – a subject; in this case, to the state, rather than to the monarch. Same difference, in principle.

  • Fight it with all your might. Don’t presume that you’re safe, just because you never say anything in your emails ‘that you care if they read’. Don’t allow yourself to be forced to slink around in the shadows. That’s their MO – that they’re now trying brazenly to come out from, and on to center stage, and run the whole shooting match. 

  • Which it is quite likely to become literally, if they keep getting their way, and people like you think that you’re safe from their ‘prying eyes’, just because you ‘play it safe’ in your formerly private, now to be public, email communications. 

  • It’s a matter of principle. Don’t give them an inch. Or they’ll take a mile. Because that’s what ‘they’ do. As in tyrants, and the tyrannically minded.


Violating or Constitution again. When and how can we stop this from happening.
I’m one very angry American
  • NOBAMA2012 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 3:59 pm
    A revolution is just about the only way to put an end to it. Everything else has been about exhausted. The WH, Holder and the DOJ, and Congress don’t listen to “We the People”. They do what they want and what benefits them at the expense of “We the People’s” money, freedoms, liberties and rights.
    America has a virus and it needs scanned for spyware, viruses needs to be quarantined and system needs to be rebooted to default settings and start over.

    ReplyReport user 
    • kibitzer2 says:
      November 22, 2012 at 12:12 am
      “America has a virus and it needs scanned for spyware, viruses needs [sic] to be quarantined and system needs to be rebooted to default settings and start over.”

    • Very well put, NOBAMA2012.

    • It helps to have something to smile about sometimes, these dark days…

So: the socialist-minded in our midst want people control for people control's sake.  Not just to help themselves to a larger piece of the federal government's tax-money pie - or, for the real socialists among them, i.e., the communists, to go to an all-out command economy, which decrees that everybody will have the same level of income.  From 'the state'.  Because life is fairer that way.  The principle of Equality, and all that.  And therefore, no envy is created in the populace.  Everybody is equal; in the eyes of the state.

And in other eyes???……

…and now I begin to segue to the other theme I referred to, at the top of this article.  Which is for society to move to a 'stage' where the state takes over the raising of the children; and how to bring that more 'ideal' state of affairs about.  But first, a comment on the ethics of socialism - the ethics of this whole impulse towards more and more people control.  Resulting in the crowning in human affairs of the 'principle' that the end justifies the means.  

A lot of leftists (and whether they are themselves religious or not; remember the ''principle' I cited just above), in attempting to justify their 'politics', cite Jesus as their great example.  My comment to them (my sort of Epistle to the Americans):

Jesus - if he even ever existed (which there is scant actual evidence for; but according to the 'scriptures' in place about him/Him) - was NOT a socialist.  Your godman never commanded you to take from others.  He encouraged you to give to others; out of Love.  Force - as in some people voting themselves money out of other people's pockets - was never part of the New Testament deal.  

It's part of a political (New) Deal.  But not a spiritual one.  And you would do well to discern the difference, for your soul's sake - for your 'salvation', if you think of spiritual progress in those terms.  Because you are responsible for your own soul's development.  No one else is.  You will be judged on your own merits.  Because you will be the judge OF your own merits.  In a life review, on the other side of the veil between the realms.  And thus, your spiritual progress is up to you. No one, or nothing, else.  

And I won't go further into all that.  Just to say, that I recognize that there are a lot of atheists who want this socialist sort of state control over people for purely materialistic reasons.  But - and since many of them are very scientific-minded, and 'thus' reject anything to do with 'other-worldism' - they would do well to catch up with the science that is coming out these days, in this sort of area.  To say: the evidences for more dimensions than just this physical, 3rd-dimension one...But that's for another time.  As in, my blog time.  Very much not as in 'time' time.  Which is where we are at, in our time.  But to continue…

…to the concluding 'set' in this thought offering.  The one about 'homosexuality'.  I'll enter here a recent blog thread on the subject that I commented on, and then make further comment on at the end.  

The thread was to an article on World Net Daily on lesbian moms; entitled 'Lesbian Parents: Now 'Better' Than Moms, Dads?' by Joseph Farah (editor and CEO of wnd) on 20 Nov.  People were engaging in heated exchanges on the subject of lesbianism/lesbian parenting in particular and homosexuality in general, and with a lot of Bible quoting and perspective, and reaction thereto,  involved.  I couldn't resist entering the fray, with a sigh:

kibitzer3   (eve of 20 Nov.)
I am saddened at how long it is taking for the truth about homosexuality to come out into the public arena, for more people to understand its roots.
Homosexuality - and other 'abnormal' sexual forms - is based on the the level of various hormones in the womb at a particular, early stage of fetal development, thus affecting the brain's structure.  Hence, a male brain can be 'wired' into a female (genetic) body, and vice versa, and every 'abnormal' stage in between on a spectrum of results; like trannies.  The hormone levels can be affected by a number of causes.  One is an abnormality in either the developing fetus's, or the mother's, adrenal glands.  Another is the effect of endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in the environment, from pollution including plastics.  Another is the effects of stress on the pregnant female (it is known that more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars, e.g.).  But perhaps the biggest 'sin' = factor, in our 'modern' day and age, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates on the developing fetus, via the subsequent skewed hormonal levels of the mother. (Blame the allopathic medical profession for that one, for not being more on top of the research.) 
Thus, the real 'moral' factor here is the slowness of humanity to clean up its act regarding the environmental effects on developing fetuses.  Yes, some homosexuals can carry their reactions to their conditions, and to others's responses, to 'unpopular' lengths. (Unfortunately also to suicide; or crimes to others.)  But it is no wonder that so many children are so unsure about their 'gender identity' these days: society has failed them, in its awarenesses; or to say, the lack thereof.
Homosexuality is 'old' because stress is old.  Yes, it's 'abnormal'.  But not to the extent that, say, Muslims, and fundamentalist Christians, make it out to be.  
A little more light, and a little less heat, would go a long way in getting to the root - the causal level - of this matter.
There's also the matter of karma, and reincarnational consequences.  But that's definitely for another discussion.  In the meantime: a bit of understanding, folks.  We're talking about human beings here; and it could be about any one of us.               

(among a number of responses; from 21 Nov.:)

This is BS... God does not make mistakes. A person chooses a particular lifestyle (in this case homosexuality, transvestitism, etc. etc.). As a result of that and other sins opposite God, "He" turned these people over to a reprobate mind. the person did not do it to himself other than via his/her own sins 'resulting' in God's action. What do you think "reprobate" means? It means that a person is in such a status that he has no moral compass and is loosed to commit the sins that he is so accustomed to... and more.
It is is written, "Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed".  (James 1:14)  But you say, "Homosexuals are the way they are because blah blah blah blah.  Therefore, the responsibility for the way they are doesn't lie with them."  That about about sum up what you said?  Better you be saddened by the depth of your own deception...

Replying to lahnew
Sorry, friend.  Just reporting on a lot of research on the subject.  A particularly good source in that regard that I have come across is the book 'BrainSex' by Ann Moir, Ph.D  and David Jessel.  They summarize a considerable amount of the research on the subject.

As far as quotes from the Bible go.  There is some good 'food for thought' scattered in its pages.  But again, research on the matter is recommended; and will show in this instance - to the true seeker of Truth - that The Bible is a faulty source of information, put together by men.  

A good source of information in THAT regard, in particular regarding what is called the New Testament, is the summarizing research by Acharya S entitled 'The Christ Conspiracy', subtitled 'The Greatest Story Ever Sold'.  

Some people don't like to look into this sort of thing; among them, those who think that 'God' wouldn't lead people astray.  I agree with that sentiment.  It is not the Creator - our Source - the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be - that has led people astray.  It is men; who have been given free will, and have perverted the gift.

That is the REAL 'perversion' in this matter, of homosexuality, and its roots.  Its TRUE roots.    
It's time - and nearly past - to get with the 'program', regarding spiritual evolution.  We have important work to be about in that regard.  We should not be wasting our energy in such human debates as this one.  Tempus fugit.   
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The fray is undoubtedly continuing there; but I need to move on.  And wish to make comment on one aspect in particular of this ''revolution'.  That has to do with the role of the family in human affairs; and specifically, the role of the father of the children in their upbringing.  For them, yes; for a number of reasons and purposes.  But I wish to concentrate herein on that role for the father himself.

Fatherhood is the most civilizing influence there is for males to experience.  You take that away, in this modern 'feminist' push for female 'emancipation', female 'autonomy' - to the point of raising children without a father; or 'father' influence, on the child(ren) and on the male himself - and you take away a major factor in the social glue that binds people together in societies, rather than merely in ragged bands of individuals.  So I am 'against' lesbianism to that extent, in that sense; but also for a further factor, as alluded to above: since it is the masculinizing of their brains that is causing so much of this 'female lib' stuff going on these days.  Their brains cause them to want to be like the males - out and doing things; taking charge in and of things; all the things that males do - because their brains are wired like a male's.  

And that, as I say, is causing societal breakdown.  And needs to be corrected.  That is to say: that pernicious environmental effect on the female brain needs to be corrected; and the impulse for so many females today to 'get out of the house' (instead of making it a home) - to get out of the child-nurturing role, which nature has assigned to the female of the species - will follow suit.

If that attitude is considered 'regressive,' or 'reactionary,' or 'old-fashioned' - so be it.  But it's the healthy attitude in the matter.      

And having said all this: I also understand where some of this structure-breaking impulse is coming from; since humanity is verging on a breakthrough into a new paradigm - a higher dimension of existence; of consciousness; where this sort of thing is dealt with differently, with our beginning to move beyond the bounds of the human vessel, and into that new level of being.  And that realm, that level of consciousness, is beginning to bleed through into our current, 3D one.1

So, that's some of 'it'.  But there is also the matter of learning lessons here, before we make that transition.  And to clean up our environmental act is one of those lessons: that we take responsibility for our actions.  For what we cause.  

Perhaps the key lesson of them all.

A closing word, bridging my final thought on all this, for now.  Which has to do with the other side of the homosexual coin.  Not the heterosexual side; the male side of the homosexual spectrum.

Many homosexual males seem to be rather proud of their 'condition'.  Or to say, have learned to own 'it' - the way they feel - and are glad finally to be 'out' - of the societal box that they have been forced to occupy, been placed in for so very long.  But I wonder how many of them realize that 'they' are the result of some intentional societal engineering.  On the part of some very powerful people, who have created their numbers, for a reason: to cut the population.  

Which is why nothing - much - has been done to counter the (so-called side) effects of various drugs prescribed to pregnant females; especially in a particular, early stage of pregnancy: to catch the developing fetus's brain in 'their' (the controlling elite's) net.  Plus, nothing - much - being done to clean up the (so-called side) effects of various plastics, polluting the environment, and causing brain-bending, from their chemicals.  Bending towards skewing 'traditional' sexuality, and thus - hopefully - cutting the population numbers that way, also.  So that many homosexual males are not, in 'coming out', being true so much to themselves.  As they are 'being true to' the erstwhile Masters in and of this realm.

And a closing word on that category of human.

The Powers That Be have caused this societal-collapse process, as fallout from their 'well-meaning' (sick) attempts to slow down populating growth.  They wish fertility to be curtailed.   For the sake of the planet, and the planet's carrying capacity;.  They say.2  But it's also for their interest in, desire for, people control.  

People, to them, are merely economic integers, in their scheme for a New World Order, wherein the only people they want are people who are of economic value to them; are of service to the (all-powerful) state.  Producers of wealth - for them; and enough to keep their subjects - their bought-off 19% - relatively happy.  And the rest of 'the people' are considered 'useless eaters'.

I've read some of 'their' literature; and 'their' down-the-line, 'futuristic' thinking is that  what current trends of technology will produce is a 20:80 society, wherein 20% of the populace will be of benefit to the Controllers/controller class (excuse me; to 'society'), and the rest, well…that's life, in a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest world.

We do need to clean up our act, in terms of the quality of life, and living in harmony with Gaia.  But in a humane way.  A loving way.  An inclusive way.  Not a way that produces low-consciousness results.

Been there.  Done that.  No thanks.

It's time for something new, alright.

But totally new.



1 And it's the same with the current 'standoff' between socialism and capitalism.  Those forms will be superseded (i.e., going to the 'Synthesis' stage of the evolutionary process), as we move into the new paradigm, which 'acknowledges' elements of both: the importance, and honoring, of the individual on the one hand; and the feeling of 'flow' between people on the other, rather than via 'contracts', of debtor/debtee, taxpayer and taxtaker, buyer and seller; etc. etc.  It's all in the consciousness.  Not to 'give' or to 'receive'; but to share and share alike.  Out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Not out of simply a materialistic desire to organize society for 'the common good'.  Communism tried that; and millions perished in their 'good-intentioned' experiment.  Because it was based on a flawed concept: that people will be 'good' without a good reason to be.  A meaningful reason to be.  Or they will be pummeled into submission to The (human) Plan by the all-powerful state.  Where, perforce, Force rules the society.  Not Love.
     Shift 'up' a notch, and the true answer to our social 'structuring' begins to appear.  Which involves a little of both stages of the evolutionary process.  And thereby, can we progress to a new level.  To say:
     When there is Abundance - by living in harmony with the Divine plan - there is no need to ration, and therefore hold onto the concept of private property.  There is only Us, experiencing life - creation - on a higher level.  And at that point. that degree, that level of consciousness, the concept of individual nations - and their borders - can disappear as well.
     Not before.
     First things first.
     And America will have served her purpose: for helping humanity get to Synthesis; and not stay stuck on a lower level of consciousness.  Of awareness, of what Life is all about.  As we sparks of Divinity 'turn the corner,'  and start Our return Home.

2 After all, it's their home.  The only one they know; have any inclination of.  Apart from Mars.  Or going underground here; waiting out the fallout from a nuclear exchange, designed into being, in order to cull the mass of the 'useless eaters' above.
     What's that you say?  Another level of reality?  A higher level of reality??…Don't be daft.  And besides, this one is just fine.  I'm at home here…  
        What?  Reincarnation??  'We are One Another; and thus, We Are One'???  You are still being daft.  And anyway, look at what good a belief in reincarnation did to the Indians.  The East Indians, that is.  Well; maybe to the American Indians too, for all I know.  Same difference.  Do you really want to live in that sort of society??  With fleas,and all that?  Hey - you might come back as a flea, ha ha!  
     What?  I'm being silly.  What about you, mastermind.  Go peddle your crap somewhere else.  I'm one of the top dogs here, and what I say, goes.  You got that?
     - No.  No more of this conversation.  I'm outta here.  Before the real feces hits the fan…So long, sucker.  Don't take any wooden nickels.  Especially the ones with an Indian on 'em.  Ha ha!
     What?  Love.   What's love got to do with anything????????????………………………