Friday, 29 July 2011

For the Record - Just in Time

I've just been involved in a bit of a controversy in the house where I live (a workshop & residence centre, part of a spiritual community that runs educational programmes) that had to do with a discrepancy in time between the battery-powered clock in the entranceway and the main, radio-controlled clock in the centre of the building, just by the Reception desk. The latter is the clock that we basically go by, being the correct time, but a guest felt misled when the clock in the entranceway indicated that our bus over to the other side of the community left too early, causing her to miss it. The switching-around of available clocks in the house that ensued left some bad feelings in the way it was handled, and, for at least one of the participants in the drama, the feeling that it was all a bit of a tempest in a teapot. His email comment on the kerfuffle started with an ironic 'What a fun thing to focus on at these times of changes'. I found myself replying to his email thusly: "I think it's interesting, in the larger scheme of things. The 'message' here, in its essence, is: It's time. Pay attention to the time."

That 'time' included, for me, a very disturbing article this week on the Internet about the risks scientists are taking in creating chimeras, ie, crosses between human DNA and animal DNA. For good, scientific reasons, having to do with human organ transplants and such. But it would appear that it is being engaged in recklessly, without dutiful regulation, and concern for the potential adverse outcomes, from 'mad scientists' simply doing their thing, beyond the concerns of humanity. Humanity, to them, often being a nuisance, in the pursuit of 'pure science'.

Or impure.

The bottom line: Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do something.

I was reminded, in this context, of the value in our day and age of the Internet. Before this 'time' - the time of massive informational access by all - 'they' could get away with things because 'they' controlled the media. The Spanish-American War at the turn of the 20th century was a Hearst-papers-inspired caper. The Lusitania-sinking story by a German U-boat inveigled the U.S. into the European war (subsequently known as WWI). Pearl Harbor. The Tonkin Gulf 'incident'. Etc etc: the work of manipulators of the human psyche, to accomplish their ends. Those ends being, in a nutshell: money and power.

Well; no more. We are entering into a new era. The era of information, on the one hand. And of transformation, on the other.

A transformation of consciousness on Earth. And, consequently, of societal structure.

A New Age. Brought about by the leaving of money behind, in the establishing of a higher motive for 'doing' than the relatively immature one of 'making money'. Releasing the training wheels of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking, and being motivated to provide goods and services to one another, and give of our best to one another, out of, in a word, Love. Out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

And thus leaving the realm of 'drama' behind - of playing parts in a drama. Taking turns playing the different parts. Creating karma in the process. Which is keeping us from the real purpose to the whole exercise.

Which is to return to Source, the better for the experience of separation.

The Prodigal Son, returning. And being feasted in the return. Having found his way out of the thicket of Illusion, mesmerized by such distractions and mental magnets as money, and sex, and power.

Kids' stuff. We're ready, now, for graduation.


it's time.


How do I feel about 'it' - all the horror and pain and trash that accrues from allowing the space for free will?

Yes, it's painful. Yes, it has its horrors. But I am an advocate of free will, still. And its overarching lesson, that 'Without a vision, the people perish'. Wander in the woods; can't find their way out easily, so decide to stay in the view-deprived thicket. Until they come to their better senses. One by one. And then exponentially. With the help of high-tech communication forms.

Time to release the drama, and inherit the real thing.

Knowing, that we are not totally innocent in all that has happened. If we were, it wold never have happened.

There is Justice in the universe.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Because we each have played all the parts possible.

And now, it's time for the Return.

To Unity.


Knowing the place as if for the first time.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The News of the World: Dysfunctional

Sometimes the daily news delivers stories in bunches, that make me very wrathful.

Item. In the Guardian national newspaper there appeared today an article reporting on a review done by a university professor and a university group (Question: Are there any universities today, in either the UK or the U.S., that are free from corporate taint? Businesses paying for chairs and research, and therefore buying influence??) on the BBC's handling of scientific matters. My angry response, which reflects the basic tenor of the article:

"Dear Editor,

"[Professor Steve] Jones likened the BBC approach to oppositional debates to asking a mathematician and maverick biologist what two plus two equals. When the mathematician says four and the maverick says five, the public are left to conclude that the answer is somewhere in between" (BBC giving too much weight to fringe views in science, review finds, 21 July). And this is supposed to be the unbiased point of view of "an independent review" of this matter?

"I would liken this so-called independent review to a group that hears one side of a scientific case and says, 'Well, that's it, then,' and closes shop. Anyone who has studied these three given issues in any decent depth - climate change, GM crops and the MMR vaccine safety - would know that there is serious doubt over the proponents' cases.

"Shall we not pay any attention to the recent headlines about undue corporate activity in the printed media either, then? The plain fact of the matter is that power buys its way wherever it can - and tries to buy silence from its opposition; or, barring that, tries ridicule. Long may the BBC try to hold true impartiality on such matters.

"Yours sincerely, (etc.)"

The "recent headlines" reference is to the storm that has built up in the UK over unfolding reports about the extent of corruption involving one of the papers of the Murdoch stable, where certain reporters, with management permission - and goading - paid for illegal wiretaps on all manner of individuals, and included the police in their shenanigans, and potentially some politicians, with hard questions being asked in a parliamentary hearing right up to the PM level. And an interesting side-note here, for those who have ears to hear, is that another of the Murdoch stable's papers is the (London) Sunday Times, which hounded a 'whistleblower' named Dr. Andy Wakefield out of his gastroenterology practice in the UK over concerns expressed in a study he was involved with regarding gut damage in autism-diagnosed children shortly after being given the MMR shot (or 'jab' as the procedure is known as over here in the UK). Sitting on the board of the Sunday Times is one James Murdoch, son of capo ti capo Rupert. James also happens to sit on the board of one of the MMR jabs' manufacturers - and one that got the UK government quietly to indemnify it of any possible claims against its safety. You have heard of sweetheart deals? How sweet this one is.

But let me move on, to another paper of the day; this one a Scottish paper, The (Glasgow) Herald, which carried two articles of particular note regarding this little review of mine, of Life in Our Day. The first was the tragic story of a former actress who was afflicted with alcoholism, manic depression ('bipolar disorder', as it is known in our day), and outright depression, and who finally had had enough, choosing to drink from a bottle of drain cleaner, dousing herself with the rest of it, and throwing herself down the steps to her house, fracturing her spine and killing herself in the process of the whole anguished cry for help.

Help was known about years ago. Years - ago. Taking just alcoholism. Alcoholism was known about years ago - years - ago - as being associated with hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. The brain calls out for sugar; and some feed their brain's need - aka 'habit', or 'craving' - with alcohol. But that is just exacerbating the problem. The answer is to try to uncover the cause of the low blood sugar condition. It was discovered years ago - years - ago - that the main cause of the problem was a weakened set of adrenal glands, whose job it is, among others, to control the levels of insulin being produced by the pancreas. If the adrenal glands are weakened, they do not control that level; it gets overproduced, thus taking more glucose out of the bloodstream than is 'normal' or healthy, and consequently producing a cry from the brain for 'sugar' - when what is really needed is to strengthen the adrenals; or the person gets on a roller coaster of blood glucose levels spiking and dropping precipitously (causing, among other results, blackout, or coma). The adrenals are strengthened by such treatment as protein and vitamin B complex. They are weakened by stress - prolonged stress; the condition otherwise known as adrenal exhaustion.

How come the public doesn't know about this. It has been known about for years. For - years.

Could it have anything to do with such facts as too great a nexus between the media and the corporate world? The latter including - especially - the pharmaceutical industry? The whole vested-interests package known as the medical-pharmaceutical-government-media complex??

The other article was about Alzheimer's disease, pointing out how its numbers continue to swell, with, now, about 36 million people worldwide its victims, and growing. Which reminded me of a posting I made on a blog a couple of days ago. This was on an e-newsletter site known as Utah Stories, which I monitor (place of birth), and which carried a story by a carer couple of Alzheimer's patients, and the importance of such action. My comment:

"Fair enough take on the matter. But 'the real work at hand'??

"I'm thinking of the story of the man who was walking along a river one day when he heard a cry for help coming from it. Looking over he saw a young child struggling in the middle, being taken downstream. He quickly took off his shoes and dived in, swam out and got hold of the child, and dragged the exhausted child to the water's edge. While catching his breath, he heard another cry for help from the river, and saw another child struggling in the current. He dove back in, and managed to drag the second child to the river's edge; when he heard another cry for help from the river. Just then another adult came walking by. He said to the person: 'You dive in, and try to save that child; but I'm going upstream to get the (blankety-blank) who's throwing these kids in.'

"It does not make good sense to concentrate merely on care, and leave 'cure' to 'the experts'. 'The experts' have, by and large, failed miserably in this matter. Allopathic medicine - drug-based medicine - does not have sufficient incentive to find cures & give good preventive advice for such terrible conditions as AD. There ARE treatments for it, which get closer to the causal level, not just 'maintenance' medicine. Folic acid, to lower the levels of homocysteine. Another of the B complex: vitamin B3. Omega-3 efa's (esp. DHA). Sage extract; lemon balm; turmeric/circumin. Chelating to get rid of mercury and aluminum from the brain cells. The list goes on.

"This is a scandal of major proportions. Well done for the good work that you folks are doing in the arena of care. But be aware that there is another part of this picture that is just as important as yours - and more. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of 'care'."

The carer wouldn't be interested in this take on the matter because he makes/they make a living by caring for such people? Come on, folks. Let's look at the bigger picture here.

The bigger picture, that shows us that we are on a wrong path in life. We should be existing in a social structure that reflects the logic of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. That does not equate the healthier the economy with the sicker the citizenry. That does not cause media magnates to get in bed with politicians and other members of the corporate elite, who want to make the world safe for fascism.

It's time - and past - for a change.

A big change.

And it all has to do with money. And the making of which being the driving force for the society.

Come on, folks.


Look hard.

Look harder, than people are - generally - doing at present; at life in Our Day. Because

It's time.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Powers That Be - Not

In an interesting wrinkle on the con job explained in the book 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by John Perkins - whereby international financial bodies, in the control of powers in the U.S., got developing countries to borrow big money from them for infrastructure projects (requiring U.S. companies to do the work), and then used the resulting debt as a lever to pry their way into the countries and take control of their resources, etc. - I see that the Powers That Be are still at their job of taking over the world. This particular instance is through the ploy of something that was originally called the World Conservation Bank, but apparently is now known as the Global Environmental Facility. A rose by any other name: It is the handiwork of PTB like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who, once again taking advantage of the financial needs of Developing Countries for their own personal gain, buy up the debt of such countries and then, in exchange, take over the land and resources therein. Sweet. It's called buying up the world, country by country.

It is part of an agenda called Agenda 21, a UN-sponsored programme for world control, through whatever means necessary. This agenda needs the elimination of a major stumbling block to the best-laid schemes of the PTB behind it all: the U.S. as a sovereign political entity, with something called its Constitution. Simply put: If the 'rule of law' won't allow them to take over control of the world, then so much for the rule of law: they'll create their own law.

And so they have put a placeman in power in the U.S., in the presidential seat. (Actually, they have put in that place several; but to keep this blog short, I'll refer just to the present such resource.) Obama - or whatever his real name is - is there to help bring down the American Republic, and put in its place a mere 'regional' player in his Masters' New World Order. If he can do it through the Congress (and as many bought resources therein as the PTB can muster), fine. If he can't, fine: he is to do it through such shady means as Executive Orders (EOs), and Presidential Directives (PDs), and Executive branch rules and regulations. And part of that avenue to power for them is to weaken the American people's resistance through a dilution of the American 'stock', in keeping the borders - and especially the southern border - porous. Allowing illegal aliens in who will be used as a Fifth Column to vote for massive federal spending projects, in order ultimately to bankrupt the American Republic, and let the PTB pick up the resulting pieces.*

How else to explain such bits of information as the recent story about the Obama administration's 'nudging' into being of the selling of weapons to shady arms dealers, who took them down to Mexico and sold them to drug barons, and some of which were subsequently used to kill some border agents? I'll speed this up: There was a cover story to that caper. But a main consequence could well have been to use the resulting mayhem as cause to pass more strict federal gun legislation, making it easier to confiscate the American public's constitutional 'right to keep and bear arms'.

There's that 'Constitution' stumbling block again. Got to go, in terms of the PTB's mentality.

Where do I stand in all this?

I would agree that the U.S. governments have made a mistake in the past in letting illegal aliens settle in the country, and start availing themselves of various services designed for U.S. citizens. It is wrong to allow that. The American taxpayer has no obligation to pay for such largesse. Americans have every right to have their borders protected. But there is a larger 'wrong' going on here. That is of the intentioned collapse of the American Republic - of government of, by, and for 'the people'. NOT the wealthy elite, who have in mind grandiose delusions of controlling the world, for the benefit OF a favoured elite.

I could go on, in the vein of what I would do, in governing the country. But my main point in this blog is not to list all the actions of a setting-to-rights of the socio-political scene that I would engage in, or that needs to be engaged in. (It involves as well the elimination of the interest-bearing money system, in letting their corrupt creation collapse, and introducing a better, more holistic way of being social beings together on carrying Planet Earth.) It is to try to get beneath the surface of this matter - this matter, in its essence, of the free will of Man.

Simply put: We are all responsible for the state of things.

Yes, I can get angry at the arrogance of these our self-appointed Masters. Yes, I can want to throw their money-changing tables out of the temple of Life. But what's really going on here??

Many of their actions are to be deplored; etc etc. And having said all that: Maybe some of the individuals who are acting arrogant in the present had injustices done to them in the past and are just ‘getting even’, in karmic retribution.

We can’t know what all is in the hearts of individuals as to why they do what they do. At least some of that is environmentally determined. But what, really, does that mean? For example: Why do some children succumb to ADD and ADHD and autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia and dyspraxia and so forth, and some not? Yes, there are genetic factors at work. But why were those particular souls attracted into those particular bodies, with those particular susceptibilities?? Presumably - given that there is Plan in and Purpose to ’the universe’, ie, to the life experience - because there were certain lessons to be learned by those particular souls (and teachings given to others).

In any event: Ours is not to reason why. Ours is to clean up our environmental living situation as best we can, in order for it to reflect more purely the world of spirit; of our true home. And in that cleansing of the environment, we cleanse the circumstances that create karma, which has to be redressed (given there is justice in ‘the universe’, because there is a Plan and Purpose).

And the sooner, then, we can all go home, permanently. Where ‘neither moth nor dust doth corrupt’ - where abides Truth. Not Illusion. The point. Not the process. The graduation. Not the school.

It's time to start that more conscious heading for home. And: First things first.


* It's called the Cloward-Piven strategy. It is supposedly a strategy of the Left, designed to help socialists gain the ultimate power. But all such roads lead ultimately to the top of a pyramid of power. And there sits the likes of 'king' David Rockefeller, the powers behind the 'seen' who have orchestrated a 'convergence' of Left and Right into their empire.
Their intended empire. But, as Robert Burns said in an ode To a Mouse...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Obama Must Go - And the Congress With Him

With the reports increasing from various experts that the document the Obama administration released online at the end of April purporting to be a true copy of his long-form, vault-copy Certificate of Live Birth on file in Hawaii is fraudulent - and easily identified as such - this matter, of his eligibility for that office, is beginning to descend into the murky realm of farce; and more: into the realm of high insult. The man, simply, must go.

It is obvious that he has something to hide, about his birth, and his particulars along the way to the highest office in the land, or there wouldn’t have been all this obfuscation that has been going on for long enough now regarding his bona fides.

In getting more and more incensed over this matter, I dug out a copy of a comment I made on a blog back on May 24. To an article carried on the e-newsletter site Before It’s News on that date, entitled ‘Corsi to File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate’, and a comment to the article by a poster saying, “Most Americans no longer care about the issue,” I replied, in a restrained version of my feelings:

“Which is why people like Jerome Corsi need to be supported fully in their attempts to break through the MSM stonewalling on this issue. What is happening here is the full eradication of the rule of law in America, if Mr. Obama (or whatever his real name is) is allowed to stiff the American people in this matter, and the MSM sign off on it. We will forever after be consigned to the hell of rule by arbitrary law - the rule of men; which is the signature practice of tyrants down through history.

“By refusing to level with the American people on his bona fides, Mr. Obama (or whatever his real name is) is mocking them, and the country. it is unseemly. It is an insult, not only to the American people but to the office. It must not stand.

“If this man continues to refuse to provide his true records, he must be removed from the office, for potentially proven crimes and blatant misdemeanors, and the whole lot of them - executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government - removed from office [it’s called being ‘recalled’] for being party to the offence to the Constitution and the People. An administrator to be appointed to call for elections to be held within a time certain; and in the meantime, to clean out the executive branch of all the tainted placemen holding positions therein. This all to be accomplished by a march on Washington of The People, including individual members of the armed forces, current and retired, who deserve the right to have a legal Commander in Chief, as they uphold the Constitution - NOT the person in the office of the presidency of the United States. That office is being defiled. It needs to be cleansed, for honor to return to America. Period.”

Let me clarify what I mean by the comment on the ‘rule of law’. (And which subject makes of the man‘s actual birth certificate a bit of a red herring anyway. If his father was, indeed, Barack Obama, he is ineligible for that office right there. But that needs to be proved by access to his original birth records. He could have been adopted; his true father could have been Frank Marshall Davis; etc. ) This goes to the subject of the definition of a “natural born citizen”, rather than just a citizen, or ‘native born citizen’ (or ‘naturalized’ citizen) that is required by the Constitution of any person to hold that particular office - as opposed to any other federal office, for which the eligibility bar is not set as high. There is all manner of evidence of what the Founding Fathers understood that term to mean, and why they made an issue of it in the Constitution: that the person needed to be born on ‘the soil’ (or equivalent thereof) of citizen parents - plural, in order to ensure as far as possible that the person did not have dual loyalties - and ESPECIALLY not to Britain, with which they had just fought and won a War of Independence. They were not about to let the British Empire slip back into control over the fledgling Republic via a back door.*

So this business of the president of the United States needing to be a ‘natural born citizen’ is of huge importance. And this current contretemps over this issue the same. Either America abides by and lives under the rule of law, or it will live by’/struggle with the law of the jungle, whereby the strongest rule, without The People having proper recourse to justice.

Hitler, after his rise to power, proclaimed: ‘I am the law.” That sort of circumstance is precisely where America is heading, in acceding to the fait accompli of a person in the office of the presidency who is occupying that chair illegally, and therefore sitting in it as though it is a throne.

Thus, if America continues going down the road it is on - and with various civil rights-busting laws put in place under the Bush administration as well** - it will become an Empire - not a Republic, for which it stands rightfully. Now, with this sort of law-breaking precedent, both the Left AND the Right are trying to create a dictatorship; with a particular purpose: in order to take the U.S., and with its passing, the world, into their respective New World Orders (but they are really the same one at the top of the pyramid of power that We the People are up against).

It could happen. But Americans should think long and hard before overturning the form of government bequeathed to them by the Founding Fathers and that generation. A form of government emphasizing the rights of the individual as against the majority, and representative government, rather than the volatility of direct democracy - but still, government “of, by, and for the people”, in Lincoln’s memorable phrase.

I am aware that some people are saying that the current members of Congress are refusng to look at this issue in the detail they should be doing - having the legal ‘standing’ in the matter, to take it to the Supreme Court for a ruling on the constitutionality of the matter - because of fear that ‘the blacks’ will take to the streets. Number one: that is a bit of an insult to ‘the blacks’ - as if they aren’t capable of understanding the point of the serious political issue, and its ramifications for ‘the rule of law’. Number two: a number of African-Americans have already expressed, in no uncertain terms, their disgust with the illegality that the man called Obama is parading under. And number three: Who really has the more right to be affronted in this matter? I’d say: the American people; who are being mocked from the highest office in the land, by a usurper.

It is The People who have the more right to take to the streets over this matter. And, yes, the responsibility; to return the nation to the rule of law.

And to clarify: I am not counseling violence. I am counseling a return to the rule of law. And it looks increasingly as though that return is going to take a major appearance of We, the People, Assembled, in Washington, to bring it about, as they recall their elected office holders, for the corruption they have demonstrated in this matter.***

A note on that public demonstration: Don’t let anyone tell you that its recommendation is to counsel illegal insurrection. Not only does it reflect the spirit of the founding of the American Republic, it also has some explicit constitutional legality behind it. As I said on another Comments thread on this subject (this to an article on the conservative byte e-newsletter site on June 10; my comment carried on the 12th):


“It’s obvious that Congress is not going to act on its own. So yes, it’s time for a march on Washington of The People, demanding that the man currently occupying the office of the presidency release his bona fides - his true records, subject to expert inspection.

“Since there is every good reason to believe that they are not sufficient for him to occupy that particular office legally - or he would have provided them by now - then (a) the People need to call on Congress to act on that fact forthwith, and declare “what Officer shall then act as President” (Art. II, Sec. 1). If Congress fails to so act - and to The People’s satisfaction - then (b) the Constitution allows for no other recourse than for The People to take the law back into their own hands, to declare such Officer, “and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected”. And since Congress will have failed in their duty to act in the matter, such Officer, as part of the ‘cleaning of the house’ as you recommend, should dissolve that body, and call for elections of both the executive and the legislative branches of the federal government in a time certan, say within 90 days. Said Officer then having the right and responsibility to ‘clean the house’ of the executive branch of government as well, since the whole lot of the federal government will have been tainted by this current individual’s usurpation of power. And the Supreme Court will have nothing of substance to say about the matter, because it will have failed in its duty to let The People have recourse to a redress of their grievance through the judicial branch of government.

“A clean sweep, in other words, of the Augean stables of the federal government, is what would be called for, in such an event. With the oathkeepers of the country’s military, current and retired, marching in unison with The People, in their (overdue) move to right this wrong being visited on the American Republic - being visited in the name of Empire. Whether from the nominal ’left’ or ‘right’, it is a wrong, not in keeping with the spirit of the establishment of ‘the last, best hope of mankind’ - America, and her example [to the world] for self-government, and self-responsibility. Not to be ruled over by despots, either of church or royalty or state.

‘And may The People of America learn well the lesson in this regard. The lesson warned about by such as Thomas Jefferson, and others of her leaders in the past: that you can’t long have self-government without self-responsibility. Or the wolves will creep back in amongst you; who thirst for the power that you failed to honor, in your inattention to the job you had been bequeathed.”

It is up to The People, then, in summary, to right this wrong to the country. And in the righting of this wrong, they will open humanity up to a better future than that planned for it at the moment, by the Powers That Be, who wish to rule the world on their terms.

Not those of the Creator. Who wishes the highest for We, the People. Sparks of the One Source. Calling us, now, closer to home. To release our attachment to what is. And create what can be:

a Garden of Eden, on this lovely planet we call Earth; waiting for us, now, to give of life our best.

‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God...’


* Some commentators have posted facile arguments on the ‘net trying to muddy the waters on this factor, including saying that the Founding Fathers couldn’t have meant that ‘interpretation’ of the term because anybody could, subsequent to birth, become a dual citizen, so it is a meaningless issue. For them, perhaps; since they are championing a man who has fallen foul of that restriction. But just because a dual citizenship could be attained after birth doesn’t mean that the FF didn’t mean to put that limitation on a candidate for the office. It just means that they couldn’t cover all possible permutations of the law in the Constitution they came up with; that it would be up to future generations to deal with such details as circumstances arose. (Obviously, the spirit of the founding action should be honored.)
But a point of clarification: fundamental changes in the Constitution would have to come about via the amending process allowed for to keep the contract up to date with the unfolding of the Republic’s life. Nobody - not even a majority of the Supreme Court - can just declare a different definition of a fundamental term in the contract. The States must be involved in that sort of process. It IS, after all, a contract. Not just “a damn piece of paper,” as someone who should have known better described it somewhat recently.
We are getting into an important area of American politics that needs to be addressed at some point soon: that of ‘liberals’ trying to make of the Constitution a ‘living document’, subject to the socio-political whims of a majority of Supreme Court justices, rather than the legalistic approach of ‘strict constructionists’ - upholders of the basic judicial principle of ‘original intent’: doing their best to divine what did those who made the law(s) mean when they passed them. To disregard the ‘doctrine’ of ‘original intent’ is to open a can of legalistic worms, thus opening the door for the application of arbitrary law (‘Words mean what I say they mean, neither more nor less’ said Humpty Dumpty haughtily). Which, as I said above, is “the signature practice of tyrants down through history”. But to continue with the main thrust of this blog.

** Both sides of the political aisle are involved in this crime. That means that the fix is in at the top - that The People really haven’t had a proper choice in their government , have just had a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. It’s the same cabal of powerful people at the top of the pyramid; who want to turn the world into their footstool.
Don’t let them.
And that means: Don’t trust the ‘opposition’ at an one time to be doing what they are supposed to be doing, in other than a one-party state.
Money talks out of both sides of its mouth.

*** And I am aware that they may not only be demonstrating corruption in this matter; but fear. Fear, not only for their political lives, but their very lives; and those of their families. Because they may have been made an offer they can't refuse. Very serious business: because the stakes are so high. In this case: 'the stakes' of control of the world. With very powerful people going for broke, now, as it were - including 'breaking' the economy, so that they can merge the U.S. into their vaunted New World Order, via the unrest created by said breakage, and the consequent declaration of Martial Law - activated because of a self-created 'state of national emergency' - by their placeman in the prime position of power to do so. As George W. came so close to doing before him. As part of the same putsch for power.
Forget 'left' or 'right'. It's the same Mob at the top of the pyramid. Manipulating their puppets, to do their bidding. As I indicated in the footnote above. And so perhaps the best thing The People could do for these people being so manipulated is to let them off the hook by said recall, and replace them with individuals who will be protected by The People from the Powers That Be behind the current throne.