Monday, 30 December 2013

What I Want To Know

What I Want To Know

What I want to know
Is how many angels
You can get
             on the head
Of a pin
You can't even agree
On its size
To start with?
                       To say:
            what manner
Of missing the point
Is this??
Or the argument
Between Arianism
And Athanarianism…

Come on.
If your life depended
On your answer, you
Wouldn't take the matter
                 so lightly.
As it has
In the past…

What nonsense all this
Has been.
                    'What fools
These mortals be'
Observed Puck
Of the human not-so comedy.

With any luck, we
Will outwit them all,
All these lesser mortals
Who have disgraced the pages
Of our history
As a species
                       and allow
Some sanity to prevail

At last.

Knowing, that some of 'them'
Were us.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Fall

'See here, I'll have you - '

'Have a seat.'


'Um - Have a seat.  Please?'

'Well, that's a little more like it.  Now see here, fella…you…are a male; aren't you?  It's a little hard to tell sometimes, these days.  That's a joke; if you - '

'That's a little of what we want to talk to you about.'


'I said, 'That's a - ''

'I heard what you said.  I don't understand.  I don't understand a lot of what's going on here.  I was told that - '

' - this was a sort of tribunal, and you would be asked a few questions about your political decision-making while in office. and to take a look at the consequences thereof.'

'What?  What 'consequences'?'

'You do know that actions have consequences.'

'Well of course I do.  What do you take me for, a fool?'

'It would appear that that would be a pretty fair summation of the matter, off the record.'

'Why, how dare you - '   

'I'm sure that they explained to you that things are under new management now, and we are ascertaining your fate, based on your actions.  Now, why don't we get right down to it.  Shall we?'

'… - um…What?  I don't - this is all so confusing…'

'You are here to answer some questions, and then we decide on your fate, based on that review.  Is that understood?' 

'…This is all very - yes, yes; I understand.  Sort of.  What is this place, anyhow?'

'It's a Review Station.  Some of you souls will be moving up. And some won't.  Based on…'

' - uh; what?  Based on - this review.  - Uh; of my actions.  While in office.  Apparently.'

'Good.  A clear response.  Now, let's get to it.  Shall we?'

'… - uh; what?  Oh - yes.  Yes.  Let's…get on.  With…it.  Although, I have to say, this is highly irregular.' 

'Like all those spending bills that you voted for?'

'Uh - what?  Spending…'

'Bills.  When the nation was deeply in debt.  Did not have the money to pay for it all.  And yet…'

'Uh - pay.  For it…'

'Yes.  How did you expect the nation to pay for it all?'

' - Well.  Well.  We always…pay.  Our bills.'


'What?  With - what, you ask.  Why - money.  Of course.  Look, what are you getting at, here?'

'Hopefully, the truth.  As you see in front of you, there is a file, that contains, among other records of your dealings with people, all the spending bills that you voted for, even after the nation's financial situation had come to be recognized for what it was.'

'I hesitate to ask, what you think that was.'

'What would you say.'

'I would say…Well.  Not good.'

'Not - good.'

'Look.  You seem to want to blame me for -  whatever, all.  Hey, friend, I was just one of the team.  We all - '

'You were one of the key players on that 'team'.  Right?'

'…I wouldn't say…well, I wasn't the key….player… - Hey, come on.  What is this.  An Inquisition?  We all did it.'  

'You all did…what, exactly.  In your mind.' 

'We all…………spent.  Money.'

'That you didn't have.'

'That….well. Look.  It's called 'deficit financing'.  Everybody does it.  Individuals do it.  Go into debt on credit.'

'That they will stand good for.'  

'Well, the country will stand good for its debt, too.  …  Well.  Sort of...' 

'Just curious; and for the record:  What were you thinking of, when you pushed for legislation to continue to spend money that the nation didn't have, and had gone so deep into debt to other nations for loans to continue to live your spendthrift national life that they ended up owning practically all your major industry, and practically all your major resources.  And the private organization of 'insider' bankers running your financial operation, as a last resort, just printed more money for you.  Based on the future tax liabilities of your children, and grandchildren, and their children, and their grandchildren, as slaves to the system that had been allowed to build up…

'I see you giving this some thought.  Shall we call it what it was?  A giant Ponzi scheme, I think you call it.  Correct?'

'Look.  It wasn't just me.  It was - everybody.  Practically.  What were we supposed to do, let the nation go into bankruptcy?'  

'Why not.'

'Why not.  Because that would have been disastrous, that's 'why not'.'


''Because'.  Because nobody would ever loan us that kind of money again, that's 'why not'.

'The kind of money…'

'Yeah yeah.  I get it.'

'Do you?'

'Yeah yeah.  We got ourselves in a big hole, and decided to just keep digging, and whistle in the dark closing in around us.  Kick the can a little further down the road.  Let someone else take the fall.  That's what you want me to say, isn't it.'

'I want you to say, and acknowledge….'

'The gist of the matter.  The 'responsibility' of the matter.  I get it.  You want me to admit guilt, for not doing the 'responsible' thing.  Well, let me tell you, friend.  There is a whole helluva lot of people here in that same boat.'

'Then you'll have a 'whole helluva lot of' company.  Won't you.'

'…Just precisely where is that.'

'All over again.'


'You fail a grade; you take it over again.'

'…I don't……'

'You can't take qualities like corruption, deceit and irresponsibility with you, where you are ultimately going.

'Let's cut to the chase here, shall we?  If you make the grade, based on your dealings with yourselves and others, you move on, and up.  If you don't, you don't.  You take the 'class' all over again.'

'How long is that, then.'

'26,000 years.'


'Actually, it's 25, 920 of your years.'

'Well, that's…a little better.  Hey look.  Can we come…'

'To some sort of deal?  Well, you can ask your judge that question.  See what answer you get.'

'And who's that?  God himself??  Don't make me - '



'You.  Or more accurately, your Higher Self.  And even more accurately than that: your Multidimensional Selves.  And even more accurately - or to say, definitively -  than that: your group soul.'


'Yes; you see, we all have a group soul.  Going through various experiences, and bringing them back with us.  Or more accurately, bringing back our responses to them.  For the edification of the group.  

'And so you see, you have not only let yourself down.  You have let your Multi-Selves down, and you group soul down.  And beyond that, you have let the High Command down as well.  As it were.'


'Yep.  Your ultimate Highest Self.  Waiting - patiently - for your return.'


'The school.  Also known as

'The Fall.'    

'Oh.  That.  I always…This is all…a lot to take in, in one sitting…Can I have some time, to…??'

'Indeed.  Take it all in.  That's what this stage is all about.'

'…This stage.  Of…'

'The Operation.'


'Operation Harvest.'     

'Ah.  I see.  Well...Oh - one thing.  A few minutes ago, when I made a bit light of women looking like men and vice versa and all, you said something like 'that's a little of what we want to talk to you about'.  What did you mean by that?'

'I meant that there are a number of subject areas that the federal government during your time on it - as a representative of your People - had the ultimate responsibility to oversee, where you did not do a good and proper job of your charge.  Your national environment became polluted with substances and practices that affected the public most adversely.'


'Gender bending: yes.  It was your call to clean up the environment of toxicity, whether from plastics or drugs in particular, that specifically affected the brains of the fetuses at an early stage of their fetal development, that was behind much of what became an epidemic; not just 'normal' background 'noise' along that line, from other causative factors; like stress. But not  to the degree that had taken off in your time in a position of direct responsibility for the wellbeing of the nation.  Not just your own personal, but collective, responsibility, was what you chose to engage in.  

'And with the likes of fluoride, which is an enzyme inhibitor, otherwise known as a poison.  And the noxious effects of various food additives  And CFLs.  And GMOs.  And to recognize the appalling side effects of vaccines.  And I could go on.  But you get the drift.

'Capitalism without a social conscience to restrain it is a runaway horse.  Not a team.  Collectivism - of whatever kind - without the honoring of the individual as a spark of the Divine, rather than being treated simply as a number, is a slave driver, treating individuals just like that: slaves to the system.    

'You had a solemn responsibility, as a representative of The People of your state.  And a key representative at that.  Where you could have made a major difference.  Instead, you feathered your own nest, as the saying goes.  Looked the other way.  Assumed it was all up to somebody else, to keep an eye on such things.  Or to future generations; so that you could live comfortably, as you wanted to.  With no care for the morrow.  A failure of a sense of responsibility.  

'But take some time.  Go over the whole file.  Give it all some thought.  And to what you might have done differently, with your life, and opportunities, had you to do it all over again.

'And then we'll talk some more.

'Next.  Oh, and one more thing.' 


'That 26,000-year thing?'


'I was just kidding.  These things are done on an individual basis, based on resonance.  But I got your attention.  Didn't I.'

Or did I.  As to the severity of the importance of the decisions that we make.  For ourselves.  And which affect others.

Oh; and as for the 'answer' to the financial question, that our Interlocutor was looking for: the purpose of such a line of questioning is to help the interviewee see the situation 'out of the box' - to see if there is some other way to solve our financial problems than the same old way, of 'money as debt'.

Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Another Day Of Beauty

Christmas Day.
Another day
Of beauty
In the sun…

…and down at the water's edge
Of the grand old Pacific Ocean
                meeting the ledge
Of our continent
Head on, and sometimes
In a troublesome way
Like today
                  I found myself
Reading, of all things,
Of political things
And of such things
            of all things
     about "progressive policies
That hurt black Americans…"
                         catching up
With what has been going on
In my native country
While I was away…
                                call this
For want of a better title:

Affirmative Action, And Other
Redistribution Techniques 

I see that
You have been sending blacks
To college on quotas and such
Preferential treatment schemes
                  to - what.
                  Make up
For past slights, even
All the way back
To slavery?
How nice.

And preferential treatment
In voting as well,
                 treating them
Like citizens in a class
Of their own,
                     not needing
To confirm their identity
Because, well,
Just because.
   And don't make them
Show an ID at the bank
Either, to open
An account; or  
A dozen other things
In today's society.
Like a library card…
Don't get me started.
                    I'm liable
To throw the book at you
Mr. AG Holder.
                 You and your
Department of 'Justice'.
                           My ass.

As for stealing elections:
Okay, you've had
Your fun
In the way of
The admonition:
'Don't get mad.
Get even.'  

If you can prove
The Republicans
Have engaged in 
Voting irregularities, 
Sue them.
         But what happens
When the Democrats do it
Under a Democrat
                  not only
Looking the other way
              but actively
Engaging in it??
And when I say 'it',
                    I mean
The scam, that
Is bringing this nation down
To the level
Of a banana republic, or
The old Soviet Union
Where 'It doesn't matter
Who votes, but who
Counts the votes'.   

If there is no Satan, there
Should be;
        so that I can say
'Get thee behind me'.
Because I would dearly
Love to kick some ass
At this time; help
To clean up this mess
That you people have made
Of a perfectly fine nation.
Not a perfect one. But
A well-started one.
                     One capable
Of great things, 
       if the people
       had risen
       to the occasion.

Well.  They still

Do you still have it in you
America, to see
The difficult times through
To a positive outcome?
Ot is it time
To call it quits
On the Grand Experiment
Of self-governance
And self-responsibility
And let a bum
Walk in, and take over
Like Obama is doing
As we speak??
                 a rather
More enlightened being
               'The Game
Is over.  Count
Your chips
And then turn them in.
              The Reckoning
Will take place
    to see
How you have done
Against your contract.'

With your Self.
Come hell
Or high water
At the end of 
The Age
Of Pisces
And the beginning 
Of an aqueous solution
To the problem
Of a querulous people.
Oh.  I almost forgot.
Been there.
Done that.
Well then.  Let's try
Another Way
To the End
Of an Era.
     this one
Is a rather more special one.
              This one -
Too, of a complete Precession -
          calls for
     and the decision who
Makes the cut.  
            Will this thing
         of incarnation
      in a 3D illusion
Ever end??
As a matter of fact
            the answer
     to that question
Is Yes.

             And to say
Rather abruptly.
Once the Play -
And known for what it is - 
                      is over
The real thing -
    of multidimensionality -
With a bang. 
And you will get the hang of it
Quickly.  For it is the way
You usually are
When you are not dreaming
That you are an island, entire
Of yourself

Join your family.
That's the spirit
Of the holiday
             The holy day
That you are celebrating
As we speak
Of many things

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

On The Beach

   On The Beach   

Down to the water
On December 24th
In the northern hemisphere. 
                    Shirt off
Too, no less
In the warmth of the sun
For a longer setting now
Than yesterday, and
The day before that.

Am I doing here
On the water's edge…

My intention
Is to send healing energy
To the Pacific Ocean
       since the outrage
Of Fukushima
A man-made disaster
                         and in
More ways than one.
That is my intention

Whatever happens
    the truth is
    I am grateful
For my life
     of ease
At this time in it.
Of food to eat.  A roof
Over my head.
                    What more
Does one need
To live a life of gratitude
On God's green Earth
And blue. 
    What is it worth
To you??


Some pelicans, resting 
On the water
Before cruising, eagle-eyed, 
Their dinner…
                          some kids
Playing catch
With a football
Before theirs
This Christmas Eve…

,,,and I wrap up
        my time
On this beach
         and head
         for home -
         my home
Away from Home
That is.

Merry Christmas.
Our kingdom come.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Getting To Truth - An Example

These are the times that try men's souls…and allow them to prove their worth.  Or not.

A brief take on 9/11.  With more to come; at some point.

And 7/7.  And…….

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'PressTV: 9/11 truth vs. Takfiri terror' - Dr. Kevin Barrett - Dec. 23

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
December 24, 2013 at 2:37 am  (ET: still - just - Dec. 23 PT)

(caption to an iconic photo of the WTC Towers under attack)
“A view of the Twin Towers in New York right after being hit by airliners on September 11, 2001.”
No, we don’t know that. We have been led to BELIEVE that they were hit by airliners. But we don’t actually know that as a fact. What we DO know is that some very suspicious activity had taken place in the near past on those floors that were ostensibly hit by the airliners, of an explosive nature – literally.
This was an extremely devious operation, complete with such inconvenient truths as the planes ostensibly used in the operation having phantom roots; ‘Israeli art students’ curiously in the buildings ahead of time (on those precise floors where explosions then took place); and a known airplane pacing, from ab. a half-mile away, what was apparently a hologram projection-image of the second ‘plane’ flying towards and ostensibly slamming into the second tower. With a captured video image of the event like a ‘Wile E. Coyote’ cartoon splatting into the building, not, with its soft aluminum nose, hitting against it and some of the plane falling to the ground outside, as would seem rather more likely. And what was it with that TV-news shot of the (intact) nose coming out of the other side of the building, before the shot was hurriedly sent to Black? (As in the Black Arts.)
And Larry Silverstein, doing his sayanim thing – and trying to get a twofer for his money… (A shame about that video catch on your ‘pull it’ comment regarding WTC7, Larry. It’s going to catch up with you. Sooner or later. The NeoCons and Israeli-state Zionists have power over communications in the U.S. But not total control.) All in all, a despicable act. And it WILL come out.
Is beginning to. As we speak.
Stay on the job, Kevin. And James (Fetzer). And Kevin Ryan. And all you other commendable 9/11 truthers.
Getting there…

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Grunion Are Running

The Grunion Are Running.
         And So Are We
     Heading Out To Sea


It's easy to believe that
This is all there is.
Isn't it.  The sun
Comes up, and goes down
And again, and again…
Who knows
What may happen
In the future
Since the future
Hasn't happened yet.
Has it??


December 22nd, 2013.
               Long Beach
California.  I spent
The late afternoon
On the beach
In the waning sun.
             (Or to say
Correctly now 
Waxing; having reached
Its limit
In dwindling
For the year
And tracing now
Its way
To where it started
Before it began
Its journey.)
             Wading in
To my feet.
            Sending out
What good energy I have
                     to share
              to help heal
The Pacific Ocean
And all who dwell therein
And thereon
          for their livelihood
From the aftermath
Of Fukushima.
Casting their nets
          having consequences
Far from their home bases.
           Like us

                              A man
          is sleeping
     under a blanket
Near a large flock
Of seagulls,
Themselves, facing
The sun.
As I am too,
               on my return
From my holy ablution.

My earlier report:
                It's a couple,
From their state 
Of somnolence
And emerging
Like Venus, rising.

And stirring, too, is
A grand ocean liner,
Signaling its flock
A timely warning:
      to get back
Which they know of
                 from their

 Some of the gulls
           are fishing
For their dinner now.*
What is it.
Slippery; silver; small…
It will do
       for a meal…

       thoughts drifting  by
       to dip in
       and catch one
       at random.
Like a grunion:

I have spent a night
On the beach, too
Sleeping, when
All of a sudden
I was surrounded
By people
And grunion, thrashing
On the sand
On one of their their periodic
Moonlit runs…
That was - when.
         The late summer
Of '55.
              Man alive…
At a time when
     the moon
And the sun
Were drawing me out
Of my comfort zone
     to make a run for it
On God's green Earth
And blue.  Running
It led me to.

And here I am.
Some 58 years later
On the same beach
(or near enough
to be the same
in point of actual fact).
That was when
I was twenty-one;
          just entering
My majority...  

           ...And now
        I am old
And gray.
               Yet, still
         on the run
For that is who I am

              and craving
        to fly
               out of reach
Of my enemy.
             Which is Time.
Past, present, future
            when all I want
Is the majestic Now.


The sun draws near
To the end of its day
At our place in it.
Growing cold.
               Time to go -
Where? - for now:
     for more of the same
          when -
I can hardly believe it:
             It's the same
       Oriental woman -
As a feather - going for
Her obviously daily swim
     as I observed
     in passing
     in the summer.

             Now that
        is a sense
Of duty!
            …and the liner
Makes its slow and ponderous way 
Out to sea.
             Doing its thing
In its way, too.


I am strangely moved
By it all
That I will get my call
When it is my time, too.
I must confess:
I can hardly wait.


* And speaking of
Are the cranes 
Big, unloading contraptions
Near the ocean liner,
Like prehistoric monsters,
                   lined up
Against the skyline, waiting
For their dinner.
                   All here
Is kill
Or be killed.  

It's a funny old place.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Message For The (Solstice) Day

Message For The (Solstice) Day
This Is Where I Came In


Be aware that
An attitude of gratitude
Will get you a long way
Towards your destination.
                That is to say
to One
                 and knowing
Where you started from
As if for the first time.


Of this low-consciousness
We need real men
And women to take over
And how.     
       at the bottom
Of the barrel - 
             a kingdom
Far, far from home.
Waits for no man.
                 Catch up
As you can
Or be left behind.
And that is the order
For the New Day
And that is to say
To make it very clear:
       for humanity
As a whole.

While some sleep


If you are going
    to accompany me
From your adventures in seeming
Separation -
                      to say
In duality 
                 which is impossible; 
                 since all
is One - 
               you are going
To have to clean up your act
I'll cut you some slack, but
Only if your intentions
Were honorable
      and somehow
Went wrong.  As these things 
            sometimes do.
                           If not
You will have to learn from
Your mistakes - 
        like everyone else 
        (for that is
   after all, the name
          of the game) - 
                         and wait 
                  to earn
Your turn.

And just who am i
To say this?
To admit it
 (and to my lower self as well
after years of denial -
'Oh no.  I can't be that.   
              Take that cup
From me.  Please!'1  - 
                      but it got
Teased out me
Lately, with my inability
To deny it any longer
With too much suffering
And corruption going on,
                    causing me                            
Too much anger
And anguish
             with the result
Of my wishing for that passing
                   of the cup
                   of responsibility
Any longer.  (Did I vote
For this???!!!)):        
                             I am
Your Elder Brother.2
And what I say
For I operate
From Spirit
And its qualities
And consequences
Not relative standards
              of living.
Been there.  Done that.
                  It's time
For something new:
To and from our highest.
Our lowest.

Really: Could it get any worse
Than this?…
Possibly.  But let's not try
That timeline.
We have some help
On the one we're on
Now.  Let's not look
              a gift horse 
In the mouth
                 but ride it
To our completion
In - as I say -
Seeming separation.


It's been a long and lonely road
                without the company
Of our peers
In incarnation. 
We're here.  It's time
                   and Time
To celebrate.
For believe me
Thing could be
           when souls 
Take it upon themselves
To act like gods -
                             the ones
               they sense
In themselves; in their
         potential  -
And just don't have a clue
As to how it all works.
Force - unlike Love;
    the soft kid glove 
    that fits so well 
When you come from above -
Will get you nowhere
Except into trouble -
And all those around you -
As you play with fire
Like Prometheus

And learn.
And that's the lesson
For today; when
Time is up


1 Which 'Savior' bit turns out
To be a misnomer; a play
On astrotheological themes.
                        There was
                         no 'Jesus'
As those in our day
And time, and in the years
In between, got to 'know' him.
King Izas-Monobazus
If you please.  
(Of Edessa.  Who ended up
                    in exile
In England - while
The world moved on,
In the Middle East pageantry
Of the display of religions
Triggered by Saul of Tarsus; or was it 
Josephus? - and became
                known to us
As King Arthur 
         (or Atur-tii; meaning
of Egypt).  But that's
All another story.  To be told
At the right time; or at least
In good time.)

2 Fooled you
A bit there, didn't I;
With the telltale footprint
Just ahead in the sand.
Living amongst you
All these years
A man.
               Gee whiz.
Seventy-nine of them.
Count them.
I have.
Many times; 
To adapt
To your ways
To communicate
With you
And myself too;
being bewildered
A breakthrough came
At least for me
When I finally got
That it was up to me
Not 'them' -
                      to say
                   to do 
What I could
       and the rest
Was up to others
                   to do 
What they could, too
In the same spirit
(of 'Do not wait
               but Be
that which you would wish there
to be'.  And thus strike
a resonance, call
It in.  You will get
s response
on the inner.
         Which is where
things all come from
With help, of course,
From above.
But with the principle
                of free will 
Operating, the onus
Was on us.

So I have done 'what I could'
And have been left
What in heaven's name
Was going on
That we were not
Making more headway;
           doing 'it' -
We came here to do.  
           Or at least
And the I in us;
        raising us
To the next level.
And the one after that.
And the one after that.
             For our return
…but in the meantime;
              further on
The Way: