Saturday, 30 July 2016

Up On The Farm

Once we have set this nation to rights - defeated the age-old Adversary - and started it out - with the whole world following the lead of this nation state, dedicated to The Individual, for possessing a soul; the pearl of great price - on its Next Steps - or harmonic level - we can take a short rest, before our next Calling.

Who is the ’we’ that I am referring to? 

Ever heard of Prince Valiant?  The Knights Templar??  That sort of thing???

‘We’ are the forces of Light.  Which will always win out, in the end.  For there is nothing else but Light, in truth.  Well, there is the - perceived - absence of Light.  But that is only a trick of perception.  An aid to spiritual progress.  (You have heard of the Pilgrim’s Progress as well???)  

We are all on a Quest.  A Quest for our personal Truth.  And when we have found it, we ‘move up a notch’.  As I just indicated above (‘above’…), it is all a matter of harmonics.  Octaves of Light.  Shifts in frequency, in resonance.  

We are all going Up.  Are just in different stages of our personal ability to resonate, is all.  To the stage that The Stage of The Play is moving to…

…but to get back to the title that I have put on this blog.

Once we have stabilized America in its next, higher level of resonance, we need to give attention to Education, in order to help the next generation, and those succeeding that one, to appreciate fully their history. Their roots.  

And their roots lie in such as the story - the true story - of the Father of this nation, George Washington, when, after having served the budding nation valiantly, and having returned to his farm, to live out his life in peace and quiet, tending to retired life at Mount Vernon, he was called on yet once again.  The details don’t matter (sometimes, details don't matter.  Sometimes); all that matters is that one day a courier arrived on his doorstep, and reported that he was needed once again.  And Washington - a real human; not just the stalwart figure of legend - was reported to have groaned, and said, irascibly: “Haven’t I done enough for my country?” and sent the courier away, empty handed, as it were.  But after some head shaking (I assume; that part of the story is not reported, the other person present, the courier, having been sent away, empty-handed, as it were), he sighed, and - perhaps still grumbling a bit - saddled up, and went to report, for his next tour of duty, for his country.  Having, apparently, not having done enough for his country.  Not by then, at least.

This story has a happy ending.  As we all know.  After some close-run stages.  But I mean in terms of this telling, when George Washington was finally released from duty to his country, and was able to live out his life on his beloved Mount Vernon. 

I tell this, not only for this generation of Americans to appreciate the sacrifices that their Founders made - and there are many other such noble stories to tell.  But to make - in a way - the case for

our farms.

The places where we would like to return to.  When our duty calls are done.  

I don’t know where yours is.  And I am not precisely sure where mine is.

But oh, how I long to return to

my farm.

And just ‘putter around’ a bit.

Until my next call to duty.

Because, you see,

we old souls have signed up

for the duration.


…and let’s get ON with it.

Time’s a’wasting.  

A little pun there.  Because, you see - while you are ’seeing’ things; or at least, being asked to - 

we are being asked to move from the resonant levels of time and space  

in a fundamental shift of octaves

to the resonant levels of 

Here and 


See you on the other side of that bridge.

The bridge to

Here.  And.  Now.

Unless you are one of

my army.

In which case, t's time

to report to duty.  For,

duty calls.

Yet nice again.

Duration soldier that you are, too.

You soldier - and seeker - of

The Light.


...And Down On The Earth

The Union  Of Concerned Scientists has sent me a copy of their 2017 Calendar, and has 'invited' me to officially join them. My response, especially after looking over the images in their calendar, and seeing some real clunkers:

"You people are for fluoridation?!

"Don't let the hockey stick hit you on the way out of my mail box."

I'm sure that they will get my picture.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Synopsis Of The Play

“Dear Friend,

“It’s no longer catch-and-release.  It’s now ‘don’t even bother anymore.’

“Not only has Barack Obama and his New York fundraiser-turned-Homeland Security chief disarmed and disabled the Border Patrol…

“…now they’ve told agents not to even bother arresting illegal aliens anymore…

“…(I)t makes absolutely no sense to deny Border Patrol Agents the right to self-protection…

“…and it’s insane to say they can’t shoot at a speeding vehicle bearing down on them!

“But that’s just what Obama and his handpicked man in charge, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, are doing.  They have issued ‘updated Guidelines’ that instruct the U.S. Border Patrol not to fire on moving vehicles and to retreat from people throwing projectiles.

“In fact, it is now a disciplinary matter for a Border Patrol Agent to discharge his firearm at a drug runner barreling down the road at them, or to confront illegal aliens who are hurling rocks at her head…

“…instead they have to ‘retreat or take cover’…

”…even if there isn’t any place to go!

“It’s insane!”1

Not really.  It’s all part of The Plan: to take down this country.  By stirring up such animosity - along with other such measures; like bucketloads of regulations from this socialist-style executive branch2 - as to give The Great Pretender the excuse he needs, and his puppet masters need, for him to declare a state of national emergency, and consequent state of martial law, by which he can then dispense with the fig leaf of the Constitution altogether, rather than eliminate it by the death of a thousand cuts that he has been engaged in so far.  

Which brings up an allied point: 

So - Congress: Where the hell are you??

I’ll tell you where you are.  You are on the verge of being considered irrelevant and immaterial.  Not only in terms of the nation's sovereignty.  But for not doing anything - or at least, anything sufficient - to reign in a rogue executive.  Undoubtedly, for having been bought off.  And possibly with a measure of having been given an offer that its individual members couldn’t refuse.3  Either way: it's treasonous. 

Basically, what is happening is this:     

The New World Order crowd are trying to break down our borders so that those borders - and we - can be overwhelmed, not only by an invading force of Muslims - to undercut the prevailing Christian culture - but by illegal aliens and other cheap labor sources (Venezuelans are being set up to flood north as we speak, in an orchestrated move of economic refugees),4 and more people to go on our welfare benefit rolls (the perps also desirous of getting them onto our voting rolls to boot; all of which is theft), in order ultimately to break the back of the country financially, in order to ‘pick up the pieces’ and merge it into being merely a part of a region of our erstwhile masters’ New World Order.5  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:    

Obama and his Marxist minions are trying to tie this country into such a regulatory ‘not’ - ‘Not this allowed, Not that allowed’ - that it can never escape from the control of the central state; precisely as in any other failed communist state that there has ever been.  He would, of course, describe it all as merely ‘good governance’.  Right.  Socialist style.   By which to bring in such sovereignty-destroying measures as the TPP, and the other treaty with nations across the Atlantic.  Thus destroying the nation, not from an adversary from the outside. But from within.

Our shadow side.  Giving us a challenge within ourselves to meet.

Or not.

Our choice. 

As always.  


1 letter from Cheryl Burns, Project Chairman, The American Minutemen Project

2 See also the article headed ‘Ruinous Rule by Regulations’ in the ‘Correction, Please!’ section of the June 6 issue of The New American.

3 Not hyperbole.  That's how serious these people are about their long-standing takeover plot.
   It's the same with all the murders going on of alternative health practitioners, who are alerting the public in particular to such as effective alternative cancer treatments, and others alerting the public to the dangers of vaccines.  TPTB need to have the ability to kill off as many people as they can, who stand in the way of their NWO, their profitable enterprises, and especially their Power Over Others; thinking they are better than those Others.  When in point of fact, We Are All One.
   But to continue.       

4 The Jesuit pope is behind this maneuver as well.  I call on all true and good Catholic Christians to throw off the leadership of this pope.  He is a false shepherd; leading you astray, for his master.  And I assure you, that is not who you think it is.

5 This; and with all the false flag ops going on, and actual terrorist activity, and attempts to start a race war: the American citizenry has shown remarkable restraint, under a huge amount of pressure to lose it.  The perps - Zionist Jews in particular amongst them; who are maneuvering to place themselves with the minorities against 'white supremacists' - must be wondering, What in hell is it going to take to get them to react big enough for Our Man In The Oval Office to be able to do his 'martial law' thing???
   But, you say, Obama is aligned with the Muslims against the Jews/Israelis??
   But, e.g., ISIS is being led by an Israeli.  I am saying, that not everything is at it appears to be.
   The Hollywood crowd knows that truism better than anybody else.  They have made a living at it.
   And you could also say: a killing.

'Are You A Birther?'...

…& Other Put Downs
        & Put Ups

‘Are you a birther?’

‘I would prefer that you didn’t use that term.  It has been expressly created by ideologues - of the Saul Alinsky school, of so-called ‘community organizing’ - in order to attempt to stifle legitimate discussion on a very important subject: the subject of the eligibility, or not, of a person to hold the office of the presidency of the United States.  Now, if you were to ask me if I have a question regarding the eligibility of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of the presidency, I would say: Yes I do.  Indeed I do.  Considerably so.  Would you like to hear my take on the matter?’

‘Not particularly.  You are just a damn racist, and undoubted homophobe, and hate speech advocate, and a xenophobe, and - ‘

‘Don’t forget ‘white supremacist’.’

‘Right.  That too.  And potential domestic terrorist.  And…and……and………’

And so it goes.      

But let me move on, to the gist of this presentation.

By allowing into the Oval Office that particular Usurper, who was raised in an Islamic country and mentored at an early age by communists - and appealable to the ‘minority vote’ to boot - you have allowed the camel to put its nose under the tent, and it is busily ‘doing its thing,’ of and by overturning said tent.

It is time to put a stop to this nonsense.1

But, just by going ‘back,’ to the way things were, in the U.S.??


By going forward.

Into a New Era.

For both the U.S.

And the world.

Le’s take a look at some of the details of this matter.  Of what has transpired.  And what can transpire.  On a higher turn of the spiral.  And I will be brief in this presentation.  Especially as how we have been programmed, by our erstwhile masters, to have a short attention span, and not ‘bother’ looking at the details of things.2

Long story short.  The takeover of the U.S. has been in the planning, of our erstwhile masters, for a long, long time.  This is prime ‘real estate’ for such ambitious people.  Knock off the U.S., and you knock off ‘the last, best hope of mankind’ - that is to say, you knock off the last piece on the chess board standing in your way.  Thus, the attempted creation of the League of Nations.3  And when that failed (by one vote in the U.S. Senate; a close-run thing), The Powers That Be (the Illuminati; the Cabal; the Establishment; our erstwhile masters known by a number of names) orchestrated the founding of the United Nations, in 1945.4  And as well, what became known as the Bretton Woods Conference; a monetary confab, looking at the postwar years, overseen by a communist.  But to continue.   

So: How do you go about knocking over such a monolith as the postwar U.S.?  Well, one way is to insinuate your way into both its political processes and its educational processes, to accommodate it to the communist ‘enemy’.  (That you set up in the first place.  Nothing making money - and potential Power Over - like war, you understand.)5  And if a leader of the U.S., in reaction to your best-laid schemes, succeeds in knocking over your manufactured enemy, why, you just go to your ‘arsenal,’ and set up another piece on the board for playing Bad Guy with.  Simple.

But about this monolith itself.  What to do.  Well, an analysis of the matter - as part of ‘the calculation of the relation of forces,’ in Marxist terminology, and practice - shows that it has a couple of ‘weaknesses’ - and one fundamental ‘weakness’ - or strength; depending on your perspective on the matter - in particular.       

It is strongly Christian in orientation.

Plus, its people were mainly European in origin.  Having rather common cultural roots, and practices.

Quite a monoculture.

So: What to do.

Got it.  

And the rest has been history.

And, here we are.

Teetering.  On the verge of - something.


Or breakthrough.

But either way:

of Opportunity.

Let me put the case for the higher turn of the spiral.  Not just slipping back into the old paradigm, of action-reaction.  Been there.  Done that.  Let’s go for ‘broke’.  A it were.  As in, breaking the pattern.  And as a bit of a pun on the factor in all this of money…

What would The New - not as in our erstwhile masters’ New World Order; since that would have the seeds of a further historical process in it, in reaction to the heavy hand of dark authority trying to reign over The People.  Rather than with them - look like?? 

First of all, it would be a paradigm of Abundance.  For, there is an abundance of gold, and other precious metals, enough to back a new currency, and monetary system altogether, hugely.  The interest-bearing money system - i.e., money as debt - having outlasted its usefulness, anyway.6  So: a Jubilee, and fresh start.  (Until we can get to the point of a moneyless system anyway.  But to continue.)

What else would it look like.  Well, there is the flowering of technology - for its sake.  Not for the sake of some to ‘hoard’ it and make money off of it.  As has happened for some time now, with regards to such as free energy devices.  With replicators not far off into our New Future.  

What else.

Oh, a lot.  But a question to address:

Will there still be conflicts??

Yes.  Of course.  We are are still humans, after all.  Spiritual beings having a human experience, yes.  But humans nevertheless, while in incarnation in these mammalian 'meat suits' - vessels, with all our various emotions and instincts.

It will take us awhile
To get to the fullness
Of our potential.
In the meantime 
We have such as crime
To take care of.
I would suggest the following
Technique for socializing.

When there is a conflict between two people, sit them down opposite one another in a circle of Space Holders, and, after a moment of silence for all to center themselves, have them say, “I am God.  You are God.  We are One” in turn to each other, until they and the Space Holders feel the point has been reached and energy field created sufficiently that they can proceed; then have them each in turn have ten minutes to make their case to the (moment’s) Other, then five minutes each, then two minutes, then agreeing to Completion - by each affirming “I am complete” - with each stage of the process having been open for Space Holders to come onto a third chair or cushion in the middle in order to make a brief observation.

This is how we sometimes used to handle personal disturbances in the spiritual community where I spent most of my adult life. Before coming back into the arena of 

The Play. 

I think it - or at least, this sort of tool - will work, in the New Paradigm as well. 

But that is up to us.

To tune into our Oneness.

And make it work.  However we choose to.

However we - choose - to.

Not our erstwhile masters ‘choosing’ for us.

In league with demons as they are.

Now having their final fling.  Before

The End.

For them.

And the beginning.  For us.  Of a new, higher stage.  Of


As One.

In this Birth of The New.

Speaking of 'being' such as

a birther...


1 Which includes calling the likes of Ted Cruz on his ineligibility for the office - on the very same  basis - as well.  The Republican Party obviously hot having called the Democrat Party on their nomination of an ineligible candidate because they wanted to water down that particular requirement for themselves; and both of them having found how difficult it would be to do it the legal way - by way of a constitutional amendment - by having between them, between 20003 and ’08 alone, tried to get amendment proposals starting through Congress on this very issue - i.e., proposals that all included this issue as their common (and obvious) denominator -  and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue, of the requirement, and definition, of a ‘natural born’ citizen, as opposed merely to a citizen, either naturalized or born.  The intention on the part of the constitutional Framers CLEARLY being to make sure that the occupant of that office - and that particular federal office ONLY - had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States.  PARTICULARLY because the occupant of that office becomes as well the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces; and they didn’t want the likes of Great Britain sneaking back into power in the new nation by that doorway.
   And here we are, in our day, having allowed THAT VERY THING to happen to the U.S.  By allowing a man into the Oval Office whose - purported - birth father was a Kenyan, which at the time was a British Protectorate.  So that the son was born a British citizen (of all ironic things); had that citizenship automatically conferred on him.  And was apparently not as well a U.S. citizen either, with his - purported - birth mother not being of age at the time to be able automatically to confer her citizenship on the child.
   Does all of this matter?
   Look around, Citizen.  Look around…
   (P.S. As to the ‘argument’ that ‘the blacks will riot if anybody tries to take away their president,’ I have but one word to say:
   No.  Let me be more clear.
   I find it insulting of black Americans that you would say that they would not be able to understand clear facts when presented to them.  In any event: If such a response were to be orchestrated by 'vested interests,' then that is what would have to happen.  In order for this nation to be set to rights, and back under the rule of law.  Not under the rule of men.  Otherwise known as arbitrary law.  Otherwise known as tyranny.
   With it all becoming moot now anyway.  
   But to continue.)     

2 Which in part is what is behind the ‘modern’ phenomenon of not teaching our children how to spell properly.  For, if they are not trained to look at the details of things in the matter of words, they are being brought up to not look at the details of things in general.  Thus leaving it up to their erstwhile masters to do that for them… 
   (Does the spelling of some words change over time in a natural process, not part of a ‘conspiracy’??  Yes.  But those changes are brought about by a logical process having to do with how the words are pronounced.  Not by a process of deliberate obfuscation; the reader not trained to look at the details.  Trained, rather, to look at what is called the (technique of the) ’whole word’.  
   ‘Take it in in its entirety.  Don’t bother with the petty little details, like the individual letters being sounded out ([.e., the phonics method of teaching reading].  We don’t want you to know how to read on your own.  We want you to learn to read just the words we want you to learn to read, by memorizing their shapes.  Thus, the word ‘monkey’ is to be recognized by a picture in your primer of a monkey hanging by its tail on the ‘y’ at the end of the word.  Don’t look at the ‘y’ [or the ’why’].  Look just at what we want you to look at.  The less that you want to read on your own, the better, anyway.  For us.  Just look at the images that we give you to look at…’
   But to continue.)   

3 Such a need having been generated by what became known later on as World War I; in its time known - ballyhooed - as The War To End All Wars’.  And drop the world like a ripe fruit into the hands of the international bankers and industrialists.  But to continue (and not get bogged down in the details…).

4 An historical footnote: I was there, as a young boy, sitting on the curb, watching, as the world’s leaders made their way via triumphal passage through the streets of San Francisco to the building where the details of their fine enterprise were to be hammered out.  
   I forget what the name of the building was.  It would be fitting if it were the Cow Palace.
   But to continue.

5 You do understand, don’t you?  By now??  The Vietnam quagmire, and alt that???…

6 I personally would not have had humanity go there anyway.  People should - can - simply share goods and services with one another, out of a sense of community.  Of common unity.  But then, there would have been no Play - or at least, not as ‘rich’ a one as has transpired - in which to take various parts, over the years.  And centuries.  And so, no personal spiritual development.  At least, not as fast as has happened in this realm of duality and - seeming - separation.
   But to continue.

On Seat Fillers & Other False Images

The report, by a Bernie supporter at the Democrat Nominating Convention, that the event's honchos had brought in 'ringers' to fill the seats vacated by Bernie supporters and cheer, at 50 bucks for 7 hours (= $7.15/hr; not even half the Dem's desired $15/hour minimum wage), for the poor deluded saps on stage and for the TV cameras, has brought to mind other false images that we have had to endure, for some time now.

I will think back, e.g., to 9/11.  Not that there weren't other major false images sold to us before then; the JFK 'lone gunman' assassination and the OKC Murrah Building bombing being a couple of other such falsified 'happenings' (aka false flag ops).*  But to keep this blog short, I will start with The Big One - "a New Pearl Harbor," that started the U.S. in a big way into the mess that we are in today.  9/11 having kicked off our misadventures in the Middle East, which the Israelis capitalized on to stir up their Islamic enemies into playing patsies for them.

Ah well.  I have decided to not even get into some of the other imagery games that our erstwhile masters have played on us  - like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and Orlando; all replete with the  ludicrous likes of their crisis actors, which observant auditors on the Internet have alerted us to.  Those of us who are wise to the machinations of these s.o.b.'s attempting to rule the world, that is.  But I am so angered at one imagery game in particular that I just want to cut to the chase.

It has to do with the Constitution of this sold-out country.  When Michelle tells us Americans - in prime time - that she teaches her children "to ignore those who question their father's citizenship or faith," she is, of course, talking about -


the birth certificate!

And then The Great Pretender follows with reference to his Kansas grandparents and their ancestors, saying, "I don't know if they had their birth certificates, but they were there..."

Cue laughter.  And even cheers.  From the dummies in the DNC auditorium.

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

Ladies and gentlemen.  American citizens, first of all; regardless of modern-day political party affiliation.   You are being had, by experts in imagery.  You are being manufactured, as party to the elimination of the rule of law in this country, and the enthronement of tyranny.  And as crowned by The Great Pretender's E.O. 13603.  Which gives not only him total - and I mean total; blank-check dictatorial - power over you (including "unpaid employment".  Meaning, in any language, and any parsing of the term: slavery).  But gives it to his successor in that purloined office as well.  The serial criminal, harpy Hillary.  By voting machines already set up for the job.  As already well 'oiled' in the Democrat Party primaries, against the hapless Bernie, and his true-believer army of meshuginahs.  

That is, if TPTB don't decide to pull the plug first, because the candidacy of The Donald is stirring up the American populace too much, for their own good.  That is to say, for the good of TPTB.  Never mind the 'good' of the populace.  That doesn't matter, in the grand masters' scheme of things.  For, they know what is best for you.  And you.  And you.  Mere serfs to those who would be your masters.

In their dreams.

Not in this universe.  Or this country.

You picked the wrong country to try to ply your takeover machinations in, boys and girls.

It's time for the adults to take over.  And put a screeching halt to your best-laid schemes.

For that is all that they are.

And I will keep The Donald on, for good measure.  He is a solid, 21-game winner.  He has his faults.  But nothing like yours.

So, put that in your legalized marijuana pipes and smoke it, children.

We're going under

New Management.

And - as will be a surprise to you; and to many on the the other side of the process, as well  - it will contain elements of your own platform.  Because that is how these historical things work: by natural laws.  Thesis.  Antithesis.  Synthesis; which, because the process is not completed, becomes the thesis stage of the next go-round of action-reaction unfoldment.  And when the process reaches the global stage, it generates the completed stage, and state, of Synthesis.

The intended Dark side's kingdom, bereft of God - the true God - now morphing into the Light side's takeover, in alignment with the will of God.

Of our mutual Creator Source.

Who welcomes all the players of The Process back into The Fold.  But if you choose to stay stuck to and in your Dark-side identity: well, that's

your choice.

As always.

See you, suckers. The rest of us have work to do.

Big work: Ringing in

The New.

The altogether


More on which, anon.


* Sone of which are outright hoaxes; some of which are 'real' but manufactured, to attempt to blame another party.   As the Western European intelligence agencies staged a series of explosions under the code name of Operation Gladio, attempting to portray the Red Army Faction as the culprit.  And as Mossad does constantly, to blame the Ayrabs.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A New Day's Dawning

from’Democrats Attract Hordes of Protesters to Philadelphia’ - shawn - July 25; posted here July 27

  • Paula Brummett an hour ago (July 27)
  • It has just been announced. The Democrats are scared by the recent polls of Trump gaining. Obama is setting aside his political duties the whole month of October to campaign with Hillary. We are paying him to do his Presidential job, not campaigning for Hillary. He needs to campaign on his time, not ours. 
  • Reply
    • Morton212 Paula Brummett 29 minutes ago 

    • As a patriot he will have to do whatever it is to prevent Trump gaining any more popularity. I am sure you understand that. You have to know that with multiple adulterous relationships during three marriages, and hanging out with Roger Ailes- no woman is safe in his vicinity. So unless you are really very needy - or totally hideous - you would heed well to lay low while Donald Trump is prowling.
    • Reply
    •          kibitzer3 Morton212 2 minutes ago (July 27)

      • For the crime of jeopardizing our national security by using an unsecured email system while SoS alone, Hillary needs to be jailed.

      • Trump's 'crimes' are mere peccadilloes compared to Hillary's. Get some rational sense of priorities, Morton 212. Your 'true believer' side is showing.
(incidentally, Morton212 came back at me with the statement that the FBI found
no evidence of a problem with Hillary’s emails.  Check this out, from former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey:

According to Mukasey, the gross negligence described by Comey is actually enough to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

“There is no issue of intent under the statute, under either statute. He’s talking about two separate laws: One says that if you show gross negligence in putting classified material where it shouldn’t be and in the hands of somebody who shouldn’t have it, that is a felony. Now gross negligence is the only level of intent you need, and what he described was gross negligence.” 

(from ‘Former A.G. Michael Mukasey: Comey Stepped Way Outside His Job’ - Matthew Wisner - July 6; posted under LibertyHeadlines - July 27) 

from ‘BREAKING: Russia Reveals Truth About Email Hack… Trump Immediately Responds’ - July 27 
(This site doesn’t allow anybody to post comments who does not go through Facebook.  I recently dropped out of FB because of its demonstrated bias -  allowing one of its platforms to show the outrageous, violence-inciting image of a BLM dude in hood slitting the throat of a white cop, a la Jihadi Johnny, on the one hand, and not allowing posts critical of Hillary on the other.  Hence, I cannot post a comment on this site.  So, here is the comment that I would have made, if I had been allowed to.)

From all that I have bean able to glean about Putin, he seems dead set against the New World Order crowd, so obviously he would have a preference for a U.S. led by Trump rather than one led by the Cabal's front piece of ****, Hillary the Hun.  Yes, Russia got a good business deal via Hillary when they gained access to uranium over here.  But what is one to make of this:

“'Moscow is at pains to avoid any words that could be interpreted as direct or indirect interference in the election process,' said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin."  Which is a chess player's way of saying, 'We haven't said a thing - no words'.  Actions, of courses, are a different thing from "words".  The sort of parsing of words which The Beast's Other Half, Billy Goat, knows so well himself; and can likely appreciate in this instance...

As for Hillary’s continued litany of falsehoods and dark-side behavior, as itemized so concisely and cleatry in a YouTube chat by Dick Morris in response to Bill’s speech at the Nominating Convention about The Beast Who Would Be Queen: What a tale of corruption and deceit.  Lying and power-mongering is first nature to her.  She has been engaged in corrupt activity her whole adult life at the least.  I also understand that she, while SoS, attended operational planning meetings with the DHS “with regard to using food as a weapon against the American people who might engage in a civil uprising if the globalists steal the election in favor of their candidate, Hillary Clinton.”  (from; ‘Clinton’s Secret Task Force Will Use Starvation Against Americans Who Rebel Against a Stolen Election’ - Dave Hodges - July 27; referencing E.O. 13603) 

This sort of thing will - not - stand.

It’s not just me saying this.

The frequency we are about to enter won’t tolerate these sorts of actions, or level of being, in limited consciousness.

It’s a New World.  Literally.

And maybe that’s why she acted so strangely in a recent video shot of her.  A demon may be trying to get out of her; sensing its days are over.  For, it is 

that time.

Just Who Do You Think You Are??

Question: What makes me think - what makes me feel - the way i do??

Answer: A lifetime of feeling that I was here for some good reason.  I remember telling a guest in one of the programs that I led at the spiritual community where I lived for many years during my adulthood, when some subject or other came up, that, quote, “I didn’t choose to incarnate at this time in order to waste my time”.  I am here to help set things to rights.  Which happens to involve the future direction of the United States; of that I am quite sure.  To build on its lead, from its founding.

It’s quite a feeling.  And a very strong feeling.  And when I read of such things as armed federal agents (the BLM of a different sort) telling landowners in rural areas of America, where some strange things are going on - like construction sites in the middle of nowhere, and like railroad tracks being built leading into cliffs, wherein are hidden from view ovens - to stay away (‘But this is my property.  See?  Here’s the proof.’  ‘Not interested.  We have taken this area over, for purposes of national security.  Stay away.  Or else.  See??  Here’s our proof.’), things have gone too far.  We are not anybody’s indentured slaves.

If this is all because of an expected cosmic threat to the nation and the planet, The People have a right to know about it, and make their own plans.  But if this is all the tell-tale marks of a takeover plot - as it all appears to be; our erstwhile masters miffed at us in the U.S. because we wouldn’t let them start building the highway infrastructure for their North American Union, so they are going to go about it another way* - then I guess we will have to fight fire with fire.

I am a peaceful man, by nature; knowing, as I do, that All is One, and so, As I do unto others, so do I do unto myself.  But no one will take over my  country.

Except those who are in alignment with the higher vision, of the Will of our Creator Source.   

As to that category:

On Being Change Agents

Our job
Is not to
Accept things
      the way’
      they are
But rather to
      shake up
The status quo
      in order to
    ring in
  The New,

The universe
Has Purpose
  and that purpose
  is Good

 and that sacrificing
  to ourselves
        is not
  The Good.

Be careful
    of what
   ask for.

All change
Is not Good
    per se.

* like they did with the ineligibility of their front man, Obama, for the office of the presidency.  ‘Not eligible?  So what?  We control the media and the judiciary, and, of course, the legislature.  Problem solved.  The Constitution is just a damn piece of paper, anyway.’

Something Of Value

In the year of the fall of 1955 to 1956 I lived in New York City, all the way across the continent from my home town in Southern California, before I had to return home to go into the Army.  There was a Draft then, left over from the Korean War - excuse me; the Korean Police Action; so called for reasons that I didn't know of at the time, which turned out to have something to do with our responsibilities as a member of the UN - and every able-bodied young man who was not in school or responsible for a family spent two years of duty in an arm of the service of his choice.  Mine turned out to be in the Army.  As a c.o..  That stands for conscientious objector, for those who aren't familiar with the term.  Which had to do with why I was in Manhattan for that year.  But to continue.1

I would spend my weekend summer days mostly in Central Park, in scenes reminiscent, and even redolent, of a French Impressionist painting, say, George Seurat's 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'.  Sometimes I would take the subway up to the north end of the metropolis, to a park whose name I have forgotten (and can't locate right now), for open-air concerts there.  Most enjoyable, to have these pieces of color in one's life, in both small town and big city America.  

I was reminded of all this today, while having gone down to my local public park in the late afternoon to take in a band concert.  The Long Beach Municipal Band has been putting on such concerts in the parks around town for years, even back to my growing-up days in this small town; and I took them in even then.2  In part, I am sure, to do with my love of band music, from my days in junior high school, first in the school band - I played the clarinet - and then in its orchestra.  But also because I was simply drawn to this form of community activity.  It seemed so - comfortable, somehow.  Such an enjoyable aspect of life in small-town America.

And I was particularly drawn in today's concert into nostalgia by a march by John Philip Sousa.  Quintessentially Americana.  Which brought up all sorts of Americana for me, from my childhood.

All the American songs we learned in Second grade, and that I later learned to play on my clarinet.  My Country, 'Tis Of Thee.  Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean.  God Bless America...

...And the mail I get.  One recently (two, actually.  I go by more than one name) from the Operation Finally Home people, with a United States flag in it, and the statement on the envelope: 'A Wounded Veteran Needs You'.  And the books on my bookshelves; including both 'the Federalist Papers' and 'The Anti-Federalist Papers,' and 'Miracle at Philadelphia;' and my dog-eared copy of The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution....But back to my musings, on a hot summer day, in Southern California.  In a park where mostly Hispanics play their interminable games of soccer; in their version of The Endless Summer......      

And it all got me to thinking: Is this all going to end??

First of all: Because of the multiculturalism that is being foisted on America by TPTB, in their attempts to break down America - as they are attempting to do with the basically monocultural states of Europe, like Sweden - into balkanized bits; the easier to swallow it, my dears.  And digest it into being a mere part of a region of their dark-side NewWorld Order.  'They': these vipers in charge of the world these dark days who see, and know, only Power and Money.  Who I am here to help stop in their tracks, and see them off the field of battle.  For a New World to be ushered in, alright.  Just not their pale-copy, reverse-image one

of the real thing.

But does that mean that such enjoyable delicacies like small-town band concerts, and John Phillips Sousa marches, and corn on the cob on the Fourth of July holidays, are to go by the wayside too???

Perhaps.  To make way for all sorts of new cultural aspects, of the New Age.

But let's be careful, not to give up the old, before there is something of at least equal value to replace it with.



1 Just to say here that I went there to do research in their Main Public Library; figuring that that must be 'the largest public library in the Western world'.  I was dead serious about finding out what life was all about.  No more questions.  No more bullshit.

2  They started in a band shell on The Pike, an amusement park on the beach.   I was here for its heyday - just taking in the scene mostly, on weekend days in the sun; and especially enjoying the sno-cones - before it fell victim to the newfangled form of amusement: TV.  There are pieces of it left to this day, as a tattered reminder of days gone by.  The Ferris wheel is still there; though rather forlornly so.  The roller coaster, of course - a major skyline image of the time, and in one's mind's eye - has long since generated its last thrill.  


I Claim This Country

I claim this country
For God.
               Which means
           for Us
As well.  And I
       will wring
Every last ounce
Of corruption
            of it.
            For it
To be fitting
   the honor.

I can embody
Limitless Love
     but I AM
Limitless Truth
       as well.

My call.  And
My warning.
               To all
Who would think
          to have
  their way with
    My country:

      It is not
      for sale.


And speaking of MY country being taken over; an example:

from ’The Russians Have Bombed an [sic] US Air Base on the Syrian Border Reports the Wall Street Journal’ - Dave Hodges  - July 25/6

  • RickE. July 26, 2016 at 9:57 am 

  • We should NOT be in Syria to begin with! We are trespassing there, as it is a recognized sovereign country with rights just like us! We do not have permission to even be there, let alone set up a military base or installation.
  • We cannot continue to simply do what we please to whatever foreign country we choose.
  • We do not have the moral or legal right to interfere in other countries’ affairs unless asked to do so by that country!

  • Simply stating that we are ‘exceptional’ does NOT give us the right to enter and occupy a foreign country. PERIOD

  • Stan
    July 27, 2016 at 1:08 am
    (Your comment is awaiting moderation.)
  • RickE: Amen. The only reason that we are in there is because TPTB want us to be there, to help bring down the Assad government, because they want that space. The U.S. needs to throw off the vermin who are running our foreign policy – shaders of the NeoCons under the Bush administrations – and get on the moral side of things.

  • I am angry about what is happening in and to MY country. The vermin need to hear, loud and clear: Hands. Off.

The same as our being on the wrong side in Turkey.  Erdogan is a dangerous man.  The excuse - that we destroyed the coup attempt there - is apparently involving our responsibilities with NATO.  If that is true, then we need to get out of NATO; because that means it has fallen into the hands of the vermin. 

If it hasn’t always been.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

On Summer Soldiers, & Others

(with apologies, & kudos, to Mark Dice)

'What do we celebrate on the Fourth of July.'

'A holiday.'

'What kind of holiday.'

'...A festive holiday?'

'What is it in aid of.'

'...A good time??'

'I mean, what is it in celebration of.'

'...The beginning of summer???'

And summer soldiers
(Otherwise known as
Sunshine patriots);
                           and others
      who are here
      for the duration,
         the nation
         from such as
         the notion
      that the Constitution
Is just a 'guideline'.
                    And yet
              a leading
   of our time
Believes in that take
On the matter.
                 Get him
 Of there.
                 He is
         an enemy
      of the state
   of the people.

  (Posner, you are
   a fool.
               And so
 would we be,
 if we believed

The United States
Of America
          is all about
          the dignity
The individual.
This is not
To talk about
The larger You:
Higher Self,
        where we
Are all connected
       in and to
    The One.
It is to honor
Each of us
As 'a spiritual
Being having
A human experience' -
         as a soul
The spiritual path.
We individually
Are growing
           when we
Fully realize
           that we
Are all part of
The All That Is.
Our true identity -
         God -
Results in our
      and subsequent
        release from
   The Play.

NOW do you get
How important
You are, in
The vast scheme
   of things???


'What do we celebrate
On the Fourth of July.'


Our Independence

Monday, 25 July 2016

On Deliberately Unrenewed Memberships

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is wondering why I haven't renewed my membership in their illustrious organization.  It should be clear to them by now.  I have sent in, in reply to their requests for either a membership 'fee' or a donation to their worthy cause, a number of responses like the following one this time:

'Dear Roger [F. Wicker, Chairman],

'Just as soon as the Republican Party calls Obama & the Democrat Party on his illegality in & ineligibility for the office, I will get right to my renewal.

'You didn't know about his ineligibility for that office?  But I have written you many times about it, & the info is readily available on the Internet.  See, e.g.:; &/or go directly to the source: E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212:

'"The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens..." - & that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

'I still await the Republican Party putting this nation back to rights.  Absent that action, stop yours in mailing me these requests for support.'


Do I expect a response?  It's pretty clear to me by now that my comments back on these form letters are not getting to a human; or if they do, said human is not paid to bother reading them, much less forwarding them on to the desk of the form letter signer - even though I always write on my response envelopes in these sorts of situations 'for the Personal Attn. of' so-and-so.  But hey - one does what one can.

And let me make something clear.

I am very happy to have others help in 'setting this nation back to rights'.  But in any event, it will happen.  With you. Or without you.

You see, we are faced with a Check Point.   Nothing will pass over into The New unless it can pass an initiation rite, requiring authenticity, and integrity.  We are involved in a Ring Pass Not.  Only those who can qualify for Ascension need bother 'boarding the bus'. 1  So, for example, it matters not whether someone believes in 'original intent' regarding the Constitution or not.  Anything that does not jibe with 'the law of the land' - to say, that is tainted with corruption - is out.




So; Obama is Out.2  And all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O's and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that the has made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin.  (And so, of course, do the decisions those judges were involved in.)  It is to be as if he were never there.  For, he was never there legally.3

The sitting Congress: Dissolved.  For not reining in the rogue executive.  As to those representatives of The People anyway:

Both current major political parties: Out.  On RICO-statute charges.  For having colluded in the 'nbc' matter, of both Obama and the Republican Party candidates that that party tried to slip through the hole in the hull of the good ship USS Constitution made by the Democrats.4  So: Elections are out, until all that sort of thing is set right.

Which includes the setting to rights of all of the electoral processes in the country.  I have been so pissed off at how deep this country has fallen in the muck on that issue.   My country - behaving like some tinpot banana republic on this fundamental matter of democratic processes...Not to go into that subject here.  Just to say: All aspects of corruption in that process: Out.  Before there will be any more elections.

An aside as to that subject: I have in the past in various online comments on this subject made a distinction between federal elections and state elections, giving states the 'right' to conduct their state affairs as they see fit - and leaving it up to the state's citizenry to clean up the act of their state on the issue.  But on reflection, I realize that it is not fair for a U.S. citizen to be subjected to corrupt practices at either the federal or state level. And citizens of MY country will not be subjected to corruption on any political/legal level.  

You will see, from the above, that I am claiming authority over my country.

So. Be.  It.

And just one final comment, and subject, for this particular blog:

The Western monetary system:

Out.  To be replaced with an interim stage of exchange - based on precious metals/resources - until we get to 'the real thing':

the ability to manifest our needs personally.  Physically. By the likes of free energy devices and replicators.  From the energy of the Creation.  As dutiful children thereof; having reached a stage of maturity allowing us to engage in such activities.

If you want to claim membership in the New Order of Things - the true New Order of Things:

All aboard.

And hold on.  It's going to be an interesting ride.



1 Their auras give them away.  Cheaters not only never prosper (at least not proverbially speaking). They don't qualify to start with.
   With the Akashic records as backup.

2 And there is an irony there.  It may well turn out that Obama is, after all, in fact, a 'natural born' citizen - the child of a Jewish groupie in NYC and her enamored, the black American man known to the world as Malcolm X.  (Having been 'parked' with a low-key communist family in the network, to be raised free from association with his actual roots, in order to be groomed for future political fame.  And overthrow purposes.)
   Not that it will do him any good.   He still goes down.  On charges of fraud, perjury, and treason - at a minimum.

3 And speaking of the SCOTUS: Neither RBG nor Kagan should have taken part in the same-sex decision; should have either recused themselves or been recused, for both of them having officiated at said type of marriages, and thus having the equivalent of business before the court.  So that decision is out on that legal leg as well.

4 Both parties having found out - as I have remarked on many times in my online Comments on this matter - that it was going to be too difficult to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on the matter.  So, they just decided to try to slip it by the half-asleep American people; and, with their control between them of the most of the MSM and the judicial branch - plus a little bribery one on the one hand, and offers that a person couldn't refuse not he other - they figured that they could get away with their little caper.
   Bad decision.

On Ringing In The New

First, a message from The Old:

from ’The Great Wall of Trump and the Real Reason Why It Is Needed’ - Dave Hodges -  July 23/4
(What we are really talking about here is the terrorists flooding into this country.)

Stan July 25, 2016 at 12:52 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

The best solution is simply to put the lld back on the honey jar that has attracted the illegal aliens – and then the jihadis won’t have a sea to swim in, and can be identified and interdicted more easily, and with firmer measures.

By putting the lid back on what is attracting IAs here, I mean: No more jobs (with employers facing fines and jail time for employing IAs); and no more welfare benefits of any kind. Period. Come in the front door, or don’t bother. Nothing here for you if you are here illegally.

America needs to get back in the business of being a nation-state. That means WITH BORDERS. 


So: First things first.  Clean up our act.  Get rid of all the corruption that has been going on, and the corrupt thinking of American citizens, for 'getting while the getting is good' - milking The System for all it's worth.  And not to be talking about just the welfare addicts on the lower end of the economic ladder: the self-decided unemployed who really shouldn't be living on the taxpayers' dime - which is theft - and the welfare mommy who has kids for the money that scam brings in, and so forth (and Yes, Mommy; you know you are scamming The System; it's what is in your heart that counts); but also those towards and at the top end, the 'crony capitalists' making big on all that good government money that sloshes around, enticing all and sundry to bend their scruples.  I'm ashamed of all of you.  But it's time to move on.

It's time, that is to say specifically,  to wake up to the fact that we have been bamboozled by 'the moneychangers' - by 'the bankers', and their partners in crime, in politics especially.  For: dig it: a truism:

We have all that we need within us.    

Affluence is a matter of attitude.  You don't need an interest-bearing money system to motivate you to do unto your neighbor as you would have your neighbor do unto you.  All you need, to share goods and services with one another - and watch things grow! - is the desire to 

do good.

To be a good person.

Because life has meaning.

Which is to grow in consciousness back towards our Creator Source.

To become One again.  With the All That Is.
And as we now enter the Energy of The New, we are to be gifted with the means to get our New Age off the ground, by a cache of gold and such, that we are being given, to

do good with.


The Old Way:


Along with all the debt that that way accrued.

A fresh start.

With the awareness, now, of how to do a better job of it all.

From the experiences of the past.

So, as terrible as some of them have been, they have been of benefit, after all.

If we choose them to be so.


it's all in our minds.

As I said:

We have all that we need - 

altogether now:

within us.






A New Day:


At last.

A New World.

If we can keep it.