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Where I'm At full moon time, March 28:

1) from 2012: What's the 'Real' Truth? - blog titled 'A General Response to your comments on my post about the expression of anger on my blog' - Jean - Mar. 28

kibitzer3 says:
Excellent commentary, Jean; thanks. And well done on your path.
And for people to be even more ‘complete’ with the life process as it has been for them, I suggest that they engage in some Past Lives Therapy as well, with a trained such analyst. (Analysts who work with the Morris Netherton model/technique would be a good ‘place’ to start looking, if one hasn’t already given that avenue of ‘enlightenment’ a look-in.) For, there are reasons WHY we have drawn to us in this life what we have.
It’s wrap-up, time, folks. And the more, the better.


[I could have used the word 'awakening' as well as 'enlightenment'.]


2) from Tea Party C.C.: 'Forget Gay Marriage: What About The Decline Of Marriage And Rise in Illegitimacy?' - Daniel John Sobieski - Mar. 28 (orig. posted at Investors Business Daily)

Comment by Stan Stanfield just now  [Mar 28]
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The chickens are coming home to roost.  Once the American government decided to pay females to have babies on the taxpayers' dime - rather than just give a helping hand to already-existing families in temporary need, and draw the line there - the social rot began to set in (including the traditional role of marriage becoming unstuck, and the setting up of the state as parent of record). 

It's not as if the nation was not warned by its Founders.  Over and over again.  About the need to stay in alignment with its, and our individual, higher Purpose; rather than succumbing to the siren songs of mere secularism.

So now: What say you, America?  Deeper into the snake pit?  Or coming out into the light of a new day; the stronger - hopefully - for the experience, of losing our way in the darkness of our making.

It's not too late.  But it's late.  Heed the writing on the wall, America.  It's your epitaph.  

Have I no compassion?  Of course I do.  And the most compassionate thing that the U.S. government - federal or state - could have done was not to have had so many children born into the poverty trap of welfare.

A welfare class created on purpose by those of the Left who wanted, and want, to overthrow the capitalist system, and replace it with a socialist system - of economics.  Rather than our living in alignment with our nation's, "and our individual, higher Purpose".

Which is where we are heading for.  As we speak.  

Ready.  Or not.  For living in Abundance.  And for Ascension, into the higher realms.  Calling us; beckoning us, beyond those siren songs that have kept us locked into the 3D matrix that has been our home away from our real home long enough. 

Real.  As in our legacy.  Just waiting for us; to wake up to it.


3)  and a late entry for the day: from Friends Of the Earth, petition to the Secretary of State: 'Tell President Obama and Secretary Kerry: Reject the Keystone XL!:

Dear President Obama and Secretary Kerry,

I am writing to urge you to reject the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all. This dirty, dangerous pipeline remains one of the largest threats to our climate. If it is completed, it will enable the oil industry to exploit the Alberta tar sands, which contain enough carbon to radically alter our climate. The pipeline would also threaten Midwestern communities' fragile aquifers and increase air pollution from refineries on the Gulf Coast. The fact that the State Department’s recent draft environmental review of the pipeline was based on work done by Big Oil’s contractors only confirms that this pipeline is being built to benefit the oil industry. 

You have both spoken passionately about the need to reduce U.S. carbon emissions. If you approve Keystone, your eloquent words will ring hollow and only feed peoples’ cynicism about how Washington works. For the sake of generations to come, please reject the Keystone pipeline once and for all. Actions speak louder than words.

[my addition to this form petition:]

The bottom line is that we need now to move much more, not just to the transition stage of clean energy sources, but to free energy devices, which are just waiting in the wings, for humanity to 'bite the bullet' and move out of the Era of Oil, and into the New Era.  Another subject in its own right; but containing this particular one.  Which is requiring us all to Think Big. 

May this administration start the process of doing so.    




Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I've Just Gotta Have Another Puff

You know the song, "Tell St. Peter at the Pearly Gate/That I Hates To Make Him Wait/But I Just Gotta Have Another Cigarette"??  I know the feeling.

I have just read an article on National Review Online, that takes the point of view of the likes of Alan Dershowitz, and some other lawyer, friend of Sen. Ted Cruz, that "of course" he's a natural born citizen, because he is not a naturalized one.


I have one word on and to the matter:


No; I have more.  And I shot a wad of it at the NRO 'listeners' of that blog; to wit:

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago
A little common sense on this matter would be in order. Some, for reasons of their own, try to argue that there are only 2 types of citizens: 1) natural born citizens, or 2) naturalized citizens. Wrong. Stop and think: Surely the whole point of the exercise was to make sure that the prospective candidate for the position of Commander in Chief of the nation's Military did not have any conflicts of interest - did not have dual loyalties or allegiances, as he would have if he were NOT born of two U.S. citizen parents. Surely those who don't care about constitutional INTENTION don't take those of us who do for fools, as to try to get us to think that the Framers would have been content simply to have meant by that purposely high bar for that particular office ONLY that the candidate could not be a NATURALIZED citizen. If they were concerned enough about the issue, of the candidate's PRIOR citizenship, why would that concern NOT as well have extended to his CURRENT/birth citizenship???
Especially as it is known that they were familiar enough with de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations' that they could see the intrinsic value of the point, in determining the loyalties and allegiances of individuals.
The Framers didn't define what they meant by the term because they assumed that it was obvious what they meant by it. To any comparatively objective person, it should


I know I have to 'move up' in my thinking, and start reflecting, at a minimum, 5D consciousness; that it's time for humanity to 'step up to the plate' and go for it, go for the Big One: ascension to a higher level.  Out of the 3D prison that humanity has been in, long enough, now.  But sometimes, my emotional body just takes over.

Perhaps I was one of the Founders and Framers of this nation and its Constitution, as the reason why I take these sorts of matters so personally - matters that I consider the equivalent of a personal attack.  Or perhaps I am just such a 'true believer' of Truth that I just can't stand seeing It dragged in the dirt, let alone be stomped on.

I aspire to be the equivalent of a Being characterized as Limitless Love and Truth.  I still have a ways to go regarding the Love aspect of that Being.  Because if you threaten, seriously, the Truth of things, l'll bite your head off.

So please, you equivalent of agents provocateurs, cut me some slack.  Because I really want to be a better person than I am.  I really do.  But you are making it extremely difficult on me, to get there.

Which gives me some empathy for those other souls who are having a hard time making the grade as well.  And maybe that's what it's all about.  Maybe.

So I'll try to breathe through it all, here, at the last hurdle.

But sometimes............


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

For The Record - 2

The more I read about the political shenanigans going on in this day and age (the latest being the article titled 'The Real Green' in the Jan. 7th issue of The New American, on the revolving door from the Obama administration giving taxpayers' money to 'green' projects and getting election donations back in return.  A sweet deal)1 the more I have to shake my head.  It wasn't supposed to be this way.  Well; in a sense.

I'll explain.

To a segment of the current generation of Americans, I ask: Just who do you think you are, letting an ineligible person run for the presidency of the United States?  And that it was understood, by both main political parties, that the man was not eligible was confirmed - given away - by the eight attempts between 2003 and 2008, by both main political parties, to get an amendment to the Constitution going through Congress on this very issue.  (All of which failed even to get out of committee.)  And so a claimed conspiracy was entered into, with each political animal saying to the other, 'You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours' on the matter.2  And then the perps got caught out when it turned out that the man had problems with his birth certificate anyway; it turning out that he apparently had none on file in Hawaii.3  An inconvenient truth that occasioned him to have to have a document forged for him.  And so the coverup has lurched from felony to farce, as his story unwinds, with a purloined Social Security number involved, and a forged Selective Service registration card on file, and so forth and so tawdry ON.


People, people, people of the American Republic in this day and age:

It took a lot to create the Constitution - in sweat, blood, and tears - and you in your generation are not going to get away with treating it like, turning it into, "just a damn piece of paper," in the colorful words of another man in that major, prominent position who was allowed to play fast and loose with the law of the land.  Read my lips: the Constitution is a contract.  You have abrogated the contract.

So we are at the end of its era.

So now, higher powers will take over; before it falls further into the hands of those who don't deserve the results of the downfall of the American Republic.  Of this grand experiment in self governance.

Which came a cropper when The People decided to crown themselves.

Rather than their Creator.  And themselves in alignment with their Source.

Deciding, just to go their own way.  With an arrogance born of their potential power, as gods in the making. but as distorted through the lens of the matrix of illusion that they were allowed to play out their fancies in.  To find out, the hard but only real way, what happens when you lose your way.  And wander in the jungle of your making.

I used to call life the 'reality' where incarnate souls 'wander in the desert of their making,' to try to convey the sense of thirst, of abandonment, of separation - of mirages - that the experience gives a soul.  But when such souls abandon the likes of the rule of law, they open themselves to the rule of the jungle.

Survival of the fittest.  And the fittest, in those terms, are the ones who crave power over others, and create conditions for that craving to play itself out.

Enough of all that explanatory stuff.  Just to say, in closing:

We now are going to move out of the realm of, and experience of, Power Over.  And into the realm of, crowning experience of, power With.

Each other.  In tune, each of us, with our Power from Within.

If we can fine-tune our minds, and consciousnesses, to receive that signal.  And leave all these other signals behind; all the meretricious static that has distracted us for so long.

Long enough.

And just in time, to be left behind.  It would appear.

With the fall from Grace of the American Republic.

The Grace of God.  By which it had led its life, for at least a while, in its history.

To be sung of, in ages hence.

About the time when there was, truly, a Camelot.

An inspiration to the world.  

America.  The Gem of the Ocean.

Having fallen, in its last days, to a sad and tragic state of disrepair.              



1 I'm just getting around to the article, and that issue of TNA - a staunch conservative publication, of the staunch conservative John Birch Society - because I failed to receive, through the mail, five straight issues of it, since the end of 2012.  After contacting the publisher about the matter, I finally received them - all in an envelope with a tracking code on it - but it makes one wonder.  Especially with everything else going on these days, of a political nature.

2 See you in court, under RICO statutes.  If need be, to get you both to confess to your sins in this malicious matter.  Before a Truth & Reconciliation process is entered into; for us to move on.
     Us, here, in America.  And the world.

3 Or whatever may have been on file for him was not supportive of his case.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Of Blue Beams & Rays of Light - cont'd

[the following Addendum didn't get picked up in time to be added to my comment at theTea Party site.]

P.S. And if the U.S. gets into trouble with the UN for breaching 'human rights' (for not allowing free medical care to illegals)??  All the better; for having THAT little matter out in the open and dealt with finally, too.  The little matter of how the UN (and its behind-the-scenes Controllers) is trying to take over national sovereignties from the nations of the world, to have them all under the central governing power and control of that corrupt institution.

Let's have a total cleaning-out while we're at it, of life on planet Earth. To bring it out from under the thumb of its erstwhile masters, and let it shine in the dawn of a new day.  


[I was thinking here of the recent material I came across, about something called Project Blue Beam: the objective of our erstwhile Masters - extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional as well - to  fasten total social control over the planet.  One great corral; wherein no one would be allowed to have their own individual personality, all would be mere cattle to our 'superiors'.
     See for more on this alarming, and outrageous, matter, and plan.  Nearing completion, in our day.] 


P.P.S. My comment to the Tea Party site is only in relation to 'things as they are', i.e., the current level of political discourse.  Ultimately, the whole picture will change, and we will enter through a Turning Point into a Golden Age, where we will start living under 'new management' of our affairs, with the end of the monetary system, and the introduction of free energy devices, and so forth and so on - social life from the new perspective, of our being 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' and that experience moving in consciousness from the 3D matrix that we have been embedded in (for long enough, now), to 4D and 5D consciousness levels (at a minimum).  Where we can be, as we already are, All One; and the notion of 'nations' will give way to that new, more enlightened awareness of ourselves.  

Until then, we have to deal with 3D consciousness stuff.  And that includes the arrogance of those who would force others to have their tax money spent on things that they not only don't agree with - such as paying for, or providing, medical coverages that go against their morals (like abortion) - but which are directly threatening to their wellbeing.  Like welfare benefits to illegal aliens; whose numbers have swelled, to the point of nearly swamping the American ship of state. and whose unalloyed presence is threatening the social fabric of the nation.

Not a healthy state of affairs.  It's time to get beyond it - and these sorts of current confrontations - and move on, into the positive future that awaits us, once we choose to go that route.  Not into the dystopian future of the statists; who would think to control the populace to within an inch of their kept-animal lives.

And I don't mean that as in pets.  I mean that as in exploited.  Totally.  Precisely as those Project Blue Beam dark forces would wish for.


[It turned out that I could add my P.S. as a Reply to my own posting; which I did, as the P.S. above.  And then I added the following to it:]

P.P.S.  And just for the record: This business of so-called 'anchor babies' is the outrageous result of a misreading (on purpose by the liberals) of the 14th Amendment.  "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF [my emphasis], are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside..."  To be 'subject to the jurisdiction thereof' means that their parents did not have citizenship/allegiance to any other nation; as, for example, diplomats of other countries.  OR OTHER CITIZENS OF OTHER COUNTRIES.  

Where the HELL has the Republican Party been on this issue all these years??  This should have been contested in the courts every bit as much as the Roe v. Wade decision.  For this reason, and other reasons, constitutionalists should abandon the Republican Party and leave it to the fate that it deserves.  And let's get cracking on saving the country from takeover.


[later; still Mar. 25 - barely]

Permalink Reply by June Gagnon 1 hour ago
The left and the doubters keep saying we can't afford to deport all of "them", it will cost too much, blah, blah, blah.  Well, here's a different plan (once we "regain control of DC") publish notices, in all major media, for three days running, advising ALL illegals, they have 30 days to "vacate" and take themselves back to where ever they came from.  At the end of 30 days, we should have a "massive" immigration roundup, load them on buses and transport them to those FEMA camps that are "sitting there" waiting to be inhabited.  There, they should remain, until their families, or relatives buy them "one-way transportation" BACK TO the old country!

  • Reply
Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago
Fair enough thinking, June.  But if the legals in this country ever got back the power to "regain control of DC", they wouldn't need to go to all that trouble.  All they/we would have to do would be to eliminate the magnet that is holding them here.  That is the 2-legged magnet of welfare goodies on the one 'hand' and cheap labor jobs on the other. Take those iron fillings out of their attraction to this country, and they will return to where they came from on their own.

All except the La Raza ideologues among them.  And the Muslims intent on terrorism.  Both of which camps are long overdue for being dealt with, by true Americans.  Which obviously doesn't include the current federal administration.

I am not for war.  I am for Truth to prevail.  And it is damn well near overtime for that sort of truth-telling to begin to take place.  We have our work cut out for us.  Tempus fugit.  And the lukewarm need not apply.         

Of Blue Beams & Rays Of Light

 from Tea Party C.C.: 'Question for Today 3/23/13: Should they be given amnesty?' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee
(following comments on Mon. Mar. 25)

I beleive that if we were to stop doling out the freebies upon their arrival, we wouldn't need a wall so much, cuz they'd stop coming.
Good call, Jerry.  The answer: No more benefits to anyone who can't prove their citizenship or legal presence in the country.  That includes no access to medical care or schools (and huge fines, and/or incarceration, for any person employing them under the table).  Obviously, the majority of the states have to get tough on this policy for it to work; otherwise, illegals will just state-shop.  But as some of those doors are closed to them, and the financial benefits to the citizens of those states for drawing the line start showing up, the other states will [come] under pressure from their citizens to follow suit.

As for the federal government: The Obama admin will object; but since that admin is not doing its constitutional duty to protect the borders properly, the states have a right to ignore its protestations.  And hopefully the ensuing confrontation over this matter will be the tipping point to force the Obama admin's hand regarding all of its insidious preparations for civil war - smoke them out into the open about THAT little matter.  All of this as well bringing to a head all of the accumulated evidence that he is a Usurper - an illegal himself.  And let's have the showdown.

While we still can.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Let Me Get This Straight

A lot of talk on the Internet today about insurrection: breaking the country down into regions, for resistance coordination; marches on Washington, unarmed and armed; lists - 'theirs' and 'ours' in retaliation; a video of a long train of abuses and usurpations - excuse me; of military vehicles, out in the desert in the middle of Arizona, going - where.  And for whom, as ultimate destination...1

So, to clarify where I'm at, in all this current scene, of life in America.

No. 1.  I am incensed that a Usurper has succeeded to the highest office in the land (and perhaps the most powerful position in the world).  I understand that there is some question regarding the judicial ins and outs of the pertinent definition of a 'natural born citizen' - to say, the one that was the understanding and intention of the constitutional Framers in convention.  The argument is made by Obama supporters that they (the Framers) were going by English common law, in which and by which 'a natural born subject' only refers to the place of birth - jus soli, the soil, not also jus sanguinis, the blood.2  But surely the whole point of the exercise was to make sure that the prospective candidate for the position of the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the Republic did not have any conflicts of interest - did not have dual loyalties or allegiances, as he would have if he were not born of two citizen parents,  Surely 'you' don't take me for a fool, as to think that they would have been content simply to have meant only that he could not be a naturalized citizen??

If they were concerned enough about the issue, of the candidate's prior citizenship, why would that concern not as well have extended to his current/born citizenship???  And especially as they were familiar enough with de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations' that they could see the intrinsic value of the point, in determining the loyalties and allegiances of individuals.

No.  This business in our time of fudging on this issue was a political one, not an honest legalistic one.  And the Republicans did not make an issue of it, because why?  Because obviously they entered into a quid pro quo deal with the Democrats on the matter.  As is telegraphed by the fact that both sides of the political aisle made a total of eight attempts, between 2003 and 2008, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue, of the high bar for the requirement for a candidate for the presidency; i.e., that he or she was not to be able to be just a citizen.  And they failed even to get it out of committee each time.

I won't dwell on this discussion.  The point is legitimately made.3  And in addition, there is the little matter of business regarding Obama's birth certificate.  Which, to considerable expert - and commonsense - opinion is a forgery.4  So we are talking not only about a usurper.  But a man subject to felony charges.  If not of treason itself.              

No. 2.  The Patriots, bless them, want to take their country back.  I want to take it forward.  And not 'forward' as in the Obama campaign call this last time around (building on his/his backers' '08 call for Hope and Change), into whatever specifically he has in mind for the country.  (Whatever it is, it doesn't augur well.)  I mean, into a real New Era for Humanity.

Not just on a linear, materialistic timeline.  The Time now calls for moving Up.  Out of the dense 3D stage that we have been on, playing out our various parts, over and over again; until, apparently, we get it 'right'.  And individually move on on our spiritual paths, into the higher realms of the All That Is.  But now, there is something 'new under the Sun' going on.  With the imminent collapse of the world's monetary system; and with the level of technology that we Humans have achieved; and with a number of wheels within wheels within wheels, including of the cosmos itself - it is clearly time for, as they say, something completely different.  We are at a Turning Point.  For Humanity as a whole.  Not just as individuals.

And it is that new sea that I wish to help Humanity sail on.

Let me.        

For it is that time.

Before we accidentally spill over into a stage of development that we really don't want to go into.

And have to start the long climb out into the Sun all over again.



1 Shades of the 2700-some MRAPs ordered recently by the Obama administration for domestic use...

2 American common law, or what was known as Natural Law, or The Law of Nations,  refers to both categories.  But the argument is that, although it is known that the Framers were aware of that factor, the accepted 'coin of the day' was English common law.  I'm not enough of an investigator to have looked into this matter in that detail.  All I know is what I continue to comment on, above.

3 And that the authorities of both political parties need to be hauled before a - legitimate - court of law on RICO statutes.  For some justice to prevail; on this level.  Before all changes.
     For a bit more on which, keep reading.  (This isn't the place to go into the 'after' in detail.)

4 Actually, both the original COLB posted, and then the LFBC itself.
     As to this business, we come to the question, Why?  The most logical answer is because there is something 'wrong' with his original bc - if he even ever had one.  All of which is another matter, in this murky business, of a man having risen as high as this man has without clear information regarding his background.
     Not a very salubrious story, for anyone involved in the matter.  Including Joe and Jill Average Citizen; who seem to have been fairly content just to get on with their lives, in a form of government that required, and requires, the citizenry to be alert  Pay attention.  Be their own leaders.
     If free will is sometimes a drag, so is self-governance.  But it beats every other form, by a long shot.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

On Good & Evil

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'The New World Order - Parts 1 and 2 from Peter Eyre - Mar. 21

Carol K says:
He says “never in the history of mankind has this happened before”etc etc….I guess he hasn’t heard of Atlantis that did even more than we are doing and they sunk the entire continent….It has happened before and will end the same way if people don’t learn the lessons of love and enlightenment. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it? There are more and more of us who have learned that lesson and we want the fighting to stop and compassion to set in for the unfortunate masses of people who deserve a chance to create a better world. There are movements like THRIVE now who are spreading the word to those ready to listen. We have many voices now and there is still hope !

william says:
When someone can explain why life exists, then I will give them credence. Until then I really don’t think anyone has an answer for why people do what they do. Religion is utter nonsense and morality is an excuse for standardizing behavior. Character is developed within a person through life experience. The idea that certain things are wrong or right and that all should agree on such things is just more utter nonsense. The person writing this article seems to believe that good is all good and evil is all evil. There could be nothing further from the truth. A body is a shell of energy that can be dissolved and recreated. We do bad things to the body and it lasts a shorter period of time, what was the motive force behind the body in the first place? Is it gone when the body is dissolved? That question isn’t addressed in all the worry over these issues here.
If you want freedom, then declare yourself free and act according to your own instincts and rationale. If that conflicts with the “laws” around you then you know that you have upset those who don’t feel like or are afraid of doing what you do. Freedom requires taking a low profile and not raising a lot of notice. I really find stuff like this to be just a way to keep people from figuring out how they really can be free. Life seems to be a challenge to think on your own and to have your own mind in the midst of a hive mind. It’s also a challenge not to simply react to external stimuli but instead to be guided by something inside you that is trustworthy. Developing a relationship with that inside of us that is trustworthy require us doing good and evil because all of us do both and all of us are both good and evil. Neither good or evil is anything more than what they are. The dualism of good and evil is another mind trick that is a trap. It’s impossible to avoid either, they are simply aspects of life, period, neither will ever be eliminated entirely in this plane of existence.
  • 67f4a1664bc3d14da1353911199817e4.png
  • Jean says:
    March 23, 2013 at 11:43 am
    I think to some extend the existence of life has been explained: so the Creator can experience Itself. I also believe Freedom requires a lot more than a low profile. Remember the words that came out of WWII, if we do nothing when they come for our friends, sooner or later they will come for us. I agree that we must think for ourselves, independently, and not look to others to do our thinking for us. In order to think for ourselves with some clarity, however, there are certain things we must be prepared to do. Probably the most important is to clear away the emotional traumas that affect our ability to ‘see’ with clarity. . . I disagree with your simplistic approach to Duality, good/evil. Oh, that life should be so simple! Hugs, ~Jean

  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
  • kibitzer3 says:
    March 24, 2013 at 1:38 am
    I am mystified as to why it is taking so many people so long to wake up to certain truths. There is all manner of evidence in our time to the fact of reincarnation – that consciousness is separate from the brain. NDEs are the prime source of this information. Therefore, a) there is something more than Man; and b) it is evidence of a Plan. Many good minds have posited that that Plan involves the Purpose of spiritual evolution, via the awarenesses gained by the soul in its various sojourns in what we call life – which has to be, then, nothing but a stage, an artificial construct, on which we act out our various parts, learning lessons therefrom. In a word: growing. 

  • Not to belabor the point. Just to make the one that there is an absolute Truth; not everything is relative. And once a soul groks that truth, why would it continue to hang around in the lower grades of the school?? The purpose of a school is to graduate from it. So, if there continues to be a need for a 3D “plane of existence,” that doesn’t mean that we need to continue in it, once we get the point. 

  • There comes a time in every soul’s journey for it to move on. I suggest that there is a major such ‘node’ of time right now, for the mass of humanity to ‘get it’; and move on. Out of the realm of dualism. Into a realm of Unity. Tempus fugit.
  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
  • kibitzer3 says:
    March 24, 2013 at 1:54 am
    P.S. I forgot to mention, specifically regarding the matter of ‘freedom’: Yes, there is free will. But it is in the context of a just universe.

  • The wheel doesn’t 'just' go around and around. It’s a spiral.
  • [Perhaps I should have added: In its essence.]

The Past As Prologue

Please permit an old man some reminiscing...

A few days ago I decided to try out a new pizza place in the near neighborhood, found out about from their flyer drop at my door.  The one that I usually go to - the Pizza Hut; just a few blocks away - does a fine job, for the occasional pizza that I go for to vary my boring salad & hard-boiled egg meal (I can get 4 meals out of a Medium pizza, so it's economical as well); but since the first of the year they raised their prices on toppings - you used to be able to get 3 toppings for the basic price; now it's only one - and this new opportunity - with Domino's - offered 2 toppings, at the same basic low price.  I had to walk a short few extra blocks to try them out, but I need the exercise anyway.1  So there I was, walking in a part of the neighborhood that I hadn't been in before; when I realized that that wasn't true.2

It came on me, slowly.  It had a funny feeling of familiarity.  And then I came across a school.  A school that looked familiar; very much like my old junior high school.  (They call them 'middle schools' now.  Don't ask me why.)  Franklin Junior High.  Named after Benjamin Franklin.  Where once, during my eighth grade year there - I went to junior high in 1947-49 - I won a competition in my 'Social Studies' class (I think it was called; a combination of History and Geography and whatever else they shoehorned into the concept) to represent it in a school-wide competition, the Finals thereof held before the whole school in Assembly, with questions by a small panel on the life of Benjamin Franklin.  It was that experience that gave me a lifelong appreciation for the wisdom of the old 'homespun' sayings.  (Franklin had made a living publishing a farmers' guide to planting called Old Richard's Almanac, which contained as well, as filler, those old folk sayings; mostly from England, the Mother Country for most of the colonists.)  A stitch in time saves nine.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  It is the early bird that gets -

and then I got it.  There was a big sign painted at the top of what at least used to be the Boys' Gym that identified the school sports teams as the Wildcats; which was new.  But in smaller print, it brought up for me ghosts from the past.


I was elated.  It was the first time that I had ever been back there since I graduated.  What was that.  June of 1949.  Now, spring of 2013: nearly 64 years.

Some people's lifetime...

The pizza became an anti-climax.3  I stood there for some minutes, taking it all in, deliciously.  The broad-jump pit had been moved to the streetside of the playing field, rather than over against the wire fence separating the boys' playing field from the girls's.  And the clear running track was gone, the whole field planted out in grass.  Why was that? I wondered.  And the football goal posts were not there; where there used to be at least three sets.  Again, I wondered why.  Do they play differently, these days??  Not like we used to???...

And speaking of playing: the row of rooms, away from the main building, that used to contain the Music Room and the Metal and Wood and Print Shops (the latter of which being where I learned how to print business cards), was still there.  Ah; the Music Room, I reminisced, on my way back home from picking up my several day's worth of a Medium pizza.  I was proud to have become the first-chair clarinetist in the school Band, and then afterwards, worked my way up in my last, ninth-grade year, to first chair in the school Orchestra.  But a not-so proud moment came crashing back, as I recalled - the takeout pizza cooling in its container in my cradling arm, as though I were holding a violin, and not quite sure what to do with it - not making it to our final school-day city-wide junior high school orchestral competition, at which I had a solo to play in the middle of the piece.

Scheherazade.  A moment of silence; and then I came in, with a gentle duh duh duh-duh-duh, di da duh-duh-duh, duh da duh-duh-duh, duh duh duh...

well, in the event, I didn't, because I was in another part of the city, as my school graduating class's recipient of the Lion's Club Award (as the Outstanding Graduate), at a luncheon in our honor, and I just didn't get that it was up to me to tell my mom that I had to leave early to get to the high school where the competition was being held on the same day...when I finally fully realized that it was getting late, and this thing wasn't over, and I had to leave, I whispered my predicament to my mom; whereupon we quietly made our excuses, and she drove swiftly to the school auditorium as I changed into my orchestral uniform, and she let me off (I don't recall why she didn't come in; I think there was no audience, just all the city junior high school orchestra members; and, of course, the judges), and I ran inside the back door - and saw, from the wings, my school's orchestra on stage, just about to start their - our - piece.  And I left; stunned.  Crestfallen.  Feeling guilty, of something or other.  Of not being sufficiently aware, in life.  Yet.

There was a saving grace to the situation, I realized; the second-chair guy was a bit of a pushy sort, and had recently challenged me for first chair.  We both played a short section of a piece, while sitting in the orchestra at practice one day, and Mr. Mitchell, our music instructor, chose to stay with me.  And I think - if memory serves me (which is debatable, I admit) that the piece that was chosen for us to compete on was that clarinet solo, in the middle of Scheherazade; so the fellow would therefore have been given the opportunity to rise to the occasion with a bit of practice...I never knew how that day turned out, for my school orchestra; as I say, it was the last day of school, and we all moved on in our lives, from that somewhat bittersweet one of mine.

I hope you did well in that opportunity given to you, fella.  And to Mr. Mitchell: I extended my apologies.  Through the years occasionally, to the 'ethers', when something or other brought up that old memory.  And again these couple of days ago, now, as I stood there, at the fence, looking in at the arena of my very long-ago memories.  Still as potent as ever, to stir my sense of embarrassment, at that very mixed-outcome time of my life; when I still had some things to learn.4  

And now here I am, in the twilight years of my life.  What do I have left to learn??

Patience, I think is the key quality.  Is at least the one that comes to me first.  Patience; for myself; for not always getting things 'right'.  (I'm still impatient over that one.  Even after all these years.)  And for others.

See, it's as plain as the nose on my 3D face - on this body that is part of the illusion of 'life'; part of the matrix that we are embedded in, learning our lessons (or trying to.  Or at least being given the opportunity to) - that History, at least as we have known it (by Social Studies, or other means), is over.  That with a confluence of events, and of time itself, we have come to the end of the timeline that we have been on; and now need to move on.  Up.  Or sideways, into more of the sad same; still caught on the wheel of rebirth, and karmic acting-out.  Treating 3D life as the only reality, when it is not even real.

Like my clarinet compadre, we - here, now - have been given a great opportunity.  We are 'alive' at a time when the monetary system that humanity has been embedded in for a very long time has reached a crescendo point, and is about to collapse in a huge clap of internal-contradictional noise (cue the kettle drum banging away and then the cymbal); this event happening simultaneously with overwhelming proof of reincarnation.5  Which is proof that there is something beyond life itself (in which we are just playing, and exchanging, parts, in an ongoing drama quite probably of our own making).  Which tells us - at least those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, and brains to think6 - that there is a Plan in, and therefore a Purpose to, 'the universe' (beyond just in and for itself only).  To the classroom, in which we have been given consciousness to play.

And learn lessons in.

And graduate from.

Class by class.  Density by density.  Heaven by heaven.

Until we return


Our mutual Home.

For - as the phenomenon of reincarnation teaches us (or at least presents to us; the landing of the lesson is up to us) - We Are All One.

Of One Essence.

For now, in a state, and stage, of individuation: Aspects OF The One.

On Our way - as I say - Home.

Having turned a major corner in our spiritual evolution, on the spiral thereof.

Or at least, having been given the opportunity to.

And of such, is life.

Don't pass this one up.

Or you'll regret it, for the rest of your life.

So to speak.  And to take it from me.

So - onwards and upwards.  To such as free energy devices, and other technology that has been kept from us by our erstwhile masters.  And to our own development into our truer, Light bodies; our raised consciousness allowing us to exist on the more rarified levels of All That Is.

IF we raise our consciousnesses sufficiently to be able to make the grade; turn the corner; close the gap.

As in everything else:

It's up to each one of us.

To each One of Us.

Being all in this scenario of Creation together.

Whether we all make it onto the same stage at the same time.  Or not:

the beat goes on.



1) One might think that with a dinner consisting of but a salad & a hard-boiled egg,* I should be in pretty good shape.  But I have to confess to a sweet tooth; and the healthy meal is followed by some chocolate.  And then later, I finish my day with a bowl of ice cream.  And (usually) half a banana sliced up in it.  And a couple of chocolate chip cookies thrown in, for good measure.  Actually, three.
     All of which is to say that, and why, I walk a lot. 

* I sometimes spell the egg with some canned mackeral; but there's mercury in fish - even the ones low down on the aquatic food chain - and even at my advanced age, I don't want my system and brain getting clogged up with the stuff.  Especially since I found out that heavy metals/toxins (esp. fluoride) cause plaque formation in the pineal gland, which is our gateway to the higher realms; and I need all the help that I can get in that department, not being your basic clairvoyant, or otherwise psychic.

2) Excuse me; I just had to take a break to have a bowel movement.  Hopefully.  The spirit was willing, but the flesh was a bit weak.  It happens when I vary my diet, away from the healthy roughage of my normal evening salad meal; and I have to take my chances in this department as they come.  A good, satisfying bowel movement may seem like a small thing; but especially at my age, it is a big thing, indeed.  It can make or break a person's day.
     But I digress.  Sort of.
     (We ARE talking about life, and the vicissitudes thereof, and therein...)

3) It was good.  But I'll stick with Pizza Hut.  It has this taste...
     Incidentally, to clarify: I didn't recognize the school immediately as my old junior high because, although I knew it had been - was - in this general vicinity/part of town, in my day there I had approached it from the exact opposite direction, had never 'seen' it from this direction before.
     Same school, different perspective.  Two different perspectives, counting the one of Time...
     ...There was a lesson in there, somewhere, I knew; but I was too busy at the time reminiscing to try to capture it, like a fleeting bird on the wing.
     Thinking about it later, I realized that it had something to do with 'context'.  For example: Yes, we have free will.  But it's in the context of a just universe.
     So: The context of something is all - except for the fundamental nature of capital-t Truth, which is absolute.
     There.  I got it.  Or at least, I got something out of it.  Out of the teachable moment.
     That I still come across, even at my age.  My old-man age, out for a walk in the woods of life; with Mystery behind every bush, tree, and stone.
     And pizza.

4) I didn't continue on into high school playing the clarinet.  I figured I was going to be too busy, with my more commanding interest in sports.  And for some reason, I never thought to ask any of the other kids who went on to my high school, and continued on with their musical instrument playing, how that day worked out, at the city-wide competition in junior high.
     I wonder why...
     (I know why.  'I didn't want to know.'  The same reaction I had when my mother took me, as a pre-schooler, to see the movie The Wizard of Oz, and I hid in my near front-row seat and shut my eyes and covered my ears from the terrible presence of the Wicked Witch of the wherever; and my mom had a hard time getting me to come back out and play again.
     I saw - re-saw, to some extent - that original version of Oz a few years ago (on 'cinema night' at my spiritual community), and couldn't see what I had been so on about, as that little boy cowering in his seat from the larger-than-life spectacle of a (rather tame-looking) wicked witch.  I wasn't going to have any of that; then.
     And then we grow up, and look the likes of war in the eye.
     Or do we.
     Grow up, that is.
     Well; and look evil in the eye, too.
     Really.  Look.  At it.
     With a proper eye.)

5) Besides all the videos and books in general there are on the subject these days: How much more evidential could you get than the experience of a neurosurgeon who had his brain completely knocked out, and came back to tell a transforming tale???  Come ON, folks. Wake up.  It's being spelled out for you.
     And this is why some of the religions of our time have to go.  But that's for another conversation than this one.  For this one: We have work to do, to usher in the New.  Let's be about that better business, than the same old, same old. The details about absolute Truth can come later.

6) And with those 'ears to hear', to 'listen out' for the faint melody in the background, calling us home...
     ...with memories of the upper reaches of our instruments......


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Equinox Clearing & Humanity's Future

Cameron Day of feels that we should not be thinking that we are going to leave 3D density, can just inhabit it with 4D consciousness.  My take on the matter (with someone else's feelings on the subject as well): 'Equinox Clearing & Humanity's Future' - Cameron Day - Mar. 21

2 comments to Equinox Clearing & Humanity’s Future
  • 732d7bfb5a3d2c7f3884d266bb9bbd18.png
  • Mark Thomas
    March 21, 2013 at 5:54 am · Reply
    Thank you Cameron for your guidance and sharing of knowledge – greatly appreciated. If only I had recieved the link on or before the 21st – I live in New Zealand so recieved in my inbox 3:06pm 22.3.

  • For the record, I merged with my friend in Long Island 2 years ago. Late February I/we merged with my BEING and other aspects of my BEING and we are in the process of grounding our Higher Being. These were amongst the most sacred and sublime moments of my life. My point is this – you may be correct in thinking we will remain in 3d – however, going from my direct experience it is worth noting – the vessel stays the same, it is the contents that changes. Is this what you meant?

  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
  • Stan
    March 21, 2013 at 7:20 am · Reply
    I liked your Equinox message, Cameron; thanks. A couple of thoughts.

  • 1) I feel that there are for more ‘psychopaths’ and ‘sociopaths’ that are made, not born. Medical historian Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. goes into this in great detail in his book ‘Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault On the American Brain’. It’s a matter of brain damage; aka subclinical encephalitis. (All these ‘learning difficulty’ conditions that society is afflicted with in our day surfaced with the advent of the mass vaccination programs, in the ’40s-early ’50s.) 

  • 2) The global monetary system is about to collapse. It is time to replace it with a spiritualized basis for the exchange of g&s. That requires at a minimum, 4D consciousness; as you note. So why stay in 3D?? Especially when

  • 3) We are privy in our day, with the likes of NDEs, to the truth of reincarnation. So we now KNOW that we are just playing roles, in our 3D meat bodies. So why, with that level of consciousness/awareness, continue to play parts in a ‘fictional’ drama? Why not opt for the real thing – for reality, rather than the illusion/matrix that we are in, in3D?? Especially when

  • 4) Gaia, who is a spiritual Being in Her own right, is also ascending, in her good cosmic time, out of 3D. 

  • I am saying that – and in addition with Disclosure, of advanced civilizations – it is time to leave the play-acting behind – leave the classroom of 3D behind – and move on. To a level where we manifest by, first, replicators, and then – after we have got the hang of it – thought power. As we travel by just such ability as well. 

  • There is, in essence, no sense in staying at this dense level, Cameron, with all of that subconsciously calling us on. And on home.


I could have gone into the 'sociopath' aspect in greater detail (it's what is specifically behind the autistic's lack of a sense of 'self, that causes them, e.g., to behave so dangerously; they don't 'get it'), and also recommended the book 'A Mind to Crime' by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel (how so many individuals who have committed sociopathic crimes have proven by brain scans to have brain damage), but I didn't want to bog down my response to his podcast blog.  In it he raised some good points.  Just didn't go far enough.


Monday, 18 March 2013

The Golden Age

I recently saw a long list of the freebies that a woman could get if she applied for welfare in a particular state, and would lose if she got a job.

This is an unacceptable state of affairs.

I like the entrepreneurial spirit.  And the concept of the right of an individual to the fruits of his or her labors.  

I do not like - in fact, I detest - the mentality that would force others to take care of you.  (The word 'entitlement' really should go.)  And I further detest the mentality of those who would seduce people into that way of thinking.  

A momentary hand up in the ups and downs of the drama of life is one thing.  A dependent way of life is clearly another.  And no government should set up that sort of thinking in the minds of its citizenry: to look to it for their wellbeing.

It is not the latter mentality that will inform the Golden Age; that it will operate under.  It is the former mentality, the individual, independent spirit of making things happen, that will inform it. 

The Golden Age, then, will not be about an all-powerful state, running the citizens' lives to within an inch of their lives.  It will be about each person taking responsibility for their own life.  And from that place of consciousness, the Whole will benefit.

It is about individual empowerment.  Not about Power Over, from an oppressive state.  But about Power from Within.  

Within each of us, as a facet, an aspect of the Divine; of which we are, then, a part.

A vital part, in the ongoing saga of the evolution, the development of consciousness.  

So I am saying, clearly, that the Golden Age, that we are about to embark upon,1 is informed by a vision of humanity being part of a larger Whole.  And not just the larger whole of a social order.  

But as in the whole energetic ball of Love and Light that we are a part of.

And just so is there absolute Truth.

There are people, of limited consciousness and awareness, who would try to tell you, and sell you on the idea, that the Truth of something is relative.  Is whatever you - or they - want to make it.  And I am here to tell you that that is wrong.  That there is an objective truth of a matter; not just in the eye of the beholder.  

Take the Constitution of the United States of America.  The objective truth there is what was in the minds of those who drafted it, or amended it.  And that objective truth is what needs to be considered, when thinking to apply its terms to various legal questions that arise over the years.2

And speaking of the application of Justice: I say as well that there is Justice in the universe; not just at the whim of the state, and its manipulators.  That, in point of such fact, the universe has Purpose; and that purpose is Good.

So, don't listen to those who would lead you off the path to the highest realms of the heavens.  And if they would attempt to force you off that path, resist them.  For, resistance to tyranny - of any kind - is obedience to God.  To the call of Truth in your lives.  And the ultimate truth: that you are God.  That you are a spark of divinity; a piece of the continent, a part of that main.

And don't you forget it, in the hustle and bustle - and siren-song soundings - of everyday life, on this level of existence.  About to go up a notch or two.  

With you.  Or without you.

Your choice.  As always. 

In the Creation - the Mindful Creation - of a loving God.       



1 Because it's time.
     And helped along by many examples, in our time, of the truth of 'a life after death'.
     The time for mere conjecture is over.  It's time to move on.
     Literally.  Or to say, rather: Up.

2 The 'concept' is called 'original intention', or 'originalism', or 'constructionism'.  Liberals - Democrats, mostly - over the years have attempted to insert into the process the 'concept' of 'a living document,' subject totally to the subjective 'interpretation' of the SCOTUS of the day.
     They are wrong.  Objectively so.
     This is a contract.  It is not "just a damn piece of paper;' as it has somewhat recently been alluded to, by a rather high-ranking member of the political party on the other side of the aisle.
     Which shows just how far 'off' one can get, without the overriding concept of objective truth to guide one by. 


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stand Your Ground

Sunday.  A lazy, unhazy day in a coastal town in Southern California.  And a Happy St. Patrick's Day; the green shirts and Irish Country Dancing music being featured at Clancy's down the street.  With a cultural change going on in my nearby park, where mostly Hispanics, with a smattering of blacks, are doing the BBQ thing; a group of the former down at my favorite end of the park engaged in a friendly - not competitive - volleyball game.  They're usually at soccer, but this was family outing day.

My thought for the day, as I sat at 'my' picnic table, reflecting on the scene - seen and unseen - and reading further in the current issue of whistleblower magazine, and in particular in it an article titled 'Sliding Towards A Police State': As souls progress, they, er, progress.  That us current lot are still on this dense level of the All That Is is no great comment on our development.  I mean, it was over 2500 years ago that Lao-Tzu observed, 'The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers'.  And here we are, in our day, still working on that one; as I observe, when reading in said article: "The more laws and regulations one passes, the more authorities one needs to enforce them."

What will it take, to break the bonds that keep us going over and over the same ground; returning, like a dog to its vomit; stuck on the wheel of rebirth…

I'm for moving on.  Moving up.  In our time.

Like, now.  

But first - a little work.  I for one will not be satisfied until Justice has been served.  That means, for me, the truth to come out - at the least, in a great Truth & Reconciliation Event - about the Sandy Hook and Aurora Theater shootings; 9/11 (both of them); the OKC bombing; and so forth.  And if you are about to tell me that we already know the truth about those terrible events, I'm here to tell you that I have some great beachfront property to sell you out in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

So: We have work to do.  Let's get cracking.  And one of the fundamental lessons to learn in this school we have been inhabiting for a long, long time (long enough, now) is not to give your power away to others.  That you are responsible for yourself.  No one, nothing is responsible for you.

Stop giving your power away to the state.  And in doing so - standing in our own power, as the children of a loving Creator - we will start ushering in a - the - Golden Age.  

For We Are the state.

We Are the Golden Age.

'We are the ones we have been waiting for.'  

Yes,  Our scruffy lot.  

If it's no great statement about our development to be still on this dense level, still, we have made considerable progress on our spiritual paths, to even be here at this crucial time - to be honored to be here, at this special time.  For we have been chosen - actually, chose - to engage in a momentous experiment:

the transforming from 3D illusion to 5D reality, still in our physical bodies.  To give way on that level of consciousness to our Light bodies, yes.  But until then: to function direct from elementary school to graduate school, in the same vehicle of expression as has adorned us as our latest - and last - incarnation vessel.

Last.  For those who can hold the vision.

And stand their ground.       



* Steven Greenhut, VP of journalism at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity; commenting on how "since 9/11, Americans have placed their security over their freedom", in going along with the increasing move of local police authorities to the look and feel of a paramilitary, rather than the "community officers" of yore.
     As Steven goes on to point out, "Police say society has become more dangerous, but crime rates are falling even during tough economic times."  But appearances are, if not everything, at least a lot.  And we live in a society where it appears that things are getting out of hand.
     As they are.  Because we have lost our way.  But more on that, coming up.   

Saturday, 16 March 2013

For The Record

I see  where there is at least one subject area where patriots and the ACLU are on the same side.  The current issue of whistleblower magazine - titled 'How America Is Becoming A Police State'  - carries an article, by WND staffer Bob Unruh, quoting political commentator Charles Krauthammer on drones:

"I'm going to go hard left on you here.  I'm going to go ACLU.  I don't want regulations, I don't want restrictions - I want a ban on this.  Drones are instruments of war…"

"It may be police-state stuff.  But it's a benevolent police state.  It's for you.  For your security."
                                                                                                                       - not Benjamin Franklin

What can be done?

* Administer an oath of office to all executive-branch departmental personnel that they will "support and defend" the Constitution of the United States of America.  Not its CEO.
     And that particularly includes the new HSI department.  Which stands for Homeland Security Investigations.  Which, along with the DHS, is the nucleus of Obama's growing federal police force.
     Enough is well enough.

* Begin a civil-disobedience campaign of 'benevolent' sabotage against a rogue government.
     Years ago, in the '90s, patriots went out in the dead of night and spray-painted, or otherwise defaced, the ID designations that had begun surreptitiously to appear on the backs of highway number signs, which were presumably - for all the evasive answers given the enquiring public about the matter - to be used by UN troops, in that generation's takeover scare.  
     Remember that heyday of the 'black helicopters over America' scenario?  As the little girl said, from previous experience, when watching her TV screen go a little wonky: 'They're ba-a-ck.' 

Now, I understand that it may not be as simple an answer as this.  I heard somewhere (on the Internet.  Thanks to you, MSM, and your Controllers) that chemtrails - another sign of the times over America - were being used to try to block a catastrophic 'climate change' situation, and the authorities are not letting the public know about it in order not to panic the plebes; either way, which will lead - according to the thinking of TPTB - to the need for major crowd-control measures.  If this is true, my reply: 'Come on, Big Brother.  We're grownups.  We can take it.'

We can take the truth, that is.  And if you're not going to give it to us, we'll make our own assumptions.  And those assumptions, currently, for many citizens, are that the most likely answer is the former one: that the Obama administration is going about quietly - as quietly as it can, given the citizens of a free country's nosy habits and rights - installing all the pieces of the picture of a police state for the purposes of a takeover of the American Republic by the far Left - by dedicated Marxists (given the ideological background of Obama and his minions currently in power in the federal government).  If that's not true, and the answer is the latter one - if you are, in fact, preparing for some major 'natural' catastrophe to hit America (and the world), you need to let the public know.  They are not your serfs. They are freemen and --women.  

The government and the people need to be on the same side - because in this country, at least, the government is The People.  Not their Overseers.  

In the meantime - while waiting for definitive answers from our government - we will just have to look after ourselves.

And our country.

Not yours.

Yet; at least.

And not ever.  If we have anything to say about it.

And we do.

And oh, how we do. 

Watch us at work, when we get riled up enough.

And 30,000 drones scheduled to fly the once-friendly skies of America within ten years - complete with facial-recognition capabilities, and infrared sensors, and listening devices, and other high-tech surveillance shit; let alone being armed* - is enough to do that trick. 

Got it?

Not in MY country you don't.

Molon Labe, no friend of mine.

Until you wake up, and realize that you are.

That we are.

That We Are One.

On the higher consciousness level that we are heading for.

If you will just let us.  And quit with this lower-consciousness stuff.

It's demeaning.

Not at all what you are capable of.

If you will just put your mind to it.

And join the Ascension process.  At work.  Now.



* A county sheriff's office in Texas is already considering using rubber bullets and tear gas in its drone.  
     One step leads to another  And another.  And another....